Jefferson County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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KANOUTS, JAMES                         NY-23-3-244
KANOUTS, SARAH JANE                    NY-23-3-244
KEELAR, MALINDA                        NY-23-4-51
KEELAR, WILLIAM C.                     NY-23-4-51
KEEP, EMMA A.                          NY-23-4-475
KEEP, HENRY                            NY-23-4-475
KEITH, CHARLES STARKEY                 NY-23-4-437
KEITH, FLEURY                          NY-23-2-300
KEITH, GEORGE P.                       NY-23-2-300
KEITH, HENRY                           NY-23-2-300
KEITH, HENRY                           NY-23-2-300
KEITH, MADISON B.                      NY-23-2-300
KEITH, MARY A.                         NY-23-4-437
KEITH, MARY S.                         NY-23-4-437
KEITH, ORLANDO S.                      NY-23-4-437
KEITH, RUFUS W.                        NY-23-2-300
KEITH, WILLIS                          NY-23-2-300
KELLOGG, ALONZO                        NY-23-3-169
KELLOGG, CORNELIA                      NY-23-5-341
KELLOGG, DICKINSON D.                  NY-23-5-341
KELLOGG, GRACE                         NY-23-3-169
KELLOGG, JAMES                         NY-23-4-175
KELLOGG, ORLANDO                       NY-23-4-175
KELLOGG, ORPHIA D.                     NY-23-4-175
KELLOGG, SOLOMON W.                    NY-23-4-175
KELLOGG, SYLVESTER                     NY-23-3-169
KELSEY, ANTONETTE                      NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, FRANKLIN                       NY-23-6-7
KELSEY, HENRY                          NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, JOHN                           NY-23-6-7
KELSEY, MARIA                          NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, MARTHA                         NY-23-6-7
KELSEY, ROSANA                         NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-369
KENEDY, LEONARD L.                     NY-23-5-186
KENEDY, MARY                           NY-23-1-318
KENEDY, ROBERT                         NY-23-1-318
KEYES, LYDIA                           NY-23-1-412
KEYES, LYDIA P.                        NY-23-4-373
KEYES, P. G.                           NY-23-1-412
KEYES, PERLEY G.                       NY-23-3-372
KEYES, RICAHRD G.                      NY-23-4-373
KEYSER, JONATHAN                       NY-23-6-239
KEYSER, LUCINA                         NY-23-6-239
KEYSER, NATHANIEL                      NY-23-6-239
KEYSER, SYLVANUS                       NY-23-6-239
KIBLING, HARRIET                       NY-23-5-43
KIBLING, JOHN                          NY-23-5-43
KIDDER, TIMOTHY                        NY-23-1-521
KIDNEY, ESTHER                         NY-23-1-324
KIDNEY, HARVEY                         NY-23-1-324
KIMBALL, BETSEY                        NY-23-2-80
KIMBALL, DELIA                         NY-23-3-79
KIMBALL, HORACE                        NY-23-5-194
KIMBALL, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-80
KIMBALL, MARY ANN                      NY-23-5-194
KIMBALL,HARLOWE                        NY-23-3-79
KING, CHARLES                          NY-23-2-74
KING, DEMING                           NY-23-2-74
KING, JEPTHA                           NY-23-5-271
KING, MAHALA                           NY-23-2-74
KING, OLIVE                            NY-23-5-271
KING, RILEY                            NY-23-2-74
KINNEY, ALANSON                        NY-23-6-332
KINNEY, CELESTINE                      NY-23-6-332
KINNEY, MARY E.                        NY-23-6-332
KINNEY, MARY R.                        NY-23-6-332
KIRKLAND, ARAMINTA P.                  NY-23-5-230
KIRKLAND, EDWIN A.                     NY-23-5-230
KITTS, DELIA                           NY-23-2-360
KITTS, DILBERT B.                      NY-23-2-360
KITTS, EDWARD                          NY-23-2-360
KITTS, EMILY                           NY-23-2-360
KITTS, JESSE                           NY-23-2-360
KITTS, JULIA                           NY-23-2-360
KITTS, MARTIN                          NY-23-2-360
KITTS, MARY ANN                        NY-23-2-360
KITTS, MERILLA                         NY-23-2-360
KITTS, PHILANDER                       NY-23-2-360
KITTS, VICTORY                         NY-23-2-360
KLOCK, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-5-6
KLOCK, HENRY H.                        NY-23-5-6
KLOCK, ISAAC                           NY-23-2-91
KLOCK, LANA                            NY-23-2-91
KLOCK, SIMEON                          NY-23-5-6
KLOCK, THOMAS                          NY-23-6-115
KNAP, CHARLES JR.                      NY-23-1-365
KNOWLES, DELIGHT                       NY-23-6-381
KNOWLES, HENRY L.                      NY-23-6-389
KNOWLES, HIRAM                         NY-23-6-381
KNOWLTON, ERNEST                       NY-23-5-83
KNOWLTON, ROXANA                       NY-23-5-83
KRING, ALICE                           NY-23-5-89
KRING, ALONZO                          NY-23-5-89
KRING, AYER                            NY-23-5-89
KRING, JOHN                            NY-23-5-89
KRING, MARTHA                          NY-23-5-89
KRING, MARTIN                          NY-23-5-89
KRING, MARY ANN                        NY-23-5-89
KRING, MARY ANN                        NY-23-5-253
KRING, NANCY                           NY-23-5-89
LACKORE, LUCY                          NY-23-1-359
LACKORE, LUKE                          NY-23-1-359
LACY, ELIAS                            NY-23-4-160
LACY, ERASTUS JR.                      NY-23-4-160
LACY, FLORA                            NY-23-4-160
LACY, HERMAN                           NY-23-4-160
LACY, MARTIN                           NY-23-4-160
LACY, MILO                             NY-23-4-160
LAKE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-23-4-368
LAKE, DANIEL J.                        NY-23-4-368
LAKE, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-4-368
LAKE, WILLIAM W.                       NY-23-4-368
LAKE, WILLIS M.                        NY-23-4-368
LAMSON, LUTHER                         NY-23-1-564
LAMSON, LUTHER                         NY-23-1-122
LAMSON, SALLY                          NY-23-1-122
LANE, CHARLES                          NY-23-4-91
LANE, MARY ANN                         NY-23-4-91
LANSING, JOHN                          NY-23-4-437
LANSING, JOHN                          NY-23-6-505
LARKIN, JOHN A.                        NY-23-2-58
LARKINS, JULIA                         NY-23-2-58
LARUE, GRACEANN                        NY-23-3-1
LARUE, JACOB                           NY-23-3-1
LASHBROOKS, HIRAM                      NY-23-3-226
LASHBROOKS, HIRAM                      NY-23-2-65
LASHBROOKS, RHODA                      NY-23-2-65
LASHBROOKS, RHODA                      NY-23-3-226
LATTIMORE, BENJAMIN                    NY-23-5-271
LATTIMORE, ESTHER                      NY-23-5-271
LAW, LUCY                              NY-23-3-114
LAWRENCE, ARVILLA                      NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-2-373
LAWRENCE, FLORA ANN                    NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, GEORGE W.                    NY-23-2-373
LAWRENCE, HARVEY                       NY-23-1-462
LAWRENCE, HOWELL                       NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, MAHETABLE                    NY-23-2-373
LAWRENCE, REBECCA                      NY-23-2-373
LAWRENCE, RUTH                         NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, SALLY                        NY-23-1-462
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      NY-23-2-373
LEE, BETSEY                            NY-23-3-114
LEICESTER, DAVID                       NY-23-1-122
LEICESTER, JOSEPH                      NY-23-1-122
LEICESTER, SIMEON                      NY-23-1-122
LEWIS, ALDEN J.                        NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, BELL                            NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, BURT                            NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, CAROLINE                        NY-23-2-160
LEWIS, ELIZA                           NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, ESTHER ANN                      NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, HARREIT                         NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, ISRAEL                          NY-23-2-264
LEWIS, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, MARGAET ANN                     NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, MARIA                           NY-23-2-367
LEWIS, MINERVA E.                      NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, MORTIMER C.                     NY-23-2-367
LEWIS, MYRON                           NY-23-3-285
LEWIS, OLIVE                           NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, ORVELLE                         NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, PHILINDA                        NY-23-6-162
LEWIS, RICHARD M.                      NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, RUTH                            NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, SAMUEL                          NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, SANFORD                         NY-23-3-285
LEWIS, SOPHRONIA E.                    NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, SYLVESTER J.                    NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, TAMMY                           NY-23-2-264
LEWIS, WILLA N.                        NY-23-2-1
LICK, WILLIAM                          NY-23-6-498
LICK, ZEVIAH                           NY-23-6-498
LIECESTER, WILLIAM                     NY-23-1-122
LIESTER, MARY                          NY-23-1-122
LINCOLN, MYRON                         NY-23-5-262
LINCOLN, SYLVIA                        NY-23-5-262
LINSE, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-450
LINSE, PETER                           NY-23-1-450
LITTLE, ANN                            NY-23-1-412
LITTLE, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-412
LITTLE, GEORGE J.                      NY-23-3-485
LITTLE, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-1-412
LITTLE, RICHARD SULIVAN                NY-23-3-485
LIVERMORE, ELISHA                      NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, HENRY                       NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, LOIS                        NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, LUCY                        NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, MARY                        NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, SOLOMON                     NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, SUSAN                       NY-23-1-156
LOADWICK, ISAIAH                       NY-23-1-346
LOADWICK, PETER C.                     NY-23-1-346
LOOMIS, ALPHONZO                       NY-23-4-113
LOOMIS, CHAUNCEY                       NY-23-1-181
LOOMIS, EBEN                           NY-23-1-18
LOOMIS, LUCINA                         NY-23-4-113
LOOMIS, LUCY ANN                       NY-23-2-40
LOOMIS, MILO                           NY-23-2-40
LOOMIS, PHILENA                        NY-23-4-165
LOOMIS, SALLY                          NY-23-1-18
LOOMIS, SAMUEL                         NY-23-4-165
LORD, JOHN                             NY-23-1-534
LORD, MARY                             NY-23-1-534
LOREN, F. (REV.)                       NY-23-1-76
LOREN, MARY ANN                        NY-23-1-76
LOSEE, LAURA                           NY-23-2-160
LOSEE, THOMAS L.                       NY-23-2-160
LOWREY, JAMES                          NY-23-1-169
LOWREY, JANE                           NY-23-2-58
LOWREY, LORENZO                        NY-23-2-58
LOWREY, LYDIA                          NY-23-1-169
LUCAS, GEORGE R.                       NY-23-4-319
LUCAS, PAMELIA J.                      NY-23-4-319
LUM, CALVIN                            NY-23-5-83
LUM, CATHARINE                         NY-23-3-108
LUM, IRA                               NY-23-3-108
LYMAN, ABIGAIL                         NY-23-4-417
LYMAN, DUANE                           NY-23-5-178
LYMAN, HIRAM A.                        NY-23-4-417
LYMAN, JULIA                           NY-23-5-178
LYMAN, MARY                            NY-23-5-178
LYMAN, SARAH                           NY-23-2-392
LYMAN, WATSON                          NY-23-5-178
LYMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-5-178
LYON, ABEL                             NY-23-3-226
LYON, ABEL                             NY-23-2-65
LYON, ABRAHAM                          NY-23-3-226
LYON, ABRAM                            NY-23-2-65
LYON, ERASTUS                          NY-23-2-65
LYON, ERASTUS                          NY-23-3-226
LYON, HENRY                            NY-23-2-65
LYON, MARTHA                           NY-23-4-51
LYON, MEINA                            NY-23-5-10
LYON, RACHAEL MARIA                    NY-23-3-226
LYON, RACHAEL MARIA                    NY-23-2-65
LYON, REBECCA                          NY-23-3-226
LYON, REBECCA                          NY-23-2-65
LYON, RICHARD                          NY-23-3-226
LYON, RICHARD                          NY-23-2-65
LYON, RICHARD                          NY-23-4-51
LYON, ROBERT                           NY-23-2-65
LYON, ROBERT                           NY-23-3-226
LYON, RUTH ANN                         NY-23-3-226
LYON, TRYPHENA                         NY-23-2-65
LYON, VARNUM                           NY-23-5-10
LYTTLE, EMELINE                        NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, EMMA                           NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, LA FAYETTE                     NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, LAFAYETTE                      NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, MARTHA                         NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, MARTHA M.                      NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, MARY                           NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, MARY C.                        NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-7
LYTTLE, WILLIAM A.                     NY-23-4-306
MADISON, SOPHIA                        NY-23-5-321
MADISON, THOMAS                        NY-23-5-321
MAINE, JOSHUA                          NY-23-2-28
MAJOR, JAMES                           NY-23-6-251
MAJOR, JOHN                            NY-23-5-178
MAJOR, LEONORA                         NY-23-5-178
MALLERY, ALZINA                        NY-23-6-381
MALLERY, BENJAMIN S.                   NY-23-6-381
MANN, DAVID C.                         NY-23-3-434
MANN, MARY                             NY-23-3-434
MANSFIELD, SOPHRONIA                   NY-23-3-238
MANTLE, DOLLY                          NY-23-2-8
MANTLE, EDMUND                         NY-23-2-8
MARR, FANNY                            NY-23-3-444
MARR, ROBERT P.                        NY-23-3-444
MARSH, AMOS                            NY-23-4-17
MARSH, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-4-17
MARSH, HANNAH                          NY-23-1-169
MARSH, HARRIET                         NY-23-1-510
MARSH, JAMES                           NY-23-4-17
MARSH, JASON                           NY-23-1-510
MARSH, JULIA                           NY-23-6-7
MARSH, SARAH                           NY-23-4-17
MARSH, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-169
MARTIN, ABEGAIL                        NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, ALMIRA                         NY-23-5-115
MARTIN, ALMIRA                         NY-23-5-357
MARTIN, AVERY                          NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, EZRA P.                        NY-23-5-357
MARTIN, EZRA P.                        NY-23-5-357
MARTIN, FRANCES A.                     NY-23-2-326
MARTIN, FRANCES A.                     NY-23-2-467
MARTIN, HANNAH                         NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, JESSE                          NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, RACHAEL                        NY-23-2-418
MARTIN, SEDATE                         NY-23-5-115
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-2-467
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-2-326
MARYETTE, MARQUETTE                    NY-23-1-294
MASON, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-3-180
MASON, TRYPHOSA                        NY-23-3-180
MASSEY, ALBERT E.                      NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, EDWARD J.                      NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, EMELINE                        NY-23-3-342
MASSEY, HART                           NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, HART                           NY-23-3-342
MASSEY, LUCY                           NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, MARCELLUS                      NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, POLLY                          NY-23-6-270
MASSEY, SANFORD                        NY-23-6-270
MASSEY, SOLON                          NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, STILLMAN                       NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, WARD E.                        NY-23-6-270
MASSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-270
MATHER, ANSEL                          NY-23-1-175
MATHER, BETSEY                         NY-23-1-175
MATHER, ENSLEY                         NY-23-1-175
MATHER, RILEY                          NY-23-1-175
MATHER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-175
MATHEWS, LYDIA                         NY-23-5-201
MATHEWS, LYDIA                         NY-23-5-201
MATHEWS, NORMAN W.                     NY-23-5-201
MATHEWS, THOMAS                        NY-23-3-40
MATTERSON, LOIS                        NY-23-1-128
MATTISON, CATHARINE                    NY-23-3-14
MATTISON, GOERGE                       NY-23-3-14
MAYER, EMMA                            NY-23-5-115
MAYHEW, JOHN                           NY-23-2-418
MAYHEW, JUDA                           NY-23-2-418
MAYO, ARSENATH                         NY-23-3-444
MAYO, CHARLES                          NY-23-3-444
MAYO, CHARLES W.                       NY-23-3-444
MAYO, ELIZA J. A.                      NY-23-3-444
MAYO, GEORGE                           NY-23-3-444
MAYO, GEORGE                           NY-23-3-444
MAYO, GEORGE S.                        NY-23-3-444
MAYO, HENRY                            NY-23-3-444
MAYO, HENRY WILLIAM                    NY-23-3-444
MAYO, JOSEPH                           NY-23-3-444
MAYO, JOSEPH                           NY-23-3-444
MAYO, JOSEPH JR.                       NY-23-3-444
MAYO, JOSEPH M.                        NY-23-3-444
MAYO, OREN                             NY-23-3-444
MAYO, SARAH D.                         NY-23-3-444
MCARTHUR, LYMAN                        NY-23-1-41
MCARTHUR, MARGARET                     NY-23-1-41
MCCLURE, NANCY CAROLINE                NY-23-4-324
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                        NY-23-4-324
MCCOMBS, GEORGE                        NY-23-5-341
MCCOMBS, JANE                          NY-23-5-341
MCCUMBER, GEORGE F.                    NY-23-6-315
MCCUMBER, MILO                         NY-23-6-315
MCCUNIFF, JANNY STOWELL                NY-23-4-433
MCGUIN, CHLOE                          NY-23-6-306
MCGUIN, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-306
MCINTYRE, ABIGAIL                      NY-23-6-132
MCINTYRE, JOHN                         NY-23-6-132
MCKEE, HARRIET                         NY-23-6-7
MCKEE, MARVIN                          NY-23-6-7
MCKEE, OLIVE                           NY-23-6-7
MCKINDLEY, ABEGAIL                     NY-23-2-17
MCKINDLEY, MARY                        NY-23-2-17
MCNEIL, MARY                           NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ELIHU M.                       NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, LUCY                           NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, SALLY                          NY-23-1-134
MCNITT, MARY                           NY-23-3-126
MCNITT, NELSON                         NY-23-3-126
MCNITT, ROYAL                          NY-23-3-126
MEACHAM, BRONSON                       NY-23-2-418
MEACHAM, SEMANTHA                      NY-23-2-418
MEAD, ALVAH                            NY-23-4-311
MEAD, BURR                             NY-23-4-311
MEAD, WOLCOTT                          NY-23-4-311
MEEKER, ELMINA                         NY-23-5-67
MEEKER, LESTER                         NY-23-5-67
MEEKER, MARY S.                        NY-23-5-67
MEMBERY, GEORGE                        NY-23-4-17
MEMBERY, GILES                         NY-23-4-17
MEMBERY, JAMES                         NY-23-4-17
MERICK, ELDRIDGE G.                    NY-23-1-504
MERRICK, NANCY                         NY-23-4-195
MERRICK,D AVID                         NY-23-4-195
MERRILL, LOVINA                        NY-23-2-441
MERRIMAN, HIRAM A.                     NY-23-5-21
MERRIMAN, SALLY                        NY-23-5-21
MERRITS, ELIZA                         NY-23-1-412
MERRITT, ANNE                          NY-23-1-571
MERRITT, DAVID                         NY-23-1-571
METCALF, HENRY                         NY-23-1-571
METCALF, JOSEPH T.                     NY-23-6-32
METCALF, MARY                          NY-23-6-32
METCALF, ORLANDO                       NY-23-1-365
METCALF, SARAH                         NY-23-1-571
MICHEL, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-142
MICK, ABEGAIL                          NY-23-2-491
MICK, DOLLY W.                         NY-23-2-491
MICK, LAURIA FEDELIA                   NY-23-2-491
MICK, LUCINDA                          NY-23-2-491
MIDDLETON, ANDREW                      NY-23-4-417
MIDDLETON, ELMIRA                      NY-23-2-80
MIDDLETON, HANNAH M.                   NY-23-4-417
MIDDLETON, SAMUEL                      NY-23-5-365
MIDDLETON, SAMUEL                      NY-23-5-98
MIDDLETON, SERAPH                      NY-23-5-98
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM                     NY-23-2-80
MILELR, ALMIRA                         NY-23-2-441
MILELR, OSCAR D.                       NY-23-2-568
MILES, MARIA                           NY-23-1-480
MILLARD, CLARISSA L.                   NY-23-6-270
MILLARD, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-5-49
MILLARD, HENRY D.                      NY-23-5-49
MILLARD, MERCY ANN                     NY-23-5-49
MILLARD, NATHAN T.                     NY-23-6-270
MILLARD, VERNON S.                     NY-23-5-49
MILLER, EDWIN P.                       NY-23-2-568
MILLER, ELEZAR                         NY-23-1-288
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-5-89
MILLER, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-23-2-568
MILLER, HIRAM                          NY-23-2-441
MILLER, MARTHA .                       NY-23-2-568
MILLER, PHEBE                          NY-23-1-288
MILLER, RUTH                           NY-23-2-441
MILLER, SALLY                          NY-23-2-441
MILLER, SAMUEL B.                      NY-23-5-89
MILLS, ALICE                           NY-23-3-249
MILLS, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-249
MILLS, LOUISA                          NY-23-3-155
MILLS, LOUISA                          NY-23-3-249
MILLS, LUTHER                          NY-23-3-249
MILLS, LYMAN R.                        NY-23-3-249
MILLS, LYMAN R.                        NY-23-3-155
MILLS, MARY                            NY-23-1-318
MILLS, RILEY                           NY-23-3-249
MILLS, SAMUEL                          NY-23-1-318
MILS, GEORGE                           NY-23-3-155
MINER, ABRAHAM                         NY-23-2-74
MINER, AURILLA                         NY-23-2-74
MITCHEL, CAROLINE P.                   NY-23-3-60
MITCHEL, CHARLES F.                    NY-23-3-60
MITCHEL, JOHN                          NY-23-3-36
MITCHEL, LAURA                         NY-23-3-36
MITCHEL, MARIAM                        NY-23-3-60
MITCHEL, WILLIAM C.                    NY-23-3-60
MITCHELL, SALLY                        NY-23-1-558
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-558
MOFFAT, LOUISA                         NY-23-2-529
MOFFAT, THOMAS G.                      NY-23-2-529
MOFFATT, BRUCE                         NY-23-4-319
MOFFATT, CALISTA                       NY-23-4-319
MOFFATT, ISAAC                         NY-23-5-16
MONROE, HALSEYJ.                       NY-23-4-175
MONTY, ELIZABETH E.                    NY-23-2-47
MONTY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-2-47
MOORE, ANNA                            NY-23-3-190
MOORE, CHARLES A.                      NY-23-2-85
MOORE, CHAUNCY                         NY-23-1-510
MOORE, DAMARIS E. H.                   NY-23-3-74
MOORE, ELLIN                           NY-23-1-18
MOORE, GUY                             NY-23-2-85
MOORE, HIRAM                           NY-23-1-18
MOORE, HIRAM                           NY-23-2-85
MOORE, JAMES                           NY-23-1-510
MOORE, JOHN W.                         NY-23-3-190
MOORE, JOSHUA                          NY-23-3-74
MOORE, JOSHUA JR.                      NY-23-3-74
MOORE, LAVANTIA                        NY-23-6-78
MOORE, MARIA                           NY-23-5-271
MOORE, MARTIN                          NY-23-2-85
MOORE, MYRON                           NY-23-1-18
MOORE, REUBEN                          NY-23-6-78
MOORE, SENECA                          NY-23-5-271
MOREHOUSE, ELIZA M.                    NY-23-4-189
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE                      NY-23-4-189
MORGAN, CALEB B.                       NY-23-2-8
MORGAN, CHAUNCEY D.                    NY-23-1-181
MORGAN, HARRIET R.                     NY-23-2-8
MORISON, ANDREW                        NY-23-2-485
MORISON, GEORGE                        NY-23-2-485
MORISON, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-485
MORISON, MARTIN R.                     NY-23-2-485
MORISON, MATHEW                        NY-23-2-485
MORISON, THOMAS                        NY-23-2-485
MORISON, WILLIAM                       NY-23-2-485
MORRIS, JOHN                           NY-23-4-447
MORSE, CYNTHIA M.                      NY-23-6-220
MORSE, DANIEL                          NY-23-6-220
MORTON, MATILDA R.                     NY-23-3-30
MOSELY, SOPHIA                         NY-23-1-399
MOSHER, LEONARD                        NY-23-6-489
MOSIER, MINERVA                        NY-23-1-301
MOSIER, NICHOLAS                       NY-23-1-301
MOTT, NANCY J.                         NY-23-3-60
MOTT, SAMUEL L.                        NY-23-3-60
MOULD, HARRIET                         NY-23-6-389
MOULD, HENRY                           NY-23-6-389
MOULD, MARILLA                         NY-23-6-389
MOULD, WILLIS                          NY-23-6-389
MULLIN, JOSEPH                         NY-23-1-412
MULLIN, LYDIA M.                       NY-23-1-412
MUMMERY, SARAH                         NY-23-6-251
MUMMERY, THOMAS                        NY-23-6-251
MUMMERY, WILLIAM                       NY-23-6-251
MUNDY, MARIA D.                        NY-23-4-475
MUNDY, PEARSON                         NY-23-4-475
MUNGER, HULDAH                         NY-23-5-321
MUNGER, RICHARD                        NY-23-5-321
MUNROE, MARY                           NY-23-4-175
MURPHY, EMOGINE                        NY-23-5-178
MYERS, ANN                             NY-23-4-355
MYERS, ARCHIBALD                       NY-23-4-355
MYERS, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-5-230
MYRICK, BETSEY                         NY-23-1-134
MYRICK, SOLOMON                        NY-23-1-134
NASH, ASA M.                           NY-23-5-115
NASH, AUGUSTA                          NY-23-5-115
NASH, DAVID                            NY-23-1-54
NASH, ELI O.                           NY-23-5-115
NASH, LYDIA                            NY-23-5-115
NASH, LYDIA                            NY-23-5-115
NASH, MATILDA                          NY-23-5-115
NASH, NELSON                           NY-23-5-115
NASH, OLIVE ELIZA                      NY-23-5-115
NASH, PHEBE                            NY-23-1-54
NASH, RUFUS                            NY-23-5-115
NASH, SAMUEL                           NY-23-5-115
NELLIS, ADELIA                         NY-23-6-115
NELLIS, ANNETTA                        NY-23-6-115
NELLIS, ARCHIBALD                      NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, EDGAR                          NY-23-6-115
NELLIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, JOHN PETER                     NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, LORETTA                        NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, ORLANDO                        NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, THEODORE B.                    NY-23-2-91
NEWTON, JACOB                          NY-23-3-85
NICHOLS, ABRAM                         NY-23-5-303
NICHOLS, CATHARINE                     NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, HIRAM                         NY-23-5-303
NICHOLS, JEROME W.                     NY-23-4-314
NICHOLS, LENOORA                       NY-23-4-314
NICHOLS, LEWIS                         NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, ROBERT                        NY-23-1-412
NICHOLSON, ALMIRA                      NY-23-2-58
NICHOLSON, BETSEY                      NY-23-2-58
NICHOLSON, CLARISSA                    NY-23-3-130
NICHOLSON, HARRIET                     NY-23-3-130
NICHOLSON, JONATHAN                    NY-23-2-58
NIHCOLSON, PELATIAH                    NY-23-2-58
NOBLES, JANE A.                        NY-23-3-130
NOBLES, WILLIAM                        NY-23-3-130
NORTH, JENNETT                         NY-23-4-46
NORTHRUP, DANIEL                       NY-23-3-244
NORTHRUP, DEWITT                       NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, ELDREDGE                     NY-23-3-244
NORTHRUP, HIRAM                        NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, JOHN A.                      NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, JOHN W.                      NY-23-3-244
NORTHRUP, OLCOTT                       NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, POLLY                        NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, TAYLOR                       NY-23-3-244
NORTON, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-23-4-336
NORTON, JOHN I.                        NY-23-4-314
NORTON, LEMIRA                         NY-23-4-314
NUTTING, BETSEY                        NY-23-6-355
NUTTING, PAMELIA                       NY-23-6-381
NUTTING, RILEY                         NY-23-6-355
OCONNER, CHESTER                       NY-23-2-125
OCONNER, OTIS                          NY-23-2-125
OCONNER, SALLY                         NY-23-2-125
OCONNER, SUSAN                         NY-23-2-125
OCONNER, THEODORE                      NY-23-2-125
OGSBURY, DAVID JR                      NY-23-4-1
OGSBURY, DEBORAH                       NY-23-2-104
OGSBURY, JOHN                          NY-23-4-1
OGSBURY, LANY CATHARINE                NY-23-2-104
OGSBURY, MOSES                         NY-23-4-278
OGSBURY, TINAH                         NY-23-4-278
ORMISTON, ADAM                         NY-23-3-347
ORMISTON, ANDREW                       NY-23-3-347
ORMISTON, JAMES                        NY-23-3-347
ORMISTON, MARY                         NY-23-3-347
OSBORN, ABRAHAM C.                     NY-23-5-1
OSBORN, AMELIA                         NY-23-5-1
OSBORN, CORNELIA                       NY-23-1-412
OSBORN, CORNELIUS                      NY-23-6-169
OSBORN, JONATHAN                       NY-23-1-412
OSBORN, MARY E.                        NY-23-5-1
OSBORN, MARY ELIZA                     NY-23-6-169
OSBORN, SPENCER C.                     NY-23-5-1
OSTRAM, ELIZABETH "BETSEY"             NY-23-1-498
OSTRANDER, ALMIRA SOPHIA               NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, FANNY                       NY-23-3-439
OSTRANDER, GEORGE MORRIS               NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, JACOB                       NY-23-3-439
OSTRANDER, MARTHA ELVIRA               NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM                     NY-23-1-406
OTIS, LOVINA                           NY-23-2-74
OTIS, SARAH F.                         NY-23-5-278
OTIS, WILLIAM                          NY-23-2-74
OVERTON, CAROLINE N.                   NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FANNY                         NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FRANCES A.                    NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FREDERICK N.                  NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, HARVEY M.                     NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, LARMONT W.                    NY-23-2-294
OVERTON, LAURA                         NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, MARY                          NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, ROSALBA                       NY-23-1-48
OWEN, CATHARINE                        NY-23-3-92
OWEN, MARIA                            NY-23-6-220
OWEN, RODNEY                           NY-23-3-92
OWENS, ALONZO                          NY-23-3-357
OWENS, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-357
OWENS, MALISSA                         NY-23-3-357
OWENS, MERETT                          NY-23-3-357
OWENS, PHEBE                           NY-23-3-357
PADDOCK, BETSEY                        NY-23-2-85
PADDOCK, HENRY                         NY-23-2-8
PADDOCK, HULDAH                        NY-23-5-271
PADDOCK, JOHN                          NY-23-2-8
PADDOCK, JOHN                          NY-23-5-271
PADDOCK, NANCEY                        NY-23-2-8
PADDOCK, RAYMOND                       NY-23-2-85
PADDOCK, RAYMOND                       NY-23-1-18
PADDOCK, THOMAS                        NY-23-1-18
PAGE, AMASA                            NY-23-3-190
PAGE, ELLA                             NY-23-5-262
PAGE, FREDERICK                        NY-23-5-262
PAGE, LUNA                             NY-23-3-190
PAGE, SYLVESTER                        NY-23-5-262
PALMER, HUNLOKE W.                     NY-23-5-230
PALMER, ICHABOD                        NY-23-3-68
PALMER, LEWIS                          NY-23-5-245
PALMER, LUNA                           NY-23-3-68
PALMER, MARGARET J.                    NY-23-5-230
PARDY, CHARLES                         NY-23-5-123
PARDY, LUCINDA                         NY-23-5-123
PARISH, CHESTER                        NY-23-1-271
PARISH, RICE                           NY-23-1-271
PARISH, WARREN                         NY-23-1-271
PARISH, WARREN F.                      NY-23-1-271
PARKER, ALEXANDER                      NY-23-1-313
PARKER, BETSEY                         NY-23-1-313
PARKER, CANDACE                        NY-23-1-369
PARKER, CHARLES                        NY-23-4-17
PARKER, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-369
PARKER, GILES                          NY-23-5-321
PARKER, JAMES                          NY-23-4-465
PARKER, JAMES                          NY-23-3-398
PARKER, JANE                           NY-23-3-398
PARKER, JOHN                           NY-23-3-398
PARKER, LEONARD                        NY-23-4-175
PARKER, MAREAH                         NY-23-3-120
PARKER, MARTHA                         NY-23-4-175
PARKER, OSCAR                          NY-23-3-120
PARKER, RHODA                          NY-23-5-321
PARKER, SOPHIA                         NY-23-4-17
PARKHURST, ALTA                        NY-23-1-190
PARKHURST, WILLIAM                     NY-23-1-190
PARSONS, AMANDA                        NY-23-4-400
PARSONS, ERASTUS                       NY-23-4-400
PATREEK, PAMELIA A.                    NY-23-3-169
PATREEK, SHERMAN M.                    NY-23-3-169
PATRICK, ELIZA H.                      NY-23-3-130
PATTEN, IRA J.                         NY-23-1-271
PATTESON, ALTHERA                      NY-23-6-381
PAULDING, BETSY                        NY-23-5-67
PAULDING, JULIUS                       NY-23-5-67
PAUTNEY, DEBORAH                       NY-23-1-288
PAYNE, CHARLES A.                      NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, GEORGE R.                       NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, HENRY W.                        NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, JULIA A.                        NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, LYDIA L.                        NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, PAMELIA A.                      NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, SARAH R.                        NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, WILLIAM L.                      NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, WORDEN                          NY-23-3-130
PEARCE, ABRAHAM                        NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ALLEN                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ALLEN                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ANN                            NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BARTON                         NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-4-195
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, CATHERINE                      NY-23-4-195
PEARCE, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, GEORGE                         NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, GEORGE                         NY-23-4-195
PEARCE, HENRY                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES                          NY-23-4-195
PEARCE, JAMES                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES JR.                      NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JOHN                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, PETER                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-412
PEARE, SARAH                           NY-23-1-412
PECK, AUGUSTUS J.                      NY-23-6-7
PECKHAM, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-2-412
PECKHAM, PHEBE ANN                     NY-23-2-412
PENNIMAN, ARTHUR                       NY-23-3-60
PENNIMAN, HIRAM                        NY-23-3-60
PENNIMAN, LEWIS                        NY-23-3-60
PENNIMAN, MARGARET                     NY-23-3-60
PENNINGTON, AARON O.                   NY-23-6-123
PENNINGTON, JOHN M.                    NY-23-6-123
PENNY, GEORGE                          NY-23-1-169
PENNY, POLLY                           NY-23-1-169
PERINE, JOSEPH                         NY-23-2-125
PERINE, MARY                           NY-23-2-125
PERRINGTON, EUNICE                     NY-23-2-120
PERRINGTON, HARRY                      NY-23-2-120
PERROT, FERDINAND                      NY-23-6-297
PERROT, ROSE                           NY-23-6-297
PERSONS, HANNAH                        NY-23-2-418
PERSONS, HOSEA                         NY-23-2-418
PETRIE, ALFRED                         NY-23-3-313
PETRIE, CATHARINE                      NY-23-3-313
PETRIE, ELIZA                          NY-23-3-313
PETRIE, EPHRAIM                        NY-23-3-313
PETRIE, LANAH                          NY-23-3-313
PETRIE, MORGAN                         NY-23-3-313
PHELPS, MARY                           NY-23-1-412
PHELPS, RILEY                          NY-23-2-276
PHELPS, SABRA                          NY-23-2-276
PHILBROOKS, SOPHRONIA                  NY-23-4-107
PHILLIPS, AMANDA                       NY-23-5-287
PHILLIPS, JAMES                        NY-23-5-287
PHILLIPS, JOHN ARTHUR                  NY-23-5-287
PHILLIPS, JONATHAN JR.                 NY-23-5-287
PHILLIPS, LAWRENCE                     NY-23-4-259
PHILLIPS, LUCRETIA                     NY-23-2-80
PHILLIPS, MARGARET                     NY-23-4-259
PHILLIPS, PAULINE                      NY-23-4-259
PHYFER, MARGARET                       NY-23-1-516
PICKET, CAORLINE L.                    NY-23-1-221
PICKET, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-221
PICKET, EDWARD JR.                     NY-23-1-221
PICKET, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-1-221
PICKET, HANNAH                         NY-23-1-221
PICKET, HANNAH C.                      NY-23-1-221
PICKET, JANE                           NY-23-1-221
PICKET, JOSEPH                         NY-23-1-221
PIDDOCK, ALICE                         NY-23-6-251
PIDDOCK, ROBERT                        NY-23-6-251
PIERCE, ALBERT B.                      NY-23-3-266
PIERCE, BETSEY                         NY-23-3-266
PIERCE, HENRY                          NY-23-6-78
PIERCE, JOHN G.                        NY-23-3-266
PIERCE, PETER Z.                       NY-23-3-266
PIERCE, THERESA M.                     NY-23-6-78
PIERCE, WILLIAM M.                     NY-23-3-266
PLUMB, LEVERIN J.                      NY-23-2-300
PLUMB, PAMELIA                         NY-23-2-300
PLUMB, SANFORD                         NY-23-2-300
PLUMER, JEMIMA                         NY-23-3-313
PLUSHE, BETSEY                         NY-23-3-68
PLUSHE, LEWIS                          NY-23-3-68
POND, ARTHUR                           NY-23-2-386
POND, CATHERENE W.                     NY-23-2-386
POND, CHARLES B.                       NY-23-2-386
POND, CHARLES L.                       NY-23-2-386
POND, EDWARD                           NY-23-2-386
POND, FRANCIS B.                       NY-23-2-386
POND, MARY R.                          NY-23-2-386
POOL, ABIGAIL                          NY-23-1-318
POOL, ABRAM                            NY-23-1-307
POOL, ALBERT                           NY-23-4-62
POOL, ALBERT                           NY-23-4-36
POOL, BARNABAS                         NY-23-4-62
POOL, BARNABAS                         NY-23-3-407
POOL, CLARINDA                         NY-23-1-307
POOL, DAVID                            NY-23-1-318
POOL, DAVID                            NY-23-4-62
POOL, EDWIN                            NY-23-4-36
POOL, EDWIN                            NY-23-4-62
POOL, FANNY                            NY-23-3-1
POOL, FAYETTE                          NY-23-4-36
POOL, FAYETTE                          NY-23-4-62
POOL, GEORGE                           NY-23-4-36
POOL, GEORGE                           NY-23-4-62
POOL, HENRY J.                         NY-23-4-36
POOL, HIRAM L.                         NY-23-4-62
POOL, ISAK                             NY-23-4-62
POOL, JONATHAN                         NY-23-4-62
POOL, OREN                             NY-23-4-36
POOL, ORIN                             NY-23-4-62
POOL, PHEBE                            NY-23-4-62
POOL, PHEBE                            NY-23-4-36
POOL, SYLVANUS                         NY-23-3-1
POOR, AARON                            NY-23-3-60
POOR, AARON                            NY-23-3-40
POOR, ANDREW                           NY-23-3-60
POOR, ANNA                             NY-23-6-239
POOR, CHRISTOPHER J.                   NY-23-3-60
POOR, LUCENA                           NY-23-3-40
POOR, MARY                             NY-23-3-60
POOR, MATHEW                           NY-23-3-60
POOR, PETER                            NY-23-3-40
POOR, PETER                            NY-23-3-60
POOR, PRUDENCE                         NY-23-3-40
PORTER, ACHSAH ANN                     NY-23-3-422
PORTER, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-3-422
PORTER, EMMA A.                        NY-23-5-365
PORTER, FLORENTINE E.                  NY-23-5-365
PORTER, GEORGE                         NY-23-5-365
PORTER, JANE E.                        NY-23-5-365
PORTER, JOHN M.                        NY-23-5-365
PORTER, LEVI                           NY-23-3-422
PORTER, LEWIS                          NY-23-3-422
PORTER, NANCY A.                       NY-23-5-365
PORTER, VICTORIA E.                    NY-23-5-365
POTTER, ADELIA J.                      NY-23-3-411
POTTER, ALFREDA J.                     NY-23-3-411
POTTER, ANN M.                         NY-23-3-411
POTTER, CHARLES                        NY-23-5-83
POTTER, CYREL                          NY-23-5-83
POTTER, CYRUS J.                       NY-23-3-411
POTTER, DAVID                          NY-23-1-492
POTTER, DE WAIN                        NY-23-1-492
POTTER, EDWIN                          NY-23-6-21
POTTER, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-23-1-492
POTTER, HELLEN                         NY-23-1-492
POTTER, HENRY                          NY-23-1-492
POTTER, HENRY                          NY-23-3-92
POTTER, JAMES                          NY-23-5-83
POTTER, JOB                            NY-23-5-83
POTTER, JOHN S.                        NY-23-1-492
POTTER, JUDSON                         NY-23-5-83
POTTER, MARGARET                       NY-23-5-83
POTTER, MARY                           NY-23-5-83
POTTER, MERRIT B.                      NY-23-1-492
POTTER, NANCY                          NY-23-6-21
POTTER, ORASMUS                        NY-23-5-83
POTTER, ORRIS J.                       NY-23-3-411
POTTER, SAMUEL                         NY-23-1-492
POTTER, SEMANTHIA                      NY-23-5-83
POTTER, SUSAN                          NY-23-1-492
POTTER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-5-83
POTTER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-23-1-492
POTWIN, HARRIET J.                     NY-23-3-60
POTWIN, SEYMOUR                        NY-23-3-60
POWELL, FIDELIA                        NY-23-6-381
POWELL, JAMES                          NY-23-6-381
POWERS, ADEE                           NY-23-2-307
POWERS, JOSEPH                         NY-23-2-307
POWERS, NANCY                          NY-23-6-340
POWERS, NATHAN E.                      NY-23-4-363
POWERS, P. E.                          NY-23-6-340
POWERS, POLLY                          NY-23-4-363
PRATT, ASA                             NY-23-2-352
PRATT, CHARLES                         NY-23-6-220
PRATT, EMERY                           NY-23-6-220
PRATT, EZRA                            NY-23-6-220
PRATT, EZRA                            NY-23-6-220
PRATT, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-2-352
PRATT, GEORGE J.                       NY-23-2-352
PRATT, HIRAM A.                        NY-23-2-352
PRATT, JOSIAH                          NY-23-6-220
PRATT, LAURENTINE                      NY-23-2-352
PRATT, LEWIS                           NY-23-2-352
PRATT, LUCY                            NY-23-2-352
PRATT, LUCY                            NY-23-2-352
PRATT, MARIA                           NY-23-6-220
PRATT, MARY                            NY-23-6-220
PRATT, TILLEY R.                       NY-23-6-220
PRIEST, DEW C                          NY-23-5-194
PRIEST, GILBERT S.                     NY-23-5-196
PRIEST, JONATHAN D.                    NY-23-5-196
PRIEST, POMEROY N.                     NY-23-5-194
PRIEST, SAMUEL D.                      NY-23-5-194
PROSSER, CHARLES E.                    NY-23-4-336
PROSSER, ELECTA E.                     NY-23-4-336
PULLING, RICHARD                       NY-23-1-498
PULLMAN, ALEXANDER S.                  NY-23-2-28
PULLMAN, JESSEE D.                     NY-23-2-28
PULLMAN, MARTHA E.                     NY-23-2-28
PUTMAN, PHILIP                         NY-23-1-346
PUTNAM, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-571
PUTNAM, JOSHUA                         NY-23-1-571
PUTNEY, JACOB                          NY-23-1-288
RALPH, ADALINE                         NY-23-1-201
RALPH, ALBERT R.                       NY-23-1-201
RALPH, ALPHEUS P.                      NY-23-1-201
RALPH, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-1-201
RALPH, JOSEPHINE B.                    NY-23-1-201
RALPH, LEONARD                         NY-23-1-201
RALPH, MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE            NY-23-1-201
RALPH, OMER                            NY-23-1-201
RALPH, RICHARD                         NY-23-1-201
RANEY, ALMEDA                          NY-23-1-313
RANEY, EBENEZER                        NY-23-1-313
RANNEY, LESTER                         NY-23-5-373
RANNEY, OLIVE M.                       NY-23-5-373
RANNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-315
RARBACK, ELIZA                         NY-23-3-14
RARBACK, MARCUS                        NY-23-3-14
RASSLER, ELIZABETH J.                  NY-23-2-154
RASSLER, MYRON                         NY-23-2-154
RAWSON, EMILY                          NY-23-4-113
RAWSON,E MUND                          NY-23-4-113
REDFIELD, DARIUS                       NY-23-3-238
REDFIELD, GEORGE                       NY-23-3-238
REDFIELD, HENRY                        NY-23-3-238
REDFIELD, JAMES                        NY-23-3-238
REDWAY, HAMILTON K.                    NY-23-4-56
REDWAY, LODEMA                         NY-23-4-56
REED, (NO NAME)                        NY-23-5-123
REED, ALICE                            NY-23-5-123
REED, ALMEDA A.                        NY-23-5-123
REED, CARLOS D.                        NY-23-6-340
REED, CATY                             NY-23-6-340
REED, CELINDA                          NY-23-5-123
REED, CHARLES                          NY-23-5-123
REED, DANIEL                           NY-23-5-123
REED, DANIEL D.                        NY-23-5-43
REED, DELOS D.                         NY-23-6-340
REED, DENZEL                           NY-23-5-123
REED, EDWIN                            NY-23-3-238
REED, EMILY                            NY-23-5-43
REED, JAMES H.                         NY-23-5-123
REED, JOHN L.                          NY-23-6-340
REED, JONATHAN                         NY-23-5-123
REED, LORENZO D.                       NY-23-5-123
REED, MONROE                           NY-23-5-123
REED, POLLY                            NY-23-1-214
REED, SARAH M.                         NY-23-6-340
REED, SOPHIA                           NY-23-3-238
REEVES, ABNER                          NY-23-5-21
REEVES, LORINDA                        NY-23-5-21
REMINGTON, AMANDA                      NY-23-3-185
REMINGTON, ORSAMUS                     NY-23-3-185
REMMINGTON, AMANDA                     NY-23-5-380
REMMINGTON, NANCY                      NY-23-5-380
REMMINGTON, NOEL                       NY-23-5-380
REMMINGTON, ORSAMUS                    NY-23-5-380
RENNOLS, SYBEL F.                      NY-23-1-122
REYNOLDS, ANGELINE                     NY-23-1-294
RICE, ALMIRA                           NY-23-2-352
RICE, HARLOWE                          NY-23-2-352
RICE, MARY                             NY-23-4-113
RICE, SAMUEL                           NY-23-4-113
RICHARDSON, ALVIN T.                   NY-23-2-398
RICHARDSON, CHARLES                    NY-23-6-454
RICHARDSON, CHARLOTE                   NY-23-2-398
RICHARDSON, CURTIS                     NY-23-2-398
RICHARDSON, EMELINE                    NY-23-6-177
RICHARDSON, GEOGE B.                   NY-23-2-398
RICHARDSON, HARRIET F.                 NY-23-6-454
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       NY-23-2-8
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       NY-23-6-177
RICHARDSON, JOSIAH                     NY-23-2-8
RICHARDSON, RIAL                       NY-23-3-234
RICKERICH, MARGARET                    NY-23-5-171
RICKERSON, DANIEL W.                   NY-23-3-382
RICKERSON, EMILY                       NY-23-3-382
RICKERSON,EMILY                        NY-23-1-107
RIDER, JACOB S.                        NY-23-4-471
RIGGS, DANIEL T.                       NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, DENNIS M.                       NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, EDWIN S.                        NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, FRANCIS M.                      NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, JULIUS C.                       NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, LAFAYETTE                       NY-23-4-301
RIGGS, PAMELIA                         NY-23-4-301
RISH, DORATHA                          NY-23-3-301
RISH, PHILIP                           NY-23-3-301
RISING, HENRY                          NY-23-3-367
RISING, MOSES                          NY-23-3-367
RISING, OLLIVER                        NY-23-3-367
ROBBINS, MARGARET                      NY-23-2-485
ROBBINS, MARY ANN                      NY-23-2-485
ROBBINS, MARY ANN                      NY-23-2-485
ROBBINS, PHEBE                         NY-23-4-456
ROBBINS, THOMAS                        NY-23-2-485
ROBERTS, L. A.                         NY-23-1-261
ROBERTS, MARY                          NY-23-2-132
ROBERTS, SARAH                         NY-23-1-261
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-2-132
ROBERTSON, CELINA                      NY-23-1-18
ROBERTSON, HENREY H.                   NY-23-1-18
ROBINSON, ANN E.                       NY-23-1-336
ROBINSON, ANN W.                       NY-23-1-336
ROBINSON, JAMES                        NY-23-2-8
ROBINSON, LUCY                         NY-23-2-554
ROBINSON, MARY ANN                     NY-23-2-8
RODERICK, AUGUSTUS                     NY-23-4-259
RODERICK, MARY ANN                     NY-23-4-259
ROGERS, ELLEN                          NY-23-6-177
ROGERS, FRANCES P.                     NY-23-6-270
ROGERS, JEREMY W.                      NY-23-6-177
ROGERS, MARY                           NY-23-6-177
ROGERS, PORTER                         NY-23-6-177
ROGERS, RALPH                          NY-23-6-270
ROGERS, RALPH H.                       NY-23-4-456
ROGERS, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-177
ROGES, ELIZA                           NY-23-4-456
ROOD, ARTENTIA                         NY-23-6-381
ROOD, HORACE                           NY-23-6-381
ROOT, ALMIRA                           NY-23-6-355
ROOT, CHAUNCEYS.                       NY-23-5-271
ROOT, DAVID                            NY-23-6-355
ROOT, DELILAH                          NY-23-6-355
ROOT, ELECTA                           NY-23-2-40
ROOT, LORA                             NY-23-5-287
ROOT, SALOMA                           NY-23-5-271
ROOT, WILLIAM                          NY-23-5-287
ROOT, WILLIAM                          NY-23-6-355
ROSS, JOHN                             NY-23-3-434
ROSS, MARY                             NY-23-3-434
ROUNDS, GEORGE H.                      NY-23-4-301
ROUNDS, JOSEPHINE                      NY-23-4-301
ROUNDS, SARAH A.                       NY-23-4-301
ROUSE, ADELADE                         NY-23-4-314
ROUSE, ELIZA                           NY-23-4-314
ROUSE, LUCRETIA                        NY-23-4-314
ROUSE, TACY                            NY-23-4-314
ROUSE, WELLS                           NY-23-4-314
ROWELL, FIDELIA                        NY-23-6-381
RUGG, ELECTA                           NY-23-3-332
RUGG, SILAS                            NY-23-3-215
RUMSDELL, ADALINE                      NY-23-4-91
RUMSDELL, NELSON                       NY-23-4-91
RUNDELL, GUSTAVUS D.                   NY-23-4-348
RUNDELL, PAMELIA M.                    NY-23-4-348
RURY, FREDERICK                        NY-23-3-108
RURY, HENRY                            NY-23-3-108
RURY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-3-108
RURY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-3-114
RUSSEL, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-130
RUSSEL, URSULA S.                      NY-23-3-130

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