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ICKES, CHRISTIAN                        NY-14-2-98
IGNRAHAM, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-2-436
IMMICH, JOHN P.                         NY-14-15-688
INGERSOLL, ANNA                         NY-14-Y-1
INGHAM, ANNETTE S.                      NY-14-15-477
INGLIS, THOMAS                          NY-14-10-219
INGRAHAM, DAVIS                         NY-14-4-651
INGRAHAM, ELECTA H.                     NY-14-10-740
INGRAHAM, GEORGE                        NY-14-Q-77
INGRAHAM, GEORGE                        NY-14-I-167
INGRAHAM, GILBERT                       NY-14-O-314
INGRAHAM, HENRY                         NY-14-W-370
INGRAHAM, HENRY H.                      NY-14-Q-471
INGRAHAM, JOHN G.                       NY-14-10-284
INGRAHAM, NELSON                        NY-14-3-653
INGRAHAM, THOMAS                        NY-14-M-144
INNIS, CATHARINE R.                     NY-14-13-705
IRELAND, ISAAC                          NY-14-S-318
IRISH, ALMANSON L.                      NY-14-9-172
IRISH, AMOS                             NY-14-I-196
IRISH, ASA                              NY-14-H-345
IRISH, CATHERINE                        NY-14-T-383
IRISH, DAVID                            NY-14-B-58
IRISH, DAVID                            NY-14-8-560
IRISH, HUMPHREY                         NY-14-Y-547
IRISH, JEDEDIAH                         NY-14-B-39
IRISH, JEDEDIAH                         NY-14-E-427
IRISH, JONATHAN                         NY-14-4-99
IRISH, WILLIAM                          NY-14-R-76
IRISH, WILLIAM T.                       NY-14-5-692
IRVING, JOHN                            NY-14-13-18
IRWELL, JOHN J.                         NY-14-O-560
IRWIN, JAMES                            NY-14-11-433
ISRAEL, CATHERINE W.                    NY-14-9-331
JACACKS, DAVID                          NY-14-E-167
JACKSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-#1-290
JACKSON, AMY                            NY-14-5-552
JACKSON, ANDREW                         NY-14-W-404
JACKSON, ANNA MARIA                     NY-14-U-320
JACKSON, BETSEY                         NY-14-W-2
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-O-491
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-3-609
JACKSON, EPHRAIM T.                     NY-14-11-434
JACKSON, FRANCIS I.                     NY-14-10-493
JACKSON, HANNAH                         NY-14-2-334
JACKSON, INCREASE                       NY-14-H-57
JACKSON, JOHN T.                        NY-14-S-168
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         NY-14-E-410
JACKSON, JOSEPH H.                      NY-14-6-458
JACKSON, JOSEPH I.                      NY-14-7-462
JACKSON, JOSEPH J.                      NY-14-V-424
JACKSON, LEWIS                          NY-14-7-291
JACKSON, MARGARET                       NY-14-15-152
JACKSON, MARGARET C.                    NY-14-15-295
JACKSON, MARY B.                        NY-14-W-185
JACKSON, RICHARD                        NY-14-G-364
JACKSON, SALLY M.                       NY-14-6-609
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         NY-14-A-185
JACKSON, SAMUEL I.                      NY-14-3-711
JACOB, JANE                             NY-14-P-146
JACOBS, SARAH                           NY-14-14-683
JAMES, EMILY                            NY-14-11-346
JAMES, GEORGE D.                        NY-14-P-401
JAMES, JULIA L.                         NY-14-3-192
JAMES, MARIA                            NY-14-Y-636
JAMES, RICHARD R.                       NY-14-Z-282
JAMES, SAMUEL R.                        NY-14-#1-637
JAMES, SARAH                            NY-14-T-431
JAQUES, MARY                            NY-14-V-317
JAYCOCKES, WILLIAM                      NY-14-9-135
JAYCOCKS, ANNA                          NY-14-7-466
JAYCOCKS, LAURA                         NY-14-W-16
JAYCOCKS, THOMAS                        NY-14-B-614
JAYCOCKS, THOMAS W.                     NY-14-L-194
JAYCOCKS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-A-95
JAYCOX, EUNICE                          NY-14-15-565
JAYCOX, JOHN H.                         NY-14-14-689
JAYCOX, JOSEPH                          NY-14-Z-302
JAYCOX, LORINDA                         NY-14-15-120
JAYCOX, RACHEL A.                       NY-14-10-166
JEFFERSON, MARIA                        NY-14-13-260
JENKINS, JABEZ                          NY-14-B-55
JENKINS, MARY ANN                       NY-14-5-343
JENKINS, RACHEL H.                      NY-14-4-74
JENNINGS, EDWARD                        NY-14-3-534
JENNINGS, JOHN                          NY-14-Q-185
JEWELL, ENOCH                           NY-14-13-166
JEWELL, GEORGE                          NY-14-C-479
JEWELL, JOHN                            NY-14-U-104
JEWELL, JOHN F.                         NY-14-14-511
JEWELL, RACHEL                          NY-14-9-448
JEWELL, RICHARD                         NY-14-F-408
JEWETT, HARRIET                         NY-14-6-485
JEWETT, JACOB B.                        NY-14-3-581
JEWETT, JANE                            NY-14-5-620
JEWETT, WILLIAM                         NY-14-T-305
JEWITT, AARON                           NY-14-D-3
JEWITT, HERMAN J.                       NY-14-V-262
JEWITT, JOHN                            NY-14-R-15
JILLSON, AUGUSTUS                       NY-14-#1-246
JILLSON, MARY C.                        NY-14-13-690
JILLSON,S ARAH J.                       NY-14-3-446
JOHANNANG, WILLIAM                      NY-14-Y-52
JOHNES, SARAH                           NY-14-S-93
JOHNS, ROSANNAH                         NY-14-Y-396
JOHNS, SOPHIE C.                        NY-14-15-320
JOHNSON, AMELIA                         NY-14-4-204
JOHNSON, BETTY                          NY-14-P-223
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      NY-14-V-96
JOHNSON, DIANA                          NY-14-14-566
JOHNSON, HEZEKIAH                       NY-14-W-401
JOHNSON, HIRAM                          NY-14-S-81
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-14-T-513
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-14-14-677
JOHNSON, JEREMIAH                       NY-14-J-79
JOHNSON, LUCRETIA                       NY-14-11-55
JOHNSON, LYDIA                          NY-14-2-329
JOHNSON, MARIA S.                       NY-14-14-352
JOHNSON, PETER I.                       NY-14-Z-636
JOHNSON, ROSELLA                        NY-14-7-681
JOHNSON, SAMUEL ROSEVELT                NY-14-2-329
JOHNSON, SAMUEL W.                      NY-14-7-426
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NY-14-V-508
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NY-14-D-31
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-14-14-621
JOHNSON, WILSON                         NY-14-Q-75
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-8-688
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                       NY-14-O-271
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         NY-14-V-243
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         NY-14-C-338
JOHNSTON, DAVID JAMESON                 NY-14-C-418
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS M.                    NY-14-11-472
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-14-13-741
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NY-14-I-240
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM S.                    NY-14-14-521
JONES, ABIGAIL                          NY-14-R-143
JONES, ALFRED                           NY-14-14-551
JONES, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-H-156
JONES, BENJAMIN PROSSER                 NY-14-7-580
JONES, DANIEL                           NY-14-H-257
JONES, DANIEL D.                        NY-14-#1-98
JONES, DENNIS                           NY-14-3-327
JONES, EDWARD                           NY-14-E-481
JONES, ESTHER                           NY-14-N-447
JONES, GEORGE L.                        NY-14-N?1
JONES, HENRY L.                         NY-14-V-482
JONES, JANE                             NY-14-T-154
JONES, JOHN                             NY-14-11-183
JONES, JOHN R.                          NY-14-4-617
JONES, JOSEPH D.                        NY-14-14-313
JONES, JOSEPHINE                        NY-14-15-678
JONES, LORRAINE L.                      NY-14-10-235
JONES, MARTHA                           NY-14-9-687
JONES, MARY F.                          NY-14-14-295
JONES, NATHAN                           NY-14-R-246
JONES, PHILLIP                          NY-14-W-368
JONES, RENSULAR                         NY-14-8-103
JONES, SARAH A.                         NY-14-12-494
JONES, SUSAN                            NY-14-Z-388
JONES, THEOPHILAS                       NY-14-A-488
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-14-E-38
JONES, ZOPHAR                           NY-14-F-339
JONES, ZOPHER D.                        NY-14-S-379
JORDAN, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-W-453
JORDAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-7-659
JORDAN, JOSEPHUS D.                     NY-14-9-128
JORDAN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-10-313
JOSLIN, RICHARD                         NY-14-P-165
JOST, JOHN                              NY-14-T-319
JUDD, LEVI E.                           NY-14-5-550
JUNE, FREEMAN                           NY-14-E-125
JUNE, RACHEL                            NY-14-P-380
KAESS, WILLIAM                          NY-14-9-571
KANANE, PATRICK                         NY-14-W-543
KANE, MARY                              NY-14-8-641
KARNER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-E-465
KEANE, JOHN H.                          NY-14-13-41
KEARNEY, JOHN                           NY-14-15-383
KEECH, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-#1-474
KEEFER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-14-14-51
KEEFER, HENRY                           NY-14-13-743
KEEFER, HENRY                           NY-14-M-81
KEEFER, LAURA                           NY-14-11-438
KEEFER, LEWIS                           NY-14-5-275
KEEGAN, BRIDGET                         NY-14-8-681
KEEGAN, JOHN                            NY-14-10-635
KEEGAN, MARY                            NY-14-12-492
KEEGAN, PATRICK                         NY-14-#1-398
KEELER, DELMAR ROSS                     NY-14-6-475
KEEPER, HANNAH                          NY-14-10-120
KEESE, PHEBE F.                         NY-14-3-119
KEESE, SAMUEL                           NY-14-A-148
KEESLER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-7-628
KEILEY, OWEN                            NY-14-6-685
KELLER, MARY A.                         NY-14-8-462
KELLEY, ANN                             NY-14-11-652
KELLEY, ELI                             NY-14-T-191
KELLEY, SARAH E.                        NY-14-12-116
KELLOGG, LUCIUS                         NY-14-R-78
KELLY, CATHARINE                        NY-14-11-358
KELLY, EDWARD                           NY-14-9-502
KELLY, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-14-9-164
KELLY, JAMES E.                         NY-14-13-349
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-14-9-387
KELLY, JONATHAN                         NY-14-B-555
KELLY, MARIA                            NY-14-11-168
KELLY, MARY J.                          NY-14-4-592
KELLY, MARY J.                          NY-14-10-748
KELLY, MATTHEW                          NY-14-8-482
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-14-U-413
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-14-W-38
KELLY, NIEL                             NY-14-8-13
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-14-6-56
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-#1-439
KELSEY, EBENEZER                        NY-14-D-384
KELSEY, JANE                            NY-14-V-57
KELSEY, RHUHAMAH                        NY-14-D-237
KELSEY, SIMEON                          NY-14-C-621
KEMPTON, GEORGE                         NY-14-10-275
KENDRICK, J. R.                         NY-14-10-438
KENNEDAY, MICHAEL                       NY-14-Z-205
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-14-6-374
KENNEDY, PATRICK                        NY-14-10-621
KENNEDY, PATRICK                        NY-14-14-47
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-11-228
KENNEY, MARGARET                        NY-14-3-624
KENNY, CATHARINE                        NY-14-11-177
KENNY, JOHN                             NY-14-C-409
KENT, EMELINE                           NY-14-13-682
KENT, JAMES                             NY-14-9-349
KENT, MARGARET A.                       NY-14-9-160
KENT, WILLIAM                           NY-14-U-534
KENTON,MARY                             NY-14-13-66
KENWILL, CAORLINE F.                    NY-14-14-456
KENWORTHY, JAMES                        NY-14-V-353
KENWORTHY, RICHARD                      NY-14-9-607
KENWORTHY, THOMAS                       NY-14-10-428
KENYON, JOHN                            NY-14-D-131
KENYTON, SAMUEL                         NY-14-2-557
KERBY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-G-142
KERLEY, JOHN                            NY-14-V-235
KERNICK, RICHARD                        NY-14-6-431
KERR, PATRICK                           NY-14-10-95
KESSELMARK, JACOB                       NY-14-14-54
KESSLER, CHRISTINA                      NY-14-2-442
KETCHAM, DAVID                          NY-14-A-213
KETCHAM, ELI                            NY-14-10-443
KETCHAM, ISRAEL                         NY-14-N-231
KETCHAM, JAMES                          NY-14-#1-360
KETCHAM, LYDIA                          NY-14-12-301
KETCHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-14-F-95
KETCHUM, DELILAH                        NY-14-4-630
KETCHUM, NOAH                           NY-14-A-139
KIDD, ALEXANDER                         NY-14-C-4
KIDER, JOHN                             NY-14-A-289
KIDNEY, MARIA                           NY-14-Y-313
KIDNEY, SYLVIA                          NY-14-9-247
KIERNAN, ANN                            NY-14-12-559
KIERNAN, CHARLES                        NY-14-11-517
KIERNAN, JAMES                          NY-14-11-204
KIERNAN, JAMES                          NY-14-11-110
KIERNAN, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-10-570
KILLELAY, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-9-503
KILLELAY, MARTIN                        NY-14-11-50
KILLEY, EGBERT B.                       NY-14-R-9
KILLMER, FREEMAN                        NY-14-13-333
KILLMER, HIRAM G.                       NY-14-9-450
KILLPATRICK, ROBERT                     NY-14-A-183
KILMER, GEORGE W.                       NY-14-N-298
KILMER, LUCY                            NY-14-7-185
KILMER, SIMON                           NY-14-A-69
KIMLIN, ANNA M.                         NY-14-12-288
KIMLIN, JOHN                            NY-14-7-716
KIMLIN, ROBERT                          NY-14-7-416
KIMLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-4-361
KIMLIN, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-11-246
KINCKERBOCKER, JONAS                    NY-14-13-288
KING, HEMAN                             NY-14-D-65
KING, JOHN F.                           NY-14-T-243
KING, MARIA B.                          NY-14-#1-490
KINNE, STEPHEN                          NY-14-A-240
KINNEY, BARNABAS                        NY-14-D-25
KINNEY, MINNIE P.                       NY-14-14-108
KINNEY, ROSWELL                         NY-14-D-151
KINNI, EBENEZER                         NY-14-B-405
KIP, ABRAHAM A.                         NY-14-C-260
KIP, AGNES                              NY-14-A-469
KIP, CATHARINE                          NY-14-12-677
KIP, GARRET                             NY-14-L-585
KIP, HENRY                              NY-14-A-283
KIP, JACOB R.                           NY-14-A-306
KIP, JANE E.                            NY-14-14-183
KIP, JOHN J. B.                         NY-14-E-8
KIP, MARIA                              NY-14-5-405
KIPP, BENONI                            NY-14-K-409
KIPP, JACOB I.                          NY-14-8-40
KIPP, JACOB J.                          NY-14-L-382
KIPP, MARIA                             NY-14-7-636
KIPP, MATHIAS                           NY-14-8-495
KIPP, REUBEN                            NY-14-Z-92
KIPP, WILLIAM                           NY-14-O-52
KIPP, WILLIAM A.                        NY-14-13-569
KIPS, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-A-446
KIRBY, AMY                              NY-14-W-556
KIRBY, CHARLES H.                       NY-14-15-431
KIRBY, CHARLOTTE M.                     NY-14-12-405
KIRBY, GEORGE                           NY-14-I-132
KIRBY, GIDEON                           NY-14-R-21
KIRBY, MARY                             NY-14-6-42
KIRBY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-G-73
KIRCHOFF, MARY                          NY-14-12-138
KIRCUM, ZEBEDEE                         NY-14-A-157
KIRK, ANN                               NY-14-F-327
KIRKPATRICK, SYLVIA L.                  NY-14-8-135
KIRKUM, LYDIA                           NY-14-A-369
KIRKUM, THOMAS                          NY-14-B-511
KIROY, CLARK                            NY-14-7-296
KITCHUM, JOSHUA                         NY-14-E-483
KITTREDGE, CHARLES M.                   NY-14-13-398
KLADY, PHILIP                           NY-14-11-597
KLINE, HENRY                            NY-14-G-220
KLINESLOAT, GEORGE                      NY-14-H-471
KLUM, JOHN                              NY-14-J-164
KLUMP, JOHN L.                          NY-14-7-269
KLUMP, ZACHARIAH                        NY-14-E-380
KNAP, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-A-474
KNAP, BENJAMIN                          NY-14-AA-105
KNAPP, AMES D.                          NY-14-V-71
KNAPP, AMOS B.                          NY-14-8-246
KNAPP, ASA                              NY-14-R-242
KNAPP, DAVID C.                         NY-14-14-330
KNAPP, EDGAR                            NY-14-12-510
KNAPP, EDMUND R.                        NY-14-14-63
KNAPP, ELIJAH                           NY-14-G-336
KNAPP, ELISABETH                        NY-14-7-31
KNAPP, ELLEN C.                         NY-14-13-407
KNAPP, ISAAC                            NY-14-U-268
KNAPP, ISAAC J.                         NY-14-5-249
KNAPP, ISRAEL                           NY-14-B-49
KNAPP, JOHN E.                          NY-14-13-237
KNAPP, MARY LOUISA                      NY-14-4-262
KNAPP, NEHEMIAH                         NY-14-C-600
KNAPP, PHEBE M.                         NY-14-8-465
KNAPP, PHINEAS                          NY-14-E-217
KNAPP, REUBEN                           NY-14-Y-154
KNAPP, WILLIAM A.                       NY-14-12-410
KNAPP, WILLIAM X.                       NY-14-R-240
KNEVELS, ADRIAN V.                      NY-14-10-714
KNEVELS, ELIZABETH V.                   NY-14-10-4
KNEVELS, MARIA L.                       NY-14-10-157
KNIBLOS, STEPHEN                        NY-14-5-511
KNICEKRBOCKER, MARY ELLA                NY-14-15-124
KNICKERBACKER, BENJAMIN                 NY-14-C-81
KNICKERBACKER, BENJAMIN                 NY-14-G-453
KNICKERBACKER, CORNELES                 NY-14-A-124
KNICKERBACKER, MILTON G.                NY-14-Q-55
KNICKERBOCKER, ANN E.                   NY-14-8-170
KNICKERBOCKER, CATHARINE E.             NY-14-12-139
KNICKERBOCKER, CORNELIUS                NY-14-Q-298
KNICKERBOCKER, EDWIN                    NY-14-3-285
KNICKERBOCKER, HARMANUS                 NY-14-B-550
KNICKERBOCKER, HENRY                    NY-14-R-460
KNICKERBOCKER, JANE C.                  NY-14-12-733
KNICKERBOCKER, JANE M.                  NY-14-11-424
KNICKERBOCKER, JOHN                     NY-14-11-522
KNICKERBOCKER, MYRON N.                 NY-14-M-150
KNICKERBOCKER, PERMILLA F.              NY-14-11-174
KNICKOBOCKER, SYLVIA                    NY-14-T-564
KNIFFEN, JOHN L.                        NY-14-14-641
KNIFFIN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-15-236
KNIGHT, PETER                           NY-14-T-380
KNILL, ALICE A.                         NY-14-Y-522
KNOWLTON, D. HENRY                      NY-14-12-287
KNOX, ADAM                              NY-14-12-112
KNOX, JOHN C.                           NY-14-J-221
KOAN, HENRY                             NY-14-B-431
KOLBINSKIE, MARGARET                    NY-14-15-422
KOON, PETER                             NY-14-A-490
KOONZ, PETER                            NY-14-2-189
KUHNER, CONRAD                          NY-14-12-741
KUKERT, PETER                           NY-14-10-18
LADEN, THOMAS                           NY-14-14-14
LADU, NATHANIEL                         NY-14-D-162
LADU, OLIVER                            NY-14-E-352
LADUC, SAMUEL                           NY-14-S-455
LADUE, CHARITY                          NY-14-4-30
LADUE, CORNELIUS                        NY-14-J-231
LADUE, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-#1-15
LADUE, ITHAMAR                          NY-14-Q-6
LADUE, MARY M.                          NY-14-14-325
LADUE, PETER                            NY-14-B-356
LADUE, PETER N.                         NY-14-M-91
LADUE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-G-113
LADUE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-3-510
LADUE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-14-10-405
LAGASSICK, MARY                         NY-14-12-635
LAKE, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-K-303
LAKE, STEPHEN                           NY-14-10-288
LALOUETTE, SARAH W.                     NY-14-Z-521
LAMBERT, HANNAH                         NY-14-7-473
LAMBERT, JACOB                          NY-14-S-84
LAMBERT, JACOB G.                       NY-14-10-595
LAMBERT, JOHN R.                        NY-14-14-546
LAMM, JOSEPH                            NY-14-O-286
LAMONE, ANDREW                          NY-14-Q-491
LAMONT, JOSEPH                          NY-14-14-749
LAMORE, ANNA                            NY-14-Y-526
LAMOREE, JOHN                           NY-14-O-331
LAMOREE, MARTHA                         NY-14-P-205
LAMOREE, NATHANIEL                      NY-14-9-276
LAMOREE, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-R-217
LAMOREX, ISAAC                          NY-14-E-284
LAMORSE, ANNA M.                        NY-14-13-100
LAMPSON, JOSEPH                         NY-14-I-287
LANDON, ISABELLA                        NY-14-H-148
LANDON, JAMES H.                        NY-14-14-321
LANDON, JENNIE                          NY-14-15-80
LANDRE, EDWARD                          NY-14-P-105
LANE, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-6-717
LANE, AMANDA M.                         NY-14-9-669
LANE, ANN                               NY-14-12-129
LANE, BENSON                            NY-14-9-422
LANE, GEORGE                            NY-14-B-622
LANE, ISABELLA                          NY-14-14-204
LANE, JOHN                              NY-14-11-15
LANE, JOHN                              NY-14-A-296
LANE, JOHNG .                           NY-14-15-626
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-14-C-617
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-14-10-562
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-14-7-208
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-14-4-515
LANG, EIZABETH                          NY-14-12-551
LANGDON, CATGHERINE L.                  NY-14-8-468
LANGDON, EUGENE                         NY-14-W-478
LANGDON, EUGENE                         NY-14-3-22
LANGDON, WALTER                         NY-14-12-529
LANSING, CORNELIUS C.                   NY-14-14-381
LANSING, GARRET                         NY-14-I-408
LANSING, IDA                            NY-14-12-692
LANSING, JOHN L.                        NY-14-5-203
LANSING, SUSAN                          NY-14-5-201
LANSING, SUSAN S.                       NY-14-11-539
LAPHAM, JOHN                            NY-14-I-144
LAPHAM, MARGARET                        NY-14-D-12
LAPHAM, PAZZI                           NY-14-H-170
LARMOREE, JOHN V.                       NY-14-7-349
LASHER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-V-292
LASHER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-6-117
LASHER, ELIAS                           NY-14-P-315
LASHER, FRIEND                          NY-14-5-679
LASHER, GILBERT C.                      NY-14-10-252
LASHER, JOHN B.                         NY-14-J-143
LASHER, ROBERT C.                       NY-14-5-219
LASHER, SOLOMON                         NY-14-5-596
LATHROP, DAVID                          NY-14-Z-225
LATHROP, GEORGE                         NY-14-9-266
LATHROP, WALTER                         NY-14-F-497
LATHROP, WILLIAM                        NY-14-D-67
LATIMER, JEHIAL                         NY-14-V-139
LATSON, HENRY                           NY-14-8-698
LATTIMORE, WILLIAM                      NY-14-C-19
LATTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-E-503
LAURENCE, THOMAS                        NY-14-#1-198
LAW, JACOB                              NY-14-C-96
LAWLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-12-380
LAWLESS, ANNA                           NY-14-6-305
LAWLESS, MARTHA                         NY-14-8-192
LAWLESS, MARY                           NY-14-10-738
LAWLOR, DANIEL                          NY-14-8-678
LAWRENCE, DANIEL                        NY-14-D-58
LAWRENCE, EDWARD A.                     NY-14-8-349
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-14-10-507
LAWRENCE, EVELINA T.                    NY-14-7-434
LAWRENCE, GEORGE K.                     NY-14-10-281
LAWRENCE, GEORGE V.                     NY-14-8-267
LAWRENCE, HANNAH J.                     NY-14-14-163
LAWRENCE, JACOB                         NY-14-D-342
LAWRENCE, JOHN BENEDICT                 NY-14-C-384
LAWRENCE, JOHN F.                       NY-14-10-483
LAWRENCE, LUCINDA S.                    NY-14-R-316
LAWRENCE, MARIA                         NY-14-10-290
LAWRENCE, MARTIN                        NY-14-Q-334
LAWRENCE, MARYS.                        NY-14-10-96
LAWRENCE, OBADIAH                       NY-14-S-545
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       NY-14-J-397
LAWRENCE, SMITH                         NY-14-5-605
LAWRENCE, URIAH                         NY-14-B-498
LAWSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-14-U-85
LAWSON, ALLEN                           NY-14-14-706
LAWSON, ANN R.                          NY-14-12-117
LAWSON, CATHARINE A.                    NY-14-10-691
LAWSON, CHARLOTTE                       NY-14-3-700
LAWSON, CLARA L.                        NY-14-12-531
LAWSON, JOHN                            NY-14-H-473
LAWSON, JOHN D.                         NY-14-M-35
LAWSON, PETER B.                        NY-14-15-399
LAWSON, PETER B.                        NY-14-V-347
LAWSON, PETER H.                        NY-14-H-95
LAWSON, PETER JOHANNES                  NY-14-A-274
LAWSON, PIERRE                          NY-14-11-92
LAWSON, ROBERT                          NY-14-14-500
LAWSON, SIMEON                          NY-14-H-414
LAWSON, WILLIAM I.                      NY-14-W-148
LAWSON, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-14-A-457
LAWTON, DAVID                           NY-14-I-462
LAWTON, HARRIET P.                      NY-14-8-582
LAWTON, PETER                           NY-14-M-494
LEACH, AMOS                             NY-14-C-39
LEACH, DANIEL                           NY-14-V-524
LEACH, EPHRAIM                          NY-14-E-99
LEACH, MARY                             NY-14-E-364
LEACH, PHEBE                            NY-14-T-559
LEAKE, STEPHEN                          NY-14-J-475
LEAKE, THOMAS                           NY-14-Q-336
LEAP, BRIDGET                           NY-14-13-286
LEAP, JOHN                              NY-14-9-688
LEARY, DANIEL                           NY-14-6-701
LEARY, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-11-443
LEAVENWORTH, HARRIET                    NY-14-S-208
LEE, ABSALOM                            NY-14-Q-355
LEE, DARIUS                             NY-14-U-45
LEE, J. LAWRENCE                        NY-14-11-347
LEE, JAMES H.                           NY-14-Z-401
LEE, LYMAN                              NY-14-9-151
LEE, MICHAEL                            NY-14-2-406
LEE, OBADIAH C.                         NY-14-4-39
LEE, SARAH ANN                          NY-14-5-459
LEETE, JOHN                             NY-14-F-410
LEFEVER, EBBY                           NY-14-15-177
LEFEVER, JACOB                          NY-14-12-750
LEFEVER, NANCY                          NY-14-W-409
LEIDEKA, WILHELMINA                     NY-14-8-14
LEIK, JOHN                              NY-14-H-380
LEMONS, LOUISIANA                       NY-14-7-116
LEMONS, SILAS                           NY-14-6-682
LENNINGTON, CORNELIUS                   NY-14-J-487
LENT, ABRAHAM S.                        NY-14-14-396
LENT, ALLETTA G.                        NY-14-3-697
LENT, ANDREW P.                         NY-14-13-323
LENT, DAVID B.                          NY-14-Z-192
LENT, GEORGE B.                         NY-14-7-546
LENT, JOHN R.                           NY-14-11-430
LENT, JULIA                             NY-14-13-616
LEONARD, ALPHEUS                        NY-14-H-193
LEONARD, CHARLES                        NY-14-#1-172
LEONARD, PATRICK                        NY-14-T-206
LEROY, ANNA MARIA                       NY-14-9-243
LEROY, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-B-306
LEROY, FRANS. (CAPT.)                   NY-14-AA-38
LEROY, HERMAN                           NY-14-Z-109
LEROY, JOHN                             NY-14-T-489
LEROY, JOHN                             NY-14-E-255
LEROY, LEVI                             NY-14-12-342
LEROY, PETER                            NY-14-E-383
LEROY, WELTHY                           NY-14-8-395
LERTSCHUH, JOHN G.                      NY-14-12-578
LESLIE, JAMES                           NY-14-4-152
LESTER, TEMPERANCE                      NY-14-11-165
LESTER, THOMAS S.                       NY-14-11-243
LETZEISEN, WILLIAM                      NY-14-15-496
LEVI, HENRIETTE                         NY-14-10-21
LEWIS, AZOR B.                          NY-14-4-679
LEWIS, DANIEL                           NY-14-B-244
LEWIS, DANIEL                           NY-14-B-120
LEWIS, ENOCH                            NY-14-L-243
LEWIS, GEORGE W.                        NY-14-D-81
LEWIS, HANNAH                           NY-14-L-9
LEWIS, HELENA                           NY-14-I-322
LEWIS, ISRAEL                           NY-14-C-6
LEWIS, JACOB                            NY-14-10-107
LEWIS, JACOB P.                         NY-14-R-231
LEWIS, JOHANNIS                         NY-14-AA-29
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-14-V-416
LEWIS, JOSEPH B.                        NY-14-8-719
LEWIS, LEONARD B.                       NY-14-G-298
LEWIS, MARIAH                           NY-14-7-528
LEWIS, MARY A.                          NY-14-S-205
LEWIS, MORGAN                           NY-14-N-443
LEWIS, NELLY                            NY-14-J-14
LEWIS, PETER                            NY-14-G-384
LEWIS, PETER                            NY-14-Q-494
LEWIS, PETER T.                         NY-14-S-276
LEWIS, RICHARD                          NY-14-D-499
LEWIS, SARAH                            NY-14-V-8
LEWIS, SUSAN M.                         NY-14-2-211
LEWIS, SUSAN M.                         NY-14-S-321
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-14-A-150
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-14-B-450
LEWIS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-11-210
LEYDEN, BRIDGET                         NY-14-6-19
LEZANI, JOHN                            NY-14-14-138
LIGHT, JOHN                             NY-14-Z-498
LINEBERG, JOHN                          NY-14-F-356, 370
LINES, SARAH A.                         NY-14-15-24
LINES, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Z-289
LINK, HANNAH                            NY-14-G-241
LINK, JOHANNES                          NY-14-B-272
LINK, SARAH                             NY-14-14-478
LISCOMB, CHARLES F.                     NY-14-11-459
LITTLE, CHARLES H.                      NY-14-9-12
LITTLE, STEPHEN                         NY-14-U-88
LIVIGNSTON, JULIA A.                    NY-14-8-576
LIVIGNSTON, MARY L.                     NY-14-8-181
LIVINGSTON, ALMIRA                      NY-14-Z-4
LIVINGSTON, ANNA M. C.                  NY-14-5-560
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE                   NY-14-H-338
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE R.                NY-14-M-395
LIVINGSTON, EDWARD                      NY-14-J-313
LIVINGSTON, EDWIN G.                    NY-14-W-44
LIVINGSTON, ELIZA H.                    NY-14-13-274
LIVINGSTON, ELIZABETH W.                NY-14-11-427
LIVINGSTON, GILBERT                     NY-14-C-33
LIVINGSTON, HARRIET                     NY-14-Q-430
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       NY-14-B-155
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       NY-14-H-101
LIVINGSTON, HENRY A.                    NY-14-Q-40
LIVINGSTON, HENRY B.                    NY-14-V-83
LIVINGSTON, JAMES                       NY-14-A-188
LIVINGSTON, JOHN A.                     NY-14-W-297
LIVINGSTON, JOHN K.                     NY-14-5-157
LIVINGSTON, JOHN R.                     NY-14-Q-444
LIVINGSTON, JOHN S.                     NY-14-Y-166
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPH W.                   NY-14-11-611
LIVINGSTON, LEWIS                       NY-14-9-166
LIVINGSTON, LOUISE                      NY-14-U-501
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET                    NY-14-U-490
LIVINGSTON, MATURIN                     NY-14-10-87
LIVINGSTON, PETER R.                    NY-14-P-28
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT F.                   NY-14-4-96
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT H.                   NY-14-B-471
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT JAMES                NY-14-G-504
LIVINGSTON, SAMUEL                      NY-14-A-309
LIVINGSTON, SILVIE DEPAU                NY-14-6-546
LIVINGSTONE, ROBERT L.                  NY-14-4-292
LLOYD, HENRY                            NY-14-W-514
LLOYD, HENRY G.                         NY-14-9-280
LLOYD, MORRIS G.                        NY-14-11-393
LOCKWOOD, ALMIRA                        NY-14-10-690
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER                      NY-14-A-145
LOCKWOOD, HELENA A.                     NY-14-13-456
LOCKWOOD, JAMES                         NY-14-K-487
LOCKWOOD, JONATHAN                      NY-14-#1-503
LOCKWOOD, MARY                          NY-14-15-470
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM                       NY-14-V-569
LOGAN, CHARLES                          NY-14-W-283
LOMAS, RICHARD                          NY-14-8-213
LONG, JESSIE TYSON                      NY-14-14-626
LONGKING, THOMAS A.                     NY-14-2-543
LONN, ANNA                              NY-14-#1-177
LOOP, JACOB                             NY-14-E-470
LOOP, JOSIAS                            NY-14-C-58
LOOSZ, LOUIS                            NY-14-10-392
LOSEE, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-B-41
LOSEE, ALEXANDER T.                     NY-14-10-137
LOSEE, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-C-428
LOSEE, FRANCIS                          NY-14-2-220
LOSEE, FRANCIS                          NY-14-A-298
LOSEE, GERTRUDE                         NY-14-11-554
LOSEE, HANNAH                           NY-14-L-133
LOSEE, JAMES                            NY-14-B-412
LOSEE, JAMES H.                         NY-14-11-157
LOSEE, JOHN                             NY-14-8-284
LOSEE, JOHN E.                          NY-14-15-328
LOSEE, JOHN J.                          NY-14-W-269
LOSEE, MARY                             NY-14-R-141
LOSEE, NANCY                            NY-14-K-72
LOSEE, PHEBE                            NY-14-11-448
LOSEE, PHEBE J.                         NY-14-15-645
LOSEE, SARAH                            NY-14-D-351
LOSEE, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Q-368
LOSSING, BENSON J.                      NY-14-11-104
LOSSING, JOHN                           NY-14-D-455
LOSSING, MARY                           NY-14-Q-419
LOTT, LYDIA                             NY-14-7-510
LOUNSBERRY, CATHARINE                   NY-14-W-88
LOUNSBERRY, JOSHUA                      NY-14-#1-121
LOUNSBERRY, NELSON                      NY-14-6-332
LOUNSBURY, CAROLINE S.                  NY-14-13-435
LOUNSBURY, ISAAC                        NY-14-L-438
LOUNSBURY, PHEBE                        NY-14-S-358
LOW, AARON                              NY-14-P-225
LOW, AARON                              NY-14-C-156
LOW, JOHN                               NY-14-R-270
LOW, JOHN A.                            NY-14-H-110
LOW, PETER                              NY-14-D-616
LOWAREE, PETER                          NY-14-H-98
LOWERMAN, MARTIN                        NY-14-13-165
LOWERY, BRIDGET M.                      NY-14-14-620
LOWERY, MARY                            NY-14-13-668
LOWEWE, ALFRED W.                       NY-14-9-140
LOWKES, ADAM                            NY-14-P-177
LOWN, ANDREW                            NY-14-R-234
LOWN, DAVID                             NY-14-4-221
LOWN, DAVID D.                          NY-14-V-282
LOWN, DAVID JR.                         NY-14-E-319
LOWN, JACOB I.                          NY-14-N-537
LOWN, JACOB P.                          NY-14-H-3
LOWN, JOHN I.                           NY-14-U-468
LOWN, MARGARET                          NY-14-14-554
LOWNDES, GERTGRUDE L.                   NY-14-8-126
LOWNDES, RAWLINS                        NY-14-4-463
LOWNSBURY, ISAAC                        NY-14-C-48
LOWNSBURY, MICHAEL                      NY-14-D-369
LOWNSBURY, PHINEHAS                     NY-14-K-79
LUCKEY, CHARLES                         NY-14-12-721
LUCKEY, CHARLES P.                      NY-14-13-175
LUCKEY, HANNAH J.                       NY-14-12-372
LUCKEY, JAMES                           NY-14-L-466
LUCKEY, JOHN                            NY-14-E-130
LUCKEY, SAMUEL                          NY-14-I-381
LUDINGTON, DANIEL                       NY-14-12-72
LUDINGTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-12-625
LUDINGTON, JANE N.                      NY-14-12-127
LUDINGTON, WILLIAM                      NY-14-12-674
LUDINTON, COMFORT                       NY-14-B-552
LUIS, THOMAS                            NY-14-A-285
LUMB, THOMAS                            NY-14-11-215
LUMGSTON, SYLVIE                        NY-14-2-449
LUTHER, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-11-179
LUTHER, AMOS A.                         NY-14-10-153
LUTHER, FRANK W.                        NY-14-15-455
LUYSTER, AMELIA                         NY-14-15-214
LUYSTER, CORNELIUS                      NY-14-A-353
LUYSTER, JOHN                           NY-14-Q-135
LUYSTER, JOHN                           NY-14-B-219
LUYSTER, MARY                           NY-14-S-314
LUYSTER, PETER                          NY-14-9-301
LUYSTER, PETER J.                       NY-14-N-212
LUYSTER, REBECCA J.                     NY-14-7-388
LUYSTER, THYS                           NY-14-B-399
LUYSTER, WILLIPE                        NY-14-E-13
LYNCH, MARGARET                         NY-14-13-578
LYNCH, PATRICK                          NY-14-10-516
LYNCH, ROSANNA                          NY-14-8-17
LYNCH, SAMUEL                           NY-14-13-612
LYON, ASAHEL                            NY-14-8-626
LYON, ELNATHAN                          NY-14-C-510
LYON, HORATIO                           NY-14-11-31
LYON, ISAAC                             NY-14-H-334
LYON, JANE                              NY-14-7-70
LYON, JOHN W.                           NY-14-J-320
LYON, JONATHAN                          NY-14-M-40
LYON, MARIA                             NY-14-9-541
LYON, MARY                              NY-14-Q-122
LYON, MARY H.                           NY-14-14-308
LYONS, EDWARD                           NY-14-3-611
LYONS, MICHAEL                          NY-14-7-558
LYSTER, CHARLES                         NY-14-4-521
MABBETT, JAMES K.                       NY-14-14-301
MABBETT, JANE                           NY-14-3-453
MABBETT, SUSANNA                        NY-14-H-459
MACCORMAC, JAMES H.                     NY-14-15-193
MACCORMAC, MARY J.                      NY-14-14-747
MACHT, ADAM                             NY-14-9-286
MACINTYRE, PETER                        NY-14-14-518
MACK, HANNAH                            NY-14-7-314
MACKEY, URIAH                           NY-14-8-336
MACKIN, JAMES                           NY-14-9-415
MACKLIN, FRANCIS                        NY-14-W-27
MACOMBER, JOHN                          NY-14-B-320
MACOMBER, MARY                          NY-14-C-219
MACPHERSON, CORDELIA E.                 NY-14-12-223
MAGEE, ROBERT                           NY-14-13-629
MAGER, MARGARET                         NY-14-9-658
MAGUIRE, EUGENIA A.                     NY-14-U-446
MAGUIRE, THOMAS                         NY-14-#1-204
MAHAN, GEORGE W.                        NY-14-T-322
MAHAR, JAMES                            NY-14-Z-513
MAHER, DENNIS                           NY-14-15-81
MAHER, MICHAEL                          NY-14-15-676
MAHER,MARGARET                          NY-14-14-601
MAHON, JAMES                            NY-14-13-242
MAHONEY, MARY C.                        NY-14-6-223
MAHURD, FANNY                           NY-14-2-130
MAILL, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-S-324
MAIN, JOSHUA                            NY-14-AA-136
MAINE, ZADOCK P.                        NY-14-Q-119
MAJOR, CATHARINE A.                     NY-14-3-186
MALLETT, SAMUEL                         NY-14-G-154
MALLORY, DAVID S.                       NY-14-9-579
MALLORY, MARY ANN                       NY-14-9-507
MALONE, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-9-234
MALONEY, PATRICK                        NY-14-4-23
MANDIGO, MELINDA                        NY-14-13-11
MANN, JAMES H.                          NY-14-8-64
MANN, JOHN                              NY-14-Y-113
MANN, LEWIS                             NY-14-M-215
MANNEY, ALIDA                           NY-14-2-269
MANNEY, HENRY                           NY-14-L-359
MANNEY, JOHN                            NY-14-N-224
MANNEY, WINANCE                         NY-14-C-630
MANNEY, WINES                           NY-14-K-341
MANNING, ANN MARIA                      NY-14-14-450
MANNING, BARTHLOMEW                     NY-14-6-394
MANNING, CLARINDA                       NY-14-13-500
MANNING, HANNAH A.                      NY-14-9-341
MANNING, JACOB                          NY-14-8-282
MANNING, MICHAEL E.                     NY-14-9-665
MANNING, PATRICK                        NY-14-10-66
MANNIX, CHARLES                         NY-14-C-456
MANNY, ELEANOR                          NY-14-V-212
MANOGUE, JULIA                          NY-14-14-646
MARBLE, JAMES F.                        NY-14-12-447
MARCH, CHARLES D.                       NY-14-9-632
MARCH, MARY L.                          NY-14-12-207
MARCY, DOROTHY                          NY-14-S-91
MARCY, SUSANNAH                         NY-14-W-271
MAREY, LUCRETIA                         NY-14-10-155
MARITN, JACKSON                         NY-14-P-466
MARK, ALICE                             NY-14-W-524
MARKS, JOHN                             NY-14-13-200
MARKSTEIN, HENRY M.                     NY-14-14-468
MARLEY, MARY                            NY-14-11-252
MARONA, JOHN                            NY-14-10-728
MARQUART, GEORGE                        NY-14-12-499
MARQUART, GEORGE                        NY-14-L-21
MARQUART, JOHN                          NY-14-E-42
MARQUART, JOHN GEORGE                   NY-14-C-28
MARQUET, ANNA M.                        NY-14-14-442
MARQUET, ANNA M.                        NY-14-12-423
MARQUET, GRIFFIN                        NY-14-Z-213
MARQUET, JOHN F.                        NY-14-13-248
MARRIOTT, HENRY J.                      NY-14-G-489
MARRIOTT, HENRY JR.                     NY-14-G-497
MARRIOTT, THOMAS T.                     NY-14-8-464
MARSH, WILLIAM                          NY-14-M-238
MARSH, ZACCHEUS                         NY-14-4-69
MARSHALL, AARON                         NY-14-N-586
MARSHALL, ALBION                        NY-14-12-121
MARSHALL, BARTLETT                      NY-14-T-160
MARSHALL, CATHARINE E.                  NY-14-8-332
MARSHALL, DAVID                         NY-14-O-249
MARSHALL, ELIZA                         NY-14-9-180
MARSHALL, ELZIABETH                     NY-14-P-437
MARSHALL, GEORGE C.                     NY-14-U-458
MARSHALL, HANNAH                        NY-14-5-60
MARSHALL, HENRY                         NY-14-G-15
MARSHALL, HENRY B.                      NY-14-11-596
MARSHALL, HENRY L.                      NY-14-2-580
MARSHALL, HENRY S.                      NY-14-R-318
MARSHALL, HIRAM R.                      NY-14-Y-295
MARSHALL, ISAAC                         NY-14-10-606
MARSHALL, ISAAC P.                      NY-14-#1-529
MARSHALL, ISREAL                        NY-14-2-434
MARSHALL, JAMES                         NY-14-D-629
MARSHALL, JAMES                         NY-14-#1-624
MARSHALL, JAMES                         NY-14-N-187
MARSHALL, JAMES I.                      NY-14-15-246
MARSHALL, JAMES J.                      NY-14-J-400
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NY-14-R-422
MARSHALL, JOHN B.                       NY-14-8-575
MARSHALL, JOHN C.                       NY-14-8-615
MARSHALL, JOHN G.                       NY-14-11-340
MARSHALL, JOHN J.                       NY-14-6-654
MARSHALL, JOSEPH H.                     NY-14-14-587
MARSHALL, JOSEPH H.                     NY-14-2-277
MARSHALL, MARIA                         NY-14-R-403
MARSHALL, MARIA                         NY-14-11-350
MARSHALL, MARTIN                        NY-14-14-18
MARSHALL, MATTIE J.                     NY-14-10-310
MARSHALL, OLIVER                        NY-14-H-34
MARSHALL, PERMELIA                      NY-14-15-473
MARSHALL, RICHARD E.                    NY-14-9-694
MARSHALL, ROEBRT                        NY-14-5-77
MARSHALL, SARAH A.                      NY-14-9-695
MARSHALL, SARAH D.                      NY-14-9-45
MARSHALL, STEPHEN D.                    NY-14-U-381
MARSHALL, WILLET                        NY-14-R-361
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-3-86
MARSHALL, WILLIAM F.                    NY-14-P-391
MARSHALL, ZACCHEUS                      NY-14-H-350
MARTIN, ANN                             NY-14-8-367
MARTIN, AUGUSTUS                        NY-14-3-174
MARTIN, CATHARINE                       NY-14-U-145
MARTIN, CHARLES                         NY-14-6-527
MARTIN, EDWARD                          NY-14-12-381
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-W-294
MARTIN, GALLOP                          NY-14-I-366
MARTIN, GEORGE                          NY-14-B-409
MARTIN, GERSHOM                         NY-14-N-569
MARTIN, GIBBY                           NY-14-G-238
MARTIN, HENRY G.                        NY-14-F-413
MARTIN, ISABELLA                        NY-14-R-340
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-14-H-16
MARTIN, JOSEPH                          NY-14-10-377
MARTIN, MARGARET                        NY-14-Z-624
MARTIN, MICHAEL S.                      NY-14-V-58
MARTIN, RICHARD                         NY-14-AA-43
MARTIN, SARAH                           NY-14-A-300
MARTIN, SARAH                           NY-14-L-98
MARTIN, SARAH E.                        NY-14-10-723
MARTIN, SERENA                          NY-14-4-637
MARTIN, SUSANNA                         NY-14-I-411
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-14-M-471
MARTIN, THOMAS JR.                      NY-14-I-343
MARTIN, WING                            NY-14-2-499
MARTINO, STEPHEN S.                     NY-14-J-81
MARVIN, JOHN L.                         NY-14-15-313
MARVIN, MARGARET                        NY-14-6-225
MASE, JANE E.                           NY-14-10-71
MASE, SYLVESTER H.                      NY-14-12-51
MASE, WILLARD H.                        NY-14-12-252
MASICK, DAVID                           NY-14-C-1
MASK, BARBARA                           NY-14-15-583
MASON, JOSEPH                           NY-14-C-279
MASON, JOSEPH                           NY-14-G-420
MASON, NANCY                            NY-14-9-565
MASS, JULIUS A.                         NY-14-12-308
MASSEY, MARY O.                         NY-14-14-132
MASSONNEAU, ROBERT L.                   NY-14-14-153
MASTEN, CHARLES                         NY-14-V-490
MASTEN, CHARLES H.                      NY-14-15-293
MASTEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-4-366
MASTEN, HANNAH                          NY-14-5-124
MASTEN, JOHN V.                         NY-14-6-228
MASTEN, ROWLAND                         NY-14-W-157
MASTIN, ALFRED                          NY-14-#1-552
MASTIN, GEORGE L.                       NY-14-8-315
MASTIN, JOSEPH D.                       NY-14-13-614
MASTIN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-14-14-349
MATHER, THOMAS J.                       NY-14-11-388
MATHERS, CHARLES                        NY-14-8-480
MATHEWS, ROBERT                         NY-14-#1-577
MATHEWSON, BERNARD                      NY-14-F-520
MATTERN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-14-9-551
MATTHEWSON, MARIA                       NY-14-L-141
MAXFIELD, ELENER                        NY-14-E-106
MAXON, SARAH                            NY-14-V-398
MAXSON, HENRY                           NY-14-U-217
MAYBEE, BRUNDAGE                        NY-14-14-728
MAYERS, PETER S.                        NY-14-2-577
MAYHEW, LEVY                            NY-14-L-495
MCALLISTER, ALEXANDER                   NY-14-R-257
MCANAMEY, JOHN                          NY-14-7-386
MCARTHUR, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-Y-37
MCARTHUR, PHEBE                         NY-14-7-454
MCAULIFF, JOHN                          NY-14-11-508
MCAULIFF, SIMEON                        NY-14-12-218
MCCABE, BERNARD                         NY-14-5-505
MCCABE, CATHERINE                       NY-14-10-269
MCCAFFERTY, JAMES                       NY-14-3-252
MCCALL, EDWARD                          NY-14-8-179
MCCALMON, THOMAS                        NY-14-8-261
MCCALMORE, ISABELLA                     NY-14-V-387
MCCANN, JOHN                            NY-14-10-262
MCCANN, MARY E.                         NY-14-14-161
MCCARRICK, SYLVESTER                    NY-14-9-585
MCCARTHY, HONORA                        NY-14-12-582
MCCARTON, DANIEL                        NY-14-U-27
MCCARTY, STEPHEN                        NY-14-Z-544
MCCARY, JOHN                            NY-14-Q-220
MCCAUGHEY, CHARLES                      NY-14-8-5
MCCLOSKEY, JAMES                        NY-14-15-545
MCCLOSKEY, PETER                        NY-14-14-384
MCCLUSKEY, CHARLES                      NY-14-3-23
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           NY-14-13-497
MCCOORD, JOHN                           NY-14-E-297
MCCOORD, WILLIAM                        NY-14-D-585
MCCORD, ANNA                            NY-14-15-354
MCCORD, CORNELIA                        NY-14-W-575
MCCORD, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-14-W-413
MCCORD, JOHN J.                         NY-14-V-371
MCCORD, MARIA L.                        NY-14-8-373
MCCORD, MARY E.                         NY-14-9-566
MCCORD, RACHEL                          NY-14-K-1
MCCORD, WILLIAM J.                      NY-14-10-11
MCCORMAC, CHARLES                       NY-14-9-183
MCCORMAC, MERCY ANN                     NY-14-15-439
MCCOSKER, MATHEW                        NY-14-W-451
MCCOY, JOHN H.                          NY-14-U-401
MCCREARY, SAMUEL                        NY-14-O-459
MCCREARY, THOMAS                        NY-14-7-539
MCCRISTAN, PATRICK                      NY-14-R-191
MCCULLUM, ALEXANDER                     NY-14-5-225
MCCURDY, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-13-512
MCCUTCHEON, ROBERT                      NY-14-I-136
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-14-P-261
MCDONALD, PATRICK                       NY-14-10-336
MCDONALD, ROBERT                        NY-14-3-419
MCDONALD, WILLIAM HENRY                 NY-14-10-505
MCDONNELL, JOHN                         NY-14-#1-599
MCDOWEL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-H-2
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-14-E-304
MCELRATH, ALEXANER                      NY-14-12-310
MCELWEE, CATHARINE J.                   NY-14-10-396
MCENROE, MARGARET                       NY-14-10-643
MCENROE, THOMAS                         NY-14-6-478
MCFARLIN, DANIEL SR.                    NY-14-Q-227
MCFARLIN, NANCY                         NY-14-U-228
MCGAFFIN, CORENLIA                      NY-14-2-522
MCGEORGE, FARLAN                        NY-14-13-167
MCGHEE, GEORGE                          NY-14-8-720
MCGINN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-346
MCGRATH, CATHERINE                      NY-14-8-529
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-14-9-200
MCGUIRE, BRIDET                         NY-14-6-543
MCINTIRE, PURCILLA                      NY-14-V-319
MCINTOSH, CATHARINE                     NY-14-11-279
MCINTOSH, JOHN                          NY-14-V-149
MCINTYRE, MARTIN                        NY-14-10-365
MCKAY, JAMES                            NY-14-9-492
MCKEE, HUGH                             NY-14-8-706
MCKEEN, MARY H. P.                      NY-14-Z-360
MCKELVEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-8-308
MCKENNA, THOMAS                         NY-14-13-114
MCKERNAN, WILLIAM                       NY-14-10-162
MCKINLAY, DANIEL                        NY-14-Z-560
MCKINLAY, PETER                         NY-14-U-176
MCKNIGHT, CHARLES S.                    NY-14-13-92
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY ANN                    NY-14-W-384
MCLEAN, JAMES                           NY-14-Z-267
MCLEES, JAMES                           NY-14-E-113
MCLELLAN, CHARLES H. P.                 NY-14-V-171
MCLELLAN, REBECCA S.                    NY-14-8-640
MCLEMON, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Y-188
MCMACHIN, ARCHIBALD                     NY-14-5-91
MCMACKIN, WILLIAM                       NY-14-W-381
MCMAHON, FRANCIS                        NY-14-15-467
MCMAIN, MARY LOUISA                     NY-14-11-487
MCMANUS, JOHN                           NY-14-13-615
MCMANUS, ROSE                           NY-14-14-282
MCMARLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-14-H-11
MCMURRAY, ROBERT                        NY-14-#1-380
MCMURRAY, ROBERT                        NY-14-S-528
MCNALLY, EDWARD                         NY-14-9-47
MCNALLY, WALTER                         NY-14-10-485
MCNAMARA, WILLIAM                       NY-14-11-390
MCNEAL, WILLIAM                         NY-14-A-432
MCNEIL, CATHARINE                       NY-14-6-440
MCNICHOL, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-12-683
MCNICHOL, PATRICK                       NY-14-9-691
MCNULTY, MARY ELLEN                     NY-14-15-703
MCNULTY, PATRICK                        NY-14-13-96
MCPHERSON, CORDELIA E.                  NY-14-12-223
MCQUADE, THOMAS                         NY-14-10-368
MEAD, AMOS                              NY-14-S-215
MEAD, CHARLES                           NY-14-9-196
MEAD, DEBORAH                           NY-14-V-210
MEAD, HORACE H.                         NY-14-15-611
MEAD, ISAAC P.                          NY-14-9-174
MEAD, J. F.                             NY-14-10-50
MEAD, JANE E.                           NY-14-11-437
MEAD, JOSHUA                            NY-14-F-505
MEAD, MOSES                             NY-14-C-446
MEAD, NATHANIEL                         NY-14-12-239
MEAD, PETER F.                          NY-14-13-468
MEAD, PHEBE                             NY-14-8-513
MEAD, RODMAN                            NY-14-W-154
MEAD, SAMANTHA                          NY-14-14-484
MEAD, SAMUEL                            NY-14-D-108
MEADE, JANE                             NY-14-Y-449
MEDDAUGH, AURT                          NY-14-I-415
MEDDAUGH, CATHERINE                     NY-14-F-234
MEDDAUGH, LEVI                          NY-14-11-264
MEDDAUGH, WILLIAM T.                    NY-14-15-265
MEEKS, RICHARD C.                       NY-14-10-213
MEHL, MICHAEL                           NY-14-9-84
MELDRUM, JOHN                           NY-14-6-428
MELHADO, JUDAH                          NY-14-13-429
MELONEY, BRYAN                          NY-14-B-313
MENNEMA, JOHN                           NY-14-C-240
MEONFORT, MARIA                         NY-14-V-251
MERCHANT, SAMUEL                        NY-14-12-621
MERCHANT, SARAH                         NY-14-13-171
MERCY, EBENEZER                         NY-14-C-301
MERCY, GRIFFIN                          NY-14-E-446
MERK, BARBARA                           NY-14-15-583
MERRICK, MARGARET                       NY-14-8-536
MERRIT, WILLIAM                         NY-14-C-75
MERRITT, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-Q-263
MERRITT, ALONZO W.                      NY-14-6-243
MERRITT, AMANDA                         NY-14-7-247
MERRITT, ANN E.                         NY-14-9-8
MERRITT, ANNA F.                        NY-14-13-594
MERRITT, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-I-225
MERRITT, CONSIDER                       NY-14-B-334
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-14-B-529
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-14-O-47
MERRITT, DAVID                          NY-14-L-327
MERRITT, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-10-27
MERRITT, HANNAH K.                      NY-14-4-281
MERRITT, HARRIET                        NY-14-10-163
MERRITT, HENRY                          NY-14-#1-633
MERRITT, ISAAC                          NY-14-4-179
MERRITT, JAMES                          NY-14-J-136
MERRITT, JANE                           NY-14-V-494
MERRITT, JANE                           NY-14-4-624
MERRITT, JANE                           NY-14-V-518
MERRITT, JESSE F.                       NY-14-Z-161
MERRITT, MARTHA                         NY-14-S-606
MERRITT, MARY                           NY-14-V-87
MERRITT, MARY ANN                       NY-14-7-88
MERRITT, MARY F.                        NY-14-10-697
MERRITT, MATTHEW F.                     NY-14-14-92
MERRITT, PHEBE C.                       NY-14-10-542
MERRITT, REBECCA                        NY-14-2-187
MERRITT, SARAH                          NY-14-I-331
MERRITT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Q-103
MERRITT, WILLIAM B.                     NY-14-11-56
MERRITT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-14-2-141
MERRITT, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-2-109
MERRITT, WILLIAM T.                     NY-14-8-20
MERWIN, FRANK S.                        NY-14-13-13
MERWIN, SAMUEL                          NY-14-L-122
MERWIN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-14-11-392
MESIER, ABRAM G.                        NY-14-8-50
MESIER, HENRY                           NY-14-7-3
MESIER, JOANNA E.                       NY-14-9-419
MESIER, MARIA L.                        NY-14-10-538
MESIER, MATTHEW                         NY-14-K-470
MESIER, PETER A.                        NY-14-2-573
MESIER, REBECCA R.                      NY-14-10-674
METZGER, MARGARET                       NY-14-14-604
MEYER, LOUIS                            NY-14-Y-7
MEYER, MARY                             NY-14-15-443
MICHAEL, DAVID                          NY-14-13-369
MIDDAGH, AERT                           NY-14-AA-57
MIDDAGH, GEORGE                         NY-14-B-241
MIDDAUGH, AURT J.                       NY-14-H-266
MIDDAUGH, CATHARINE                     NY-14-W-302
MIDDAUGH, CORNELIUS C.                  NY-14-Z-275
MIDDAUGH, JACOBUS                       NY-14-C-201
MIDDAUGH, JOSHUA                        NY-14-H-240
MIDDAUGH, LANY                          NY-14-M-69
MIDDLETON, FREDERICK                    NY-14-13-395
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D.                   NY-14-12-216
MIESELL, JOSEPHINE                      NY-14-12-607
MILES, FREDERICK                        NY-14-14-31
MILHAM, ANNA                            NY-14-V-374
MILHAM, MARTIN                          NY-14-G-417
MILLARD, H. B. MARTHA                   NY-14-13-351
MILLARD, JANE S.                        NY-14-8-707
MILLARD, LYDIA D.                       NY-14-15-442
MILLARD, OLIVE JANE                     NY-14-8-226
MILLARD, SARAH                          NY-14-7-444
MILLARD, WALTER                         NY-14-6-581
MILLER, ADAM                            NY-14-H-519
MILLER, AMAND                           NY-14-12-666
MILLER, ARTHILLA                        NY-14-11-379
MILLER, CAROLINE B.                     NY-14-12-39
MILLER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-7-182
MILLER, CATHERINE                       NY-14-9-181
MILLER, CHARLES W.                      NY-14-15-487
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       NY-14-7-142
MILLER, CLARK                           NY-14-J-104
MILLER, CORDELIA                        NY-14-10-229
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-14-9-80
MILLER, DAVID S.                        NY-14-15-40
MILLER, ELNATHAN                        NY-14-8-390
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-14-14-45
MILLER, HORATIO                         NY-14-U-422
MILLER, J. V. H.                        NY-14-11-47
MILLER, JACOB                           NY-14-G-368
MILLER, JACOB C.                        NY-14-J-248
MILLER, JASPER                          NY-14-8-299
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-14-T-391
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-14-C-243
MILLER, MARY REGINA                     NY-14-7-192
MILLER, NATHAN                          NY-14-V-68
MILLER, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-6-513
MILLER, OLIVE                           NY-14-14-342
MILLER, PARMELIA                        NY-14-11-335
MILLER, PHEBE                           NY-14-5-98
MILLER, RICHARD                         NY-14-H-195
MILLER, ROBERT                          NY-14-V-199
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-L-58
MILLER, SARAH                           NY-14-10-494
MILLER, THERESA M.                      NY-14-11-319
MILLER, VALENTINE                       NY-14-5-315
MILLHAM, CONROD                         NY-14-E-252
MILLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-U-539
MILLS, GEORGE H.                        NY-14-9-310
MILLS, INCREASE                         NY-14-E-190
MILLS, JAMES                            NY-14-V-76
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-14-Y-329
MILLS, MERCY                            NY-14-I-298
MILLS, ROBERT                           NY-14-L-40
MILLS, ZEBULON                          NY-14-AA-68
MILNES, THOMAS                          NY-14-J-331
MILTON, JANE                            NY-14-14-436
MINEMA, SARAH                           NY-14-C-330
MINKLER, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-11-74
MINTHORN, PHILLIP                       NY-14-A-313
MINTHORN, PHILLIP                       NY-14-AA-107
MITCHELL, ANAH                          NY-14-O-200
MITCHELL, ANN                           NY-14-P-259
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-I-269
MITCHELL, CATHARINE                     NY-14-R-355
MITCHELL, DAVID L.                      NY-14-7-524
MITCHELL, EUNICE                        NY-14-N-433
MITCHELL, FREELOVE                      NY-14-G-513
MITCHELL, GERTRUDE                      NY-14-2-589
MITCHELL, HANNAH                        NY-14-W-281
MITCHELL, JANE A.                       NY-14-13-744
MITCHELL, JANE ELIZA                    NY-14-15-607
MITCHELL, JETHRO                        NY-14-Y-490
MITCHELL, JOSIAH                        NY-14-W-288
MITCHELL, RUTH M.                       NY-14-S-49
MITCHELL, SIDNEY                        NY-14-11-203
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        NY-14-B-490
MITCHELL, WILLIAM B.                    NY-14-U-120
MOFFATT, JOHN                           NY-14-2-149
MONAGHAN, CHARLES                       NY-14-U-564
MONAGHAN, PETER                         NY-14-6-109
MONAHAN, ROSANNA                        NY-14-10-610
MONDON, RICHARD                         NY-14-W-542
MONELL, JOHN J.                         NY-14-8-673
MONELL, MARY E.                         NY-14-14-13
MONFOORT, FRANCIS LOSEE                 NY-14-O-540
MONFOORT, HENRY S.                      NY-14-F-167
MONFOORT, JANE                          NY-14-C-293
MONFOORT, JOHN                          NY-14-B-366
MONFOORT, JOHN P.                       NY-14-B-415
MONFOORT, MARGARET                      NY-14-D-490
MONFORT, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-12-202
MONFORT, ALBERT J.                      NY-14-E-91
MONFORT, ALBERT J.                      NY-14-13-654
MONFORT, ANN H.                         NY-14-10-404
MONFORT, CELIA                          NY-14-2-208
MONFORT, CHARLES                        NY-14-15-91
MONFORT, DOMINICUS                      NY-14-E-75
MONFORT, ESTHER V.                      NY-14-13-382
MONFORT, JACOB                          NY-14-Z-232
MONFORT, JAMES S.                       NY-14-R-444
MONFORT, JANE                           NY-14-13-276
MONFORT, JOHN A.                        NY-14-14-299
MONFORT, JOHN T.                        NY-14-3-47
MONFORT, MARIA                          NY-14-14-472
MONFORT, MARIA                          NY-14-K-452
MONFORT, MARTHA J.                      NY-14-5-54
MONFORT, OLIVER P.                      NY-14-12-711
MONFORT, PETER                          NY-14-A-292
MONFORT, SCHENCK                        NY-14-9-451
MONFORT, SUSANNAH                       NY-14-Q-365
MONTAGUE, THOMAS                        NY-14-11-143
MONTFOORT, MARTIN                       NY-14-M-404
MONTFORT, ADRIAN                        NY-14-#1-78
MONTFORT, CATHERINE                     NY-14-10-349
MONTFORT, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-S-193
MONTFORT, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-10-611
MONTFORT, HANNAH                        NY-14-9-7
MONTFORT, JOHN                          NY-14-Z-270
MONTFORT, MARTHA                        NY-14-10-248
MONTFORT, STEPHEN                       NY-14-9-677
MONTGOMERY, JANET                       NY-14-H-177
MONTGOMERY, JANET                       NY-14-R-24A
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD                     NY-14-A-55
MONTROSS, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-V-530
MONTROSS, EVELINE                       NY-14-3-30
MONTROSS, JAMES B.                      NY-14-6-51
MOONEY, EDWARD                          NY-14-9-452
MOONEY, MARGARET                        NY-14-15-462
MOONEY, ROBERT                          NY-14-A-67
MOORE, ABEL B.                          NY-14-6-22
MOORE, ALFRED L.                        NY-14-13-432
MOORE, ALFRED L.                        NY-14-5-260
MOORE, ANDREW                           NY-14-15-714
MOORE, ANNA MARIA                       NY-14-W-73
MOORE, CHARLES                          NY-14-13-405
MOORE, HULDAH                           NY-14-9-340
MOORE, JACOB                            NY-14-K-555
MOORE, JACOB                            NY-14-9-34
MOORE, JACOB I.                         NY-14-P-251
MOORE, JANE ANN                         NY-14-13-51
MOORE, JANE M.                          NY-14-14-148
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-14-15-520
MOORE, JOHN W.                          NY-14-5-446
MOORE, JOHN WELLS                       NY-14-8-691
MOORE, OTIS                             NY-14-9-149
MOORE, PETER                            NY-14-I-357
MOORE, PETER P.                         NY-14-U-32
MOORE, PHILIP                           NY-14-12-14
MOORE, PHILIP                           NY-14-E-477
MOORE, PHILIP C.                        NY-14-S-573
MOORE, PHILIP H.                        NY-14-14-440
MOORE, POLLY                            NY-14-#1-135
MOORE, RACHEL                           NY-14-#1-613
MOORE, SERENA                           NY-14-7-630
MOORE, SOLOMON                          NY-14-N-331
MOORE, STEPHEN                          NY-14-R-130
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-14-15-585
MOORE, WILLIAM T.                       NY-14-T-510
MORE, HELEN                             NY-14-T-135
MORE, HENRY P.                          NY-14-M-300
MORE, MICHAEL                           NY-14-C-592
MOREHOUSE, BETSEY                       NY-14-Z-42
MOREHOUSE, CAROLINE C.                  NY-14-8-303
MOREHOUSE, GARRY                        NY-14-8-721
MOREHOUSE, HANNAH                       NY-14-10-56
MOREHOUSE, HARRY                        NY-14-W-237
MOREHOUSE, PHEBE G.                     NY-14-14-638
MOREHOUSE, SETH                         NY-14-5-589
MOREY, EDWARD H.                        NY-14-14-364
MOREY, JANE                             NY-14-8-557
MOREY, JEMIMA P.                        NY-14-4-13
MOREY, JOH                              NY-14-P-59
MOREY, JOHN                             NY-14-8-525
MOREY, JULIA A.                         NY-14-9-385
MOREY, MARY                             NY-14-14-751
MOREY, NORMAN C.                        NY-14-5-358
MOREY, PRISCILLA                        NY-14-2-178
MOREY, RILEY                            NY-14-3-563
MOREY, SERENA                           NY-14-13-558
MORGAN, AUGUSTUS                        NY-14-I-104
MORGAN, CALEB                           NY-14-6-661
MORGAN, DAVID                           NY-14-E-192
MORGAN, DORCAS                          NY-14-U-219
MORGAN, ELIJAH                          NY-14-E-4
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-14-7-471
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          NY-14-V-12
MORGAN, MARY L.                         NY-14-14-669
MORGAN, NANCY                           NY-14-8-411
MORGAN, PETER B.                        NY-14-E-275
MORGAN, PHEBE                           NY-14-Q-389
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-U-154
MORGAN, WILLIAM S.                      NY-14-9-305
MORISON, JOHN                           NY-14-B-612
MORISON, VIOLET                         NY-14-D-85
MORRIS, CATHARINE                       NY-14-7-124
MORRIS, CECELIA                         NY-14-13-297
MORRIS, EDMUND                          NY-14-7-480
MORRIS, HENRY W.                        NY-14-12-93
MORRIS, MARY                            NY-14-14-465
MORRIS, PATRICK                         NY-14-10-167
MORRIS, ROBERT R.                       NY-14-7-145
MORRIS, THOMAS                          NY-14-11-382
MORRISON, ANN                           NY-14-15-300
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-14-14-610
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-14-6-338
MORRISON, WILLIAM J.                    NY-14-9-696
MORROW, JOHN                            NY-14-13-310
MORSCHAUSER, JOSEPH                     NY-14-9-546
MORSE, STEPHEN                          NY-14-Y-563
MORY, ABRAHAM                           NY-14-U-243
MORY, ISAAC                             NY-14-9-561
MORY, JOSEPH                            NY-14-T-526
MORY, ROBERT                            NY-14-K-133
MORY, ROGER                             NY-14-D-586
MORY, SARAH                             NY-14-G-514
MORY, STEPHEN                           NY-14-C-27
MOSELEY, LUCILIUS H.                    NY-14-12-10
MOSHER, ALFRED                          NY-14-V-36
MOSHER, ALICE                           NY-14-11-178
MOSHER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-H-201
MOSHER, CALEB                           NY-14-A-366
MOSHER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-14-G-110
MOSHER, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-C-476
MOSHER, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-F-458
MOSHER, FRANCES                         NY-14-14-186
MOSHER, JOHN                            NY-14-J-306
MOSHER, LANSING T.                      NY-14-9-231
MOSHER, MARIA                           NY-14-8-704
MOSHER, MARY                            NY-14-G-361
MOSHER, MILES                           NY-14-10-117
MOSHER, NANCY E.                        NY-14-13-150
MOSHER, PLATT                           NY-14-11-446
MOSHER, RICHARD B.                      NY-14-H-121
MOSHER, RICHARD H.                      NY-14-S-64
MOSHER, STEPHEN                         NY-14-F-125
MOSHER, STEPHEN H.                      NY-14-3-665
MOSHER, THOMAS                          NY-14-B-465
MOSHER, TRIPP                           NY-14-F-383
MOSHER, ZACHARIAH                       NY-14-G-486
MOTT, BARNETT B.                        NY-14-10-462
MOTT, DENTON                            NY-14-7-438
MOTT, JACOB E.                          NY-14-T-83
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-14-B-285
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-14-H-369
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-14-E-224
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-14-W-279
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-14-G-63
MOTT, JOHN WARD                         NY-14-2-511
MOTT, MARY                              NY-14-N-113
MOTT, RHODA DOTY                        NY-14-7-81
MOUL, JACOB SR.                         NY-14-B-630
MOUL, JOHN                              NY-14-U-241
MOUL, PETER F.                          NY-14-11-259
MOUL, PHILIP                            NY-14-U-440
MOUL, WILLIAM                           NY-14-11-411
MOWATT, JAMES C.                        NY-14-9-683
MUELLER, JOHN                           NY-14-12-182
MULBANEY, JAMES                         NY-14-2-348
MULCOX, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-14-12-465
MULCOX, PAULINA S.                      NY-14-12-508
MULCOX, THEODORE C.                     NY-14-6-703
MULDEY, MICHAEL                         NY-14-Y-50
MULFORD, CYNTHIA V. B.                  NY-14-15-541
MULFORD, DAVID                          NY-14-T-504
MULFORD, ESTHER                         NY-14-9-271
MULHOLLAND, JAMES                       NY-14-8-327
MULLANEY, JOHANNA                       NY-14-12-737
MULLEN, CATHARINE                       NY-14-12-688
MULLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-13-713
MULLER, HERMAN                          NY-14-7-618
MULLER, JULIANA A. E.                   NY-14-6-631
MULLHOLAND, PATRICK                     NY-14-W-98
MULLIGAN, OWEN                          NY-14-14-453
MUND, MARGARET                          NY-14-9-407
MUND, MARIA                             NY-14-11-257
MURCH, ANNA MARIA                       NY-14-10-459
MURCH, DANIEL                           NY-14-7-324
MURFITT, WILLIAM                        NY-14-9-229
MURGATROYD, BENJAMIN W.                 NY-14-Z-628
MURPHY, ANN                             NY-14-10-256
MURPHY, JAMES                           NY-14-10-263
MURPHY, JULIA                           NY-14-14-732
MURPHY, MARY                            NY-14-15-249
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-14-9-316
MURRAY, BTSEY                           NY-14-4-223
MURRAY, JANE                            NY-14-P-159
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-14-11-447
MURTAUGH, BERNARD                       NY-14-4-278
MYERS, ADOLPH                           NY-14-C-29
MYERS, ALMA                             NY-14-Q-507
MYERS, CHARLES W.                       NY-14-9-238
MYERS, CORNELIA                         NY-14-5-212
MYERS, DAVID                            NY-14-F-186
MYERS, EDULPH                           NY-14-D-404
MYERS, ELIZA                            NY-14-13-64
MYERS, EVERT                            NY-14-V-330
MYERS, FRANCES T.                       NY-14-13-624
MYERS, HENRY                            NY-14-9-734
MYERS, HENRY D.                         NY-14-9-355
MYERS, JOHN A.                          NY-14-#1-400
MYERS, JOHN S.                          NY-14-M-595
MYERS, JOHN W.                          NY-14-5-486
MYERS, JONAS                            NY-14-C-70
MYERS, LYDIA C.                         NY-14-11-563
MYERS, MAGGIE                           NY-14-11-278
MYERS, MARGARET J.                      NY-14-12-44
MYERS, MARGART                          NY-14-3-570
MYERS, MATHEW J.                        NY-14-R-98
MYERS, MICHAEL J.                       NY-14-4-330
MYERS, PETER                            NY-14-14-229
MYERS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-E-176
MYERS, SARAH A.                         NY-14-2-215
MYERS, SARAH E.                         NY-14-14-122
MYERS, WARREN D.                        NY-14-#1-463
MYERS, WILLIAM S.                       NY-14-13-110
MYERS, ZACHARIAH V.                     NY-14-W-11
MYES, SUSAN                             NY-14-11-385
MYGATT, ABRAM P.                        NY-14-11-520
MYGATT, AMBROSE                         NY-14-8-492
MYGATT, PRESSON                         NY-14-Q-248
MYGATT, THOMAS                          NY-14-B-194
MYRICK, JOHN                            NY-14-J-6
NAIL, JOSEPH J.                         NY-14-J-216
NAPIER, MARGARET H.                     NY-14-5-287
NASE, EMILY B.                          NY-14-8-417
NASE, JOHN                              NY-14-J-366
NASE, MARY                              NY-14-W-7
NASE, PHILIP                            NY-14-J-419
NASE, WILLIAM ESQ.                      NY-14-R-151
NASE, WILLIAM H.                        NY-14-6-313
NAUGENGAST, MARGARET                    NY-14-2-246
NEALL, JANE                             NY-14-6-83
NEAR, DOROTHY                           NY-14-#1-174
NEAR, ELIZA M.                          NY-14-10-473
NEAR, ELIZABETH L.                      NY-14-12-571
NEAR, JEREMIAH                          NY-14-U-500
NEAR, MATHIAS R.                        NY-14-7-644
NEEDHAM, HENRY D.                       NY-14-3-161
NEEF, GUSTAVE                           NY-14-11-260
NEHER, PETER I.                         NY-14-3-673
NEHR, JOHANES J.                        NY-14-H-136
NEILL, ANNE                             NY-14-9-189
NELL, HENDRICK                          NY-14-A-396
NELSON, ARTHRU                          NY-14-10-223
NELSON, CALIP                           NY-14-B-52
NELSON, CATHARINE                       NY-14-Q-237
NELSON, FRANCES H.                      NY-14-W-172
NELSON, FRANCIS R.                      NY-14-D-115
NELSON, GILBERT                         NY-14-10-200
NELSON, HOMER A.                        NY-14-11-653
NELSON, JACOB M.                        NY-14-J-57
NELSON, JOHN                            NY-14-A-155
NELSON, JOHN H.                         NY-14-11-72
NELSON, JOHN H.                         NY-14-14-461
NELSON, JOHN P.                         NY-14-4-18
NELSON, MARGARET J.                     NY-14-11-234
NELSON, MARY A.                         NY-14-12-2
NELSON, MEPHILESSHETH                   NY-14-A-443
NELSON, REUBEN                          NY-14-L-48
NELSON, REUBEN                          NY-14-J-433
NELSON, REUBEN W.                       NY-14-8-439
NELSON, SAMUEL                          NY-14-3-644
NELSON, SARAH G.                        NY-14-15-536
NELSON, SIBBY                           NY-14-M-446
NELSON, THOAMS                          NY-14-F-516
NELSON, THOMAS H.                       NY-14-13-481
NEWBOLD, MARY E.                        NY-14-13-665
NEWBOLD, THOMAS H.                      NY-14-Z-137
NEWBURY, JOHN                           NY-14-C-320
NEWCOMB, CHRISITAN                      NY-14-F-89
NEWCOMB, JOHN                           NY-14-G-491
NEWCOMB, SARAH M.                       NY-14-2-146
NEWCOMB, ZACCHEUS                       NY-14-5-565
NEWCOMB, ZACCHEUS                       NY-14-A-256
NEWELL, CATHARINE A.                    NY-14-12-284
NEWELL, CLARISSA                        NY-14-V-553
NEWELL, MICHAEL J.                      NY-14-13-703
NEWELL, SPALDING                        NY-14-D-208
NEWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-14-T-128
NEWLEN, ISAAC                           NY-14-K-167
NEWLIN, ABBY                            NY-14-6-92
NEWLIN, MARGARET M.                     NY-14-14-249
NEWLIN, ROBERT                          NY-14-U-115
NEWMAN, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-A-421
NEWTON, MARY                            NY-14-Z-120
NICHOLS, ISRAEL T.                      NY-14-Z-349
NICHOLS, JAMES                          NY-14-11-603
NICHOLS, LOUISA A.                      NY-14-11-576
NICHOLS, PHEBE                          NY-14-8-54
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        NY-14-W-183
NICHT, FRANCISKA                        NY-14-15-302
NICKELS, SARAH                          NY-14-11-40
NICKERSON, ISACHAC                      NY-14-B-397
NICKERSON, NATHANIEL                    NY-14-AA-53
NICKERSON, SETH                         NY-14-B-108
NICKERSON, THOMAS                       NY-14-B-145
NICKS, RICHARD B.                       NY-14-3-470
NIVER, HANNAH                           NY-14-12-436
NIX, FREDERICK                          NY-14-14-210
NIXON, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-E-393
NIXON, PATRICK                          NY-14-10-479
NOBLE, GOODMAN T.                       NY-14-9-154
NOBLE, HENRY B.                         NY-14-8-188
NOBLE, SARAH ANN                        NY-14-5-285
NOBLE, WINNIE                           NY-14-6-271
NOEL, WILLIAM J.                        NY-14-12-311
NORRIS, EUNICE L.                       NY-14-Z-71
NORRIS, HENRY                           NY-14-Y-79
NORRIS, THEODORE                        NY-14-Y-301
NORTH, DEBORAH                          NY-14-8-227
NORTH, REUBEN                           NY-14-6-649
NORTHROP, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-U-596
NORTHROP, CHARLES E.                    NY-14-13-378
NORTHROP, ENOS                          NY-14-8-518
NORTHROP, HELEN                         NY-14-U-353
NORTHROP, SAMUEL                        NY-14-G-517
NORTHROP, SMITH                         NY-14-6-76
NORTHRUP, DANIEL                        NY-14-S-256
NORTHRUP, ELI                           NY-14-B-178
NORTHRUP, ENOS                          NY-14-C-406
NORTHRUP, JOHN                          NY-14-J-261
NORTHRUP, JOHN S.                       NY-14-W-36
NORTHRUP, SAMUEL                        NY-14-J-193
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM                       NY-14-G-51
NORTON, SICHE                           NY-14-14-729
NOSTRAND, CAROLINE                      NY-14-3-268
NOXON, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-14-A-267
NOXON, EDWARD D.                        NY-14-8-248
NOXON, EGBERT C.                        NY-14-12-715
NOXON, ELMORE                           NY-14-W-130
NOXON, ELMORE R.                        NY-14-10-14
NOXON, GILBERT                          NY-14-K-444
NOXON, GILBERT B.                       NY-14-W-483
NOXON, HENRY B.                         NY-14-8-371
NOXON, JACOB S.                         NY-14-5-396
NOXON, JANE                             NY-14-12-640
NOXON, JANE ELIZA                       NY-14-15-262
NOXON, LATITIA                          NY-14-V-181
NOXON, PHEBE                            NY-14-W-104
NOXON, RACHEL E.                        NY-14-13-480
NOXON, ROBERT                           NY-14-I-419
NOXON, VINCENT R.                       NY-14-K-366
NOXON, WILLIAM B.                       NY-14-12-43
NUCKEL, MARGARET W.                     NY-14-11-255
NUTTALL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-P-63
NYE, AURELIA B.                         NY-14-15-698
NYE, MELETIAH                           NY-14-W-54
NYE, SILVENUS                           NY-14-O-7
OAKLEY, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-K-212
OAKLEY, DANIEL                          NY-14-W-463
OAKLEY, JESSE                           NY-14-H-18
OAKLEY, NEHEMIAH                        NY-14-G-29
OAKLEY, SALLY                           NY-14-V-201
OAKLEY, SARAH S.                        NY-14-N-270
OAKLEY, SUSAN                           NY-14-I-508
OATWELL, JOSEPH                         NY-14-V-391
OBERST, ANNIE M.                        NY-14-13-181
OBRIEN, ANN                             NY-14-12-205
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-14-W-123
OBRIEN, RICHARD                         NY-14-13-693
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          NY-14-14-556
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          NY-14-14-739
OCONNOR, ANNE                           NY-14-13-217
ODELL, ALEXANDER J.                     NY-14-3-385
ODELL, CHARLES E.                       NY-14-12-576
ODELL, DUANE                            NY-14-15-215
ODELL, EBENEZER P.                      NY-14-R-237
ODELL, EDWIN                            NY-14-15-523
ODELL, JAMES                            NY-14-R-113
ODELL, JANE M.                          NY-14-#1-499
ODELL, JONATHAN                         NY-14-C-579
ODELL, LANA A.                          NY-14-8-382
ODELL, MARY                             NY-14-O-72
ODELL, NEWTON B.                        NY-14-6-204
ODELL, SAMUEL S.                        NY-14-V-265
OEHLER, CAROLINE                        NY-14-8-710
OFARRELL, MARGARET                      NY-14-5-252
OGDEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-J-149
OGDEN, DARIUS                           NY-14-Y-256
OGDEN, HANNAH                           NY-14-11-170
OGDEN, JOSEPH                           NY-14-C-540
OGDEN, RACHEL                           NY-14-9-161
OGDEN, SUSAN                            NY-14-13-284
OLDFIELD, JOHN                          NY-14-11-23
OLIVET, JOHN H.                         NY-14-14-191
OLIVETT, JOHN                           NY-14-2-332
OLLIVETT, JOHN                          NY-14-9-608
OLNEY, HANNAH                           NY-14-E-231
ONEIL, BRYAN                            NY-14-14-451
ONEIL, FRANK                            NY-14-13-125
ONEIL, MARY                             NY-14-10-449
ONEIL, MARY ANN                         NY-14-13-170
ONEILL, MARY                            NY-14-13-245
OPPIE, HENRIETTA M.                     NY-14-9-93
ORCHARD, JOHN                           NY-14-Y-152
ORCHARD, SAMUEL                         NY-14-6-494
ORGAN, CORNELIUS J.                     NY-14-10-709
OROURKE, PATRICK                        NY-14-10-604
ORR, ELIZABETH                          NY-14-V-237
ORR, RUTH                               NY-14-Z-321
ORR, SARABH ANN                         NY-14-8-246
ORR, WILLIAM                            NY-14-C-221
ORTON, HENRY S.                         NY-14-V-505
ORTON, OLIVER L.                        NY-14-3-657
OSBAND, SAMUEL                          NY-14-D-221
OSBORN, AMOS                            NY-14-C-470
OSBORN, DANVERS                         NY-14-4-420
OSBORN, GIDEON H.                       NY-14-P-445
OSBORN, HARRIET                         NY-14-11-323
OSBORN, JANE                            NY-14-12-151
OSBORN, LENORA                          NY-14-W-426
OSBORN, RICHARD H.                      NY-14-L-393
OSBORN, SARAH                           NY-14-11-211
OSBORN, SUSAN T.                        NY-14-12-597
OSBORNE, ELIZA A.                       NY-14-Z-579
OSBORNE, PAUL                           NY-14-2-317
OSBORNE, PETER                          NY-14-O-516
OSTERHOUT, LAWRENCE P.                  NY-14-#1-298
OSTRANDER, CORNELIUS                    NY-14-11-640
OSTRANDER, CORNELIUS                    NY-14-R-221
OSTRANDER, HARRIET                      NY-14-S-342
OSTRANDER, MARY F.                      NY-14-14-44
OSTRANDER, SARAH                        NY-14-W-20
OSTROM, CECELIA                         NY-14-9-290
OSTROM, CHARLES M.                      NY-14-Y-204
OSTROM, DANIEL J.                       NY-14-I-281
OSTROM, ELIZA                           NY-14-L-349
OSTROM, ELIZA B.                        NY-14-#1-165
OSTROM, HENRY                           NY-14-O-56
OSTROM, JAMES                           NY-14-C-225
OSTROM, JOHN B.                         NY-14-5-414
OSTROM, JOHN D.                         NY-14-E-1
OSTROM, JOHN G.                         NY-14-13-264
OSTROM, LYDIA                           NY-14-5-341
OSTROM, MAHALA                          NY-14-M-518
OSTROM, ROELOF R.                       NY-14-C-290
OSTROM, SARAH ANN                       NY-14-10-17
OSTROM, SHEPHERD                        NY-14-6-435
OSTROM, THOMAS                          NY-14-O-304
OSTROM, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-9-361
OSTROM, ZACHARIAH                       NY-14-D-486
OTIS, ANN B.                            NY-14-U-436
OUTWATER, JAMES                         NY-14-V-205
OUTWATER, PETER                         NY-14-Y-260
OUTWATER, WILLIAM B.                    NY-14-5-126
OVERACKER, MARTIN V.                    NY-14-5-624
OVERBAUGH, PETER                        NY-14-12-667
OVEROCKER, JACOB                        NY-14-D-475
OVEROCKER, JACOB V.                     NY-14-15-445
OVEROCKER, MICHAEL                      NY-14-R-205
OWEN, CATHARINE J.                      NY-14-11-481
OWEN, ELIZA M.                          NY-14-2-554
OWEN, JAMES                             NY-14-#1-420
OWEN, LUCY                              NY-14-C-444
OWEN, SARAH ANN                         NY-14-13-342
OWEN, THOMAS                            NY-14-G-330
OWENS, MERRITT                          NY-14-2-100
OWNSBEE, LUCINDA S.                     NY-14-9-621

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