Dutchess County, New York
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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | CC1=1790-1828 | |
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BOGERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-CC1-33
BRETT, CATHARINE                        NY-14-CC1-49
BRINCKERHOFF, ELIZABETH                 NY-14-CC1-42
CONGER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-CC1-79
EVERIT, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-CC1-54
FENNER, THOMAS                          NY-14-CC1-58
HAM, FREDERICK                          NY-14-CC1-125
LOWN, JOHN P.                           NY-14-CC1-142
MASON, JOSEPH                           NY-14-CC1-135
PEELE, GYSBERT                          NY-14-CC1-1
SACKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-14-CC1-37
SHEAK, JOHN                             NY-14-CC1-120
SHULTZ, JOHN F.                         NY-14-CC1-86
SLEGHT, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-CC1-64
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-CC1-25
TRAVER, PETER                           NY-14-CC1-14
VANKLEECK, MAGIELL                      NY-14-CC1-10
VANSICKLEN, JOHN                        NY-14-CC1-106
VINCENT, JONATHAN                       NY-14-CC1-110
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-14-CC1-72
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