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CADWELL, HULDAH H.                      NY-23-25-485
CADY, SQUIRE                            NY-23-12-329
CAHALE, PATRICK (CAHILL)                NY-23-29-449
CAIN, JOHN                              NY-23-12-377
CAIN, PATRICK                           NY-23-31-601
CALEY, ROBERT                           NY-23-18-129
CALHOUN, CHAUNCEY                       NY-23-4-324
CALKINS, ERVIN                          NY-23-27-581
CALKINS, NELSON                         NY-23-37-333
CALKINS, SETH                           NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-23-37-97
CALVIN, ALPEHUS R.                      NY-23-14-368
CALVIN, DILENO DEXTER                   NY-23-25-34
CAMP, ELISHA                            NY-23-9-491
CAMP, TALCOTT HALE                      NY-23-36-2
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-23-15-562
CAMPBELL, ANGELINE                      NY-23-35-21
CAMPBELL, EBENEZER                      NY-23-32-309
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-23-9-235
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-23-20-173
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                        NY-23-13-269
CANDEE, LUCY J.                         NY-23-25-156
CANFIELD, ANNA L.                       NY-23-35-339
CANFIELD, EDNA S.                       NY-23-35-213
CANFIELD, JANE H.                       NY-23-3-137
CANFIELD, JOHN M.                       NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, REBECCA J.                    NY-23-24-230
CANFIELD, WILLIAM                       NY-23-23-61
CANNON, AGNES                           NY-23-15-326
CANNON, JOHN                            NY-23-37-37
CANTWELL, JOHN                          NY-23-12-17
CANTWELL, PATRICK                       NY-23-10-367
CARENCORSE, JACOB                       NY-23-A-318
CAREY, GILBERT A.                       NY-23-28-33
CARLEY, FIDELIA A.                      NY-23-15-14
CARMAN, EUGENE                          NY-23-26-341
CARNCROSE, JOHN                         NY-23-E-141
CARPENTER, ABEL                         NY-23-C-97
CARPENTER, ABIEL                        NY-23-B-70
CARPENTER, AMOS                         NY-23-13-329
CARPENTER, BERIAH                       NY-23-E-557
CARPENTER, JOHN S.                      NY-23-35-725
CARPENTER, JONATHAN A.                  NY-23-34-217
CARPENTER, MARGARET G.                  NY-23-28-373
CARPENTER, ROSEL                        NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, THOMAS S.                    NY-23-38-526
CARPENTER, WELLINGTON L.                NY-23-14-392
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-12-617
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-18-625
CARPENTER, WILLIAM L.                   NY-23-35-429
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W.                   NY-23-24-482
CARR, CHARLES M.                        NY-23-31-133
CARR, JOHN S.                           NY-23-37-33
CARR, MARY                              NY-23-25-494
CARR, THOMAS                            NY-23-18-149
CARRIER, JERE                           NY-23-18-313
CARTER, ASA                             NY-23-4-113
CARTER, ELLEN                           NY-23-21-73
CARTER, EVELYN F.                       NY-23-29-681
CARTER, JERRY                           NY-23-19-367
CARTER, MARY                            NY-23-27-521
CARTER, MINNIE A.                       NY-23-30-561
CARTER, SALLY                           NY-23-23-483
CARTER, SEMANTHA                        NY-23-19-17
CARYL, JOSEPH R.                        NY-23-31-237
CASE, ASAPH                             NY-23-B-423
CASE, BARNARD                           NY-23-21-509
CASE, BELA                              NY-23-12-757
CASE, DANIEL                            NY-23-8-439
CASE, WILLIAM O.                        NY-23-32-285
CASEY, OLIVE                            NY-23-23-73
CASEY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-16-648
CASLER, BARBARA A.                      NY-23-34-469
CASLER, JOHN S.                         NY-23-4-384
CASLER, MELZA E.                        NY-23-39-197
CASLER, PETER J.                        NY-23-4-138
CASSE, GUILLAUME                        NY-23-28-57
CASSLER, EVA                            NY-23-21-355
CASTLE, PETER                           NY-23-D-504
CASTOR, ALVA H.                         NY-23-26-613
CAULKINS, ABRAM                         NY-23-31-109
CAULKINS, BRADLEY A.                    NY-23-33-81
CAULKINS, DANIEL                        NY-23-28-223
CAULKINS, JOHN                          NY-23-10-331
CHADWICK, CHAUNCEY C.                   NY-23-20-457
CHADWICK, EMMA                          NY-23-38-134
CHADWICK, IRENE                         NY-23-35-677
CHADWICK, JOHN H.                       NY-23-38-350
CHADWICK, WILLIAM                       NY-23-15-318
CHAFFEE, IRA V.                         NY-23-30-375
CHAFFEY, JOHN                           NY-23-17-319
CHAFFIN, EUNICE                         NY-23-23-559
CHAFFIN, HIRAM                          NY-23-16-70
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                    NY-23-16-102
CHAMBERLAIN, CHLOE                      NY-23-27-437
CHAMBERLAIN, HORACE                     NY-23-28-93
CHAMBERLAIN, MARTHA                     NY-23-34-185
CHAMBERLAIN, MYRON                      NY-23-19-77
CHAMBERLAIN, NATHAN                     NY-23-26-585
CHAMBERLAIN, OBADIAH                    NY-23-2-319
CHAMBERLAIN, RILEY                      NY-23-14-94
CHAMBERLAIN, SILAS                      NY-23-38-62
CHAMBERLAIN, SOLOMON                    NY-23-12-575
CHAMBERS, HIRAM L.                      NY-23-13-233
CHAMBERS, NANCY                         NY-23-27-639
CHAMBERS, ROBERT                        NY-23-30-413
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM L.                    NY-23-20-629
CHAMPLIN, OLIVE A.                      NY-23-11-2
CHANGO, GEORGE V.                       NY-23-16-360
CHAPIN, ALONZO                          NY-23-39-269
CHAPIN, CALVIN                          NY-23-17-230
CHAPIN, SYLVESTER G.                    NY-23-35-489
CHAPIN, VOLNEY W.                       NY-23-33-581
CHAPIN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-10-223
CHAPMAN, DANIEL H.                      NY-23-33-249
CHAPMAN, DUDLEY                         NY-23-11-338
CHAPMAN, EDWARD L.                      NY-23-A-171
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-38-366
CHAPMAN, JULIA                          NY-23-35-363
CHARONSTIE, EUGENE                      NY-23-21-517
CHASE, DAVID W.                         NY-23-14-54
CHASE, HARRIET                          NY-23-31-605
CHASE, HARRIET                          NY-23-25-454
CHASE, HORACE                           NY-23-21-349
CHASE, NATHAN                           NY-23-E-565
CHAVONSTIER, LOUIS                      NY-23-27-545
CHAWGO, POLLY                           NY-23-33-553
CHEESEMAN, CLIFFORD                     NY-23-28-469
CHEESEMAN, LOUSON                       NY-23-24-530
CHEESMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-23-C-123
CHEEVER, EZEKIEL                        NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, RICHARD                        NY-23-26-229
CHEEVER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-26-485
CHENEY, AMELIA A.                       NY-23-33-137
CHENEY, ANN                             NY-23-24-186
CHIDSTER, BETSEY                        NY-23-28-537
CHILD, ASENATH                          NY-23-20-193
CHILD, JOSEPH                           NY-23-27-261
CHILD, SAMUEL                           NY-23-9-83
CHISHOLM, ROBERT                        NY-23-21-757
CHITTENDEN, EMERANDA                    NY-23-37-445
CHITTENDEN, THOMAS C.                   NY-23-34-369
CHITTENDEN, THOMAS C.                   NY-23-11-302
CHRISMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-23-35-269
CHRISMAN, OLIVE                         NY-23-20-9
CHRISTIE, CHARLES H.                    NY-23-39-485
CHRISTIE, SIMON S.                      NY-23-26-209
CHRYSLER, WENDELL P.                    NY-23-38-674
CHURCH, MARIA E.                        NY-23-28-625
CIRLWELL, MAHALA                        NY-23-20-233
CLAPP, GEORGE A.                        NY-23-13-201
CLARK, ALMANDA                          NY-23-20-221
CLARK, ALVAN                            NY-23-E-402
CLARK, AMBROSE W.                       NY-23-27-13
CLARK, AMELIA                           NY-23-39-629
CLARK, ANSEL                            NY-23-24-716
CLARK, ARCHIBALD                        NY-23-B-452
CLARK, ASA                              NY-23-3-42
CLARK, ASA D.                           NY-23-12-425
CLARK, BARNABAS                         NY-23-28-441
CLARK, CALVIN                           NY-23-B-488
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-23-20-295
CLARK, DATUS E.                         NY-23-32-73
CLARK, ELIZA THOMAS                     NY-23-25-226
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-31-545
CLARK, FESTUS                           NY-23-9-359
CLARK, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-21-313
CLARK, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-26-553
CLARK, HARRY                            NY-23-24-656
CLARK, HORACE N.                        NY-23-16-218
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-23-29-693
CLARK, JESSE                            NY-23-9-219
CLARK, JESSE                            NY-23-5-381
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-23-15-580
CLARK, MARGARET                         NY-23-32-49
CLARK, MARIA                            NY-23-37-557
CLARK, MARTHA                           NY-23-14-506
CLARK, MILTON                           NY-23-12-719
CLARK, NELSON                           NY-23-32-457
CLARK, NELSON                           NY-23-9-323
CLARK, PHEBE                            NY-23-9-183
CLARK, RICHARD                          NY-23-A-308
CLARK, SALLY                            NY-23-17-185
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-23-21-489
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-23-3-185
CLARK, SARAH A.                         NY-23-24-596
CLARK, STEPHEN                          NY-23-B-409
CLARK, SUSAN                            NY-23-29-249
CLARK, SUSANNAH                         NY-23-2-22
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-23-E-335
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-23-38-622
CLARK, WILLIAM J.                       NY-23-9-371
CLARKE, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-9-311
CLARKE, ELIAS                           NY-23-1-521
CLARKE, ENOCH                           NY-23-A-342
CLARKE, JOHN                            NY-23-9-515
CLARKE, JOHN                            NY-23-10-291
CLARKE, PAUL B.                         NY-23-34-513
CLAYTON, FRANCES R.                     NY-23-26-293
CLEMENTS, EMILY (BRAINARD)              NY-23-35-541
CLEMENTS, EVINETTE                      NY-23-28-113
CLEMENTS, ISAAC                         NY-23-29-137
CLEMONS, ELLA W.                        NY-23-38-762
CLEVELAND, CELESTINE E.                 NY-23-37-357
CLINE, HENRY                            NY-23-23-329
CLINE, JOHN M.                          NY-23-12-161
CLINE, SALLY H.                         NY-23-25-209
CLINK, ANN                              NY-23-21-513
COATS, LOIS                             NY-23-15-122
COBBS, EPHRAIM H.                       NY-23-C-309
COBURN, MERRILL                         NY-23-13-337
COBURN, SALLY                           NY-23-19-343
COBURN, SYLVANUS B.                     NY-23-33-525
COCAGUE, CATHARINE E.                   NY-23-39-673
COCAQUE, NICOLAS                        NY-23-27-113
CODMAN, GUSTAVUS V.                     NY-23-28-481
COE, ANNIE E.                           NY-23-39-69
COE, HORACE A.                          NY-23-15-520
COFFEEN, DAVID                          NY-23-16-356
COFFEEN, HENRY H.                       NY-23-1-261
COFFEEN, SARAH                          NY-23-11-426
COFFERN, NATHA                          NY-23-10-479
COLBURN, ANDREW                         NY-23-15-26
COLBURN, CHESTER J.                     NY-23-37-465
COLBURN, MATILDA A.                     NY-23-38-22
COLE, ALLEN                             NY-23-30-181
COLE, ALLEN                             NY-23-3-439
COLE, ANDREW J.                         NY-23-15-110
COLE, CLARISSA T.                       NY-23-27-185
COLE, DANIEL                            NY-23-12-261
COLE, EUNICE                            NY-23-29-537
COLE, FANNIE R.                         NY-23-21-169
COLE, HANNAH L.                         NY-23-23-663
COLE, JOHN N.                           NY-23-27-89
COLE, JONATHAN                          NY-23-17-467
COLE, MARTIN V. B.                      NY-23-31-477
COLE, NATHAN                            NY-23-12-361
COLE, PHILIP                            NY-23-24-614
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-23-D-487
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-23-E-295
COLLIER, PATRICK                        NY-23-33-245
COLLINGS, ALMIRA W.                     NY-23-30-699
COLLINS, BARTHOLOMEW P.                 NY-23-C-50
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-23-13-237
COLLINS, LINUS                          NY-23-39-757
COLLINS, MARGARET                       NY-23-33-285
COLLINS, PHINEAS                        NY-23-31-41
COLLIS, JOHN J.                         NY-23-21-25
COLMAN, JESSE                           NY-23-1-480
COLONEY, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-38-190
COLONY, SAMUEL                          NY-23-32-605
COLTON, WALTER                          NY-23-26-53
COLVIN, AMOS                            NY-23-24-226
COLVIN, PHILANCY                        NY-23-33-661
COMBS, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-21-273
COMINS, LIBERTY                         NY-23-C-251
COMINS, RAWSON M.                       NY-23-13-125
COMINS, WILLIAM M.                      NY-23-24-264
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM G.                    NY-23-1-443
CONE, LOUISA                            NY-23-30-351
CONGDEN, JAMES                          NY-23-4-189
CONGDON, STAKELY                        NY-23-20-441
CONGER, HENRY E.                        NY-23-31-125
CONGER, MARY E.                         NY-23-37-233
CONKLIN, DANIEL                         NY-23-12-325
CONKLIN, DAVID                          NY-23-11-238
CONKLIN, JOHN T.                        NY-23-30-705
CONKLIN, THOMAS                         NY-23-38-650
CONKLING, HELEN A.                      NY-23-37-157
CONLIN, PAUL                            NY-23-26-101
CONLIN, RICHARD                         NY-23-31-333
CONNELL, ELLEN                          NY-23-33-97
CONNELL, JAMES E.                       NY-23-18-481
CONNELL, MICHAEL                        NY-23-27-129
CONNELL, PATRICK                        NY-23-28-37
CONNELL, TERRY                          NY-23-37-545
CONNELLY, PATRICK                       NY-23-28-247
CONROY, BRIDGET                         NY-23-38-74
CONSAUL, GOUSEVOORT D.                  NY-23-38-194
CONSTANCE, FREDERICK                    NY-23-30-449
CONSTANCE, GEORGE M.                    NY-23-38-90
CONVERSE, CORNELIA H.                   NY-23-23-729
CONVERSE, CYRENUS                       NY-23-29-529
CONVERSE, LETITIA A.                    NY-23-15-556
CONVERSE, RUFUS H.                      NY-23-24-470
CONVERSE, RUTH S.                       NY-23-31-387
CONVIS, JAMES                           NY-23-10-327
CONWAY, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-39-677
CONWAY, ANN                             NY-23-13-245
COOK, ADELINE G.                        NY-23-39-701
COOK, BETSEY                            NY-23-4-200
COOK, CELESTINE E.                      NY-23-30-169
COOK, CYRUS                             NY-23-A-291
COOK, EMELINE M.                        NY-23-16-528
COOK, GEORGE                            NY-23-36-24
COOK, GEORGE C.                         NY-23-28-513
COOK, HENRY                             NY-23-37-493
COOK, HENRY                             NY-23-20-461
COOK, HIAL                              NY-23-28-235
COOK, JOHN                              NY-23-29-205
COOK, MALCOLM G.                        NY-23-16-500
COOK, MARTIN V.                         NY-23-27-597
COOK, MELISSA A.                        NY-23-35-133
COOK, MORDECAI F.                       NY-23-2-312
COOK, MUNSON                            NY-23-30-333
COOK, NELSON R.                         NY-23-38-566
COOK, NICHOLAS                          NY-23-37-173
COOK, RICHARD                           NY-23-28-49
COOK, SPENCER C.                        NY-23-9-127
COOK, VALENTINE                         NY-23-28-377
COOK, WILLIAM D.                        NY-23-21-121
COOKE, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-23-29-357
COOLEY, ASA                             NY-23-3-68
COOLEY, CLOANTHUS G.                    NY-23-30-489
COOLEY, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-23-38-702
COOLEY, LORING                          NY-23-15-460
COOLEY, MARTHA J.                       NY-23-33-117
COOLEY, STEPHEN                         NY-23-4-400
COOLIDGE, ALFRED                        NY-23-29-399
COOLIDGE, ALVIN                         NY-23-25-611
COOLIDGE, CHARLES                       NY-23-19-119
COOLIDGE, EMILY L.                      NY-23-24-414
COOLIDGE, GEORGE P.                     NY-23-37-413
COOLIDGE, MARTHA                        NY-23-29-453
COON, ANN M.                            NY-23-10-271
COON, GEORGIANA                         NY-23-34-49
COON, JOSEPH G.                         NY-23-16-306
COON, SARAH D.                          NY-23-39-773
COON, SARAH J.                          NY-23-33-493
COON, SARAH L.                          NY-23-27-209
COOPER, ABRAHAM                         NY-23-8-217
COOPER, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-30-681
COOPER, AMANDA L.                       NY-23-28-197
COOPER, ELIAS F.                        NY-23-23-121
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-23-28-691
COOPER, HOWELL                          NY-23-12-647
COOPER, JOHN C.                         NY-23-17-158
COOPER, JOHN M.                         NY-23-37-513
COOPER, MARTIN B.                       NY-23-31-561
COOPER, MARY E.                         NY-23-38-710
COOPER, MILES L.                        NY-23-33-113
COOPER, NICOLL J.                       NY-23-33-645
COOPER, VICTOR                          NY-23-24-490
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-14-260
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-386
COPELAND, FANNY                         NY-23-29-469
COPLEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-13-49
COPLEY, EUGENE                          NY-23-28-717
CORBIN, DANIEL                          NY-23-21-93
CORBIN, EPHRAIM                         NY-23-35-177
CORBIN, IRA H.                          NY-23-4-412
CORBIN, MARBERY                         NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, SHERMAN                         NY-23-33-457
CORBIN, THANKFUL S.                     NY-23-12-751
COREY, AARON                            NY-23-33-37
COREY, LUCY R.                          NY-23-24-122
CORK, JULIA ANN                         NY-23-10-431
CORLES, LUCINDA                         NY-23-20-117
CORLIS, SILAS                           NY-23-1-238
CORNAIR, JOHN                           NY-23-34-441
CORNAIR, MARCEL                         NY-23-35-545
CORNAIRE, NICHOLAS                      NY-23-23-25
CORNELL, IDA M.                         NY-23-26-647
CORNWALL, EZRA                          NY-23-26-473
CORNWALL, THEDA J.                      NY-23-10-275
CORNWELL, ADOLPHUS                      NY-23-38-678
CORNWELL, AMY J.                        NY-23-28-349
CORSS, MARY A.                          NY-23-27-457
CORY, AMASA                             NY-23-12-743
CORY, CURTIS                            NY-23-12-114
CORY, DANIEL                            NY-23-33-437
CORY, ELIJAH                            NY-23-17-414
CORY, JAMES                             NY-23-37-69
CORY, LUCINDA                           NY-23-24-562
CORY, SOPHRONIA M.                      NY-23-11-314
COSGROVE, JAMES                         NY-23-19-727
COTES, JOHN                             NY-23-D-471
COTTAR, ELLEN                           NY-23-38-790
COUGH, HENRY                            NY-23-24-114
COUGH, MALINDA                          NY-23-15-490
COUGHLAIN, FANNY                        NY-23-15-438
COUGHLAN, AUSTIN H.                     NY-23-33-65
COUGHLAN, GEORGE L.                     NY-23-12-49
COUGHLAN, RICHARD H.                    NY-23-1-380
COURT, HENRY                            NY-23-10-59
COURT, SARAH                            NY-23-39-193
COVERT, MARTHA P.                       NY-23-35-185
COWAN, AMBROSE                          NY-23-18-377
COWAN, HERMAN                           NY-23-39-365
COWAN, ISAAC                            NY-23-38-6
COWAN, JOHN                             NY-23-A-198
COWAN, JOHN M.                          NY-23-30-593
COWEN, THANKFUL                         NY-23-E-164
COWLES, EBER                            NY-23-11-402
COWLES, NANCY                           NY-23-34-429
COX, EBENEZER                           NY-23-25-479
COX, GEORGE A.                          NY-23-33-565
COX, RICHARD T.                         NY-23-24-668
CRABB, ABIJAH                           NY-23-8-235
CRAMER, HENRY                           NY-23-20-93
CRANDALL, CONSTANT                      NY-23-12-767
CRANDALL, EDWARD                        NY-23-12-225
CRANDALL, JOHN                          NY-23-33-569
CRANDALL, MARY                          NY-23-38-398
CRANE, CHARLOTTE F.                     NY-23-20-649
CRANE, ELIZABETH T.                     NY-23-11-286
CRANE, JOSEPHNE E.                      NY-23-15-274
CRANKER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-23-18-553
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-23-23-13
CREVOLIN, HENRY J.                      NY-23-26-265
CRIBBS, LOVINA                          NY-23-3-367
CRISMAN, PETER                          NY-23-C-131
CROAN, ASHER                            NY-23-21-629
CROISSANT, JAMES                        NY-23-15-78
CROMME, ANN E.                          NY-23-37-553
CROMME, GEORGE                          NY-23-12-521
CROMWELL, CHLOE J.                      NY-23-28-189
CRONKHITE, AARON                        NY-23-7-396
CROOK, CAROLINE                         NY-23-21-37
CROOK, CHARLOTTE                        NY-23-7-413
CROOK, EPHRAIM C.                       NY-23-15-652
CROOK, HARRY                            NY-23-16-552
CROOK, HULDAH                           NY-23-25-178
CROOK, JOHN                             NY-23-30-425
CROOK, JOSEPH                           NY-23-A-201
CROOK, NATHAN                           NY-23-5-444
CROSBY, MARY L.                         NY-23-20-641
CROSS, CHARLES N.                       NY-23-34-1
CROSS, FRANCIS A.                       NY-23-31-549
CROSS, JUDE                             NY-23-10-359
CROSS, SARAH A.                         NY-23-31-569
CROSS, SHUBEL                           NY-23-19-155
CROSSETT, SALLY                         NY-23-19-479
CROSSITT, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-8-331
CROSSMAN, CHARLES                       NY-23-30-265
CROUCH, DAVID                           NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, DAVID P.                        NY-23-14-182
CROUCH, HARRIET                         NY-23-29-561
CROUSE, JAMES                           NY-23-29-569
CROWNER, ALPHEUS                        NY-23-29-553
CROWNER, ELMINA                         NY-23-37-165
CROWNER, HARRIET A.                     NY-23-33-145
CROWNER, STATES                         NY-23-38-258
CRUMB, WAITSTILL JR.                    NY-23-B-515
CRUMP, CELINDA                          NY-23-22-540
CULLEN, JANE                            NY-23-19-65
CULLIN, THOMAS                          NY-23-20-661
CUMMINGS, ALEXANDER COL.                NY-23-B-402
CUMMINGS, CHARLES A.                    NY-23-24-78
CUMMINGS, PETER                         NY-23-37-153
CURL, EPHRAIM                           NY-23-19-243
CURRAN, PATRICK H.                      NY-23-39-117
CURTIS, ABIJAH                          NY-23-11-122
CURTIS, CHEESEMAN A.                    NY-23-39-93
CURTIS, DORCAS                          NY-23-D-56
CURTIS, PHILANDER                       NY-23-23-231
CURTIS, REUBEN A.                       NY-23-33-101
CURTIS, SILAS                           NY-23-39-501
CURTIS, THANKFUL                        NY-23-26-1
CURTISS, LUZON                          NY-23-9-287
CUSHMAN, ORLANDO W.                     NY-23-8-337
CUTLER, SETH L.                         NY-23-A-175
DAAB, MARY                              NY-23-39-281
DACK, AURELIA                           NY-23-28-301
DAILY, LUCINDA                          NY-23-35-569
DAKIN, JAMES B.                         NY-23-14-512
DALY, ELIDA JANE                        NY-23-31-221
DAMUTH, ALLEN                           NY-23-12-457
DANKS, BENONI                           NY-23-15-278
DARBY, PHEBE                            NY-23-37-509
DARLING, ROBERT                         NY-23-18-535
DAVENPORT, HANNAH                       NY-23-8-493
DAVENPORT, JOHN T.                      NY-23-35-249
DAVENPORT, THOMAS                       NY-23-16-696
DAVIDSON, NATHAN M.                     NY-23-15-290
DAVIS, AMOS                             NY-23-16-368
DAVIS, ANDREW                           NY-23-37-169
DAVIS, ANNA                             NY-23-9-9
DAVIS, BETSEY                           NY-23-35-654
DAVIS, BRUCE M.                         NY-23-32-601
DAVIS, CORNELIA L.                      NY-23-28-141
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-29-41
DAVIS, JACOB                            NY-23-10-555
DAVIS, JESSE                            NY-23-A-290
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-23-15-502
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         NY-23-9-335
DAVIS, LEWIS S.                         NY-23-26-253
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-23-38-722
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, NORMAN                           NY-23-37-461
DAVIS, ROBERT J.                        NY-23-35-525
DAVIS, ROSWELL                          NY-23-E-584
DAVIS, SAMUEL J.                        NY-23-8-247
DAVIS, SARAH J.                         NY-23-38-330
DAVIS, SUSAN                            NY-23-25-466
DAVIS, WILLIAM PITT                     NY-23-37-739
DAVIS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-23-4-6
DAVISON, BATHSHEBA                      NY-23-8-121
DAWLEY, JAMES H.                        NY-23-38-178
DAWLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-211
DAY, MARY S.                            NY-23-38-394
DAY, ORVILLE                            NY-23-6-348
DAY, RUFUS                              NY-23-35-553
DAYTON, HENRY T.                        NY-23-31-529
DAYTON, JOEL                            NY-23-24-138
DEALING, MARTIN E.                      NY-23-30-565
DEAN, BETHIAH M.                        NY-23-7-68
DEAN, JAMES W.                          NY-23-21-249
DEANS, HANNAH C.                        NY-23-34-57
DEANS, JOHN                             NY-23-16-582
DEANS, ROBERT                           NY-23-18-589
DECKER, JAMES ****                      NY-23-22-16
DEFORD, JOSEPH                          NY-23-28-319
DEFRIEND, ANDREW                        NY-23-19-179
DEIFENDORFF, DANIEL H.                  NY-23-27-501
DEITZ, MARIA K.                         NY-23-28-181
DELANO, ELIJAH                          NY-23-35-125
DELANO, LEONARD                         NY-23-D-347
DELANY, THOMAS                          NY-23-15-258
DELMARS, PETER                          NY-23-37-473
DELONG, PRUDEE R.                       NY-23-31-189
DELONG, STEPHEN S.                      NY-23-28-493
DEMAREST, DAVID                         NY-23-9-367
DEMARSE, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-32-409
DEMILL, ROXANNA                         NY-23-23-199
DEMOTT, HATTIE A.                       NY-23-37-205
DENISON, LEONARD                        NY-23-19-559
DERBY, WILLIAM A.                       NY-23-10-447
DEROSIA, LEVI                           NY-23-29-13
DEVENDORF, JOHN W.                      NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, MARY C.                      NY-23-28-85
DEVENDORF, NANCY                        NY-23-16-170
DEVENDORF, SALLY                        NY-23-28-65
DEVOIS, FRANCIS                         NY-23-8-571
DEWEY, DWIGHT B.                        NY-23-31-581
DEWEY, ETTA ADELL                       NY-23-23-611
DEWEY, HANNAH                           NY-23-28-81
DEWEY, HENRY                            NY-23-29-517
DEWEY, JULIA A.                         NY-23-31-145
DEWEY, SOPHIA H.                        NY-23-23-137
DEWEY, SOPHRONIA B.                     NY-23-29-413
DEWEY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-16-480
DEWOLF, DAVID O.                        NY-23-23-187
DEXTER, EVERETT A.                      NY-23-31-469
DEXTER, SIMEON                          NY-23-38-154
DEXTER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-4-348
DEXTER, ZADOCK                          NY-23-12-599
DEZENGREMEL, ELIZABETH B.               NY-23-35-357
DEZENGREMEL, FRANCIS P.                 NY-23-32-273
DEZENGREMEL, MARIE AUGUSTA              NY-23-32-273
DEZENGREMEL, REMY PROSPER               NY-23-6-71
DICKERSON, ELIAS                        NY-23-26-181
DICKEY, MARY A.                         NY-23-28-453
DICKINSON, ALBERT F.                    NY-23-29-29
DICKINSON, RODLPHUS                     NY-23-32-165
DICKSON, ALEXANDER L.                   NY-23-37-685
DICKSON, JOHN                           NY-23-31-473
DICKSON, JOHN                           NY-23-E-86
DICKSON, ROBERT                         NY-23-32-315
DILLENBACK, WILLIAM                     NY-23-23-645
DILLENBECK, ISAAC L.                    NY-23-26-493
DILLIN, MARY F.                         NY-23-18-337
DILLIN, RHODA                           NY-23-35-57
DIMICK, JAY                             NY-23-33-345
DIMICK, ORANGE                          NY-23-24-50
DINGMAN, NELSON                         NY-23-38-402
DINGMAN, TIMOTHY W.                     NY-23-31-449
DITTENBACK, ANDREW J.                   NY-23-38-298
DIXON, HENRY                            NY-23-38-106
DIXON, HENRY                            NY-23-36-136
DIXON, JEREMIAH                         NY-23-2-536
DIZENGREMEL, REMY                       NY-23-27-675
DLANSING, FREDERICK                     NY-23-32-181
DOANE, AZARIAH                          NY-23-16-126
DOBSON, JOHN                            NY-23-34-169
DOCKSTADER, BENJAMIN H.                 NY-23-34-129
DOCTEUR, JOSEPH                         NY-23-14-114
DODDS, JOHN                             NY-23-7-336
DODGE, ALVIN                            NY-23-2-160
DODGE, AMASA                            NY-23-5-166
DODGE, ELISHA P.                        NY-23-10-33
DODGE, GERALDINE                        NY-23-28-413
DODGE, JOEL                             NY-23-20-413
DODGE, OLIVE                            NY-23-32-597
DODGE, OLIVER                           NY-23-7-167
DODY, RICHARD I.                        NY-23-33-369
DONLAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-12-545
DOOLITTLE, ALANSON                      NY-23-E-434
DOOLITTLE, LYMAN D.                     NY-23-14-158
DOOLITTLE, MARY A.                      NY-23-15-446
DOOR, GEORGE                            NY-23-26-21
DORCHESTER, ALFRED T.                   NY-23-27-561
DORCHESTER, ANNA                        NY-23-B-203
DORR, MARY C.                           NY-23-38-646
DORR, PETER                             NY-23-12-641
DORR, VALENTINE                         NY-23-29-593
DORWIN, ELIZBAETH                       NY-23-8-397
DORWIN, LUTHER J.                       NY-23-34-661
DORWIN, POLLY                           NY-23-7-186
DOUGHTON, MARY                          NY-23-33-517
DOUGHTON, TINA E.                       NY-23-39-405
DOUGLAS, HENRY                          NY-23-14-424
DOUGLASS, SALMON                        NY-23-7-84
DOULAN, THOMAS                          NY-23-26-137
DOWDALL, DEBORAH                        NY-23-30-653
DOWDALL, THOMAS                         NY-23-28-313
DOWNER, AVERY                           NY-23-9-67
DOWNER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-29-9
DOXTATER, GEORGE                        NY-23-D-234
DOXTATER, JACOB                         NY-23-21-497
DOXTATER, PETER                         NY-23-16-338
DOYLE, CATHARINE                        NY-23-33-273
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          NY-23-39-697
DOYLE, PHILLIP                          NY-23-19-431
DRAKE, DAVID                            NY-23-37-285
DRAKE, ZIBA                             NY-23-2-132
DRESSER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-20-181
DRUMMUND, DUNCAN                        NY-23-4-28
DRURY, EUNICE                           NY-23-7-403
DUBOIS, SARAH N.                        NY-23-24-382
DUFF, CATHARINE                         NY-23-32-433
DUFORD, ELI                             NY-23-38-742
DUFORD, NELSON                          NY-23-37-401
DUFORT, EMERANCE                        NY-23-17-264
DUHAUT, JACQUES                         NY-23-1-142
DUIMAS, MARY                            NY-23-15-592
DULACK, SALOMA                          NY-23-34-193
DUMASTIER, ANNETTE                      NY-23-12-197
DUMAW, ANTOINE                          NY-23-31-165
DUNBAR, THOMAS                          NY-23-29-497
DUNCAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-15-574
DUNHAM, CALISTA                         NY-23-32-209
DUNLAY, LUKE                            NY-23-38-506
DUNNING, ELI L.                         NY-23-23-639
DUNNING, MARGARET                       NY-23-6-202
DURHAM, CHAUNCY                         NY-23-28-355
DURHAM, SUSANNAH W.                     NY-23-24-154
DUSHANE, MELISSA                        NY-23-19-251
DUTCHER, CORNELIUS                      NY-23-8-277
DUTTON, ERASTUS P.                      NY-23-31-77
DUTTON, JOHN H.                         NY-23-7-329
DUVILLARD, MARTHA R.                    NY-23-9-581
DWIGHT, CATHARINE S.                    NY-23-33-489
DWYER, NANCY                            NY-23-34-509
DWYRE, JAMES                            NY-23-37-585
DYE, RICHARD                            NY-23-12-839
DYGERT, PETER G. W.                     NY-23-33-309
DYKE, HARRISON                          NY-23-33-477
EAMES, DANIEL                           NY-23-4-144
EAMES, FREDERICK W.                     NY-23-17-476
EAMES, LUCY A.                          NY-23-21-117
EAMES, MARY R.                          NY-23-35-425
EAMES, MOSES                            NY-23-31-29
EARL, BETSY F.                          NY-23-39-145
EARL, GEORGE R.                         NY-23-10-439
EARL, JAMES SR                          NY-23-6-21
EARL, MARY A.                           NY-23-28-525
EARL, PARDON                            NY-23-C-160
EARL, ROSWELL                           NY-23-E-284
EARL, ROSWELL                           NY-23-12-805
EARL, WHEATON                           NY-23-4-11
EARLE, LOTEN                            NY-23-6-381
EASTERLY, FRANK B.                      NY-23-21-69
EASTMAN, ALVIN                          NY-23-D-98
EASTMAN, DANIEL                         NY-23-30-693
EASTMAN, ELIZA                          NY-23-16-34
EASTMAN, HERMAN                         NY-23-26-93
EASTON, RACHEL                          NY-23-10-199
EASTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-37-353
EATON, BARNABAS                         NY-23-C-188
EBBLIE, ELIZA A.                        NY-23-35-645
ECKER, ADAM G.                          NY-23-5-253
EDDY, AARON                             NY-23-27-303
EDDY, ANNA P.                           NY-23-23-219
EDDY, ASA                               NY-23-A-220
EDDY, CHARLES G.                        NY-23-20-593
EDDY, DANIEL                            NY-23-28-89
EDDY, DEWITT C.                         NY-23-32-553
EDDY, EGBERT H.                         NY-23-37-745
EDDY, ELSIE                             NY-23-32-449
EDDY, HANNAH E.                         NY-23-37-643
EDDY, JAMES                             NY-23-16-548
EDDY, JOHN                              NY-23-4-215
EDDY, LAURA                             NY-23-12-201
EDDY, LUTHER                            NY-23-31-635
EDDY, WILLARD L.                        NY-23-11-382
EDDY, ZEPHANIAH                         NY-23-12-81
EDMONDS, SIDNEY                         NY-23-34-557
EDMUNDS, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-23-2-74
EDUS, JOSEPH                            NY-23-14-342
EDUS, SIMEON                            NY-23-14-386
EDUS, STEPHEN                           NY-23-33-513
EDUS, XAVIER                            NY-23-37-345
EDWARDS, CLIMENA                        NY-23-26-521
EDWARDS, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-19-667
EDWARDS, HENRY                          NY-23-6-362
EDWARDS, HIRAM                          NY-23-8-7
EDWARDS, OTHANIAL A.                    NY-23-24-698
EDWARDS, WARHAM H.                      NY-23-2-53
EGGLESTON, CHARLES                      NY-23-38-634
EGGLESTON, GRACE                        NY-23-31-557
EGGLESTON, JOHN M.                      NY-23-20-77
EIGABROADT, JOSIAH                      NY-23-21-113
ELLEN, WILLIAM F.                       NY-23-21-237
ELLINWOOD, PHILO                        NY-23-31-69
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        NY-23-24-58
ELLIS, DANIEL                           NY-23-8-565
ELLIS, ELLEN                            NY-23-26-69
ELLIS, HERCULES W.                      NY-23-19-655
ELLIS, HIRAM                            NY-23-30-65
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-23-E-1
ELLIS, JOHN D.                          NY-23-37-597
ELLIS, JOSEPH P.                        NY-23-23-41
ELLIS, LUCY H.                          NY-23-26-453
ELLIS, MARY ANN                         NY-23-31-429
ELLIS, ORPHA M.                         NY-23-23-567
ELLIS, PALMER                           NY-23-24-162
ELLIS, ROBERT                           NY-23-9-339
ELLIS, SAMUEL                           NY-23-36-84
ELLIS, SAMUEL                           NY-23-A-223
ELLIS, THOMAS                           NY-23-13-401
ELLIS, ZENAS                            NY-23-26-441
ELLSWORTH, GARDNER                      NY-23-26-185
ELLSWORTH, THOMAS                       NY-23-24-518
ELLSWORTH, WESLEY                       NY-23-23-523
ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM H. H.                NY-23-18-69
ELMER, JONATHAN                         NY-23-26-277
ELMER, STEPHEN                          NY-23-8-355
ELMORE, LUCY A.                         NY-23-32-637
ELY, ADRIEL                             NY-23-6-454
ELY, ALVAH                              NY-23-20-545
ELY, CHARLES N.                         NY-23-18-393
ELY, EVELINA F.                         NY-23-9-395
ELY, HENRY                              NY-23-23-463
ELY, MARY S.                            NY-23-32-45
ELY, SARAH S.                           NY-23-39-349
EMERICH, FREDERICK                      NY-23-32-221
EMERSON, ALFRED                         NY-23-18-29
EMERSON, FRED                           NY-23-29-675
EMERSON, MELINDA E.                     NY-23-39-453
EMERSON, SUMNER S.                      NY-23-16-544
EMMERICH, CHARLES                       NY-23-28-77
EMMERICH, LOUIS                         NY-23-38-422
EMMONS, PERMELIA                        NY-23-15-386
EMMONS, SUSAN H.                        NY-23-35-197
EMOND, EMMA A.                          NY-23-31-321
EMOND, JOSEPH J.                        NY-23-26-217
ENDERS, NANCY                           NY-23-27-213
ENDERS, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-9-503
ENOS, BENJAMIN                          NY-23-5-460
ENOS, GAYLORD                           NY-23-14-562
ESCHBACHER, JACOB                       NY-23-12-169
ESELIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-33-85
ESSELSTYN, JOHN B.                      NY-23-5-341
ESSELSTYN, MARGARET H.                  NY-23-33-741
ESSELSTYN, WILLIAM                      NY-23-19-613
ESSINGTON, JOSEPH                       NY-23-37-41
ESTES, FRANCIS W.                       NY-23-16-690
ESTES, MABEL B.                         NY-23-37-313
EVANS, ALMEDA                           NY-23-28-445
EVANS, CADWALLADER                      NY-23-18-185
EVANS, ETHNI                            NY-23-A-34
EVANS, KATE E.                          NY-23-29-597
EVANS, RICHARD                          NY-23-27-525
EVELEIGH, JOHN                          NY-23-23-175
EVERETT, BRAINARD                       NY-23-23-487
EVERETT, MINERVA                        NY-23-17-244
EVERETT, RHODA                          NY-23-1-468
EVERITT, AUSTIN                         NY-23-7-263

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