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CALDER, JOSEPH                          NY-20-H-89
CALDWELL, THOMAS                        NY-20-H-462
CALHOUN, DAVID                          NY-20-A-110
CALHOUN, GEORGE                         NY-20-M-218
CALHOUN, MARY ANN                       NY-20-S-166
CALKINS, ABIGAIL L.                     NY-20-W-37
CAMERON, ALICE KING                     NY-20-U-276
CAMERON, MADISON                        NY-20-Q-168
CAMFIELD, HIRAM                         NY-20-G-482
CAMP, HARVEY                            NY-20-M-99
CAMPBELL, EMILY                         NY-20-S-168
CAMPBELL, EUGENE                        NY-20-V-28
CAMPBELL, EUGENE                        NY-20-X-154
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        NY-20-T-33
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-20-M-16
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-20-L-32
CAMPBELL, JOHN P.                       NY-20-M-86
CAMPBELL, RODOLPHUS W.                  NY-20-N-286
CANNEFF, JULIA A.                       NY-20-O-94
CAPPS, MARY                             NY-20-R-170
CAREY, CORNELIA A.                      NY-20-U-135
CARGILL, ANNA                           NY-20-R-35
CARLE, JACOB                            NY-20-F-493
CARLSON, PERRY AUGUST                   NY-20-W-292
CARMAN, EMILY J.                        NY-20-S-88
CARMAN, GEORGE                          NY-20-V-75
CARMAN, JANE                            NY-20-Q-257
CARMAN, JOSHUA                          NY-20-O-212
CARMAN, MOSES                           NY-20-H-196
CARMAN, NATHAN                          NY-20-G-512
CARMAN, WILLIAM R.                      NY-20-L-39
CARMAN, WILLIAM V.                      NY-20-M-247
CARNWRIGHT, OSEPH F.                    NY-20-O-277
CARPENTER, JAMES M.                     NY-20-T-376
CARPENTER, JUSTINA F.                   NY-20-U-92
CARPENTER, LORENZO D.                   NY-20-Q-163
CARR, JOHN                              NY-20-Q-229
CARR, MONROE N.                         NY-20-R-21
CARR, THOMAS H.                         NY-20-S-66
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-20-J-423
CARROLL, REBECCA                        NY-20-S-76
CARTEN, PATRICK                         NY-20-Q-152
CARTER, ORENA J.                        NY-20-W-286
CARTRIGHT, WARREN                       NY-20-M-257
CARTWRIGHT, GEORGE W.                   NY-20-V-50
CASE, ABIGAIL                           NY-20-O-33
CASE, ALLEN G.                          NY-20-V-97
CASE, BENJAMIN H.                       NY-20-J-68
CASE, MARY E.                           NY-20-S-39
CASE, MARY F.                           NY-20-W-146
CASE, WINSLOW                           NY-20-P-104
CASEY, MICHAEL                          NY-20-B-183
CASPER, MARY A.                         NY-20-W-13
CASSOLES, CATHERINE                     NY-20-V-251
CATER, LOUISA C.                        NY-20-Q-179
CATLIN, LOUISA                          NY-20-U-182
CATLIN, LUCIA E.                        NY-20-X-450
CATLIN, THOMAS                          NY-20-U-198
CHADDEN, SARAH C.                       NY-20-Q-189
CHADDERDON, JENNIE                      NY-20-S-69
CHADDERDON, MARY ANN                    NY-20-N-150
CHADWICK, NATHANIEL K.                  NY-20-S-293
CHAMBERLAIN, ERASTUS N.                 NY-20-W-95
CHAMBERLAIN, KITTIE F.                  NY-20-X-156
CHAMBERLIN, FRANCIS J.                  NY-20-Q-284
CHAMBERS, THEADORE                      NY-20-J-457
CHAMP, ISAAC                            NY-20-Q-157
CHAMPLIN, ELIZABETH H.                  NY-20-X-460
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-20-J-334
CHAPMAN, CHARLES AUGUSTUS               NY-20-W-36
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-20-X-133
CHAPMAN, JAMES L.                       NY-20-M-122
CHAPPEL, MARY A.                        NY-20-V-195
CHASE, ALBERT                           NY-20-S-11
CHASE, CHARLES P.                       NY-20-U-136
CHASE, D. NOBLE                         NY-20-Q-147
CHASE, DAVID                            NY-20-L-48
CHASE, EMORY A.                         NY-20-X-396
CHASE, JULIA M.                         NY-20-M-197
CHASE, LAURA O.                         NY-20-S-271
CHASE, MARY JANE                        NY-20-W-135
CHASE, NEWTON                           NY-20-M-220
CHASE, THEODORE D.                      NY-20-O-216
CHASE, ZEPHANIAH                        NY-20-C-441
CHATFIELD, ABRAM                        NY-20-H-418
CHATFIELD, JOSHUA                       NY-20-N-141
CHERITREE, MARGARET M.                  NY-20-U-277
CHERRITREE, LUGWENA A.                  NY-20-M-148
CHICHESTER, WILLIAM E.                  NY-20-W-92
CHIDESTER, ABRAHAM                      NY-20-B-64
CHIDESTER, AUGUSTA A.                   NY-20-V-117
CHIDESTER, CHARITY R.                   NY-20-U-101
CHIDESTER, LYMAN                        NY-20-S-108
CHIDESTER, SAMUEL                       NY-20-R-68
CHIDESTER, WILLIAM ***                  NY-20-I-394
CHIDISTER, PHINEAS                      NY-20-K-181
CHISIAM, HENRIETTA                      NY-20-S-54
CHITTENDEN, ANTOINETTE                  NY-20-U-66
CHITTENDEN, ELIZA M.                    NY-20-O-117
CHITTENDEN, EMELINE                     NY-20-O-84
CHITTENDEN, HORACE K.                   NY-20-N-227
CHITTENDEN, PHARES                      NY-20-J-150
CHITTENDEN, SARAH E.                    NY-20-K-509
CHOLETT, LANA                           NY-20-N-144
CHRISTENSENN, AMALIA E. C.              NY-20-V-152
CHRISTIAN, SOLOMON T.                   NY-20-M-29
CHURCH, GEORGE                          NY-20-W-39
CHURCH, LUCIUS H.                       NY-20-Q-203
CHURCHILL, ADDISON J.                   NY-20-X-137
CHURCHILL, RUTH P.                      NY-20-Q-132
CHURCHWELL, GEORGE W.                   NY-20-W-235
CIRELLO, BIAGGIO                        NY-20-V-278
CLAPPER, HANNAH J.                      NY-20-R-19
CLARK, ANNIE E.                         NY-20-V-259
CLARK, CHARLES E.                       NY-20-U-21
CLARK, EDWARD A.                        NY-20-S-272
CLARK, GEORGE C.                        NY-20-Q-7
CLARK, GEORGE T.                        NY-20-V-126
CLARK, HARRIET F.                       NY-20-N-282
CLARK, HENRY                            NY-20-H-66
CLARK, JACOB                            NY-20-R-205
CLARK, LOUISE J.                        NY-20-R-133
CLARK, MARIETTA                         NY-20-S-275
CLARK, RUTH                             NY-20-N-61
CLARK, SARAH                            NY-20-K-169
CLARKE, FRANK C.                        NY-20-W-69
CLAVER, THEODORE                        NY-20-U-4
CLAW, CASPER JR.                        NY-20-B-365
CLAW, FRANCIS                           NY-20-C-215
CLAW, FRANCIS                           NY-20-C-263
CLAWSON, HENRY                          NY-20-M-59
CLAWSON, JACOB A.                       NY-20-N-228
CLEARY, MICHAEL                         NY-20-S-296
CLEAVLAND, RUTH                         NY-20-Q-36
CLEVELAND, EZRA A.                      NY-20-N-297
CLIFFORD, BERTHA A.                     NY-20-V-76
CLONEY, AUGUSTA H.                      NY-20-P-404
CLOUGH, ABRAHAM                         NY-20-O-129
CLOUGH, CASPER                          NY-20-T-451
CLOUGH, EDWARD L.                       NY-20-U-266
CLOUGH, HANNAH M.                       NY-20-Q-247
CLOUGH, HELEN L.                        NY-20-X-222
CLOUGH, JACOB S.                        NY-20-U-184
CLOUGH, JEREMIAH E.                     NY-20-J-347
CLOUGH, JEREMIAH J.                     NY-20-M-28
CLOUGH, JOHN                            NY-20-M-140
CLOW, CASPER                            NY-20-C-157
CLOW, COMFORT                           NY-20-L-201
CLOW, JACOB J.                          NY-20-J-168
CLOW, JAMES D.                          NY-20-U-284
CLOW, JOHN                              NY-20-P-260
CLOW, JOHN H.                           NY-20-U-98
CLOW, MARY                              NY-20-W-96
CLOW, RICHARD                           NY-20-H-389
CLUM, PHILIP                            NY-20-M-161
CLUM, THOMAS                            NY-20-J-802
CLUM, WILLIAM                           NY-20-U-144
CLUTE, MARIA C.                         NY-20-U-212
CLUTE, NICHOLAS                         NY-20-O-267
COATS, EDWARD                           NY-20-AA-16
COBB, SIMON                             NY-20-G-218
COBB, THOMAS                            NY-20-C-260
COCHRAN, EDWIN                          NY-20-L-105
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        NY-20-O-230
COCHRANE, FRANCIS                       NY-20-U-79
COE, BENJAMIN KIRTLAND                  NY-20-Q-258
COE, JONATHAN                           NY-20-J-491
COFFIN, ADALINE C.                      NY-20-W-241
COFFIN, ELECTA                          NY-20-N-56
COFFIN, ISAAC A.                        NY-20-Q-87
COFFIN, JACOB I.                        NY-20-U-279
COFFIN, JOHN B.                         NY-20-J-459
COFFIN, JOHN B.                         NY-20-H-53
COFFIN, LYDIA S.                        NY-20-P-338
COFFIN, MARY E.                         NY-20-T-462
COFFIN, REUBEN                          NY-20-J-404
COFFIN, SHUBAL                          NY-20-B-252
COFFIN, WEALTHY                         NY-20-M-196
COFFIN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-20-I-355
COLBURN, EDWIN S.                       NY-20-S-173
COLE, CHARLES H.                        NY-20-V-135
COLE, EDWARD                            NY-20-V-197
COLE, EDWARD M.                         NY-20-X-30
COLE, EMILY                             NY-20-V-180
COLE, FARMER W.                         NY-20-I-254
COLE, HARVEY                            NY-20-J-194
COLE, HARVEY E. S.                      NY-20-Q-5
COLE, JANET                             NY-20-S-91
COLE, MANEY                             NY-20-J-597
COLE, MARY A.                           NY-20-U-25
COLE, PHILENA                           NY-20-M-192
COLLEN, MICHAEL                         NY-20-M-119
COLLIER, CASPER                         NY-20-H-98
COLLIER, CASPER I.                      NY-20-T-349
COLLIER, CASPER J.                      NY-20-S-56
COLLIER, ISAAC C.                       NY-20-L-213
COLLIER, JANE C.                        NY-20-N-284
COLLIER, JEHOIAKIN                      NY-20-M-223
COLLIER, JOHN                           NY-20-I-379
COLLIER, JONAS                          NY-20-K-562
COLLIER, PHILIP                         NY-20-J-796
COLLIER, WILLIAM M.                     NY-20-W-232
COLLIN, HANNAH                          NY-20-Q-94
COLLINS, EDWARD                         NY-20-A-7
COLLINS, ENOS                           NY-20-E-492
COLLINS, JAPHET                         NY-20-I-566
COLVIN, JOHN                            NY-20-R-218
COLWELL, ABSALOM                        NY-20-H-246
COMFORT, BENJAMIN                       NY-20-M-165
COMFORT, FREDERICK                      NY-20-P-435
COMFORT, JULIA L.                       NY-20-N-277
COMITHIER, THEODORE                     NY-20-S-85
COMPTON, SUSAN                          NY-20-O-177
CONDON, RICHARD                         NY-20-S-3
CONINE, CALVIN                          NY-20-O-137
CONINE, DAVID                           NY-20-F-138
CONINE, EYTJE                           NY-20-B-204
CONINE, EZRA                            NY-20-U-119
CONINE, JACOB                           NY-20-L-22
CONINE, JULIETTE                        NY-20-O-29
CONINE, LUCINDA                         NY-20-U-55
CONKLIN, BELL M.                        NY-20-W-25
CONKLIN, ELBRIDGE G.                    NY-20-V-231
CONKLIN, GEORGE W.                      NY-20-L-52
CONKLIN, JACOB                          NY-20-P-451
CONKLIN, JAMES H.                       NY-20-M-231
CONKLIN, THOMAS                         NY-20-U-46
CONNERMAN, ELIZABETH E.                 NY-20-S-121
CONNOLLEY, JEREMIAH                     NY-20-R-121
CONOVER, JACOB                          NY-20-D-67
CONOW, FREDERICK                        NY-20-U-27
COOK, ANNA                              NY-20-Q-297
COOK, CALEB                             NY-20-A-134
COOK, EDWARD                            NY-20-H-81
COOK, ELIZA                             NY-20-R-242
COOK, HENRY                             NY-20-K-608
COOK, ICHABOD                           NY-20-J-618
COOK, IRENA                             NY-20-S-58
COOK, JAMES                             NY-20-R-268
COOK, RICHARD                           NY-20-M-217
COOKE, CATHARINE                        NY-20-J-126
COOKE, CATHERINE A.                     NY-20-N-55
COOKE, EMILY H.                         NY-20-R-137
COOKE, FREDERICK                        NY-20-Q-276
COOKE, J. ATWATER                       NY-20-Q-235
COOKE, JAMES                            NY-20-N-148
COOKE, JAMES W.                         NY-20-G-15
COOKE, LOUISE                           NY-20-R-274
COOKE, MARIA R.                         NY-20-Q-60
COOKE, RUTH                             NY-20-M-94
COOKE, THOMAS B.                        NY-20-H-313
COOKE, WILLIAM                          NY-20-N-123
COOKE, WILLIAM                          NY-20-G-303
COOKINGHAM, F. G.                       NY-20-I-387
COOKLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-20-J-245
COOLEY, DWIGHT H.                       NY-20-T-342
COONEY, JOHN                            NY-20-N-110
COONLEY, FREDERICK                      NY-20-O-234
COONLEY, PLATT                          NY-20-V-49
COONS, DANIEL                           NY-20-R-93
COONS, STEPHEN H.                       NY-20-V-172
COOPER, AMOS                            NY-20-W-65
COOPER, PHEBE E.                        NY-20-M-242
CORCORAN, BRIDGET                       NY-20-Q-156
COREY, MOSES                            NY-20-B-21
CORNEL, NICHOLS                         NY-20-C-206
CORNELL, JAMES A. H.                    NY-20-P-401
CORNELL, JANE L.                        NY-20-K-681
CORNELL, JOHN H.                        NY-20-V-148
CORNELL, MARIETTE                       NY-20-U-33
CORNELL, MARY J.                        NY-20-U-132
CORNELL, SAMUEL M.                      NY-20-N-44
CORNELL, THEODORE F.                    NY-20-M-240
CORNISH, EBER                           NY-20-H-33
CORNISH, SARAH F.                       NY-20-X-309
CORNWALL, AUGUSTA L.                    NY-20-U-146
CORNWALL, ELIZA                         NY-20-L-240
CORNWALL, HENRY                         NY-20-L-82
CORNWALL, SOLOMON                       NY-20-R-120
CORNWELL, CHRISTINA W.                  NY-20-X-488
CORNWELL, RICHARD                       NY-20-P-123
COSGROVE, MARY                          NY-20-L-224
COTERMARSH, MARY                        NY-20-Q-10
COVELL, FRANK EUGENE                    NY-20-W-193
COVELL, MARTHA                          NY-20-Q-188
COVELL, MOSES                           NY-20-U-257
COVEY, JAMES                            NY-20-C-267
COWAN, MERRICK                          NY-20-C-237
COWLES, ADELIA C.                       NY-20-O-75
COWLES, CATHARINE B.                    NY-20-K-204
COWLES, CORNELIUS                       NY-20-R-290
COWLES, DAVID                           NY-20-I-152
COWLES, DAVID P.                        NY-20-H-382
CRANDELL, POLLY                         NY-20-O-107
CRANE, IDA A.                           NY-20-N-84
CRAPSER, AUGUSTUS                       NY-20-W-21
CRAPSER, WILLIAM                        NY-20-J-367
CRAW, CAROLINE                          NY-20-Q-104
CRAWFORD, JANE                          NY-20-Q-256
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        NY-20-P-462
CRAWFORD, SARAH M.                      NY-20-W-191
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-20-P-83
CRISPELL, CORNLEIUS                     NY-20-G-356A
CRONK, JEMIMA A.                        NY-20-S-182
CROSBY, ABIGAIL                         NY-20-R-234
CROSBY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-20-Q-52
CROSIER, ROBERT                         NY-20-T-282
CROSS, MARTIN B.                        NY-20-R-171
CROSWELL, BETSEY                        NY-20-N-210
CROSWELL, EDWIN                         NY-20-T-73
CROSWELL, JAMES                         NY-20-O-25
CROSWELL, THANKFUL                      NY-20-L-235
CROSWELL, WINES M.                      NY-20-N-143
CROWELL, FRANCES M.                     NY-20-Q-220
CROWELL, SIDNEY                         NY-20-R-116
CRYNE, SARAH D.                         NY-20-W-67
CULLEN, PATRICK                         NY-20-K-241
CUMMING, EDWIN R.                       NY-20-V-136
CUMMING, WILLIAM W.                     NY-20-U-100
CUMMINGS, MARY                          NY-20-Q-34
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                       NY-20-N-90
CUNDELL, CATHARINE L.                   NY-20-K-30
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY                       NY-20-J-696
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                      NY-20-T-296
CURE, CATHARINE                         NY-20-K-337
CURRIE, GEORGE                          NY-20-I-277
CURRIE, JAMES                           NY-20-N-51
CURTIS, CLARISSA MATILDA                NY-20-Q-49
CUSHIN, CORNELIUS                       NY-20-U-264
CUYLER, JACOB                           NY-20-C-10
DAGLISH, SUSAN                          NY-20-R-182
DAKE, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-20-B-171
DALAMATER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-20-H-301
DALE, JOHN                              NY-20-M-37
DALEY, ALONZO                           NY-20-Q-33
DALEY, EDWARD                           NY-20-I-242
DALY, HANNAH ANN                        NY-20-O-10
DANIELS, ELIZA                          NY-20-R-55
DANIELS, MARY E.                        NY-20-O-295
DANIELS, SAMUEL B.                      NY-20-N-179
DARRACO, JOHN F.                        NY-20-C-422
DARROW, MARY E.                         NY-20-X-85
DARROW, NICHOLAS                        NY-20-AA-14
DAVENPORT, JOHN                         NY-20-L-172
DAVENPORT, MATILDA C.                   NY-20-X-436
DAVIDS, SARAH                           NY-20-L-30
DAVIS, ALONZO                           NY-20-W-133
DAVIS, ALVA                             NY-20-M-280
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-20-W-110
DAVIS, MARTHA C.                        NY-20-T-300
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          NY-20-H-370
DAVIS, WILLIAM I.                       NY-20-R-123
DAWSON, ELIZA                           NY-20-W-168
DAWSON, HUGH                            NY-20-J-141
DAY, ALICE                              NY-20-Q-239
DAY, CALEB                              NY-20-L-137
DAY, CASTLE                             NY-20-W-218
DAY, CHARLES H.                         NY-20-H-434
DAY, CHARLES ORRIN                      NY-20-U-259
DAY, EDWARD B.                          NY-20-J-230
DAY, EMILY                              NY-20-T-162
DAY, EMILY C.                           NY-20-R-29
DAY, GEORGE B.                          NY-20-O-87
DAY, HARRIET                            NY-20-L-154
DAY, JARED W.                           NY-20-V-119
DAY, JULIA R.                           NY-20-M-202
DAY, LAURA ANN                          NY-20-U-5
DAY, LUCY                               NY-20-H-163
DAY, MARSHALL                           NY-20-S-80
DAY, MARY B.                            NY-20-J-135
DAY, NEWELL                             NY-20-M-179
DAY, ORRIN                              NY-20-G-384
DAY, PETER                              NY-20-R-1
DAY, S. SHERWOOD                        NY-20-K-522
DAY, SOPHIA A.                          NY-20-M-1
DAY, STEPHEN                            NY-20-AA-18
DAY, STEPHEN                            NY-20-B-334
DAY, THOMAS                             NY-20-K-652
DAYMAN, MARTIN                          NY-20-R-9
DAYTON, PRESTON E.                      NY-20-U-227
DEAN, HARRIET                           NY-20-S-44
DEAN, JEREMIAH                          NY-20-U-75
DEAN, STEPHEN                           NY-20-L-24
DEANE, ELEANOR                          NY-20-N-154
DEANE, ELLEN M.                         NY-20-Q-155
DEANE, FRANCIS W.                       NY-20-S-146
DEANE, JANE                             NY-20-S-212
DEANE, RACHEL A.                        NY-20-O-232
DEANE, SELINA P.                        NY-20-O-62
DECKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-20-B-411
DECKER, CATHARINE                       NY-20-S-74
DECKER, CHRISTINA                       NY-20-O-196
DECKER, GEORGE H.                       NY-20-U-220
DECKER, GILBERT                         NY-20-L-227
DECKER, JOHN L.                         NY-20-K-278
DECKER, JOHN P.                         NY-20-D-15
DECKER, LAUREN                          NY-20-O-268
DEDERICK, ABRAHAM                       NY-20-I-92
DEDERICK, ADELAIDE                      NY-20-T-497
DEDERICK, ALMIRA                        NY-20-Q-180
DEDERICK, ALONZO                        NY-20-V-265
DEDERICK, CELIA M.                      NY-20-R-101
DEDERICK, DEBORAH                       NY-20-R-211
DEDERICK, HARMON                        NY-20-G-557
DEDERICK, PETER                         NY-20-G-478
DEDERICK, ZACHARIAH                     NY-20-B-116
DEDRICK, JOHN W.                        NY-20-T-246
DEDRICK, LUCY A. REEVES                 NY-20-V-166
DEDRICK, MARGARET                       NY-20-L-112
DEDRICK, MARTIN                         NY-20-J-476
DEDRICK, WILLIAM A.                     NY-20-J-510
DEGROAT, ABRAM                          NY-20-N-81
DEGROAT, EUNICE                         NY-20-V-112
DEGROAT, HARRIET E.                     NY-20-M-178
DELAMATER, ELIZABETH ***                NY-20-K-112
DELAMATER, HENRY                        NY-20-U-108
DELAMATER, ROBERT                       NY-20-G-1
DELAMATER, TITUS                        NY-20-R-122
DELAMATER, WILLIAM B.                   NY-20-J-325
DELAMETER, HANNAH                       NY-20-V-282
DELANOY, JOHN                           NY-20-H-299
DELANY, MARY A.                         NY-20-N-283
DELURY, JAMES                           NY-20-V-239
DEMARY, JAMES                           NY-20-R-208
DEMELT, MARGARET ELEANOR                NY-20-P-264
DEMPSEY, RODGER                         NY-20-K-32
DENNISON, DANIEL D.                     NY-20-N-104
DERNEHL, HERMAN F.                      NY-20-X-100
DERNELL, FRED P.                        NY-20-V-55
DERNELL, LOUISE                         NY-20-S-277
DESABLA, THEODORE J.                    NY-20-V-280
DEWEY, HORATIO                          NY-20-I-99
DEWITT, BEARDSLEY C.                    NY-20-V-290
DEWITT, CATHARINE ***                   NY-20-H-508
DEWITT, HENRY                           NY-20-C-222
DEWITT, ISRAEL                          NY-20-R-215
DEWITT, JOHN                            NY-20-G-132
DEWITT, JOHN I.                         NY-20-J-209
DEWITT, LUCAS                           NY-20-B-349
DEXTER, ANDREW                          NY-20-B-265
DEYO, ADDISON                           NY-20-U-175
DEYO, CHARLES D.                        NY-20-U-209
DEYO, LUCRETIA                          NY-20-M-159
DEYO, MILO                              NY-20-U-282
DEYO, URIAL                             NY-20-O-160
DEYOE, CORNELIA A.                      NY-20-U-238
DEYOE, DELINA A.                        NY-20-V-298
DEYOE, ELIZA J.                         NY-20-O-221
DEYOE, GEORGIA A.                       NY-20-R-286
DEYOE, LUCRETIA                         NY-20-M-162
DEYOE, LUCY                             NY-20-Q-111
DEYOE, RICHARD C.                       NY-20-O-296
DEYOE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-20-T-197
DGABRIELE, GABRIELE                     NY-20-W-62
DIAVS, WALTON E.                        NY-20-W-163
DIBBLE, DAVID L.                        NY-20-S-276
DIBBLE, SARAH                           NY-20-C-111
DIEDLING, RUDOLPH                       NY-20-U-86
DIERSHOW, JOHN                          NY-20-J-237
DISBROW, MARIETTA                       NY-20-L-242
DISENROTH, MARY                         NY-20-V-59
DOANE, GEORGE G.                        NY-20-L-101
DOANE, JOHN                             NY-20-Q-56
DOANE, MARIA SCHUYLER                   NY-20-V-58
DOBSON, MARGARET                        NY-20-Q-127
DODD, ANNA N.                           NY-20-O-9
DODD, ANTHONY                           NY-20-N-296
DODGE, AGNES                            NY-20-U-133
DODGE, AMANDA                           NY-20-M-224
DODGE, EDGAR S.                         NY-20-V-241
DODGE, MARY E.                          NY-20-S-213
DODGE, RODMAN                           NY-20-Q-216
DODGE, SAMUEL                           NY-20-K-410
DOHRMAN, HENRY                          NY-20-T-442
DOLAN, MARGARET                         NY-20-R-95
DOLAN, MARY                             NY-20-Q-145
DONAHUE, WILLIAM                        NY-20-K-462
DONEE, CATHERINE                        NY-20-Q-96
DONELEY, LAURENCE                       NY-20-J-440
DONLEY, PHILIP                          NY-20-L-64
DONNELLY, JOHN M.                       NY-20-K-369
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-20-H-210
DOODY, CATHERINE SMITH                  NY-20-R-226
DOODY, CORNELIUS                        NY-20-O-116
DOOLITELL, WILLIAM S.                   NY-20-Q-19
DOOLITTLE, ALFRED                       NY-20-M-20
DOOLITTLE, AMZY                         NY-20-J-269
DORLAN, JANE H.                         NY-20-R-36
DORMAN, EMELINE                         NY-20-Q-249
DOTY, ALFRED W.                         NY-20-O-248
DOTY, EMELINE G.                        NY-20-R-84
DOUGLAS, RACHEL M.                      NY-20-R-134
DOVER, CLARA                            NY-20-S-273
DOWNEY, PATRICK                         NY-20-U-274
DOYLE, JOHN                             NY-20-O-113
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          NY-20-M-105
DOYLE, SARAH                            NY-20-V-40
DRAKE, MARY                             NY-20-Q-170
DRUM, GEORGE W.                         NY-20-T-364
DRUMMOND, DANIEL                        NY-20-I-450
DRYER, AARON                            NY-20-S-47
DRYER, WELCOME                          NY-20-B-277
DUANE, CLARISSA                         NY-20-O-211
DUBOIS, ANNA                            NY-20-L-189
DUBOIS, BENJAMIN P.                     NY-20-P-6
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                       NY-20-V-171
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-20-L-130
DUBOIS, FREDERICK N.                    NY-20-W-4
DUBOIS, GERTRUDE                        NY-20-M-131
DUBOIS, HENRY                           NY-20-N-65
DUBOIS, HUYBARTUS                       NY-20-AA-4
DUBOIS, HUYBARTUS                       NY-20-B-32
DUBOIS, JENNETT                         NY-20-J-192
DUBOIS, JOHN                            NY-20-F-361
DUBOIS, LEVI                            NY-20-R-87
DUBOIS, LYDIA B.                        NY-20-V-217
DUBOIS, MARY CORNELIA                   NY-20-X-368
DUBOIS, S. BARENT                       NY-20-R-243
DUBOIS, SARAH ALLEN                     NY-20-N-86
DUDLEY, GEORGE                          NY-20-B-328
DUERING, CATHARINE                      NY-20-W-18
DUMOND, JOHN BAPTIST                    NY-20-B-73
DUNBAR, CHARLOTTE                       NY-20-J-397
DUNBAR, PELEG                           NY-20-I-45
DUNBAR, THOMAS                          NY-20-U-72
DUNCAN, DANIEL                          NY-20-B-301
DUNCAN, JAMES                           NY-20-U-255
DUNCAN, PRISCILLA                       NY-20-I-311
DUNHAM, ANNA M.                         NY-20-U-302
DUNHAM, DAVID B.                        NY-20-L-93
DUNHAM, ELBERT J.                       NY-20-V-201
DUNHAM, MARY E.                         NY-20-O-124
DUNHAM, SARAH E.                        NY-20-Q-212
DUNHAM, WILLIAM P.                      NY-20-I-175
DUNLAP, KATE                            NY-20-V-155
DUNN, JAMES                             NY-20-S-164
DUNN, JANE MATILDA                      NY-20-R-69
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-20-U-260
DUNN, MARY                              NY-20-O-80
DUTCHER, ELIAS                          NY-20-D-158
DUTCHER, ELIAS                          NY-20-S-9
DUTCHER, EMELINE                        NY-20-R-153
DWIGHT, ALPHEUS C.                      NY-20-V-247
DWIGHT, SARAH W.                        NY-20-X-284
DWYER, ANNIE S.                         NY-20-O-148
EAGLESTON, JOHN M.                      NY-20-O-70
EAGLESTON, LEWIS P.                     NY-20-O-68
EARL, DELIA                             NY-20-N-28
EARL, EBEN                              NY-20-H-258
EARL, JAMES                             NY-20-N-251
EARL, KATIE L.                          NY-20-W-86
EARL, LUCRETIA                          NY-20-O-49
EARL, MARY                              NY-20-M-250
EARL, MICHAEL                           NY-20-O-146
EARL, OBADIAH                           NY-20-L-155
EARL, PETER                             NY-20-M-174
EARL, RUFUS                             NY-20-L-103
EARL, SOLOMON                           NY-20-L-239
EARL, WILBUR                            NY-20-L-76
EARL, WILLIAM                           NY-20-L-152
EARL, ZACHEAS                           NY-20-L-120
EARL, ZILPHA A.                         NY-20-W-197
EARLE, ADA                              NY-20-T-257
EATON, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-20-O-206
ECKLAR, ANDEW                           NY-20-A-115
ECKLER, ANDREW J.                       NY-20-K-698
ECKLER, IRA                             NY-20-D-216
ECKLER, RICHARD                         NY-20-K-91
ECKLER, WILLIAM                         NY-20-O-281
ECKLES, DAVID S.                        NY-20-M-44
EDELEN, CLARA                           NY-20-P-5
EDER, JOHN                              NY-20-V-294
EDGELL, HENRY                           NY-20-N-215
EDGERLY, JAMES B.                       NY-20-X-288
EDGET, REYNOLDS                         NY-20-J-709
EDGETT, HANNAH                          NY-20-M-229
EDSELL, HANNAH                          NY-20-K-307
EDSELL, JOHN                            NY-20-I-497
EDWARDS, ALICE                          NY-20-S-150
EDWARDS, ANDREW                         NY-20-N-272
EDWARDS, CALEB D.                       NY-20-N-125
EDWARDS, CLARISSA E.                    NY-20-L-71
EDWARDS, DAVID E.                       NY-20-V-287
EDWARDS, GEORGE                         NY-20-S-40
EDWARDS, GEORGE                         NY-20-D-170
EDWARDS, HANNAH E.                      NY-20-J-232
EDWARDS, HELEN A.                       NY-20-K-647
EDWARDS, IDA                            NY-20-L-102
EDWARDS, LEONARD M.                     NY-20-V-206
EDWARDS, LYDIA H.                       NY-20-N-289
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NY-20-I-493
EDWARDS, WILLIAM G.                     NY-20-I-106
EDWARDS, WILLIAM SR.                    NY-20-C-19
EGBERTS, SAMUEL                         NY-20-S-207
EGBERTSON, CLARISA                      NY-20-V-240
EGBERTSON, CORNELIUS                    NY-20-C-135
EGBERTSON, JOHN                         NY-20-M-3
EGBERTSON, THOMAS T.                    NY-20-O-103
EGGLESTON, CHRISTINE M.                 NY-20-S-68
EGGLESTON, GEORGE N.                    NY-20-S-67
EGGLESTON, PERMELIA H.                  NY-20-M-60
EGLESTON, ELIZABETH                     NY-20-J-534
EICHHORN, FREDERICK H.                  NY-20-W-268
EIGHMEY, JOHN                           NY-20-J-683
ELDRED, GEORGE                          NY-20-S-86
ELDRED, GEORGE F.                       NY-20-U-103
ELDRIDGE, LANA                          NY-20-M-276
ELLIOT, NATHAN                          NY-20-B-210
ELLIOTT, ADDISON H.                     NY-20-R-25
ELLIOTT, EDWIN D.                       NY-20-R-50
ELLIOTT, ELIZBAETH M.                   NY-20-V-52
ELLIOTT, NATHAN                         NY-20-C-133
ELLIOTT, ROBERT                         NY-20-R-56
ELLIOTT, STEWART                        NY-20-M-169
ELLIOTT, THEODORE                       NY-20-M-205
ELLIS, ADALAIDE T.                      NY-20-U-187
ELLIS, JAMES H.                         NY-20-J-656
ELLIS, MARY R.                          NY-20-R-253
ELMENDORF, SARAH E.                     NY-20-O-8
ELTING, JAMES W.                        NY-20-H-403
ELTING, MARY E.                         NY-20-U-222
ELTING, WILLIAM                         NY-20-N-189
EMERICK, CATHARINE                      NY-20-I-577
EMERICK, CATHERINE                      NY-20-I-526
EMMERY, MARIA                           NY-20-H-194
ENTWISTLE, ANN                          NY-20-V-221
ERKSON, JOHN A.                         NY-20-S-222
ETHERIDGE, NATHANIEL                    NY-20-B-250
ETTON, JOHN                             NY-20-H-58
EVANS, DAVID                            NY-20-R-3
EVARTS, GEORGE                          NY-20-E-627
EVERETT, CHARLES N.                     NY-20-O-105
EVERETT, KALEB T.                       NY-20-X-120
EVERITT, CALEB T.                       NY-20-R-124
EVERSON, GILLETTA                       NY-20-Q-173
EVERTSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-20-W-98
EVERY, ISAAC W.                         NY-20-W-32
EVERY, THEODORE                         NY-20-U-117
EVOR, OBADIAH                           NY-20-H-342
EVORY, PETER S.                         NY-20-P-142
FAIRCHILD, JULIUS                       NY-20-M-141
FAIRCHILD, PHEBE                        NY-20-I-209B
FALKE, ANNA                             NY-20-W-111
FANCHER, ANDREW                         NY-20-K-232
FANCHER, ELIAS                          NY-20-J-652
FANNER, ROBERT G.                       NY-20-M-160
FANNING, NELSON                         NY-20-P-247
FARMER, CHRISTINA                       NY-20-L-86
FARMER, WILLIAM                         NY-20-Q-291
FAULK, ADALINE                          NY-20-N-88
FAULKNER, CAROLINE                      NY-20-R-282
FAULKNER, HIRAM                         NY-20-L-69
FAULKNER, ROBERT                        NY-20-Q-286
FAULKNER, SARAH E.                      NY-20-Q-50
FAULKNER, VICTORIA L.                   NY-20-O-119
FEE, EDWARD                             NY-20-W-211
FEE, ELIZA                              NY-20-R-49
FEENY, ISABELLA D.                      NY-20-W-253
FELLOWS, JACOB                          NY-20-R-193
FELLOWS, JUSTUS K.                      NY-20-V-277
FELT, JONATHAN                          NY-20-K-15
FENN, FREDEIRCK A.                      NY-20-J-56
FENTER, SILAS                           NY-20-J-354
FERGUSON, DAVID W.                      NY-20-O-197
FERRETT, EDMUND M.                      NY-20-X-326
FERRIER, THOMAS E.                      NY-20-R-269
FERRIS, ALDEN                           NY-20-O-179
FERRIS, LOIS                            NY-20-Q-102
FERRY, CHARLES H.                       NY-20-U-261
FERRY, MARGARET                         NY-20-K-380
FERRY, ZERAH                            NY-20-L-3
FIELD, ANNA                             NY-20-I-48
FIELD, CYRUS                            NY-20-J-426
FIELD, OSCAR B.                         NY-20-K-243
FIELD, THOMAS                           NY-20-I-258
FIELD, WILLIAM H.                       NY-20-L-197
FIERO, CHARLS W.                        NY-20-W-104
FIERO, JOHN                             NY-20-U-189
FIERO, JOHN                             NY-20-I-326
FIERO, MARY J.                          NY-20-W-278
FIERO, PETER                            NY-20-I-245
FIESTER, JOHN                           NY-20-V-22
FILES, MOSES                            NY-20-Q-100
FINCH, ALBERT E.                        NY-20-S-63
FINCH, CLARK                            NY-20-F-113
FINCH, EZRA                             NY-20-Q-92
FINCH, FRANKLIN R.                      NY-20-U-89
FINCH, HEPSIBAH C.                      NY-20-Q-162
FINCH, JUSTUS                           NY-20-M-177
FINCH, LUCINDA                          NY-20-L-127
FINCH, LUMAN                            NY-20-J-187
FINCH, NEWMAN                           NY-20-L-129
FINCH, PHEBE                            NY-20-M-121
FINCH, REBECCA                          NY-20-N-58
FINCH, SHUBAL                           NY-20-U-130
FINCH, WELLS                            NY-20-G-344
FINCH, WILLIAM R.                       NY-20-J-700
FINK, NICHOLAS M.                       NY-20-L-209
FINK, VIOLA                             NY-20-V-185
FINKLE, GEORGE P.                       NY-20-L-59
FINKLE, MARIA                           NY-20-K-58
FINNEY, SETH C.                         NY-20-I-36
FISH, DANIEL K.                         NY-20-X-89
FISH, EMILIE L.                         NY-20-W-254
FISH, JOHN B.                           NY-20-K-165
FISHER, GEORGE W.                       NY-20-O-126
FITCH, ANNA LORING                      NY-20-U-177
FITCH, EMMA                             NY-20-U-70
FITCHER, ISAAC                          NY-20-F-395
FITCHETT, ISAAC                         NY-20-J-714
FITCHETT, PETER                         NY-20-P-272
FITZSIMMONS, CATHARINE                  NY-20-O-276
FLAHERTY, ELLEN                         NY-20-U-204
FLANAGAN, STEPHEN                       NY-20-S-46
FLANSBURGH, CASPER                      NY-20-O-130
FLANSBURGH, JOHN                        NY-20-M-156
FLANSBURY, JACOB                        NY-20-H-92
FLYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-20-L-252
FOOT, ISAAC                             NY-20-H-229
FOOTE, ALFRED                           NY-20-N-114
FOOTE, CAROLINE                         NY-20-W-30
FOOTE, GORDON M.                        NY-20-M-191
FOOTE, JOHN B.                          NY-20-S-226
FOOTE, MARGARET                         NY-20-R-213
FORD, BRIDGET                           NY-20-R-72
FORD, CATHERINE FURY                    NY-20-O-17
FORD, CHARLES L.                        NY-20-R-97
FORD, CORNELIA P.                       NY-20-U-131
FORD, EMERSON                           NY-20-T-249
FORD, JAMES G.                          NY-20-N-285
FORD, MARIA                             NY-20-W-34
FORD, MARY                              NY-20-Q-68
FORD, SCHUYLER                          NY-20-J-521
FORD, SIDNEY L.                         NY-20-N-26
FORD, VERNON E.                         NY-20-S-175
FORD, WILLIAM                           NY-20-U-64
FORD, WILLIAM D.                        NY-20-S-51
FORSTER, NEHEMIAH                       NY-20-C-378
FOSTER, ANN JANETTE                     NY-20-R-32
FOSTER, EDMUND W.                       NY-20-V-34
FOSTER, ETTA A.                         NY-20-X-1
FOSTER, ISAAC                           NY-20-R-178
FOWKES, SAMUEL                          NY-20-C-355
FOWKS, ANNIE C.                         NY-20-U-97
FOWKS, EDWARD                           NY-20-D-104
FOWKS, MILTON SR.                       NY-20-O-195
FOWLER, ADDISON                         NY-20-W-152
FOWLER, EMILY B.                        NY-20-L-183
FOWLER, ISAAC                           NY-20-M-62
FOX, GEORGE C.                          NY-20-W-261
FRANCE, ELLA A.                         NY-20-W-125
FRANCE, JOHN B.                         NY-20-V-143
FRANCE, MATTHIAS                        NY-20-N-224
FRANCIS, ANNA                           NY-20-H-233
FRANCIS, JOHN                           NY-20-M-262
FRANK, JOHN H.                          NY-20-V-158
FRANK, LENA                             NY-20-X-185
FRASER, ALEXANDER                       NY-20-B-312
FRAYER, ELIZA J.                        NY-20-S-142
FRAYER, SARAH D.                        NY-20-R-216
FRAZER, JOHN                            NY-20-D-275
FREESE, ANDREW P.                       NY-20-N-83
FREESE, JOHN P.                         NY-20-J-529
FREESE, PETER                           NY-20-H-421
FRELIGH, ELIZABETH                      NY-20-O-265
FRELIGH, LEVI                           NY-20-P-27
FRELIGH, STEPHEN F.                     NY-20-J-415
FRELIGH, SUSAN                          NY-20-J-178
FRENCH, HENRY B.                        NY-20-W-226
FRENCH, MARIA                           NY-20-U-99
FROMER, FRANK L.                        NY-20-W-221
FULLAGER, WILLIAM                       NY-20-J-509
FULLER, CORNELIUS ***                   NY-20-E-504
FULLER, OLIVER T.                       NY-20-H-219
FUNK, ROBERT                            NY-20-N-3
FURRY, CHARLES H.                       NY-20-S-202

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