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HAAPS, MARTIN                           NY-23-6-280
HAAS, GEORGE                            NY-23-35-193
HAAS, HENRY                             NY-23-16-618
HAAS, JOHN                              NY-23-35-513
HAAS, LEWIS S.                          NY-23-34-225
HAAS, LUDWIG                            NY-23-27-321
HAAS, RHODA                             NY-23-20-25
HAAS, VALENTINE                         NY-23-35-381
HACKLY, MILLS A.                        NY-23-32-33
HADCOCK, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-30-529
HADCOCK, BERINTHA                       NY-23-33-225
HADCOCK, ELIZA J.                       NY-23-38-514
HADCOCK, EMANUEL                        NY-23-33-21
HADCOCK, SOLOMON                        NY-23-20-561
HADEN, MICHAEL                          NY-23-2-271
HADSALL, SOLOMON                        NY-23-13-109
HAFFORD, JACOB                          NY-23-5-67
HAGADORN, ELMINA S.                     NY-23-18-325
HAGAN, BARNEY                           NY-23-5-351
HAGERDORN, JOHN                         NY-23-3-434
HAINES, BLANDENA H.                     NY-23-36-145
HAKES, MARIA A.                         NY-23-15-178
HALE, AUSTIN P.                         NY-23-19-235
HALE, ERASTUS                           NY-23-23-711
HALE, HOPEY                             NY-23-4-333
HALE, JOHN E.                           NY-23-30-101
HALES, LEVI                             NY-23-C-11
HALL, ABNER C.                          NY-23-32-453
HALL, ACHSAH L.                         NY-23-29-161
HALL, AMY G.                            NY-23-11-110
HALL, ASA                               NY-23-8-85
HALL, BETSY A.                          NY-23-24-442
HALL, CALEB G.                          NY-23-34-597
HALL, CLARK R.                          NY-23-26-481
HALL, CORNELIA                          NY-23-28-271
HALL, CYRUS                             NY-23-4-85
HALL, DAVID S.                          NY-23-27-541
HALL, DEXTER W.                         NY-23-38-110
HALL, EDMUND                            NY-23-A-213
HALL, FERDINAND                         NY-23-18-361
HALL, FOSTER V.                         NY-23-23-317
HALL, GALEN                             NY-23-39-57
HALL, GEORGE                            NY-23-16-50
HALL, GILBERT                           NY-23-24-206
HALL, GILES                             NY-23-4-243
HALL, HARIET M.                         NY-23-39-289
HALL, HAVENS                            NY-23-2-461
HALL, IRA                               NY-23-19-407
HALL, JAMES                             NY-23-5-357
HALL, JANE E.                           NY-23-35-461
HALL, LUCY ANN                          NY-23-5-77
HALL, MERIT                             NY-23-23-687
HALL, OLIVER                            NY-23-13-153
HALL, RENSSELAER                        NY-23-15-206
HALL, ROSETTA O.                        NY-23-23-113
HALL, ROZELL H.                         NY-23-28-253
HALL, RUSSELL                           NY-23-19-267
HALL, SAMUEL                            NY-23-27-5
HALL, SAMUEL W.                         NY-23-9-351
HALL, STEPHEN                           NY-23-32-533
HALLADAY, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-33-45
HALLADAY, REUBEN                        NY-23-32-375
HALLER, HENRY J.                        NY-23-24-70
HALLORAN, EDWIN M.                      NY-23-32-537
HALPIN, MICHAEL                         NY-23-23-695
HALSTED, CHARLICK                       NY-23-18-85
HAMBLIN, JAMES                          NY-23-11-370
HAMES, BRADFORD K.                      NY-23-14-556
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                     NY-23-29-421
HAMLIN, DAVID                           NY-23-35-9
HAMLIN, MINERVA                         NY-23-28-201
HAMMOND, ALVAN                          NY-23-10-67
HAMMOND, CHARLES 2ND                    NY-23-10-283
HAMMOND, CLARISSA                       NY-23-11-406
HAMMOND, HARRIET                        NY-23-19-733
HAMMOND, HEZEKIAH                       NY-23-5-295
HAMMOND, JAMES                          NY-23-23-507
HAMMOND, JEDEDIAH                       NY-23-6-325
HAMMOND, LORINA                         NY-23-15-58
HAMMOND, MATHEW                         NY-23-26-609
HAMMOND, MYRON                          NY-23-38-454
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-23-31-453
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-23-26-49
HANCOCK, JOHN A.                        NY-23-15-62
HANCOCK, WILLIAM J.                     NY-23-21-605
HANFORD, WILLIAM R.                     NY-23-19-271
HANLEY, ELEANOR                         NY-23-37-301
HANNAHS, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-25-89
HANNAHS, KILBORN                        NY-23-24-370
HANNAHS, LUCIUS                         NY-23-16-468
HANNAHS, RAYMOND S.                     NY-23-11-178
HANVERMAN, JOHN                         NY-23-10-527
HAPP, JOHN GEORGE                       NY-23-5-171
HARBACK, DANIEL                         NY-23-D-421
HARBOTTLE, JOHN G.                      NY-23-29-669
HARD, BENJAMIN                          NY-23-10-119
HARDY, ABGAIL                           NY-23-12-273
HARDY, ADDISON W.                       NY-23-33-257
HARDY, DANIEL                           NY-23-26-237
HARDY, EMMA A.                          NY-23-24-342
HARDY, GILBERT                          NY-23-21-609
HARDY, PHINEAS                          NY-23-34-9
HARDY, ROBERT                           NY-23-8-133
HARGER, JOHN H.                         NY-23-33-709
HARGER, WILSON H.                       NY-23-D-135
HARMON, DAVID                           NY-23-7-273
HARMON, DEWITT C.                       NY-23-28-25
HARMON, ELLIS J.                        NY-23-20-249
HARMON, TIRZAH J.                       NY-23-1-456
HARRINGTON, ALMON                       NY-23-34-533
HARRINGTON, BROOKS                      NY-23-38-554
HARRINGTON, CYRIL                       NY-23-3-450
HARRINGTON, EDWIN                       NY-23-31-113
HARRINGTON, EMELINE                     NY-23-34-399
HARRINGTON, HENRY                       NY-23-35-517
HARRINGTON, HENRY                       NY-23-35-577
HARRIS, ASA                             NY-23-A-148
HARRIS, AUGUSTA M.                      NY-23-39-221
HARRIS, CALEB                           NY-23-13-113
HARRIS, CHESTER                         NY-23-34-137
HARRIS, DAVID F.                        NY-23-37-751
HARRIS, ELIJAH                          NY-23-E-40
HARRIS, LEONARD                         NY-23-14-524
HARRIS, LODITIA R.                      NY-23-38-574
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-23-21-541
HARROD, ANN                             NY-23-38-406
HART, ALBERT W.                         NY-23-32-113
HART, CHARLES H.                        NY-23-38-786
HART, GEORGE                            NY-23-32-425
HART, HANNAH                            NY-23-26-465
HART, HENRY                             NY-23-24-430
HART, ISAAC                             NY-23-20-655
HART, PATRICK                           NY-23-10-403
HART, PETER                             NY-23-35-485
HART, RICHARD                           NY-23-19-491
HART, SAMUEL F.                         NY-23-24-692
HART, WILLIAM R.                        NY-23-37-277
HARTER, DANIEL                          NY-23-24-14
HARTER, JACOB                           NY-23-29-645
HARTER, PETER L.                        NY-23-2-431
HARTMAN, JOHN                           NY-23-33-521
HARVEY, ABEL                            NY-23-D-8
HARVEY, ELISHA                          NY-23-14-662
HARVEY, ERVIN P.                        NY-23-11-198
HARWICK, JOSEPH                         NY-23-12-89
HASFORD, ALBERT T.                      NY-23-39-637
HASTINGS, ABBEY                         NY-23-27-339
HASTINGS, CLIMENA A.                    NY-23-20-81
HASTINGS, JOSEPH                        NY-23-31-433
HASTINGS, LEMUEL                        NY-23-10-131
HASTINGS, THOMAS                        NY-23-6-162
HATCH, ERASTUS                          NY-23-16-230
HATCH, HENRY                            NY-23-4-465
HATCH, LEONARD C.                       NY-23-35-437
HATCH, PALMER                           NY-23-14-174
HATCH, SILAS W.                         NY-23-20-465
HAUFLER, MATHIAS                        NY-23-1-576
HAUVERMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-23-26-755
HAVEN, DEXTER                           NY-23-6-473
HAVEN, JOHN                             NY-23-10-13
HAVEN, LUTHER                           NY-23-18-571
HAVEN, MARY                             NY-23-12-637
HAWES, DANIEL                           NY-23-8-367
HAWES, EBENEZER                         NY-23-8-445
HAWES, EDWARD B.                        NY-23-19-463
HAWES, WILLIAM                          NY-23-15-398
HAWKINS, RELIEF                         NY-23-23-535
HAWLEY, ADDINE                          NY-23-18-257
HAY, ALEXANDER                          NY-23-19-483
HAYES, ALBERT                           NY-23-38-166
HAYES, CATHARINE                        NY-23-21-465
HAYES, HOSEA B.                         NY-23-10-475
HAYES, JOHN C.                          NY-23-27-461
HAYES, JONATHANR .                      NY-23-10-239
HAYES, PETER                            NY-23-21-137
HAYES, POLLY                            NY-23-12-857
HAYES, REBECCA                          NY-23-31-691
HAYES, SUSAN H.                         NY-23-18-523
HAZEL, RICHARD                          NY-23-34-405
HAZELTON, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-12-25
HEALEY, BRIDGET                         NY-23-12-509
HEATH, AMOS                             NY-23-33-501
HEATH, BENJAMIN                         NY-23-E-266
HEATH, DORCAS                           NY-23-28-417
HEATH, HENRY B.                         NY-23-16-678
HEATH, JOSEPH                           NY-23-30-369
HEATH, LUCY                             NY-23-13-161
HEATH, LYMAN                            NY-23-29-177
HEATH, PETER                            NY-23-28-385
HEATH, V. WEBSTER                       NY-23-39-517
HEATH, WILLIAM                          NY-23-10-139
HEBERT, MARY W.                         NY-23-18-317
HECOX, CHARLES A.                       NY-23-27-381
HEIL, WENDEL                            NY-23-29-513
HELDT, BERNARD                          NY-23-33-221
HELDT, JOHN B. (IN GERMAN)              NY-23-7-206
HELLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-23-11-262
HELMER, ADAM                            NY-23-13-385
HELMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-25-166
HELMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-21-289
HELMER, JACOB                           NY-23-20-301
HELMER, MARY E.                         NY-23-32-61
HELMER, PETER                           NY-23-26-653
HELMER, PHILIP                          NY-23-26-389
HEMENWAY, JOSHUA                        NY-23-15-334
HEMENWAY, SAMUEL B.                     NY-23-18-469
HEMPLE, JOSEPH                          NY-23-11-102
HENDERSON, ALBERT                       NY-23-37-317
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-15-190
HENDERSON, JANE                         NY-23-30-173
HENDERSON, PAULINA                      NY-23-9-307
HENDERSON, PETER                        NY-23-9-227
HENDRICKSON, SAMUEL C.                  NY-23-23-259
HENGGE, JOHN                            NY-23-30-93
HENRY, GEORGE B.                        NY-23-10-459
HENRY, SARAH                            NY-23-6-78
HENSHAW, ALMIRA                         NY-23-39-257
HEPP,. JACOB                            NY-23-15-218
HERBRECHT, ELLEN                        NY-23-33-375
HERKIMER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-23-12-265
HERRICK, AMASA                          NY-23-B-458
HERRICK, HIRAM H.                       NY-23-26-5
HERRICK, MARY M.                        NY-23-39-449
HERRICK, WILLIAM W.                     NY-23-30-33
HERSEY, HATTIE E.                       NY-23-20-379
HETH, GEORGE W.                         NY-23-38-662
HETTERHAHN, HENRY                       NY-23-35-5
HEWIT, JOHN                             NY-23-8-79
HEWITT, ANN                             NY-23-13-165
HEWITT, CLARK                           NY-23-28-565
HEWITT, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-19-1
HEWITT, JAMES                           NY-23-E-308
HEWITT, JOHN                            NY-23-19-399
HEWITT, LAFAYETTE                       NY-23-35-25
HEWITT, LORISA                          NY-23-33-105
HEWITT, MARGARET                        NY-23-16-130
HEWITT, MARYETTE                        NY-23-19-339
HICKEY, BRIDGET                         NY-23-20-617
HICKEY, PHILIP                          NY-23-20-205
HICKEY, PHILIP                          NY-23-15-194
HICKS, GEORGE                           NY-23-27-237
HICKS, JESSE                            NY-23-24-150
HICKS, LYDIA D.                         NY-23-26-737
HICKS, ROBERT                           NY-23-29-437
HICKS, STEPHEN                          NY-23-2-418
HIGGINS, RANSOM                         NY-23-21-501
HILDRETH, HULDAH                        NY-23-9-31
HILL, CALVIN P.                         NY-23-19-685
HILL, DANIEL                            NY-23-11-278
HILL, ELVIRA                            NY-23-34-253
HILL, GRACY                             NY-23-21-385
HILL, JEFFERSON                         NY-23-35-481
HILL, LYDIA E.                          NY-23-18-57
HILL, MORELL F.                         NY-23-39-301
HILTON, ARCHIBALD B.                    NY-23-39-601
HINCKLEY, COLEMAN SR.                   NY-23-38-706
HIND, JOSEPH                            NY-23-10-407
HINDS, CARLOS                           NY-23-39-733
HINDS, CORNELIA E.                      NY-23-37-529
HINDS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-23-7-108
HINES, ELY C.                           NY-23-32-509
HINKLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-23-1-301
HINMAN, ALVAH                           NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, JANE M.                         NY-23-35-685
HINSDALE, DAVID S.                      NY-23-14-272
HINSHAW, ALMIRA                         NY-23-29-33
HITCHCOCK, ALLEN                        NY-23-39-609
HITCHCOCK, HELEN M.                     NY-23-39-237
HITCHCOCK, MONTROSE T.                  NY-23-16-66
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM                      NY-23-31-593
HOAGH, CARRIE E.                        NY-23-38-658
HOAR, JOHN                              NY-23-A-18
HOBSON, PETER                           NY-23-11-22
HOCKING, RICHARD                        NY-23-34-465
HOCKNEL, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-29-493
HODGE, RODNEY                           NY-23-38-782
HODGES, ALFRED A.                       NY-23-33-381
HODGKINS, EBEN                          NY-23-3-296
HOFFORD, HENRY                          NY-23-33-545
HOGG, ANDREW                            NY-23-A-353
HOISINGTON, GROUT                       NY-23-11-330
HOLBROOK, ANNA M.                       NY-23-38-66
HOLBROOK, ARAD                          NY-23-25-512
HOLBROOK, JAMES                         NY-23-9-319
HOLCOMB, ALSON                          NY-23-9-75
HOLCOMB, ASENATH                        NY-23-18-445
HOLCOMB, ORLIN                          NY-23-38-82
HOLCOMB, SETH L.                        NY-23-9-111
HOLDEN, AARON                           NY-23-12-809
HOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER A.                  NY-23-26-121
HOLDEN, DWIGHT A.                       NY-23-28-489
HOLLENBECK, AMELIA B.                   NY-23-24-410
HOLLENBECK, BYRON                       NY-23-39-173
HOLLENBECK, JOHN                        NY-23-29-729
HOLLEY, JOHN M.                         NY-23-18-487
HOLLEY, SANFORD B.                      NY-23-12-583
HOLLISTER, CHARLES                      NY-23-4-91
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-23-26-413
HOLLY, DAVID                            NY-23-A-116
HOLLY, EMILY                            NY-23-30-729
HOLLY, HARRIET                          NY-23-27-21
HOLLY, MORGAN L.                        NY-23-21-61
HOLLY, NATHAN                           NY-23-A-81
HOLLY, NUMON                            NY-23-13-137
HOLLY, THERESA                          NY-23-23-205
HOLMES, SIMEON                          NY-23-14-22
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NY-23-31-157
HOLMES, WILLIAM G.                      NY-23-35-189
HOLT, ALBERT                            NY-23-33-17
HOOKER, ANN                             NY-23-B-165
HOOKER, HARRIET L.                      NY-23-38-294
HOOKER, HORACE                          NY-23-30-125
HOOKER, JAMES L.                        NY-23-31-297
HOOKER, SAMUEL F.                       NY-23-10-155
HOOKER, SETH                            NY-23-B-446
HOOP, JOHN                              NY-23-11-86
HOOVER, ABRAM                           NY-23-7-25
HOOVER, ADAM                            NY-23-30-69
HOOVER, ADAM                            NY-23-7-246
HOOVER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-A-306
HOOVER, HENRY                           NY-23-8-325
HOOVER, MOSES                           NY-23-10-255
HOOVER, PETER                           NY-23-19-547
HOOVER, RICHARD                         NY-23-15-544
HOOVER, SAMUEL                          NY-23-27-469
HOPKINS, JOEL R.                        NY-23-31-49
HOPKINS, PRUDENCE H. S.                 NY-23-38-418
HOPKINS, STANTON W.                     NY-23-9-87
HOPPER, ALONZO B.                       NY-23-28-165
HOREY, FREDERICK                        NY-23-1-27
HORR, ELIJAH                            NY-23-20-325
HORR, EVA                               NY-23-21-33
HORR, LOVANA W.                         NY-23-38-614
HORR, NANCE M.                          NY-23-20-33
HORTON, ELLEN A.                        NY-23-36-165
HORTON, HENRY                           NY-23-4-456
HORTON, SARAH M.                        NY-23-31-181
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NY-23-12-409
HOSE, PETER                             NY-23-18-33
HOSNER, NANCY E.                        NY-23-26-457
HOTCHKIN, JANE M.                       NY-23-29-525
HOTIS, JOHN                             NY-23-35-85
HOUD, GEORGE A.                         NY-23-11-350
HOUGH, ALPHONSO J.                      NY-23-B-465
HOUGHTALING, PETER                      NY-23-26-545
HOUGHTON, ELIJAH                        NY-23-31-229
HOUGHTON, HOLLIS S.                     NY-23-33-601
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM                       NY-23-39-373
HOULICAN, WINNIE                        NY-23-39-353
HOUSE, DAVID                            NY-23-37-117
HOUSE, JOHN                             NY-23-13-29
HOUSE, JULIA                            NY-23-37-81
HOVERMAN, ADAM                          NY-23-8-175
HOVEY, EZRA                             NY-23-C-55
HOW, DANIEL                             NY-23-8-529
HOW, PETER                              NY-23-9-485
HOW, THOMAS Y.                          NY-23-4-41
HOWARD, AMRILLA                         NY-23-24-680
HOWARD, EMILY                           NY-23-23-17
HOWARD, JONATHAN                        NY-23-11-38
HOWARD, JOSEPH                          NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, LOUISA                          NY-23-28-157
HOWARD, MARGARET A.                     NY-23-30-481
HOWARD, PONTIUS                         NY-23-2-394
HOWARD, SARAH A.                        NY-23-30-393
HOWARD, SARAH B.                        NY-23-21-165
HOWARD, SEBEN                           NY-23-8-469
HOWARD, SIMON                           NY-23-19-447
HOWARD, TURNER E.                       NY-23-11-342
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         NY-23-37-631
HOWE, ELIAS B.                          NY-23-16-464
HOWE, MARY M.                           NY-23-25-438
HOWE, SOLOMON                           NY-23-27-189
HOWLAND, HARRIET M.                     NY-23-34-445
HOWLAND, RICHMOND                       NY-23-31-509
HOWLAND, RUFUS                          NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, STEPHEN                        NY-23-38-718
HOWLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-23-26-537
HOWLAND, WILLIAM W.                     NY-23-E-384
HOXIE, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-23-35-405
HOYT, SAMUEL                            NY-23-35-717
HUBBARD, CHARILLE M.                    NY-23-31-577
HUBBARD, CHARLES                        NY-23-23-587
HUBBARD, CYRUS                          NY-23-8-313
HUBBARD, EMELINE                        NY-23-19-143
HUBBARD, EPEPHUS                        NY-23-26-629
HUBBARD, FREDERICK W.                   NY-23-21-577
HUBBARD, HARRY                          NY-23-D-216
HUBBARD, HIRAM                          NY-23-25-497
HUBBARD, JAMES T.                       NY-23-29-477
HUBBARD, JOHN                           NY-23-11-306
HUBBARD, LAURA A.                       NY-23-16-726
HUBBARD, MARY B.                        NY-23-21-81
HUBBARD, MILLA                          NY-23-16-336
HUBBARD, NOADIAH                        NY-23-6-505
HUBBARD, PARNELLE F.                    NY-23-37-121
HUBBARD, RACHEL P.                      NY-23-32-573
HUBBARD, WARD                           NY-23-29-5
HUBBELL, AARON                          NY-23-30-493
HUBBELL, ELLEN                          NY-23-32-69
HUBERTIN, FRANCOIS                      NY-23-30-387
HUCKINS, JOSIAH                         NY-23-19-53
HUCKINS, SOPHIA                         NY-23-14-134
HUDSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-38-682
HUDSON, LUCIAN F.                       NY-23-38-590
HUESTIS, DAVID                          NY-23-29-309
HUGGINS, SARAH A.                       NY-23-34-669
HUGHES, ARTHUR                          NY-23-19-83
HUGHES, DANIEL                          NY-23-13-185
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-35-225
HUGHES, MICHAEL                         NY-23-12-565
HUGHES, PATRICK                         NY-23-10-519
HUGHES, RUTH A.                         NY-23-26-533
HUGHES, SAMUEL                          NY-23-9-231
HUGHSON, ELMINA E.                      NY-23-16-456
HULL, ESTHER                            NY-23-32-685
HULL, THOMAS R.                         NY-23-13-225
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-23-26-383
HUMPHREY, MICAH                         NY-23-8-433
HUMPHRIES, HARRIETT M.                  NY-23-15-266
HUNGERFORD, ABAGAIL                     NY-23-12-313
HUNGERFORD, ALFRED D.                   NY-23-33-189
HUNGERFORD, AMASA                       NY-23-7-254
HUNGERFORD, AMASA JR.                   NY-23-B-198
HUNGERFORD, BETSEY P.                   NY-23-8-349
HUNGERFORD, DEXTER                      NY-23-3-79
HUNGERFORD, FRANCES E.                  NY-23-37-703
HUNGERFORD, JULIA                       NY-23-12-761
HUNGERFORD, LAURA M.                    NY-23-9-143
HUNGERFORD, LYMAN C.                    NY-23-33-315
HUNGERFORD, PHILO                       NY-23-21-529
HUNGERFORD, REUBEN                      NY-23-8-25
HUNGERFORD, RICHARD E.                  NY-23-34-165
HUNGERFORD, RICHARD E.                  NY-23-34-291
HUNGERFORD, THOMAS                      NY-23-8-487
HUNGERFORD, TRUMAN H.                   NY-23-28-607
HUNGERFORD, WILLIAM                     NY-23-27-485
HUNNEYMAN, CATHARINE                    NY-23-33-453
HUNT, ELIZABETH                         NY-23-5-26
HUNT, EUNICE E.                         NY-23-24-398
HUNT, HARRY                             NY-23-27-221
HUNT, JAMES                             NY-23-15-418
HUNT, JAMES J.                          NY-23-24-438
HUNT, JOHN                              NY-23-10-435
HUNT, LEMUEL                            NY-23-11-50
HUNT, LORILLA                           NY-23-12-129
HUNT, MARTIN D.                         NY-23-37-477
HUNT, SOPHIA                            NY-23-12-437
HUNT, TIMOTHY                           NY-23-2-276
HUNT, WARD W.                           NY-23-28-595
HUNTER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-23-15-354
HUNTER, HARRIET B.                      NY-23-10-267
HUNTER, THOMAS                          NY-23-31-445
HUNTER, THOMAS                          NY-23-26-589
HUNTINGTON, AMBROSE W.                  NY-23-10-1
HUNTINGTON, AMELIA                      NY-23-35-45
HUNTINGTON, CLARISSA                    NY-23-23-579
HUNTINGTON, DYER                        NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, ELIZA                       NY-23-31-61
HUNTINGTON, ELIZA A.                    NY-23-25-105
HUNTINGTON, JOHN D.                     NY-23-37-649
HUNTINGTON, JOSEPH                      NY-23-16-46
HUNTINGTON, PRUDENCE                    NY-23-39-593
HUNTLEY, HENRY                          NY-23-12-535
HURD, FREEMAN                           NY-23-21-739
HUSE, JOHN                              NY-23-26-407
HUSON, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-23-12-217
HUSTIS, FRED                            NY-23-26-261
HUTCHENS, MARY E.                       NY-23-9-279
HUTCHINSON, ORRIN                       NY-23-27-489
HYATT, SARAH A.                         NY-23-29-375
IDELL, DAVID                            NY-23-14-468
INGALDAW, CATHARINE                     NY-23-A-25
INGERSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-23-21-217
INGERSON, DARWIN                        NY-23-16-222
INGERSON, NATHAN                        NY-23-9-275
INGERSON, ORRIS                         NY-23-14-216
INGLEHART, CORNELIUS W.                 NY-23-21-157
INGRAHAM, DANIEL                        NY-23-12-257
INMAN, HARRIET                          NY-23-33-573
IRVIN, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-23-29-305
IRVIN, EDWARD                           NY-23-23-491
IRVIN, RICHARD A.                       NY-23-33-265
IRVINE, MARGARET                        NY-23-3-142
IRWIN, JOHN                             NY-23-3-6
IRWIN, WILLIAM B.                       NY-23-30-735
ISDELL, RUTH                            NY-23-22-601
ISELIN, ADOLPH                          NY-23-20-685
ISELIN, JOHN F.                         NY-23-19-391
ISHAM, ALFRED E.                        NY-23-38-550
ISHAM, HARRIET C.                       NY-23-39-533
ISHAM, HENRY                            NY-23-16-274
ITHANE, LOUISA B.                       NY-23-23-455
IVES, ELIZA                             NY-23-32-339
IVES, FRANK                             NY-23-39-49
IVES, GARRET                            NY-23-30-53
IVES, JEROME                            NY-23-17-172
IVES, JOEL                              NY-23-13-145
IVES, JOTHAM                            NY-23-B-158
IVES, LUCINA M.                         NY-23-36-88
IVES, LUCY A.                           NY-23-15-182
IVES, WILLARD                           NY-23-35-613
IVORY, EMMA C.                          NY-23-26-449
IVORY, STRATTON                         NY-23-28-649
JABAS, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-26-573
JABAS, LOVINA                           NY-23-33-339
JACKMAN, SAMUEL S.                      NY-23-3-481
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-23-9-115
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-23-551
JACOBS, HIRAM                           NY-23-18-157
JACOBS, LETTIE H.                       NY-23-27-513
JACOBS, PHILENA                         NY-23-31-489
JAMES, CHARLES                          NY-23-15-434
JAMES, ELI C.                           NY-23-23-603
JAMES, NELSON                           NY-23-27-351
JAMES, PALMER                           NY-23-16-82
JAMES, RAYMOND P.                       NY-23-30-309
JANE, PETER H.                          NY-23-10-311
JAQUAY, STEPHEN S.                      NY-23-24-318
JEFFERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-38-126
JENISON, JOHN                           NY-23-E-68
JENKINS, JACOB                          NY-23-12-689
JENKINS, JACOB                          NY-23-A-367
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-23-8-145
JENKS, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-23-583
JENNINGS, DAVID                         NY-23-23-53
JENNINGS, HIRAM F.                      NY-23-10-423
JENNINGS, RICHARD M.                    NY-23-39-581
JENNISON, ALONZO                        NY-23-19-99
JEWELL, LYDIA                           NY-23-13-117
JEWETT, HENRY W.                        NY-23-38-346
JEWETT, MOSES C.                        NY-23-27-161
JEWETT, NATHAN                          NY-23-13-205
JEWETT, THOMAS                          NY-23-7-1
JEWETT, THOMAS J.                       NY-23-20-421
JOHNSON, ADALINE B.                     NY-23-25-191
JOHNSON, ANNA MARIA                     NY-23-29-705
JOHNSON, ATLANTA                        NY-23-28-9
JOHNSON, CAROLINE                       NY-23-31-57
JOHNSON, CONVERS J.                     NY-23-20-49
JOHNSON, CONVERSE                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         NY-23-39-41
JOHNSON, ELIZA                          NY-23-33-409
JOHNSON, ELIZA M.                       NY-23-18-413
JOHNSON, EVALINE                        NY-23-16-186
JOHNSON, FALES                          NY-23-27-409
JOHNSON, FRANKLIN B.                    NY-23-23-311
JOHNSON, GILBERT B.                     NY-23-39-45
JOHNSON, JANE E.                        NY-23-26-671
JOHNSON, JASON                          NY-23-30-149
JOHNSON, JERUSHA                        NY-23-21-573
JOHNSON, PHILO S.                       NY-23-14-380
JOHNSON, SALLY A.                       NY-23-12-493
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         NY-23-16-214
JOHNSON, SIDNEY P.                      NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                        NY-23-7-288
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-12-631
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-B-470
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-9-239
JOHNSTON, CHARLOTTE W.                  NY-23-37-329
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-23-37-17
JOINER, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-23-39-189
JOINER, ELLE H.                         NY-23-20-331
JOINER, MILLARD E.                      NY-23-34-265
JOINER, ORVILLE C.                      NY-23-20-141
JOLES, THOMAS                           NY-23-31-73
JONDRO, JOHN                            NY-23-31-5
JONES, ALICE M.                         NY-23-22-490
JONES, ELHU                             NY-23-2-170
JONES, ELIZA D.                         NY-23-34-89
JONES, ELIZABETH H.                     NY-23-21-429
JONES, JOHN                             NY-23-29-105
JONES, JOHN                             NY-23-A-306
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-23-34-521
JONES, OLIVIA S.                        NY-23-18-595
JONES, PETER                            NY-23-23-359
JORDON, MARY                            NY-23-29-541
JOY, BENJAMIN H.                        NY-23-27-465
JUDD, ELNATHAN                          NY-23-1-359
JUDSON, MARCUS                          NY-23-27-681
JUHEL, CORNELIA LIVINGSTON              NY-23-9-576
JULY, CATHARINE                         NY-23-21-257
JULY, JULIA A.                          NY-23-21-533
JULY, PETER JR.                         NY-23-27-49
KABEL, WILLIAM                          NY-23-33-161
KANADY, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-39-537
KANADY, SAMUEL C.                       NY-23-A-155
KANALEY, JOHN                           NY-23-33-77
KANE, ELLEN                             NY-23-30-717
KEARNS, ANNA                            NY-23-25-566
KEARNS, CATHARINE                       NY-23-30-133
KEARNS, THOMAS F.                       NY-23-38-534
KEBLING, STILMAN                        NY-23-30-285
KEELER, SETH W.                         NY-23-12-237
KEENAN, THOMAS                          NY-23-31-485
KEITH, FLEURY                           NY-23-2-300
KEITH, GEORGE H.                        NY-23-13-149
KELLAR, CHRISTIAN                       NY-23-10-391
KELLAR, THOMAS C.                       NY-23-29-489
KELLER, AARON                           NY-23-26-335
KELLER, ISAAC H.                        NY-23-25-100
KELLER, JOHN M.                         NY-23-34-177
KELLER, NELSON W.                       NY-23-18-65
KELLER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-34-33
KELLEY, MARIA K.                        NY-23-27-149
KELLEY, PETER                           NY-23-29-601
KELLOGG, ALEXANDER H.                   NY-23-29-417
KELLOGG, ELI                            NY-23-3-169
KELLOGG, ELIJAH                         NY-23-24-662
KELLOGG, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-39-121
KELLOGG, HENRY J.                       NY-23-32-233
KELLOGG, HERVEY                         NY-23-4-175
KELLOGG, JAMES G.                       NY-23-31-357
KELLOGG, LORINA                         NY-23-31-89
KELLOGG, LUKE                           NY-23-12-607
KELLOGG, MARY O.                        NY-23-36-148
KELLOGG, SILAS F.                       NY-23-16-302
KELLY, EDWIN B.                         NY-23-24-422
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-23-24-242
KELSEY, ABEL                            NY-23-27-137
KELSEY, CYNTHIA                         NY-23-15-484
KELSEY, DANIEL B.                       NY-23-32-185
KELSEY, DARIUS                          NY-23-31-481
KELSEY, ELI                             NY-23-15--186
KELSEY, REUBEN                          NY-23-13-393
KELSEY, SILAS L.                        NY-23-10-467
KEMP, JOHN E.                           NY-23-34-709
KENDALL, ELI                            NY-23-38-538
KENNA, MICHAEL SR.                      NY-23-16-420
KENNEDY, HUGH                           NY-23-8-283
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NY-23-18-141
KENNEDY, LEONARD L.                     NY-23-37-197
KENNEDY, MARGARET                       NY-23-12-559
KENNEDY, THOMAS W.                      NY-23-11-97
KENT, BENJAMIN                          NY-23-20-703
KENYON, ABRAHAM                         NY-23-A-333
KENYON, CATHARINE                       NY-23-27-81
KENYON, CHARLOTTE                       NY-23-28-405
KENYON, JOHN E.                         NY-23-13-181
KEOUGH, THOMAS                          NY-23-28-509
KERN, CHARLES                           NY-23-36-111
KERPILLER, JOHN                         NY-23-12-661
KESLER, JULIANA                         NY-23-37-93
KETCHAM, MARY M.                        NY-23-35-209
KEYES, LUCINDA                          NY-23-3-372
KEYES, LYDIA P.                         NY-23-20-397
KEYES, PERLEY G.                        NY-23-4-373
KEYES, PURLEY                           NY-23-A-96
KIBLING, JOHN G.                        NY-23-9-243
KILBORN, JOHN H.                        NY-23-18-385
KILBY, SYLVESTER D.                     NY-23-29-185
KIMBALL, CHARLES H.                     NY-23-21-661
KIMBALL, DANIEL S.                      NY-23-17-482
KIMBALL, EMELINE S.                     NY-23-11-214
KIMBALL, HORACE                         NY-23-14-536
KIMBALL, JOHN C.                        NY-23-36-170
KIMBALL, LOUISA M.                      NY-23-37-377
KIMBALL, MARIA L.                       NY-23-25-548
KIMBALL, MARY H.                        NY-23-27-241
KIMBALL, PRESCADIA                      NY-23-26-743
KIMBALL, SARAH H.                       NY-23-38-778
KIMBALL, WILLIAM                        NY-23-37-433
KIMBELL, NATHANIEL                      NY-23-30-213
KING, CYNTHIA L.                        NY-23-26-25
KING, ELIZABETH D.                      NY-23-21-621
KING, HENRY A.                          NY-23-16-642
KING, PHILLIP                           NY-23-38-274
KING, RUFUS H.                          NY-23-5-435
KINNEY, ALANSON                         NY-23-20-53
KINNEY, DANIEL                          NY-23-E-96
KINNEY, ROSWELL                         NY-23-15-538
KINNEY, SILAS C.                        NY-23-6-332
KINSLEY, CHARLES                        NY-23-33-613
KINSMAN, ANNIS D.                       NY-23-14-178
KIRK, R. RICHARD                        NY-23-9-63
KIRKLAND, REYNOLD H.                    NY-23-24-644
KISSEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-37-281
KISSEL, GEORGE                          NY-23-19-61
KITTS, JACOB A.                         NY-23-2-360
KITTS, PETER                            NY-23-11-158
KLOCK, ANDREW                           NY-23-5-6
KLOCK, DANIEL                           NY-23-18-281
KLOCK, GEORGE G. J.                     NY-23-16-166
KLOCK, GEORGE H.                        NY-23-35-33
KLOCK, HENRY                            NY-23-8-517
KLOCK, JACOB A.                         NY-23-17-324
KLOCK, STEPHEN                          NY-23-18-369
KLOCK, THOMAS                           NY-23-27-73
KNAFF, JOHN                             NY-23-23-411
KNAP, THOMAS S.                         NY-23-1-365
KNAPP, ALMIRA                           NY-23-39-377
KNAPP, CAROLINE                         NY-23-12-305
KNAPP, CARRIE E.                        NY-23-30-161
KNAPP, ERASTUS                          NY-23-21-229
KNAPP, FRANKLIN, A.                     NY-23-8-49
KNAPP, JOHN C.                          NY-23-24-726
KNAPP, LAURA L.                         NY-23-13-277
KNAPP, MARIA                            NY-23-35-315
KNAPP, SARAH E.                         NY-23-28-129
KNAPP, SOLOMON H.                       NY-23-26-17
KNAPP, SOPHIA                           NY-23-16-663
KNIGHT, CATHARINE                       NY-23-30-345
KNIGHT, GEORG EJ.                       NY-23-14-266
KNIGHT, MARY E.                         NY-23-38-482
KNIGHT, NEHEMIAH                        NY-23-20-513
KNIGHT, RANDAL                          NY-23-27-225
KNIGHTS, EBENEZER                       NY-23-15-298
KNOX, WILLIAM                           NY-23-24-190
KRING, JACOB                            NY-23-5-89

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