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VANALLEN, JOHN                          NY-23-19-383
VANALLEN, MARIA                         NY-23-27-473
VANALLEN, MARY                          NY-23-35-585
VANAMBER, WILLIAM W.                    NY-23-35-233
VANANKEN, ABRAM                         NY-23-32-545
VANANTWERP, PETER                       NY-23-15-98
VANBROCKLIN, ALEXANDER                  NY-23-32-109
VANBROCKLIN, ALEXANDER H.               NY-23-2-109
VANBROKLE, CHARLES H.                   NY-23-29-363
VANCAMP, HENRY                          NY-23-32-85
VANCAMP, HENRY D.                       NY-23-3-388
VANCAMP, HERBERT                        NY-23-21-525
VANCOUGHNET, GEORGE W.                  NY-23-23-479
VANDERBOGART, WALTER                    NY-23-37-309
VANDERBOGART, WILLIAM                   NY-23-10-183
VANDEWALKER, ALONZO                     NY-23-37-661
VANDEWALKER, CATHARINA                  NY-23-35-375
VANDEWALKER, CHAUNCEY G.                NY-23-39-437
VANDEWALKER, CLARENCE A.                NY-23-38-586
VANDEWALKER, EVERETT E.                 NY-23-38-694
VANDEWALKER, GEORGE                     NY-23-23-293
VANDEWALKER, HENRY                      NY-23-20-525
VANDEWALKER, JOHN H.                    NY-23-29-125
VANDEWALKER, LOUISE                     NY-23-24-258
VANDEWALKER, OLIVER                     NY-23-21-325
VANDOREN, JOSEPH                        NY-23-29-339
VANEPPS, MORTIMER N.                    NY-23-31-465
VANEPPS, RACHEL                         NY-23-10-483
VANHOOSER, HENRY J.                     NY-23-8-163
VANLUVEN, AMANDA D.                     NY-23-27-533
VANNAMEE, CHARLES C.                    NY-23-30-537
VANREITH, BERNARD                       NY-23-17-58
VANSCHAICK, MICHAEL                     NY-23-18-357
VANSCHAICK, MICHAEL                     NY-23-8-541
VANSCHAICK, MINTY                       NY-23-28-785
VANWAGGONER, EVERET                     NY-23-12-109
VANWAGNER, ALVIN                        NY-23-30-61
VANWAGNER, MARIA                        NY-23-12-709
VANWAGONER, MARTIN                      NY-23-38-414
VANWOORT, ADRIAN                        NY-23-23-765
VANWORMER, AUGUSTUS C.                  NY-23-23-157
VANWORMER, EPHRAIM                      NY-23-10-203
VANWORMER, JACOB                        NY-23-14-222
VANWORMER, RUFUS                        NY-23-35-1
VANWORMER, SARAH A.                     NY-23-27-735
VAUTRIN, FRANCIS                        NY-23-23-531
VEBBER, ALFRED                          NY-23-20-101
VEBER, WILLIAM                          NY-23-21-521
VERDER, CHARLOTT A.                     NY-23-28-781
VICTORY, MARY                           NY-23-18-229
VINCENT, CLARISSA                       NY-23-35-309
VINCENT, EMILY B.                       NY-23-14-78
VINCENT, JOHN A.                        NY-23-12-541
VINCENT, LEWIS J.                       NY-23-35-537
VINCENT, NICHOLAS                       NY-23-19-21
VINCENT, SAMUEL W.                      NY-23-16-424
VINCENT, WILLIAM O.                     NY-23-21-149
VISGAR, JOHN                            NY-23-4-182
VONGRUNIGEN, JOHN                       NY-23-22-594
VOODRE, FRANCISCO H.                    NY-23-15-22
VREEMAN, PETER                          NY-23-23-21
WADE, MARY L.                           NY-23-20-477
WADLEY, JAMES                           NY-23-12-229
WADLEY, PERLEY K.                       NY-23-20-373
WADSWORTH, NATHANIEL                    NY-23-16-488
WADSWORTH, PAUL H.                      NY-23-15-42
WAGER, WESTERN W.                       NY-23-3-352
WAGGONER, ANDREW                        NY-23-26-201
WAGNER, MAHALA                          NY-23-36-35
WAGONER, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-38-142
WAGONER, ELI                            NY-23-E-426
WAIT, DOREPHUS A.                       NY-23-39-573
WAIT, ELIAS G.                          NY-23-18-309
WAIT, ISAAC                             NY-23-24-578
WAIT, JAMES D.                          NY-23-24-474
WAIT, JANE E.                           NY-23-32-21
WAIT, MARY V.                           NY-23-37-85
WAIT, MILO S.                           NY-23-37-209
WAITE, FRANKLIN                         NY-23-16-78
WAITE, IRENA M.                         NY-23-32-629
WAITE, JOHN                             NY-23-30-233
WAITE, JOSEPH L.                        NY-23-4-98
WAITE, SARAH D.                         NY-23-31-525
WAKEFIELD, MARY A.                      NY-23-28-393
WALDO, DANIEL                           NY-23-8-295
WALDO, REBECCA J.                       NY-23-15-50
WALKER, JOSEPH T.                       NY-23-33-351
WALKER, LAUREN A.                       NY-23-27-269
WALKER, ZEPHANIAH B.                    NY-23-19-279
WALLACE, JOHN                           NY-23-8-403
WALLACE, LOUISA D.                      NY-23-34-417
WALLACE, PATRICK                        NY-23-1-41
WALLACE, SHERMAN L.                     NY-23-18-529
WALLACE, SUSAN J.                       NY-23-32-741
WALLIS, DAVID                           NY-23-16-162
WALRADT, CLARINDA                       NY-23-20-149
WALRADT, WILLIAM                        NY-23-33-749
WALRATH, ADAM W.                        NY-23-20-367
WALRATH, ALONZO                         NY-23-27-609
WALRATH, CHRISTIAN A.                   NY-23-12-449
WALRATH, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-23-4-249
WALRATH, DANIEL                         NY-23-17-293
WALRATH, DANIEL                         NY-23-28-361
WALRATH, ELIJAH                         NY-23-38-610
WALRATH, ELLEN                          NY-23-24-130
WALRATH, ISAAC                          NY-23-28-109
WALRATH, JEREMIAH                       NY-23-21-105
WALRATH, JOHN G.                        NY-23-E-576
WALRATH, MARGARET H.                    NY-23-21-361
WALRATH, MARY                           NY-23-26-273
WALRATH, PETER                          NY-23-39-393
WALRATH, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-27-453
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-23-12-445
WALSH, MARY                             NY-23-24-222
WALSH, MINNIE                           NY-23-35-145
WALSWORTH, DAVID L.                     NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, ELIJAH                       NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, LEWIS                        NY-23-28-473
WALSWORTH, PATRICK                      NY-23-3-48
WALT, HENRY                             NY-23-20-709
WALTER, CORNELIUS                       NY-23-39-245
WALTER, LEMBERT                         NY-23-35-505
WALTON, AZARIAH                         NY-23-3-465
WALTON, CHARLES                         NY-23-39-525
WALTON, JOHN F.                         NY-23-32-351
WALTON, MARY                            NY-23-9-5
WALTS, BENJAMIN                         NY-23-24-478
WALTS, MARY                             NY-23-33-209
WALTS, MARY                             NY-23-27-61
WALTS, MARY                             NY-23-20-633
WALTS, NELSON                           NY-23-37-757
WALTS, ROBERTS                          NY-23-11-394
WARD, CHARLES P.                        NY-23-20-489
WARD, CORNELIA E.                       NY-23-23-741
WARD, ELIHU                             NY-23-3-290
WARD, JAMES                             NY-23-17-356
WARD, LODEMA                            NY-23-22-576
WARD, LOVINA                            NY-23-23-159
WARD, NATHAN W.                         NY-23-24-218
WARD, SANFORD                           NY-23-27-605
WARD, THERESA C.                        NY-23-31-201
WARDWELL, CLARISSA                      NY-23-12-381
WARDWELL, MARY M.                       NY-23-24-426
WARDWELL, NATHANIEL                     NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-23-35-413
WARE, JAMES S.                          NY-23-14-46
WARNER, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-8-415
WARNER, ALVAH W.                        NY-23-27-557
WARNER, ANNAH J.                        NY-23-34-197
WARNER, EDWIN                           NY-23-28-773
WARNER, LORETTA                         NY-23-21-133
WARNER, MARY                            NY-23-37-141
WARNER, NANCY M. W.                     NY-23-16-242
WARREN, ASA                             NY-23-6-261
WARREN, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-39-633
WARREN, MARTIN L.                       NY-23-14-236
WARREN, SHEPARD                         NY-23-20-497
WARREN, THOMAS W.                       NY-23-21-565
WARRINER, CALVIN                        NY-23-5-413
WARRINER, ISAAC                         NY-23-28-497
WARRINER, RUTH ANN                      NY-23-38-226
WARRINER, VIRGIL C.                     NY-23-35-13
WASHBURN, BETHUEL                       NY-23-A-24
WASHBURN, DYER                          NY-23-19-223
WASHBURN, DYER                          NY-23-8-373
WASHBURN, FRANKLIN                      NY-23-39-305
WASHBURN, GEORGE                        NY-23-33-621
WASHBURN, HENRY                         NY-23-B-395
WASHBURN, JACOB                         NY-23-10-575
WASHBURN, JOHN R.                       NY-23-33-677
WASHBURN, JOSEPH                        NY-23-D-385
WASHBURN, JOSEPH E.                     NY-23-23-49
WASHBURN, MOSES                         NY-23-10-187
WASHBURN, SCHUYLER                      NY-23-3-120
WASHBURN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-30-193
WATERBURY, JOHN M.                      NY-23-26-221
WATERFIELD, ACHSA                       NY-23-23-179
WATERS, ALBERT D.                       NY-23-39-65
WATERS, PATRICK                         NY-23-30-661
WATKINS, HIRAM                          NY-23-4-481
WATKINS, MORGAN                         NY-23-19-427
WATROUS, HEZAH B.                       NY-23-10-5
WATROUS, MARGARET                       NY-23-24-234
WATSON, DELINA                          NY-23-28-307
WATT, JOHN                              NY-23-29-245
WATTS, DANIEL JR.                       NY-23-B-174
WATTS, JOHN                             NY-23-28-331
WATTS, MICHAEL                          NY-23-4-394
WATTS, SIMEON                           NY-23-8-307
WAY, AZARIAH                            NY-23-1-550
WAY, CLARK                              NY-23-8-37
WAY, LATHROP                            NY-23-18-21
WEAVER, ANTHONY                         NY-23-29-279
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-27-309
WEAVER, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-193
WEAVER, GEORGE                          NY-23-4-103
WEAVER, HENRY A.                        NY-23-12-369
WEAVER, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-31-517
WEAVER, JULIA                           NY-23-13-173
WEAVER, MILVERN J.                      NY-23-36-194
WEAVER, RUTH                            NY-23-16-6
WEBB, ARNOLD                            NY-23-25-64
WEBB, EDWARD P.                         NY-23-31-533
WEBB, FANNIE                            NY-23-35-445
WEBB, JOEL                              NY-23-2-477
WEBB, JONATHAN                          NY-23-11-318
WEBB, LEWIS M.                          NY-23-25-186
WEBB, WILLIAM                           NY-23-8-61
WEBBER, MARY                            NY-23-39-141
WEBSTER, MARY T.                        NY-23-20-225
WECKESSER, FRANK                        NY-23-27-29
WEED, ANSON                             NY-23-27-133
WEEK, HOLLAND                           NY-23-C-83
WEEKS, JOSEPH L.                        NY-23-20-763
WEEKS, JUSTIN W.                        NY-23-37-417
WEIDNER, CHARLES                        NY-23-31-409
WELCH, HENRY                            NY-23-39-425
WELCH, HENRY                            NY-23-1-33
WELCH, HENRY J.                         NY-23-35-601
WELCH, JOHN P.                          NY-23-39-157
WELCH, NABBY                            NY-23-6-232
WELCH, PATRICK 2ND                      NY-23-16-94
WELLER, SETH                            NY-23-26-605
WELLS, EMILY C.                         NY-23-9-223
WELLS, GARRY                            NY-23-14-398
WELLS, ISAAC                            NY-23-4-319
WELLS, ITHAMER                          NY-23-35-29
WELLS, JOHN A.                          NY-23-15-246
WELLS, JOSEPH                           NY-23-5-405
WELLS, MARCUS L.                        NY-23-39-661
WELLS, REBECCA                          NY-23-23-5
WENZELL, FREDERICK                      NY-23-37-691
WERNER, ANNA E.                         NY-23-29-501
WERNER, CONRAD                          NY-23-26-353
WERNER, JOHN G.                         NY-23-28-325
WESCOTT, BETSEY                         NY-23-14-480
WEST, ALANSON                           NY-23-19-439
WEST, ANGELINE E.                       NY-23-38-290
WEST, ELI                               NY-23-11-106
WESTCOTT, CHAUNCY                       NY-23-26-323
WESTCOTT, ORVIS                         NY-23-26-77
WESTCOTT, SHUBAL                        NY-23-A-205
WESTCOTT, WILLIAM T.                    NY-23-35-521
WESTHART, CATHERINE M.                  NY-23-38-730
WESTON, CLARK                           NY-23-32-133
WESTON, ISAAC                           NY-23-B-190
WETHY, JENNIE H.                        NY-23-29-653
WETTERHAHN, CHARLES W.                  NY-23-38-34
WETTERHAHN, FRIEDRICK                   NY-23-27-509
WETTERHOHN, CATHARINE                   NY-23-20-153
WETTERHOHN, JACOB                       NY-23-24-202
WHALEN, JULIA                           NY-23-32-65
WHALEY, JAMES                           NY-23-26-395
WHALEY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-39-161
WHALING, JOHN                           NY-23-24-18
WHEELER, DAVID                          NY-23-3-180
WHEELER, ELECTA                         NY-23-38-378
WHEELER, EMMA                           NY-23-35-637
WHEELER, ESTHER GRACIE                  NY-23-25-580
WHEELER, HICKS                          NY-23-11-358
WHEELER, HIRAM                          NY-23-22-560
WHEELER, LAUREN                         NY-23-37-441
WHEELER, LEONARD                        NY-23-19-619
WHEELER, LEWIS L.                       NY-23-19-371
WHEELER, PHILIP                         NY-23-14-404
WHEELER, THOMAS W.                      NY-23-17-28
WHEELER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-37-715
WHEELOCK, JOSEPH                        NY-23-23-117
WHITAKER, DAVID D.                      NY-23-38-758
WHITAKER, EZRA J.                       NY-23-33-597
WHITAKER, PHILO                         NY-23-39-293
WHITAKER, WINFIELD S.                   NY-23-14-102
WHITCOMB, ELIZABETH L.                  NY-23-32-93
WHITCOMB, HENRY                         NY-23-25-465
WHITCOMB, ORSON D.                      NY-23-26-665
WHITE, ALICE                            NY-23-35-285
WHITE, CHANDLER L.                      NY-23-10-579
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-23-15-70
WHITE, DANIEL T.                        NY-23-37-769
WHITE, ELBRIDGE T.                      NY-23-21-373
WHITE, ELIZA                            NY-23-23-615
WHITE, EWDIN R.                         NY-23-30-497
WHITE, FREDERICK W.                     NY-23-2-326
WHITE, GEORGE                           NY-23-2-469
WHITE, GUY E.                           NY-23-19-299
WHITE, HAZEL S.                         NY-23-15-90
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-23-16-380
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-23-15-94
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-23-12-185
WHITE, JOSEPH                           NY-23-8-409
WHITE, JUSTUS                           NY-23-15-514
WHITE, LOUISA D.                        NY-23-27-537
WHITE, LUCRETIA                         NY-23-23-415
WHITE, MARY                             NY-23-25-508
WHITE, SILAS E.                         NY-23-35-529
WHITE, SOPHIA                           NY-23-8-379
WHITE, STEPHEN                          NY-23-6-1
WHITEHEAD, THOMAS V. R.                 NY-23-13-77
WHITFORD, ARCHIBALD                     NY-23-E-218
WHITFORD, EDWARD                        NY-23-9-151
WHITHAM, AMENDA M.                      NY-23-37-289
WHITING, CAHTARINE                      NY-23-21-181
WHITING, NATHAN                         NY-23-23-607
WHITING, SAMUEL D.                      NY-23-13-17
WHITMORE, HELEN M.                      NY-23-33-465
WHITNEY, ALBERT B.                      NY-23-26-577
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-16-138
WHITNEY, BETSEY                         NY-23-14-280
WHITNEY, CLARK                          NY-23-35-157
WHITNEY, EGBERT D.                      NY-23-24-86
WHITNEY, ERASTUS                        NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY, GEORGE S.                      NY-23-15-130
WHITNEY, HOMER                          NY-23-30-145
WHITNEY, LILLIE B.                      NY-23-32-481
WHITNEY, MATILDA                        NY-23-33-417
WHITTAKER, SANFORD                      NY-23-32-733
WHITTIER, EATON                         NY-23-15-350
WHITTIER, GEORGE                        NY-23-20-409
WICK, STUTELY                           NY-23-C-32
WICKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-23-21-685
WICKS, JOHN C.                          NY-23-12-173
WIGGINS, JOHN                           NY-23-12-497
WILCOX, CHALROTTE R.                    NY-23-38-146
WILCOX, CLARISSA                        NY-23-19-91
WILCOX, DANIEL                          NY-23-2-294
WILCOX, GEORGE G.                       NY-23-30-513
WILCOX, HORACE                          NY-23-32-725
WILCOX, MILO                            NY-23-15-226
WILDE (WILEY), OBADIAH                  NY-23-1-288
WILDER, ANN S.                          NY-23-38-458
WILDER, BURTON S.                       NY-23-39-605
WILDER, EUGENE                          NY-23-23-247
WILDER, GEORGE                          NY-23-30-291
WILDER, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-33-233
WILDER, JOHN A.                         NY-23-1-558
WILDER, LORENZA                         NY-23-34-201
WILDS, HORACE M.                        NY-23-39-97
WILEY (WILDE), OBADIAH                  NY-23-1-288
WILEY, ELVIN                            NY-23-30-601
WILEY, HARRIET                          NY-23-11-150
WILEY, IGNATIUS                         NY-23-26-317
WILEY, JOSHUA                           NY-23-30-81
WILEY, WATSON                           NY-23-21-245
WILKINSON, PHILINDA                     NY-23-32-321
WILKINSON, SILAS T.                     NY-23-19-215
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-23-20-739
WILLARD, ALFRED L.                      NY-23-39-25
WILLARD, CHARLES                        NY-23-20-691
WILLARD, EPHRAIM                        NY-23-16-460
WILLARD, GEORGE                         NY-23-23-555
WILLARD, HENRY E.                       NY-23-38-326
WILLARD, OTIS                           NY-23-31-565
WILLARD, SOLOMON J.                     NY-23-9-283
WILLARD, SOPHRONIA                      NY-23-23-459
WILLES, JESSE E.                        NY-23-28-121
WILLIAMS, ALBERT P.                     NY-23-4-220
WILLIAMS, ALDEN R.                      NY-23-12-829
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                        NY-23-18-101
WILLIAMS, ISAIAH                        NY-23-18-237
WILLIAMS, JANE                          NY-23-31-597
WILLIAMS, JANE O.                       NY-23-14-186
WILLIAMS, JOHN D.                       NY-23-34-725
WILLIAMS, JULIA                         NY-23-26-85
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      NY-23-33-291
WILLIAMS, MARTIN                        NY-23-20-721
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-23-16-524
WILLIAMS, MARY A.                       NY-23-29-273
WILLIAMS, NAHUM D.                      NY-23-9-247
WILLIAMS, NICHOLAS                      NY-23-8-607
WILLIAMS, PARDON                        NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        NY-23-28-753
WILLIAMS, SYLVIA M.                     NY-23-D-462
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-27-627
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM G.                    NY-23-39-21
WILLIAMSON, ALMIRA                      NY-23-26-749
WILLIAMSON, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-23-10-99
WILLIS, BETSEY                          NY-23-16-310
WILLIS, JOHN                            NY-23-33-405
WILLIS, MARY                            NY-23-23-735
WILLIS, THOMAS Y.                       NY-23-10-159
WILLSON, JAMES                          NY-23-E-105
WILMOT, ASHER                           NY-23-8-265
WILMOT, ELMINA M.                       NY-23-30-45
WILMOTT, REUBEN                         NY-23-1-528
WILSON, ALPHEUS                         NY-23-1-352
WILSON, AMELIA                          NY-23-29-73
WILSON, ANDREW J.                       NY-23-38-170
WILSON, ANNA W.                         NY-23-33-69
WILSON, BOOMER                          NY-23-39-37
WILSON, BUCKLEY A.                      NY-23-32-121
WILSON, CHARLES                         NY-23-17-365
WILSON, EMILY IRENE                     NY-23-31-721
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-23-4-421
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-23-31-137
WILSON, HENRY                           NY-23-19-37
WILSON, HENRY S.                        NY-23-14-110
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-23-C-297
WILSON, JAMES E.                        NY-23-29-53
WILSON, JAMES GREGG                     NY-23-17-342
WILSON, JANE                            NY-23-39-297
WILSON, JANE                            NY-23-36-12
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-23-11-94
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-23-37-105
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-23-15-126
WILSON, JOHN P.                         NY-23-27-85
WILSON, LYMAN                           NY-23-18-73
WILSON, MARY JANE                       NY-23-31-505
WILSON, PAMELIA E.                      NY-23-37-673
WILSON, SARAH A.                        NY-23-24-62
WILSON, SARAH JANE                      NY-23-12-433
WILSON, SUEL                            NY-23-28-169
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-23-2-264
WILSON, VICTOR                          NY-23-29-429
WILSON, WARREN                          NY-23-28-401
WILSON, WARREN                          NY-23-10-515
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-27-291
WINCH, CHARLES                          NY-23-34-237
WINCH, WILLIAM                          NY-23-20-469
WINCHESTER, A. M.                       NY-23-23-207
WINGATE, SARAH M.                       NY-23-6-48
WINKLER, JACOB                          NY-23-37-425
WINNER, MARY M.                         NY-23-33-321
WINSLOW, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-B-390
WINSLOW, GERALDINE M.                   NY-23-35-165
WINSLOW, HARRIETTE C.                   NY-23-33-363
WINSLOW, WILLIAM M.                     NY-23-2-143
WISE, DANIEL                            NY-23-19-565
WISEMAN, MARY                           NY-23-37-541
WISER, IRA                              NY-23-23-195
WISER, REBECCA M.                       NY-23-25-531
WISER, STEPHEN D.                       NY-23-12-357
WISHART, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-23-28-117
WITHINGTON, ALBERT                      NY-23-12-165
WITHINGTON, ORPHA L.                    NY-23-39-321
WITT, DEBBY                             NY-23-4-204
WITTER, JAMES J.                        NY-23-26-359
WODOWORTH, JOEL                         NY-23-12-29
WOLLEY, FRANCIS                         NY-23-3-272
WOOD, ALONZO                            NY-23-39-381
WOOD, ANN S.                            NY-23-24-282
WOOD, ANNA S.                           NY-23-20-537
WOOD, AUGUSTUS V.                       NY-23-13-81
WOOD, CHARLES B.                        NY-23-37-149
WOOD, COLLINS                           NY-23-20-533
WOOD, CORNELIA                          NY-23-37-137
WOOD, DANIEL                            NY-23-25-598
WOOD, FRANKLIN                          NY-23-16-318
WOOD, JACOB A.                          NY-23-20-37
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-23-23-377
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-23-10-287
WOOD, JONATHAN                          NY-23-19-607
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-23-21-549
WOOD, MARLIN S.                         NY-23-23-45
WOOD, MASON                             NY-23-5-373
WOOD, MEHITABLE                         NY-23-33-41
WOOD, NANCY                             NY-23-37-189
WOOD, NORMAN                            NY-23-18-225
WOOD, RACHEL M.                         NY-23-32-269
WOOD, SARAH                             NY-23-29-221
WOOD, SILAS                             NY-23-23-447
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-23-16-492
WOODALL, JOHN                           NY-23-18-89
WOODARD, CHARLES J.                     NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, MARIA                          NY-23-30-669
WOODARD, ORESTUS                        NY-23-28-21
WOODBERRY, JOHN                         NY-23-A-66
WOODELL, ISAAC                          NY-23-2-446
WOODELL, WILLIAM                        NY-23-24-378
WOODRUFF, CHARLES                       NY-23-31-685
WOODRUFF, CHARLES T.                    NY-23-33-181
WOODRUFF, FREDERICK                     NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, MARIA A.                      NY-23-25-323
WOODRUFF, NORRIS M.                     NY-23-4-475
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM R.                    NY-23-24-210
WOODWARD, DARIAS                        NY-23-23-499
WOODWARD, ELECTA                        NY-23-18-417
WOODWARD, ELISHA                        NY-23-4-155
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                        NY-23-8-289
WOODWARD, MARY R.                       NY-23-20-261
WOODWARD, MERCHANT B.                   NY-23-9-163
WOODWARD, SUSAN                         NY-23-30-581
WOODWORTH, CYRENINA                     NY-23-26-561
WOODWORTH, ELIZA                        NY-23-38-654
WOODWORTH, HORACE S.                    NY-23-21-141
WOODWORTH, NICHOLAS D.                  NY-23-8-595
WOODWORTH, TYLER                        NY-23-20-313
WOOLEDGE, ALFRED                        NY-23-17-96
WOOLEVER, JOHN P.                       NY-23-34-315
WOOLEY, SCHUYLER                        NY-23-21-481
WOOLWORTH, ELIJAH M.                    NY-23-38-746
WOOLWORTH, GEORGE                       NY-23-28-241
WOOLWORTH, JASPER                       NY-23-15-496
WOOLWORTH, JOHN D.                      NY-23-26-677
WOOLWORTH, VOLNEY                       NY-23-18-277
WOOLWORTH, WILLIAM                      NY-23-31-249
WORDEN, ANNA M. E.                      NY-23-14-118
WORDEN, DARWIN B.                       NY-23-33-217
WORKMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-12-333
WORKMAN, HENRY                          NY-23-11-326
WORSLEY, JESSE                          NY-23-11-186
WORSLEY, JOHN G.                        NY-23-19-207
WORSLEY, SOPHIA                         NY-23-31-217
WORTHINGTON, CHARLOTTE                  NY-23-4-447
WQATTS, MICHAEL                         NY-23-14-162
WRIGHT, AURELIA                         NY-23-19-643
WRIGHT, BETSEY L.                       NY-23-31-425
WRIGHT, CHARLOTT W.                     NY-23-25-316
WRIGHT, ELI                             NY-23-18-289
WRIGHT, ERASTUS                         NY-23-39-13
WRIGHT, FRANCIS A.                      NY-23-D-512
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          NY-23-18-181
WRIGHT, GEORGE E.                       NY-23-36-100
WRIGHT, HENRY                           NY-23-14-330
WRIGHT, MARTIN W.                       NY-23-39-29
WRIGHT, MATTHEW                         NY-23-23-563
WRIGHT, OLIVER                          NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, POLLY                           NY-23-32-97
WRIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, SETH                            NY-23-11-34
WRIGHT, STEPHEN B.                      NY-23-16-352
WYMAN, MARCIA S.                        NY-23-34-573
WYMAN, OLIVER C.                        NY-23-38-254
WYNN, EDMUND B.                         NY-23-30-569
WYNN, SARAH S.                          NY-23-38-462
YORK, JOTHAM C.                         NY-23-18-401
YORK, NATHANIEL                         NY-23-38-602
YORK, PAMELIA K.                        NY-23-28-765
YORK, WILLIAM                           NY-23-D-433
YOUNG, CHARLES C.                       NY-23-31-461
YOUNG, RICHARD                          NY-23-36-219
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                       NY-23-19-679
YOUNGS, HARRIET                         NY-23-33-473
YOUNGS, MARY                            NY-23-23-251
ZELLER, DAVID                           NY-23-27-233
ZELLER, JOHN J.                         NY-23-35-181
ZIMMER, GEORGE                          NY-23-31-437
ZIMMER, GEORGE                          NY-23-28-5
ZIMMER, GEORGE JR.                      NY-23-27-153
ZIMMER, PHILLIP                         NY-23-31-245
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        NY-23-16-322
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN H.                      NY-23-18-269
ZIMMERMAN, NANCY                        NY-23-38-234
ZOLLER, HENRY                           NY-23-32-117
ZOLLER, HENRY                           NY-23-19-315
ZULLER, SAMUEL                          NY-23-26-311

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