Dutchess County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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Column One: Name of Heir
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(SACKETT), SAMUEL                       NY-14-CC1-37
(SLEGHT), MARGARET                      NY-14-CC1-64
ALBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-14-CC1-125
ALBERTSON, JOSEPH                       NY-14-CC1-125
ANTONYNIST, JOHN                        NY-14-CC1-106
ANTONYNIST, POLLY                       NY-14-CC1-106
BOCKEE, CATHARINE                       NY-14-CC1-25
BOCKEE, JACOB                           NY-14-CC1-25
BOGERT, ALIDA                           NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, DAVID RITZEMA                   NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, JAMES                           NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, JOHN                            NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, MARGARET                        NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, RANDOLPH                        NY-14-CC1-33
BOGERT, WILLIAM                         NY-14-CC1-33
BRETT, CATHARINE                        NY-14-CC1-49
BRETT, FRANCIS                          NY-14-CC1-49
BRETT, GEORGE                           NY-14-CC1-49
BRETT, THEODORUS                        NY-14-CC1-49
BRETT, THEODORUS                        NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, ABRAHAM                   NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, CATHARINE                 NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE                    NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, ISAAC                     NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN D.                   NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, MARGARET                  NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, MARGARET                  NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, MARY ANN                  NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, WILLIAM                   NY-14-CC1-49
BROWER, MARY                            NY-14-CC1-33
BROWER, THEOPHILUS                      NY-14-CC1-33
CALKIN, KEZIAH                          NY-14-CC1-42
CHEAK, JOHN                             NY-14-CC1-125
CHEAK, MARY                             NY-14-CC1-125
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-14-CC1-33
CLARK, PHILENDER                        NY-14-CC1-33
COLONY, MARY                            NY-14-CC1-79
CONGER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-CC1-79
CONGER, ENOCH                           NY-14-CC1-79
CONGER, MILLE                           NY-14-CC1-79
CONGER, MILLEY                          NY-14-CC1-79
CONGER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-CC1-79
COVENHOVEN, PETER                       NY-14-CC1-106
COVENHOVEN, SARAH                       NY-14-CC1-106
DEDERICK, ANNA MARIA                    NY-14-CC1-14
DEDERICK, GARRET                        NY-14-CC1-14
DEDERICK, GEORGE                        NY-14-CC1-14
DEDERICK, MAGDALEN                      NY-14-CC1-14
ECKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-CC1-14
ECKER, JACOB A.                         NY-14-CC1-14
ECKER, PETER JR.                        NY-14-CC1-14
EMIGH, PHEBE                            NY-14-CC1-72
EVERIT, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-CC1-54
EVERIT, ISAAC                           NY-14-CC1-54
EVERIT, JOHN                            NY-14-CC1-54
EVERIT, RICHARD                         NY-14-CC1-54
EVERY, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-CC1-79
EVERY, CONGER                           NY-14-CC1-79
EVERY, CURINGTON                        NY-14-CC1-79
EVERY, MARY                             NY-14-CC1-79
EVERY, REUBEN                           NY-14-CC1-79
FALKNEAR, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-CC1-54
FENNER, ELISA                           NY-14-CC1-58
FENNER, JOHN PERRY                      NY-14-CC1-58
FENNER, JOSEPH HOWLET                   NY-14-CC1-58
FENNER, SARAH                           NY-14-CC1-58
FENNER, THOMAS                          NY-14-CC1-58
FULLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-CC1-42
FULLER, GEORGE                          NY-14-CC1-42
FULLER, POLLY                           NY-14-CC1-42
GOLDEN, PHEBE                           NY-14-CC1-54
HAIGHT, LYDIA                           NY-14-CC1-79
HAM, CATY                               NY-14-CC1-125
HAM, FREDERICK                          NY-14-CC1-125
HAM, JACOB                              NY-14-CC1-125
HAM, MARGARET                           NY-14-CC1-125
HAM, MARY                               NY-14-CC1-125
HAM, REBECCA                            NY-14-CC1-125
HICKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-CC1-125
HICKS, PHEBE                            NY-14-CC1-125
HOPKINS, HARRIET                        NY-14-CC1-42
HOPKINS, MARY ANN                       NY-14-CC1-42
JEWELL, CAROLINE                        NY-14-CC1-106
JEWELL, ENOS                            NY-14-CC1-106
LOWN, ANDRIES                           NY-14-CC1-142
LOWN, ANNANGHTIE                        NY-14-CC1-142
LOWN, DOROTHY                           NY-14-CC1-142
LOWN, JOHANNIS                          NY-14-CC1-142
LOWN, JOHN JACOB                        NY-14-CC1-142
LOWN, PHILLIP                           NY-14-CC1-142
MASON, CHILDREN OF JOSEPH               NY-14-CC1-135
MASON, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-CC1-135
MILLER, ELIZA                           NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, MARGARET                        NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, MARIAH                          NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, MATHIAS B.                      NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, PHEBE                           NY-14-CC1-25
MILLER, SUSAN                           NY-14-CC1-86
MITCHEL, FREELOVE                       NY-14-CC1-25
MITCHEL, URIAH                          NY-14-CC1-25
PECK, NANCY                             NY-14-CC1-79
PEELE, ANDRIES                          NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, ANNATIE                          NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, CATHARINE                        NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, ELISABETH                        NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, HENRY                            NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, HILLIETIE                        NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, PETER                            NY-14-CC1-1
PEELE, POWLES                           NY-14-CC1-1
PERRY, JOHN                             NY-14-CC1-58
RIDER, RUTH                             NY-14-CC1-79
RUSSELL, ANN                            NY-14-CC1-33
RUSSELL, CHARLES                        NY-14-CC1-33
SACKETT, ABIGAIL                        NY-14-CC1-37
SACKETT, HESTER                         NY-14-CC1-37
SACKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-14-CC1-37
SACKETT, REUBIN                         NY-14-CC1-37
SACKETT, SAMUEL                         NY-14-CC1-37
SACKETT, SARAH                          NY-14-CC1-37
SCHENCK, HANNAH                         NY-14-CC1-49
SCHENCK, MARGARET                       NY-14-CC1-49
SCHENCK, PETER                          NY-14-CC1-49
SHEAK, FREDERICK                        NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, HANNAH                           NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, HENRY                            NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, JOHN JR.                         NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, MARIA                            NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, PHEBE                            NY-14-CC1-120
SHEAK, POLLY                            NY-14-CC1-120
SHULTZ, CATHARINE M. E.                 NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, DANIEL H.                       NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, FREDERICK                       NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, FREDERICK B.                    NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, GEORGE W. J.                    NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, JACOB F.                        NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, SUSAN E. C.                     NY-14-CC1-86
SHULTZ, SUSANNAH                        NY-14-CC1-86
SKIDMORE, ANDREW                        NY-14-CC1-54
SKIDMORE, SARA                          NY-14-CC1-54
SLEGHT, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-CC1-64
SLEGHT, ARRANTIJE                       NY-14-CC1-64
SLEGHT, ELISABETH                       NY-14-CC1-64
SLEGHT, JAMES (AKA JACOBUS)             NY-14-CC1-64
SLEGHT, JOHN (AKA JAN)                  NY-14-CC1-64
SLEGHT, PETER                           NY-14-CC1-64
SMITH, ANNA                             NY-14-CC1-42
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-CC1-25
SMITH, PLATT                            NY-14-CC1-25
STOUTENBAUGH, PHEBE ANN                 NY-14-CC1-86
STOUTENBAUGH, RICHARD D. C.             NY-14-CC1-86
STRACHAN, HELENA                        NY-14-CC1-33
TEEL, CHRISTINA                         NY-14-CC1-14
TEEL, WILLIAM                           NY-14-CC1-14
THORN, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-CC1-72
TRAVER, ADAM                            NY-14-CC1-14
TRAVER, DAVID P.                        NY-14-CC1-14
TRAVER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-CC1-45
TRAVER, HENRY P.                        NY-14-CC1-14
TRAVER, JACOB P.                        NY-14-CC1-14
TRAVER, MARTIN                          NY-14-CC1-14
TRAVER, PETER P.                        NY-14-CC1-14
TURNER, MARCEY                          NY-14-CC1-79
VANKLEEK, BARENT                        NY-14-CC1-10
VANKLEEK, BLANDINA                      NY-14-CC1-10
VANSICKLEN, ANN                         NY-14-CC1-106
VANSICKLEN, CAROLINE                    NY-14-CC1-106
VANSICKLEN, CHARITY                     NY-14-CC1-106
VANSICKLEN, THEODORUS                   NY-14-CC1-106
VANWAGNER, HANNAH                       NY-14-CC1-125
VANWAGNER, SOLOMON                      NY-14-CC1-125
VINCENT, DEBORAH                        NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, GERMOND                        NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, GERMOND LEONARD                NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, GILBERT                        NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, JAMES                          NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, LEONARD                        NY-14-CC1-110
VINCENT, MORIATY                        NY-14-CC1-110
WALTERMEIER, WIDOW                      NY-14-CC1-45
WALTERMIER, GEORGE                      NY-14-CC1-45
WALTERMIER, LYDIA A.                    NY-14-CC1-45
WALTERMIER, PETER                       NY-14-CC1-45
WHITE, ABNER                            NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, CORNELIA                         NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, ESTHER                           NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, MORRIS                           NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, OLIVER                           NY-14-CC1-72
WHITE, PEREGRINE                        NY-14-CC1-72
WILKINSON, DEBORAH                      NY-14-CC1-110
WILKINSON, JOHN                         NY-14-CC1-110
WILLCOX, ABNER                          NY-14-CC1-42
WILLCOX, ABNER                          NY-14-CC1-42
WILLCOX, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-CC1-42
WILLCOX, ENOE R.                        NY-14-CC1-42
WILSEY, ZELEY                           NY-14-CC1-79

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