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Gravestone Photo Project

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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

NAGLE                                  Nellie T
NAGLE GREEN                            Nellie T
NANGLE                                 Ada B.
NANGLE                                 Elizabeth
NANGLE                                 Elizabeth V. S.
NANGLE                                 Hulda Elizabeth
NANGLE                                 Joseph Reed
NANGLE                                 Julia
NANGLE                                 Martin Eaton
NANGLE                                 Millie G.
NANGLE                                 Wilbur H.
NANGLE PALMER                          Millie G.
NANGLE VAN SCYOC                       Julia
NASHOLD                                Sophia E
NASHOLD CLOW                           Sophia E
NEAD                                   Catherine
NEAD                                   John Jr.
NEEF                                   J.F.
NEEF                                   Louise
NEEPER                                 W. Harvey
NEHEMIAH                               Josephine
NEHEMIAH ALLEN                         Josephine
NELSON                                 Agnes J
NELSON                                 Alvin
NELSON                                 Arvilla
NELSON                                 Christiana
NELSON                                 Gustave
NELSON                                 John
NELSON                                 Mary
NELSON                                 Matilda
NELSON                                 Sarah
NELSON BRADLEY                         Arvilla
NELSON WILLSEY                         Matilda
NEMIRE                                 Mary Ann H
NERE                                   Christiana
NERE HURST                             Christiana
NETTERVILLE                            Ann
NETTERVILLE                            J T
NETTERVILLE                            John W
NETTERVILLE                            Mary
NEUBAUER                               Balthaser
NEUBAUER                               Casper B
NEUBAUER                               Emma
NEUBAUER                               Mary T
NEUBAUER                               Matilda
NEUBAUER                               Theodore A
NEUBAUER                               Theodore H
NEUBAUER                               Theresia
NEUBAUER                               Wilhelmina
NEUBAUER FINK                          Emma
NEUBAUER TUCKER                        Matilda
NEUDECKER                              Elizabeth
NEUDECKER HALLENBECK                   Elizabeth
NEVILLE                                Margaret
NEVILLE HART                           Margaret C
NEVILLE KOELSCH                        Margaret
NEW                                    Lawrence
NEWBERRY                               John S
NEWBERY (CW)                           John S
NEWHOF                                 Hannah
NEWHOF                                 Lewis
NEWLANDS                               Marron
NEWMAN                                 Biena
NEWMAN                                 Isaac
NEWMAN                                 Lewis
NEWMAN                                 Mary
NEWMAN                                 Settie
NEWMAN POHLMAN                         Mary
NEWTON                                 George
NICHOLAS                               Charles
NICHOLDS                               Adaline
NICHOLDS                               Almon M.
NICHOLDS                               Sarah A.
NICHOLDS CHALKER                       Adaline
NICHOLS                                Catherine
NICHOLS                                Sanford, Sr.
NICHOLSON                              E Bradner
NICKOLL                                John, Jr
NIEMEYER (CW)                          Henry F F
NIEMYER                                Henry F F
NILES                                  Catherine
NILES                                  Emily Harriet
NILES                                  Henry
NILES                                  John
NILES                                  Laura
NILES                                  Nathaniel
NILES                                  Stephen
NILES HUYCK                            Emily Harriet
NOBLE                                  Alexander
NOBLE                                  Charles E.
NOBLE                                  Louise
NOBLE DOUGLAS                          Louise
NODINE                                 Elizabeth
NODINE                                 Elizabeth
NODINE                                 Hiram
NODINE                                 Joslin
NODINE                                 Orpha
NODINE                                 Sarah A
NODINE                                 William
NODINE                                 William H
NODINE COLE                            Elizabeth
NODINE OSTERHOUT                       Elizabeth
NORRIS                                 Antoinette
NORRIS                                 Isaac
NORRIS                                 Samuel
NORRIS HUYCK                           Antoinette
NORTHROP                               Jane
NORTHROP                               Joseph
NORTHRUP                               Amilda
NORTHRUP                               Frank H
NORTHRUP                               George M
NORTON                                 Hugh
NORTON (CW)                            Hugh
NOTTKE                                 Henry C
NOYES                                  Martha
NUNN                                   Hannah
NUNN ARNOLD                            Hannah
NUSBAUM                                Lena
NUSBAUM JOSEPH                         Lena
NYLAND                                 Catherine
NYLAND                                 Catherine
NYLAND                                 Daniel J
NYLAND                                 Janette M
NYLAND VAN DEN BURGH                   Helena J
O'CONNOR                               Elizabeth
O'CONNOR DICKERSON                     Elizabeth
O'DONNELL                              Elizabeth
O'HAGAN                                Willie
O'KEEFE                                John
O'KEEFE (CW)                           John
O'KEEFFE                               Mary
O'KEEFFE                               Michael
O'MALLEY                               Anne H
O'MALLEY                               James J
O'MALLEY                               Robert J
O'REILEY                               Peter
O'REILEY (CW)                          Peter
OGDEN                                  Merit
OGSBURY                                Ann Eliza
OGSBURY                                Anna
OGSBURY                                Bertha Q
OGSBURY                                David Clayton
OGSBURY                                Eve
OGSBURY                                Frank L
OGSBURY                                George W
OGSBURY                                John
OGSBURY                                John P
OGSBURY                                Junius D
OGSBURY                                Margaret Jane
OGSBURY                                Mary A
OGSBURY                                Nancy
OGSBURY                                Rebecca
OGSBURY CROUNSE                        Nancy
OGSBURY SHAVER                         Ann Eliza
OLENHOUSE                              Anna
OLENHOUSE                              George
OLENHOUSE                              Henry C
OLIN                                   Jeremiah
OLIN                                   Maria Dorleska
OLIN                                   Salome
OLIVER                                 A.M.
OLIVER                                 Elizabeth
OLIVER                                 Harriet
OLIVER                                 Ida
OLIVER                                 Maria
OLIVER                                 Sarah E
OLMSTEAD                               Burdick
OLMSTEAD                               Burdick
OLMSTEAD                               Clifford L
OLMSTEAD                               Clifford L
OLMSTEAD                               Helena G
OLMSTEAD                               Helena G
OLSON                                  Catherine
OLSON                                  Harry
OMAN                                   Mary Ann
OMAN HALL                              Mary Ann
ONDERDONK                              Abram H
ONDERDONK                              Charles L
ONDERDONK                              Elizabeth
ONDERDONK                              Fanny
ONDERDONK                              Jane
ONDERDONK                              Johannah
ONDERDONK                              John T
ONDERDONK                              Katherine
ONDERDONK                              Olivia M
ONDERDONK BASSLER                      Jane
ORLUP                                  George H
OSBONLIGHTER                           Fred T
OSBONLIGHTER (WWII)                    Fred T
OSBORN                                 Abiah
OSBORN                                 Anna Belle
OSBORN                                 Catharine A
OSBORN                                 Catharine Matilda
OSBORN                                 William Henry
OSBORN FURBECK                         Anna Belle
OSBORNE                                William
OSTERHOUT                              Catharine L
OSTERHOUT                              Elizabeth
OSTERHOUT                              Francis
OSTERHOUT FREDENDALL                   Catharine L
OSTRANDER                              A.G.
OSTRANDER                              Adaline M
OSTRANDER                              Andrew
OSTRANDER                              Ann Agnes
OSTRANDER                              Anna
OSTRANDER                              Antoinette
OSTRANDER                              Calvin
OSTRANDER                              Caty
OSTRANDER                              Edna
OSTRANDER                              Edward W
OSTRANDER                              Elizabeth
OSTRANDER                              Fanny Rebecca
OSTRANDER                              Frances
OSTRANDER                              Frank
OSTRANDER                              Garret
OSTRANDER                              Garret, Jr.
OSTRANDER                              George N
OSTRANDER                              George W
OSTRANDER                              Harriet
OSTRANDER                              Henry
OSTRANDER                              Henry A
OSTRANDER                              Hortense J
OSTRANDER                              James
OSTRANDER                              James
OSTRANDER                              James M
OSTRANDER                              Margaret J
OSTRANDER                              Maria
OSTRANDER                              Martha
OSTRANDER                              Mary
OSTRANDER                              Mary A
OSTRANDER                              Nancy
OSTRANDER                              Nettie
OSTRANDER                              Peter J
OSTRANDER GRAY                         Mary A
OSTRANDER HARPPINGER                   Nancy
OSTRANDER KEENHOLTS                    Martha
OSTRANDER OGSBURY                      Anna
OSTRANDER REID                         Mary
OSTRANDER TRUAX                        Antoinette
OSTROMAN                               Elizabeth
OSTROMAN BROUGHAM                      Elizabeth
OSWALD                                 Christian
OSWALD                                 Sophia
OTIS                                   Thomas
OUTHOUSE                               Mabel
OUTHOUSE MACDOUGALL                    Mabel
OWEN                                   Anna B
OWEN                                   Harriet L
OWEN                                   Herbert A
OWEN GATHEN                            Harriet L
OWENS                                  William
OWENS                                  William H
OWENS (CW)                             William
OWENS (CW)                             William H
PABST                                  Catherine M
PABST                                  Ernstina
PABST                                  Frederick
PABST                                  Grace E
PACKER                                 Jesse
PACKER                                 Noyes S
PADGETT                                Eliza
PAGETT                                 Mary
PAINE                                  Findley R
PAISLEY                                Bertha
PAISLEY BENEDICT                       Bertha
PALMER                                 Arthur Twiss
PALMER                                 Charlotte A
PALMER                                 David E
PALMER                                 Edwin S
PALMER                                 Eliza
PALMER                                 Gennet
PALMER                                 Georgia E
PALMER                                 Henry
PALMER                                 Herman R
PALMER                                 John
PALMER                                 John
PALMER                                 Louesa J
PALMER                                 Louisa A.
PALMER                                 Margaret
PALMER                                 Mary E
PALMER                                 Millie G.
PALMER                                 Novatus H
PALMER                                 Rufus M.D.
PALMER                                 Sally Ann
PALMER BRADY                           Louesa J
PALMER EWEN                            Mary E
PALMER MOAK                            Georgia E
PALOMBO                                John Lewis
PALOMBO (KOR)                          John Lewis
PANGBORN                               Isaac H
PANGBORN (CW)                          Isaac H
PANGBURN                               Alida
PANGBURN                               Anthony
PANGBURN                               Catharine
PANGBURN                               Celinda
PANGBURN                               Elizabeth
PANGBURN                               Frances
PANGBURN                               Helena
PANGBURN                               Jane
PANGBURN                               John
PANGBURN                               Maria
PANGBURN                               Mary
PANGBURN                               Nicholas
PANGBURN                               Peter Barney
PANGBURN BECKER                        Elizabeth
PANGBURN HOUGHTALING                   Mary
PANGBURN YOUNG                         Jane
PARKER                                 Albert
PARKER                                 Anna L
PARKER                                 George Monell
PARKER                                 Mary A
PARKER                                 Thomas Hall
PARKER (WWII)                          Thomas Hall
PARKER COLVIN                          Anna L
PARKS                                  Samuel
PARRY                                  Infant son
PARRY                                  William Peter
PARSLOW                                Dora E
PARSLOW BURNHARDT                      Dora E
PARSONS                                Francis A
PARSONS                                N. Berthena
PARSONS                                Sarah A
PARSONS THOMAS                         Sarah A
PARTRIDGE                              Betsey
PARTRIDGE                              James
PARTRIDGE POSSON                       Betsey
PASSAGE                                John
PASSAGE                                Margaret
PASSAGE                                Melvina
PASSAGE                                Nettie L.
PASSAGE ROACH                          Melvina
PASSAGE WHIPPLE                        Nettie L.
PATRICK                                Charlotte M
PATRICK ARMSTRONG                      Charlotte M
PATSHEN                                Frankie O
PATSHEN                                Frankie O
PATTIRSON                              Richard
PATTISON                               Victoria
PATTISON DYER                          Victoria
PAULEY                                 James
PAULEY (CW)                            James
PAULUS                                 Lena
PAULUS HURST                           Lena
PEARL                                  Isaac
PEARL                                  Isaac
PEARL                                  Jennie
PEARL                                  Mary A
PEARL                                  Peter H
PEARL                                  Rosanna
PEARL                                  Wilber N
PEARL (CW)                             Peter H
PECK                                   Amelia M
PECK READ                              Amelia M
PELTON                                 John H
PEMBERTON                              Anna
PEMBERTON                              Eunice
PEMBERTON                              George
PEMBERTON                              James H
PEMBERTON                              Sarah
PEMBERTON FERREY                       Sarah
PENNIE                                 Caroline
PENNIS                                 Ann
PENNOYER                               Jessy
PENTON                                 Katherine
PERCEY                                 Betsey
PERCEY GRIFFEN                         Betsey
PERKINS                                Elizabeth
PERKINS                                Elizabeth A.
PERKINS                                George
PERKINS                                George A
PERKINS                                George H
PERKINS                                John
PERKINS                                John G.
PERKINS                                John H.
PERKINS                                Richard
PERLE                                  Abraham
PERLE                                  Alexander
PERLE                                  Dora
PERRAULT                               Nathan T
PERRY                                  Clara A
PERRY                                  John
PERRY HALLENBECK                       Clara A.
PERVISS                                William
PETER                                  Dorothy
PETRASKE                               Dorathea
PETRASKE                               Tina
PETRASKE                               William
PFEFFER                                Barbara
PFEFFER                                Louis
PHELPS                                 Unknown Female
PHILLIPPSEN                            Jacob
PHILLIPPSEN                            Josephine
PHILLIPS                               Rosella
PHILLIPS                               S.E.
PHILLIPS                               Sarah A
PHILLIPS HEMPSTEAD                     Sarah A
PHILPOT                                Jane
PHIPPS                                 Jane Ann
PHIPPS                                 Leonard Cutler
PHIPPS                                 Ruth
PIEPER                                 Earnest
PIEPER                                 Henry A.
PIEPER                                 Horace
PIEPER                                 Lydia
PIEPER                                 Mary C.
PIEPER                                 Matilda Frances
PIEPER                                 Thomas F.
PIER                                   Alida
PIER                                   Catharine Jane
PIER                                   Delbert
PIER                                   Emma
PIER                                   Gertrude
PIER                                   Jacob
PIER                                   Jacob
PIER                                   Lucinda
PIER                                   Rachel
PIER                                   Walter
PIER DEVOE                             Rachel
PIER REINHART                          Emma
PIER SADDLEMIRE                        Lucinda
PIERCE                                 Charity
PIERCE                                 Lucy Ann
PIERCE                                 Margaret E
PIERCE ASHWELL                         Margaret E
PIERCE BELL                            Charity
PIERCE FISH                            Lucy Ann
PIERSON                                Charles
PIERSON                                Elizabeth H
PIERSON                                Lucy
PIERSON                                Mary
PIERSON                                Sophia
PIERSON RIDER                          Mary
PIERSON RIDER                          Sophia
PIERSON WELSH                          Lucy
PILSBURY                               Amos
PILSBURY                               Emily
PILSBURY                               Louis Dwight
PILSBURY                               Virginia
PINCKNEY                               Mary
PINCOTT                                Daniel
PINCOTT                                George
PINCOTT                                Martha
PIOTRASCHKE                            August E
PIOTRASCHKE                            Frederike
PITCHER                                Eliza M
PITCHER                                Emma
PITCHER                                Ervin
PITCHER                                George C
PITCHER                                Harrison
PITCHER                                Ida
PITCHER                                James
PITCHER                                Lena Mae
PITCHER                                Rachel A
PITCHER                                Zadok J
PITCHER HURST                          Rachel A
PITCHER WRIGHT                         Emma
PITMAN                                 B. H.
PITMAN                                 Mary S
PITTS                                  Freddie
PITTS                                  Jacob
PITTS                                  Wilhelmina
PLANK                                  Clara
PLANK VAN WORMER                       Clara
PLATH                                  Hermine
POHL                                   Franz
POHL                                   Karolina
POHLMAN                                Daniel
POHLMAN                                Jacob D
POHLMAN                                Julia Ann
POHLMAN                                Mary
POMEROY                                Miriam
POMEROY LOBDELL                        Miriam
PONSON                                 Abel
PONSON (CW)                            Abel
POPPE                                  Charles E
PORTER                                 Christina
PORTER                                 Edwin F
PORTER                                 Harold
PORTER                                 Harold F
PORTER                                 Maynard
PORTER (WWII)                          Harold
PORTER (WWII)                          Maynard
POSSON                                 Arthur J
POSSON                                 Betsey
POSSON                                 Elda
POSSON                                 Ella C
POSSON                                 Eva A
POSSON                                 John
POSSON                                 Miles C
POSSON                                 Rebecca A
POSSON                                 Sarah J
POSSON CLOW                            Elda
POSSON KING                            Sarah J
POSSON SWAN                            Rebecca A
POST                                   Charity
POST                                   Emeline
POST                                   Jacob M
POST                                   Lana
POST                                   Vertie
POST ECKER                             Charity
POST HAVERLY                           Vertie
POST SNYDER                            Lana
POWELL                                 Edward
POWELL                                 Eliza A
POWELL                                 Ella
POWELL                                 Henry T
POWELL                                 Jennett
POWELL                                 Jennie
POWELL                                 Lavinna S
POWELL                                 M Amelia
POWELL                                 Sarah A
POWELL BLESSING                        Ella
POWELL NODINE                          Sarah A
POWELL STOTT                           Lavinna S
POWERS                                 John H
POWERS                                 John H.
POWERS                                 Mary A
POWERS                                 Mary C
POWERS                                 Nelson
POWERS                                 Sarah A
POWERS (CW)                            John H
PRATT                                  Amasa
PRATT                                  Ann Eliza
PRATT                                  Daniel
PRATT                                  Enna
PRATT                                  Mary
PRESCOTT                               Eliza
PRESCOTT VAN ALSTYNE                   Eliza
PRESTON                                Emma J
PRESTON                                John
PRESTON (RW)                           John
PRESTON WATSON                         Emma J
PRICE                                  Minnie
PRICE ZELL                             Minnie
PRINCE                                 Charles
PRINCE                                 Henry
PRINCE                                 Pauline
PRINCE                                 Willie
PROSSER                                Caroline
PROSSER                                Esther
PROUT                                  Emma M
PRUYN                                  Dick
PRUYN                                  Helen
PRUYN WOOD                             Helen
PULIS                                  Abraham William
PULIS                                  Catherine
PULMAN                                 Brunnette S
PULMAN                                 Caroline
PULMAN                                 Eunice
PULMAN                                 Joseph H
PULMAN                                 Stoddard D
PULVER                                 Elenor
PULVER                                 Mary
PULVER SHELDON                         Mary
PURCELL                                Anna Irene
PURCELL                                James P
PURCELL                                Mary E
PURCELL SHERIDAN                       Anna Irene
PUTNEY                                 Katherine E.
PUTZIG                                 Emma D
PUTZIG YOUNG                           Emma D
PYNDUS                                 Maria
QUACKENBOS                             John
QUACKENBOS                             John
QUACKENBOSS                            Ten Eyke
QUACKENBUSH                            Catharine A
QUACKENBUSH                            Daniel D
QUACKENBUSH                            Elizabeth
QUACKENBUSH                            George A
QUACKENBUSH                            Jacob H
QUACKENBUSH                            Louisa C
QUACKENBUSH                            Lucinda
QUACKENBUSH                            Mary Jane
QUACKENBUSH                            Nancy
QUACKENBUSH                            Nancy
QUACKENBUSH                            Peter
QUACKENBUSH                            Watson H
QUACKENBUSH (CW)                       Daniel D
QUACKENBUSH (WWII)                     George A
QUACKENBUSH ABLEMAN                    Elizabeth
QUACKENBUSH MESICK                     Nancy
QUAY                                   Alida
QUAY                                   Anna Barbara
QUAY                                   Daniel
QUAY                                   Elizabeth E
QUAY                                   Emeline
QUAY                                   Estes B
QUAY                                   Homer
QUAY                                   Jemima Ann
QUAY                                   John A
QUAY                                   Kathryn
QUAY                                   Mary
QUAY                                   Morgan
QUAY FRINK                             Emeline
QUAY PIER                              Alida
QUAY STEVENS                           Elizabeth E
QUIGLEY                                James
QUIVEY                                 Azubah
QUIVEY HELME                           Azubah
RADCLIFFE                              Barent
RADLEY                                 Catherine
RADLEY FLANSBURG                       Catherine
RAFFERTY                               Annie M
RAFFERTY                               Edward J
RAFTERY                                Rose M
RAFTERY MEAD                           Rose M
RAGOTZKIE                              Katherine S
RAIBLE                                 Adam C
RAIBLE                                 Carrie
RAIBLE                                 Henry
RAIBLE                                 Jacob
RAIBLE                                 Louisa
RAIBLE                                 Marie H
RAIBLE                                 Sophia
RAIBLE INGALLS                         Marie H
RALSTON                                Jessie
RALSTON ROACH                          Jessie
RAMSEY                                 Elizabeth
RAMSEY HAYS                            Elizabeth
RANDEL                                 Ann
RANSOM                                 Sally
RANSOM GRIFFING                        Sally
RAPPE                                  Amelia
RAPPE                                  August
RATTRY                                 David
RATTRY                                 James
RATTRY                                 Lydia
RAU                                    Christina
RAU VAN KORB                           Christina
RAUH                                   Willie J
RAUSER                                 George
RAUSER                                 Gottlieb
RAUSER                                 Katie
RAY                                    Libbie
RAY WILSEY                             Libbie
RAYMOND                                Alice
RAYMOND HOLMES                         Alice
REA                                    Hannah
REA CARHART                            Hannah
READ                                   Amelia M
READ                                   Matthew H
REAGLES                                Sarah M
REAGLES BATES                          Sarah M
REAMER                                 Anna
REAMER                                 Barbra
REAMER                                 Cornelius
REAMER                                 Cornelius
REAMER                                 Cornelius M
REAMER                                 Elizabeth
REAMER                                 Elizabeth V. S.
REAMER                                 Howard
REAMER                                 James A
REAMER                                 Lena
REAMER                                 Margaret A
REAMER                                 Maria
REAMER                                 Maria Jane
REAMER                                 Martin S
REAMER                                 Ralph
REAMER                                 Rebecca
REAMER                                 Sarah
REAMER (WWI)                           Howard
REAMER COUSE                           Lena
REAMER NANGLE                          Elizabeth V. S.
REAMER SECOR                           Margaret A
RECTOR                                 Anna Maria
RECTOR FINEHOUT                        Anna Maria
REED                                   Martha
REED                                   Martha
REED                                   Newton B
REED                                   Rachel
REED HAMILTON                          Martha
REEL                                   Catherine P
REEL SHULZ                             Catherine P
REICHART                               Louise
REICHART HOLDEN                        Louise
REICHERT                               Anna M
REICHERT                               Christopher F
REICHERT MILLER                        Anna M
REID                                   Amanda
REID                                   Charles
REID                                   Elizabeth
REID                                   Emaline
REID                                   George A
REID                                   Harriet
REID                                   Harriet
REID                                   Ira
REID                                   James A
REID                                   James R
REID                                   Jennie A
REID                                   Mary
REID                                   Mary E
REID                                   Mary Elizabeth
REID                                   William
REID BECKER                            Emaline
REID COLBORNE                          Jennie A
REID MOAK                              Mary Elizabeth
REINHART                               Adam H
REINHART                               Alexander
REINHART                               Arthur M
REINHART                               Birdella L
REINHART                               Birdella L
REINHART                               Emma
REINHART                               Ethel M
REINHART                               George W
REINHART                               Hannah A
REINHART                               Ida E
REINHART                               Irving
REINHART (CW)                          Adam H
REISKE                                 Ernestine
REISKE GERS                            Ernestine
RELYEA                                 Adam
RELYEA                                 Alice M
RELYEA                                 Anna
RELYEA                                 Carrie
RELYEA                                 Carrie
RELYEA                                 Catherine
RELYEA                                 Charles A
RELYEA                                 David D
RELYEA                                 Deborah
RELYEA                                 Edward D
RELYEA                                 Emily J
RELYEA                                 Emma E
RELYEA                                 George D
RELYEA                                 Hannah
RELYEA                                 Jacob
RELYEA                                 Jacob A
RELYEA                                 Jacob M
RELYEA                                 Jane Ann
RELYEA                                 Jennie
RELYEA                                 John
RELYEA                                 Maria
RELYEA                                 Mary
RELYEA                                 Mary E
RELYEA                                 Nancy
RELYEA                                 Nancy
RELYEA                                 Rachel
RELYEA                                 Sarah
RELYEA                                 Sarah A
RELYEA                                 Stillmon
RELYEA                                 Wealthy F
RELYEA                                 William
RELYEA CORL                            Jane Ann
RELYEA COSS                            Anna
RELYEA MARTIN                          Rachel
RELYEA ROWE                            Jennie
RELYEA STALKER                         Nancy
REMER                                  Benjamin M
REMER                                  Catherine
REMER                                  Josephine
REMER                                  Mary E
REMER BOWERS                           Josephine
REMER DEUELL                           Mary E
REMMERT                                Josephine
REMMERT PHILLIPPSEN                    Josephine
RESTON                                 Maria A
RESTON                                 Sarah
RESTON                                 Sarah A
REUTER                                 Georg
REUTER                                 Johann H
REUTER                                 Maria B
REYNOLDS                               Ada B
REYNOLDS                               Anna M
REYNOLDS                               Caroline
REYNOLDS                               Catharine
REYNOLDS                               Charles H
REYNOLDS                               Cora
REYNOLDS                               David H
REYNOLDS                               Enoch Burt
REYNOLDS                               Eve Ann
REYNOLDS                               Fanny
REYNOLDS                               Garrett
REYNOLDS                               Garrett
REYNOLDS                               Israel L
REYNOLDS                               J Addison
REYNOLDS                               Kate
REYNOLDS                               Margaret
REYNOLDS                               Maria
REYNOLDS                               Marion
REYNOLDS                               Martha
REYNOLDS                               Mary
REYNOLDS                               Merville W
REYNOLDS                               Nancy
REYNOLDS                               Peter
REYNOLDS CARL                          Kate
REYNOLDS CHAMBERLAIN                   Catharine
REYNOLDS COLVIN                        Ada B
REYNOLDS MANSFIELD                     Cora
REYNOLDS ROBERTSON                     Martha
REYNOLDS ROBERTSON                     Mary
REYNOLDS SPALDING                      Nancy
RHATIGAN                               Katie E
RHEINS                                 Julia A
RICE                                   Anna Elizabeth
RICE                                   Benjamin Franklin
RICE                                   Caroline
RICE                                   Caroline Taylor
RICE                                   Charles
RICE                                   Eliza Jane
RICE                                   Emma Lillian
RICE                                   Emma M
RICE                                   Fanny
RICE                                   Frances Amelia
RICE                                   Gilbert C.
RICE                                   Gilbert Cumming
RICE                                   Hannah
RICE                                   Horace A.
RICE                                   James M.
RICE                                   Jane
RICE                                   Joseph T.
RICE                                   Joseph Taft
RICE                                   Lydia M.
RICE                                   Mary C
RICE                                   Mary E.
RICE                                   Matilda Frances
RICE                                   S.G.
RICE                                   Samuel G.
RICE                                   Sarah
RICE                                   Sarah
RICE                                   Silas Cumming
RICE                                   Silas Cumming
RICE                                   Silas T
RICE                                   Wealthy Ann
RICE EIGABROADT                        Caroline Taylor
RICE PIEPER                            Matilda Frances
RICE PROUT                             Emma M
RICE ROSENBERG                         Sarah
RICE WILSON                            Wealthy Ann
RICH                                   George
RICHARDS                               Florence
RICHARDS                               Robert W
RICHARDS                               Samuel
RICHARDSON                             Ann
RICHARDSON SMITH                       Ann
RICHMOND                               Charles
RICHMOND                               Mary
RICHMOND                               Solomon
RICHMOND                               Sophia
RICHMOND COLE                          Mary
RICKETTS                               Anna
RICKETTS                               Raymond G
RICKETTS                               Thomas T
RICKETTS (WWI)                         Raymond G
RIDER                                  Caroline W
RIDER                                  Charles J
RIDER                                  Elizabeth
RIDER                                  Harriet
RIDER                                  Helen Sophia
RIDER                                  James
RIDER                                  James H
RIDER                                  Lucia H
RIDER                                  Mary
RIDER                                  Sophia
RIDER HAGAMAN                          Elizabeth
RIDER HOPKINS                          Harriet
RIGBY                                  William
RIGGS                                  Ann Odell
RIGGS                                  Emma L
RIGGS                                  Frederick J
RIGGS                                  Harry W
RIGGS                                  Jennie M
RIGGS                                  Kate E
RIGGS                                  Katharine E
RIGGS SMITH                            Katharine E
RILEY                                  Edward
RIMMER                                 Frank
RING                                   Lydia Caroline
RING MOORE                             Lydia Caroline
RINGS                                  Anna
RINGS                                  Caroline B
RINGS                                  Eva
RINGS                                  John
RINGS                                  Peter
RISSUE                                 Henrietta
RISSUE WERELEY                         Henrietta
RIVENBURG                              Delia
RIVENBURG                              Nettie
RIVENBURG CRANE                        Nettie
RIVENBURGH                             Harvey
RIX                                    Elizabeth
RIX STORY                              Elizabeth
ROACH                                  Francis M
ROACH                                  Jessie
ROACH                                  Margaret
ROACH                                  Melvina
ROACH                                  Robert D
ROACH BUNDY                            Margaret
ROBBINS                                Fanny Jane
ROBBINS                                Harriet
ROBBINS                                Horace Elliott
ROBBINS YOUMANS                        Harriet
ROBERTS                                Allie
ROBERTS                                Almeron
ROBERTS                                Fred
ROBERTS                                Roger A
ROBERTS                                Sabra
ROBERTS (WWII)                         Roger A
ROBERTSON                              Abram
ROBERTSON                              David
ROBERTSON                              Duncan
ROBERTSON                              John
ROBERTSON                              Margaret M
ROBERTSON                              Margarett
ROBERTSON                              Maria
ROBERTSON                              Maria
ROBERTSON                              Martha
ROBERTSON                              Mary
ROBERTSON                              Mary
ROBERTSON                              William
ROBERTSON                              William H
ROBERTSON EISEMAN                      Margaret M
ROBERTSON RELYEA                       Maria
ROBERTSON TALLMADGE                    Margarett
ROBINSON                               Sarah
ROBISON                                John B
ROBISON                                Joseph
ROBISON                                Maria Julia
ROBISON                                Sarah
ROBISON                                Sarah H
ROBISON                                William
ROCHE                                  Margaret
ROCHE SMITH                            Margaret
ROCK                                   Conrad
ROCK                                   Johanna
ROCK (CW)                              Conrad
ROCK KLOPF                             Johanna
ROCKEFELLER                            Herbert A
ROCKEFELLER (CW)                       Herbert A
ROCKWELL                               Augustus Pearce
ROCKWELL                               Harriett Rebecca
ROCKWELL                               Hattie
ROE                                    Magdalene
ROESELER                               Adalbert
ROGERS                                 Eliza
ROGERS                                 Emaline
ROGERS                                 Nelson
ROGERS                                 Ulilly
ROGERS GOSSMAN                         Emaline
ROOME                                  Susan Maria
ROOME SALISBURY                        Susan Maria
ROOS                                   Julia
ROOS                                   Mary
ROOS DECKER                            Mary
ROOT                                   Charley S
ROOT                                   Jerusha
ROOT ALEXANDER                         Jerusha
RORABACK                               Maria
RORK                                   George
RORK (CW)                              George
ROSE                                   Margaret E
ROSEKINS                               John
ROSEKRANS                              Magdalin A
ROSEKRANS CHAMBERLAIN                  Magdalin A
ROSELL                                 Charles
ROSELL                                 Karl M
ROSELL                                 Martha
ROSENBERG                              Elias
ROSENBERG                              Esther
ROSENBERG                              Hiram
ROSENBERG                              Sarah
ROSENBERG                              Solomon
ROSS                                   Benjamin B
ROSS                                   Pearl M
ROSSEN                                 Anne
ROSSEN KESSLER                         Anne
ROTHAUPT                               Lizzie H
ROTHSCHILD                             Abraham
ROTHSCHILD                             Frances
ROTHSCHILD                             Mina
ROUGHTMAKER                            Frederick
ROUGHTMAKER                            Minerva
ROW                                    Mary Ann
ROW WHITBECK                           Mary Ann
ROWE                                   Augustus
ROWE                                   Hannah
ROWE                                   Harriet E
ROWE                                   Jennie
ROWE                                   Julia E
ROWE                                   Michael
ROWE                                   Sarah
ROWE (CW)                              Augustus
ROWELL                                 Eleanor Katherine
RUDOLPH                                George J
RUDOLPH                                Jacob I
RULAND                                 Winifred Lenora
RULAND BOUCK                           Winifred Lenora
RUSO                                   Calvin F
RUSO                                   Emme Jane
RUSSEL                                 Nellie
RUSSEL WANDS                           Nellie
RUSSELL                                Benjamin F
RUSSELL                                Elihu
RUSSELL                                Eliza
RUSSELL                                Huldah
RUSSELL                                John
RUSSELL                                Judith
RUSSELL                                Margaret
RUSSELL                                Mary (Lizzie)
RUSSELL                                Ruth
RUSSELL AVERY                          Huldah
RUSSELL MANSION                        Margaret
RUSSELL MATTICE                        Mary (Lizzie)
RUSSELL WAYNE                          Judith
RUTHERFORD                             Archibald
RZESLOWSKA                             Gertrude
RZESLOWSKA KATCHMAR                    Gertrude
SACCO                                  Albert A
SADDLEMIER                             Hannah
SADDLEMIER                             John
SADDLEMIRE                             Almina
SADDLEMIRE                             Amanda E
SADDLEMIRE                             Amelia
SADDLEMIRE                             Amos
SADDLEMIRE                             Catharine
SADDLEMIRE                             Catherine
SADDLEMIRE                             Charles
SADDLEMIRE                             Charles T
SADDLEMIRE                             Christina
SADDLEMIRE                             Christina
SADDLEMIRE                             David
SADDLEMIRE                             Elizabeth
SADDLEMIRE                             Elizabeth
SADDLEMIRE                             Elon
SADDLEMIRE                             Emily
SADDLEMIRE                             Emily
SADDLEMIRE                             George
SADDLEMIRE                             Hannah
SADDLEMIRE                             Hiram
SADDLEMIRE                             Ida Mae
SADDLEMIRE                             Ira
SADDLEMIRE                             Jacob H
SADDLEMIRE                             Jacob H
SADDLEMIRE                             Jesse H
SADDLEMIRE                             John J
SADDLEMIRE                             Judelia C
SADDLEMIRE                             Louisa
SADDLEMIRE                             Lucinda
SADDLEMIRE                             Malinda
SADDLEMIRE                             Margaret
SADDLEMIRE                             Mary
SADDLEMIRE                             Mary
SADDLEMIRE                             Mary L
SADDLEMIRE                             Maryett
SADDLEMIRE                             Nancy
SADDLEMIRE                             Salley
SADDLEMIRE                             Senica
SADDLEMIRE BIVENS                      Ida Mae
SADDLEMIRE DARING                      Christina
SADDLEMIRE ECKER                       Mary L
SADDLEMIRE FULLINGTON                  Margaret
SADDLEMIRE SADDLEMIRE                  Emily
SADDLEMIRE WHITE                       Catherine
SADDLEMYER                             John
SADLEMIRE                              Edna
SADLEMIRE WINNIE                       Edna
SAFFORD                                Emma
SAFFORD                                Mary A
SAFFORD MCCULLOCH                      Mary A.
SAGAR                                  Bertha
SAGAR                                  Hazel May
SAGAR WENDT                            Bertha
SAGENDORF                              Amy E
SAGENDORF                              Anna
SAGENDORF                              Jonas
SAGENDORF (CW)                         Anna
SAGER                                  Alexander
SAGER                                  Cornelius
SAGER                                  Hannah
SAGER                                  Mary A
SAGER                                  Simon
SAGER (CW)                             Cornelius
SAINT JOHN                             Clara Mae
SAINT JOHN STAHLMAN                    Clara Mae
SALISBURGH                             Catharine
SALISBURGH HAVERLEY                    Catharine
SALISBURY                              Amos
SALISBURY                              Carrie M
SALISBURY                              Charles Roome
SALISBURY                              Eleanor
SALISBURY                              Eliza G
SALISBURY                              Josephene E
SALISBURY                              Julia Sarah
SALISBURY                              Julia Sarah
SALISBURY                              Susan Maria
SALISBURY                              Walter D
SALISBURY                              William H
SALISBURY CUSACK                       Julia Sarah
SALISBURY FITCH                        Eliza G
SALOMON                                Rudolph G
SALSBURGH                              Margaret
SALSBURGH BASSLER                      Margaret
SAMUEL                                 Adelena W
SAMUEL                                 Edward D
SAMUEL                                 Louisa
SAMUEL WERKING                         Louisa
SAND                                   Elizabeth
SAND                                   Eve
SAND                                   Jacob
SAND                                   John J
SAND                                   Margaret
SAND BASSLER                           Eve
SAND HAVERLY                           Elizabeth
SANDERS                                Maria
SANDERS BEECKMAN                       Maria
SANDS                                  Ellen
SANDS                                  Mary
SANDS CALLEN                           Mary
SANDS COE                              Ellen
SANFORD                                Claude N
SANFORD                                Helen
SANFORD                                Stephen
SANT                                   Cathrine
SANT                                   Christian
SANT                                   Christian
SANT                                   Dorothy
SANT                                   Eve
SANTFORD                               Robert
SAUNDERS                               Charles F.
SAUNDERS                               Charles F. Jr.
SAUNDERS                               Mary W.
SAUNDERS                               William P.
SAVILLE                                Edward
SAYLES                                 Lazarus
SCAMBELLURI                            Maria Carmela
SCHAAFF                                Elizabeth
SCHADE                                 Elizabeth
SCHADE LANGENBACH                      Elizabeth
SCHAEFER                               Emma E.
SCHAEFER                               Joseph
SCHAEFER                               Pauline
SCHAEFER                               Pauline
SCHAEFER BOWMAN                        Pauline
SCHAFFNER                              Margaret
SCHARBAUER                             Bertha
SCHARBAUER BARBER                      Bertha
SCHELL                                 Agnes
SCHELL                                 Anna F
SCHELL                                 Christina A
SCHELL                                 Clifford D
SCHELL                                 Daniel
SCHELL                                 Elizabeth
SCHELL                                 George
SCHELL                                 Grant
SCHELL                                 John J
SCHELL                                 Kathryn M
SCHELL                                 Lany
SCHELL                                 Martin J
SCHELL                                 Maude
SCHELL                                 Pearl M
SCHELL                                 Peter P
SCHELL DARING                          Christina A
SCHELL ROSS                            Pearl M
SCHELL WEIDMAN                         Elizabeth
SCHELL WRIGHT                          Kathryn M
SCHENK                                 Rose
SCHENK MATTISKE                        Rose
SCHERMEHORN                            Catharine
SCHERMERHORN                           Abram
SCHERMERHORN                           Abram
SCHERMERHORN                           Arvilla
SCHERMERHORN                           Catharine
SCHERMERHORN                           Catherine
SCHERMERHORN                           Charles
SCHERMERHORN                           David
SCHERMERHORN                           Dora E
SCHERMERHORN                           Elias
SCHERMERHORN                           Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Ervin
SCHERMERHORN                           Hannah
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob
SCHERMERHORN                           John J
SCHERMERHORN                           Leonard J
SCHERMERHORN                           Lida
SCHERMERHORN                           Luke
SCHERMERHORN                           Lydia
SCHERMERHORN                           Magdalene
SCHERMERHORN                           Mary
SCHERMERHORN                           Nelson
SCHERMERHORN                           Sabina
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah Ann
SCHERMERHORN NILES                     Catherine
SCHERMERHORN REAMER                    Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN SHELL                     Dora E
SCHERMERHORN VAN DEUSEN                Arvilla
SCHILLER                               Charles C
SCHILLER                               Gilbert
SCHILLER                               Julia
SCHILLER                               Katherine
SCHILLER                               Mary
SCHILLER                               Minnie
SCHILLER                               Thomas
SCHILLER NELSON                        Mary
SCHILLER SCHNEIDER                     Katherine
SCHILLER WILEY                         Minnie
SCHILLING                              Andrew
SCHILLING                              Hannah
SCHILLING                              John
SCHILLING                              Louisa
SCHILLING                              Louise
SCHILLING                              Marie C
SCHILLING                              Theresa
SCHILLING BISSIKUMMER                  Marie C.
SCHILLING HAVERMAN                     Louisa
SCHIRMACHER                            Emilie A
SCHIRMACHER MOCH                       Emilie A
SCHLICHTER                             Anschel
SCHLICHTER                             Myer
SCHMIDT                                Christianna
SCHMIDT                                Dorothea
SCHMIDT                                George
SCHMIDT                                Johann
SCHMITZ                                Charles J
SCHMITZ                                Ida
SCHMITZ                                Mary
SCHMITZ                                William
SCHNEIDER                              Jacob
SCHNEIDER                              John
SCHNEIDER                              John F
SCHNEIDER                              Katherine
SCHNEIDER                              Thekla
SCHNEIDER                              Tillie
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Charles E
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Margaret M
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Nettie Scott
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Wesley
SCHOOLCRAFT                            William Chapman
SCHOOLMAKER                            Rosina
SCHOOLMAKER BRADT                      Rosina
SCHOONMAKER                            Alida
SCHOONMAKER                            Alida
SCHOONMAKER                            Berton
SCHOONMAKER                            Catherine C
SCHOONMAKER                            Charles W
SCHOONMAKER                            Christian
SCHOONMAKER                            Cordela
SCHOONMAKER                            DeWitt
SCHOONMAKER                            Dewitt B
SCHOONMAKER                            Edith
SCHOONMAKER                            Elizabeth
SCHOONMAKER                            Elizabeth
SCHOONMAKER                            Elmina
SCHOONMAKER                            Emeline
SCHOONMAKER                            Emma
SCHOONMAKER                            Ephraim
SCHOONMAKER                            Gertrude
SCHOONMAKER                            Ida
SCHOONMAKER                            James W
SCHOONMAKER                            Jane A
SCHOONMAKER                            Jay
SCHOONMAKER                            John
SCHOONMAKER                            Josephine
SCHOONMAKER                            Lydia
SCHOONMAKER                            Magdalen
SCHOONMAKER                            Maneord
SCHOONMAKER                            Maria
SCHOONMAKER                            Mary A
SCHOONMAKER                            Mary E
SCHOONMAKER                            Milton
SCHOONMAKER                            Miner
SCHOONMAKER                            Peter
SCHOONMAKER                            Peter
SCHOONMAKER                            Roscoe C
SCHOONMAKER BALL                       Magdalen
SCHOONMAKER HOTALING                   Catherine C
SCHOONMAKER SHEAR                      Jane A
SCHOONMAKER STEPHENS                   Alida
SCHRAMM                                Elizabeth
SCHRAMM                                Eva
SCHRAMM                                Jacob B
SCHRAMM                                Mary
SCHRAMM                                Sophia L
SCHRAMM                                William
SCHRAMM (SERV)                         Jacob B
SCHRAMM WHITMAN                        Eva
SCHRAMM ZIELKE                         Elizabeth
SCHRECK                                Cornelius
SCHRECK                                Susanna
SCHREIBER                              Esther
SCHREIBER                              Mayer
SCHROEDER                              August
SCHROEDER                              Auguste
SCHRYVER                               Rachel
SCHRYVER EMES                          Rachel
SCHUHL                                 Robert Wegand
SCHUHL (VN)                            Robert Wegand
SCHULTES                               Anna B
SCHULTES                               Sarah
SCHULTES                               William
SCHULTES                               William
SCHULTES OWEN                          Anna B
SCHULTUS                               Matthias W
SCHULTZ                                Albert
SCHULTZ                                Albert D
SCHULTZ                                Albert H
SCHULTZ                                Anna M
SCHULTZ                                Frederick
SCHULTZ                                Henry L
SCHULTZ                                Joanna D
SCHULTZ                                Katherine
SCHULTZ                                Louis L
SCHULTZ                                Matilda
SCHULTZ                                Sophia G
SCHULTZ                                Susan
SCHULTZ                                Theodore
SCHULTZ                                Theodore
SCHULTZ (CW)                           Theodore
SCHULZ                                 Mary E
SCHULZE                                Marie S
SCHULZE MUELLER                        Marie S
SCHUSTER                               Jacob
SCHUYLER                               Catherine
SCHUYLER                               Catherine E
SCHUYLER                               Cornelia K
SCHUYLER                               Eliza F.
SCHUYLER                               Ida V.
SCHUYLER                               Richard P
SCHUYLER                               Stephen R
SCHUYLER                               Susan
SCHUYLER                               William
SCHUYLER                               William C.
SCHWARTZ                               Anna
SCHWARZ                                Bertha
SCHWARZ                                Caroline
SCHWARZ LEWI                           Bertha
SCHWER                                 George J
SCHWER                                 Katherine
SCHWINDEMAN                            Caroline S.
SCHWINDEMAN MEEKER                     Caroline S.
SCOFIELD                               Minnie V
SCOFIELD                               Robert W
SCORSBY                                William
SCOTT                                  Hulda
SCOTT                                  James
SCOTT                                  Robert
SCOTT                                  William
SCOVILLE                               Charles M
SCRAFFORD                              Eliza E
SCRAFFORD                              Emma G
SCRAFFORD                              Herbert G
SCRAFFORD                              James A
SCRAFFORD                              John P
SCRAFFORD                              Maria
SCRAFFORD (CW)                         James A
SCRAFFORD SHULTES                      Emma G
SCRIVEN                                Lyman G.
SCRIVEN                                Sarah
SCRIVEN (CW)                           Lyman G.
SCULTZ                                 Henry
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