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SAALPACK, PHILIP             GERMAN CAMP                   NY-11-A-37
SACKETT, BUELL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-356
SACKETT, MARVIN              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-757
SACKETT, NORMAN              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-33
SAGE, DANIEL                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-428
SAGENDORPH, ADAM             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-393
SAGENDORPH, ANN              GHENT                         NY-11-V-598
SAGENDORPH, GEORGE A.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-K-334
SAGENDORPH, HARMON D.        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-371
SAGENDORPH, HERMAN           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-448
SAGENDORPH, JEREMIAH A.      CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-551
SAGENDORPH, MARIA            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-89
SAGENDORPH, NELSON           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-580
SAGENDORPH, PETER            GHENT                         NY-11-M-338
SAGENDORPH, WILSON           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-514
SALBACH, PHILIP              SEE: SAALPACK, PHILIP         NY-11-A-37
SALE, ANTIONETTE             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-594
SALISBURY, ABRAM VAN         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-405
SALLS, PHEBE F.              CANAAN                        NY-11-W-230
SALLS, SAMUEL H.             CANAAN                        NY-11-N-47
SALMON, GIDEON W.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-47
SALMON, SARAH A.             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-120
SALPAUGH, HANNAH ANGELINE    GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-444
SALPAUGH, HAWLEY ***         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-125
SAMPSON, CHARLES             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-478
SAMPSON, LEAH                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-171
SANFOR, WILBUR F.            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-499
SANFORD, AMBROSE             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-593
SANFORD, EMILY               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-379
SANFORD, NICHOLAS B. H.      NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-613
SARGENT, CATHARINE C.        HUDSON                        NY-11-P-467
SAULPAUGH, ELIZABETH L.      HUDSON                        NY-11-S-238
SAULSPAUGH, ANNA MARIA       HUDSON                        NY-11-R-590
SAXTON, WILLIAM W.           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-355
SCHEMERHORN, CORNELIUS P.    GHENT                         NY-11-V-540
SCHEN, LUDWIG                HUDSON                        NY-11-U-145
SCHENCK, JOHN W.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-676
SCHEPMOUS, WILLIAM           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-D-489
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAM L.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-621
SCHERMERHORN, CATHARINE      CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-682
SCHERMERHORN, CORNELIUS      STUYVESANT                    NY-11-G-440
SCHERMERHORN, ELEANOR        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-75
SCHERMERHORN, GERTRUDE M.    STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-426
SCHERMERHORN, ISAAC M.       STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-500
SCHERMERHORN, JACOB V. H.    CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-326
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN           HUDSON                        NY-11-C-198
SCHERMERHORN, LUCAS R.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-603
SCHERMERHORN, NANCY          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-616
SCHERMERHORN, PHILIP L.      STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-678
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM        CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-110
SCHIFFER, JACOB              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-766
SCHILLER, JEREMIAH           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-23
SCHILLING, GEORGE F.         CANAAN                        NY-11-X-564
SCHISEN, JOHN A.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-I-65
SCHOOL, HUGH                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-673
SCHULTZ, ISAAC               TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-Q-286
SCHULTZE, CHRISTIAN C.       ANCRAM                        NY-11-J-351
SCHUTT, KILLIAN              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-D-518
SCHUYLER, PETER C.           HUDSON                        NY-11-D-251
SCHWAB, JOHN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-413
SCHWAB, MARGARET             GHENT                         NY-11-X-29
SCISM, ANNA E.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-72
SCISM, GEORGE                CLERMONT                      NY-11-X-54
SCISM, JACOB I.              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-N-585
SCISM, JOHN G.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-265
SCISM, JOHN H.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-720
SCISM, MARGARET              VALATIE                       NY-11-W-114
SCISSAM, GEORGE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-15
SCOLLEY, PATRICK             ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-625
SCOTT, ELISHA                CANAAN                        NY-11-B-108
SCOTT, JAMES                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-L1-233
SCOTT, JOSEPH                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-336
SCOTT, SARAH M.              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-U-514
SCREIBER, CHRISTIAN          HUDSON                        NY-11-O-471
SCUTT, JAMES                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-R-338
SEAMAN, RICHARD              HUDSON                        NY-11-D-52
SEATON, WILLIAM              CANAAN                        NY-11-C-220
SEDGWICK, JONATHAN           CANAAN                        NY-11-D-521
SEDGWICK, THANKFUL           CANAAN                        NY-11-T-101
SELDEN, REBECCA S.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-786
SERRIN, AMOS                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-230
SEYMOUR, JLIA A.             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-416
SEYMOUR, SARAH M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-434
SEYMOUR, SIDNEY              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-576
SHADELL, CHARLES F.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-749
SHADIE, SAMUEL S.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-N-549
SHADIE, SARAH                COPAKE                        NY-11-R-50
SHADWICK, SAMUEL             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L1-660
SHAFER, JACOB                COPAKE                        NY-11-K-154
SHAFFER, CATHARINE           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-642
SHAFFER, JACOB F.            GRANGER                       NY-11-D-28
SHAFFER, JENNIE M.           HUDSON                        NY-11-T-417
SHAFFER, MARIA E.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-216
SHAFFER, PHILIP C.           HARLEMVILLE                   NY-11-Q-308
SHARP, ALBERTINE C.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-165
SHARP, ANDREW J.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-588
SHARP, EMILY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-S-105
SHARP, ESTHER                CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-56
SHARP, JACOB                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L1-369
SHARP, JOHN                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-423
SHARP, JOHN                  CLAVEACK                      NY-11-Q-748
SHARP, JOHN B.               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-192
SHARP, JOHN L.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-476
SHARP, LAWRENCE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-B-67
SHARP, PETER                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-F-37
SHARP, PETER                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-297
SHARP, PHILIP                GHENT                         NY-11-S-428
SHARP, SOLOMON J.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-G-534
SHARPE, HENRY J.             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-H-383
SHARTS, ANDREW A.            GHENT                         NY-11-G-460
SHARTS, ANDREW N.            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-G-354
SHARTS, CATHARINE            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-11
SHARTS, GEORGE               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-360
SHARTS, JOHN                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-321
SHARTS, NICHOLAS             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-148
SHARTS, WILLIAM M.           HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-658
SHATTUCK, FREDERICK W.       HUDSON                        NY-11-X-88
SHAVER, ADASM I.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-683
SHAVER, EVELINE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-73
SHAVER, JACOB                GHENT                         NY-11-G-36
SHAVER, JACOB                GHENT                         NY-11-G-164
SHAVER, JACOB C.             GHENT                         NY-11-O-207
SHAVER, JEREMIAH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-548
SHAVER, JEREMIAH             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-242
SHAVER, JOHN                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-F-369
SHAVER, JOHN F.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-103
SHAVER, JOHN J. JR.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-139
SHAVER, LAVINA               GHENT                         NY-11-U-345
SHAVER, LUCAS                GHENT                         NY-11-Q-634
SHAVER, LUCAS L.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-524
SHAVER, MAGDALENE            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-310
SHAVER, MARY                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-H-298
SHAVER, PHEBE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-704
SHAW, MARY                   HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-757
SHAW, RACHEL E.              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-236
SHAW, SAMUEL                 CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-744
SHAW, SAMUEL                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-137
SHAW, SMITH                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-93
SHEAR, HENRY                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-759
SHEFER, JACOB                CLERMONT                      NY-11-I-577
SHEFFER, ALBERT              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-238
SHEFFER, CATHARINE           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-771
SHEFFER, HENRY               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-135
SHEFFER, HENRY I.            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-28
SHEFFER, JACOB               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-X-192
SHEFFER, PHILIP              CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-130
SHEFFER, PHILIP              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-419
SHELDEN, HENRY               TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-K-441
SHELDEN, JOHN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-6
SHELDON, ALLEN               COPAKE                        NY-11-W-253
SHELDON, BENJAMIN            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-280
SHELDON, BENJAMIN F.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-762
SHELDON, CAROLINE            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-794
SHELDON, CATHARINE ELIZA     TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-U-768
SHELDON, HENRY               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-278
SHELDON, JOHN P.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-443
SHELDON, LEONARD             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-X-778
SHELDON, PHILIP H.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-565
SHELDON, SELINA              COPAKE                        NY-11-T-668
SHELDON, WHITING             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-654
SHELDOON, ALLEN J.           TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L1-697
SHELL, ELIZABETH             HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-699
SHELLY, JOSEPH               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-S-377
SHELTON, ALMIRA N.           CONCORD                       NY-11-O-352
SHELTON, JOSIAH              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L2-99
SHEPARD, ALBERT              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-749
SHEPARD, FRANCES M.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-499
SHEPARD, ROBERT B.           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-288
SHEPHARD, WILLIAM R.         GHENT                         NY-11-P-683
SHERMAN, IRA                 CANAAN                        NY-11-J-451
SHERMAN, MARSHALL J.         NEW LEBAON                    NY-11-O-429
SHERMAN, MARTHA J.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-589
SHERMAN, PHEBE H.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-6
SHERMAN, PHEBE R.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-408
SHERMAN, SUSANNAH            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-708
SHERMAN, WILLIAM             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-419
SHERRILL, ISAAC              CANAAN                        NY-11-K-285
SHERRILL, WALTER             CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-13
SHERWOOD, GILBERT            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-170
SHIBLE, JOHN                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-45
SHIFFER, JOHANNES            CLERMONT                      NY-11-D-486
SHINDLER, MARGARET L.        HUDSON                        NY-11-X-1
SHIPMAN, MARTHA              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-368
SHIRTS, FRANCIS              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-400
SHOEMAKER, ADAM              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-687
SHOEMAKER, HENRY             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-636
SHOEMAKER, JOHN              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-5
SHOEMAKER, JOHN A.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-341
SHOEMAKER, JOHN J.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-247
SHOEMAKER, JOHN M.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-63
SHOEMAKER, PHILIP            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-337
SHOLDES, PHILIP              EAST CAMP                     NY-11-A-41
SHOLT, JOHANNES              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-211
SHOOK, HIRAM                 HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-72
SHOOK, SALLY                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-292
SHORTMAN, SARAH              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-341
SHOUT, COENRAEDT             CLAVERICK                     NY-11-A-411
SHOWERMAN, ANDRESS           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-1
SHUFELDT, FREDERICK          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-541
SHUFELT, CATHARINE H.        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-451
SHUFELT, CORNELIUS           GHENT                         NY-11-Q-63
SHUFELT, DAVID               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-473
SHUFELT, ELIZABETH           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-S-132
SHUFELT, EVE                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-711
SHUFELT, HENRY               GHENT                         NY-11-H-322
SHUFELT, JACOB P.            GHENT                         NY-11-U-776
SHUFELT, JEREMIAH            GHENT                         NY-11-N-653
SHUFELT, JOHN                GHENT                         NY-11-H-193
SHUFELT, JOHN J.             GHENT (CON'T)                 NY-11-F-496
SHUFELT, JOHN J.             GHENT                         NY-11-F-485
SHUFELT, LEVI P.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-515
SHUFELT, LUCY                GHENT                         NY-11-Q-348
SHUFELT, MARGARET            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-N-181
SHUFELT, PETER               GHENT                         NY-11-Q-406
SHUFELT, PETER P.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-127
SHUFELT, PHILIP              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-173
SHUFELT, SALLY               GHENT                         NY-11-Q-195
SHULT, SARAH                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-485
SHULT, WILLIAM J.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-633
SHULTIS, AARON               COPAKE                        NY-11-V-221
SHULTIS, BARRENT             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-261
SHUMWAY, CHARLOTTE I.        NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-335
SHUMWAY, JOHN B.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-710
SHUMWAY, PAUL                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-244
SHUMWAY, WILLIAM             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-609
SHURILL, AMY E.              CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-351
SHUTTS, ANDRIES              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-14
SHUTTS, HENRY                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-5
SICKELS, GARRET              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-F-26
SICKLES, EPHRAIM             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L1-396
SICKLES, GARRET Z.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-322
SICKLES, JACOB               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-559
SICKLES, JACOB G.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-418
SICKLES, JAMES N.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-661
SICKLES, WILLIAM G.          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-T-720
SILVERNAIL, ANDREW           CLAVEACK                      NY-11-R-58
SILVERNAIL, ANGELINA         GALLATIN                      NY-11-R-512
SILVERNAIL, ANNA MARIA       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-608
SILVERNAIL, BARBARA          ANCRAM                        NY-11-L2-521
SILVERNAIL, CAROLINE M.      VALATIE                       NY-11-P-539
SILVERNAIL, EGBERT           GALLATIN                      NY-11-S-247
SILVERNAIL, HENRY            GALLATIN                      NY-11-R-529
SILVERNAIL, HENRY B.         ANCRAM                        NY-11-N-291
SILVERNAIL, JOHN             ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-212
SILVERNAIL, JOHN             ANCRAM                        NY-11-J-266
SILVESTER, FRANCIS           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-719
SILVESTER, MARGARET          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-571
SIMESTER, JOHN               CANAAN                        NY-11-A-418
SIMMONS, CHARLES             CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-389
SIMMONS, JAMES               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-236
SIMMONS, JOHN                GHENT                         NY-11-M-695
SIMMONS, JOHN                GRANGER (ADM)                 NY-11-D-157
SIMMONS, JOHN                GRANGER                       NY-11-D-41
SIMMONS, JOHN T.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-W-331
SIMMONS, LEVI                HUDSON                        NY-11-U-211
SIMMONS, LUCY ANN            GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-353
SIMMONS, MARGARET            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-176
SIMMONS, NICHOLAS A.         GALLATIN                      NY-11-N-36
SIMMONS, ROSANNA             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-X-738
SIMPSON, ELBRIDGE            HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-454
SIMPSON, MARY J.             HUDSON                        NY-11-V-607
SIPPERLY, PETER              GERMAN TOWN                   NY-11-A-313
SIPPERLY, WILLIAM            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-465
SISSION, ABIGAIL             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-169
SITCER, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-175
SITSER, PETER G.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-556
SKINKLE, CORNELIUS           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-29
SKINKLE, JANE                CLAERACK                      NY-11-O-262
SKINNER, FREEMAN             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-123
SKINNER, HENRY P.            HUDSON                        NY-11-N-458
SKINNER, MARY E.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-715
SKINNER, ZALMON              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-482
SLATE, ADAM                  CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-634
SLATTERY, PATRICK            CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-525
SLEIGHT, ABIGAL              CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-545
SLEIGHT, SIMPSON             CHATHAM                       NY-11-I-626
SLINGERLAND, TEUNIS A.       HUDSON                        NY-11-A-1
SLINGERLANDT, ABRAHAM        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-102
SLIPHENBURGH, HELENA         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-111
SLIPP, ANTHONY               ANCRAM                        NY-11-W-661
SLITER, MARY L.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-735
SLITES, PHOEBE ANN           CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-581
SLOAN, RACHAEL               GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-529
SLOAN, STURGIN               HUDSON                        NY-11-H-131
SLOCUM, MARY G.              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-468
SLOCUM, THOMAS               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-R-707
SLUYTER, FREDERICK           CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-36
SMITH, ABRAM P.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-80
SMITH, ALEXANDER             CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-143
SMITH, ALEXANDER             ANCRAM                        NY-11-L1-255
SMITH, ALPHEUS               HUDSON                        NY-11-B-106
SMITH, ARISTACHUS            CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-297
SMITH, ARMELIE               ANCRAM                        NY-11-W-380
SMITH, BETSEY                ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-460
SMITH, CHARLES L.            GREENVILLE                    NY-11-X-619
SMITH, CHARLES N.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-304
SMITH, CHRISTIAN             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-M-143
SMITH, CHRISTINA             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-505
SMITH, DANIEL J.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-4
SMITH, DAVID                 STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-519
SMITH, DUNCAN                ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-303
SMITH, EDWARD                CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-81
SMITH, ELI                   GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-207
SMITH, ELIZABETH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-397
SMITH, FRANKLIN              CANAAN                        NY-11-P-181
SMITH, GEORGE P.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-137
SMITH, HENDRICK H.           CLERMONT                      NY-11-D-361
SMITH, HENRY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-647
SMITH, HENRY LYLE            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-771
SMITH, HENRY N.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-184
SMITH, HENRY P. H.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-509
SMITH, HIRAM K.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-160
SMITH, ISAAC                 STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-747
SMITH, ISAAC B.              GALLATIN                      NY-11-J-262
SMITH, ISAAC E.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-591
SMITH, JACOB G.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-419
SMITH, JANE                  ANCRAM                        NY-11-V-62
SMITH, JARED                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-265
SMITH, JEREMIAH              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-87
SMITH, JOHN A. JR.           ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-709
SMITH, JOHN A.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-190
SMITH, JOHN I.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-436
SMITH, JOHN J.               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-208
SMITH, JOHN M.               ANCRAM                        NY-11-V-324
SMITH, JOHN P.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-318
SMITH, JONAS                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-386
SMITH, JOSEPH W.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-649
SMITH, JOSEPH W.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-34
SMITH, JULIA A.              ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-250
SMITH, KATE E.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-4
SMITH, KILLIAN A.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-Q-626
SMITH, LAURA                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-282
SMITH, MARGARET              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-120
SMITH, MARIA                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-663
SMITH, MARIAH                CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-76
SMITH, MARY                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-347
SMITH, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-P-521
SMITH, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-J-571
SMITH, MARY                  ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-734
SMITH, MARY R.               GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-209
SMITH, MICHAEL               CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-473
SMITH, MICHAEL SMITH         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-215
SMITH, MILTON                GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-514
SMITH, MORRIS K.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-755
SMITH, NICHOLAS T.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-141
SMITH, PATRICK F.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-309
SMITH, PETER G.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-2
SMITH, PHILIP P.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-393
SMITH, RICHARD               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-598
SMITH, ROBERT J.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-224
SMITH, SALLY H.              CHAHAM                        NY-11-L1-463
SMITH, SAMUEL                SHEFFIELD, BERKSHIRE, MA      NY-11-P-714
SMITH, SARAH A.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-162
SMITH, SEYMOUR               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-M-682
SMITH, WILLIAM               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-116
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            ANCRAM                        NY-11-Q-741
SMITH, WILLIAM P.            GHENT                         NY-11-J-647
SMITH, WINEFRED              CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-265
SNDER, JOHN                  NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-F-50
SNIDER, NICHOLAS             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-335
SNOOK, FREDERICK             ANCRAM                        NY-11-F-123
SNOOK, TUNIS                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-N-193
SNYDER, CHESTER              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-710
SNYDER, CHRISTINA            GALLATIN                      NY-11-R-422
SNYDER, CONRAD               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-C-361
SNYDER, CONRAD               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-D-510
SNYDER, ELIZABETH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-485
SNYDER, GEORGE W.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-F-75
SNYDER, HANNAH               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-98
SNYDER, HANNAH               GALLATIN                      NY-11-S-587
SNYDER, HENDRICK             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-298
SNYDER, HENRY                GHENT                         NY-11-G-167
SNYDER, HENRY                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-127
SNYDER, HENRY M.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-V-84
SNYDER, HENRY P.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-633
SNYDER, HENRY T.             GHENT                         NY-11-R-345
SNYDER, HENRY W.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-611
SNYDER, HENRY W.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-H-28
SNYDER, ISAAC V. A.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-191
SNYDER, JACOB W.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-287
SNYDER, JEREMIAH             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-U-239
SNYDER, JOHN                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-672
SNYDER, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-137
SNYDER, JOHN                 GHENT                         NY-11-G-224
SNYDER, JOHN A.              GALLATIN                      NY-11-N-380
SNYDER, JOHN H.              GHENT                         NY-11-L2-524
SNYDER, JOHN J.              GHENT                         NY-11-G-308
SNYDER, LEVI                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-761
SNYDER, MARGARET             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-668
SNYDER, MARIA                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-284
SNYDER, MERCY                GHENT                         NY-11-K-342
SNYDER, MINERVA              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-716
SNYDER, PETER                HUDSON                        NY-11-N-624
SNYDER, PETER W.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-F-112
SNYDER, PHEBE A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-706
SNYDER, PHILIP               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-236
SNYDER, REBECCA H.           GHENT                         NY-11-O-158
SNYDER, SAMUEL               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-314
SNYDER, SAMUEL               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-G-5
SNYDER, SUSAN G.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-678
SNYDER, TEUNIS G.            GHENT                         NY-11-P-703
SNYDER, THEODORE             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-432
SNYDER, WILLIAM              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-98
SNYDER, WILLIAM H.           GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-438
SNYDER, WILLIAM R.           COPAKE                        NY-11-T-384
SNYDER, WILLIAM S.           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-J-230
SOMBORGER, GEORGE            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-387
SON, HEZEKIAH                CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-242
SON, JOHN                    GHENT                         NY-11-E-100
SON, MAHETTABLE              CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-55
SON, MOSES                   CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-641
SON, THOMAS                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-70
SON, THOMAS J.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-479
SON, WILLIAM M.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-56
SONN, ISAAC                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-735
SOULE, BENJAMIN              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-D-460
SOULE, EBENEZER              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-392
SOULE, EBENEZER              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-24
SOULE, NANCY                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-H-312
SOURS, ANGELINE              HUDSON                        NY-11-W-691
SOURS, HENRY                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-6
SOURS, JOHN                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-171
SOURS, JOHN H.               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-143
SOURS, PETER                 HUDSON                        NY-11-T-419
SOURS, SAMUEL                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-363
SPADE, THOMAS                COPAKE                        NY-11-N-88
SPALDING, CATHARINE          VALATIA                       NY-11-W-659
SPANGLER, JACOB              GHENT                         NY-11-N-762
SPATH, CATHARINE             CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-154
SPATH, JOSEPH                CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-188
SPAULDING, ARIAL C.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-20
SPAULDING, NOAH A.           HUDSON                        NY-11-O-615
SPEARS, WILLIAM              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-89
SPENCE, JACOB                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-534
SPENCE, JOHANNA              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-522
SPENCER, BILLA               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-3
SPENCER, ERNEST              GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-778
SPENCER, PELEG               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-583
SPENCER, SEYMOUR             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-527
SPENCER, WILLIAM H.          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-454
SPENCER,BRAINARD             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L2-229
SPICKERMAN, ANDREW           CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-77
SPICKERMAN, CATHARINE        CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-732
SPICKERMAN, CHRISTINA        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-510
SPICKERMAN, HANNAH           CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-730
SPICKERMAN, JOHN A.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-3
SPIER, EZRA G.               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L2-164
SPIER, ISAAC                 CANAAN                        NY-11-N-657
SPIER, WILLIAM               CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-173
SPIER, WILLIAM               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-172
SPIER, WILLIAM               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-11
SPINK, ROBERT                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-45
SPRAGE, HERMAN               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-471
SPRAGUE, GEORGE E.           CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-284
SQUIRES, JESSE               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-G-312
SREVER, JACOB J.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-J-413
STAATS, ABRAHAM              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-114
STAATS, HERMAN               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-665
STAATS, ISAAC                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-65
STAATS, JACOB                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-F-1
STAATS, JACOB                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-77
STAATS, JACOB E.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-266
STAATS, JOACHIN              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-365
STAATS, JOHANNES             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-59
STAATS, JOHN A.              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-H-337
STAATS, SAMUEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-B-19
STALL, EVE                   CLERMONT                      NY-11-S-6
STALL, HANNAH                CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-556
STALL, HENDRICK              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-325
STALL, JOHN                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-253
STALL, JOHN A.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-51
STALL, JOHN I.               CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-397
STALL, PHILIP A.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-198
STALP, GERTRITE              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-151
STANDISH, ZACHARIAH          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-6
STANNARD, ERASTUS W.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-309
STANTON, HENRY               HANCOCK, BERKSHIRE, MA        NY-11-G-209
STARKS, ALANSON F.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-535
STARKS, MARY                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-J-621
STARR, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-P-242
STEART, SOLOMAN W.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-568
STEEL, HEZEKIAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-P-130
STEEVENS, STITES             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-128
STEITZ, JOHN                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-145
STEITZ, PHILLIP              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-X-615
STEPHENSON, ELIZABETH        STOCKPORT                     NY-11-P-187
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-199
STERNE, WILLIAM G.           GHENT                         NY-11-S-754
STEUERWALD, ADAM             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-319
STEUERWALD, CHARLES          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-400
STEUERWALD, HENRY C.         CANAAN                        NY-11-T-485
STEVENS, ABIGAIL             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-605
STEVENS, ABIJAH C.           HUDSON                        NY-11-U-473
STEVENS, EARL W.             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-H-216
STEVENS, ELIZABETH           CLERMONT                      NY-11-B-73
STEVENS, LEWIS               CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-536
STEVENSON, WILLIAM           CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-710
STEVER, CATHARINE            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-311
STEVER, HENRY                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-D-386
STEVER, JEREMIAH             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-378
STEVER, JOHN                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-F-18
STEVER, MARIA                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-H-265
STEVES, JOHN B.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-528
STEWARD, WILLIAM D.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-570
STEWART, BETSEY              CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-539
STEWART, JOHN                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-N-694
STEWART, JOSHUA              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-65
STICKLE, CATHARINE           GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-371
STICKLE, CHARLES L.          ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-31
STICKLE, MARGARET            CLERMONT                      NY-11-V-448
STICKLES, AMELIA             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-210
STICKLES, CAROLINE P.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-786
STICKLES, DAVID A.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-749
STICKLES, EDWARD             LIVIGNSTON                    NY-11-X-281
STICKLES, FREDERICK F.       LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-N-344
STICKLES, HENRY              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-363
STICKLES, HIRAM              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-X-742
STICKLES, JACOB N.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-267
STICKLES, JAMES E.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-199
STICKLES, JULIA A.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-27
STICKLES, LAVINA             ALFORD, BERKSHIRE, MA         NY-11-X-311
STICKLES, SYLVESTER          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-124
STICKLES, WALTER             GHENT                         NY-11-M-536
STINCHFIELD, CATHARINE C.    HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-363
STINCHFIELD, WILLIAM         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-660
STIVS, WILLIAM               CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-29
STODDAD, WILLIAM B.          HUDSON                        NY-11-R-416
STODDARD, ASHBEL             HUDSON                        NY-11-I-168
STOPHILBEEN, MARY JANE       STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-606
STOPLEBEAM, MARGARET         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-34
STOPPLEBEEN, MICHAEL         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-P-773
STORM, CORNELIA E.           CLAVEACK                      NY-11-P-659
STORM, HARRIET               GREENPORT                     NY-11-T-766
STORM, RICHARD               GHENT                         NY-11-N-81
STORM, STEPHEN               HUDSON                        NY-11-O-108
STORM, THOMAS                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-210
STORRS, GEORGE               HUDSON                        NY-11-P-770
STOTT, CATHARINE A.          STOTTSVILLE                   NY-11-X-19
STOTT, CHARLES H.            STOTTVILE                     NY-11-T-708
STOTT, FRANCIS H.            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-792
STOTT, JONATHAN              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-M-541
STOTT, LUCRETIA              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-569
STOTT, WILLIAM H.            STOTTVILLE                    NY-11-S-698
STOW, JONATHAN               HUDSON                        NY-11-M-526
STOWE, DANIEL B.             CLAVEACK                      NY-11-L2-413
STRAIN, DAVID                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-595
STRAIN, ELIZA                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-347
STRAIN, ROBERT               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-532
STRANAHAM, WILIAM            CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-721
STRANAHAN, MARGARET          CANAAN                        NY-11-O-322
STRATTON, ELISABETH          HUDSON                        NY-11-G-496
STRATTON, JAMES L.           HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-418
STREVEL, ADAM J.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-F-459
STREVER, BENJAMIN            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-H-118
STREVER, BENJAMIN            ANCRAM                        NY-11-E-37
STREVER, ELIZABETH           ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-644
STREVER, HENRY J.            ANCRAM                        NY-11-L2-425
STREVER, MARY                COPAKE                        NY-11-T-686
STRONG, JOHN                 PALMYRA, WAYNE, NY            NY-11-T-583
STRUVER, HENRY               ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-230
STRUVER, JOHN B.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-177
STUPPLE, POLLY               GHENT                         NY-11-P-446
STUPPLEBEEN, CAROLINE        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-449
STUPPLEBEEN, GEORGE M.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-719
STUPPLEBEEN, JACOB           GHENT                         NY-11-K-304
STUPPLEBEEN, JACOB           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-591
STUPPLEBEEN, WILLIAM         GHENT                         NY-11-R-197
SUDAM, JACOB F.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-667
SULLIVAN, DENNIS             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-780
SULLIVAN, JOHN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-581
SULLIVAN, MARGARET MCC.      HUDSON                        NY-11-W-739
SULLIVAN, THOMAS             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-387
SUTHERLAND, DAVID            CHATHAM                       NY-11-H-643
SUTHERLAND, ELLEN            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-149
SUTHERLAND, EMMA M.          GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-190
SUTHERLAND, FENNER F.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-135
SUTHERLAND, HANNAH           CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-309
SUTHERLAND, ISAAC            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-138
SUTHERLAND, JOHN             CHATHAM                       NY-11-I-616
SUTHERLAND, MARIA            CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-335
SUTHERLAND, MATTHIAS         CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-229
SUTHERLAND, PAULINA          CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-22
SUTTON, ELIJAH O.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-282
SWAIN, ISAIAH                HUDSON                        NY-11-C-281
SWARTWOUT, ALICE ANN         CLERMONT                      NY-11-P-57
SWARTZ, JOHN                 GHENT                         NY-11-W-144
SWEET, HENRY H.              COPAKE                        NY-11-L2-4
SWEET, JANE                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-644
SWEET, MARGARET              COPAKE                        NY-11-O-361
SWEET, MARTIN J.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-504
SWEET, ROWLAND               COPAKE                        NY-11-L2-246
SWEET, WILLIAM               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-R-627
SWIFT, JUDAH                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-D-472
SWIFT, NATHANIEL             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-348
SWIFT, NATHANIEL             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-22
TAAFFE, GEORGE H.            GHENT                         NY-11-V-52
TAAFFE, NANCY                GHENT                         NY-11-V-96
TABER, MARY                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-J-330
TAFF, MARY E. LASHER         GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-460
TAFFEY, THOMAS               GHENT                         NY-11-K-571
TALLMADGE, SARAH M.          CANAAN                        NY-11-R-568
TANNER, ANN M.               GHENT                         NY-11-Q-193
TANNER, CHARLES E.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-135
TANNER, EMELINE              ANCRAM                        NY-11-V-36
TANNER, ESTHER               ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-11
TANNER, HENRY                CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-390
TANNER, HENRY S.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-P-390
TANNER, JAMES                GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-536
TANNER, MARY ANN             ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-456
TANNER, MARY ANN             ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-435
TANNER, MORRIS               CLAVEACK                      NY-11-P-655
TANNER, PETER P.             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-459
TATER, GEORGE                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-332
TATER, MARIA                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-465
TATER, MARIA                 GHENT                         NY-11-Q-100
TATER, REBECCA               CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-735
TATER, WILLIAM H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-W-652
TATOR, CORNELIUS             GHENT                         NY-11-J-433
TATOR, JOHN G.               GHENT                         NY-11-F-57
TATOR, JOHN H.               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-630
TAYLOR, LOUISA (SCHILLER)    CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-74
TAYLOR, NANCY                HUDSON                        NY-11-N-413
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-323
TEAL, FREDERICK L.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-185
TEEL, LAWRENCE M.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-11
TENBROECK, ANTHONY           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-554
TENBROECK, CATHARINE         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-729
TENBROECK, CHRISTINA         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-373
TENBROECK, CORNELIA C.       HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-753
TENBROECK, HANNAH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-300
TENBROECK, HANNAH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-199
TENBROECK, HENDRICK          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-362
TENBROECK, JACOB             CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-182
TENBROECK, JACOB             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-207
TENBROECK, JACOB S.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-45
TENBROECK, JANE              HUDSON                        NY-11-G-130
TENBROECK, JEREMIAH          HUDSON                        NY-11-B-182
TENBROECK, JOHN              HUDSON                        NY-11-A-270
TENBROECK, LEONARD W.        LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-603
TENBROECK, MARIA             HUDSON                        NY-11-K-437
TENBROECK, MARY              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-M-26
TENBROECK, NICHOLAS          GREENPORT                     NY-11-J-20
TENBROECK, SAMUEL            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-I-328
TENBROECK, SAMUEL            HUDSON                        NY-11-G-444
TENBROECK, SAMUEL J.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-488
TENBROECK, WALTER V.         GHENT                         NY-11-S-35
TENBROECK, WILLIAM           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-485
TENBROECK, WILLIAM EDGAR     GHENT                         NY-11-O-558
TENBROECK, WILLIAM HENRY     GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-556
TENEYCK, DORCAS              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-73
TENEYCK, JOHANNIS            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-204
TENEYCK, MONCRIEF L.         HUDSON                        NY-11-W-392
TENEYCK, WILLIAM             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-274
TERRY, CONKLIN               HUDSON                        NY-11-N-216
TERRY, EDWIN C.              HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-708
TERRY, MARY ANN              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-444
TERRY, NATHANIEL             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-K-94
TERRY, WILLIAM H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-W-492
TETEMORE, EVE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-411
TETER, ABRAM                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-529
TETHERLY, HANNAH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-2
TETHERLY, WILLIAM            CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-234
THANE, SAMUEL                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-56
THOMAS, ALLEN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-234
THOMAS, CYNTHIA B.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-655
THOMAS, DANIEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-127
THOMAS, DANIEL               CANAAN                        NY-11-D-10
THOMAS, DANIEL               CANAAN                        NY-11-C-409
THOMAS, MALACHI              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-246
THOMAS, MARY                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-84
THOMAS, MARY JANE            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-655
THOMAS, ROBERT               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-750
THOMAS, WILLIAM              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-91
THOMAS, WILLIAM HARVEY       HUDSON                        NY-11-U-133
THOMPKINS, HARRIET E.        CANAAN                        NY-11-W-195
THOMPSON, ARTEMAS            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-H-109
THOMPSON, BETSEY             CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-554
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH A.       CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-619
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH L.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-472
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-683
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-471
THURSTON, JOHN               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-11-C-303
TIBBETS, JOHN A.             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-75
TICKNER, ELIJAH              CANAAN                        NY-11-D-99
TIFFANY, BENJAMIN            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-255
TIFFT, GEORGE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-323
TILDEN, HENRY A.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-519
TILDEN, LUCY F.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-792
TILDEN, MARY B.              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-664
TINKLE, JAMES JOSEPH         GHENT                         NY-11-R-759
TINKLEBAUGH, JOHN I.         TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-M-484
TINKLEPAUGH, ELI             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-457
TIPPLE, ADAM                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-15
TIPPLE, ADAM                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-162
TIPPLE, JACOB P.             GHENT                         NY-11-Q-109
TIPPLE, MARY                 HILSDALE                      NY-11-O-443
TITTAMORE, HENRY             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-210
TOBEY, BENJAMIN              CANAAN                        NY-11-C-186
TOBEY, CAROLINE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-677
TOBEY, EBENEZER W.           HUDSON                        NY-11-E-90
TOBEY, SETH                  HUDSON                        NY-11-D-365
TOBEY, WILLIAM H.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-680
TOBIAS, CHRISTIAN            CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-94
TOBIAS, DANIEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-415
TOBIAS, JACOB                CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-236
TOBIAS, JAMES                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-228
TOMKINS, STEPHEN             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-264
TOMPKINS, CAROLINE           CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-61
TOMPKINS, CATHARINE          CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-202
TOMPKINS, CHARLES            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-561
TOMPKINS, JOHN               HUDSON                        NY-11-S-220
TOMPKINS, NELSON             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-508
TOMPKINS, PRATT              CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-324
TOMPKINS, THEODORE           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-420
TOMPKINS, THOMAS             CANAAN                        NY-11-O-296
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-373
TORREY, ALMARINDA            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-119
TOWNER, BENJAMIN             HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-84
TOWNSEN, TIMOTHY             CANAAN                        NY-11-F-469
TRACEY, ELISHA S.            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-335
TRACEY, ELIZA T.             GHENT                         NY-11-W-726
TRACEY, MARGARET             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-122
TRACY, ALBERT S.             GHENT                         NY-11-O-140
TRACY, ANN                   GHENT                         NY-11-S-268
TRACY, AURELIUS M.           GHENT                         NY-11-T-452
TRACY, SANFORD               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-70
TRADENBURGH, ISAAC           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-406
TRAFFORD, ELIZABETH          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-544
TRAFFORD, JOHN               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-312
TRAVER, ALETHEA              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-539
TRAVER, CATHARINE L.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-637
TRAVER, ELIZABETH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-755
TRAVER, JONATHAN             GHENT                         NY-11-F-524
TRAVIS, ELIZA ANN            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-601
TREMBLE, ELIZABETH           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-618
TREMPER, PETER               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-322
TRIPP, CYNTHIA               ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-704
TRIPP, EMMA                  ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-762
TRIPP, JOHN                  ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-305
TRIPP, RICHARD               SPENCERSTOWN                  NY-11-C-296
TROWBRIDGE, LUTHER           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-352
TROWBRIDGE, SEELY            CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-39
TRUESDALE, JONAH             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-200
TRUESDELL, CLYNTHIA          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-480
TRUESDELL, HARRY             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-J-347
TRUESDELL, JULIA A.          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-375
TRUESDELL, SAMUEL            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-367
TURCK, JACOB A.              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-I-255
TURNER, ESTELLE              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-366
TURNER, EVE                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-42
TURNER, ROSANNA              COPAKE                        NY-11-R-491
TURNER, SYLVESTER            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-684
TURNER, WILLIAM W.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-417
TUTTLE, SALMON               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-609
TWEEDY, JOHN                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-86
TYLER, JAMES J.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-H-253
TYLER, LOUISA M.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-167
TYLER, PLATT M.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-G-446
TYMESON, MARY                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-610
TYMESON, WENDLE              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-535
UHRIG, GEORGE                HUDSON                        NY-11-W-782
UHRIG, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-T-502
ULDOON, OWEN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-M-641
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH         HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-277
UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH         HUDSON                        NY-11-K-257
UNDERWOOD, JONAS             HUDSON                        NY-11-I-243
UPTON, GEORGE                HUDSON                        NY-11-C-320
UTLEY, CYNTHIA M.            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-247
UTLEY, SAMUEL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-302
UTLEY, SAMUEL                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-58

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