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Albany County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

IKENHOFFER                             Rachel M
IKENHOFFER HURST                       Rachel M
ILGEN                                  Karl E
INGALLS                                Aaron P
INGALLS                                Lozina
INGALLS                                Marie H
INGALLS                                Mary Jane
INGALLS ATKINS                         Lozina
INGENTHRON                             Elizabeth
INGENTHRON                             Frank
INGLE                                  McKenzie Avery
INGMIRE                                Fanny
INGMIRE RICE                           Fanny
INGRAHAM                               George C
IRELAND                                Caroline E
IRELAND                                Caspar F
IRISH                                  Albert C.
IRISH                                  Louise L.
IRONS                                  Clyde
IRONS                                  Electia
IVES                                   Joseph Sherman
JACKSON                                Amelia
JACKSON                                George
JACKSON                                Henry Lovett
JACKSON                                John W
JACKSON                                Mary Jane
JACOBS                                 Carrie F
JACOBS                                 Charles
JACOBS                                 George J
JACOBS                                 Katie
JACOBS                                 Louis T.
JACOBS                                 Lucy
JACOBS                                 Miriam
JACOBS                                 Myer C.
JACOBS                                 Philip
JACOBSON                               Catharine
JACOBSON                               Eve
JACOBSON                               Eve
JACOBSON                               Henry
JACOBSON                               Maria
JACOBSON                               Simon
JACOBSON SIVER                         Maria
JACOBSON WARD                          Eve
JAMIESON                               Edward Bradshaw
JANKE                                  Carl
JANSEN                                 Florence
JANSEN                                 Jarvie
JANSEN                                 Mary
JANSEN                                 Norma
JANSEN                                 Thelma
JANSEN DEARSTYNE                       Thelma
JANSEN VAN HOESEN                      Mary
JANSEN WILSON                          Norma
JARVIS                                 Mary Frances
JARVIS                                 Seth
JEFFERSON                              Thomas
JENKINS                                Charles M
JENKINS                                David
JENKINS                                Elizabeth W
JENKINS                                Emma
JENKINS                                Hannah
JENKINS                                Jenkin
JENKINS                                Julie Harriet
JENKINS                                Louise J
JENKINS                                Margaret
JENKINS                                Mary Ann
JENKINS                                Mulford
JENKINS                                Richard James
JENKINS                                Sarah
JENKINS GILLESPIE                      Margaret J.
JENKINS LESTER                         Mary Ann
JENKINS WASHBON                        Julia Harriet
JENKS                                  Elizabeth Ann
JENNINGS                               David S
JENNINGS                               Florence Rose
JENNINGS                               Wesley David
JENSEN                                 Rosetta
JERMY                                  Leola S
JERMY SPEIR                            Leola S
JESS                                   Susanna
JESS WARK                              Susanna
JEWELL                                 Alfred S
JEWELL                                 Elinor
JEWETT                                 Alvin
JEWETT                                 Anna
JEWETT                                 Edna
JEWETT                                 Frederick
JEWETT                                 Leroy D
JOHNSON                                Anna J.
JOHNSON                                Annette B.
JOHNSON                                Arthur P.
JOHNSON                                Christine A.
JOHNSON                                Eliza
JOHNSON                                George
JOHNSON                                Girtrude
JOHNSON                                Gloria May
JOHNSON                                Hellen
JOHNSON                                Henry
JOHNSON                                J., M.D.
JOHNSON                                John
JOHNSON                                Josaphenie
JOHNSON                                Katie
JOHNSON                                Manville
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Mary J.
JOHNSON                                Percy Willard
JOHNSON                                Richard M
JOHNSON                                Robert R.
JOHNSON                                Ruth C.
JOHNSON                                Ruth C.
JOHNSON                                S.G.
JOHNSON                                Sarah
JOHNSON                                Walter
JOHNSON NILES                          Sarah
JOHNSTON                               Catharine Sanders
JOHNSTON                               Hugh
JOHNSTON                               Rebecca A
JOHNSTON                               Robert
JOHNSTON                               Walter
JOHNSTON (CW)                          Robert
JOHNSTON TRIPP                         Rebecca A
JOHNSTONE                              George A.
JOHNSTONE (VN)                         George A
JOLLEY                                 Hugh
JOLLEY                                 James W.
JOLLEY                                 Mary
JOLLEY                                 Mary A
JOLLEY                                 Mary E
JOLLEY                                 Ruth
JOLLEY                                 Samuel
JOLLEY GARRETT                         Mary
JOLLEY MOSHER                          Mary E
JONES                                  Benjamin
JONES                                  Eliza J
JONES                                  Elizabeth
JONES                                  Elizabeth
JONES                                  Elsbree
JONES                                  Ensign
JONES                                  Harriett C
JONES                                  Jane
JONES                                  Jurian W
JONES                                  Margaret
JONES                                  Mary A
JONES                                  Phebe H
JONES                                  Rachel M
JONES                                  Samuel
JONES                                  Sarah
JONES                                  Sarah
JONES                                  Sophia P
JONES                                  Statira A
JONES                                  Susan
JONES                                  Thomas Ingram
JONES BRATE                            Rachel M
JONES GOODRICH                         Sarah
JONES MANN                             Sophia P
JONES TRUAX                            Mary A
JORALEMON                              David
JORALEMON                              Mary Jane
JORALEMON                              Phoebe A
JOSEPH                                 Abraham
JOSEPH                                 Harry Emanuel
JOSEPH                                 Lena
JOSEPH (SERV)                          Harry Emanuel
JOSLIN                                 Amasa C
JOSLIN                                 Amilda
JOSLIN                                 Andrew W
JOSLIN                                 Charles T
JOSLIN                                 Chauncy F
JOSLIN                                 David Henry
JOSLIN                                 George H
JOSLIN                                 Gertrude
JOSLIN                                 Grace S
JOSLIN                                 Hannah M
JOSLIN                                 Henry B
JOSLIN                                 Henry W
JOSLIN                                 Hester L
JOSLIN                                 Mary C
JOSLIN                                 Mary L
JOSLIN                                 Naomy
JOSLIN                                 Peter
JOSLIN                                 Rachel
JOSLIN                                 Rachel E
JOSLIN                                 Sarah
JOSLIN                                 W Frederick
JOSLIN COWEN                           Naomy
JOSLIN NORTHRUP                        Amilda
JOY                                    Patrick
JOY (CW)                               Patrick
JUDSON                                 Edward L
JUDSON                                 Lydia Ann
JUDSON                                 Lydia Ann
JUDSON                                 Maryetta
JUNG                                   Eva
JUNG                                   Katharina
JUNG RINGS                             Eva
JUNG VANDELOO                          Katharina
KAHLE                                  Carl D.
KAHLE                                  Frederick C
KAHLE                                  William C
KAISER                                 Catherine
KAISER                                 Frank
KALBER                                 Charles
KALET                                  Maria
KALET LEUMANN                          Maria
KALEY                                  Adam A
KALEY                                  Alexander A
KALEY                                  Frances
KALEY                                  John
KALEY                                  Margaret
KALEY                                  Mary
KALEY HALLINBECK                       Mary
KAMPFER                                Francis P.
KAMPFER                                Hermine
KAMPFER                                Julia
KAMPFER PLATH                          Hermine
KANE                                   John Innes
KANE                                   Lydia A
KANE                                   Mary
KAPPS                                  Godfrey
KAPPS (CW)                             Godfrey
KASS                                   John
KASS                                   Marie S
KASS                                   Martha A
KASS COLNE                             Martha A
KATCHMAR                               Gertrude
KAUFMAN                                Babet
KAUFMAN                                Fanny
KAUFMAN                                Jacob
KAUTZ                                  Caroline
KAUTZ                                  Frederick
KAUTZ                                  Frederick
KAUTZ                                  John
KAUTZ                                  K B
KAUTZ                                  Katharine A
KEARNS                                 John
KEARNS (CW)                            John
KEARSING                               Edward
KEARSING                               Ella F
KEARSING                               Jessie
KEARSING                               Lillian E
KEARSING                               Martha
KEARSING                               Martha M
KEARSING                               William
KEARSING FREDERICK                     Ella F
KEE                                    Matilda Elizabeth
KEE MORGAN                             Matilda Elizabeth
KEEFER                                 Elizabeth E
KEEFER                                 Hiram W
KEEFER                                 Mary L.
KEEFER                                 Temperance
KEEFER HASLETT                         Elizabeth E
KEELER                                 George
KEELER                                 Margaret
KEENAN                                 Julia
KEENAN COWELL                          Julia
KEENHOLT                               Emma
KEENHOLT BECKER                        Emma
KEENHOLTS                              Addison
KEENHOLTS                              Augusta
KEENHOLTS                              Edward
KEENHOLTS                              Emma D
KEENHOLTS                              Eve Anna
KEENHOLTS                              Frederick
KEENHOLTS                              Jacob
KEENHOLTS                              Jane Ann
KEENHOLTS                              Louisa
KEENHOLTS                              Luella
KEENHOLTS                              Martha
KEENHOLTS                              Mary
KEENHOLTS                              Millie
KEENHOLTS                              Rebecca
KEENHOLTS HALLENBECK                   Mary
KEENHOLTS LITHGOW                      Millie
KEENHOLTS SECOR                        Luella
KEENHOLTS TRUAX                        Emma D
KEENHOLTS WALKER                       Eve Anna
KEEP                                   Edwin S
KEESHAN                                William
KEESHAN (CW)                           William
KEEVAN                                 Mary A
KEI                                    Theresa
KEI MATTICK                            Theresa
KELDERHOUSE                            George P W
KELDERHOUSE                            Jeanette
KELDERHOUSE HORSTMAN                   Jeanette
KELLER                                 M. Jane
KELLOGG                                Frances
KELLY                                  Charlotte Eliza
KELLY                                  Emma L
KELLY                                  Hannah
KELLY                                  Hannah
KELLY                                  Hannah L
KELLY                                  Hattie A.
KELLY                                  Joseph
KELLY                                  Joseph
KELLY                                  Rebecca
KELLY                                  Shubel
KELLY                                  Shubel F
KELSCH                                 George
KEMP                                   Frank A
KEMP                                   Mary
KEMP (CW)                              Frank A
KEMP (CW)                              Mary
KENNEDY                                Edward
KENNEDY                                John T
KENNEDY                                Mary
KENNEY                                 Mary
KENNEY LAUGHLIN                        Mary
KERR                                   Robert
KESSLER                                Anne
KESSLER                                Herman P
KETCHAM                                Henry
KETCHAM                                Margaret
KETCHUM                                Cornelia E
KETCHUM                                Frances
KETCHUM                                John W
KETCHUM KALEY                          Frances
KEYES                                  Ida
KEYES                                  Jackson
KIDNEY                                 Elizabeth
KIDNEY CLUTE                           Elizabeth
KILBORN                                Helen
KILBOURN                               David Wells
KILMER                                 Martha
KILZER                                 Frederick
KILZER (CW)                            Fredrick
KING                                   Anna G
KING                                   Egbert B
KING                                   George M
KING                                   Mary Morgan
KING                                   Peter
KING                                   Robert H
KING                                   Robert Morrow
KING                                   Sarah J
KING                                   Susan Benedict
KING (CW)                              Robert H
KINNEAR                                Elizabeth
KINNEAR                                John Hutton
KINNEAY                                John Hutton
KINSLEY                                Cameron
KINWORTHY                              Joshua
KIP                                    Jacob
KIP                                    Mary
KIP                                    Sally
KIP KANE                               Mary
KIPP                                   Mary
KIPP                                   Nancy Ann
KIPP JOHNSON                           Mary
KIPP WARNER                            Nancy Ann
KIRK                                   Abram
KIRK                                   Bennie Camp
KIRK                                   Frederick F
KIRK                                   Maria
KIRK (WWII)                            Frederick F
KIRKER                                 Edward
KIRKER                                 Elizabeth
KIRKPATRICK                            Emma
KIRKPATRICK                            Jennie
KIRKPATRICK WRIGHT                     Jennie
KLAPP                                  Barbara
KLAPP                                  Matthias
KLEIN                                  Catharin A
KLEIN                                  Catherine
KLEIN                                  Henry
KLEIN                                  Margaret
KLEIN                                  Peter
KLEIN HENZEL                           Margaret
KLEINHANS                              Conrad
KLEINHANS                              Henry
KLEINHANS                              Mary
KLENDER                                Hermann
KLENDER                                Louise
KLENDER                                William
KLOPF                                  Gotlieb
KLOPF                                  Herman
KLOPF                                  Johanna
KLOPF (CW)                             Gotlieb
KLOTZ                                  Anna E
KLOTZ                                  Bertha
KLOTZ                                  Marie
KLOTZ                                  Theodore
KLOTZKE                                Johannah
KNAPP                                  Alton L.
KNAPP                                  Edith M.
KNAPP                                  Esther
KNAPP                                  James
KNAPP CARTER                           Esther
KNIESKERN                              Johan Jost
KNIFFIN                                Margaret
KNIFFIN LAWSON                         Margaret
KNIPPLE                                Caroline L
KNIPPLE SPECK                          Caroline L
KNISKERN                               Catharine E
KNISKERN                               Charlotte O
KNISKERN                               Ida
KNISKERN                               Mary
KNISKERN                               Myron
KNISKERN                               Sarah
KNISKERN                               William H
KNISKERN ECKER                         Charlotte O
KNISKERN TURNER                        Catharine E
KNOST                                  Henry W.
KNOST                                  Lila E.
KNOWER                                 George Sidney
KNOWLES                                Chester G
KNOWLES                                Elizabeth
KNOWLES                                Elmira
KNOWLES                                Julia E
KNOWLES                                Stephen Alexander
KNOWLES                                William C
KNOWLES                                William J
KNOWLES (WWII)                         William J
KOCH                                   Alfred W
KOCH                                   Henry J
KOCH                                   Louisa A
KOELSCH                                Anna M
KOELSCH                                Margaret
KOELSCH                                Michael
KOERNER                                Dorothy M.
KOERNER                                Mary Margaret
KOERNER                                Theodore Clinton
KOERNER ZELL                           Dorothy M.
KOHL                                   Albert William
KOHL (WWII)                            Albert William
KOLB                                   Anna
KOLB                                   F
KOLB (CW)                              F
KONCELBAUM                             Abram
KONCELBAUM                             Jacob
KONCELBAUM                             Janet A
KONCELBAUM                             Louis
KOREMAN                                Arthur S
KOREMAN                                Frank J
KOREMAN (WWII)                         Arthur S
KORN                                   Charles
KORTH                                  Carl E.
KORTH                                  Dorothy
KORTH                                  Henry C.G.
KORTH                                  Josephine
KORTH TRENSKE                          Dorothy
KOSBOB                                 Frederick W
KOSITZKE                               Wilhelmina
KOST                                   Jocelyn
KRAFT                                  Ottillie
KRAFT WITT                             Ottillie
KRANK                                  Barbara
KRANK                                  Catherine
KRANK                                  Lawrence C
KRANS                                  Florence Rose
KRANS JENNINGS                         Florence Rose
KUFAHL                                 Frederick
KUFAHL                                 George J
KUFAHL                                 Lena C
KUNDEL                                 Bertha
KUNDEL                                 Henrietta M
KUNDEL                                 Paul F
LA GRANGE                              Alida
LA GRANGE                              Catharine
LA GRANGE                              Catharine
LA GRANGE                              Christian P
LA GRANGE                              Elias
LA GRANGE                              Elizabeth
LA GRANGE                              Ella
LA GRANGE                              Hester
LA GRANGE                              Jacob A
LA GRANGE                              Jeannetie
LA GRANGE                              Lizzie B
LA GRANGE                              Susan Jane
LA GRANGE BLOOMINGDALE                 Alida
LA GRANGE BOOTH                        Ella
LA GRANGE DAVIS                        Hester
LA GRANGE FRYER                        Hester
LA GRANGE LIVINGSTON                   Susan Jane
LA PORTE                               Winifred
LABAN                                  Wilhelmina
LADD                                   Lena Angie
LADD COOK                              Lena Angie
LAGRANGE                               Catharine
LAGRANGE                               John
LAINHART                               Alexander
LAINHART                               Angelica
LAINHART                               Angelica
LAINHART                               George Crounse
LAINHART                               Maggie
LAINHART                               Margaret M
LAINHART                               Maria
LAINHART                               Sally Ann
LAINHART                               Susie M
LAINHART                               William
LAINHART SCHOOLCRAFT                   Margaret M
LAINHART THORNTON                      Susie
LAKE                                   John
LAMOREAUX                              Alvah
LAMOREAUX                              Elizabeth M
LAMOREAUX                              Emily A
LAMOREAUX                              George C
LAMOREAUX                              Ida W
LAMOREAUX                              Judson
LAMOREAUX                              Phila
LAMOREAUX HOTALING                     Ida W
LAMOREUX                               Dewitt C
LAMOUREUX                              Jane
LAMPMAN                                Hannah
LAMPMAN                                R. Annie
LAMPMAN HOUGHTALING                    Hannah
LAMPMAN WHITBECK                       R. Annie
LANAGAN                                Alice A
LANAGAN MARTIN                         Alice A
LANAHAN                                Sophie
LANDERS                                Alexander A
LANDERS                                Amelia
LANDERS                                Helen
LANDERS                                Margaret
LANDERS                                William G
LANDERS MACCOLLUM                      Helen
LANDON                                 Chrissie May
LANDON                                 Eben
LANDON                                 Julius
LANDON                                 Nancy
LANDON (RW)                            Eben
LANE                                   Saphronia A
LANE YOUNG                             Saphronia A
LANEHART                               Amanda
LANGENBACH                             Edward J
LANGENBACH                             Elizabeth
LANGENBACH                             Elizabeth
LANGENBACH                             Etna I
LANGENBACH                             Joseph
LANGENBACH MILLER                      Elizabeth
LANSING                                Catharine
LANSING                                Catherine
LANSING                                Cornelius
LANSING                                Eliza
LANSING                                Emma J
LANSING                                Frances
LANSING                                Harriet
LANSING                                Helen
LANSING                                Jacob G.
LANSING                                Jacob I
LANSING                                John
LANSING                                John V A
LANSING                                Martha
LANSING                                Mehetable
LANSING                                Myron C
LANSING FELLOWS                        Catherine
LAPAUGH                                Evaline
LAPAUGH                                Jane
LAPAUGH                                William P
LAPAUGH WEAVER                         Jane
LAPE                                   David
LAPE                                   Jacob
LAPE                                   Mary M
LAPE TRUAX                             Jennie A
LARKIN                                 Mary
LARKIN                                 William
LARKIN (CW)                            William
LASHER                                 Horace W
LASHER                                 Ida A
LASHER                                 Irving M
LASHER                                 Marcus
LATHAM                                 Elvina
LATHAM MERSELIS                        Elvina
LATHROP                                Deborah
LATHROP                                Deborah
LATTA                                  George W
LATTA                                  Jacob
LATTA                                  Julia A
LATTA                                  Maria E
LATTA                                  Maria E
LATTA                                  Nancy S
LATTA COUGHTRY                         Nancy S.
LATTA LITCHFIELD                       Julia A
LAUGHLIN                               Albert C
LAUGHLIN                               Arthur A
LAUGHLIN                               Elsie
LAUGHLIN                               Hugh
LAUGHLIN                               John
LAUGHLIN                               John
LAUGHLIN                               Margaret
LAUGHLIN                               Mary
LAUGHLIN                               Mary
LAUGHLIN                               Mary W
LAUGHLIN                               Mary W
LAUGHLIN MOFFAT                        Margaret
LAUT                                   Barbara
LAUT                                   John
LAVALLEE                               Louis H
LAVALLEE                               Louis H
LAVALLEE                               Marie Salina
LAVALLEE                               Marie Salina
LAVALLEE (CW)                          Louis H
LAVALLEE (CW)                          Louis H
LAVERY                                 Frances
LAVERY                                 Mary E
LAVERY CLOW                            Frances
LAWLES                                 Rose A
LAWLES                                 William
LAWRENCE                               George D
LAWRENCE                               Julia
LAWRENCE                               Juliet E
LAWRENCE ANDERSON                      Julia
LAWSON                                 Isaac
LAWSON                                 Johanna
LAWSON                                 Margaret
LAWSON                                 Rachel
LAWSON                                 Sabra
LAWSON                                 William
LAWSON JOSLIN                          Rachel
LAWSON ROBERTS                         Sabra
LAWTON                                 Catharine
LAWTON                                 James
LAY                                    Lucy
LE HURAY                               Mary
LEAHY                                  Marguerite
LEAHY                                  Martha
LEAHY DEGROAT                          Marguerite
LEE                                    Ann
LEE                                    Benjamin
LEE                                    Ezra
LEE                                    Frank V
LEE                                    Margaret A
LEE                                    Maria D
LEE                                    Michael
LEE                                    Nancy
LEE                                    Robert
LEE                                    Sally
LEE                                    Sarah
LEE VAN AUKEN                          Nancy
LEEDINGS                               Susan J
LEFEVRE                                Isaac
LEFEVRE                                Malone
LEFEVRE                                Margaret M
LEFEVRE                                William Leroy
LEGGETT                                Margaret
LEGGETT LUCKEY                         Margaret
LENDRUM                                Harriet
LENDRUM                                John
LENDRUM                                John
LENDRUM                                Lewis
LENDRUM                                Mary
LENDRUM                                William
LEROY                                  Samuel
LEROY (CW)                             Samuel
LESTER                                 Anna Mae
LESTER                                 Ezra
LESTER                                 Harriet
LESTER                                 Mary Ann
LESTER                                 Mary J.
LESTER                                 Mercy
LESTER                                 Richard
LESTER                                 William R.
LESTER (WWII)                          William R.
LEUMANN                                Henry
LEUMANN                                Maria
LEVERENZ                               Ernestine
LEVERENZ                               Frieda
LEVERICH                               Margaret Ann
LEVERICH VAN DERLIP                    Margaret Ann
LEVEY                                  Louis A
LEVEY                                  Mary
LEVEY STEPHENS                         Mary
LEVINE                                 Sarah
LEVINE SWARTZ                          Sarah
LEVISON                                Benjamin C
LEVISON                                Ferdinand
LEVY                                   Solomon
LEWI                                   Alice B
LEWI                                   Anna
LEWI                                   Augusta
LEWI                                   Bertha
LEWI                                   Joseph
LEWI                                   Theodor J
LEWI                                   Wilhelmina
LEWI BENDELL                           Wilhelmina
LEWIS                                  Abigail
LEWIS                                  Catharine
LEWIS                                  Ella
LEWIS                                  Henry
LEWIS                                  Leah
LEWIS                                  Margaret
LEWIS                                  Morgan
LEWIS                                  Nancy
LEWIS                                  Sarah J
LEWIS CIVILL                           Ella
LEWIS MUNGER                           Leah
LEWIS PANGBURN                         Catharine
LEWIS VAN BENSCOTEN                    Sarah J
LIDZY                                  Elizabeth
LILIENTHAL                             Meier
LILL                                   Elizabeth
LILL                                   Martin
LILLICK                                Margaret
LIMBACH                                John
LIMBACH (CW)                           John
LIND                                   Carrie M
LIND STENFELD                          Carrie M
LINDHEIMER                             Johanna
LINDHEIMER LIVINGSTON                  Johanna
LINDSAY                                Marietta
LINDSAY BOUTELLE                       Marietta
LINDSEY                                Adelia H
LINDSEY                                Blanche
LINDSEY                                Catharine
LINDSEY                                Cyrus
LINDSEY                                George W
LINDSEY                                Hannah
LINDSEY                                Jennie
LINDSEY                                Melissa A
LINDSEY GARRETT                        Adelia H
LINN                                   Catherine
LINN BETZ                              Catherine
LINS                                   Carrie
LINS                                   Conrad
LINS                                   Henry
LINS                                   Marie
LINSIG                                 Mary Margaret
LINSIG KOERNER                         Mary Margaret
LINTNER                                Cathrine
LINTNER                                George
LINTNER                                John
LIPMAN                                 Matilda
LIPMAN                                 Sam M
LIPMAN                                 Simon
LIS                                    Helena
LIS                                    Peter
LIS                                    Stella
LISK                                   Albert
LISK                                   Charles
LISK                                   Leroy F
LISK (CW)                              Charles
LITCHFIELD                             Charlotte
LITCHFIELD                             Julia A
LITCHFIELD                             Maria A
LITCHFIELD                             Tunis
LITCHFIELD                             William
LITHGOW                                David Cunningham
LITHGOW                                Millie
LITTLEJOHN                             Mary
LITTLEJOHN PRATT                       Mary
LIVINGSTON                             Aaron
LIVINGSTON                             Ann Agnes
LIVINGSTON                             Appollinia
LIVINGSTON                             Azor
LIVINGSTON                             Catharine
LIVINGSTON                             Christine
LIVINGSTON                             Clarence
LIVINGSTON                             Cornelia
LIVINGSTON                             Edward
LIVINGSTON                             Francis
LIVINGSTON                             Hannah
LIVINGSTON                             Hannah
LIVINGSTON                             Henry I
LIVINGSTON                             Hettie V
LIVINGSTON                             Howard
LIVINGSTON                             James
LIVINGSTON                             Jane
LIVINGSTON                             Jesse
LIVINGSTON                             Johanna
LIVINGSTON                             John
LIVINGSTON                             John S
LIVINGSTON                             Julia
LIVINGSTON                             Julia Eliza
LIVINGSTON                             Mabel
LIVINGSTON                             Maggie
LIVINGSTON                             Margaret
LIVINGSTON                             Maria Adelia Delia
LIVINGSTON                             Mary
LIVINGSTON                             Mary
LIVINGSTON                             Mary
LIVINGSTON                             Mary J
LIVINGSTON                             Mathew
LIVINGSTON                             Mathew
LIVINGSTON                             Myer
LIVINGSTON                             Nancy
LIVINGSTON                             Nancy M.
LIVINGSTON                             Nellie G
LIVINGSTON                             Nicholas
LIVINGSTON                             Peter
LIVINGSTON                             Peter
LIVINGSTON                             Philip
LIVINGSTON                             Philip Henry
LIVINGSTON                             Rebecca
LIVINGSTON                             Sanford
LIVINGSTON                             Sarah
LIVINGSTON                             Susan Jane
LIVINGSTON                             William Henry
LIVINGSTON CROUNSE                     Maria Adelia Delia
LIVINGSTON OSTRANDER                   Ann Agnes
LIVINGSTON REAMER                      Rebecca
LIVINGSTON RELYEA                      Nancy
LIVINGSTON TEN EYCK                    Mabel
LOBDELL                                Isaac
LOBDELL                                Jerusha
LOBDELL                                Lois O
LOBDELL                                Miriam
LOBDELL                                Miriam J
LOBDELL                                Nelson
LOBDELL                                Ruth
LOBDELL LOBDELL                        Jerusha
LOBINGER                               John H
LOBINGER (WWI)                         John H
LOCKHART                               Edna
LOCKHART JEWETT                        Edna
LOCKROW                                Charles
LOCKWOOD                               Caroline
LOCKWOOD                               Catharine Brown
LOCKWOOD                               Catherine Brown
LOCKWOOD                               Jared
LOCKWOOD                               Prudence B.
LOCKWOOD REYNOLDS                      Caroline
LOEPER                                 Anna E W
LOEPER HOTALING                        Anna E. W.
LOESCH                                 Christina L
LOESCH                                 John
LOESCH (CW)                            John
LOEWINDORFF                            Emma J
LOEWINDORFF                            Oscar
LOMBARD                                William N
LOMBARD (CW)                           William N
LONG                                   Elizabeth
LONG                                   Garret
LONG                                   Peter H
LONG                                   Sadie
LONG                                   Sarah
LONG BARTLETT                          Elizabeth
LONG BRADT                             Christian
LONG DEARSTYNE                         Sadie
LOOMES                                 Chauncy
LOOMIS                                 Anna
LOOMIS                                 George
LORD                                   Henry L
LOSEE                                  Ida Jane
LOUCKS                                 Addie E
LOUCKS                                 Frederick N
LOUCKS                                 Leah
LOUCKS HOTALING                        Leah
LOUER                                  Casper J
LOUER                                  Esther E
LOUER                                  Infant Son
LOUER                                  Martin E
LOUNSBURY                              Emma
LOUNSBURY WEEDEN                       Emma
LOVE                                   Margaret
LOVE LANDERS                           Margaret
LOVEDAY                                Albert M.
LOVEDAY                                Catherine A.
LOVEDAY                                Florence E.H.
LOVEDAY                                Jessie B.
LOVEDAY                                Raymond B.
LOVEDAY MAXEY                          Jessie B.
LOWENSOHN                              Louis
LOYD                                   Elizabeth
LOYD MAINE                             Elizabeth
LUCKEY                                 Catharine E
LUCKEY                                 James
LUCKEY                                 Margaret
LUCKEY                                 Mary Jane
LUCKEY GIFFORD                         Mary Jane
LUCKEY MCCLEAN                         Catharine E
LUDDEN                                 Florence C
LUDDEN                                 Phobe Leone
LUDDEN CROUNSE                         Florence C
LUKE                                   Antoinette
LUKE                                   Frederick
LUKE                                   Henry
LUKE                                   Jane
LUKE                                   Margaret
LUKE                                   Margaret
LUKE                                   Maria L
LUKE                                   Phillip
LUKE HURST                             Antoinette
LYDIUS                                 Balthasar
LYMAN                                  Corinne M
LYMAN THOMPSON                         Corinne M.
LYNCH                                  Elizabeth
LYNCH DOWER                            Elizabeth
MACANY                                 Mary
MACCHESNEY                             Jane
MACCOLLUM                              Edward H
MACCOLLUM                              Helen
MACDONALD                              Paul D
MACDONALD                              Robert E
MACDONALD                              Robert E, Jr
MACDONALD (KOR)                        Paul D
MACDONALD (WWI)                        Robert E
MACDONALD (WWII)                       Robert E, Jr
MACDOUGALL                             Allan
MACDOUGALL                             Ann
MACDOUGALL                             Eliza
MACDOUGALL                             Mabel
MACDOUGALL                             Mary
MACDOUGALL PAGETT                      Mary
MACHESNEY                              Annie
MACHESNEY                              Eve Ann
MACHESNEY                              James
MACHESNEY                              James W
MACHESNEY                              John
MACHESNEY                              Margaret
MACHESNEY                              Maria
MACHESNEY                              Peter
MACHESNEY (CW)                         John
MACHESNEY SPAWN                        Annie
MACHWIRTH                              Jakobina
MACHWIRTH                              John
MACHWIRTH                              Sophie
MACHWIRTH LANAHAN                      Sophie
MACMARTIN                              James MacG II
MACMARTIN                              James MacGregor
MACMARTIN                              Janet MacGregor
MACMARTIN                              Margaret
MACMARTIN SMALLWOOD                    Margaret
MACOMBER GAGE                          Ruth
MACRI                                  Maria
MADSEN                                 Maria
MAGILL                                 Anna E
MAGILL                                 Charles N
MAGUIRE                                Cath
MAGUIRE                                Julia
MAGUIRE                                Thomas J
MAIN                                   Elizabeth
MAIN                                   John L
MAIN                                   Mary E
MAIN                                   Sarah
MAIN                                   Susannah C
MAIN FEATHERLY                         Susannah C
MAIN VEEDER                            Elizabeth
MAINE                                  Elizabeth
MALONEY                                Ellen
MALONEY                                James T
MALONEY                                John
MALONEY                                John J
MALONEY                                Michael
MALONEY                                William J
MALONEY (CW)                           John
MALONEY (CW)                           Michael
MALONEY (KOR)                          John J
MANDO                                  Louisa
MANDO                                  Samuel
MANG                                   Harry Jaob
MANG                                   Jean
MANN                                   Alyda
MANN                                   Clara S
MANN                                   Cornelius
MANN                                   Eleanor
MANN                                   Elizabeth
MANN                                   Elizabeth
MANN                                   Emma C
MANN                                   Fannie L
MANN                                   Frederick W
MANN                                   Henry
MANN                                   Jacob
MANN                                   Joel Y
MANN                                   John
MANN                                   John
MANN                                   Josaphenie
MANN                                   Mary E
MANN                                   Matthew A
MANN                                   Nellie M
MANN                                   Rufus J
MANN                                   Sarah
MANN                                   Sophia P
MANN JOHNSON                           Josaphenie
MANN RELYEA                            Sarah
MANN YOUNG                             Emma C
MANSFIELD                              Cora
MANSION                                Clark E
MANSION                                Joseph R
MANSION                                Joseph R
MANSION                                Margaret
MANY                                   Catherine
MANY                                   Elizabeth
MANY                                   Walter C
MANY                                   William V
MARCH                                  Richard E
MARCOUX                                Edward J
MARGISON                               Martha M
MARGISON                               Walter J
MARKLE                                 Christiana
MARKLE                                 Margaret
MARKLE                                 Rachel L
MARKLE MACHESNEY                       Margaret
MARKLE MESICK                          Rachel L
MARSCH                                 Anthony
MARSCH                                 Catharine
MARSCH                                 Philip
MARSHELL                               Eli
MARSHELL (CW)                          Eli
MARTIN                                 Alice A
MARTIN                                 Alma
MARTIN                                 Ann
MARTIN                                 Anna M
MARTIN                                 Annie E
MARTIN                                 Avery
MARTIN                                 Catherine
MARTIN                                 Catherine
MARTIN                                 Clemmie
MARTIN                                 Eliza
MARTIN                                 Elizabeth M
MARTIN                                 Ellen
MARTIN                                 Francis
MARTIN                                 Garrie E
MARTIN                                 Hannah
MARTIN                                 Harriet J
MARTIN                                 J. Madison
MARTIN                                 Jacob
MARTIN                                 James
MARTIN                                 James Edward
MARTIN                                 James F
MARTIN                                 Jane A
MARTIN                                 John
MARTIN                                 Lovina
MARTIN                                 Margaret
MARTIN                                 Margaret
MARTIN                                 Mary Ann
MARTIN                                 Mary Jane
MARTIN                                 Patrick
MARTIN                                 Peter
MARTIN                                 Rachel
MARTIN                                 Sarah
MARTIN                                 Thomas F
MARTIN (CW)                            Patrick
MARTIN CHESEBRO                        Harriett J
MARTIN HAYS                            Elizabeth M
MARTIN NEAD                            Catherine
MARTIN SPAWN                           Ellen
MARTIN VAN ZANDT                       Mary Jane
MARTIN WINNE                           Mary Ann
MARTIN WINSTON                         Eliza
MARTZ                                  Anton
MARTZ                                  Lillian F
MARVIN                                 Edward
MARVIN                                 Harriet Eliza
MARVIN                                 Jane Agnes
MARVIN                                 Walter
MARX                                   Henry Russell
MARX                                   Leonard
MARX                                   Marie
MARX (WWI)                             Henry Russell
MASON                                  Jean
MASON                                  Mehetable
MASON ARCHIBOLD                        Jean
MASON CRARY                            Mehetable
MAST                                   Louise
MAST FURMAN                            Louise
MATHER                                 Elizabeth
MATHER                                 George
MATHER                                 Mary
MATHER                                 Samuel
MATHER JENKINS                         Emma
MATHEWS                                Jane
MATHEWS                                Jane
MATHIAS                                Amanda
MATHIAS                                Estella
MATHIAS                                Levi
MATHIAS                                Magdalene
MATHIAS                                Mary
MATHIAS                                Mary A
MATHIAS                                Myron J
MATHIAS ERWIN                          Amanda
MATHIAS HURST                          Mary A
MATHIAS SCHERMERHORN                   Magdalene
MATHIAS VAN DEUSEN                     Mary
MATTHER                                Emma
MATTHEWS                               Frederick
MATTHEWS                               Jane
MATTICE                                Albertine
MATTICE                                George
MATTICE                                John H.
MATTICE                                Mary (Lizzie)
MATTICE                                Maude
MATTICE SCHELL                         Maude
MATTICK                                Charles
MATTICK                                Charles L
MATTICK                                Herman
MATTICK                                Theresa
MATTISKE                               Henry
MATTISKE                               Rose
MATTMANN                               Lena
MAUSERT                                Anna Elisabeth
MAUSERT                                Catherine
MAUSERT                                Catherine A.
MAUSERT                                Michael
MAUSERT                                Wilhelm
MAUSERT LOVEDAY                        Catherine A.
MAXEY                                  Ivan M.
MAXEY                                  Jessie B.
MAXSTADT                               Anthony
MAXSTADT                               Elizabeth
MAXSTADT                               Elizabeth
MAXWELL                                Lydia
MAXWELL BEEBE                          Lydia
MAYER                                  Jennie
MAYER SWARTZ                           Jennie
MAYHAM                                 Marion Catherine
MAYHAM                                 Paul Joseph
MAYNARD                                David
MAYNARD                                Ethel Mae
MAYNARD                                Frank Wright
MAYNARD                                Frederick C
MAZYCK                                 Isaac
MCARTHUR                               Alexander
MCCABE                                 Ann
MCCABE                                 Charles
MCCABE                                 Elizabeth
MCCABE                                 John R
MCCABE                                 Mary
MCCABE                                 Richard
MCCABE                                 Sarah
MCCABE (WWI)                           Charles
MCCABE GEDNEY                          Elizabeth
MCCABE KLEINHANS                       Mary
MCCANCE                                James A
MCCANCE                                William
MCCANDLISH                             Alexander
MCCANN                                 John
MCCANN (CW)                            John
MCCARTHY                               Cornelius
MCCARTHY                               Ellen
MCCARTHY                               Emma
MCCARTHY                               Louise
MCCARTHY                               Michael
MCCARTHY DE LANGIE                     Emma
MCCARTHY EGAN                          Louise
MCCARTY                                Charlotte e
MCCARTY                                Helen
MCCARTY SANFORD                        Helen
MCCARTY VERPLANCK                      Charlotte E
MCCASKY                                William
MCCHESNEY                              Augusta
MCCHESNEY                              Edna J
MCCHESNEY                              George W
MCCHESNEY                              James
MCCHESNEY                              Mary Jane
MCCHESNEY                              Roswell P
MCCHESNEY                              William
MCCHESNEY HOTALING                     Mary Jane
MCCLEAN                                Catharine E
MCCLURE                                Susan Elizabeth
MCCLURE GARDNER                        Susan Elizabeth
MCCLUSKY                               James C.
MCCLUSKY                               Mary
MCCORMICK                              Ellie L
MCCORMICK                              Fanny
MCCORMICK                              John
MCCORMICK ALBRIGHT                     Ellie L
MCCOUBERY                              Gertrude K
MCCOUBERY                              Laura
MCCOUBERY                              Mary J
MCCOUBERY                              William A
MCCOUBERY                              William A
MCCOUBERY HALLENBECK                   Gertrude K
MCCREADY                               Hannah
MCCULLOCH                              Conrad B
MCCULLOCH                              David
MCCULLOCH                              Katie
MCCULLOCH                              Mary A.
MCCULLOCH                              Mary Ann
MCCULLOCH                              Stephen
MCCULLOCH                              William
MCCULLOCH (CW)                         Stephen
MCCULLOCK                              David
MCCULLOCK                              Elizabeth
MCCULLOCK                              John D
MCCULLOCK                              Margaret
MCCULLOCK                              Margaret J
MCCULLOCK                              Mary
MCCULLOCK SCHERMERHORN                 Elizabeth
MCCULLOUGH                             Cornelia
MCCULLOUGH LIVINGSTON                  Cornelia
MCDONALD                               Elizabeth
MCDONALD                               Elizabeth
MCDONALD                               James
MCDONALD                               James
MCDONALD                               Mary
MCDONALD                               Miles
MCDONALD                               William
MCDONALD (CW)                          Miles
MCELROY                                Amelia
MCELROY                                Apha
MCELROY                                Benjamin
MCELROY                                Jonathan
MCGEE                                  James
MCGEE                                  Margaret
MCGEE (CW)                             James
MCGEE MCHAFFIE                         Margaret
MCGILL                                 Ida A
MCGILL                                 James
MCGILL                                 John A
MCGILL                                 Margaret
MCGLAGHEN                              William Marchael
MCGOURK                                James
MCGOWAN                                Minnie D
MCGOWAN SHAVER                         Minnie D
MCGRAW                                 Edward A
MCGRAW                                 Elmer E.
MCGRAW                                 Magdelene C
MCGRAW                                 Mary E
MCHAFFIE                               David
MCHAFFIE                               Elizabeth
MCHAFFIE                               James
MCHAFFIE                               John
MCHAFFIE                               Lillian
MCHAFFIE                               Margaret
MCHAFFIE                               William D
MCILWAINE                              James
MCINTOSH                               Christina
MCINTOSH FURMAN                        Christina
MCINTYRE                               Charles Ferdinand
MCKEEVER                               Mary
MCKEEVER DEYO                          Mary
MCKENZIE                               Annie
MCKENZIE                               Mary L
MCKENZIE                               Thos
MCKILLIN                               James M L
MCKINNEY                               David
MCKINNEY                               Lydia Ann
MCKINNEY                               Myndert
MCKINNEY (CW)                          David
MCKOWN                                 Absalom
MCKOWN                                 Alice
MCKOWN                                 Catharine
MCKOWN                                 Edith
MCKOWN                                 Hannah J
MCKOWN                                 James
MCKOWN                                 John H
MCKOWN                                 Susan
MCLAUGHLIN                             Mary T
MCLAUGHLIN                             Robert
MCLEAN                                 Anna Bella
MCLEAN CAMPBELL                        Anna Bella
MCLEOD                                 Donald
MCMILLEN                               Nelson B
MCMILLEN                               Willie D
MCMULLEN                               Emma H
MCMULLEN                               Jane
MCMULLEN                               John J
MCMULLEN                               Louise J
MCMULLEN JENKINS                       Louise J
MCMULLEN STEVENS                       Emma H
MCMULLEN SWANN                         Jane
MCNAB                                  Adelia
MCNAMARA                               James B
MCNAMARA (CW)                          James B
MCNIFF                                 Margaret
MCPHERSON                              Daniel
MCPHERSON                              John
MCWILLIAMS                             Cormac
MEAD                                   Angelica V. D. Z.
MEAD                                   Ida L
MEAD                                   Mary E
MEAD                                   Rose M
MEAD                                   Warren J
MEAD BRADT                             Mary E
MEAD SLINGERLAND                       Ida L
MEECH                                  Almira
MEECH                                  Augustus Waterman
MEED                                   Catherine Sophia
MEED                                   Henry L.
MEED CARHART                           Catherine Sophia
MEEK                                   Harry T.
MEEK                                   Jessie
MEEKER                                 Caroline S.
MEEKER                                 Herbert D.
MEEKER                                 Sarah
MEEKER FOOTE                           Sarah
MEIGS                                  Anna Spencer
MEIGS                                  Caroline Elizabeth
MEIGS                                  George L
MEIGS                                  Richard
MEIGS                                  Sarah Maria
MEINBROOK                              John
MEINECKE                               Gussie
MEINECKE                               Julius
MEINEKER                               Marion Catherine
MEINEKER MAYHAM                        Marion Catherine
MEINKE                                 Mary
MEINKE MILLER                          Mary
MENZ                                   Charles E
MENZ                                   Emil A
MENZ                                   John C
MENZ                                   Theodore J
MERENESS                               Martha
MERENESS STERNBERGH                    Martha
MERITT                                 Martha Ann
MERRIFIELD                             John O
MERRIHEW                               Forister
MERRIHEW                               Mary C
MERRITT                                Gilbert
MERRITT                                Gilbert L
MERRITT                                Gladys E
MERRITT                                Hannah
MERRITT                                Isabel M
MERRITT                                M. S.
MERRITT                                Sarah F
MERRITT                                Susan M
MERRITT                                Temperance
MERRITT KEEFER                         Temperance
MERRY                                  Mary
MERRY FOWLER                           Mary
MERSELIS                               Almond
MERSELIS                               Catharine
MERSELIS                               Charlie S
MERSELIS                               Edwin A
MERSELIS                               Elizabeth
MERSELIS                               Elvina
MERSELIS                               Peter
MERSELIS                               Peter F
MERSELIS                               Wheeler E
MERSELLUS                              George W
MERSELLUS                              Mary
MERWIN                                 Ruth
MERWIN JOLLEY                          Ruth
MESICK                                 Abraham L
MESICK                                 Abram
MESICK                                 Alice M
MESICK                                 Barbara
MESICK                                 Carrie
MESICK                                 Charles E
MESICK                                 Elizabeth
MESICK                                 George
MESICK                                 Jacob
MESICK                                 Jacob P
MESICK                                 Jane
MESICK                                 Magdalen
MESICK                                 Margaret
MESICK                                 Martina P
MESICK                                 Nancy
MESICK                                 Rachel L
MESICK                                 William Nyland
MESICK BURBANK                         Margaret
MESICK RELYEA                          Carrie
MESICK ZELL                            Barbara
MESSECK                                Pauline
MESSECK WOGATSKE                       Pauline
MEYER                                  Emilie Hahn
MICHEL                                 Charlotte
MICHEL                                 Karl
MIELKE                                 August G
MIELKE                                 Charles H
MIELKE                                 Elizabeth B
MIELKE                                 Minnie J
MIELKE                                 Otto A
MIELKE MOCK                            Elizabeth B
MIHM                                   Lampert
MIHM                                   Margareth
MIHM (CW)                              Lampert
MILAY                                  Michael
MILBANK                                Edward T
MILLARD                                Abigail
MILLARD AMSDELL                        Abigail
MILLER                                 Albert
MILLER                                 Andrew L
MILLER                                 Anna M
MILLER                                 Annastatia J
MILLER                                 Augustine J
MILLER                                 Carrie E
MILLER                                 Charles
MILLER                                 Christian
MILLER                                 Clara
MILLER                                 Coenrad
MILLER                                 David Henry
MILLER                                 Dorothy P
MILLER                                 Elizabeth
MILLER                                 Elizabeth
MILLER                                 Emma K
MILLER                                 Frank T
MILLER                                 Frederick
MILLER                                 Glenn
MILLER                                 Harriet
MILLER                                 Henry P
MILLER                                 Henry R
MILLER                                 Infant Son
MILLER                                 Jacob
MILLER                                 Jacob J
MILLER                                 John
MILLER                                 John
MILLER                                 John
MILLER                                 John H
MILLER                                 Lena
MILLER                                 Leona L
MILLER                                 Lillian A
MILLER                                 Louise
MILLER                                 Lucy
MILLER                                 Magdelene
MILLER                                 Margaret
MILLER                                 Margaret
MILLER                                 Marie
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Mary Jane
MILLER                                 Mattie
MILLER                                 Mina
MILLER                                 Minnie
MILLER                                 Phebe
MILLER                                 Roland
MILLER                                 Sarah Frances
MILLER                                 Thomas A
MILLER (CW)                            Charles
MILLER DEVOLL                          Sarah Frances
MILLER DUCHARME                        Lena
MILLER JACKSON                         Mary Jane
MILLER MCGRAW                          Magdelene C
MILLER ONDERDONK                       Elizabeth
MILLER REYNOLDS                        Margaret
MILLER WILSEY                          Phebe
MILLEUR                                Marie Salina
MILLEUR                                Marie Salina
MILLEUR LAVALLEE                       Marie Salina
MILLEUR LAVALLEE                       Marie Salina
MILLS                                  Chauncey
MILLS                                  John
MILLS                                  Mary
MILLS                                  Seymour B
MILLS (1812)                           John
MILLS WOOLLETT                         Mary
MINER                                  Grace
MINER                                  Henry M
MINKLER                                Jane L
MINKLER BROUGHAM                       Jane L
MITCHEL                                Erastus
MITCHEL                                Jane
MITCHELL                               Edward Walter
MITCHELL                               Harriet Marie
MITCHELL                               Louise M
MITCHELL                               William
MITCHELL                               William James
MITTAUER                               Adam
MITTAUER                               George
MITTAUER                               Harriet
MITTAUER                               Joseph M
MITZEL                                 Jacob
MITZEL                                 Rosina
MOAK                                   Abbie
MOAK                                   Arianna
MOAK                                   Charles
MOAK                                   Charles G
MOAK                                   Clara Reid
MOAK                                   Elizabeth A
MOAK                                   Georgia E
MOAK                                   Harriet
MOAK                                   Henry J
MOAK                                   J. Nelson
MOAK                                   John T
MOAK                                   Katherine L
MOAK                                   Margaret A
MOAK                                   Mary
MOAK                                   Mary Elizabeth
MOAK                                   Mary J
MOAK                                   Melville S
MOAK                                   Robert
MOAK                                   Susannah
MOAK VAN ALLEN                         Elizabeth A
MOAK WINNE                             Arianna
MOCH                                   Emilie A
MOCH                                   Erdman R
MOCH                                   Reinhold
MOCK                                   Elizabeth B
MOENCH                                 J. A. Friedrich
MOFFAT                                 David
MOFFAT                                 James
MOFFAT                                 Jane
MOFFAT                                 Jennie
MOFFAT                                 Margaret
MOFFAT                                 Ruth
MOFFAT                                 William
MOFFAT                                 William
MOHR                                   J. Henry N.
MOHR                                   Justine C
MOLISKI                                Donald A
MOLISKI (WWII)                         Donald A
MOODY                                  Ebenezer
MOONEY                                 Honora
MOONEY                                 James
MOORE                                  Ann
MOORE                                  Ann
MOORE                                  David
MOORE                                  John
MOORE                                  Lydia Caroline
MOORE                                  Maria
MOORE                                  Mary
MOORE                                  Sarah
MOORE (CW)                             John
MOORE BALL                             Maria
MOORE CUPPS                            Sarah
MOORE WAUD                             Ann
MOORE WILSON                           Mary
MORAN                                  Thomas
MORAN (CW)                             Thomas
MORELL                                 Amelia C
MORGAN                                 Catherine T
MORGAN                                 Edna H.
MORGAN                                 George Lester
MORGAN                                 John J
MORGAN                                 Matilda Elizabeth
MORGAN                                 Nancy
MORGAN                                 Rhobe
MORGAN                                 Simeon
MORGAN                                 William A.
MORGAN GALLUP                          Nancy
MORRELL                                Susan Elizabeth
MORRELL BIDWELL                        Susan Elizabeth
MORRIS                                 Catharine
MORRIS                                 Catharine
MORRIS                                 Charles
MORRIS                                 Jacob
MORRIS                                 Jeannette
MORRIS                                 Leah
MORRIS                                 Lewis J
MORRIS                                 Lois M.
MORRIS                                 Mary
MORRIS                                 Nancy
MORRIS                                 Robert
MORRIS                                 Woodrow
MORRIS LANSING                         Catharine
MORRISSEY                              Katherine
MORRISSEY GAGE                         Katherine
MORROW                                 Joseph
MORROW                                 Mary Ann
MORROW                                 Samuel
MORROW                                 Samuel
MORROW                                 William
MORSE                                  Hannah R
MORSE THOMPSON                         Hannah R
MOSHER                                 Albert
MOSHER                                 David L
MOSHER                                 Emeline
MOSHER                                 Francis
MOSHER                                 Henry
MOSHER                                 Hugh W
MOSHER                                 Leonard
MOSHER                                 Maria
MOSHER                                 Mary E
MOSHER                                 Mary E
MOSHER                                 William
MOSS                                   Caroline
MOSS                                   George
MOSS                                   Peter A
MOSSOP                                 George Maffit
MOTT                                   Abigail
MOTT                                   Daniel
MOTT                                   Isaac
MOTT                                   Jane P
MOTT                                   John S
MOTT                                   Joseph P
MOTT                                   Lydia
MOULD                                  Elizabeth
MOULD WARREN                           Elizabeth
MUELLER                                H William
MUELLER                                Marie S
MULCAHY                                Edward J
MULCAHY (CW)                           Edward J
MULDER                                 Henri
MULDER                                 Martha
MULFORD                                Leonard W
MULFORD                                Lucia H
MULFORD RIDER                          Lucia H
MULHALL                                Edward
MULL                                   Rebecca
MULLEN                                 Bridget
MULLEN                                 Mary
MULLEN                                 Patrick
MULLER                                 Lena M.
MULLER                                 Maebelle
MULLER ALGER                           Lena M.
MULLER WHEATLEY                        Maebelle
MULLINS                                Bridget
MULVIHILL                              Agnes
MULVIHILL                              Anna
MULVIHILL                              Bridget
MULVIHILL                              C.H.
MULVIHILL                              Charles J.
MULVIHILL                              Jeremiah
MULVIHILL                              John
MULVIHILL                              John
MULVIHILL                              Johnnie
MULVIHILL                              Mary Louisa
MULVIHILL                              Matthew
MULVIHILL                              Maurice
MULVIHILL                              Neilie
MULVIHILL BRETTLE                      Agnes
MUNDT                                  Amelia
MUNDT                                  Blanche S. K.
MUNDT RAPPE                            Amelia
MUNGER                                 Leah
MUNGER                                 Robert
MUNGER                                 Solomon
MUNSELL                                Jessie
MUNSELL CULVER                         Jessie
MURDOCK                                Adelia
MURPHY                                 Alice
MURPHY                                 Cornelius
MURPHY                                 Jennie
MURPHY                                 John
MURPHY                                 Julia
MURPHY                                 Julia
MURPHY                                 Margaret
MURPHY                                 Maria
MURPHY                                 Mary
MURPHY                                 Mary A
MURPHY                                 Peter
MURPHY (CW)                            John
MURPHY DE LANGIE                       Alice
MURPHY HOFFMAN                         Mary A
MURPHY MCCULLOCK                       Margaret
MURPHY TUTTLE                          Jennie
MURRAY                                 Lucinda
MURRAY                                 Peter C
MURRAY (CW)                            Peter C
MURRAY FRISBEE                         Lucinda
MYERS                                  Alexander W
MYERS                                  Bertha J
MYERS                                  Catharine
MYERS                                  Emma J
MYERS                                  Jacob
MYERS                                  Marie
MYERS                                  Mina
MYERS                                  Miriam J
MYERS                                  Walter
MYERS                                  William
MYERS LOBDELL                          Miriam J
MYERS SMITH                            Marie
MYNDERSE                               Abraham
MYNDERSE                               Abraham
MYNDERSE                               Ada
MYNDERSE                               Barent
MYNDERSE                               Barent
MYNDERSE                               Barent
MYNDERSE                               Eleanor
MYNDERSE                               Emmett
MYNDERSE                               Jane
MYNDERSE                               Margaret
MYNDERSE                               Myndert
MYNDERSE                               Nicholas
MYNDERSE                               Sarah
MYNDERSE                               Susanah
MYNDERSE HALLENBECK                    Susanah
MYNDERSE VEEDER                        Eleanor
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