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DABRON, ARTHUR SR.                      NY-14-F-352
DAILEY, HANNAH                          NY-14-11-509
DAKIN, AUGUSTUS                         NY-14-11-266
DAKIN, EBENEZER                         NY-14-Q-101
DAKIN, JAMES                            NY-14-E-480
DAKIN, SIMON                            NY-14-B-387
DALE, GEORGE B.                         NY-14-Y-99
DALEY, DANIEL M.                        NY-14-9-472
DALEY, JAMES                            NY-14-13-457
DALY, MARGARET                          NY-14-12-427
DALZELL, JANE                           NY-14-7-648
DALZELL, JANE                           NY-14-3-241
DAN, ELIZABETH                          NY-14-10-276
DANACH, HELEN                           NY-14-2-127
DANCHY, JULIA A.                        NY-14-12-470
DANVERS, MADELINE                       NY-14-9-528
DARKE, JESSIE M.                        NY-14-12-365
DARLEY, PHEBE ANN                       NY-14-V-127
DARLING, ALFRED                         NY-14-4-61
DARLING, DEBORAH                        NY-14-13-573
DARLING, JANE                           NY-14-13-574
DARLING, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-H-395
DARROW, JOHN                            NY-14-Z-638
DATES, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-8-57
DATES, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-10-389
DATES, ANN                              NY-14-G-473
DATES, HARRIET                          NY-14-8-338
DATES, JANE                             NY-14-W-308
DATES, PETER                            NY-14-D-511
DATES, PETER                            NY-14-B-325
DAUGHTON, JOHN                          NY-14-2-502
DAVENPORT, MARY                         NY-14-Q-354
DAVENPORT, THOMAS                       NY-14-B-91
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                      NY-14-A-328
DAVIDSON, ABEL                          NY-14-10-466
DAVIDSON, CAROLINE                      NY-14-Z-248
DAVIDSON, GEORGE E.                     NY-14-9-315
DAVIDSON, MARY                          NY-14-12-201
DAVIDSON, SUSAN                         NY-14-15-384
DAVIES, ALICE                           NY-14-Z-563
DAVIES, CHARLES                         NY-14-4-145
DAVIES, JANE C. E.                      NY-14-8-194
DAVIES, JOHN W.                         NY-14-9-661
DAVIES, MARY ANN                        NY-14-13-635
DAVIES, THOMAS L.                       NY-14-6-385
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-T-226
DAVIES, WILLIAM A.                      NY-14-13-391
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-H-313
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-14-9-6
DAVIS, EGBERT                           NY-14-8-677
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-9-698
DAVIS, FREDERICK W.                     NY-14-11-341
DAVIS, HANNAH                           NY-14-M-578
DAVIS, HANNAH                           NY-14-Z-26
DAVIS, HENRY                            NY-14-2-296
DAVIS, IRA                              NY-14-8-489
DAVIS, ISAAC                            NY-14-F-290, 335
DAVIS, JESSE                            NY-14-3-425
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-14-E-46
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-14-N-458
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-14-G-370
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-14-O-474
DAVIS, JOHN H.                          NY-14-15-98
DAVIS, LAVINIA C.                       NY-14-12-206
DAVIS, LEONARD M.                       NY-14-T-96
DAVIS, LYDIA M.                         NY-14-13-404
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-14-L-418
DAVIS, MERRILL S.                       NY-14-V-53
DAVIS, MERRITT JR.                      NY-14-Q-93
DAVIS, ORSON                            NY-14-9-108
DAVIS, RICHARD                          NY-14-D-532
DAVIS, RICHARD B.                       NY-14-12-489
DAVIS, RICHARD T.                       NY-14-O-471
DAVIS, SARAH                            NY-14-8-448
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-11-36
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-J-250
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          NY-14-I-122
DAVIS, SYLVIA                           NY-14-14-30
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NY-14-11-190
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Y-479
DAWSON, ANNIE E.                        NY-14-9-460
DAYTON, HEZEKIAH                        NY-14-B-517
DEACON, JAMES                           NY-14-S-1
DEAN, ANN MARIA                         NY-14-6-295
DEAN, CATHARINE R.                      NY-14-V-276
DEAN, DANIEL                            NY-14-H-302
DEAN, DANIEL A.                         NY-14-W-133
DEAN, HELEN M.                          NY-14-10-666
DEAN, HELENA D. B.                      NY-14-13-261
DEAN, HENRY                             NY-14-8-97
DEAN, JACOB                             NY-14-B-23
DEAN, JOHN                              NY-14-B-68
DEAN, JOHN W.                           NY-14-#1-393
DEAN, JONATHAN                          NY-14-F-231
DEAN, JONATHAN                          NY-14-E-497
DEAN, LAURA JANE                        NY-14-10-504
DEAN, LAWRENCE                          NY-14-B-95
DEAN, LUCY M.                           NY-14-U-138
DEAN, MARY A.                           NY-14-14-708
DEAN, MATILDA                           NY-14-12-467
DEAN, MYRON                             NY-14-S-397
DEAN, PETER                             NY-14-8-141
DEAN, WILLAM G.                         NY-14-Q-260
DEANN, PETER                            NY-14-H-17
DEARIN, ANTOINETTE                      NY-14-15-238
DEARIN, JAMES                           NY-14-Q-63
DEARIN, JOHN                            NY-14-F-436
DEARIN, JOHN I.                         NY-14-P-153
DEARIN, SAMUEL L.                       NY-14-13-244
DEARIN, THOMAS T.                       NY-14-U-184
DEASIER, THOMAS                         NY-14-Y-95
DEAVENPORT, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-14-L-619
DECKER, SUSAN D.                        NY-14-Z-176
DEDERICK, ABRAM                         NY-14-8-278
DEDERICK, WILLIAM                       NY-14-T-536
DEDRICH, JOHN A.                        NY-14-15-340
DEDRICK, CHRISTIAN                      NY-14-#1-395
DEDRICK, FREDERICK                      NY-14-8-121
DEDRICK, MARY                           NY-14-13-428
DEDRICK, PHILLIP                        NY-14-W-229
DEDRICK, SUSAN E.                       NY-14-11-514
DEDRICK, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-Y-475
DEFOREST, JAMES G.                      NY-14-8-251
DEGARMO, ELIAS S.                       NY-14-9-370
DEGARMO, JENNIE                         NY-14-13-6
DEGARMO, PETER                          NY-14-L-472
DEGARMO, PETER                          NY-14-5-429
DEGARMO, ROWLAND                        NY-14-13-408
DEGRAEF, MOSES                          NY-14-B-233
DEGRAFF, MOSES                          NY-14-H-69
DEGROFF, ABIGAIL                        NY-14-8-184
DEGROFF, CHARLES                        NY-14-3-123
DEGROFF, CORNELIA A. L.                 NY-14-W-397
DEGROFF, COSTER                         NY-14-11-582
DEGROFF, EVERT                          NY-14-G-410
DEGROFF, HELLEN                         NY-14-Y-164
DEGROFF, JACOB                          NY-14-Y-406
DEGROFF, JOSHUA                         NY-14-P-109
DEGROFF, MARIA                          NY-14-8-502
DEGROFF, MARY I.                        NY-14-9-477
DEGROFF, ROBERT                         NY-14-W-251
DEGROFF, SALLY                          NY-14-T-594
DEGROFF, SARAH ANN                      NY-14-6-604
DEICHELMAN, MARTIN                      NY-14-9-113
DELAMADER, ANTONE                       NY-14-Z-485
DELAMATER, BENJAMIN E.                  NY-14-V-163
DELAMATER, CONRAD                       NY-14-K-236
DELAMATER, HENRY                        NY-14-Y-345
DELAMATER, MARTIN                       NY-14-B-619
DELAMATER, SOPHIA H.                    NY-14-12-440
DELAMATER, THOMAS                       NY-14-L-290
DELAMATTER, ANNA                        NY-14-E-435
DELAMETTER, SAMUEL                      NY-14-AA-91
DELANCEY, STEPHEN JS.                   NY-14-A-493
DELANE, MARIA                           NY-14-U-594
DELANEY, CATHARINE                      NY-14-12-585
DELANEY, DANIEL                         NY-14-6-412
DELANEY, RICHARD H.                     NY-14-13-390
DELANO, FRANKLIN H.                     NY-14-12-319, 413
DELAVAN, CATHARINE                      NY-14-Y-310
DELAVAN, JANE                           NY-14-W-411
DELAVERGNE, ANTONETTE                   NY-14-Y-307
DELAVERGNE, BENJAMIN                    NY-14-I-149
DELAVERGNE, JOANNA                      NY-14-9-347
DELAVERGNE, KATE                        NY-14-13-370
DELAVERGNE, LEWIS                       NY-14-B-573
DELEVAN, CHAUNCEY                       NY-14-V-513
DELONG, ANA                             NY-14-B-103
DELONG, CHARLES E.                      NY-14-5-244
DELONG, EGBERT                          NY-14-L-128
DELONG, ELIAS                           NY-14-C-63
DELONG, JAMES                           NY-14-N-426
DELONG, JOHANNES                        NY-14-B-418
DENNEY, MARCUS C.                       NY-14-7-253
DENNING, ELMIRA                         NY-14-R-155
DENNING, JANE L.                        NY-14-10-195
DENNING, WILLIAM                        NY-14-P-454
DENNING, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-Y-32
DENNIS, ELZINA                          NY-14-10-388
DENNIS, HENRY                           NY-14-11-80
DENNIS, JOHN D.                         NY-14-7-7
DENNIS, JOHN P.                         NY-14-7-382
DENNIS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-I-253
DENNIS, LEWIS                           NY-14-11-585
DENNIS, MARY                            NY-14-10-69
DENNIS, RACHAEL                         NY-14-Z-143
DENNIS, TAMER                           NY-14-H-47
DENNY, JOSEPH                           NY-14-D-134
DENNY, PETER                            NY-14-9-679
DENORMANDIE, JOHN ABRAHAM               NY-14-B-540
DENSLOW, WALTER P.                      NY-14-12-155
DENTON, AMOS                            NY-14-9-543
DENTON, AMOS J.                         NY-14-S-432
DENTON, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-2-464
DENTON, BENNETT                         NY-14-13-143
DENTON, DAVID                           NY-14-P-254
DENTON, DAVID                           NY-14-2-144
DENTON, JEREMIAH                        NY-14-15-466
DENTON, JOEL                            NY-14-Q-422
DENTON, JOHN                            NY-14-B-391
DENTON, JONITHAN                        NY-14-S-443
DENTON, SOLOMON                         NY-14-H-51
DENTON, SOLOMON                         NY-14-E-415
DENTON, THOMAS                          NY-14-S-188
DENVER, MARGARET                        NY-14-9-158
DEPEYSTER, ESTELLE L.                   NY-14-14-306
DERIEMER, PETER                         NY-14-D-565
DERIEMER, PETER                         NY-14-E-426, 429, 442
DERMODY, JOHN                           NY-14-15-143
DEROME, MARTHA                          NY-14-V-30
DEUBEL, CATHERINE                       NY-14-10-143
DEUEL, ALFRED                           NY-14-Z-297
DEUEL, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-Z-188
DEUEL, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-D-212
DEUEL, CATHARINE                        NY-14-Z-285
DEUEL, FREDERICK                        NY-14-6-515
DEUEL, ISRAEL S.                        NY-14-H-173
DEUEL, JACOB                            NY-14-6-239
DEUEL, JONATHAN                         NY-14-I-174
DEUEL, JONATHAN                         NY-14-P-217
DEUEL, NEWOTN                           NY-14-8-148
DEUEL, SAMUEL                           NY-14-7-598
DEUEL, SARAH                            NY-14-I-422
DEUEL, SILAS SR.                        NY-14-B-170
DEUEL, WILBUR                           NY-14-F-448, 457
DEUEL, WILLIAM W.                       NY-14-T-522
DEVENPORT, ISAAC                        NY-14-C-173
DEVINE, ANNIE                           NY-14-15-276
DEVINE, ASHER                           NY-14-B-477
DEVINE, BERNARD                         NY-14-8-377
DEVINE, DANIEL                          NY-14-#1-556
DEVINE, DANIEL J.                       NY-14-9-220
DEVINE, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-15-274
DEVINE, HARRIET                         NY-14-10-506
DEVINE, ISAAC                           NY-14-2-249
DEVINE, ISAAC J.                        NY-14-#1-589
DEVINE, NANCY                           NY-14-#1-418
DEVINE, PHEBE B.                        NY-14-#1-414
DEVINE, RACHEL                          NY-14-W-214
DEVOE, EMMA                             NY-14-14-43
DEVONTOY, SUSANNE                       NY-14-13-702
DEVONTRY, CELESTIN                      NY-14-12-243
DEWILL, ROBERT D.                       NY-14-V-49
DEWINT, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-T-461
DEWINT, GEORGE                          NY-14-11-214
DEWINT, PETER                           NY-14-Z-611
DEWIT, JOHANNES                         NY-14-A-311
DEWITT, ALEXANDER                       NY-14-14-603
DEWITT, ALFRED                          NY-14-14-655
DEWITT, JACK                            NY-14-H-154
DEWITT, MARGARET W.                     NY-14-9-145
DEWITT, PETRUS                          NY-14-C-439
DEYO, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-G-398
DEYO, ISAC                              NY-14-15-277
DEYO, MARY W.                           NY-14-14-284
DIAMOND, EMMELINE                       NY-14-N-478
DIAMOND, HENRY                          NY-14-G-444
DIAMOND, HUGH                           NY-14-3-219
DIBBLE, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-S-506
DIBBLE, CHARLES                         NY-14-10-465
DIBBLE, DAVID                           NY-14-C-85
DIBBLE, EMILY M.                        NY-14-13-77
DIBBLE, ISAAC                           NY-14-G-96
DIBBLE, ISAIAH                          NY-14-H-26
DIBBLE, JANE E.                         NY-14-8-619
DIBBLE, JOEL                            NY-14-D-202
DIBBLE, JULIA E.                        NY-14-7-218
DIBBLE, KATE A.                         NY-14-14-569
DIBBLE, LEWIS                           NY-14-D-129
DICKERMAN, BURR                         NY-14-2-228
DICKERSON, ALBERT G.                    NY-14-R-30
DICKERSON, TOWNSEND                     NY-14-P-66
DICKINSON, AMOS                         NY-14-K-332
DICKINSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-Y-250
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NY-14-O-213
DICKSON, CAROLINE                       NY-14-13-62
DIDDELL, DIANNA                         NY-14-14-121
DIKEMAN, DAVID                          NY-14-O-39
DILLMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-B-426
DILLMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-B-544
DIMON, CHARLES                          NY-14-6-31
DINGEE, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-379
DINGER, ALMIRA                          NY-14-U-563
DINTON, ABRAHAM H.                      NY-14-2-16
DIPPLE, ADAM                            NY-14-B-173
DISBROW, JAMES                          NY-14-Z-416
DISBROW, PHEBE E.                       NY-14-10-692
DISE, WILLIAM L.                        NY-14-Q-312
DIVENS, MARY F.                         NY-14-2-164
DIVINE, JOSHUA                          NY-14-Y-254
DIVINE, MARTHA                          NY-14-E-430
DIVINE, WILIAM                          NY-14-K-174
DIXON, ABBIE H.                         NY-14-9-702
DIXON, SARAH                            NY-14-W-571
DOANE, ALETA MARIA                      NY-14-15-469
DOBBINS, THOMAS                         NY-14-13-621
DOBBS, CYNTHIA W.                       NY-14-9-534
DOBBS, DAVID                            NY-14-13-49
DOBBS, SARAH B.                         NY-14-12-103
DOCKER, CHRISTOPHER G.                  NY-14-V-94
DODGE, ABBY                             NY-14-12-403
DODGE, DANIEL                           NY-14-W-84
DODGE, ELIJAH                           NY-14-R-282
DODGE, HENRY                            NY-14-F-150
DODGE, JOHN                             NY-14-Q-98
DODGE, JOHN S.                          NY-14-V-14
DODGE, JOSEPH                           NY-14-O-391
DODGE, LEGRAND                          NY-14-11-311
DODGE, NEWELL                           NY-14-#1-449
DODGE, SAMUEL                           NY-14-C-316
DOHENY, MICHAEL                         NY-14-8-346
DOLAN, JOHN                             NY-14-13-595
DOLAN, MARY                             NY-14-Y-266
DOLAN, PATRICK                          NY-14-#1-354
DOLES, ANDREW                           NY-14-15-31
DOLFINGER, MARTIN                       NY-14-14-19
DOLFINGER, MARY                         NY-14-12-645
DOLSON, EMELINE                         NY-14-#1-326
DONALD, JOHN                            NY-14-12-539
DONALDSON, ELIZA                        NY-14-14-5
DONALDSON, JAMES                        NY-14-#1-579
DONALDSON, JOANNA M.                    NY-14-8-341
DONALDSON, JOHN L.                      NY-14-12-409
DONALDSON, MARY B.                      NY-14-Z-528
DONALDSON, MARY JANE                    NY-14-10-22
DONALDSON, NOAMI                        NY-14-10-644
DONALDSON, ROBERT                       NY-14-#1-620
DONNEY, CATHERINE                       NY-14-9-249
DONOHUE, WILLIAM                        NY-14-14-643
DOOLY, THOMAS                           NY-14-15-113
DOPPLE, GEORGE                          NY-14-7-532
DORAN, CHARLES                          NY-14-3-228
DORAN, JOHN                             NY-14-T-395
DORLAN, PHILIP                          NY-14-Z-230
DORLAND, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-12-466
DORLAND, ENOCH                          NY-14-J-28
DORLAND, JOHN                           NY-14-L-201
DORLAND, JONATHAN                       NY-14-12-276
DORLAND, JONATHAN                       NY-14-E-370
DORLAND, MARY                           NY-14-3-502
DORLAND, PHILIP G.                      NY-14-3-517
DORLAND, POLLY                          NY-14-I-263
DORLAND, SAMUEL                         NY-14-H-90
DORLAND, SAMUEL F.                      NY-14-10-468
DORLAND, SAMUEL P.                      NY-14-3-457
DORLAND, SUSAN                          NY-14-10-342
DORLAND, ZACHARIAH F.                   NY-14-14-279
DORLON, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-H-264
DORNEN, BARNARD                         NY-14-U-201
DORSET, JOHN C.                         NY-14-T-337
DORSETT, CATHERINE                      NY-14-10-210
DORSEY, MARGARET                        NY-14-Y-570
DORSEY, MARY                            NY-14-11-409
DOTY, ABNER                             NY-14-AA-96
DOTY, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-W-558
DOTY, AGRIPPA M.                        NY-14-15-526
DOTY, ALMENIA B.                        NY-14-R-146
DOTY, DAVID                             NY-14-H-37
DOTY, ELIAS                             NY-14-P-140
DOTY, ELIAS                             NY-14-B-635
DOTY, ESTHER P.                         NY-14-2-504
DOTY, ISAAC                             NY-14-#1-101
DOTY, JOSEPH C.                         NY-14-S-566
DOTY, MARY B.                           NY-14-11-510
DOTY, ROBERT                            NY-14-E-438
DOTY, SAMUEL                            NY-14-2-343
DOTY, SAMUEL                            NY-14-K-276
DOTY, THOMAS                            NY-14-7-1
DOUGH, NEHEMIAH                         NY-14-Q-486
DOUGHTY, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-D-223
DOUGHTY, CHARLES                        NY-14-9-201
DOUGHTY, CORNELL                        NY-14-P-55
DOUGHTY, EDWARD                         NY-14-10-663
DOUGHTY, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-5-463
DOUGHTY, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-U-127
DOUGHTY, GEORGE T.                      NY-14-9-453
DOUGHTY, HANNAH M.                      NY-14-13-377
DOUGHTY, ISAAC T.                       NY-14-10-552
DOUGHTY, JACOB                          NY-14-U-258
DOUGHTY, JANE B.                        NY-14-V-226
DOUGHTY, JOSEPH                         NY-14-C-127
DOUGHTY, JOSEPH C.                      NY-14-2-168
DOUGHTY, MARY W.                        NY-14-15-286
DOUGHTY, OLIVER                         NY-14-L-331
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL                         NY-14-F-432
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL A.                      NY-14-14-382
DOUGHTY, SARAH E.                       NY-14-Y-577
DOUGHTY, SICHE                          NY-14-H-204
DOUGHTY, THEODORUS A.                   NY-14-U-444
DOUGHTY, THOMAS                         NY-14-M-243
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-T-252
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-S-163
DOULIN, MICHAEL                         NY-14-2-611
DOUW, J. DE PEYSTER                     NY-14-15-447
DOUW, MARIA L.                          NY-14-12-99
DOWD, MARY                              NY-14-15-53
DOWD, MICHAEL                           NY-14-3-189
DOWN, LYDA                              NY-14-B-26
DOWNEY, ANN                             NY-14-12-520
DOWNEY, CATHARINE                       NY-14-12-109
DOWNEY, JOHN                            NY-14-8-476
DOWNEY, M. J.                           NY-14-12-62
DOWNEY, PETER                           NY-14-13-45
DOWNING, ANDREW S.                      NY-14-12-454
DOWNING, COE S.                         NY-14-H-377
DOWNING, HENRY                          NY-14-6-598
DOWNING, HENRY L.                       NY-14-9-465
DOWNING, JACOB                          NY-14-H-420
DOWNING, JANE                           NY-14-7-135
DOWNING, LAURA                          NY-14-9-429
DOWNING, MARY ANN                       NY-14-2-271
DOWNING, MOSES                          NY-14-R-394
DOWNING, REBECCA J.                     NY-14-12-220
DOWNING, RICHARD S.                     NY-14-7-344
DOWNING, RUTH                           NY-14-P-448
DOWNING, SALLY ANN                      NY-14-3-477
DOWNING, SILAS                          NY-14-#1-180
DOWNING, SUSANNAH                       NY-14-R-415
DOWNING, TOWNSEND                       NY-14-6-720
DOWNING, WALTER F.                      NY-14-Z-463
DOWNS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-D-95
DOWNS, WILLIAM T.                       NY-14-15-207
DOYLE, ANNA H.                          NY-14-#1-616
DOYLE, BRIDGET MARY                     NY-14-9-25
DOYLE, CHARLES                          NY-14-14-246
DOYLE, PATRICK                          NY-14-13-583
DRAHAN, THOMAS                          NY-14-3-319
DRAKE, CHARLES JR.                      NY-14-13-2
DRAKE, LYDIA CATHARINE                  NY-14-N-438
DRANGE, HENRY                           NY-14-11-621
DRAPER, RICHARD                         NY-14-H-358
DRAYTON, MAUD                           NY-14-9-133
DREHER, MARY E.                         NY-14-Z-589
DRENNAN, MICHAEL                        NY-14-14-53
DREW, GILBERT                           NY-14-D-47
DRISCOLL, MARY                          NY-14-4-482
DROIN, ANDREW                           NY-14-F-13
DRUIN, PETER W.                         NY-14-11-356
DRUM, FREDERICK                         NY-14-L-209
DRURY, CATHARINE D.                     NY-14-15-559
DRURY, HANNAH                           NY-14-Z-62
DRURY, JOHN                             NY-14-S-501
DRURY, NICHOLAS                         NY-14-4-154
DRURY, SAMUEL                           NY-14-14-15
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-L-109
DUBOIS, CHARLES                         NY-14-3-578
DUBOIS, CHARLES L.                      NY-14-5-84
DUBOIS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-14-C-164
DUBOIS, CORNELIA                        NY-14-R-296
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-5-524
DUBOIS, DEWITT                          NY-14-4-199
DUBOIS, ELIAS P.                        NY-14-11-418
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-8-185
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-T-130
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-V-200
DUBOIS, EMILY                           NY-14-12-659
DUBOIS, GEORGE H.                       NY-14-15-682
DUBOIS, GERTRUDE                        NY-14-V-427
DUBOIS, HANNAH                          NY-14-5-189
DUBOIS, HANNAH                          NY-14-12-713
DUBOIS, HELENA                          NY-14-2-585
DUBOIS, JEREMIAH                        NY-14-4-26
DUBOIS, JOHN                            NY-14-B-258
DUBOIS, JOHN R.                         NY-14-#1-605
DUBOIS, MARIA R.                        NY-14-11-421
DUBOIS, MARY                            NY-14-W-138
DUBOIS, MARY                            NY-14-B-436
DUBOIS, MARY                            NY-14-15-294
DUBOIS, MARY                            NY-14-15-22
DUBOIS, MARY ELIZA                      NY-14-2-323
DUBOIS, PAMELIA                         NY-14-W-507
DUBOIS, PETER                           NY-14-M-462
DUBOIS, PETER A.                        NY-14-Q-27
DUBOIS, PETER B.                        NY-14-L-386
DUBOIS, PETER K.                        NY-14-#1-527
DUBOIS, PETER P.                        NY-14-D-550
DUBOIS, ROBERT                          NY-14-H-451
DUBOIS, SALLY L.                        NY-14-4-211
DUBOIS, SARAH M.                        NY-14-7-170
DUBOIS, TEUNIS                          NY-14-F-36
DUBOIS, THOMAS K.                       NY-14-H-85
DUBOIS, THOMAS K.                       NY-14-H-502
DUBOISE, HANNAH                         NY-14-S-135
DUDLEY, ARTHUR A.                       NY-14-11-258
DUDLEY, FRANCES H.                      NY-14-9-150
DUDLEY, FRANKLIN                        NY-14-U-36
DUDLEY, JAMES H.                        NY-14-13-347
DUDLEY, MARGARET C.                     NY-14-14-487
DUEL, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-A-302
DUEL, JAY                               NY-14-Z-153
DUEL, JOHN                              NY-14-C-55
DUEL, RUTH                              NY-14-Y-72
DUELL, MARIA                            NY-14-U-511
DUFFEY, MARY                            NY-14-8-294
DUGLAS, JAMES                           NY-14-A-141
DUNCAN, CATHARINE A.                    NY-14-13-611
DUNCAN, JOSHUA                          NY-14-V-458
DUNCAN, MARY                            NY-14-V-69
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          NY-14-G-323
DUNCOMB, CHARLES H.                     NY-14-D-147
DUNKIN, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-H-163
DUNKIN, ISAAC H.                        NY-14-13-259
DUNKIN, JOHN G.                         NY-14-T-419
DUNKIN, MARY                            NY-14-Q-132
DUNKIN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-D-167
DUNN, HENRY                             NY-14-#1-604
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-14-10-165
DUNN, WILLIAM                           NY-14-N-523
DUNNING, ANNE                           NY-14-K-568
DUNPHY, MARY                            NY-14-9-577
DUNWOODY, MARGARET E.                   NY-14-13-442
DUPHORN, GUSTAV                         NY-14-14-206
DURHAM, SAMUEL                          NY-14-A-350
DURYEE, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-B-329
DURYEE, JOHN                            NY-14-A-485
DURYEE, PHEBE                           NY-14-N-416
DUSINBERRY, ISRAEL                      NY-14-J-102
DUTCHER, BELDEN                         NY-14-3-588
DUTCHER, CATHARINE                      NY-14-3-390
DUTCHER, CATHARINE A.                   NY-14-Z-335
DUTCHER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-14-I-233
DUTCHER, DAVID                          NY-14-W-261
DUTCHER, DAVID                          NY-14-F-523
DUTCHER, DAVID A.                       NY-14-Y-409
DUTCHER, EDWARD H.                      NY-14-2-113
DUTCHER, EGBERT                         NY-14-7-42
DUTCHER, GIDEON                         NY-14-B-548
DUTCHER, HATTIE M.                      NY-14-15-440
DUTCHER, JAMES E.                       NY-14-#1-36
DUTCHER, LAWRENCE W.                    NY-14-14-110
DWIGHT, ELIZA H.                        NY-14-15-458
DWYER, DENNIS                           NY-14-12-68
DWYER, WILLIS O.                        NY-14-3-569
DWYRE, EDARD                            NY-14-2-137
DYAR, HARRISON GRAY                     NY-14-3-401
DYKEMAN, FRANCIS                        NY-14-12-15
DYKEMAN, JAMES                          NY-14-5-242
DYKEMAN, JUDSON                         NY-14-3-489
EAGAN, CATHERINE                        NY-14-9-28
EAGAN, JAMES                            NY-14-12-343
EAGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-10-572
EAGEN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-13-568
EAMES, TIMOTHY                          NY-14-B-93
EAST, JOSEPH                            NY-14-9-471
EAST, SARAH                             NY-14-7-283
EAST, WILLIAM                           NY-14-V-484
EASTMEAD, ALMA H.                       NY-14-15-189
ECKERT, CONRADT                         NY-14-J-90
ECKERT, JACOBUS                         NY-14-U-333
ECKERT, SMITH                           NY-14-11-78
ECKERT, WILHELMUS                       NY-14-Q-483
EDGERLEY, AGNES M.                      NY-14-13-7
EDGERLEY, ALICE M.                      NY-14-13-426
EDGERLEY, EMILY A.                      NY-14-14-711
EDGERLEY, THOMAS                        NY-14-8-385
EDGES, LEWIS D.                         NY-14-U-135
EDMONDS, ANGELINE                       NY-14-12-108
EDMONDS, NANCY                          NY-14-11-583
EDMUND, RACHEL                          NY-14-D-146
EDMUNDS, ERASTUS                        NY-14-V-503
EDMUNDS, THOMAS                         NY-14-2-459
EDWARDS, JOHN M.                        NY-14-15-556
EDWARDS, ROBERT T.                      NY-14-10-566
EGAN, JOHN                              NY-14-7-390
EGGENSPERGER, FERDINAND                 NY-14-#1-272
EGGLESTON, DAVID                        NY-14-10-112
EGGLESTON, NICHOLAS D.                  NY-14-Y-109
EGGLESTON, SAMUEL                       NY-14-F-276
EIGHINGER, JACOB                        NY-14-#1-628
EIGHME, PHILIP                          NY-14-R-122
EIGHMIE, HARVEY                         NY-14-9-76
EIGMY, GEORGE                           NY-14-8-189
EISEL, AMELIA                           NY-14-#1-331
ELDRIDGE, EGBERT Q.                     NY-14-14-736
ELDRIDGE, JANE                          NY-14-13-465
ELLIOT, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-A-518
ELLIOTT, AMPHILA                        NY-14-B-232
ELLIOTT, JONATHAN                       NY-14-B-143
ELLIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-B-79
ELLIS, ESTHER                           NY-14-10-659
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-14-12-37
ELLSWORTH, AHASEROUS                    NY-14-B-523
ELLSWORTH, ELIZA A.                     NY-14-8-333
ELLSWORTH, GEORGE H.                    NY-14-12-432
ELLSWORTH, HENRY                        NY-14-5-650
ELLSWORTH, SARAH                        NY-14-D-397
ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM                      NY-14-#1-59
ELMENDORF, EDMUND                       NY-14-T-166
ELMENDORF, ELIZA A.                     NY-14-2-392
ELMENDORF, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-V-23
ELMENDORF, GERTRUDE                     NY-14-U-280
ELMENDORF, JULIA                        NY-14-3-296
ELMENDORF, MARGARET A.                  NY-14-8-585
ELMENDORF, THOMAS                       NY-14-13-463
ELSBREE, DAVID                          NY-14-Q-48
ELSBREE, DELIA                          NY-14-7-596
ELSBREE, DIANNAH                        NY-14-#1-540
ELSBREE, EPHRAIM                        NY-14-9-120
ELSBREE, SUSAN                          NY-14-8-614
ELSBRIE, DAVID H.                       NY-14-#1-388
ELSEFFER, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-7-654
ELSEFFER, GRACE                         NY-14-12-601
ELSEFFER, HENRY                         NY-14-#1-523
ELSEFFER, LODWICK                       NY-14-C-299
ELSTREE, JONATHAN                       NY-14-V-124
ELSWORTH, CATHARINE B.                  NY-14-10-500
ELSWORTH, JOHN                          NY-14-2-548
ELSWORTH, MARY JOHNSTON                 NY-14-15-748
ELTING, LUTHER                          NY-14-15-226
ELTING, SARAH E. W.                     NY-14-14-482
ELTON, SARAH                            NY-14-L-622
ELWELL, ISAAC                           NY-14-B-190
ELWELL, JABEZ                           NY-14-C-482
ELY, STEPHEN                            NY-14-D-453
EMANS, ALBERT                           NY-14-12-701
EMANS, CORNELIUS                        NY-14-Q-57
EMANS, JAMES A.                         NY-14-V-191
EMANS, JOHN S.                          NY-14-4-489
EMEIGH, CHRISTINA                       NY-14-J-385
EMEIGH, HENRY                           NY-14-Z-6
EMEIGH, JOHN H.                         NY-14-H-306
EMEIGH, LAWRANCE                        NY-14-B-422
EMES, JESSE                             NY-14-H-181
EMIGH, DAVID                            NY-14-N-543
EMIGH, GEORGE                           NY-14-C-421
EMIGH, GRANT                            NY-14-13-582
EMIGH, HANNAH                           NY-14-U-149
EMIGH, HENDRIC                          NY-14-B-401
EMIGH, HENRY                            NY-14-P-85
EMIGH, HERBERT                          NY-14-3-361
EMIGH, JOHN H.                          NY-14-#1-466
EMIGH, JOHN N.                          NY-14-N-208
EMIGH, MARY                             NY-14-R-345
EMIGH, NICHOLAS                         NY-14-C-435
EMIGH, NICHOLAS                         NY-14-H-13
EMIGH, NICHOLAS H.                      NY-14-D-400
EMIGH, NICHOLAS H.                      NY-14-D-386
EMIGH, PETER G.                         NY-14-O-64
EMIGH, PHILLIP                          NY-14-B-151
EMIGH, SARAH                            NY-14-Q-159
EMMETT, PHEBE                           NY-14-2-535
EMMONS, JAMES                           NY-14-C-459
EMOTT, JAMES                            NY-14-8-503
ENGLEMAN, FRANK                         NY-14-10-446
ENO, HENRY W.                           NY-14-8-583
ENO, ROSE                               NY-14-10-656
ENO, STEPHEN                            NY-14-S-228
ENO, WILLIAM                            NY-14-3-106
ENSIGN, AMY                             NY-14-4-247
ETT, PHEBE ANN                          NY-14-Q-217
EVANS, EMMA                             NY-14-7-278
EVANS, HARRIET L.                       NY-14-10-517
EVANS, JACOB                            NY-14-E-136
EVERET, ISAAC                           NY-14-S-244
EVERETT, ESTHER                         NY-14-#1-442
EVERETT, HELEN M.                       NY-14-14-286
EVERETT, LURANA                         NY-14-6-255
EVERIT, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-E-401
EVERITT, CATHARINE                      NY-14-3-506
EVERITT, RICHARD                        NY-14-G-116
EVERITT, SAMUEL S.                      NY-14-H-8
EVERSON, JACOB                          NY-14-C-105
EVERSON, JOHN                           NY-14-A-482
EVERTSON, KATY                          NY-14-4-639
EVERTSON, WALTER                        NY-14-D-49
EVERY, JOHN                             NY-14-A-286
EWERS, THOMAS ROBERT                    NY-14-C-68
FAGLER, ZACHARIAH                       NY-14-G-37
FAHNENLAENDER, THERISA                  NY-14-14-303
FAIRMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-14-3-37
FAIRMAN, SARAH B.                       NY-14-9-213
FALCONER, DAVID                         NY-14-#1-288
FALEIGH, PETER P.                       NY-14-S-7
FANNING, KEZIA C.                       NY-14-13-76
FANNING, WILLIAM A.                     NY-14-9-346
FARLOW, HARRIET                         NY-14-#1-482
FARLOW, HARRIET                         NY-14-2-217
FARMING, MICHAEL D.                     NY-14-10-100
FARRAND, MATTHEW                        NY-14-Z-644
FARRELL, ANN                            NY-14-10-561
FARRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-9-625
FARRINGOTN, VASTI                       NY-14-S-180
FARRINGTON, ASENATH                     NY-14-5-43
FARRINGTON, ELEANOR C.                  NY-14-9-110
FARRINGTON, GEORGE W.                   NY-14-7-334
FAULKNER, JOSIAH                        NY-14-3-679
FAUST, FRANCES M.                       NY-14-U-528
FEARNEY, THOMAS                         NY-14-F-483
FEENEY, PATRICK H.                      NY-14-13-431
FEGAN, JANE                             NY-14-O-557
FELLER, CATHARINE H.                    NY-14-T-126
FELLER, DAVID                           NY-14-J-126
FELLER, EDWARD                          NY-14-12-240
FELLER, FULTON                          NY-14-P-318
FELLER, FULTON                          NY-14-9-647
FELLER, HENRY                           NY-14-J-245
FELLER, JOHN                            NY-14-I-290
FELLER, JOHN I.                         NY-14-U-363
FELLER, JOHN I.                         NY-14-G-105
FELLER, PETER J.                        NY-14-3-128
FELLER, PHILIP                          NY-14-W-121
FELLER, PHILIP I.                       NY-14-4-403
FELLER, SUSANNA                         NY-14-4-439
FELLER, ZACHARIAH D.                    NY-14-Z-530
FELLOWS, ALFRED                         NY-14-7-311
FENNER, LEWIS                           NY-14-Z-365
FENNER, THOMAS                          NY-14-D-576
FERDON, CHARLES                         NY-14-2-607
FERDON, MARY ANN                        NY-14-11-349
FERDON, ZECHARIAH                       NY-14-A-164
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-V-389
FERGUSON, ISAAC                         NY-14-J-52
FERGUSON, RACHEL                        NY-14-B-189
FERGUSON, URIAH                         NY-14-J-211
FEROE, JACOB H.                         NY-14-15-685
FEROE, JOHN K.                          NY-14-13-592
FERRIS, GARRET                          NY-14-8-339
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-14-10-274
FERRIS, LINDLEY M.                      NY-14-12-716
FERRIS, LINDLEY MURRAY                  NY-14-2-8
FERRIS, MARY ANN                        NY-14-7-274
FERRIS, MARY H.                         NY-14-9-359
FERRIS, REED                            NY-14-B-433
FERRIS, SALLY ANN                       NY-14-10-617
FERRIS, SARAH D.                        NY-14-10-705
FERRIS, WILLETT                         NY-14-S-108
FERRIS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-9-394
FERRISS, HARMON                         NY-14-#1-140
FERRISS, JOHN                           NY-14-W-199
FETCHET, ISAAC                          NY-14-C-612
FICKETT, WALTER                         NY-14-Y-348
FIELD, COMFORT                          NY-14-Q-242
FIELD, HENRY A.                         NY-14-S-60
FIELD, JOHN                             NY-14-A-402
FIELD, MARTHA                           NY-14-H-93
FIELD, SAMUEL                           NY-14-A-48
FIELD, SAMUEL                           NY-14-C-79
FILKINS, JAMES                          NY-14-V-249
FINCH, JAMES                            NY-14-11-27
FINCH, JAMES                            NY-14-14-64
FINGAR, JACOB E.                        NY-14-6-298
FINLAY, MARGARET                        NY-14-12-348
FISH, DAVID                             NY-14-V-104
FISH, PETER                             NY-14-I-378
FISH, PRESERVED                         NY-14-C-276
FISH, THOMAS                            NY-14-F-120
FITCH, CATHARINE                        NY-14-Z-607
FITCH, CATY                             NY-14-V-451
FITCH, CLARA                            NY-14-Q-275
FITCH, JOHN                             NY-14-G-101
FITCH, JOHN                             NY-14-N-252
FITCH, LYDIA                            NY-14-T-531
FITCH, SILAS S.                         NY-14-#1-520
FITCHETT, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-#1-191
FITCHETT, HENRY                         NY-14-13-267
FITCHETT, JAMES                         NY-14-V-137
FITCHETT, JOHN W.                       NY-14-11-155
FITCHETT, PETER                         NY-14-Y-365
FITCHETT, PETER J.                      NY-14-8-452
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     NY-14-13-373
FITZGIBBON, MARY                        NY-14-9-262
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                      NY-14-4-188
FITZPATRICK, MARGARET                   NY-14-14-343
FITZSIMMONS, CATHARINE                  NY-14-13-87
FLACK, CATHERINE C.                     NY-14-10-224
FLAGLER, ARBA                           NY-14-9-5
FLAGLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-4-266
FLAGLER, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-14-3-130
FLAGLER, CAHTERINE                      NY-14-H-50
FLAGLER, CAROLINE C.                    NY-14-13-70
FLAGLER, CATHARINE J.                   NY-14-13-104
FLAGLER, DAVID A.                       NY-14-V-81
FLAGLER, EDGAR O.                       NY-14-15-30
FLAGLER, EDWARD                         NY-14-7-615
FLAGLER, ELIZA                          NY-14-10-481
FLAGLER, GERTRUDE B.                    NY-14-S-248
FLAGLER, GILBERT                        NY-14-2-125
FLAGLER, HANNAH                         NY-14-10-314
FLAGLER, JANE                           NY-14-O-528
FLAGLER, JANE                           NY-14-15-363
FLAGLER, JANE ELIZA                     NY-14-U-286
FLAGLER, JOHN W.                        NY-14-4-264
FLAGLER, JOSEPH                         NY-14-7-63
FLAGLER, MARY                           NY-14-F-259
FLAGLER, NANCY                          NY-14-S-579
FLAGLER, NANCY                          NY-14-T-107
FLAGLER, PAUL                           NY-14-14-165
FLAGLER, PAUL                           NY-14-Q-439
FLAGLER, PHILIP                         NY-14-11-71
FLAGLER, PHILIP                         NY-14-M-110
FLAGLER, RUTH C.                        NY-14-15-512
FLAGLER, SARAH                          NY-14-J-203
FLAGLER, SIMON                          NY-14-D-392
FLAGLER, SOLOMON                        NY-14-L-271
FLAGLER, SOLOMON                        NY-14-Q-196
FLAGLER, WILLIAM D.                     NY-14-12-181
FLAGLER, ZACHARIAH                      NY-14-M-283
FLAGLER, ZACHERIAH                      NY-14-C-108
FLANAGAN, JOHN                          NY-14-9-281
FLEISCHMAN, SABINA                      NY-14-13-538
FLEWWELLING, PHEBE                      NY-14-Z-445
FLINT, AUGUSTUS                         NY-14-7-468
FLINT, JABEZ                            NY-14-N-504
FLINT, MARTHA B.                        NY-14-15-273
FLOOD, BRIDGET                          NY-14-9-351
FLOWERS, ANNA                           NY-14-F-29
FLOWERS, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-C-585
FLYNN, MARGARET                         NY-14-12-560
FLYNN, MICHAEL                          NY-14-13-692
FOERSCHLER, ANDREW                      NY-14-15-209
FOGG, CHARLES E.                        NY-14-11-111
FOGG, ELIZABETH V. K.                   NY-14-14-318
FOLEY, MICHAEL                          NY-14-14-535
FONDA, MARY                             NY-14-9-664
FONDA, SARAH                            NY-14-11-345
FONTAREDO, CATHERINE E.                 NY-14-10-68
FOOTE, CATHARINE                        NY-14-10-469
FORBES, ISAAC                           NY-14-15-68
FORBES, PATRICK                         NY-14-9-572
FORBES, PHEBE D.                        NY-14-V-557
FORBES, WALTER                          NY-14-8-437
FORBUS, ALEXANDER                       NY-14-T-75
FORBUS, JOHN B.                         NY-14-W-373
FORBUS, MARTHA                          NY-14-4-295
FORBY, WILLIAM FRANCIS                  NY-14-5-519
FORCE, STEPHEN                          NY-14-I-265
FORD, EPHRAIM                           NY-14-C-121
FORD, HANNAH                            NY-14-12-567
FORMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-V-9
FORMAN, ISAAC                           NY-14-Q-72
FORMAN, ISAAC                           NY-14-Q-57
FORREST, ROBERT                         NY-14-T-579
FORRESTAL, PATRICK                      NY-14-8-496
FORRESTER, GEORGE                       NY-14-12-146
FORSHAY, JOHN S.                        NY-14-Y-359
FORT, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-F-379
FORT, JAMES                             NY-14-M-485
FORT, SARAH                             NY-14-Q-253
FOSDICK, SILAS                          NY-14-O-182
FOSER, WILLIAM J.                       NY-14-15-204
FOSGATE, EZEKIEL                        NY-14-I-346
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-A-1
FOSTER, RACHEL                          NY-14-15-185
FOSTER, ROBERT                          NY-14-V-444
FOSTER, SARAH                           NY-14-E-478
FOSTER, THOMAS W.                       NY-14-10-241
FOUCHER, TUNIS                          NY-14-A-83
FOWLER, ALANSON                         NY-14-12-295
FOWLER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-14-13-541
FOWLER, CALEB                           NY-14-B-559
FOWLER, CATHARINE A.                    NY-14-15-39
FOWLER, CORNELIA                        NY-14-6-520
FOWLER, EDMUND                          NY-14-D-552
FOWLER, GEORGE P.                       NY-14-6-738
FOWLER, HANNAH                          NY-14-W-126
FOWLER, JACOB                           NY-14-C-16
FOWLER, JANE E.                         NY-14-11-541
FOWLER, PETER D.                        NY-14-J-322
FOWLER, THEODORE                        NY-14-7-38
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-H-123
FOX, OWEN                               NY-14-Y-598
FRADENBURG, DAVID C.                    NY-14-7-97
FRADENBURGH, ELIZABETH                  NY-14-2-552
FRAER, ABRAHAM A.                       NY-14-D-394
FRALEIGH, CATHARINE                     NY-14-11-506
FRALEIGH, GEORGE W.                     NY-14-Y-88
FRALEIGH, JOHN                          NY-14-Y-382
FRALEIGH, LEWIS                         NY-14-15-427
FRALEIGH, PETER G.                      NY-14-13-270
FRALEIGH, PHILIP                        NY-14-2-569
FRALEIGH, REGINA                        NY-14-#1-55
FRALEIGH, SOLOMON                       NY-14-U-161
FRALEIGH, STEPHEN                       NY-14-5-491
FRALEIGH, STEPHEN E.                    NY-14-15-485
FRANK, VALENTINE SR.                    NY-14-12-256
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        NY-14-7-72
FRAYER, DAVID                           NY-14-2-48
FRAZIER, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-U-532
FRAZIER, LEWIS M.                       NY-14-10-315
FREAR, BARENT                           NY-14-H-504
FREAR, CATHARINE                        NY-14-5-682
FREAR, JACOBUS                          NY-14-B-605
FREAR, JAMES B.                         NY-14-I-274
FREAR, JOHN L.                          NY-14-15-684
FREAR, MARY A.                          NY-14-9-388
FREAR, SAMUEL                           NY-14-Q-169
FREAR, SARAH                            NY-14-3-693
FREAR, SIMON J.                         NY-14-E-372
FREDERICK, NICHOLAS                     NY-14-11-102
FREE, JOHN I.                           NY-14-I-256
FREEBORN, ELIZA C. L.                   NY-14-11-274
FREELAN, REBECCA J.                     NY-14-4-429
FREEMAN, CHARLES                        NY-14-N-205
FREEMAN, JANE E.                        NY-14-14-662
FREEMAN, MARK J.                        NY-14-13-21
FREEMAN, MARY                           NY-14-8-112
FREER, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-A-477
FREER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-11-235
FREER, JOHN                             NY-14-C-371
FREER, MARY                             NY-14-G-521
FREER, SIMEON                           NY-14-C-377
FREISE, AMELIA                          NY-14-9-499
FREISE, CARL                            NY-14-7-638
FRELIGH, EIGHYE                         NY-14-A-472
FRELIGH, PETER                          NY-14-A-318
FRELIGH, STEPHEN                        NY-14-F-62
FREPPER, JOHN                           NY-14-B-127
FRICKER, ISAAC                          NY-14-15-677
FRIES, ANDRIES                          NY-14-E-300
FRISLER, JACOB                          NY-14-Y-400
FRITCHEL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-14-12-541
FRITH, EUPHEMIA                         NY-14-F-147
FRITH, ROBERT                           NY-14-12-676
FRITTS, PHILIP                          NY-14-Q-19
FROST, ABIGAIL                          NY-14-V-302
FROST, AMELIA M.                        NY-14-10-279
FROST, ANNA E.                          NY-14-10-729
FROST, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-J-198
FROST, DAVID                            NY-14-G-400
FROST, HENRY L.                         NY-14-5-593
FROST, JACOB                            NY-14-U-526
FROST, JESSE                            NY-14-8-208
FROST, JULIA M.                         NY-14-14-715
FROST, LAURA J.                         NY-14-15-251
FROST, MARIA ANNA                       NY-14-8-209
FROST, MORDECAI                         NY-14-G-350
FROST, SAMUEL S.                        NY-14-9-335
FROST, WILLIAM                          NY-14-4-685
FROST, WILLIAM                          NY-14-8-443
FROST, ZOPHER                           NY-14-H-53
FROST, ZOPHER                           NY-14-14-155
FRY, CHRISTIAN                          NY-14-#1-533
FRY, JOHN                               NY-14-W-423
FRY, WILLIAM                            NY-14-2-386
FULLER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-W-268
FULLER, JOSIAH                          NY-14-4-111
FULLER, MARY I.                         NY-14-13-58
FULLER, MICAJAH                         NY-14-E-417
FULLER, NATHAN                          NY-14-D-27
FULLER, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-I-229
FULLER, SOPHIA                          NY-14-8-713
FULLER, ZENAS                           NY-14-M-296
FULTON, CATHARINE                       NY-14-W-140
FULTON, JOHN I.                         NY-14-Z-60
FULTON, PETER M.                        NY-14-14-418
FURGESON, DOROTHY                       NY-14-3-441
GAFNEY, JOHN                            NY-14-9-22
GAGE, ELIHU                             NY-14-B-341
GAGE, JABEZ                             NY-14-B-25
GAGE, MARY                              NY-14-D-155
GAGE, WILLIAM                           NY-14-15-87
GAHAN, JOHN                             NY-14-11-217
GALE, ALEXANDER L.                      NY-14-U-447
GALE, CHARLOTTE                         NY-14-8-351
GALE, JEREMIAH                          NY-14-U-273
GALLAGHER, BERNARD                      NY-14-12-76
GALLAGHER, JOHN                         NY-14-4-45
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                      NY-14-2-431
GALLIMORE, GEORGE                       NY-14-G-208
GALLIVEN, JOHN                          NY-14-14-160
GALLOW, JOSEPH                          NY-14-B-592
GALLOW, JOSEPH                          NY-14-F-97
GALVIN, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-15-510
GANNON, MARY                            NY-14-12-296
GANUNG, ISAAC                           NY-14-D-24
GARDNER, MICHAEL                        NY-14-8-478
GARDNER, PETER                          NY-14-8-475
GARDNER, RESOLVED                       NY-14-N-87
GARNSEY, JOHN                           NY-14-L-321
GARNSEY, JOHN                           NY-14-B-153
GARNSEY, PETER                          NY-14-D-75
GARRETSON, DOROTHY                      NY-14-G-189
GARRETT, LYDIA G.                       NY-14-13-257
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-K-360
GARRETTSON, FREEBORN                    NY-14-W-561
GARRETTSON, MARY R.                     NY-14-6-14
GARRIGAN, MURTHA                        NY-14-10-47
GARRISON, JOST                          NY-14-A-414
GARRISON, MICHAEL                       NY-14-10-203
GAUSE, CASPER                           NY-14-H-216
GAUSE, HENRY                            NY-14-8-240
GAY, JOHN                               NY-14-AA-33
GAY, LUTHER                             NY-14-I-217
GAY, REBECCA                            NY-14-U-38
GAY, WILLIAM                            NY-14-AA-54
GAYLORD, GEORGE R.                      NY-14-4-33
GAZLAY, ANN                             NY-14-M-509
GAZLEY, ELLATHAN                        NY-14-9-522
GEARY, MAGDALEN                         NY-14-P-187
GEDNEY, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-14-15-335
GEE, EZEKIEL                            NY-14-B-363
GEMMILL, CYNTHIA P.                     NY-14-13-187
GENTER, ANDREW                          NY-14-W-465
GENTNER, MARY                           NY-14-13-66
GENUNG, GRACE F.                        NY-14-14-718
GEORGE, ANN PAGE                        NY-14-2-64
GEORGE, FRANK W.                        NY-14-6-68
GEORGE, JOHN A.                         NY-14-2-518
GERMAINE, JAMES T.                      NY-14-10-549
GERMAN, JOHN                            NY-14-F-47
GERMAN, SARAH                           NY-14-W-233
GERMAN, TALLMADGE H.                    NY-14-V-322
GERMOND, ANN MARIA                      NY-14-11-163
GERMOND, CHARLES W.                     NY-14-13-453
GERMOND, EDWARD                         NY-14-3-709
GERMOND, HULET                          NY-14-#1-111
GERMOND, JAMES                          NY-14-A-50
GERMOND, JAMES H.                       NY-14-4-115
GERMOND, JAMES P.                       NY-14-E-366
GERMOND, JOHN                           NY-14-10-61
GERMOND, PAMELIA                        NY-14-3-387
GERMOND, PETER                          NY-14-E-56
GERMOND, PHEBE H.                       NY-14-6-89
GERMOND, SILAS                          NY-14-Q-60
GERMOUND, ELIZABETH B.                  NY-14-8-324
GERNMOND, MARTHA B.                     NY-14-15-258
GEROW, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-8-644
GIBBS, ALFRED T.                        NY-14-11-566
GIBNEY, AGNES                           NY-14-11-297
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         NY-14-14-297
GIDDINGS, MARIA                         NY-14-8-98
GIDLEY, HARRIET E.                      NY-14-9-144
GIDLEY, HENRY                           NY-14-#1-460
GIDLEY, HENRY                           NY-14-B-351
GIDLEY, JONATHAN SR.                    NY-14-6-87
GIDLEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-14-O-431
GIDNEY, SOLOMON W.                      NY-14-W-244
GIEB, JULIA                             NY-14-V-404
GIFFORD, JOHN                           NY-14-H-456
GIFFORD, MARY                           NY-14-9-264
GILBERT, DANIEL                         NY-14-8-104
GILBERT, LAURA JANE                     NY-14-V-62
GILBERT, MARTHA                         NY-14-S-4
GILBERT, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-O-481
GILBERT, WHEELER                        NY-14-P-133
GILDERSLEEVE, BENJAMIN                  NY-14-R-251
GILDERSLEEVE, ELIZA A.                  NY-14-7-267
GILDERSLEEVE, HENRY                     NY-14-M-318
GILDERSLEEVE, HENRY                     NY-14-8-598
GILDERSLEEVE, WILLIAM                   NY-14-P-276
GILDERSLEEVE, WILLIAM                   NY-14-9-265
GILDERSLEEVE, WILLIAM H.                NY-14-M-328
GILDERSLEVE, HENRY                      NY-14-A-206
GILDERSLEVE, JOHN                       NY-14-A-471
GILDERSLEVE, MARY                       NY-14-F-480
GILES, JOHN                             NY-14-S-590
GILES, WILLIAM                          NY-14-P-411
GILL, ANN                               NY-14-N-607
GILL, JAMES                             NY-14-S-587
GILL, JOHN R.                           NY-14-#1-515
GILL, ROBERT                            NY-14-J-253
GILL, ROBERT                            NY-14-K-578
GILL, SARAH W.                          NY-14-7-272
GILLEN, MARGARET                        NY-14-14-738
GILLENDER, JANE A.                      NY-14-10-168
GILLENDER, THEOPHILUS                   NY-14-8-570
GILLENO, GEORGE H.                      NY-14-10-170
GILLENS, JAMES                          NY-14-Z-29
GILLENS, JOSEPH                         NY-14-11-477
GILLESPIE, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-B-284
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         NY-14-I-319
GILLESPIE, SARAH LAMB                   NY-14-9-311
GILLIGAN, JAMES                         NY-14-U-142
GILLINS, EMILY A.                       NY-14-12-307
GILLIS, EDGAR D.                        NY-14-9-697
GILMER, ROBERT                          NY-14-O-328
GILMORE, JOHN                           NY-14-15-2
GILMORE, SARAH                          NY-14-6-403
GILSON, SALLY                           NY-14-12-177
GIRAND, ANDREW F.                       NY-14-12-441
GIRAND, HENRY E.                        NY-14-13-649
GIRAND, JACOB P. JR.                    NY-14-Z-554
GIVEN, JAMES                            NY-14-V-245
GLASS, MARIA M.                         NY-14-15-657
GLEDHILL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-K-24
GLENN, ROBERT                           NY-14-U-547
GODARD, MAGDALEN                        NY-14-E-127
GODFREY, DAVID                          NY-14-W-33
GOLDER, DERICK                          NY-14-U-578
GOLDER, JOHN                            NY-14-F-42
GOLDER, PETER                           NY-14-F-57
GOLDFINCH, JAMES                        NY-14-9-393
GOLDSTONE, CAROLINA                     NY-14-12-573
GOMAN, JARVIS W.                        NY-14-9-115
GOMER, SARAH                            NY-14-7-45
GOOD, WILLIAM W.                        NY-14-G-433
GOODRICH, ETHEN                         NY-14-D-164
GOODRICH, FRANK B.                      NY-14-12-364
GOODRICH, JERUSHA                       NY-14-F-236
GORING, JOHN M.                         NY-14-5-555
GORING, MARTHA M.                       NY-14-9-215
GORMAN, ANDREW                          NY-14-F-438
GORMAN, SARAH                           NY-14-10-571
GOSS, WILLIAM                           NY-14-4-133
GOTHARD, JAMES                          NY-14-B-243
GOULD, DAVID R.                         NY-14-2-90
GOULD, HARRIET M.                       NY-14-13-254
GOULD, ROBERT M.                        NY-14-14-647
GOW, ELLEN                              NY-14-14-23
GRACEY, REBECCA L.                      NY-14-3-464
GRADY, TIMOTHY                          NY-14-Z-593
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER                       NY-14-Q-239
GRAHAM, DAVID                           NY-14-C-454
GRAHAM, DAVID A.                        NY-14-2-373
GRAHAM, DUNCAN                          NY-14-J-124
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-440
GRAHAM, GEORGE A.                       NY-14-15-376
GRAHAM, JACOB V. B.                     NY-14-15-575
GRAHAM, JACOB V. B.                     NY-14-U-538
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-14-Z-312
GRANT, DANIEL                           NY-14-T-98
GRANT, HARVEY                           NY-14-3-675
GRANT, JAMES                            NY-14-K-17
GRANT, JAMES                            NY-14-B-7
GRANT, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-W-5
GRAY, ABEL                              NY-14-W-225
GRAY, AMBROSE T.                        NY-14-U-291
GRAY, GODFREE                           NY-14-G-42
GRAYS, ELLEN                            NY-14-Y-161
GREEN, ABRAHAM W.                       NY-14-12-74
GREEN, ALPHEUS                          NY-14-8-461
GREEN, ANN                              NY-14-Z-469
GREEN, CUSHING                          NY-14-T-279
GREEN, CYNTHIA                          NY-14-13-279
GREEN, DEBORAH                          NY-14-V-190
GREEN, ELIZA                            NY-14-5-534
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-M-307
GREEN, ELIZABETH ANN                    NY-14-8-600
GREEN, EZEKIEL                          NY-14-E-345
GREEN, GEORGE                           NY-14-L-152
GREEN, HELEN                            NY-14-7-626
GREEN, HENDERSON                        NY-14-6-212
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-14-9-227
GREEN, ISAIAH                           NY-14-I-250
GREEN, ISRAEL L                         NY-14-8-633
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-14-V-28
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-14-13-50
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-14-R-47
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-14-P-156
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-14-A-345
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-14-F-440
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-14-9-14
GREEN, MAHALA                           NY-14-3-231
GREEN, MARY ANN                         NY-14-8-679
GREEN, NY-14-11-136
GREEN, PHEBE J.                         NY-14-10-594
GREEN, SAMUEL                           NY-14-13-438
GREEN, STATIA A.                        NY-14-9-107
GREEN, TOBIAS                           NY-14-L-30
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-F-191
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-A-115
GREENE, CHARLES B.                      NY-14-K-252
GREENON, ELLEN                          NY-14-9-540
GREENWOOD, GERTRUDE                     NY-14-9-21
GREFF, JOSEPH                           NY-14-12-399
GREGG, MARGARET                         NY-14-7-646
GREGG, WILLIAM                          NY-14-11-29
GREGG, WILLIAM                          NY-14-B-524
GREGORY, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-10-412
GREGORY, CATHARINE                      NY-14-12-696
GREGORY, CATHARINE R.                   NY-14-11-414
GREGORY, ELISA                          NY-14-W-343
GREGORY, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-14-6-417
GREGORY, JAMES                          NY-14-15-624
GRENNAN, ELLEN                          NY-14-13-734
GRENNAN, PATRICK                        NY-14-13-325
GREPFERT, CAROLINE                      NY-14-14-417
GREY, CATHARINE ANN                     NY-14-2-614
GREY, LORETTA                           NY-14-3-363
GREY, RICHARD T.                        NY-14-U-133
GRIDLEY, EDWARD                         NY-14-9-412
GRIDLEY, EMELINE                        NY-14-14-157
GRIDLEY, NOAH                           NY-14-9-430
GRIDLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-P-138
GRIER, JOHN                             NY-14-B-56
GRIFFEN, ALLEN                          NY-14-5-454
GRIFFEN, ANNA C.                        NY-14-4-379
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-M-424
GRIFFEN, CHARLES                        NY-14-9-563
GRIFFEN, DANIEL                         NY-14-U-76
GRIFFEN, EDWARD                         NY-14-A-40
GRIFFEN, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-M-514
GRIFFEN, ISAAC                          NY-14-N-257
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-14-M-533
GRIFFEN, LYDIA S.                       NY-14-11-275
GRIFFEN, MICAH                          NY-14-A-404
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-9-399
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM D.                     NY-14-4-343
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-14-H-112
GRIFFIN, AMELIA CAROLINE                NY-14-7-211
GRIFFIN, DOLLY                          NY-14-13-229
GRIFFIN, ELI W.                         NY-14-O-577
GRIFFIN, ELIHU                          NY-14-Z-227
GRIFFIN, ELIZA ANN                      NY-14-V-42
GRIFFIN, ESTHER                         NY-14-#1-343
GRIFFIN, ESTHER H.                      NY-14-8-331
GRIFFIN, HENRY                          NY-14-C-274
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH                         NY-14-G-359
GRIFFIN, MARY D.                        NY-14-Z-166
GRIFFIN, MILTON                         NY-14-15-505
GRIFFIN, OBADIAH                        NY-14-Q-436
GRIFFIN, OLIVER                         NY-14-E-277
GRIFFIN, PATIENCE                       NY-14-R-406
GRIFFIN, PETER                          NY-14-3-423
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-B-368
GRIFFINS, GRIFFIN                       NY-14-V-39
GRIFFITH, AMOS                          NY-14-H-198
GRIFFITHS, JOHN                         NY-14-9-500
GRIMM, BARBARA                          NY-14-13-533
GRIMSHAW, JOSEPH                        NY-14-8-204
GRISWOLD, ADONIJAH                      NY-14-D-149
GRISWOLD, CATHARINE W.                  NY-14-13-631
GRISWOLD, PHEBE                         NY-14-D-172
GRITMAN, LEMUEL                         NY-14-O-309
GROOT, JENNIE W.                        NY-14-13-400
GROVESKEEN, NEHEMIAH                    NY-14-9-552
GUENKEL, FREDOLIN                       NY-14-11-133
GUERNSEY, CALVIN P.                     NY-14-S-446
GUERNSEY, EZEKIEL H.                    NY-14-R-348
GUERNSEY, LYDIA A.                      NY-14-12-472
GUILSHAM, THOMAS                        NY-14-10-684
GUMMON, WILLIAM                         NY-14-Z-310
GUNN, SAMUEL                            NY-14-W-314
GURNEY, HENRY H.                        NY-14-8-45
GURNSEY, JOHN S.                        NY-14-10-490
HAAS, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-12-232
HAAS, HANS JURY                         NY-14-AA-44
HACKLEY, MARY P.                        NY-14-14-457
HADDEN, JOHN                            NY-14-B-304
HADDEN, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-11-63
HADDEN, ROBERT                          NY-14-Z-67
HADDEN, SMAUEL                          NY-14-14-272
HADLEY, HESTER                          NY-14-Q-67
HAGADORN, CYRUS D.                      NY-14-Z-595
HAGADORN, JACOB                         NY-14-9-514
HAGADORN, LEVINIA                       NY-14-V-418
HAGAMAN, ISAAC                          NY-14-B-6
HAGAR, HARRIET                          NY-14-2-55
HAGEMAN, ANN                            NY-14-11-555
HAGEMAN, JOHN A.                        NY-14-D-191
HAGEMAN, JOHN A.                        NY-14-2-1
HAGEMAN, MARTHA                         NY-14-11-553
HAGEMAN, REBECCA H.                     NY-14-9-508
HAGEMAN, SARAH F.                       NY-14-10-721
HAGER, JOHH J.                          NY-14-6-468
HAGER, JOHN D.                          NY-14-8-449
HAGGAR, MARTHA                          NY-14-T-516
HAGGERTY, JAMES                         NY-14-8-84
HAGGERTY, SUZANNE H.                    NY-14-14-495
HAGGERTY, WILLIAM L.                    NY-14-12-12
HAGMAN, RICHARD R.                      NY-14-14-425
HAIGHT, AARON                           NY-14-AA-75
HAIGHT, ALONZO                          NY-14-9-226
HAIGHT, ANN ELIZA                       NY-14-10-63
HAIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-L-355
HAIGHT, BEVERLY                         NY-14-11-305
HAIGHT, CATHARINE E.                    NY-14-10-378
HAIGHT, CATHERINE H.                    NY-14-8-418
HAIGHT, CHARLES                         NY-14-11-156
HAIGHT, CHARLES                         NY-14-#1-458
HAIGHT, CONKLIN                         NY-14-13-662
HAIGHT, CORNELIA                        NY-14-15-701
HAIGHT, DANIEL B.                       NY-14-10-198
HAIGHT, DAVID B.                        NY-14-9-484
HAIGHT, ELIAS                           NY-14-S-297
HAIGHT, ELIAS N.                        NY-14-3-639
HAIGHT, ELIJAH                          NY-14-R-185
HAIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-#1-581
HAIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-U-192
HAIGHT, ELLEN M.                        NY-14-#1-206
HAIGHT, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-S-376
HAIGHT, HANNAH                          NY-14-S-114
HAIGHT, HANNAH W.                       NY-14-12-52
HAIGHT, ISAAC                           NY-14-9-475
HAIGHT, ISAAC                           NY-14-W-82
HAIGHT, ISAAC S.                        NY-14-T-456
HAIGHT, JACOB                           NY-14-9-530
HAIGHT, JACOB                           NY-14-F-336
HAIGHT, JAMES                           NY-14-O-276
HAIGHT, JAMES B.                        NY-14-R-149
HAIGHT, JAMES S.                        NY-14-U-284
HAIGHT, JAMES T.                        NY-14-7-339
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-14-J-390
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-14-Y-130
HAIGHT, JOHN W.                         NY-14-E-34
HAIGHT, JONATHAN                        NY-14-I-456
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-14-E-328
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-14-E-139
HAIGHT, JOSHUA                          NY-14-B-85
HAIGHT, JULIA C.                        NY-14-9-474
HAIGHT, LAVINA                          NY-14-13-710
HAIGHT, LAVINIA V.                      NY-14-12-512
HAIGHT, LOUISA                          NY-14-3-243
HAIGHT, MARGARET                        NY-14-P-321
HAIGHT, MARGARET                        NY-14-9-496
HAIGHT, MOSES                           NY-14-G-457
HAIGHT, MOSES                           NY-14-B-596
HAIGHT, MOSES I.                        NY-14-M-96
HAIGHT, NANCY                           NY-14-5-599
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-E-413
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-S-520
HAIGHT, OBADIAH                         NY-14-W-407
HAIGHT, OBADIAH                         NY-14-D-69
HAIGHT, PHEBE                           NY-14-8-624
HAIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-14-G-468
HAIGHT, SALLY                           NY-14-11-66
HAIGHT, SILAS                           NY-14-H-244
HAIGHT, SOLOMON                         NY-14-C-507
HAIGHT, STEPHEN                         NY-14-8-637
HAIGHT, STEPHEN W.                      NY-14-11-462
HAINE,S CHARLES                         NY-14-14-25
HAINES, ISAAC W.                        NY-14-12-424
HAINES, JANE HERMANCE                   NY-14-2-493
HAINES, JOHN C.                         NY-14-Y-361
HAINES, MOREHOUSE                       NY-14-T-233
HAINES, SIMEON                          NY-14-5-671
HAINES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-8-524
HAINES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-2-473
HAINR, PETER W.                         NY-14-12-644
HALE, EDWIN B.                          NY-14-13-327
HALENBECK, SAMUEL                       NY-14-A-408
HALEY, PETER                            NY-14-10-145
HALGIN, JOHN                            NY-14-9-190
HALL, ANN MARIA                         NY-14-8-607
HALL, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-G-27
HALL, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-E-17
HALL, DRAPER                            NY-14-W-468
HALL, ELISHA                            NY-14-O-17
HALL, FLORIAN                           NY-14-10-325
HALL, HENRY                             NY-14-J-64
HALL, ISRAEL                            NY-14-U-580
HALL, JAMES                             NY-14-F-246
HALL, JANE A.                           NY-14-10-701
HALL, JOHN                              NY-14-S-279
HALL, LE GRAND                          NY-14-#1-370
HALL, LEONARD D.                        NY-14-14-358
HALL, M. KATE                           NY-14-13-681
HALL, MILTON L.                         NY-14-3-64
HALL, PETER                             NY-14-M-554
HALL, PLATT V.                          NY-14-8-622
HALL, RACHAEL                           NY-14-H-270
HALL, RUTSEN S.                         NY-14-15-151
HALL, THOMAS                            NY-14-5-478
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-14-F-419
HALLAWAY, LYDIA                         NY-14-S-345
HALLAWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-14-B-315
HALLENBECK, EVE                         NY-14-S-415
HALLETT, MARY C.                        NY-14-Z-409
HALLIDAY, THOMAS                        NY-14-3-544
HALLIWELL, ADELINE                      NY-14-11-216
HALLIWELL, ELIZA                        NY-14-15-166
HALLIWELL, GEORGE                       NY-14-E-265
HALLOCK, EDWARD H.                      NY-14-15-371
HALLOCK, ISAAC                          NY-14-Q-322
HALLOCK, ISAAC M.                       NY-14-E-184
HALLOCK, JANE S.                        NY-14-12-287
HALLOCK, JOSHUA                         NY-14-B-457
HALLOCK, LEONARD                        NY-14-8-628
HALLOCK, MARY                           NY-14-B-633
HALLOCK, MOSES                          NY-14-B-378
HALLOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-14-Y-531
HALLOCK, THOMAS                         NY-14-B-360
HALLOWAY, SARAH                         NY-14-3-595
HALPIN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-15-55
HALSEY, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-F-305
HALSEY, LOUISE W.                       NY-14-14-731
HALSTAD, MARY T.                        NY-14-11-126
HALSTEAD, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-B-4
HALSTEAD, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-14-9-127
HALSTEAD, HANNAH G.                     NY-14-Z-632
HALSTEAD, JOSIAH                        NY-14-U-62
HALSTEAD, RICHARD J.                    NY-14-9-342
HALSTEAD, SALLIE                        NY-14-8-406
HALSTEAD, SARAH A.                      NY-14-9-63
HALSTED, DAVID                          NY-14-L-265
HALSTED, DAVID S.                       NY-14-14-333
HALSTED, JANE E.                        NY-14-2-40
HALSTED, JULIA A.                       NY-14-14-172
HALSTED, MARY C.                        NY-14-6-710
HALSTED, NAOMI                          NY-14-F-27
HALSTED, SAMUEL                         NY-14-G-146
HALSTED, STEPHEN                        NY-14-B-509
HALSTED, STEPHEN                        NY-14-12-280
HAM, CAROLINE                           NY-14-15-72
HAM, CATHERINE                          NY-14-9-233
HAM, COENRAD                            NY-14-Q-330
HAM, DERICK                             NY-14-Q-146
HAM, FREDERICK                          NY-14-F-318
HAM, FREDERICK                          NY-14-G-315
HAM, FREDERICK J.                       NY-14-6-274
HAM, FREDRICK T.                        NY-14-6-291
HAM, GEORGE                             NY-14-3-703
HAM, GERTRUDE M.                        NY-14-14-254
HAM, HELEN                              NY-14-2-582
HAM, HENRY H.                           NY-14-13-47
HAM, JOHN                               NY-14-9-517
HAM, JOHN F.                            NY-14-M-199
HAM, MARY                               NY-14-9-124
HAM, MILTON                             NY-14-8-587
HAM, PETER M.                           NY-14-O-282
HAM, ROBERT                             NY-14-15-388
HAM, SUSANNAH                           NY-14-7-320
HAM, WALTER                             NY-14-5-64
HAM, WILLIAM R.                         NY-14-5-562
HAMBLIN, EPHRAIM                        NY-14-C-140
HAMBLIN, JOHN A.                        NY-14-11-485
HAMBLIN, JOSHUA                         NY-14-B-46
HAMBLIN, MYRON                          NY-14-14-72
HAMIL, MARY                             NY-14-W-86
HAMILTON, ADOLPHUS                      NY-14-8-32
HAMILTON, JANE                          NY-14-12-145
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-14-2-132
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-14-10-380
HAMILTON, REBECCA                       NY-14-12-26
HAMLIN, DAVID                           NY-14-I-425
HAMLIN, RICHARD A.                      NY-14-2-69
HAMLIN, SALMON                          NY-14-F-242
HAMM, SARAH A.                          NY-14-#1-306
HAMMOND, ALBRO                          NY-14-11-68
HAMMOND, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-U-117
HAMMOND, ISAAC                          NY-14-H-500
HAMMOND, JAMES                          NY-14-#1-71
HAMMOND, JOHN                           NY-14-2-132
HAMMOND, JOHN F.                        NY-14-9-319
HAMMOND, JOHN L.                        NY-14-15-589
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                         NY-14-V-183
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                         NY-14-B-282
HAMMOND, THOMAS                         NY-14-13-414
HANABERGH, MARGARET                     NY-14-15-99
HANABERGH, MARGARET L.                  NY-14-14-195
HANABURGH, DAVID                        NY-14-L-424
HANABURGH, SARAH                        NY-14-11-114
HANES, ALBRO A.                         NY-14-11-488
HANLEY, EDWARD                          NY-14-4-628
HANNAH, ROBERT                          NY-14-U-411
HANNAH, SARAH                           NY-14-4-268
HANRAHAN, BRIDGET                       NY-14-15-334
HANRAHAN, THOMAS                        NY-14-12-697
HANSCHEN, EDWARD                        NY-14-12-297
HAPEMAN, JOHN                           NY-14-P-382
HAPEMAN, PETER J.                       NY-14-Z-358
HAPEMAN, PHILIP                         NY-14-#1-501
HARBOTTLE, CAROLINE                     NY-14-10-741
HARBY, RICHARD                          NY-14-Y-138
HARCOURT, CHARLES A.                    NY-14-9-389
HARCOURT, EMMA                          NY-14-9-536
HARCOURT, JOSEPH D.                     NY-14-8-43
HARCOURT, MARY                          NY-14-6-505
HARDENBURGH, GEORGE                     NY-14-2-546
HARDING, NANCY                          NY-14-Y-386
HARE, GEORGE L.                         NY-14-10-104
HARGREAVES, ELIZA                       NY-14-14-367
HARPER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-15-648
HARRIGAN, EDWARD W.                     NY-14-13-556
HARRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-14-14-392
HARRINGTON, CAROLINE                    NY-14-9-684
HARRIS, CALEB                           NY-14-M-105
HARRIS, DAVID                           NY-14-2-560
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-H-309
HARRIS, ELIZABETH D.                    NY-14-14-685
HARRIS, GEORGE                          NY-14-C-147
HARRIS, GEORGE                          NY-14-5-151
HARRIS, HARRIET                         NY-14-4-59
HARRIS, ISRAEL                          NY-14-H-425
HARRIS, JAMES                           NY-14-AA-67
HARRIS, JOHN S.                         NY-14-11-47
HARRIS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-M-229
HARRIS, MARTHA                          NY-14-K-199
HARRIS, RACHEL                          NY-14-7-506
HARRIS, SARAH                           NY-14-V-571
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-14-H-48
HART, EDWARD                            NY-14-10-725
HART, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-13-725
HART, JOHN                              NY-14-13-532
HART, JOHN                              NY-14-12-694
HART, PHILIP                            NY-14-K-38
HART, ROSE                              NY-14-15-284
HART, WALTER N.                         NY-14-8-511
HARTWELL, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-F-81
HARTWELL, NATHANIEL                     NY-14-H-10
HARVEY, ALBERT B.                       NY-14-7-06
HARVEY, ANNA C.                         NY-14-#1-304
HARVEY, JAMES H.                        NY-14-I-437
HARVEY, MARY                            NY-14-9-468
HARVEY, MARY                            NY-14-9-464
HARVEY, ROSA                            NY-14-6-269
HARY, JOEL                              NY-14-AA-102
HARY, JOEL                              NY-14-A-77
HASBROOK, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-Y-228
HASBROOK, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-M-338
HASBROOK, FRANCIS                       NY-14-A-126
HASBROOK, FRANCIS J.                    NY-14-6-62
HASBROOK, HARRIET M.                    NY-14-10-172
HASBROOK, HELEN                         NY-14-9-232
HASBROOK, JOHN A.                       NY-14-F-24
HASBROOK, RODOLPHUS                     NY-14-C-211
HASBROOK, SARAH                         NY-14-7-543
HASBROOK, TUNIS                         NY-14-M-278
HASBROUCK, ABBY                         NY-14-9-194
HASBROUCK, CATHARINE                    NY-14-13-402
HASKINS, ASABEL                         NY-14-B-620
HASKINS, HARRIET                        NY-14-#1-239
HASTING, JOHN                           NY-14-2-139
HASTINGS, EUNICE JANE                   NY-14-9-547
HASTINGS, ROBERT                        NY-14-9-286
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                        NY-14-15-231
HATCH, SUSAN                            NY-14-15-405
HATFIELD, HANNAH                        NY-14-V-2
HATFIELD, MARY                          NY-14-J-42
HATFIELD, PETER                         NY-14-A-99
HATFIELD, PETER                         NY-14-G-139
HATFIELD, THOMAS                        NY-14-L-236
HATFIELD, WILLIAM F.                    NY-14-10-556
HATHAWAY, SALLY M.                      NY-14-11-353
HAUGHWOUT, ISABELLA M.                  NY-14-10-338
HAULAND, ELEAZER                        NY-14-V-551
HAUVER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-10-499
HAVER, JACOB                            NY-14-D-435
HAVILAND, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-R-287
HAVILAND, ASAHEL                        NY-14-7-490
HAVILAND, BARCLAY                       NY-14-14-221
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-B-295
HAVILAND, BETSEY                        NY-14-12-402
HAVILAND, CAROLINE                      NY-14-6-382
HAVILAND, DANIEL                        NY-14-3-647
HAVILAND, HANNAH                        NY-14-Y-645
HAVILAND, HIRAM                         NY-14-9-483
HAVILAND, ISAAC                         NY-14-T-446
HAVILAND, ISAAC                         NY-14-N-354
HAVILAND, ISAAC                         NY-14-12-442
HAVILAND, JACOB                         NY-14-H-481
HAVILAND, JACOB H.                      NY-14-9-353
HAVILAND, JAMES                         NY-14-4-473
HAVILAND, JAMES M.                      NY-14-11-7
HAVILAND, JANE T.                       NY-14-8-455
HAVILAND, LAURA                         NY-14-6-612
HAVILAND, MARTHA H.                     NY-14-13-331
HAVILAND, NICHOLAS                      NY-14-Y-520
HAVILAND, PHEBE E.                      NY-14-9-204
HAVILAND, SARAH A.                      NY-14-#1-256
HAVILAND, SARAH A.                      NY-14-8-590
HAVILAND, SUSAN A.                      NY-14-3-280
HAVILAND, WILLIAM P.                    NY-14-T-179
HAWES, MOODAY                           NY-14-B-638
HAWKINS, SUSAN B.                       NY-14-Z-504
HAWVER, WILLIAM T.                      NY-14-3-52
HAXBY, SARAH JANE                       NY-14-4-83
HAXLUN, ELNATHAN                        NY-14-V-207
HAXTINE, JEREMIAH                       NY-14-H-287
HAXTUN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-P-239
HAYDON, BRIDGET                         NY-14-5-577
HAYES, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-2-121
HAYES, ANN A.                           NY-14-15-382
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-14-#1-576
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-14-13-615
HAYNER, DAVID I.                        NY-14-11-304
HAYNES, EMELINE                         NY-14-12-312
HAYNES, JAMES                           NY-14-#1-402
HAYNES, RICHARD H.                      NY-14-10-296
HAYNES, SHELDON                         NY-14-4-35
HAYNOR, JOHN                            NY-14-Z-458
HAYNS, GODFRED                          NY-14-A-406
HAYT, HENRY D.                          NY-14-6-326
HAYT, MARY J.                           NY-14-10-525
HAYWOOD, THOMAS                         NY-14-5-348
HAYWOOD, THOMAS                         NY-14-E-433
HAZARD, ROWLAND                         NY-14-J-158
HAZEN, CALEB                            NY-14-C-297
HEADY, JOHN                             NY-14-14-705
HEADY, JONATHAN                         NY-14-2-274
HEATH, J. PARKER                        NY-14-11-115
HEATH, RUSSELL                          NY-14-U-415
HEATON, DANIEL L.                       NY-14-11-600
HEATON, ELIZA                           NY-14-14-420
HEATON, HANNAH                          NY-14-13-303
HEATON, SARAH                           NY-14-6-615
HECTOR, PHEBE                           NY-14-8-474
HEDDING, LUCY                           NY-14-W-62
HEDGES, DANIEL                          NY-14-5-21
HEERMANCE, ANDREW H.                    NY-14-H-63
HEERMANCE, ANGELICA                     NY-14-D-571
HEERMANCE, CECILIA MAY                  NY-14-14-401
HEERMANCE, HARRIET                      NY-14-11-76
HEERMANCE, HELLEN                       NY-14-R-161
HEERMANCE, JULIA                        NY-14-14-151
HEERMANCE, MARIA                        NY-14-9-707
HEERMANCE, MARTIN                       NY-14-G-129
HEERMANCE, PETER                        NY-14-L-77
HEERMANCE, REYER                        NY-14-B-562
HEERMANCE, SIMON                        NY-14-J-347
HEERMANS, CORNELIA C.                   NY-14-10-628
HEIDEL, FRANK                           NY-14-W-530
HEIDEL, JOSEPH A.                       NY-14-8-83
HELLER, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-T-545
HELM, MARY M.                           NY-14-13-56
HELMES, MARY                            NY-14-B-169
HELMS, JOHN A.                          NY-14-13-54
HEMGARTNER, JACOB L.                    NY-14-9-129
HENDEL, CONRAD                          NY-14-11-169
HENDERSON, JOHN W.                      NY-14-#1-168
HENDERSON, MARY ANN                     NY-14-15-325
HENDRICKS, DAVID                        NY-14-7-221
HENDRICKS, ELLEN M.                     NY-14-6-397
HENDRICKS, JACOB L.                     NY-14-G-235
HENDRICKS, JEREMIAH                     NY-14-3-299
HENDRICKS, JOHN                         NY-14-4-104
HENDRICKS, MAGDALENA                    NY-14-9-481
HENDRICKSON, STEPHEN                    NY-14-D-495
HENGSTEBECK, BARBARA                    NY-14-11-187
HENGSTEBECK, CATHARINE                  NY-14-7-519
HENGSTEBECK, FRANK                      NY-14-14-188
HENION, DAVID                           NY-14-12-285
HENNESEY, EDWARD                        NY-14-13-389
HENRY, SAMUEL                           NY-14-3-238
HENRY, SIDNEY                           NY-14-12-618
HENRY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-12-7
HERBERT, RICHARD                        NY-14-13-141
HERIES, MARIA                           NY-14-10-495
HERLEY, JOHN J.                         NY-14-11-422
HERMAN, FREDERICKA                      NY-14-8-81
HERMANCE, EDARD                         NY-14-2-160
HERMANCE, HENDRICK                      NY-14-B-184
HERMANCE, RICHARD                       NY-14-14-470
HERMANCE, SARAH                         NY-14-9-139
HERMANCE, SIMON P.                      NY-14-8-405
HERMANN, RACHEL                         NY-14-C-575
HERMANS, HARRISON                       NY-14-8-191
HERMANS, JOHN                           NY-14-4-141
HERMANS, JOSEPH W.                      NY-14-7-563
HERMANS, WILLIAM J.                     NY-14-10-154
HEROY, PETER                            NY-14-B-62
HERRICK, CHARLES B.                     NY-14-13-385
HERRICK, EPHRAIM                        NY-14-I-500
HERRICK, EPHRIAM                        NY-14-Y-402
HERRICK, JACOB                          NY-14-G-71
HERRICK, MARSHALL                       NY-14-15-571
HERRICK, MARY H.                        NY-14-14-62
HERRICK, RUFUS                          NY-14-C-538
HERRICK, SMITH                          NY-14-I-471
HERRICK, SMITH                          NY-14-G-476
HERVEY, MARY                            NY-14-3-520
HEUSTIS, JOSEPH                         NY-14-G-519
HEVENOR, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-7-704
HEVENOR, ROBERT B.                      NY-14-14-209
HEVENOR, SERENA                         NY-14-15-396
HEVENTON, JACOB                         NY-14-B-370
HEWITT, JANE                            NY-14-Y-316
HEWITT, LOUISA                          NY-14-15-266
HEWLETT, SUSAN                          NY-14-14-289
HEWLETT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-11-641
HEY, JOHN                               NY-14-Z-420
HICKS, ASA A.                           NY-14-5-461
HICKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-J-266
HICKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-7-20
HICKS, DAVID                            NY-14-8-675
HICKS, EDWARD S.                        NY-14-15-33
HICKS, JAMES                            NY-14-B-384
HICKS, JOSEPH                           NY-14-B-371
HICKS, JOSEPH                           NY-14-9-252
HICKS, MARIA                            NY-14-11-474
HICKS, MELINDA L.                       NY-14-Z-146
HICKS, MURY                             NY-14-14-615
HICKS, ROBERT                           NY-14-V-420
HICKS, ROBERT T.                        NY-14-W-350
HICKS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-O-349
HICKS, SAMUEL S.                        NY-14-Z-134
HICKS, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Y-574
HIDSON, PETER                           NY-14-W-532
HIGGINS, JOHN                           NY-14-10-40
HIGGINS, RACHEL                         NY-14-#1-431
HIGGINSON, JOHN C.                      NY-14-3-172
HIGGS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-T-582
HIGNELL, CORNELIUS W.                   NY-14-14-704
HILDORNE, CATHARINE                     NY-14-8-310
HILL, CATHARINE                         NY-14-Z-482
HILL, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-12-610
HILL, HENRY                             NY-14-14-480
HILL, MARGARET                          NY-14-8-298
HILL, TALMA                             NY-14-6-507
HILL, WILLIAM SEAR                      NY-14-B-37
HILLER, ALFRED                          NY-14-8-119
HILLER, ISABEL M.                       NY-14-9-71
HILLER, JOHN                            NY-14-3-236
HILLER, PRINCE                          NY-14-H-65
HILLS, JEDEDIAH                         NY-14-R-18
HINCKLEY, MALVINA H.                    NY-14-6-576
HINE, ALLEN                             NY-14-Z-603
HINE, CLARA                             NY-14-8-63
HINES, WILLIAM                          NY-14-12-59
HIRST, GEORGE                           NY-14-K-12
HISERODT, CATHARINE                     NY-14-I-300
HISERODT, LAVINIA C.                    NY-14-12-272
HISERSTUD, HENRY J.                     NY-14-F-509
HITCHCOCK, AMARIAH                      NY-14-C-216
HITCHCOCK, CHARLES E.                   NY-14-14-111
HITCHCOCK, JULIUS S.                    NY-14-9-735
HITCHCOCK, LOUISA C.                    NY-14-13-112
HITCHCOCK, MERCY H.                     NY-14-#1-17
HITCHCOCK, SARAH                        NY-14-8-522
HITCHCOCK, SOLOMON                      NY-14-D-210
HITE, MARY                              NY-14-12-636
HOAG, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-C-154
HOAG, ASA                               NY-14-H-99
HOAG, CHARLES A.                        NY-14-13-458
HOAG, CHARLES W.                        NY-14-15-121
HOAG, DAVID                             NY-14-G-449
HOAG, ELIZABETH M.                      NY-14-14-524
HOAG, EZEKIEL SR.                       NY-14-A-252
HOAG, GEORGE                            NY-14-10-343
HOAG, HENRY C.                          NY-14-L-71
HOAG, JAMES                             NY-14-S-100
HOAG, JEREMIAH C.                       NY-14-3-96
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-14-A-294
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-14-Z-156
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-14-C-614
HOAG, LANGDON                           NY-14-11-188
HOAG, LEVI                              NY-14-N-15
HOAG, MARTHA                            NY-14-K-420
HOAG, MARY D.                           NY-14-14-287
HOAG, NEHEMIAH                          NY-14-B-566
HOAG, NEHEMIAH                          NY-14-Z-353
HOAG, PHILIP                            NY-14-O-100
HOAG, SAMUEL H.                         NY-14-W-347
HOAG, SARAH                             NY-14-12-498
HOAG, SUSAN                             NY-14-5-116
HOAG, TRIPP                             NY-14-F-169
HOAGLAND, SUSAN                         NY-14-R-133
HOAGLAND, WILLIAM                       NY-14-H-353
HOAG,MAHALA                             NY-14-#1-73
HOBART, DAYTON                          NY-14-Z-601
HOBART, MARY C.                         NY-14-10-337
HOBBS, JAMES                            NY-14-U-278
HOBIN, THOMAS                           NY-14-14-748
HOCK, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-10-215
HOCK, JACOB                             NY-14-7-224
HOCKSTADTER, AUGUST                     NY-14-2-325
HOFFMAN, ANTHONY                        NY-14-4-228
HOFFMAN, ANTHONY                        NY-14-A-458
HOFFMAN, BENJAMIN B.                    NY-14-15-480
HOFFMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-14-15-349
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-O-239
HOFFMAN, GEORGE C.                      NY-14-V-408
HOFFMAN, GRIFFIN                        NY-14-9-569
HOFFMAN, HENRY                          NY-14-L-507
HOFFMAN, HENRY V.                       NY-14-12-633
HOFFMAN, JOHN H.                        NY-14-12-293
HOFFMAN, JOHN W.                        NY-14-8-364
HOFFMAN, JOSIAH OGDEN                   NY-14-9-330
HOFFMAN, MATTHIAS                       NY-14-I-242
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-14-A-322
HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-F-222
HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-B-134
HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-10-26
HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-13-729
HOFFMAN, RICHARD                        NY-14-5-497
HOFFMAN, ROBERT                         NY-14-14-598
HOFFMAN, SARAH                          NY-14-P-148
HOFFMAN, SIMON                          NY-14-K-435
HOFFMAN, SUSAN                          NY-14-R-409
HOFFMAN, THEODORE                       NY-14-#1-13
HOFFMAN, ZACHARIAH                      NY-14-U-397
HOGLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-14-C-515
HOLBROOK, CHANDLER                      NY-14-T-133
HOLBROOK, DEBBY H.                      NY-14-T-88
HOLBROOK, MELLEN                        NY-14-7-450
HOLBROOK, NICHOLAS                      NY-14-Q-95
HOLDEN, DAVID H.                        NY-14-8-319
HOLDEN, OLIVER                          NY-14-S-392
HOLLAWAY, SARAH S.                      NY-14-11-99
HOLLEY, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-14-9-713
HOLLEY, BETSEY                          NY-14-Y-538
HOLLEY, HANNAH                          NY-14-V-549
HOLLEY, JOSIAH A.                       NY-14-9-122
HOLLIDAY, MARTHA                        NY-14-14-514
HOLLISTER, BENJAMIN J.                  NY-14-2-185
HOLLISTER, GEORGE                       NY-14-D-119
HOLLISTER, NATHANIEL S.                 NY-14-H-223
HOLLOAWAY, WILLIAM                      NY-14-A-411
HOLMES, CATHARINE                       NY-14-N-583
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-3-92
HOLMES, GILBERT                         NY-14-V-106
HOLMES, ISAAC                           NY-14-W-442
HOLMES, JAMES S.                        NY-14-13-211
HOLMES, JANE (VANWYCK)                  NY-14-N-275
HOLMES, JEHOSAPHAT                      NY-14-A-454
HOLMES, JOEL O.                         NY-14-13-42
HOLMES, JOHN                            NY-14-D-433
HOLMES, MARGARET                        NY-14-W-481
HOLMES, MARY                            NY-14-2-359
HOLMES, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-12-430
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          NY-14-8-451
HOLMES, SARAH                           NY-14-11-631
HOLMES, STEPHEN                         NY-14-S-211
HOLMES, WHEELER C.                      NY-14-W-41
HOLMS, REUBEN                           NY-14-T-474
HOLSAPPLE, NICHOLAS                     NY-14-10-19
HOLZER, CONSTANTINE                     NY-14-15-206
HOMAN, WILLIAM                          NY-14-W-25
HOMAN, ZEBULON                          NY-14-G-507
HONEYWELL, RICHAD                       NY-14-AA-62
HONG, ISAIAH                            NY-14-F-11
HOOD, MAGGIE                            NY-14-14-395
HOOGLAND, ALELLY                        NY-14-I-108
HOOGLAND, DERICK                        NY-14-F-283
HOOKER, HELEN S.                        NY-14-5-508
HOOKER, JAMES                           NY-14-U-49
HOOKER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-5-634
HOPKINS, CATHARINE                      NY-14-5-648
HOPKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-10-331
HOPKINS, LEWIS S.                       NY-14-12-84
HOPKINS, MARY                           NY-14-6-480
HOPKINS, MARY                           NY-14-Y-281
HOPKINS, PHEBE                          NY-14-T-452
HOPKINS, PHEBE JANE                     NY-14-15-569
HOPKINS, SARAH                          NY-14-#1-127
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Q-251
HOPKINS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-10-512
HOPSON, OLIVER                          NY-14-12-174
HOPSON, SETH W.                         NY-14-10-369
HORAN, JOHN                             NY-14-10-265
HORN, MARGARET                          NY-14-Z-449
HORNBY, JOHN                            NY-14-8-328
HORNUNG, SABINA B.                      NY-14-9-533
HOROTN, MATTHIAS                        NY-14-B-495
HORROCKS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-5-351
HORTON, ALICE AURELIA                   NY-14-Y-379
HORTON, ANN M.                          NY-14-Q-137
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-9-52
HORTON, CATHARINE                       NY-14-F-366
HORTON, COERT                           NY-14-N-371
HORTON, ISAAC                           NY-14-7-23
HORTON, JACOB                           NY-14-W-177
HORTON, JOHN R.                         NY-14-#1-618
HORTON, JOSEPH                          NY-14-V-296
HORTON, JOSEPH                          NY-14-Y-591
HORTON, JOSHUA                          NY-14-C-606
HORTON, MARY B.                         NY-14-15-338
HORTON, MARY S.                         NY-14-6-233
HORTON, OBADIAH                         NY-14-AA-49
HORTON, PETER                           NY-14-G-464
HORTON, RICHARD B.                      NY-14-15-257
HORTON, SUSAN M.                        NY-14-13-435
HORUNNG, SEBASTIAN                      NY-14-13-577
HOSKINS, JOSEPH                         NY-14-B-448
HOUGHLAND, SUSAN                        NY-14-7-418
HOUGHTALEN, JOHN                        NY-14-D-467
HOUGHTALIN, HENRY                       NY-14-R-300
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                       NY-14-T-287
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM                    NY-14-2-524
HOUGHTON, GEORGE W.                     NY-14-6-28
HOVEY, CATHARINE M.                     NY-14-14-345
HOWARD, ANN                             NY-14-6-497
HOWARD, EDWARD                          NY-14-K-492
HOWARD, EDWARD                          NY-14-B-339
HOWARD, JAMES                           NY-14-10-602
HOWARD, PETER T.                        NY-14-M-458
HOWARD, RICHARD                         NY-14-D-590
HOWARD, STEPHEN                         NY-14-M-185
HOWARD, THOMAS                          NY-14-8-658
HOWELL, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-8-263
HOWELL, JAMES                           NY-14-V-422
HOWELL, MARY S.                         NY-14-14-613
HOWES, REUBEN                           NY-14-J-382
HOWLAND, AZARIAH                        NY-14-H-171
HOWLAND, COOK                           NY-14-A-72
HOWLAND, DEVORAH                        NY-14-O-119
HOWLAND, EMELINE C.                     NY-14-11-127
HOWLAND, JANNA                          NY-14-G-296
HOWLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-14-9-222
HOWLAND, NATHANIEL                      NY-14-S-165
HOWLAND, PELEG                          NY-14-G-57
HOWLAND, SAMUEL                         NY-14-G-167
HOWLAND, SARAH B.                       NY-14-Y-325
HOWLAND, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-I-402
HOWLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-14-A-117
HOWLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-14-AA-109
HOWLAND,CHARLES J.                      NY-14-3-66
HOXSIE, LADOWICK                        NY-14-N-341
HOXSIE, PELEG                           NY-14-I-474
HOYSTRADT, SARAH M.                     NY-14-9-326
HOYT, ELIJAH                            NY-14-B-486
HOYT, ELIZA                             NY-14-6-194
HOYT, GERALDINE L.                      NY-14-13-606
HOYT, HENRY S.                          NY-14-15-103, 172
HOYT, LYDIA M.                          NY-14-3-700
HOYT, LYDIA M.                          NY-14-Y-497
HOYT, MARIA                             NY-14-15-139
HOYT, WILLIAM                           NY-14-9-27
HOYT,JEROME                             NY-14-7-342
HUBBARD, HELEN                          NY-14-11-646
HUBBELL, JOSEPH L.                      NY-14-8-561
HUBBELL, SALLY                          NY-14-9-413
HUBBELL, WASHINGTON L                   NY-14-10-457
HUCHINGS, GILBERT                       NY-14-7-561
HUDDLESLONE, GEORGE                     NY-14-AA-117
HUDDLESTON, GEORGE                      NY-14-A-368
HUESTIS, JONATHAN                       NY-14-I-302
HUESTIS, REUBEN                         NY-14-J-407
HUESTIS, SOLOMON                        NY-14-F-86
HUFF, JANET                             NY-14-13-207
HUFFMAN, ALBERT                         NY-14-11-613
HUFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-13-551
HUGHES, ANN                             NY-14-14-675
HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-14-T-115
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-#1-444
HUGHES, IRENE                           NY-14-Y-605
HUGHES, JOHN R.                         NY-14-E-156
HUGHES, MARY                            NY-14-13-273
HUGHES, MICHAEL                         NY-14-13-664
HUGHSON, BELINDA                        NY-14-12-81
HUGHSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-S-542
HUGHSON, CATHERINE                      NY-14-B-343
HUGHSON, JEREMIAH                       NY-14-D-91
HUGHSON, JOHN                           NY-14-Q-92
HUGHSON, PHEBE A.                       NY-14-10-189
HUGHSON, PHEBE S.                       NY-14-6-236
HUGHSON, STEPHEN                        NY-14-Y-465
HUGHSON, SYLVESTER E.                   NY-14-S-476
HUGHSON, THOMAS D.                      NY-14-12-748
HUGHSON, WALTER                         NY-14-T-386
HUGHSON, WILLIAM                        NY-14-A-267
HUGHSON, WILLIAM J.                     NY-14-Y-271
HULL, ABIGAIL                           NY-14-Z-262
HULL, CHARLES W.                        NY-14-U-67
HULL, CHLOE                             NY-14-5-290
HULL, HENRY C.                          NY-14-T-335
HULL, JOHN F.                           NY-14-T-311
HULL, JOHN F.                           NY-14-13-459
HULL, JOHN I.                           NY-14-11-134
HULL, LOUISA                            NY-14-W-334
HULL, LUCINDA R.                        NY-14-9-510
HULL, MARIA                             NY-14-Y-174
HULL, MARIA J.                          NY-14-5-640
HULL, MARTHA V.                         NY-14-13-208
HULL, NEHEMIAH                          NY-14-2-531
HULL, SARAH C.                          NY-14-S-282
HULL, STEPHEN                           NY-14-6-289
HULL, TIDDEMAN                          NY-14-A-507
HULL, TIDDEMAN                          NY-14-B-5
HULME, PETER                            NY-14-15-441
HULSAPPLE, NANCY                        NY-14-15-592
HULST, HENRY                            NY-14-P-241
HULST, HENRY M.                         NY-14-S-389
HUMESTON, BENNETT                       NY-14-8-1
HUMESTON, GEORGE E.                     NY-14-6-318
HUMESTON, HANNAH A.                     NY-14-12-246
HUMESTON, LYDIA V.                      NY-14-7-378
HUMESTON, THOMAS P.                     NY-14-9-11
HUMFREY, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-F-172
HUMFREY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-A-219
HUMPHREY, CATHERINE E.                  NY-14-9-39
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-14-S-555
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-14-V-453
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL S.                     NY-14-8-676
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM                       NY-14-14-78
HUMPHRIES, JOHN D.                      NY-14-9-193
HUMSTONE, EDWIN M.                      NY-14-15-66
HUMSTONE, JULIETTE                      NY-14-14-624
HUND, ROSA                              NY-14-15-700
HUNGERFORD, ABNER G.                    NY-14-11-538
HUNN, ELIZA                             NY-14-8-611
HUNN, JOHN                              NY-14-Y-371
HUNT, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-2-231
HUNT, CHARLES E.                        NY-14-15-548
HUNT, CHARLES F.                        NY-14-3-486
HUNT, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-O-565
HUNT, HANNAH                            NY-14-#1-143
HUNT, JOHN                              NY-14-B-381
HUNT, SAMUEL                            NY-14-C-583
HUNT, THOMAS                            NY-14-14-50
HUNT, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-9-13
HUNTER, ANNA ***                        NY-14-P-279
HUNTER, CATHERINE                       NY-14-8-366
HUNTER, EDWARD                          NY-14-7-584
HUNTER, GILBERT                         NY-14-M-219
HUNTER, JETHRO D.                       NY-14-6-399
HUNTING, EDWARD                         NY-14-E-397
HUNTING, ISAAC                          NY-14-H-225
HUNTING, ISAAC M.                       NY-14-12-263
HUNTING, ISAAC MULFORD                  NY-14-D-20
HUNTING, LEWIS D.                       NY-14-8-183
HUNTING, NATHANIEL L.                   NY-14-9-490
HUNTING, SARAH S.                       NY-14-13-172
HURD, BENJAMIN D.                       NY-14-2-5
HURD, DAVID                             NY-14-F-201
HURD, MARY                              NY-14-7-478
HURD, SARAH                             NY-14-8-314
HURD, WILLIAM T.                        NY-14-S-117
HUSTEAD, JOSEPH                         NY-14-D-137
HUSTED, ANANIAS                         NY-14-H-186
HUSTED, CALVIN                          NY-14-8-705
HUSTED, DAVID                           NY-14-A-9
HUSTED, EBENEZER                        NY-14-3-40
HUSTED, EBENEZER                        NY-14-C-627
HUSTED, EDGAR                           NY-14-10-99
HUSTED, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-Z-169
HUSTED, ELMIRA                          NY-14-10-576
HUSTED, FRANKLIN                        NY-14-W-497
HUSTED, GEORGE P.                       NY-14-7-85
HUSTED, HERMANCE                        NY-14-Y-243
HUSTED, JUDSON                          NY-14-13-625
HUSTED, JULIA F.                        NY-14-11-285
HUSTED, LAVINA                          NY-14-9-676
HUSTED, MARIA                           NY-14-N-508
HUSTED, MARY                            NY-14-R-66
HUSTED, MATTHEW                         NY-14-W-304
HUSTED, MILISENT                        NY-14-B-500
HUSTED, MYRON                           NY-14-15-424
HUSTED, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-5-502
HUSTED, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-U-512
HUSTED, ORRIN T.                        NY-14-13-282
HUSTED, PAULINA                         NY-14-13-339
HUSTED, POLLY                           NY-14-G-217
HUSTED, WALTER W.                       NY-14-7-497
HUSTIS, CHARITY                         NY-14-B-298
HUSTIS, HENRY H.                        NY-14-13-477
HUSTIS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-B-557
HUSTIS, MELISSA                         NY-14-4-453
HUSTIS, SARAH                           NY-14-O-389
HUTCHINGS, BARON S.                     NY-14-S-160
HUTCHINS, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-M-417
HUTCHINS, THOMAS                        NY-14-A-426
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-D-56
HUTCHINSON, NORMAN                      NY-14-14-562
HUTCHINSON, SUSAN D. N.                 NY-14-Y-277
HUTTON, CHARLOTTE P.                    NY-14-10-464
HUTTON, HELEN M.                        NY-14-10-94
HUTTON, LYDIA C.                        NY-14-12-195
HYALL, SARAH                            NY-14-J-70
HYATT, JAMES B.                         NY-14-Z-264
HYDE, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-14-N-409
HYDE, JANE                              NY-14-10-679
HYDE, LIBERTY                           NY-14-9-542
HYDE, MARY                              NY-14-H-372
HYGER, MICHAEL T.                       NY-14-J-72
HYLAND, ANN                             NY-14-Z-460
HYZER, ABRAHAM D.                       NY-14-11-117
HYZER, CARRIE D.                        NY-14-4-358
HYZER, JOSEPH                           NY-14-Z-171

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