Jefferson County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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SACKET, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-163
SACKET, EDWARD A.                      NY-23-3-137
SACKET, FREDERICK A.                   NY-23-1-163
SACKET, FREDERICK A.                   NY-23-3-137
SACKET, HARRIET                        NY-23-3-137
SACKET, JANE M.                        NY-23-3-137
SACKET, JANE M.                        NY-23-1-163
SALESBURY, PHEBE                       NY-23-2-522
SALISBURY, CHESTER D.                  NY-23-5-43
SALISBURY, ELIJAH G.                   NY-23-5-43
SALISBURY, HORACE                      NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, LEONARD D.                  NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, MENZO H.                    NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, PETER M.                    NY-23-1-253
SANDERS, EDSON                         NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, JARED                         NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, JOSEPH                        NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, LUCINDA                       NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, ORIN F.                       NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, PHILANDA                      NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, SALOME CATHARINE              NY-23-6-482
SANDERS, WARREN                        NY-23-1-307
SANDERSON, BETSEY                      NY-23-3-326
SANDERSON, BRADLEY                     NY-23-3-326
SANDERSON, DAVID                       NY-23-3-326
SANDERSON, EDWARD                      NY-23-3-326
SANDESON, SHERMAN                      NY-23-3-326
SANFORD, ELMIRA                        NY-23-6-389
SANFORD, JOSEPH                        NY-23-6-389
SARGENT, ELI F.                        NY-23-4-138
SARGENT, LEWIS W.                      NY-23-4-138
SARGENT, MALINDA                       NY-23-4-138
SARGENT, MARIA                         NY-23-4-138
SAUNDERS, GEORGE                       NY-23-5-303
SAUNDERS, MARGARET                     NY-23-4-182
SAUNDERS, THOMAS P.                    NY-23-5-413
SAUNDERSON, ZACCHEUS                   NY-23-4-182
SAVERY, LEVI                           NY-23-3-68
SAVERY, ORILLA                         NY-23-3-68
SAVERY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-3-68
SAWYER, ALBERT G.                      NY-23-4-428
SAWYER, ANDEW H.                       NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, ANN                            NY-23-4-428
SAWYER, ANN M.                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, ERVILLA                        NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, HARRIET                        NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, HELEN                          NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, JOHN H.                        NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, LOUISA                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, MARILLA                        NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, SARAH                          NY-23-1-76
SCHUYLER, JEMIMA                       NY-23-1-486
SCHUYLER, POLLY                        NY-23-1-412
SCHUYLER, WILILAM                      NY-23-1-486
SCIDMORE, ELLEN                        NY-23-2-264
SCIDMORE, ELLEN ASENETH                NY-23-2-264
SCIDMORE, MARY M.                      NY-23-2-264
SCOBIL, GUSTAVUS A.                    NY-23-3-169
SCOBIL, JENETTE                        NY-23-3-169
SCOTT, ABEL J.                         NY-23-3-234
SCOTT, AMANDA                          NY-23-3-382
SCOTT, AMANDA                          NY-23-1-107
SCOTT, ASA                             NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, AUREA                           NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, BRADLEY                         NY-23-3-382
SCOTT, DAVID                           NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, DEXTER B.                       NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-3-382
SCOTT, EMILY                           NY-23-3-382
SCOTT, GEORGE                          NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, JOHN                            NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, LORENA FINETTE                  NY-23-2-99
SCOTT, LOUISA                          NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, LUCINDA                         NY-23-2-99
SCOTT, NANCY B.                        NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, REUBEN                          NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, REUBEN JR.                      NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, RUFUS                           NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, SEWAL                           NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, SUSANNAH                        NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, THOMAS                          NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, WALDO                           NY-23-2-80
SCOTT, WALTER                          NY-23-4-28
SCOVILL, HELEN                         NY-23-6-177
SCOVILL, HENDRICK                      NY-23-6-177
SCOVILLE, DELILAH                      NY-23-5-419
SCOVILLE, MARVIN B.                    NY-23-5-419
SCOVILLE, PAMELIA                      NY-23-6-177
SCOVILLE, SEMIRA                       NY-23-6-777
SCRIBNER, ABIGAIL                      NY-23-6-185
SCRIBNER, HENRY                        NY-23-6-185
SEAMAN, ALFRED                         NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, CHARLES                        NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, JAMES                          NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, MARIA                          NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, SARAH                          NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, SYLVENUS                       NY-23-5-312
SEAMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-5-312
SEARLES, ABIGAIL                       NY-23-3-416
SEARLES, ALDEN                         NY-23-3-416
SEARLS, ABIGAIL                        NY-23-4-220
SEARLS, ALDEN                          NY-23-4-220
SEEVER, ANN ELIZA                      NY-23-3-457
SEEVER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-3-457
SELTER, JEREMIAH                       NY-23-6-498
SELTER, NANCY                          NY-23-6-498
SEXBURY, JAMES                         NY-23-3-457
SEYMOUR, TOMPKINS                      NY-23-5-166
SEYMOUR, TOMPKINS                      NY-23-5-163
SHANNON, ANN                           NY-23-3-103
SHANNON, GILBERT E.                    NY-23-3-103
SHANNON, MARGARET JERINDA              NY-23-3-103
SHATTUCK, ABRAHAM                      NY-23-6-162
SHATTUCK, SALLY                        NY-23-6-162
SHAW, DAVID                            NY-23-5-21
SHAW, MELONA                           NY-23-5-21
SHED, LOREN F.                         NY-23-5-419
SHELDEN, JOSIAH                        NY-23-1-352
SHELDN, MARK                           NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-4-363
SHELDON, BISHOP                        NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, CAROLINE E.                   NY-23-6-78
SHELDON, CHARRY A.                     NY-23-4-363
SHELDON, DANIEL B.                     NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, HEPSEBAH                      NY-23-2-8
SHELDON, HEPZIBAH                      NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, JOHN                          NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-8
SHELDON, JOSEPH                        NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, JOSEPH                        NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, LUCIUS                        NY-23-6-78
SHELDON, TILLEY R.                     NY-23-5-330
SHELL, ISAAC                           NY-23-2-431
SHELL, RHODA                           NY-23-2-431
SHEPARD, EMMA                          NY-23-6-220
SHEPARD, HANNAH R.                     NY-23-5-278
SHEPARD, LAURA                         NY-23-5-21
SHEPHARD, ORRIN                        NY-23-5-21
SHEPHERD, AMANDA                       NY-23-1-294
SHEPHERD, GEORGE                       NY-23-1-324
SHEPHERD, MARY                         NY-23-1-324
SHEPHERD, WILFORD M.                   NY-23-1-134
SHERMAN, MARY ANN                      NY-23-6-505
SHEW, ALONZO                           NY-23-2-497
SHEW, CHARLES                          NY-23-6-239
SHEW, DANIEL                           NY-23-2-497
SHEW, HENRY                            NY-23-5-303
SHEW, JACOB G.                         NY-23-2-497
SHEW, JOHN P.                          NY-23-2-497
SHEW, LYMAN                            NY-23-2-497
SHEW, PHEBE                            NY-23-6-239
SHEW, SALLY                            NY-23-2-497
SHEW, SALLY ANN                        NY-23-5-303
SHIELDS, ELIZA                         NY-23-2-34
SHIELDS, FRANCES ELIZA                 NY-23-2-34
SHIMMEL, CONRAD                        NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, JACOB                         NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, JOHN                          NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, NICHOLAS                      NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, ABRAHAM                      NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, BENJAMIN                     NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, ISAAC                        NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, RICHARD                      NY-23-1-430
SHORT, CATHARINE                       NY-23-4-394
SHORT, PETER                           NY-23-4-394
SILL, ARLETTA V.                       NY-23-2-143
SILL, DELIGHT                          NY-23-1-261
SILL, ELISHA S.                        NY-23-1-261
SILL, JOHN                             NY-23-2-143
SIXBURY, CLEMENA                       NY-23-3-457
SKEELS, LYDIA T.                       NY-23-2-8
SKEELS, WINES H.                       NY-23-2-8
SKINNER, CALVIN                        NY-23-3-272
SKINNER, JANETT                        NY-23-5-245
SKINNER, RHODA                         NY-23-4-283
SKINNER, SOPHIA                        NY-23-5-245
SKINNER, THOMAS S.                     NY-23-4-283
SKINNER, URIEL                         NY-23-5-245
SLACK, ELIZA                           NY-23-4-160
SLACK, MOSES                           NY-23-4-160
SLAMSON, SALLY                         NY-23-1-564
SLATER, ANN J.                         NY-23-5-1
SLATER, ANSON                          NY-23-2-338
SLATER, DYANTHIA                       NY-23-2-338
SLATER, SOLOMON G.                     NY-23-5-1
SLITER, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-277
SLITER, THOMA                          NY-23-1-277
SLOAT, HENRY                           NY-23-2-536
SLOAT, MARY J.                         NY-23-2-536
SMITH, AMANDA                          NY-23-3-326
SMITH, ANN K.                          NY-23-4-336
SMITH, ANNA                            NY-23-2-120
SMITH, ASENETH                         NY-23-1-190
SMITH, BETSEY                          NY-23-1-122
SMITH, BURNET V.                       NY-23-1-190
SMITH, DAVID                           NY-23-3-362
SMITH, DELISLE                         NY-23-4-348
SMITH, DIESTA                          NY-23-4-348
SMITH, ELLEN                           NY-23-4-56
SMITH, EMMA L.                         NY-23-4-56
SMITH, EPHRAIM                         NY-23-3-362
SMITH, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-2-28
SMITH, GILBERT                         NY-23-2-120
SMITH, HARRIET                         NY-23-1-201
SMITH, HENRIETTA L. D.                 NY-23-2-28
SMITH, HUGH                            NY-23-5-16
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-23-1-201
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-3-326
SMITH, LEVI                            NY-23-1-122
SMITH, MARGARET                        NY-23-2-47
SMITH, MATTHEW                         NY-23-4-336
SMITH, NAPOLEON B.                     NY-23-3-362
SMITH, OLEN                            NY-23-2-47
SMITH, PHEB                            NY-23-1-107
SMITH, PHEBE                           NY-23-3-382
SMITH, POLLY                           NY-23-4-447
SMITH, POLLY                           NY-23-1-201
SMITH, SAMUEL                          NY-23-3-382
SMITH, SAREPTA                         NY-23-1-190
SMITH, THOMAS J.                       NY-23-3-362
SMITH, URMAN                           NY-23-4-348
SNELL, AMY                             NY-23-4-138
SNELL, DAVID H.                        NY-23-4-138
SNELL, MARY                            NY-23-1-486
SNELL, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-486
SNYDER, LOUSANA                        NY-23-6-289
SNYDER, WARREN                         NY-23-6-289
SPAFFORD, CATLIN                       NY-23-1-510
SPAFFORD, CHARLES                      NY-23-1-510
SPAFFORD, JOHN                         NY-23-1-510
SPALDING, ELEANOR                      NY-23-1-107
SPALESBURY, RICHARD                    NY-23-1-386
SPALESBURY, SOPHIA                     NY-23-1-386
SPALUDLING, EVERETT A.                 NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, ALICE J.                    NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, ALLICE J.                   NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, ANNA                        NY-23-6-239
SPAULDING, CANDICE C.                  NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, CANDICE C.                  NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, EMMA JANE                   NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, EUNICE H.                   NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, HARRISON                    NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, HIRAM                       NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, HIRAM                       NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, HIRAM                       NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, MARK W.                     NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, MARK W.                     NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, POLLY                       NY-23-3-382
SPAULDING, SAMUEL                      NY-23-6-239
SPAULDING, WARREN                      NY-23-1-107
SPAULDNG, GEORGE                       NY-23-1-107
SPENCER, CALISTA                       NY-23-4-295
SPENCER, ELIABETH                      NY-23-6-132
SPENCER, HADLEY                        NY-23-4-295
SPENCER, HARVEY                        NY-23-4-295
SPENCER, HARVEY                        NY-23-4-295
SPENCE,R HIRAM W.                      NY-23-4-295
SPENCER, ISRAEL                        NY-23-4-295
SPENCER, JOHN                          NY-23-6-132
SPENCER, JULIA                         NY-23-4-295
SPENNING, DEMETRIUS                    NY-23-1-301
SPENNING, OLEVIA                       NY-23-1-301
SPERRY, CALVIN                         NY-23-4-301
SPERRY, CAROLINE                       NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, CHARLES BRADLEY                NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, CYNTHIA C.                     NY-23-4-301
SPERRY, DELEVAN                        NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, HART M.                        NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, LUCRETIA                       NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, RHODA                          NY-23-4-428
SPERRY, SCHUYLER                       NY-23-4-428
SPICER, ALBERT                         NY-23-6-155
SPICER, EGBERT                         NY-23-6-155
SPICER, JOHN                           NY-23-6-155
SPICER, MARY                           NY-23-4-314
SPICER, MIEL                           NY-23-4-314
SPICER, SARAH                          NY-23-6-155
SPRAGUE, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, CAROLINE                      NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, DEXTER                        NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, FORREST                       NY-23-4-46
SPRAGUE, LAWSON                        NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, MARSHALL                      NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, RUFUS                         NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, SALLY                         NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, TIMOTHY                       NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                       NY-23-3-422
SPRAKER, ADELIA                        NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, CHARLES                       NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, GEORGE                        NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, LANA                          NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, MATILDA                       NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, PEGGY                         NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, SUSANNAH                      NY-23-4-1
SPRAKER, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-1
STACKHOUSE, ARMINA                     NY-23-6-270
STAPLIN, ALVA                          NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, ANN M.                        NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CHARLOTTE                     NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CLASTILLO                     NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CORNELIA                      NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, GEORGE                        NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, HANNAH                        NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JACKSON                       NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JESSEE                        NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JOHN                          NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, LYDIA E.                      NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, ORIN                          NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, OSCAR                         NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-324
STARING, DANIEL                        NY-23-4-355
STARING, LANY                          NY-23-4-355
STARKEY, BEULAH                        NY-23-4-437
STARKEY, GEORGE R.                     NY-23-4-437
STARKEY, MARTHA D.                     NY-23-4-437
STARKEY, ORLANDO J.                    NY-23-4-437
STARKEY, OTIS P.                       NY-23-4-437
STARKS, A. N.                          NY-23-1-521
STARKS, ANGELINE                       NY-23-1-521
STARKWEATHER, HARVEY                   NY-23-3-190
STARKWEATHER, MARY                     NY-23-3-190
STEARN, MARY ISADORE                   NY-23-4-220
STEARNS, ABIGAIL L.                    NY-23-3-416
STEARNS, ABIGAIL L.                    NY-23-4-220
STEARNS, ALONZO W.                     NY-23-4-220
STEARNS, ALONZO W.                     NY-23-3-416
STEARNS, LOCHINVAR L.                  NY-23-3-416
STEARNS, LOCKINVAR L.                  NY-23-4-220
STEARNS, MARY ISIDORE                  NY-23-3-416
STEBBIN, MARTHA P.                     NY-23-1-209
STEBBINS, HARRIET S.                   NY-23-1-181
STEBBINS, THOMAS P.                    NY-23-1-209
STEELE, CHARLES C.                     NY-23-3-1
STEELE, EDSON                          NY-23-3-1
STEELE, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-1
STEELE, HANNAH                         NY-23-6-41
STEELE, HERBERT                        NY-23-3-1
STEELE, MAITLAND                       NY-23-3-1
STEERS, JACOB JR.                      NY-23-6-220
STEERS, SOLOMON                        NY-23-6-220
STEPHENS, HARVEY                       NY-23-6-340
STEPHENS, MARY                         NY-23-6-340
STERNBERG, ARCHIBALD                   NY-23-2-47
STERNBERG, GABRIEL                     NY-23-2-47
STERNBERG, MARIA K.                    NY-23-2-47
STERTEVANT, GEORGE                     NY-23-2-373
STERTEVANT, MARY ANN                   NY-23-2-373
STEVENS, ABIGAIL                       NY-23-2-74
STEVENS, ALVAH                         NY-23-5-10
STEVENS, AMANDA F.                     NY-23-2-74
STEVENS, CHARLE SM.                    NY-23-6-78
STEVENS, CHARLES                       NY-23-2-74
STEVENS, HENRY                         NY-23-4-400
STEVENS, OLIVE                         NY-23-5-10
STEVENS, ORRIN                         NY-23-2-74
STEVENS, PHEBE                         NY-23-4-400
STEVENS, SALLY                         NY-23-4-447
STEVENS, SALMON S.                     NY-23-4-230
STEVENS, SUSANNAH                      NY-23-4-230
STEWART, COLETTE                       NY-23-4-170
STEWART, COLLETT H.                    NY-23-5-215
STEWART, JOHN                          NY-23-4-170
STEWART, ROENA S.                      NY-23-4-170
STILES, DANIEL F.                      NY-23-3-161
STILES, MARY                           NY-23-3-161
STONE, ANNIS A.                        NY-23-3-137
STONE, ANNIS A.                        NY-23-1-163
STONE, BETSEY                          NY-23-3-169
STONE, ELANAH                          NY-23-5-262
STONE, LNA                             NY-23-5-262
STONE, OLIVER                          NY-23-3-169
STREETER, AURILLA                      NY-23-6-132
STREETER, LYMAN                        NY-23-6-132
STREETER, MARY C.                      NY-23-6-1
STRICKLAND, JOHN T.                    NY-23-6-489
STRICKLAND, RACHEL                     NY-23-6-489
STRICKLAND, THOMAS                     NY-23-6-489
STRONG, AMY P.                         NY-23-1-209
STRONG, GERTRUDE C.                    NY-23-1-209
STRONG, JAMES                          NY-23-6-389
STRONG, JOSEPH                         NY-23-6-389
STRONG, MARY D.                        NY-23-1-209
STRONG, MARY D.                        NY-23-1-209
STRONG, MELVIN                         NY-23-6-389
STRONG, SARAH L.                       NY-23-1-209
STRONG, SARAH L.                       NY-23-1-209
STRONG, THOMAS P.                      NY-23-1-209
STRONG, THOMAS P.                      NY-23-1-209
STURTEVANT, GUY                        NY-23-4-46
STURTEVANT, SALLY                      NY-23-4-46
SUITS, CLARISSA A.                     NY-23-2-345
SUITS, JOHN                            NY-23-2-345
SUTS, ADAM P.                          NY-23-1-393
SUTS, SARAH ANN                        NY-23-1-393
SUTS, VELARIA                          NY-23-1-393
SWAN, CHESTER                          NY-23-1-271
SWAN, CHESTER                          NY-23-1-313
SWAN, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-1-271
SWEET, EMILY                           NY-23-2-477
SWEET, ROGER                           NY-23-1-76
SWEET, SAMUEL N.                       NY-23-2-477
SWEETE, SARAH A.                       NY-23-1-76
SWIFT, ELIABETH O.                     NY-23-6-32
SWIFT, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-32
SWIFT, HARRIET                         NY-23-6-32
SWIFT, NANCY                           NY-23-6-32
SWIFT, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-32
SYKES, MARVY                           NY-23-3-238
SYKES, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-3-238
SYLVESTER, JENNIE A.                   NY-23-5-77
SYLVESTER, MARY C.                     NY-23-5-77
TAGGART, CHARLES                       NY-23-3-25
TAGGART, JAMES                         NY-23-3-25
TAGGART, SUSAN                         NY-23-3-25
TAIT, THOMAS                           NY-23-3-347
TAMBLIN, HARRIET                       NY-23-6-193
TAMBLIN, LEONARD                       NY-23-6-193
TANNER, ADDISON ASHLEY                 NY-23-2-455
TANNER, ARTHUR FAY                     NY-23-2-455
TANNER, DORRINDA P.                    NY-23-2-455
TANNER, FRANCES SUSAN                  NY-23-2-455
TAYLOR, ALFRED G.                      NY-23-5-10
TAYLOR, CLINTON G.                     NY-23-1-369
TAYLOR, CLINTON G.                     NY-23-5-10
TAYLOR, CYRUS W.                       NY-23-5-10
TAYLOR, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-369
TAYLOR, FINA                           NY-23-4-1
TAYLOR, PHILETUS SWIFT                 NY-23-4-389
TEMPLE, GILBERT                        NY-23-6-220
TEMPLE, REBECCA                        NY-23-6-220
TENEYCK, ANTHONY                       NY-23-1-412
TENEYCK, EGBERT                        NY-23-1-412
TENEYCK, ROBERT                        NY-23-1-412
TENNEY, JOHN                           NY-23-6-220
TENNEY, MARCIA ANN                     NY-23-6-220
THATCHER, EDGAR W.                     NY-23-6-220
THATCHER, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-6-220
THATCHER, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-6-220
THATCHER, MARTIN                       NY-23-6-220
THAYER, ELECTA                         NY-23-4-56
THAYER, ELIZA M.                       NY-23-4-62
THAYER, HARRIET                        NY-23-2-58
THAYER, MARIA                          NY-23-4-62
THAYER, PARKER A.                      NY-23-4-62
THAYER, STEPHEN                        NY-23-2-58
THAYER, SYLVESTER                      NY-23-4-56
THED, ALANSON                          NY-23-1-424
THED, MARY S.                          NY-23-1-424
THOMAS, ALBERT                         NY-23-4-165
THOMAS, AMANDA M.                      NY-23-4-165
THOMAS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-23-4-165
THOMAS, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-180
THOMAS, GEORGE L.                      NY-23-4-165
THOMAS, NANCEY                         NY-23-3-180
THOMICE, EBENEZER K.                   NY-23-3-337
THOMICE, EMELINE                       NY-23-3-337
THOMPSON, ALZINA                       NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, CEPHUS                       NY-23-2-40
THOMPSON, EDWARD H.                    NY-23-2-148
THOMPSON, ELVIRA                       NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, HELEN M.                     NY-23-4-301
THOMPSON, ICHABDO E.                   NY-23-2-548
THOMPSON, ISAM                         NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, JENCKES P.                   NY-23-5-330
THOMPSON, MALINDA L.                   NY-23-1-424
THOMPSON, MARY                         NY-23-2-40
THOMPSON, MARY JANE                    NY-23-2-548
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       NY-23-4-301
THOMPSON, SAMUEL K.                    NY-23-1-424
THOMPSON, STILES                       NY-23-2-148
THOMPSON, SUSAN                        NY-23-5-330
THURSTON, PERSONS K.                   NY-23-2-160
THURSTON, SALLY ANN                    NY-23-2-160
TICHNOR, LYDIA                         NY-23-1-412
TIMERMAN, CARTRITE                     NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, DAVID J.                     NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, ELIJAH                       NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JESSE                        NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JOEL                         NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JOHN J.                      NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, REUBEN                       NY-23-1-101
TIMMERMAN, AARON                       NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, ABEL                        NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, LAWRENCE S.                 NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, MARTHA                      NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, MARY                        NY-23-3-313
TIMMERMAN, NANCY                       NY-23-1-486
TINGUE, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-4-394
TINGUE, GEORGE                         NY-23-4-394
TINGUE, MARGRET ANN                    NY-23-4-394
TOMLINSON, EDWARD                      NY-23-6-239
TOMLINSON, GEORGE                      NY-23-6-239
TOMLINSON, LANGDON                     NY-23-6-239
TOMLINSON, RANSOM                      NY-23-6-239
TOMLINSON, RUTH                        NY-23-6-239
TOWER, AMASA ACKLEY                    NY-23-6-55
TOWER, RUSSEL                          NY-23-6-55
TOWLE, CORDELIA                        NY-23-2-34
TOWLE, JOHN D.                         NY-23-2-34
TOWNE, DORCAS                          NY-23-4-144
TOWNE, GARDNER                         NY-23-4-144
TOWNSEND, AMBROSE                      NY-23-5-262
TOWNSEND, EBER                         NY-23-5-262
TOWNSEND, HIRAM                        NY-23-5-262
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN JR.                 NY-23-3-190
TOWNSEND, LANA                         NY-23-5-262
TOWNSEND, LYMAN                        NY-23-3-190
TOWNSEND, TRUMAN B.                    NY-23-3-190
TOWNSEND, TRUMAN B.                    NY-23-5-262
TOZER, FRANKLIN                        NY-23-3-429
TOZER, REZOT                           NY-23-3-429
TOZER, SARAH                           NY-23-3-429
TOZER, SARAH EVELENE                   NY-23-3-429
TRACY, MELVINA                         NY-23-6-289
TRACY, WILLIAM L.                      NY-23-6-289
TREADWAY, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-23-4-230
TREADWAY, DEMPSTER                     NY-23-4-230
TREADWAY, FRANK M.                     NY-23-4-230
TREADWAY, HERBERT J.                   NY-23-4-230
TREADWAY, LUCIUS                       NY-23-4-230
TREADWAY, WILLIAM                      NY-23-4-230
TREMAIN, ABNER                         NY-23-4-465
TREMAIN, MAHALA                        NY-23-4-465
TRIPP, CLARISSA                        NY-23-4-295
TRIPP, WILLIAM                         NY-23-4-295
TROWBRIDGE, ADONAS                     NY-23-5-10
TROWBRIDGE, FANNY                      NY-23-5-10
TRUESDELL, LEWIS M.                    NY-23-1-214
TUBBS, ALVAH                           NY-23-4-62
TUBBS, ASENATH                         NY-23-4-62
TUCKER, ABNER                          NY-23-6-461
TUCKER, JANE                           NY-23-6-461
TUCKER, MARY A.                        NY-23-6-461
TURNECLIFF, FERDINAND                  NY-23-5-426
TURNECLIFF, MARIA                      NY-23-5-426
TURNER, JANE                           NY-23-4-17
TURNER, SAMUEL                         NY-23-4-17
TUTTLE, ANNA                           NY-23-6-193
TUTTLE, HENDERSON                      NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, HENDERSON                      NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, HIRAM                          NY-23-5-98
TUTTLE, JOSEPH                         NY-23-6-193
TUTTLE, LAURA                          NY-23-5-98
TUTTLE, LUCY                           NY-23-2-467
TUTTLE, LUCY                           NY-23-2-467
TUTTLE, MARY                           NY-23-2-467
TUTTLE, MARY E.                        NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, POLLY                          NY-23-3-36
TUTTLE, THEODORE                       NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, THEODORE F.                    NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, WHITING                        NY-23-3-36
TYLER, BETSEY                          NY-23-2-431
TYLER, CATHERINE                       NY-23-2-431
TYLER, CHLOE                           NY-23-4-80
TYLER, MARY                            NY-23-2-431
TYLER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-2-431
UPHAM, CATY                            NY-23-1-430
UPHAM, PINEY B.                        NY-23-1-430
UTLEY, ALVAH                           NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, CAROLINE E.                     NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, CATHARINE J.                    NY-23-4-130
UTLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, JOB T.                          NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, JOHN A.                         NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, JOHN E.                         NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, LODELIA                         NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, MARCUS M.                       NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, ROBERT L.                       NY-23-4-130
UTLEY, WALDEN                          NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-3-342
VANAMBER, BETSEY                       NY-23-3-190
VANAMBER, FREDERICK                    NY-23-3-190
VANANDA, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-6-78
VANBROCKLIN, JOHN                      NY-23-2-109
VANBROCKLIN, NANCY                     NY-23-2-109
VANCAMP, CATHARINE                     NY-23-3-388
VANCAMP, DAVID                         NY-23-3-388
VANCAMP, HENRY                         NY-23-3-388
VANCAMP, JACOB                         NY-23-3-388
VANCAMP, WILLIAM                       NY-23-3-388
VANDERBOGART, ALMIRA                   NY-23-2-53
VANDERBOGART, WILLIAM                  NY-23-2-53
VANDERBURGH, JOHN S.                   NY-23-5-253
VANDERHOOF, ARVILLA                    NY-23-1-359
VANDERWAKER, ADDISON                   NY-23-6-261
VANDERWAKER, DANIEL                    NY-23-6-261
VANDERWAKER, MARY                      NY-23-6-261
VANDERWAKER, RHODA                     NY-23-6-261
VANDERWARKER, JOHN                     NY-23-3-14
VANDERWARKER, POLLY                    NY-23-3-14
VANDEURSEN, ABRAHAM S. W.              NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, ANN                        NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, ISAAC G.                   NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, MARY MORRIS                NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, PETER                      NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, SUSAN                      NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, WALTER                     NY-23-1-412
VANNAMEE, BETSEY                       NY-23-5-312
VANNAMEE, JOHN                         NY-23-5-312
VANWORMER, ALISON                      NY-23-2-74
VANWORMER, LYDIA                       NY-23-2-74
VENNER, DELANA                         NY-23-3-326
VENNER, MORGAN                         NY-23-3-326
VINCENT, ABRAHAM                       NY-23-2-125
VINCENT, BETSEY                        NY-23-4-1
VINCENT, BETSEY                        NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, ELANER                        NY-23-2-125
VINCENT, HARRISON                      NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MADISON                       NY-23-4-1
VINCENT, MADISON                       NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MYERS                         NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MYERS                         NY-23-1-430
VISGAR, JOHN S.                        NY-23-4-182
VISGAR, PAMELIA                        NY-23-4-182
VISGAR, PETER E.                       NY-23-4-182
VOORHEES, JULIA ANN                    NY-23-1-122
VOREE, LAURA JANE                      NY-23-1-214
WADLEY, PHILENA                        NY-23-1-352
WADSWORTH, AARON                       NY-23-4-182
WADSWORTH, HARRY                       NY-23-6-239
WADSWORTH, MARY CATHERINE              NY-23-4-182
WADSWORTH, SARAH                       NY-23-6-239
WAGER, ANNIE ELIZABETH                 NY-23-3-352
WAGER, EMMA ADELIA                     NY-23-3-352
WAGER, ESTHER                          NY-23-3-352
WAGER, GEORGE WESTLEY                  NY-23-3-352
WAGER, SARAH MARIA                     NY-23-3-352
WAGONER, CATHARINE                     NY-23-2-91
WAGONER, JACOB A.                      NY-23-3-388
WAGONER, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-91
WAGONER, MARIA                         NY-23-3-388
WAIT, DOSEPHUS                         NY-23-3-161
WAIT, LAURA C.                         NY-23-3-161
WAIT, LUCRETIA                         NY-23-4-98
WAITE, ALLEN G.                        NY-23-4-98
WAITE, DAN                             NY-23-4-98
WAITE, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-2-312
WAITE, JULIA                           NY-23-4-98
WAITE, LAURA A.                        NY-23-4-98
WAITE, LOUISE N.                       NY-23-2-312
WAITE, WILLIAM R.                      NY-23-4-98
WALLACE, RUSSEL                        NY-23-4-28
WALRATH, ADAM W.                       NY-23-4-209
WALRATH, EDSON                         NY-23-4-249
WALRATH, EDWARD                        NY-23-4-249
WALRATH, ELLA                          NY-23-4-249
WALRATH, GRACE                         NY-23-4-428
WALRATH, HELEN M.                      NY-23-4-249
WALRATH, SYLVESTER                     NY-23-4-428
WALSWORTH, ABIGAIL                     NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, ABIGAIL                     NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, DAVID J.                    NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, ELIJAH                      NY-23-3-48
WALSWORTH, JOHN                        NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, JOHN C.                     NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, LEWIS                       NY-23-3-48
WALSWORTH, LEWIS                       NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, LEWIS                       NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, OLIVER                      NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, SAMUEL N.                   NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, SAMUEL N.                   NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, SAMUEL N.                   NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, SOCRAES                     NY-23-4-461
WALSWORTH, SOCRATES                    NY-23-3-475
WALSWORTH, URSULA                      NY-23-4-461
WALTON, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-465
WALTON, JOHN F.                        NY-23-3-465
WALTON, MARY                           NY-23-3-465
WALTON, MARY                           NY-23-3-465
WALTON,D AVID B.                       NY-23-3-465
WALTS, ALONZO                          NY-23-4-394
WALTS, EMILY                           NY-23-4-394
WALTS, GEORGE                          NY-23-4-394
WALTS, HIRAM                           NY-23-4-394
WALTS, MARVIN                          NY-23-4-394
WALTS, MARY                            NY-23-4-394
WALTS, MICHAEL                         NY-23-4-394
WALTS, ROBERT                          NY-23-4-394
WALTS, WILILAM A.                      NY-23-4-394
WAMSLEY, AMOS                          NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, DANIEL                        NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, PHEBE                         NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-498
WARD, ALLEN                            NY-23-3-290
WARD, HARVEY                           NY-23-3-290
WARD, JANE                             NY-23-3-465
WARD, SAUNDERS D.                      NY-23-3-290
WARD, SILAS J.                         NY-23-3-465
WARDWELL, EMMA S.                      NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, JONATHAN                     NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, NATHANIEL P.                 NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, NATHANIEL P.                 NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, REUBEN S.                    NY-23-1-95
WARDWELL, SAMUEL                       NY-23-1-95
WARDWELL, TIMOTHY F.                   NY-23-5-278
WARDWELL, WILLIAM K.                   NY-23-5-278
WARE, BETSEY                           NY-23-1-521
WARE, JAMES                            NY-23-5-98
WARE, MELISSA                          NY-23-5-98
WARNER, ANSON                          NY-23-5-391
WARNER, MARY C.                        NY-23-5-391
WARREN, ADALINE                        NY-23-6-261
WARREN, CHARLES                        NY-23-6-261
WARREN, EMELINE L.                     NY-23-4-343
WARREN, FRANKLIN                       NY-23-6-261
WARREN, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-261
WARREN, HARRIET R.                     NY-23-6-261
WARREN, HENRY                          NY-23-4-182
WARREN, MARY                           NY-23-4-182
WARREN, ORSON H.                       NY-23-2-441
WARREN, SOPHIA                         NY-23-2-441
WARREN, THOMAS W.                      NY-23-3-403
WARRINER, HENRY                        NY-23-3-272
WARRINER, LYDIA                        NY-23-3-272
WARRINER, MARY                         NY-23-5-413
WARRINER, PARLEY E.                    NY-23-5-413
WASHBURN, COLLINS                      NY-23-4-461
WASHBURN, COLLINS                      NY-23-3-475
WASHBURN, DIANA                        NY-23-3-475
WASHBURN, DIANA                        NY-23-4-461
WASHBURN, DYER 2ND                     NY-23-3-120
WASHBURN, DYER 2ND                     NY-23-6-32
WASHBURN, JANE                         NY-23-3-120
WASHBURN, JULIA ANN                    NY-23-3-120
WASHBURN, LUTHER                       NY-23-3-120
WASHBURN, MARTHA                       NY-23-6-32
WASHBURN, WALTER                       NY-23-3-120
WATKINS, ERASMUS                       NY-23-4-311
WATKINS, HIRAM                         NY-23-4-311
WATKINS, MARY M.                       NY-23-4-481
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-311
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-481
WATTS, CHARLES                         NY-23-3-290
WATTS, ELIZA                           NY-23-3-290
WAY, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-23-1-550
WAY, LATHROP                           NY-23-1-550
WAY, OLIVER                            NY-23-1-550
WEAVER, CORDELIA PHILINDA              NY-23-6-232
WEAVER, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-193
WEAVER, HARVEY                         NY-23-4-103
WEAVER, HENRY                          NY-23-4-200
WEAVER, HENRY                          NY-23-6-232
WEAVER, HEZEKIAH                       NY-23-6-193
WEAVER, LOUSIA                         NY-23-6-193
WEAVER, MARY                           NY-23-4-103
WEAVER, RILEY                          NY-23-6-193
WEAVER, SOPHRONA                       NY-23-4-200
WEBB, AMY                              NY-23-2-477
WEBB, ARNOLD                           NY-23-2-477
WEBB, JOHN G.                          NY-23-3-130
WEBB, PAMELIA                          NY-23-3-130
WEBB, REUBEN G.                        NY-23-2-477
WEBB, STANLEY W.                       NY-23-2-477
WEDGE, FANNY                           NY-23-1-480
WEDGE, SALMON                          NY-23-1-480
WEED, ADALINE M.                       NY-23-2-264
WEED, DANIEL                           NY-23-2-264
WEEKS, JUSTIN W.                       NY-23-6-177
WEEKS, ROSALINDA                       NY-23-6-177
WELCH, FRANCIS HENRY                   NY-23-1-33
WELCH, GEORGE                          NY-23-1-33
WELCH, HENRY FRANCIS                   NY-23-6-232
WELCH, MARTHA J.                       NY-23-1-33
WELCH, NABBY                           NY-23-1-33
WELCH, NABBY                           NY-23-6-232
WELCH, PHILANDER T.                    NY-23-1-33
WELCH, PHILANDER T.                    NY-23-6-232
WELCH, PRUDENCE                        NY-23-6-21
WELCH, SARAH                           NY-23-1-33
WELLS, CERINE                          NY-23-5-405
WELLS, DAVID E.                        NY-23-5-405
WELLS, ELLEN                           NY-23-4-319
WELLS, GARRY                           NY-23-5-405
WELLS, GEORGE                          NY-23-5-405
WELLS, GILBERT                         NY-23-4-319
WELLS, ITHAMAR                         NY-23-5-405
WELLS, JOHN M.                         NY-23-5-405
WELLS, JOSEPH                          NY-23-5-405
WELLS, JULIA                           NY-23-5-405
WELLS, MARCUS L.                       NY-23-4-319
WELLS, MARIA                           NY-23-4-319
WELLS, REMOS                           NY-23-4-319
WELLS, SIMEON                          NY-23-5-405
WELLS, WELLAND                         NY-23-5-405
WEST, CHARLOTTE                        NY-23-2-40
WEST, NELSON                           NY-23-2-40
WETHINGTON, CHARLOTTE                  NY-23-3-25
WETHINGTON, WILLIAM                    NY-23-3-25
WEVER, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-4-103
WHEELER, ALANSON                       NY-23-3-180
WHEELER, CHARLES                       NY-23-4-400
WHEELER, DAVID                         NY-23-3-180
WHEELER, DIANA                         NY-23-2-74
WHEELER, HARRIET                       NY-23-4-400
WHEELER, NABBY C.                      NY-23-3-180
WHEELER, SILAS                         NY-23-3-180
WHEELOCK, MARILLA                      NY-23-1-76
WHEELOCK, NATHAN S.                    NY-23-1-76
WHIPPLE, ELISHA                        NY-23-2-154
WHIPPLE, FANNY                         NY-23-2-154
WHITE, AARON A.                        NY-23-3-92
WHITE, ADELIA                          NY-23-2-326
WHITE, ALBERT L.                       NY-23-2-467
WHITE, ALBERT L.                       NY-23-2-467
WHITE, CALISTA                         NY-23-6-1
WHITE, CHARLES                         NY-23-2-522
WHITE, CHARLES K.                      NY-23-2-326
WHITE, CORNELIA                        NY-23-2-467
WHITE, CYNTHIA A.                      NY-23-4-107
WHITE, EDWIN C.                        NY-23-2-467
WHITE, EDWIN C.                        NY-23-2-467
WHITE, EGBERT                          NY-23-2-467
WHITE, ELVIRA LUCELIA                  NY-23-2-326
WHITE, ELVIRA LUCELIA                  NY-23-2-467
WHITE, FREDERICK W.                    NY-23-2-467
WHITE, GEORGE C.                       NY-23-2-467
WHITE, GEORGE F.                       NY-23-2-326
WHITE, GEORGE F.                       NY-23-2-467
WHITE, HARRIET A.                      NY-23-2-326
WHITE, JOHN                            NY-23-2-467
WHITE, JOSEPH                          NY-23-2-307
WHITE, LEWIS E.                        NY-23-2-467
WHITE, LEWIS E.                        NY-23-2-326
WHITE, LYMAN                           NY-23-2-467
WHITE, MARGARET                        NY-23-2-307
WHITE, MARY                            NY-23-3-92
WHITE, MARY A.                         NY-23-2-467
WHITE, TEPHEN                          NY-23-2-467
WHITE, VINCENT                         NY-23-2-467
WHITE, VINCENT L.                      NY-23-2-326
WHITE, WILLIAM                         NY-23-2-467
WHITING, NATHAN                        NY-23-6-193
WHITMORE, DAVID                        NY-23-6-325
WHITMORE, SARAH                        NY-23-6-325
WHITNEY, ANN ELIZA                     NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY, CAROLINE                      NY-23-3-434
WHITNEY, CLARK                         NY-23-1-214
WHITNEY, DUAN LEWELLAN                 NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY, GEORGE ERASTUS                NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY, KNIGHT D.                     NY-23-1-214
WHITNEY, MARRIAN HELEN                 NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY, MARY                          NY-23-1-214
WHITNEY, W.                            NY-23-3-434
WHITNEY, WILLIAM MARCELLUS             NY-23-3-377
WHITNEY,S EYMOUR MURRAY                NY-23-3-377
WHITTIER, GEORGE                       NY-23-6-315
WHITTIER, MARION HELEN                 NY-23-6-315
WHITTLESEY, ISAAC N.                   NY-23-1-412
WHITTLESEY, WILLIAM C.                 NY-23-1-412
WIDCREE, GEORGE                        NY-23-2-431
WIDCREEK, EVE                          NY-23-2-431
WIGGINS, JULIA                         NY-23-4-400
WIGGINS, SULLIVAN G.                   NY-23-4-400
WILCOX, CHARLES                        NY-23-2-294
WILCOX, CLARK A.                       NY-23-3-155
WILCOX, CLARK A.                       NY-23-3-249
WILCOX, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-5-186
WILCOX, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-23-5-163
WILCOX, HARRIET                        NY-23-3-249
WILCOX, HARRIET F.                     NY-23-3-155
WILCOX, HENRY                          NY-23-5-163
WILCOX, HENRY                          NY-23-5-186
WILCOX, IRENA                          NY-23-4-209
WILCOX, JOSEPH B.                      NY-23-2-294
WILCOX, MARY                           NY-23-6-498
WILCOX, NATHAN                         NY-23-4-209
WILCOX, ORIN                           NY-23-6-498
WILCOX, PHEBE                          NY-23-2-294
WILDER, DAVID                          NY-23-1-558
WILDER, FRANCES C.                     NY-23-1-558
WILDER, GEORGE                         NY-23-5-330
WILDER, MARCIA                         NY-23-5-330
WILDER, MARTHA A.                      NY-23-1-558
WILDER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-23-1-558
WILEY, ALVIN                           NY-23-1-288
WILEY, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-288
WILEY, JOHN                            NY-23-1-288
WILEY, JOSHUA                          NY-23-1-288
WILEY, LAWRENCE                        NY-23-1-288
WILEY, MARY                            NY-23-1-288
WILEY, OBADIAH                         NY-23-1-288
WILEY, WATSON                          NY-23-1-288
WILLETT, JAMES                         NY-23-2-40
WILLIAMS, ALBERT P.                    NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, ALDEN R.                     NY-23-4-220
WILLIAMS, ALDEN R.                     NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                    NY-23-5-43
WILLIAMS, ALONZO L.                    NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, ALONZO L.                    NY-23-4-220
WILLIAMS, ELIZA                        NY-23-6-21
WILLIAMS, JEREMIAH                     NY-23-4-220
WILLIAMS, JEREMIAH                     NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, OTHNIEL                      NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        NY-23-3-416
WILLIAMSON, HENRY                      NY-23-3-357
WILLIAMSON, JULIA ANN                  NY-23-3-357
WILLISTON, RHODA                       NY-23-1-369
WILMOT, GEORGE T.                      NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, CARLOS V.                     NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, CHARLES E.                    NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, OLIVE C.                      NY-23-1-528
WILSON, ANDREW                         NY-23-4-421
WILSON, ANN                            NY-23-4-421
WILSON, BUCKLEY A.                     NY-23-1-352
WILSON, CHARLES                        NY-23-4-421
WILSON, CONVERSE J.                    NY-23-2-264
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-4-421
WILSON, GEORGE                         NY-23-4-421
WILSON, JAMES                          NY-23-2-264
WILSON, JANE                           NY-23-1-352
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-23-2-125
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-23-4-421
WILSON, JOHN L.                        NY-23-1-352
WILSON, LOIS                           NY-23-2-264
WILSON, LOUISA                         NY-23-2-125
WILSON, LYDIA                          NY-23-1-352
WILSON, MAHITABLE                      NY-23-3-20
WILSON, MARY ANN                       NY-23-1-352
WILSON, PHILLIP J.                     NY-23-2-264
WILSON, REUBEN G.                      NY-23-2-264
WILSON, RICH B.                        NY-23-1-352
WILSON, THOMAS                         NY-23-1-352
WILSON, WARREN                         NY-23-3-20
WILSON, WEALTHY                        NY-23-2-264
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-421
WINGATE, ALFRED S.                     NY-23-6-48
WINSLOW, EDWARD M.                     NY-23-2-143
WINSLOW, JULIA                         NY-23-2-143
WINSLOW, JULIA E.                      NY-23-2-143
WINSLOW, MARTHA JANE                   NY-23-2-143
WINSLOW, ORVILLE E.                    NY-23-2-143
WINSLOW, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-2-143
WITT, DEBORAH                          NY-23-1-156
WITT, JOHN                             NY-23-1-156
WODELL, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-23-2-446
WODELL, HULDAH                         NY-23-2-446
WODELL, WILLIAM                        NY-23-2-446
WOLLEY, JOANNAH                        NY-23-3-272
WOLLEY, LUCY R.                        NY-23-3-272
WOLLEY, WILLARD                        NY-23-3-272
WOOD, AMANDA                           NY-23-2-367
WOOD, AMANDA M.                        NY-23-4-389
WOOD, CORNELIA                         NY-23-3-169
WOOD, DANIEL                           NY-23-4-389
WOOD, EPENETUS                         NY-23-2-367
WOOD, EUNICE E.                        NY-23-1-190
WOOD, FREEMAN                          NY-23-1-190
WOOD, JACOB A.                         NY-23-3-285
WOOD, JANE                             NY-23-4-272
WOOD, LEVI                             NY-23-3-296
WOOD, LUCINDA                          NY-23-5-373
WOOD, LUCINDA M.                       NY-23-3-296
WOOD, MARTIN                           NY-23-4-272
WOOD, MARTIN                           NY-23-4-272
WOOD, MARY                             NY-23-1-122
WOOD, MOSES                            NY-23-4-272
WOOD, NORMAN                           NY-23-3-169
WOOD, PHEBE                            NY-23-4-272
WOOD, POLLY                            NY-23-1-175
WOOD, RUSSEL                           NY-23-4-62
WOOD, RUSSEL                           NY-23-4-36
WOOD, SARAH                            NY-23-4-36
WOOD, SARAH                            NY-23-4-62
WOOD, SYBIL DELIGHT                    NY-23-5-373
WOODARD, ANN S.                        NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, CHARLES J.                    NY-23-4-155
WOODARD, CHRISTIAN                     NY-23-4-155
WOODARD, HELEN C.                      NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, JACOB                         NY-23-4-311
WOODARD, MARY J.                       NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, MORGAN E.                     NY-23-4-155
WOODARD, NANCY A.                      NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, OLIVER                        NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, OLIVER                        NY-23-4-155
WOODARD, ORPHEA E.                     NY-23-5-54
WOODARD, SOPHIA                        NY-23-4-311
WOODRUFF, GEORGE                       NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, GILBERT                      NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, HARRIET                      NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, HORACE W.                    NY-23-4-475
WOODRUFF, JACKSON F.                   NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, JULIA                        NY-23-6-363
WOODRUFF, LODEMA                       NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, NORMAN W.                    NY-23-4-475
WOODRUFF, ORLIN H.                     NY-23-4-329
WOODRUFF, ORLIN S.                     NY-23-6-363
WOODRUFF, ROXANA T.                    NY-23-4-475
WOODRUFF, SARAH M.                     NY-23-4-475
WOODRUFF, WALTER N.                    NY-23-4-329
WOODWORTH, ELIZA                       NY-23-5-98
WOODWORTH, NICHOLAS                    NY-23-5-98
WOOLEY, CYNTHIA ANN                    NY-23-4-160
WOOLEY, FLAGG                          NY-23-4-160
WOOLIVER, NANCY                        NY-23-1-227
WOOLIVER, NICHOLAS                     NY-23-1-227
WOOLSEY, CATHERINE E.                  NY-23-1-336
WOOLSEY, CHARLES E.                    NY-23-1-336
WOOLSON, LEVI                          NY-23-4-175
WOOLSON, NANCY C.                      NY-23-4-175
WORTHINGTON, WILILAM P.                NY-23-4-447
WRIGHT, BETSEY E.                      NY-23-4-329
WRIGHT, CALVIN                         NY-23-4-378
WRIGHT, CHARLES D.                     NY-23-4-103
WRIGHT, CHARLES D.                     NY-23-2-34
WRIGHT, CYRENUS C.                     NY-23-4-51
WRIGHT, CYRENUS H.                     NY-23-6-270
WRIGHT, ELIZA L.                       NY-23-6-270
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, JAMES                          NY-23-2-536
WRIGHT, JAMES W.                       NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, JOHN                           NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, LEONARD                        NY-23-4-329
WRIGHT, MARK WARREN                    NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, MARTHA                         NY-23-3-382
WRIGHT, MARTHA                         NY-23-3-382
WRIGHT, MARTHA                         NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, MARY                           NY-23-3-382
WRIGHT, MARY                           NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, MARY IDA                       NY-23-3-382
WRIGHT, PAMELIA B.                     NY-23-2-34
WRIGHT, PATTY                          NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, POLLY                          NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, POLLY                          NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, REUBEN                         NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, RUSSEL W.                      NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, THEODOSIA                      NY-23-2-536
WRIGHT, WARREN                         NY-23-3-382
WYETH, NELSON                          NY-23-3-92
WYETH, SARAH                           NY-23-3-92
YOUNG, EDWARD JR.                      NY-23-6-251
YOUNG, JOHN                            NY-23-6-251
YOUNG, JOHN G.                         NY-23-4-324
YOUNG, MARY                            NY-23-4-324
YOUNG, MARY                            NY-23-6-251
YOUNG, ROBERT                          NY-23-6-251
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-251
YOUNGS, JOSEPH                         NY-23-2-497
YOUNGS, SUSAN                          NY-23-2-497
ZULLER, ANDERSON                       NY-23-2-529
ZULLER, JACOB H.                       NY-23-4-471
ZULLER, JANE                           NY-23-2-52
ZULLER, NANCY                          NY-23-4-471

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