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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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SACHS, GEORGE                PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-269
SACHS, PAULINE               PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-W-242
SACKS, MOSES                 SEE: SAX, MOSES               NY-20-J-642
SAGE, ALICE                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-167
SAGE, EMORY M.               WINDHAM                       NY-20-P-107
SAGE, OMAR V.                CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-141
SAGER, ADAM                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-74
SAGER, JOHN                  ATHENS                        NY-20-U-247
SAGER, WILLIAM               ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-117
SAGER, WILLIAM               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-452
SAGER, WILLIAM W.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-428
SAGNEZS, CATHARINE           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-121
SAILE, WENDEL                CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-13
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-8
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-51
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-A-87
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM A.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-238
SALISBURY, ANN C.            LEEDS                         NY-20-P-204
SALISBURY, ANNA ELIZA        CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-200
SALISBURY, CAROLINE          PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-L-205
SALISBURY, CATHARINE         ATHENS                        NY-20-M-294
SALISBURY, FRANCIS           CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-130
SALISBURY, FRANCIS S.        ATHENS                        NY-20-C-1
SALISBURY, NATHAN            CAIRO                         NY-20-B-384
SALISBURY, RACHEL E.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-213
SALISBURY, ROSANNA           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-294
SALISBURY, WESSEL            CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-97
SALISBURY, WILLIAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-A-136
SALISBURY, WILLIAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-35
SALISBURY, WILLIAM F.        CAIRO                         NY-20-B-166
SANDERSON, JOHN              ATHENS                        NY-20-H-437
SANDERSON, MARGARET          ATHENS                        NY-20-M-52
SANDFORD, ELIZA W.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-19
SANFORD, ACEL M.             HALCOTT                       NY-20-W-207
SANFORD, CAROLINE F.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-T-448
SANFORD, ELIZA A.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-288
SANFORD, GEORGE H.           DURHAM                        NY-20-U-183
SANFORD, ISAAC               NTL                           NY-20-C-280
SANFORD, LYMAN B.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-148
SANFORD, MARY C.             DURHAM                        NY-20-S-194
SANFORD, NANCY               CAIRO                         NY-20-O-28
SANFORD, SHERMAN T.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-281
SANFORD, TRUMAN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-158
SANTER, CAHRLES L.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-208
SARLES, CALEB                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-32
SARLES, CATHARINE            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-36
SARLES, JOHN                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-101
SARLES, SOLOMON              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-201
SATTER, THORN                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-89
SAULPAUGH, ALBERT            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-29
SAUNDERS, ANN                ATHENS                        NY-20-R-257
SAUNDERS, JAMES              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-214
SAUNDERS, RANDELL            ATHENS                        NY-20-M-139
SAVAGE, HULDAH               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-177
SAX, BENJAMIN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-39
SAX, CATHARINE               CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-52
SAX, EDMUND J.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-227
SAX, ELIZABETH M.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-30
SAX, FREDEICK                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-284
SAX, FREDERICK               CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-335
SAX, IRA                     CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-45
SAX, JEREMIAH                CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-199
SAX, JOHN                    CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-525
SAX, JOHN J.                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-332
SAX, JOSEPH                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-196
SAX, MICHAEL                 SEE: SOCKS, MICHAEL           NY-20-D-116
SAX, MOSES                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-642
SAX, SARAH C.                CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-228
SAXE, AMOS                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-83
SAXE, CAROLINE               CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-265
SAXE, CHARLES H. W.          ATHENS                        NY-20-R-54
SAXE, ELIZABETH              ATHENS                        NY-20-U-150
SAXE, HARRIET A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-467
SAXE, MARY ANN               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-161
SAXTON, ALANSON              WINDHAM                       NY-20-A-130
SAYER MARY                   GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-33
SAYERS, ROBERT L.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-244
SAYRE, FRANCIS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-812
SAYRE, HARRIET               CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-153
SAYRE, MATTHEW               CAIRO                         NY-20-M-2
SBARBORO, ANTONIO            COXSACIE                      NY-20-W-209
SCHAMP, GEORGE               CANTON                        NY-20-A-19
SCHENCK, ANNA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-175
SCHEPMOE, RICHARD            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-352
SCHEPMOES, MARY              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-20
SCHERER, MARY                HUNTER                        NY-20-T-240
SCHERMERHORN, CORNELIUS A.   DURHAM                        NY-20-R-138
SCHERMERHORN, FREDERICK      CAIRO                         NY-20-O-285
SCHERMERHORN, GERTRUDE ANN   CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-196
SCHERMERHORN, JACOB D.       LEXINGTON                     NY-20-J-378
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN           CAIRO                         NY-20-L-10
SCHERMERHORN, LYDIA A.       CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-241
SCHERMERHORN, M. LUOISE      CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-209
SCHERMERHORN, MARGARET DELIA CAIRO                         NY-20-R-96
SCHERMERHORN, MARY M.        LEXINGTON                     NY-20-J-446
SCHERMERHORN, PETER          CAIRO                         NY-20-S-115
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON S.       CAIRO                         NY-20-O-140
SCHIENEMAN, JOHN             ATHENS                        NY-20-G-171
SCHILLE, MARY M.             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-W-264
SCHILLINGER, JOHN J.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-117
SCHMIDT, ELLEN               ATHENS                        NY-20-S-218
SCHMIDT, GEORGE F.           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-23
SCHMIDT, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-R-276
SCHMITT, ADAM                ATHENS                        NY-20-V-189
SCHOFIELD, DORCAS            CAIRO                         NY-20-M-34
SCHOFIELD, THOMAS            CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-195
SCHOONMAKER, CHRISTIAN       CAIRO                         NY-20-M-12
SCHOONMAKER, GEORGE          CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-74
SCHOONMAKER, JOHN            HUNTER                        NY-20-W-137
SCHOULER, HOPE DAY           CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-188
SCHUNEMAN, CORNELIA          CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-133
SCHUNEMAN, MARTIN G.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-106
SCHUNEMAN, MARTIN G.         ATHENS                        NY-20-M-78
SCHUNEMAN, PETER             ATHENS                        NY-20-L-185
SCHUNEMAN, WILLIAM           CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-166
SCHWEIER, CAROLINE           CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-131
SCOFIELD, ERASTUS H.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-81
SCOFIELD, JAMES              CAIRO                         NY-20-L-210
SCOFIELD, MARGARET           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-227
SCOFIELD, MARY               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-190
SCOFIELD, REBECCA            DURHAM                        NY-20-O-125
SCOTT, ALANSON               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-178
SCOTT, ELIZABETH             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-P-74
SCOTT, JOHN M.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-287
SCOTT, SARAH D.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-252
SCOTT, WILLIAM               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-135
SCOVEL, SAMUEL               DURHAM                        NY-20-B-29
SCOVILL, JESSE               DURHAM                        NY-20-L-156
SCOVILL, LINAS               WINDHAM                       NY-20-J-621
SCOVILLE, CLARISSA M.        DURHAM                        NY-20-U-153
SCOVILLE, PHEBE              WINDHAM                       NY-20-L-57
SCOVILLE, SARAH B.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-113
SCRATCHLEY, BELLA HARDING    CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-157
SCRIBNER, IRA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-174
SCRIBNER, NELSON             HUNTER                        NY-20-M-115
SCRIBNER, SILAS              CAIRO                         NY-20-G-205
SCUDDER, JOTHAM W.           HALCOTT                       NY-20-J-170
SCULLY, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-27
SCUTT, ELIZA                 DURHAM                        NY-20-N-122
SCUTT, SEYMOUR               DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-22
SEABRIDGE, LEVI              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-129
SEALES, ANNA C.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-79
SEAMAN, HEZEKIAH             ATHENS                        NY-20-S-93
SEAMAN, WILLIAM              CATSKILL                      NY-20-E-413
SEARING, ALMERON A.          DURHAM                        NY-20-O-164
SEARING, RICHARD E.          DURHAM                        NY-20-W-267
SEARLES, ANN CATHERINE       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-228
SEARLES, ISAAC               PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-63
SEARLES, JOHN P.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-292
SEARLES, LOUISA              DURHAM                        NY-20-V-205
SEARLES, WILLIAM P.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-57
SEARS, IRVING                ATHENS                        NY-20-U-69
SECAY, DAVID                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-B-367
SEELEY, AGNES A.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-260
SELLECK, ANNIE I.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-124
SELLECK, HENRY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-143
SELLECK, MARY B.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-177
SELLECK, WILLIS H.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-35
SERRING, AMOS                DURHAM                        NY-20-L-50
SHAFFER, DAVID I.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-204
SHANLEY, PATRICK H.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-142
SHARP, DAVID                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-282
SHARP, ISAAC                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-115
SHARP, JACOB                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-54
SHARP, JOHN                  HALCOTT                       NY-20-J-166
SHAVER, JOHN P.              LIVINGSTON, COLUMBIA, NY      NY-20-K-355
SHAW, ALEXANDER              ATHENS                        NY-20-G-183
SHAW, ALEXANDER              CAIRO                         NY-20-H-412
SHAW, CATHARINE E.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-263
SHAW, CHARLES W.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-212
SHAW, DAVID                  ATHENS                        NY-20-C-299
SHAW, ELIJAH                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-204
SHAW, GRACE                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-109
SHAW, JAMES SR.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-297
SHAW, ROBERT                 ATHENS                        NY-20-I-51
SHAW, SARAH R.               ATHENS                        NY-20-X-273
SHAYS, MIRIAM LYDIA          ATHENS                        NY-20-W-289
SHAYS, WILLIAM H.            ATHENS                        NY-20-V-120
SHEAR, ADAM M.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-S-258
SHEAR, LAURA A.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-51
SHEER, JOHN                  HILLSDALE, COLUMBIA, NY       NY-20-B-386
SHEFFER, ROBERT              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-1
SHEFFIELD, ALBERT            ATHENS                        NY-20-R-78
SHEFFIELD, ALICE             ATHENS                        NY-20-N-11
SHEFFIELD, RUSSEL            WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-130
SHEPARD, NATHANIEL           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-147
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM            FREEHOLD                      NY-20-A-85
SHERIDAN, JAMES H.           CAIRO                         NY-20-S-206
SHERMAN, ALONZO              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-78
SHERMAN, ANNA H.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-232
SHERMAN, AUGUSUS             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-41
SHERMAN, BETSEY ANN          CAIRO                         NY-20-K-248
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE           ATHENS                        NY-20-S-90
SHERMAN, EDWARD E.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-60
SHERMAN, HOWARD              CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-259
SHERMAN, JENNIE              HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY          NY-20-V-300
SHERMAN, JOSEPH              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-24
SHERMAN, LOT                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-195
SHERMAN, MARIE K.            WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-53
SHERRILL, EMELINE            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-252
SHERRILL, EZRA               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-285
SHERRILL, FRANCES B.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-90
SHERRILL, LEWIS              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-85
SHERRILL, LUMAN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-752
SHERWOOD, DEBORAH            WOOSTER, WAYNE, OH            NY-20-G-107
SHEVLIN, ELLEN               HUNTER                        NY-20-Q-44
SHIELDS, MARTIN              HUNTER                        NY-20-U-45
SHIELDS, MARTIN              HUNTER                        NY-20-Q-24
SHIPHERD, MINERVA A.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-9
SHOEMAKER, GODFREY           CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-379
SHOEMAKER, HENRY H.          PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-Q-236
SHOEMAKER, PETER L. X.       WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-291
SHOEMAKER, STEPHEN           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-R-94
SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-L-28
SHORES, HENRY D.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-61
SHOWERS, ISAAC               HUNTER                        NY-20-T-90
SHOWERS, MICHAEL             HUNTER                        NY-20-U-118
SHOWERS, RUFUS E.            TANNERSVILLE                  NY-20-T-324
SHUFELT, MARGARET            DURHAM                        NY-20-J-65
SHUFELT, SARAH H.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-166
SHULTZ, JOHN                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-505
SHUTTS, CORNELIA A.          PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-Q-128
SICKLES, AMY M. VAN LOAN     COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-283
SIKES, HARVEY                PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-K-413
SILVESTER, JOHN L. B.        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-210
SILVESTER, PETER H.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-41
SIMMONS, ALBERT              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-244
SIMMONS, AMBROS EJ.          MEDWAY                        NY-20-V-161
SIMMONS, PHEBE J.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-246
SIMMONS, SAMUEL W.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-129
SIMONS, PETER                CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-88
SIMPKINS, DANIEL P.          JEWETT                        NY-20-U-93
SIMPKINS, LEWIS J.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-102
SIMPKINS, TRUMAN             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-25
SIMPSON, ALANSON             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-192
SIMPSON, JOHN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-298
SIMPSON, JULIUS M.           PALISADES, BERGEN, NJ         NY-20-P-267
SIMPSON, LOTTIE              CAIRO                         NY-20-U-47
SIMPSON, MORGAN              CAIRO                         NY-20-S-215
SIMPSON, PETER               CAIRO                         NY-20-J-161
SIMPSON, PETER               CAIRO                         NY-20-B-406
SIMPSON, ROWLAND             CAIRO                         NY-20-U-19
SIMPSON, SALLY ANN           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-50
SINCLAIR, JOHN               POWNAL, BENNINGTON, VT        NY-20-I-544
SIPKINS, RACHEL              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-168
SISSON, ADDISON J.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-77
SISSON, CHARLES              CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-238
SITZER, FREDERICK            DURHAM                        NY-20-L-96
SLATER, DAVID                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-227
SLATER, DAYTON E.            HUNTER                        NY-20-X-471
SLATER, JOSEPH W.            CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-201
SLATER, JOSEPHINE C.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-285
SLATER, MARTIN               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-74
SLATTERY, BRIDGET            ATHENS                        NY-20-V-292
SLATTERY, JOHN               ATHENS                        NY-20-S-252
SLAWSON, PHILIP              CAIRO                         NY-20-I-523
SLAWSON, POLLY               DURHAM                        NY-20-N-96
SLEIGHT, FREDERICK           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-362
SLUYTER, BERTHA V.           COXSACIE                      NY-20-U-217
SMITH, ALEXANDER M.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-98
SMITH, ALFRED C.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-190
SMITH, ALFRED C.             DURHAM                        NY-20-N-48
SMITH, ALTHEA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-263
SMITH, AMOS                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-137
SMITH, AMOS SR.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-56
SMITH, ANNA                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-314
SMITH, ARAVESTA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-14
SMITH, ARMENIUS              DURHAM                        NY-20-R-184
SMITH, BELA                  DURHAM                        NY-20-O-222
SMITH, BELA JR.              DURHAM                        NY-20-N-4
SMITH, BETSEY J.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-38
SMITH, CATHARINE LOUISA      GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-76
SMITH, CHARLOTTE M.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-266
SMITH, CHAUNCEY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-465
SMITH, COMFORT               CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-212
SMITH, CORA M.               DURHAM                        NY-20-R-219
SMITH, CYRUS                 PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-J-387
SMITH, ELIJAH                CAIRO                         NY-20-B-104
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.          DURHAM                        NY-20-N-264
SMITH, EMILY J.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-243
SMITH, ENOS B.               ATHENS                        NY-20-S-221
SMITH, ERASTUS               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-751
SMITH, FREDERICK S.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-419
SMITH, GEORGE                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-231
SMITH, GEORGE T.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-102
SMITH, HARRIET               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-98
SMITH, HERMAN                ATHENS                        NY-20-V-188
SMITH, ISAAC                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-256
SMITH, ISAAC                 COXSASCKIE                    NY-20-K-376
SMITH, ISAAC E.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-267
SMITH, JOHN E. W.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-236
SMITH, JONAS M.              ASHLAND                       NY-20-O-210
SMITH, JOSEPH M.             CAIRO                         NY-20-O-104
SMITH, LORENZO               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-S-169
SMITH, LUCY                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-478
SMITH, LYDIA C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-79
SMITH, LYMAN                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-773
SMITH, MARGARET J.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-111
SMITH, MARTIN                CAIRO                         NY-20-O-20
SMITH, MARTIN F.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-200
SMITH, MARY ANN              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-S-28
SMITH, MARY J.               CAIRO                         NY-20-U-152
SMITH, NAOMI J.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-112
SMITH, PATRICK H.            HUNTER                        NY-20-S-105
SMITH, PETER                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-T-224
SMITH, PETER T.              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-G-76
SMITH, PLATT                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-136
SMITH, ROBERT                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-148
SMITH, RULANDUS              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-124
SMITH, SAMUEL G.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-142
SMITH, SARAH A.              DURHAM                        NY-20-S-174
SMITH, SELLECK D.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-117
SMITH, SYDENHAM T.           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-20
SMITH, THEODORE M.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-293
SMITH, THOMAS J.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-D-207
SMITH, VIANIA                DURHAM                        NY-20-M-184
SMITH, WILLIAM N.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-45
SMITH, ZEBEDIAH J.           ASHLAND                       NY-20-G-584
SMITH, ZOETH                 DURHAM                        NY-20-M-157
SMTIH, HELEN M.              CATSKIL                       NY-20-W-275
SNELL, WILLIAM B.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-87
SNIDER, LYDIA                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-231
SNIDKER, JAMES               DURHAM                        NY-20-A-61
SNIFFIN, DAVID               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-30
SNOW, NEWELL C.              ASHLAND                       NY-20-O-112
SNYDER, BYRON E.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-215
SNYDER, CLARA B.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-44
SNYDER, EUGENE               DURHAM                        NY-20-R-132
SNYDER, GEORGE M.            WEST HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ      NY-20-P-501
SNYDER, GEORGE M.            WEST HOBOKEN, *, NJ           NY-20-T-18
SNYDER, HELEN M.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-50
SNYDER, HENRY W.             CAIRO                         NY-20-L-118
SNYDER, HIRAM                DURHAM                        NY-20-M-286
SNYDER, JAMES                DURHAM                        NY-20-I-59
SNYDER, JAMES H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-118
SNYDER, MILTON J.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-122
SNYDER, PETER A.             FREEHOLD                      NY-20-I-470
SNYDER, PETER P.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-P-342
SNYDER, RACHEL               DURHAM                        NY-20-N-267
SNYDER, RICHARD H.           ATHENS                        NY-20-W-178
SOCKS, MICHAEL               CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-116
SOCKS, PETER P.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-380
SOLISS, DENNIS B.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-283
SOLLOWAY, FLORENCE S.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-103
SOLLOWAY, JOHN S.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-192
SOLLOWAY, JOHN S.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-214
SOLOMON, JOSEPH              ATHENS                        NY-20-R-11
SOUL, JACOB                  NTL                           NY-20-J-330
SOUSER, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-A-90
SOUSER, MARIA C.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-68
SOUSER, PETER                CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-348
SOUSER, RACHEL               CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-54
SOUTHERN, ROBERT B.          CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-12
SOUTT, AARON B.              DURHAM                        NY-20-S-291
SPALDING, MARY E.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-20
SPALDING, PHEBE A.           WESTERLO, ALBANY, NY          NY-20-U-114
SPEANBURGH, ANDREW           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-271
SPEENBURGH, CAHRLES D.       JEWETT                        NY-20-W-164
SPEENBURGH, HENRY J.         JEWETT                        NY-20-O-144
SPEENBURGH, MADISON          ROXBURY                       NY-20-V-118
SPEES, BENJAMIN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-B-238
SPEES, ROBERT T.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-78
SPEES, SAMUEL B.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-P-314
SPENCE, JAMES                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-120
SPENCER, ALBERT A.           CAIRO                         NY-20-U-67
SPENCER, AMELIA A.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-244
SPENCER, AUGUSTA A.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-141
SPENCER, BENJAMIN            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-207
SPENCER, ELECTA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-291
SPENCER, ELI                 DURHAM                        NY-20-N-248
SPENCER, ELIZABETH           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-254
SPENCER, JANE A.             ATHENS                        NY-20-J-626
SPENCER, THOMAS              ATHENS                        NY-20-F-82
SPERLING, JOHN               CASTSKILL                     NY-20-A-124
SPOO, HANNAH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-89
SPOOR, ABRAHAM               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-D-190
SPOOR, ABRAHAM D.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-175
SPOOR, ABRAM N.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-107
SPOOR, CASPER H.             ATHENS                        NY-20-K-793
SPOOR, CHRISTINA C.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-100
SPOOR, DERICKE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-97
SPOOR, ISAAC                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-344
SPOOR, ISAAC M.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-290
SPOOR, JOHN                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-328
SPOOR, JOHN                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-308
SPOOR, JOHN H.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-85
SPOOR, SIMON                 ATHENS                        NY-20-I-83
SPOOR, SOPHIA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-345
SPORE, PETER M.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-247
SPORR, ELIZABETH             ATHENS                        NY-20-R-8
SPPOR, CHRISTINA             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-207
SPRAGUE, GEORGE              DURHAM                        NY-20-F-336
SPRING, BARNEY               CAIRO                         NY-20-L-19
SPRING, GEORGE R.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-265
SPRING, LAVINIA              CAIRO                         NY-20-V-269
SPRINGSTEAD, JEREMIAH        NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-188
SQUIRES, SAMUEL              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-B-295
SIMMONS, CHARLES             CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-32
STAHL, FREDERICK A.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-385
STALL, NORMAN M.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-255
STANBRIDGE, JAMES            ASHLAND                       NY-20-U-7
STANLEY, PETER I.            WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-231
STANLEY, SARAH E.            WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-59
STANNANT, LOFMAN             DURHAM                        NY-20-N-66
STANNARD, CLARK D.           DURHAM                        NY-20-O-194
STANNARD, ELIAKIM            DURHAM                        NY-20-F-497
STANNARD, EUNICE C.          DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-28
STANNARD, GROVENOR           DURHAM                        NY-20-S-52
STANNARD, JOSIAH             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-110
STANSON, NATHANIEL           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-G-214
STAPLES, MOSES W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-269
STARRIN, FANNIE              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-229
STEAD, DAVID                 CAIRO                         NY-20-M-15
STEAD, JOHN                  CAIRO                         NY-20-U-233
STEAD, JULIA C.              CAIRO                         NY-20-V-250
STEBBINS, ELEAZER            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-104
STEELE, CLARISSA J.          ASHLAND                       NY-20-W-171
STEELE, ELIZA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-55
STEELE, HENRY                CAIRO                         NY-20-O-229
STEELE, JANE                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-279
STEELE, LUCY S.              WINDHAM                       NY-20-N-147
STEELE, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-54
STEMBURGH, THOMAS J.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-607
STEPHENS, JOSEPH             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-114
STEPHENS, LYDIA C.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-115
STEPHENS, SAMUEL             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-47
STEPHENSON, GEORGE           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-C-465
STERRETT, JAMES              ATHENS                        NY-20-M-154
STERRITT, MARY E.            ATHENS                        NY-20-W-151
STEVENS, ANN J.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-26
STEVENS, CATHARINE           DURHAM                        NY-20-I-541
STEVENS, EZRA M.             CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-245
STEVENS, FREDERICK M.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-108
STEVENS, GEORGE S.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-186
STEVENS, JAMES               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-102
STEVENS, JAMES               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-52
STEVENS, MADISON             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-84
STEVENS, MARY L.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-T-455
STEVENS, MINOR               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-110
STEVENS, MONTGOMERY          DURHAM                        NY-20-J-179
STEVENS, NELLY               DURHAM                        NY-20-K-269
STEVENS, ORRIN C.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-254
STEVENS, PIERCE              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-T-302
STEVENS, REUBEN              GREENFIELD                    NY-20-B-40
STEVENS, SABRINA             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-263
STEVENS, SALLY ANN           CAIRO                         NY-20-M-243
STEVENS, SARAH A.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-79
STEVENS, SOLISSA W.          CAIRO                         NY-20-P-353
STEVENS, SOLON W.            CAIRO                         NY-20-S-158
STEVENS, WILLIAM             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-265
STEVENSON, POLLY M.          CAIRO                         NY-20-S-185
STEWART, AGNES               CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-369
STEWART, ALEXANDER           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-L-244
STEWART, BENJAMIN F.         CAIRO                         NY-20-W-123
STEWART, CAROLINE E.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-49
STEWART, CARRIE M.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-268
STEWART, EZEKIEL             CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-199
STEWART, HIRAM               CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-157
STEWART, JENNIE A.           CAIRO                         NY-20-U-15
STEWART, JOHN                CAIRO                         NY-20-J-349
STEWART, STEWART             CAIRO                         NY-20-J-32
STEWART, WILLIAM E.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-160
STEWART, WILLIAM H.          DURHAM                        NY-20-M-233
STEWART, WILLIAM H.          ATHENS                        NY-20-V-233
STICKELS, NICHOLAS S.        PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-M-236
STICKLES, MATILDA            PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-R-113
STILWELL, WILKEY             DURHAM                        NY-20-B-152
STIMPSON, LEMUEL C.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-K-78
STIMPSON, SYLVESTER          WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-173
STIMSON, NATHANIEL           WINDHAM                       NY-20-I-235
STIMSON, REBECCA E.          ASHLAND                       NY-20-Q-296
STITT, WILLIAM H.            DURHAM                        NY-20-J-125
STODDARD, CHESTER            CAIRO                         NY-20-P-127
STODDARD, DAVID B.           CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-38
STODDARD, GEORGE N.          CAIRO                         NY-20-O-93
STODDARD, HARVEY             CAIRO                         NY-20-J-142
STODDARD, MARY C.            CAIRO                         NY-20-T-397
STODDARD, NERI               CAIRO                         NY-20-I-163
STODDARD, OLIVER W.          CAIRO                         NY-20-V-62
STOLZENBERG, WILLIAM         CAIRO                         NY-20-X-399
STONE, ADDISON P.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-106
STONE, BENJAMIN B. G.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-85
STONE, BURRIT O.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-I-333
STONE, CHAUNCEY B.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-198
STONE, JOHN W.               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-292
STONE, MARY ALLEN DUBOIS     CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-368
STONE, NATHANIEL             CAIRO                         NY-20-J-292
STONE, REBECCA M.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-275
STONE, RUTH ANN              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-256
STONE, SUSAN                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-239
STORY, ACHSAH                CAIRO                         NY-20-U-203
STORY, AMOS                  GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-34
STORY, AMOS                  CAIRO                         NY-20-L-68
STORY, AMOS N.               CAIRO                         NY-20-M-234
STORY, FLETCHER B.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-269
STORY, FRANCIS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-19
STORY, HENRY                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-2
STORY, ISRAEL T.             CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-69
STORY, JEREMIAH B.           CAIRO                         NY-20-V-167
STORY, JESSE                 ATHENS                        NY-20-C-235
STORY, JOHN T.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-203
STORY, JONATHAN              CAIRO                         NY-20-N-171
STORY, LOVISA P.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-229
STORY, MATTHEW               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-181
STORY, RACHEL                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-13
STORY, ROBERT F.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-28
STORY, WILLIAM R.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-27
STOTZ, CHARLOTTE             JEWETT                        NY-20-V-11
STOUTENBURGH, PRISCILLA      CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-294
STOUTENBURGH, WALTON         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-73
STOVER, EGBERT               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-148
STRANAHAN, JOSEPHINE HOWLAND ATHENS                        NY-20-X-291
STRAPE, HENRY                DURHAM                        NY-20-H-61
STRAUGHAN, DELIA             JEWETT                        NY-20-M-50
STRAUGHAN, THOMAS            JEWETT                        NY-20-K-213
STRAUGHAN, THOMAS L.         LEXINGTON                     NY-20-W-162
STREETER, ANSON B.           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-31
STREETER, THOMAS J.          HALCOTT                       NY-20-S-196
STRONG, BELA                 DURHAM                        NY-20-A-121
STRONG, DANIEL B.            ASHLAND                       NY-20-L-190
STRONG, ELIAKIM              FREEHOLD                      NY-20-A-127
STRONG, ELIJAH               WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-103
STRONG, F. ASBURY            WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-201
STRONG, HORACE               DURHAM                        NY-20-V-273
STRONG, JOHN B.              DURHAM                        NY-20-L-49
STRONG, LOUISA               ASHLAND                       NY-20-P-285
STRONG, LYMAN                DURHAM                        NY-20-L-41
STRONG, MARTHA               DURHAM                        NY-20-W-72
STRYKER, FRANK N.            CAIRO                         NY-20-V-178
STRYKER, JOHN L.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-198
STURTEVANT, CHARLES          CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-226
STURTEVANT, JOHN             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-F-287
SUDDERLY, GEORGE             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-221
SULLIVAN, ANN                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-253
SULLIVAN, MARY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-27
SUTHERLAND, ABRAM            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-113
SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH        NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-285
SUTHERLAND, JAMES H.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-169
SUTTON, GILES                WINDHAM                       NY-20-I-63
SUTTON, GILES T.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-491
SUTTON, JOHN W.              WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-244
SUTTON, MARGARET B.          ASHLAND                       NY-20-S-83
SUTTON, NETTLETON            DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-130
SUTTON, WILLIAM              ASHLAND                       NY-20-O-54
SWEET, JOSHUA                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-100
SWENSON, OPHELIA             CAIRO                         NY-20-S-288
SYLVESTER, JOHN R.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-125
TABER, HONORIA A.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-246
TALCOTT, ACSAH E.            PHILMONT, COLUMBIA, NY        NY-20-V-187
TALLMADGE, JOHN H.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-258
TALMADGE, CHARLES R.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-127
TALMAGE, ANN                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-780
TATTERSALL, JAMES            CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-44
TAYLOR, EDWARD               DURHAM                        NY-20-O-163
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH P.         CAIRO                         NY-20-J-629
TAYLOR, JAMES                CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-10
TAYLOR, JANE B.              CAIRO                         NY-20-U-240
TEAL, EMMA                   ATHENS                        NY-20-W-84
TEAL, WILLIAM H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-43
TEALE, ADELAIDE J.           PALENVILLE                    NY-20-X-12
TEALE, CHARLES H.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-239
TEALE, THEODORE C.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-23
TEATS, PHILIP                GREENVILL                     NY-20-J-649
TEED, HORACE G.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-11
TENBROECK, JACOB J.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-65
TENBROOKE, PRISCILLA         CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-400
TENEYCK, RACHAEL             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-D-184
TERBUSH, CATHARINE M.        HUNTER                        NY-20-V-301
THOMAS, CATHARINE            CAIRO                         NY-20-M-235
THOMAS, ELIZABETH            EAST ORANGE, NJ               NY-20-V-261
THOMAS, SARAH ANN            ATHENS                        NY-20-K-420
THOMAS, WILLIAM              ATHENS                        NY-20-J-776
THOMPSN, GEORGE W.           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-U-226
THOMPSON, ANDREW J.          LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-209
THOMPSON, HENRY G.           JEWETT                        NY-20-S-55
THOMPSON, JAMES              DURHAM                        NY-20-G-196
THOMPSON, JOHN               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-199
THOMPSON, JOHN A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-367
THOMPSON, NATHAN             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-G-275
THOMPSON, THOMAS T.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-393
THOMSEN, HENRY J.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-12
THOMSON, CATHARINE T.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-113
THORN, HENRY                 CAIRO                         NY-20-L-236
THORN, JONATHAN W.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-94
THORN, WILLIAM H.            ATHENS                        NY-20-O-67
THORNE, CHESTER C.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-T-417
THORNE, ELIZABETH H.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-497
THORNTON, ANNA MARIA         CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-219
THORPE, DOUGLASS B.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-158
THORPE, EMILY                WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-10
TICKNOR, ABI                 JEWETT                        NY-20-N-118
TICKNOR, NORMAN              JEWETT                        NY-20-L-67
TIEL, JACOB                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-288
TIFFANY, ALIDE PRICE         CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-188
TIFFANY, AMY                 ATHENS                        NY-20-K-12
TIFFANY, ELIZABETH           ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-133
TIFFANY, ROBERT              ATHENS                        NY-20-R-47
TILLON, EMMA L.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-106
TIMBURY, ANN                 CAIRO                         NY-20-K-35
TIMBURY, WILLIAM             CAIRO                         NY-20-I-1
TIMMERMAN, ABRAM             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-195
TIMMERMAN, AMBROSE           CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-253
TIMMERMAN, MARGARET          CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-39
TIMMERMAN, MARY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-149
TIMMERMAN, SALLY H.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-167
TITUS, ALICE L.              ATHENS                        NY-20-X-300
TITUS, AUGUSTUS              CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-544
TITUS, CHARLES               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-423
TITUS, EPENETUS              ATHENS                        NY-20-S-16
TITUS, GEORGE                ATHENS                        NY-20-K-707
TITUS, GEORGE                ATHENS                        NY-20-K-693
TITUS, ISAAC                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-668
TITUS, ROBERT                ATHENS                        NY-20-H-359
TODD, DUDLEY                 LEXINGTON                     NY-20-G-535
TODD, JOSEPH H.              HALCOTT                       NY-20-S-220
TOLLE, HENRY B.              GREENE                        NY-20-C-173
TOLLEY, EMMA JANE            ATHENS                        NY-20-P-156
TOLLEY, GARRET H.            ATHENS                        NY-20-T-318
TOLLEY, JOHN F.              ATHENS                        NY-20-I-482
TOLLEY, JOSEPHINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-82
TOLLEY, MARIA C.             ATHENS                        NY-20-U-125
TOLLEY, PHOEBE               CAIRO                         NY-20-U-80
TOLLEY, WILLIAM              ATHENS                        NY-20-C-424
TOLLEY, WILLIAM              ATHENS                        NY-20-D-23
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH A.       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-106
TOMPKINS, ENOCH              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-229
TOMPKINS, JAMES              ASHLAND                       NY-20-N-138
TOMPKINS, MARIA KENNEDY      ASHLAND                       NY-20-V-54
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL          ASHLAND                       NY-20-V-157
TOMPKINS, SARAH J.           ASHLAND                       NY-20-V-283
TOMPKINS, SARAH L.           ASHLAND                       NY-20-R-297
TOMPKINS, SEPHEN             CAIRO                         NY-20-H-340
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM            ASHLAND                       NY-20-J-163
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM            WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-8
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM L.         ASHLAND                       NY-20-J-789
TRAVER, ESBON                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-S-99
TRAVER, NANCY H.             DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-186
TRAVES, PHEBE                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-17
TRAVIS, BELZORA              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-287
TRAVIS, CAROLINE B.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-191
TRAVIS, LEWIS                CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-200
TRAVIS, LOUISE               ATHENS                        NY-20-W-15
TRAVIS, MARY E.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-792
TRAVIS, SARAH                CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-176
TRAVIS, WILLIAM              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-662
TREGO, JAMES                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-24
TREGO, MARIA                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-180
TREMAIN, ROBERT P.           ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-144
TREMMEL, ALBERT              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-263
TREMPER, JACOB               CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-148
TRIP, ALFRED                 DURHAM                        NY-20-M-281
TRIPP, CLARA A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-149
TRIPPIT, DANIEL H.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-575
TROWBRIDGE, EMILY            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-150
TROWBRIDGE, EMILY 2D         CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-53
TROWBRIDGE, MARCUS H.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-176
TRUESDELL, CATHARINE         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-220
TRUESDELL, MARY              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-183
TRUESDELL, STEPHEN           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-166
TRUESDELL, STEPHEN W.        PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-220
TRUMPBAUR, PAUL              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-382
TRUMPBORN, GERTRUDE          CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-280
TRUMPBOUR, ANN C.            CAIRO                         NY-20-L-65
TRUMPBOUR, ELIJAH W.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-623
TRUMPBOUR, ELIZABETH         CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-58
TRUMPBOUR, FREDERICK         CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-450
TRUMPBOUR, JACOB             CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-22
TRUMPBOUR, JOHN              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-785
TRUMPER, JACOB H.            NTL                           NY-20-B-340
TRYON, BENJAMIN              CAIRO                         NY-20-C-276
TRYON, JAMES RUFUS           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-88
TRYON, SUSAN L.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-526
TUCKER, SARAH A.             CAIRO                         NY-20-O-293
TUELL, CHARLOTT              CAIRO                         NY-20-R-224
TUELL, SAMUEL                CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-251
TURK, LYMAN                  WINDHAM                       NY-20-N-184
TURNER, ALLEN                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-745
TURNER, DAVID                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-576
TURNER, ELIZABETH            WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-9
TURNER, HONOR C.             HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY          NY-20-N-95
TURNER, MARY L.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-34
TURNER, OPHELIA F.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-79
TUTHILL, DANIEL              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-300
TUTHILL, SALLY               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-808
TUTTLE, ABIGAIL C.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-149
TUTTLE, AMELIA               ASHLAND                       NY-20-O-228
TUTTLE, CALEB                JEWETT                        NY-20-N-159
TUTTLE, DANIEL B.            ASHLAND                       NY-20-M-92
TUTTLE, ELLEN L.             ASHLAND                       NY-20-P-437
TUTTLE, GARWOOD              ASHLAND                       NY-20-N-35
TUTTLE, JOHN                 ASHLAND                       NY-20-I-580
TUTTLE, JOHN                 WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-83
TWISS, CLARK                 WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-114
TYLER, HENRY                 PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-291
TYLER, PHINEAS               DURHAM                        NY-20-D-350
TYLER, TIMOTHY B.            WINDHAM                       NY-20-F-317
TYNAN, MARY ALZINA           CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-248
TYNAN, THOMAS                CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-85
ULLETT, SOPHIA JEMIMA        LEEDS                         NY-20-W-59
UPHAM, MARY                  CAIRO                         NY-20-F-309
UTTER, ALMERON J.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-127
UTTER, JAMES                 DURHAM                        NY-20-F-1
UTTER, JAMES                 DURHAM (CON'T)                NY-20-F-40
UTTER, MARY A.               DURHAM                        NY-20-S-261
UTTER, MARY A.               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-10
UTTER, MLINDA                CAIRO                         NY-20-M-95
UTTER, SALLY                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-185

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