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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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PADDOCK, SARAH J.            CAIRO                         NY-20-V-61
PADDOCK, WILLIAM             DURHAM                        NY-20-O-44
PALEN, FANNIE                CAIRO                         NY-20-W-27
PALEN, GILBERT E.            SANGERTIUS, ULSTER, NY        NY-20-C-162
PALEN, JOHN                  CAIRO                         NY-20-B-332
PALEN, JOHN K.               CAIRO                         NY-20-S-50
PALEN, JONATHAN              CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-83
PALEN, PETER E.              NTL                           NY-20-C-255
PALMATIER, BARNET            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-174
PALMATIER, CATHARINE         CAIRO                         NY-20-J-532
PALMATIER, ELIZABETH M.      ATHENS                        NY-20-U-159
PALMATIER, FRANK S.          LEEDS                         NY-20-U-273
PALMATIER, ISABELLA          LEEDS                         NY-20-V-228
PALMATIER, MARY H.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-262
PALMER, ADELAIDE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-108
PALMER, ALBERT               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-228
PALMER, AMELIA J.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-297
PALMER, ARMENIA              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-87
PALMER, CHARLES R.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-219
PALMER, CHARLES W.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-190
PALMER, CORNELIA F.          CAIRO                         NY-20-L-135
PALMER, DAVID                CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-156
PALMER, DAVID W.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-502
PALMER, EGBERT               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-253
PALMER, EGBERT M.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-242
PALMER, ELIZABETH            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-272
PALMER, EMILY                CAIRO                         NY-20-R-283
PALMER, EPENETUS             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-47
PALMER, ESTHER MARIA         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-240
PALMER, FREDERICK            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-95
PALMER, GARRISON             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-148
PALMER, GIDEON               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-286
PALMER, HORACE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-437
PALMER, JANE                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-261
PALMER, JANE E.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-128
PALMER, JOHN C.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-225
PALMER, JONATHAN             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-H-458
PALMER, JONATHAN B.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-15
PALMER, JULIA ETT            CAIRO                         NY-20-O-65
PALMER, LATITIA              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-178
PALMER, LESTER B.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-156
PALMER, LEWIS                PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-K-192
PALMER, LUCINDA R.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-239
PALMER, LYDIA                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-247
PALMER, MARGARET E.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-230
PALMER, MARY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-154
PALMER, MARY A.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-78
PALMER, MARY E.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-61
PALMER, MELVIN W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-260
PALMER, MILTON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-176
PALMER, OLIVER M.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-505
PALMER, PHEBE A.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-20
PALMER, ROBERT G.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-602
PALMER, SAMUEL               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-367
PALMER, SARAH A.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-78
PALMER, SHADRACK             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-149
PALMER, SIMPSON              CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-103
PALMER, SOLOMON              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-289
PALMER, SPENCER              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-94
PALMER, STEPHEN B.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-202
PALMER, SUSAN A.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-148
PALMER, WILLET               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-242
PALMER, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-18
PALMER, WILLIAM H.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-220
PALMER, WILLIAMR .           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-136
PANGMAN, ANSON               WINDHAM                       NY-20-B-168
PANGMAN, AUGUSUS             ASHLAND                       NY-20-R-51
PANGMAN, EDGAR               JEWETT                        NY-20-W-230
PANGMAN, MINERVA             ASHLAND                       NY-20-U-84
PARDEE, SARAH M.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-78
PARK, MARGARET               HUNTER                        NY-20-N-223
PARK, MARY E.                HUNTER                        NY-20-V-13
PARKER, ALBERT               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-5
PARKER, DANIEL               HUNTER                        NY-20-M-158
PARKER, JAMES M.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-57
PARKER, MUNSON               WINDHAM                       NY-20-B-18
PARKS, ABRAM F.              CAIRO                         NY-20-W-282
PARKS, HIRAM                 ATHENS                        NY-20-N-276
PARSONS, HANNAH              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-132
PARSONS, JOSEPHINE           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-146
PARSONS, ORRIN               WINDHAM                       NY-20-O-2
PARSONS, ROSANNA             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-228
PARSONS, SAMUEL              WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-61
PARSONS, STEPHEN             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-H-212
PARSONS, STEPHEN             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-126
PATCH, SAMUEL                HUNTER                        NY-20-K-97
PATRIE, LEONARD              DURHAM                        NY-20-G-278
PATTERSON, JOHN              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-261
PATTERSON, MARTHA            WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-240
PATTSION, ALBERT             CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-265
PAULSLEY, CATHARINE E.       CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-252
PAULSON, LEAH                ATHENS                        NY-20-L-188
PAUSLEY, ALEXANDER           CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-143
PAUSLEY, PHILIP              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-280
PAYNE, ANNA                  WINDHAM                       NY-20-J-739
PAYNE, LUTHER                ATHENS                        NY-20-L-158
PEARSALL, CHARLES            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-D-151
PEASTER, FREDERICK           DURHAM                        NY-20-L-45
PECK, CICERO C.              WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-106
PECK, CYNTHIA                WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-298
PECK, DANIEL                 DURHAM                        NY-20-B-89
PECK, ELI R.                 DURHAM                        NY-20-C-290
PECK, ELIAKIM                JEWETT                        NY-20-N-164
PECK, ERASTUS T.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-170
PECK, GEORGE                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-71
PECK, GEORGE                 DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-139
PECK, GEORGE                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-246
PECK, HARVEY                 DURHAM                        NY-20-I-70
PECK, J. ALICE               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-124
PECK, JANE                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-241
PECK, JOHN                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-29
PECK, JOHN C.                DURHAM                        NY-20-M-153
PECK, LEVI                   JEWETT                        NY-20-K-65
PECK, LORINDA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-33
PECK, LUANN                  JEWETT                        NY-20-W-122
PECK, LUCINDA C.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-112
PECK, SAMUEL                 LEXINGTON                     NY-20-H-326
PECK, THEOPHILUS             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-F-98
PELHAM, JOSEPH               WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-233
PELHAM, SAMUEL               WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-56
PELHAM, SNYDER               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-139
PELHAM, STEPHEN              WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-137
PENDEXTER, ELIZA L.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-194
PENFIELD, ELIAS B.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-170
PENFIELD, HARRIET T.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-111
PENFIELD, HELEN LOUISE       CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-207
PENFIELD, JANE T.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-188
PENFIELD, MARY B.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-217
PENFIELD, SAMUEL L.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-74
PENFIELD, XIMENA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-252
PENNIE, FRANCIS C.           MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY       NY-20-X-316
PENNIE, JOHN SR.             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-177A
PENNOYER, ELIZABETH J.       CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-249
PEPPER, FRANCES              CAIRO                         NY-20-W-2
PERCIVAL, ELKANAH            DURHAM                        NY-20-I-77
PERRY, CORNELIA L.           ATHENS                        NY-20-R-83
PERRY, GEORGE                ATHENS                        NY-20-O-283
PERRY, JOHN                  ATHENS                        NY-20-R-175
PERRY, MARY M.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-233
PERRY, THOMAS J.             ATHENS                        NY-20-P-92
PERSON, ESTRELLA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-93
PERSON, HELEN M.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-13
PERSON, HEZEKIAH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-724
PERSON, JACOB                CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-140
PERSON, JAMES                CAIRO                         NY-20-R-154
PERSON, JANE E.              WEST CAMP, ULSTER, NY         NY-20-U-196
PERSON, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-289
PERSON, JOHN H.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-283
PERSON, MARGARET             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-255
PERSON, VANDERHOEF           CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-70
PERSONS, ADDISON             JEWETT                        NY-20-W-118
PETERS, GEORGE S.            WINDHAM                       NY-20-O-76
PETERSON, SIMON              CAIRO                         NY-20-I-264
PETRIE, JEWETT               ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-250
PETTIT, CAROLINE H.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-295
PETTIT, ISAAC H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-279
PEYON, GENNETTE              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-99
PEYTON, JAMES                CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-78
PFLEGL, ANNA MARGARET        CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-11
PHALEN, JEREMIAH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-151
PHELAN, JOHN                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-23
PHELAN, RICHARD              LEEDS                         NY-20-U-232
PHELPS, ANNIE B.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-344
PHELPS, GEORGE C.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-89
PHELPS, SUSAN PERMELIA       WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-273
PHILIP, JACOB S.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-270
PHILIPS, ALEXANDER           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-43
PHILLIPS, OLIVE MAY          HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-20-T-146
PHINNEY, AMANDA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-137
PHINNEY, AUGUSTA             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-69
PHINNEY, BETSEY ANN          CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-76
PIERCE, CHRISTINA            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-54
PIERCE, JACOB                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-412
PIERCE, MICAHA               DURHAM                        NY-20-J-215
PIERCE, SYLVESTER            DURHAM                        NY-20-C-198
PIERCE, WILLIAM              DURHAM                        NY-20-P-151
PIERSON, POLLY               DURHAM                        NY-20-H-75
PIETRAMALE, VINCENZO         ATHENS                        NY-20-X-71
PINCKNEY, CHARLES B.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-192
PINCKNEY, CHARLES B.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-F-207
PINCKNEY, JAMES              CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-390
PINCKNEY, M. AGNES           CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-49
PINCKNEY, PHEBE VAIL         CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-145
PINDAR, EDWARD M.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-160
PINDAR, JOHN J.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-24
PINE, ANGELINE               CAIRO                         NY-20-K-643
PINE, JOHN                   CAIRO                         NY-20-F-154
PINE, JOHN N.                CAIRO                         NY-20-R-272
PINE, WALTER                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-154
PITTS, ALSON                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-67
PITTS, SALLY B.              CAIRO                         NY-20-N-237
PLACE, ANN M.                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-87
PLACE, JEREMIAH              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-503
PLACE, JOTHAM T.             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-191
PLACE, THOMAS                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-G-281
PLANCK, JAMES D.             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-237
PLANK, ABRAM                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-90
PLANK, ADDISON D.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-221
PLANK, EDGAR W.              CAIRO                         NY-20-N-137
PLANK, ELLA B.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-262
PLANK, EMMER J.              CAIRO                         NY-20-O-143
PLANK, HENDRICK J.           DURHAM                        NY-20-B-362
PLANK, JOHANNES              FREEHOLD                      NY-20-B-98
PLANK, JOHN                  DURHAM                        NY-20-C-454
PLANK, JOHN JR.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-193
PLANK, MAHALA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-198
PLANK, MARY A.               CAIRO                         NY-20-V-151
PLANK, SANFORD D.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-190
PLANK, WILLIAM               CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-267
PLANK, WILLIAM W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-88
PLANKENHORN, MATHEW G.       PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-268
PLANKENHORN, MATTHEW         PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-Q-1
PLATNER, CHARLES HENRY       PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-T-277
PLATNER, CORNELIUS           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-M-116
PLUGH, CORNELIUS             CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-159
PLUSCH, EDMUND W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-272
PLUSCH, GEORGE W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-74
PLUSCH, LOUISE H.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-187
POLHAM, ISAAC                WINDHAM                       NY-20-J-754
POND, AARON                  JEWETT                        NY-20-L-221
POND, LUCIUS                 JEWETT                        NY-20-O-11
POND, NOAH                   WINDHAM                       NY-20-B-323
POOL, EDGAR                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-151
POOL, HARRIET                CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-295
PORTER, DAVID                CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-184
PORTER, DAVID C.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-94
PORTER, GEORGE K.            CAIRO                         NY-20-O-166
PORTER, MARY                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-417
PORTER, RICHARD W.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-300
PORTER, ROBERT               PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-J-136
PORTER, WILLIAM              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-185
POSSON, EDNA B.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-201
POST, ABRAHAM                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-57
POST, ABRAHAM                CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-562
POST, ABRAM JR.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-207
POST, EDMUND                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-259
POST, ELIAS                  DURHAM                        NY-20-K-201
POST, ELLEN C.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-497
POST, JOHN                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-123
POST, MARY C.                DURHAM                        NY-20-R-114
POST, PETER P.               SAUGERTIES, ULSTER, NY        NY-20-K-519
POST, SALLY ANN              CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-39
POST, STEPHEN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-172
POST, WILLIAM A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-354
POST, WILLIAM S.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-270
POTTER, HUMPHREY R.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-39
POTTER, SHADRACK R.          DURHAM                        NY-20-L-14
POWELL, ABIGAIL P.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-191
POWELL, AMBROSE              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-298
POWELL, ARTHUR E.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-208
POWELL, BENJAMIN L.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-198
POWELL, CAROLINE C.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-193
POWELL, DILLWYER C.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-P-305
POWELL, ELISHA               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-532
POWELL, ELISHA C.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-14
POWELL, FOSTER               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-147
POWELL, FOSTER G.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-169
POWELL, JAMES                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-259
POWELL, JOHN                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-H-415
POWELL, LUMAN                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-214
POWELL, MARIA                ATHENS                        NY-20-N-91
POWELL, MARTHA               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-197
POWELL, OLIVER               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-658
POWELL, OPHELIA              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-279
POWELL, POLLY                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-12
POWELL, REUBEN               ASHLAND                       NY-20-K-384
POWELL, RICHARD E.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-445
POWELL, SARAH ANN            CAIRO                         NY-20-O-96
POWELL, WILLIAM C.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-243
POWERS, CAROLINE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-218
POWERS, EMILY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-101
POWERS, JAMES                CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-737
POWERS, MARY A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-250
POWERS, THOMAS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-295
PRATT, ABIJAH                DURHAM                        NY-20-J-51
PRATT, JOSEPHINE S.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-466
PRATT, JULIA M.              DURHAM                        NY-20-U-116
PRATT, PHILANDER             CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-218
PRATT, ZADOCK                LEXINGTON                     NY-20-C-167
PRENDERGAST, CATHARINE       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-224
PRESTON, EMMA                PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-T-186
PRESTON, JONATHAN            CAIRO                         NY-20-F-250
PRESTON, SERA P.             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-139
PREVOST, AUGUSTIN            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-B-371
PREVOST, AUGUSTINE           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-AA-23
PRIEST, JOHN A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-141
PRINDLE, EMILY C.            ATHENS                        NY-20-P-431
PROPER, PETER A.             ATHENS                        NY-20-V-72
PROUT, CURTIS                ASHLAND                       NY-20-K-210
PROVOST, CATHARINE E.        GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-675
PROVOST, JACOB H.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-259
PRUYN, ISAAC                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-125
PUFFER, AMOS                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-73
PUGSLEY, ALBERT A.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-48
PULLAN, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-188
PURDY, ELIJAH K.             CAIRO                         NY-20-J-578
PURDY, JANE A.               CAIRO                         NY-20-K-207
PURDY, ROBERT                CAIRO                         NY-20-G-569
QUIGLEY, MARY J.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-276
QUINBY, JOB S.               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-245
QUINN, MARY                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-12
QUINN, PETER                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-209
RACE, JANE A.                ATHENS                        NY-20-O-77
RAFTER, RICHARD              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-93
RAINEY, ALEXANDER S.         ATHENS                        NY-20-V-73
RAINEY, GILBERT              CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-232
RAINEY, WILLIAM S.           ATHENS                        NY-20-M-10
RAMSDELL, HANNAH L.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-288
RAMSDELL, LUMAN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-619
RAMSEY, FRANK                WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-148
RANKIN, SARAH E. A.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-91
RANSOM, GEORGE               DURHAM                        NY-20-N-193
RANSOM, JAMES                DURHAM                        NY-20-H-444
RANSOM, JAMES                DURHAM                        NY-20-B-396
RANSOM, LEAH                 DURHAM                        NY-20-K-103
RANSOM, LYMAN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-356
RAPPLEYE, CALVIN             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-U-50
RAPPLEYE, JESSE              PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-T-422
RAPPLEYEA, DAVID             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-S-38
RAPPLEYEA, HARRIET           CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-46
RATCLIFF, GEORGE             WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-66
RATZKE, JOHANN WILHELM       ATHENS                        NY-20-V-33
RAYMOND, BENJAMIN N.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-540
RAYMOND, JOHN G.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-236
RAYNOW, CAMIEL               COXSACIE                      NY-20-U-171
REA, CATHARINE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-664
REA, IRVING B.               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-88
REA, LEONARD                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-145
READ, WILLIAM F. A.          ATHENS                        NY-20-M-110
REED, ALEXANDER              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-174
REED, ANN ELIZA              DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-261
REED, ELIAKIM                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-217
REED, EPENETUS               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-428
REED, EZRA                   COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-48
REED, GEORGE                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-84
REED, HARRIET                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-109
REED, HENRIETTA              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-9
REED, JAMES                  NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-571
REED, LOIS                   COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-117
REED, LUCY                   COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-266
REED, PORTER H.              CAIRO                         NY-20-O-139
REED, WILHELMINA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-160
REED, WILLIAM H.             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-200
REEVES, GEORGE K.            ATHENS                        NY-20-V-125
REID, ROSWELL ***            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-D-302
REILEY, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-205
REMSEN, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-261
RENNE, EFFA                  DURHAM                        NY-20-D-21
RENNE, JAMES                 CAIRO                         NY-20-C-247
RENNE, JOHN                  CAIRO                         NY-20-B-404
RENNE, STEPHEN               DURHAM                        NY-20-L-202
REQUA, JOSEPH                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-E-396
RESSACK, MARTHA              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-111
REYNODLS, ISAAC              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-182
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER          CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-247
REYNOLDS, DAVID              DURHAM                        NY-20-L-63
REYNOLDS, EDWINA E.          OAK HILL                      NY-20-W-91
REYNOLDS, ELIAS S.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-22
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH H.       WINDHAM                       NY-20-O-1
REYNOLDS, HANNAH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-193
REYNOLDS, MARGRET            ATHENS                        NY-20-F-31
REYNOLDS, MARY E.            CAPE MAY, CAPE MAY, NJ        NY-20-T-46
REYNOLDS, RUTH               ATHENS                        NY-20-G-178
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL             ATHENS                        NY-20-F-344
REYNOLDS, SMITH E.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-166
REYNOLDS, WESTERVELT D.      PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-U-102
RHINEHART, JOHN K.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-224
RICE, JARED                  LEXINGTON                     NY-20-C-258
RICE, JOHN                   WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-91
RICE, KATE HASBROCK          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-166
RICHARDS, AMANDA             CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-101
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH          CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-182
RICHARDSON, AMY C.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-220
RICHARDSON, HENRIETTA D.     COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-170
RICHARDSON, LAMON            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-36
RICHMOND, CAROLINE C.        WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-194
RICHMOND, GEORGE S.          DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-246
RICHMOND, SALLY              ASHLAND                       NY-20-V-47
RICHTERS, CLAUS F.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-170
RICHTERS, HERMINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-192
RICHTMYER, ESTHER            CAIRO                         NY-20-W-179
RICHTMYER, HELEN M.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-418
RICHTMYER, MARY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-163
RICHTMYER, MARY A.           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-R-7
RICHTMYER, NELSON H.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-176
RICKARD, MAY L.              WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-259
RICKARD, SAMUEL              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-114
RICKERSON, GUILLERMO         DURHAM                        NY-20-J-62
RICKERSON, MARTIN L.         CAIRO                         NY-20-H-500
RIDER, JOHNC .               CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-117
RIDER, LEWIS G.              HUNTER                        NY-20-S-116
RIDER, MARY                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-2
RIDER, NATHANIEL             DURHAM                        NY-20-G-351
RIDER, WILLIAM W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-766
RIFFENBURGH, CYNTHIA         HUNTER                        NY-20-U-195
RILEY, ELLEN                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-64
RILEY, JAMES                 LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-195
RIVENBURGH, WILLIAM          CAIRO                         NY-20-S-278
ROACH, JOHN C.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-9
ROACH, SARAH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-244
ROBB, JOHN                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-203
ROBB, JOHN                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-5
ROBB, WILLIAM                CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-27
ROBBINS, AMANDA              ATHENS                        NY-20-S-178
ROBBINS, JOSEPH              ATHENS                        NY-20-N-211
ROBBINS, REBECCA             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-107
ROBERTS, ANTHONY             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-41
ROBERTS, EDWARD              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-557
ROBERTS, EZEKIEL             CAIRO                         NY-20-C-245
ROBERTS, SOPHIA              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-136
ROBERTSON, ESTHER D. M.      WINDHAM                       NY-20-P-478
ROBINSON, HANNAH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-45
ROBINSON, ROBERT H.          CAIRO                         NY-20-O-190
ROCKEFELLER, DEBORAH         DURHAM                        NY-20-U-83
ROCKEFELLER, EDWIN C.        DURHAM                        NY-20-V-257
ROCKEFELLER, GEORGE          DURHAM                        NY-20-M-14
ROCKEFELLER, SYRENA          DURHAM                        NY-20-U-122
ROCKEFELLER, WILLIAM         DURHAM                        NY-20-L-122
ROE, ALICE                   GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-173
ROE, EDMUND B.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-147
ROE, ELIJAH                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-S-133
ROE, EMELINE                 CAIRO                         NY-20-U-76
ROE, EVALINE M.              CAIRO                         NY-20-M-144
ROE, GIDEON                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-81
ROE, HIRAM                   HUNTER                        NY-20-M-272
ROE, LUKE                    CAIRO                         NY-20-O-135
ROE, MARK                    GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-97
ROE, MARY                    ATHENS                        NY-20-U-269
ROE, MARY                    GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-155
ROE, PERRY                   GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-273
ROGERS, AMELIA               CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-117
ROGERS, CALEB                CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-389
ROGERS, ELIADA               CAIRO                         NY-20-I-476
ROGERS, FLETCHER             DURHAM                        NY-20-U-57
ROGERS, JOHN S.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-20-V-284
ROGERS, MARY                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-71
ROGERS, WILLIAM              DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-114
ROGGEN, AARON                HUNTER                        NY-20-N-203
ROGGEN, ANNE W.              DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-187
ROGGEN, EMILY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-445
ROLFFES, HERMINE C. D.       HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-20-X-239
ROLFFES, JOHN F.             HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-20-X-245
ROME, JOHN                   ATHENS                        NY-20-E-602
ROOT, STEPHEN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-52
ROOT, SUSAN W.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-10
ROSA, HENRY                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-80
ROSA, STORM                  COXSCKIE                      NY-20-C-375
ROSE, ANTHONY                LEXINGTON                     NY-20-U-40
ROSE, FANNY                  DURHAM                        NY-20-K-239
ROSE, ZEAL                   WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-237
ROSSMAN, FREEMAN H.          ATHENS                        NY-20-W-127
ROUSE, ABRAHAM               CAIRO                         NY-20-M-89
ROUSE, ADELINE S.            CAIRO                         NY-20-U-110
ROUSE, ANN                   ATHENS                        NY-20-N-212
ROUSE, CORNELIUS             CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-308
ROUSE, ELSIE                 ATHENS                        NY-20-N-16
ROUSE, EYCHE                 ATHENS                        NY-20-O-82
ROUSE, ISAAC                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-46
ROUSE, JOHN                  CAIRO                         NY-20-L-206
ROUSE, JOHN                  ATHENS                        NY-20-J-606
ROUSE, MARY B.               CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-45
ROUSE, NICHOLAS              CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-156
ROUSE, ORVILLE               CAIRO                         NY-20-N-62
ROUSE, RACHEL                CAIRO                         NY-20-H-279
ROWE, CHARLES                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-143
ROWE, IRA                    CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-38
ROWE, JOSEPH N.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-743
ROWE, NICHOLAS N.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-337
ROWLEY, DANIEL               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-126
ROWLEY, DELIA A.             JEWETT                        NY-20-V-116
ROWLEY, LUTHER               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-N-111
ROWLEY, WEEKS                LEXINGTON                     NY-20-C-94
RUDOLPH, THEODORE            PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-R-10
RUGER, PETER                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-159
RUGG, DANIEL L.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-20-J-417
RULAND, LAURA C.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-V-227
RUMMINGS, WILLIAM            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-281
RUNDELL, BUSHROD             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-176
RUNDELL, LUMAN               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-300
RUNDELL, PHEBE               DURHAM                        NY-20-K-457
RUNDELL, SUSAN A.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-222
RUNDLE, REUBEN               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-G-614
RUNDLE, RUBEN                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-124
RUNYAN, SAMUEL W.            CAIRO                         NY-20-H-112
RUNYAN, STEPHEN O.           JEWETT                        NY-20-Q-83
RUOFF, JOHN GEORGE           HUNTER                        NY-20-O-79
RUSHMORE, DEBORAH            ATHENS                        NY-20-I-500
RUSHMORE, JEREMIAH           ATHENS                        NY-20-C-149
RUSHMORE, LABAN C.           ATHENS                        NY-20-U-185
RUSHMORE, RICHARD            ATHENS                        NY-20-D-45
RUSK, SAMUEL                 HUNTER                        NY-20-R-156
RUSS, DARWIN                 DURHAM                        NY-20-S-138
RUSS, GEORGE W.              DURHAM                        NY-20-R-145
RUSS, HENRY                  DURHAM                        NY-20-M-183
RUSS, MARY                   DURHAM                        NY-20-S-127
RUSSELL, ALFRED D.           DURHAM                        NY-20-O-50
RUSSELL, LYDIA A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-103
RUSSELL, NICHOLAS            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-175
RYAN, NELLIE L.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-154
RYAN, PATRICK                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-172
RYAN, WILLIAM                ATHENS                        NY-20-O-233

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