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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

VADNEY                                 Albertus
VADNEY                                 Elizabeth
VADNEY                                 George A
VALENTINE                              Gertrude Crissey
VAN AERNAM                             Charlotte
VAN AERNAM                             George
VAN AERNAM                             John I
VAN AERNUM                             Isaac S
VAN ALLEN                              Anna K
VAN ALLEN                              Elizabeth A
VAN ALLEN                              Eugene
VAN ALLEN                              Francis
VAN ALLEN                              Garret W
VAN ALLEN                              Hannah
VAN ALLEN                              John A
VAN ALLEN                              Magdelen
VAN ALLEN                              Mariah
VAN ALLEN                              Peter
VAN ALLEN                              William
VAN ALLEN                              William
VAN ALLEN                              William
VAN ALLEN COUGHTRY                     Anna K
VAN ALSTINE                            Catharine
VAN ALSTINE                            Hannah Rebecca
VAN ALSTINE                            John
VAN ALSTINE                            Margaret
VAN ALSTINE                            Mary
VAN ALSTINE                            Mary
VAN ALSTINE                            Rachel
VAN ALSTINE LIVINGSTON                 Mary
VAN ALSTYNE                            Archibald C.
VAN ALSTYNE                            Eliza
VAN ALSTYNE                            Eveline
VAN ALSTYNE                            Eveline
VAN ALSTYNE                            Hannah
VAN ALSTYNE                            James W.
VAN ALSTYNE                            John C.
VAN ALSTYNE                            John R.
VAN ALYSTYNE                           Nancy
VAN ALYSTYNE OGSBURY                   Nancy
VAN ANTWERP                            Cornelius
VAN ANTWERP                            Jessie
VAN ANTWERP                            Salmon
VAN ANTWERP HUYCK                      Jessie
VAN APELDOORN                          Emma
VAN APELDOORN                          James J
VAN AUKEN                              Alanson
VAN AUKEN                              Anna K
VAN AUKEN                              Anna M
VAN AUKEN                              Bernard D
VAN AUKEN                              Bertha
VAN AUKEN                              Catharine
VAN AUKEN                              Catharine A
VAN AUKEN                              Catherine
VAN AUKEN                              Eleanor Maria
VAN AUKEN                              Elizabeth
VAN AUKEN                              Elizabeth
VAN AUKEN                              Elizabeth
VAN AUKEN                              Elzina
VAN AUKEN                              Gertrude
VAN AUKEN                              Gitty Ann
VAN AUKEN                              Henry S
VAN AUKEN                              Irving
VAN AUKEN                              Isaac
VAN AUKEN                              Jacob
VAN AUKEN                              James
VAN AUKEN                              James
VAN AUKEN                              Jermiah
VAN AUKEN                              John H
VAN AUKEN                              John P
VAN AUKEN                              John W
VAN AUKEN                              John W
VAN AUKEN                              Julia C
VAN AUKEN                              Malinda
VAN AUKEN                              Margaret
VAN AUKEN                              Mary Jane
VAN AUKEN                              Mary L
VAN AUKEN                              Nancy
VAN AUKEN                              Nancy
VAN AUKEN                              Sally
VAN AUKEN                              Sarah
VAN AUKEN                              Sarah
VAN AUKEN                              Sophia M
VAN AUKEN                              Thomas
VAN AUKEN BEEBE                        Elzina
VAN AUKEN DAVIDSON                     Sarah
VAN AUKEN GIFFORD                      Nancy
VAN AUKEN KIP                          Sally
VAN AUKEN SCHOONMAKER                  Gertrude
VAN AUKEN SEVERSON                     Eleanor Maria
VAN AUKEN SHARP                        Mary L
VAN AUKEN SIMMONS                      Anna K
VAN AUKEN SNYDER                       Julia C
VAN AUKEN WITHERWAX                    Elizabeth
VAN BENSCOTEN                          Hiram
VAN BENSCOTEN                          Sarah J
VAN BENTHUISEN                         Catherine
VAN BENTHUISEN                         Henry
VAN BUEREN                             Martina P
VAN BUEREN (CW)                        Daniel
VAN BUREN                              Mary F
VAN BUREN WILSON                       Mary F
VAN DEN BURGH                          Helena J
VAN DENBURGH                           Elizabeth
VAN DENBURGH                           Nelly
VAN DENBURGH VAN AUKEN                 Elizabeth
VAN DER HEYDEN                         David
VAN DER HEYDEN                         Gertrude
VAN DER TUK                            Herman
VAN DERLIP                             Elias
VAN DERLIP                             Margaret Ann
VAN DERLIP                             Philip
VAN DERLIP                             Wotkyns
VAN DERPOEL                            Agnes
VAN DERPOEL SLINGERLAND                Agnes
VAN DERZEE                             Acsa
VAN DERZEE                             Catharine A
VAN DERZEE                             Elizabeth
VAN DERZEE                             Harman
VAN DERZEE                             Margaret
VAN DERZEE                             Mary Elizabeth
VAN DERZEE REID                        Elizabeth
VAN DERZEE WOOD                        Mary Elizabeth
VAN DEUSEN                             Abigail
VAN DEUSEN                             Arvilla
VAN DEUSEN                             George G
VAN DEUSEN                             Mary
VAN DEUSEN                             Sarah
VAN DEUSEN LONG                        Sarah
VAN DUESEN                             Abram
VAN DUZER                              Janet
VAN DUZER                              Martha J
VAN DYCK                               Esthera
VAN DYCK                               William
VAN DYKE                               David
VAN DYKE                               Elnora
VAN DYKE                               Sarah B
VAN DYKE                               Violes
VAN HEUSEN                             Charles Manning
VAN HEUSEN                             Harriet C
VAN HEUSEN                             Jacob
VAN HEUSEN                             Richard Fletcher
VAN HEUSEN                             William Proctor
VAN HOESEN                             Charles
VAN HOESEN                             Mary
VAN HUSEN                              Lucretia
VAN HUSEN BLESSING                     Lucretia
VAN HUYSEN                             Rachel
VAN KORB                               Christina
VAN KORB                               Elizabeth Helen
VAN KORB                               Jacob
VAN KORB (CW)                          Jacob
VAN LEUVAN                             Helen E
VAN LEUVAN WINEGARD                    Helen E
VAN LEUVEN                             Emily M
VAN LEUVEN                             George
VAN LEUVEN (CW)                        George
VAN NATTA                              Catharine
VAN NATTA                              Maria D
VAN NATTA                              Stephen G W
VAN NATTA LEE                          Maria D
VAN ORDEN                              Caroline Adelia
VAN ORDEN                              Fanny Louise
VAN ORDEN                              Wessel Ten Broeck
VAN PATTEN                             Ellen
VAN PATTEN                             Hannah
VAN PATTEN                             Margaret
VAN PATTEN                             Mariah
VAN PATTEN BEEBE                       Ellen
VAN PATTEN LA GRANGE                   Catharine
VAN PATTEN RELYEA                      Hannah
VAN PATTEN VAN ALLEN                   Mariah
VAN RENSSELAER                         Ann
VAN RENSSELAER                         Bernard S
VAN RENSSELAER                         Catharine Sanders
VAN RENSSELAER                         Charles Watkins
VAN RENSSELAER                         Dunkin Henry
VAN RENSSELAER                         John S
VAN RENSSELAER                         Louisa
VAN RENSSELAER                         Samuel Watkins
VAN RENSSELAER                         William
VAN RENSSELAER JOHNSTON                Catharine Sanders
VAN RENSSELAER TOWNSEND                Louisa
VAN SCHAACK                            Aaron
VAN SCHAACK                            Albert
VAN SCHAACK                            Barbra
VAN SCHAACK                            Catharine
VAN SCHAACK                            Derrick
VAN SCHAACK                            Elizabeth
VAN SCHAACK                            Eve
VAN SCHAACK                            Lawrence E
VAN SCHAACK                            Margaret J
VAN SCHAACK                            Mary
VAN SCHAACK                            Nicholas
VAN SCHAACK HUNGERFORD                 Mary
VAN SCHAACK REAMER                     Barbra
VAN SCHAICK                            Bessie Dorothea
VAN SCHAICK                            Charles D.
VAN SCHAICK                            Jenkins
VAN SCHAICK                            Maria C.
VAN SCYOC                              Henry
VAN SCYOC                              Julia
VAN SLYKE                              Clara
VAN VALKENBURCH                        Harriet
VAN VALKENBURG                         Jane
VAN VALKENBURG GALLUP                  Jane
VAN VALKENBURG WORMER                  Nancy
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Angelica
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Anna Barbara
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Anna Louise
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Cornelius
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Elizabeth
VAN VALKENBURGH                        George
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Henrietta
VAN VALKENBURGH                        John W.
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Kate
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Louisa A
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Lucinda
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Margaret Jane
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Mary R.
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Nancy
VAN VALKENBURGH (CW)                   George
VAN VALKENBURGH CROUNSE                Anna Barbara
VAN VALKENBURGH CROUNSE                Henrietta
VAN VALKENBURGH LAINHART               Angelica
VAN VALKENBURGH OGSBURY                Margaret Jane
VAN VALKENBURGH PALMER                 Louisa A.
VAN VALKENBURGH WEAVER                 Elizabeth
VAN VECHTEN                            Gerrett W
VAN VECHTEN                            Martha
VAN VECHTEN                            Phebe M
VAN VECHTEN BOYD                       Phebe M
VAN VLERIN                             Lettie Ann
VAN VRANKEN                            Hager
VAN VRANKEN                            Jacob S
VAN VRANKEN                            Lydia
VAN WAGENEN                            Eli R
VAN WAGENEN                            Ella
VAN WAGENEN                            Infant Son
VAN WAGENEN                            Infant Son
VAN WAGENEN                            Jacob F
VAN WAGENEN                            Jacob Henry
VAN WAGENEN                            Maria
VAN WAGENEN                            Maria A
VAN WAGENEN                            William
VAN WAGENEN                            William Henry
VAN WAGONEN                            Caroline
VAN WIE                                Agnes
VAN WIE                                Ellen J
VAN WIE                                Esther
VAN WIE                                Frances
VAN WIE                                Isaac
VAN WIE                                Magdalen
VAN WIE                                Mary Elizabeth
VAN WIE                                Myra
VAN WIE BURTON                         Esther
VAN WIE COMPTON                        Myra
VAN WIE GRAY                           Mary Elizabeth
VAN WIE SLINGERLAND                    Ellen J
VAN WIE VAN ALLEN                      Magdelen
VAN WOERT                              Henry
VAN WOERT                              Henry
VAN WORMER                             Clara
VAN WORMER                             Clara
VAN WORMER                             Cornelius
VAN WORMER                             Cornelius
VAN WORMER                             Frank
VAN WORMER                             Julia
VAN WORMER                             Maria
VAN WORMER                             Sarah Leanorah
VAN WORMER MILLER                      Clara
VAN WORMER SPAWN                       Maria
VAN ZANDT                              Benjamin
VAN ZANDT                              Henry
VAN ZANDT                              Hester
VAN ZANDT                              Isaac
VAN ZANDT                              Kenneth
VAN ZANDT                              Marietta
VAN ZANDT                              Mary Jane
VAN ZANDT (CW)                         Henry
VAN ZANDT (CW)                         Isaac
VAN ZANDT SECOR                        Hester
VAN ZANDT TUTHILL                      Marietta
VANAUKEN                               Margaret J
VANAUKEN SECOR                         Margaret J
VANDELOO                               Christian
VANDELOO                               Katharina
VANDENBURG                             Agnes
VANDENBURG VAN WIE                     Agnes
VANDENBURGH                            Frances
VANDENBURGH                            Gerret T
VANDERBELT                             Anna
VANDERBELT                             Garret
VANDERBELT                             John
VANDERHOFF                             Caroline
VANDERHOOF                             Hannah E
VANDERHOOF                             James Henry
VANDERPOEL                             Angeline
VANDERPOEL                             Frank
VANDERPOEL                             John
VANDERPOEL                             Peter
VANDERPOOL                             Abraham
VANDERPOOL                             Anna
VANDERPOOL                             Caroline
VANDERPOOL                             Charles A
VANDERPOOL                             John
VANDERPOOL                             Lillian A
VANDERPOOL                             Margaret
VANDERPOOL                             Millard C
VANDERPOOL                             Peter J
VANDERZEE                              Andrew
VANDERZEE                              Donald
VANDERZEE                              Elizabeth
VANDERZEE                              Florence
VANDERZEE                              Jane
VANDERZEE                              Jesse
VANDERZEE                              John
VANDERZEE                              Josephine
VANDERZEE                              Maria
VANDERZEE MOSHER                       Maria
VANDERZEE TOMPKINS                     Jane
VANDEUSEN                              Robert
VANSCHAACK                             Huldah
VANVALKENBURGH                         Hannah
VANWAGENEN                             rachel
VANWAGENEN HALLENBECK                  Rachel
VARICK                                 Anna
VEEDER                                 Ann Eliza
VEEDER                                 Edith
VEEDER                                 Edith
VEEDER                                 Eleanor
VEEDER                                 Elizabeth
VEEDER                                 Elizabeth C
VEEDER                                 Emma
VEEDER                                 John P
VEEDER                                 Lucas W
VEEDER                                 Sarah A
VEEDER                                 Simon John
VEEDER                                 Susannah
VEEDER                                 Volkert
VEEDER BATTERMAN                       Ann Eliza
VEEDER FISK                            Elizabeth C
VEN SINDEREN                           Femmitie
VEN SINDEREN SNYDER                    Femmitie
VENTER                                 Elisabeth
VENTER HETTINGER                       Elisabeth
VERNON                                 George
VERNOR                                 Hannah
VERNOR VAN ALSTYNE                     Hannah
VERPLANCK                              Alice M
VERPLANCK                              Charlotte E
VERPLANCK                              Isaac
VERPLANCK HINMAN                       Alice M
VERPLANK                               Helena
VERSTREPEN                             Christina
VERSTREPEN                             Joseph
VERSTREPEN                             Joseph L
VIEW                                   Calvary Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VINCENT                                Flay
VINCENT                                Lanute
VINCENT                                Mildred Irene
VINCENT ATKINS                         Flay
VINE                                   Gertrude
VINE                                   Henry
VINE                                   Jeremiah
VINE                                   Sarah
VINE HOWENSTINE                        Sarah
VIRGIL                                 William E
VIRTUE                                 Sarah
VISSCHER                               Charlotte A H
VISSCHER                               Eleanor
VISSCHER                               Henry T
VISSCHER                               Hester
VISSCHER                               James D
VISSCHER                               John V S
VISSCHER                               Maria
VISSCHER                               Sarah A
VISSCHER (CW)                          James D
VISSCHER CARTER                        Hester
VISSCHER DENNISTON                     Eleanor
VISSCHER GROOT                         Maria
VLOEBERGH                              Matilda
VLOEBERGH HERTZ                        Matilda
VOGEL                                  Edith M.
VOGEL                                  Edward A.
VOGEL                                  Henry
VOGEL                                  Margaret
VOGEL                                  Theresa
VOGEL HERSCHBERGER                     Theresa
VOLWEIDER                              Mary
VOLWEIDER FRYER                        Mary
VON HAUPTSTUHL                         K B
VON HAUPTSTUHL KAUTZ                   K B
VON LEHMAN                             Anna K
VON LEHMAN DELL                        Anna K
VOORHEES                               Mary
VOSBURGH                               Hannah
VOSS                                   Charles
VOSS                                   Louisa
VOSS                                   Mary J
VOSS RAIBLE                            Louisa
VROMAN                                 Anna A
VROMAN                                 Catharine
VROMAN                                 Cornelius J
VROMAN                                 Margaret J
VROMAN                                 Mary J
VROMAN SELKIRK                         Anna A
VROMAN SMITH                           Catharine
VROMANN                                Eveline
VROMANN SMITH                          Eveline
VROOMAN                                Anna M
VROOMAN                                Ella M
VROOMAN                                Frank J
VROOMAN                                Henry
VROOMAN                                Isabela
VROOMAN                                Joseph
VROOMAN                                Mary
VROOMAN                                Robert D
VROOMAN                                William
VROOMAN                                Willie H
WACHTEL                                Elizabeth
WACHTEL STOFELLS                       Elizabeth
WACKER                                 Margaret
WACKER BISSIKUMMER                     Margaret
WAGER                                  Elmer
WAGGONER                               Catharine A
WAGGONER                               John W.
WAGGONER                               Lydia Ann
WAGGONER                               Maria
WAGGONER                               Mary Alice
WAGGONER VAN AUKEN                     Catharine A
WAGHTER                                Caroline
WAGHTER BISSIKUMMER                    Caroline
WAGNER                                 Alfred E.
WAGNER                                 Alice
WAGNER                                 Caroline
WAGNER                                 Casper
WAGNER                                 Catherine M.
WAGNER                                 Eliza
WAGNER                                 Eliza
WAGNER                                 Elizabeth
WAGNER                                 George
WAGNER                                 George T.
WAGNER                                 Helen S.
WAGNER                                 Jessie E.
WAGNER                                 Lena
WAGNER                                 Margaret
WAGNER                                 Mary E
WAGNER                                 William
WAGNER ALLEN                           Mary E.
WAGNER BASSLER                         Elizabeth
WAGNER MCGRAW                          Mary E
WAGNER MOSS                            Caroline
WAGONER                                Austin
WAGONER                                Henry
WAGONER                                Louise
WAGONER HOFFMAN                        Louise
WAIT                                   Georgianna
WAIT                                   Myron G
WAIT                                   Sarah M
WAIT STRONG                            Sarah M.
WALDEN                                 Cornelia R
WALDEN                                 Eliza
WALDEN                                 Nancy A
WALDEN BALL                            Nancy A
WALDEN DEITZ                           Eliza
WALDEN SETTLE                          Cornelia R
WALDRON                                Aaron
WALDRON                                Catharine
WALDRON                                Cornelia
WALDRON                                Henry
WALDRON                                Jacob H
WALDRON                                Jacob H
WALDRON                                Luoretia
WALDRON                                Margaret
WALDRON                                Mary
WALDRON                                Mary E
WALDRON                                Susan
WALDRON MANN                           Mary E
WALDRON SHAVER                         Catharine
WALDRON SPALDING                       Cornelia
WALDRON YOUNG                          Margaret
WALFORD                                Emeline
WALFORD SCHOONMAKER                    Emeline
WALKER                                 Abram P
WALKER                                 Adelia
WALKER                                 Amos T
WALKER                                 Angelic
WALKER                                 Eliza
WALKER                                 Eve Anna
WALKER                                 Israel
WALKER                                 John
WALKER                                 Maria
WALKER                                 Mary
WALKER                                 Olive
WALKER                                 Peter
WALKER                                 Peter
WALKER AKER                            Olive
WALKER HILLER                          Eliza
WALKER TUTTLE                          Mary
WALL                                   Caroline
WALL PENNIE                            Caroline
WALSH                                  Bridget
WALSH                                  Edward
WALSH                                  Ellen
WALSH                                  Honorah
WALSH                                  Marjorie H
WALSH (CW)                             Edward
WALSH CASSIN                           Ellen
WALSH CASSIN                           Honorah
WALSH WILBER                           Marjorie H.
WALTER                                 Hannah
WALTER                                 Isabella L
WALTER DICKERSON                       Isabella L
WALTER MCCREADY                        Hannah
WALTHER                                Harriet
WALTHER MITTAUER                       Harriet
WALTON                                 Clemmie
WALTON MARTIN                          Clemmie
WANDERSEE                              Marion F
WANDS                                  Alida
WANDS                                  Alonzo P
WANDS                                  Anna
WANDS                                  Elizabeth
WANDS                                  James
WANDS                                  James B
WANDS                                  Julia
WANDS                                  Mabel S
WANDS                                  Nellie
WANDS                                  Oscar
WANDS                                  Robert J
WANDS                                  Samuel G
WANDS                                  William M
WANDS (CW)                             Robert J
WANDS (RW)                             James
WANDS HENDRICK                         Anna
WARD                                   Carrie M
WARD                                   Celia
WARD                                   Emeline
WARD                                   Emeline
WARD                                   Eve
WARD                                   Eve
WARD                                   Frederick F
WARD                                   Gilbert
WARD                                   John F
WARD                                   Luman S
WARD                                   Mary Jane
WARD                                   Mary M
WARD                                   Ruth E
WARD                                   Sarah
WARD                                   William J
WARD COE                               Ruth E.
WARD OGSBURY                           Eve
WARD SALISBURY                         Carrie M
WARD VAN AUKEN                         Sarah
WARD WHITBECK                          Celia
WARFORD                                Lathrop G
WARK                                   Alexander
WARK                                   Margaret
WARK                                   Susanna
WARK                                   Walter T
WARN                                   Hary
WARNER                                 Adeline Maria
WARNER                                 Anna M
WARNER                                 C. S.
WARNER                                 Catharine
WARNER                                 Christopher
WARNER                                 Estella
WARNER                                 George H
WARNER                                 Hannah
WARNER                                 Jacob
WARNER                                 Jacob P
WARNER                                 Jane A
WARNER                                 John
WARNER                                 John G
WARNER                                 John H
WARNER                                 Lawrence
WARNER                                 Lucious W
WARNER                                 Lucy A
WARNER                                 Luther C
WARNER                                 Lydia
WARNER                                 Maria
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Minnie
WARNER                                 Nancy Ann
WARNER                                 Peter W
WARNER                                 Phillip
WARNER (SERV)                          Luther C
WARNER LIVINGSTON                      Mary
WARNER MACHESNEY                       Maria
WARNER MATHIAS                         Estella
WARNER SCHOONMAKER                     Lydia
WARNER STREVELL                        Grace A
WARREN                                 Elizabeth
WARREN                                 Elizabeth
WARREN                                 Elizabeth
WARREN                                 Hannah
WARREN                                 Jacob
WARREN                                 Joseph
WARREN                                 Samuel
WARRICK                                Adelia C
WARRICK                                Emily
WASHBON                                Charlotte
WASHBON                                Julia Harriet
WASHBON                                Robert J
WASHBURN                               Stephen F.
WASSON                                 Frances G.
WASSON                                 Richard
WATERMAN                               Almira
WATERMAN                               Augustus
WATERMAN                               Charles
WATERMAN                               Elizabeth W.
WATERMAN                               Esther
WATERMAN                               George
WATERMAN                               James
WATERMAN                               Josephine
WATERMAN                               Lois
WATERMAN                               Lois H.
WATERMAN                               Maud L.
WATERMAN                               Robert
WATERMAN                               Robert
WATERMAN                               Silas C.
WATERMAN (CW)                          James
WATERMAN MEECH                         Almira
WATERMAN VANDERZEE                     Josephine
WATERS                                 H. Houston
WATERS                                 Katherine A.
WATERSON                               Jane
WATERSON LUKE                          Jane
WATKINS                                Lydia
WATKINS BEEKMAN                        Lydia
WATKINS DUNKIN                         Elizabeth
WATSON                                 Alfred Wellington
WATSON                                 Emma J
WATSON                                 George
WATSON                                 William
WATSON                                 William
WATSON                                 William B
WAUD                                   Ann
WAY                                    Henry
WAY                                    Lucy
WAYNE                                  George
WAYNE                                  Hannah
WAYNE                                  James G
WAYNE                                  Judith
WAYNE WARREN                           Hannah
WEATHERWAX                             Erna
WEATHERWAX STURGESS                    Erna
WEAVER                                 Ann Eliza
WEAVER                                 Anna
WEAVER                                 Carrie
WEAVER                                 Catharine
WEAVER                                 Claude S
WEAVER                                 Edna H
WEAVER                                 Elizabeth
WEAVER                                 Emma
WEAVER                                 Frederick
WEAVER                                 Ira J
WEAVER                                 Jane
WEAVER                                 John
WEAVER                                 Minnie E
WEAVER                                 Peter F
WEAVER                                 Peter I
WEAVER RELYEA                          Carrie
WEAVER VANDERBELT                      Anna
WEAVER VEEDER                          Emma
WEBER                                  Anna Mary
WEBER YENZ                             Anna Mary
WEBSTER                                Maria
WEBSTER                                Monroe P. Sr.
WEBSTER ROBERTSON                      Maria
WECKER                                 Margaretha
WEEBER                                 Margareth
WEEBER MIHM                            Margareth
WEED                                   Mary
WEED                                   Sarah A
WEED NICHOLDS                          Sarah A.
WEEDEN                                 Emma
WEEDEN                                 J C
WEIDMAN                                Alida A
WEIDMAN                                Catharine
WEIDMAN                                Catharine
WEIDMAN                                Elizabeth
WEIDMAN                                Elizabeth
WEIDMAN                                Elizabeth
WEIDMAN                                Ella C
WEIDMAN                                Felix
WEIDMAN                                Frances
WEIDMAN                                Henry W
WEIDMAN                                Jacob P
WEIDMAN                                Jemima
WEIDMAN                                Katherine E
WEIDMAN                                Mary
WEIDMAN                                Mary Margaret
WEIDMAN BASSLER                        Catharine
WEIDMAN BASSLER                        Katherine E
WEIDMAN MERSELIS                       Catharine
WEIDMAN MERSELIS                       Elizabeth
WEIDMAN PANGBURN                       Frances
WEIDMAN POSSON                         Ella C
WEIDMAN STERNBERGH                     Jemima
WEIGAND                                Thekla
WEIGAND SCHNEIDER                      Thekla
WEINBERGER                             Libbie J
WEIR                                   Mary
WEIR COWELL                            Mary
WEISSE                                 Christian
WELD                                   Louisa M G
WELD WRIGHT                            Louisa M.G.
WELGE                                  Barbara
WELGE                                  Charles Jr
WELLES                                 Abbie
WELLES MOAK                            Abbie
WELLS                                  Elizabeth
WELLS                                  Hannah
WELLS                                  Ida
WELLS                                  Israel
WELLS                                  William S
WELLS BAUMES                           Ida
WELSH                                  John J
WELSH                                  Lucy
WEMPLE                                 Luoretia
WEMPLE                                 Maria
WEMPLE SCRAFFORD                       Maria
WEMPLE WALDRON                         Luoretia
WENDOVER                               George
WENDT                                  Bertha
WENDT                                  Marion L
WENTRICK                               Hannah
WENTRICK WHITMAN                       Hannah
WER                                    Lena
WERELEY                                Henrietta
WERELEY                                Reuben
WERELEY (CW)                           Reuben
WERKING                                Adam
WERKING                                Anna M
WERKING                                Frederick C
WERKING                                Louisa
WESLEY                                 Nancy
WESSELS                                Benard F
WESSELS                                Bennard
WESSELS                                Elizabeth
WESSELS                                John
WEST                                   Catharine
WEST                                   Catherine
WEST                                   George A
WEST                                   Margaret
WEST                                   Susan M
WEST (CW)                              George A
WEST (CW)                              Susan M
WEST SHULTES                           Catharine
WEST TRUAX                             Margaret
WESTERN                                Amelia M
WESTERN HOGAN                          Amelia M
WESTFALL                               Adam
WESTFALL                               Adam Crounse
WESTFALL                               Augusta
WESTFALL                               Cathaline
WESTFALL                               Claude R
WESTFALL                               Durfee
WESTFALL                               Elias
WESTFALL                               Elizabeth
WESTFALL                               Emma J
WESTFALL                               Emmet E
WESTFALL                               Ira
WESTFALL                               Katie E
WESTFALL                               Mary A
WESTFALL                               Mary A
WESTFALL                               Oscar
WESTFALL                               Rachel
WESTFALL                               William A
WESTFALL (CW)                          Adam
WESTFALL (CW)                          Elias
WESTFALL GRIFFIN                       Rachel
WETHERWAX                              Cathaline
WETZSTEIN                              Rosina
WETZSTEIN MITZEL                       Rosina
WHALEN                                 James
WHALEN (CW)                            James
WHEATLEY                               Harold
WHEATLEY                               Maebelle
WHEATLEY                               Marjorie L.
WHEATLEY FLESHMAN                      Marjorie L.
WHEELER                                Alice
WHEELER                                Elnora
WHEELER                                Mary
WHEELER                                Richard
WHEELER VAN DYKE                       Elnora
WHIPPLE                                Amos
WHIPPLE                                Amos
WHIPPLE                                Ann Eliza
WHIPPLE                                Catharine
WHIPPLE                                Elizabeth
WHIPPLE                                Fred V.
WHIPPLE                                James F
WHIPPLE                                James W
WHIPPLE                                Jane
WHIPPLE                                Lewis
WHIPPLE                                Lydia
WHIPPLE                                Malachi
WHIPPLE                                Maria
WHIPPLE                                Nettie L.
WHIPPLE                                Prescilla
WHIPPLE                                Sarah
WHIPPLE (CW)                           John
WHIPPLE PRATT                          Ann Eliza
WHIPPLE THORNTON                       Lydia
WHISLER                                Berthold
WHISLER (CW)                           Berthold
WHITBECK                               Abram W
WHITBECK                               Anna
WHITBECK                               Catharine
WHITBECK                               Catharine
WHITBECK                               Catharine Ann
WHITBECK                               Celia
WHITBECK                               Charlotte Amelia
WHITBECK                               Edward B
WHITBECK                               Garrett
WHITBECK                               Hanah
WHITBECK                               Hannah E
WHITBECK                               Helen
WHITBECK                               Helen
WHITBECK                               Isaac W
WHITBECK                               J.
WHITBECK                               Jasper
WHITBECK                               Jasper Jr.
WHITBECK                               John
WHITBECK                               John L
WHITBECK                               Julia M
WHITBECK                               Libbie
WHITBECK                               Magdalena
WHITBECK                               Martha
WHITBECK                               Mary Ann
WHITBECK                               Mary C
WHITBECK                               Mary E
WHITBECK                               Otis
WHITBECK                               Philip R
WHITBECK                               Phoebe A
WHITBECK                               R. Annie
WHITBECK                               Sarah
WHITBECK                               Saran Ann
WHITBECK                               William B
WHITBECK CONDON                        Sarah Ann
WHITBECK GIBBONS                       Helen
WHITBECK HOGAN                         Catharine Ann
WHITBECK HUYCK                         Magdalena
WHITBECK JORALEMON                     Phoebe A
WHITBECK KILMER                        Martha
WHITBECK SHEAR                         Helen
WHITBECK WILTSIE                       Hannah E
WHITE                                  Ada
WHITE                                  Adelia
WHITE                                  Amelia
WHITE                                  Avery
WHITE                                  Bridget
WHITE                                  Bridget
WHITE                                  Catherine
WHITE                                  Charlotte
WHITE                                  Deborah A
WHITE                                  Elias M
WHITE                                  Eliza
WHITE                                  Emma F
WHITE                                  Floyd M
WHITE                                  Frank
WHITE                                  Fred
WHITE                                  Gardner
WHITE                                  Gehial
WHITE                                  George J
WHITE                                  Hannah
WHITE                                  Harriet
WHITE                                  Henry
WHITE                                  Lucy
WHITE                                  Mary
WHITE                                  Nathan
WHITE                                  Polly
WHITE                                  Sarah
WHITE                                  William D
WHITE MCNAB                            Adelia
WHITE MILLER                           Harriet
WHITE SNYDER                           Emma F
WHITE SPRONG                           Deborah A
WHITEHEAD                              Sarah H
WHITELEY                               Jane
WHITESIDES                             William
WHITFORD                               Elizabeth J
WHITFORD GROGAN                        Elizabeth J
WHITING                                Emma L
WHITING                                Gracie
WHITING RIGGS                          Emma L
WHITMAN                                August
WHITMAN                                Augustus
WHITMAN                                Benjamin
WHITMAN                                Catherine
WHITMAN                                Eva
WHITMAN                                Hannah
WHITMAN (CW)                           Benjamin
WHITMAN OLSON                          Catherine
WHITNEY                                James K
WHITNEY                                Thomas
WHITNEY                                William Alvord
WICKES                                 Rufus D
WICKHAM                                Catharine
WICKHAM BOICE                          Catharine
WIHSLER                                George W
WIHSLER                                Mary
WILBER                                 Edna
WILBER                                 Henry
WILBER                                 Herbert P.
WILBER                                 Marjorie H.
WILBER                                 Mary
WILBER OSTRANDER                       Edna
WILBUR                                 Caroline
WILBUR CARD                            Caroline
WILCOTT                                Annna
WILCOTT BERGER                         Anna
WILDAY                                 Alvah S
WILDAY                                 Carrie
WILDAY                                 Catherine L
WILDAY                                 Clyde E
WILDAY                                 Docas M
WILDAY                                 Jacob
WILDAY                                 Lucy E
WILDAY                                 Mary C
WILDAY                                 Molita
WILDAY                                 Sophia L
WILDAY WRIGHT                          Carrie
WILDAY ZEH                             Catherine L
WILDEY                                 Birdie
WILDT                                  Barbara
WILDT LAUT                             Barbara
WILEY                                  Caroline
WILEY                                  Elizabeth
WILEY                                  George J
WILEY                                  Minnie
WILEY                                  Willliam
WILEY KNOWLES                          Elizabeth
WILKENS                                Ellen S
WILKES                                 Ida A
WILKES MCGILL                          Ida A
WILKIE                                 Henry
WILKIE                                 Ida
WILKINSON                              Mary E
WILKINSON SCHULZ                       Mary E
WILLES                                 Stephen
WILLETT                                Elizabeth
WILLEY                                 Jonas
WILLIAMS                               Cathrine A
WILLIAMS                               David E
WILLIAMS                               Ebenezer
WILLIAMS                               Elisha
WILLIAMS                               Elisha
WILLIAMS                               Erastus
WILLIAMS                               Esther
WILLIAMS                               Eunice
WILLIAMS                               Harriet J
WILLIAMS                               Henry
WILLIAMS                               Jane
WILLIAMS                               John
WILLIAMS                               John R
WILLIAMS                               Keturah
WILLIAMS                               Lucretia
WILLIAMS                               Lucy
WILLIAMS                               Lydia
WILLIAMS                               Margaret
WILLIAMS                               Margaret A
WILLIAMS                               Mark
WILLIAMS                               Prentice
WILLIAMS                               Prentice
WILLIAMS                               Prentice
WILLIAMS                               Sallie
WILLIAMS                               Sarah Adeline
WILLIAMS                               Sarah M
WILLIAMS                               Thankful
WILLIAMS (RW)                          Elisha
WILLIAMS ARMSTRONG                     Cathrine A
WILLIAMS CHESEBRO                      Thankful
WILLIAMS CLEFT                         Esther
WILLIAMS CRARY                         Jane E
WILLIAMS SMITH                         Margaret A
WILLIAMSON                             Ada
WILLIAMSON                             David S
WILLIAMSON                             Ella
WILLIAMSON                             Elmina
WILLIAMSON                             Emma A
WILLIAMSON                             Esther
WILLIAMSON                             Harriet
WILLIAMSON                             Jacob P
WILLIAMSON                             James
WILLIAMSON                             John
WILLIAMSON                             Lafayette
WILLIAMSON                             Leroy
WILLIAMSON                             Margaret
WILLIAMSON                             Sarah E
WILLIAMSON                             Seward
WILLIAMSON (WWI)                       Leroy
WILLIAMSON BLESSING                    Ella
WILLIAMSON KETCHAM                     Margaret
WILLIG                                 G F
WILLIG                                 Mary
WILLSEY                                Ada L
WILLSEY                                Andrew
WILLSEY                                Bethiah
WILLSEY                                Charles E
WILLSEY                                David E
WILLSEY                                Delphene
WILLSEY                                Edwin V
WILLSEY                                Emma
WILLSEY                                Genevieve
WILLSEY                                Graudst
WILLSEY                                Harold E
WILLSEY                                Harriet E
WILLSEY                                Harvey D
WILLSEY                                Irene
WILLSEY                                Isaac A
WILLSEY                                Jacob
WILLSEY                                Jacob
WILLSEY                                Kate O
WILLSEY                                Maria E
WILLSEY                                Marion R
WILLSEY                                Matilda
WILLSEY                                Melvina
WILLSEY                                Phebe
WILLSEY                                Raymond V
WILLSEY                                Rosalia I
WILLSEY (RW)                           Jacob
WILLSEY DIETZ                          Emma
WILLSEY SHULTES                        Maria E
WILLSEY WINNE                          Phebe
WILLSEY WRIGHT                         Melvina
WILLSIE                                David L
WILLSIE                                William M
WILMAN                                 Maria
WILSEY                                 Adline
WILSEY                                 Caroline
WILSEY                                 Clara
WILSEY                                 Clara L
WILSEY                                 Daniel W
WILSEY                                 Edith
WILSEY                                 Eliza
WILSEY                                 Emma E
WILSEY                                 Ezekiel
WILSEY                                 Isaac T
WILSEY                                 Julia M
WILSEY                                 Libbie
WILSEY                                 Orville
WILSEY                                 Phebe
WILSEY                                 Raymond C
WILSEY                                 Sarah
WILSEY                                 Sarah
WILSEY HEWITT                          Sarah
WILSEY PALMER                          Eliza
WILSEY SMITH                           Adline
WILSEY WHITBECK                        Julia M
WILSON                                 Abigail
WILSON                                 Anna
WILSON                                 Caroline
WILSON                                 Catharine
WILSON                                 George L
WILSON                                 Harvey
WILSON                                 John
WILSON                                 Joseph
WILSON                                 Josephine
WILSON                                 Luella
WILSON                                 Mary
WILSON                                 Mary C
WILSON                                 Mary F
WILSON                                 Norma
WILSON                                 Sarah
WILSON                                 Thomas
WILSON                                 Wealthy Ann
WILSON (RW)                            Robert
WILSON (SA)                            Thomas
WILSON (SERV)                          Harvey
WILSON BROWNELL                        Luella
WILSON MCCABE                          Sarah
WILSON PULMAN                          Caroline
WILSON WILDAY                          Mary C
WILTSE                                 Clark A
WILTSE                                 Rebecca Ann
WILTSE                                 Ruth
WILTSEY                                Sarah
WILTSIE                                Catharine
WILTSIE                                Catharine
WILTSIE                                Hannah E
WILTSIE                                Louisa
WILTSIE                                Mary Elizabeth
WILTSIE                                Thomas
WILTSIE                                William M
WILTSIE CARHART                        Mary Elizabeth
WILTSIE WILSON                         Catharine
WINANS                                 Elizabeth
WINANS                                 John R.
WINEGARD                               Almira
WINEGARD                               Charles M
WINEGARD                               Helen E
WINEGARD                               Maggie L
WINEGARD                               Philip R
WINEGARD LAWRENCE                      Maggie L
WINNE                                  Adelia
WINNE                                  Angelica V. D. Z.
WINNE                                  Ann Eliza
WINNE                                  Anthony
WINNE                                  Arianna
WINNE                                  Benjamin J
WINNE                                  Catharine
WINNE                                  Elizabeth
WINNE                                  Elizabeth B
WINNE                                  Eugene H
WINNE                                  Francis A
WINNE                                  Frankie
WINNE                                  Gertrude
WINNE                                  Gilbert
WINNE                                  Hannah
WINNE                                  Harriet
WINNE                                  Herbert H
WINNE                                  Herman
WINNE                                  Jacob J
WINNE                                  James
WINNE                                  James B
WINNE                                  Jennie
WINNE                                  Jeremiah
WINNE                                  John B
WINNE                                  Julia Ann
WINNE                                  Kate
WINNE                                  Lucinda
WINNE                                  Magdalen
WINNE                                  Maria
WINNE                                  Maria
WINNE                                  Maria A
WINNE                                  Mariah
WINNE                                  Mary
WINNE                                  Mary
WINNE                                  Mary A.
WINNE                                  Mary Ann
WINNE                                  Milla
WINNE                                  Nicholas V.S.
WINNE                                  Peter A
WINNE                                  Phebe
WINNE                                  Rebecca
WINNE                                  Rebecca
WINNE                                  Sarah
WINNE                                  Simon P
WINNE CROMME                           Elizabeth
WINNE DE LONG                          Elizabeth B
WINNE GERARD                           Jennie
WINNE HALLENBECK                       Catharine
WINNE HALLENBECK                       Kate
WINNE LITCHFIELD                       Maria A
WINNE MEAD                             Angelica V.D.Z.
WINNE MULL                             Rebecca
WINNE QUACKENBUSH                      Lucinda
WINNE ROWE                             Sarah
WINNE SIGSBEE                          Gertrude
WINNE VAN ALLEN                        Hannah
WINNIE                                 Add
WINNIE                                 Barrent
WINNIE                                 Edna
WINNIE                                 Harriet M
WINNIE                                 Margaret
WINNIE                                 Sidney J
WINNIE HUNGERFORD                      Harriet M
WINNIE LUKE                            Margaret
WINSTON                                Almira
WINSTON                                Amanda M
WINSTON                                David
WINSTON                                Delila
WINSTON                                Eliza
WINSTON                                Elizabeth
WINSTON                                Jane S
WINSTON                                Lucina
WINSTON                                Oscar
WINSTON                                Thomas Martin
WINSTON                                William
WINSTON ATKINS                         Delila
WINSTON SICKLER                        Elizabeth
WINSTON WINEGARD                       Almira
WINTERS                                Phoebe
WINTERS EMSING                         Phoebe
WITBECK                                Gertrude
WITBECK                                Lucas G
WITBECK                                Maria W
WITBECK                                Thomas M
WITBECK                                Volkert
WITBECK JOSLIN                         Gertrude
WITHERWAX                              Elizabeth
WITHERWAX                              Leonard
WITHERWAX                              William
WITT                                   Augusta
WITT                                   Bertha
WITT                                   Edith
WITT                                   Emil F
WITT                                   Ottillie
WITT KUNDEL                            Bertha
WITT SMITH                             Augusta
WITTER                                 Adelle L
WITTER                                 Alvinza
WITTER                                 Mary Jane
WITTER SHUTES                          Adelle L
WITTER VAN AUKEN                       Mary Jane
WOGATSKE                               Pauline
WOGATSKE                               William
WOHLSTEIN                              Frederick F
WOHLSTEIN (WWII)                       Frederick F
WOLF                                   Gottlieb
WOLFE                                  Apha
WOLFE                                  Sarah
WOLFE                                  Thomas
WOLFE COLVIN                           Sarah
WOLFE MCELROY                          Apha
WOLFORD                                Cornelia
WOLFORD                                Mariah Elizabeth
WOLFORD                                Neal J
WOOD                                   Abraham
WOOD                                   Adelia
WOOD                                   Angelina
WOOD                                   Anna M
WOOD                                   B
WOOD                                   Elizabeth
WOOD                                   Eunice
WOOD                                   Gideon
WOOD                                   Harvey
WOOD                                   Helen
WOOD                                   Jerusha
WOOD                                   Jesse
WOOD                                   Jesse D
WOOD                                   John W
WOOD                                   Levina
WOOD                                   Lydia
WOOD                                   Mary
WOOD                                   Mary Elizabeth
WOOD                                   Pamelia A
WOOD                                   Phebe
WOOD                                   Rene
WOOD                                   Richard M
WOOD                                   S. Elizabeth
WOOD                                   Samuel S
WOOD                                   Sarah
WOOD                                   Uriah
WOOD                                   William
WOOD                                   Willson
WOOD                                   Zipporah D
WOOD (CW)                              Harvey
WOOD COOK                              Mary
WOOD PULMAN                            Eunice
WOOD SEABURY                           Lydia
WOODIN                                 David
WOODS                                  William
WOODWORTH                              Sarah M
WOOLLETT                               Mary
WOOLLETT                               William L
WORCESTER                              Caroline A
WORCESTER HARBISON                     Caroline A.
WORMER                                 Abraham V
WORMER                                 Elizabeth
WORMER                                 Emmaline
WORMER                                 Hannah
WORMER                                 John C
WORMER                                 Lucretia
WORMER                                 Mary
WORMER                                 Mary Ann
WORMER                                 Nancy
WORMER                                 Peter
WORMER                                 Peter F
WORMER                                 Peter P
WORMER                                 Rachel J
WORMER                                 Sarah
WORTH                                  Amelia
WORTH                                  Amelia
WORTH                                  Andrew G
WORTH                                  Andrew G
WORTH                                  Frances
WORTH                                  Frances
WORTH                                  George W
WORTH                                  George W
WORTH                                  Isaac N
WORTH                                  Isaac N
WORTH                                  Martin A
WORTH                                  Martin A
WORTH                                  Oscar
WORTH                                  Oscar
WRIGHT                                 Alma F
WRIGHT                                 Amos C
WRIGHT                                 Burton
WRIGHT                                 Caroline H
WRIGHT                                 Carrie
WRIGHT                                 Cornelia E
WRIGHT                                 Egbert S
WRIGHT                                 Elvin A
WRIGHT                                 Emma
WRIGHT                                 Enos J
WRIGHT                                 Esther
WRIGHT                                 Ethan
WRIGHT                                 Eugene
WRIGHT                                 Harvey H
WRIGHT                                 Horatio N.
WRIGHT                                 James J
WRIGHT                                 Jennie
WRIGHT                                 John
WRIGHT                                 John F
WRIGHT                                 Kathryn M
WRIGHT                                 Louisa M. G.
WRIGHT                                 Margaret
WRIGHT                                 Margaret J
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Mary Louisa
WRIGHT                                 Melvina
WRIGHT                                 Richard C
WRIGHT                                 Roscoe J
WRIGHT                                 Sophia P.
WRIGHT                                 Wealthy F
WRIGHT                                 William H.
WRIGHT FIACCO                          Caroline H
WRIGHT RELYEA                          Wealthy F
WRIGHT VAN SCHAACK                     Margaret J
WULLSCHLEGER                           Phebe W
WYNANS                                 James
WYNKOOP                                Allen J
WYNKOOP                                Elizabeth
WYNKOOP                                Harriet
WYNKOOP                                John V
WYNKOOP                                Sarah
WYNKOOP BARTHOLOMEW                    Elizabeth
WYNKOOP WOOD                           Sarah
YAKEL                                  Katherine M
YAKEL ZELL                             Katherine M.
YANNEY                                 Nettie Scott
YANNEY SCHOOLCRAFT                     Nettie Scott
YANZ                                   Matilda
YANZ SCHULTZ                           Matilda
YATES                                  Judeth
YAUCH                                  Andrew, Sr.
YENZ                                   Anna Mary
YENZ                                   John
YENZ                                   Joseph M
YENZ                                   Peter
YORK                                   Emily S
YORK                                   Emma S
YOUMANS                                Harriet
YOUNG                                  Adaline
YOUNG                                  Alice J
YOUNG                                  Angeline
YOUNG                                  August
YOUNG                                  Caroline E
YOUNG                                  Cora E
YOUNG                                  David
YOUNG                                  David O
YOUNG                                  David P
YOUNG                                  Diamma
YOUNG                                  Eliza
YOUNG                                  Elizabeth
YOUNG                                  Emma C
YOUNG                                  Emma D
YOUNG                                  Frank S
YOUNG                                  George
YOUNG                                  Henry
YOUNG                                  James D
YOUNG                                  James Henry
YOUNG                                  Jane
YOUNG                                  Jennet
YOUNG                                  John
YOUNG                                  John B
YOUNG                                  Lyman T
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Mary
YOUNG                                  Mary
YOUNG                                  Mary E
YOUNG                                  Mary M
YOUNG                                  Nicholas J
YOUNG                                  Peter
YOUNG                                  Rebecca
YOUNG                                  Samuel
YOUNG                                  Saphronia A
YOUNG                                  Sarah Margaret
YOUNG                                  Treat D
YOUNG                                  William M
YOUNG CHESEBRO                         Angeline
YOUNG GOSSMAN                          Alice J
YOUNG HILTON                           Mary E
YOUNG SEVERSON                         Eliza
YOUNG WRIGHT                           Margaret
YUNG                                   Ottila
ZEH                                    Alden
ZEH                                    Carrie S
ZEH                                    Catherine L
ZEH                                    Charles E
ZEH                                    Clinton H
ZEH                                    Cornelia E
ZEH                                    David
ZEH                                    Edward
ZEH                                    Eliza A
ZEH                                    Eliza E
ZEH                                    Eve Ann
ZEH                                    Eve Ann
ZEH                                    George R
ZEH                                    Helen E
ZEH                                    Henry
ZEH                                    Henry
ZEH                                    Johan Jost
ZEH                                    John Jost P
ZEH                                    Juliette
ZEH                                    Kathryn
ZEH                                    Mary A
ZEH                                    Maryette
ZEH                                    Melita
ZEH                                    Milton A
ZEH                                    Molita
ZEH                                    Nancy
ZEH                                    Norton
ZEH                                    Pearl E
ZEH                                    Peter
ZEH                                    Phebe
ZEH                                    Phebe A
ZEH                                    Susannah
ZEH                                    Violet M
ZEH                                    William
ZEH (CW)                               David
ZEH (WWII)                             Clinton H
ZEH AMSDELL                            Helen E
ZEH ARMSTRONG                          Kathryn
ZEH BALL                               Melita
ZEH CROUNSE                            Molita
ZEH DEITZ                              Eve Ann
ZEH DYER                               Maryette
ZEH SIMONS                             Nancy
ZEHFUS                                 Anna
ZEHFUS RINGS                           Anna
ZELL                                   Alice M.
ZELL                                   Barbara
ZELL                                   Catherine
ZELL                                   Catherine
ZELL                                   Charles
ZELL                                   Charles L.
ZELL                                   Dorothy M.
ZELL                                   Francis J.
ZELL                                   Frank
ZELL                                   Frederick
ZELL                                   George
ZELL                                   Grace E.
ZELL                                   James H
ZELL                                   John George
ZELL                                   John Ralph
ZELL                                   Joseph
ZELL                                   Katherine M.
ZELL                                   Lillian
ZELL                                   Louise E.
ZELL                                   Martha Irene
ZELL                                   Minnie
ZELL                                   Ruth M.
ZELL                                   Walter R.
ZELL                                   Wilhelm
ZELL                                   William
ZELL (WWI)                             George
ZELL (WWI)                             Joseph
ZELL (WWII)                            James H.
ZELL CURTIS                            Catherine
ZELL LABELLE                           Lillian
ZELLER SCHMITZ                         Ida
ZENZEN                                 Anna Mary
ZENZEN                                 John
ZENZEN                                 Louis F
ZENZEN                                 Mary
ZENZEN                                 Nicholas J
ZEPPETELLI                             Anthony C.
ZESSIN                                 Amelia
ZESSIN                                 August
ZESSIN                                 Caroline
ZHONE                                  Martha Irene
ZIEGENHORN                             Rudolph
ZIEGLER                                Kenneth C
ZIEGLER (VN)                           Kenneth C
ZIEHM                                  Augustus
ZIEHM                                  Clara
ZIEHM                                  John E
ZIEHM                                  Mary
ZIEHM VAN SLYKE                        Clara
ZIELKE                                 Elizabeth
ZIELKE                                 Emelia C
ZIELKE                                 Emmy A
ZIELKE                                 Herman G
ZIELKE                                 Herman J
ZIMMER                                 Genevieve
ZIMMER                                 Maryett
ZIMMER SADDLEMIRE                      Maryett
ZIMMER WILLSEY                         Genevieve
ZIMMERMAN                              John
ZIMMERMAN                              Lilliam
ZIMMERMAN                              Lillian
ZIMMERMAN                              William E.
ZIMMERMANN                             Raymond A
ZION                                   Emelie A
ZION DUBE                              Emelie A
ZMURKO                                 Maria
ZMURKO PYNDUS                          Maria
ZOOTA                                  Isidore
ZOOTA                                  Rene R
ZORN                                   Henry C
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