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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

SEABURY                                Adelaide O
SEABURY                                Adeline
SEABURY                                Betsy
SEABURY                                Charles F
SEABURY                                Cornelius
SEABURY                                David
SEABURY                                Elias Adelbert
SEABURY                                John W
SEABURY                                Lydia
SEAHORN                                Jennie
SEAHORN                                Nicholas
SEAMAN                                 Jeannette
SEAMAN SUTTON                          Jeannette
SECOR                                  Abigail
SECOR                                  Alvurtus
SECOR                                  Andrew
SECOR                                  Carrie R
SECOR                                  Catharine
SECOR                                  Charlotte
SECOR                                  Clara
SECOR                                  Clara
SECOR                                  Cora
SECOR                                  Cornelious V
SECOR                                  Daniel
SECOR                                  Eli
SECOR                                  Esther
SECOR                                  Gabriel
SECOR                                  Gabriel
SECOR                                  Henry
SECOR                                  Henry M
SECOR                                  Hester
SECOR                                  Hettie V
SECOR                                  Ira
SECOR                                  James
SECOR                                  John S
SECOR                                  Judelia
SECOR                                  Lena
SECOR                                  Luella
SECOR                                  Luther
SECOR                                  Margaret A
SECOR                                  Margaret J
SECOR                                  Mary Ann
SECOR                                  Peter
SECOR                                  Robbie E
SECOR                                  Sabina
SECOR                                  Simon
SECOR                                  Verna E
SECOR                                  William
SECOR                                  Willie
SECOR (CW)                             Gabriel
SECOR (CW)                             Peter
SECOR (RW)                             Andrew
SECOR CLYKEMAN                         Sabina
SECOR LIVINGSTON                       Hettie V
SECOR VAN AUKEN                        Catharine
SECOR VAN DEUSEN                       Abigail
SEE                                    Julie L.
SEE                                    Robert W.
SEELEY                                 John N
SEELEY (CW)                            John N
SEGAL                                  Dora
SEGER                                  Magdalene
SEGER HOUCK                            Magdalene
SEILS                                  Johanna
SEILS                                  Mary
SEILS                                  Philip
SEILS                                  Stephen
SELKIRK                                Anna A
SELKIRK                                Ida M
SELKIRK                                Jacob B
SELKIRK                                Josephine
SELKIRK                                Robert
SELKIRK SCHOONMAKER                    Josephine
SEMO                                   Mary
SEMO                                   William
SETTLE                                 Betsey
SETTLE                                 Betsey
SETTLE                                 Catharine E
SETTLE                                 Cornelia R
SETTLE                                 Edward
SETTLE                                 Howard E
SETTLE                                 Jacob
SETTLE                                 Jacob M
SETTLE                                 Mary E.
SETTLE (WWI)                           Howard E
SETTLE ECKER                           Betsey
SEVERSON                               Charles
SEVERSON                               Edna
SEVERSON                               Eleanor Maria
SEVERSON                               Eliza
SEVERSON                               Frederick
SEVERSON                               Hannah
SEVERSON                               John J
SEVERSON                               Maria
SEVERSON                               Martha
SEVERSON                               Mary M
SEVERSON                               Melissa
SEVERSON                               Nancy
SEVERSON                               Nicholas J
SEVERSON                               Peter J
SEVERSON CROUNSE                       Martha
SEVERSON FREDERICK                     Maria
SEVERSON HILTON                        Nancy
SEVERSON LIVINGSTON                    Hannah
SEVESON                                George E
SEXTON                                 Levi
SEYBOTH                                Fred. W
SEYBOTH                                Wilhelmina
SHAFER                                 Adam H
SHAFER                                 John F
SHAFER                                 Magdalen C
SHAFER                                 Margaret
SHAFER                                 Mary
SHAFER                                 Mary
SHAFER BOOS                            Mary
SHAFER VOGEL                           Margaret
SHAFER YOUNG                           Mary
SHANKLIN                               Andrew
SHANKLIN                               Gilbert
SHARP                                  Andrew
SHARP                                  Anna M
SHARP                                  Catharine Lloyd
SHARP                                  Gilbert
SHARP                                  Gilbert
SHARP                                  Ida
SHARP                                  Joseph
SHARP                                  Maria
SHARP                                  Mary
SHARP                                  Mary L
SHARP                                  Myra
SHARP                                  Peter
SHARP                                  Sarah Effie
SHARP                                  Sylvester
SHARP HALLENBECK                       Ida
SHARP VROOMAN                          Anna M
SHAUGHNESSY                            John
SHAUGHNESSY (CW)                       John
SHAVER                                 Ann Eliza
SHAVER                                 Catharine
SHAVER                                 Henry P
SHAVER                                 Hester
SHAVER                                 Jane
SHAVER                                 June E
SHAVER                                 Minnie D
SHAVER                                 Peter
SHAVER HALLENBECK                      Jane
SHAW                                   Eliza Ann
SHAW                                   Guy
SHAW                                   Sempronia
SHEAR                                  Catharine
SHEAR                                  Charles
SHEAR                                  Charlotte A
SHEAR                                  Edwin Ely
SHEAR                                  Electus
SHEAR                                  Elizabeth
SHEAR                                  Emily A
SHEAR                                  Erastus
SHEAR                                  Frank E
SHEAR                                  Garrie
SHEAR                                  Harris B
SHEAR                                  Helen
SHEAR                                  Israel
SHEAR                                  Jane A
SHEAR                                  Joanna
SHEAR                                  John I
SHEAR                                  Lansing
SHEAR                                  Lurinda
SHEAR                                  Mary J
SHEAR                                  Peter S
SHEAR                                  Rachael Ida
SHEAR                                  Rhoda
SHEAR                                  Sarah Ann
SHEAR                                  Vanderzee
SHEAR (CW)                             Lansing
SHEAR BAUMIS                           Elizabeth
SHEAR BLOSSOM                          Sarah Ann
SHEAR HOFFMAN                          Rhoda
SHEAR LAMOREAUX                        Emily A
SHEAR PALMER                           Charlotte A
SHEAR STANTON                          Rachael Ida
SHEARN                                 Philip
SHEARN                                 Rose
SHEARN SHEEHY                          Rose
SHEEHY                                 John
SHEEHY                                 Joseph
SHEEHY                                 Rose
SHEFFER                                Catherine
SHEFFER PULIS                          Catherine
SHELDON                                Cornelia E
SHELDON                                Dorothy I
SHELDON                                Dorothy L
SHELDON                                Eva L
SHELDON                                Hannah E
SHELDON                                Harriet
SHELDON                                Jacob P
SHELDON                                Julia M
SHELDON                                Lewis P
SHELDON                                Mary
SHELDON                                Mary M
SHELDON                                Nicholas P
SHELDON                                Richard
SHELDON                                Titus W
SHELDON WRIGHT                         Cornelia E
SHELL                                  Amanda
SHELL                                  Ann Eliza
SHELL                                  Dora E
SHELL                                  Edwin C
SHELL                                  George
SHELL                                  Hattie L
SHELL                                  Thomas
SHELL COSS                             Amanda
SHELL WEAVER                           Ann Eliza
SHEPARD                                Elizabeth
SHEPARD TAYLOR                         Elizabeth
SHEPERD                                Alfred
SHEPERD                                Arthur H
SHEPERD                                Edwin M
SHEPHARD                               Polly
SHEPHARD DYER                          Polly
SHEPHERD                               Eliza M
SHEPHERD                               Elizabeth
SHEPHERD                               John
SHEPHERD WAGNER                        Jessie E.
SHERIDAN                               Anna Irene
SHERMAN                                Phebe
SHERMAN                                Sarah Ann
SHERMAN BROWN                          Phebe
SHIFFER                                Joseph D
SHOEMAKER                              Rhoda E
SHOEMAKER ALVERSON                     Rhoda E.
SHONE                                  Alfred
SHONE                                  Annette B.
SHONE                                  Bertha May
SHONE                                  George
SHONE                                  James H.
SHONE                                  John
SHONE                                  Mary
SHONE                                  Mary J.
SHONE                                  William
SHONE                                  William
SHONE JOHNSON                          Annette B.
SHONE LESTER                           Mary J.
SHONE ZELL                             Martha Irene
SHOUDY                                 Catharine
SHOUDY                                 Charles
SHOUDY                                 Henry
SHOUDY                                 John
SHOUDY                                 Mary E
SHOUDY                                 Michael
SHOUDY                                 Sarah L
SHOUDY HALLENBECK                      Mary E
SHOULTES                               John
SHUFELT                                Elizabeth
SHUFELT                                Michael
SHULTES                                Amanda
SHULTES                                Anna G
SHULTES                                Arthur W
SHULTES                                Catharine
SHULTES                                Edwin G
SHULTES                                Emma G
SHULTES                                Franklin M
SHULTES                                George B
SHULTES                                George E
SHULTES                                Infant Son
SHULTES                                Isaac V
SHULTES                                Laura
SHULTES                                Maria E
SHULTES                                Sarah
SHULTES HAYES                          Anna G
SHULTES KNISKERN                       Sarah
SHULTIS                                Mary
SHULTIS WEIDMAN                        Mary
SHULTS                                 Sophia C
SHULTS ADAMS                           Sophia C
SHULZ                                  Catherine P
SHULZ                                  William F
SHULZ                                  William G
SHUTES                                 Adelle L
SHUTES                                 Fred W
SHUTTER                                Ruth Ann
SHUTTER                                Warren
SICKLER                                Elizabeth
SICKLER                                Infant Son
SICKLER                                Isaac
SICKLER                                Peter
SICKLES                                Adelia
SICKLES                                Jane Ann
SICKLES                                Mary L
SICKLES KEEFER                         Mary L.
SICKLES STAFFORD                       Jane Ann
SICKLES WALKER                         Adelia
SIEVERT                                Louise
SIEVERT KLENDER                        Louise
SIGSBEE                                Abram
SIGSBEE                                Gertrude
SIGSBEE                                Hannah E
SIGSBEE                                Perry C
SIGSBY                                 Clara
SIGSBY SECOR                           Clara
SILBERMAN                              Carrie
SILL                                   Eugenia Thorne
SILL                                   John
SILL                                   John Targee
SILL                                   Kate Van Rensselaer
SILL                                   Lydia N
SILL                                   Richard Van Rensselaer
SILVERNAIL                             Austin
SIMMONS                                Anna
SIMMONS                                Anna K
SIMMONS                                Michael
SIMMONS (CW)                           Michael
SIMON                                  Mary
SIMON HENCKEL                          Mary
SIMONS                                 Catherine
SIMONS                                 Loring
SIMONS                                 Morris
SIMONS                                 Nancy
SIMONS VAN AUKEN                       Catherine
SIMPKINS                               Henry H
SIMPKINS                               Louisa G
SIMPSON                                Clarence T
SIMPSON                                Thomas E
SIMPSON (WWI)                          Thomas E
SIMPSON (WWII)                         Clarence T
SINGER                                 Joanna D
SINGER SCHULTZ                         Joanna D
SISAM                                  Elizabeth
SISAM                                  John H
SISSON                                 Nettie
SISSON                                 Nora E
SISSON                                 Winfield J
SITSER                                 Charles
SITSER                                 Joseph
SITTERLY                               Daniel D.
SITTERLY                               Gertrude
SITTERLY                               John
SIVER                                  Christian
SIVER                                  Elizabeth
SIVER                                  Gertrude A
SIVER                                  Helen
SIVER                                  Jacob
SIVER                                  Maggie
SIVER                                  Maria
SIVER                                  Peter
SIVER                                  Sarah
SIVER BUZZEE                           Maggie
SIVER FREDENDALL                       Sarah
SIVER HEDRICK                          Elizabeth
SIVER HOGEBOOM                         Helen
SKIDMORE                               Nancy
SLABOM                                 Adam
SLABOM                                 Ethel
SLABOM                                 Florence
SLABOM                                 Fred
SLABOM                                 Nora
SLACK                                  Gertrude
SLACK CASWELL                          Gertrude
SLACKT                                 Hanah
SLACKT WHITBECK                        Hanah
SLAWSON                                Elizabeth
SLAWSON                                John N
SLEATH                                 Marjorie
SLEATH                                 Rita
SLEATH CARLAND                         Marjorie
SLINGERLAND                            Adrienne
SLINGERLAND                            Agnes
SLINGERLAND                            Agness
SLINGERLAND                            Albert
SLINGERLAND                            Albert V.D.Z.
SLINGERLAND                            Ann M
SLINGERLAND                            Anthony
SLINGERLAND                            Cornelious F
SLINGERLAND                            Cornelius A
SLINGERLAND                            Elinor
SLINGERLAND                            Eliza E
SLINGERLAND                            Ellen J
SLINGERLAND                            Harriet V
SLINGERLAND                            Henry C
SLINGERLAND                            Ida L
SLINGERLAND                            James E
SLINGERLAND                            Laura E
SLINGERLAND                            Maria
SLINGERLAND                            Mary
SLINGERLAND                            Rita
SLINGERLAND                            William
SLINGERLAND                            William V
SLINGERLAND (CW)                       William
SLINGERLAND DELONG                     Mary
SLINGERLAND EDELMAN                    Adrienne
SLINGERLAND JEWELL                     Elinor
SLINGERLAND SLEATH                     Rita
SLOAN                                  Harriet M
SLOAN FISHER                           Harriet M
SMALLEY                                Caroline
SMALLWOOD                              Margaret
SMITH                                  A. Donald
SMITH                                  Adline
SMITH                                  Alice O
SMITH                                  Andrew J
SMITH                                  Andrew J
SMITH                                  Ann
SMITH                                  Ann Eliza V
SMITH                                  Anna B
SMITH                                  Anne E.
SMITH                                  Augusta
SMITH                                  Catharine
SMITH                                  Charles F.
SMITH                                  Cornelia
SMITH                                  Dorothea V.
SMITH                                  Elida
SMITH                                  Eliza
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Emeline
SMITH                                  Eveline
SMITH                                  Fannie C
SMITH                                  Frank
SMITH                                  Frank W
SMITH                                  Fred
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  Gilbert
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Henry
SMITH                                  Herschel J
SMITH                                  James Stanley
SMITH                                  John
SMITH                                  John G
SMITH                                  John P
SMITH                                  John Riley
SMITH                                  John Z
SMITH                                  Jonas
SMITH                                  Josephine
SMITH                                  Julia Ann
SMITH                                  Katharine E
SMITH                                  Katherine
SMITH                                  Leonard H
SMITH                                  Louis
SMITH                                  Louis
SMITH                                  Louis J
SMITH                                  Lucy
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Margaret A
SMITH                                  Marie
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  May F.
SMITH                                  Mina
SMITH                                  Nicholas
SMITH                                  Oakley
SMITH                                  Osmond
SMITH                                  Osmond D
SMITH                                  Peter
SMITH                                  Phebe
SMITH                                  Salem H
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Selah S.
SMITH                                  Sylvenous
SMITH                                  Thomas
SMITH                                  Wesley
SMITH                                  William A.
SMITH                                  William J
SMITH                                  Woollard A.
SMITH                                  Zachariah
SMITH (CW)                             William J
SMITH (SA)                             Charles F.
SMITH (WWI)                            Louis J
SMITH (WWII)                           Selah S.
SMITH ALVERSON                         Fannie C.
SMITH BAUMIS                           Elida
SMITH HILSTRO                          Eliza
SMITH MILLER                           Mina
SMITH MOSHER                           Emeline
SMITH RELYEA                           Mary
SMITH STEAD                            Hannah
SMITH WILSON                           Josephine
SMITH WINNE                            Mary
SNIDER                                 Lydia E
SNIDER HASLETT                         Lydia E
SNYDER                                 Belle
SNYDER                                 Charles
SNYDER                                 Deborah
SNYDER                                 Elmer W
SNYDER                                 Elmira
SNYDER                                 Emma F
SNYDER                                 Femmitie
SNYDER                                 George
SNYDER                                 George H
SNYDER                                 Hannah
SNYDER                                 Henrietta M
SNYDER                                 Isaac E
SNYDER                                 John
SNYDER                                 Julia C
SNYDER                                 Lana
SNYDER                                 Madison
SNYDER                                 Margaret
SNYDER                                 Phebe A
SNYDER                                 William
SNYDER HENRY                           Belle
SNYDER KNOWLES                         Elmira
SNYDER ZEH                             Phebe A
SONN                                   Lewis
SONN (WWI)                             Lewis
SONNENFELD                             Caroline
SONNENFELD                             Theodore
SOOP                                   Charity
SOOP HOTALING                          Charity
SORNBERGER                             Susan
SOUDER                                 Eugene H
SOUDER                                 Eugene H, Jr
SOUDER                                 Grace M
SOUTHARD                               Antinett
SOUTHARD                               Augustus
SOUTHARD                               Ida
SOUTHARD                               Mina M
SOUTHARD KEYES                         Ida
SPALDING                               Cornelia
SPALDING                               Fanny Jane
SPALDING                               Fanny Josephine
SPALDING                               Gilbert Reynolds
SPALDING                               Guy
SPALDING                               Henry Waldron
SPALDING                               Nancy
SPALDING ROBBINS                       Fanny Jane
SPARKS                                 Emma J
SPARKS MYERS                           Emma J
SPAUN                                  Sarah E
SPAUN CALLANAN                         Sarah E
SPAWN                                  Adam
SPAWN                                  Annie
SPAWN                                  Bertha Q
SPAWN                                  Bethiah
SPAWN                                  Charity
SPAWN                                  Edwin C
SPAWN                                  Elijah
SPAWN                                  Ellen
SPAWN                                  George
SPAWN                                  Ida E
SPAWN                                  Isabella
SPAWN                                  John C
SPAWN                                  John W
SPAWN                                  Lewis
SPAWN                                  Maria
SPAWN OGSBURY                          Bertha Q
SPAWN REINHART                         Ida E
SPEANBURG                              Margaret
SPEANBURG SNYDER                       Margaret
SPEANBURGH                             Myran
SPEANBURGH FAULKNER                    Myran
SPECK                                  Caroline L
SPECK                                  Louisa A
SPECK KOCH                             Louisa A
SPEHR                                  Louis Jr.
SPEHR                                  Louis Sr.
SPEHR                                  Mary
SPEHR                                  Rose
SPEIR                                  Ida S
SPEIR                                  Leola S
SPEIR                                  Stuart G
SPEIR                                  William Stuart
SPENCER                                David Hall
SPENCER                                Elizabeth
SPENCER                                Laura O
SPENCER                                Mary Ann
SPENCER                                William S
SPENCER DENISON                        Elizabeth
SPENCER JONES                          Elizabeth
SPERBECK                               Sarah Effie
SPERBECK SHARP                         Sarah Effie
SPERLING                               Andrew A
SPERLING                               Catharine
SPINDLER                               Emma
SPINDLER HENZE                         Emma
SPOOR                                  Hannah
SPOOR WORMER                           Hannah
SPOORE                                 Fannie
SPOORE                                 Maria A
SPOORE                                 William LG
SPOORE VAN WAGENEN                     Maria A
SPRING                                 Sophia C
SPRONG                                 Deborah A
SPRONG                                 Margaret M
SPRONG GILLESPIE                       Margaret M.
SPURR                                  Charles H
SPURR                                  Frank J
SPURR                                  Harriet
SQUIRES                                Stephen
ST JOHN                                Emma J
ST JOHN WESTFALL                       Emma J
ST. JOHN                               Amanda
ST. JOHN                               David
ST. JOHN                               Libbie
ST. JOHN                               Tamer
ST. JOHN CROSBY                        Libbie
ST. JOHN SHULTES                       Amanda
STAATS                                 Margaret
STAATS                                 Susanah Clarinda
STAATS SMITH                           Margaret
STACKHOUSE                             Susan J
STACKMAN                               Frederick
STACKMAN (CW)                          Frederick
STADLER                                Caroline E
STADLER YOUNG                          Caroline E
STAFFORD                               Annette
STAFFORD                               Austin B
STAFFORD                               Cathaline
STAFFORD                               David
STAFFORD                               Jane Ann
STAFFORD                               John
STAFFORD                               John T
STAFFORD                               Louisa
STAFFORD                               Maria
STAFFORD                               Marie
STAFFORD                               Mary Ella
STAFFORD                               Ormond
STAFFORD                               Ralph J
STAFFORD                               Thomas
STAFFORD (CW)                          David
STAFFORD (CW)                          John T
STAFFORD (WWI)                         Ralph J
STAFFORD FURMAN                        Annette
STAFFORD TRUAX                         Louisa
STAFFORD WESTFALL                      Cathaline
STAHLMAN                               Clara Mae
STALKER                                Harriet
STALKER                                Henry P
STALKER                                Jane
STALKER                                Nancy
STALKER                                William H
STALKER LATTA                          Maria E
STALKER NORTHROP                       Jane
STALKER REID                           Harriet
STALKER TAYLOR                         Harriet
STALTER                                Frederick
STALTER (CW)                           Frederick
STANTON                                Ebenezor M
STANTON                                Emily
STANTON                                Evaline
STANTON                                John P
STANTON                                Mary E
STANTON                                Rachael Ida
STANTON COLE                           Emily
STANTON LAPAUGH                        Evaline
STARK                                  Christina
STARK ERNST                            Christina
STARKS                                 Amy Amanda
STARKS                                 Mary Ann
STARKS                                 Mary Ann
STARR                                  William
STAY                                   Walter Bernard
STAY (WWII)                            Walter Bernard
STEAD                                  Hannah
STEAD                                  Jane Ann
STEAD                                  John
STEAD KEENHOLTS                        Jane Ann
STECHER                                Marie
STECHER MARX                           Marie
STECK                                  Anna Magdalena
STECK CARD                             Anna Magdalena
STEEL                                  Sally
STEELE                                 Daniel
STEELE                                 Elijah
STEELE                                 Elizabeth
STEELE                                 Frances M
STEELE                                 Henry
STEELE                                 James
STEELE                                 John F
STEELE                                 Sarah
STEELE                                 William H
STEELE                                 Zulma Del.
STEEN                                  Elizabeth
STEEN LIDZY                            Elizabeth
STEERS                                 Catherine
STEERS FOWLER                          Catherine
STEFAN                                 Paul
STEINBACH                              Mary E
STEINBACH                              Mary J
STEINBACH                              Peter J
STEINBACH                              Stephen P
STEINER                                Elizabeth
STEINER                                John
STEINER                                John M.
STEINER                                Mary E
STEINER                                Roscoe C
STEMMLE                                Frederick
STEMMLE                                Margaret
STENFELD                               Carrie M
STEPHENS                               Alida
STEPHENS                               Ezra
STEPHENS                               Henry
STEPHENS                               Ira V
STEPHENS                               Jered
STEPHENS                               John
STEPHENS                               Lucy
STEPHENS                               Lydia
STEPHENS                               Mary
STEPHENS                               Philip
STEPHENS                               Simeon
STEPHENS (RW)                          Jered
STEPHENS VAN VRANKEN                   Lydia
STERN                                  Hanah
STERN                                  Rachel H
STERN BENDELL                          Hanah
STERNBERGH                             Abel
STERNBERGH                             Jemima
STERNBERGH                             John F
STERNBERGH                             Martha
STERNBERGH                             Philip
STERNBURG                              Maria
STERNBURG BALL                         Maria
STERNFELD                              Abraham
STERNFELD                              Carrie F
STERNFELD                              Dorothy
STERNFELD                              Fannie
STERNFELD                              Isador A
STERNFELD JACOBS                       Carrie F
STEVENS                                Albert P
STEVENS                                Albert W
STEVENS                                Carrie H
STEVENS                                Clarence
STEVENS                                Elizabeth E
STEVENS                                Emma H
STEVENS                                Helen L
STEVENS                                Julia
STEVENS                                Mary Augusta
STEVENS                                Millard
STEVENS FRISBY                         Mary Augusta
STEWART                                Catharine A
STEWART                                David A
STEWART                                Elmer E
STEWART                                Lillian B
STEWART                                Lucy
STEWART                                Maryett
STEWART                                Robert W
STEWART BATES                          Maryett
STEWART STEPHENS                       Lucy
STILES                                 Helen L
STILES HENDRICKSON                     Helen L
STILLE                                 Hannah L
STILLE KELLY                           Hannah L
STINA                                  Margaret
STINE WILEY                            Caroline
STINER                                 Arthur H
STINER                                 Calista M
STINER                                 Daniel H
STINER                                 Gabriel N.P.
STINER                                 John M
STITZER NYLAND                         Catherine
STODDARD                               Hanibel
STODDARD SEABURY                       Adelaide O
STOFELLS                               Elizabeth
STOFFELS                               Anna Kathren
STOFFELS                               Hubert
STOFFELS                               Victoria J
STOFFELS                               William
STOLZENBERG                            Minnie
STOLZENBERG MILLER                     Minnie
STONE                                  Edgar A
STONE                                  Evva J
STONE                                  Grace
STONE                                  Mary
STONE                                  Sylvester
STONE BURKINS                          Evva J
STONE MINER                            Grace
STONEBURNER                            Curtis
STONEBURNER                            Helen F
STOREY                                 Mary
STOREY                                 S
STORY                                  Elizabeth
STORY                                  Hannah
STORY                                  Richard J
STORY KELLY                            Hannah
STOTT                                  Beatrice M
STOTT                                  Jane
STOTT                                  Lavinna S
STOTT                                  William C
STOTZ                                  Henry J
STOTZ                                  Mary
STOVER                                 Elizabeth
STOVER EMERY                           Elizabeth
STRECELL                               Missouri
STREEBEL                               Carrie
STREEBEL RAIBLE                        Carrie
STREVEL                                Hannah
STREVEL                                Joseph
STREVELL                               Elmina Edna
STREVELL                               Grace A
STREVELL                               James
STREVELL                               John
STREVELL                               Rensley
STREVELL                               Zeb A. D.
STREVELL (CW)                          John
STROHMAIER                             Carl
STROHMAIER                             Margaret
STROHMAIER                             Maria E
STROHMAIER (CW)                        Carl
STRONG                                 Annie T
STRONG                                 Anthony M.
STRONG                                 Charles H
STRONG                                 Elisabeth
STRONG                                 Kitty
STRONG                                 Margaret M
STRONG                                 Richard Anthony
STRONG                                 Richard M
STRONG                                 Robert
STRONG                                 Sarah M.
STRONG (CW)                            Ricahrd M
STUART                                 Jerusha
STUFFLEBEEM                            Menzo
STUMPH                                 William
STUMPH (CW)                            William
STURGES                                Sarah
STURGESS                               Earl J
STURGESS                               Erna
STURGESS                               Keith W
STURM                                  Alfred H
STURM                                  Grace E
STURM                                  Louis G
STYLES                                 Mary
SUCOE                                  Carrie
SUCOE LINS                             Carrie
SUELZ                                  Emma
SUELZ                                  Emma E
SUELZ                                  Frederick J
SUELZ                                  Henrietta
SUELZ                                  Martha B
SUELZ WILSEY                           Emma E
SULIVAN                                Mary
SULLIVAN                               Francis
SUPRENANT                              Sophia
SURLS                                  Catharine
SURLS SCHERMEHORN                      Catharine
SUTER                                  Deborah
SUTER BISHOP                           Deborah
SUTPHEN                                Isaac A
SUTPHEN                                Julia C
SUTPHEN                                Margaret
SUTPHEN GUERNSEY                       Margaret
SUTTON                                 Ella
SUTTON                                 Jeannette
SUTTON                                 John
SUTTON                                 Lydia Ann
SUTTON BISHOP                          Ella
SWACKHAMMER                            Jane A E
SWACKHAMMER HAYS                       Jane A. E.
SWAN                                   Erskine
SWAN                                   Hiram
SWAN                                   Mary Luella
SWAN                                   Rebecca A
SWANN                                  Clara
SWANN                                  Elizabeth A
SWANN                                  Frank
SWANN                                  Henry Palmer
SWANN                                  Jane
SWART                                  Anna
SWART                                  Anna Maria
SWART                                  Catharine
SWART                                  Christian
SWART                                  Hannah E
SWART                                  Henry
SWART                                  Herbert
SWART                                  John H
SWART                                  Lidy
SWART                                  Mary
SWART                                  Nancy
SWART                                  Peter
SWART                                  Rebecca
SWART                                  Rozina
SWART (WWII)                           Henry
SWART FRISBEE                          Nancy
SWART SADDLEMIRE                       Mary
SWART SIGSBEE                          Hannah E
SWARTWOUT                              Alice Ida
SWARTWOUT HILTON                       Alice Ida
SWARTZ                                 Abraham
SWARTZ                                 Almina
SWARTZ                                 Anna E.
SWARTZ                                 Caroline S.
SWARTZ                                 Charles J.
SWARTZ                                 Charles P.
SWARTZ                                 David
SWARTZ                                 Emma
SWARTZ                                 Fanny
SWARTZ                                 Ira
SWARTZ                                 Jacob
SWARTZ                                 Jennie
SWARTZ                                 Jerome L.
SWARTZ                                 Joseph
SWARTZ                                 Lewis
SWARTZ                                 Louis A.
SWARTZ                                 Minnie
SWARTZ                                 Miriam
SWARTZ                                 Moses
SWARTZ                                 Myer
SWARTZ                                 Norma E.
SWARTZ                                 Philip
SWARTZ                                 Philip
SWARTZ                                 Rebeka
SWARTZ                                 Rosa
SWARTZ                                 Sarah
SWARTZ ADLER                           Fanny
SWARTZ JACOBS                          Miriam
SWEET                                  Hannah
SWEET                                  Jane C
SWEET                                  Margaret
SWEET                                  Philetus R
SWEET BAILEY                           Jane C
SWEET BAILEY                           Margaret
SWIFT                                  Mary Pearl
SWINT                                  Anna
SWINT                                  Louise E
SWINT OLENHOUSE                        Anna
SWINT ZELL                             Louise E.
SYPLES                                 Lucy
SYPLES CHRYSLER                        Lucy
TALLMADGE                              Emma K
TALLMADGE                              Henry A
TALLMADGE                              Israel T
TALLMADGE                              Jonathan
TALLMADGE                              Mabel
TALLMADGE                              Margarett
TALLMADGE                              Maria A
TALLMADGE                              Mary E
TALLMADGE BOUTELLE                     Mabel
TALLMAN                                Jedediah J
TALLMAN                                Percival
TALMADGE                               Loretta E
TALMAGE                                Laura
TALMAGE HUYCK                          Laura
TARBELL                                Sallie
TARBELL WILLIAMS                       Sallie
TATE                                   Augustus
TAYLOR                                 Ann
TAYLOR                                 Anna M
TAYLOR                                 Edith M
TAYLOR                                 Eliza
TAYLOR                                 Elizabeth
TAYLOR                                 Emily
TAYLOR                                 Eve Ann
TAYLOR                                 Franklin W
TAYLOR                                 Harriet
TAYLOR                                 John E
TAYLOR                                 John S
TAYLOR                                 Kate L
TAYLOR                                 Lany
TAYLOR                                 Louise M
TAYLOR                                 Margaret E
TAYLOR                                 Samuel
TAYLOR                                 Sarah
TAYLOR                                 Thomas B
TAYLOR (WWII)                          Charles James
TAYLOR HAWES                           Emily
TAYLOR MARTIN                          Anna M
TAYLOR MITCHELL                        Louise M
TEAL                                   Abraham
TEAL                                   Hannah
TEAL                                   Maria
TEAL                                   Sidney
TEN BROECK                             Mary
TEN BROECK GROESBEECK                  Mary
TEN EYCK                               Elsie
TEN EYCK                               James W
TEN EYCK                               Mabel
TEN EYCK                               Margaret
TEN EYCK                               Peter Gansevoort
TEN EYCK                               Rachel
TENEYCK                                Henry Waldron
TENEYCK                                Margaret A.
TENEYCK                                Mary H
TENEYCK COOK                           Margaret A
TENEYCK MATHEWS                        Jane
TER WILLIGER                           John
TERPENNING                             Eunice
TERRY                                  Barbary
TERRY                                  Benjamin
TERRY                                  Caroline
TERRY                                  Elizabeth
TERRY                                  Elizabeth
TERRY                                  Francis
TERRY                                  Mary
TERRY                                  Mary
TERRY                                  Sarah E
TERRY                                  Washington C
TERRY CLOW                             Mary
TERRY WILSEY                           Caroline
TERWILLIGER                            Catharine
TERWILLIGER                            Christopher V. V.
TERWILLIGER                            Dorothea E
TERWILLIGER                            R. Watson
TERWILLIGER                            Sarah Jennette
TESCH                                  Selma A
TETLEY                                 Nellie M
THIEL                                  Carl H.
THIEL                                  Ruby W.
THIRKELL                               Joseph
THOMAS                                 Elizabeth
THOMAS                                 Howard Grant
THOMAS                                 Howard Lloyd
THOMAS                                 John, Jr
THOMAS                                 Sarah A
THOMAS                                 Sarah Elva
THOMAS WINANS                          Elizabeth
THOMPSON                               Anna B
THOMPSON                               Chester
THOMPSON                               Christiana
THOMPSON                               Clinton A.
THOMPSON                               Corinne M.
THOMPSON                               Emma
THOMPSON                               Emma E
THOMPSON                               George
THOMPSON                               Hannah R
THOMPSON                               Helen M.
THOMPSON                               John
THOMPSON                               Raymond C.
THOMPSON                               Ruth C.
THOMPSON HILLER                        Christiana
THORBURN                               Anna S.
THORBURN                               John D.
THORN                                  Allie
THORN                                  Jane
THORN                                  Martha
THORN ROBERTS                          Allie
THORN VAN VECHTEN                      Martha
THORNTON                               Amira
THORNTON                               Charles
THORNTON                               Charles
THORNTON                               Elizabeth
THORNTON                               Elizabeth
THORNTON                               Euretta
THORNTON                               George
THORNTON                               John
THORNTON                               John Jr
THORNTON                               John Jr
THORNTON                               Lydia
THORNTON                               Lydia
THORNTON                               Minnie
THORNTON                               Myra
THORNTON                               Susie
THORNTON                               Theron
THORP                                  Andrew
THORP                                  Raymond Lesher
THORP (SERV)                           Raymond Lesher
THORPE                                 Richard
THORPE                                 Sarah A
THUOTTE                                Josephine
THUOTTE CLOUTIER                       Josephine
THURBER                                Mary B
THURBER FLOESER                        Mary B
THURLOW                                John Wesley
THURLOW (WWII)                         John Wesley
TILT                                   Sarah Jane
TILT                                   William
TINGLEY                                Edna B.
TINGLEY                                Ellen M.
TINGLEY                                Henry M.
TINGLEY                                Otis
TINGLEY                                Sarah E.
TINGLEY                                William O.
TODD                                   Fanny
TODD                                   Paul
TODD (RW)                              Paul
TODD REYNOLDS                          Fanny
TOLES                                  Mary Ann
TOLES SECOR                            Mary Ann
TOMBS                                  Ruth
TOMBS WILTSE                           Ruth
TOMPKINS                               Abraham W
TOMPKINS                               Amanda
TOMPKINS                               Carrie E
TOMPKINS                               George
TOMPKINS                               Infant Son
TOMPKINS                               Jane
TOMPKINS                               Minnie A
TOMPKINS                               Phoebe J
TOMPKINS                               Rosa E
TOMPKINS                               Stephen
TOMPKINS MILLER                        Carrie E
TOMPSON                                Maria
TOMPSON OSTRANDER                      Maria
TOOTHILL                               Sarah A
TOOTHILL RELYEA                        Sarah A
TORNATORE                              Anthony
TORNATORE                              Joseph
TORNATORE                              Joseph
TORREY                                 Elizabeth
TORREY                                 Harriet
TORREY WILLIAMSON                      Harriet
TOWNLEY                                Agnes L.
TOWNLEY                                George W.
TOWNLEY                                Hanna H
TOWNLEY FOWLER                         Hanna H
TOWNSEND                               Ellen
TOWNSEND                               Eugene DeKay
TOWNSEND                               Lina
TOWNSEND                               Louisa
TOWNSEND                               Robert C
TOWNSEND                               Ruth Ann
TOWNSEND                               Sarah J
TOWNSEND (SA)                          Eugene DeKay
TRACY                                  Annie M
TRACY                                  Mary
TRACY RAFFERTY                         Annie M
TRACY SULIVAN                          Mary
TRAINOR                                Margaret E
TRAINOR ROSE                           Margaret E
TRAVER                                 Anna E
TRAVER                                 Maria A
TRAVER TALLMADGE                       Maria A
TREE                                   Thomas
TRENCAMP                               Annie M
TRENCAMP                               Frances A
TRENCAMP BENSINGER                     Annie M
TRENSKE                                Dorothy
TRENSKE                                Frank P.
TRIPP                                  Cyrus S.
TRIPP                                  Mary Elizabeth
TRIPP                                  Rebecca A
TRIPP FARREN                           Mary Elizabeth
TRIVAL                                 Augusta
TRIVAL                                 Earl  W
TRIVAL                                 Edward
TROWBRIDGE                             Benjamin Whipple
TRUAX                                  Alice M
TRUAX                                  Angelic
TRUAX                                  Anna Barbara
TRUAX                                  Antoinette
TRUAX                                  Betsy
TRUAX                                  Catharine Jane
TRUAX                                  Chauncey G
TRUAX                                  Elizabeth
TRUAX                                  Emma D
TRUAX                                  Emory
TRUAX                                  Henry R
TRUAX                                  Isaac W
TRUAX                                  Jennie A
TRUAX                                  Julia A
TRUAX                                  Louisa
TRUAX                                  Margaret
TRUAX                                  Mary A
TRUAX                                  Sarah J
TRUAX                                  Susan
TRUAX                                  William
TRUAX                                  William H
TRUAX                                  William M
TRUAX CAMERON                          Betsy
TRUAX HILTON                           Julia A
TRUAX MESICK                           Alice M
TRUAX PIER                             Catharine Jane
TRUAX QUAY                             Anna Barbara
TRUAX WALKER                           Angelic
TUCKER                                 Matilda
TUCKER                                 Minnie
TUCKER DAVIS                           Minnie
TULLY                                  Lina
TURNER                                 Alice
TURNER                                 Bethiah
TURNER                                 Catharine E
TURNER                                 Corinda
TURNER                                 Cornelius
TURNER                                 Fred K
TURNER                                 Katie
TURNER                                 Mary
TURNER                                 Sarah M
TURNER                                 William L
TURNER WILLSEY                         Bethiah
TUTHILL                                Marietta
TUTSCHKU                               Joseph
TUTSCHKU                               Julia
TUTTLE                                 Alice
TUTTLE                                 Floyd
TUTTLE                                 G. Delos
TUTTLE                                 Hazel
TUTTLE                                 Jennie
TUTTLE                                 Mary
TUTTLE                                 William
TYGART                                 Anna Z
TYGART                                 Edwin
TYGART                                 Emma L
TYGART                                 Henry
TYGART                                 Mary M
TYGART                                 Thomas
TYGART SHELDON                         Mary M
TYGERT                                 Burton
TYGERT                                 Elizabeth
TYGERT                                 Elizabeth Ann
TYGERT                                 Harriet
TYGERT                                 Jennie M
TYGERT RIGGS                           Jennie M
TYGERT SPURR                           Harriet
TYGERT YOUNG                           Elizabeth
TYLER                                  Dortha
TYLER                                  Eunice
ULLMAN                                 Christina
ULLMAN BAREIS                          Christina
ULLRICK                                Katharine
UNDERHILL                              Carrie A
UNKNOWN                                Violet
UPFOLD                                 James
UPTON                                  Alice
UPTON                                  John C
UPTON (CW)                             John C
UPTON BAKER                            Alice
UTTER                                  Sarah Ann
UTTER CRAFT                            Sarah Ann
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