Jefferson County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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(ALLEN), MAHETABLE                     NY-23-1-122
ABBEY, LANA ANN                        NY-23-1-253
ABBEY, SHUBRICK                        NY-23-1-253
ABBEY, SUSAN                           NY-23-1-253
ACKLEY, JONATHAN M.                    NY-23-6-55
ACKLEY, LYDIA                          NY-23-1-181
ACKLEY, OLIVER                         NY-23-1-181
ADAMS, ALFRED                          NY-23-4-68
ADAMS, CATHARINE E.                    NY-23-5-230
ADAMS, CATHERINE M.                    NY-23-2-282
ADAMS, CLARK                           NY-23-2-477
ADAMS, CYNTHIA                         NY-23-6-220
ADAMS, EDWIN                           NY-23-6-220
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-4-68
ADAMS, EMILY R.                        NY-23-2-40
ADAMS, EPHRAIM                         NY-23-2-8
ADAMS, HARPER                          NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, HARRIET H.                      NY-23-2-300
ADAMS, HUBBARD                         NY-23-2-40
ADAMS, JAMES M.                        NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, JOHN K.                         NY-23-2-300
ADAMS, KELSEY M.                       NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, L. HOLLIS                       NY-23-6-373
ADAMS, LEVI                            NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, LUCY ANN                        NY-23-2-477
ADAMS, MARCELLUS                       NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, MARGARET E.                     NY-23-5-230
ADAMS, MARY                            NY-23-2-8
ADAMS, MARY O.                         NY-23-5-230
ADAMS, PITT M.                         NY-23-6-373
ADAMS, RICHARD B.                      NY-23-6-373
ADAMS, ROBET MAYNARD                   NY-23-2-282
ADAMS, RUTH                            NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, SARAH ANN                       NY-23-4-62
ADAMS, SEPTIMUS E.                     NY-23-6-373
ADAMS, THOMAS J.                       NY-23-6-78
ADAMS, TILLEY R.                       NY-23-6-220
ADAMS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-23-6-373
ADSIT, ABEL W.                         NY-23-2-65
ADSIT, ABEL W.                         NY-23-3-226
ADSIT, TRYPHENA                        NY-23-2-65
ADSIT, TRYPHENA                        NY-23-3-226
AINSWORTH, HENRY                       NY-23-5-83
AINSWORTH, MALVIN                      NY-23-5-83
ALDRICH, JANE                          NY-23-4-160
ALDRICH, LEONARD                       NY-23-4-160
ALEXANDER, ELIZA JANE                  NY-23-1-462
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                      NY-23-1-462
ALLEN, AARON B.                        NY-23-5-380
ALLEN, AHAS                            NY-23-2-522
ALLEN, AURELIA O.                      NY-23-1-122
ALLEN, BETSEY                          NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, CHARLES F.                      NY-23-6-62
ALLEN, CLARK                           NY-23-1-122
ALLEN, ELIZA                           NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, FRANCES R.                      NY-23-6-62
ALLEN, HANNAH                          NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, IRA                             NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-23-6-21
ALLEN, JULIA ANN                       NY-23-3-326
ALLEN, MARY A.                         NY-23-6-62
ALLEN, PHEBE                           NY-23-2-522
ALLEN, POLLY                           NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, SYLVESTER                       NY-23-3-290
ALLEN, VALENTINE                       NY-23-4-254
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-3-326
ALLEY, DAVID                           NY-23-3-313
ALLEY, JAMES                           NY-23-3-313
ALLIS, AMAZIAH                         NY-23-4-74
ALLIS, ASHABEL                         NY-23-4-74
ALLIS, CYRUS                           NY-23-4-74
ALLIS, GUSTAVUS                        NY-23-4-74
ALLIS, MARY                            NY-23-4-74
AMES, DEXTER                           NY-23-2-367
AMES, DORATHY                          NY-23-2-367
AMES, HARRIET                          NY-23-6-251
AMES, THOMAS                           NY-23-6-251
ANDREWS, CANADA                        NY-23-4-421
ANDREWS, JANE                          NY-23-4-421
ARMSTRONG, MARIA                       NY-23-3-362
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-23-3-362
ARNOLD, NANCY                          NY-23-5-271
ARNOLD, NATHAN                         NY-23-5-271
ASHBY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-571
ASPINWALL, CLARA S.                    NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, DELOTUS M.                  NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, HARRIET M.                  NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, JOEL A.                     NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, JOSEPH A.                   NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, MARY E.                     NY-23-5-391
ASPINWALL, TRUMAN M.                   NY-23-5-391
ATTEN, SARAH                           NY-23-1-271
AUGSBURY, CATHARINE                    NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, CYRUS                        NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, DANIEL                       NY-23-1-430
AUGSBURY, DAVID A.                     NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, EMELINE                      NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, GEORGE                       NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, JOHN A.                      NY-23-5-98
AUGSBURY, JOHN A.                      NY-23-4-278
AUGSBURY, LUCINDA                      NY-23-5-98
AUGSBURY, MARY                         NY-23-1-430
AUGSBURY, PHILENA                      NY-23-4-278
AVERELL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-23-1-365
AYER, MARY                             NY-23-2-386
AYER, OLIVER                           NY-23-2-386
AYRES, JESSE                           NY-23-4-465
AYRES, MARY                            NY-23-4-465
BABBITT, MARY                          NY-23-4-295
BABCOCK, ALPHONSO                      NY-23-6-239
BABCOCK, FRANK G.                      NY-23-4-230
BABCOCK, HALSEY                        NY-23-6-239
BABCOCK, MARIA                         NY-23-6-239
BABCOCK, SARAH                         NY-23-6-239
BACON, HANNAH                          NY-23-6-239
BACON, LEVI                            NY-23-6-239
BAGG, MARY JANE                        NY-23-3-60
BAGG, RALPH                            NY-23-3-60
BAILEY, ALBERT                         NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ALFRED                         NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ALZINA                         NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, CALEB                          NY-23-5-380
BAILEY, CLARK                          NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, EDWIN                          NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ELZADA J.                      NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, HENRY                          NY-23-1-169
BAILEY, HENRY                          NY-23-1-89
BAILEY, HENRY                          NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, LUCY A.                        NY-23-1-89
BAILEY, LUCY A.                        NY-23-1-169
BAILEY, LUTHER H.                      NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                     NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                     NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                     NY-23-1-528
BAILEY, TABATHA                        NY-23-5-380
BAKER, AARON                           NY-23-6-239
BAKER, AMANDA                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, ANNA                            NY-23-3-307
BAKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-6-239
BAKER, BEULAH C.                       NY-23-3-307
BAKER, CHARLES                         NY-23-6-239
BAKER, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-3-307
BAKER, CLINSTIA                        NY-23-6-239
BAKER, DAVID                           NY-23-6-239
BAKER, ELIZA ANN                       NY-23-3-307
BAKER, EMILY                           NY-23-6-239
BAKER, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, JOSEPH                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, LATON                           NY-23-6-239
BAKER, LEVI                            NY-23-6-239
BAKER, LOUISA OCTAVIA                  NY-23-6-239
BAKER, MARTHA                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, MARY                            NY-23-6-239
BAKER, MARY ANN                        NY-23-6-239
BAKER, MARY M.                         NY-23-3-20
BAKER, NOAH                            NY-23-6-239
BAKER, POLLY                           NY-23-6-239
BAKER, RANDOLPH                        NY-23-6-239
BAKER, RANSOM                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, STEPHEN                         NY-23-6-239
BAKER, TRUMAN                          NY-23-6-239
BAKER, VIOLA M.                        NY-23-3-307
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-3-20
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-239
BALL, GUSTAVA                          NY-23-4-74
BALL, HORACE                           NY-23-6-381
BALL, HULDAH                           NY-23-1-352
BALL, PARIS                            NY-23-6-381
BALLARD, ADALINE                       NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, BIRNEY                        NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, HIRAM                         NY-23-1-288
BALLARD, MERCY ANN                     NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, NANCY                         NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, SUSAN                         NY-23-1-288
BALLARD, THOMAS                        NY-23-1-61
BALTZ, GEORGE                          NY-23-5-171
BALTZ, HANNAH                          NY-23-5-171
BARBER, EMILY FRANCES                  NY-23-5-163
BARBER, EMILY FRANCES                  NY-23-5-186
BARBER, HARRIET JANE                   NY-23-5-186
BARKER, GEORGE S.                      NY-23-4-182
BARKER, SUSAN                          NY-23-4-182
BARNARD, ALMIRA                        NY-23-6-220
BARNARD, HENRY                         NY-23-6-220
BARNES, DAN                            NY-23-4-283
BARNES, GRRIT S.                       NY-23-1-369
BARNES, HANNAH                         NY-23-1-190
BARNES, HOSEA                          NY-23-1-190
BARNES, MARIA E.                       NY-23-1-369
BARNES, MARY                           NY-23-4-283
BARNES, MARY ANN                       NY-23-1-369
BARNES, MARY L.                        NY-23-4-336
BARNES, PERMELIA                       NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RANDALL                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RHODA                          NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RUSSELL                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, SUSAN M.                       NY-23-1-369
BARNES, THERESA A.                     NY-23-1-369
BARNES, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-336
BARNEY, EVERET                         NY-23-4-272
BARNEY, MARY                           NY-23-4-272
BARR, ASAPH                            NY-23-2-441
BARR, DORCAS                           NY-23-2-441
BARRETT, DELIA M.                      NY-23-5-178
BARRETT, ENOS                          NY-23-5-245
BARRETT, FRANCIS                       NY-23-5-245
BARRETT, HANNAH                        NY-23-4-272
BARRETT, HIRAM                         NY-23-5-245
BARRETT, LEWIS                         NY-23-5-178
BARRETT, MOSES                         NY-23-4-272
BARRETT, PATIENCE                      NY-23-5-245
BARRON, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-3-20
BARROWS, ROBERT                        NY-23-6-7
BARROWS, SAMUEL                        NY-23-6-7
BART, BETSEY                           NY-23-3-36
BARTHOLOMEW, DENNIS                    NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, DEXTER                    NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, EBENEZER                  NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE                    NY-23-2-300
BARTHOLOMEW, MARY                      NY-23-1-468
BARTHOLOMEW, MINEVA E.                 NY-23-2-300
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIVER                    NY-23-1-468
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIVER                    NY-23-1-313
BARTLETT, HENRY J.                     NY-23-5-89
BARTLETT, MARIA                        NY-23-5-89
BARTLETT, MARY                         NY-23-4-368
BARTLETT, NANCY                        NY-23-2-425
BARTLETT, NATHANIEL                    NY-23-4-368
BARTLETT, ROBERT                       NY-23-2-425
BARTOLOMEW, DANIEL                     NY-23-1-313
BASHFORD, COLES                        NY-23-1-336
BASHFORD, FRANCIS A.                   NY-23-1-336
BASINGER, JOHN                         NY-23-6-355
BATES, AMANDA                          NY-23-6-155
BATES, CYRENA L.                       NY-23-2-404
BATES, HENRY                           NY-23-2-386
BATES, JAMES K.                        NY-23-2-404
BATES, JAMES P.                        NY-23-6-155
BATES, JONATHAN R.                     NY-23-2-386
BATES, LABON E.                        NY-23-2-386
BATT, SAMUEL                           NY-23-4-74
BAUM, ABSALOM                          NY-23-3-313
BAUM, BARBARA                          NY-23-3-313
BAUM, EPHRAIM J.                       NY-23-3-313
BAUM, HENRY                            NY-23-3-318
BAUM, JACOB                            NY-23-3-318
BAUM, JOHN                             NY-23-3-318
BAUM, SOLOMON                          NY-23-3-313
BAXTER, DANIEL P.                      NY-23-3-20
BAXTER, HENRY                          NY-23-3-20
BEACH, ALLEN C.                        NY-23-5-215
BECKER, ANGELICA                       NY-23-1-386
BECKER, ANN                            NY-23-1-67
BECKER, CALVIN H.                      NY-23-1-67
BECKER, CAROLINE P.                    NY-23-1-67
BECKER, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-67
BECKER, FREDERICK F.                   NY-23-1-67
BECKER, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-67
BECKER, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-386
BECKER, JOHN                           NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MARTIN                         NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MARY                           NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MILTON CORNELIUS               NY-23-1-67
BECKER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-67
BECKWITH, AUGUSTA                      NY-23-5-330
BECKWITH, HARRIET R.                   NY-23-5-330
BECKWITH, JENCKES P.                   NY-23-5-330
BECKWITH, JOSEPH SHELDON               NY-23-5-330
BEDELL, ADALINE                        NY-23-1-288
BEDELL, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-1-288
BEEBEE, SUSAN                          NY-23-5-380
BEECHER, BENJAMIN D.                   NY-23-5-72
BEECHER, SARAH A.                      NY-23-5-72
BEEKER, BARTON                         NY-23-1-412
BEEKER, DAVID                          NY-23-1-412
BELL, WILLIAM A.                       NY-23-1-283
BEMIS, HANNAH                          NY-23-4-62
BEMIS, WILLARD                         NY-23-4-62
BENNET, MARGARET                       NY-23-3-142
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-150
BENSON, ANNA                           NY-23-3-36
BENSON, EBENEZER                       NY-23-3-36
BENTLEY, BARNET H.                     NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, DEANA                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, ELISHA                         NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, EMILY                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, GORDON                         NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, HENRY GORDON                   NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, JAMES E.                       NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, JOHN                           NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, PERSIS                         NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, THOMAS                         NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-23-1-318
BERYAMAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-1-156
BETTINGER, ANGELINE                    NY-23-4-389
BETTINGER, BETSEY                      NY-23-1-227
BETTINGER, GEORGE                      NY-23-1-227
BETTINGER, GEORGE                      NY-23-4-389
BETTINGER, LEONARD                     NY-23-1-227
BICHET, JOHN                           NY-23-6-297
BICHET, JOSEPH                         NY-23-6-297
BICHET, MARY                           NY-23-6-297
BICHET, SUSAN                          NY-23-6-297
BIDDLECOME, ESTHER C.                  NY-23-2-160
BIDDLECOME, HIRAM                      NY-23-2-160
BIDDLECOME, HORACE                     NY-23-2-165
BIDDLECOME, MARTHA A.                  NY-23-2-398
BIDDLECOME, RUSSEL B.                  NY-23-2-398
BIDDLECOME, STAFFORD                   NY-23-2-165
BIDDLECOME, WILLARD                    NY-23-2-160
BIDDLECORN, RUSSELL B.                 NY-23-4-182
BIDWELL, BETSEY ANN                    NY-23-5-21
BIDWELL, HIRAM                         NY-23-5-21
BIDWELL, JANE                          NY-23-5-287
BIDWELL, LOREN                         NY-23-5-287
BIGSBY, JANE ANN                       NY-23-1-346
BIRDSEYE, HARVEY                       NY-23-5-426
BIRDSEYE, JANE                         NY-23-5-426
BISHOP, BETHSHEBA                      NY-23-4-283
BISHOP, JAMES                          NY-23-4-283
BLAKESLEE, JAMES                       NY-23-2-74
BLAKESLEE, LOUISANNA                   NY-23-2-74
BLANCHARD, CHARLOTTE                   NY-23-1-128
BLODGET, ALTHA                         NY-23-4-311
BLODGET, AMBROSE                       NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, BETSEY                        NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, CELIA                         NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, CORDELIA                      NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, LEWIS                         NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, LYMAN                         NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, MARY E.                       NY-23-2-542
BLODGET, ORLIN                         NY-23-3-190
BLODGET, OSCAR B.                      NY-23-2-542
BLODGET, RHODA L.                      NY-23-2-542
BLODGET, ZELOTUS                       NY-23-4-311
BLOOD, FRANCES                         NY-23-3-362
BLOOD, LEVI                            NY-23-3-362
BOALT, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-2-404
BOALT, JANE I.                         NY-23-2-404
BOND, ISAAC                            NY-23-3-108
BOND, PEGGY                            NY-23-3-108
BONES, LYLE                            NY-23-3-296
BONES, SUSAN M.                        NY-23-3-296
BOO, LOIS E.                           NY-23-2-264
BOOM, ABRAHAM                          NY-23-2-264
BOOMER, MARGARET                       NY-23-3-434
BOOMER, OLIVER                         NY-23-3-434
BORN, ORINDA                           NY-23-6-132
BOUCHER, SALLY                         NY-23-4-230
BOUCHER, SIMEON                        NY-23-4-230
BOURCY, ELOY                           NY-23-6-13
BOURCY, FRANCIS                        NY-23-6-13
BOURCY, FRANCIS                        NY-23-6-13
BOURCY, MARY BARB                      NY-23-6-13
BOWLSBY, GEORGE                        NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, JOHN                          NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, MARTIN                        NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, NATHANIEL                     NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, WILLIAM B.                    NY-23-1-498
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, ABRAM                          NY-23-4-394
BOWMAN, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, DAVID                          NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, ELIAS                          NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, JAHAN JACOB                    NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, NANCY                          NY-23-4-394
BOWMAN, PETER JR.                      NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, SUSAN                          NY-23-1-450
BRADNER, ALONZO                        NY-23-2-22
BRADNER, JANE                          NY-23-2-22
BRAINAD, D. C.                         NY-23-1-233
BRAINARD, LAURA                        NY-23-1-233
BRANCH, ANN                            NY-23-6-13
BRANCH, SIMEON                         NY-23-6-13
BRENNAN, JOANNAH                       NY-23-3-175
BRENNAN, MARGARET                      NY-23-3-175
BRENNAN, MARTIN                        NY-23-3-175
BRETSH, MARGARET                       NY-23-3-301
BRETSH, PHILIP                         NY-23-3-301
BRETTON, ANNA                          NY-23-2-352
BRETTON, ORRIN                         NY-23-2-352
BREWSTER, CLARISSA                     NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, EPHRAIM                      NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, LAVINA                       NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, MARTHA                       NY-23-2-503
BREWSTER, MARY S.                      NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, OLIVE                        NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, ROBY                         NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, SARAH                        NY-23-2-503
BREWSTER, TIMOTHY G.                   NY-23-1-169
BREWSTER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-190
BRIANT, CHARLES                        NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, DAVID                          NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, HENRY                          NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, JOHN                           NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, LOUIS                          NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, MARY                           NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, MELVINA                        NY-23-6-88
BRIGGS, ELLEN                          NY-23-3-1
BRIGGS, LEONARD                        NY-23-3-36
BRIGGS, LORENZO D.                     NY-23-3-1
BRIGGS, SALLY                          NY-23-3-36
BRIGHAM, POLLY                         NY-23-4-107
BRIMMER, CATHARINE                     NY-23-5-419
BRIMMER, CHARLES                       NY-23-5-419
BRIMMER, SIDNEY                        NY-23-5-419
BRISTOL, JERUSHA                       NY-23-5-21
BRISTOL, WILLIAM                       NY-23-5-21
BROMLEY, ELIZA                         NY-23-1-18
BROMLEY, HIRAM                         NY-23-1-18
BROOKS, MARIA S.                       NY-23-5-341
BROOKS, MILISSA                        NY-23-1-271
BROOKS, NELSON A.                      NY-23-5-341
BROOKS, THOMPSON                       NY-23-1-271
BROWN, ABI                             NY-23-4-465
BROWN, ADRIAN                          NY-23-2-431
BROWN, AUSTIN A.                       NY-23-3-337
BROWN, BELCHER A.                      NY-23-1-564
BROWN, BELSHER A.                      NY-23-1-122
BROWN, BREELLA                         NY-23-2-522
BROWN, CHARLES W.                      NY-23-5-391
BROWN, CHRISTIANA                      NY-23-1-330
BROWN, CLOANTHA                        NY-23-4-230
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-5-391
BROWN, EMMET                           NY-23-6-239
BROWN, FANNY                           NY-23-3-234
BROWN, FRANKLIN                        NY-23-6-355
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-23-4-165
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-337
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-23-3-234
BROWN, JAMES C.                        NY-23-4-175
BROWN, JARED                           NY-23-1-283
BROWN, JENELLE                         NY-23-3-79
BROWN, JENETTE                         NY-23-4-165
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-23-2-522
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-3-337
BROWN, LEANDER                         NY-23-4-230
BROWN, LUTHER                          NY-23-5-391
BROWN, LYSANDER H.                     NY-23-1-330
BROWN, MARGARET                        NY-23-2-431
BROWN, MARIA A.                        NY-23-1-283
BROWN, MARY A.                         NY-23-1-122
BROWN, MARY A.                         NY-23-1-564
BROWN, MARY ADELIA                     NY-23-3-98
BROWN, MERCY ANN                       NY-23-3-337
BROWN, OLIVE                           NY-23-6-355
BROWN, POLLY                           NY-23-4-119
BROWN, POLLY                           NY-23-4-119
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-23-4-119
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-23-3-79
BROWN, SARAH ANN                       NY-23-5-391
BROWN, SEYMOUR W.                      NY-23-3-337
BROWN, SYLVIA JANE                     NY-23-4-175
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-23-1-330
BROWN, WILLIAM I.                      NY-23-4-465
BROWN, ZELOTUS M.                      NY-23-3-337
BROWN, ZELOTUS M.                      NY-23-3-337
BROWN, ALTANA                          NY-23-6-239
BRUNDRIDGE, CHARLOTTE                  NY-23-6-132
BRUNDRIDGE, DANIEL                     NY-23-6-132
BRUNDRIDGE, JOSEPH                     NY-23-6-132
BRUNDRIDGE, LUCY                       NY-23-6-132
BRUNETTE, ANN AMELIA                   NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, CHARLES LEWIS                NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, GEORGE ALFRED                NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, JOSEPH ALMEDUS               NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, JULIA                        NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, MARY ALTHEA                  NY-23-4-378
BRUNETTE, MARY M.                      NY-23-4-378
BRYANT, TEMPERANCE                     NY-23-6-7
BULL, ALVAH                            NY-23-1-214
BUNNEL, ALFRED                         NY-23-2-137
BUNNEL, GEORGE                         NY-23-2-137
BUNNEL, LOWLY                          NY-23-2-137
BUNNEL, REUBEN A.                      NY-23-2-137
BURCH, HELEN F.                        NY-23-1-399
BURCH, SARAH M.                        NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, CHARLES                      NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, MARY P.                      NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, WILLIAM H.                   NY-23-1-399
BURHANS, HARRIET MARIA                 NY-23-3-377
BURHANS, WILLIAM SEYMOUR               NY-23-3-377
BURNAM, MARIA                          NY-23-6-193
BURNAM, STEPHEN                        NY-23-6-193
BURNHAM, DYER N.                       NY-23-4-265
BURNHAM, RICHARD GOODELL               NY-23-4-265
BURNUM, EPPS                           NY-23-2-554
BURNUM, FRANCES                        NY-23-2-554
BURNUM, ISRAEL                         NY-23-2-554
BURNUM, NATHANIEL                      NY-23-2-554
BURNUM, STEPHEN                        NY-23-2-554
BURT, CHARLES CALHOUN                  NY-23-4-324
BURT, JAMES CAIRO                      NY-23-4-324
BURT, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-23-4-324
BUSH, ARRABELLA                        NY-23-1-301
BUSH, SIDNEY                           NY-23-1-301
BUSH, WHITMAN                          NY-23-1-301
BUSHNELL, ALLEN                        NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, ALLEN                        NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, CHESTER                      NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, CHESTER                      NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, ELISHA                       NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, ELISHA                       NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, ELIZA                        NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, ELIZA ANN                    NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, HARRIET                      NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, HESEKIAH                     NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, LESTER                       NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, LIESTER                      NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, LOREN                        NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, LOREN                        NY-23-1-122
BUSLAR, MARGARET                       NY-23-1-101
BUSLAR, PETER                          NY-23-1-101
BUSWELL, ELEANOR                       NY-23-2-485
BUSWELL, GEORGE                        NY-23-2-485
BUTLER, HANNAH                         NY-23-3-146
BUTLER, JOHN WILLIAM                   NY-23-3-146
BUTLER, THOMAS                         NY-23-3-146
BUTT, JARED                            NY-23-6-132
BUTTERFIELD, ALEXANDER                 NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, CYRUS                     NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, ELIZA                     NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, ELIZABETH                 NY-23-1-412
BUTTERFIELD, EMMA                      NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, FRANCIS J.                NY-23-3-258
BUTTERFIELD, HAMILTON                  NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, JUSTIN                    NY-23-1-412
BUTTERFIELD, PHENANDA                  NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, WELLINGTON                NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, WOODWORTH                 NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, XENOPHEN                  NY-23-1-294
BUTTRICK, SAMUEL B.                    NY-23-1-571
CADWELL, HENRY                         NY-23-4-475
CADWELL, MARY M.                       NY-23-4-475
CAHMBERLAIN, DANIEL                    NY-23-2-319
CALHOUN, CHARLES                       NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, CHAUNCEY                      NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, EBENEZER                      NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, JAMES M.                      NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, JOHN                          NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, MARY MIRANDA                  NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, SARAH EDWARDS                 NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, SHERMAN                       NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, SOPHIA REBECCA                NY-23-4-324
CALHOUN, WILILAM ALVIN                 NY-23-4-324
CALINS, JOHN                           NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, ELIJAH                        NY-23-1-480
CALKINS, ERVIN                         NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, NANCY                         NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, NELSON                        NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, PETER B.                      NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, PHEBE                         NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, PHILO                         NY-23-1-480
CALKINS, RILEY                         NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, ROYAL                         NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, RUTH                          NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, SETH                          NY-23-5-271
CALKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-5-271
CAMP, ELISHA                           NY-23-4-333
CAMP, SOPHIA                           NY-23-4-333
CAMPBELL, CONRAD                       NY-23-4-355
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-4-355
CAMPBELL, JAMES B.                     NY-23-6-62
CANFIELD, EVALINE                      NY-23-4-125
CANFIELD, FANNY                        NY-23-3-137
CANFIELD, FANNY H.                     NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, HENRY                        NY-23-4-125
CANFIELD, JANE H.                      NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, JOHN                         NY-23-3-137
CANFIELD, RICHARD M.                   NY-23-3-137
CANFIELD, RICHARD M.                   NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, THEODORE                     NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, THEODORE                     NY-23-3-137
CANIELD, JOHN                          NY-23-1-163
CARHART, CATHERINE                     NY-23-1-492
CARHART, ROBERT B.                     NY-23-1-492
CARLEY, ADNEY                          NY-23-3-450
CARLEY, ALMIRA                         NY-23-3-450
CARNIGIE, EUNICE                       NY-23-2-53
CARPENTER, (NO NAME)                   NY-23-5-253
CARPENTER, ABRAM SPENCER               NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, ANNA                        NY-23-1-318
CARPENTER, DORCAS                      NY-23-5-380
CARPENTER, ELIZABTH                    NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, EMER                        NY-23-5-98
CARPENTER, JANE SOPHIA                 NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NY-23-1-318
CARPENTER, JOHN ELLWOOD                NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, MARGARET                    NY-23-5-253
CARPENTER, MARY JANE                   NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, NANCY CATHARINE             NY-23-5-208
CARPENTER, ROBERT                      NY-23-5-380
CARPENTER, SARAH                       NY-23-5-98
CARTER, ASA B.                         NY-23-4-113
CARTER, BETSEY                         NY-23-6-340
CARTER, DELILAH M.                     NY-23-6-355
CARTER, LUTHER                         NY-23-6-355
CARTER, NEWEL W.                       NY-23-4-113
CARTER, ROXANA                         NY-23-4-113
CARTER, THERON P.                      NY-23-4-113
CARTER, WILLIAM D.                     NY-23-4-113
CASLER, BARBARA ANN                    NY-23-4-384
CASLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-4-138
CASLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-4-138
CASLER, HARRIET                        NY-23-4-384
CASLER, JAMES M.                       NY-23-4-138
CASLER, JOHN SIRDAIN                   NY-23-4-384
CASLER, MINERVA                        NY-23-4-384
CASLER, SARAH                          NY-23-4-138
CASWELL, ELI                           NY-23-4-74
CASWELL, GEORGE                        NY-23-6-251
CASWELL, SOPHINA                       NY-23-4-74
CATER, BENJAMEN                        NY-23-1-480
CATER, PHILENA                         NY-23-1-480
CATLIN, MARY                           NY-23-1-510
CHAMBELAIN, GEORGE                     NY-23-2-418
CHAMBERLAIN, BETSEY                    NY-23-2-319
CHAMBERLAIN, DORCAS                    NY-23-2-319
CHAMBERLAIN, EMELINE L.                NY-23-4-343                              
CHAMBERLAIN, HARVEY                    NY-23-2-319
CHAMBERLAIN, TABETHA                   NY-23-2-418
CHAMBERS, POLLY                        NY-23-3-60
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM L.                   NY-23-3-60
CHAMLIN, CHARLOTTE M.                  NY-23-6-340
CHAMPLIN, WILLIAM E.                   NY-23-6-340
CHAPMAN, LEVI                          NY-23-6-177
CHAPMAN, PAMELIA                       NY-23-6-177
CHAPMAN, SUSAN                         NY-23-5-426
CHASE, DAVID                           NY-23-3-362
CHASE, PATIENCE                        NY-23-3-362
CHEESEMAN, CLEMENA                     NY-23-4-74
CHEESEMAN, JEREMIAH                    NY-23-6-88
CHEESEMAN, LORENZO                     NY-23-4-74
CHEEVER, CHARLES                       NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, EZEKIEL                       NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, JOHN                          NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, LOVICA                        NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, MALINDA                       NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, MARY ANN                      NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, MARY E.                       NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, RALPH C.                      NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, RALPH C.                      NY-23-4-51
CHEEVER, REBECCA LOVISA                NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, RUTH                          NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, SAMUEL                        NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, STERLING                      NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, STOUGHTON                     NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-4-51
CHENEY, ELIPHALET                      NY-23-3-326
CHENEY, SYLVIA                         NY-23-3-326
CHITTENDEN, CORNELIA ANN               NY-23-4-56
CHITTENDEN, THOMAS C.                  NY-23-4-56
CHREST, CONRAD                         NY-23-3-301
CHREST, MARIAH CATHARINE               NY-23-3-301
CHRISTIE, HANNAH                       NY-23-5-357
CHRISTIE, SIMEON S.                    NY-23-5-357
CHURCH, CATHARINE                      NY-23-1-412
CLAPP, DE WITT                         NY-23-6-78
CLAPP, LOVINA                          NY-23-6-78
CLARK, ALBERT                          NY-23-6-325
CLARK, ALFRED N.                       NY-23-6-325
CLARK, ALMANDA                         NY-23-3-40
CLARK, ALMIRA                          NY-23-4-243
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-23-5-380
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-23-3-185
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-23-6-325
CLARK, AMANDA                          NY-23-1-233
CLARK, AMY                             NY-23-3-185
CLARK, ASA                             NY-23-4-107
CLARK, ASA                             NY-23-5-98
CLARK, ASA                             NY-23-3-60
CLARK, ASA JR.                         NY-23-3-40
CLARK, BENJAMEN                        NY-23-1-521
CLARK, BETSEY                          NY-23-3-60
CLARK, BETSEY                          NY-23-3-40
CLARK, CHARLES                         NY-23-2-22
CLARK, CULVER                          NY-23-4-243
CLARK, ELI E.                          NY-23-5-380
CLARK, ELIAS JR.                       NY-23-1-521
CLARK, ELIZA                           NY-23-2-418
CLARK, ELIZA                           NY-23-1-107
CLARK, ELIZA                           NY-23-3-382
CLARK, ELLIS                           NY-23-1-233
CLARK, EMILY H.                        NY-23-3-382
CLARK, EMILY H.                        NY-23-1-107
CLARK, GILBERT                         NY-23-1-521
CLARK, HOLLAND B.                      NY-23-1-521
CLARK, JESSE                           NY-23-5-380
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-23-1-18
CLARK, LOVEL                           NY-23-1-521
CLARK, LYDIA ANN                       NY-23-5-380
CLARK, LYDIA ANN                       NY-23-3-185
CLARK, MARGARET                        NY-23-5-83
CLARK, MARSHALL                        NY-23-3-382
CLARK, MARTIN V.                       NY-23-3-382
CLARK, MARY                            NY-23-1-521
CLARK, MARY E.                         NY-23-3-382
CLARK, MARY E.                         NY-23-3-382
CLARK, MARY E.                         NY-23-1-107
CLARK, MERCY                           NY-23-1-107
CLARK, NATHANIEL P.                    NY-23-5-380
CLARK, NORMAN                          NY-23-2-418
CLARK, OLIVE                           NY-23-3-342
CLARK, PERSIS                          NY-23-5-380
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-23-1-521
CLARK, SQUIRE H.                       NY-23-3-342
CLARK, TABOR W.                        NY-23-1-521
CLARK, WANTON                          NY-23-5-380
CLARK, WASHINGTON                      NY-23-1-107
CLEVELAND, PRISCILLA                   NY-23-5-67
CLEVELAND, VICAR D.                    NY-23-5-67
CLINE, ADELAIDE                        NY-23-6-498
CLINE, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-6-498
CLINE, FRANCIS                         NY-23-6-498
CLINE, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-498
CLINE, MILTON                          NY-23-6-498
CLINES, WINNA                          NY-23-4-433
CLINT, CHLOE ANN                       NY-23-1-18
COBB, IRA B.                           NY-23-3-6
COBB, MARGARET B.                      NY-23-3-6
COBB, SARAH                            NY-23-1-498
COBURN, DELINA                         NY-23-2-418
COBURN, OTIS                           NY-23-2-418
COFFEEN, LAURA                         NY-23-4-465
COFFEEN, LAURA ANN                     NY-23-4-465
COFFEEN, MARY                          NY-23-1-261
COFFEEN, SARAH                         NY-23-1-261
COHN, JULIA                            NY-23-1-27
COLBRATH, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-412
COLE, ALANSON                          NY-23-3-439
COLE, ALLEN JR.                        NY-23-3-439
COLE, ANDREW J.                        NY-23-3-439
COLE, ANDREW J.                        NY-23-3-439
COLE, AUSTIN                           NY-23-3-439
COLE, CHARLOTTE N.                     NY-23-2-300
COLE, DELIA                            NY-23-1-313
COLE, DENNIS                           NY-23-3-439
COLE, ELISHA                           NY-23-3-439
COLE, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-3-439
COLE, HANNAH                           NY-23-3-439
COLE, HARRISON                         NY-23-2-300
COLE, HEZEKIAH                         NY-23-5-380
COLE, IRA                              NY-23-1-430
COLE, JEREMIAH                         NY-23-5-380
COLE, JESSE                            NY-23-4-51
COLE, JESSE                            NY-23-5-380
COLE, LEVINA J.                        NY-23-2-300
COLE, MARIA                            NY-23-4-51
COLE, MARION H.                        NY-23-2-300
COLE, MARY M.                          NY-23-2-300
COLE, POLLY                            NY-23-3-439
COLE, RACHEL                           NY-23-1-430
COLE, SARDIS                           NY-23-5-380
COLE, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-313
COLES, CATHARINE                       NY-23-1-412
COLLINS, AMOS                          NY-23-1-359
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-6-251
COLLINS, THOMAS                        NY-23-6-251
COLLINS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-6-251
COLMAN, JULIUS                         NY-23-1-480
COLMAN, LUCIUS                         NY-23-1-480
COLMAN, SALLY                          NY-23-1-480
COMMINS, CORDELIA                      NY-23-1-33
COMSTOCK, ANN H.                       NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, CLARENCE                     NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, JANE M.                      NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, JOHN H.                      NY-23-4-150
COMSTOCK, JOHN M.                      NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, WILLEY                       NY-23-1-443
CONGDEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-4-189
CONGDEN, HANNAH M.                     NY-23-4-189
CONGDEN, JAMES H.                      NY-23-4-189
CONGDEN, MARY M.                       NY-23-4-189
CONKLIN, JOHN H.                       NY-23-4-405
CONRAD, PETER                          NY-23-1-412
CONRAD, POLLY                          NY-23-1-412
CONWAY, MELISSA                        NY-23-5-262
CONWAY, THEODORE                       NY-23-5-262
COOK, ACHSAH                           NY-23-2-312
COOK, CHARLES                          NY-23-2-312
COOK, ELEYJ.                           NY-23-2-312
COOK, ELIJAH                           NY-23-3-342
COOK, ELVIRA                           NY-23-3-342
COOK, EMERY                            NY-23-4-200
COOK, FORESTER L.                      NY-23-4-200
COOK, JOSIAH                           NY-23-4-200
COOK, LUTHER                           NY-23-4-200
COOK, MARY                             NY-23-4-200
COOK, SARAH A.                         NY-23-1-412
COOK, SOPHIA                           NY-23-2-312
COOK, THEODOSIA                        NY-23-4-200
COOLEY, ALFRED G.                      NY-23-2-40
COOLEY, CHARLES                        NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, DELOS                          NY-23-2-40
COOLEY, ELAM                           NY-23-3-68
COOLEY, HARRISON                       NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, JERUSHA                        NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, LESTER                         NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, LORING                         NY-23-3-68
COOLEY, LUMAN                          NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, MARTIN                         NY-23-4-400
COOLEY, ORA                            NY-23-3-68
COON, ALMEDA                           NY-23-5-262
COOPER, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-1-386
COOPER, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-386
COOPER, HOWELL                         NY-23-4-475
COOPER, LOIS P.                        NY-23-4-475
COOPER, MARGARET                       NY-23-1-386
COOPER, RANY                           NY-23-1-386
COOPER, VICTOR                         NY-23-1-386
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-386
CORBIN, ELKANA                         NY-23-4-412
CORBIN, ELLA ARLINE                    NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, GEORGE GARY                    NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, HIRAM DUANE                    NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, JANE                           NY-23-4-412
CORBIN, MELZOR MATTISON                NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, SARENUS CLAYTON                NY-23-6-482
CORBIN, SIMEON JAMES                   NY-23-6-482
CORLIS, LUCRETIA                       NY-23-1-238
CORLIS, MIRANDA N.                     NY-23-5-194
CORLIS, SELUS                          NY-23-1-238
CORNWALL, LANA                         NY-23-5-253
CORNWELL, FRANCES                      NY-23-4-324
CORY, CATHERINE                        NY-23-6-340
CORY, FARNHAM S.                       NY-23-6-340
COUGHLAN, GEORGE L.                    NY-23-1-380
COUGHLAN, MARIAN                       NY-23-1-380
COUNTRYMAN, JACOB                      NY-23-4-311
COUNTRYMAN, PHINETT                    NY-23-4-311
COWAN, EMELINE                         NY-23-1-261
COWAN, HERMAN                          NY-23-3-362
COWAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-261
COWEN, CALVIN                          NY-23-6-211
COWEN, CAORLINE                        NY-23-6-211
COWLES, CALEB G.                       NY-23-4-56
COWLES, HARRIET                        NY-23-4-56
COX, MARIA                             NY-23-5-380
COX, MARIA                             NY-23-3-185
COX, PATRICK                           NY-23-5-380
COX, PATRICK                           NY-23-3-185
CRABB, BETSEY                          NY-23-4-230
CRABB, TOMPKINS                        NY-23-4-230
CRANDALL, RACHEL                       NY-23-6-239
CRAW, LEWIS                            NY-23-1-412
CRAW, MAHALA                           NY-23-1-412
CRAWE, CHARLOTTE FRANCES               NY-23-5-109
CRITTENDEN, SARAH                      NY-23-2-137
CROSBY, CAROLINE                       NY-23-6-325
CROSBY, JAMES                          NY-23-6-325
CROSS, AARON                           NY-23-2-28
CROSS, MARY JANE                       NY-23-2-28
CROUCH, BETSEY                         NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, DAVID P.                       NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, JAMES                          NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, JOHN                           NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-41
CROUCH, ZEVIAH                         NY-23-6-41
CUMMINGS, CYNTHIA ANN                  NY-23-6-232
CUMMINGS, LIBERTY                      NY-23-6-232
CUNNINGHAM, ALMIRA                     NY-23-5-312
CUNNINGHAM, JOSEPH                     NY-23-5-312
CURLEY, ERASTUS                        NY-23-1-201
CURLEY, MARY                           NY-23-1-201
CUTLER, SALLY                          NY-23-1-181
CUTLER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-181
DALA, ANN                              NY-23-4-421
DALA, JOHN                             NY-23-4-421
DAVIDSON, CHRISTIAN                    NY-23-4-28
DAVIDSON, CORNELIA                     NY-23-1-412
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         NY-23-4-28
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                      NY-23-4-28
DAVIDSON,M ARY MATILDA                 NY-23-4-28
DAVIS, GEORGE D.                       NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, JOHN M.                         NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, LUCINDA                         NY-23-3-450
DAVIS, MATILDA E.                      NY-23-4-6
DAVIS, MERCY                           NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, REBECCA R.                      NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          NY-23-3-450
DAVIS, VIOLA K.                        NY-23-3-266
DAVIS, WILLIAM E. SPENCER              NY-23-4-6
DAVIS, WILLIAM H. H.                   NY-23-3-266
DAWLEY, DARIUS                         NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, ELISHA                         NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, EMELINE                        NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, ESTHER                         NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, EVELINE                        NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, HENRY                          NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, NATHAN                         NY-23-6-211
DAWLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-211
DAY, ANNA                              NY-23-6-348
DAY, OTIS                              NY-23-6-340
DAY, REUBEN                            NY-23-6-340
DAY, RUFUS                             NY-23-6-348
DAY, RUSSELL                           NY-23-6-340
DEAN, DIANDAMA                         NY-23-4-329
DEAN, RICHARD                          NY-23-4-329
DEAN, VALVERD                          NY-23-5-223
DECKER, ALSON                          NY-23-4-62
DECKER, BENJAMIN ELLIOT                NY-23-4-62
DECKER, OLIVE                          NY-23-4-62
DELONG, LOVINA                         NY-23-5-262
DELONG, STEPHEN                        NY-23-5-262
DENURE, MARY ANN                       NY-23-6-498
DENURE, PETER J.                       NY-23-6-498
DERBY, CHARLES                         NY-23-4-195
DERBY, MARY                            NY-23-4-195
DEVENDORF, ALONZO                      NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, AUGUSTUS                    NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, ELIZABETH                   NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, JOHN HENRY                  NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, LUTHER                      NY-23-3-14
DEVENDORF, SOPHIA                      NY-23-3-14
DEXTER, JULIA                          NY-23-4-348
DEXTER, ZADOCK                         NY-23-4-348
DEZENGREMEL, FRANCIS P.                NY-23-6-71
DEZENGREMEL, REMY                      NY-23-6-71
DICKEY, EDMUND                         NY-23-3-130
DICKEY, GERALDINE                      NY-23-3-130
DICKINSON, ALEANDER                    NY-23-3-407
DILLENBECK, ABRAHAM                    NY-23-3-313
DILLENBECK, BARBARA                    NY-23-3-313
DILLENBECK, JOHN                       NY-23-2-91
DILLENBECK, JULIA                      NY-23-2-91
DIMMICK, CELINA                        NY-23-6-155
DIMMICK, JOHN                          NY-23-6-155
DIX, ALEXANDER F.                      NY-23-1-294
DIX, ELIZA                             NY-23-1-294
DIX, FRANCES                           NY-23-1-294
DIXON, AMBROSE M.                      NY-23-2-536
DIXON, AMOS                            NY-23-1-412
DIXON, LAURA ANN                       NY-23-1-412
DIXON, SARAH                           NY-23-2-536
DIXON, SYLVESTER N.                    NY-23-2-536
DODGE, AMASAS                          NY-23-5-166
DODGE, EUNICE                          NY-23-5-163
DODGE, GRACIE                          NY-23-2-160
DODGE, JAMES                           NY-23-5-166
DODGE, JOEL                            NY-23-5-166
DODGE, UNIS                            NY-23-5-166
DODGE, WILLARD                         NY-23-5-166
DOOLITTLE, ANNA                        NY-23-1-190
DOOLITTLE, HIRAM                       NY-23-1-190
DORWIN, BETSEY                         NY-23-2-170
DORWIN, LUTHER J.                      NY-23-3-53
DORWIN, LUTHER J.                      NY-23-3-258
DORWIN, WABBY                          NY-23-2-170
DOUD, SILAS                            NY-23-3-169
DOUD, SOPHIA                           NY-23-3-169
DOWIN, ESTHER                          NY-23-6-239
DOWNING, BETSEY                        NY-23-3-108
DRACE, MARY                            NY-23-2-319
DRACE, REUBEN                          NY-23-2-319
DRAKE, ALMOND                          NY-23-2-132
DRAKE, AUSTIN                          NY-23-2-132
DRAKE, JOSIAH                          NY-23-2-132
DRAKE, SILENCE                         NY-23-2-132
DUFORT, LOUIS HENRI ERNEST             NY-23-3-394
DUNHAM, DOLLY                          NY-23-1-18
DUNHAM, NOAH                           NY-23-4-456
DUNHAM, OWIN                           NY-23-1-18
DUNHAM, SUSAN O.                       NY-23-4-456
DUNLAP, EDNY ANN                       NY-23-5-98
DUNLAP, PENELOPE D.                    NY-23-3-215
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        NY-23-5-98
DUNN, DUNCAN                           NY-23-2-74
DUNN, SUSAN M.                         NY-23-2-74
DUNNING, JAMES S.                      NY-23-6-202
DUNNING, MARY S.                       NY-23-6-202
DUNNING, SMITH JR.                     NY-23-6-202
DUPIN, HERMEL                          NY-23-3-394
DUPIN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-3-394
DURFEE, ASA                            NY-23-5-123
DURFEE, LORINDA                        NY-23-5-123
DUTCHER, EDWARD                        NY-23-2-485
DUTCHER, FRANCES                       NY-23-2-485
DUTCHER, JANE                          NY-23-2-485
DYER, MARY ANN                         NY-23-4-51
DYER, SIMEON                           NY-23-4-51

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