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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBEY                                  Eliphalet Killiam
ABBOT                                  Elizabeth
ABBOT                                  George F
ABBOT                                  Jane
ABBOT                                  John James
ABBOT                                  Mary Catharine
ABBOT BEEBE                            Jane
ABBOT HOLMES                           Elizabeth
ABEL                                   Andrew
ABEL                                   Ann
ABELE                                  Josephine
ABELE HERTZ                            Josephine
ABLEMAN                                Catharine
ABLEMAN                                Elizabeth
ABLEMAN                                John
ABSCHAGEN                              Mangles J
ABSLEY                                 Mary J
ABSLEY MCCOUBERY                       Mary J
ACAN                                   Nelson
ACCY                                   Margareta
ACCY                                   William
ACKER                                  Albert D.
ACKER                                  Beatrice R.
ACKER                                  Mary
ACKER DEARSTYNE                        Mary
ACRES                                  Thomas
ADAMS                                  Alice
ADAMS                                  Andrew J
ADAMS                                  Ann
ADAMS                                  Clark
ADAMS                                  Dorotha L
ADAMS                                  Edwin
ADAMS                                  Edwin J
ADAMS                                  Eliza Jane
ADAMS                                  George B
ADAMS                                  Infant
ADAMS                                  Joseph
ADAMS                                  Joseph G.
ADAMS                                  Joseph G.
ADAMS                                  Lucinda
ADAMS                                  Mary E
ADAMS                                  Nina
ADAMS                                  Peter
ADAMS                                  Rosa E
ADAMS                                  Ruth M
ADAMS                                  Seth
ADAMS                                  Sophia C
ADAMS                                  Willis
ADAMS (WWI)                            Joseph
ADAMS (WWII)                           Clark
ADAMS HAYES                            Alice
ADAMS SETTLE                           Mary E.
ADAMSON                                Lillian R
ADAMSON ANKER                          Lillian R
ADEE                                   Clarissa
ADLER                                  Fanny
ADLER                                  Simon
ADRIANCE                               Mary E
ADRIANCE WHITBECK                      Mary E
AHEARN                                 John
AHEARN                                 Margaret
AHERN                                  Ellen
AHERN                                  Hanna
AHERN                                  Maurice
AKER                                   George
AKER                                   Olive
ALBERS                                 Laura
ALBERS MCCOUBERY                       Laura
ALBERT                                 Louise
ALBERT CRAFT                           Louise
ALBRIGHT                               Agnes L
ALBRIGHT                               Catharine E
ALBRIGHT                               Ellie L
ALBRIGHT                               Emma E
ALBRIGHT                               Eunice
ALBRIGHT                               Franklin
ALBRIGHT                               Hannah E
ALBRIGHT                               Harriet
ALBRIGHT                               Harriet
ALBRIGHT                               Isaac
ALBRIGHT                               Jacob
ALBRIGHT                               Mary E
ALBRIGHT                               Mary J
ALBRIGHT                               Peter S
ALBRIGHT                               Sanford
ALBRIGHT                               Sarah C
ALBRIGHT HOUCK                         Harriet
ALBRIGHT REID                          Mary E
ALBRIGHT RELYEA                        Emma E
ALBRIGHT TOWNLEY                       Agnes L.
ALBRIGHT VOSS                          Mary J
ALBRIGHT WYNKOOP                       Harriet
ALDEN                                  John
ALEX                                   John Nicholas
ALEX                                   Louis
ALEXANDER                              Charles Stewart
ALEXANDER                              Harriet Amelia
ALEXANDER                              Infant
ALEXANDER                              Jerusha
ALEXANDER                              Sarah M
ALEXANDER                              William
ALGER                                  Lena M.
ALKENBRACK                             Catherine
ALKENBRACK                             Fannie
ALKENBRACK KAISER                      Catherine
ALKENBRACK SPOORE                      Fannie
ALLARD                                 Fernando H.
ALLARD                                 Lydia M.
ALLARD RICE                            Lydia M.
ALLEN                                  Augusta O
ALLEN                                  Charles Corletta
ALLEN                                  Fanny
ALLEN                                  Garret H.
ALLEN                                  Harriet Sheldon
ALLEN                                  Josephine
ALLEN                                  Leonard F
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Mary E.
ALLEN                                  Sarah
ALLEN (CW)                             Leonard F
ALLEN (WWII)                           Charles Corletta
ALLEN ARMSTRONG                        Augusta O
ALMY                                   Susannah
ALMY BOUTON                            Susannah
ALVERSON                               Ellen V.
ALVERSON                               Fannie C.
ALVERSON                               James K.
ALVERSON                               Leonard A.
ALVERSON                               Otis R.
ALVERSON                               Rhoda E.
ALVERSON                               William L.
ALVERSON (CW)                          James K
ALVORD                                 Charles A.
ALVORD                                 Charles A.
ALVORD                                 Ellen E.
ALVORD                                 Ellen E.
ALVORD                                 Susanna
AMES                                   May F.
AMES SMITH                             May F.
AMSDELL                                Abbie
AMSDELL                                Abigail
AMSDELL                                Frances
AMSDELL                                Frances Ella
AMSDELL                                George William
AMSDELL                                Helen E
AMSDELL                                Jennie
AMSDELL                                Theodore M
AMSDELL                                William
AMSDELL                                William A
AMSDELL HOLMES                         Abbie
ANDERSON                               Andrew
ANDERSON                               George C
ANDERSON                               George Clinton
ANDERSON                               Jane
ANDERSON                               Julia
ANDERSON                               Robert
ANDERSON                               Thomas J
ANDERSON                               Walter H
ANDRES                                 Elizabeth
ANDRES SMITH                           Elizabeth
ANDREW                                 Jannet
ANDREWS                                Benjamin
ANDREWS                                Sarah
ANKER                                  Bertha
ANKER                                  Carrie
ANKER                                  Frederick
ANKER                                  Joseph
ANKER                                  Lewis
ANKER                                  Lillian R
ANKER                                  Martina P
ANKER                                  Mary
ANKER                                  Matilda
ANKER                                  Milton J
ANKER                                  Minnie
ANKER                                  Sadie
ANKER ARONOWITZ                        Mary
ANKER VAN BUEREN                       Martina P
ANNIN                                  John
ANNIVER                                John
ANTEMANN                               Dorothea
ANTEMANN SCHMIDT                       Dorothea
APPEL                                  Mary
APPEL LARKIN                           Mary
APPLE                                  Anna C
APPLE                                  Cathrine
APPLE                                  Eve
APPLE                                  George
APPLE JACOBSON                         Eve
APPLE LINTNER                          Cathrine
APPLEBEE                               Abigail A
APPLEBEE                               Alfred
APPLEBEE                               Alva
APPLEBEE                               Charlotte
APPLEBEE                               David S
APPLEBEE                               Edward F
APPLEBEE                               Eliza
APPLEBEE                               Gilbert
APPLEBEE                               Jessie
APPLEBEE                               Sarah
APPLEBEE                               Stephen D
ARCHIBOLD                              Jean
ARCHIBOLD                              William
ARGERSINGER                            Margaret
ARGERSINGER TEN EYCK                   Margaret
ARMATACE                               Catherine
ARMATACE                               Orange
ARMOUR                                 Jeanette
ARMOUR MORRIS                          Jeannette
ARMSTRONG                              Augusta O
ARMSTRONG                              Cathrine
ARMSTRONG                              Cathrine A
ARMSTRONG                              Charlotte M
ARMSTRONG                              Cordela
ARMSTRONG                              Edgar J
ARMSTRONG                              Jennie
ARMSTRONG                              Kathryn
ARMSTRONG                              Minnie E
ARMSTRONG                              Sarah
ARMSTRONG                              Seymour W
ARMSTRONG BELL                         Jennie
ARMSTRONG CHESEBRO                     Cathrine
ARMSTRONG SCHOONMAKER                  Cordela
ARMSTRONG WEAVER                       Minnie E
ARNOLD                                 Charity
ARNOLD                                 Elizabeth
ARNOLD                                 Hannah
ARNOLD                                 Henry O
ARNOLD                                 Katie
ARNOLD                                 Mary E
ARNOLD                                 Susan
ARNOLD FISCHER                         Mary E
ARNOLD HALLENBECK                      Katie
ARNOLD HUYCK                           Charity
ARNOLD SORNBERGER                      Susan
ARONOWITZ                              Dora
ARONOWITZ                              Gretchen K
ARONOWITZ                              Lee
ARONOWITZ                              Leon
ARONOWITZ                              Lewis A
ARONOWITZ                              Mary
ARONOWITZ                              Max
ARONOWITZ                              Milton
ARONOWITZ                              Samuel E
ARTHUR                                 Jane
ASHTON                                 Elizabeth
ASHTON                                 Martha
ASHTON BURHANS                         Elizabeth
ASHTON NOYES                           Martha
ASHWELL                                Margaret E
ATKINS                                 Archibald C
ATKINS                                 Delila
ATKINS                                 Eldora
ATKINS                                 Flay
ATKINS                                 Lozina
ATKINS                                 Martha L
ATKINS                                 Mildred Irene
ATKINS                                 Richard
ATKINS                                 W Kenneth
ATKINS                                 William C
ATKINS FORD                            Martha L
ATKINS VINCENT                         Mildred Irene
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Alfred
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Benjamin
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Hannah
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Jacob
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Lydia
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Maria
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Nancy
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Sally
AUCHAMPAUGH DUTCHER                    Nancy
AUCHAMPAUGH LEE                        Sally
AUSTIN                                 Herman L
AVERY                                  Galen
AVERY                                  Huldah
AVERY                                  Lee
AVERY                                  Lucretia
AVERY                                  Matilda
AVERY CRARY                            Lucretia
AYERS                                  Alice S
AYERS                                  Frank C
AYERS (WWII)                           Frank C
AYERS HALLIDAY                         Alice S.
BACKUS                                 Elizabeth Huntington
BACON                                  Georgie
BACON                                  Joseph A
BACON                                  Mary E
BACON                                  Sarah F
BAGLEY                                 Clara C.
BAGLEY                                 Florence May
BAGLEY                                 Grace E.
BAGLEY                                 Mary Jane
BAGLEY                                 Sarah A.
BAGLEY                                 Thomas
BAGLEY                                 Thomas G.
BAGLEY                                 William E.
BAGLEY                                 William H.
BAHEN                                  Ann
BAHEN COLLINS                          Ann
BAILEY                                 Emma K
BAILEY                                 Howard D
BAILEY                                 Jane C
BAILEY                                 Jessie L
BAILEY                                 Margaret
BAILEY HAKER                           Jessie L
BAILEY TALLMADGE                       Emma K
BAINBRIDGE                             Absalom R
BAINBRIDGE (CW)                        Absalom R
BAKER                                  Alice
BAKER                                  Amelia
BAKER                                  Benjamin F
BAKER                                  Benjamin H
BAKER                                  Bertha C
BAKER                                  Guy Ellis
BAKER                                  Hannah
BAKER                                  Harriet L
BAKER                                  Henry J
BAKER                                  Henry N
BAKER                                  Margaret J
BAKER                                  Maria
BAKER                                  Nettie
BAKER                                  William
BAKER                                  William Bliss
BAKER REYNOLDS                         Maria
BAKER SISSON                           Nettie
BAKER STREVEL                          Hannah
BAKER VROMAN                           Margaret J
BAKER WHITE                            Amelia
BALDES                                 Robert P
BALDWIN                                John L
BALDWIN (CW)                           John L
BALL                                   Anna
BALL                                   Cora A
BALL                                   Eva
BALL                                   George W
BALL                                   Harriet
BALL                                   Hester S
BALL                                   Jerusha
BALL                                   John W
BALL                                   L Frederick
BALL                                   Madison
BALL                                   Magdalen
BALL                                   Maria
BALL                                   Maria
BALL                                   Maria
BALL                                   Mary F
BALL                                   Melita
BALL                                   Nancy A
BALL                                   Paul
BALL                                   Peter
BALL                                   Sarah J
BALL                                   William
BALL                                   William H
BALL                                   William Miner
BALL (CW)                              Madison
BALL BARBER                            Cora A
BALL HUBBELL                           Mary F
BALL SWART                             Anna
BALL WHIPPLE                           Maria
BAMMAN                                 Edward
BAMMAN                                 Henry
BANCRAFT                               Naomie
BANCROFT                               George
BARBARY                                Ann
BARBARY BATCHER                        Ann
BARBER                                 Almon J
BARBER                                 Bertha
BARBER                                 Burton
BARBER                                 Cora A
BARBER                                 Elizabeth
BARBER                                 Gideon I
BARBER                                 Nancy
BARBER SCHOONMAKER                     Elizabeth
BARBER WESLEY                          Nancy
BARCKLEY                               Edward L
BARCKLEY                               Eunice E
BARCKLEY                               Evert
BARCKLEY                               Grace T
BARCKLEY                               Henry
BARCKLEY                               M. H.
BARCKLEY                               Magdalen
BARCUS                                 James Q.
BARCUS                                 Sarah
BAREIS                                 Christina
BAREIS                                 Frederick
BARK                                   Sarah A
BARK THORPE                            Sarah A
BARKHOFF                               Margaret J
BARKHOFF BECKER                        Margaret J
BARKHUFF                               Aaron
BARKHUFF                               Abram
BARKHUFF                               John
BARKHUFF                               William H
BARKMAN                                Eldora D
BARKMAN                                Frank
BARNES                                 Angelica Alexandria
BARNES                                 Elizabeth Caroline
BARNES                                 Elizabeth Williams
BARNES                                 George W
BARNES                                 Mary
BARNES                                 Orlando W
BARNES STONE                           Mary
BARNISH                                Francis E
BARNISH                                Theresa
BARNISH (KOR)                          Francis E
BARNISH (WWII)                         Francis E
BARNUM                                 Susan Benedict
BARNUM KING                            Susan Benedict
BARODY                                 Josephine
BARRISKILL                             Cora A
BARRISKILL DOLLAR                      Cora A
BARROWS                                Charles C
BARROWS                                Daniel H
BARROWS                                Daniel Hoag
BARROWS                                L P
BARROWS                                Mary E
BARROWS                                Sarah J
BARTH                                  William M
BARTHOLOMEW                            Elizabeth
BARTHOLOMEW                            Riley
BARTLETT                               Elizabeth
BARTOW                                 Mary Elizabeth
BARWICK                                Carrie
BASCHWINGER                            Anna B
BASKA                                  Pauline
BASKA GRESENS                          Pauline
BASS                                   Dora
BASS                                   Gotlob
BASSETT                                Ann
BASSETT ADAMS                          Ann
BASSLER                                Anna M
BASSLER                                Catharine
BASSLER                                Catharine E
BASSLER                                Cyrus
BASSLER                                Doroth I
BASSLER                                Dorothy L
BASSLER                                Eliza
BASSLER                                Elizabeth
BASSLER                                Eve
BASSLER                                Frederick
BASSLER                                George H.
BASSLER                                Jane
BASSLER                                John
BASSLER                                Katherine E
BASSLER                                Lavinus
BASSLER                                Lester
BASSLER                                Lucy
BASSLER                                Margaret
BASSLER                                Maria
BASSLER                                Olivia M
BASSLER DEITZ                          Anna M
BASSLER ONDERDONK                      Olivia M
BASSLER SHELDON                        Dorothy I
BASSLER SHELDON                        Dorothy L
BASSLER SMITH                          Lucy
BASSLER WHITE                          Eliza
BATCHER                                Andrew
BATCHER                                Ann
BATCHER                                George
BATCHER                                Ida
BATCHER                                Martha R
BATCHER                                Mary
BATCHER CLICKMAN                       Mary
BATCHER PITCHER                        Ida
BATEMAN                                Edward
BATEMAN (CW)                           Edward
BATES                                  Annie
BATES                                  Delos
BATES                                  Frederick E
BATES                                  George E
BATES                                  Maryett
BATES                                  Reuben W
BATES                                  Sarah M
BATES (WWII)                           Frederick E
BATES (WWII)                           George E
BATTERMAN                              Ann Eliza
BATTERMAN                              Peter
BATTERMAN                              Sarah A
BATTERMAN VEEDER                       Sarah A
BAUMES                                 Ida
BAUMES                                 Mary C
BAUMES                                 Minnie L
BAUMES                                 Ora
BAUMES                                 Stephen
BAUMES WHITBECK                        Mary C
BAUMIS                                 Conrad
BAUMIS                                 Elida
BAUMIS                                 Elizabeth
BAUMIS                                 George
BAUMIS                                 George W
BAUMIS                                 Henry K
BAUMIS                                 Jane
BAUMIS                                 Jennie
BAUMIS                                 Nellie
BAUMIS                                 Raymond E
BAUMIS POWELL                          Jennie
BAVIER                                 Charles Samuel
BAXTER                                 Charles
BAXTER (CW)                            Charles
BAYEUX                                 Thomas
BEARDSLEY                              Sarah
BEARDSLEY EMERY                        Sarah
BECK                                   Carrie M
BECK                                   Christiana
BECK                                   Julia A
BECK                                   Minnie
BECK                                   Sebastian
BECK CARHART                           Carrie M.
BECKER                                 Ada C
BECKER                                 Angelica
BECKER                                 Anna
BECKER                                 Anna Elisabeth
BECKER                                 Catherine
BECKER                                 Charley
BECKER                                 David
BECKER                                 DeWitt
BECKER                                 Elizabeth
BECKER                                 Emaline
BECKER                                 Emeline
BECKER                                 Emma
BECKER                                 Fannie M.
BECKER                                 George
BECKER                                 Grant P
BECKER                                 Hannah
BECKER                                 Henry
BECKER                                 Henry
BECKER                                 Henry P.
BECKER                                 Henry P.
BECKER                                 Hiram
BECKER                                 Ida A
BECKER                                 James
BECKER                                 John
BECKER                                 Katherine
BECKER                                 Lewis
BECKER                                 Luise
BECKER                                 Margaret
BECKER                                 Margaret J
BECKER                                 Maria
BECKER                                 Maria Jane
BECKER                                 Martin J
BECKER                                 Mary
BECKER                                 Mary
BECKER                                 Mary
BECKER                                 Mary Ella
BECKER                                 Mary F
BECKER                                 Myrtle
BECKER                                 Peter
BECKER                                 Sarah E
BECKER                                 Sophia
BECKER                                 William
BECKER                                 William
BECKER                                 William G
BECKER (CW)                            Peter
BECKER (CW)                            William
BECKER BRADT                           Maria
BECKER CLARK                           Maria Jane
BECKER CROUNSE                         Ada C
BECKER HAVERLY                         Myrtle
BECKER HILTON                          Angelica
BECKER LASHER                          Ida A
BECKER MAUSERT                         Anna Elisabeth
BECKER SAGENDORF                       Anna
BECKER STAFFORD                        Mary Ella
BECKER WIHSLER                         Mary
BEDELL                                 Lorenzo D
BEEBE                                  Calvin
BEEBE                                  Edger
BEEBE                                  Eliza
BEEBE                                  Elizabeth
BEEBE                                  Ellen
BEEBE                                  Elzina
BEEBE                                  Emma
BEEBE                                  Henry P
BEEBE                                  James
BEEBE                                  Jane
BEEBE                                  John
BEEBE                                  Joshua
BEEBE                                  Katie
BEEBE                                  Lillian A
BEEBE                                  Lydia
BEEBE                                  Mehetabel Cynthia
BEEBE                                  Minnie
BEEBE                                  Nicholas
BEEBE                                  Phebe
BEEBE                                  Thomas William
BEEBE                                  William Thomas
BEEBE COUGHTRY                         Katie
BEEBE GRAY                             Lois
BEEBE VANDERPOOL                       Lillian A
BEEBE WARNER                           Minnie
BEECKMAN                               Eve
BEECKMAN                               John Jacob
BEECKMAN                               John S
BEECKMAN                               Maria
BEECKMAN                               Matilda
BEECKMAN                               Sarah
BEECKMAN FONDA                         Matilda
BEEKMAN                                Lydia
BEGLEY                                 Ann
BEGLEY MARTIN                          Ann
BEHRHOF                                Peter
BEHRHOF                                Stephen
BEHRHOF                                Wilhelmina
BEHRMANN                               Emily E.
BEHRMANN                               Joseph
BELL                                   Charity
BELL                                   Chartley M
BELL                                   Clifford A
BELL                                   Jennie
BELL                                   John
BELL                                   John M
BELL                                   Louisa
BELL                                   Margaret Jane
BELL                                   Mary
BELL                                   Sarah
BELL                                   Sarah A
BELL                                   William
BELL (CW)                              John M.
BELL (WWI)                             Clifford A
BELL BAGLEY                            Sarah A.
BELL DYER                              Louisa
BELL ENGLE                             Chartley M
BELL FURMAN                            Margaret Jane
BELL GIFFORD                           Mary
BELLER                                 Carrie
BELLER                                 Charles W
BELLER                                 Clarissa
BELLER                                 Theodore S
BELLER BOEHM                           Carrie
BELLER CORN                            Clarissa
BELLINGER                              Helen
BELLINGER HILL                         Helen
BELSER                                 Agnes
BELSER                                 Lizette C
BELSER                                 Margaretha
BELSER                                 Maria A
BELZ                                   Kathryn J
BELZ BRANSFIELD                        Kathryn J
BEN                                    Susan
BENDELL                                Bertha
BENDELL                                Beulah Lewi
BENDELL                                Edward
BENDELL                                Hanah
BENDELL                                Herman
BENDELL                                Wilhelmina
BENDELL ANKER                          Bertha
BENDER                                 Edward I
BENDER                                 Frederick
BENDER                                 John, Jr.
BENDER                                 Louise C
BENDER                                 Maria H
BENEDICT                               Alice C
BENEDICT                               Bertha
BENEDICT                               Charles E
BENEDICT                               E. Darwin
BENEDICT                               Ernest Childs
BENEDICT                               Goerge C
BENEDICT                               Robert E
BENEDICT                               Seymour D
BENJAMIN                               Delia
BENJAMIN RIVENBURG                     Delia
BENNETT                                Ann
BENNETT                                Ezra B
BENNETT                                Katherine A.
BENNETT                                Lois O
BENNETT                                Rushmore
BENNETT LOBDELL                        Lois O
BENNETT MOORE                          Ann
BENNETT WATERS                         Katherine A.
BENNINK                                Agnes I
BENNINK                                Henry J, Jr.
BENSEL EBERLE                          Dorothea
BENSINGER                              Annie M
BENSINGER                              Edith
BENSINGER                              Gustave A
BENT                                   Elizabeth
BENT                                   John
BENT                                   Sadie M
BENT (CW)                              John
BENT HEIM                              Sadie M
BENTHUYSEN                             Elizabeth
BENTHUYSEN STEELE                      Elizabeth
BERETZ                                 Sophia
BERGER                                 Anna
BERGER                                 Carl
BERNARD                                Paul
BERNARD (CW)                           Paul
BERNARDT                               Sophia
BERNHARDT RAIBLE                       Sophia
BERRY                                  Samuel Oscar
BERRY (CW)                             Samuel Oscar
BERSCHWINGER                           Frederick
BERSCHWINGER                           Margaret
BETHAM                                 Susanna
BETTMAN                                Caroline
BETTMAN                                Judah
BETZ                                   Catherine
BETZ                                   Jacob
BEZOLD                                 Anna M
BEZOLD SCHULTZ                         Anna M
BICE                                   Peter
BICE                                   Sally Ann
BIDWELL                                Horace G
BIDWELL                                Susan Elizabeth
BILES                                  Joshua
BILLEB                                 George W
BILLINGS                               Edward
BINNS                                  Grace
BINNS                                  Henry
BIRCH HAGADON                          Maria
BIRCH HAGADON                          Maria
BIRCHETT                               Eleanor
BIRCHETT MANN                          Eleanor
BIRDSALL                               Lillian A
BIRDSALL MILLER                        Lillian A
BISHOP                                 Charles A
BISHOP                                 Daniel H
BISHOP                                 Daniel J
BISHOP                                 Deborah
BISHOP                                 Ella
BISHOP                                 George W
BISHOP                                 Mary B
BISHOP                                 Mary J
BISSIKUMMER                            Caroline
BISSIKUMMER                            John
BISSIKUMMER                            John C.
BISSIKUMMER                            Katharine
BISSIKUMMER                            Margaret
BISSIKUMMER                            Marie C.
BISSIKUMMER                            Matthias
BIVENS                                 Electia
BIVENS                                 Florence
BIVENS                                 Ida Mae
BIVENS                                 Laura
BIVENS                                 Violes
BIVENS                                 William
BIVENS                                 Willis E.
BIVENS (WWI)                           Martin
BIVENS IRONS                           Electia
BIVENS JANSEN                          Florence
BIVENS VANDYKE                         Violes
BIXBY                                  Alice
BIXBY                                  John
BLACK                                  William J
BLACKALL                               Eliza
BLACKALL                               Thomas
BLACKALL ROGERS                        Eliza
BLACKMAN                               Nora
BLACKMAN SLABOM                        Nora
BLADE                                  William Miner
BLADE (CW)                             William Miner
BLAISDELL                              Anthony
BLAISDELL                              Bessie
BLAISDELL                              Marguerite
BLAKE                                  Adam
BLAKE                                  Adam
BLAKE                                  Adam Jr
BLAKE                                  Howard V C
BLANCHARD                              Lillian
BLANCHARD                              Mary
BLATNER                                Hannah
BLEECKER                               John
BLEECKER                               Sybrant
BLEEKLEY                               Elizabeth
BLESSING                               Abram
BLESSING                               Abram H
BLESSING                               Agnes
BLESSING                               Anna
BLESSING                               Arthur
BLESSING                               Belmont
BLESSING                               Ella
BLESSING                               Ella
BLESSING                               Hannah
BLESSING                               Jane
BLESSING                               Jeannetie
BLESSING                               John M
BLESSING                               Lucretia
BLESSING                               Margaret
BLESSING                               Myndert L G
BLESSING                               Rachel
BLESSING                               Ulysses G
BLESSING                               William D
BLESSING JEWETT                        Anna
BLESSING LAGRANGE                      Jeannetie
BLESSING LINDSEY                       Hannah
BLESSING MACCHESNEY                    Jane
BLESSING MYNDERSE                      Margaret
BLESSING REED                          Rachel
BLOCK                                  Annie
BLODGET                                Annie J
BLODGET                                James
BLODGET                                Mahettable
BLODGET                                Silas W
BLODGET COX                            Mahettable
BLODGETT                               Christiana
BLOODGOOD                              Abraham
BLOODGOOD                              Mary
BLOOM                                  Mary
BLOOM FISCHER                          Mary
BLOOMINGDALE                           Adam
BLOOMINGDALE                           Alida
BLOOMINGDALE                           Caroline
BLOOMINGDALE                           Jacob
BLOOMINGDALE                           John
BLOOMINGDALE                           Lydia
BLOOMINGDALE                           Mary
BLOOMINGDALE                           Peter
BLOOMINGDALE                           Susan
BLOOMINGDALE VANDERPOOL                Caroline
BLOOMINGDALE WALDRON                   Susan
BLOSSOM                                David W
BLOSSOM                                Ruth
BLOSSOM                                Sarah Ann
BOARDMAN                               Ann Eliza
BOARDMAN                               George C
BOARDMAN                               John S
BOARDMAN (CW)                          George C
BOBISON                                Sarah
BOCKERMAN                              Marie
BOCKERMAN MILLER                       Marie
BODCHER                                Anna Kathren
BODCHER STOFFELS                       Anna Kathren
BOEHM                                  Carrie
BOEHM                                  Philip
BOETTNER                               Anna
BOETTNER                               Hugo
BOETTNER                               Paul H.
BOGARDUS                               Alice O
BOGARDUS                               Clara
BOGARDUS                               Cornelia
BOGARDUS                               Cornelia E
BOGARDUS                               William H
BOGARDUS                               Willie
BOGARDUS DIETZ                         Cornelia
BOGARDUS SMITH                         Alice O
BOGART                                 Mary E
BOGART LAVERY                          Mary E
BOGERT                                 Rachel
BOGERT VAN HUYSEN                      Rachel
BOHL                                   Helen P
BOICE                                  Abigal
BOICE                                  Catharine
BOICE HOTALING                         Abigal
BOLAND                                 Charles E
BOLINSKI                               Charles
BOLSTER                                Rosalia I
BOLSTER                                Sarah J
BOLSTER DEVOE                          Sarah J
BOLSTER WILLSEY                        Rosalia I
BONNY                                  Austin
BOOMHOWER                              Cora E
BOOMHOWER                              Evean
BOOMHOWER                              Sylvanous
BOOMHOWER COOK                         Cora E
BOOS                                   Edward
BOOS                                   Henry
BOOS                                   Mary
BOOS                                   Mary A
BOOS                                   Mary O
BOOTH                                  Deborah C
BOOTH                                  Edwin A
BOOTH                                  Ella
BOOTH                                  Harriet
BOOTH                                  Harriet
BOOTLE                                 Martha
BOPP                                   Anna
BOPP                                   Caroline
BOPP                                   George J
BOPP                                   Jessie
BOPP                                   Kate
BORTHWICK                              Edwin
BORTHWICK                              Edwin, Jr.
BORTHWICK                              Hamilton
BORTHWICK                              Margaret A
BORTHWICK                              Samuel T
BORTHWICK WINNE                        Mary A.
BORTWICK                               Mary A
BOSCH                                  Catharine
BOSCH CREMERS                          Catharine
BOSS                                   Katharine
BOSS ULLRICK                           Katharine
BOUCK                                  Gardner
BOUCK                                  Katie
BOUCK                                  Warner Mayham
BOUCK                                  Winifred Lenora
BOUCK GIRARDOT                         Katie
BOUTELLE                               Dudley Gates
BOUTELLE                               Edward W
BOUTELLE                               Eleanor Lucretia
BOUTELLE                               Frank Warren
BOUTELLE                               Jeanette L
BOUTELLE                               Mabel
BOUTELLE                               Marietta
BOUTELLE                               Marion E
BOUTON                                 Baldwin
BOUTON                                 George L
BOUTON                                 Jane A
BOUTON                                 Jenett
BOUTON                                 Martha
BOUTON                                 Susannah
BOUTON COLE                            Jenett
BOWERS                                 Josephine
BOWMAN                                 John
BOWMAN                                 Pauline
BOYCE                                  Sarah Frances
BOYCE CARD                             Sarah Frances
BOYD                                   Ann
BOYD                                   Catherine
BOYD                                   James
BOYD                                   Phebe M
BOYD                                   Thomas
BOYD                                   William T
BOYD (RW)                              James
BOYD SCHUYLER                          Catherine
BOYLE                                  John
BOYLE (CW)                             John
BRACE                                  Caroline
BRACE CIVILL                           Caroline
BRADFORD                               Maria C
BRADFORD VAN SCHAICK                   Maria C.
BRADLEY                                Arvilla
BRADLEY                                Daniel G
BRADLEY                                Ella Mae
BRADLEY                                Emma A
BRADSTREET                             John
BRADT                                  Anna E
BRADT                                  Charles E
BRADT                                  Christian
BRADT                                  Christian
BRADT                                  Christopher C
BRADT                                  Garret J
BRADT                                  Hannah E
BRADT                                  Henry
BRADT                                  Jane
BRADT                                  John A
BRADT                                  John C
BRADT                                  Maria
BRADT                                  Mary E
BRADT                                  Peter H
BRADT                                  Peter V
BRADT                                  Rosina
BRADT                                  Sarah A
BRADT                                  Susannah
BRADT                                  William
BRADT ALBRIGHT                         Hannah E
BRADT BAUMIS                           Jane
BRADT HERBER                           Anna E
BRADT ZEH                              Susannah
BRADWILL                               Philip S
BRADWILL (CW)                          Philip S
BRADY                                  Louesa J
BRADY                                  M.J.
BRAINARD                               Elijah
BRAINARD                               Emma F
BRAINARD                               Frank
BRAMBLEE                               John
BRAMLEY                                Jean
BRAMLEY MANG                           Jean
BRAMMALL                               Elizabeth
BRAMMALL MANY                          Elizabeth
BRANCH                                 Jalah
BRAND                                  Alice
BRAND TUTTLE                           Alice
BRANDOW                                Isabelle L
BRANDT                                 Amelia
BRANDT BUNZEY                          Amelia
BRANSFIELD                             Kathryn J
BRANSFIELD                             Maurice J
BRATE                                  Addie E
BRATE                                  Baltus J
BRATE                                  Maria A
BRATE                                  Mary S
BRATE                                  Peter W
BRATE                                  Rachel M
BRATE                                  Sally Ann
BRATE                                  William
BRATE                                  William H
BRATE (CW)                             William H
BRATE PALMER                           Sally Ann
BRAUCH                                 Catherine C
BRAY                                   Katherine
BRAY HILTON                            Katherine
BRAYSHAW                               Catherine A
BRAYSHAW                               Levi A
BRAYSHAW                               Walter
BRAYSHAW                               Waltie E
BRAYSHAW (CW)                          Walter
BREHM                                  Clara Y
BREHM                                  John
BRENNAN                                James
BRENNAN (SERV)                         James
BRETTLE                                Agnes
BREWER                                 Adeline
BREWER                                 William
BRIDGFORD                              Jane
BRIDGFORD                              John Melwood
BRIGER                                 Anthony H
BRIGER                                 Bertha J
BRIGER                                 Cecelia M
BRIGER                                 Frederick J
BRIGER                                 Jacob J
BRIGER (CW)                            Anthony H
BRIGER MYERS                           Bertha J
BRIGGS                                 Alice
BRIGGS                                 Marguerite
BRIGGS BLAISDELL                       Marguerite
BRINCKERHOFF                           John Derick
BRITTON                                Barton
BRITTON                                Everett
BRITTON (CW)                           barton
BROCK                                  Robert E
BROCK (WWII)                           Robert E
BROEFFLE                               Nancy Ann
BROHM                                  Bernard
BROHM                                  Catherine
BROHM ERNST                            Catherine
BRONCK                                 Anna
BRONCK                                 Charlotte
BRONCK                                 Charlotte
BRONCK                                 Eugene
BRONCK (CW)                            Eugene
BRONCK HOUGHTALING                     Charlotte
BRONK                                  Elwood
BRONK                                  Emma E
BRONK                                  Gitty Ann
BRONK                                  Henry
BRONK                                  J.
BRONK                                  N. Berthena
BRONK                                  Sarah
BRONK HANNAY                           Emma E
BRONK PARSONS                          N. Berthena
BRONK VAN AUKEN                        Gitty Ann
BRONK WHITBECK                         J.
BROOKS                                 Fannie
BROOKS                                 Frances
BROOKS                                 Hannah E
BROOKS                                 Harriet
BROOKS DAVIS                           Hannah E
BROOKS DEFOREST                        Harriet
BROOKS GARDNER                         Fannie
BROOKS VANDENBURGH                     Frances
BROUGH                                 Damas
BROUGHAM                               Charles H
BROUGHAM                               Elizabeth
BROUGHAM                               Frank A
BROUGHAM                               Jane L
BROUGHAM                               Jennie
BROUGHAM                               William
BROUGHAM SEAHORN                       Jennie
BROWN                                  Andrew (RW)
BROWN                                  Angeline
BROWN                                  Ann
BROWN                                  Beulah
BROWN                                  Dolly
BROWN                                  Ebenezer
BROWN                                  Elias
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Ezra
BROWN                                  Henry
BROWN                                  Isabella S
BROWN                                  James F
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Julia
BROWN                                  Katharine K
BROWN                                  Louisa
BROWN                                  Lucy
BROWN                                  Malone
BROWN                                  Margaret
BROWN                                  Maria
BROWN                                  Paul
BROWN                                  Phebe
BROWN                                  Sarah
BROWN                                  William
BROWN (CW)                             James F
BROWN (CW)                             John
BROWN CRANDELL                         Dolly
BROWN LEFEVRE                          Malone
BROWN SADDLEMIRE                       Louisa
BROWN VANDERPOEL                       Angeline
BROWNELL                               Caroline
BROWNELL                               Frank
BROWNELL                               Harriet
BROWNELL                               Hattie
BROWNELL                               Luella
BRUCKMAN                               Frank E
BRUCKMAN (WWII)                        Frank E
BRUDER                                 Anna R.J.
BRUDER                                 Carl
BRUDER                                 Henry
BRUDER                                 Hilda
BRUDER                                 Louise C
BRUDER                                 Magdalene
BRUDER BENDER                          Louise C
BRUNK                                  Lena
BRUNK                                  Mary
BRUNK SECOR                            Lena
BRUNK WORMER                           Mary
BRUSH                                  Catherine E
BRUSH                                  Jarvis C
BRUST                                  Henry C
BRUST                                  Margaret
BUCHANAN                               Catharine
BUCHANAN                               Christiana
BUCHANAN                               Jane
BUCHANAN                               Judson
BUCHANAN                               Regina
BUCHANAN BLODGETT                      Christiana
BUCHANAN MOFFAT                        Jane
BUCKLEY                                Caroline
BUCKLEY                                Emily
BUGBEY                                 Abiel
BUGBEY                                 Maria
BUHL                                   Minnie A
BULKLEY                                Charles D
BULKLEY                                Chester
BULKLEY                                Hannah
BULKLEY                                John
BULKLEY                                Silas B
BULL                                   George
BULL                                   Sophia S.
BULL                                   Thomas
BULLOCK                                Robert T
BULMORE                                Fanny
BUNDY                                  Esther
BUNDY                                  Joseph M
BUNDY                                  Margaret
BUNDY WILLIAMSON                       Esther
BUNNELL                                Nathaniel
BUNZEY                                 Amelia
BUNZEY                                 Catharine
BUNZEY                                 Kenneth R
BUNZEY                                 Silas
BUNZEY (WWII)                          Kenneth R
BURBANK                                Horace
BURBANK                                Margaret
BURCKHARD                              George
BURCKHARD (CW)                         George
BURDICK                                Sarah
BURDICK MAIN                           Sarah
BURGER                                 Elizabeth
BURGER VADNEY                          Elizabeth
BURHANS                                Elizabeth
BURHANS                                Rachel
BURHANS                                Sylanus H
BURHANS TEN EYCK                       Rachel
BURKE                                  Patrick
BURKE (CW)                             Patrick
BURKINS                                Evva J
BURKINS                                Harold H
BURNES                                 Sarah
BURNES RESTON                          Sarah
BURNETT                                Arthur C
BURNETT (WWII)                         Arthur C
BURNHARDT                              Dora E
BURNHARDT                              John H
BURNS                                  Charles
BURNS                                  Francis P
BURNS                                  Mary
BURNS                                  Myra
BURNSIDE                               Sarah A
BURNSIDE BRADT                         Sarah A
BURROWS                                Georgeanna
BURT                                   Mary Frances
BURT JARVIS                            Mary Frances
BURTON                                 Catharine
BURTON                                 Catherine
BURTON                                 Esther
BURTON                                 Josiah
BURTON                                 Matthew
BURTON                                 Stephen
BUSCH                                  Daniel J
BUSCH                                  Daniel J
BUSCH                                  Pauline
BUSCHOFSKY                             Ludwig M
BUSHNELL                               E.J.
BUSHNELL                               Etta May
BUSOLD                                 Frederick W
BUTLER                                 Charles
BUTTRE                                 Mary
BUZZE                                  Edward
BUZZEE                                 Charles P
BUZZEE                                 Esley
BUZZEE                                 Maggie
BUZZEE                                 Mary
BYRNE                                  Mary
BYRNE MCDONALD                         Mary
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