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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

CADY                                   Earnest
CADY                                   James
CADY (WWI)                             James
CAIN                                   Anna E
CAIN                                   Bernard
CAIN                                   James H
CAIN                                   Thomas H
CAIN (CW)                              Bernard
CAIN (CW)                              James H
CAIN (CW)                              Thomas H
CAIN SWARTZ                            Anna E.
CALDWELL                               Edwin
CALLANAN                               Henry
CALLANAN                               James
CALLANAN                               Mary
CALLANAN                               Sarah E
CALLEN                                 Mary
CALLENDER                              Catherine
CALLENDER                              David
CALVERT                                Edward
CAMERON                                Betsy
CAMERON                                Carrie R
CAMERON                                Eve
CAMERON                                Minerva
CAMERON ROUGHTMAKER                    Minerva
CAMERON SECOR                          Carrie R
CAMPBELL                               Alice
CAMPBELL                               Ann
CAMPBELL                               Anna Bella
CAMPBELL                               Archabold
CAMPBELL                               Arrilla
CAMPBELL                               Catherine
CAMPBELL                               Cordelia
CAMPBELL                               Hannah W
CAMPBELL                               Isabella
CAMPBELL                               James
CAMPBELL                               James
CAMPBELL                               Jessie M L
CAMPBELL                               Mary C
CAMPBELL                               Mary E
CAMPBELL                               Sarah
CAMPBELL                               William
CAMPBELL (CW)                          James
CAMPBELL (CW)                          William
CAMPBELL BARROWS                       Mary E
CAMPBELL DUFF                          Arrilla
CAMPBELL HART                          Hannah W
CAMPBELL MERRIHEW                      Mary C
CAMPBELL VAN BENTHUISEN                Catherine
CANNADAY                               Livadia E
CAPPALLO                               Caroline M
CAPPALLO                               John H
CAPPARELLA                             Thomas
CARD                                   Albert J.
CARD                                   Alberta J.
CARD                                   Anna Magdalena
CARD                                   Caroline
CARD                                   Charles
CARD                                   Charles
CARD                                   Charles Wesley
CARD                                   Elsie
CARD                                   Lucy
CARD                                   Martha E.
CARD                                   Mattie
CARD                                   Merritt P.Q.
CARD                                   Sarah Frances
CARD                                   William N.
CAREY                                  John
CAREY                                  Mary
CAREY                                  Michael F
CARHART                                Abram M
CARHART                                Carrie M.
CARHART                                Catherine Sophia
CARHART                                Edward E
CARHART                                Edward J., Jr.
CARHART                                Elisha
CARHART                                Eliza Jane
CARHART                                Eliza R
CARHART                                Ellen
CARHART                                Hannah
CARHART                                Henry
CARHART                                Ira
CARHART                                James
CARHART                                Mary Elizabeth
CARHART                                Sanford
CARHART                                Sarah E
CARHART (CW)                           Abram M
CARHART (WWI)                          James
CARHART TERRY                          Sarah E
CARHARTT FREDENDALL                    Mary E
CARL                                   Albert
CARL                                   Kate
CARL                                   Vertie M
CARL CROUNSE                           Vertie M
CARLAND                                Marjorie
CARLSON                                Josephine
CARLSON KORTH                          Josephine
CARMAN                                 Phila
CARMAN LAMOREAUX                       Phila
CARMICHAEL                             James
CARMICHAEL                             John
CARPENTER                              George W
CARR                                   Elizabeth
CARR                                   Hannah
CARR LAGRANGE                          Elizabeth
CARR MERRITT                           Hannah
CARROLL                                Catharine
CARROLL                                James J
CARROLL                                James W
CARROLL                                John
CARROLL                                John
CARROLL (CW)                           James J
CARROLL (CW)                           John
CARROLL (CW)                           John
CARROLL (WWI)                          James W
CARSON                                 John
CARSON                                 Robert
CARSTING                               Frederick
CARTER                                 Esther
CARTER                                 Hester
CARTER                                 Jane N
CARTER                                 Joseph I
CARTER                                 Webster A
CARTHARTT                              Mary E
CARTRIGHT                              Marion
CARTRIGHT REYNOLDS                     Marion
CARY                                   Susan M
CARY MERRITT                           Susan M
CASABELLA                              Felicio
CASE                                   Catharine Mari
CASE                                   Edith
CASE                                   Frank B
CASE                                   Frederick A
CASE                                   H. S.
CASE                                   Sarah J
CASE BARROWS                           Sarah J
CASE GORTON                            Edith
CASEY                                  Margaret M
CASS                                   Elizabeth
CASS                                   Emeline
CASS POST                              Emeline
CASS WEIDMAN                           Elizabeth
CASSATT                                Elsie
CASSATT LAUGHLIN                       Elsie
CASSIDY                                Charles
CASSIDY                                Mary
CASSIN                                 Catharine
CASSIN                                 Dennis Joseph Jr.
CASSIN                                 Dennis Joseph, Sr.
CASSIN                                 Ellen
CASSIN                                 Family Monument
CASSIN                                 Henrietta
CASSIN                                 Honorah
CASSIN                                 John J
CASSIN                                 John J
CASSIN                                 Mary
CASSIN                                 William
CASTING                                Carrie
CASTING                                Minnie
CASTING BECK                           Minnie
CASTLE                                 Anna
CASTLE                                 Eldora
CASTLE                                 Joseph D
CASTLE ATKINS                          Eldora
CASTLE DELAVERGNE                      Anna
CASWELL                                Clara
CASWELL                                Gertrude
CASWELL                                William
CASWELL (CW)                           William
CASWELL WILSEY                         Clara
CENTER                                 Abby
CENTER                                 Abby
CENTER                                 Elizabeth
CENTER                                 Theodore
CHALKER                                Adaline
CHAMBERLAIN                            Bertha
CHAMBERLAIN                            Catharine
CHAMBERLAIN                            Leonard G
CHAMBERLAIN                            Magdalin A
CHAMPION                               Ezra
CHAMPION                               Polly
CHANDLER                               Charles
CHANDLER (VN)                          Charles
CHAPMAN                                Daniel
CHAPMAN                                Esther
CHAPMAN                                Jane
CHAPMAN                                Jonas
CHAPMAN                                Lucina
CHAPMAN                                Susan
CHAPMAN                                Thadaus
CHAPMAN PROSSER                        Esther
CHAPMAN WINSTON                        Lucina
CHAPPON                                Anna
CHASE                                  Domas C
CHASE                                  Harriett Rebecca
CHASE ROCKWELL                         Harriett Rebecca
CHENEY                                 Elenor
CHENEY                                 James
CHESEBRO                               Abigail
CHESEBRO                               Ada
CHESEBRO                               Angeline
CHESEBRO                               Cathrine
CHESEBRO                               Charles N
CHESEBRO                               Christopher
CHESEBRO                               Elijah
CHESEBRO                               Elisha
CHESEBRO                               Emma A
CHESEBRO                               Gertrude A
CHESEBRO                               Hannah
CHESEBRO                               Harriett J
CHESEBRO                               Jacob M
CHESEBRO                               Lucy Ann
CHESEBRO                               Mary
CHESEBRO                               Mary A
CHESEBRO                               Mary E
CHESEBRO                               Mehetabel Cynthia
CHESEBRO                               Nicholas
CHESEBRO                               Roxanna
CHESEBRO                               Silas W
CHESEBRO                               Thadius
CHESEBRO                               Thankful
CHESEBRO                               William
CHESEBRO BEEBE                         Mehetabel Cynthia
CHESEBRO DENISON                       Mary
CHESEBRO SCHOONMAKER                   Mary A
CHESEBRO WILLIAMSON                    Emma A
CHESEBROUGH                            Anna
CHESEBROUGH                            Daniel
CHILDS                                 Alice C
CHILDS BENEDICT                        Alice C
CHINN                                  Edward
CHINN                                  Margaret
CHISHM                                 Mary
CHISM                                  Mary A
CHISM OGSBURY                          Mary A
CHISM VANALSTINE                       Mary
CHRISTIAN                              John A
CHRISTIAN                              Josias
CHRISTIAN (CW)                         Josias
CHRISTIAN (WWII)                       John A
CHRYSLER                               Frank
CHRYSLER                               Lucy
CHRYSLER                               Minnie
CHRYSLER                               William H
CHURCHILL                              Martha M
CHURCHILL MARGISON                     Martha M
CHURCHWELL                             Isaac E
CHURCHWELL (CW)                        Isaac E
CIVILL                                 Acton
CIVILL                                 Ann
CIVILL                                 Caroline
CIVILL                                 Catharine
CIVILL                                 Ella
CIVILL                                 Frances
CIVILL                                 Lewis
CIVILL                                 Sarah
CLAPPER                                Charles H
CLARE                                  Louis
CLARK                                  Arthur Fitch
CLARK                                  Charlotte A
CLARK                                  Eleanor
CLARK                                  Harriet
CLARK                                  James
CLARK                                  Julia E
CLARK                                  Maria Jane
CLARK                                  Paul
CLARK                                  Roswell T
CLARK                                  Stephen B
CLARK (CW)                             James
CLARK (CW)                             Roswell T
CLARK HAKES                            Eleanor
CLARK KNOWLES                          Julia E
CLAS                                   Adam
CLAUDIUS                               Lydia
CLAUDIUS AUCHAMPAUGH                   Lydia
CLAWSON                                John
CLAWSON                                Mary
CLAWSON                                Robert A
CLEFT                                  Esther
CLEMENT                                Eliza
CLEMENT HARRIS                         Eliza
CLICKEMAN                              Lawrence
CLICKMAN                               Charles
CLICKMAN                               Delilah
CLICKMAN                               Jacob
CLICKMAN                               Lawrence
CLICKMAN                               Margaret
CLICKMAN                               Mary
CLICKMAN                               Mary
CLICKMAN                               Newton
CLICKMAN                               Sarah E
CLICKMAN GALLUP                        Delilah
CLIKEMAN                               Catharine
CLIKEMAN SCHERMERHORN                  Catharine
CLIKMAN                                Jane
CLINCK                                 Mary
CLINCK TERRY                           Mary
CLOSE                                  Amanda
CLOUGH                                 Julie L.
CLOUGH SEE                             Julie L.
CLOUTIER                               Josephine
CLOUTIER                               Louis
CLOW                                   Ada L
CLOW                                   Agnes
CLOW                                   Charles
CLOW                                   Charles
CLOW                                   Charles F
CLOW                                   Charlie
CLOW                                   Elda
CLOW                                   Frances
CLOW                                   Gilbert
CLOW                                   Grant
CLOW                                   James L
CLOW                                   Jennie
CLOW                                   Marcus H.G.
CLOW                                   Mary
CLOW                                   Mary
CLOW                                   Mary E
CLOW                                   Peter H
CLOW                                   Sophia E
CLOW SCHELL                            Agnes
CLOW WILLSEY                           Ada L
CLUTE                                  Elizabeth
CLUTE                                  Polly
CLYCKMAN                               Eve
CLYCKMAN                               Vera
CLYCKMAN GALLUP                        Vera
CLYKEMAN                               Channing
CLYKEMAN                               Sabina
COE                                    Charles F .R.
COE                                    Ellen
COE                                    Ruth E.
COGSWELL                               Harriet
COHN                                   Abraham
COHN                                   Jeanette
COHN                                   Kaufmann
COHN                                   Regine
COHN                                   William
COLBORNE                               Jennie A
COLE                                   Amanda
COLE                                   Catharine H
COLE                                   Elizabeth
COLE                                   Emily
COLE                                   Jenett
COLE                                   John
COLE                                   Lizzie
COLE                                   Maria
COLE                                   Mary
COLE                                   Mattie
COLE                                   Myra
COLE                                   Ransom
COLE                                   William Jr.
COLE BURNS                             Myra
COLE TOMPKINS                          Amanda
COLLIER                                Anna
COLLIER                                Edwin H
COLLIER                                Philip
COLLIER                                Sarah
COLLIER (CW)                           Edwin H
COLLIER BRONK                          Sarah
COLLIER WHITBECK                       Anna
COLLING                                Catharine
COLLINS                                Ann
COLLINS                                John
COLNE                                  Martha A
COLNE                                  William W
COLVIN                                 Ada B
COLVIN                                 Adalade
COLVIN                                 Anna L
COLVIN                                 Hiram J
COLVIN                                 J. William
COLVIN                                 Sarah
COMPTON                                Demarest
COMPTON                                Myra
COMSTOCK                               Almira A
COMSTOCK                               Eleanor
COMSTOCK                               Elijah
COMSTOCK                               Franklin
COMSTOCK                               George S
COMSTOCK                               Jasper S
COMSTOCK                               John E
COMSTOCK                               Mabel L
COMSTOCK                               Mandana
COMSTOCK                               Margery
COMSTOCK                               Mary A
CONANT                                 Daniel
CONDON                                 Anna
CONDON                                 George
CONDON                                 Michael
CONDON                                 Sarah Ann
CONE                                   Hannah
CONKLING                               Almira Ann
CONKLING                               Caroline A
CONKLING                               David
CONKLING                               Isabella
CONKLING HUYCK                         Isabella
CONNELLY                               Catherine
CONNELLY HUNT                          Catherine
CONNERS                                John
CONNERS (CW)                           John
CONNORS                                Edward A
CONNORS                                Ellen
CONNORS                                Ellen
CONNORS                                James
CONNORS                                Margaret A
CONNORS                                Mary
CONNORS                                Patrick
CONNORS                                Patrick
CONNORS (CW)                           James
CONNORS (CW)                           Patrick
CONNORS DAWSON                         Mary
CONRAD                                 Margaret
CONRAD STEMMLE                         Margaret
CONTRAMAN                              Caroline
CONTRAMAN DENNIS                       Caroline
CONVERS                                Lorain
CONVERS                                Mercey
CONVERS                                Willard
COOK                                   Bertha M.
COOK                                   Brunnette S
COOK                                   Calista M
COOK                                   Charles H
COOK                                   Cora E
COOK                                   Cordelia
COOK                                   Daniel H
COOK                                   Edwin Samuel
COOK                                   George
COOK                                   Herbert
COOK                                   Jesse G
COOK                                   John
COOK                                   John B
COOK                                   John E
COOK                                   Lena Angie
COOK                                   Margaret
COOK                                   Margaret A
COOK                                   Mary
COOK                                   Mary M
COOK                                   Mildred J
COOK                                   Sally
COOK                                   William James
COOK                                   William Ladd
COOK (CW)                              Herbert
COOK (WWII)                            Edwin Samuel
COOK PULMAN                            Brunnette S
COOK STINER                            Calista M
COON                                   Catharine
COON                                   John M
COONEY                                 Bridget
COONEY                                 Denis
COONEY                                 James
COONEY                                 Patrick
COONEY (CW)                            Denis
COONLEY                                Jesper
COONS                                  Bessie
COONS                                  Catherine
COONS                                  Flossie
COONS                                  George
COONS                                  Jacob
COONS                                  Mary J
COONS                                  Peter T
COOPER                                 Frankie
COOPER                                 Harriet G
COOPER                                 James
CORL                                   Jane Ann
CORN                                   Clarissa
CORNELL                                Lydia
CORNELL                                Perry G
CORNOCK                                John
CORNOCK (CW)                           John
CORSCADDEN                             John W
CORSCADDEN (WWII)                      John W
COSGRO                                 Edward
COSGRO (CW)                            Edward
COSS                                   Abram
COSS                                   Abram
COSS                                   Adeline
COSS                                   Amanda
COSS                                   Anna
COSS                                   David
COSS                                   Eva J
COSS                                   Eve
COSS                                   Frank
COSS                                   George
COSS                                   Laura B
COSS                                   Margaret Ann
COSS                                   Sarah
COSS                                   Sarah Ann
COSS BREWER                            Adeline
COTMAN                                 Adam H
COUGHTRY                               Anna K
COUGHTRY                               Arthur H
COUGHTRY                               Clark
COUGHTRY                               Fanny
COUGHTRY                               Jacob H
COUGHTRY                               James W
COUGHTRY                               Joseph H
COUGHTRY                               Katie
COUGHTRY                               Nancy S.
COUGHTRY                               William J
COUGHTRY MCCORMICK                     Fanny
COULTER                                Susan
COULTER JONES                          Susan
COUSE                                  Edward H
COUSE                                  Lena
COUSER                                 Harold
COUSER                                 William J
COWELL                                 Julia
COWELL                                 Mabel S
COWELL                                 Margaret
COWELL                                 Mary
COWELL                                 Mary E
COWELL                                 Walter
COWELL                                 Walter
COWELL PASSAGE                         Margaret
COWELL WANDS                           Mabel S
COWEN                                  Naomy
COWEN                                  Samuel R
COWEN                                  Sarah Jennette
COWEN TERWILLIGER                      Sarah Jennette
COX                                    Arthur R
COX                                    Catherine H
COX                                    Edith A
COX                                    Francis J
COX                                    Frank
COX                                    Gilbert M
COX                                    James H
COX                                    John
COX                                    Mahettable
COX                                    Martin A
COX                                    William J
COX (CW)                               Gilbert M
COX (WWI)                              Martin A
COYLE                                  Marguerite Elizabeth
COYLE EVANS                            Marguerite Elizabeth
CRAFT                                  Alton
CRAFT                                  Charles G
CRAFT                                  Charles W
CRAFT                                  Edith A
CRAFT                                  Israel
CRAFT                                  Johanna
CRAFT                                  Louise
CRAFT                                  Sarah Ann
CRAFT COX                              Edith A
CRAFT LAWSON                           Johanna
CRAFTON (CW)                           Alton
CRAIG                                  John
CRAIG                                  Ursula
CRAIG DAVIS                            Ursula
CRANDEL                                Grace E
CRANDEL ZELL                           Grace E.
CRANDELL                               Anna
CRANDELL                               Dolly
CRANDELL                               John
CRANDELL                               Justinia
CRANDELL                               Lewis
CRANDELL                               Theodore
CRANE                                  Nettie
CRANE                                  York
CRARY                                  Adeline
CRARY                                  Daniel
CRARY                                  Elizabeth
CRARY                                  Eunice
CRARY                                  Isaac
CRARY                                  Isaac
CRARY                                  Jabez
CRARY                                  Jane E
CRARY                                  Joseph W
CRARY                                  Lucretia
CRARY                                  Maggie
CRARY                                  Mary
CRARY                                  Mehetable
CRARY                                  Rhoda
CRARY                                  Sarah
CRARY                                  Thomas
CRARY                                  William
CRARY GALLUP                           Sarah
CRARY LAINHART                         Maggie
CRARY SEABURY                          Adeline
CRARY TYLER                            Eunice
CRAW                                   Harold
CRAW                                   Harry
CRAW                                   Ida
CRAWFORD                               Julia
CRAWFORD                               Mary
CRAWFORD                               Robert H
CRAWFORD                               Silas
CRAWFORD BURNS                         Mary
CREMERS                                Bernard
CREMERS                                Catharine
CREMERS                                Sophia
CREWELL                                Emmeline
CREWELL                                Harris
CREWELL                                Henry
CREWELL                                William J
CREWELL (SA)                           Harris
CREWELL (SA)                           Henry
CRITCHLOW                              Braden E.
CRITCHLOW                              Grace M.
CROCKER                                Adaline
CROCKER                                Alpheus
CROCKER                                Amasa
CROCKER                                Edwin
CROCKER                                Mary Jane
CROCKER INGALLS                        Mary Jane
CROMME                                 Alice
CROMME                                 Anna E
CROMME                                 Elizabeth
CROMME                                 James N
CROMME                                 John
CROMME MAGILL                          Anna E
CRONIN                                 Shirley
CRONIN                                 Wm J
CROOKS                                 Jane
CROOKS STOTT                           Jane
CROOTE                                 Thomas
CROSBY                                 Libbie
CROSBY                                 Ransom
CROSS                                  Amy
CROSS                                  Benjamin L
CROSS                                  Peg
CROTE                                  Marie
CROTE STAFFORD                         Marie
CROUNSE                                Ada C
CROUNSE                                Adam
CROUNSE                                Albert A
CROUNSE                                Alex H
CROUNSE                                Alice N
CROUNSE                                Alvah H
CROUNSE                                Ann Eliza
CROUNSE                                Anna Barbara
CROUNSE                                Bertha I
CROUNSE                                Catharine
CROUNSE                                Charles
CROUNSE                                Chester B
CROUNSE                                Christopher
CROUNSE                                Cole
CROUNSE                                Edward
CROUNSE                                Elizabeth
CROUNSE                                Elizabeth
CROUNSE                                Elizabeth
CROUNSE                                Elizabeth
CROUNSE                                Elizabeth
CROUNSE                                Elmer
CROUNSE                                Elwin J
CROUNSE                                Ethel F
CROUNSE                                Florence C
CROUNSE                                Frances
CROUNSE                                Frederick I
CROUNSE                                George F
CROUNSE                                Harry H
CROUNSE                                Henrietta
CROUNSE                                Henry P
CROUNSE                                Jacob
CROUNSE                                Jacob A
CROUNSE                                James
CROUNSE                                John F.
CROUNSE                                John P
CROUNSE                                John W
CROUNSE                                Josephine
CROUNSE                                Julia A
CROUNSE                                Julia Effie
CROUNSE                                Julia L
CROUNSE                                Leonard C
CROUNSE                                Lydia A
CROUNSE                                Mabel L
CROUNSE                                Margaret
CROUNSE                                Margaret
CROUNSE                                Maria Adelia Delia
CROUNSE                                Marietta
CROUNSE                                Martha
CROUNSE                                Mary
CROUNSE                                Mary
CROUNSE                                Molita
CROUNSE                                Nancy
CROUNSE                                Norah
CROUNSE                                Olive
CROUNSE                                Peter
CROUNSE                                Peter
CROUNSE                                Philip
CROUNSE                                Roselle
CROUNSE                                Sally Ann
CROUNSE                                Sanford
CROUNSE                                Sarah
CROUNSE                                Sarah
CROUNSE                                Sarah L.
CROUNSE                                Sidney C
CROUNSE                                Susan
CROUNSE                                Veeder
CROUNSE                                Vernon
CROUNSE                                Vertie M
CROUNSE                                Walter E
CROUNSE BLOOMINGDALE                   Mary
CROUNSE COMSTOCK                       Mabel L
CROUNSE FRYER                          Ann Eliza
CROUNSE LAINHART                       Sally Ann
CROUNSE SCHULTES                       Sarah
CROUNSE SHOUDY                         Sarah L
CROUNSE VAN WIE                        Frances
CROUNSE WEAVER                         Catharine
CROWLEY                                Jeremiah
CROWLEY (CW)                           Jeremiah
CROWNSE                                Sarah
CUBELLO                                Tony
CULLINGS                               William J
CULVER                                 Charles M
CULVER                                 Cyrus L
CULVER                                 Jessie
CUNDALL                                Henry H.
CUNDALL                                Virginia M.
CUNNINGHAM                             Aletia
CUNNINGHAM                             Celicia
CUNNINGHAM                             Margaret
CUNNINGHAM HANNAY                      Celicia
CUNNINGHAM JENKINS                     Margaret
CUPPS                                  Sarah
CURRAN                                 Daniel
CURRAN (CW)                            Daniel
CURTENIUS                              Alice Jane
CURTIS                                 Catharine
CURTIS                                 Catherine
CURTIS                                 Catherine T
CURTIS                                 Edna
CURTIS                                 Frances
CURTIS                                 Frances
CURTIS                                 S. Lawson
CURTIS                                 Susan M
CURTIS DAVIES                          Ida A
CURTIS DICKSON                         Susan M
CURTIS MORGAN                          Catherine T
CURTIS WORTH                           Frances
CURTIS WORTH                           Frances
CURTISS                                Augusta
CURTISS WESTFALL                       Augusta
CUSACK                                 Edward
CUSACK                                 Julia Sarah
CUTLER                                 Ida S
CUTLER SPEIR                           Ida S
CUYLER                                 Jane
CUYLER                                 Ralph Burton
CUYLER (1812)                          Ralph Burton
DAHLGREN                               Emmy A
DAHLGREN ZIELKE                        Emmy A
DANZINGER                              Mina
DANZINGER ROTHSCHILD                   Mina
DARING                                 Christina
DARING                                 Christina A
DARING                                 Elmina
DARING                                 George H
DARING                                 Linus
DARING SCHOONMAKER                     Elmina
DARKE                                  Charles O
DARKE                                  Sarah
DARRAGH                                Ellen
DAVIDSON                               Charles Miller
DAVIDSON                               Jennet
DAVIDSON                               Mary
DAVIDSON                               Sarah
DAVIDSON                               William B
DAVIDSON LENDRUM                       Mary
DAVIDSON YOUNG                         Jennet
DAVIES                                 Frederick W
DAVIES                                 Ida A
DAVIS                                  Anna E
DAVIS                                  Caleb
DAVIS                                  Catharine
DAVIS                                  Elmina E
DAVIS                                  Hannah E
DAVIS                                  Hester
DAVIS                                  Ida A
DAVIS                                  Isabelle
DAVIS                                  Laura
DAVIS                                  Loretta
DAVIS                                  Ludimma
DAVIS                                  Minnie
DAVIS                                  Polly
DAVIS                                  Samuel H
DAVIS                                  Ursula
DAVIS                                  William
DAVIS                                  William B
DAVIS                                  Wright
DAVIS (CW)                             William B
DAVIS DUTCHER                          Loretta
DAVIS GILBERT                          Laura
DAVIS HAWKINS                          Ludimma
DAWSON                                 Mary
DAWSON                                 Rodger
DAY                                    Israel
DAY                                    Katharine
DAYTON                                 Charles E
DAYTON                                 Lewis M
DAYTON                                 Prudence M
DAYTON                                 Ruth
DE GRAFF                               Amelia J
DE GRAFF HAWLEY                        Amelia J
DE LAMATER                             Catharine
DE LAMATER VAN NATTA                   Catharine
DE LANGIE                              Alice
DE LANGIE                              Emma
DE LANGIE                              Godfrey
DE LANGIE                              Peter
DE LONG                                Elizabeth B
DE LONG                                John S
DE ROUVILLE                            Robert F
DEAN                                   Charles A
DEAN                                   Josephine
DEAN ELMENDORF                         Josephine
DEARSTINE                              Jerusha
DEARSTINE                              Philena
DEARSTINE                              Rose
DEARSTINE BALL                         Jerusha
DEARSTINE HUNGERFORD                   Philena
DEARSTYNE                              Anna
DEARSTYNE                              Catharine
DEARSTYNE                              Catharine
DEARSTYNE                              Henry L
DEARSTYNE                              Henry L
DEARSTYNE                              Mary
DEARSTYNE                              Robert
DEARSTYNE                              Sadie
DEARSTYNE                              Thelma
DEARSTYNE HUNGERFORD                   Anna
DEARSTYNE SWART                        Catharine
DEARSTYNE VANSCHAACK                   Catharine
DECKER                                 Charles Sr.
DECKER                                 Emma
DECKER                                 J. Martin
DECKER                                 John
DECKER                                 Mary
DECKER                                 Mary C
DECKER                                 Russell Edwin
DECKER (WWII)                          Russell Edwin
DEFILIPO                               Joseph J.
DEFILIPO                               Joseph J.
DEFILIPO                               Marion E.
DEFILIPO                               Marion E.
DEFOREST                               Elmira
DEFOREST                               Harriet
DEFOREST                               Henry T
DEFOREST                               Jacob
DEFOREST                               Jacob J
DEFOREST                               N I Marsellus
DEFOREST (CW)                          Jacob J
DEFREEST                               Julia
DEFREEST SCHILLER                      Julia
DEFRIEST                               Mary
DEFRIEST                               William
DEFRIEST                               William
DEGEN                                  Catharine
DEGEN HENZEL                           Catharine
DEGROAT                                Marguerite
DEIS                                   Elizabeth
DEIS STEINER                           Elizabeth
DEITZ                                  Adam I
DEITZ                                  Anna M
DEITZ                                  Cornelia E
DEITZ                                  Eliza
DEITZ                                  Eva A
DEITZ                                  Eve Ann
DEITZ                                  John M
DEITZ                                  Sarah E
DEITZ BOGARDUS                         Cornelia E
DEITZ POSSON                           Eva A
DEITZ REYNOLDS                         Anna M
DEITZ WILLIAMSON                       Sarah E
DELAHANTY                              Mary E
DELAHANTY STEINBACH                    Mary E
DELAMATER                              John L
DELAMATER                              Orcelia
DELAMONTANYE                           John E
DELAMONTANYE (WWI)                     John E
DELANEY                                James
DELAVERGNE                             Anna C
DELAVERGNE                             Fannie
DELAVERGNE                             M S
DELAVERGNE                             Theodore B
DELL                                   Anna K
DELONG                                 Alexander A
DELONG                                 Elizabeth
DELONG                                 Mary
DELONG                                 William A
DELONG (CW)                            William A
DEMGEN                                 Catharine
DEMGEN                                 Mary
DEMGEN                                 Matthias
DEMGEN                                 Wilhelmine D
DEMGEN STOTZ                           Mary
DENISON                                Anna
DENISON                                Elizabeth
DENISON                                Esther
DENISON                                Gideon
DENISON                                Henry
DENISON                                Liddie
DENISON                                Mary
DENISON                                Mary
DENISON                                Mary E
DENISON                                Nancy
DENISON                                Sarah
DENISON                                Vianna
DENISON                                William W
DENISON                                Williams C
DENISON (RW)                           Henry
DENISON CHESEBROUGH                    Anna
DENISON CLOW                           Mary E
DENISON GALLUP                         Esther
DENISON GALLUP                         Nancy
DENISON HALDEN                         Esther
DENNIS                                 Adam W
DENNIS                                 Agnes
DENNIS                                 Caroline
DENNISTON                              Eleanor
DENNISTON                              Eleanor
DENNISTON                              Garrett
DENNISTON                              Garrett V.
DENNISTON                              Hugh
DENNISTON                              Isaac
DENNISTON                              Joseph
DENNISTON                              Maria
DENNISTON                              Mary Jane
DENNISTON                              Mary M.
DENNISTON                              Susan
DENNISTON                              Visscher
DENNISTON JORALEMON                    Mary Jane
DENNISTON MCKOWN                       Susan
DENNY                                  Penelope
DENNY                                  Peter
DENUE                                  George A
DERBYSHIRE                             Fannie M
DERBYSHIRE BECKER                      Fannie M.
DESEVE                                 Ruth M.
DESEVE ZELL                            Ruth M.
DEUELL                                 Andrew D
DEUELL                                 Mary E
DEVOE                                  Isaac
DEVOE                                  Rachel
DEVOE                                  Sarah J
DEVOE                                  William
DEVOLL                                 Emma
DEVOLL                                 Ethel
DEVOLL                                 Flora E
DEVOLL                                 Franklin M
DEVOLL                                 Jervis
DEVOLL                                 Sarah Frances
DEVOLL SAFFORD                         Emma
DEXTER                                 William M
DEXTER (WWII)                          William M
DEYO                                   Frances A
DEYO                                   Lansing
DEYO                                   Mary
DEYO                                   William
DEYO (CW)                              Lansing
DI MAIO                                Domenico
DIAMOND                                Mary
DIAMOND                                Thomas Smith
DICKERMAN                              Caroline
DICKERMAN BOPP                         Caroline
DICKERSON                              Charles V
DICKERSON                              Elizabeth
DICKERSON                              Isabella L
DICKERSON                              William H
DICKERSON (CW)                         William H
DICKSON                                Armenia E
DICKSON                                Laverine
DICKSON                                Peter R
DICKSON                                Susan M
DIEDRICK                               Katherine
DIEDRICK                               Mary
DIEDRICK FRANCIS                       Mary
DIEFENBACH                             Katharina
DIEFENBACH FRANK                       Katharina
DIEHL                                  Ida
DIEHL WILKIE                           Ida
DIETZ                                  Albert
DIETZ                                  Anna M
DIETZ                                  Caroline
DIETZ                                  Cornelia
DIETZ                                  Emma
DIETZ                                  Eve Ann
DIETZ                                  John Jost
DIETZ                                  Joseph P
DIETZ                                  Livadia E
DIETZ                                  Paul I
DIETZ CANNADAY                         Livadia E
DIETZ REYNOLDS                         Eve Ann
DINGLE                                 Rosina
DINGLE GEORAND                         Rosina
DINGMAN                                Asa W
DINGMAN                                Catherine
DINGMAN                                Eliza
DINGMAN                                Jacob M
DINGMAN (CW)                           Asa W
DINGMAN (CW)                           Jacob M
DINGMAN ARMATACE                       Catherine
DISBROW                                Phillip K V
DIVER                                  Henry
DIVER                                  Stephen
DIVER (CW)                             Stephen
DOCKSTADER                             Charlotte
DOCKSTADER HILLER                      Charlotte
DODGE                                  Amanda
DODGE                                  Patricia
DOERER                                 Edwin F
DOERER (WWI)                           Edwin F
DOLFINGER                              Charles
DOLFINGER                              Mary
DOLLAR                                 Cora A
DOLLAR                                 Elizabeth
DOLLAR                                 Frances (Fanny)
DOLLAR                                 Fred J
DOLLAR                                 Mary
DOLLAR                                 William E
DOLLAR                                 William E
DOLLAR FRYER                           Frances (Fanny)
DONNELLY                               Edward, Jr.
DONNELLY                               John H
DONNER                                 A. M.
DONNER                                 H. J.
DORFLER                                Anna B
DORFLER                                John
DORFLER                                John
DORFLER                                Justine C
DORFLER                                Mary B
DORFLER EMMERLING                      Mary B
DORFLER MOHR                           Justine C
DORFLER SMITH                          Anna B
DORFLINGER                             Frederica
DORMAN                                 Catharine H
DORMAN COLE                            Catharine H
DOTTERMUSCH                            C. William
DOTY                                   Elmina
DOTY                                   Irene
DOTY                                   Stephen H
DOTY WILLSEY                           Irene
DOUGHERTY                              Charles H
DOUGHERTY                              Frederic A
DOUGHERTY                              Mary E
DOUGLAS                                Edward
DOUGLAS                                Louise
DOUGLAS                                Margaret
DOUGLAS                                Mary B
DOUGLASS                               Mary
DOUGLASS DOLLAR                        Mary
DOWD                                   Michael S
DOWD (CW)                              Michael S
DOWER                                  Elizabeth
DOWER                                  James
DOWER                                  Michael
DOWER                                  Morris
DOWER                                  Winnifred
DOWNIE                                 Alice Ann
DRAKE                                  Susan
DRAKE SCHUYLER                         Susan
DREIS                                  Mary M
DREIS COOK                             Mary M
DREW                                   Catharine
DREW                                   Elizabeth A
DREW HOTALING                          Catharine
DRUMMOND                               Ann
DRUMMOND CAMPBELL                      Ann
DUBE                                   Charles H
DUBE                                   Emelie A
DUBE                                   Louis B
DUCHARME                               Joseph D
DUCHARME                               Lena
DUCRET                                 Maria
DUCRET REYNOLDS                        Maria
DUFF                                   Arrilla
DUFF                                   Bellzora
DUFF                                   Frank
DUFFEY                                 Winnifred
DUFFEY DOWER                           Winnifred
DUGAN                                  Paul J.
DUNBAR                                 Aaron
DUNBAR                                 Hannah
DUNBAR WHITE                           Hannah
DUNCAN                                 James
DUNHAM                                 Clara L
DUNHAM EDWARDS                         Clara L
DUNKIN                                 Ann
DUNKIN                                 Elizabeth
DUNKIN VAN RENSSELAER                  Ann
DUNN                                   Francis
DUNN                                   John Rigby
DUNN                                   Margaret
DUNN                                   Mary E
DUNN                                   Richard
DUNN                                   William
DUNN PURCELL                           Mary E
DUNTZY                                 Anna A
DUNTZY                                 Matthias M
DURANT                                 Maria
DURANT                                 Parthenia
DURANT FRISBEE                         Maria
DURFEE                                 Julia
DURFEE                                 Rensselaer
DUTCHER                                Jacob H
DUTCHER                                Loretta
DUTCHER                                Nancy
DWYER                                  Ellen
DWYER                                  Margaret M
DWYER                                  Mary Jane E
DWYER                                  Michael J
DWYER                                  Patrick S
DWYER CASEY                            Margaret M
DYER                                   Adelaide
DYER                                   Bradbury
DYER                                   Bradbury
DYER                                   Bradbury
DYER                                   Bradbury
DYER                                   David A
DYER                                   David S
DYER                                   David S
DYER                                   Elva H I
DYER                                   Gideon A
DYER                                   Gideon A
DYER                                   Jane
DYER                                   Louisa
DYER                                   Maryette
DYER                                   Polly
DYER                                   Rebecca
DYER                                   Victoria
DYER KEENHOLTS                         Rebecca
DYGNAN                                 Catharine
DYGNAN                                 Thomas
EARL                                   Albert V. S.
EARL                                   Ann M
EARL                                   Catharine
EARL                                   Eliza E
EARL                                   Henry
EARL SLINGERLAND                       Ann M
EARL SLINGERLAND                       Eliza E
EATON                                  Anna P
EATON                                  Calvin W
EATON                                  Ward
EBERLE                                 Dorothea
EBERLE                                 Ferdinand
EBERLE                                 Starnes
ECKER                                  Allen
ECKER                                  Betsey
ECKER                                  Charity
ECKER                                  Charlotte O
ECKER                                  Cyrus
ECKER                                  David
ECKER                                  Edward W
ECKER                                  Ellen
ECKER                                  Eva
ECKER                                  Freddie
ECKER                                  George W
ECKER                                  Howard J
ECKER                                  Infant Dau.
ECKER                                  Jerome W
ECKER                                  Lillie
ECKER                                  Mary L
ECKER                                  Miner D
ECKER                                  Miner D
ECKER                                  Morgan
ECKER                                  Nellie G
ECKER                                  Peter A
ECKER                                  Rosa E
ECKER (CW)                             Jerome W
ECKER LIVINGSTON                       Nellie G
ECKER TOMPKINS                         Rosa E
EDELMAN                                Adrienne
EDENBORG                               Anna J.
EDENBORG JOHNSON                       Anna J.
EDGAR                                  Theresa
EDGAR BARNISH                          Theresa
EDGE                                   Samuel
EDWARDS                                Catherine
EDWARDS                                Charles B
EDWARDS                                Clara L
EDWARDS                                Florence
EDWARDS                                Frank W
EDWARDS                                Helen
EDWARDS                                James
EDWARDS                                Joseph B
EDWARDS                                Samuel H
EDWARDS (CW)                           James
EDWARDS KILBORN                        Helen
EDWARDS RICHARDS                       Florence
EEMSING                                H J
EEMSING DONNER                         H. J.
EGAN                                   Louise
EGERTON                                Asa
EGERTON                                Justen M
EGGLESTON                              Maria Catharine
EIGABROADT                             Caroline Taylor
EISEMAN                                Dorathea
EISEMAN                                Jacob C
EISEMAN                                Margaret M
EISEMAN PETRASKE                       Dorathea
EISMANN                                Sophia
EKENHEAD                               Frank B
ELDRIDGE                               Elizabeth
ELDRIDGE                               Tryphena Ann
ELLIOTT                                Rose H
ELLIOTT GAGE                           Rose H
ELMENDORF                              Elizabeth
ELMENDORF                              Harmon W
ELMENDORF                              Jane
ELMENDORF                              Josephine
ELMENDORF                              Tommy E
ELMENDORF GEDNEY                       Jane
EMARY                                  Mary-Agnes
EMBERGER                               Theresia
EMERICK                                Edward J
EMERICK                                Frederick C
EMERICK (CW)                           Frederick C
EMERY                                  Charles Frederick
EMERY                                  Clarissa Amanda
EMERY                                  Elizabeth
EMERY                                  Frances Maria
EMERY                                  George W
EMERY                                  Horace
EMERY                                  Horace Herbert
EMERY                                  Horace Leeman
EMERY                                  Miriam Anna
EMERY                                  Sarah
EMES                                   Rachel
EMMERICH                               Charles
EMMERICH (CW)                          Charles
EMMERLING                              Mary B
EMMERLING                              Nicholas
EMMONS                                 Sarah
EMMONS BARCUS                          Sarah
EMSING                                 Bertha C
EMSING                                 John C
EMSING                                 Phoebe
EMSING BAKER                           Bertha C
ENGEL                                  Lillian E
ENGESSER                               Agnes I
ENGESSER BENNINK                       Agnes I
ENGLE                                  Anna M
ENGLE                                  Chartley M
ENGLE                                  Eliza E
ENGLE                                  Emma L
ENGLE                                  Ira
ENGLE                                  Lillian
ENGLE                                  Rebecca
ENGLE                                  Robert D
ENGLE                                  Wallace
ENGLE (CW)                             Robert D
ENGLE WARNER                           Anna M
ENGLE ZEH                              Eliza E
ENOS                                   George W.
ERAMBERT                               S C
ERNST                                  Catherine
ERNST                                  Christina
ERNST                                  Christine A.
ERNST                                  Eliza
ERNST                                  George
ERNST                                  George H.
ERNST                                  John
ERNST                                  Katherine E.
ERNST                                  William
ERNST JOHNSON                          Christine A.
ERNST PUTNEY                           Katherine E.
ERNST WAGNER                           Eliza
ERWIN                                  Amanda
ERWIN                                  Hugh
ERWIN                                  Jacob M
ERWIN                                  Lavina
ERWIN (CW)                             Jacob M.
EVANS                                  Marguerite Elizabeth
EVANS                                  Thomas
EVERITTE (SERV)                        John
EVERS                                  Ellen J
EVERS                                  John J
EVERTSEN                               Barnardus
EVERTSEN                               Martena
EVERTTE                                John
EVERY                                  Grace
EVERY BINNS                            Grace
EWEN                                   Harry G
EWEN                                   Mary E
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