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PACK, NATHANIEL                         NY-14-AA-113
PADDOCK, JONATHAN                       NY-14-A-356
PADDOCK, THOMAS                         NY-14-B-149
PAGE, JAMES                             NY-14-I-410
PAGE, JOHN                              NY-14-4-55
PAIGE, ANN E.                           NY-14-14-225
PAINE, AMANDA                           NY-14-8-277
PAINE, BARNABAS                         NY-14-U-221
PAINE, ELIHU                            NY-14-H-315
PAINE, ELIJAH P.                        NY-14-L-594
PAINE, HARVEY                           NY-14-L-65
PAINE, ICHABOD B.                       NY-14-E-530
PAINE, JULIA ETTE                       NY-14-4-223
PAINE, LUTHER H.                        NY-14-Q-291
PAINE, THOMAS B.                        NY-14-F-512
PALEN, EZEKIEL                          NY-14-C-359
PALEN, HENDRICK                         NY-14-AA-146
PALEN, HENDRIK                          NY-14-A-91
PALMATEER, JACOB                        NY-14-F-72
PALMATEER, JOHN I.                      NY-14-Q-25
PALMATEER, LYMAN T.                     NY-14-10-110
PALMATEER, WILLIAM                      NY-14-10-267
PALMER, ABIAH W.                        NY-14-6-732
PALMER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-7-407
PALMER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-C-561
PALMER, CALEB                           NY-14-O-322
PALMER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-13-295
PALMER, DAVID                           NY-14-J-20
PALMER, EMMA                            NY-14-9-367
PALMER, HUGHSON                         NY-14-W-170
PALMER, JACOB                           NY-14-T-208
PALMER, JAMES                           NY-14-12-167
PALMER, JESSE                           NY-14-8-160
PALMER, JOHN                            NY-14-8-12
PALMER, JOHN D.                         NY-14-Z-337
PALMER, JOSEPH                          NY-14-B-65
PALMER, JULIA                           NY-14-4-346
PALMER, MARIA                           NY-14-Y-180
PALMER, MARY                            NY-14-AA-119
PALMER, MICAH                           NY-14-B-424
PALMER, MICHA                           NY-14-J-41
PALMER, ORRIN D.                        NY-14-4-609
PALMER, PETER                           NY-14-10-249
PALMER, PETER                           NY-14-A-221
PALMER, REXFORD                         NY-14-10-580
PALMER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-11-248
PALMER, THEODORE                        NY-14-5-239
PALMER, TIMOTHY G.                      NY-14-10-680
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-D-141
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-Q-129
PALMERTEER, JOHN                        NY-14-#1-592
PALMONTERE, JACOBUS                     NY-14-AA-131
PALMS, MARTHA L.                        NY-14-11-648
PALTZ, JOHN                             NY-14-Q-300
PANNY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-14-E-311
PARDEE, ANNIE M.                        NY-14-8-663
PARDEE, ENOCH                           NY-14-Y-288
PARDEE, JACOB NELSON                    NY-14-2-153
PARDEE, NANCY                           NY-14-T-184
PAREY, HELEN S.                         NY-14-7-720
PARISH, JACOB                           NY-14-U-464
PARISH, JAMES                           NY-14-U-591
PARISH, JAMES                           NY-14-8-347
PARISH, JONATHAN                        NY-14-G-389
PARISH, THOMAS                          NY-14-4-182
PARK, DAVID N.                          NY-14-7-190
PARK, NATHAN                            NY-14-N-377
PARKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-O-317
PARKER, ESTHER EMILY                    NY-14-10-185
PARKER, GEORGE                          NY-14-C-545
PARKER, HENRY                           NY-14-12-245
PARKER, JOHN G.                         NY-14-9-611
PARKER, JULIA A. W.                     NY-14-12-17
PARKER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-13-628
PARKINSON, JOHN                         NY-14-H-158
PARKS, DAVID                            NY-14-N-194
PARKS, JOEL                             NY-14-B-246
PARKS, WHITEN                           NY-14-B-251
PARMALEE, ANN                           NY-14-9-61
PARMALEE, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-R-50
PARMALEE, HENRY                         NY-14-12-522
PARMALEE, SARAH E.                      NY-14-5-257
PARMALEE, WILLIAM                       NY-14-3-642
PARMELE, JOSEPH                         NY-14-M-564
PARSONS, CAROLINE                       NY-14-8-708
PARSONS, FRANK                          NY-14-7-159
PASCOE, JEMIMA                          NY-14-13-299
PASCOE, THOMAS                          NY-14-13-189
PASQUA, ALBERT                          NY-14-15-272
PASQUA, LOUISA                          NY-14-10-744
PASSMORE, SARAH JANE                    NY-14-S-481
PATCHIN, CATHARINE A.                   NY-14-13-534
PATCHIN, MARK                           NY-14-12-565
PATRICK, CAROLINE                       NY-14-14-275
PATRICK, JOHN T.                        NY-14-10-51
PATRICK, SUSAN                          NY-14-14-283
PATTEN, GEORGE A.                       NY-14-8-53
PATTEN, MARTHA                          NY-14-K-291
PATTERSON, ABRAHAM                      NY-14-Q-223
PATTERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-14-7-718
PATTERSON, CATHARINE                    NY-14-Q-310
PATTERSON, DAVID                        NY-14-S-97
PAULDING, JAMES KIRKE                   NY-14-U-392
PAULDING, NATHANIEL                     NY-14-U-92
PAYNE, ICHABOD                          NY-14-D-180
PAYNE, JOHN C.                          NY-14-14-498
PAYNE, THOMAS R.                        NY-14-Y-124
PEABODY, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-14-9-304
PEACOCK, MINERVA                        NY-14-14-568
PEARCE, AMOS                            NY-14-5-335
PEARCE, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-E-170
PEARCE, HENRY                           NY-14-K-395
PEARCE, NATHAN                          NY-14-8-124
PEARCE, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-14-8-711
PEARSALL, ELIA A.                       NY-14-9-673
PEARSALL, GILBERT T.                    NY-14-10-707
PEARSALL, SAMUEL C.                     NY-14-10-427
PEARSALL, SAMUEL H.                     NY-14-14-278
PEAVEY, JOHN L.                         NY-14-H-190
PECK, ABIGAIL                           NY-14-N-591
PECK, MARIETTE                          NY-14-9-111
PECK, MARTHA H.                         NY-14-13-580
PECK, NOAH                              NY-14-O-175
PECKHAM, DANIEL R.                      NY-14-H-318
PECKHAM, EDITH                          NY-14-O-353
PECKHAM, STEPHEN                        NY-14-S-373
PEEK, CALEB                             NY-14-K-318
PEEK, ELIZA                             NY-14-5-119
PEET, EMELINE                           NY-14-9-548
PEET, WILLIAM                           NY-14-8-219
PEHS, MICHAEL                           NY-14-B-60
PELLES, HENDRICK                        NY-14-AA-111
PELLS, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-O-44
PELLS, CATHARINE                        NY-14-T-373
PELLS, CLAUDIUS                         NY-14-E-409
PELLS, DEBORAH                          NY-14-P-398
PELLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-13-740
PELLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-12-456
PELLS, EVERT A.                         NY-14-N-36
PELLS, FRANCIS                          NY-14-D-106
PELLS, GARRET                           NY-14-W-18
PELLS, HENDRICK                         NY-14-F-134
PELLS, HENRY                            NY-14-V-496
PELLS, HENRY S.                         NY-14-C-266
PELLS, JAMES                            NY-14-12-254
PELLS, JOHN                             NY-14-T-156
PELLS, JOHN                             NY-14-N-237
PELLS, JOHN                             NY-14-13-72
PELLS, LEONARD L.                       NY-14-#1-385
PELLS, MARY L.                          NY-14-13-81
PELLS, MICHAEL                          NY-14-AA-86
PELLS, MICHAEL                          NY-14-Q-362
PELLS, PETER J.                         NY-14-2-80
PELLS, PETER M.                         NY-14-6-525
PELLS, PHEBE F.                         NY-14-12-450
PELLS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-12-542
PELLZ, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-D-354
PELS, EVERT                             NY-14-A-190
PELS, SOPHIA                            NY-14-A-250
PELTON, CHARLES M.                      NY-14-5-177
PELTON, GEORGE P.                       NY-14-13-545
PELTON, PARTHENIA P.                    NY-14-13-154
PENDLETON, EDMUND H.                    NY-14-V-156
PENDLETON, FRANCES M.                   NY-14-Z-522
PENDLETON, NATHANEIL                    NY-14-F-225
PENDLEY, SARAH M.                       NY-14-15-48
PENNOYER, JOSEPH                        NY-14-E-21
PENNY, HARRISON B.                      NY-14-11-389
PENNY, MARY F. S.                       NY-14-12-411
PENNY, SALLY                            NY-14-7-161
PENTZ, HILAH C.                         NY-14-15-574
PEPPER, ELIJAH                          NY-14-L-89
PEPPER, OBADIAH                         NY-14-M-256
PEPPER, WILLIAM                         NY-14-V-380
PERHEE, WALTER P.                       NY-14-9-545
PERLEE, EDMUND                          NY-14-F-299
PERO, WILLIAM                           NY-14-11-60
PERRY, CATHARINE S.                     NY-14-2-66
PERRY, CATHERINE                        NY-14-8-636
PERRY, OBADIAH                          NY-14-I-258
PERRY, THOMAS                           NY-14-E-456
PERWAILING, SARAH ANN                   NY-14-9-237
PERY, JAMES                             NY-14-A-509
PETERKIN, MARY                          NY-14-9-498
PETERS, CAROLINE W.                     NY-14-8-423
PETERS, HANNAH                          NY-14-P-170
PETERS, HENRY                           NY-14-R-313
PETERS, HENRY W.                        NY-14-10-477
PETERS, HEWLETT                         NY-14-D-227
PETERS, MARY ANN                        NY-14-14-140
PETERS, MELINDA                         NY-14-15-739
PETERS, PHEBE J.                        NY-14-15-608
PETERS, SARAH                           NY-14-G-99
PETERS, SARAH                           NY-14-V-233
PETERS, WILLIAM S.                      NY-14-K-464
PETILLON, LUDWIG                        NY-14-13-230
PETIT, LEWIS                            NY-14-S-273
PETTIT, ELIZA                           NY-14-11-617
PETTIT, HIRAM                           NY-14-Z-295
PETTIT, JAMES H.                        NY-14-7-26
PETTIT, MARY                            NY-14-Y-342
PETTIT, SILAS                           NY-14-P-228
PFAU, EVA                               NY-14-15-210
PHALEN, RICHARD                         NY-14-11-370
PHILIPS, HANNAH                         NY-14-T-471
PHILIPS, JOHN                           NY-14-D-204
PHILIPS, MARY                           NY-14-U-30
PHILIPS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-C-152
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM                       NY-14-4-614
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM I.                    NY-14-Q-167
PHILLIPS, ANDREW                        NY-14-M-429
PHILLIPS, ANNA                          NY-14-10-146
PHILLIPS, BARBARA                       NY-14-F-128
PHILLIPS, CATHARINE                     NY-14-12-523
PHILLIPS, CORNELIUS                     NY-14-5-386
PHILLIPS, CRUMALINE                     NY-14-14-242
PHILLIPS, CYNTHIA                       NY-14-3-214
PHILLIPS, CYNTHIA                       NY-14-Q-500
PHILLIPS, DANIEL J.                     NY-14-S-549
PHILLIPS, ELIAS                         NY-14-6-78
PHILLIPS, ELIZA                         NY-14-8-212
PHILLIPS, ELIZA                         NY-14-11-432
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-S-221
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-W-461
PHILLIPS, FRANCIS J.                    NY-14-4-519
PHILLIPS, HENRY H.                      NY-14-H-396
PHILLIPS, JACOB                         NY-14-W-220
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         NY-14-E-204
PHILLIPS, JAMES E.                      NY-14-11-489
PHILLIPS, JAMES J.                      NY-14-L-376
PHILLIPS, JAMES R.                      NY-14-E-262
PHILLIPS, JAMES T.                      NY-14-12-569
PHILLIPS, JANE                          NY-14-12-40
PHILLIPS, JANE                          NY-14-S-224
PHILLIPS, JOHN A.                       NY-14-Z-626
PHILLIPS, JOHN I.                       NY-14-R-228
PHILLIPS, JOHN R.                       NY-14-I-277
PHILLIPS, JOHN W.                       NY-14-Z-489
PHILLIPS, JOHN W.                       NY-14-4-235
PHILLIPS, LOUISA                        NY-14-11-526
PHILLIPS, MARIA                         NY-14-#1-447
PHILLIPS, MARQUIS D. L. F.              NY-14-6-1
PHILLIPS, MARY                          NY-14-11-268
PHILLIPS, MARY A.                       NY-14-6-502
PHILLIPS, MARY NUTTALL                  NY-14-9-328
PHILLIPS, NICHOLAS                      NY-14-B-395
PHILLIPS, PRISCILLA                     NY-14-E-87
PHILLIPS, RALPH                         NY-14-H-32
PHILLIPS, RALPH                         NY-14-D-365
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         NY-14-7-201
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         NY-14-3-677
PHILLIPS, THEODORE                      NY-14-12-587
PHILLIPS, THOMAS H.                     NY-14-W-246
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-4-245
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NY-14-G-34
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-12-480
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J.                    NY-14-L-174
PHILLIPS, ZACHARIAH                     NY-14-D-414
PHILLIPS, ZEBULON                       NY-14-3-370
PHINNEY, ALICE                          NY-14-2-384
PHINNEY, LYDIA I.                       NY-14-5-542
PHISTER, FREDERICK                      NY-14-F-183
PIERCE, CALEB                           NY-14-#1-601
PIERCE, DANIEL D.                       NY-14-Y-159
PIERCE, HANNAH                          NY-14-6-276
PIERSON, JEANETTE                       NY-14-12-58
PIESTER, MARK                           NY-14-8-281
PINCKNEY, LEWIS                         NY-14-14-474
PINE, ANN                               NY-14-3-688
PINE, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-N-463
PINE, HARRIET                           NY-14-14-408
PINE, HARRIET A.                        NY-14-13-694
PINE, JANE                              NY-14-2-563
PINE, ROBERT                            NY-14-H-221
PINE, SILVANUS                          NY-14-Q-489
PINE, SILVENUS                          NY-14-B-187
PINE, THOMAS                            NY-14-F-232
PINK, ALFRED                            NY-14-15-616
PINK, GEORGE                            NY-14-3-530
PINK, JOHN                              NY-14-E-289
PINKHAM, EBENEZER                       NY-14-D-488
PINKHAM, REUBEN                         NY-14-F-467
PINKHAM, RICHARD                        NY-14-B-124
PINKHAM, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-8-671
PINKNEY, THOMAS                         NY-14-A-199
PITCHER, JANE E.                        NY-14-6-12
PITCHER, MARGARET                       NY-14-11-453
PITCHER, MYRA C.                        NY-14-6-595
PITCHER, PETER                          NY-14-3-208
PITCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-B-217
PIZIE, DANIEL                           NY-14-13-111
PLACE, CATHARINE                        NY-14-Z-164
PLACE, CYNTHIA                          NY-14-7-398
PLATT, ANGELINA                         NY-14-Z-441
PLATT, BETHIA                           NY-14-J-106
PLATT, DANIEL                           NY-14-14-581
PLATT, DANIEL W.                        NY-14-Y-171
PLATT, ELIPHALET                        NY-14-Y-457
PLATT, GEORGE L.                        NY-14-15-35
PLATT, HERVEY D.                        NY-14-4-282
PLATT, ISAAC I.                         NY-14-W-572
PLATT, JEREMIAH                         NY-14-Q-27
PLATT, JOSEPH A.                        NY-14-15-550
PLATT, MARIAH JANE                      NY-14-3-70
PLATT, MARY                             NY-14-J-449
PLATT, MARY ANN                         NY-14-7-624
PLATT, PHEBE                            NY-14-#1-259
PLATT, SARAH C.                         NY-14-9-646
PLATT, WILLIAM B.                       NY-14-5-686
PLATT, ZEPHENIAH                        NY-14-H-361
PLATTO, JAMES A.                        NY-14-2-506
PLATTO, MARY                            NY-14-10-715
PLUMB, ANNA M.                          NY-14-U-312
PLUMLEY, GEORGE F.                      NY-14-8-249
POLLOCK, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-R-375
POLLOCK, CHARLOTTE                      NY-14-Z-150
POLLOCK, EBEN                           NY-14-9-217
POLLOCK, JOHN C.                        NY-14-5-7
POLLOCK, MARY F.                        NY-14-15-425
POLMATEER, LEWIS                        NY-14-13-156
PORTEOUS, JAMES G.                      NY-14-12-698
PORTER, ANNA                            NY-14-I-328
POST, EDWARD                            NY-14-W-191
POTTER, AMELIA M.                       NY-14-11-417
POTTER, ANDREW C.                       NY-14-V-278
POTTER, ASA                             NY-14-B-547
POTTER, DAVID                           NY-14-3-202
POTTER, DENCEY                          NY-14-J-50
POTTER, FRANCES                         NY-14-11-270
POTTER, JOSEPH                          NY-14-G-135
POTTER, JOSEPH                          NY-14-9-86
POTTER, MARY ANN                        NY-14-W-125
POTTER, NICHOLAS                        NY-14-6-73
POTTER, PHEBE W.                        NY-14-5-583
POTTER, PHILIP A.                       NY-14-8-380
POTTER, RUFUS                           NY-14-V-219
POTTER, SAMUEL DUCKWORTH                NY-14-S-57
POTTER, SYLVESTER                       NY-14-C-609
POTTER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-2-422
POWELL, ANNE                            NY-14-F-145
POWELL, CALEB                           NY-14-F-165
POWELL, CALEB H.                        NY-14-14-532
POWELL, COTA                            NY-14-P-210
POWELL, ISAAC                           NY-14-O-26
POWELL, JACOB                           NY-14-D-451
POWELL, JAMES                           NY-14-C-541
POWELL, JOHN                            NY-14-F-244
POWELL, NATHANIEL                       NY-14-3-165
POWER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-V?299
POWER, HENRY                            NY-14-Y-77
POWER, JULIA                            NY-14-8-528
POWER, MICHAEL                          NY-14-15-361
POWERS, CATHARINE                       NY-14-15-369
POWERS, CHARLES A.                      NY-14-15-190
POWERS, CHARLES W.                      NY-14-W-488
POWERS, JANE A.                         NY-14-2-415
POWERS, JOHN                            NY-14-Y-5
POWERS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-9-678
POWERS, MICHAEL                         NY-14-15-411
POWERS, PETER B.                        NY-14-10-41
POWERS, REBECCA ANN                     NY-14-#1-410
POYER, THOMAS                           NY-14-J-141
PRATT, STEPHEN                          NY-14-H-160
PRAY, ANDREW                            NY-14-Q-151
PRAY, EPHRAIM                           NY-14-B-520
PRAY, HANNAH                            NY-14-6-674
PRAY, MARY                              NY-14-P-233
PRENTICE, DIANA MARIA                   NY-14-11-90
PRESCOTT, CHARLES B.                    NY-14-O-290
PRESTON, ABIJAH                         NY-14-9-381
PRESTON, CARRIE K.                      NY-14-11-332
PRESTON, CHARLES                        NY-14-14-61
PRESTON, CHARLES                        NY-14-15-391
PRESTON, CLARK                          NY-14-2-375
PRESTON, DAVID                          NY-14-O-503
PRESTON, DAVID J.                       NY-14-Y-560
PRESTON, EBENEZER                       NY-14-S-404
PRESTON, EBENEZER A.                    NY-14-11-285
PRESTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-7-493
PRESTON, JOHN                           NY-14-V-350
PRESTON, THEODORE                       NY-14-8-186
PRESTON, TIMOTHY                        NY-14-O-148
PRICHARD, JAMES                         NY-14-D-546
PRINDLE, ELIJAH                         NY-14-B-349
PRIOR, JACOB                            NY-14-Z-69
PRISTON, EBENEZ                         NY-14-C-388
PROCTOR, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-3-339
PROGUE, ADAM                            NY-14-H-40
PROPER, BARBARA                         NY-14-#1-471
PROPER, NORMAN S.                       NY-14-8-654
PROSSER, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-E-123
PROSSER, ICHABOD D.                     NY-14-T-86
PRUSIE, PHEBE                           NY-14-14-203
PRYOR, GEORGE A.                        NY-14-5-494
PUDNEY, CATHARINE                       NY-14-Z-487
PUDNEY, RICHARD                         NY-14-W-475
PUDNEY, THORN ESQ.                      NY-14-I-372
PUETZ, GEORGE                           NY-14-Y-274
PUGSLEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-V-526
PUGSLEY, MARY                           NY-14-I-460
PUGSLEY, MARY                           NY-14-Q-303
PUGSLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-14-B-493
PUGSLEY, STEPHEN                        NY-14-B-513
PUGSLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-U-514
PUGSLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-14-G-69
PULTZ, ANN M.                           NY-14-9-263
PULTZ, CHARLES R.                       NY-14-12-437
PULTZ, DAVID M.                         NY-14-#1-518
PULTZ, EPHRAIM W.                       NY-14-5-272
PULTZ, GEORGE S.                        NY-14-8-61
PULTZ, LEWIS                            NY-14-9-392
PULTZ, PETER                            NY-14-2-77
PULTZ, REUBEN                           NY-14-8-656
PULTZ, SUSAN                            NY-14-12-503
PULTZ, WILLIAM L.                       NY-14-8-494
PULVER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-14-13-535
PULVER, JOHN                            NY-14-11-21
PULVER, PETER                           NY-14-A-417
PULVER, PETER A.                        NY-14-H-87
PULVER, SUSANNA                         NY-14-J-112
PULVER, WENDELL                         NY-14-G-427
PULVER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-14-U-585
PUNDERSON, EBENEZER                     NY-14-P-135
PURDEE, SARAH M.                        NY-14-12-671
PURDY, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-P-243
PURDY, FRANCIS                          NY-14-N-41
PURDY, JAMES E.                         NY-14-4-87
PURDY, JOB                              NY-14-14-412
PURDY, MARIA C. D.                      NY-14-14-399
PURDY, STEPHEN                          NY-14-C-87
PURDY, THEADORE                         NY-14-Y-292
QUEEN, DANIEL V.                        NY-14-8-413
QUICK, PETERS G.                        NY-14-U-576
QUIGLEY, EDWARD                         NY-14-4-164
QUIMBY, ELIZA                           NY-14-11-101
QUIMBY, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-14-13-234
QUIMBY, HENRIETTA                       NY-14-8-552
QUIMBY, SAMUEL                          NY-14-G-55
QUIN, ROSA                              NY-14-V-5
QUINBY, DEBORAH H.                      NY-14-9-3
QUINLAN, ANNIE                          NY-14-14-464
QUINLAN, MARTIN                         NY-14-8-605
QUINN, ANNA B.                          NY-14-3-216
QUINN, WILLIAM J.                       NY-14-4-499
QUINTARD, GEORGE                        NY-14-8-645
QUINTON, HUGH                           NY-14-11-461
RADCLIFF, ELIZA C.                      NY-14-12-719
RADCLIFF, JOHN C.                       NY-14-8-564
RADCLIFF, LANSING                       NY-14-15-435
RADCLIFF, PETER                         NY-14-C-490
RADCLIFF, WILLIAM                       NY-14-D-408
RADCLIFF, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-3-395
RADCLIFFE, ALIDA G.                     NY-14-15-617
RADCLIFFE, EDWARD                       NY-14-O-160
RALPH, SAMUEL                           NY-14-F-371
RANDAL, SETH B.                         NY-14-D-373
RANKIN, ANN                             NY-14-P-440
RANKIN, ANN                             NY-14-Y-610
RANSOM, CATHARINE H.                    NY-14-3-483
RANSOM, DELPHINE D.                     NY-14-13-133
RANSOM, JONATHAN                        NY-14-V-385
RANSOUR, MARY                           NY-14-W-227
RAPALAJE, JEROMIUS                      NY-14-H-392
RAPALJE, ABRAHAM B.                     NY-14-E-376
RAPALJE, ALETTA                         NY-14-3-663
RAPALJE, ANN                            NY-14-U-431
RAPALJE, JOHN                           NY-14-3-304
RAPALJE, RICHARD                        NY-14-G-304
RAPALJE, STEPHEN                        NY-14-T-211
RAPALJE, WILLIAM E.                     NY-14-I-363
RAPELYE, ANNA MARIA                     NY-14-11-44
RAPP, MATHIAS                           NY-14-3-273
RAPPLEYEA, JAMES                        NY-14-U-374
RATHGEB, JOSEPH                         NY-14-15-290
RATHGEB, WILLIAM J.                     NY-14-14-637
RAUSCH, CHARLES                         NY-14-4-50
RAWLEY, ALBERT                          NY-14-13-131
RAY, RUTH                               NY-14-J-23
RAYMOND, THADEUS                        NY-14-I-186
RAYNOLDS, PATRICK                       NY-14-4-374
RAYNOR, ELIZA                           NY-14-Y-416
RAYNOR, JOHN                            NY-14-#1-53
READ, MORRIS                            NY-14-M-64
READ, REUBEN                            NY-14-V-337
READE, CATHERINE                        NY-14-H-290
REAM, WILLIAM                           NY-14-A-376
REARDON, DENNIS                         NY-14-10-563
RECORD, JOHN                            NY-14-E-469
RECORD, NOYES P.                        NY-14-#1-333
REDDER, CORNELIA                        NY-14-5-585
REDDING, ELIJAH                         NY-14-R-55
REDDINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-14-9-663
REDFIELD, EDWIN T.                      NY-14-5-131
REED, ANGELICA V. R.                    NY-14-7-249
REED, EDWARD                            NY-14-V-229
REED, ELIJAH                            NY-14-M-345
REED, ELIZABETH                         NY-14-T-562
REED, EZRA                              NY-14-R-200
REED, GEORGE W.                         NY-14-#1-34
REED, JOHN                              NY-14-O-229
REED, JOHN                              NY-14-U-318
REED, LEONARD                           NY-14-L-556
REED, LUCINDA                           NY-14-14-702
REED, LUKE                              NY-14-15-723
REED, MARY                              NY-14-E-396
REED, MARY                              NY-14-Z-201
REED, MARY T.                           NY-14-9-427
REED, NEWTON                            NY-14-13-344
REED, PHILO                             NY-14-S-260
REED, REUBEN                            NY-14-O-554
REED, STEPHEN                           NY-14-E-294
REED, SUSAN A.                          NY-14-W-431
REED, THOMAS                            NY-14-14-595
REEDY, RICHARD                          NY-14-12-706
REESE, MARGARET                         NY-14-U-360
REEVE, ERATSUS R.                       NY-14-3-94
REID, ELIAKIM                           NY-14-D-110
REID, JAMES                             NY-14-D-513
REINCHARDT, MARY A.                     NY-14-13-151
REINHARDT, MARY                         NY-14-15-518
REINHEIMER, LOUIS                       NY-14-4-649
REISER, MARY                            NY-14-10-609
REMER, PHEBE                            NY-14-Z-1
REMER, VINCENT                          NY-14-W-115
REMSEN, ABRAHAM D.                      NY-14-H-28
REMSEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-14-8-162
REMSEN, MARY E.                         NY-14-12-162
REMSEN, MATILDA                         NY-14-13-334
REMSEN,S ARAH                           NY-14-#1-597
RENNER, HENDRICK                        NY-14-E-306
REYMOND, JANE S.                        NY-14-V-19
REYNOLDS, CALEB                         NY-14-F-362
REYNOLDS, CHARLES E.                    NY-14-11-344
REYNOLDS, DANIEL                        NY-14-M-364
REYNOLDS, DEBORAH                       NY-14-Q-324
REYNOLDS, EDMOND                        NY-14-J-357
REYNOLDS, ELIZA                         NY-14-12-532
REYNOLDS, GRIFFIN                       NY-14-F-533
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         NY-14-5-391
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         NY-14-5-391
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          NY-14-2- 226
REYNOLDS, JOHN R.                       NY-14-10-230
REYNOLDS, JOHN Z.                       NY-14-15-553
REYNOLDS, JONATHAN                      NY-14-Z-394
REYNOLDS, JONATHAN                      NY-14-C-411
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        NY-14-Z-125
REYNOLDS, JULIA                         NY-14-#1-44
REYNOLDS, JULIA                         NY-14-12-75
REYNOLDS, LEVI                          NY-14-W-499
REYNOLDS, LYDIA                         NY-14-#1-639
REYNOLDS, MARIA                         NY-14-8-290
REYNOLDS, MARY                          NY-14-11-206
REYNOLDS, MARY                          NY-14-7-428
REYNOLDS, MINOR S.                      NY-14-10-316
REYNOLDS, NATHAN B.                     NY-14-8-164
REYNOLDS, NATHANIEL                     NY-14-W-390
REYNOLDS, PHEBE A.                      NY-14-10-732
REYNOLDS, RUTH                          NY-14-11-207
REYNOLDS, SALLY C.                      NY-14-6-562
REYNOLDS, SANANTHE                      NY-14-F-394
REYNOLDS, SARAH                         NY-14-6-443
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN                       NY-14-E-82
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM WATT                  NY-14-W-580
REYNOLDS, ZEPHANIAH                     NY-14-B-122
REYNOLS, JANE D.                        NY-14-8-638
RHEED, JACOB                            NY-14-A-379
RHEINHAMER, PHILLIPPINA                 NY-14-3-615
RHOADS, ANN                             NY-14-2-224
RHOADS, ISAAC                           NY-14-B-64
RHONE, JAMES                            NY-14-6-707
RHYNDERS, SALLY ANN                     NY-14-14-454
RHYNE, ISAAC                            NY-14-12-213
RICAHRDS, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-8-435
RICE, EDWARD                            NY-14-B-455
RICELY, JOHN N.                         NY-14-12-736
RICHARDS, HENRY T.                      NY-14-O-444
RICHARDS, MOSES                         NY-14-B-587
RICHARDS, RUAMI                         NY-14-#1-630
RICHARDSON, MARVIN                      NY-14-4-16
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL M.                   NY-14-Z-104
RICHERT, JACOB                          NY-14-B-594
RICHTER, EVE                            NY-14-H-242
RICHTER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-U-410
RICKARDS, GEORGE                        NY-14-#1-496
RICKELL, LEWIS                          NY-14-12-265
RICKERT, GEORGE S.                      NY-14-Y-616
RICKETSON, EUNICE B.                    NY-14-T-297
RICKETSON, HENRY                        NY-14-L-491
RICKETSON, ROWLAND                      NY-14-J-223
RICKETSON, SHADRACH                     NY-14-K-603
RICKETTSON, SARAH                       NY-14-2-260
RICKEY, PETER                           NY-14-C-36
RIDER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-7-600
RIDER, CELIA                            NY-14-14-701
RIDER, LEWIS                            NY-14-13-476
RIDER, MARIA                            NY-14-13-4
RIDER, ROBERT                           NY-14-J-308
RIDER, SARAH L.                         NY-14-5-444
RIDER, THOMPSON H.                      NY-14-12-400
RIDER, WILLIAM                          NY-14-I-231
RIDINGS, JOHN                           NY-14-9-357
RIDINGS, MARY                           NY-14-10-454
RIEDINGER, PHILIP                       NY-14-5-423
RIESR, CHRISTIAN                        NY-14-5-68
RIFENBAUGH, HOSEA                       NY-14-S-465
RIFENBURGH, ALEXANDER                   NY-14-12-338
RIGHTER, JOHN W.                        NY-14-V-185
RIGHTER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-F-180
RIKARD, DAVID                           NY-14-AA-139
RIKERT, BARBARA C.                      NY-14-10-599
RIKERT, HENRY                           NY-14-V-214
RILEY, ELIZA                            NY-14-12-474
RILEY, JOHN T.                          NY-14-3-431
RILEY, JULIA D.                         NY-14-9-441
RILEY, JULIA D.                         NY-14-7-690
RILEY, MARY                             NY-14-14-681
RILEY, THOMAS                           NY-14-14-654
RIMPF, GEORGE                           NY-14-A-265
RIMPH, JAMES                            NY-14-C-624
RIMPH, JOHN                             NY-14-M-17
RING, GEORGE                            NY-14-E-405
RING, GEORGE E.                         NY-14-6-335
RING, JANE E.                           NY-14-9-295
RING, JOHN                              NY-14-G-276
RING, JOHN G.                           NY-14-2-279
RING, MARY                              NY-14-15-115
RIORDAN, CHARLES                        NY-14-8-700
RIORDAN, ELLEN                          NY-14-11-227
RIORDAN, MICHAEL                        NY-14-Z-516
RITCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-14-F-31
RITTER, EDWARD F.                       NY-14-14-245
RITTER, THEODORE                        NY-14-9-192
RITTON, LORENZO                         NY-14-13-449
RIVES, FRANCIS R.                       NY-14-11-137
RIVES, MATILDA ANTONIA                  NY-14-9-599
ROBERTS, ICHABOD                        NY-14-F-123
ROBERTS, JAMES                          NY-14-H-175
ROBERTS, ROBERT                         NY-14-8-621
ROBERTS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-11-397
ROBINSON, ANNA                          NY-14-9-378
ROBINSON, DAVID                         NY-14-10-258
ROBINSON, DELIA C.                      NY-14-15-691
ROBINSON, DUNCAN                        NY-14-T-492
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-6-607
ROBINSON, EMMA                          NY-14-9-706
ROBINSON, GEORGE                        NY-14-S-493
ROBINSON, JANE                          NY-14-13-44
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-14-D-18
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-14-Q-472
ROBINSON, JOHN G.                       NY-14-9-91
ROBINSON, JULIA A.                      NY-14-4-47
ROBINSON, MARGARY                       NY-14-5-267
ROBINSON, MARIA                         NY-14-5-601
ROBINSON, ROWLAND                       NY-14-9-712
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        NY-14-C-198
ROBINSON, SAMUEL I.                     NY-14-9-177
ROBINSON, SARAH                         NY-14-#1-3
ROBINSON, WALTER R.                     NY-14-10-640
ROBINSON, WILLIAM D.                    NY-14-10-453
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-14-11-33
ROBISON, JOHN                           NY-14-B-611
ROCK, CATHARINE N.                      NY-14-6-377
ROCK, GEORGE                            NY-14-5-411
ROCKEFELLER, PETER J.                   NY-14-2-233
ROCKWELL, RALPH                         NY-14-12-543
ROCKWELL, RHODA                         NY-14-3-80
ROCKWELL, THOMAS                        NY-14-13-436
RODGERS, CAROLINE                       NY-14-7-711
RODGERS, JESSE C.                       NY-14-W-145
RODGERS, RICHARD                        NY-14-Y-35
RODGERS, SAMUEL                         NY-14-D-6
ROE, ABIGAIL                            NY-14-V-499
ROE, ALVA                               NY-14-G-266
ROE, BENJAMIN                           NY-14-E-331
ROE, BENJAMIN                           NY-14-A-210
ROE, ELIJAH                             NY-14-E-521
ROE, SILAS                              NY-14-I-497
ROE, WILLIAM                            NY-14-AA-51
ROE, WILLIAM                            NY-14-C-354
ROGERS, ANNA P.                         NY-14-8-361
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-D-447
ROGERS, CAROLINE M.                     NY-14-6-466
ROGERS, EDMUND P.                       NY-14-12-591
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-I-221
ROGERS, EMELINE                         NY-14-10-197
ROGERS, EMMA                            NY-14-10-532
ROGERS, EMMA                            NY-14-13-381
ROGERS, GEORGE                          NY-14-14-460
ROGERS, HEZEKIAH                        NY-14-D-472
ROGERS, ISAAC                           NY-14-C-284
ROGERS, JOEL                            NY-14-S-484
ROGERS, JOHN                            NY-14-I-271
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          NY-14-5-227
ROGERS, LABAN                           NY-14-9-291
ROGERS, MARGARET                        NY-14-14-315
ROGERS, MARY                            NY-14-9-352
ROGERS, MARY                            NY-14-T-52
ROGERS, MARY                            NY-14-V-50
ROGERS, MICAH                           NY-14-E-25
ROGERS, NATHANIEL P.                    NY-14-11-400
ROGERS, PETER                           NY-14-13-634
ROGERS, PETER                           NY-14-V-468
ROGERS, ROBERT E.                       NY-14-14-118
ROGERS, SAMUEL                          NY-14-8-325
ROGERS, SARAH                           NY-14-4-190
ROGERS, STEPHEN V.                      NY-14-4-272
ROGERS, THOMAS                          NY-14-2-37
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         NY-14-G-56
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         NY-14-G-353
ROGERS, ZOPHAR                          NY-14-B-226
ROGES, SELINA                           NY-14-10-414
ROGES, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-10-409
ROMER, CATHARINE                        NY-14-Q-203
ROMER, THEODORUS                        NY-14-2-24
RONEY, WILLIAM                          NY-14-Z-634
ROON, JOHN                              NY-14-AA-42
ROOSEVELT, HARRIET                      NY-14-T-59
ROOSEVELT, HELEN                        NY-14-12-233
ROOSEVELT, ISAAC                        NY-14-V-446
ROOSEVELT, JAMES                        NY-14-15-303
ROOSEVELT, MARY R.                      NY-14-9-131
ROOSEVELT, REBECCA HOWLAND              NY-14-15-729
ROOTS, BETSEY                           NY-14-Y-462
ROPERS, ABSOLOM                         NY-14-U-453
ROSE, JOANNA                            NY-14-V-411
ROSE, NORTHROP                          NY-14-14-582
ROSE, SARAH ANN                         NY-14-T-542
ROSE, SIBIL                             NY-14-8-381
ROSE, STANFORD                          NY-14-7-368
ROSEKRANS, JOHN                         NY-14-I-155
ROSEKRANSE, JOHN                        NY-14-C-281
ROSELL, ANNA                            NY-14-R-401
ROSELL, EPHRAIM                         NY-14-10-142
ROSELL, GILBERT                         NY-14-7-99
ROSELL, HENRY                           NY-14-#1-558
ROSELL, PHEBE                           NY-14-8-441
ROSELL, SAMUEL                          NY-14-Z-316
ROSELL, THOMAS B.                       NY-14-9-165
ROSELL, WILLIAM                         NY-14-10-707
ROSELLE, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-10-616
ROSENBAUM, PHILIP                       NY-14-11-1
ROSENBURGH, JACOB A.                    NY-14-9-371
ROSS, ALEXANDER                         NY-14-11-324
ROSS, DUNCAN                            NY-14-8-326
ROSS, EDWARD F.                         NY-14-S-287
ROSS, GEORGE T.                         NY-14-13-600
ROSS, JOHN M.                           NY-14-G-333
ROSS, JOHN WILLIAM                      NY-14-#1-453
ROSS, MARY ANN                          NY-14-12-5
ROSS, MARYETT                           NY-14-15-146
ROSS, PETER A. H.                       NY-14-9-493
ROSS, WILLIAM                           NY-14-4-642
ROSS, WILLIAM S.                        NY-14-8-601
ROSS, ZEBULON                           NY-14-B-300
ROTHERY, ALFRED G.                      NY-14-8-627
ROTHERY, AMELIA                         NY-14-14-697
ROTHERY, HARRIET                        NY-14-13-282
ROTHERY, HENRY                          NY-14-7-395
ROTHERY, JOHN                           NY-14-T-548
ROTHERY, MARY                           NY-14-9-344
ROTTMANN, HENRY                         NY-14-10-731
ROULL, JACOB                            NY-14-Y-219
ROW, ANDREW                             NY-14-Q-1
ROW, BOSTION                            NY-14-N-286
ROW, ELIJAH                             NY-14-R-309
ROW, JANE                               NY-14-T-294
ROW, JOHN SR.                           NY-14-D-1
ROW, MARK                               NY-14-G-227
ROW, MARK                               NY-14-G-76
ROW, MATTHIAS                           NY-14-N?5
ROW, MATTHIAS                           NY-14-F-188
ROW, MORRIS C.                          NY-14-14-529
ROW, NICHOLAS                           NY-14-G-251
ROW, NICOLAS                            NY-14-A-12
ROW, PHILIP                             NY-14-F-296
ROW, PHILIP                             NY-14-N-597
ROW, PHILIP M.                          NY-14-U-130
ROW, PHILLIP                            NY-14-B-11
ROW, SIBYL                              NY-14-M-411
ROW, WILLIAM M.                         NY-14-Z-344
ROW, WILLIAM T.                         NY-14-T-573
ROWE, BETSEY                            NY-14-N-453
ROWE, CAROLINE                          NY-14-Y-248
ROWE, CAROLINE                          NY-14-9-617
ROWE, CLINTON                           NY-14-5-45
ROWE, HETTIE M. T.                      NY-14-8-693
ROWE, JOHN                              NY-14-12-3
ROWE, JOHN J.                           NY-14-V-400
ROWE, JOHN M.                           NY-14-Z-581
ROWE, LEONARD                           NY-14-T-113
ROWE, MARY                              NY-14-W-376
ROWE, N. TIBALS                         NY-14-9-398
ROWE, RACHEL S.                         NY-14-#1-406
ROWE, ROBERT                            NY-14-15-357
ROWE, RUTH                              NY-14-8-200
ROWE, SUSAN A.                          NY-14-15-153
ROWE, WILLIAM                           NY-14-10-191
ROWE, WILLIAM A.                        NY-14-10-115
ROWLEY, ADDIE V.                        NY-14-9-296
ROY, ELIZABETH                          NY-14-9-48
ROYCE, CHARLES B.                       NY-14-P-444
ROZEL, GEORGE C.                        NY-14-8-220
ROZELL, HANNAH                          NY-14-4-467
ROZELL, JULIA A.                        NY-14-11-185
ROZELL, ROBERT                          NY-14-3-553
ROZELLE, SARAH A.                       NY-14-8-442
RUCKSTUHL, ANNA MARIA                   NY-14-14-28
RUFENBURGH, JEREMIAH                    NY-14-5-74
RUGER, JOHN                             NY-14-I-190
RUGER, MARTIN                           NY-14-13-474
RUGG, EDWIN B.                          NY-14-14-740
RUGGLES, CHARLES H.                     NY-14-W-311
RUGGLES, MARY C.                        NY-14-5-140
RUMPH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-8-568
RUMSEY, JAMES S.                        NY-14-2-57
RUNDAL, DAVID                           NY-14-P-213
RUNDALL, ALICE                          NY-14-Q-293
RUNDALL, SARAH ANN                      NY-14-11-161
RUNDELL, JANE                           NY-14-11-569
RUNDELL, SARAH A.                       NY-14-15-330
RUNDLE, JACOB                           NY-14-I-441
RUNNELS, WILLIAM                        NY-14-Q-318
RUSH, JOHN                              NY-14-C-505
RUSSEL, JOHN                            NY-14-V-487
RUSSEL, ROBERT                          NY-14-C-567
RUSSEL, WILLIAM B.                      NY-14-V-280
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-14-14-326
RUSSELL, DANIEL                         NY-14-#1-195
RUSSELL, HIRAM W.                       NY-14-V-362
RUSSELL, JAMES                          NY-14-B-631
RUSSELL, JOHN H.                        NY-14-8-398
RUSSELL, MARY                           NY-14-Y-119
RUSSELL, SARAH JANE                     NY-14-Y-622
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        NY-14-O-369
RUTZER, JOHN H.                         NY-14-Y-208
RYAN, CATHARINE                         NY-14-7-622
RYAN, CORNELIA J.                       NY-14-V-521
RYAN, JAMES                             NY-14-9-432
RYAN, JAMES                             NY-14-3-472
RYAN, MATTHEW                           NY-14-10-514
RYAN, MICHAEL                           NY-14-9-89
RYAN, MICHAEL                           NY-14-15-352
RYMPH, JAMES                            NY-14-8-631
RYMPH, MARGARET E.                      NY-14-13-486
RYMPH, SUSAN                            NY-14-T-49
RYMPH, WYNEKE                           NY-14-U-109
RYNDER, ANDREW                          NY-14-J-54
RYNDERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-O-153
RYNDERS, ISAIAH                         NY-14-2-598
RYNDERS, JACOB                          NY-14-8-120
RYNDERS, JANE A.                        NY-14-14-433, 506
RYNDERS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-14-439
RYNDES, MORGAN L.                       NY-14-15-567
SABIN, JEREMIAH JR.                     NY-14-A-181
SABIN, MARY A.                          NY-14-11-376
SACKETT, ARTEMAS E.                     NY-14-9-486
SACKETT, ELIAS B.                       NY-14-8-438
SACKETT, JAMES                          NY-14-A-276
SACKETT, JOHN                           NY-14-7-489
SACKETT, MARY E.                        NY-14-10-190
SACKETT, ORVILLE                        NY-14-Y-26
SACKETT, PHINEAS K.                     NY-14-10-37
SACKETT, RACHEL                         NY-14-3-604
SACKETT, ROBERT                         NY-14-2-479
SACKETT, SAMANTHA                       NY-14-O-165
SACKETT, SAMUEL                         NY-14-O-87
SACKETT, STEPHEN                        NY-14-#1-118
SAFFEN, THOMAS                          NY-14-C-497
SAFFIN, MARY                            NY-14-K-428
SAGE, CLARISSA                          NY-14-12-705
SAGE, MILO                              NY-14-6-671
SAGENDORF, JEROME                       NY-14-14-632
SAGENDORF, PHILIP A.                    NY-14-V-102
SAGENDORF, ROBERT                       NY-14-9-478
SALES, DIANA                            NY-14-3-651
SALMON, JOHN                            NY-14-B-278
SAMMIS, SARAH A.                        NY-14-6-409
SAMMONS, JACOB                          NY-14-8-649
SAMPSON, RICHARD                        NY-14-U-41
SAMPSON, SAMUEL                         NY-14-4-480
SANBORN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-14-13-494
SANDERS, CATHARINE                      NY-14-Z-514
SANDERS, DELOS                          NY-14-13-622
SANDERS, EDWARD                         NY-14-12-313
SANDERS, JAMES                          NY-14-Y-588
SANDERS, ROBERT                         NY-14-14-137
SANDFORD, LUCY                          NY-14-W-71
SANDS, DANIEL                           NY-14-2-115
SANDS, HANNAH                           NY-14-10-330
SANDS, JAMES                            NY-14-T-519
SANDS, JOSHUA CARMAN                    NY-14-C-356
SANDS, MOSES C.                         NY-14-4-120
SANDS, ROBERT                           NY-14-G-223
SANDS, SAMUEL S.                        NY-14-11-528
SANDS, THOMAS                           NY-14-5-488
SANDS, THOMAS                           NY-14-K-147
SANFORD, ISAAC                          NY-14-D-483
SANFORD, JAMES M.                       NY-14-T-268
SANFORD, STURGES                        NY-14-Q-399
SANFORD, ZALMON                         NY-14-C-350
SANKEY, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-14-12-357
SANNAN, WILLIAM                         NY-14-W-528
SARGENT, CAROLINE                       NY-14-9-362
SARGENT, HENRY W.                       NY-14-8-75
SARLES, ENOS                            NY-14-B-180
SARLES, REUBEN                          NY-14-N-149
SATTERLEE, CLARENCE                     NY-14-11-383
SAULPAUGH, JOHN I.                      NY-14-5-106
SAULPAUGH, MARY                         NY-14-6-260
SAUNTER, SARAH                          NY-14-10-35
SAVAGE, CHRISTINA                       NY-14-5-637
SAVAGE, JOHN                            NY-14-W-167
SAVAGE, OLIVA T.                        NY-14-14-189
SAVAGE, THOMAS G.                       NY-14-7-176
SAYRE, WILLIAM N.                       NY-14-13-472
SAYRE, WILLIAM R.                       NY-14-11-559
SCANLON, CATHARINE                      NY-14-7-316
SCFOIELD, WILLIAM R.                    NY-14-4-4
SCHAAD, JACOB                           NY-14-8-297
SCHAEFER, ANTON                         NY-14-10-70
SCHAEFFER, LUCY ANN                     NY-14-13-542
SCHATTLE, JOHN                          NY-14-13-707
SCHELL, WILLIAM                         NY-14-P-126
SCHELL, WILLIAM R.                      NY-14-9-459
SCHENCK, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-B-238
SCHENCK, ABRAHAM A.                     NY-14-H-464
SCHENCK, ALETTA                         NY-14-T-247
SCHENCK, GEORGIANA                      NY-14-9-49
SCHENCK, JOHN P.                        NY-14-2-30
SCHENCK, JOHN P.                        NY-14-13-247
SCHENCK, MARGARET                       NY-14-I-353
SCHENCK, PETER A.                       NY-14-I-349
SCHENCK, PETER A.                       NY-14-G-1
SCHENCK, PETER H.                       NY-14-R-118
SCHENECK, CORNELIA                      NY-14-R-172
SCHENK, ROELOFF                         NY-14-B-407
SCHERMERHORN, ANNA                      NY-14-W-276
SCHERMERHORN, REBECCA                   NY-14-Z-80
SCHERMERHORN, URIAH                     NY-14-S-236
SCHILLER, ANNA E.                       NY-14-8-70
SCHLEGEL, GEORGE                        NY-14-13-653
SCHLOSER, LOUIS                         NY-14-7-516
SCHLOSSER, MARIA A.                     NY-14-14-488
SCHNEIDER, ANN ELIZABETH                NY-14-10-425
SCHOONMAKER, ALEX                       NY-14-7-679
SCHOONMAKER, CORNELIA                   NY-14-V-383
SCHOONMAKER, DAVID                      NY-14-D-345
SCHOONMAKER, HELEN A.                   NY-14-3-72
SCHOONMAKER, JACOB                      NY-14-G-263
SCHOONMAKER, RACHEL                     NY-14-15-82
SCHOONMAKER, VERDINE                    NY-14-13-624
SCHOUTEN, STOCKHOLM                     NY-14-4-159
SCHRADER, ALMIRAH                       NY-14-3-82
SCHRIVER, JOHN H.                       NY-14-S-153
SCHRIVER, MARTIN                        NY-14-J-317
SCHRODER, HUBERT                        NY-14-7-692
SCHRUYVER, CORNELIA A.                  NY-14-5-516
SCHRYVER, DAVID                         NY-14-D-340
SCHRYVER, DAVID D.                      NY-14-V-240
SCHRYVER, DAVID H.                      NY-14-13-656
SCHRYVER, GEORGE                        NY-14-2-158
SCHRYVER, JANE A.                       NY-14-13-650
SCHRYVER, JOHN Y.                       NY-14-T-193
SCHRYVER, MARIA E.                      NY-14-15-509
SCHRYVER, PETER A.                      NY-14-S-230
SCHRYVER, PETER J.                      NY-14-H-390
SCHRYVER, RACHEL B.                     NY-14-4-653
SCHRYVER, STEPHEN                       NY-14-H-388
SCHUBERT, CARL F. E.                    NY-14-14-557
SCHUBERT, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-9-555
SCHULTIS, THEODORE A.                   NY-14-V-100
SCHULTYS, JEREMIAH                      NY-14-V-144
SCHULTZ, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-N-262
SCHULTZ, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-14-12-368
SCHULTZ, ENOCH                          NY-14-T-302
SCHULTZ, FREDERICK                      NY-14-E-518
SCHULTZ, GEORGE                         NY-14-13-305
SCHULTZ, ISAAC                          NY-14-11-122
SCHULTZ, JACOB                          NY-14-H-382
SCHULTZ, JOHANNA                        NY-14-10-395
SCHULTZ, MARTIN                         NY-14-I-188
SCHULTZ, MARY JANE                      NY-14-7-355
SCHULTZ, MELISSA                        NY-14-7-35
SCHULTZ, PETER J.                       NY-14-S-370
SCHULTZE, DANIEL H.                     NY-14-T-478
SCHULTZE, JOHN F.                       NY-14-F-488
SCHUYLER, CATHARINE M.                  NY-14-12-552
SCHUYLER, STEPHEN                       NY-14-U-314
SCOFIELD, BENJAMIN                      NY-14-S-418
SCOFIELD, CHARLES                       NY-14-9-18
SCOFIELD, EPHRAIM M.                    NY-14-5-324
SCOFIELD, EZEKIAL                       NY-14-2-427
SCOFIELD, GEORGE W.                     NY-14-8-370
SCOFIELD, HENRY E.                      NY-14-T-258
SCOFIELD, JEROME                        NY-14-Q-278
SCOFIELD, LETTY M.                      NY-14-11-564
SCOFIELD, PHEBE                         NY-14-T-553
SCOFIELD, SARAH                         NY-14-14-393
SCOFIELD, SARAH                         NY-14-7-683
SCOFIELD, STEPHEN                       NY-14-J-361
SCOFIELD, THOMAS                        NY-14-J-175
SCOLES, JOHN                            NY-14-9-497
SCOUTEN, WILLIAM                        NY-14-N-181
SCRIBNER, EDWARD J.                     NY-14-11-316
SCRINE, JAMES                           NY-14-D-88
SCRYVER, GEORGE W.                      NY-14-W-415
SCRYVER, HELEN                          NY-14-W-234
SCUDDER, ANNA DEWITT                    NY-14-15-128
SCUDDER, JOSEPH                         NY-14-4-214
SCULLY, PATRICK                         NY-14-Y-440
SCUTT, WILLIAM H.                       NY-14-12-203
SEABURY, JOHN                           NY-14-D-424
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-U-442
SEAMAN, EGBERT C.                       NY-14-9-423
SEAMAN, ELIZA                           NY-14-Y-446
SEAMAN, ISAAC N.                        NY-14-12-78
SEAMAN, JACOB                           NY-14-9-681
SEAMAN, JOB                             NY-14-8-466
SEAMAN, JOHN B.                         NY-14-4-195
SEAMAN, JOHN G.                         NY-14-L-457
SEAMAN, MALVINA                         NY-14-8-567
SEAMAN, MARGARET                        NY-14-V-216
SEAMAN, MARTHA A.                       NY-14-9-44
SEAMAN, MARY                            NY-14-13-719
SEAMAN, MARY                            NY-14-S-239
SEAMAN, MARY D.                         NY-14-12-170
SEAMAN, RICHARD M.                      NY-14-C-513
SEAMAN, ROBERT                          NY-14-O-218
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-14-C-524
SEAMAN, SARAH                           NY-14-12-186
SEAMAN, SUSAN                           NY-14-O-580
SEAMAN, SUTTON                          NY-14-W-14
SEAMAN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-14-8-7
SEAMAN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-14-5-571
SEAMEN, MARY C.                         NY-14-7-103
SEARS, THOMAS                           NY-14-B-444
SEBRING, ISAAC                          NY-14-H-272
SECOR, GIDNEY                           NY-14-D-39
SECOR, ISAAC                            NY-14-C-461
SECOR, MARY                             NY-14-D-55
SECORD, JOHN                            NY-14-V-464
SEDGEWICK, CHARLES H.                   NY-14-7-698
SEDGWICK, CHARLES H.                    NY-14-#1-156
SEDGWICK, CHRISTINA                     NY-14-7-432
SEDGWICK, LUCIUS E.                     NY-14-#1-164
SEE, LORINDA A.                         NY-14-6-182
SEEGWICK, LUCIUS E.                     NY-14-#1-170
SEELEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-14-5-431
SEELEY, WILLIAM                         NY-14-5-333
SEELY, JOSEPH C.                        NY-14-J-426
SELLECK, WILLIAM                        NY-14-10-300
SELLICK, JOHN                           NY-14-C-66
SENCERBOX, SIMEON D.                    NY-14-U-206
SENIGO, JOHN                            NY-14-12-549
SERRINE, JACOB                          NY-14-Z-630
SEWARD, JAMES A.                        NY-14-11-442
SEWARD, MARY B.                         NY-14-15-94
SEWARD, OGDEN S.                        NY-14-V-234
SEWARD, PHILANDER                       NY-14-R-335
SEWARD, PHILANDER GEORGE                NY-14-S-558
SHAFER, GEORGE ADAM                     NY-14-P-423
SHAFER, MARGARET                        NY-14-14-409
SHAFER, MARIA M.                        NY-14-5-675
SHAFFER, JEREMIAH                       NY-14-12-686
SHAFFER, MARY A.                        NY-14-15-118
SHAFFER, PETER                          NY-14-5-70
SHANAHAN, PATRICK                       NY-14-8-91
SHANNAHAN, MICHAEL                      NY-14-#1-539
SHARPSTONE, JACOB                       NY-14-B-346
SHAVALEAR, ELIAS                        NY-14-C-223
SHAW, JOHN S.                           NY-14-13-197
SHAW, JOHN W.                           NY-14-J-74
SHAW, JOHN W.                           NY-14-#1-590
SHAW, LAURA W.                          NY-14-8-316
SHAW, MARGARET ANN                      NY-14-13-575
SHAW, MARY                              NY-14-Q-40
SHAW, MICHAEL                           NY-14-L-284
SHAW, MICHAEL                           NY-14-E-440
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-14-9-350
SHEAF, SARAH                            NY-14-V-288
SHEAFE, JOHN FISHER                     NY-14-8-107
SHEAK, JOHANAS                          NY-14-B-84
SHEAK, JOHN                             NY-14-F-530
SHEAK, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-14-N-579
SHEAR, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-F-396
SHEAR, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-15-344
SHEAR, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-10-255
SHEAR, CHARITY                          NY-14-K-386
SHEAR, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-M-383
SHEAR, GEORGE                           NY-14-T-176
SHEAR, ISRAEL                           NY-14-G-151
SHEAR, JOHN C.                          NY-14-G-270
SHEAR, JOHN C.                          NY-14-13-498
SHEARD, JAMES                           NY-14-5-229
SHEARMAN, DAVID C.                      NY-14-Q-506
SHEARMAN, JEREMIAH                      NY-14-D-62
SHEARMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-14-AA-37
SHEEDY, MARY ANN                        NY-14-10-156
SHEEHAN, DENIS                          NY-14-3-536
SHEIDAN, CHARLES                        NY-14-13-699
SHEILDS, ANN MARY                       NY-14-U-429
SHELDEN, DAVID                          NY-14-O-296
SHELDEN, DAVID                          NY-14-H-230
SHELDEN, POTTER                         NY-14-B-96
SHELDON, IDA C.                         NY-14-10-614
SHELDON, JULIA M.                       NY-14-Z-326
SHELDON, LUTHER                         NY-14-V-55
SHELDON, RICHARD                        NY-14-J-108
SHELDON, SOPHIA M.                      NY-14-9-126
SHELDON, THEODORUS B.                   NY-14-8-337
SHELDON, WILLIAM                        NY-14-W-326
SHELDON, WILLIAM                        NY-14-9-442
SHELDON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-12-562
SHELDON, WILSON B.                      NY-14-15-318
SHELLY, JULIA                           NY-14-15-44
SHEPHERD, CHARLES                       NY-14-F-115
SHEPHERD, JARED W.                      NY-14-4-458
SHEPHERD, JONATHAN                      NY-14-E-62
SHEPHERD, MARY C.                       NY-14-15-403
SHERIDAN, APTRICK                       NY-14-9-519
SHERIDAN, MARGARET                      NY-14-9-383
SHERIDAN, PATRICK                       NY-14-2-71
SHERIGER, EDMUND                        NY-14-13-709
SHERMAN, ABIEL                          NY-14-K-7
SHERMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-14-Y-81
SHERMAN, ADELINE                        NY-14-8-68
SHERMAN, ALMIRA                         NY-14-U-345
SHERMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-B-582
SHERMAN, CAROLINE                       NY-14-13-372
SHERMAN, CORNELIA                       NY-14-13-105
SHERMAN, DAVID                          NY-14-L-216
SHERMAN, DEBORAH                        NY-14-11-25
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-J-134
SHERMAN, GARRETT                        NY-14-5-113
SHERMAN, GEORGE                         NY-14-V-59
SHERMAN, H. LELIA                       NY-14-12-339
SHERMAN, HIRAM                          NY-14-3-210
SHERMAN, ISAAC                          NY-14-F-329
SHERMAN, ISAAC W.                       NY-14-10-289
SHERMAN, JOHN                           NY-14-13-256
SHERMAN, LYDIA A.                       NY-14-9-284
SHERMAN, MARGARET E.                    NY-14-14-558
SHERMAN, PHEBE                          NY-14-9-46
SHERMAN, WALTER                         NY-14-6-368
SHERO, HARRIET                          NY-14-13-495
SHEROW, GEORGE W.                       NY-14-T-204
SHERRILL, JEREMIAH                      NY-14-15-223
SHERRILL, JEREMIAH JR.                  NY-14-D-493
SHERRILL, POLLY                         NY-14-J-146
SHERWOOD, ALSON                         NY-14-Z-414
SHERWOOD, ANN F.                        NY-14-U-190
SHERWOOD, BENJAMIN C.                   NY-14-13-313
SHERWOOD, DANIEL S.                     NY-14-10-268
SHERWOOD, ISAAC                         NY-14-7-68
SHERWOOD, JERUSHA                       NY-14-2-253
SHERWOOD, JOHN PATRICK                  NY-14-C-495
SHERWOOD, LEWIS                         NY-14-N?294
SHERWOOD, MARY                          NY-14-9-417
SHERWOOD, NOAH H.                       NY-14-12-431
SHERWOOD, SEYMOUR                       NY-14-B-440
SHERWOOD, STEPHEN H.                    NY-14-2-513
SHEVELAND, DENNIS                       NY-14-12-142
SHIELDS, ANN                            NY-14-8-180
SHIELDS, MARY                           NY-14-#1-550
SHIELDS, MARY                           NY-14-3-344
SHIELDS, SARAH                          NY-14-4-326
SHIELS, ANN                             NY-14-12-481
SHLEIDER, EVA                           NY-14-12-477
SHOEMAKER, EDWARD                       NY-14-Y-146
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       NY-14-H-45
SHOOK, ARCHIBALD                        NY-14-Q-308
SHOOK, GERTRUDE C.                      NY-14-13-552
SHOOK, JOHN                             NY-14-R-328
SHOOK, JOHN A.                          NY-14-2-176
SHOOK, MARY LOUISE                      NY-14-15-495
SHOOK, PETER                            NY-14-V-188
SHOOK, SHERIDAN                         NY-14-14-538
SHOP, CATHARINE M.                      NY-14-13-441
SHOP, WILLIAM                           NY-14-V-486
SHOVE, EDWARD                           NY-14-C-425
SHOVE, HARRIET                          NY-14-14-475
SHUFELT, ADAM                           NY-14-C-492
SHULTZ, BENJAMIN D.                     NY-14-7-120
SHULTZ, JACOB F.                        NY-14-P-189
SHUTE, AARON                            NY-14-E-363, 369
SHUTE, NANCY                            NY-14-10-86
SHUTES, SUSAN                           NY-14-H-20
SICKELS, HENRY                          NY-14-3-613
SICKLER, GEORGE                         NY-14-A-223
SIEBGEN, HENRY                          NY-14-13-553
SIEMON, JACOB                           NY-14-B-228
SIEVERS, GEORGE                         NY-14-15-229
SIGLER, GEORGE                          NY-14-#1-609
SIGLER, HANNAH                          NY-14-3-283
SIGLER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-S-66
SILL, EMMA                              NY-14-10-79
SILL, LAVINA                            NY-14-Y-573
SIMMONS, ABIGAIL                        NY-14-V-161
SIMMONS, DAVID                          NY-14-8-343
SIMMONS, DUANE B.                       NY-14-10-291
SIMMONS, ISAAC                          NY-14-Y-322
SIMMONS, JAMES                          NY-14-H-401
SIMMONS, JOHN A.                        NY-14-Z-307
SIMMONS, JOSHUA S.                      NY-14-#1-57
SIMMONS, LAURENCE B.                    NY-14-M-49
SIMMONS, LEWIS D.                       NY-14-Z-98
SIMMONS, MARY J.                        NY-14-13-396
SIMMONS, NORA                           NY-14-7-294
SIMMONS, PRISCILLA                      NY-14-14-124
SIMMONS, SALLY                          NY-14-5-269
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NY-14-4-407
SIMON, JOHN                             NY-14-14-147
SIMONTON, ELIZABETH                     NY-14-Q-214
SIMPSON, JOHN                           NY-14-5-695
SIMPSON, JOSEPH                         NY-14-4-209
SIMSON, AMBROSE B.                      NY-14-H-31
SINCERBOX, MARIA                        NY-14-R-452
SINCERBOX, PHEBE                        NY-14-2-197
SINHOLD, BARBARA                        NY-14-10-508
SINSABAUGH, JENNIE A.                   NY-14-12-188
SINSABAUGH, SOPHIA                      NY-14-Z-174
SIPPERLY, HENRY F.                      NY-14-6-40
SIPPERLY, WALTER V.                     NY-14-R-109
SISSON, ABIGAIL                         NY-14-3-265
SISSON, DEBORAH                         NY-14-U-102
SISSON, ELIZA B.                        NY-14-8-520
SISSON, HANNAH R.                       NY-14-9-54
SISSON, JOB                             NY-14-R-457
SISSON, LEMUEL                          NY-14-E-525
SISSON, LEMUEL                          NY-14-D-438
SISSON, LYDIA                           NY-14-#1-626
SISSON, PHEBE                           NY-14-#1-149
SISSON, RICHARD                         NY-14-T-57
SISSON, SARAH                           NY-14-W-577
SISSON, SARAH                           NY-14-W-520
SITZER, FREDERIC                        NY-14-Q-178
SKELLY, ANN                             NY-14-8-588
SKIDMORE, ANDREW                        NY-14-R-92
SKIDMORE, ANDREW                        NY-14-E-173
SKIDMORE, ANDREW A.                     NY-14-W-388
SKIDMORE, EVA A.                        NY-14-11-416
SKIDMORE, JAMES C.                      NY-14-8-56
SKIDMORE, LORETTA                       NY-14-14-549
SKIDMORE, RICHARD                       NY-14-L-307
SKIDMORE, WALTER                        NY-14-Q-449
SKINNER, MARIA L.                       NY-14-13-584
SKINNER, WARREN                         NY-14-#1-542
SLACK, GEORGE R. P.                     NY-14-U-254
SLATER, ANNIE C.                        NY-14-15-661
SLATER, CAROLINE F.                     NY-14-5-372
SLATTERLY, PATRICK                      NY-14-10-746
SLAUSON, SEELY                          NY-14-Z-253
SLAWSON, SUSAN                          NY-14-Y-524
SLEAD, SOPHRONIA                        NY-14-Q-416
SLEE, EMELINE                           NY-14-12-679
SLEE, ISABELLA                          NY-14-Z-255
SLEE, ROBERT                            NY-14-12-218
SLEE, WILLIAM P.                        NY-14-10-202
SLEIGHT, ANN                            NY-14-W-216
SLEIGHT, ARTHUR                         NY-14-14-608
SLEIGHT, BENJAMIN A.                    NY-14-T-486
SLEIGHT, CATHARINE C.                   NY-14-2-445
SLEIGHT, CATHARINE S.                   NY-14-12-306
SLEIGHT, DANIEL                         NY-14-Q-198
SLEIGHT, DANIEL                         NY-14-K-124
SLEIGHT, EDGAR                          NY-14-11-543
SLEIGHT, ELIZA ANN                      NY-14-3-434
SLEIGHT, ELSE                           NY-14-M-204
SLEIGHT, FREDERICK                      NY-14-F-131
SLEIGHT, GEORGE                         NY-14-F-342
SLEIGHT, HENRY                          NY-14-G-85
SLEIGHT, HENRY                          NY-14-G-174
SLEIGHT, HENRY                          NY-14-Q-180
SLEIGHT, HENRY D.                       NY-14-L-147
SLEIGHT, HIRAM                          NY-14-12-266
SLEIGHT, JAMES                          NY-14-I-429
SLEIGHT, JAMES E.                       NY-14-Y-603
SLEIGHT, JOHN A.                        NY-14-M-478
SLEIGHT, JOHN S.                        NY-14-8-516
SLEIGHT, MILES                          NY-14-Y-121
SLEIGHT, MORGAN                         NY-14-W-117
SLEIGHT, NELLY AMELIA                   NY-14-W-218
SLEIGHT, PETER R.                       NY-14-9-629
SLEIGHT, PHILIP                         NY-14-#1-486
SLEIGHT, SARAH B.                       NY-14-7-578
SLEIGHT, WALTER D.                      NY-14-P-312
SLOAN, MARGARE                          NY-14-10-703
SLOCUM, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-F-500
SLOCUM, GEORGE W.                       NY-14-P-236
SLOCUM, GIDEON                          NY-14-N-513
SLOCUM, HUMPHRY                         NY-14-A-180
SLOCUM, JOB                             NY-14-D-608
SLOCUM, JOHN F.                         NY-14-P-161
SLOCUM, WILLIAM H. ****                 NY-14-P-490
SLOOT, JAMES                            NY-14-C-205
SMALLEY, FREEMAN                        NY-14-11-106
SMALLEY, HARRIS                         NY-14-Z-208
SMALLEY, JOSHUA                         NY-14-14-606
SMART, BENJAMIN                         NY-14-4-506
SMART, HANNAH FOWLER                    NY-14-U-234
SMART, JOSEPH                           NY-14-7-565
SMEAD, WESLEY                           NY-14-#1-25
SMEDES, HELEN                           NY-14-3-668
SMILES, WILLIAM                         NY-14-J-201
SMILIE, CATHERINE                       NY-14-9-457
SMILIE, DAVID J.                        NY-14-10-57
SMILIE, JAMES                           NY-14-9-66
SMITH, AARON                            NY-14-4-492
SMITH, ABEL                             NY-14-14-685
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-AA-46
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-14-516
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-E-333
SMITH, ABRAHAM D.                       NY-14-8-602
SMITH, ALBERT C.                        NY-14-13-434
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        NY-14-6-358
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-14-12-504
SMITH, ANN                              NY-14-4-418
SMITH, BELINDA                          NY-14-6-669
SMITH, BENJAMIN T.                      NY-14-U-260
SMITH, BETSEY                           NY-14-9-724
SMITH, CATHARINE W.                     NY-14-2-111
SMITH, CATHERINE                        NY-14-8-509
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-14-F-175
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-14-P-180
SMITH, EDWARD M.                        NY-14-15-612
SMITH, EFFIE E.                         NY-14-14-22
SMITH, EGBERT                           NY-14-14-330
SMITH, ELIJAH                           NY-14-G-378
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-C-528
SMITH, ELIZABETH T.                     NY-14-14-463
SMITH, ENSIGN T.                        NY-14-3-397
SMITH, ESQUIRE W.                       NY-14-V-342
SMITH, FANY                             NY-14-7-534
SMITH, FRANK                            NY-14-10-366
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-14-E-341
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-14-Z-23
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-14-10-384
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-14-6-446
SMITH, H. STEPHEN                       NY-14-8-237
SMITH, HANNAH                           NY-14-H-5
SMITH, HANNAH                           NY-14-P-182
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-14-F-117
SMITH, HENRY B.                         NY-14-12-318
SMITH, HENRY T.                         NY-14-10-383
SMITH, HENRY W.                         NY-14-3-381
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-U-335
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-H-468
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-G-279
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-F-84
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-14-14-218
SMITH, ISAAC H.                         NY-14-U-395
SMITH, ISRAEL                           NY-14-A-271
SMITH, ISRAEL                           NY-14-AA-123
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-14-C-451
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-14-13-103
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-14-M-160
SMITH, JAMES W.                         NY-14-U-179
SMITH, JESSE T.                         NY-14-14-477
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-14-B-438
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-14-13-340
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-14-14-734
SMITH, JOHN B.                          NY-14-2-88
SMITH, JOHN J.                          NY-14-Z-101
SMITH, JOHN T.                          NY-14-#1-543
SMITH, JOHN TICE                        NY-14-F-485
SMITH, JOSEPH J.                        NY-14-14-273
SMITH, JULIA ANN                        NY-14-9-628
SMITH, LETTY                            NY-14-S-599
SMITH, LETTY                            NY-14-10-653
SMITH, LYDIA ANN                        NY-14-9-598
SMITH, LYDIA S.                         NY-14-13-317
SMITH, MADISON                          NY-14-9-130
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-14-E-198
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-14-5-88
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-14-V-377
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-14-15-646
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-14-#1-208
SMITH, MARY                             NY-14-4-647
SMITH, MARY                             NY-14-M-455
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-14-6-509
SMITH, MARY C.                          NY-14-15-551
SMITH, MARY C.                          NY-14-14-58
SMITH, MARY V. A.                       NY-14-Z-368
SMITH, MATILDA A.                       NY-14-15-202
SMITH, MAURICE                          NY-14-O-254
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-14-3-140
SMITH, NANCY                            NY-14-9-693
SMITH, PETER                            NY-14-J-392
SMITH, PHEBE                            NY-14-I-182
SMITH, PHEBE                            NY-14-14-265
SMITH, PLATT                            NY-14-14-500
SMITH, PLATT                            NY-14-B-129
SMITH, RESULA                           NY-14-J-363
SMITH, REUBEN                           NY-14-J-337
SMITH, ROYAL R.                         NY-14-9-202
SMITH, RUFUS                            NY-14-7-105
SMITH, RUTH J.                          NY-14-12-599
SMITH, SALLY                            NY-14-R-13
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-14-C-603
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-14-B-270
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-14-14-648
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-14-2-497
SMITH, SARAH ANN                        NY-14-15-734
SMITH, SEABURY                          NY-14-Q-427
SMITH, SILAS G.                         NY-14-8-207
SMITH, SOLOMON SR.                      NY-14-A-377
SMITH, STEPHEN R.                       NY-14-N-63
SMITH, VALENTINE                        NY-14-9-313
SMITH, WASHINGTON                       NY-14-14-688
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-14-U-167
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                       NY-14-12-247
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                       NY-14-R-294
SMITH,D EYO                             NY-14-4-149
SMITHSON, GEORGE                        NY-14-W-569
SNEDEKER, RICHARD                       NY-14-A-277
SNELL, GERTRUDE                         NY-14-5-222
SNIDER, JOHANNES JOST                   NY-14-A-60
SNOOK, GILBERT H.                       NY-14-15-218
SNOOK, MATTHEW I.                       NY-14-3-557
SNOOK, SARAH ANN                        NY-14-9-239
SNOOK, STEPHEN                          NY-14-#1-559
SNOUCH, JAMES                           NY-14-F-475
SNOUCK, ANDREES                         NY-14-A-89
SNUYDER, MARGARET                       NY-14-8-313
SNYDER, BENJAMIN                        NY-14-B-118
SNYDER, CATHARINE                       NY-14-Z-438
SNYDER, EUNICE                          NY-14-10-555
SNYDER, GEORGE                          NY-14-3-593
SNYDER, GEORGE                          NY-14-C-380
SNYDER, GEORGE                          NY-14-H-141
SNYDER, GERTRUDE C.                     NY-14-10-488
SNYDER, HENRY                           NY-14-L-104
SNYDER, JOHANAES JOST                   NY-14-AA-99
SNYDER, JOHN M.                         NY-14-O-208
SNYDER, MARGARET                        NY-14-4-633
SNYDER, MARGARET                        NY-14-Y-363
SNYDER, NEWTON E.                       NY-14-5-667
SNYDER, PETER                           NY-14-G-355
SNYDER, POLLY                           NY-14-8-211
SOMARINDYCK, CORNELIA                   NY-14-6-714
SOMES, JAIS                             NY-14-A-263
SORMS, SAMUEL                           NY-14-D-421
SORNBORGER, GEORGE                      NY-14-E-374
SORNBORGER, NICHOLAS                    NY-14-L-528
SOULE, CALEB                            NY-14-11-329
SOULE, EBENEZER                         NY-14-L-613
SOULE, EDGAR                            NY-14-14-125
SOULE, LYDIA                            NY-14-12-113
SOULE, LYDIA A.                         NY-14-14-471
SOULE, NATHAN                           NY-14-C-45
SOULE, SALLY                            NY-14-P-125
SOULE, SAMUEL S.                        NY-14-O-139
SOULE, SENECA                           NY-14-H-219
SOURS, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-11-342
SOUTHARD, DANIEL                        NY-14-O-83
SOUTHARD, ISAAC                         NY-14-B-569
SOUTHARD, ISAAC                         NY-14-B-358
SOUTHARD, JANE                          NY-14-13-1
SOUTHARD, JOSEPH                        NY-14-B-1
SOUTHARD, RICHARD                       NY-14-Q-265
SOUTHARD, RICHARD                       NY-14-B-77
SOUTHARD, ZEBULON                       NY-14-AA-89
SOUTHARD, ZEBULON                       NY-14-S-412
SOUTHARD, ZEBULON                       NY-14-A-64
SOUTHEE, JANE                           NY-14-W-67
SOUTHERD, DANIEL                        NY-14-A-80
SOUTHERD, SARAH                         NY-14-A-81
SOUTHWICK, EDWARD                       NY-14-Z-429
SOUTHWICK, RICHARD C.                   NY-14-Y-626
SOUTHWICK, ROBERT H.                    NY-14-H-36
SPAULDING, ABIJAH                       NY-14-B-603
SPAULDING, JOSEPH S.                    NY-14-12-588
SPAULDING, URIAH                        NY-14-W-113
SPEEN, JOSEPH                           NY-14-W-494
SPEIDEL, CARL A.                        NY-14-11-57
SPENCER, ALEXANDER                      NY-14-B-308
SPENCER, ANDREW J.                      NY-14-14-364
SPENCER, ANNA                           NY-14-9-380
SPENCER, EGEBRT P.                      NY-14-2-408
SPENCER, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-C-73
SPENCER, ENOCH                          NY-14-Z-258
SPENCER, JOHN                           NY-14-14-201
SPENCER, PHILIP                         NY-14-Y-74
SPENCER, WALLACE                        NY-14-13-90
SPENSE, THOMAS                          NY-14-2-59
SPERBECK, URONIA M.                     NY-14-W-189
SPIELMAN, JOHN                          NY-14-14-679
SPRAGUE, ABIGAIL                        NY-14-AA-59
SPRAGUE, MINER W.                       NY-14-S-241
SPRAGUE, NATHANIEL                      NY-14-4-37
SPURR, CORDELIA S.                      NY-14-12-689
SPURR, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-7-475
SSSON, RUTH M.                          NY-14-6-6
STAATS, CATREEN                         NY-14-A-201
STAATS, EMMA A.                         NY-14-15-136
STAATS, HENRY                           NY-14-3-101
STAGE, MARY ANN                         NY-14-9-688
STALL, ANGLE                            NY-14-J-370
STALL, ANNA M.                          NY-14-10-590
STALL, EDWIN                            NY-14-4-470
STALL, HENRY A.                         NY-14-14-276
STALL, SARAH G.                         NY-14-Y-494
STANSBURY, MAHITABEL                    NY-14-L-482
STANTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-Z-190
STANTON, EVE A.                         NY-14-10-144
STANTON, HARRIET A.                     NY-14-15-77
STANTON, JAMES                          NY-14-L-295
STANTON, LUKE W.                        NY-14-Z-148
STANTON, MARTHA B.                      NY-14-12-613
STANWIX, JOHN                           NY-14-K-186
STARK, AMELIA A.                        NY-14-11-237
STARK, BENONI                           NY-14-M-573
STARK, JAMES                            NY-14-D-117
STEARNS, JOHN M.                        NY-14-14-612
STEBBINS, BENJAMIN J.                   NY-14-8-647
STEDWELL, JAMES                         NY-14-J-342
STEEGAR, HENRY                          NY-14-2-337
STEENBURGH, SARAH                       NY-14-4-138
STEINER, JOHN M.                        NY-14-8-573
STEPHENS, SAMUEL                        NY-14-C-415
STEPHENSON, MARCUS P.                   NY-14-9-78
STERLING, EUNICE E.                     NY-14-10-639
STERLING, GEORGE W.                     NY-14-3-6
STERLING, SARAH M.                      NY-14-8-421
STERLING, WILLIAM C.                    NY-14-5-1
STEVENS, CORDELIA C.                    NY-14-15-395
STEVENS, DAVID W.                       NY-14-Z-48
STEVENS, DEBORAH                        NY-14-W-493
STEVENS, DIANA E.                       NY-14-8-146
STEVENS, EBENEZER                       NY-14-L-569
STEVENS, ELIZABETH                      NY-14-S-449
STEVENS, GEORGE W.                      NY-14-12-642
STEVENS, HENRY H.                       NY-14-Z-279
STEVENS, HESTER                         NY-14-8-4
STEVENS, JOHN                           NY-14-J-228
STEVENS, RUSSEL                         NY-14-Q-371
STEVENS, THOMAS H.                      NY-14-9-197
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-14-N-402
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NY-14-Z-90
STEVENSON, WILLIAM G.                   NY-14-10-593
STEWART, ANNA                           NY-14-P-435
STEWART, HELEN LEROY                    NY-14-10-510
STEWART, HENRY                          NY-14-F-78
STEWART, IRWIN                          NY-14-3-180
STEWART, JEMIMA                         NY-14-G-442
STEWART, NANCY                          NY-14-Y-472
STEWART, NELSON                         NY-14-Y-211
STEWART, SMITH                          NY-14-8-216
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-14-A-142
STEWART, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-W-512
STEWART, WILLIAM W.                     NY-14-U-247
STICKEL, NICHOLAS                       NY-14-A-168
STICKLE, JOHN                           NY-14-E-228
STICKLE, JOHN I.                        NY-14-#1-525
STICKLE, SALLY                          NY-14-Z-538
STICKLE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-14-15-237
STILLSON, SHERMAN                       NY-14-R-365
STILWELL, JOHN                          NY-14-J-238
STILWELL, RICHARD                       NY-14-V-64
STJOHN, EPERENCE                        NY-14-A-38
STJOHN, THOMAS                          NY-14-2-605
STLUE, MARIA                            NY-14-7-79
STOBER, JACOB                           NY-14-A-231
STOCKHOLM, AARON                        NY-14-G-246
STOCKHOLM, ABRAHAM B.                   NY-14-8-221
STOCKHOLM, EDWIN                        NY-14-5-137
STOCKHOLM, PHEBE                        NY-14-T-162
STOCKING, AMELIA A.                     NY-14-Y-196
STOCKING, AUSTIN                        NY-14-12-280
STOCKINS, LIVANA                        NY-14-U-589
STORIE, CATHARINE E.                    NY-14-3-76
STORM, ABRAHAM                          NY-14-Q-287
STORM, ABRAHAM G.                       NY-14-V-516
STORM, ABRAM                            NY-14-8-100
STORM, ABRAM G.                         NY-14-7-206
STORM, ALFRED                           NY-14-2-85
STORM, ANDREW JR.                       NY-14-12-668
STORM, CATHARINE E.                     NY-14-8-151
STORM, CATHARINE V.                     NY-14-15-161
STORM, CHARLES A.                       NY-14-11-445
STORM, DAVID                            NY-14-6-677
STORM, ELIZABETH                        NY-14-E-149
STORM, GARRET                           NY-14-Q-285
STORM, GARRET                           NY-14-B-287
STORM, GEORGE B.                        NY-14-7-464
STORM, IDA                              NY-14-U-173
STORM, ISAAC                            NY-14-P-174
STORM, ISAAC                            NY-14-D-377
STORM, ISAAC                            NY-14-K-224
STORM, ISAAC G.                         NY-14-T-158
STORM, JANE ANN                         NY-14-S-252
STORM, JOHN                             NY-14-J-113
STORM, JOHN CURRIE                      NY-14-Q-210
STORM, JORIES                           NY-14-A-102
STORM, MARY                             NY-14-D-502
STORM, THEODORUS                        NY-14-W-285
STORM, THOMAS G.                        NY-14-H-277
STORMS, ABRAHAM                         NY-14-B-459
STORMS, CATHARINE                       NY-14-14-271
STORMS, CATHARINE                       NY-14-3-500
STORMS, JACOB                           NY-14-Y-222
STORMS, SUSAN                           NY-14-3-342
STORRS, MARIA                           NY-14-9-466
STORY, ROLAND                           NY-14-9-626
STORY, ZACHARIAH                        NY-14-J-452
STORY, ZACHARIAH SR.                    NY-14-C-555
STORYE, LAURA                           NY-14-14-174
STOTESBURY, CHARLOTTE F.                NY-14-4-161
STOTESBURY, WILLIAM                     NY-14-9-74
STOUGHTON, THOMAS                       NY-14-S-330
STOUTENBURG, MARGARET A.                NY-14-9-588
STOUTENBURGH, HANNAH                    NY-14-Y-377
STOUTENBURGH, HARMON                    NY-14-Y-550
STOUTENBURGH, ISAAC                     NY-14-U-282
STOUTENBURGH, JOHN SR.                  NY-14-C-189
STOUTENBURGH, MARIA A.                  NY-14-4-207
STOUTENBURGH, R. D. C.                  NY-14-3-323
STOUTENBURGH, RUTH ANN                  NY-14-14-323
STOUTENBURGH, TOBIAS                    NY-14-O-415
STOWE, JAMES                            NY-14-9-593
STRAAT, ANTHONY                         NY-14-T-423
STRAAT, ANTHONY                         NY-14-T-70
STRAAT, ANTHONY                         NY-14-D-198
STRAAT, GEORGE R.                       NY-14-6-743
STRAIGHT, WALTER A.                     NY-14-13-79
STRANG, DANIEL                          NY-14-8-288
STRANG, DEBORAH                         NY-14-7-188
STRATHERN, GEORGE                       NY-14-14-123
STREET, GREENLEAF                       NY-14-R-290
STREET, SALLY ANN                       NY-14-3-20
STREIT, LEWIS F.                        NY-14-11-10
STREVER, ADAM                           NY-14-#1-426
STREVER, ADAM A.                        NY-14-W-547
STREVER, ADAM A.                        NY-14-14-714
STREVER, BENJAMIN                       NY-14-6-740
STREVER, CLARISSA                       NY-14-4-676
STREVER, JOHN                           NY-14-I-260
STREVER, RACHEL                         NY-14-8-269
STRINGHAM, DANIEL                       NY-14-N-527
STRINGHAM, DAVID                        NY-14-T-105
STRINGHAM, HANNAH                       NY-14-#1-512
STRINGHAM, NAOMI                        NY-14-10-33
STRINGHAM, OWEN D.                      NY-14-R-211
STRINGHAM, PETER                        NY-14-H-82
STRINGHAM, SARAH                        NY-14-10-183
STRINGHAM, STEPHEN                      NY-14-N-100
STRINGHAM, THOMAS C.                    NY-14-2-27
STROBEL, J. WENDEL                      NY-14-11-548
STROBEL, WILLIAM D.                     NY-14-8-572
STUNBACK, PHILIP                        NY-14-B-578
STURGES, EBENEZER H.                    NY-14-13-675
STURGES, ELEANOR                        NY-14-13-14
STURGESS, LOUISA A.                     NY-14-Y-198
STUYVESANT, JOHN R.                     NY-14-R-437
STUYVESANT, MARY A.                     NY-14-10-148
STYLES, HANNAH MARIA                    NY-14-8-69
STYLES, JOHN                            NY-14-11-587
STYLES, ROBERT                          NY-14-12-690
STYLES, WILLAIM J.                      NY-14-Z-541
SUCKLEY, CATHARINE M.                   NY-14-6-191
SUCKLEY, JOHN                           NY-14-2-365
SUCKLEY, RUTSEN                         NY-14-3-374
SUCKLEY, THOMAS H.                      NY-14-9-580
SULLAVAN, MARY                          NY-14-8-323
SULLIVAN, MARY O.                       NY-14-10-231
SURR, ABEL                              NY-14-12-517
SUTCLIFFE, ELI                          NY-14-14-504
SUTHARD, DANIEL                         NY-14-AA-74
SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER                   NY-14-#1-583
SUTHERLAND, DAVID                       NY-14-D-555
SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH                   NY-14-S-312
SUTHERLAND, HANNAH                      NY-14-9-56
SUTHERLAND, ISAAC                       NY-14-I-446
SUTHERLAND, MARY                        NY-14-I-210
SUTHERLAND, ORMINTA M.                  NY-14-4-169
SUTHERLAND, PHEBE ANN                   NY-14-11-355
SUTHERLAND, PLATT                       NY-14-V-17
SUTHERLAND, POLLY                       NY-14-D-390
SUTHERLAND, RUTH                        NY-14-U-416
SUTHERLAND, SOLOMON                     NY-14-B-382
SUTHERLAND, TAMMA J.                    NY-14-9-648
SUTHERLAND, THOMAS                      NY-14-C-179
SUTHERLAND, WALTER B.                   NY-14-14-686
SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM                     NY-14-D-9
SUTTON, AARON                           NY-14-10-433
SUTTON, DAVID                           NY-14-Q-466
SUTTON, GEORGE L.                       NY-14-10-98
SUTTON, HANNAH C.                       NY-14-4-353
SUYDAM, ANNA                            NY-14-8-203
SUYDAM, HENRY                           NY-14-10-53
SUYDAM, JOHN                            NY-14-Z-496
SUYDAN, PHEBE                           NY-14-W-509
SWADE, DERICK                           NY-14-I-338
SWADE, JOHN L.                          NY-14-U-249
SWADE, SARAH                            NY-14-2-102
SWAN, CYRUS                             NY-14-15-183
SWANN, ELIZABETH W.                     NY-14-10-581
SWART, CORNELIUS                        NY-14-E-266
SWART, MARY                             NY-14-A-320
SWART, THOMAS                           NY-14-F-421
SWARTOUT, ANN                           NY-14-Y-443
SWARTOUT, CATHARINE O.                  NY-14-2-593
SWARTOUT, JOHN B.                       NY-14-V-178
SWARTWOUT, BURNADAS                     NY-14-C-102
SWARTWOUT, HENRY                        NY-14-A-17
SWARTWOUT, JACOB I.                     NY-14-O-360
SWARTWOUT, JACOBUS                      NY-14-G-479
SWARTWOUT, JAMES                        NY-14-F-4
SWARTWOUT, JOHANNES                     NY-14-B-608
SWARTWOUT, MYNDERT                      NY-14-F-92
SWARTWOUT, SARAH                        NY-14-F-44
SWARTWOUT, SIMON                        NY-14-E-461
SWARTZ, JACOB                           NY-14-11-244
SWEENEY, JOHN                           NY-14-10-264
SWEET, ANNA                             NY-14-W-403
SWEET, DANIEL                           NY-14-Z-329
SWEET, DAVID                            NY-14-AA-113
SWEET, DAVID                            NY-14-B-515
SWEET, EGBERT C.                        NY-14-3-221
SWEET, ELEAZER D.                       NY-14-U-524
SWEET, ELNATHAN                         NY-14-E-236
SWEET, JEROME                           NY-14-8-408
SWEET, LIBBEUS                          NY-14-E-162
SWEET, MARY                             NY-14-O-423
SWEET, MELLE                            NY-14-U-454
SWEET, MORGAN                           NY-14-F-526
SWEET, PERSIS                           NY-14-L-14
SWEET, RUFUS                            NY-14-P-150
SWEET, SILAS                            NY-14-4-671
SWEET, THOMAS                           NY-14-N-313
SWEET, WILLIAM C.                       NY-14-14-234
SWEETMAN, HANNAH                        NY-14-Y-452
SWIFT, ABRAM                            NY-14-10-171
SWIFT, BERIAH                           NY-14-S-292
SWIFT, CHARLES W.                       NY-14-4-598
SWIFT, DEBORAH                          NY-14-U-451
SWIFT, ELIZA L.                         NY-14-8-116 376, 483
SWIFT, HANNAH                           NY-14-U-43
SWIFT, HENRY                            NY-14-Y-39
SWIFT, HENRY M.                         NY-14-15-738
SWIFT, HORATIO N.                       NY-14-6-59
SWIFT, JAMES H.                         NY-14-10-307
SWIFT, JOHN M.                          NY-14-9-401
SWIFT, JUDAH                            NY-14-C-83
SWIFT, LEMUEL                           NY-14-O-262
SWIFT, MOSES                            NY-14-P-459
SWIFT, PHEBE B.                         NY-14-4-225
SWIFT, SAMUEL                           NY-14-B-600
SWIFT, SARAH                            NY-14-12-732
SWIFT, SARAH H.                         NY-14-13-61
SWIFT, SETH W.                          NY-14-5-338
SWIFT, THOMAS                           NY-14-#1-347
SWIFT, THOMAS W.                        NY-14-3-367
SWIFT, ZEBULON                          NY-14-F-503
SWORDS, CHARLES R.                      NY-14-7-456
SYPHER, PETER B.                        NY-14-6-218
SYPHER, SAMUEL                          NY-14-5-296
SYPHER, THEODORE M.                     NY-14-8-407

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