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ABBOTT, ELI                             NY-14-2-350
ABBOTT, EUNCIE                          NY-14-S-77
ABBOTT, MOLLY                           NY-14-R-432
ABBYE, ANTHONY                          NY-14-G-399
ABEL, DIANA                             NY-14-K-31
ABEL, HENRY                             NY-14-L-518
ABEL, JACOB                             NY-14-2-490
ABEL, JOHN U.                           NY-14-12-259
ABEL, MARGARET S.                       NY-14-10-415
ABEL, POLLY                             NY-14-S-308
ABEL, SIMON C.                          NY-14-9-258
ABEL, WILLIAM                           NY-14-H-75
ABEL, WILLIAM                           NY-14-3-138
ABEL, WILLIAM W.                        NY-14-11-378
ACKEERMAN, ANN                          NY-14-U-418
ACKERMAN, ANN                           NY-14-9-480
ACKERMAN, CAROLINE                      NY-14-Y-31
ACKERMAN, CYNTHIA                       NY-14-15-614
ACKERMAN, DORCAS                        NY-14-Y-632
ACKERMAN, GEELEYN                       NY-14-V-44
ACKERMAN, GUILLIAN                      NY-14-B-222
ACKERMAN, HANNAH                        NY-14-6-316
ACKERMAN, HANNAH                        NY-14-8-686
ACKERMAN, JAMES                         NY-14-J-117
ACKERMAN, JANE                          NY-14-8-440
ACKERMAN, JANE J.                       NY-14-9-216
ACKERMAN, JOHN P.                       NY-14-W-181
ACKERMAN, LELLY MARIA                   NY-14-I-397
ACKERMAN, MARIA                         NY-14-6-363
ACKERMAN, MARY L.                       NY-14-11-643
ACKERMAN, MARY W.                       NY-14-10-82
ACKERMAN, MATTHEW V. B.                 NY-14-5-545
ACKERMAN, PETER                         NY-14-K-52
ACKERMAN, PETER S.                      NY-14-Z-465
ACKERMAN, SAMUEL B.                     NY-14-10-695
ACKERMAN, SUSAN E.                      NY-14-Y-115
ACKERMAN, TUNIS                         NY-14-V-92
ACKERMNA, JASPER C.                     NY-14-14-376
ACKERT, ANN                             NY-14-4-128
ACKERT, GEORGE                          NY-14-Y-264
ACKERT, GEORGE J.                       NY-14-7-47
ACKERT, HIRAM                           NY-14-5-135
ACKERT, JACOB A.                        NY-14-15-502
ACKERT, JACOB H.                        NY-14-9-704
ACKERT, JACOB M.                        NY-14-3-356
ACKERT, JOHN A.                         NY-14-T-449
ACKERT, JOHN P.                         NY-14-4-125
ACKERT, LEAH C.                         NY-14-15-587
ACKERT, MARTIN A.                       NY-14-12-590
ACKERT, MARY ANN                        NY-14-12-278
ACKERT, PHILIP A.                       NY-14-T-323
ACKERT, RICHARD C.                      NY-14-11-263
ACKERT, SARAH                           NY-14-4-130
ACUN, WILLIAM                           NY-14-10-699
ADAMS, ABEL                             NY-14-W-502
ADAMS, ADELIA                           NY-14-12-111
ADAMS, CHARLES CHAUNCEY                 NY-14-D-497
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-13-554
ADAMS, ETHAN                            NY-14-V-501
ADAMS, GEORGE                           NY-14-Y-65
ADAMS, GILBERT                          NY-14-G-257
ADAMS, HENRY                            NY-14-W-60
ADAMS, JOHN                             NY-14-12-672
ADAMS, NORMAN                           NY-14-W-341
ADAMS, PETER                            NY-14-7-351
ADAMS, SAMUEL H.                        NY-14-8-618
ADAMS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-S-150
ADEE, HUBBY                             NY-14-G-260
ADRIANCE, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-3-333
ADRIANCE, ABRAHAM R.                    NY-14-T-570
ADRIANCE, CATHARINE                     NY-14-V-21
ADRIANCE, CHARLES P.                    NY-14-3-108
ADRIANCE, CORDELIA B.                   NY-14-8-682
ADRIANCE, EDGAR C.                      NY-14-15-402
ADRIANCE, ENGLETYE                      NY-14-B-508
ADRIANCE, GEORGE B.                     NY-14-10-1
ADRIANCE, HELICHA                       NY-14-I-289
ADRIANCE, ISAAC                         NY-14-B-161
ADRIANCE, JANE E.                       NY-14-12-33
ADRIANCE, JOHN                          NY-14-A-392
ADRIANCE, JOHN P.                       NY-14-11-84
ADRIANCE, JOHN V.                       NY-14-#1-68
ADRIANCE, MARY J. R.                    NY-14-13-145
ADRIANCE, PETER                         NY-14-R-104
ADRIANCE, REM                           NY-14-L-162
ADRIANCE, RICHARD E.                    NY-14-10-253
ADRIANCE, SARAH                         NY-14-5-39
ADRIANCE, SUSAN                         NY-14-6-329
ADRIANCE, TEUNIS B.                     NY-14-6-286
ADRIANCE, WALTER                        NY-14-7-254
ADRIANCE, WILLIAM                       NY-14-13-487
ADRIANCE, WILLIAM                       NY-14-C-391
ADSIT, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-A-359
ADSIT, ELIZA M.                         NY-14-10-597
ADSIT, GEORGE                           NY-14-B-67
ADSIT, LEWIS                            NY-14-Z-622
ADSIT, SAMUEL                           NY-14-B-626
ADSIT, STEPHEN                          NY-14-B-15
ADSIT, WARREN                           NY-14-6-246
AGNEW, MARY C.                          NY-14-13-673
AHRENS, ANNA                            NY-14-13-251
AIKIN, JAMES 2ND                        NY-14-D-135
AITCHISON, MARGARET E.                  NY-14-15-359
AKERMAN, JOHN                           NY-14-C-530
AKERT, CONRAD                           NY-14-7-662
AKIN, ALBERT                            NY-14-S-86
AKIN, BURR                              NY-14-7-366
AKIN, DANIEL D.                         NY-14-W-456
AKIN, ISAAC                             NY-14-12-516
AKIN, ISAAC                             NY-14-N-603
AKIN, ISAAC                             NY-14-V-311
AKIN, JAMES                             NY-14-E-338
AKIN, JANE W.                           NY-14-15-179
AKIN, JOHN                              NY-14-C-533
AKIN, JONATHAN                          NY-14-3-527
AKIN, JOSIAH                            NY-14-B-256
AKIN, PETER                             NY-14-U-520
AKIN, SALLY                             NY-14-7-405
AKIN, SARAH E.                          NY-14-6-199
ALBERTSON, ELIZABTH                     NY-14-3-498
ALBERTSON, ISAAC                        NY-14-H-250
ALBERTSON, JOHN                         NY-14-M-45
ALBERTSON, MARY                         NY-14-G-408
ALBERTSON, WILLETT                      NY-14-F-39
ALBRO, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-L-446
ALBRO, MARIA                            NY-14-J-241
ALDEN, HENRY A.                         NY-14-8-77
ALDEN, MARIA WEED                       NY-14-13-183, 684
ALDEN, MARY M.                          NY-14-15-220
ALDRICH, ANTOINETTE                     NY-14-15-64
ALDRICH, ASA                            NY-14-K-414
ALDRICH, HENRY B.                       NY-14-#1-468
ALDRICH, JOHN M.                        NY-14-12-115
ALDRICH, SIMEON                         NY-14-F-153
ALDRIDGE, BENJAMIN D. G.                NY-14-11-468
ALDRIDGE, THOMAS                        NY-14-11-464
ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-13-706
ALEXANDER, ELIZA                        NY-14-10-669
ALEXANDER, THOMAS H.                    NY-14-8-414
ALFES, JOHN                             NY-14-13-109
ALGALT, ADAM                            NY-14-C-512
ALGER, WILLIAM B.                       NY-14-A-315
ALLEN, ABBY I.                          NY-14-4-497
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                        NY-14-4-252
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                        NY-14-Y-585
ALLEN, ANN MARIA                        NY-14-14-228
ALLEN, ASA                              NY-14-D-78
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-J-325
ALLEN, BETSEY                           NY-14-V-555
ALLEN, CHARLES N.                       NY-14-H-43
ALLEN, CLARK W.                         NY-14-Z-356
ALLEN, DORCAS                           NY-14-2-133
ALLEN, EBENEZER                         NY-14-W-142, 151
ALLEN, EPHRAIM                          NY-14-S-155
ALLEN, GEORGE C.                        NY-14-11-254
ALLEN, GRACE R.                         NY-14-7-203
ALLEN, HENRY L.                         NY-14-O-143
ALLEN, HORATIO N.                       NY-14-8-174
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-14-U-211
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-14-A-170
ALLEN, JAMES C.                         NY-14-2-123
ALLEN, JAMES M.                         NY-14-3-149
ALLEN, JEDEDIAH                         NY-14-C-525
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-14-V-221
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-14-B-166
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-14-C-326
ALLEN, JOHN A.                          NY-14-P-168
ALLEN, JOHN J.                          NY-14-I-454
ALLEN, KATE B.                          NY-14-15-703
ALLEN, LEWIS J.                         NY-14-3-317
ALLEN, MARGARET                         NY-14-W-266
ALLEN, MARGARET                         NY-14-8-295
ALLEN, NICHOLAS                         NY-14-U-372
ALLEN, NORTON                           NY-14-10-623
ALLEN, POLLY                            NY-14-2-198
ALLEN, RICHARD                          NY-14-5-264
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-J-340
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-N-499
ALLEN, WILLIAM N.                       NY-14-8-386
ALLENDORF, ALFRED                       NY-14-9-366
ALLENDORF, GEORGE N.                    NY-14-11-351
ALLENDORF, PETER E.                     NY-14-8-521
ALLENDORF, PHILLIP                      NY-14-#1-340
ALLERTON, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-S-294
ALLERTON, EMMA E.                       NY-14-11-398
ALLERTON, GEORGE M.                     NY-14-9-488
ALLERTON, ISAAC                         NY-14-C-145
ALLEY, BETSY                            NY-14-Q-503
ALLEY, CHARITY                          NY-14-D-523
ALLEY, ELIAS                            NY-14-I-335
ALLEY, JOSEPH D.                        NY-14-12-13
ALLEY, MARTHA                           NY-14-3-525
ALLEY, MARTHA B.                        NY-14-10-283
ALLEY, MOSES                            NY-14-3-125
ALLEY, PETER                            NY-14-E-116
ALLIN, ALEXANDER                        NY-14-E-209
ALLING, FRANCES M.                      NY-14-12-60
ALLIS, HURAM                            NY-14-11-34
ALLWORTH, HANNAH                        NY-14-F-464
ALMSTEAD, ROBERT                        NY-14-13-530
ALWORTH, JAMES                          NY-14-E-443
AMBLER, JOHN P.                         NY-14-15-355
AMBLER, SAMUEL H.                       NY-14-15-401
AMMERMAN, JULIA                         NY-14-9-575
AMORY, THEODORE T.                      NY-14-12-79
ANDEROSN, NANCY                         NY-14-14-389
ANDERSON, ANNA                          NY-14-V-247
ANDERSON, ANNA M.                       NY-14-3-602
ANDERSON, ELMIRA C.                     NY-14-T-171
ANDERSON, ISAAC                         NY-14-9-384
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-14-F-22
ANDERSON, MARY                          NY-14-D-35
ANDERSON, PETER                         NY-14-B-131
ANDERSON, PETER                         NY-14-10-734
ANDERSON,A. AUGUSTA                     NY-14-12-100
ANDREWS, CHARLES                        NY-14-6-345
ANDREWS, JAMES EDWARD                   NY-14-10-410
ANDREWS, JETHRO                         NY-14-P-409
ANDREWS, KROMALINE                      NY-14-14-649
ANDREWS, MILTON B.                      NY-14-9-114
ANDREWS, R. H.                          NY-14-14-145
ANDREWS, THOMAS                         NY-14-M-29
ANDRUS, ENOS C.                         NY-14-13-485
ANDRUS, FANNY                           NY-14-4-455
ANGELL, OWEN W.                         NY-14-7-332
ANGELL, SARAH E.                        NY-14-10-209
ANGEVINE, CLINTON                       NY-14-6-46
ANGEVINE, HENRY                         NY-14-7-286
ANGEVINE, JONATHAN                      NY-14-E-511
ANKERS, WILLIAM                         NY-14-S-510
ANKERS, WILLIAM B.                      NY-14-13-735
ANNAN, DANIEL                           NY-14-O-188
ANNAN, MARGARET                         NY-14-Y-354
ANNAN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-O-487
ANNIN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Q-391
ANSELL, LEORA T.                        NY-14-14-666
ANSON, BENJAMIN S.                      NY-14-7-127
ANSON, CORNELIUS                        NY-14-#1-607
ANSON, NATHAN                           NY-14-11-303
ANSON, RUFUS                            NY-14-V-545
ANSON, SILAS                            NY-14-B-528
ANTHONY, A.                             NY-14-4-466
ANTHONY, ALLARD                         NY-14-P-207
ANTHONY, JOHN                           NY-14-I-484
ANTHONY, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-V-488
ANTHONY, THEODORE V. W.                 NY-14-Z-118
APPLEBEE, DANIEL O.                     NY-14-11-602
APPLEYEE, CONRAD                        NY-14-B-417
ARBUCKLE, WILLIAM                       NY-14-5-194
ARDEN, THOMAS BOYLE                     NY-14-C-310
ARMOUR, PAUL J.                         NY-14-15-705
ARMOUR, VIRGINIA S.                     NY-14-15-377
ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY                      NY-14-T-368
ARMSTRONG, GABRIEL                      NY-14-H-364
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE L.                    NY-14-J-229
ARMSTRONG, HENRY B.                     NY-14-8-592
ARMSTRONG, JACOB                        NY-14-L-221
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NY-14-N-92
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NY-14-R-95
ARMSTRONG, JOHN W.                      NY-14-Z-583
ARMSTRONG, MARIA                        NY-14-8-635
ARMSTRONG, ORISON                       NY-14-L-187
ARMSTRONG, PHEBE                        NY-14-T-556
ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN                      NY-14-W-101 , 112
ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN                      NY-14-Z-95
ARNOLD, AZARIAH                         NY-14-Z-620
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-J-405
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-14-2-484
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-14-5-610, 612
ARNOLD, CATHARINE M. E.                 NY-14-2-118
ARNOLD, DAVID                           NY-14-I-215
ARNOLD, DAVID                           NY-14-W-29
ARNOLD, GILBERT                         NY-14-L-451
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          NY-14-D-59
ARNOLD, LEVI MCKEEN                     NY-14-W-78
ARNOLD, LYDIA                           NY-14-15-26
ARNOLD, MILTON                          NY-14-Q-328
ARNOLD, RHOBA                           NY-14-R-61
ARNOLD, SILAS                           NY-14-L-248
ARNOLD, WILILAM C.                      NY-14-13-336
ARTHURS, JOHN                           NY-14-Z-305
ASHBY, ANTHONY                          NY-14-F-442
ASHDOWN, JANE                           NY-14-#1-531
ASHER, ADOLPH                           NY-14-7-289
ASHER, GEORGE ADAM                      NY-14-A-382
ASHER, JACOB                            NY-14-U-509
ASHER, JOHANNES                         NY-14-C-527
ASPINWALL, JANE M.                      NY-14-12-457
ASPINWALL, JOHN L.                      NY-14-2-298
ATWATER, JOHN P.                        NY-14-13-677
AUSTIN, ELIZA                           NY-14-4-643
AUSTIN, EVALINE B.                      NY-14-12-176
AUSTIN, JANE                            NY-14-V-26
AUSTIN, JEEMIAH                         NY-14-13-255
AUSTIN, JOSEPH                          NY-14-H-21
AUSTIN, JOSHUA                          NY-14-H-89
AYERS, RICHARD                          NY-14-B-148
BABCOCK, MERCY                          NY-14-P-246
BABCOCK, RUFUS                          NY-14-3-475
BABER, JEREMIAH                         NY-14-I-494
BACKUS, SARAH C. GLASS                  NY-14-7-674
BADGER, EBENEZER                        NY-14-G-211
BADGLEY, ANTHONY                        NY-14-C-517
BADGLEY, DANIEL                         NY-14-P-395
BADGLEY, GEORGE                         NY-14-7-401
BADGLEY, GEORGE                         NY-14-G-291
BADGLEY, GEORGE E.                      NY-14-U-256
BADGLEY, ISABELLE                       NY-14-14-559
BADGLEY, JUDITH M.                      NY-14-12-277
BADGLEY, MIRON A.                       NY-14-8-379
BADGLEY, WILLIAM E.                     NY-14-15-459
BAE, MARTHA E.                          NY-14-13-314
BAGLEY, MARY A.                         NY-14-5-618
BAHRET, JACOB                           NY-14-W-135
BAHRET, JACOB                           NY-14-15-613
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-14-H-325
BAILEY, JOSEPH T.                       NY-14-T-272
BAILEY, SAMUEL J.                       NY-14-15-261
BAILY, JOHN N.                          NY-14-O-584
BAIN, CHARLOTTE M.                      NY-14-6-321
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          NY-14-6-26
BAKER, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-Y-544
BAKER, AVERY                            NY-14-B-403
BAKER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-3-271
BAKER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-J-59
BAKER, DANIEL                           NY-14-J-344
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-G-459
BAKER, ELIZBETH M.                      NY-14-10-634
BAKER, ELLEN                            NY-14-9-168
BAKER, EMILY                            NY-14-10-736
BAKER, HARRY                            NY-14-7-65
BAKER, HENRY                            NY-14-10-321
BAKER, JACOB                            NY-14-E-459
BAKER, JAMES                            NY-14-C-61
BAKER, JESSE                            NY-14-V-414
BAKER, JESSE ***                        NY-14-S-18
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-14-B-211
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-14-R-303
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-14-9-596
BAKER, JOHN H.                          NY-14-15-270
BAKER, JOSIAH                           NY-14-B-132
BAKER, LEWIS                            NY-14-13-443
BAKER, MORRIS                           NY-14-R-136
BAKER, ORLANDO D. M.                    NY-14-10-528
BAKER, PHILIP                           NY-14-K-163
BAKER, RICHARD                          NY-14-D-23
BAKER, SARAH E.                         NY-14-3-549
BAKER, SARAH VAIL                       NY-14-2-42
BAKER, SUSAN                            NY-14-J-60
BALDEN, JACOB                           NY-14-A-129
BALDING, ELISHA SR.                     NY-14-E-242
BALDING, ISAAC                          NY-14-A-255
BALDING, ISAAC J.                       NY-14-U-541
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         NY-14-12-611
BALDWIN, ELISHA S.                      NY-14-2-106
BALDWIN, JACOB                          NY-14-AA-78
BALDWIN, JEMIMA                         NY-14-S-123
BALDWIN, LEWIS G.                       NY-14-12-445
BALDWIN, MARTHA P.                      NY-14-10-247
BALDWIN, MINERVA A.                     NY-14-6-188
BALDWIN, PHEBE                          NY-14-C-404
BALDWIN, SARAH ANN                      NY-14-V-532
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         NY-14-A-440
BALIS, MARY JANE                        NY-14-11-380
BALL, ALEBRT                            NY-14-3-413
BALL, FENNO D.                          NY-14-13-357
BALL, RUTH                              NY-14-Q?409
BALL, SUSAN M.                          NY-14-15-187
BALLARD, HARVEY                         NY-14-13-445
BANCKER, JOHN                           NY-14-B-265
BANCROFT, JAYDE E.                      NY-14-13-517
BANGS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-A-4
BANINGER, JACOB                         NY-14-Y-67
BANKER, PETER                           NY-14-D-102
BANKS, DANIEL W.                        NY-14-U-232
BANKS, EDWARD U.                        NY-14-9-136
BANKS, HARRIET M.                       NY-14-U-390
BANNON, ROBERT P.                       NY-14-9-38
BANZ, JOHN                              NY-14-5-389
BARBER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-B-112
BARBER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-14-65
BARCLAY, GEORGE                         NY-14-Z-235
BARCULO, ANNA R.                        NY-14-11-219
BARCULO, SEWARD                         NY-14-S-103
BARD, SAMUEL                            NY-14-F-215
BARD, SUSAN MARY                        NY-14-H-513
BAREMORE, ABIAH                         NY-14-W-255
BARIGHT, ELIJAH                         NY-14-3-58
BARIGHT, ELLENER                        NY-14-G-439
BARKER, CALEB                           NY-14-R-192
BARKER, CHLOE                           NY-14-N-56
BARKER, ESTHER A.                       NY-14-W-306
BARKER, JANE                            NY-14-14-134
BARKER, JOHANNIS                        NY-14-A-362
BARKER, JOHN                            NY-14-Q-256
BARKER, MARIA C.                        NY-14-14-414
BARKER, PETER                           NY-14-Z-524
BARKER, ROBERT                          NY-14-Y-340
BARKER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-W-551
BARKER, STEPHEN                         NY-14-5-346
BARKER, SYLVANUS                        NY-14-F-255
BARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-F-156
BARLEW, THOMAS                          NY-14-S-126
BARLOW, CYRUS                           NY-14-7-107
BARLOW, ELIAS                           NY-14-Z-520
BARLOW, ELISHA C.                       NY-14-M-372
BARLOW, JESSE                           NY-14-V-242
BARLOW, LUCY                            NY-14-U-516
BARMORE, ELIZA M.                       NY-14-9-396
BARMORE, MARGARET                       NY-14-13-83
BARMORE, MARY C.                        NY-14-6-379
BARNARD, JOHN A.                        NY-14-#1-90
BARNARD, THOMAS                         NY-14-A-511
BARNARD, THOMAS                         NY-14-A-32
BARNES, ANN                             NY-14-W-545
BARNES, CATHERINE                       NY-14-8-553
BARNES, DAVID                           NY-14-R-35
BARNES, DAVID H.                        NY-14-6-348
BARNES, DAVID T.                        NY-14-15-408
BARNES, EUGENIA J.                      NY-14-15-696
BARNES, HENRY                           NY-14-9-624
BARNES, HENRY                           NY-14-K-153
BARNES, HENRY L. L.                     NY-14-Z-222
BARNES, JOHN                            NY-14-10-662
BARNES, JOSEPH                          NY-14-D-238
BARNES, JOSHUA                          NY-14-V-174
BARNES, MARGARET                        NY-14-Z-53
BARNES, MARIA                           NY-14-T-65
BARNES, MARIANNA H.                     NY-14-14-639
BARNES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-W-193
BARNES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-6-9
BARNES, WILLIAM J.                      NY-14-M-333
BARNETT, JAMES                          NY-14-A-193
BARNUM, AZOR                            NY-14-C-143
BARNUM, AZOR                            NY-14-D-29
BARRET, JAMES                           NY-14-D-96
BARRETT, ALGERNON S.                    NY-14-9-221
BARRETT, CALEB D.                       NY-14-Q-433
BARRETT, ELIZA D.                       NY-14-10-205
BARRETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-11-592
BARRETT, ISAAC                          NY-14-C-400
BARRETT, JAMES                          NY-14-W-253
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-14-9-372
BARRETT, OBED E.                        NY-14-7-642
BARRETT, ROBERT                         NY-14-7-18
BARRETT, TAMAR                          NY-14-4-136
BARRINGER, FREDERICK P.                 NY-14-2-419
BARRINGER, GEORGE                       NY-14-Q-84
BARRINGER, HENRY                        NY-14-B-504
BARRINGER, MARIA                        NY-14-10-218
BARRINGER, MULFORD J.                   NY-14-14-609
BARRINGER, ROBERT                       NY-14-10-522
BARRITT, SUSAN M.                       NY-14-9-324
BARRITT, THOMAS                         NY-14-Q-230
BARRITT, URANIA                         NY-14-W-300
BARROW, LAWRENCE                        NY-14-3-353
BARROW, MARY                            NY-14-13-491
BARTH, JACOB                            NY-14-V-449
BARTH, PHILIP                           NY-14-10-23
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE                     NY-14-12-95
BARTHOLOMEW, LYDIA C.                   NY-14-W-549
BARTLETT, ANN O.                        NY-14-6-323
BARTLETT, CAROLINE E.                   NY-14-12-179
BARTLETT, CHARLES                       NY-14-T-265
BARTLETT, EDWIN                         NY-14-Y-234
BARTLETT, JANE M.                       NY-14-9-623
BARTLETT, JANE M.                       NY-14-9-623
BARTLETT, JOHN F.                       NY-14-G-284
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                        NY-14-4-113
BARTLETT, WILLIAM F.                    NY-14-12-130
BARTLETT, WILLIAM S.                    NY-14-7-373
BARTON, CALEB                           NY-14-E-485
BARTON, CORA LIVINGSTON                 NY-14-2-237
BARTON, ELISHA                          NY-14-B-212
BARTON, GEORGE                          NY-14-9-254
BARTON, HENRIETTA                       NY-14-#1-87
BARTON, LEWIS                           NY-14-D-429
BARTON, MARY H.                         NY-14-9-686
BARTON, RACHEL                          NY-14-S-583
BARTON, RENSSELAER C.                   NY-14-9-589
BARTON, ROGER                           NY-14-E-359
BARTON, THOMAS S.                       NY-14-Z-132
BARTRAM, BARNEY                         NY-14-5-207
BASNETT, JAMES                          NY-14-AA-120
BASSET, ALEXANDER                       NY-14-7-165
BASSETT, JOSEPH                         NY-14-5-375, 383
BASSETT, SARAH A.                       NY-14-10-251
BATES, GEORGE                           NY-14-2-212
BATE,S HARRIS J.                        NY-14-11-154
BATES, JOHN                             NY-14-N-574
BATES, JOHN                             NY-14-7-421
BATES, JOHN S.                          NY-14-15-525
BATES, LYDIA                            NY-14-3-590
BATES, MARY                             NY-14-12-638
BATES, RODMAN                           NY-14-6-350
BATES, STEPHEN D.                       NY-14-12-298
BATES, THOMAS C.                        NY-14-S-539
BATHRICK, JOHN W.                       NY-14-9-283
BATTY, MICHAEL                          NY-14-G-6
BAUMAN, CHARLES                         NY-14-Y-600
BAUMANN, JOHN                           NY-14-11-39
BAUMANN, MARY                           NY-14-5-204
BAUSSETT, JOHN B.                       NY-14-2-194
BAXTER, MARIA                           NY-14-15-332
BAXTER, MARY                            NY-14-2-476
BAXTER, MARY T.                         NY-14-9-298
BAXTER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-14-8-653
BAXTER, WILLIAM M.                      NY-14-8-156
BAYARD, WILLIAM                         NY-14-M-550
BAYER, JOSEPH                           NY-14-8-173
BAYEUX, THOMAS                          NY-14-G-483
BAYLEY, MARY                            NY-14-10-450
BAYLEY, RICHARD                         NY-14-Q-480
BAYLOR, GEORGE                          NY-14-I-469
BAZCHET, JOHN D.                        NY-14-4-635
BEACH, AGUR                             NY-14-C-124
BEACH, NATHAN C.                        NY-14-9-155
BEACH, SOLOMON                          NY-14-J-258
BEADLE, CLARA EMILY                     NY-14-14-443
BEADLE, EDWARD L.                       NY-14-7-603
BEADLE, ELISHA                          NY-14-F-358
BEADLE, ELISHA                          NY-14-F-369
BEADLE, JOHN                            NY-14-S-52
BEADLE, SARAH CAROLINE                  NY-14-9-255
BEADLE, TIMOTHY                         NY-14-C-588
BEAGLAN, MICHAEL                        NY-14-14-635
BEAM, JOEL                              NY-14-10-324
BEAMAN, MARTIN                          NY-14-5-14
BEAMAN, MARY S.                         NY-14-7-179
BEARD, OLIVER T.                        NY-14-14-193
BEARD, THOMAS T.                        NY-14-13-663
BEARDSLEY, CHARLES                      NY-14-9-248
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM J.                   NY-14-9-447
BEAUMONT, GEORGE                        NY-14-4-451
BEAVER, CLARK                           NY-14-V-308
BEAVER, JOHN FETTA                      NY-14-I-385
BECK, EDWARD                            NY-14-2-281
BECK, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-15-194
BECK, WILLIAM                           NY-14-10-631
BECKER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-14-6-279
BECKER, STEPHEN                         NY-14-Q-157
BECKER, THERESA                         NY-14-13-375
BECKWITH, ANN MARIA                     NY-14-11-635
BECKWITH, GEORGE                        NY-14-7-122
BECKWITH, HENRY C.                      NY-14-9-10
BECKWITH, WILLIAM                       NY-14-W-203
BEDELL, EGBERT S.                       NY-14-14-634
BEDELL, FRANCES A.                      NY-14-12-451
BEDELL, FRANK G.                        NY-14-14-627
BEDELL, HULETT                          NY-14-9-169
BEDELL, JACOB                           NY-14-W-318
BEDELL, JEREMIAH                        NY-14-Q-45
BEDELL, MARCUM                          NY-14-S-202
BEDELL, MARY JANE                       NY-14-14-632
BEDELL, PETER S.                        NY-14-12-527
BEDELL, PHEBE                           NY-14-Y-12
BEDELL, ROBERT B.                       NY-14-12-581
BEDFORD, DAVID                          NY-14-E-66
BEDFORD, ELEANOR                        NY-14-K-194
BEDFORD, JOHN                           NY-14-O-129
BEDFORD, JOHN                           NY-14-I-451
BEDFORD, SARAH                          NY-14-7-688
BEDFORD, STEPHEN                        NY-14-#1-454
BEDLE, DANIEL                           NY-14-C-132
BEEBE, CORNELIA W.                      NY-14-13-689
BEEBE, GROVE W.                         NY-14-10-204
BEECHER, HIRAM T.                       NY-14-15-380
BEECHER, MARY W.                        NY-14-14-388
BEENDICT, A. GILBERT                    NY-14-2-235
BEERUM, DAVID                           NY-14-Q-373
BEIGEL, MONIKA                          NY-14-15-314
BEIGLE, LEONARD                         NY-14-6-698
BELCHER, ANNA                           NY-14-8-149
BELDEN, HENRY F.                        NY-14-T-362
BELDEN, PHEBE T.                        NY-14-Y-469
BELDEN, TABER                           NY-14-U-252
BELDEN, WILLIAM T.                      NY-14-M-13
BELDING, CHARLES W.                     NY-14-12-299
BELDING, DAVID L.                       NY-14-8-446
BELDING, JOHN                           NY-14-R-357
BELDING, JOHN H.                        NY-14-P-336
BELDING, JOHN L.                        NY-14-8-105
BELDING, JOSEPH                         NY-14-J-414
BELDING, LAWRENCE                       NY-14-I-139
BELDING, PHEBE ANN                      NY-14-8-507
BELDING, SILAS                          NY-14-S-421
BELDING, SILAS F.                       NY-14-U-159
BELKNAP, JENNET LENOX                   NY-14-10-418
BELL, JAMES                             NY-14-N-103
BELL, JOHN                              NY-14-I-112
BELL, PETER                             NY-14-A-503
BELL, ROBERT G.                         NY-14-8-265
BELL, ROBERT S.                         NY-14-10-678
BELTON, GEORGE                          NY-14-K-371
BENCHE, ANNIE S.                        NY-14-15-724
BENEDICK, ALBERT                        NY-14-8-27
BENEDICK, SAMUEL                        NY-14-B-260
BENEDICT, ABIJAH G.                     NY-14-V-254
BENEDICT, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-Y-9
BENEDICT, EMELINE J.                    NY-14-13-304
BENEDICT, JACOB                         NY-14-C-595
BENEDICT, JOHN                          NY-14-C-149
BENEDICT, JOSHUA                        NY-14-G-274
BENEDICT, MARY L.                       NY-14-14-622
BENEWAY, GARRET                         NY-14-B-208
BENEWAY, JANE W.                        NY-14-9-479
BENHAM, DAVID                           NY-14-O-572
BENHAM, JOHN                            NY-14-F-203
BENJAMIN, CHARLES M.                    NY-14-11-14
BENJAMIN, JOB S.                        NY-14-9-64
BENNER, ADELINE                         NY-14-15-135
BENNER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-W-472
BENNER, GERTRUDE ADELIA                 NY-14-P-405
BENNER, HELEN                           NY-14-2-219
BENNER, HENRY JR.                       NY-14-O-134
BENNER, JOHN V.                         NY-14-3-223
BENNER, MARY M.                         NY-14-11-337
BENNER, PETER                           NY-14-N-126
BENNER, WILHELMUS                       NY-14-6-644
BENNET, JOHN                            NY-14-A-343
BENNETT, DAVID S.                       NY-14-T-121
BENNETT, HENRY                          NY-14-10-34
BENNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-14-15-268
BENNETT, JOSHUA                         NY-14-P-163
BENNETT, MARGARET                       NY-14-12-699
BENNETT, NATHAN                         NY-14-T-276
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         NY-14-M-23
BENNETT, SENECA                         NY-14-6-371
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Z-8
BENNINGER, CATHARINE                    NY-14-12-624
BENSON, AMBROSE                         NY-14-B-225
BENSON, ESTHER C.                       NY-14-11-572
BENSON, GEORGE                          NY-14-3-178
BENSON, J. VAN NESS                     NY-14-12-483
BENSON, JACOB                           NY-14-B-280
BENSON, JACOB                           NY-14-W-50
BENSON, JOHN                            NY-14-B-224
BENSON, JOSHUA                          NY-14-6-623
BENSON, MILES H.                        NY-14-T-300
BENSON, SAMPSON ADOLPHUS                NY-14-Q-405
BENSON, SAMUEL                          NY-14-W-92
BENSON, SAMUEL K.                       NY-14-10-43
BENTHYSEN, SILVIA                       NY-14-R-321
BENTLEY, GILBERT                        NY-14-12-593
BENTLEY, HARMESE                        NY-14-3-429
BENTLEY, PARDON JR.                     NY-14-H-215
BENTLEY, TABER                          NY-14-G-373
BENTON, BARNABAS                        NY-14-M-466
BENTON, BETSEY                          NY-14-2-13
BENTON, CALEB                           NY-14-I-163
BENTON, JOEL                            NY-14-Q-188
BENTON, JOSEPH                          NY-14-D-121
BENTON, MARY A.                         NY-14-13-506
BENTON, ORVILLE N.                      NY-14-8-533
BENTON, REBECCA H.                      NY-14-15-476
BENTON, WILLIAM A.                      NY-14-W-238
BERGAN, JOHN                            NY-14-8-715
BERGH, CAROLINE M.                      NY-14-8-337
BERGH, EDWARD J.                        NY-14-7-576
BERGH, EDWIN                            NY-14-3-706
BERGH, ELIZA R.                         NY-14-W-345
BERGH, ELIZA R.                         NY-14-W-357
BERGH, JOHN                             NY-14-A-434
BERRY, CYRUS                            NY-14-D-612
BERRY, CYRUS JR.                        NY-14-H-255
BERRY, FRANCIS                          NY-14-Y-389
BERRY, J. ROMEYN                        NY-14-11-108
BERRY, JOHN F.                          NY-14-9-338
BERRY, LOUISA G.                        NY-14-6-463
BERRY, MARY                             NY-14-2-181
BERRY, MORICHE                          NY-14-R-183
BERRY, NATHANIEL                        NY-14-T-174
BERRY, NATHANIEL                        NY-14-O-33
BERRY, PETER                            NY-14-H-72
BERRY, SUSAN                            NY-14-O-524
BESLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-14-H-507
BEST, HENRY                             NY-14-5-282
BEST, JACOB                             NY-14-12-222
BEST, JACOB                             NY-14-V-46
BETZ, FRANCIS X.                        NY-14-13-266
BEVIER, MARY A.                         NY-14-6-747
BICE, ANDREW C.                         NY-14-W-273
BICE, JACOB                             NY-14-C-634
BIGNELL, ACENITH                        NY-14-Q-164
BIKER, ANDREW                           NY-14-4-690
BILL, SYLVESTER H.                      NY-14-Y-185
BILLINGS, DANIEL I.                     NY-14-Q-234
BILLINGS, ISAAC V.                      NY-14-12-712
BILLINGS, JANE                          NY-14-6-450
BILLINGS, JANE E.                       NY-14-8-531
BILLINGS, JOHN D.                       NY-14-T-442
BILLINS, JOHN                           NY-14-J-94
BIRAU, GABRIEL                          NY-14-B-192
BIRCH, SAMUEL R.                        NY-14-R-368
BIRD, HENRY                             NY-14-T-371
BIRD, J. STERLING                       NY-14-15-96
BIRD, PARNEL                            NY-14-10-474
BIRDSALL, HENRY                         NY-14-I-329
BIRDSALL, SAMUEL                        NY-14-C-572
BISCO, ISAAC                            NY-14-C-98
BISHOP, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-233
BISHOP, FREDERICK H.                    NY-14-15-54
BISHOP, JANE                            NY-14-14-652
BISHOP, MARY G.                         NY-14-13-3
BISHOP, PETER                           NY-14-B-506
BISHOP, WILLIAM A.                      NY-14-14-136
BISSELL, ZACHEUS W.                     NY-14-9-637
BITCHER, ADAM                           NY-14-E-48
BITTNER, HENRY                          NY-14-Z-181
BLACK, GEORGE                           NY-14-N-532
BLAKELY, MARY ANN                       NY-14-9-85
BLAKSLEE, JOHN                          NY-14-B-196
BLANKENHORN, JACOB                      NY-14-10-619
BLANKENHORN, MARY                       NY-14-14-520
BLASS, MYRON                            NY-14-15-749
BLATCHLEY, JOHN                         NY-14-V-432
BLATCHLEY, JOSEPH                       NY-14-D-442
BLATCHLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-14-V-432
BLEECKER, MARIA H.                      NY-14-4-682
BLEECKER, WILLIAM P.                    NY-14-15-283
BLOIS, DAVID                            NY-14-I-356
BLOO, JOHN                              NY-14-#1-545
BLOODGOOD, MARY B.                      NY-14-13-416
BLOOM, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-E-271
BLOOM, JEMIMA                           NY-14-K-95
BLOOM, MARY                             NY-14-E-118
BLOOM, RHODA                            NY-14-12-488
BLOOMER, ABEL                           NY-14-Y-485
BLOOMER, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-C-264
BLOUIN, LUISON                          NY-14-A-480
BLYTHE, JOHN                            NY-14-14-579
BOARDMAN, JOHN                          NY-14-O-588
BOCKEE, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-W-324
BOCKEE, CATHARINE W.                    NY-14-11-59
BOCKEE, CATHERINE                       NY-14-G-447
BOCKEE, JACOB                           NY-14-F-6
BOCKER, JACOB                           NY-14-9-75
BOCKKES, JOHANNES                       NY-14-A-35
BOCRUM, GARRIT                          NY-14-G-396
BODDEN, JOHN                            NY-14-2-602
BODDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-13-715
BODELL, DAVID                           NY-14-4-423
BODENSTEIN, DOROTHEA                    NY-14-11-225
BODWISH, JOHN                           NY-14-H-248
BOECHER, VALENTINE                      NY-14-13-711
BOERUM, AMELIA                          NY-14-14-263
BOERUM, JACOB                           NY-14-K-349
BOERUM, MARY                            NY-14-J-355
BOGARDUS, AMELIA                        NY-14-Q-148
BOGARDUS, ANN                           NY-14-9-614
BOGARDUS, DEBORAH                       NY-14-8-718
BOGARDUS, EGBERT                        NY-14-C-269
BOGARDUS, ELSIE                         NY-14-5-252
BOGARDUS, FREDERICK                     NY-14-E-317
BOGARDUS, HELEN M.                      NY-14-4-412
BOGARDUS, JAMES                         NY-14-5-252
BOGARDUS, JAMES C.                      NY-14-J-377
BOGARDUS, JAMES W.                      NY-14-W-516
BOGARDUS, JOSEPH                        NY-14-U-182
BOGARDUS, MARY A.                       NY-14-11-112
BOGARDUS, MARY E.                       NY-14-W-553
BOGARDUS, PETER SR.                     NY-14-F-177
BOGARDUS, SAMUEL                        NY-14-9-157
BOGARDUS, SAMUEL                        NY-14-F-344
BOGERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-F-221
BOGERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-E-280
BOGLE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-14-322
BOICE, CATHERINE                        NY-14-9-274
BOICE, FERDINAND                        NY-14-I-116
BOICE, HENRY J.                         NY-14-10-187
BOICE, JAMES C.                         NY-14-#1-564
BOICE, JAMES F.                         NY-14-11-594
BOICE, MARY ANN                         NY-14-10-492
BOICE, SAMUEL                           NY-14-R-53
BOID, EBENEZER                          NY-14-A-325
BOIN, FERDINAND                         NY-14-F-460
BOIRUM, JOHN                            NY-14-E-260
BOIS, JOHN                              NY-14-A-166
BOIS, JOHN                              NY-14-AA-97
BOLD, SARAH                             NY-14-14-222
BOLENBECKER, JACOB                      NY-14-15-429
BOLLENBACKER, DANIEL                    NY-14-15-149
BOLLENBACKER, PETER                     NY-14-12-34
BOLTON, EDWARD C.                       NY-14-11-544
BOLTON, FRANK H.                        NY-14-14-79
BOLTON, ROBERT                          NY-14-14-248
BONACUM, JOHN                           NY-14-12-200
BOND, LEVI M.                           NY-14-3-56
BONESTEEL, MARGARET                     NY-14-4-449
BONESTEEL, PHILIP N.                    NY-14-O-356
BONETT, ANN                             NY-14-U-376
BONNE, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-9-32
BONNO, JAMES H.                         NY-14-10-103
BOOKSTAVER, PETER                       NY-14-15-353
BOONE, JOSHUA S.                        NY-14-7-620
BOOTH, CARL S.                          NY-14-13-567
BOOTH, EDWIN VASSAR                     NY-14-Z-546
BOOTH, ELIZA A.                         NY-14-8-434
BOOTH, GEORGE                           NY-14-5-449
BOOTH, HENRY                            NY-14-A-225
BOOTH, JOHN                             NY-14-11-413
BOOTH, JUSTUS                           NY-14-5-308
BOOTH, LUCIA L.                         NY-14-7-633
BOOTH, OLIVER H.                        NY-14-13-231
BOOTHE, MARIA                           NY-14-W-128
BORCE, BETSEY                           NY-14-Z-375
BORDEN, JOHN                            NY-14-B-268
BOREMAN, EUBET                          NY-14-A-176
BORLAND, JOHN                           NY-14-12-122
BORMAN, JOHN ADAMS                      NY-14-9-308
BOSTWICK, CALEB H.                      NY-14-Y-421
BOSTWICK, ELIZA A.                      NY-14-12-149
BOSTWICK, EMILY                         NY-14-8-345
BOSTWICK, GEORGE D.                     NY-14-9-299
BOSTWICK, HARRIET                       NY-14-9-692
BOSTWICK, HARRIET                       NY-14-#1-84
BOSTWICK, ISAAC G.                      NY-14-Z-532
BOSTWICK, MILLIE C.                     NY-14-10-350
BOSTWICK, REUBEN W.                     NY-14-U-581
BOSTWICK, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-Y-481
BOSWORTH, ARABELLA M.                   NY-14-O-397
BOUDY, ANN                              NY-14-S-400
BOUGHTON, FRANCES                       NY-14-AA-133
BOUGHTON, FRANCIS                       NY-14-A-215
BOUGHTON, JSOEPH                        NY-14-D-33
BOUGHTON, SARAH                         NY-14-11-272
BOUGHTON, SARAH A.                      NY-14-W-320
BOURNE, SYLVANUS                        NY-14-I-488
BOUTON, PEACE                           NY-14-15-706
BOWDISH, ASA                            NY-14-S-105
BOWDISH, JACKSON W.                     NY-14-10-323
BOWDISH, NATHANIEL                      NY-14-A-400
BOWDISH, WILLIAM                        NY-14-8-206
BOWDOIN, FRANCES                        NY-14-9-405
BOWDY, JANE                             NY-14-H-285
BOWDY, MOSES                            NY-14-H-280
BOWEN, GRACE SANDS                      NY-14-Z-455
BOWER, JOHN                             NY-14-10-118
BOWER, JOSEPH                           NY-14-W-161
BOWERMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-14-Y-246
BOWERMAN, SARAH E.                      NY-14-15-531
BOWERMAN, SILAS                         NY-14-B-389
BOWES, CATHARINE                        NY-14-11-395
BOWKER, ELLA                            NY-14-11-614
BOWMAN, ALBERT                          NY-14-14-486
BOWMAN, CLARENCE                        NY-14-15-529
BOWMAN, HENRY                           NY-14-3-406
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                          NY-14-4-270
BOWMAN, MACY                            NY-14-9-578
BOWMAN, MARY                            NY-14-F-428
BOWNE, CAROLINE G.                      NY-14-12-536
BOWNE, CHARLES E.                       NY-14-14-261
BOWNE, ELIZA SANDS                      NY-14-14-494
BOWNE, GARSHOM                          NY-14-B-361
BOWNE, GERSHOM                          NY-14-G-148
BOWNE, JAMES                            NY-14-8-309
BOWNE, JANE A.                          NY-14-9-242
BOWNE, OBADIAH                          NY-14-F-273
BOWNE, PHEBE E.                         NY-14-6-627
BOYCE, CAROLINE                         NY-14-13-159
BOYCE, DANIEL I.                        NY-14-Y-454
BOYCE, ISAAC                            NY-14-C-287
BOYCE, JOHN                             NY-14-3-194
BOYCE, JOHN J.                          NY-14-U-568
BOYCE, LUCY A.                          NY-14-11-291
BOYCE, MARIETT                          NY-14-4-171
BOYCE, MARY                             NY-14-15-85
BOYCE, MARY E.                          NY-14-13-309
BOYCE, PHEBE                            NY-14-12-665
BOYCE, PHILIP                           NY-14-5-418
BOYCE, RUTH                             NY-14-D-593
BOYCE, SUSAN A.                         NY-14-9-138
BOYD, CLARISSA                          NY-14-S-577
BOYD, DAVID                             NY-14-Q-357
BOYD, ELIZA W.                          NY-14-U-379
BOYD, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-F-112
BOYD, GILBERT                           NY-14-I-227
BOYD, JOHN                              NY-14-E-336
BOYD, JOHN G.                           NY-14-9-186
BOYD, SARAH                             NY-14-T-330
BOYNTON, GEORGE                         NY-14-15-1
BRACKEN, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-#1-10
BRADDON, RICHARD                        NY-14-8-551
BRADFORD, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-Z-260
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-14-11-202
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-14-2-93
BRADLEY, MARTIN M.                      NY-14-Z-331
BRAGAW, CATHARINE                       NY-14-6-730
BRAGAW, HELEN                           NY-14-13-397
BRAMAN, CYRUS                           NY-14-Q-271
BRAMAN, THOMAS                          NY-14-C-366
BRAND, JOHN                             NY-14-8-549
BRANNAN, SAMUEL H.                      NY-14-O-420
BRAYTON, ELIZABETH S.                   NY-14-15-11
BRDAY, MARY                             NY-14-8-215
BREADLE, DEBORAH                        NY-14-F-34
BRECK, CHARLES                          NY-14-11-124
BRECK, GEOGE C.                         NY-14-13-537
BRECK, SAMUEL                           NY-14-6-688
BREEK, JANE                             NY-14-8-108
BREEN, TIMOTHY                          NY-14-14-717
BREMNER, GEORGE                         NY-14-11-43
BRENAN, THOMAS                          NY-14-Y-580
BRENNAN, JOHN J.                        NY-14-10-743
BRETT, CAROLINE A. W.                   NY-14-9-462
BRETT, DEBORAH                          NY-14-U-351
BRETT, ELLENOR                          NY-14-9-289
BRETT, HELEN ANN                        NY-14-8-286
BRETT, JAMES                            NY-14-8-642
BRETT, JAMES                            NY-14-#1-433
BRETT, ROBERT R.                        NY-14-H-486
BRETT, WALTER                           NY-14-12-87
BRETT, WILLIAM                          NY-14-2-353
BREWER, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-B-575
BREWER, MAHALA                          NY-14-Y-135
BREWER, NAZARETH                        NY-14-E-347
BREWSTER, DEBORAH                       NY-14-12-495
BREWSTER, LOIS                          NY-14-P-96
BREWSTER, MARY A.                       NY-14-12-229
BREWSTER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-14-340
BRIEN, THOMAS O.                        NY-14-14-739
BRIGGS, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-L-429
BRIGGS, ANN J.                          NY-14-7-76
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-N-467
BRIGGS, CALEB                           NY-14-H-134
BRIGGS, CHARITY                         NY-14-4-692
BRIGGS, EDWARD                          NY-14-A-20
BRIGGS, EDWARD                          NY-14-H-235
BRIGGS, GEORGE                          NY-14-V-15
BRIGGS, JAMES                           NY-14-3-599
BRIGGS, JOB                             NY-14-4-487
BRIGGS, JOHN                            NY-14-J-26
BRIGGS, JOHN                            NY-14-H-408
BRIGGS, JOHN N.                         NY-14-12-702
BRIGGS, PHEBE T.                        NY-14-14-235
BRIGGS, PRINCE                          NY-14-A-15
BRIGGS, SARAH                           NY-14-J-12
BRIGGS, SUSAN G.                        NY-14-15-591
BRIGGS, TIMOTHY                         NY-14-H-188
BRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-14-D-182
BRILL, CORNELL                          NY-14-V-471
BRILL, DANIEL F.                        NY-14-12-449
BRILL, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-V-253
BRILL, FRANCES A.                       NY-14-6-591
BRILL, JOHN                             NY-14-14-572
BRILL, JOHN                             NY-14-I-235
BRILL, PETER                            NY-14-D-153
BRILL, RICKETSON                        NY-14-11-37
BRILL, SARAH                            NY-14-Z-587
BRINCKERHOFF, ABRAHAM                   NY-14-A-461
BRINCKERHOFF, ABRAHAM D.                NY-14-9-591
BRINCKERHOFF, CATHARINE E.              NY-14-11-551
BRINCKERHOFF, CORNELIA B.               NY-14-15-534
BRINCKERHOFF, DERICK                    NY-14-A-107
BRINCKERHOFF, DERICK                    NY-14-4-586
BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE I.                 NY-14-A-333
BRINCKERHOFF, JANE                      NY-14-5-50
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN H.                   NY-14-15-726
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN S.                   NY-14-A-371
BRINCKERHOFF, MARGARET A.               NY-14-13-722
BRINCKERHOFF, MATTHEW V. B.             NY-14-12-290
BRINCKERHOFF, W. H. S.                  NY-14-15-428
BRINCKERHOFF,E MMA                      NY-14-7-380
BRINCKEROFF, GARET                      NY-14-O-455
BRINKCKERHOFF, DERICK A.                NY-14-D-619
BRINKERHOFF, ANN V. W.                  NY-14-6-586
BRINKERHOFF, CATHERINE                  NY-14-C-115
BRINKERHOFF, ELIZABETH                  NY-14-E-403
BRINKERHOFF, ELIZABETH A.               NY-14-11-121
BRINKERHOFF, FARRIS                     NY-14-2-452
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                     NY-14-M-181
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                     NY-14-B-100
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                     NY-14-J-17
BRINKERHOFF, ISAAC                      NY-14-W-428
BRINKERHOFF, JANE W.                    NY-14-S-132
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN G.                    NY-14-F-50
BRINKERHOFF, P. REMSEN                  NY-14-3-321
BRINKERHOFF, T. VANWYCK                 NY-14-11-4
BRISTOL, CARRIE A.                      NY-14-7-61
BRITTAIN, RICHARD                       NY-14-10-105
BROADRIB, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-#1-47
BROAS, SMITH                            NY-14-J-315
BROCK, WILLIAM                          NY-14-T-585
BROGUE, MATTHEW                         NY-14-A-496
BROMLEY, GERTRUDE S.                    NY-14-15-6
BRONK, ALIDA                            NY-14-Y-148
BRONNELL, LUTHER                        NY-14-J-422
BRONSON, MILES                          NY-14-W-146
BRONSON, PHEBE                          NY-14-2-368
BRONSON, SARAH A.                       NY-14-13-658
BROOKS, ISAAC                           NY-14-K-458
BROOKS, ISAAC                           NY-14-A-364
BROOKS, JONATHAN                        NY-14-K-180
BROOKS, JONATHAN JR.                    NY-14-J-163
BROOKS, SARAH A.                        NY-14-8-388
BROOKS, VALERIA                         NY-14-6-169
BROOKS, VERMILYEA                       NY-14-T-408
BROPHY, CATHERINE                       NY-14-14-556
BROPHY, MATTHEW                         NY-14-11-159
BROTHERTON, ELI                         NY-14-A-233
BROWER, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-U-487
BROWER, GARRET                          NY-14-D-100
BROWER, JAMES                           NY-14-14-232
BROWER, JAMES C. D.                     NY-14-2-33
BROWER, JEREMIAH C.                     NY-14-14-415
BROWER, MARTIN V. B.                    NY-14-14-143
BROWER, PETER                           NY-14-2-170
BROWER, SARAH                           NY-14-12-64
BROWER, SUSAN                           NY-14-Q-383
BROWN, CHARLES                          NY-14-W-106
BROWN, DAVID H.                         NY-14-10-402
BROWN, EDWARD W.                        NY-14-14-253
BROWN, ELIZA                            NY-14-3-278
BROWN, HARRISON                         NY-14-13-235
BROWN, JOHN D.                          NY-14-3-275
BROWN, JOHN H.                          NY-14-7-667
BROWN, JOHN O.                          NY-14-H-448
BROWN, JONATHAN                         NY-14-F-333
BROWN, LAURA A.                         NY-14-11-53
BROWN, LYDIA                            NY-14-Q-69
BROWN, LYDIA MARIAH                     NY-14-U-107
BROWN, MILAN                            NY-14-15-263
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        NY-14-A-195
BROWN, NOAH                             NY-14-M-132
BROWN, PEARSALL                         NY-14-D-176
BROWN, PETER                            NY-14-14-724
BROWN, ROEBRT M.                        NY-14-14-175
BROWN, SALLY                            NY-14-Z-32
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-Z-373
BROWN, SAMUEL H.                        NY-14-#1-522
BROWN, SARAH                            NY-14-L-608
BROWN, SARAH S.                         NY-14-2-50
BROWN, SEBASTIAN                        NY-14-8-374
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-14-V-197
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-H-133
BROWN, WILLIAM B.                       NY-14-3-295
BROWN, ZEBEDIAH                         NY-14-C-487
BROWNELL, ANNA                          NY-14-#1-314
BROWNELL, EDWARD                        NY-14-I-119
BROWNELL, HIRAM                         NY-14-9-23
BROWNELL, JANE                          NY-14-13-204
BROWNELL, MARY                          NY-14-K-65
BROWNELL, NATHANIEL                     NY-14-#1-300
BROWNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-9-178
BROWNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-9-178
BROWNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-T-262
BROWNING, MARY A.                       NY-14-15-28
BROWNSON, HECTOR                        NY-14-4-435
BRUCKMANN, FRIEDERICKA                  NY-14-14-629
BRUMFIELD, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-V-167
BRUNDAGE, CHARLES W.                    NY-14-13-550
BRUNDAGE, GEORGE                        NY-14-13-544
BRUNDIGE, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-F-104
BRUSH, ALFRED                           NY-14-2-315
BRUSH, AUGUSTUS A.                      NY-14-12-299
BRUSH, JACOB                            NY-14-B-376
BRUSH, NEHEMIAH                         NY-14-N-242
BRUSH, RICHARD                          NY-14-B-21
BRUSH, SELAH                            NY-14-A-394
BRUSH, SOPHIA                           NY-14-3-540
BRUSIE, DENNIS                          NY-14-11-549
BRUST, LEMUEL                           NY-14-H-443
BRUZIE, MARIA C.                        NY-14-5-416
BRYAN, AMOS                             NY-14-V-339
BRYAN, CALVIN C.                        NY-14-15-416
BRYAN, CORNELIA T.                      NY-14-14-565
BRYAN, DAVID                            NY-14-14-338
BRYAN, EZRA                             NY-14-G-302
BRYAN, ISAAC                            NY-14-9-41
BRYAN, WARD W.                          NY-14-V-477
BRYANT, GEORGE                          NY-14-9-603
BRYANT, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-H-261
BRYANT, SAMUEL                          NY-14-14-169
BUB, ANNA                               NY-14-12-264
BUCK, HENRY                             NY-14-Z-425
BUCK, ROBERT                            NY-14-5-643
BUCKINGHAM, CATHARINE M.                NY-14-14-66
BUCKINGHAM, CHARLES J.                  NY-14-10-318
BUCKINGHAM, STEPHEN M.                  NY-14-9-556
BUCKLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-14-S-301
BUCKMAN, GEORGE                         NY-14-Z-476
BUCKNUM, AMASA                          NY-14-7-430
BUCKNUM, AMASA                          NY-14-T-119
BUDD, ELIJAH                            NY-14-Z-491
BUDD, ESTHER G.                         NY-14-7-521
BUDD, GEORGE W.                         NY-14-10-478
BUDD, GILBERT                           NY-14-Y-619
BUDD, GILBERT D.                        NY-14-S-120
BUDD, JAMES                             NY-14-N-382
BUDD, JOHN                              NY-14-D-430
BUDD, MARGARET E.                       NY-14-13-412
BUDD, MARY                              NY-14-F-74
BUDD, MARY                              NY-14-O-1
BUDD, WILLIAM D.                        NY-14-14-435
BUDD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-9-170
BUECHLER, CHRISTIAN L.                  NY-14-6-65
BUEL, ALONZO                            NY-14-7-640
BUELL, PETER                            NY-14-V-324
BUHLER, CLARENCE F.                     NY-14-9-513
BULGER, JOHN                            NY-14-8-66
BULKLEY, WILLIAM F.                     NY-14-U-83
BULL, JACOB                             NY-14-V-90
BULL, RICHARD H.                        NY-14-11-299
BULLCOK, CORNER                         NY-14-H-22
BULLER, SALLY LAWSON                    NY-14-T-567
BULLOCK, CORNER                         NY-14-D-143
BULTZ, GEORGE                           NY-14-F-159
BUMP, HULDAH                            NY-14-3-312
BUMP, JULIA A.                          NY-14-8-393
BUMP, ORRIN                             NY-14-5-103
BUNCE, MARY                             NY-14-K-539
BUNN, CHARLES                           NY-14-8-476
BUNNELL, GEORGE                         NY-14-S-333
BURCH, JEREMIAH                         NY-14-J-171
BURCH, SIBBIL                           NY-14-L-589
BURCH, WILLIAM                          NY-14-B-617
BURCH, WILLIAM A.                       NY-14-S-498
BURCKHARD, DAVID                        NY-14-B-585
BURDICK, AMY                            NY-14-8-391
BURDICK, DANIEL                         NY-14-H-165
BURGER, CATHARINE L.                    NY-14-12-356
BURGER, DAVID M.                        NY-14-7-330
BURGER, FREDERICK                       NY-14-W-152
BURGER, GEORGE                          NY-14-K-591
BURGHER, CHARITY                        NY-14-6-355
BURHANS, CHARLES                        NY-14-10-326
BURHANS, DELIA                          NY-14-12-274
BURHANS, EDWIN                          NY-14-13-515
BURHANS, HENRY                          NY-14-10-486
BURHANS, JOHANNAH S.                    NY-14-12-367
BURHANS, PETER                          NY-14-9-379
BURHAUS, DANIEL                         NY-14-S-11
BURHAUS, ELIZA                          NY-14-9-26
BURLING, ESTHER S.                      NY-14-O-300
BURLING, THOMAS H.                      NY-14-U-403
BURNAP, CYRUS                           NY-14-3-681
BURNETT, EDWARD                         NY-14-11-83
BURNETT, ELI                            NY-14-9-708
BURNETT, JAMES                          NY-14-W-540
BURNETT, JANE                           NY-14-5-327
BURNETT, JOHN                           NY-14-Y-426
BURNETT, LAVINA                         NY-14-3-90
BURNHAM, DOUGLASS W.                    NY-14-11-588
BURNS, BRIDGET P.                       NY-14-11-574
BURNS, MICHAEL                          NY-14-15-141
BURNS, MICHAEL                          NY-14-12-547
BURR, AARON                             NY-14-2-376
BURR, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-S-382
BURR, LEVY                              NY-14-D-71
BURR, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-S-385
BURRITT, JOSIAH                         NY-14-Q-339
BURRITT, LOUISA M.                      NY-14-T-285
BURROUGHS, ALETTA                       NY-14-9-425
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-K-218
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-H-274
BURROUGHS, CHARLES                      NY-14-2-466
BURROUGHS, DANIEL M.                    NY-14-15-492
BURROUGHS, ELEANOR                      NY-14-D-505
BURROUGHS, HENRY                        NY-14-14-517
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH                       NY-14-K-266
BURROW, MARY                            NY-14-J-152
BURROW, URIAH                           NY-14-J-4
BURRUS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-M-207
BURTCH, ESTHER                          NY-14-Y-62
BURTCH, LUMAN                           NY-14-U-151
BURTIN, STEPHEN                         NY-14-B-365
BURTIS, GARRIT                          NY-14-G-20
BURTIS, JAMES                           NY-14-B-318
BURTIS, THOMAS                          NY-14-R-6
BURTON, RACHEL                          NY-14-P-418
BUSH, HENDRICK                          NY-14-A-438
BUSH, JACOB                             NY-14-I-180
BUSH, JACOB                             NY-14-G-348
BUSH, JOHN H.                           NY-14-9-87
BUSH, MARY                              NY-14-3-695
BUSHNELL, ALVAH                         NY-14-W-337
BUSHNELL, EDWIN L.                      NY-14-15-92
BUSSY, ENOS                             NY-14-J-205
BUSSY, HESTER                           NY-14-J-207
BUTLER, BRIDGET                         NY-14-15-212
BUTLER, ELIAS                           NY-14-5-168
BUTLER, ISAAC                           NY-14-R-69
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-14-11-24
BUTLER, JOSEPH                          NY-14-R-164
BUTLER, KATHARINE S.                    NY-14-11-147
BUTLER, MARY A.                         NY-14-7-113
BUTLER, SARAH                           NY-14-T-186
BUTT, JOHN                              NY-14-B-71
BUTT, MOSES                             NY-14-A-57
BUTTER, LUCY M.                         NY-14-9-512
BUTTS, AARON                            NY-14-I-383
BUTTS, ANGELINE                         NY-14-Y-48
BUTTS, CATHARINE                        NY-14-2-262
BUTTS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-14-3-153
BUTTS, GEORGE                           NY-14-U-347
BUTTS, JONATHAN                         NY-14-E-463
BUTTS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-Z-412
BUTTS, WILLIAM                          NY-14-7-651
BUYS, CALISTA                           NY-14-12-592
BUYS, EZEKIEL                           NY-14-8-330
BYRNE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-8-477
BYRNES, DENNIS                          NY-14-Z-82
BYRNES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-H-321
CABLE, ALONZO W.                        NY-14-7-226
CABLE, DENBO                            NY-14-B-591
CABLE, ELIZA B.                         NY-14-U-426
CABLE, JOHN M.                          NY-14-5-217
CABLE, MARIA L. P.                      NY-14-11-145
CABREY, ISAAC                           NY-14-Z-178
CACHNER, GEORGE                         NY-14-6-618
CADY, HELEN S.                          NY-14-Y-394
CADY, SUSAN                             NY-14-8-271
CAHALAN, JOHN                           NY-14-T-291
CAHILL, ANN                             NY-14-15-46
CAIN, MARY                              NY-14-9-269
CALDWELL, JOHN                          NY-14-U-64
CALHOUN, DANIEL B.                      NY-14-K-91
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          NY-14-14-574
CALLAHAN, MARIA                         NY-14-8-687
CALLAHAN, PATRICK                       NY-14-14-690
CALLIHAN, DAVID                         NY-14-10-20
CAMBRINE, HANNAH                        NY-14-Q-343A
CAMPBELL, AMANDA F.                     NY-14-13-579
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-14-A-242
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-14-#1-274
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD ***                 NY-14-P-1
CAMPBELL, AUGUSTINE S.                  NY-14-Y-143
CAMPBELL, CHLOE                         NY-14-Z-299
CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS N.                  NY-14-10-102
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN                        NY-14-11-374
CAMPBELL, ELIZA                         NY-14-14-155
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-14-15-108
CAMPBELL, MARY A.                       NY-14-11-152
CAMPBELL, PRISCILLA                     NY-14-15-122
CAMPBELL, SARAH B.                      NY-14-T-181
CAMPBELL, WESLEY                        NY-14-11-81
CAMPION, JOHN                           NY-14-5-677
CANDLE, WALES D.                        NY-14-3-42
CANFIELD, DEBORAH                       NY-14-7-671
CANFIELD, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-W-417
CANFIELD, JAMES                         NY-14-H-355
CANFIELD, JEHIEL                        NY-14-L-400
CANFIELD, LEONARD                       NY-14-7-167
CANFIELD, MARY                          NY-14-14-237
CANFIELD, WILLIAM J.                    NY-14-Q-402
CANNELL, CATHARINE R.                   NY-14-11-62
CANNON, AMOUT                           NY-14-14-196
CANTINE, ORRIN                          NY-14-11-630
CAPRON, GILES                           NY-14-G-425
CARDIFF, MARY                           NY-14-10-632
CARDIFF, PATRICK                        NY-14-W-58
CAREY, JAMES                            NY-14-4-494
CAREY, JOHN                             NY-14-N-564
CAREY, JOHN H.                          NY-14-12-584
CARHART, DANIEL H.                      NY-14-10-413
CARHART, JOSHUA                         NY-14-H-489
CARL, JACOB                             NY-14-B-33
CARL, JOSEPH                            NY-14-P-407
CARMAN, ADAH                            NY-14-U-370
CARMAN, ADAM                            NY-14-B-488
CARMAN, AVID                            NY-14-J-138
CARMAN, BALTUS                          NY-14-E-451
CARMAN, CATHARINE                       NY-14-7-242
CARMAN, CHARLES                         NY-14-4-441
CARMAN, DAVID                           NY-14-V-153
CARMAN, EMELINE                         NY-14-13-292
CARMAN, JOHN                            NY-14-G-12
CARMAN, JOHN                            NY-14-O-478
CARMAN, JOHN                            NY-14-6-173
CARMAN, LEONARD                         NY-14-T-282
CARMAN, LEONARD L.                      NY-14-11-581
CARMAN, LOT                             NY-14-K-520
CARMAN, MARY                            NY-14-Y-213
CARMAN, MARY                            NY-14-W-559
CARMAN, PHINEAS                         NY-14-3-566
CARMAN, REBECCA                         NY-14-Q-117
CARMAN, SARAH                           NY-14-#1-554
CARMAN, THIRZAH A.                      NY-14-13-193
CARMAN, THOMAS                          NY-14-I-406
CARMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-Y-431
CARMAN,JAMES                            NY-14-10-335
CARNRIGHT, JOHN F.                      NY-14-15-479
CARPENTER, AMY                          NY-14-Q-462
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-N-486
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-14-J-440
CARPENTER, CALEB                        NY-14-G-461
CARPENTER, DANIEL S.                    NY-14-2-399
CARPENTER, DAVID                        NY-14-G-202
CARPENTER, EDWARD P.                    NY-14-9-337
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-N-396
CARPENTER, FANNY                        NY-14-Q-459
CARPENTER, FRANCES E.                   NY-14-15-79
CARPENTER, ISAAC S.                     NY-14-14-257
CARPENTER, JACOB B.                     NY-14-12-314
CARPENTER, LEONARD                      NY-14-3-619
CARPENTER, MARIA                        NY-14-M-538
CARPENTER, MARIA                        NY-14-#1-40
CARPENTER, MARTHA F.                    NY-14-8-591
CARPENTER, MARY                         NY-14-O-512
CARPENTER, MARY A.                      NY-14-10-720
CARPENTER, MORGAN L.                    NY-14-#1-572
CARPENTER, SAMMONS W.                   NY-14-9-521
CARPENTER, SAMUEL JR.                   NY-14-E-133
CARPENTER, SAMUEL P.                    NY-14-D-507
CARPENTER, SARAH E.                     NY-14-14-437
CARPENTER, SARAH M.                     NY-14-12-304
CARPENTER, SUSAN A.                     NY-14-14-592
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-14-D-557
CARPENTER, WILLIAM B.                   NY-14-15-745
CARPENTER, WILLIAM J.                   NY-14-13-680
CARR, PINK                              NY-14-5-255
CARROL, ANDREW                          NY-14-F-269
CARROL, CATHARINE                       NY-14-V-304
CARROLL, ALONZO M.                      NY-14-13-144
CARROLL, ANNA G.                        NY-14-10-586
CARROLL, BRIDGET                        NY-14-W-76
CARROLL, DANIEL                         NY-14-10-114
CARROLL, THOMAS                         NY-14-10-24
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-14-113
CARTHY, JANE                            NY-14-13-32
CARY, EBENEZER                          NY-14-E-31
CARY, EGBERT                            NY-14-V-169
CARY, JANE H. W.                        NY-14-14-55
CARY, JOSEPH                            NY-14-D-540
CARY, M. GARRETTA                       NY-14-11-310
CARY, MARY                              NY-14-11-52
CARY, NATHAN                            NY-14-B-248
CARY, THOMAS                            NY-14-11-570
CASE, ABBEY A.                          NY-14-8-266
CASE, ABNER                             NY-14-I-109
CASE, ELIAS                             NY-14-9-184
CASE, EPHRAIM N.                        NY-14-2-265
CASE, GERARD S.                         NY-14-13-80
CASE, HANNAH B.                         NY-14-9-152
CASE, JAMES                             NY-14-V-519
CASE, JOHN                              NY-14-8-499
CASE, JONATHAN                          NY-14-L-256
CASE, MARY                              NY-14-H-311
CASE, NATHAN                            NY-14-V-563
CASE, NATHAN                            NY-14-12-668
CASE, NATHAN                            NY-14-B-10
CASE, PHEBE ELIZA                       NY-14-W-419
CASE, RUFUS JR.                         NY-14-F-399
CASEY, CATHARINE                        NY-14-14-537
CASEY, THOMAS                           NY-14-G-345
CASH, DAVID                             NY-14-J-61
CASH, MARY J.                           NY-14-15-324
CASH, PATIENCE                          NY-14-O-547
CASH, WILLIAM                           NY-14-E-159
CASH, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-14-467
CASHEN, JAMES                           NY-14-7-370
CASHIN, THOMAS                          NY-14-4-42
CASS, EDWARD                            NY-14-4-167
CASS, ELIZABETH F.                      NY-14-14-370
CASS, HANNAH M.                         NY-14-12-106
CASSIDY, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-10-672
CASTLE, DANIEL                          NY-14-AA-70
CASTLE, DANIEL                          NY-14-A-104
CATLING, JOHN                           NY-14-V-334
CATTON, CHARLES                         NY-14-O-244
CAVAGNARO, AGOSTINO                     NY-14-12-143
CAWLEY, MARGARET KERR                   NY-14-5-155
CHAFFEE, CELIA M.                       NY-14-13-464
CHAMBERLAIN, HELENA                     NY-14-V-358
CHAMBERLAIN, PELEG                      NY-14-7-148
CHAMBERLAIN, SARAH L.                   NY-14-#1-243
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                    NY-14-3-291
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM L.                 NY-14-6-567
CHAMBERLIN, MARY K.                     NY-14-3-491
CHAMPLIN, ALBERT H.                     NY-14-8-630
CHAMPLIN, JULIA A.                      NY-14-8-643
CHAMPLIN, SARAH                         NY-14-U-407
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-14-6-230
CHAPMAN, RICHARD                        NY-14-8-99
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-S-361
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-15-3
CHARLICK, HENRY                         NY-14-I-336
CHASE, ALVIN                            NY-14-R-396
CHASE, DARIUS                           NY-14-14-346
CHASE, ENOS J.                          NY-14-11-647
CHASE, MARY                             NY-14-5-192
CHASE, OBEDIAH                          NY-14-B-182
CHATFIELD, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-F-137
CHATTERTON, EDWARD H.                   NY-14-12-429
CHATTERTON, HENRY                       NY-14-13-522
CHATTERTON, NATHAN G.                   NY-14-9-616
CHATTERTON, PATTY                       NY-14-3-15
CHATTERTON, UNDERHILL                   NY-14-M-7
CHEESEMAN, FELKINS                      NY-14-4-109
CHEESMAN, NATHANIEL                     NY-14-H-403
CHOLWELL, JACOB                         NY-14-J-166
CHOLWELL, JANE                          NY-14-3-713
CHOLWELL, MARY                          NY-14-U-90
CHRISTOPHER, JAMES                      NY-14-15-341
CHRISTOPHER, MARGARET B.                NY-14-15-107
CHRISTY, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-H-33
CHRISTY, GILBERT H.                     NY-14-12-540
CHRISTY, JOHN                           NY-14-I-315
CHULTZ, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-2-341
CHURCH, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-I-127
CHURCH, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-3-234
CHURCH, JOHN                            NY-14-12-475
CHURCHILL, HENRY                        NY-14-J-394
CHURCHILL, HENRY                        NY-14-W-565
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM B.                   NY-14-Y-206
CHURLOCK, LEBBEUS S.                    NY-14-4-289
CLANNY, GEORGIE M.                      NY-14-3-307
CLAPP, ANN VERPLANCK                    NY-14-14-548
CLAPP, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-2-18
CLAPP, CATHARINEE.                      NY-14-10-498
CLAPP, DARIUS                           NY-14-B-452
CLAPP, HICKS                            NY-14-8-717
CLAPP, JAMES                            NY-14-G-376
CLAPP, JAMES H.                         NY-14-U-378
CLAPP, JESSE                            NY-14-G-66
CLAPP, JESSE T.                         NY-14-H-115
CLAPP, NICHOLAS                         NY-14-I-506
CLAPP, RUTH H.                          NY-14-9-104
CLAPP, THOMAS                           NY-14-Q-295
CLARK, ALLEN                            NY-14-8-78
CLARK, BERNARD                          NY-14-8-181
CLARK, CAROLINE D.                      NY-14-12-242
CLARK, DOUGLAS                          NY-14-Y-182
CLARK, DOUGLASS                         NY-14-V-257
CLARK, EMELINE                          NY-14-8-123
CLARK, EZRA                             NY-14-J-44
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-14-F-423
CLARK, HARRIETT                         NY-14-9-373
CLARK, HENRY                            NY-14-9-42
CLARK, HORCE                            NY-14-14-373
CLARK, JOHN F.                          NY-14-R-351
CLARK, JONATHAN                         NY-14-I-202
CLARK, JOSEPHINE B.                     NY-14-4-611
CLARK, MARGARET A.                      NY-14-14-305
CLARK, PATRICK H.                       NY-14-8-389
CLARK, PHILIP                           NY-14-C-21
CLARKE, JAMES                           NY-14-10-240
CLARKE, MARIA                           NY-14-9-20
CLARKSON, DAVID L.                      NY-14-9-376
CLARKSON, HANNAH FLOYD                  NY-14-Z-571
CLAUSS, HENRIETTA D.                    NY-14-12-471
CLAUSS, JACKSON                         NY-14-9-404
CLAWSON, DEBORAH F.                     NY-14-10-206
CLAY, MARY A.                           NY-14-9-333
CLAYTON, JAMES                          NY-14-10-208
CLEAR, ANNE                             NY-14-10-682
CLEARWATER, JEREMIAH                    NY-14-10-277
CLEARWATER, LUCINDA                     NY-14-3-259
CLEGG, THOMAS                           NY-14-5-474
CLEMENS, ANNA                           NY-14-5-580
CLEMENT, CHARLES                        NY-14-C-255
CLEMENT, SARAH                          NY-14-J-76
CLIFFORD, DANIEL                        NY-14-5-302
CLIFTON, ETTA                           NY-14-9-240
CLINCK, JACOB                           NY-14-B-276
CLINE, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-Y-29
CLINE, ALLEN                            NY-14-R-446
CLINE, CLARRISA                         NY-14-9-69
CLINE, DORCAS                           NY-14-Z-591
CLINE, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-#1-492
CLINE, JOHN H.                          NY-14-10-48
CLINE, MARIA                            NY-14-8-79
CLINE, MARY S.                          NY-14-12-237
CLINE, PETER                            NY-14-A-499
CLINE, PHILO                            NY-14-V-461
CLOSE, JONATHAN                         NY-14-I-142
CLOUGH, ELEANORA R.                     NY-14-9-726
CLOUS, JOHN GEORGE                      NY-14-A-341
CLOVER, LEWIS P.                        NY-14-13-479
CLOVER, SARAH ANN                       NY-14-12-703
COAMAN, M. ELIZA                        NY-14-13-311
COAPMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-2-258
COAPMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-14-2-82
COAPMAN, JANE A.                        NY-14-13-68
COATES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-15-192
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                         NY-14-O-196
COCK, JOHN                              NY-14-E-233
COCK, NOAH                              NY-14-M-260
COCK, SAMUEL                            NY-14-E-110
COCKBURN, JAMES                         NY-14-A-336
COCKINGHAM, DANIEL                      NY-14-F-372
COE, ELIZABETH V.                       NY-14-14-509
COE, REUBEN L.                          NY-14-14-170
COFFEY, PATRICK                         NY-14-4-249
COFFEY, WILLIAM                         NY-14-14-699
COFFIN, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-14-10-421
COFFIN, ALEXANDER J.                    NY-14-Y-429
COFFIN, HANNAH                          NY-14-15-291
COFFIN, HEZEKIAH R.                     NY-14-14-252
COFFIN, PAUL                            NY-14-H-143
COFFIN, ROBERT                          NY-14-N-23
COFFIN, ROBERT G.                       NY-14-15-742
COFFIN, SHUBAEL                         NY-14-F-106
COFFIN, SHUBAEL                         NY-14-E-282
COFFIN, TRISTRAM                        NY-14-Z-640
COGHILL, MARY                           NY-14-8-655
COHASKEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-9-159
COLDWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-6-210
COLE, ALONZO                            NY-14-13-539
COLE, ANDREW                            NY-14-13-564
COLE, CYNTHIA J.                        NY-14-6-215
COLE, ELISHA J.                         NY-14-6-202
COLE, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-C-552
COLE, GERTRUDE                          NY-14-8-102
COLE, GILBERT F.                        NY-14-6-303
COLE, HENRY                             NY-14-6-307
COLE, HENRY                             NY-14-#1-390
COLE, JULIA                             NY-14-14-1
COLE, MARY                              NY-14-10-544
COLE, SAMUEL                            NY-14-2-255
COLE, SARAH A.                          NY-14-15-537
COLE, SILAS W.                          NY-14-12-646
COLE, SIMEON                            NY-14-B-200
COLE, SIMON                             NY-14-A-25
COLE, SIMON                             NY-14-AA-80
COLE, ULYSES                            NY-14-8-534
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-14-8-322
COLEBY, NANCY                           NY-14-3-573
COLEMAN, ANNA D.                        NY-14-10-673
COLEMAN, JETHRO                         NY-14-D-623
COLEMAN, MATILDA                        NY-14-Q-282
COLGATE, SAMUEL J.                      NY-14-12-29
COLLAMER, JANE A.                       NY-14-12-228
COLLER, JOHN                            NY-14-5-394
COLLER, REBECCA                         NY-14-12-535
COLLIN, BETSEY                          NY-14-Z-403
COLLIN, DAVID                           NY-14-E-493
COLLIN, JAMES                           NY-14-T-110
COLLINGS, RICKETSON                     NY-14-J-1
COLLINGWOOD, JAMES H.                   NY-14-7-300
COLLINS, DAVID                          NY-14-Q-88
COLLINS, GEORGE                         NY-14-P-256
COLLINS, GILBERT D.                     NY-14-U-288
COLLINS, HESEKIAH                       NY-14-H-78
COLLINS, JAMES(786)                     NY-14-X-1
COLLINS, JOSHUA                         NY-14-H-127
COLLINS, OLIVER D.                      NY-14-13-736
COLLYER, MARY A.                        NY-14-15-297
COLTON, RACHEL                          NY-14-O-266
COLVER, ALANSON                         NY-14-3-169
COLVER, ELISHA                          NY-14-A-282
COLVER, LYDIA                           NY-14-3-167
COLWELL, ARCHIBALD                      NY-14-4-371
COLWELL, ARCHIBALD L.                   NY-14-15-543
COLWELL, CHARLES                        NY-14-Z-537
COLWELL, DAVID                          NY-14-13-10
COLWELL, ISAAC                          NY-14-C-598
COLWELL, JANE                           NY-14-14-380
COLWELL, JOSEPH                         NY-14-B-445
COLWELL, JOSEPH C.                      NY-14-9-666
COLWELL, MARY                           NY-14-14-378
COLWELL, NAOMI                          NY-14-11-476
COLWELL, SAMUEL                         NY-14-4-376
COMBS, HENRY                            NY-14-V-224
COMMINGS, ITHAMER                       NY-14-H-399
COMSTOCK, JOB S.                        NY-14-H-301
COMSTOCK, JOHN R.                       NY-14-10-280
COMSTOCK, MATTHEW                       NY-14-H-418
COMSTOCK, RUTH                          NY-14-R-426
CONCKLING, TIMOTHY                      NY-14-AA-72
CONCKLING, TIMOTHY                      NY-14-A-45
CONELLY, MICHAEL                        NY-14-C-11
CONERY, CATHARINE                       NY-14-10-543
CONGDON, CAROLINE                       NY-14-12-557
CONGDON, DANIEL S.                      NY-14-Y-55
CONGDON, EDWARD                         NY-14-#1-378
CONGDON, JAMES                          NY-14-Z-35
CONGDON, JAMES                          NY-14-#1-104
CONGDON, JAMES                          NY-14-J-48
CONGDON, JARVIS                         NY-14-9-235
CONGDON, JESSE                          NY-14-P-51
CONGDON, PHILIP F.                      NY-14-13-15
CONGER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-Z-183
CONGER, GERTRUDE L.                     NY-14-15-588
CONKLIN, ABRAHAM J.                     NY-14-R-273
CONKLIN, ASA                            NY-14-5-532
CONKLIN, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-14-N-157
CONKLIN, CAROLINE                       NY-14-H-232
CONKLIN, EDGAR                          NY-14-14-354
CONKLIN, EZRA C.                        NY-14-N-482
CONKLIN, GARRISON                       NY-14-Y-541
CONKLIN, HANNAH                         NY-14-10-456
CONKLIN, HENRY H.                       NY-14-8-257
CONKLIN, HIRAM                          NY-14-R-412
CONKLIN, ISAAC                          NY-14-C-304
CONKLIN, ISAAC P.                       NY-14-15-8
CONKLIN, J. M.                          NY-14-3-183
CONKLIN, JACOB V. B.                    NY-14-8-664
CONKLIN, JAMES                          NY-14-10-287
CONKLIN, JAMES O.                       NY-14-6-406
CONKLIN, JEREMIAH D.                    NY-14-15-225
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-14-G-8
CONKLIN, JOHN B.                        NY-14-7-151
CONKLIN, JOHN H.                        NY-14-#1-50
CONKLIN, JOHN S.                        NY-14-V-560
CONKLIN, MARGARET G.                    NY-14-6-251
CONKLIN, MARIA                          NY-14-U-574
CONKLIN, MARIA                          NY-14-15-500
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-14-T-169
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-14-D-42
CONKLIN, MERRITT                        NY-14-14-75
CONKLIN, NATHAN                         NY-14-9-16
CONKLIN, NATHAN                         NY-14-N-108
CONKLIN, NATHAN E.                      NY-14-U-80
CONKLIN, NEHEMIAH                       NY-14-H-445
CONKLIN, STEPHEN                        NY-14-J-195
CONKLIN, SUSAN C.                       NY-14-12-486
CONKLIN, SUSANNAH                       NY-14-F-261
CONKLIN, TEUNIS V.                      NY-14-M-434
CONKLING, WEALTHY                       NY-14-U-226
CONLEY, MARY                            NY-14-10-598
CONLIN, HONRA                           NY-14-9-185
CONNELL, ANN                            NY-14-14-146
CONNELLEY, RICHARD                      NY-14-S-303
CONNELLY, ELLEN                         NY-14-13-461
CONNELLY, MARY J.                       NY-14-9-137
CONNELLY, MARY JANE                     NY-14-7-357
CONNERY, JAMES                          NY-14-7-95
CONNOR, JAMES                           NY-14-15-49
CONNOR, JOHN                            NY-14-Y-487
CONNORS, JOHANNA                        NY-14-13-269
CONNORS, JOHN J.                        NY-14-9-505
CONNOVER, AARONV                        NY-14-4-176
CONOVER, ELISHA                         NY-14-#1-234
CONOVER, HARRIET                        NY-14-3-513
CONOVER, JACOB A.                       NY-14-P-433
CONOVER, JOHN P.                        NY-14-15-730
CONOVER, PETER                          NY-14-7-571
CONOVER, SARAH                          NY-14-10-630
CONOVER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Z-422
CONS, HONTHANS                          NY-14-AA-150
CONSOTEDIK, EMMANUEL                    NY-14-AA-31
CONSTANTINE, ELEANOR D.                 NY-14-9-568
CONVERY, ANNA                           NY-14-7-140
CONWAY, JAMES                           NY-14-6-633
COOEPR, WILLIAM                         NY-14-P-248
COOK, CHARLES                           NY-14-U-72
COOK, DAVID                             NY-14-D-363
COOK, ELIZA M.                          NY-14-S-452
COOK, JACOB                             NY-14-12-44
COOK, JAMES S.                          NY-14-3-626
COOK, JOHN H.                           NY-14-14-298
COOK, LAURA J.                          NY-14-12-563
COOK, LYDIA P.                          NY-14-4-338
COOK, MARGARET                          NY-14-9-440
COOK, MARY                              NY-14-F-59
COOK, MICHAEL                           NY-14-L-499
COOK, SARAH                             NY-14-Y-529
COOK, SOLOMON                           NY-14-H-327
COOKE, GILES                            NY-14-10-582
COOKE, JOHN M.                          NY-14-M-351
COOKINGHAM, ADALINE                     NY-14-9-660
COOKINGHAM, ALFRED                      NY-14-14-198
COOKINGHAM, CATHERINE                   NY-14-10-216
COOKINGHAM, DANIEL                      NY-14-W-263
COOKINGHAM, DAVID                       NY-14-8-409
COOKINGHAM, GEORGE                      NY-14-Q-106
COOKINGHAM, HENRY P.                    NY-14-9-501
COOKINGHAM, JACOB                       NY-14-U-553
COOKINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-14-14-16
COOKINGHAM, JONAS                       NY-14-R-390
COOKINGHAM, LUCINDA                     NY-14-8-648
COOKINGHAM, MICHAEL                     NY-14-15-345
COOKINGHAM, MILES                       NY-14-11-561
COOKINGHAM, PHEBE ANN                   NY-14-8-596
COOKINGHAM, PHILP                       NY-14-Q-200
COOKINGHAM, REUBEN                      NY-14-#1-263
COOKINGHAM, ROBERT                      NY-14-Y-23
COOKINGHAM, SALLY ANN                   NY-14-V-326
COOLIDGE, CATHARINE A.                  NY-14-J-10
COON, ANN M.                            NY-14-7-327
COON, HENRY W.                          NY-14-8-130
COON, IDA                               NY-14-13-697
COON, JOHN A.                           NY-14-9-700
COON, JOHN H.                           NY-14-Y-268
COON, RACHEL                            NY-14-5-56
COONAN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-11-431
COONLEY, JACOB                          NY-14-E-423
COONS, JOHN                             NY-14-8-2
COONS, PHLIP F.                         NY-14-9-17
COOPER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-T-238
COOPER, CHARLES                         NY-14-Y-502
COOPER, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-G-23
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-D-610
COOPER, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-14-531
COOPER, GILBERT                         NY-14-14-48
COOPER, JACOB                           NY-14-L-486
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-14-A-481
COOPER, JANE                            NY-14-2-413
COOPER, JANE                            NY-14-F-69
COOPER, JEREMIAH                        NY-14-8-94
COOPER, JOHN                            NY-14-A-280
COOPER, MARGARET A.                     NY-14-9-495
COOPER, OBADIAH                         NY-14-B-107
COOPER, OBEDIAH                         NY-14-A-347
COOPER, OBEDIAH                         NY-14-C-161
COOPER, OZIAS                           NY-14-8-253
COOPER, RANCHE                          NY-14-H-435
COOPER, STEPHEN F.                      NY-14-10-589
COOPER, SYBIL                           NY-14-2-35
COOPER, TUNIS                           NY-14-Z-13
COOPERMAIL, WILLIAM                     NY-14-W-538
COOPERNAIL, ELIZABETH                   NY-14-12-421
COOPERNAIL, MARIA                       NY-14-13-191
COOPMAN, JOHN                           NY-14-B-580
COPELAND, DANA                          NY-14-4-123
COPEMAN, JOHN I.                        NY-14-W-94
CORBIN, ALBERT W.                       NY-14-12-152
CORBIN, ISAAC                           NY-14-5-197
CORBIN, JOHN                            NY-14-U-437
CORBIN, MARGARET                        NY-14-E-385
CORBIN, MATILDA H.                      NY-14-Y-17
CORBIN, SAMUEL                          NY-14-E-291
CORBIN, THOMAS                          NY-14-I-476
CORBIN, THOMAS                          NY-14-B-263
CORCORAN, CATHARINE                     NY-14-14-563
CORCORAN, ELLEN                         NY-14-3-481
CORCORAN, JOHN                          NY-14-15-367
CORCORAN, MARY                          NY-14-14-746
CORKE, HENRY                            NY-14-5-452
CORLE, THOMAS                           NY-14-C-369
CORLIES, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-U-384
CORLIES, GEORGE                         NY-14-11-420
CORLIES, JOSEPH N.                      NY-14-7-229
CORLISS, MARY E.                        NY-14-8-571
CORNELL, ANN                            NY-14-K-117
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-14-743
CORNELL, GEORGE                         NY-14-W-354
CORNELL, HELEN M.                       NY-14-13-589
CORNELL, JANE L.                        NY-14-13-526
CORNELL, JAOCB                          NY-14-G-18
CORNELL, JOHN                           NY-14-G-25
CORNELL, JOHN                           NY-14-3-417
CORNELL, MARGARET                       NY-14-Z-433
CORNELL, MARGARET G.                    NY-14-8-198
CORNELL, MARIA A.                       NY-14-8-401
CORNELL, MARY                           NY-14-14-744
CORNELL, MARY H.                        NY-14-W-554
CORNELL, MELISSA                        NY-14-11-302
CORNELL, PETER                          NY-14-E-220
CORNELL, PETER M.                       NY-14-14-742
CORNELL, QUINBY                         NY-14-H-1
CORNELL, WALTER                         NY-14-C-485
CORNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Q-348
CORNELL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-2-482
CORNELL,A MY                            NY-14-5-321
CORNLY, JOHN                            NY-14-D-157
CORNWAL, THOMAS                         NY-14-B-47
CORNWELL, ADAM DATES                    NY-14-V-97
CORNWELL, CHARLES W.                    NY-14-R-88
CORNWELL, JAMES                         NY-14-9-414
CORNWELL, JOHN                          NY-14-D-83
CORNWELL, JOHN                          NY-14-15-494
CORNWELL, PETER                         NY-14-9-554
CORNWELL, RICHARD                       NY-14-B-254
CORNWELL, RICHARD                       NY-14-R-63
CORNWELL, STEPHEN                       NY-14-W-421
CORNWELL, ZACHARIAH                     NY-14-V-203
CORRIGAN, JOHN                          NY-14-14-391
CORTELYOU, JAQUES                       NY-14-10-685
CORWIN, DANIEL W.                       NY-14-U-294
COSGRIFF, THOMAS                        NY-14-W-399
COSTELLO, PATRICK                       NY-14-Y-556
COSTELLO, PATRICK H.                    NY-14-4-391
COTHEAL, HENRY L.                       NY-14-8-666
COTHEAL, ISAC E.                        NY-14-8-444
COTTAM, MATTHEW                         NY-14-10-574
COTTING, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-10-260
COTTING, FREDERICK                      NY-14-9-643
COTTING, HENRY                          NY-14-R-378
COTTING, HENRY                          NY-14-#1-293
COTTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-4-688
COTTRELL, HANNAH                        NY-14-Z-44
COUBAGH, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-14-E-186
COUCH, ABRAHAM B.                       NY-14-7-702
COUCH, JOHN                             NY-14-12-687
COUGHAN, GEORGE                         NY-14-3-27
COUGHLAN, JAMES                         NY-14-9-586
COUGHLIN, ELIZA                         NY-14-10-344
COUS, HANTHEIS                          NY-14-B-89
COUSE, EDWARD                           NY-14-Y-252
COUSE, HENRY J.                         NY-14-V-134
COUSE, JACOB H.                         NY-14-Z-493
COVENHOVEN, ADRIAN                      NY-14-N-138
COVENHOVEN, PETER                       NY-14-D-112
COVENHOVEN, SARAH                       NY-14-Q-154
COVERT, CATHARINE                       NY-14-14-411
COWLES, HENRY B.                        NY-14-2-200
COWLES, REBECCA F.                      NY-14-4-279
COWLES, TRUMAN                          NY-14-U-74
COWNOVER, JOHN                          NY-14-I-511
COX, AUGUSTA                            NY-14-5-165
COX, JOHN P.                            NY-14-G-268
COXHEAD, VICTORIA S.                    NY-14-13-451
COYLE, MARY                             NY-14-6-4
CRACKEN, HANNAH M.                      NY-14-C-437
CRAFT, ALMIRA                           NY-14-9-671
CRAFT, JAMES                            NY-14-Z-123
CRAIG, AUSTIN                           NY-14-7-318
CRAMER, FREDERICK                       NY-14-D-559
CRAMER, GEORGE                          NY-14-Z-243
CRAMER, GEORGE E.                       NY-14-14-667
CRAMER, JAMES                           NY-14-6-175
CRAMER, JOHN                            NY-14-AA-130
CRAMER, JOHN W.                         NY-14-T-80
CRAMER, SARAH                           NY-14-9-334
CRANDALL, AZARIAH                       NY-14-C-170
CRANDELL, JOHN                          NY-14-G-171
CRANDELL, SAMUEL                        NY-14-F-66
CRANDELL, SIMEON                        NY-14-F-214
CRANDLE, OLIVE                          NY-14-N-335
CRANE, ELIJAH                           NY-14-2-45
CRANE, JAMES                            NY-14-2-356
CRANE, JANE                             NY-14-D-37
CRANE, MARY                             NY-14-14-239
CRANE, MUNROE                           NY-14-15-562
CRANE, SAMUEL                           NY-14-AA-125
CRANE, SAMUEL                           NY-14-A-197
CRANE, SOLOMON                          NY-14-H-200
CRAPSER, ALBERTES                       NY-14-L-578
CRAPSER, JOHN                           NY-14-G-53
CRAPSER, LEVI                           NY-14-S-348
CRAPSER, MARTHA B.                      NY-14-9-443
CREAGAN, JOHN                           NY-14-12-491
CREED, HENRY                            NY-14-V-32
CREGAN, ANN                             NY-14-8-117
CREPSOR, JOHANNIS                       NY-14-B-479
CRILLE, JOHN                            NY-14-T-576
CRIMMINS, DENNIS                        NY-14-8-500
CROFT, HENRY CHARLES                    NY-14-3-17
CROFTS, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-15-138
CROHESTONE, JOHN                        NY-14-A-475
CROMWELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-B-502
CROMWELL, CATHARINE                     NY-14-R-209
CROMWELL, JOSEPH JR                     NY-14-U-427
CROMWELL, LUCY B.                       NY-14-3-585
CROMWELL, MARY                          NY-14-L-311
CROMWELL, PETER                         NY-14-7-55
CROMWELL, WALTER                        NY-14-7-52
CRONK, ALVA                             NY-14-15-503
CRONK, REBECCA S.                       NY-14-3-630
CRONK, SIBERT                           NY-14-C-112
CRONKHITE, JOHN                         NY-14-E-195
CRONKRIGHT, CORNELIA                    NY-14-Y-259
CRONKRIGHT, WILLIAM                     NY-14-K-102
CRONKRITE, DANIEL                       NY-14-3-561
CRONKRITE, JAMES                        NY-14-#1-587
CRONKRITE, JAMES                        NY-14-G-435
CRONKRITE, WILLIAM                      NY-14-P-272
CRONKRITE, WILLIAM J.                   NY-14-Z-506
CROOK, SARAH                            NY-14-V-151
CROSBY, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-B-75
CROSBY, DAVID                           NY-14-A-397
CROSBY, EDWARD N.                       NY-14-W-259
CROSBY, JOSEPHA M.                      NY-14-7-393
CROSBY, JOSHUA                          NY-14-A-501
CROSBY, LEMUEL                          NY-14-C-333
CROSBY, NATHAN                          NY-14-B-590
CROSS, JOHN S.                          NY-14-U-327
CROUS, ADAM                             NY-14-K-532
CROUSE, ADAM D.                         NY-14-H-495
CROUSE, ADELIA                          NY-14-8-335
CROUSE, BARTELD                         NY-14-G-46
CROUSE, ELBERT                          NY-14-8-689
CROUSE, JOHN S.                         NY-14-12-191
CROUSE, LYDIA D.                        NY-14-10-360
CROUSE, THEODORE J.                     NY-14-5-330
CROUSE, TILLEY                          NY-14-3-225
CROWTHER, ELIZA ANN                     NY-14-13-484
CRPASER, CATHARINE                      NY-14-S-137
CRUGER, CHARLES W.                      NY-14-15-498
CRUGER, EUPHEMIA W.                     NY-14-9-669
CRUGER, JOHN C.                         NY-14-6-283
CRUMMEY, EDWARD                         NY-14-12-453
CRUSE, MARY E.                          NY-14-8-634
CRUTHERS, JOHN                          NY-14-12-80
CUDNER, WESLEY                          NY-14-2-96
CUER, SAMUEL                            NY-14-D-445
CULLOM, MARGARET                        NY-14-14-423
CULLOMS, THOMAS                         NY-14-9-203
CULVER, ADRIETTE                        NY-14-G-82
CULVER, ADRIETTE                        NY-14-G-186
CULVER, ALONZO                          NY-14-13-228
CULVER, HESTER                          NY-14-L-543
CULVER, JAMES                           NY-14-D-173
CULVER, JOHN A.                         NY-14-14-725
CULVER, JOSHUA                          NY-14-P-263
CUMMINGS, DENIS                         NY-14-Q-175
CUMMINGS, MICHAEL                       NY-14-14-490
CUNNIFF, JONAS                          NY-14-C-245
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       NY-14-9-489
CUNNINGHAM, JOSEPH HOWES                NY-14-V-394
CUNNINGHAM, RACHAEL                     NY-14-I-318
CURRAN, THERESA M.                      NY-14-14-336
CURRIE, SAMUEL                          NY-14-3-632
CURRIE, WILLIAM                         NY-14-C-394
CURRY, SAMUEL                           NY-14-B-323
CURTIS, ELLEN V. W.                     NY-14-11-633
CURTIS, JOHN                            NY-14-F-64
CURTIS, LEGRAND                         NY-14-3-462
CURTIS, SAMUEL                          NY-14-C-386
CURTIS, SUSANNA                         NY-14-I-137
CURTISS, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-8-454
CURTISS, SARAH                          NY-14-Z-427
CURTISS, WILLIAM S.                     NY-14-10-176
CURTLER, MAHALA                         NY-14-10-394
CUSHING, STEPHEN                        NY-14-G-311
CUSHMAN, CHARLES U.                     NY-14-U-237
CUTLER, AMY                             NY-14-10-111
CUTLER, BUEL                            NY-14-C-430
CUTLER, BURR                            NY-14-Q-190
CUTLER, CALVIN                          NY-14-9-256
CUTLER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-4-485
CUTLER, JOSEPH M.                       NY-14-4-77
CUTLER, STEPHEN                         NY-14-T-468
CUTLER, THERON                          NY-14-13-733
CUYLER, JANE                            NY-14-D-189
CYPHER, ANDREW G.                       NY-14-10-60
CYPHER, ANN J.                          NY-14-V-341
CYPHER, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-14-12-485
CYPHER, JAMES H.                        NY-14-3-263
CYPHER, SIMEON A.                       NY-14-8-733
CYPHER, TAMAR D.                        NY-14-10-80
CYPHER, THOMAS                          NY-14-L-600
CYPHER, THOMAS                          NY-14-Z-447

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