Jefferson County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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EAD, MARGARET                          NY-23-1-41
EAMES, AARON                           NY-23-4-144
EAMES, CLIFT                           NY-23-4-144
EAMES, DANIEL W.                       NY-23-4-144
EAMES, KILLRIDGE                       NY-23-4-144
EAMES, LOVETT                          NY-23-4-144
EAMES, MOSES                           NY-23-4-144
EARL, ABBY E.                          NY-23-5-230
EARL, ABBY L.                          NY-23-5-230
EARL, ADA ALSENA                       NY-23-4-11
EARL, ALCONA                           NY-23-4-11
EARL, ALONZO                           NY-23-6-21
EARL, ALTHEA MARIA                     NY-23-4-11
EARL, AMY E.                           NY-23-4-11
EARL, CALEB                            NY-23-6-21
EARL, D. ALBERT                        NY-23-6-21
EARL, DELIA A.                         NY-23-4-11
EARL, DUANE                            NY-23-6-21
EARL, ELI                              NY-23-6-21
EARL, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-23-5-230
EARL, FREDERICK                        NY-23-6-21
EARL, HELEN A.                         NY-23-4-11
EARL, HENRY                            NY-23-6-21
EARL, JAMES                            NY-23-6-21
EARL, JAMES                            NY-23-6-21
EARL, JANE A.                          NY-23-4-11
EARL, JOHN                             NY-23-6-21
EARL, MATTHEW M.                       NY-23-5-230
EARL, MORTIMER                         NY-23-6-21
EARL, WILLIAM                          NY-23-6-21
EARLE, ALFRED                          NY-23-6-381
EARLE, AMRILLA                         NY-23-6-381
EARLE, CHARLES HERMON                  NY-23-6-381
EARLE, FRANCIS                         NY-23-6-381
EARLE, GUY CARLTON                     NY-23-6-381
EARLE, HARRISON                        NY-23-6-381
EARLE, LORAINE                         NY-23-6-381
EARLE, XENOPHON                        NY-23-6-381
EATON, ADALINE                         NY-23-4-62
EATON, DATUS                           NY-23-4-400
EATON, SOPHIA                          NY-23-4-400
ECKER, AMAZIAH                         NY-23-5-253
ECKER, GEORGE                          NY-23-5-253
ECKER, HENRY                           NY-23-5-253
ECKER, JOHN                            NY-23-5-253
ECKER, JUDSON                          NY-23-5-253
ECKER, LORENZO                         NY-23-5-253
ECKER, LYDIA                           NY-23-5-253
EDDY, AMY                              NY-23-4-215
EDDY, DANIEL                           NY-23-5-61
EDDY, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-2-80
EDDY, HENRY W.                         NY-23-1-33
EDDY, HENRY W.                         NY-23-6-232
EDDY, JOHN                             NY-23-2-80
EDDY, MARY                             NY-23-5-330
EDDY, MARY                             NY-23-4-215
EDDY, NANCY                            NY-23-4-230
EDDY, NELSON H.                        NY-23-6-232
EDDY, PHILANDER                        NY-23-1-33
EDDY, PHILINDA                         NY-23-6-232
EDDY, REUBEN                           NY-23-4-230
EDDY, WILLARD L.                       NY-23-5-330
EDGER, JANE                            NY-23-2-160
EDGER, NEAL                            NY-23-2-160
EDGETT, CAROLINE                       NY-23-1-412
EDGETT, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-412
EDMONDS, AMERON                        NY-23-2-74
EDMONDS, JOEL                          NY-23-2-74
EDMUNDS, JAMES M.                      NY-23-2-74
EDWARDS, ALMIRA                        NY-23-3-14
EDWARDS, CELESTIA                      NY-23-2-367
EDWARDS, GEORGE                        NY-23-3-14
EDWARDS, HIRAM                         NY-23-2-367
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-53
EDWARDS, NATHANIEL                     NY-23-2-53
ELLENWOOD, AMANDA                      NY-23-3-249
ELLENWOOD, AMELIA                      NY-23-3-249
ELLENWOOD, HARLOWE                     NY-23-3-249
ELLENWOOD, SOPHIA                      NY-23-3-249
ELLIS, AUGUSTUS M.                     NY-23-3-92
ELLIS, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-23-3-92
ELLIS, GEORGE R.                       NY-23-1-436
ELLIS, JONATHAN                        NY-23-2-529
ELLIS, LUCY                            NY-23-2-529
ELLIS, MARIETTE                        NY-23-1-436
ELLSWORTH, HANNAH                      NY-23-5-83
ELLSWORTH, ORSON                       NY-23-5-83
ELLSWORTH, SAMUEL                      NY-23-5-83
ELMORE, JOHN                           NY-23-1-369
ELMORE, MARIA                          NY-23-1-369
ELSEY, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-48
ELY, EVELINA F.                        NY-23-6-454
ELY, FOSTER                            NY-23-6-454
ELY, FREDERICK G.                      NY-23-6-454
ELY, GERTRUDE S.                       NY-23-6-454
ELY, THEODORE N.                       NY-23-6-454
EMERSON, JOHN                          NY-23-4-209
EMERSON, POLLY                         NY-23-4-209
EMONS, CHAUNCEY                        NY-23-5-312
EMONS, LOUISA                          NY-23-5-312
ERVINE, ANN                            NY-23-1-41
ERVINE, JAMES                          NY-23-1-41
ESSELSTYN, CLARISSA                    NY-23-5-341
ESSELSTYN, WILLIAM                     NY-23-5-341
EVANS, ELIZ                            NY-23-1-412
EVANS, JOHN C.                         NY-23-4-389
EVANS, MIRANDA                         NY-23-4-389
EVANS, ROBERT                          NY-23-6-78
EVERETT, AUSTIN                        NY-23-1-468
EVERETT, ELMER                         NY-23-6-373
EVERETT, HAMPTON                       NY-23-1-468
EVERETT, MARY A.                       NY-23-6-373
EVERETT, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-468
FAILING, BENJAMIN E.                   NY-23-4-278
FAILING, LUCY ANN                      NY-23-4-278
FAIRBANKS, DAVID                       NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, DEPSTER                     NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, ELZIBETH                    NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, EMELINE                     NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, GEORGE                      NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, HARRIET M.                  NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, HIRAM                       NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, JASON                       NY-23-2-404
FAIRBANKS, JOHN                        NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, JOHN                        NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, JOHN W.                     NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, MARY                        NY-23-2-404
FAIRBANKS, ORVILLE                     NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, RUTH                        NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, SARAH                       NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, SARAH                       NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, WILLAM K.                   NY-23-3-36
FAIRFIELD, DAVID L.                    NY-23-2-34
FAIRFIELD, EMILY J.                    NY-23-2-34
FALL, ALGER                            NY-23-3-190
FALL, AUGUSTUS                         NY-23-4-259
FALL, BETSEY                           NY-23-3-190
FALL, MARIA                            NY-23-4-259
FALL, TOWNSEND                         NY-23-3-190
FALLS, JANE                            NY-23-1-101
FALLS, SIMON                           NY-23-1-101
FARGO, HULDAH                          NY-23-6-162
FARGO, SETH                            NY-23-6-162
FARMER, DENNIS                         NY-23-2-307
FARMER, JAMES                          NY-23-2-307
FARMER, LEWENS                         NY-23-2-307
FARMER, MARY                           NY-23-2-307
FARNHAM, GEORGE L.                     NY-23-6-185
FARNHAM, HENRY E.                      NY-23-6-185
FARNHAM, MARIA                         NY-23-6-185
FARNHAM, NATHANIEL                     NY-23-6-185
FARNHAM, PHILIP P.                     NY-23-6-185
FARNHAM, THADDEUS                      NY-23-6-185
FARR, ANSON                            NY-23-2-74
FARR, CELIA M.                         NY-23-2-74
FATON, CATHARINE                       NY-23-1-412
FAY, CAROLINE                          NY-23-6-7
FAY, ELIZA                             NY-23-2-58
FAY, HARRIET                           NY-23-2-58
FAY, JOEL                              NY-23-2-58
FAY, LUCY                              NY-23-2-58
FAY, OLIVE                             NY-23-2-58
FAYEL, EDWARD                          NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOHN                            NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOHN                            NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, MARGARET                        NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-386
FELLOWS, LUCINDA                       NY-23-2-8
FELLOWS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-2-8
FELT, BETSEY                           NY-23-4-272
FELT, JABEZ                            NY-23-4-272
FELT, LAURA ANN                        NY-23-4-272
FELT, NEWELL                           NY-23-4-272
FELT, SALLY                            NY-23-4-272
FELT, WARREN                           NY-23-4-272
FERGUSON, ALVIRA                       NY-23-5-303
FERGUSON, ANNA                         NY-23-6-239
FERGUSON, GEORGE                       NY-23-6-239
FERRIN, CHLOE                          NY-23-1-18
FERRIN, JOSEPH M.                      NY-23-1-18
FETTERLY, DANIEL                       NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JACOB                        NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JAMES                        NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JOHN                         NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, LAWRENCE                     NY-23-4-355
FETTERLY, THOMAS                       NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-277
FIELD, LEBBEUS                         NY-23-4-292
FIELD, LUCY M.                         NY-23-4-292
FILER, PERMELIA                        NY-23-1-369
FILER, THOMAS                          NY-23-1-369
FISH, ADELIA                           NY-23-2-58
FISH, ARVILLA                          NY-23-5-380
FISH, CAROLINE                         NY-23-4-389
FISH, EMORY O.                         NY-23-2-58
FISH, GEORGE N.                        NY-23-2-58
FISH, JOEL W.                          NY-23-2-58
FISH, LORENZO                          NY-23-2-58
FISH, LUTHER                           NY-23-5-380
FISH, LUTHER                           NY-23-2-58
FISH, MASON                            NY-23-2-58
FISH, SILAS                            NY-23-4-389
FISK, AUSTIN T.                        NY-23-5-230
FISK, MARY R.                          NY-23-5-230
FLANDERS, JEEMIAH                      NY-23-4-1
FLANDERS, NANCY                        NY-23-4-1
FLASIDY, EUGEN                         NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, MARIAH                        NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, MILTON                        NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, MORTIMER                      NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, ORLANDO                       NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, RUTH                          NY-23-3-190
FLASIDY, SUSAN                         NY-23-3-190
FLINT, ADAM R.                         NY-23-4-51
FLINT, DAVID                           NY-23-1-18
FLINT, FOSTER                          NY-23-1-18
FLINT, HULDAH                          NY-23-1-18
FLINT, LUCY                            NY-23-1-18
FLYNT, ALANSON R.                      NY-23-4-51
FLYNT, CYRUS C.                        NY-23-4-51
FLYNT, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-4-51
FLYNT, GILES                           NY-23-4-51
FLYNT, RUSSEL                          NY-23-4-51
FLYNT, WILLIAM R.                      NY-23-4-51
FOBES, ALBERT                          NY-23-2-418
FOBES, GARDNER                         NY-23-2-418
FOBES, MANIAN                          NY-23-2-418
FOBES, ORVILLE                         NY-23-2-18
FORBES, FRANCIS                        NY-23-5-271
FORD, AMES ALONZO                      NY-23-1-246
FORD, HENRY W.                         NY-23-1-246
FORD, JAMES                            NY-23-4-283
FORD, JOHN S.                          NY-23-1-246
FORD, LUCINDA HHILENA                  NY-23-1-246
FORD, MARY                             NY-23-1-246
FORD, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-23-1-246
FORD, PHILIP                           NY-23-1-246
FORD, PRISCILLA                        NY-23-4-283
FORMAN, EDWARD B.                      NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, HENRY A.                       NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, MARGARET B.                    NY-23-1-336
FORREST, K. C.                         NY-23-4-324
FORREST, SARAH PADDOCK                 NY-23-4-324
FORTUNE, ANN                           NY-23-5-351
FORTUNE, THOMAS                        NY-23-5-351
FOSTER, AMY                            NY-23-1-11
FOSTER, CATHARINE                      NY-23-1-412
FOSTER, CHARLOTTE W.                   NY-23-2-515
FOSTER, ELECTA                         NY-23-2-515
FOSTER, JABEZ H.                       NY-23-1-412
FOSTER, NATHAN                         NY-23-1-11
FOX, ALMIRA                            NY-23-2-477
FOX, DAVID                             NY-23-2-529
FOX, DAVID                             NY-23-2-529
FOX, ISABEL                            NY-23-2-529
FOX, WILLIAM                           NY-23-2-477
FRANCIS, ABIGAIL J.                    NY-23-2-497
FRANCIS, ABRAHAM                       NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, CHARLES                       NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, GORDON P.                     NY-23-2-497
FRANCIS, JASON                         NY-23-5-31
FRANCIS, JASON                         NY-23-1-18
FRANCIS, LUCRETIA                      NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, MATILDA                       NY-23-1-18
FRANCISCO, JAMES W.                    NY-23-4-481
FRARY, BEULAH PERRIS                   NY-23-5-35
FRARY, FREDERICK RUSSEL                NY-23-5-35
FRARY, HENRY HOBART                    NY-23-5-35
FRARY, MARY ELLA                       NY-23-5-35
FRARY, MICHAEL MYERS                   NY-23-5-35
FRARY, SARAH ELIZABETH                 NY-23-5-35
FRARY, SARAH GRISWOLD                  NY-23-5-35
FRASER, BETSEY M.                      NY-23-1-54
FREEMAN, ABI                           NY-23-6-489
FREEMAN, ABRAM                         NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, ELIZA                         NY-23-1-486
FREEMAN, ERASTUS                       NY-23-6-489
FREEMAN, FRANCIS                       NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, HANNAH                        NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, HORATIO                       NY-23-1-486
FREEMAN, ISAAC                         NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, JOHN                          NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, JOHN                          NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, MARION                        NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, PETER                         NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, SUSANNAH                      NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-209
FRINK, CHARLES G.                      NY-23-3-169
FRINK, CLARENCE                        NY-23-4-150
FRINK, JAMES STANLEY                   NY-23-4-150
FRINK, MARY J.                         NY-23-4-150
FRINK, MARY N.                         NY-23-3-169
FRY, ADAM                              NY-23-5-312
FRY, ANN                               NY-23-5-312
FULFORD, BETSEY                        NY-23-2-53
FULLER, ADELIA                         NY-23-4-113
FULLER, AUSTIN                         NY-23-1-352
FULLER, HARVEY                         NY-23-2-58
FULLER, JESSE                          NY-23-2-58
FULLER, POLLY                          NY-23-5-321
FULLER, ROYAL                          NY-23-5-321
FULLER, URSULA                         NY-23-2-58
FULLER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-5-321
FULTON, DAVID JR.                      NY-23-4-272
FULTON, JANE                           NY-23-4-272
FULTON, JESSE                          NY-23-5-98
FULTON, JOHN                           NY-23-4-272
FULTON, LUKE                           NY-23-4-272
FULTON, MARY                           NY-23-5-98
GAGGART, MARCUS                        NY-23-3-25
GAIGE, PHILIP P.                       NY-23-4-259
GALE, FRANKLIN                         NY-23-2-80
GALE, MRS.                             NY-23-2-80
GALLEA, BURTON                         NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, DEINICE                        NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, EVERT                          NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, HIRAM                          NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, JAMES                          NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, MARILLA                        NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, ORISTUS                        NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, STEPHEN                        NY-23-6-355
GALLEA, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-355
GALLOWAY, CELIA L.                     NY-23-6-78
GALLOWAY, EDWIN H.                     NY-23-6-78
GALLOWAY, GEORGE                       NY-23-6-78
GALLOWAY, MARIA T.                     NY-23-6-78
GALUCIA, ELIJAH                        NY-23-5-321
GALUCIA, MARIA                         NY-23-5-321
GARDINER, CYRUS Z.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, HENRY T.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, JERMEIAH G.                  NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, LUCY                         NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, NATHAN C.                    NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, PHEBE A.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, SAMUEL                       NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, ADALINE                       NY-23-5-83
GARDNER, CHARLES J.                    NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, CYRUS Z.                      NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, DANIEL                        NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, DAVID                         NY-23-5-83
GARDNER, DAVID M.                      NY-23-2-367
GARDNER, ELON                          NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, ENOS W.                       NY-23-2-367
GARDNER, FIDELIA                       NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, HENRY L.                      NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, HENRY M.                      NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, HENRY M.                      NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, HORACE                        NY-23-2-367
GARDNER, JANE                          NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, JANE M.                       NY-23-2-264
GARDNER, JEREMIAH                      NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, LUCY                          NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, NELSON                        NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, ORLANDO                       NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, PALMER                        NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, PHEBE                         NY-23-2-367
GARDNER, SALLENA M.                    NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, SAMUEL D.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, SAMUEL D.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       NY-23-5-303
GARRISON, BETSEY                       NY-23-1-412
GARRISON, MARTIN                       NY-23-1-412
GATES, HAMILTON A.                     NY-23-3-161
GATES, HANNAH                          NY-23-3-161
GATES, HANNAH L.                       NY-23-3-161
GATES, HARRIET A.                      NY-23-3-161
GATES, JOHN R.                         NY-23-3-161
GATES, JULIUS C.                       NY-23-3-161
GATES, MARTHA R.                       NY-23-3-53
GATES, ROSWELL                         NY-23-3-161
GATES, SAMUEL W.                       NY-23-3-161
GATES, WILLIAM W.                      NY-23-3-161
GEAR, EZEKIEL (REV)                    NY-23-4-41
GEAR, MARY                             NY-23-4-41
GEFFORD, DEBORAH F.                    NY-23-2-379
GEFFORD, JOHN                          NY-23-2-379
GELES, CHARLES                         NY-23-3-220
GELLET, BELINDA                        NY-23-3-388
GELLET, BETSEY                         NY-23-3-226
GELLET, ELI                            NY-23-3-388
GELLET, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-226
GEORGE, DANIEL                         NY-23-2-548
GEORGE, HARVEY                         NY-23-2-548
GEORGE, HORACE B.                      NY-23-2-548
GEORGE, JOHN S.                        NY-23-4-336
GEORGE, MARIA                          NY-23-4-17
GEORGE, MOSES J.                       NY-23-2-548
GEORGE, PHEBE                          NY-23-4-336
GEORGE, SILAS L.                       NY-23-4-336
GEORGE, WALTER MEMBERY                 NY-23-4-17
GEUTEAU, ABRAM                         NY-23-3-238
GEUTEAU, EMILY                         NY-23-3-238
GIBBS, CHARLES                         NY-23-3-332
GIBBS, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-332
GIBBS, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-332
GIBBS, JOHN                            NY-23-3-249
GIBBS, MIRANDA                         NY-23-3-332
GIBBS, OLIVE                           NY-23-3-332
GIBBS, PRUDENCE                        NY-23-6-162
GIBBS, REMSEN                          NY-23-6-162
GIBBS, SALLY                           NY-23-4-283
GIFFORD, HARRIET NAOMA                 NY-23-2-522
GILL, HANNAH                           NY-23-4-405
GILL, JULIUS                           NY-23-4-400
GILL, LUCIUS                           NY-23-4-405
GILLETT, ALBERT L.                     NY-23-5-123
GILLETT, BETSEY                        NY-23-2-65
GILLETT, CAROLINE                      NY-23-6-177
GILLETT, DANIEL J.                     NY-23-5-426
GILLETT, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-2-65
GILLETT, PAUL                          NY-23-6-177
GLASIER, CYNTHIA                       NY-23-4-295
GLASIER, SAMUEL                        NY-23-4-295
GLASS, EMILINE                         NY-23-1-521
GLASS, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-521
GLASS, LORENZO                         NY-23-2-40
GLASS, SOPHIA                          NY-23-2-40
GLAZIER, MIRANDA                       NY-23-3-450
GLAZIER, WALTER                        NY-23-3-450
GODDARD, ALMIRA                        NY-23-1-1
GODDARD, EDWARD                        NY-23-1-1
GODDARD, JOSIAH                        NY-23-1-1
GODFREY, EMELINE                       NY-23-1-301
GODFREY, WARREN                        NY-23-1-301
GOLDSMID, ALBERT F.                    NY-23-2-561
GOLDSMID, ARTHUR W.                    NY-23-2-561
GOLDSMID, LAURA                        NY-23-2-561
GOODELL, WILLY                         NY-23-4-265
GORDINEER, ALONZO W.                   NY-23-2-477
GORDINEER, ELLEN                       NY-23-2-477
GOTHAM, JENERY T.                      NY-23-2-379
GOTHAM, PELETIAH P.                    NY-23-2-379
GOULD, ABIGAIL                         NY-23-1-462
GOULD, CYNTHIA                         NY-23-3-362
GOULD, DAVID                           NY-23-2-529
GOULD, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-2-529
GOULD, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-1-462
GOULD, JOHN                            NY-23-3-362
GOULD, LUCINDA                         NY-23-4-394
GOULD, RASELLAES                       NY-23-4-394
GOULD, SYLVESTER                       NY-23-2-529
GOULD, WILLIAM C.                      NY-23-2-529
GOULDING, JAMES M.                     NY-23-6-389
GOULDTHRITE, TAMAR                     NY-23-1-521
GRAHAM, ANNIE                          NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, DORATHY                        NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, EDWARD                         NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, ELINOR                         NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, ELLA                           NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, HENRY                          NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, ISABELLA                       NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, JAMES                          NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, JOHN                           NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, JOSEPH B.                      NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, MARTHA                         NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, MARY                           NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, MARY                           NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, SARAH                          NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, SARAH JANE                     NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, SOPHIA                         NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, SOPHIA                         NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, SUSANNAH                       NY-23-6-143
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-23-5-61
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-143
GRANGER, ELIJAH                        NY-23-2-338
GRANGER, EMILY                         NY-23-2-338
GRANNIS, JOHN                          NY-23-6-363
GRANT, ALMIRA                          NY-23-1-233
GRANT, DARIUS                          NY-23-1-233
GRANT, EUNICE                          NY-23-1-233
GRANT, GRACE R.                        NY-23-2-288
GRANT, HANNAH                          NY-23-2-288
GRANT, JOHN D.                         NY-23-2-288
GRANT, MARTIN E.                       NY-23-1-233
GRANT, MIRANDA A.                      NY-23-2-288
GRANT, NATHANIEL G.                    NY-23-2-288
GRANT, OZIAS                           NY-23-2-288
GRANT, WARHAM W.                       NY-23-2-288
GRANT, WARREN                          NY-23-1-233
GRANT, WILLARD                         NY-23-1-233
GRANT, WILLIAM P.                      NY-23-3-457
GRAVES, JENETTE                        NY-23-4-36
GRAVES, PELEG                          NY-23-4-62
GRAVES, PELEG                          NY-23-4-36
GRAVES, PHIDELIA                       NY-23-4-301
GRAY, ALEXANDER                        NY-23-4-125
GRAY, ANDREW C.                        NY-23-4-125
GRAY, HARRIET                          NY-23-4-125
GRAY, MORGAN                           NY-23-4-125
GRAY, PETER                            NY-23-4-125
GRAY, WALTER                           NY-23-4-125
GRAY,E DWIN                            NY-23-4-125
GREEN, ELIZA H.                        NY-23-2-345
GREEN, EMMA                            NY-23-1-550
GREEN, FELIX                           NY-23-1-486
GREEN, GERTRUDE                        NY-23-1-486
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-23-3-403
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-23-1-550
GREEN, MARTHA                          NY-23-3-403
GREEN, OLIVE                           NY-23-2-345
GREEN, REBECCA                         NY-23-1-412
GREEN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-23-1-412
GREENE, DATIS                          NY-23-6-132
GREENE, ENSIGN                         NY-23-6-132
GREENE, HALLETT B.                     NY-23-6-132
GREENE, JARED                          NY-23-6-132
GREENE, JARED                          NY-23-6-132
GREENE, LORENZO                        NY-23-6-132
GREENE, LUKE E.                        NY-23-6-132
GREENE, LYDIA                          NY-23-6-132
GREENE, POLLY                          NY-23-6-132
GREENE, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-132
GREENLEAF, MARY A.                     NY-23-2-509
GREENLEAF, SARAH                       NY-23-2-509
GREENLEY, CORNELIA                     NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, GEORGE                       NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, JAMES                        NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, ORSAMUS                      NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, ROBERT                       NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, SOLOMON K.                   NY-23-2-40
GREENLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-23-2-40
GRENNELL, ELIZA                        NY-23-1-1
GRENNELL, MOODY O.                     NY-23-1-1
GRISWOLD, GEORGE W.                    NY-23-4-113
GRISWOLD, MARY R.                      NY-23-4-113
GRISWOLD, PAMELIA                      NY-23-4-295
GRISWOLD, SYVLESTER                    NY-23-4-295
GROAT, CLEMENA                         NY-23-3-457
GROAT, HARRISON                        NY-23-3-457
GROAT, RACHEL                          NY-23-3-457
GROAT, RACHEL                          NY-23-3-457
GROAT, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-23-3-457
GROESBECK, ABRAHAM                     NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, CORNELIUS W.                NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, DAVID                       NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, DAVID W.                    NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, LUCRETIA                    NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, LUCY                        NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, WILLIAM W.                  NY-23-1-412
GROW, JOHN B.                          NY-23-4-225
GROW, ORRISSA                          NY-23-4-225
GRVES, JENET                           NY-23-4-62
GUNN, CHARLOTTE                        NY-23-1-544
GUNN, JANE                             NY-23-1-544
GUNN, MARY ANN                         NY-23-1-544
GUNN, MELVIN                           NY-23-1-544
GUNN, ORRA                             NY-23-1-544
GURLOCK, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-1-253
GURLOCK, NANCY                         NY-23-1-253
HAAB, ANN DORA                         NY-23-5-171
HAAB, MARTIN                           NY-23-5-171
HAAP, CHARLES                          NY-23-6-280
HAAP, DOROTHY                          NY-23-6-280
HAAP, FREDERICK                        NY-23-6-280
HAAP, JOHN                             NY-23-6-280
HAAP, MARGARET                         NY-23-6-280
HADEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-2-271
HADEN, ROSANNA                         NY-23-2-271
HAEDORN, SOPHIA                        NY-23-3-434
HAFFORD, ABIAL T.                      NY-23-5-67
HAFFORD, BETSY                         NY-23-5-67
HAFFORD, EDWIN                         NY-23-5-67
HAFFORD, HENRY                         NY-23-5-67
HAFFORD, JACOB T.                      NY-23-5-67
HAFFORD, MARY ANN                      NY-23-5-67
HAGAMON, ESTHER                        NY-23-6-239
HAGAN, BARNEY                          NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, DANIEL                          NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, FRANCIS                         NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, JAMES                           NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, JOHN                            NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, JULIA                           NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, MARY                            NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, MICHAEL                         NY-23-5-351
HAGAN, THOMAS                          NY-23-5-351
HAGDEDORN, BETSEY                      NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, AARON                        NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, BETSEY                       NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, CORNELIUS                    NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, HENRY                        NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, HIRAM                        NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, JAMES                        NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, JONATHAN                     NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, JONATHAN                     NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, LEAH                         NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, SAMUEL                       NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, SYLVENUS                     NY-23-3-434
HAGEDORN, WILLIAM                      NY-23-3-434
HAHN, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-5-171
HAHN, JACOB                            NY-23-5-171
HALE, HESTER ANN                       NY-23-1-412
HALE, LEVI                             NY-23-6-363
HALL, ALBA                             NY-23-3-422
HALL, ALBERT                           NY-23-4-85
HALL, ALSOM G.                         NY-23-4-85
HALL, ALVIN H.                         NY-23-5-77
HALL, AMY G.                           NY-23-2-461
HALL, CALEB G.                         NY-23-2-461
HALL, CALVIN                           NY-23-4-243
HALL, CHARLES E.                       NY-23-1-82
HALL, DANIEL                           NY-23-4-243
HALL, DAVID A.                         NY-23-2-461
HALL, EMELINE                          NY-23-3-422
HALL, FRANCES X.                       NY-23-4-243
HALL, FREDERICK S.                     NY-23-4-243
HALL, HANNAH                           NY-23-5-357
HALL, HARRIET                          NY-23-6-389
HALL, HIRAM                            NY-23-4-243
HALL, HIRAM G.                         NY-23-2-461
HALL, JOHN                             NY-23-4-243
HALL, JOHN G.                          NY-23-2-461
HALL, POLLY                            NY-23-1-82
HALL, RACHEL                           NY-23-4-243
HALL, RUFUS                            NY-23-4-243
HALL, WILLIAM A.                       NY-23-2-461
HALL, WILLIAM S.                       NY-23-6-389
HALSTEAD, MARY                         NY-23-1-492
HALSTEAD, THOMAS                       NY-23-1-492
HAMBLIN, ALEXANDER C.                  NY-23-3-465
HAMBLIN, JESSE                         NY-23-5-178
HAMBLIN, MARTHA                        NY-23-5-178
HAMBLIN, SARAH                         NY-23-3-465
HAMILTON, CHARLES                      NY-23-4-91
HAMILTON, LOUISA                       NY-23-4-91
HAMMOND, JOSEPH                        NY-23-5-295
HAMMOND, JUSTUS                        NY-23-5-295
HAMMOND, LAZARUS S.                    NY-23-4-437
HAMMOND, LOVINA                        NY-23-6-325
HAMMOND, LUCY                          NY-23-5-295
HAMMOND, PARNEL P.                     NY-23-6-325
HAMMOND, SARAH E.                      NY-23-4-437
HAPP, BARBARA                          NY-23-5-171
HAPP, BENNETT                          NY-23-5-171
HAPP, CONRAD                           NY-23-5-171
HAPP, JOHN                             NY-23-5-171
HAPP, WILLIAM F.                       NY-23-5-171
HARGER, ABRAHAM M.                     NY-23-4-394
HARMON, AMASA B.                       NY-23-1-456
HARMON, CHARLES C.                     NY-23-1-456
HARMON, FRANCES J.                     NY-23-2-137
HARMON, GILBERT J.                     NY-23-1-456
HARMON, JCOB                           NY-23-5-171
HARMON, MARIA                          NY-23-5-171
HARMON, SAMUEL                         NY-23-1-456
HARRINGOTN, MARANDA                    NY-23-1-175
HARRINGTON, ALMOND                     NY-23-3-450
HARRINGTON, CALEB                      NY-23-3-450
HARRINGTON, HORACE                     NY-23-3-450
HARRINGTON, LUCINDA                    NY-23-3-450
HARRIS, ADELIA E.                      NY-23-6-211
HARRIS, CAROLINE                       NY-23-6-211
HARRIS, CLARK                          NY-23-6-211
HARRIS, MARY ANN                       NY-23-6-211
HART, BETSEY                           NY-23-3-313
HART, JACOB                            NY-23-3-313
HARTER, CHRISTOPHER P.                 NY-23-2-431
HARTER, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-450
HARTER, DELIA                          NY-23-1-450
HARTER, ELECTA                         NY-23-2-431
HARTER, FREDERICK                      NY-23-2-431
HARTER, HENRY                          NY-23-2-431
HARTER, HEZAKIAH                       NY-23-2-431
HARTER, LAWRENCE P. L.                 NY-23-2-431
HARTER, PETER L.                       NY-23-2-431
HARTER, WELLINGTON                     NY-23-2-431
HARVEY, JANE                           NY-23-3-434
HARVEY, NATHAN                         NY-23-3-434
HASKINS, ABEL                          NY-23-4-368
HASKINS, CELESTA                       NY-23-4-368
HASTINGS, CORNELIA                     NY-23-1-412
HASTINGS, CURTIS                       NY-23-6-162
HASTINGS, CYRUS                        NY-23-1-412
HASTINGS, HENRY                        NY-23-6-162
HASTINGS, JOSEPH                       NY-23-6-162
HASTINGS, OTIS                         NY-23-6-162
HASTINGS, RICHARD C.                   NY-23-6-162
HATCH, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-4-465
HATCH, HENRY                           NY-23-1-468
HATCH, LORANIA                         NY-23-4-465
HATCH, LORANICE                        NY-23-1-468
HAUFTER, HANNAH                        NY-23-1-576
HAVEN, MARY                            NY-23-6-473
HAVEN, NATHANIEL SR.                   NY-23-6-473
HAVER, ELIZA L. O.                     NY-23-1-412
HAVER, JAMES K. O.                     NY-23-1-412
HAWKINS, CORNELIA B.                   NY-23-2-137
HAWLEY, ALZINA ANN                     NY-23-4-175
HAWLEY, GUY D.                         NY-23-4-175
HAWLEY, HARRIET                        NY-23-1-564
HAWLEY, ISABELLA                       NY-23-4-175
HAWLEY, MORGAN                         NY-23-1-564
HAWLEY, MORGAN LEWIS JR.               NY-23-4-175
HAWLEY, RACINE                         NY-23-4-175
HAY, CATHARINE                         NY-23-5-341
HAYNES, ANNA                           NY-23-6-239
HAYNES, LEWIS                          NY-23-6-239
HEBERT, CHARLES D.                     NY-23-4-170
HEBERT, JOHN B.                        NY-23-5-215
HEBERT, MARY                           NY-23-5-215
HEDGER, DIONYSIUS E.                   NY-23-6-270
HEDGER, MARTHA A.                      NY-23-6-270
HEMENEWAY, MARY                        NY-23-3-398
HEMENWAY, EVELYN                       NY-23-3-398
HEMENWAY, LAURENTINE                   NY-23-3-398
HERENDEEN, NANCY                       NY-23-2-137
HERRICK, CATHARINE                     NY-23-1-412
HERRICK, F. P.                         NY-23-5-194
HERRICK, GEORGE                        NY-23-5-405
HERRICK, MALVINA                       NY-23-5-194
HERRICK, SALLY                         NY-23-5-405
HERRICK, WILLIAM W.                    NY-23-1-412
HERRINGOTN, HENRY                      NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, AUGUSTUS                   NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, BRADFORD                   NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, DAVID                      NY-23-3-14
HERRINGTON, DELOS                      NY-23-6-289
HERRINGTON, FAYETTE                    NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, LOVINA                     NY-23-3-14
HERRINGTON, OPELIA                     NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, PAMELIA ANN                NY-23-2-300
HERRINGTON, ROXY                       NY-23-6-289
HETH, LUTHER                           NY-23-2-276
HETH, MARY                             NY-23-2-276
HEWIT, ELIZA                           NY-23-6-7
HEWITT, DESIRE                         NY-23-3-367
HICKS, BARNET                          NY-23-5-223
HICKS, BARNET                          NY-23-2-418
HICKS, JESSE                           NY-23-2-418
HICKS, SAMUEL                          NY-23-2-418
HILDRETH, HARRIET E.                   NY-23-5-341
HILDRETH, LAMPSON                      NY-23-2-425
HILDRETH, SARAH MARIA                  NY-23-2-425
HILDRETH, WILLIAM S.                   NY-23-5-341
HILL, AMANDA R.                        NY-23-6-373
HILL, CAROLINE                         NY-23-6-373
HILL, EMMA C.                          NY-23-6-373
HINE, ABERT W.                         NY-23-5-373
HINKLEY, COLEMAN                       NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, RODNEY                        NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, SALLY                         NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, SAMUEL                        NY-23-1-301
HINMAN, JAMES N.                       NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, JSOEPH                         NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, LYDIA                          NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, REBECCA                        NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-23-4-417
HINMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-417
HITCHCOCK, ARCHIBALD                   NY-23-1-301
HITCHCOCK, POLLY                       NY-23-1-301
HITCHCOCK, SARAH                       NY-23-6-251
HITCHCOK, ALLEN                        NY-23-6-251
HOARD, CHARLES B.                      NY-23-3-74
HODGE, DANIEL                          NY-23-4-119
HODGE, JEREMIAH                        NY-23-4-119
HODGE, MARTHA                          NY-23-4-119
HODGES, AMY                            NY-23-3-120
HODGES, SAMUEL N.                      NY-23-3-120
HODGKINS, ANSON                        NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, ELLEN                        NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, LOUISA                       NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MARTHA JANE                  NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MELISSA                      NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MINERVA                      NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MINERVA HENRY                NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, WARREN                       NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, WILLIAM H.                   NY-23-1-271
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-23-1-412
HOFFMAN, MARIA                         NY-23-1-412
HOLBROOK, JOHN                         NY-23-5-312
HOLBROOK, SALLY ANN                    NY-23-5-312
HOLCOMB, ADALINE                       NY-23-3-215
HOLCOMB, ALSON                         NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, DOLLY D.                      NY-23-3-215
HOLCOMB, ELIZA C.                      NY-23-2-467
HOLCOMB, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-2-467
HOLCOMB, HIRAM                         NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, MARY                          NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, OLEN                          NY-23-3-215
HOLCOMB, SOPHIA                        NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, WILLIAM L.                    NY-23-3-215
HOLDON, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-4-46
HOLLEMBACK, ABRAHAM V.                 NY-23-5-295
HOLLENBACK, LUCY ANN                   NY-23-5-295
HOLLENBECK, ELECTA                     NY-23-1-359
HOLLENBECK, JOHN                       NY-23-1-359
HOLLEY, EMILY                          NY-23-2-446
HOLLEY, SANFORD B.                     NY-23-2-446
HOLLISTER, ANN ELECTA                  NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, ELIZABETH E.                NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, ESTHER A.                   NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, FLORA ANN                   NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, JOHN                        NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, JOSEPH LEWIS                NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, MARY SYLVESTER              NY-23-4-91
HOLLISTER, ROWLAND                     NY-23-4-91
HOLMES, JOSEPH                         NY-23-3-422
HOLMES, LUCY                           NY-23-3-422
HOOPER, MARIA                          NY-23-1-156
HOOVER, ADAM                           NY-23-1-253
HOOVER, CATHARINE                      NY-23-1-253
HOPKINS, ARTEMESIA                     NY-23-5-426
HOPKINS, CELESTIA                      NY-23-4-80
HOPKINS, CORDELIA                      NY-23-5-426
HOPKINS, HENRY                         NY-23-4-80
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-5-426
HOREY, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-27
HOREY, FREDERICK                       NY-23-1-27
HOREY, MARIE ELIZABETH                 NY-23-1-27
HORR, ANN ELIZA                        NY-23-3-6
HORR, STILES                           NY-23-3-6
HORTON, ELMINA JANE                    NY-23-4-456
HORTON, HENRY                          NY-23-4-456
HORTON, JACOB R.                       NY-23-4-456
HORTON, JOHN T.                        NY-23-4-456
HORTON, LERAY D.                       NY-23-4-456
HORTON, MCCRAY                         NY-23-4-456
HORTON, OSCAR                          NY-23-4-456
HORTON, STEPHEN                        NY-23-4-456
HORTON, WALTER C.                      NY-23-4-456
HORTON, WARREN S.                      NY-23-4-456
HORTON, WILLIAM C.                     NY-23-4-456
HORY, ADOLPHUS                         NY-23-1-27
HORY, HENRY                            NY-23-1-27
HORY, JACOB C.                         NY-23-1-27
HORY, LEWIS                            NY-23-1-27
HORY, LOUISA                           NY-23-1-27
HOTTES, BARBARY                        NY-23-6-280
HOTTES, CHARLES                        NY-23-6-280
HOUSE, ABRAHAM P.                      NY-23-1-450
HOUSE, NANCY                           NY-23-1-450
HOW, EMILENE                           NY-23-3-36
HOW, JACOB R.                          NY-23-4-41
HOW, JOHN                              NY-23-3-36
HOW, THOMAS G.                         NY-23-4-41
HOWARD, AMRILLA                        NY-23-6-381
HOWARD, CHARLES                        NY-23-4-421
HOWARD, CHAUNCEY                       NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, DEMIC                          NY-23-5-115
HOWARD, DIMICK                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, ELEANOR                        NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, ELVIRA                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, EUGENE                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, FARLEY                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, FURLEY                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, HANNAH P.                      NY-23-5-341
HOWARD, HARLEY C.                      NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, HARRIET                        NY-23-4-421
HOWARD, HELEN                          NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, HENRY                          NY-23-6-381
HOWARD, JAMES                          NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, JOHN                           NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, JOSEPH S.                      NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, LACONIUS M.                    NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, NANCEY                         NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, PHILO                          NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, RINALDO                        NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, SARAH M.                       NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, SIMON                          NY-23-5-341
HOWARD, SQUIRE D.                      NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, THOMAS                         NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, TURNER                         NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, TURNER E.                      NY-23-6-363
HOWARD, UNITY                          NY-23-5-115
HOWARD, VIOLETTA                       NY-23-6-289
HOWARD, WILLIAM                        NY-23-2-392
HOWE, CATHARENE                        NY-23-3-244
HOWE, FANNY C.                         NY-23-1-163
HOWE, FANNY C.                         NY-23-3-137
HOWE, HENRY                            NY-23-3-244
HOWLAND, ELISHA A.                     NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, ELON G.                       NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, JAMES M.                      NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, JASPER                        NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, MARTIN W.                     NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, MARY                          NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, RUFUS J.                      NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, SARAH                         NY-23-2-338
HOWLAND, SARAH                         NY-23-2-338
HUBBARD, AMELIA ELLEN                  NY-23-5-1
HUBBARD, CARTER                        NY-23-4-113
HUBBARD, FREDERICK W.                  NY-23-4-437
HUBBARD, FREDERICK W.                  NY-23-6-505
HUBBARD, GEORGE N.                     NY-23-5-1
HUBBARD, HIRAM                         NY-23-6-505
HUBBARD, HORACE                        NY-23-6-505
HUBBARD, HULDAH                        NY-23-4-113
HUBBARD, HULDAH                        NY-23-4-113
HUBBARD, LEANDER                       NY-23-4-113
HUBBARD, PARNETTE F.                   NY-23-6-505
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                        NY-23-4-113
HUBBARD, WARD                          NY-23-6-505
HUDSON, ARAH D.                        NY-23-3-137
HUDSON, SANFOR DA.                     NY-23-1-163
HUDSON, SANFORD A.                     NY-23-3-137
HUDSON, SARAH D.                       NY-23-1-163
HUGGINS, BETHIA                        NY-23-1-18
HUGGINS, HARRIET                       NY-23-1-18
HULBURT, ANGELICA                      NY-23-4-41
HULBURT, JOHN                          NY-23-4-41
HULL, CHARLES                          NY-23-3-190
HULL, JANE                             NY-23-3-190
HUMPHREY, FRANCES E.                   NY-23-6-78
HUMPHRY, MELISSA R.                    NY-23-6-78
HUNGERFORD, ABIGAIL                    NY-23-1-33
HUNGERFORD, ABIGAIL                    NY-23-6-232
HUNGERFORD, ANN E.                     NY-23-1-474
HUNGERFORD, ELBERT V.                  NY-23-3-79
HUNGERFORD, GEORGE                     NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, HELEN                      NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, HENRY                      NY-23-1-33
HUNGERFORD, HENRY A.                   NY-23-6-232
HUNGERFORD, JABEZ F.                   NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, JOHN                       NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, MARCELLA                   NY-23-3-79
HUNGERFORD, MARY                       NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, MARY C.                    NY-23-5-391
HUNGERFORD, NAAMAN B.                  NY-23-3-79
HUNGERFORD, PHILO                      NY-23-5-391
HUNGERFORD, POLLY                      NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, SOLON D.                   NY-23-3-79
HUNGERFORD, SOLON D.                   NY-23-1-474
HUNGERFORD, TRUMAN                     NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, WILLIAM                    NY-23-2-8
HUNGERFORD, WILLIAM                    NY-23-2-8
HUNT, ALICE                            NY-23-5-26
HUNT, BENJAMIN                         NY-23-2-276
HUNT, BETSEY                           NY-23-2-307
HUNT, COLLINS B.                       NY-23-2-276
HUNT, DENNIS                           NY-23-5-26
HUNT, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-5-26
HUNT, LUCINA                           NY-23-2-276
HUNT, MARGARET                         NY-23-5-26
HUNT, MARY                             NY-23-5-26
HUNT, MICHAEL                          NY-23-5-26
HUNT, MICHAEL                          NY-23-5-26
HUNT, MICHAEL                          NY-23-2-307
HUNT, PAUL                             NY-23-5-26
HUNT, TIMOTHY JR.                      NY-23-2-276
HUNTINGTON, ELIZA A.                   NY-23-2-22
HUNTINGTON, ELIZA ANN                  NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, GEORGE C.                  NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, HARRIET                    NY-23-6-239
HUNTINGTON, HENRY G.                   NY-23-6-239
HUNTINGTON, MARY S.                    NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, RICAHRD H.                 NY-23-1-474
INGALLS, ALBERT J.                     NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, ALFRED                        NY-23-2-386
INGALLS, AMELIA E.                     NY-23-2-386
INGALLS, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, EDWIN P.                      NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, GEORGE                        NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, JEROME                        NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, LARA                          NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, LAURA                         NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, LOTUS                         NY-23-3-68
INGALLS, MILO                          NY-23-3-68
INGERSON, EBER                         NY-23-4-311
INGERSON, JUDITH                       NY-23-4-311
IRVIN, LUELLA                          NY-23-6-177
IRWIN, ELIZBETH                        NY-23-3-6
IRWIN, FLORENCE                        NY-23-6-177
IRWIN, WILLAM B.                       NY-23-3-6
IVES, AMY                              NY-23-3-234
IVORY, CLINTON                         NY-23-1-134
IVORY, FRANCES                         NY-23-1-134
IVORY, HUBERT                          NY-23-1-134
IVORY, JAMES                           NY-23-1-134
JACKMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-3-481
JACKMAN, JOHN                          NY-23-3-485
JACKMAN, SALLY                         NY-23-3-485
JACKMAN, TIMOTHY                       NY-23-3-481
JACKSON, BELAH                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, DANIEL                        NY-23-1-307
JACKSON, DANIEL JR.                    NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, ELISHA                        NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, JAMES                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, JASON                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, JESSE                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, LUCINDA                       NY-23-1-307
JACKSON, PATTY                         NY-23-5-426
JACKSON, PHILY                         NY-23-5-426
JAMES, ERVING                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, EZEKIEL                         NY-23-1-169
JAMES, JOHN                            NY-23-1-169
JAMES, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SALLENA                         NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SAMUEL                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SIMEON                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, THOMAS                          NY-23-1-169
JENKINS, BEAL                          NY-23-2-522
JENKINS, DANIEL                        NY-23-5-83
JENKINS, MARY                          NY-23-2-529
JENKINS, MARY                          NY-23-5-83
JENKINS, NELSON                        NY-23-2-529
JENKINS, PHILAREA                      NY-23-2-522
JENKS, MARTHA                          NY-23-2-53
JENNINGS, BETSEY                       NY-23-5-380
JENNINGS, ELIASO.                      NY-23-5-380
JENNINGS, WILLIAM S.                   NY-23-6-202
JENNINGS,ISABELLA S.                   NY-23-6-202
JEWELL, POLLY                          NY-23-1-462
JOHNSON, ALICE M.                      NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, AMBROSE                       NY-23-4-85
JOHNSON, ARTHUR W.                     NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, CATHERINE                     NY-23-1-412
JOHNSON, CONVERSE J.                   NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, CORNELIA M.                   NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, EDWARD F.                     NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, EVELINE                       NY-23-4-85
JOHNSON, FRANCES                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, GERTRUDE L.                   NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, JERUSHA                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, JOHN P.                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, JOHN S.                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, MARY J.                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, MINERVA H.                    NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                      NY-23-1-95
JOHNSON, ORAN O.                       NY-23-2-154
JOHNSON, POLLY                         NY-23-1-95
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                       NY-23-1-504
JOINER, ELIHU                          NY-23-1-462
JOINER, MAHALIA                        NY-23-1-462
JONES, ALONZO                          NY-23-3-14
JONES, CELSTINE                        NY-23-3-14
JONES, EMILY M.                        NY-23-2-425
JONES, ERASTUS                         NY-23-3-14
JONES, EUNICE                          NY-23-1-233
JONES, HANNAH                          NY-23-3-14
JONES, JAMES                           NY-23-3-14
JONES, JOHN                            NY-23-2-425
JONES, MARTHA ANN                      NY-23-3-14
JONES, MATILDA                         NY-23-3-14
JONES, RHODA                           NY-23-2-170
JONES, SALLY MARIA                     NY-23-4-175
JONES, SAMUEL M.                       NY-23-4-175
JONES,LOVINA                           NY-23-3-14
JORDAN, CLARISSA                       NY-23-3-226
JORDAN, CLARISSA                       NY-23-2-65
JORDAN, CLARISSA ANN                   NY-23-2-425
JORDAN, JOHN                           NY-23-2-425
JORDAN, PATRICK                        NY-23-3-226
JORDAN, PATRICK                        NY-23-2-65
JUDD, HENRY                            NY-23-1-359
JUDD, PHILETUS                         NY-23-1-359
JUDD, WILLIAM E.                       NY-23-1-359

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