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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

FAIRMAN                                Charles G
FALKENHEINER                           Elizabeth
FANCHER                                Laura
FANCHER                                Orcelia
FANCHER DELAMATER                      Orcelia
FANCHER SHULTES                        Laura
FANCHIER                               Jane A
FANCHIER HOFFMAN                       Jane A
FARRELL                                John
FARRELL                                Michael A
FARRELL (CW)                           Michael A
FARREN                                 Cyrus Edward
FARREN                                 Mary Elizabeth
FARREN                                 Stephen J
FARSTAD                                Andrew M.
FARSTAD                                Evelyn
FARSTAD                                Ida M.
FARSTAD                                Robert W.
FAULKNER                               Julia
FAULKNER                               Myran
FEATHERLY                              Susannah C
FELBER                                 Theresia
FELBER NEUBAUER                        Theresia
FELLOWS                                Catherine
FELLOWS                                Henry D
FELLOWS                                Wheeler
FELTT                                  Grace M
FELTT SOUDER                           Grace M
FENNO                                  Caroline
FERGUSON                               Arabella Belle
FERGUSON                               Hiram
FERGUSON                               Walter Elwood
FERREY                                 Sarah
FIACCO                                 Caroline H
FIDLER                                 Mary A
FIDLER POWERS                          Mary A
FIEBKE                                 Wilhelmine
FIEBKE                                 William
FIFIELD                                Charles
FINCH                                  Ada
FINCH                                  Eliza F.
FINCH                                  Emily B
FINCH                                  Hannah
FINCH AUCHAMPAUGH                      Hannah
FINCH LEE                              Sarah
FINCH SCHUYLER                         Eliza F.
FINCH WILLIAMSON                       Ada
FINEHOUT                               Anna Maria
FINEHOUT                               Jennie
FINEHOUT                               Katie
FINEHOUT                               Rebecca Ann
FINEHOUT BOUCK                         Katie
FINEHOUT HALLENBECK                    Jennie
FINEHOUT WILTSE                        Rebecca Ann
FINK                                   Emma
FISCHER                                Elizabeth
FISCHER                                Grace M.
FISCHER                                Magdalena
FISCHER                                Mary
FISCHER                                Mary E
FISCHER                                Peter
FISCHER                                Robert E.
FISH                                   Clara E
FISH                                   Lucy Ann
FISH                                   Martha
FISH                                   Sarah
FISH                                   Sarah
FISH                                   William L
FISH ROBINSON                          Sarah
FISHER                                 Augusta
FISHER                                 Dorothy
FISHER                                 Dorothy
FISHER                                 Elizabeth B
FISHER                                 Emma A
FISHER                                 Farley
FISHER                                 Franklin W
FISHER                                 Harriet
FISHER                                 Harriet M
FISHER                                 Margaret A
FISHER                                 Marion B
FISHER                                 Marion E
FISHER                                 Rachel
FISHER                                 Willard C
FISHER                                 William
FISHER                                 William
FISHER BORTHWICK                       Margaret A
FISHER HOCHSTRASSER                    Dorothy
FISHER SANT                            Dorothy
FISHER TRIVAL                          Augusta
FISK                                   Elizabeth C
FISKE                                  George
FISKE                                  Susan
FITCH                                  Dennis M
FITCH                                  Eliza G
FITCH                                  Katherine
FITCH                                  Sybal A B
FITCH                                  Sybal Augustus
FITCH BECKER                           Katherine
FITZPATRICK                            John
FLANSBURG                              Catharine
FLANSBURG                              Catherine
FLANSBURG                              Elsie
FLANSBURG                              John
FLANSBURG                              John T
FLANSBURG                              Magdalen C
FLANSBURG                              Maria
FLANSBURG                              Mary B
FLANSBURG                              Walter
FLANSBURG BISHOP                       Mary B
FLANSBURG EARL                         Catharine
FLANSBURG PANGBURN                     Maria
FLANSBURG SHAFER                       Magdalen C
FLANSBURGH                             Angelica
FLANSBURGH                             Anthony
FLANSBURGH                             Christiana W
FLANSBURGH                             Christina
FLANSBURGH                             David
FLANSBURGH                             Fanny
FLANSBURGH                             Garret
FLANSBURGH                             Garret H
FLANSBURGH                             Hannah Maria
FLANSBURGH                             Hester A. R.
FLANSBURGH                             John
FLANSBURGH                             Katharine
FLANSBURGH                             Katherine
FLANSBURGH                             Maria A
FLANSBURGH                             Mary
FLANSBURGH HOTALING                    Christina
FLANSBURGH ONDERDONK                   Katherine
FLANSBURGH RESTON                      Maria A
FLESHMAN                               Ernest F.
FLESHMAN                               Marjorie L.
FLOESER                                George
FLOESER                                George Sr.
FLOESER                                Mary B
FLOOD                                  Hannah
FLOOD                                  Kathryn B.
FLOOD                                  Warren H.
FOIGT                                  Hannah
FOIGT GENTOW                           Hannah
FOLLETT                                Frederic Augustus
FOLLETT                                Mary
FONDA                                  Catherine
FONDA                                  David B
FONDA                                  Douw
FONDA                                  Matilda
FONDA (CW)                             David B
FONDA REMER                            Catherine
FONK                                   Rebecca
FONK ENGLE                             Rebecca
FOOTE                                  Herbert J.
FOOTE                                  Sarah
FORBES                                 Frank
FORBES                                 John
FORD                                   Grant
FORD                                   Martha L
FORD (CW)                              Grant
FORMAN                                 Mary
FORSYTHE                               Harriet
FORSYTHE BALL                          Harriet
FOSTER                                 Ellsworth
FOSTER                                 James
FOSTER                                 Marie M.
FOSTER                                 Martha
FOSTER                                 Sarah
FOSTER HILL                            Sarah
FOWLER                                 Catherine
FOWLER                                 Esther
FOWLER                                 Hanna H
FOWLER                                 Hannah
FOWLER                                 Lillian
FOWLER                                 Lucy Ann
FOWLER                                 M. S.
FOWLER                                 Mary
FOWLER                                 Mary
FOWLER                                 Minnie
FOWLER                                 Nicholis
FOWLER                                 Perry
FOWLER                                 Peter
FOWLER BLANCHARD                       Lillian
FOWLER BUZZEE                          Mary
FOWLER GALLUP                          Lucy Ann
FOWLER MERRITT                         M. S.
FOWLES                                 Pierre Hogan
FOX                                    Alfred A
FOX                                    Carolyn
FOX                                    George W
FOX                                    Maude
FOX                                    Pauline
FOX                                    Sarah M
FRANCIS                                Mary
FRANCIS                                Mary Eliza
FRANK                                  Caroline
FRANK                                  Carrie
FRANK                                  Catharine
FRANK                                  Christian
FRANK                                  Fannie
FRANK                                  Henry S
FRANK                                  Katharina
FRANK                                  Marie
FRANK                                  Mary
FRANK HINKELMANN                       Catharine
FRANK LINS                             Marie
FRANK MERSELLUS                        Mary
FRANK SILBERMAN                        Carrie
FRANK SONNENFELD                       Caroline
FRANK STERNFELD                        Fannie
FRANZEN                                Susan
FRANZEN SCHULTZ                        Susan
FRAZIER                                Agnes J
FRAZIER NELSON                         Agnes J
FREBEL                                 Minnie
FREBEL HEINZE                          Minnie
FREBERTHYSER                           Caroline
FREBERTHYSER                           George
FREBERTHYSER                           John
FREBERTHYSER KAUTZ                     Caroline
FREDENDALL                             Angeline
FREDENDALL                             Catharine L
FREDENDALL                             George F
FREDENDALL                             George H
FREDENDALL                             Hiram
FREDENDALL                             Jacob
FREDENDALL                             Jacob
FREDENDALL                             Levi
FREDENDALL                             Margaret L
FREDENDALL                             Mary E
FREDENDALL                             Merlin J
FREDENDALL                             Sarah
FREDENDALL (CW)                        Jacob
FREDERICK                              Elisabeth
FREDERICK                              Ella F
FREDERICK                              Jacob H
FREDERICK                              John C
FREDERICK                              Lena R
FREDERICK                              Margaret
FREDERICK                              Maria
FREDERICK                              Mary
FREDERICK                              Mary M
FREDERICK                              Peter M
FREDERICK                              Tebalt Michael
FREDERICK                              Viola M
FREDERICK BRUST                        Margaret
FREDERICK GALLUP                       Mary M
FREDERICK GARHARTT                     Viola M
FREEMAN                                Emily
FREEMAN                                Hattie A
FREEMAN KELLY                          Hattie A.
FREEMAN WARRICK                        Emily
FRELEIGH                               Louisa G
FRELEIGH SIMPKINS                      Louisa G
FRELIGH                                Anna
FRELIGH                                Catharine
FRELIGH                                Henry T
FRELIGH                                Jennie
FRELIGH                                Michael, MD
FRELIGH                                Sarah Ann
FRELIGH MOFFAT                         Jennie
FRENCH                                 Alvah
FRENCH                                 Alvah
FRENCH                                 Eugnia
FRENCH                                 Eunice E
FRENCH BARCKLEY                        Eunice E
FRENCH HENION                          Eugnia
FREY                                   Emilie Barbara
FREY                                   John Emil
FREY                                   Katharina
FREY                                   Lydia Caroline
FREY                                   Mary A
FREY                                   Mary Katherine
FREY                                   William A
FREY                                   William Henry
FREY (WWI)                             John Emil
FREY WESTFALL                          Mary A
FRIEBEL                                Charles
FRIEBEL                                Natalie
FRIEDERICH                             Elisabeth
FRIEDERICH                             Elisabeth C
FRIEDERICH                             Peter D
FRIEDERICH                             Valentine
FRIENK                                 Nancy M
FRINK                                  Adaline
FRINK                                  Arthur G
FRINK                                  Charles G
FRINK                                  Emeline
FRINK                                  George
FRINK                                  Lucy
FRINK                                  Nancy
FRINK                                  Peres
FRINK                                  Seneca
FRINK WHITE                            Lucy
FRINK YOUNG                            Adaline
FRISBE                                 Palmira
FRISBEE                                Emily M
FRISBEE                                Emmaline
FRISBEE                                Franklin
FRISBEE                                Laura
FRISBEE                                Laura
FRISBEE                                Lucinda
FRISBEE                                Maria
FRISBEE                                Nancy
FRISBEE                                Reuben
FRISBEE ADAMS                          Lucinda
FRISBEE HUYCK                          Emmaline
FRISBEE NILES                          Laura
FRISBEE VAN LEUVEN                     Emily M
FRISBY                                 Edward
FRISBY                                 Mary Augusta
FRISBY (CW)                            Edward
FRITCH                                 Sophia
FRITCH OSWALD                          Sophia
FROST                                  Howard
FRYER                                  Abraham
FRYER                                  Alexander (Eldert)
FRYER                                  Ann Eliza
FRYER                                  Eliza
FRYER                                  Elizabeth
FRYER                                  Eve Ann
FRYER                                  Frances
FRYER                                  Frances (Fanny)
FRYER                                  Hester
FRYER                                  Huldah A
FRYER                                  John
FRYER                                  John F
FRYER                                  Maria
FRYER                                  Mary
FRYER                                  Peter C
FRYER                                  Sarah E
FRYER                                  William
FRYER BECKER                           Sarah E
FRYER CROUNSE                          Elizabeth
FRYER HALLENBECK                       Huldah A
FRYER MACHESNEY                        Eve Ann
FRYER OSTRANDER                        Frances
FRYER VAN WAGENEN                      Maria
FUHR                                   Eliza
FUHR DINGMAN                           Eliza
FUINO                                  Audrey I.
FUINO                                  Pasquale A.
FULLER                                 Ann
FULLER                                 Harriet
FULLER                                 Harriet
FULLER                                 Isaac J
FULLER                                 Lucy Almena
FULLER BOOTH                           Harriet
FULLER LESTER                          Harriet
FULLER TAYLOR                          Ann
FULLINGTON                             Margaret
FULLINGTON                             Minnie
FULLINGTON                             Philip
FULLINGTON CHRYSLER                    Minnie
FULTON                                 Isabella Dunlop
FURBECK                                Anna Belle
FURBECK                                Peter R
FURMAN                                 Annette
FURMAN                                 Arabella Belle
FURMAN                                 Christina
FURMAN                                 Elizabeth C
FURMAN                                 Hiram
FURMAN                                 Idella
FURMAN                                 James
FURMAN                                 Jeliluah
FURMAN                                 John
FURMAN                                 Louise
FURMAN                                 Margaret Jane
FURMAN                                 Millard F.
FURMAN FERGUSON                        Arabella Belle
GABEL                                  Mary
GABEL                                  Nicholas
GABLE                                  Julia A
GABLE RHEINS                           Julia A
GAGE                                   Alonzo M
GAGE                                   Amira
GAGE                                   Andrew V
GAGE                                   Anna B
GAGE                                   Hiram
GAGE                                   Ira
GAGE                                   Julia Celestia
GAGE                                   Katherine
GAGE                                   Nelson W
GAGE                                   Nelson W
GAGE                                   Roba
GAGE                                   Rose H
GAGE                                   Ruth
GAGE                                   Ruth Helen
GAGE                                   Salome
GAGE                                   Shirley
GAGE                                   William
GAGE CRONIN                            Shirley
GAGE OLIN                              Salome
GAGE THORNTON                          Amira
GAIGE                                  Charity
GAIGE                                  Frank W
GAIGE                                  Walter C
GAIGE (WWII)                           Frank W
GAIGE SPAWN                            Charity
GAITOR                                 Bertha M.
GAITOR COOK                            Bertha M.
GALL                                   August
GALLIENNE                              John
GALLUP                                 Annie Louisa
GALLUP                                 Beebe D
GALLUP                                 Beebe D
GALLUP                                 Benjamin
GALLUP                                 Betsey
GALLUP                                 Cornelia E
GALLUP                                 Daniel
GALLUP                                 David A
GALLUP                                 Delilah
GALLUP                                 Elon
GALLUP                                 Esther
GALLUP                                 Gertrude J
GALLUP                                 Hannah
GALLUP                                 Hannah
GALLUP                                 Jane
GALLUP                                 Jemima
GALLUP                                 John
GALLUP                                 John C
GALLUP                                 John Jay
GALLUP                                 Joseph
GALLUP                                 Lucretia
GALLUP                                 Lucy Ann
GALLUP                                 Lucy Ann
GALLUP                                 Mary
GALLUP                                 Mary
GALLUP                                 Mary J
GALLUP                                 Mary M
GALLUP                                 Miner W
GALLUP                                 Nancy
GALLUP                                 Nancy
GALLUP                                 Nancy Ann
GALLUP                                 Rufus
GALLUP                                 Samuel
GALLUP                                 Samuel
GALLUP                                 Sarah
GALLUP                                 Sary
GALLUP                                 Vera
GALLUP (RW)                            John
GALLUP GARDINER                        Lucretia
GALLUP KETCHUM                         Cornelia E
GALLUP MOAK                            Mary J
GALLUP WHITE                           Mary
GANSEVOORT                             Catharine
GANSEVOORT                             Elsie
GANSEVOORT                             Maria
GANSEVOORT                             Peter
GANSEVOORT                             Peter C
GARDINER                               Lucretia
GARDNER                                Fannie
GARDNER                                Harold
GARDNER                                Henry
GARDNER                                John
GARDNER                                John H Jr
GARDNER                                Nancy
GARDNER                                Samuel
GARDNER                                Sarah B
GARDNER                                Susan
GARDNER                                Susan Elizabeth
GARDNER VAN DYKE                       Sarah B
GARHARTT                               Nicholas G
GARHARTT                               Viola M
GARRETT                                Adelia H
GARRETT                                Emeline
GARRETT                                Henry W
GARRETT                                Mary
GARRETT                                Peter R
GARRETT WARD                           Emeline
GATES                                  Daniel V
GATHEN                                 Harriet L
GATHEN                                 Peter I
GAUGER                                 Anna
GAUGER                                 Carolyn
GAUGER                                 Jacob
GAUGER                                 Mary
GAUGER FREDERICK                       Mary
GAUTHIER                               Harold L
GAUTHIER                               Rosetta
GAUTHIER (WWII)                        Harold L
GAUTHIER JENSEN                        Rosetta
GAY                                    Almira
GAY                                    Amos
GAY                                    Henery
GAY                                    William A
GEDNEY                                 Anna
GEDNEY                                 Bennett
GEDNEY                                 Daniel
GEDNEY                                 Elizabeth
GEDNEY                                 Ellen
GEDNEY                                 Hilan
GEDNEY                                 Jane
GEDNEY                                 Joshua
GEDNEY                                 Peter
GEDNEY                                 Ruth
GEDNEY BLOSSOM                         Ruth
GEDNEY TOWNSEND                        Ellen
GEIER (WWII)                           Robert W
GENRE                                  Vincent
GENRE (VN)                             Vincent
GENTOW                                 Charles
GENTOW                                 Charles. Jr.
GENTOW                                 Hannah
GENTOW                                 William
GEORAND                                Dominick
GEORAND                                Rosina
GEORGE                                 Minnie
GEORGE                                 William H, M.D.
GERARD                                 Jennie
GERARD                                 Mary
GERARD ZIEHM                           Mary
GERHARD                                Charles
GERHARD                                Charles
GERHARD                                John C
GERHARD                                Julia A
GERHARD                                Margaret
GERNSEY                                Julia
GERNSEY SUTPHEN                        Julia C
GERO                                   Rose
GERO SPEHR                             Rose
GERS                                   Ernestine
GERS                                   Henry A.C.
GERS                                   John
GERS                                   John, Jr
GERS                                   William C
GETT                                   Charles F
GETT                                   Charles L
GETT                                   Emma
GETT                                   Katherine
GETT                                   Mary
GETT                                   Matilda M
GETT                                   William H
GETT SCHMITZ                           Mary
GETT SCHULTZ                           Katherine
GEYER                                  Natalie
GEYER FRIEBEL                          Natalie
GIBBONS                                Alexander
GIBBONS                                Elizabeth
GIBBONS                                Hannah
GIBBONS                                Helen
GIBBONS                                Martha
GIBBONS                                Ransom H
GIBBONS FISH                           Martha
GIBBONS TEAL                           Hannah
GIBBS                                  Margaret
GIBBS WILLIAMS                         Margaret
GIBSON                                 Anna
GIBSON                                 Anna
GIBSON                                 Benjamin
GIBSON                                 William H
GIBSON GEDNEY                          Anna
GIBSON RICKETTS                        Anna
GIFFORD                                Jane
GIFFORD                                Mary
GIFFORD                                Mary Jane
GIFFORD                                Nancy
GIFFORD                                Philip S
GILBERT                                George
GILBERT                                Hiram
GILBERT                                Jane
GILBERT                                Laura
GILBERT                                Olive
GILBERT                                Stephen K
GILBO                                  Joseph
GILBO (CW)                             Joseph
GILBORNE                               Margaret J
GILBORNE                               William
GILBORNE                               William J
GILCHRIST                              Alice
GILCHRIST WAGNER                       Alice
GILFERT                                Anna C
GILFERT APPLE                          Anna C
GILL                                   M
GILLESPIE                              D. Anthony
GILLESPIE                              Grizel
GILLESPIE                              Hermond J.
GILLESPIE                              Lida
GILLESPIE                              Margaret J.
GILLESPIE                              Margaret M.
GILLESPIE                              Mary Jane
GILLESPIE                              Thomas
GILLESPIE                              Wallace
GILLESPIE (WWI)                        Hermond J.
GILLESPIE BAGLEY                       Mary Jane
GILMORE                                Thomas
GILMORE (WWI)                          Thomas
GILZOW                                 Alvine
GILZOW                                 Anna
GIMLICK                                Mary
GIMLICK WINNE                          Mary
GINTER                                 Caroline
GINTER                                 Christian
GINTER                                 John
GIRARDOT                               Katie
GIVEN                                  John
GLASS                                  Esther H
GLASS                                  Mary
GLENN                                  Charles R
GLENN                                  Margaret
GLOCK                                  Emilie Hahn
GLOCK                                  Frederick A
GLOCK                                  Philip
GLOCK MEYER                            Emilie Hahn
GOLDEN                                 Bessie
GOLDEN                                 Marcus Smith
GOLDEN COONS                           Bessie
GOLDSBOROUGH                           Elizabeth
GOLDSBOROUGH (CW)                      Elizabeth
GONYA                                  William
GONYA (CW)                             William
GOODFELLOW                             Calvin
GOODFELLOW                             Israel
GOODFELLOW                             Lillian F
GOODFELLOW                             Mary Alice
GOODFELLOW                             Mary Jane
GOODFELLOW MARTZ                       Lillian F
GOODMAN                                Emily R
GOODMAN                                Jesse S
GOODRICH                               Horace
GOODRICH                               Mary
GOODRICH                               Sarah
GOODRICH WARNER                        Mary
GOODROE                                Henrietta M
GOODROE SNYDER                         Henrietta M
GORMAN                                 Josephine E
GORTON                                 Edith
GOSCH                                  Jakob
GOSCH                                  Susanna
GOSCH                                  Wilhelmina
GOSCH SCHRECK                          Susanna
GOSSMAN                                Alice J
GOSSMAN                                Charles R
GOSSMAN                                Emaline
GOSSMAN                                Ethan
GOSSMAN                                Nellie
GOSSMAN                                Rufus
GOSSMAN BAUMIS                         Nellie
GOULD                                  Elizabeth
GOULD                                  Frank
GOURLAY                                Helen L
GOURLAY                                William B
GOUTHIER                               Elizabeth
GOUTHIER MAXSTADT                      Elizabeth
GRAFF                                  Julia
GRAFF TUTSCHKU                         Julia
GRAHAM                                 Esther
GRAHAM                                 Octavia Maria
GRAHAM WATERMAN                        Esther
GRANT                                  Ann
GRANT                                  Rosella
GRANT MACDOUGALL                       Ann
GRANT PHILLIPS                         Rosella
GRASS                                  Augusta
GRASS MCCHESNEY                        Augusta
GRASSIE                                James
GRASSIE                                Louisa
GRATON                                 Dorothy H.
GRATON                                 Leona
GRATON                                 Mary W
GRATON                                 Susan M.
GRATON                                 Susie W.
GRATON SAUNDERS                        Mary W.
GRAVELINE                              Sarah G
GRAY                                   Adelbert E
GRAY                                   Amelia
GRAY                                   Elias
GRAY                                   Elizabeth
GRAY                                   Isabela
GRAY                                   John
GRAY                                   Johnathan B
GRAY                                   Lois
GRAY                                   Lovina
GRAY                                   Margaret
GRAY                                   Mary
GRAY                                   Mary A
GRAY                                   Mary Elizabeth
GRAY                                   Robert
GRAY                                   Salome
GRAY                                   William E
GRAY BEEBE                             Phebe Hellon
GRAY LANDERS                           Amelia
GRAY MARTIN                            Lovina
GRAY WESTFALL                          Elizabeth
GREEN                                  Frank P
GREEN                                  James J.
GREEN                                  Nellie T
GREEN (CW)                             James
GREENE                                 Lizzie
GREENE COLE                            Lizzie
GREGG                                  Daniel J. Sr.
GREGG (WWI)                            Daniel J Sr
GREGORY                                Hannah
GREGORY RICE                           Hannah
GRESENS                                Albert
GRESENS                                Anna
GRESENS                                John J
GRESENS                                Lucille P
GRESENS                                Pauline
GRESHAM                                Alice
GRESHAM HALLENBECK                     Alice
GRESS                                  Andrew
GRESS                                  Andrew D
GRESS                                  Charlotte
GRESS                                  Helen M
GRESS                                  Jemima
GRESS WHITE                            Charlotte
GREUL                                  Ida M
GREUL HARTWIG                          Ida M
GRIER                                  Martha
GRIFFEN                                Betsey
GRIFFEN                                John
GRIFFEN                                Stephen D
GRIFFIN                                Antinett
GRIFFIN                                Joanna
GRIFFIN                                Louisa
GRIFFIN                                Morris
GRIFFIN                                Orlando
GRIFFIN                                Rachel
GRIFFIN                                Reed B
GRIFFIN (CW)                           Reed B
GRIFFIN SOUTHARD                       Antinett
GRIFFING                               Sally
GRINNELL                               Lewis
GROAT                                  Charles A
GROAT                                  Christiana
GROAT                                  Margaret
GROAT                                  William
GROAT VAN AUKEN                        Margaret
GROATE                                 Salley
GROATE SADDLEMIRE                      Salley
GROEBER                                Henrietta W
GROEBER                                Ludwig F.A.
GROESBEECK                             Mary
GROGAN                                 Berlin N
GROGAN                                 Elizabeth J
GROGAN                                 Harry James
GROGAN                                 Peter S
GROGAN (WWII)                          Harry James
GROOT                                  Cornelius
GROOT                                  Eliza
GROOT                                  Elizabeth
GROOT                                  Maria
GROOT LANSING                          Eliza
GROSSANS                               Amelia
GROTE                                  Angeline
GROTE                                  Cornelius
GROTE FREDENDALL                       Angeline
GUEHRING                               Louise
GUEHRING NEEF                          Louise
GUERNSEY                               Chester
GUERNSEY                               Margaret
GUEST                                  Louisa
GUFFEN                                 Nancy Ann
GUFFEN BROEFFLE                        Nancy Ann
GUFFEN GALLUP                          Nancy Ann
GUNDRUM                                Anna D
GUNDRUM                                Reinhart
GUNTHER                                August
GUNTHER (CW)                           August
GURNEY                                 Martha J
GUSTAVUS                               Gustavus
GUTMAN                                 Julia
GUTMANN                                Mary
GUTMANN GABEL                          Mary
GUTMANN ROOS                           Julia
HABBINGER                              Margaret M
HABBINGER                              Sebastian
HACK                                   Richard E
HACK                                   Wilhelm
HACK (WWII)                            Richard E
HACY                                   Charles B
HACY (CW)                              Charles B
HAGADON                                Maria
HAGADON                                Mary E
HAGADON                                Peter
HAGAMAN                                Elizabeth
HAGARTY                                Elizabeth
HAGEBOOM                               George
HAGEBOOM                               Hannah M
HAGY                                   Elizabeth
HAGY INGENTHRON                        Elizabeth
HAHNER                                 Louisa
HAIGHT                                 Martha
HAIGHT                                 Oliver
HAIGHT FOSTER                          Martha
HAINES                                 Datus B
HAKER                                  Jessie L
HAKER                                  John
HAKER                                  Martha
HAKER ROSELL                           Martha
HAKES                                  Eleanor
HAKES                                  Mary E
HAKES                                  William Voorhees
HAKES MOSHER                           Mary E
HALDEN                                 Esther
HALL                                   Anna
HALL                                   Catharine
HALL                                   Elizabeth
HALL                                   Mary Alice
HALL                                   Mary Ann
HALL                                   Robert
HALL                                   Robert, Jr.
HALL (RW)                              Robert
HALL CONDON                            Anna
HALL GOODFELLOW                        Mary Alice
HALLENBECK                             Abram
HALLENBECK                             Addie
HALLENBECK                             Albert Curtis
HALLENBECK                             Alexander
HALLENBECK                             Alice
HALLENBECK                             Alyda
HALLENBECK                             Anna M
HALLENBECK                             Annie J
HALLENBECK                             Catharine
HALLENBECK                             Christianna
HALLENBECK                             Christopher
HALLENBECK                             Clara A.
HALLENBECK                             Edgar Dewitt
HALLENBECK                             Edward J
HALLENBECK                             Eliza
HALLENBECK                             Elizabeth
HALLENBECK                             Elizabeth Ann
HALLENBECK                             Franklin
HALLENBECK                             Garret
HALLENBECK                             Garret
HALLENBECK                             George
HALLENBECK                             George
HALLENBECK                             Gertrude K
HALLENBECK                             Harriett
HALLENBECK                             Hattie L
HALLENBECK                             Huldah A
HALLENBECK                             Ida
HALLENBECK                             Ira L
HALLENBECK                             Jacob
HALLENBECK                             Jacob
HALLENBECK                             Jacob C
HALLENBECK                             Jacob N
HALLENBECK                             James
HALLENBECK                             James B
HALLENBECK                             James Elliot
HALLENBECK                             James H
HALLENBECK                             James Willard
HALLENBECK                             Jane
HALLENBECK                             Jane
HALLENBECK                             Jane
HALLENBECK                             Jennie
HALLENBECK                             John
HALLENBECK                             John
HALLENBECK                             John D
HALLENBECK                             Kate
HALLENBECK                             Katie
HALLENBECK                             Lana
HALLENBECK                             Laura E
HALLENBECK                             Leona L
HALLENBECK                             Levi W
HALLENBECK                             Lucinda
HALLENBECK                             Lucy
HALLENBECK                             Magdalen
HALLENBECK                             Margaret
HALLENBECK                             Maria
HALLENBECK                             Mary
HALLENBECK                             Mary
HALLENBECK                             Mary
HALLENBECK                             Mary A
HALLENBECK                             Mary Eliza
HALLENBECK                             Nicholas
HALLENBECK                             Olive
HALLENBECK                             Oscar J
HALLENBECK                             Oscar J
HALLENBECK                             Peter W
HALLENBECK                             Rachel
HALLENBECK                             Ruth A.
HALLENBECK                             Sarah Leanorah
HALLENBECK                             Silas
HALLENBECK                             Susanah
HALLENBECK (CW)                        Franklin
HALLENBECK (CW)                        Levi W
HALLENBECK (WWI)                       Edward J
HALLENBECK BEEBE                       Eliza
HALLENBECK BLODGET                     Annie J
HALLENBECK CROUNSE                     Mary
HALLENBECK CROUNSE                     Olive
HALLENBECK JENKS                       Elizabeth Ann
HALLENBECK MANN                        Alyda
HALLENBECK MESICK                      Magdalen
HALLENBECK SHELL                       Hattie L
HALLENBECK VAN WORMER                  Sarah Leanorah
HALLET                                 Elizabeth
HALLETT WARREN                         Elizabeth
HALLIDAY                               Alice S.
HALLIDAY                               Cheryl A.
HALLIDAY                               James Campbell
HALLIDAY                               Marjorie Alice
HALLIDAY                               Thomas Henry
HALLINBECK                             Isaac
HALLINBECK                             Mary
HALSEY                                 Gertrude A
HAMILTON                               Martha
HAMMERL                                Mary
HAMMERL SPEHR                          Mary
HANAMAN                                Ada B
HANAMAN                                Caroline
HANAMAN GINTER                         Caroline
HANAMAN NANGLE                         Ada B.
HANAUER                                Abraham
HANAUER                                Mathilde
HAND                                   Lois
HANDLER                                Rebeka
HANDLER SWARTZ                         Rebeka
HANE                                   Elizabeth
HANE                                   Eve
HANE                                   Jacob P
HANE                                   Mary E
HANE SCHOONMAKER                       Mary E
HANE SMITH                             Elizabeth
HANES                                  Amos G
HANES                                  Elias
HANES (CW)                             Amos G
HANES (CW)                             Elias
HANKS                                  Abby
HANKS HITCHCOCK                        Abby
HANLON                                 Alice
HANLON                                 James
HANNAN                                 James
HANNAN                                 Winnifred
HANNAY                                 Agnes M
HANNAY                                 Almon
HANNAY                                 Celicia
HANNAY                                 Emma E
HANNAY                                 Harriet
HANNAY                                 Henry J
HANNAY                                 Orestes F
HANNAY                                 Solomon
HANNAY (WWII)                          James Burton
HANNAY MOAK                            Harriet
HANNER                                 Frederick G
HANNER                                 George
HANNER                                 Rosie
HANOE                                  Peter
HANOE (CW)                             Peter
HANS                                   Louise
HANS                                   Peter
HANSON                                 Elizabeth
HAPPEL                                 Minnie
HAPPEL GEORGE                          Minnie
HARA                                   Kate O
HARA WILLSEY                           Kate O
HARBECK                                Andrew
HARBECK                                Anna D
HARBECK                                Charlotte
HARBECK                                Sarah
HARBECK GUNDRUM                        Anna D
HARBECK VAN AERNAM                     Charlotte
HARBISON                               Caroline A.
HARBISON                               Thomas
HARDEN                                 Thomas J
HARDIE                                 Eleanor B
HARDIE                                 William H
HARDY                                  Elizabeth W
HARDY                                  Lois
HARDY WATERMAN                         Elizabeth W.
HARDY WATERMAN                         Lois
HARLFINGER                             Anna Mary
HARLFINGER ZENZEN                      Anna Mary
HARMER                                 Elizabeth
HARP                                   Lucy A
HARP WARNER                            Lucy A
HARPER                                 George W
HARPER                                 Nellie Z
HARPPINGER                             Frank
HARPPINGER                             Nancy
HARRINGTON                             Charles K
HARRIS                                 Eliza
HARRIS                                 Elizabeth
HARRIS                                 George
HARRIS                                 James
HARRIS                                 John
HARRIS                                 Louise
HARRIS                                 William F
HARRIS MILLER                          Louise
HART                                   Carrie
HART                                   Celinda
HART                                   Christopher Augustus
HART                                   David J
HART                                   David, Jr.
HART                                   Euphamia
HART                                   Hannah W
HART                                   Isaac A
HART                                   John J
HART                                   Margaret
HART                                   Margaret Anna
HART                                   Margaret C
HART                                   Margaret E
HART                                   Myra
HART                                   Phebe
HART                                   Phebe
HART                                   Sallie
HART                                   Sarah Catherine
HART                                   William E
HART BOPP                              Jessie
HART HOKIRK                            Phebe
HART KEENHOLTS                         Phebe
HART MEEK                              Jessie
HART PANGBURN                          Celinda
HART SHARP                             Myra
HARTMAN                                Emma
HARTMAN BEEBE                          Emma
HARTMANN                               Anna
HARTMANN PEMBERTON                     Anna
HARTWICK                               Christian
HARTWIG                                Herman H
HARTWIG                                Ida M
HASBROUCK                              Charles Henry
HASBROUCK                              Emily Augusta
HASBROUCK                              Wilson R
HASCY                                  Margaret Ann
HASCY                                  Samuel
HASCY                                  Samuel S
HASLETT                                Elizabeth E
HASLETT                                Lydia E
HASLETT                                Samuel H
HASTHOUSE                              Henry C
HASWELL                                Arthur
HASWELL (CW)                           Arthur
HATCH                                  Bessie
HATCH                                  Carrie
HATCH                                  Leo
HATCH                                  Milton
HATFIELD                               Edmund
HATHAWAY                               Sanford
HATHAWAY (CW)                          Sanford
HAVENS                                 Lucy E
HAVENS                                 Mary
HAVENS WILDAY                          Lucy E
HAVENS YOUNG                           Mary
HAVERLEY                               Catharine
HAVERLY                                Betsey
HAVERLY                                Elizabeth
HAVERLY                                Elizabeth
HAVERLY                                Ernest
HAVERLY                                Grover
HAVERLY                                John C
HAVERLY                                Liverus
HAVERLY                                Menzo
HAVERLY                                Myrtle
HAVERLY                                Nina
HAVERLY                                Sarah
HAVERLY                                Sophrona
HAVERLY                                Vertie
HAVERLY ADAMS                          Nina
HAVERLY SADDLEMIRE                     Elizabeth
HAVERLY SETTLE                         Betsey
HAVERMAN                               Louisa
HAVERMAN                               Martin
HAVERMAN (CW)                          Martin
HAVILAND                               Gertrude H
HAVILAND                               William R
HAVILAND HURST                         Gertrude H
HAWES                                  Emily
HAWES                                  John M.
HAWES                                  Martha E.
HAWES CARD                             Martha E.
HAWKINS                                Florence L.
HAWKINS                                Henry
HAWKINS                                Horace
HAWKINS                                Horace
HAWKINS                                Horace W.
HAWKINS                                Jennie
HAWKINS                                Ludimma
HAWKINS                                Roselle
HAWKINS OSTRANDER                      Florence L.
HAWLEY                                 Amelia J
HAWLEY                                 George H
HAWLEY                                 Kate A
HAWLEY (CW)                            George H
HAYES                                  Alice
HAYES                                  Anna G
HAYES                                  Duncan
HAYES                                  James S
HAYES                                  Johanna
HAYES                                  Marion E
HAYES BOUTELLE                         Marion E
HAYFORD                                Wallace B.
HAYS                                   Anna J
HAYS                                   Elizabeth
HAYS                                   Elizabeth M
HAYS                                   Hugh
HAYS                                   Jane
HAYS                                   Jane A. E.
HAYS                                   Jane Ann
HAYS                                   John
HAYS                                   John Jr.
HAYS                                   John R.
HAYS                                   Joseph E
HAYS                                   Robert
HAYS                                   Stewart
HAYS                                   William
HAYS HILTON                            Anna J
HEALY                                  Thomas F
HEALY (CW)                             Thomas F
HEANEY                                 John A
HEANEY (CW)                            John A
HEATH                                  Emily
HEATH                                  John Wesley
HEATH PILSBURY                         Emily
HEAVENOR                               Arthur G
HEAVENOR (WWI)                         Arthur G
HECK                                   Anna
HECK                                   Henry V
HECK                                   Johannes
HEDRICK                                Elizabeth
HEERMANS                               John
HEERMANS                               Thomas
HEILMANN                               Freda A
HEIM                                   Sadie M
HEINZE                                 Henry
HEINZE                                 Louisa
HEINZE                                 Louise
HEINZE                                 Minnie
HEINZE                                 William
HEINZE HANS                            Louise
HEISLER                                Mary T.
HEISLER NEUBAUER                       Mary T
HELD                                   Margaret L
HELD FREDENDALL                        Margaret L
HELICAS                                Mary E
HELICAS DOUGHERTY                      Mary E
HELLENBECK                             Catharine E
HELLENBECK                             Frederick
HELLENBECK (CW)                        Frederick
HELLENBECK ALBRIGHT                    Catharine E
HELLER                                 Grace Edna
HELLWIG                                Ernestine D
HELLWIG                                Fred Sr.
HELLWIG                                Fred'k O
HELM                                   Anna S
HELM                                   Charles
HELM                                   William F
HELM (CW)                              Charles
HELME                                  Azubah
HELME                                  Harlow
HELME                                  John E
HELME                                  Margaret
HELME                                  Robert
HELME                                  Thomas
HEMPSTEAD                              Charles B
HEMPSTEAD                              Emily L
HEMPSTEAD                              Sarah A
HEMSTEAD                               Mary
HEMSTEAD LAUGHLIN                      Mary
HENCKEL                                Charles
HENCKEL                                Mary
HENDRICK                               Anna
HENDRICK                               James
HENDRICK                               James Burnside
HENDRICKSON                            Ann Augusta Thorn
HENDRICKSON                            Helen L
HENDRICKSON                            John H
HENDRICKSON                            Minnie L
HENDRICKSON                            Theodore
HENDRICKSON                            Virginia
HENDRICKSON BAUMES                     Minnie L
HENDRICKSON PILSBURY                   Virginia
HENION                                 Charles
HENION                                 Eugnia
HENION                                 Frank
HENION                                 John J
HENION                                 Mathilda E
HENK                                   Katharine
HENRY                                  Alice V
HENRY                                  Belle
HENRY                                  Earl
HENRY                                  Lee J
HENSHAW                                Evan H
HENZE                                  Emma
HENZE                                  Ludwig
HENZEL                                 Carolina
HENZEL                                 Catharine
HENZEL                                 Frederick J
HENZEL                                 Henry
HENZEL                                 Jacob
HENZEL                                 John Sr.
HENZEL                                 Margaret
HERBER                                 Anna E
HERBER                                 Caroline
HERBER                                 J. Christopher
HERBER                                 John
HERBER                                 Katharine
HERBER                                 Lewis
HERBERT                                Marie M.
HERBERT FOSTER                         Marie M.
HERRICK                                Calvin
HERRICK                                Lottie
HERRICK                                Mary Jane
HERRINGTON                             John
HERRINGTON (CW)                        John
HERSCHBERGER                           Fanny
HERSCHBERGER                           Lewis
HERSCHBERGER                           Theresa
HERSCHBERGER KAUFMAN                   Fanny
HERTCORN                               Wilhelmina
HERTCORN PITTS                         Wilhelmina
HERTZ                                  Anna M
HERTZ                                  August
HERTZ                                  Caroline
HERTZ                                  Josephine
HERTZ                                  Luise
HERTZ                                  Mary
HERTZ                                  Matilda
HERTZ                                  Philip
HERTZ                                  Philip Jr.
HERTZ BECKER                           Luise
HERTZ HEYMAN                           Caroline
HERTZ SEILS                            Mary
HERZOG                                 Caroline
HERZOG                                 Jacob
HERZOG                                 Jacob
HERZOG                                 Sophia L
HERZOG SCHRAMM                         Sophia L
HESLEY                                 Adelia
HESLEY                                 Catharine
HESLEY HOFER                           Adelia
HESLEY WHIPPLE                         Catharine
HESLIN                                 Edward
HESS                                   Christopher Jr.
HESS                                   Elizabeth
HESS                                   Frank
HESS                                   Julia
HESS                                   Peter
HESS DURFEE                            Julia
HESSBERG                               Almina
HESSBERG SWARTZ                        Almina
HETTINGER                              Christian
HETTINGER                              Elisabeth
HEWITT                                 Charles W
HEWITT                                 Joseph H
HEWITT                                 Sarah
HEWSON                                 Thomas E
HEYER                                  Minnie J
HEYER MIELKE                           Minnie J
HEYMAN                                 Caroline
HICKCOX                                Ann
HIGGINS                                James
HIGGINS (CW)                           James
HIGHAM                                 Abraham
HILL                                   Alice M
HILL                                   Helen
HILL                                   Janet
HILL                                   John
HILL                                   John Walter
HILL                                   Josie
HILL                                   Lyman
HILL                                   Margaret
HILL                                   Mary
HILL                                   Samuel
HILL                                   Sarah
HILL                                   Thomas
HILLER                                 Anna
HILLER                                 Charlotte
HILLER                                 Christiana
HILLER                                 David
HILLER                                 Eliza
HILLER                                 Jacob
HILLER                                 Julia
HILLER                                 Katie
HILLER                                 Nathan
HILLER LIVINGSTON                      Julia
HILLER RAUSER                          Katie
HILLICASS                              Henry B
HILLIGAS                               Jane
HILLIGAS CLIKMAN                       Jane
HILLIGASS                              Cornelius
HILLSTRAW                              Theresa
HILSEY                                 Ida
HILSEY SCHOONMAKER                     Ida
HILSTRO                                Eliza
HILSTRO                                William
HILTON                                 Adelia
HILTON                                 Alice Ida
HILTON                                 Angelica
HILTON                                 Ann
HILTON                                 Anna J
HILTON                                 Arthur
HILTON                                 Benjamin
HILTON                                 Catharine
HILTON                                 Demosthenes
HILTON                                 Elizabeth
HILTON                                 Henry
HILTON                                 Henry P
HILTON                                 Jacob
HILTON                                 James
HILTON                                 James
HILTON                                 James Henry
HILTON                                 James N
HILTON                                 Julia A
HILTON                                 Julia A
HILTON                                 Katherine
HILTON                                 Maggie
HILTON                                 Maria H
HILTON                                 Mary E
HILTON                                 Michael Frederick
HILTON                                 Nancy
HILTON                                 Nancy
HILTON                                 Nicholas
HILTON                                 Robert
HILTON                                 Robert James
HILTON                                 Robert S
HILTON                                 Silas
HILTON                                 William I
HILTON (CW)                            Benjamin
HILTON (RW)                            Robert
HILTON BENDER                          Maria H
HILTON CROUNSE                         Julia A
HILTON LIVINGSTON                      Nancy
HILTON RANDEL                          Ann
HINKELMANN                             Adam
HINKELMANN                             Catharine
HINMAN                                 Alice M
HINMAN                                 Chauncey W
HINMAN                                 Elva H I
HINMAN                                 Nellie M
HINMAN DYER                            Elva H I
HIRSCH                                 Mathilde
HIRSCH HANAUER                         Mathilde
HITCHCOCK                              Abby
HITCHCOCK                              Alexander
HOAG GAGE                              Roba
HOCHSTRASSER                           Dorothy
HOCHSTRASSER                           Eve
HOCHSTRASSER                           Paul
HOCHSTRASSER                           Paul I
HOCHSTRASSER (RW)                      Paul I
HODGE                                  James
HODGE                                  Jane
HODGE                                  John
HODGE                                  Sarah
HOFER                                  Adelia
HOFER                                  Alfred
HOFFMAN                                Alanson
HOFFMAN                                Anna C
HOFFMAN                                Christian
HOFFMAN                                Eliza
HOFFMAN                                Emma
HOFFMAN                                George
HOFFMAN                                George E
HOFFMAN                                Henry Esleeck
HOFFMAN                                Henry L
HOFFMAN                                Jane A
HOFFMAN                                John
HOFFMAN                                Kevin Patrick
HOFFMAN                                Louise
HOFFMAN                                Margaret
HOFFMAN                                Margaret L
HOFFMAN                                Margaret Lillian
HOFFMAN                                Mary A
HOFFMAN                                Rhoda
HOFFMAN (VN)                           Kevin Patrick
HOFFMAN (WWII)                         George E
HOFFMAN BERSCHWINGER                   Margaret
HOFFMAN VAN APELDOORN                  Emma
HOFMANN                                Caroline J
HOFMANN                                Katherine
HOFMANN SCHWER                         Katherine
HOGAN                                  Amelia M
HOGAN                                  Catharine Ann
HOGAN                                  Gerrit
HOGAN                                  Gracie
HOGAN                                  Maria
HOGAN                                  Peter
HOGAN                                  Peter Romaine
HOGAN                                  Sophia
HOGAN                                  Sophia Shepard
HOGAN KIRK                             Maria
HOGAN WHITING                          Gracie
HOGEBOOM                               Helen
HOGEBOOM                               Helen
HOGEBOOM                               Henry P
HOGEBOOM                               Jennie
HOGEBOOM                               Lawrence I
HOGEBOOM                               Lina
HOGEBOOM TULLY                         Lina
HOKIRK                                 Augustus
HOKIRK                                 Phebe
HOLDEN                                 James
HOLDEN                                 Louise
HOLDEN                                 Mary
HOLIDAY                                James
HOLKINS                                Adelah
HOLLAND                                Mary E
HOLLAND MAIN                           Mary E
HOLLER                                 Charles
HOLLER                                 Maggie E
HOLLER                                 Philip
HOLLER                                 William
HOLMES                                 Abbie
HOLMES                                 Alice
HOLMES                                 Alice
HOLMES                                 Anthony
HOLMES                                 Benjamin
HOLMES                                 Charles Van Rensselaer
HOLMES                                 Chester
HOLMES                                 Elizabeth
HOLMES                                 Ellen
HOLMES                                 Israel
HOLMES                                 Jabez
HOLMES                                 Ruth E
HOLMES                                 Simeon
HOLMES                                 Susan
HOLMES (RW)                            Jabez
HOLMES MCKOWN                          Alice
HOLSTEIN                               Barbara
HOLSTEIN PFEFFER                       Barbara
HOLZER                                 Hannah
HOLZER NEWHOF                          Hannah
HONOR                                  Carrie
HONOR                                  David
HONOR                                  Howard O
HONOR                                  Sarah
HONOR (WWI)                            Howard O
HOOGHKERK                              Isaac
HOOGHKIRK                              Abraham
HOOGHKIRK                              Abraham
HOOGHKIRK                              William
HOOK                                   Peter
HOOK (CW)                              Peter
HOOKER                                 Philip
HOPKINS                                Hannah
HOPKINS                                Harriet
HOPKINS                                Julia
HOPKINS                                Thomas A
HOPKINS BROWN                          Julia
HOPP                                   Bertha
HOPP KLOTZ                             Bertha
HORAN                                  James A
HORAN (WWII)                           James A
HORST                                  Elizabeth
HORST HARRIS                           Elizabeth
HORSTMAN                               Jeanette
HOSFORD                                Mary
HOTALING                               Aaron
HOTALING                               Abigal
HOTALING                               Abram
HOTALING                               Abram F
HOTALING                               Albert B
HOTALING                               Alton Teunis
HOTALING                               Anna E. W.
HOTALING                               Catharine
HOTALING                               Catharine
HOTALING                               Catherine C
HOTALING                               Charity
HOTALING                               Christina
HOTALING                               David J
HOTALING                               Elizabeth M
HOTALING                               Harris A
HOTALING                               Ida W
HOTALING                               James H
HOTALING                               John L
HOTALING                               Leah
HOTALING                               Margaret
HOTALING                               Mary
HOTALING                               Mary Ann
HOTALING                               Mary Jane
HOTALING                               Oscar
HOTALING                               Philip
HOTALING                               Richard
HOTALING                               Sally Ann
HOTALING                               Sarah O
HOTALING                               Teunis M
HOTALING (CW)                          Abram F
HOTALING BICE                          Sally Ann
HOTALING DEFRIEST                      Mary
HOTON                                  Lucy
HOTON HALLENBECK                       Lucy
HOUCK                                  Foster Jr.
HOUCK                                  George W
HOUCK                                  Harriet
HOUCK                                  Harriet C
HOUCK                                  Isaac A
HOUCK                                  James
HOUCK                                  Magdalen
HOUCK                                  Magdalene
HOUCK                                  Nicholas
HOUCK VAN HEUSEN                       Harriet C
HOUCK WINNE                            Magdalen
HOUGHTALING                            Abraham
HOUGHTALING                            Catharine
HOUGHTALING                            Charlotte
HOUGHTALING                            Hannah
HOUGHTALING                            Katie
HOUGHTALING                            Mary
HOUGHTALING                            Walter
HOUGHTALING                            Willhelmus W
HOUGHTALING                            William P
HOUGHTALING LAWTON                     Catharine
HOUGHTALING MCCULLOCH                  Katie
HOUGHTON                               Carrie
HOUGHTON                               Charles E
HOUGHTON                               Eli
HOUGHTON                               Laura
HOUGHTON                               Sallie
HOUGHTON                               Westley D
HOUGHTON BARWICK                       Carrie
HOUGHTON HART                          Carrie
HOUGHTON HART                          Sallie
HOUTON                                 Calvin
HOWE                                   Bessie
HOWE                                   Huldah Emily
HOWE                                   Louisa Marta
HOWELL                                 Aaron Baylor
HOWELL                                 Elen Taylor
HOWELL                                 Elizabeth
HOWELL                                 Georgie
HOWELL                                 James
HOWELL                                 Margaret Ann
HOWELL                                 Silas W
HOWELL BACON                           Georgie
HOWELL NANGLE                          Elizabeth
HOWENSTINE                             John
HOWENSTINE                             Sarah
HUBBARD                                William Henry
HUBBELL                                Almerin
HUBBELL                                Maria E
HUBBELL                                Mary F
HUDSON                                 Gusta
HUDSON                                 Luman
HUDSON                                 Luman
HUDSON                                 Rose
HUETTNER                               Katharine
HUETTNER BISSIKUMMER                   Katharine
HULSE                                  Percy B
HULSE (WWI)                            Percy B
HUMMES                                 Jakobina
HUMMES MACHWIRTH                       Jakobina
HUMPHREY                               Eveline
HUMPHREY                               Henry
HUMPHREY                               William Lightbody
HUMPHREY VAN ALSTYNE                   Eveline
HUNER                                  Christiana
HUNER NELSON                           Christiana
HUNGERFORD                             Addison H
HUNGERFORD                             Alexander
HUNGERFORD                             Alfred
HUNGERFORD                             Anna
HUNGERFORD                             Daniel
HUNGERFORD                             Elsie
HUNGERFORD                             Harriet M
HUNGERFORD                             Helen M
HUNGERFORD                             James
HUNGERFORD                             John
HUNGERFORD                             Lewis
HUNGERFORD                             Mary
HUNGERFORD                             Mary E
HUNGERFORD                             Morgan
HUNGERFORD                             Nettie
HUNGERFORD                             Peter
HUNGERFORD                             Philena
HUNGERFORD                             Sabina
HUNGERFORD CHESEBRO                    Mary E
HUNGERFORD FLANSBURG                   Elsie
HUNGERFORD GRESS                       Helen M
HUNGERFORD OSTRANDER                   Nettie
HUNT                                   Catherine
HUNT                                   Mary
HUNT                                   Peter
HUNTER                                 Isabella
HURLBUT                                Daniel
HURST                                  Antoinette
HURST                                  Christiana
HURST                                  Elizabeth
HURST                                  Ella Mae
HURST                                  Elmer S
HURST                                  Frederick
HURST                                  Gertrude H
HURST                                  Hannah
HURST                                  James B
HURST                                  James B.J.
HURST                                  Lena
HURST                                  Martin D
HURST                                  Mary A
HURST                                  Rachel A
HURST                                  Rachel M
HURST                                  Rachel M
HURST                                  Robert
HURST                                  Robert L
HURST                                  Walter
HURST BRADLEY                          Ella Mae
HURST DELONG                           Elizabeth
HURST SCHERMERHORN                     Hannah
HUSBAND                                Robert W
HUSBAND (WWII)                         Robert W
HUTTNER                                Lena
HUTTNER MATTMANN                       Lena
HUYCK                                  Andrew J
HUYCK                                  Antoinette
HUYCK                                  Catharine
HUYCK                                  Charity
HUYCK                                  Edmond N
HUYCK                                  Elizabeth
HUYCK                                  Emily Harriet
HUYCK                                  Emmaline
HUYCK                                  Francis C
HUYCK                                  Francis Conkling
HUYCK                                  Hannah M
HUYCK                                  Isabella
HUYCK                                  Jessie
HUYCK                                  John N
HUYCK                                  John S
HUYCK                                  Laura
HUYCK                                  Magdalena
HUYCK ELDRIDGE                         Elizabeth
HUYCK HAGEBOOM                         Hannah M
HUYCK WHITBECK                         Catharine
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