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VAIL, ADEE                   AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-119
VAIL, BETSEY                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-409
VALENTINE, JOSEPH            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-105
VALKENIER, JOHN              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-100
VALLET, WILLIAM              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-46
VALLETE, ANN AUGUSTA         CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-17
VANALEN, AMANDA P.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-27
VANALEN, CATHARINE ANN       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-284
VANALEN, CHRISTINA           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-368
VANALEN, CHRISTINA           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-128
VANALEN, CORNELIA H.         STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-39
VANALEN, CORNELIUS           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-595
VANALEN, CORNELIUS           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-379
VANALEN, DORCAS              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-179
VANALEN, ELIZABETH           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-502
VANALEN, EUNICE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-538
VANALEN, HELEN M.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-742
VANALEN, ISAAC P.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-686
VANALEN, JACK                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-J-238
VANALEN, JACOBUS             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-K-30
VANALEN, JACOBUS L.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-394
VANALEN, JANE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-302
VANALEN, JANE D.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-483
VANALEN, JOHANIS JACOBUS     KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-94
VANALEN, JOHN                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-135
VANALEN, JOHND .             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-118
VANALEN, LAWRENCE            CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-13
VANALEN, LOURENS L.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-119
VANALEN, LUCAS               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-57
VANALEN, LUCAS H.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-166
VANALEN, LUCAS J.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-286
VANALEN, LYDIA A.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-505
VANALEN, MARIA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-664
VANALEN, PETER               CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-453
VANALEN, PETER               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-13
VANALEN, PETER A.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-261
VANALEN, PETER VAN NESS      STUYVESANT                    NY-11-K-329
VANALEN, SARAH               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-427
VANALEN, WILLIAM P.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-594
VANALEN,C HRISTINA           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-I-35
VANALLEN, BARENT A.          STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L1-258
VANALLEN, JOHN               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-501
VANALLEN, LAURENCE L.        STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-763
VANALLEN, PETER              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-442
VANALLEN, PHILIP             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-754
VANALLSTYNE, PETER EDWARD    STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-396
VANALSTINE, ABRAHAM I.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-256
VANALSTYN, CORNELIUS         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L2-43
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-135
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM          CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-261
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM          CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-354
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM A.       CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-277
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM P.       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-200
VANALSTYNE, ADAM             STUYVESTANT                   NY-11-L2-26
VANALSTYNE, ALIDA            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-674
VANALSTYNE, ANGELICA         CHATHAM                       NY-11-H-233
VANALSTYNE, BARENT           KINDRHOOK                     NY-11-S-184
VANALSTYNE, CATALYNE         STUYVESANT                    NY-11-J-481
VANALSTYNE, CORNELIUS        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-9
VANALSTYNE, EVE              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-24
VANALSTYNE, FREDERICK        HUDSON                        NY-11-K-601
VANALSTYNE, HUGH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-543
VANALSTYNE, ISAAC            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L1-666
VANALSTYNE, ISAAC L.         CANAAN                        NY-11-K-535
VANALSTYNE, JAMES            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-R-532
VANALSTYNE, JAMES G.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-672
VANALSTYNE, JANE A.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-440
VANALSTYNE, JOHN             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-455
VANALSTYNE, JOHN P.          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-F-448
VANALSTYNE, MARGARET         STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-161
VANALSTYNE, MARIA            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-F-305
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-55
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-164
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN C.        STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-101
VANALSTYNE, PETER            CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-431
VANALSTYNE, PHILIP           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L1-30
VANALSTYNE, PHILIP           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-158
VANALSTYNE, RICHARD          CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-478
VANALSYNE, CATHARINE         STUYVESTANT                   NY-11-N-160
VANALYSTNE, ELIZABETH        STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L1-380
VANASTES, JOANNA             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-323
VANBENSCHOTEN, EGBERT        HUDSON                        NY-11-X-347
VANBENSCHOTEN, WILLIAM M.    ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-240
VANBEUREN, DIRCK             KINDEROOK                     NY-11-D-130
VANBRAMER, JACOB             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-204
VANBUREN, ABRAHAM A.         HUDSON                        NY-11-G-506
VANBUREN, ANDREW             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-635
VANBUREN, BARENT             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-366
VANBUREN, BARENT             KLYNE KILL                    NY-11-A-22
VANBUREN, BARRENT            CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-230
VANBUREN, CHARLES W.         GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-768
VANBUREN, DOROTHY            CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-55
VANBUREN, LUCRETIA           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-638
VANBUREN, MARGARET           CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-688
VANBUREN, MARTIN             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-380
VANBUREN, MARY ANN           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-531
VANBUREN, PETER              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-27
VANBUREN, WILLIAM            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-170
VANDEBOE, ADAM               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-754
VANDEBOE, CHARLES E.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-612
VANDEBOE, CHARLOTTE          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-754
VANDEBOE, HANNAH             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-89
VANDEBOE, JACOB              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-372
VANDEBOE, JACOB              CLAVERACK (CON'T)             NY-11-F-406
VANDEBOE, PETER              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-124
VANDEBOGART, JACOB           COPAKE                        NY-11-L1-74
VANDEBOGART, JOHN            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-1
VANDEBOGART, JOHN            CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-24
VANDEBOGART, MYNDERT         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-E-158
VANDEBOGART, PETER           GRANGER                       NY-11-D-107
VANDEBOGART, REUBEN          CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-708
VANDECARR, HENRY S.          STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-159
VANDENBURGH, MARTIN          CANAAN                        NY-11-N-31
VANDERBURGH, OSCAR F.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-156
VANDERBURGH, PETER           GREENPORT                     NY-11-J-477
VANDERHOEL, ANDREW           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-272
VANDERPOEL, AARON MELGERT    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-687
VANDERPOEL, ABRAHAM          CANAAN                        NY-11-E-140
VANDERPOOL, MELGART          CANAAN                        NY-11-E-5
VANDEUSEN, ABRAHAM           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-M-590
VANDEUSEN, ABRAHAM           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-508
VANDEUSEN, ALFRED G.         HUDSON                        NY-11-V-370
VANDEUSEN, CAROLINE          TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-R-156
VANDEUSEN, CHARLES           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-264
VANDEUSEN, CHARLS A.         HUDSON                        NY-11-U-730
VANDEUSEN, ESTELLA           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-283
VANDEUSEN, GEORGIANNA        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-44
VANDEUSEN, HANNAH            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-288
VANDEUSEN, HANNAH            HUDSON                        NY-11-M-692
VANDEUSEN, ISAAC             COPAKE                        NY-11-P-157
VANDEUSEN, ISAAC             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-482
VANDEUSEN, ISABELLA          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-687
VANDEUSEN, JAMES             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-625
VANDEUSEN, JAMES N.          TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-P-595
VANDEUSEN, JERUSHA           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-163
VANDEUSEN, JOHANNIS M.       HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-405
VANDEUSEN, JOHN              GREENPORT                     NY-11-L2-467
VANDEUSEN, JOHN D.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-186
VANDEUSEN, JOHN I.           HUDSON                        NY-11-B-177
VANDEUSEN, JOHN W.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-703
VANDEUSEN, LEWIS             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-400
VANDEUSEN, NATHAN C.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-38
VANDEUSEN, REBECCA           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-659
VANDEUSEN, REBECCA           GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-170
VANDEUSEN, RICHARD           COPAKE                        NY-11-K-352
VANDEUSEN, ROBERT            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-209
VANDEUSEN, ROBERT T.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-355
VANDEUSEN, SAMUEL A.         AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-380
VANDEUSEN, TOBIAS            HUDSON                        NY-11-B-190
VANDEUSEN, TOBIAS R.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-407
VANDEUSEN, TOBIAS T.         HUDSON                        NY-11-D-405
VANDEUSEN, WILLIAM           COPAKE                        NY-11-T-782
VANDEUSEN, WILLIAM           GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-548
VANDEVARR, JOHN H.           STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-300
VANDEWOORT, JULIA A.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-174
VANDUSEN, JOHN               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-367
VANDYCK, ABRAHAM P.          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-191
VANDYCK, ALIDA               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-438
VANDYCK, ARENTY B.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-159
VANDYCK, JOHN A.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-294
VANDYCK, LAWRENCE            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-605
VANDYCK, LOURENS             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-224
VANDYCK, MARIA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-160
VANDYCK, PETER C.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-332
VANDYCK, PETER L.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-613
VANDYCK, STEPHEN             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-371
VANEVERY, JAMES              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-539
VANEY, JOHN M.               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-V-657
VANEYCK, CATHARINE           GHENT                         NY-11-R-105
VANHOESEN, ABRAHAM           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-F-160
VANHOESEN, ABRAHAM G.        STUYVESANT                    NY-11-J-366
VANHOESEN, ANNA C.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-496
VANHOESEN, D. TAYLOR         NIVERVILLE                    NY-11-X-797
VANHOESEN, ELIJAH            GREENPORT                     NY-11-N-742
VANHOESEN, ELIJAH            GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-350
VANHOESEN, ELIZABETH         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L1-394
VANHOESEN, GEORGE            CHATHAM                       NY-11-H-147
VANHOESEN, HENDRICK          HUDSON                        NY-11-A-138
VANHOESEN, HENRY P.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-770
VANHOESEN, JACOB             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, JACOB J.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-402
VANHOESEN, JANNETYE          HUDSON                        NY-11-B-50
VANHOESEN, JOHN C.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-329
VANHOESEN, MATTHEW           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-437
VANHOESEN, PETRUS            CLAVERICK (IN DUTCH)          NY-11-A-188
VANHOESEN, PETRUS            HUDSON                        NY-11-C-178
VANHOESEN, TUNIS             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-121
VANHORN, AARON               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-479
VANKUREN, CORNELIUS          GHENT                         NY-11-E-84
VANKUREN, POLLY              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-O-186
VANLEUVEN, ISAAC             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-G-380
VANLEUVEN, ISAAC             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-G-326
VANLOON, SARAH A.            HUDSON                        NY-11-J-5
VANNESS, DAVID               HUDSON                        NY-11-F-163
VANNESS, ELIZABETH           HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-346
VANNESS, ELIZABETH ANN       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-211
VANNESS, FRANCIS             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-670
VANNESS, ISAAC               CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-34
VANNESS, JESSE               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-164
VANNESS, JOHN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-165
VANNESS, JOHN                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-503
VANNESS, MARIA               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L1-157
VANNESS, PETER               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-49
VANNESS, SHERMAN             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-726
VANNESS, WELLEM              * (IN DUTCH)                  NY-11-A-134
VANNESS, WILLIAM             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-216
VANNYS, JOHN I.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-540
VANPULTZ, MARY               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-211
VANRENSSELAER, HENDRICK      CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-249
VANRENSSELAER, HENRY H.      CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-17
VANRENSSELAER, MARIA H.      CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-495
VANRENSSELAER, NANCY         HUDSON                        NY-11-K-614
VANRENSSELAER, NICHOLAS B.   GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-579
VANRENSSELAER, PETER         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-352
VANRENSSELAER, ROBERT        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-168
VANRENSSELAER, ROBERT BARNARD HUDSON                        NY-11-P-705
VANRENSSELAER, VOLKERT P.    HUDSON                        NY-11-R-280
VANRESSELAER, ALEXANDER H.   CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-538
VANRESSELAER, ALIDA          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-41
VANRESSELAER, HENRY          HUDSON                        NY-11-P-101
VANRESSELAER, JOHN R.        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-95
VANSCHAACK, CATHARINE        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-716
VANSCHAACK, CHRISTINA        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-588
VANSCHAACK, CONELIUS         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-238
VANSCHAACK, DAVID            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-269
VANSCHAACK, DAVID            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-258
VANSCHAACK, DAVID            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-492
VANSCHAACK, DORCAS           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-760
VANSCHAACK, HENRY            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-89
VANSCHAACK, JULIA            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-208
VANSCHAACK, PETER            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-13
VANSLYCK, ANTHONY            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-280
VANSLYCK, BARRENT            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-204
VANSLYCK, CATHARINE JANE     KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-761
VANSLYCK, CHRISTINA          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-81
VANSLYCK, ESTHER             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-770
VANSLYCK, HANNAH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-678
VANSLYCK, HUGH               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-128
VANSLYCK, JAMES              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-37
VANSLYCK, JAMES              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-717
VANSLYCK, JOHN J.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-701
VANSLYCK, JOHN V. A.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-584
VANSLYCK, MARY ELIZA         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-343
VANSLYCK, MARY JANE          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-746
VANSLYCK, RACHAEL            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-653
VANSLYCK, SARAH              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-23
VANSLYCK, TOBIAS             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-640
VANSLYCK, WILLIAM H.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-719
VANSLYCK, WINA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-217
VANSLYKE, BALTUS             HUDSON                        NY-11-V-559
VANSLYKE, JERUSHA            STUVYESANT                    NY-11-P-78
VANSLYKE, PETER B.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-178
VANSLYKE, PETER T.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-37
VANSLYKE, SARAH              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-279
VANTASSEL, FREDERICK         COPAKE                        NY-11-H-65
VANTASSELL, MARTIN           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-394
VANVACHTER, ELSHE            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-354
VANVALKENBURG, HARRIET       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-448
VANVALKENBURGH, ADAM         GHENT                         NY-11-N-740
VANVALKENBURGH, ANDREW       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-273
VANVALKENBURGH, ANDREW A.    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-177
VANVALKENBURGH, ANDREW J.    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-233
VANVALKENBURGH, ELSIE M.     GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-73
VANVALKENBURGH, EVA          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-661
VANVALKENBURGH, GEORGE       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-8
VANVALKENBURGH, HANNAH E.    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-736
VANVALKENBURGH, HELEN        CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-523
VANVALKENBURGH, ISAAC C.     GHENT                         NY-11-S-311
VANVALKENBURGH, JACOB        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-290
VANVALKENBURGH, JAMES        CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-464
VANVALKENBURGH, JAMES B.     CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-1
VANVALKENBURGH, JAMES C.     GHENT                         NY-11-P-401
VANVALKENBURGH, JEHOIAKIM    HUDSON                        NY-11-M-556
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN I.      KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-196
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN J.      CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-28
VANVALKENBURGH, MARGARET     CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-740
VANVALKENBURGH, MARIA        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-93
VANVALKENBURGH, MARY         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-207
VANVALKENBURGH, POLLY        CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-106
VANVALKENBURGH, VIRGINIA C.  GHENT                         NY-11-P-288
VANVALKENBURH, HOYSRADT A.   GALLATIN                      NY-11-X-184
VANVALKINBURGH, ANDREW       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-190
VANVLECK, AARON              GREENPORT                     NY-11-T-639
VANVLECK, ABRAHAM            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-93
VANVLECK, ELIZABETH          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-342
VANVLECK, HARRY D.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-22
VANVLECK, ISAAC A.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-253
VANVLECK, JANE               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-138
VANVLECK, MAGDALEN           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-64
VANVLECK, MARIA              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L1-288
VANVLECK, MARIA              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-101
VANVLECK, MARY               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-363
VANVLECK, PETER              KINDERHOOK (CON'T)            NY-11-F-396
VANVLECK, PETER              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-381
VANVLECK, PETER H.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-163
VANVLECK, WILLIAM H.         NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-566
VANVOLKENBURGH, BARTLET J.   CHATHAM                       NY-11-I-230
VANVOLKENBURGH, SARAH A.     CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-708
VANWYCK, ABRAM               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-W-67
VANWYCK, ELIZA               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-1
VANWYCK, RACHAEL             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-715
VANWYCK, STEPHEN M.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-341
VARNEY, DAVID R.             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-397
VASBURGH, ARENT              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-K-510
VEDDE, HERMAN V.             GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-519
VEDDER, HERMAN               GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-713
VEDDER, RANSOM H.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-561
VEDDER, REBECCA              GALLATIN                      NY-11-S-799
VEELE, JOHN                  COPAKE                        NY-11-M-599
VILLES, CORNELIA             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-66
VINCENT, AMBROS              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-311
VINCENT, CURTIS              GHENT                         NY-11-N-572
VINCENT, FREDERICK G.        AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-605
VINCENT, LEVI                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-176
VINCENT, LEVI                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-231
VISHER, ELSIE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-128
VOLAND, PHILIP               LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY        NY-11-A-177
VOSBURG, MARIAH              COPAKE                        NY-11-U-738
VOSBURGH, AARON              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-550
VOSBURGH, ABRAHAM            CANAAN                        NY-11-E-107
VOSBURGH, ANN                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-6
VOSBURGH, ANNA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-415
VOSBURGH, CHRISTINA          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-615
VOSBURGH, CYNTHIA            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-776
VOSBURGH, ELIZABETH          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-9
VOSBURGH, EVERT              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-281
VOSBURGH, GILBERT J.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-477
VOSBURGH, HANNAH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-37
VOSBURGH, HANNAH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-360
VOSBURGH, HANNAH             COPAKE                        NY-11-U-586
VOSBURGH, ISAAC              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-149
VOSBURGH, ISAAC              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-48
VOSBURGH, JAMES M.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-491
VOSBURGH, JANE ANN           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-91
VOSBURGH, JOHN               GHENT                         NY-11-E-106
VOSBURGH, JOHN               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-536
VOSBURGH, JOHN               ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-291
VOSBURGH, JOHN A.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-325
VOSBURGH, JOHN P.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-604
VOSBURGH, LAURA LOUISA       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-714
VOSBURGH, LUCRETIA           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-108
VOSBURGH, LYDIA              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-419
VOSBURGH, MORGAN             GALLATIN                      NY-11-T-267
VOSBURGH, MYNDERT P.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-141
VOSBURGH, ORVILLE B.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-166
VOSBURGH, RACHEL             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-613
VOSBURGH, RACHEL ANN         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-629
VOSBURGH, SAMUEL             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-308
VOSBURGH, SELLICK            COPAKE                        NY-11-R-81
VOSMINE, JOHN                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-178
VOUGHT, GEORGE               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-395
WACKERHAGEN, CHARLES E.      CANAAN                        NY-11-W-306
WADSHAWS, JOHN               CANAAN                        NY-11-C-408
WADSWORTH, JOHN              NEW BRITAIN                   NY-11-A-195
WADSWORTH, JOHN W.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-622
WADSWORTHBERT E.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-748
WAGAR, DAVID                 GHENT                         NY-11-L2-350
WAGAR, SARAH                 GHENT                         NY-11-U-727
WAGER, JACOB                 GHENT                         NY-11-G-395
WAGER, JOHN                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-J-545
WAGER, PEMELIA M.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-732
WAGER, SUSANNA               GHENT                         NY-11-N-243
WAGGNER, JOHN A.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-693
WAGGONER, ADAM               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-184
WAGGONER, BALTUS ***         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-419
WAGGONER, SUSANNAH           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-19
WAGNER, ALFRED               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-783
WAGNER, HANNAH MARIA         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-60
WAGNER, JOHN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-R-495
WAGNER, PETER B.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-116
WAGNER, PETER M.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-Q-115
WAGONER, ELIZA A.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-489
WAGONER, JANE C.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-791
WAGONER, JEREMIAH            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-275
WAGONER, LEVI                GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-358
WAGONER, SALLY MARIA         TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-W-468
WAIT, EDMUND                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-12
WAIT, JONATHAN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-D-551
WAIT, JOSIAH                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-369
WAIT, LUTHER                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-J-580
WAITE, JOSIAH                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-584
WAITE, MARIA C.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-29
WALDO, SARAH                 HUDSON                        NY-11-T-426
WALDO, SUSAN A.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-601
WALDO, WILLIAM               HUDSON                        NY-11-K-250
WALDRON, CHARLES P.          HUDSON                        NY-11-O-179
WALDRON, JANE                HUDSON                        NY-11-O-511
WALKER, CATHARINE C.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-24
WALKER, HENRY                LIVIGNSTON                    NY-11-S-657
WALKER, ROBERT               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-758
WALKER, WILLIAM T.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-629
WALL, TOBEY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-D-269
WALLACE, MARY E.             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-248
WALLACE, SARAH               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-366
WALLACE, WILLIAM P.          ANCRAM                        NY-11-N-418
WALLING, JAMES               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-204
WALTERMIRE, CORNELIA         GHENT                         NY-11-N-627
WALTERMIRE, GEORGE           GHENT                         NY-11-L1-40
WALTERMIRE, JOHN M.          GHENT                         NY-11-L1-783
WALTERMIRE, RICHARD D.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-488
WALTERMORE, DAVID            GHENT                         NY-11-P-320
WALTERMYRE, JACOB            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-80
WAMBACH, ARNOLD              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-94
WARD, REBECCA S.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-561
WARDLE, JOHN K.              HUDSON                        NY-11-W-478
WARING, ELIZABETH ARMFIELD   HUDSON                        NY-11-M-318
WARING, GEORGE               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-105
WARNER, ABRAM                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-237
WARNER, ANNA                 CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-303
WARNER, DANIEL               CANAAN                        NY-11-F-97
WARNER, ELIJAH               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-513
WARNER, GEORGE W.            CANAAN                        NY-11-R-239
WARNER, HENRY L.             CANAAN                        NY-11-W-134
WARNER, JAMES                CANAAN                        NY-11-K-19
WARNER, JOHNATHAN            CANAAN                        NY-11-E-99
WARNER, JOSEPH L.            CANAAN                        NY-11-J-651
WARNER, SARAH                CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-342
WARREN, JULIA S.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-652
WASBOND, EDWARD              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-175
WASHBURN, CALEB              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-J-505
WASHBURN, CALVIN             HYDE PARK, LUZERNE, PA        NY-11-P-345
WASHBURN, DAVID              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-117
WASHBURN, LUTHER             CANAAN                        NY-11-D-35
WASHBURN, MARGARET           CLERMONT                      NY-11-N-62
WASHBURN, PHILIP             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-170
WASHBURN, ROBERT             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-355
WASHBURN, WILLIAM A.         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-U-45
WATERMAN, HELEN M.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-300
WATERMAN, HENRY              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-18
WATERMAN, STEPHEN            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-425
WATROUS, MARIA H.            GHENT                         NY-11-W-552
WEAER, HENRY A.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-H-213
WEAGER, BARENT               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-112
WEAGER, ELIZABETH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-139
WEATHERBEE, MARY             GHENT                         NY-11-Q-480
WEAVER, ADAM                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-460
WEAVER, CATHERINE            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-522
WEAVER, EDWARD J.            GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-391
WEAVER, ELIZABETH            HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-484
WEAVER, HENRY J.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-606
WEAVER, JOHN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-482
WEAVER, JOHN                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-325
WEAVER, JONAS A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-232
WEAVER, MARIA                GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-361
WEAVER, WILLIAM              CHATHAM                       NY-11-A-421
WEAVER, WILLIAM H.           GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-324
WEBB, CATHARINE J.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-404
WEBB, SAMUEL B.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-215
WEBB, STEPHEN H. SR.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-660
WEBBER, ALPHEUS              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-61
WEBBER, JOHN HENRY           HUDSON                        NY-11-U-280
WEBBER, SOPHIA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-606
WEBSTER, GEORGE              HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-23
WEBSTER, HENRY M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-134
WEBSTER, SUSAN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-173
WECK, PHILIP                 GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-276
WEED, CHARLES J.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-797
WEED, HARRIET                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-433
WEEKS, HARRIET M.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-234
WEEKS, JOHN                  GREENPORT                     NY-11-K-228
WEEKS, NELSON                HUDSON                        NY-11-X-38
WEIDERWAX, HARRIET           CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-708
WEIDERWAX, SARAH P.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-191
WELCH, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-X-582
WELLS, ANNA MARIA            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-668
WELLS, RICHARD I.            HUDSON                        NY-11-M-517
WENDELL, GOTTLEBEN W.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-348
WENDOVER, JOHN T.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-183
WENDOVER, LUCRETIA H.        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-366
WENDOVER, STEPHEN            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-K-455
WENDOVER, STEPHEN H.         STUYVESTANT                   NY-11-T-45
WESCOTE, BENEDICT            CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-48
WEST, DAVID                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-H-14
WEST, REBECCA                HUDSON                        NY-11-K-478
WEST, ROBERT SR.             CANAAN                        NY-11-U-679
WEST, WILLIAM                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-21
WESTCOTT, ANNIS              CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-271
WESTFIELD, JOHN              HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-596
WHEELER, ANDRIES             GALLATIN                      NY-11-N-597
WHEELER, EDWARD              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-101
WHEELER, HENRY R.            POUGHKEEPSIE                  NY-11-M-54
WHEELER, HERREMON            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-6
WHEELER, JANE                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-517
WHEELER, JOHN R.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-29
WHEELER, JONATHAN            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-368
WHEELER, JOSEPH T.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-712
WHEELER, LUCINDA C.          HUDSON                        NY-11-W-219
WHEELER, MARTIN B.           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-T-620
WHEELER, MARY A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-574
WHEELER, SAMUEL              CANAAN                        NY-11-E-15
WHEELER, SAMUEL B.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-91
WHEELER, WILLIAM             CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-45
WHITBECK, ANN                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-155
WHITBECK, CORNELIUS M.       COPAKE                        NY-11-U-13
WHITBECK, HENRY M.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-317
WHITBECK, JACOB              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-427
WHITBECK, JOHN               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-435
WHITBECK, JOHN               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-386
WHITBECK, MARY               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-568
WHITBECK, VOLKERT            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-488
WHITE, AMELIA                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-496
WHITE, ELIZABETH             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-721
WHITE, EMILY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-651
WHITE, FARNUM                HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-25
WHITE, GEORGE H.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-138
WHITE, HIRAM                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-227
WHITE, JOHN                  CANAAN                        NY-11-C-294
WHITE, JOHN                  CANAAN                        NY-11-B-88
WHITE, JOHN A.               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-U-51
WHITE, JOSEPH                HUDSON                        NY-11-R-744
WHITE, MICAH                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-645
WHITE, SARAH E. M.           HUDSON                        NY-11-S-176
WHITE, STEPHEN M.            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-545
WHITE, WILLIAM               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-H-36
WHITE, ZADOCK                CANAAN                        NY-11-D-343
WHITEHEAD, ANN               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-53
WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-628
WHITEMAN, GERTRUDE           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-53
WHITEMAN, PHILIP             GHENT                         NY-11-S-257
WHITEMAN, WILLIAM            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-375
WHITING, ALIDA B.            CANAAN                        NY-11-T-775
WHITING, CHARLES             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-182
WHITING, JOHN L.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-634
WHITING, WILLIAM             HUDSON                        NY-11-H-166
WHITLOCK, THOMAS             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-J-473
WHITMAN, HENDERICK           CLERMONT                      NY-11-A-461
WHITMAN, JOHN                GHENT                         NY-11-L2-40
WHITNEY, ELVINA H.           STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-439
WHITNEY, GEORGE              ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-607
WICKHAM, DAVID               CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-492
WICKHAM, JOHN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-308
WICKHAM, LUCY                CANAAN                        NY-11-E-68
WIER, JOHN                   HUDSON                        NY-11-I-444
WIER, MARTHA                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-594
WIGHT, CHRISTINA             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-248
WIGHT, RACHEL                HUDSON                        NY-11-G-350
WIGHTMAN, JOHN               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-1
WILBER, ELIZABETH            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-723
WILBER, OBEDIAH              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-506
WILBER, ORIN                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-331
WILBER, SAMUEL               CHAHAM                        NY-11-D-537
WILBOR, HENRY A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-395
WILBUR, SEYMOUR F.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-267
WILBUR, SHADRACK             CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-159
WILBUR, WESTON               HUDSON                        NY-11-H-326
WILCOX, ABEL P.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-637
WILCOX, HIAL                 CANAAN                        NY-11-E-61
WILCOX, JANE ANN             CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-619
WILCOX, JOHN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-K-402
WILCOX, VALENTINE J.         GHENT                         NY-11-P-754
WILD, ELLEN A.               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-408
WILD, NATHAN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-575
WILD, SARAH                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-567
WILDER, ASAPH                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-280
WILKINSON, FANNIE M.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-577
WILKINSON, HIRAM F.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-99
WILL, HENRY WILLIAM          CAMP                          NY-11-A-110
WILLBUR, SAMUEL              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-454
WILLETTE, ANN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-539
WILLETTS, HENRY              CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-745
WILLETTS, JOHN               WASHINGTON, DUTCHESS, NY      NY-11-N-555
WILLIAMS, AARON              COPAKE                        NY-11-I-147
WILLIAMS, AARON J.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-J-467
WILLIAMS, AMELIA             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-319
WILLIAMS, ANNA MARIA         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-531
WILLIAMS, CASPER             COPAKE                        NY-11-S-647
WILLIAMS, CORNELIUS          COPAKE                        NY-11-I-377
WILLIAMS, DANIEL L.          COPAKE                        NY-11-S-10
WILLIAMS, DAVID              COPAKE                        NY-11-I-449
WILLIAMS, ELIAS              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-428
WILLIAMS, ELIAS              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-352
WILLIAMS, FERNANDO           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-313
WILLIAMS, GURDON             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-761
WILLIAMS, JACOB              CANAAN                        NY-11-D-70
WILLIAMS, JAMES              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-259
WILLIAMS, JOHN               CANAAN                        NY-11-A-380
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.            COPAKE                        NY-11-P-432
WILLIAMS, JOHN H.            GHENT                         NY-11-R-602
WILLIAMS, LEVI               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-47
WILLIAMS, LEVI               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-634
WILLIAMS, MARTIN             CLERMONT                      NY-11-W-321
WILLIAMS, SYLVESTER          AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L1-746
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-374
WILLIAMS, URI                CANAAN                        NY-11-N-300
WILLIAMS, ZIMRI              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-216
WILLIAMSON, DAVID            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-B-82
WILLIS, CORNELIA E.          HUDSON                        NY-11-O-83
WILLIS, SUSAN A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-469
WILLITS, JAMES A.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-561
WILSEY, ZACHARIAH            COPAKE                        NY-11-X-315
WILSON, ANNE H.              CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-639
WILSON, ELIZABETH P.         HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-576
WILSON, JOHN                 VALATIE                       NY-11-X-220
WILSON, STEPHEN B.           HUDSON                        NY-11-M-533
WILSON, WILLIAM              CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-137
WILSON, WILLIAM              CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-143
WILSON, WILLIAM H.           CLERMONT                      NY-11-R-493
WILT, MARVIN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-586
WILTSE, THOMAS               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-27
WILTSIE, PHILIP              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-552
WIMPLE, WALTER V.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-6
WINANS, ABNER                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-39
WINANS, DAVID                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-515
WINANS, FRANCES              HUDSON                        NY-11-W-65
WINANS, HENRY                TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-P-253
WINANS, JANE                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-593
WINANS, JOSIAH               COPAKE                        NY-11-L2-48
WINAS, ELIZABETH             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-565
WINCHEL, JAMES               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-51
WINCHELL, HARVEY             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-607
WINCHELL, SEYMOUR            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-316
WINEGAR, ANDREW              GHENT                         NY-11-O-355
WINN, ABRAHAM                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-604
WINN, ISAAC                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-33
WINN, JOSEPH H.              CHAHAM                        NY-11-S-414
WINN, MARTHA                 GHENT                         NY-11-O-152
WINN, SETH M.                GHENT                         NY-11-T-258
WINN, WILLIAM                GHENT                         NY-11-F-213
WINSLOW, JOB                 CANAAN                        NY-11-C-324
WINSLOW, JUSTIN              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-150
WINSLOW, LEONARD             HUDSON                        NY-11-N-268
WINSTON, EUNICE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-310
WINYARD, JOHN                GHENT                         NY-11-U-147
WIREHOUSE, CORNELIUS         GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-750
WISE, HELEN                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-249
WISWALL, OLIVER              GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-474
WISWALL, WILLIAM J.          GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-211
WITBECK, ANDRIES             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-496
WITBECK, ANDRIES             NUTTENHOUK                    NY-11-A-228
WITBECK, ANDRIES             STURYVESANT                   NY-11-G-39
WITBECK, DORCAS              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-474
WITBECK, ISAAC               HUDSON                        NY-11-M-77
WODARD, JAMES                ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-468
WOLCOTT, CALEB               GALLATIN                      NY-11-S-102
WOLCOTT, FANNY S.            GALLATIN                      NY-11-W-154
WOLCOTT, NORMAN              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-646
WOLCOTT, WYATT               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-26
WOOD, ADALINE                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-697
WOOD, ARVIN                  NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-236
WOOD, BENEDICT               CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-170
WOOD, HANNAH                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-532
WOOD, HENRY R.               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-413
WOOD, JOANNA J.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-178
WOOD, JOHN                   CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-463
WOODBRIDGE, CYNTHIA M.       AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-R-660
WOODBRIDGE, TIMOTHY          AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-M-626
WOODCOCK, DIRCK              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-100
WOODIN, CYNTHIA D.           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-469
WOODIN, HANNAH               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-445
WOODRUFF, WESTLEY SAMUEL     STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-462
WOODWARD, BENEDICT           CANAAN                        NY-11-B-122
WOODWARD, JOHN               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-Q-391
WOODWARD, MARIA              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-67
WOODWORTH, ASAHEL            GREENPORT                     NY-11-K-217
WOODWORTH, COLIN             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-249
WOODWORTH, ROSWELL           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-58
WORDEN, MARY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-363
WORDEN, SALLY                CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-251
WORTH, ROBERT M.             HUDSON                        NY-11-U-301
WORTH, SHUBAEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-E-129
WOULFE, MAURICE              HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-523
WRIGHT, AARON                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-350
WRIGHT, ANN E.               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-203
WRIGHT, BELDEN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-725
WRIGHT, GEORGE               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L2-226
WRIGHT, HENRY D.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-710
WRIGHT, HORATIO N.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-447
WRIGHT, LOUISA M. G.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-463
WRIGHT, MAGGIE               HUDSON                        NY-11-U-545
WRIGHT, THOMAS               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-629
WRIGHTS, ANTHONY             CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-154
WYCKOFF, DE WITT B.          GHENT                         NY-11-V-309
WYCKOFF, EMMELINE L. B.      CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-438
WYK, MICHEL                  NTL                           NY-11-A-112
WYMOND, ESTHER MIRANDA       CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-175
WYNKOOP, ADRIAN              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-180
WYNKOOP, AUGUSTUS            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-270
YAGER, ADAM                  CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-517
YAGER, ALMIRA                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-209
YAGER, JOHN                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-551
YERALEMAN, PETER             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-383
YOUMANS, BETSEY              CANAAN                        NY-11-S-82
YOUMANS, SALLY               CANAAN                        NY-11-S-84
YOUNG, JAMES L.              COPAKE                        NY-11-W-614
YOUNG, JOHN M.               COPAKE                        NY-11-R-693
YOUNG, W. MINA               COPAKE                        NY-11-W-436
YOUNGHAUSE, HENRY            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-V-645
YOUNGHOUSE, HENRY            GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-38
YOUNGLOVE, MOSES             HUDSON                        NY-11-F-155
YOUNGLOVE, POLLY             HUDSON                        NY-11-K-114
YOUNGS, CHRISTIAN            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-F-274
YOUNGS, MATHIAS              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-K-569
ZEIGLER, ELIZABETH           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-624

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