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TABER, ANN                              NY-14-12-639
TABER, BETSEY                           NY-14-W-378
TABER, HELEN K.                         NY-14-15-464
TABER, HELEN M.                         NY-14-9-615
TABER, OLIVER A.                        NY-14-9-685
TABER, RUTH                             NY-14-N-69
TABER, WILLIAM                          NY-14-J-372
TABOR, ANN                              NY-14-R-174
TABOR, ANNA L.                          NY-14-4-328
TABOR, GEORGE P.                        NY-14-Z-474
TABOR, JOB                              NY-14-B-379
TABOR, JOHN                             NY-14-R-1
TABOR, JOHN M.                          NY-14-#1-109
TABOR, JONATHAN A.                      NY-14-Y-434
TABOR, OSCAR                            NY-14-10-225
TABOR, SHADRACH S.                      NY-14-4-8
TALLIDAY, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-14-264
TALLMADGE, ENOS                         NY-14-H-218
TALLMADGE, GEORGE                       NY-14-I-299
TALLMADGE, JAMES                        NY-14-F-286
TALLMADGE, JOSEPH J.                    NY-14-9-671
TALLMADGE, MOSES                        NY-14-V-1
TALLMADGE, POLLY                        NY-14-6-220
TALLMADGE, WILLIAM H.                   NY-14-10-54
TALLMAN, BRITTON                        NY-14-D-596
TALLMAN, DARIUS                         NY-14-C-553
TALLMAN, DARIUS                         NY-14-P-47
TALLMAN, DAVID                          NY-14-N-360
TALLMAN, ELIZA                          NY-14-P-430
TALLMAN, JOHN P. H.                     NY-14-13-67
TALLMAN, MARGARET                       NY-14-P-270
TALLMAN, SOLOMON                        NY-14-I-448
TALMADGE, ARON                          NY-14-H-114
TALMAN, JOHN                            NY-14-H-462
TANNER, BARNET                          NY-14-9-109
TANNER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-4-53
TANNER, BRIGGS                          NY-14-9-488
TANNER, EDMUND                          NY-14-13-158
TANNER, JAMES U.                        NY-14-9-273
TANNER, JOHN L.                         NY-14-6-578
TANNER, MARTIN H.                       NY-14-5-96
TANNER, REUBEN                          NY-14-N-80
TANNER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-T-199
TANNER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-Q-QQ
TAPPAN, ANNA MARIA                      NY-14-T-164
TAPPEN, CAROLINE                        NY-14-F-376
TAPPEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-H-207
TAPPEN, GERTRUDE                        NY-14-O-402
TAPPEN, PETER                           NY-14-A-335
TAPPEN, PETER C.                        NY-14-J-328
TAPPING, HEZEKIAH                       NY-14-I-248
TAPPING, ORSON H.                       NY-14-Z-508
TARPENNING, JOHN                        NY-14-E-354
TARPENNY, ZILLAH                        NY-14-13-591
TAYLOR, BETSEY                          NY-14-2-378
TAYLOR, CATHARINE E.                    NY-14-15-605
TAYLOR, CELIA                           NY-14-M-522
TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE                       NY-14-Y-566
TAYLOR, CHRISTIANA                      NY-14-12-675
TAYLOR, CYNTHIA                         NY-14-#1-146
TAYLOR, EDWARD                          NY-14-8-177
TAYLOR, ELEAZAR                         NY-14-V-66
TAYLOR, EMELINE ESTHER                  NY-14-4-416
TAYLOR, EUGENIA E.                      NY-14-10-677
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-14-5-40
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-14-#1-451
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-14-4-369
TAYLOR, MANNING                         NY-14-N-74
TAYLOR, NATHAN                          NY-14-AA-48
TAYLOR, PHLIP                           NY-14-4-276
TAYLOR, ROBERT E.                       NY-14-13-283
TEAL, ANDREW                            NY-14-I-125
TEAL, DAVID D.                          NY-14-12-193
TEAL, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-8-193
TEAL, HENRY C.                          NY-14-S-254
TEAL, HENRY J.                          NY-14-V-34
TEAL, JACOB                             NY-14-5-9
TEAL, JOHN J.                           NY-14-T-332
TEAL, PHILIP                            NY-14-V-40
TEASWELL, SARAH                         NY-14-15-393
TEATOR, ANDREW                          NY-14-11-69
TEATOR, JOHN H.                         NY-14-P-462
TEATOR, MARY                            NY-14-8-558
TEATOR, PETER E.                        NY-14-14-588
TEATOR, WILLIAM                         NY-14-M-165
TEATS, HENRY I.                         NY-14-P-450
TEATS, JOHN                             NY-14-Q-205
TEATS, JOHN H.                          NY-14-10-84
TEATS, LUCY A.                          NY-14-11-450
TEATS, PETER J.                         NY-14-Q-314
TEED, AARON                             NY-14-Q-464
TEETER, JOHANNES                        NY-14-A-444
TELLER, ANN ELIZA                       NY-14-Y-141
TELLER, DELIA                           NY-14-13-271
TELLER, HANNAH                          NY-14-T-405
TELLER, JACOB V. B.                     NY-14-14-593
TELLER, JAMES                           NY-14-C-502
TELLER, LOUISA M.                       NY-14-V-260
TELLER, MARIA WILTSE                    NY-14-S-234
TEMPLE, JAMES                           NY-14-8-197
TENBROECK, AMUEL                        NY-14-13-667
TENBROECK, MARGARET                     NY-14-L-182
TENEYCK, CATHARINE                      NY-14-Q-395
TENEYCK, MATHEW                         NY-14-Q-397
TENIKE, JACOB                           NY-14-L-372
TENNEY, BARNEY                          NY-14-2-293
TERPENING, DEWITT C.                    NY-14-13-126
TERRY, ALMIRA                           NY-14-15-737
TERRY, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-E-499
TERRY, PETER                            NY-14-B-345
TERRY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-E-72
TERWILLIGER, ANNA                       NY-14-9-60
TETOR, HENRY                            NY-14-J-169
TETOR, PHILIP                           NY-14-I-307
THACKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-T-539
THATCHER, WILLIAM                       NY-14-#1-535
THIELMAN, CATHERINE                     NY-14-9-612
THIELMAN, PETER                         NY-14-#1-404
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-E-258
THOMAS, CAROLINE                        NY-14-13-291
THOMAS, DANIEL M.                       NY-14-9-198
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-319
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-14-E-500
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-6-207
THOMAS, RICHARD                         NY-14-14-386
THOMAS, ROSWELL W.                      NY-14-W-277
THOMAS, RUTH ANN                        NY-14-13-619
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          NY-14-C-262
THOMPSON, ABIEL G.                      NY-14-H-206
THOMPSON, ANN A.                        NY-14-10-535
THOMPSON, ANNETTE                       NY-14-5-279
THOMPSON, ASA                           NY-14-P-202
THOMPSON, ASA A.                        NY-14-U-517
THOMPSON, CALEB                         NY-14-F-404
THOMPSON, CATHARINE M.                  NY-14-12-91
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       NY-14-10-661
THOMPSON, EFFY                          NY-14-Z-107
THOMPSON, GIDEON                        NY-14-C-489
THOMPSON, GIDEON                        NY-14-H-497
THOMPSON, HENRY W.                      NY-14-4-67
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-14-U-275
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-14-D-426
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-14-10-518
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-14-7-157
THOMPSON, JONATHAN                      NY-14-S-461
THOMPSON, JUDAH B.                      NY-14-U-466
THOMPSON, LYDIA G.                      NY-14-12-438
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-14-M-583
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-14-D-194
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-14-12-273
THOMPSON, MARY S.                       NY-14-U-194
THOMPSON, REBECCA                       NY-14-P-38
THOMPSON, SMITH                         NY-14-N-387
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        NY-14-7-537
THOMPSON,JANE E.                        NY-14-8-143
THOMSA, CAROLINE                        NY-14-#1-285
THORN, ABIGAIL D.                       NY-14-6-185
THORN, ANNA K.                          NY-14-#1-585
THORN, ELSEY V.                         NY-14-#1-423
THORN, ESTHER                           NY-14-9-81
THORN, HERRICK                          NY-14-5-469
THORN, ISAAC                            NY-14-H-145
THORN, JACOB                            NY-14-B-43
THORN, JEMIMA                           NY-14-L-522
THORN, JOHANNA                          NY-14-T-254
THORN, JOHN SR.                         NY-14-F-9
THORN, JOSEPH                           NY-14-H-152
THORN, JOSEPH                           NY-14-U-536
THORN, JOSEPH                           NY-14-E-472
THORN, LYDIA A.                         NY-14-8-396
THORN, MARY                             NY-14-7-722
THORN, MARY                             NY-14-8-28
THORN, OBADIAH                          NY-14-F-263
THORN, PHEBE                            NY-14-Z-346
THORN, ROBERT                           NY-14-Z-370
THORN, ROBERT E.                        NY-14-V-122
THORN, S. THURSTON                      NY-14-11-452
THORN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-F-55
THORN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-Q-31
THORN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-3-255
THORN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-V-159
THORN, SARAH                            NY-14-Y-553
THORN, SARAH ANN                        NY-14-10-298
THORN, SARAHF. B.                       NY-14-V-6
THORN, SIDMON                           NY-14-#1-537
THORN, STEPHEN                          NY-14-3-309
THORN, STEPHEN                          NY-14-P-421
THORN, STEPHEN                          NY-14-T-214
THORN, STEPHEN S.                       NY-14-Z-217
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Z-378
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-E-35
THORN, WILLIAM I.                       NY-14-10-461
THORNE, ANN M.                          NY-14-8-404
THORNE, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-U-25
THORNE, CATHARINE                       NY-14-8-652
THORNE, EDWIN                           NY-14-10-177
THORNE, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-H-476
THORNE, ISAAC G.                        NY-14-Q-425
THORNE, JAMES T.                        NY-14-7-109
THORNE, JOHN B.                         NY-14-H-54
THORNE, OBADIAH                         NY-14-G-516
THORNE, SAMUEL                          NY-14-F-200
THORNE, STEPHEN                         NY-14-A-524
THORNTON, ALICE                         NY-14-7-49
THORP, DAVID W.                         NY-14-W-174
THORP, WILLIAM                          NY-14-3-383
THORPE, D. LYON                         NY-14-9-252
THRELFALL, JANE                         NY-14-8-526
THROOP, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-F-524
THROOP, LITITIA                         NY-14-Z-85
THURST, JOHN                            NY-14-9-605
THURSTON, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-L-1
THURSTON, FREEMAN                       NY-14-V-441
THURSTON, JOHN MONTROSS                 NY-14-J-86
THURSTON, ROBERT                        NY-14-G-120
THURSTON, SAMUEL M.                     NY-14-S-487
THURSTON, THOMAS                        NY-14-G-125
TIBBITS, JOHN                           NY-14-E-515
TIBBITTS, FLORENCE L.                   NY-14-4-590
TIBBS, JOSEPH R.                        NY-14-11-166
TICE, RACHEL S. W.                      NY-14-12-647
TIEMEYER, JOHN H.                       NY-14-15-379
TIFFANY, ALMIRA                         NY-14-7-59
TILLER, CAROLINE                        NY-14-O-440
TILLET, RICHARD                         NY-14-A-380
TILLOTSON, ELEAZER                      NY-14-B-601
TILLOTSON, THOMAS                       NY-14-I-198
TILLOTT, CALEB M.                       NY-14-5-615
TILLOTT, DEBORAH                        NY-14-4-118
TILLOTT, JAMES A.                       NY-14-U-476
TILLOTT, JOHN                           NY-14-N-132
TILLOTT, JOHN M.                        NY-14-T-137
TILLOTT, MARGARET                       NY-14-2-439
TILLOTT, PETER                          NY-14-O-344
TILTON, HARRISON W.                     NY-14-10-356
TIMMINS, EDARD                          NY-14-8-280
TIMMINS, MICHAEL                        NY-14-9-525
TIMMON, ROBERT                          NY-14-7-514
TINK, JACOB J.                          NY-14-U-204
TINKELPAUGH, ELIZABETH                  NY-14-14-492
TINKLEPAUGH, ELIZA M.                   NY-14-V-492
TINKLEPAUGH, GEORGE                     NY-14-14-533
TITUS, JOHN                             NY-14-M-85
TITUS, JOHN H.                          NY-14-9-619
TITUS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-C-504
TITUS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-B-54
TITUS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-B-16
TOBIAS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-C-522
TOBIN, MARY                             NY-14-7-503
TODD, ELIZA                             NY-14-2-403
TODD, OLIVER                            NY-14-T-222
TODD, ROBERT                            NY-14-G-48
TODD, SARAH E.                          NY-14-12-183
TOFFEY, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-H-237
TOFFEY, AKIN A.                         NY-14-14-497
TOFFEY, GEORGE                          NY-14-D-525
TOFFEY, IRA                             NY-14-11-313
TOMKINS, MARTHA                         NY-14-A-436
TOMLINS, WILLIAM                        NY-14-2-73
TOMPKINS, ALPHEUS                       NY-14-T-240
TOMPKINS, ANNA                          NY-14-13-503
TOMPKINS, ANNA                          NY-14-Z-501
TOMPKINS, ANNA M.                       NY-14-9-272
TOMPKINS, ARISTIDES                     NY-14-Q-344
TOMPKINS, CARRIE S.                     NY-14-13-127
TOMPKINS, DANIEL                        NY-14-11-298
TOMPKINS, DAVID B.                      NY-14-4-401
TOMPKINS, ELIAS                         NY-14-Z-647
TOMPKINS, ENOCH                         NY-14-#1-436
TOMPKINS, ENOCH                         NY-14-E-201
TOMPKINS, FRANCES M.                    NY-14-10-332
TOMPKINS, GEORGE H.                     NY-14-8-273
TOMPKINS, GEORGE P.                     NY-14-8-456
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-14-D-44
TOMPKINS, JACOB                         NY-14-Q-144
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-14-U-357
TOMPKINS, JAMES I.                      NY-14-Z-510
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-14-13-504
TOMPKINS, JOHN M.                       NY-14-11-619
TOMPKINS, KATE A.                       NY-14-10-447
TOMPKINS, LEWIS                         NY-14-12-248
TOMPKINS, MARIA                         NY-14-9-253
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-14-6-36
TOMPKINS, MICHAEL                       NY-14-M-266
TOMPKINS, MOSES                         NY-14-M-499
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL C.                  NY-14-T-428
TOMPKINS, NELSON                        NY-14-10-353
TOMPKINS, PETER                         NY-14-8-667
TOMPKINS, PHEBE                         NY-14-T-588
TOMPKINS, PHEBE W.                      NY-14-T-376
TOMPKINS, RACHAEL                       NY-14-Z-64
TOMPKINS, REUBEN                        NY-14-7-725
TOMPKINS, RICHARD                       NY-14-2-396
TOMPKINS, SARAH                         NY-14-7-359
TOMPKINS, SMITH P.                      NY-14-9-106
TOMPKINS, SOLOMON                       NY-14-8-510
TOMPKINS, STEPHEN                       NY-14-8-460
TOMPKINS, THADDEUS                      NY-14-D-98
TOMPKINS, THOMAS                        NY-14-B-641
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-12-261
TOMS, PHEBE                             NY-14-14-207
TOOHEY, WILLIAM A.                      NY-14-10-328
TOOKER, JACOB C.                        NY-14-S-570
TOONROTH, JOHN                          NY-14-Z-74
TOTTEN, ISRAEL                          NY-14-E-147
TOTTEN, LEVINA                          NY-14-A-217
TOWEL, DARBY                            NY-14-10-182
TOWEN, LOUISA M.                        NY-14-9-327
TOWER, ALBERT                           NY-14-11-229
TOWER, HENRY R.                         NY-14-T-534
TOWNSEND, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-14-C-308
TOWNSEND, ELIAS                         NY-14-10-419
TOWNSEND, ELIJAH                        NY-14-U-456
TOWNSEND, GILBERT D.                    NY-14-12-744
TOWNSEND, GRACE                         NY-14-Q-9
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                         NY-14-B-411
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                         NY-14-12-282
TOWNSEND, JACOB                         NY-14-W-339
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          NY-14-4-356
TOWNSEND, LEONARD                       NY-14-10-140
TOWNSEND, MARIA M.                      NY-14-10-234
TOWNSEND, MOSES                         NY-14-#1-106
TOWNSEND, RICHARD                       NY-14-L-116
TOWNSEND, ROSANNA                       NY-14-Y-3
TOWNSEND, SARAH                         NY-14-10-565
TOWNSEND, SARAH A.                      NY-14-13-366, 747
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                       NY-14-I-245
TOWNSEND, THOMAS                        NY-14-B-327
TOWNSEND, THOMAS                        NY-14-K-527
TOWNSEND, TREADWELL                     NY-14-V-539
TRACY, CAROLINE R.                      NY-14-14-182
TRACY, MARTHA                           NY-14-S-512
TRAUGHTON, JENNIE A.                    NY-14-14-80
TRAVER, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-N-50
TRAVER, ALBERT D.                       NY-14-Y-69
TRAVER, ALEXANDER S.                    NY-14-15-116
TRAVER, ALSHA                           NY-14-2-538
TRAVER, ANDREW D.                       NY-14-Z-159
TRAVER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-R-225
TRAVER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-2-346
TRAVER, CHARITY                         NY-14-5-17
TRAVER, CHRISTINA                       NY-14-2-519
TRAVER, DAVID                           NY-14-Q-359
TRAVER, DAVID                           NY-14-B-624
TRAVER, DAVID A.                        NY-14-Q-386
TRAVER, EDWIN                           NY-14-3-302
TRAVER, EGBERT G.                       NY-14-15-234
TRAVER, ELIZA M.                        NY-14-4-620
TRAVER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-14-3-690
TRAVER, EMILY F.                        NY-14-10-530
TRAVER, FREDERICK G.                    NY-14-T-529
TRAVER, FREDRICK                        NY-14-A-178
TRAVER, GERTRUDE                        NY-14-8-145
TRAVER, GERTRUDE B.                     NY-14-13-478
TRAVER, GIDEON A.                       NY-14-5-81
TRAVER, GILBERT                         NY-14-15-158
TRAVER, HELEN                           NY-14-Y-583
TRAVER, HENRY P.                        NY-14-J-333
TRAVER, HORACE B.                       NY-14-10-192
TRAVER, ISAAC                           NY-14-U-482
TRAVER, ISAAC H.                        NY-14-11-436
TRAVER, JACOB P.                        NY-14-F-206
TRAVER, JOHANNIS                        NY-14-C-272
TRAVER, JOHN E.                         NY-14-11-149
TRAVER, JOHN H.                         NY-14-3-198
TRAVER, JOHN H.                         NY-14-10-726
TRAVER, JOHN P.                         NY-14-R-259
TRAVER, JOSHUA R.                       NY-14-11-9
TRAVER, JULIA ANN                       NY-14-11-456
TRAVER, JULIA ANN                       NY-14-9-282
TRAVER, MARY                            NY-14-E-309
TRAVER, MORGAN L.                       NY-14-14-150
TRAVER, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-4-156
TRAVER, PETER                           NY-14-A-514
TRAVER, PETER A.                        NY-14-8-187
TRAVER, PETER B.                        NY-14-D-359
TRAVER, REUBEN S.                       NY-14-14-311
TRAVER, SARAH                           NY-14-V-263
TRAVER, SARAH                           NY-14-11-77
TRAVER, THOMAS                          NY-14-Y-423
TRAVER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-14-11-429
TRAVER, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-14-Y-156
TRAVERS, MARGARET                       NY-14-3-546
TRAVIS, DANIEL                          NY-14-B-202
TRAVIS, DAVID                           NY-14-11-338
TRAVIS, DAVID                           NY-14-W-522
TRAVIS, HANNAH                          NY-14-3-33
TRAVIS, ISAAC                           NY-14-O-381
TRAVIS, MARGARET                        NY-14-3-546
TRAVIS, MARGARET O.                     NY-14-12-479
TRAVIS, PHEBE                           NY-14-12-9
TRAVIS, THOMAS                          NY-14-A-245
TRAVIS, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-12-316
TREADWAY, CATHARINE                     NY-14-V-566
TREAT, ELLEN L.                         NY-14-11-321
TREMAIN, HULDAH                         NY-14-Q-111
TREMPER, CATHARINE                      NY-14-15-51
TREMPER, CATHARINE                      NY-14-V-475
TREMPER, JACOB                          NY-14-A-132
TREMPER, LORETTA                        NY-14-13-129
TREMPER, SALLY B.                       NY-14-V-147
TREVETT, FRANCES MARY                   NY-14-O-341
TRIPP, ALFRED N.                        NY-14-13-209
TRIPP, ANTHONY                          NY-14-P-130
TRIPP, CYNTHIA B.                       NY-14-10-106
TRIPP, EDWARD B.                        NY-14-15-126
TRIPP, EDWARD H.                        NY-14-S-219
TRIPP, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-P-328
TRIPP, GEORGE                           NY-14-U-366
TRIPP, GEORGE T.                        NY-14-14-197
TRIPP, HANNAH                           NY-14-13-287
TRIPP, HANNAH D.                        NY-14-3-444
TRIPP, JOHN                             NY-14-U-95
TRIPP, JOHN                             NY-14-E-212
TRIPP, MARGARET                         NY-14-U-504
TRIPP, MARY                             NY-14-O-427
TRIPP, MARY B.                          NY-14-10-193
TRIPP, NESSON                           NY-14-W-364
TRIPP, ROBERT C.                        NY-14-5-629
TRIPP, SAMUEL                           NY-14-I-205
TRIPP, SMITEN                           NY-14-P-414
TRIPP, SMITEN V.                        NY-14-13-88
TRIPP, SUSANNAH                         NY-14-B-13
TRIPP, WILLIAM                          NY-14-E-121
TRIVETT, ELIAS                          NY-14-W-505
TROUSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-14-7-557
TROWBRIDGE, ALEXANDER W.                NY-14-8-87
TROWBRIDGE, N. CONKLIN                  NY-14-13-596
TROWBRIDGE, STEPHEN B.                  NY-14-8-424
TROWBRIDGE, WALTER                      NY-14-5-456
TROWBRIDGE,AMANDA                       NY-14-9-36
TROWRIDGE, JULIA                        NY-14-14-577
TRUEMAN, ROBERT                         NY-14-11-558
TRUETT, HETTY                           NY-14-5-421
TUCKER, MARY ANN                        NY-14-13-163
TUCKERMAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-7-423
TULLY, ANNIE                            NY-14-8-355
TULLY, MARGARET                         NY-14-12-269
TUNISON, ELSIE                          NY-14-9-218
TURCK, CATHARINE                        NY-14-M-588
TURCK, JOHN A.                          NY-14-K-562
TURNER, ALDEN C.                        NY-14-10-272
TURNER, CHARLES                         NY-14-Z-211
TURNER, JOHN                            NY-14-O-23
TURNER, NATHAN                          NY-14-E-53
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-S-197
TURPIN, JOHN                            NY-14-9-680
TURRELL, HULDAH V. V.                   NY-14-11-490
TURRELL, JOEL                           NY-14-R-197
TUTHILL, SAMUEL                         NY-14-10-649
TUTTLE, AMAZIAH                         NY-14-15-217
TUTTLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-738
TWEEDY, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-#1-478
TWEEDY, CYRUS                           NY-14-W-132
TWEEDY, JANN                            NY-14-9-482
TWEEDY, JOHN                            NY-14-T-366
TWEEDY, SAMUEL                          NY-14-3-606
TYLER, ANNA E.                          NY-14-15-239
TYNAN, MARY                             NY-14-12-682
TYNDELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-14-119
UHL, DANIEL                             NY-14-F-401
UHL, DANIEL                             NY-14-D-14
UHL, HENRY W.                           NY-14-10-472
UHL, JOHN                               NY-14-C-247
UHL, JONATHAN B.                        NY-14-8-394
UHL, MARY                               NY-14-H-14
UHL, NICHOLAS T.                        NY-14-6-300
UHLE, HENRY                             NY-14-Y-284
UHLE, JOHN                              NY-14-D-478
UHLE, NANCY                             NY-14-9-363
ULRICH, AUGUSTUS L.                     NY-14-O-495
UMVERZAGT, GEORGE                       NY-14-15-406
UNDERHILL, ABIGAIL                      NY-14-G-437
UNDERHILL, ALFRED M.                    NY-14-10-424
UNDERHILL, ANN                          NY-14-#1-376
UNDERHILL, ANNA F.                      NY-14-V-119
UNDERHILL, ANTHONY                      NY-14-10-311
UNDERHILL, DEBORAH                      NY-14-B-292
UNDERHILL, ELIZA A.                     NY-14-9-92
UNDERHILL, EMMA L.                      NY-14-10-347
UNDERHILL, ISAAC                        NY-14-J-67
UNDERHILL, ISAAC V.                     NY-14-S-473
UNDERHILL, JACOB V.                     NY-14-9-354
UNDERHILL, JESSE                        NY-14-U-393
UNDERHILL, JOEL                         NY-14-D-159
UNDERHILL, JOSIAH                       NY-14-Z-609
UNDERHILL, NATHANIEL                    NY-14-T-464
UNDERHILL, PHEBE V.                     NY-14-8-384
UNDERHILL, PRUDENCE ANN                 NY-14-Z-323
UNDERHILL, RUTH                         NY-14-13-115
UNDERHILL, STEPHEN D.                   NY-14-Z-38
UNDERHILL, THOMAS                       NY-14-B-293
UNDERWOOD, ABRAHAM                      NY-14-U-529
UNDERWOOD, AMANDA                       NY-14-7-574
UNDERWOOD, CHARLES                      NY-14-13-315
UNDERWOOD, JERAULD                      NY-14-9-567
UNDERWOOD, MARY A.                      NY-14-13-106
UNDERWOOD, ROBINSON P.                  NY-14-J-411
UPTON, ASA                              NY-14-N-472
UPTON, GEORGE                           NY-14-7-245
UPTON, PAUL                             NY-14-V-117
UPTON, SAMUEL                           NY-14-F-1
UPTON, SARAH M.                         NY-14-15-144
UPTON, SMITH                            NY-14-V-455
UTPON, STEPHEN                          NY-14-S-524
UTTER, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-10-612
UTTER, JOHN M.                          NY-14-Y-83
VAIL, AARON                             NY-14-A-42
VAIL, AARON                             NY-14-Z-291
VAIL, ALFRED R.                         NY-14-3-671
VAIL, ANN                               NY-14-V-510
VAIL, ANNA                              NY-14-S-459
VAIL, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-11-290
VAIL, DANIEL                            NY-14-B-98
VAIL, DEBORAH                           NY-14-T-328
VAIL, ELIAS D.                          NY-14-15-721
VAIL, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-6-341
VAIL, ELIZABETH ANN                     NY-14-R-188
VAIL, EVALINA                           NY-14-14-268
VAIL, HENRY                             NY-14-#1-383
VAIL, HENRY J.                          NY-14-12-105
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-14-C-252
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-14-B-273
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-14-E-326
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-14-A-427
VAIL, ISAAC C.                          NY-14-M-378
VAIL, ISAAC M.                          NY-14-Y-299
VAIL, ISRAEL                            NY-14-B-27
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-14-Y-132
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-14-L-301
VAIL, JANE                              NY-14-S-469
VAIL, JARVIS                            NY-14-U-310
VAIL, JESSE                             NY-14-J-153
VAIL, JESSE                             NY-14-F-452
VAIL, JOHN                              NY-14-12-565
VAIL, JOSEPH                            NY-14-B-136
VAIL, JOSEPH                            NY-14-B-140
VAIL, JOSEPH                            NY-14-4-509
VAIL, MARIA                             NY-14-2-52
VAIL, MARTHA                            NY-14-M-599
VAIL, MARY                              NY-14-H-184
VAIL, MATILDA                           NY-14-9-414
VAIL, MOSES                             NY-14-E-314
VAIL, PENELOPE                          NY-14-E-153
VAIL, PHEBE M.                          NY-14-5-627
VAIL, PLATT                             NY-14-F-302
VAIL, SARAH                             NY-14-I-213
VAIL, SARAH A.                          NY-14-7-695
VAIL, SOLOMON                           NY-14-J-387
VAIL, THOMAS                            NY-14-D-231
VAIL, THOMAS M.                         NY-14-#1-266
VAIL, WILLIAM R.                        NY-14-13-346
VAILE, DANIEL                           NY-14-H-71
VALENTINE, ABRAM                        NY-14-K-138
VALENTINE, DEBORAH                      NY-14-D-407
VALENTINE, JAMES                        NY-14-C-94
VALENTINE, RICHARD                      NY-14-D-217
VALENTINE, RICHARD R.                   NY-14-14-721
VALENTINE, WILLIAM                      NY-14-C-196
VALIN, JANE VER                         NY-14-15-133
VALINGVAN, SARAH C.                     NY-14-3-315
VAMABURGH, MARIA A.                     NY-14-10-85
VANALEN, CATHARINE                      NY-14-Z-599
VANALEN, JOHN TRUMBULL                  NY-14-T-340
VANALEN, PETER                          NY-14-F-248
VANALSTINE, LAURENCE                    NY-14-C-8
VANALSTYNE, LAURA                       NY-14-Z-287
VANALYSTINE, WILLIAM                    NY-14-R-267
VANAMBURGH, ADELINE                     NY-14-4-427
VANAMBURGH, AMELIA C.                   NY-14-5-183
VANAMBURGH, ANNA                        NY-14-10-346
VANAMBURGH, CAROLINE                    NY-14-9-604
VANAMBURGH, CHARLES H.                  NY-14-12-197
VANAMBURGH, CORNELIA                    NY-14-13-140
VANAMBURGH, FREELOVE                    NY-14-#1-131
VANAMBURGH, HANNAH ELIZA                NY-14-2-3
VANAMBURGH, HARRIET                     NY-14-13-40
VANAMBURGH, ISAAC                       NY-14-S-67
VANAMBURGH, MERCY                       NY-14-8-133
VANAMBURGH, PETER D.                    NY-14-Y-19
VANAMBURGH, ROBERT                      NY-14-R-324
VANAMBURGH, SARAH                       NY-14-5-689
VANAMBURGH, SARAH ANNAH                 NY-14-8-300
VANAMBURGH, SUSAN                       NY-14-2-533
VANAMBURGH, WILLIAM                     NY-14-9-312
VANANDEN, AARON                         NY-14-P-333
VANANDEN, CHARLES N.                    NY-14-8-274
VANANDEN, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-14-10-174
VANANDEN, MARIA                         NY-14-15-528
VANANDEN, MARVIN                        NY-14-13-280
VANAUKEN, JEREMIAH                      NY-14-G-340
VANBANSCHOTEN, HENRY                    NY-14-I-283
VANBENSCHOTEN, JACOB                    NY-14-H-340
VANBENSCHOTEN, JOHN E.                  NY-14-2-162
VANBENSCHOTEN, MARY                     NY-14-M-139
VANBENSCHOTEN, MATTHEW                  NY-14-G-159
VANBENSCHOTEN, TUNIS                    NY-14-J-233
VANBENTHUYSEN, PETER                    NY-14-A-153
VANBRAMER, DAVID                        NY-14-V-478
VANBRAMIN, HELEN                        NY-14-F-211
VANBRUNT, FREDERICK                     NY-14-11-624
VANBUNSCHOTEN, PETER                    NY-14-B-533
VANBUREN, SMITH T.                      NY-14-4-254
VANCLEEF, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-3-348
VANCLEEF, ELLEN                         NY-14-15-269
VANCLEEF, J. I.                         NY-14-15-683
VANCLEEF, SOPHIA S.                     NY-14-R-169
VANCOTT, CAROLINE                       NY-14-7-669
VANCOTT, JEMIMA                         NY-14-G-44
VANCOTT, NELSON                         NY-14-10-376
VANCOTT, OLIVER                         NY-14-12-214
VANCOTT, SAMUEL                         NY-14-L-82
VANCOTT, STEPHEN                        NY-14-W-518
VANDEBOGERT, JAMES                      NY-14-U-171
VANDERBELT, ARES                        NY-14-L-406
VANDERBILT, ARES                        NY-14-C-182
VANDERBILT, GEORGE                      NY-14-U-198
VANDERBILT, HARRIET                     NY-14-Z-185
VANDERBILT, JOHN R.                     NY-14-#1-21
VANDERBILT, PHILIP                      NY-14-D-480
VANDERBOGERT, CELIA                     NY-14-G-415
VANDERBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-14-M-1
VANDERBURGH, ALONZO                     NY-14-15-112
VANDERBURGH, AMELIA                     NY-14-10-64
VANDERBURGH, BARTHOLOMEW                NY-14-B-35
VANDERBURGH, CAROLINE M.                NY-14-10-671
VANDERBURGH, EMELIA                     NY-14-9-31
VANDERBURGH, FEDERAL                    NY-14-Y-332
VANDERBURGH, GABRIEL L.                 NY-14-U-338
VANDERBURGH, HENRY                      NY-14-M-172
VANDERBURGH, HENRY                      NY-14-F-257
VANDERBURGH, JAMES                      NY-14-A-389
VANDERBURGH, JAMES                      NY-14-S-596
VANDERBURGH, JOHN A.                    NY-14-13-671
VANDERBURGH, JOHN J.                    NY-14-9-710
VANDERBURGH, RICHARD D. C.              NY-14-W-491
VANDERBURGH, RICHARD H.                 NY-14-W-22
VANDERPOOL, LAURA E.                    NY-14-13-633
VANDERWOORT, MICHAEL                    NY-14-D-93
VANDEWATER, ELIZABETH                   NY-14-I-323
VANDEWATER, HARMAN                      NY-14-E-287
VANDEWATER, LINCOLN A.                  NY-14-10-579
VANDEWATER, WILLIAM                     NY-14-J-83
VANDORAS, JOSEPH                        NY-14-C-53
VANDUSEN, JACOB                         NY-14-B-73
VANDUSEN, MATHEW                        NY-14-C-43
VANDUSER, MARTHA                        NY-14-5-369
VANDUZEN, MARY                          NY-14-9-408
VANDUZER, NATHANIEL M.                  NY-14-9-1
VANDYCK, PETER                          NY-14-B-428
VANDYK, THOMAS                          NY-14-2-179
VANDYKE, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-O-365
VANDYKE, WILLIAM                        NY-14-W-316
VANDYNE, MARY                           NY-14-3-551
VANERBOGERT, MYNDERT                    NY-14-E-178
VANETTEN, JOHN                          NY-14-A-330
VANETTEN, MATTHEW                       NY-14-C-227
VANETTON, JOHN                          NY-14-W-374
VANEVERY, LAWRENCE                      NY-14-I-269
VANFRADENBURGH, ALONZO                  NY-14-9-83
VANINGEN, HENRY                         NY-14-14-356
VANKEUREN, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-M-53
VANKEUREN, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-C-469
VANKEUREN, GARRET                       NY-14-Y-418
VANKEUREN, JAMES                        NY-14-J-456
VANKEUREN, JOHN                         NY-14-3-3
VANKEUREN, JOHN S.                      NY-14-G-499
VANKEUREN, LANA                         NY-14-F-194
VANKLECK, ALBERT                        NY-14-Y-15
VANKLEECK, BARNARD D.                   NY-14-#1-569
VANKLEECK, CORNELIA                     NY-14-C-448
VANKLEECK, EDGAR M.                     NY-14-9-374
VANKLEECK, EDWARD                       NY-14-10-651
VANKLEECK, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-13-195
VANKLEECK, GEORGE                       NY-14-5-434
VANKLEECK, GEORGE M.                    NY-14-8-369
VANKLEECK, JAMES                        NY-14-12-351
VANKLEECK, JANE                         NY-14-12-708
VANKLEECK, JEREMIAH B.                  NY-14-I-238
VANKLEECK, JOHN H.                      NY-14-13-745
VANKLEECK, JOHN S.                      NY-14-7-694
VANKLEECK, JOHN S.                      NY-14-6-564
VANKLEECK, KATE E.                      NY-14-14-427
VANKLEECK, LEVI                         NY-14-V-129
VANKLEECK, MARGARET S. T.               NY-14-10-15
VANKLEECK, MARY                         NY-14-7-500
VANKLEECK, MONFORT J.                   NY-14-11-330
VANKLEECK, PETER                        NY-14-A-466
VANKLEECK, PETER P.                     NY-14-Q-442
VANKLEECK, ROBERT                       NY-14-12-173
VANKLEECK, ROBERT B.                    NY-14-11-426
VANKLEECK, TEUNIS                       NY-14-H-492
VANKLUCK, PETER JR.                     NY-14-A-373
VANNESS, GARRET B.                      NY-14-C-187
VANNESS, GITTY                          NY-14-K-244
VANNESS, JANE                           NY-14-D-599
VANNETTE, JAMES M.                      NY-14-12-268
VANNETTEN, JOHN S.                      NY-14-J-353
VANNOSDALL, HEBER                       NY-14-11-386
VANNOSDALL, JOHN R.                     NY-14-8-415
VANNOSTRAND, JAMES A.                   NY-14-8-305
VANNOSTRAND, JOHN PETER                 NY-14-V-328
VANOSTROM, JULIA                        NY-14-10-25
VANRENSSELAER, ADELINE S.               NY-14-9-446
VANRENSSELAER, ALIDA                    NY-14-W-1
VANRENSSELAER, CATHERINE H.             NY-14-10-152
VANRENSSELAER, EMILIE                   NY-14-13-626
VANRENSSELAER, HARRIET A.               NY-14-5-645
VANSCHAACK, POLLY                       NY-14-8-201
VANSCHOONHOVEN, JAMES                   NY-14-W-329
VANSCOY, ABEL                           NY-14-8-490
VANSICKLEN, ANN                         NY-14-R-254
VANSICKLEN, CAROLINE                    NY-14-J-209
VANSICKLEN, CORNELIUS                   NY-14-B-615
VANSICKLEN, PHEBE                       NY-14-C-464
VANSICKLEN, REINER V.                   NY-14-12-749
VANSICKLIN, CATHARINE                   NY-14-5-101
VANSICKLIN, JOHN                        NY-14-F-434
VANSTEENBERGH, BENJAMIN B.              NY-14-E-390
VANSTEENBERGH, ELIZABETH                NY-14-P-172
VANSTEENBERGH, PHILIP H.                NY-14-10-67
VANSTEENBERGH, SOLOMON                  NY-14-E-387
VANSTEENBURG, BENJAMIN                  NY-14-B-598
VANSTEENBURG, JANE                      NY-14-2-362
VANSTEENBURGH, HENRY                    NY-14-U-434
VANSTEENBURGH, JACOB B.                 NY-14-I-113
VANSTEENBURGH, JAMES E.                 NY-14-Z-51
VANSTEENBURGH, NICHOLAS B.              NY-14-Q-267
VANSTEENBURGH, WILLIAM                  NY-14-10-533
VANSTEENBURGH, WILLIAM                  NY-14-10-617
VANTASSEL, AMY                          NY-14-R-418
VANTASSEL, JOHN                         NY-14-F-140
VANTASSELL, JOHN                        NY-14-12-620
VANTINE, ABRAM                          NY-14-14-260
VANTINE, CORNELIUS                      NY-14-8-48
VANTINE, ELMER                          NY-14-13-168
VANTINE, JOHN H.                        NY-14-12-628
VANUNSCHOTEN, TEUNIS                    NY-14-A-85
VANVALEN, JACOB                         NY-14-R-32
VANVALIN, ESTHER                        NY-14-14-316
VANVALKENBURGH, FRANCIS L.              NY-14-3-365
VANVECHTEN, SAMUEL                      NY-14-8-71
VANVLACK, GEORGE                        NY-14-H-56
VANVLACK, JOHN G.                       NY-14-P-115
VANVLIET, AARON                         NY-14-K-498
VANVLIET, ANN E.                        NY-14-R-371
VANVLIET, CLARISSA                      NY-14-8-72
VANVLIET, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-V-366
VANVLIET, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-Q-108
VANVLIET, DIRCK                         NY-14-B-236
VANVLIET, EPHRAIM                       NY-14-R-306
VANVLIET, GEORGE                        NY-14-O-233
VANVLIET, GEORGE P.                     NY-14-14-676
VANVLIET, HANNAH                        NY-14-11-616
VANVLIET, HENRIETTA                     NY-14-3-555
VANVLIET, ISAAC F.                      NY-14-3-636
VANVLIET, JAMES R.                      NY-14-12-69
VANVLIET, JANE                          NY-14-T-78
VANVLIET, JOHN                          NY-14-P-193
VANVLIET, LEVI                          NY-14-U-461
VANVLIET, LEWIS                         NY-14-14-312
VANVLIET, PLATT G.                      NY-14-2-389
VANVOORHEES, COURT                      NY-14-AA-92
VANVOORHEES, DANIEL                     NY-14-4-501
VANVOORHEES, ELIZA ANN                  NY-14-6-522
VANVOORHIS, ABRAHAM Z.                  NY-14-Z-597
VANVOORHIS, CATHERINE                   NY-14-10-232
VANVOORHIS, CHARLES                     NY-14-2-267
VANVOORHIS, COERT A.                    NY-14-3-522
VANVOORHIS, CORNELIUS                   NY-14-K-403
VANVOORHIS, DANIEL                      NY-14-D-206
VANVOORHIS, ELIZA                       NY-14-8-172
VANVOORHIS, ELIZA                       NY-14-7-686
VANVOORHIS, GARRETT                     NY-14-Z-568
VANVOORHIS, HENRY                       NY-14-O-171
VANVOORHIS, HENRY                       NY-14-2-135
VANVOORHIS, HENRY                       NY-14-B-526
VANVOORHIS, JANE                        NY-14-M-250
VANVOORHIS, JOHN                        NY-14-V-429
VANVOORHIS, MARIA H.                    NY-14-6-483
VANVOORHIS, OEDIAH                      NY-14-5-426
VANVOORHIS, SAAH                        NY-14-AA-60
VANVOORHIS, SAMUEL A.                   NY-14-13-393
VANVOORHIS, SAMUEL L.                   NY-14-P-387
VANVOORHIS, SARAH                       NY-14-10-38
VANVOORHIS, SARAH                       NY-14-3-515
VANVOORHIS, SARAH                       NY-14-K-377
VANVOORHIS, SARAH                       NY-14-U-439
VANVOORHIS, SARAH C.                    NY-14-14-422
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM B.                  NY-14-7-526
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM C.                  NY-14-#1-92
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM H.                  NY-14-13-318
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM H.                  NY-14-3-159
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM R.                  NY-14-H-118
VANVOORHIS, ZACHARIAH                   NY-14-6-178
VANVORT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-3-156
VANVRADENBURGH, ISAAC                   NY-14-U-343
VANVRADENBURGH, MARY                    NY-14-12-71
VANVRANKEN, SAMUEL A.                   NY-14-U-545
VANVREDENBURGH, EDWIN                   NY-14-12-292
VANVREDENBURGH, EZRA                    NY-14-13-263
VANWAGENEN, AART                        NY-14-A-121
VANWAGENEN, DAVID I.                    NY-14-4-348
VANWAGENEN, ELEANOR                     NY-14-9-51
VANWAGENEN, HERBERT                     NY-14-R-177
VANWAGENEN, JACOB L                     NY-14-13-123
VANWAGENEN, JOHN B.                     NY-14-N-280
VANWAGENEN, JOHN W.                     NY-14-10-214
VANWAGENEN, JULIA                       NY-14-10-352
VANWAGENEN, MARGARET                    NY-14-Z-407
VANWAGENEN, MARY                        NY-14-4-350
VANWAGENEN, PETER L.                    NY-14-15-110
VANWAGENER, FRANCIS                     NY-14-U-239
VANWAGENER, JACOB                       NY-14-L-560
VANWAGENN, JOHANNES                     NY-14-L-368
VANWAGGON, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-Y-60
VANWAGNEN, MARY                         NY-14-W-209
VANWAGNER, ABRAHAM                      NY-14-K-312
VANWAGNER, ABRAHAM                      NY-14-K-381
VANWAGNER, EGBERT                       NY-14-10-285
VANWAGNER, GILBERT                      NY-14-W-361
VANWAGNER, HELEN                        NY-14-8-10
VANWAGNER, JACOB                        NY-14-I-360
VANWAGNER, JAMES P.                     NY-14-V-11
VANWAGNER, JOHN                         NY-14-8-603
VANWAGNER, JOHN                         NY-14-F-444
VANWAGNER, JOHN S.                      NY-14-3-346
VANWAGNER, MARY A.                      NY-14-9-245
VANWAGNER, NICHOLA                      NY-14-14-515
VANWAGNER, PETER                        NY-14-P-425
VANWAGNER, RACHEL                       NY-14-5-466
VANWAGNER, SARAH A.                     NY-14-9-574
VANWAGNER, SARAH A.                     NY-14-15-596
VANWAGNER, SUSAN                        NY-14-Z-479
VANWAGNER, WILLIAM S.                   NY-14-15-84
VANWAGONER, DAVID                       NY-14-Q-10
VANWAGONER, EVERT                       NY-14-G-509
VANWGENEN, JULIA C.                     NY-14-12-649
VANWYCK, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-V-534
VANWYCK, ABRAHAM D.                     NY-14-Y-102
VANWYCK, ADELIA                         NY-14-13-306
VANWYCK, ANN                            NY-14-K-355
VANWYCK, BARBARA                        NY-14-T-524
VANWYCK, CAROLINE                       NY-14-Y-202
VANWYCK, CAROLINE                       NY-14-4-475
VANWYCK, CHARLES                        NY-14-W-534
VANWYCK, CHARLES H.                     NY-14-13-640
VANWYCK, CORNELIUS C.                   NY-14-I-310
VANWYCK, CORNELIUS R.                   NY-14-6-100
VANWYCK, CORNELIUS R.                   NY-14-F-107
VANWYCK, DELIA                          NY-14-9-397
VANWYCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-O-110
VANWYCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-13-585
VANWYCK, HELEN M.                       NY-14-8-259
VANWYCK, ISAAC C.                       NY-14-U-125
VANWYCK, ISAAC I.                       NY-14-V-140
VANWYCK, JANE ANNA                      NY-14-Y-93
VANWYCK, JOHN                           NY-14-5-362
VANWYCK, JOHN B.                        NY-14-M-116
VANWYCK, JOHN C.                        NY-14-Y-191
VANWYCK, JOSEPH J.                      NY-14-8-623
VANWYCK, MARIA                          NY-14-5-574
VANWYCK, MARTHA                         NY-14-3-249
VANWYCK, MARY                           NY-14-4-447
VANWYCK, PHEBE E.                       NY-14-4-382
VANWYCK, RICHARD C. ***                 NY-14-T-343
VANWYCK, RICHARD T.                     NY-14-G-404
VANWYCK, RICHARD T.                     NY-14-11-295
VANWYCK, ROBERT L.                      NY-14-4-324
VANWYCK, SARAH                          NY-14-14-223
VANWYCK, SARAH                          NY-14-S-335
VANWYCK, SIDNEY E.                      NY-14-8-73
VANWYCK, STEPHEN D.                     NY-14-6-112
VANWYCK, THEODORUS R.                   NY-14-K-503
VANWYCK, THEODORUS W.                   NY-14-F-429
VANWYCK, WILLIAM                        NY-14-R-450
VANWYCK, WILLIAM                        NY-14-A-448
VARICK, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-12-303
VARICK, HENRY D.                        NY-14-4-410
VARICK, ISABEL                          NY-14-14-141
VARICK, JOSEPH                          NY-14-R-126
VARICK, RICHARD A.                      NY-14-#1-211
VARICK, RICHARD A.                      NY-14-2-?
VARICK, SUSAN                           NY-14-Q-162
VARNELL, EPENETUS                       NY-14-2-289
VARNEY, EDWARD                          NY-14-9-532
VARNEY, JOHN                            NY-14-M-155
VARNEY, PRICILLA                        NY-14-U-551
VARY, EMILY                             NY-14-15-42
VASSAR, EDWARD                          NY-14-8-106
VASSAR, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-8-218
VASSAR, IRENE B.                        NY-14-15-598
VASSAR, JAMES                           NY-14-R-384
VASSAR, JOHN GUY                        NY-14-10-121
VASSAR, MATTHEW                         NY-14-7-256
VASSAR, MATTHEW                         NY-14-Y-507
VELIE, ALONZO B.                        NY-14-13-300
VELIE, BALTUS                           NY-14-#1-236
VELIE, BARNET                           NY-14-B-31
VELIE, CHARLES F.                       NY-14-Y-85
VELIE, EMILY                            NY-14-12-622
VELIE, EZEKIEL                          NY-14-I-394
VELIE, HENDRIC                          NY-14-Q-244
VELIE, HENRY                            NY-14-V-382
VELIE, HENRY                            NY-14-V-396
VELIE, ISRAEL C.                        NY-14-12-627
VELIE, MARY ANN                         NY-14-4-10
VELIE, MINARD                           NY-14-F-470
VELIE, PHEBE A.                         NY-14-15-656
VELIE, SARAH E.                         NY-14-13-238
VELIE,KATE                              NY-14-13-19
VERMILIA, GERARDUS                      NY-14-B-138
VERMILYA, CRUMELINE V. P.               NY-14-K-284
VERMILYA, GARARDAS                      NY-14-C-258
VERMILYA, JOHN G.                       NY-14-H-60
VERMILYEA, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-U-266
VERMILYEA, ISAAC D.                     NY-14-R-279
VERMILYEA, JOHN                         NY-14-Q-139
VERMILYEA, JOHN K.                      NY-14-4-388
VERMIYEA, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-Q-193
VERNOL, JOSEPH                          NY-14-10-647
VERNOL, MARY ELLEN                      NY-14-6-426
VERPLACK, WILLIAM S.                    NY-14-9-95
VERPLANCK, ANNA B.                      NY-14-8-225
VERPLANCK, ANNE                         NY-14-N-169
VERPLANCK, CATHERINE                    NY-14-B-466
VERPLANCK, JULIA A.                     NY-14-9-597
VERPLANCK, MARY ANNA                    NY-14-T-196
VERPLANCK, MARY HOBART                  NY-14-5-652
VERPLANCK, PHILIP                       NY-14-A-228
VERPLANCK, SAMUEL                       NY-14-U-571
VERPLANCK, WILLIAM WALTON               NY-14-Z-573
VERPLANK, JAMES DE LAUCEY               NY-14-7-130
VERVALEN, HESTER                        NY-14-V-74
VERVALIN, ELIZA                         NY-14-11-511
VERVALIN, JANE                          NY-14-15-133
VERVALIN, MARGARET                      NY-14-2-327
VERVALIN, SARAH                         NY-14-15-437
VERVELIN, ABIGAIL                       NY-14-G-254
VERVELIN, ABIGAIL                       NY-14-G-80
VERVELIN, GIDEON                        NY-14-F-76
VIAL, SARAH                             NY-14-A-144
VIBBERT, HORCE                          NY-14-Y-231
VIELEY, MINARD B.                       NY-14-P-22
VIELIE, BALTUS                          NY-14-A-419
VINCENT, CAROLINE M.                    NY-14-8-320
VINCENT, CORDELIA                       NY-14-9-410
VINCENT, DAVID D.                       NY-14-9-368
VINCENT, DEBORAH                        NY-14-11-540
VINCENT, EGBERT                         NY-14-11-546
VINCENT, ELMORE A.                      NY-14-14-76
VINCENT, GIDEON                         NY-14-9-55
VINCENT, HANNAH T.                      NY-14-15-606
VINCENT, ISAAC                          NY-14-U-364
VINCENT, ISAAC P.                       NY-14-10-139
VINCENT, JAMES                          NY-14-W-248
VINCENT, JOHN                           NY-14-B-310
VINCENT, JONATHAN                       NY-14-G-91
VINCENT, LAVINA                         NY-14-V-369
VINCENT, LEONARD                        NY-14-D-580
VINCENT, LEONARD M.                     NY-14-12-56
VINCENT, MARTHA                         NY-14-#1-642
VINCENT, MARY ANN                       NY-14-Z-77
VINCENT, MICHAEL                        NY-14-C-231
VINCENT, MONARITY                       NY-14-#1-336
VINCENT, OBED W.                        NY-14-11-482
VINCENT, PHEBE ANN                      NY-14-14-507
VINCENT, REBECCA                        NY-14-3-205
VINCENT, RICHARD                        NY-14-A-136
VINCENT,LORETTA                         NY-14-7-508
VINSON, ANN E.                          NY-14-13-632
VIRMILYEA, ISAAC G.                     NY-14-O-520
VOLANDT, JACOB                          NY-14-B-628
VOLLMER, JOHN                           NY-14-11-269
VONBRCAHT, JULIUS                       NY-14-11-454
VONDERLINDEN, ROSINA                    NY-14-12-609
VOSBURGH, ANDREW                        NY-14-I-472
VOSBURGH, ATTY                          NY-14-T-102
VOSBURGH, CATHARINE C.                  NY-14-13-386
VOSBURGH, CORNELIA                      NY-14-C-441
VOSBURGH, DAVID                         NY-14-10-637
VOSBURGH, DAVID H.                      NY-14-Y-412
VOSBURGH, EVERT                         NY-14-C-158
VOSBURGH, GEORGE S.                     NY-14-11-95
VOSBURGH, HANNAH                        NY-14-8-89
VOSBURGH, MARIA ANNA                    NY-14-7-302
VOSBURGH, MARTIN                        NY-14-B-266
VOSBURGH, RHODA A.                      NY-14-13-661
VRADENBURGH, WILLIAM                    NY-14-C-77
VREDENBURGH, MARY E.                    NY-14-12-66
VREDENBURGH, NARCISSA I.                NY-14-6-642
VREELAND, JANE M                        NY-14-4-517
WACHTER, JOHN N.                        NY-14-5-481
WAECHTER, ANNA G.                       NY-14-15-65
WAGER, AMBROSE                          NY-14-8-255
WAGER, DAVID                            NY-14-S-365
WAGER, PALUS                            NY-14-AA-115
WAGMON, HENRY                           NY-14-D-178
WAGNER, MARCUS                          NY-14-K-550
WAINE, ROBERT                           NY-14-14-552
WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED T.                   NY-14-Q-115
WAKEMAN, ORRIN                          NY-14-15-89
WAKEMAN, WALTER                         NY-14-Y-594
WALCH, LAWRENCE                         NY-14-9-294
WALDO, JANE ANN                         NY-14-13-726
WALDO, WILLIAM B.                       NY-14-Y-246
WALDORF, HARMENA                        NY-14-12-107
WALDORF, WILLIAM                        NY-14-C-193
WALDORF, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Z-384
WALDORPH, JOHN W.                       NY-14-T-411
WALDRON, ALFRED                         NY-14-14-561
WALDRON, HANNAH                         NY-14-B-373
WALKER, DEBORAH H.                      NY-14-12-426
WALKER, JAMES                           NY-14-V-193
WALKER, MARIA B.                        NY-14-13-164
WALL, ANN                               NY-14-9-668
WALL, CATHARINE                         NY-14-6-636
WALLACE, SARAH C.                       NY-14-15-70
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NY-14-H-348
WALSH, MARGARET                         NY-14-4-595
WALSH, MICHAEL                          NY-14-14-332
WALSH, WILLIAM                          NY-14-#1-635
WALTERMIER, GEORGE                      NY-14-E-350
WALTERMIRE, JOHN                        NY-14-12-128
WALTERMIRE, MARIA                       NY-14-10-711
WALTERMYER, DAVID                       NY-14-S-338
WALTERMYER, GEORGE                      NY-14-B-18
WALTERS, GEORGE L.                      NY-14-N-555
WALTON, MARY                            NY-14-O-376
WANZER, ZEBULON F.                      NY-14-E-58
WARD, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-O-13
WARD, ADELIA B.                         NY-14-W-57
WARD, ANTHONY                           NY-14-C-558
WARD, CLARISSA                          NY-14-9-293
WARD, DANIEL                            NY-14-C-413
WARD, DANIEL                            NY-14-I-158
WARD, DANIEL E.                         NY-14-#1-510
WARD, DANIEL J.                         NY-14-W-290
WARD, HENRY                             NY-14-3-49
WARD, JOHN                              NY-14-H-108
WARD, JOSEPH                            NY-14-9-176
WARD, JOSHUA O.                         NY-14-U-209
WARD, MURTAGH                           NY-14-12-379
WARD, PATRICK C.                        NY-14-8-122
WARING, JOHN                            NY-14-C-295
WARNER, ALIDA                           NY-14-Q-376
WARNER, DAVID                           NY-14-13-720
WARNER, FREDERICK                       NY-14-15-6221
WARNER, JAMES H.                        NY-14-6-361
WARNER, JONATHAN K.                     NY-14-#1-218
WARREN, JAMES                           NY-14-C-535
WARREN, JOANNAA                         NY-14-H-247
WARREN, JOHN                            NY-14-8-321
WARREN, JONATHAN                        NY-14-S-79
WARREN, ROLLINS                         NY-14-11-93
WARREN, STEPHEN                         NY-14-I-176
WARREN, STEPHEN                         NY-14-B-214
WARRINGER, SARAH ANN                    NY-14-13-467
WASE, PHILIP J.                         NY-14-U-214
WASHBURN, DARIUS                        NY-14-G-391
WASHBURN, MORGAN S.                     NY-14-11-615
WASHBURN, PHILANDER                     NY-14-8-497
WASHBURN, SAMUEL M.                     NY-14-8-685
WASHBURN, SAMUEL M.                     NY-14-4-397
WASHBURN, SILAS                         NY-14-G-288
WASHBURN, ZEBULON                       NY-14-V-434
WASHBURNE, JACOB                        NY-14-W-322
WASHINGTON, SUSAN                       NY-14-11-357
WATERBURY, EZRA                         NY-14-H-67
WATERS, ANNETTE (COLORED)               NY-14-W-119
WATERS, BARBARY                         NY-14-Z-467
WATERS, FREDERICK                       NY-14-Z-46
WATS, ROBERT                            NY-14-V-528
WATSON, ADELAIDE C.                     NY-14-11-650
WATSON, JAMES B.                        NY-14-3-88
WATSON, SARAH A.                        NY-14-11-484
WATTEMIER, CATHARINE                    NY-14-G-231
WATTLES, CHARLES                        NY-14-8-458
WATTS, HENRY C. W.                      NY-14-Y-368
WATTS, MARY                             NY-14-6-491
WATTS, ROBART                           NY-14-A-174
WATTS, SARAH                            NY-14-Z-405
WATTS, WILLIAM                          NY-14-#1-594
WAY, ABRAHAM                            NY-14-8-110
WAY, SMITH                              NY-14-9-30
WAY, THOMAS                             NY-14-B-87
WAY, TOWNSEND                           NY-14-O-93
WEATHERWAX, COLES C.                    NY-14-U-140
WEAVER, PETER W.                        NY-14-N-367
WEBB, MANSFIELD                         NY-14-E-96
WEBSTER, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-C-402
WEBSTER, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-14-6-70
WEBSTER, EDMUND                         NY-14-J-375
WEBSTER, ROBERT                         NY-14-14-371
WEED, ELIJAH                            NY-14-Q-38
WEED, EMERETTA H.                       NY-14-9-439
WEED, EMMA P.                           NY-14-Z-57
WEED, JOHN C.                           NY-14-8-608
WEED, SAMUEL H.                         NY-14-Y-327
WEEKS, CHAUNCY                          NY-14-K-106
WEEKS, ELEANOR                          NY-14-2-193
WEEKS, EMILY HARRIET                    NY-14-14-455
WEEKS, GILBERT                          NY-14-G-156
WEEKS, HARRIET S.                       NY-14-15-609
WEEKS, JAMES                            NY-14-A-238
WEEKS, JAMES H.                         NY-14-9-549
WEEKS, MARTHA ANN                       NY-14-8-155
WEEKS, MARY E.                          NY-14-11-622
WEEKS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-S-185
WEEKS, SYLVESTER                        NY-14-8-613
WEGER, PALUS                            NY-14-B-206
WEHNER, BERNHARDT                       NY-14-4-85
WEIBEZAHL, ANNA L.                      NY-14-13-211
WEIKERT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-11-41
WELCH, ANNA                             NY-14-8-313
WELCH, JAMES                            NY-14-5-306
WELCH, MICHAEL                          NY-14-10-445
WELCH, PETER                            NY-14-B-607
WELCH, PETER                            NY-14-5-547
WELCH, SIMON                            NY-14-12-595
WELKER, SYLVANUS                        NY-14-Y-177
WELLER, JONATHAN                        NY-14-D-196
WELLER, MARGARET                        NY-14-11-469
WELLING, EZEKIEL                        NY-14-E-495
WELLING, EZEKIEL                        NY-14-E-528
WELLING, JOHN                           NY-14-13-670
WELLING, JOSIAH                         NY-14-D-53
WELLING, MARTHA                         NY-14-T-220
WELLING, THOMAS                         NY-14-I-438
WELLING, WILLIAM                        NY-14-V-356
WELLMAN, GEORGE M.                      NY-14-15-735
WELLS, MARIA                            NY-14-7-414
WELLS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-O-124
WELLS, WILLIAM F.                       NY-14-N-560
WELSH, ELLEN                            NY-14-15-560
WELSH, MARIA                            NY-14-14-230
WELSON, JOSEPH                          NY-14-U-98
WELSON, WILLIAM                         NY-14-U-196
WENDOVER, WILLIAM ***                   NY-14-J-272
WENISCH, AUGUSTA P.                     NY-14-3-559
WENTER, ELIJAH                          NY-14-T-401
WENTLANG, PETER                         NY-14-8-147
WENZEL, JACOB                           NY-14-12-345
WERNER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-15-347
WERNER, VALENTINE                       NY-14-5-277
WESCOTT, ALBERT                         NY-14-6-105
WESCOTT, CALEB                          NY-14-G-471
WESCOTT, CHARLES                        NY-14-#1-318
WESCOTT, CHARLES C.                     NY-14-#1-159
WESCOTT, GEORGE W.                      NY-14-11-296
WEST, WILLIAM B.                        NY-14-6-94
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NY-14-D-169
WESTERVELT, BETSEY                      NY-14-Y-640
WESTERVELT, CASPER                      NY-14-15-532
WESTERVELT, CASPORUS                    NY-14-F-198
WESTERVELT, CATHERINE                   NY-14-8-650
WESTERVELT, CORNELIUS                   NY-14-Y-535
WESTERVELT, DERICK                      NY-14-F-19
WESTERVELT, EDWARD                      NY-14-12-271
WESTERVELT, ELIAS                       NY-14-P-198
WESTERVELT, JAMES                       NY-14-I-479
WESTERVELT, JOHN C.                     NY-14-14-528
WESTERVELT, JOHN D.                     NY-14-Z-87
WESTERVELT, JOHN Y.                     NY-14-13-446
WESTERVELT, JOSEPH                      NY-14-G-183
WESTERVELT, RUTH                        NY-14-2-172
WESTERVELT, WILIAM H.                   NY-14-10-354
WESTFALL, CATHARINE E.                  NY-14-6-49
WESTFALL, ELI                           NY-14-T-124
WESTFALL, GEORGE                        NY-14-2-595
WESTFALL, JACOB                         NY-14-Z-435
WESTFALL, JANE M.                       NY-14-14-185
WESTPHAEL, GYSBERT                      NY-14-A-261
WETZEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-14-9-470
WHALE, PATRICK H.                       NY-14-12-507
WHALEN, BRIDGET                         NY-14-8-236
WHEATON, CHARLES                        NY-14-9-210
WHEATON, HOMER                          NY-14-12-546
WHEELER, ALEXANDER F.                   NY-14-V-437
WHEELER, ALFRED                         NY-14-10-329
WHEELER, ANNA                           NY-14-L-230
WHEELER, CATHARINE                      NY-14-R-139
WHEELER, CYRUS M.                       NY-14-K-479
WHEELER, ELIN                           NY-14-Z-112
WHEELER, ELIZA                          NY-14-12-89
WHEELER, EPHRAIM                        NY-14-C-208
WHEELER, GAMALIEL                       NY-14-U-188
WHEELER, HANNAH                         NY-14-V-231
WHEELER, HENRY                          NY-14-J-403
WHEELER, HILAN                          NY-14-6-639
WHEELER, IDA BELLE                      NY-14-11-634
WHEELER, JOHN                           NY-14-A-340
WHEELER, JOHN M.                        NY-14-U-566
WHEELER, JOHN W.                        NY-14-H-330
WHEELER, JONATHAN E.                    NY-14-L-461
WHEELER, MARIETTE                       NY-14-12-1
WHEELER, MARY                           NY-14-V-37
WHEELER, NATHAN                         NY-14-AA-50
WHEELER, NOAH                           NY-14-F-454
WHEELER, OBED                           NY-14-14-82
WHEELER, OBEDIAH                        NY-14-A-351
WHEELER, RHODA                          NY-14-2-495
WHEELER, SABRINA                        NY-14-9-358
WHEELER, SEBASTIAN                      NY-14-A-74
WHEELER, SELINA                         NY-14-W-394
WHEELER, THOMAS                         NY-14-F-142
WHEELER, THOMAS N.                      NY-14-N-492
WHEELER, WALTER D.                      NY-14-13-108
WHEELER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-N-31
WHEELER, WILLIAM (DR.)                  NY-14-C-472
WHEELER, WORCESTER                      NY-14-S-561
WHELAN, JOHN                            NY-14-14-672
WHIPPLE, CYNTHIA                        NY-14-#1-595
WHIPPLE, GRIFFIN                        NY-14-B-126
WHIPPLE, NATHAN                         NY-14-M-291
WHIPPLE, SAMUEL                         NY-14-D-605
WHITE, ABNER                            NY-14-I-129
WHITE, ABNER                            NY-14-A-423
WHITE, ANDREW J.                        NY-14-15-554
WHITE, ANNE LIZA                        NY-14-11-536
WHITE, BARTON                           NY-14-V-268
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-14-P-184
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-14-11-314
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-14-F-310
WHITE, EGBERT                           NY-14-5-12
WHITE, ELIAS                            NY-14-5-384
WHITE, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-14-12-251
WHITE, HIRAM                            NY-14-8-556
WHITE, JANE                             NY-14-15-413
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-14-13-149
WHITE, JOHN B.                          NY-14-9-690
WHITE, JOHN D.                          NY-14-15-392
WHITE, JOHN T.                          NY-14-9-630
WHITE, LORETTA                          NY-14-6-517
WHITE, LOUIS B.                         NY-14-15-719
WHITE, LUCY A.                          NY-14-15-125
WHITE, MARGARET H. B.                   NY-14-5-401
WHITE, MORRIS                           NY-14-V-88
WHITE, NATHANIEL                        NY-14-S-177
WHITE, SARAH                            NY-14-Q-351
WHITE, TABITHA`                         NY-14-C-433
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-F-239
WHITE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-14-B-335
WHITE, WILLIAM W.                       NY-14-Z-127
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                         NY-14-12-490
WHITEHOUSE, FANNIE                      NY-14-11-626
WHITEHOUSE, JAMES H.                    NY-14-7-276
WHITEHOUSE, JOHN O.                     NY-14-7-265
WHITEHOUSE, SPENCER S.                  NY-14-7-308
WHITELEY, CHARLES                       NY-14-8-312
WHITELEY, HIRAM R.                      NY-14-H-416
WHITELEY, MARY                          NY-14-I-359
WHITELEY, PARDON                        NY-14-D-418
WHITELY, JOSEPH                         NY-14-C-364
WHITESIDES, ARTHER                      NY-14-C-312
WHITFORD, JANE B.                       NY-14-12-366
WHITMAN, EDWARD O.                      NY-14-12-586
WHITNEY, ELISHA M.                      NY-14-11-251
WHITNEY, MARTHA                         NY-14-8-41
WHITON, MILO J.                         NY-14-Y-304
WHITTAKER, BEULAH                       NY-14-15-655
WHITTAKER, JANE E.                      NY-14-6-658
WHITTEMORE, ELLA CARROLL                NY-14-10-638
WHORTON, JAMES                          NY-14-13-652
WICKER, JANE A.                         NY-14-11-223
WICKES, JACOB                           NY-14-C-118
WICKES, JULIA P.                        NY-14-13-135
WICKES, T. S.                           NY-14-4-239
WICKS, JOSEPH                           NY-14-Y-356
WIDERWAX, URSULA BARWEN                 NY-14-A-386
WIEBER, DANIEL                          NY-14-Z-577
WIETHAN, CHARLES                        NY-14-5-483
WIGG, JANE                              NY-14-R-214
WIGG, SARAH                             NY-14-12-408
WIGGERS, KATE D.                        NY-14-8-224
WIGGINS, JOHN                           NY-14-T-248
WILBER, ABBIE                           NY-14-10-58
WILBER, ABNER                           NY-14-W-536
WILBER, BROWNELL                        NY-14-G-430
WILBER, CAROLINE                        NY-14-#1-373
WILBER, DEBORAH                         NY-14-#1-563
WILBER, DORCAS                          NY-14-9-418
WILBER, GEORGE                          NY-14-10-436
WILBER, JANE E.                         NY-14-2-155
WILBER, MARK                            NY-14-10-341
WILBER, MATILDA                         NY-14-11-20
WILBER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-C-577
WILBER, SARAH                           NY-14-11-17
WILBER, THOMAS                          NY-14-F-99
WILBER, ZACHARIAH                       NY-14-8-597
WILBOR, ENOCH                           NY-14-J-350
WILBOR, THOMAS                          NY-14-AA-142
WILBUR, CARR                            NY-14-I-304
WILBUR, CARR                            NY-14-E-491
WILBUR, CLARK                           NY-14-#1-188
WILBUR, JEPTHA S.                       NY-14-9-35
WILBUR, MARY                            NY-14-4-433
WILBUR, PHEBE                           NY-14-O-409
WILBUR, STEPHEN                         NY-14-P-122
WILCOX, ARCHIBALD                       NY-14-Y-459
WILCOX, JOHN                            NY-14-8-134
WILCOX, SAMUEL                          NY-14-L-540
WILDAY, JAMES R.                        NY-14-D-543
WILDE, JACOB                            NY-14-I-219
WILDE, JAMES W.                         NY-14-O-544
WILDE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-G-319
WILDER, HUGH                            NY-14-A-355
WILDEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-H-437
WILDEY, CHARLOTTE                       NY-14-15-375
WILDEY, JOSEPH                          NY-14-T-500
WILDEY, SAMUEL                          NY-14-#1-94
WILDEY,CHANCELLOR                       NY-14-9-211
WILEY, CHARLOTTE                        NY-14-W-466
WILEY, CHARLOTTE                        NY-14-15-375
WILEY, CYNTHIA                          NY-14-8-47
WILEY, ENSIGN                           NY-14-9-212
WILEY, ISAAC                            NY-14-Z-605
WILEY, REUBEN                           NY-14-H-332
WILKIE, MARGARET                        NY-14-10-295
WILKINSON, CAROLINE                     NY-14-15-256
WILKINSON, CONTENT                      NY-14-I-481
WILKINSON, DEBORAH                      NY-14-U-555
WILKINSON, GEORGE                       NY-14-7-10
WILKINSON, GILBERT V.                   NY-14-#1-8
WILKINSON, JOHN                         NY-14-8-30
WILKINSON, JOHN                         NY-14-M-357
WILKINSON, JOHN H.                      NY-14-6- 171
WILKINSON, MARY ANN                     NY-14-3-145
WILKINSON, ROBERT                       NY-14-Q-82
WILKINSON, SOPHIA                       NY-14-10-624
WILKINSON, VELINA                       NY-14-2-151
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-14-W-164
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-14-B-463
WILKS, CAROLINE                         NY-14-4-64
WILLBOR, THOMAS                         NY-14-B-164
WILLCOX, ELIAB                          NY-14-C-466
WILLCOX, JOB                            NY-14-B-484
WILLETS, JAMES                          NY-14-K-297
WILLETS, PHEBE M.                       NY-14-6-529
WILLETT, ROBERT                         NY-14-10-73
WILLETT, SARAH ANN                      NY-14-10-77
WILLETTS, DEBORAH                       NY-14-6-453
WILLETTS, JACOB                         NY-14-U-506
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     NY-14-5-408
WILLIAMS, DIANNA                        NY-14-W-526
WILLIAMS, EVAN                          NY-14-R-157
WILLIAMS, EVAN R.                       NY-14-14-651
WILLIAMS, GEROME                        NY-14-12-375
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NY-14-12-97
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NY-14-G-381
WILLIAMS, JOSEPHINE G.                  NY-14-12-49
WILLIAMS, LOSSING                       NY-14-O-336
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        NY-14-13-277
WILLIAMS, MARTIN                        NY-14-13-524
WILLIAMS, MARY E.                       NY-14-14-576
WILLIAMS, ORIN A.                       NY-14-2-312
WILLIAMS, PERRY                         NY-14-C-111
WILLIAMS, PHEBE A.                      NY-14-6-97
WILLIAMS, RICHBELL                      NY-14-D-461
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        NY-14-D-235
WILLIAMS, ROBERT S.                     NY-14-Z-526
WILLIAMS, SOPHIA T.                     NY-14-13-470
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-14-B-209
WILLIAMS, THOMAS E.                     NY-14-14-527
WILLIAMS, WARREN                        NY-14-Q-306
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-E-321
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM D.                    NY-14-N-118
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOHNES                NY-14-V-209
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M.                    NY-14-L-551
WILLIAMSON, EMMA A.                     NY-14-12-346
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      NY-14-15-326
WILLIG, ALICE KATE                      NY-14-15-386
WILLIG, FREDERICK                       NY-14-11-518
WILLIS, EDWIN                           NY-14-Y-240
WILLIS, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-14-7-305
WILLSEY, MARY                           NY-14-U-263
WILLSON, ELIZA R.                       NY-14-11-575
WILLSON, HIRAM                          NY-14-3-399
WILLSON, JAMES                          NY-14-B-337
WILSON, ARCHIBALD                       NY-14-10-605
WILSON, CALVIN                          NY-14-11-132
WILSON, EMELINE B.                      NY-14-11-180
WILSON, JANE                            NY-14-W-257
WILSON, MARY B.                         NY-14-4-674
WILSON, SAMUEL                          NY-14-AA-40
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-14-B-571
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-14-U-478
WILSON,HENRY C.                         NY-14-9-62
WILTSE, AMY                             NY-14-B-393
WILTSE, CHARLES L.                      NY-14-11-525
WILTSE, DANIEL                          NY-14-D-464
WILTSE, HENRY                           NY-14-L-415
WILTSE, JACOB ****                      NY-14-I-1
WILTSE, JOHANNIS                        NY-14-B-29
WILTSE, MARTIN                          NY-14-H-29
WILTSE, PETER                           NY-14-G-108
WILTSE, SARAH                           NY-14-A-430
WILTSIE, ANNANIAS                       NY-14-Z-10
WILTSIE, HENDRICK                       NY-14-G-60
WILTSIE, HENRY                          NY-14-V-165
WILTSIE, HIRAM S.                       NY-14-15-38
WILTSIE, JAMES                          NY-14-Y-319
WILTSIE, JEROMUS                        NY-14-3-542
WILTSIE, JOHN H.                        NY-14-Z-472
WINANS, DAVID                           NY-14-H-374
WINANS, GERARDUS                        NY-14-G-394
WINANS, JAMES                           NY-14-A-464
WINANS, JOHN                            NY-14-H-323
WINANS, MARIA                           NY-14-I-424
WINANS, SEYMOUR                         NY-14-I-467
WINCHELL, AARON E.                      NY-14-P-323
WINCHELL, GEORGE R.                     NY-14-Z-391
WINCHELL, JAMES                         NY-14-I-502
WINCHELL, LEMIRA                        NY-14-2-61
WINCHELL, MARTIN E.                     NY-14-H-104
WINCHELL, MARTIN E.                     NY-14-U-479
WINCHELL, ROBERT                        NY-14-AA-36
WINEGAR, ALFRED                         NY-14-3-392
WINEGAR, GARRET H.                      NY-14-V-272
WING, ALFRED                            NY-14-6-724
WING, BRICE                             NY-14-D-215
WING, CAROLINE                          NY-14-8-563
WING, EBBE P.                           NY-14-14-361
WING, ELIHU                             NY-14-8-562
WING, ELIJAH                            NY-14-O-437
WING, GEORGE                            NY-14-F-426
WING, GEORGE                            NY-14-I-413
WING, HIRAM                             NY-14-L-315
WING, JOHN                              NY-14-8-58
WING, JONATHAN                          NY-14-G-495
WING, LUCY                              NY-14-Z-398
WING, MARY                              NY-14-P-73
WING, MARY H.                           NY-14-12-349
WING, PRESTON                           NY-14-10-435
WING, RACHEL S.                         NY-14-11-515
WING, SARAH                             NY-14-10-442
WING, THOMAS                            NY-14-G-192
WING, THOMAS                            NY-14-G-466
WING, THURSTON                          NY-14-M-542
WING, THURSTON                          NY-14-3-660
WINNE, PETER                            NY-14-B-144
WINNER, JAMES                           NY-14-P-200
WINSLOW, DAVID                          NY-14-C-499
WINSLOW, EMILY B.                       NY-14-4-173
WINSLOW, JAMES                          NY-14-3-133
WINSLOW, JOHN F.                        NY-14-11-360
WINSLOW, LEONARD C.                     NY-14-5-354
WINSLOW, SARAH C.                       NY-14-14-406
WINTERS, CATHARINE                      NY-14-14-578
WINTRINGHAM, JEREMIAH                   NY-14-W-241
WINTRINGHAM, MARY                       NY-14-P-220
WIREHOUSE, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-Y-352
WIREHOUSEN, MARGARET                    NY-14-10-712
WITBECK, VOLKERT                        NY-14-B-352
WITHERS, W. M. FRANKLIN                 NY-14-11-651
WIXSOM, PELEG                           NY-14-B-461
WIXSOM, SHUBAL                          NY-14-B-375
WIXSON, ISAAC I.                        NY-14-11-131
WIXSON, NOAH                            NY-14-12-630
WIXSON, WILLIAM W.                      NY-14-10-578
WOERNER, DAVID                          NY-14-14-21
WOLCOTT, CATHERINE A.                   NY-14-10-271
WOLCOTT, CHARLES M.                     NY-14-10-357
WOLFE, JOHN D.                          NY-14-9-699
WOLVEN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-B-51
WOMSLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-14-O-463
WOMSLY, RACHAEL                         NY-14-S-429
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-E-507
WOOD, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-10-523
WOOD, CALVIN                            NY-14-D-470
WOOD, CHARLES                           NY-14-4-216
WOOD, DAVID                             NY-14-Y-127
WOOD, DIANA                             NY-14-F-266
WOOD, GABRIEL                           NY-14-G-423
WOOD, GEORGE R.                         NY-14-9-657
WOOD, GEORGE W.                         NY-14-G-502
WOOD, GILBERT B.                        NY-14-15-315
WOOD, HENRY                             NY-14-R-249
WOOD, ISHMAN                            NY-14-D-139
WOOD, JAMES G.                          NY-14-8-217
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-14-7-677
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-14-A-235
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-14-R-333
WOOD, JOHN A.                           NY-14-I-399
WOOD, JONATHAN                          NY-14-F-101
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-14-F-17
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-14-C-213
WOOD, LAURA H.                          NY-14-11-162
WOOD, LEVI                              NY-14-T-230
WOOD, LUCY C.                           NY-14-13-161
WOOD, MARIA D.                          NY-14-13-599
WOOD, NATHANIEL                         NY-14-F-162
WOOD, SARAH                             NY-14-M-73
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-14-H-7
WOOD, SUSAN C.                          NY-14-13-571
WOOD, THOMAS T.                         NY-14-K-206
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-13-132
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-13-132
WOODIN, AMOS M.                         NY-14-13-85
WOODIN, DANIEL                          NY-14-N-266
WOODIN, EGBERT N.                       NY-14-14-319
WOODIN, ELECTA                          NY-14-4-1
WOODIN, IRA P.                          NY-14-5-568
WOODIN, LUMIN B.                        NY-14-12-525
WOODIN, MARY E.                         NY-14-12-118
WOODIN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-M-504
WOODIN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-T-54
WOOD,JOSEPH B.                          NY-14-3-246
WOODWARD, ALIDA                         NY-14-2-191
WOODWARD, DARWIN W.                     NY-14-3-634
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-14-A-119
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-14-AA-63
WOOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM T.                  NY-14-#1-611
WOOLIS, DAVID                           NY-14-D-128
WOOLLEY, ESEK                           NY-14-J-409
WOOLLEY, GEORGE B.                      NY-14-11-64
WOOLLEY, HANNAH C.                      NY-14-12-444
WOOLLEY, JEHU                           NY-14-W-486
WOOLLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-14-H-130
WOOLLEY, PONTIUS                        NY-14-D-458
WOOLLEY, VANIAH                         NY-14-M-450
WOOLLEY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-14-I-308
WOOLSEY, JANE STUART                    NY-14-11-239
WOOLSEY, MARY                           NY-14-J-132
WORDEN, ELIZA                           NY-14-9-244
WORDEN, ELIZA M.                        NY-14-2-509
WORDEN, JOHN                            NY-14-O-106
WORDEN, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-C-135
WORDEN, SAMUEL                          NY-14-5-19
WORDEN, SUSAN                           NY-14-V-142
WORMSLEY, FREDERICK                     NY-14-14-179
WORRALL, ISAAC                          NY-14-8-329
WORRALL, MARY W.                        NY-14-8-481
WORRALL, ROBERT                         NY-14-11-119
WORRALL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-W-196
WORSLEY, JAMES                          NY-14-5-537
WORTHY, THEODORE G.                     NY-14-9-609
WORTMAN, TUNIS                          NY-14-2-462
WRIGHT, ABRAHAM B.                      NY-14-M-313
WRIGHT, ABRAM                           NY-14-15-243
WRIGHT, AMELIA                          NY-14-J-155
WRIGHT, ANNA                            NY-14-8-716
WRIGHT, ASA                             NY-14-3-532
WRIGHT, ELIJAH                          NY-14-J-483
WRIGHT, ELIZA                           NY-14-Y-225
WRIGHT, ELIZA B.                        NY-14-W-434
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-10-585
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-15-241
WRIGHT, ENOS                            NY-14-S-437
WRIGHT, HETTY                           NY-14-4-504
WRIGHT, ISAAC                           NY-14-M-439
WRIGHT, ISAAC J.                        NY-14-#1-75
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-14-3-74
WRIGHT, JONATHAN                        NY-14-Z-585
WRIGHT, JONATHAN                        NY-14-6-621
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-14-O-498
WRIGHT, JOSEPH M.                       NY-14-3-576
WRIGHT, LEWIS                           NY-14-9-406
WRIGHT, MARY ANN                        NY-14-2-529
WRIGHT, MARY D.                         NY-14-5-399
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-14-S-602
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-14-A-208
WRIGHT, SOLOMON                         NY-14-4-386
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-14-13-8
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-14-8-16
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-14-D-125
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-9-622
WRIGHT, WILLIAM S.                      NY-14-5-293
WRIGHT, ZILLAH                          NY-14-9-65
WUTTALL, JOHN                           NY-14-U-308
WYCKOFF, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-14-12-555
WYCKOFF, PETER                          NY-14-E-421
WYGANT, JOHN C.                         NY-14-12-743
WYNKOOP, JAMES H.                       NY-14-14-350
YATES, MARY CAROLINE                    NY-14-8-92
YATES, SIMEON                           NY-14-Q-320
YEAGER, HENRY                           NY-14-8-178
YELVERTON, ANTHONY G.                   NY-14-N-549
YELVERTON, JULIA G.                     NY-14-12-614
YEOMAN, WILLIAM IRA                     NY-14-3-450
YEOMANS, ELIZA H.                       NY-14-13-454
YEOMANS, EMELINE                        NY-14-P-429
YEOMANS, GEORGE C.                      NY-14-8-272
YOMANS, WILLIAM                         NY-14-A-203
YOULE, GEORGE                           NY-14-V-195
YOUNCE, JAMES                           NY-14-H-139
YOUNG, DAVID                            NY-14-7-375
YOUNG, ELKANAH                          NY-14-C-396
YOUNG, HENRY L.                         NY-14-15-56
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-14-12-484
YOUNG, LOUIS                            NY-14-10-362
YOUNG, MARY ANN                         NY-14-H-260
YOUNG, MARY E.                          NY-14-10-398
YOUNG, MARY J.                          NY-14-15-342
YOUNG, PHEBE                            NY-14-10-81
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-14-C-50
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-14-F-406
ZAHN, MARY                              NY-14-14-178
ZEPF, CHARLES J.                        NY-14-14-573
ZEPF, JACOB                             NY-14-9-675
ZIMMERMAN, MATHIAS                      NY-14-10-257

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