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KAIN, MICHAEL                GHENT                         NY-11-O-618
KANE, MARY                   CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-687
KANE, STEPHEN L.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-48
KAUGHT, HARRIET M.           HUDSON                        NY-11-P-775
KAVANAGH, MARY ANN           HUDSON                        NY-11-X-629
KAY, JAMES                   STOCKPORT                     NY-11-J-448
KEELER, JOHN                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-317
KEELER, JONAS                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-133
KEELER, MARY JANE            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-V-355
KEENAN, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-395
KEISSELBURGH, HENRY          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-52
KELLAHER, THOMAS             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-648
KELLERHOUSE, ANDREW          COPAKE                        NY-11-P-436
KELLERHOUSE, JACOB           GALLATIN                      NY-11-G-482
KELLERHOUSE, REUBEN          ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-292
KELLERHOUSE, STEPHEN         GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-287
KELLEY, MARY F.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-642
KELLEY, MICHAEL D.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-715
KELLEY, THOMAS               HUDSON                        NY-11-N-506
KELLOGG, BENJAMIN            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-112
KELLOGG, CLINTON             CANAAN                        NY-11-O-349
KELLOGG, EDWARD              CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-511
KELLS, EMMA R.               HUDSON                        NY-11-V-709
KELLS, JOHANNIS              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-14
KELLS, PHILIP                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-404
KELLS, PHILIP                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-377
KELLY, JAMES                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-243
KELSEY, PHEBE A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-450
KELSO, SAMUEL                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-714
KENDALL, ANTOINETTE          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-188
KENDALL, CHARLES S.          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-170
KENDALL, JOHN                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-188
KENDALL, THOMAS              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-H-22
KENNEDY, ROBERT              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-J-618
KENT, ELIZABETH              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-194
KENT, JAMES                  HUDSON                        NY-11-P-423
KENWORTHY, CHARLES W.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-522
KENYON, ELIZABETH            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-559
KEPLETRACK, GEORGE           ANCRAM                        NY-11-J-274
KERR, MARY B.                CANAAN                        NY-11-K-626
KEVLIN, GEORGE               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-266
KIDNEY, RICHARD              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-254
KILBORN, PHILO               CANAAN                        NY-11-F-367
KILDARY, THOMAS              GHENT                         NY-11-U-254
KILLENER, HENRY G.           COPAKE                        NY-11-N-40
KILLENER, SUSAN              GALLATIN                      NY-11-T-86
KILLMER, ALVIN               GALLATIN                      NY-11-T-363
KILLMORE, WILLIAM            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L2-633
KILLMORE, WILLIAM JR.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-L1-456
KILMER, ABRAHAM              ANCRAM                        NY-11-W-203
KILMER, BETSEY               COPAKE                        NY-11-P-493
KILMER, ELIZABETH            COPAKE                        NY-11-X-302
KIMBALL, ELIAS W.            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-242
KIMBALL, JULIA A.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-379
KINDER, WILLIAM              GHENT                         NY-11-S-416
KING, AMOS                   NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-92
KING, CATHERINE N.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-504
KING, EBENEZER               CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-316
KING, ELIZABETH              CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-435
KING, ESEK                   NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-490
KING, JEROME B.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-217
KING, JOHN                   HUDSON                        NY-11-W-634
KING, MICHAEL                HUDSON                        NY-11-U-94
KING, MOSES                  CANAAN                        NY-11-D-539
KING, PATRICK                HUDSON                        NY-11-V-701
KING, PETER                  STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-513
KING, POLLY                  NEW LEBANN                    NY-11-I-534
KING, REUBEN                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-73
KING, WILLIAM H.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-53
KINGMAN, ELIZABETH           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-757
KINGMAN, HOMER               CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-718
KINGMAN, MARY C.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-621
KINGMAN, PETER               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-726
KINNE, ELISHA                CANAAN                        NY-11-E-154
KINNE, GEORGE B.             CANAAN                        NY-11-O-602
KIPP, HENRY                  GALLATIN                      NY-11-J-520
KIPP, J. WESLEY              GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-774
KIPP, JOHN P.                GREENPORT                     NY-11-U-105
KIPP, MARY C.                HUDSON                        NY-11-T-552
KIPP, PETER                  GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-690
KIPP, SALLY                  CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-631
KIRBY, A. CLARK              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-752
KIRBY, JOHN                  NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-223
KIRBY, WESSON                CANAAN                        NY-11-P-568
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES           HUDSON                        NY-11-X-632
KIRKPATRICK, MARY            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-478
KIRTLAND, AGNES              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-414
KIRTLAND, HORATIO H.         HUDSON                        NY-11-O-394
KISSELBURGH, ANN             GHENT                         NY-11-U-746
KISSELBURGH, LARRA(H)        CANAAN                        NY-11-P-298
KISSELBURGH, TUNIS           GHENT                         NY-11-V-78
KISSELBURGH, WILHELM         GHENT                         NY-11-N-142
KITTLE, ANDREW               GHENT                         NY-11-L1-670
KITTLE, ANDREW H.            GHENT                         NY-11-Q-494
KITTLE, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-89
KITTLE, JOHN HENRY           GHENT                         NY-11-J-597
KITTLE, JOHN I.              GHENT                         NY-11-L2-183
KITTLE, JOHN I.              GHENT                         NY-11-O-193
KITTLE, OLIVE C.             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-689
KLINE, CARLES                GHENT                         NY-11-W-132
KLINE, CHARLES               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-410
KLINE, DEBBY L.              ANCRAM                        NY-11-V-712
KLINE, HENRY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-W-684
KLINE, HENRY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-X-7
KLINE, JACOBUS               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-K-399
KLINE, JOHANNIS              GERMAN TOWN                   NY-11-A-334
KLINE, SYLVESTER             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-X-199
KLINE, WALTER                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-101
KLUM, HENDRICK               RED HOOK, DUTCHESS, NY        NY-11-D-213
KLUM, PHILIP                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-C-309
KLUNZ, JOHN THEOBALD         TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-Q-768
KNAPP, EZEKIAL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-321
KNAPP, JOHN W.               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-67
KNAPP, JOSIAH                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-150
KNAPP, LUKE Z.               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-J-499
KNAPP, SETH J.               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-667
KNAPP, TAMMISIN              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-381
KNEELAN, ANN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-U-311
KNICKERBACKER, JAMES         GALLATIN                      NY-11-L2-459
KNICKERBACKER, PHILIP H.     HUDSON                        NY-11-M-753
KNICKERBOCKER, JACOB         TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-P-628
KNIGHT, CALEB                CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-183
KNIGHT, JOHN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-16
KNIGHT, SAMUEL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-178
KNOBLOCK, VALENTINE          CANAAN                        NY-11-V-337
KNOX, AMOS                   HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-631
KNOX, ANN                    HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-482
KOHFAHL, HENRY               GHENT                         NY-11-W-156
KOPPER, MARTIN               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-301
KRAFFT, ANNA SOPHIA          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-279
KROM, MARTIN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-117
KRUM, ANDREW                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-691
KRUM, HENRY                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-288
KRUM, JACOB                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-150
KRUM, MAHALA                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-265
KRUSECK, MARY ANNA           CANAAN                        NY-11-W-496
KURBEY, ELISHA               CANAAN                        NY-11-C-380
KURTZNACKER, PETER           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-T-388
LABAGH, JOHN A.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-648
LADUE, STEPHEN               GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-616
LAFFERTY, CATHARINE          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-317
LAFFERTY, LIZZIE             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-660
LAING, EDGAR                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-299
LAING, JAMES B.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-54
LAMBERT, PHILIP H.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-V-500
LAMONT, SAMUEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-W-763
LAMORE, PETER                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-536
LAMPHEAR, GEORGE E.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-277
LAMPMAN, CASPARUS H.         COPAKE                        NY-11-G-353
LAMPMAN, CASPER N.           COPAKE                        NY-11-N-172
LAMPMAN, JOHN                COPAKE                        NY-11-P-240
LAMPMAN, JOHN C.             COPAKE                        NY-11-Q-628
LAMPMAN, THEODORE            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-772
LANDON, GEORGE               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-66
LANDT, JOHANNIS              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-181
LANDT, LAWRENCE              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-458
LANE, ELIZABETH              GHENT                         NY-11-L1-228
LANE, HENRY W.               HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-269
LANE, ITHAMAR                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-91
LANE, JOHN                   HUDSON                        NY-11-V-422
LANE, JOHN                   GHENT                         NY-11-L1-675
LANGDON, ABBY                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-571
LANGDON, MARY                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-573
LANIGAN, DAVID               HUDSON                        NY-11-O-234
LANPHEAR, ELIZABETH          CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-122
LANT, LAWRENCE               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-536
LAPHAM, REUBEN F.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-U-158
LASHER, ALMIRA WINANS        HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-51
LASHER, BARBARA              GALLATIN                      NY-11-W-559
LASHER, BASTIAN              (IN DUTCH)                    NY-11-B-224
LASHER, BASTIAN C.           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-M-569
LASHER, BASTIAN G.           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-N-431
LASHER, CHARLOTTE            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L2-19
LASHER, CONRAD               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-270
LASHER, DAVID                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-149
LASHER, EVE                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-N-138
LASHER, GEORGE               CLERMONT                      NY-11-R-673
LASHER, GEORGE C.            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-M-359
LASHER, HANNAH               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-91
LASHER, HERMAN               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-650
LASHER, JACOB                GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-195
LASHER, JACOB                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L2-33
LASHER, JACOB I.             GEMRANTOWN                    NY-11-V-637
LASHER, JEROME               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-596
LASHER, JOHANNIS             GERMAN TOWN                   NY-11-A-369
LASHER, LUCINDA              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-156
LASHER, MARIA                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-310
LASHER, MARIA CHRISTINA      CLERMONT                      NY-11-E-162
LASHER, MARILLA              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-341
LASHER, MINARD               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-637
LASHER, NANCY ELIZA          HUDSON                        NY-11-O-764
LASHER, PETER                GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-506
LASHER, PETER B.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-K-291
LASHER, PHILIP P.            CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-438
LASHER, POLLY E.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-T-555
LASHER, RUFUS                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-458
LASHER, SAMUEL               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-D-320
LASHER, SARAH C.             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-X-400
LASHER, SARAH S.             GHENT                         NY-11-T-27
LASHER, SILAS                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-X-780
LASHER, THEODORE             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-114
LASKER, GEORGE B.            CLERMONT                      NY-11-K-358
LATHROP, ELIZABETH           STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-265
LATIMER, ALEXANDER           CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-449
LAUPHEAR, JAMES A.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-689
LAVERY, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-P-673
LAW, ELIZA                   HUDSON                        NY-11-U-526
LAWRENCE, ANDREW B.          GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-259
LAWRENCE, CATHARINE          CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-34
LAWRENCE, CHARLES A.         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-600
LAWRENCE, ELSIE M.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-503
LAWRENCE, EMILY W.           ELMIRA, CHEMUNG, NY           NY-11-X-516
LAWRENCE, GEORGE             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-M-343
LAWRENCE, GEORGE R.          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-162
LAWRENCE, JOHN               CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-218
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH             SPENCERTOWN                   NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH             GALLATIN                      NY-11-P-322
LAWRENCE, JUDAH M.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-329
LAWRENCE, LIONEL U.          HUDSON                        NY-11-J-393
LAWRENCE, NEL                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-196
LAWRENCE, PETER              CLERMONT                      NY-11-B-52
LAWRENCE,A NN                HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-466
LAWRENE, JULIA               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-548
LAWTON, HESTER A.            HUDSON                        NY-11-W-715
LAWTON, JASON                CANAAN                        NY-11-O-527
LAY, JOSEPH                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-725
LAY, LUCINDA                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-206
LAY, MARY                    CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-486
LAY, REUBEN                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-450
LAY, REUBEN                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-387
LAY, RUBEN                   CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-316
LEA, CATHARINE               CANAAN                        NY-11-P-71
LEA, GEORGE                  CANAAN                        NY-11-O-204
LEA, JOHN                    CANAAN                        NY-11-P-370
LEA, WILLIAM                 CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-445
LEACH, EPHRAIM               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-296
LEACH, HENRY                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-O-533
LEAVENWORTH, EDWIN W.        CANAAN                        NY-11-P-639
LEAVENWORTH, TRUMAN          CANAAN                        NY-11-M-311
LEAVY, DANIEL                HUDSON                        NY-11-O-573
LEAVY, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-W-604
LEE, LOTT                    STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-2
LEE, LYDIA                   CANAAN                        NY-11-O-377
LEGGET, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-77
LEGGETT, JAMES J.            GHENT                         NY-11-L1-479
LEGGETT, JOHN                GHENT                         NY-11-J-633
LEGGETT, TOBIAS              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-59
LEHMANN, EMIL                HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-240
LEONARD, ANNIE               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L1-77
LEONARD, MARGARET            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-626
LEONARD, MICHAEL             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-468
LEROY, CATHARINE             GHENT                         NY-11-V-339
LEROY, JACOB R.              HUDSON                        NY-11-N-582
LESS, NORMAN D.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-446
LESTER, HANNAH               CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-281
LESTER, ICHABOD              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-543
LESTER, WIGHTON              CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-755
LEVY, ROBERT                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-143
LEWIS, ANNA M. R.            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-219
LEWIS, GEORGE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-160
LEWIS, MARY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-W-370
LEWIS, NANCY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-466
LEWIS, PATRICK               HUDSON                        NY-11-U-62
LEWIS, WILLIAM W.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-210
LIKE, CHRISTOPHER            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-42
LILLIBRIDGE, BENJAMIN L. P.  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-152
LILLY, PATRICK H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-K-435
LILLY, WILLIAM               HUDSON                        NY-11-X-456
LIMBRICK, DANIEL             HUDSON                        NY-11-U-299
LIMBRICK, HANNAH             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-764
LIMMON, ARCHIBALD            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-283
LINCK, NICHOLAS              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-48
LINCK, PHILIP                CLERMONT                      NY-11-A-212
LINDSLEY, EBENEZER           HUDSON                        NY-11-D-392
LINGS, ADAM                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-330
LINK, CATHARINE              GHENT                         NY-11-R-108
LINK, CATHARINE M.           HUDSON                        NY-11-X-419
LINK, CHARITY                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-775
LINK, DANIEL                 GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-238
LINK, ELIZABETH              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-31
LINK, JOSEPH                 COPAKE                        NY-11-Q-382
LINK, NORMAN                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-V-791
LINK, PHILIP W.              CLERMONT                      NY-11-E-175
LINK, RACHEL M.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-366
LINK, RHODA                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-483
LINK, RICHARD D.             GHENT                         NY-11-O-739
LINK, STEPHEN W.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-493
LINK, WILHELMUS              GHENT                         NY-11-M-73
LINK, WILLIAM                GHENT                         NY-11-F-261
LINK, WILLIAM P.             GHENT                         NY-11-J-584
LINK, ZACHARIAH H.           GHENT                         NY-11-Q-590
LIPPITT, ATERMAN             CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-300
LITTELL, ELIAKIM             OPELOMAN, ST. LANDRY, LA      NY-11-N-640
LITTLE, LEWIS                HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-290
LITTLE, LEWIS B.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-86
LITTLEWOOD, JOHN             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-75
LIVINGSOTN, HERMAN           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-504
LIVINGSOTN, HERMAN T.        LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-596
LIVINGSOTN, ROBERT THONG     LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-J-373
LIVINGSTON, ANNA MARIA       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-186
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE H.     LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-740
LIVINGSTON, CLERMONT         CLERMONT                      NY-11-V-302
LIVINGSTON, CORNELIA H.      LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-263
LIVINGSTON, EDWARD P.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-J-106
LIVINGSTON, EMILY            CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-706
LIVINGSTON, HENRY            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-E-69
LIVINGSTON, HENRY (GEN.) *** LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-59
LIVINGSTON, HENRY W.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-594
LIVINGSTON, HENRY W.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-403
LIVINGSTON, HENRY W.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-335
LIVINGSTON, HENRY W.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-110
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-E-43
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-H-617
LIVINGSTON, LOUIS P. DE M.   COLUMBIA                      NY-11-R-142
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET         CLERMONT                      NY-11-B-70
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET         HUDSON                        NY-11-C-307
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET J.      LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-741
LIVINGSTON, MARY             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-686
LIVINGSTON, MARY C.          CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-770
LIVINGSTON, MATILDA CORINNA  CLERMONT                      NY-11-I-249
LIVINGSTON, MONCRIEF         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-273
LIVINGSTON, PETER R.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L2-612
LIVINGSTON, ROB. R.          CLERMONT                      NY-11-D-292
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT E.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-T-1
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-I-662
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-D-43
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT THONG     LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-D-145
LIVINGSTON, WALTER           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-394
LIVINGSTON, WALTER T.        CLERMONT                      NY-11-F-41
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM A.       LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-120
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM LEROY    CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-397
LOBDELL, JOHN                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-412
LOCKWOOD, AMBROSE            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-288
LOCKWOOD, ELIZABETH H.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-69
LOCKWOOD, JAMES              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-470
LOCKWOOD, JORDAN W.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-374
LOHNES, JOHN G.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-449
LOMAN, PETER                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-620
LONGLEY, LEVI F.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-369
LOOMIS, CHESTER G.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-49
LOOMIS, CHRISTINA            GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-715
LOOMIS, EBENEZER             GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-578
LOOMIS, EZRA D.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-644
LOOMIS, JOHN                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-E-83
LOOMIS, MARY ANN             ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-348
LOOP, PETER                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-109
LOOP, PETER D.               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-411
LORD, DAVID                  CANAAN                        NY-11-B-143
LORD, JOSEPH                 GHENT                         NY-11-K-104
LORD, MARY F.                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L2-237
LOUCKS, HETTY MARIA          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-554
LOUNDHART, PETER             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-225
LOVEJOY, ANDREW              CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-39
LOVEJOY, CHARLES M.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-373
LOVEJOY, DAN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-420
LOVEJOY, DANIEL              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-287
LOVEJOY, EBENEZER            CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-51
LOVEJOY, JOHN W.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-568
LOVEJOY, JUSTUS W.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-337
LOVEJOY, PATRICK             CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-450
LOVEJOY, POLLY F.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-715
LOVELL, JOSEPH               WASHINGTON, DC                NY-11-G-473
LUCY, CORNLEIUS              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-406
LUDINGTON, SAMUEL            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-65
LUDLOW, DANIEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-150
LUDLOW, JAMES                GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-285
LUDLOW, MARY L.              GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-322
LUDLOW, RICHARD MORRIS       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-793
LUDLOW, WILLIAM H.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-210
LUSHER, PETER B.             GALLAIN                       NY-11-I-341
LUSK, JOHN                   CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-558
LUSK, WILLIAM                CANAAN                        NY-11-G-363
LUYK, MARTIN                 GERMAN CAMP                   NY-11-A-103
LYNCH, MICHAEL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-290
LYNCH, PATRICK D.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-137
LYNK, PHILIP W.              SEE: LINK, PHILIP W.          NY-11-E-175
LYON, JANE                   HUDSON                        NY-11-I-600
LYON, JESSE                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-222
LYON, JULIA                  CANAAN                        NY-11-J-605
MABEY, HENRY                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-267
MABURY, JOHN                 COPAKE                        NY-11-W-529
MABY, MARIA                  GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-726
MACFARLAND, CHARLES          HUDSON                        NY-11-V-311
MACK, ENOCH                  LIVINSTON                     NY-11-Q-583
MACK, PHOEBE LAURETTA        LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-308
MACKEY, ANNIE                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-275
MACKEY, ISAAC N.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-95
MACKEY, MARY A.              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-642
MACKIN, MICHAEL              HUDSON                        NY-11-P-206
MACY, AARON C.               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-281
MACY, ABIGAIL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-322
MACY, ABRAHAM                GHENT                         NY-11-J-326
MACY, ALBERT                 HUDSON                        NY-11-X-416
MACY, BETHIAH                GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-488
MACY, CAROLINE M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-62
MACY, CYRUS                  HUDSON                        NY-11-S-401
MACY, DEBORAH H.             GHENT                         NY-11-Q-753
MACY, EUNICE B.              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-604
MACY, GEORGE                 HUDSON                        NY-11-D-426
MACY, GEORGE G.              GHENT                         NY-11-S-52
MACY, HENRY J.               GHENT                         NY-11-P-87
MACY, HIRAM                  HUDSON                        NY-11-R-560
MACY, JACOB                  HUDSON                        NY-11-V-664
MACY, JARED                  HUDSON                        NY-11-O-275
MACY, JOHN                   GHENT                         NY-11-H-301
MACY, KATE E.                GHENT                         NY-11-P-84
MACY, KEZIAH A.              HUDSON                        NY-11-V-667
MACY, LOUISA A.              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-788
MACY, MARY W.                HUDSON                        NY-11-T-435
MACY, REUBEN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-C-323
MACY, RICHARD                HUDSON                        NY-11-J-311
MACY, ROBERT                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-219
MACY, ROBERT J.              HUDSON                        NY-11-G-468
MACY, SETH G.                HUDSON                        NY-11-J-565
MACY, SOPHIA                 BRISTOL, HARTFORD, CT         NY-11-X-511
MACY, SYLVESTER              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-546
MACY, WILLIAM R.             GHENT                         NY-11-N-480
MACY,HARVY                   HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-486
MADISON, JOSEPH              CANAAN                        NY-11-C-147
MAGEE, IRVING                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-21
MAGLEY, JACOB                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-478
MAHAN, JAMES                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-578
MAHON, JOHN                  HUDSON                        NY-11-X-413
MAHON, MARGARET              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-522
MAHONEY, THOMAS              COPAKE                        NY-11-S-128
MAINE, STEPHEN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-H-316
MAISENBACHER, FREDERICK      HUDSON                        NY-11-R-451
MAITSH, ROBERT               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-232
MALLERY, ABNER               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-131
MALLERY, OLIVER              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-187
MALLORY, ANSON U.            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L1-426
MALLORY, JOHN E.             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-299
MALONEY, BRIDGET E.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-453
MALONEY, PETER               HUDSON                        NY-11-X-740
MAMBERT, JOHN WILSON         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-566
MANDAVILLE, JEREMIAH         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-J-8
MANDEVILLE, AGNES S.         HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-313
MANDEVILLE, CYNTHIA          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-L2-373
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM G.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-77
MANN, ELIZA                  HUDSON                        NY-11-U-306
MANNING, THOMAS              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-163
MANROW, NOAH                 CANAAN                        NY-11-D-65
MANTLE, JOHN                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-624
MANTON, ELSIE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-257
MANTON, JEREMIAH             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-460
MANTON, JOANNA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-529
MANTON, MARY                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-70
MANTON, PHOEBE A.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-635
MANTON, SARAH                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-95
MARCKS, FREDERICK            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-T-32
MARENES, CATHARINE R.        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-242
MARKELL, MARIA               HUDSON                        NY-11-N-674
MARKS, MARY ELLEN            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-598
MARQUAT, GEORGE P.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-525
MARRIOTT, CHARLES            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-109
MARRIOTT, HENRY              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-1
MARRIOTT, LUCIA              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-354
MARRIOTT, MARIA              HUDSON                        NY-11-M-392
MARRIOTT, SAMUEL             GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-32
MARRIOTT, TABITHA            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-182
MARSHALL, JOSEPH             HUDSON                        NY-11-K-198
MARSHALL, TAMMY              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-753
MARTIN, ABRAHAM              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-751
MARTIN, ABRAM                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-404
MARTIN, AMBROSE              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-387
MARTIN, ASA                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-253
MARTIN, CAROLINE             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-402
MARTIN, JOHN                 CLAERACK                      NY-11-L1-66
MARTIN, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-80
MARTIN, LAURA                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-91
MARTIN, MILTON               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-174
MARTIN, TIMOTHY              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-84
MARTIN, WILLIAM F.           GHENT                         NY-11-T-446
MARTSH, CORDINE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-376
MASON, NORMAN L.             CANAAN                        NY-11-P-155
MAUGAN, BRIDGET              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-608
MAXWELL, ANN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-S-80
MAXWELL, SARAH               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-493
MAXWELL, VIOLETTA V.         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-318
MAY, WESTFALL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-612
MAYHER, BRIDGET              HUDSON                        NY-11-P-264
MCAFEE, WILLIAM              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-365
MCALKIN, GRIZELL             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-172
MCALPINE, ORVILLE            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-521
MCARTHUR, ALMIRA             COPAKE                        NY-11-M-675
MCARTHUR, ARTHUR             ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-463
MCARTHUR, CAROLINE           HUDSON                        NY-11-S-118
MCARTHUR, EUNICE M .         HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-156
MCARTHUR, MARY L.            CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-11-W-47
MCAULIFF, BRIDGET            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-744
MCCAMBRIDGE, CATHARINE       PHILMONT                      NY-11-V-57
MCCARTHY, BRIDGET            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-627
MCCARTHY, DENNIS             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-662
MCCLEARY, MARY               CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-698
MCCLELLAN, CATHARINE A.      HUDSON                        NY-11-R-444
MCCLELLAN, HUGH              GHENT                         NY-11-V-604
MCCLELLAN, RACHAEL D.        HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-158
MCCLURE, JAMES E.            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-597
MCCOLLUM, WILIAM             STUYVESTANT                   NY-11-V-613
MCCUNE, PETER                HUDSON                        NY-11-X-178
MCDONALD, ABIGAIL            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-502
MCDONALD, FREELAND           ANCRAM                        NY-11-R-473
MCDONALD, JOHN A.            GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-261
MCELWAIN, DANIEL             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-333
MCEVOY, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-N-514
MCGARGLE, JOHN               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-Q-497
MCGIFFERT, JAMES             GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-302
MCGILL, THEODORE             CLERMONT                      NY-11-N-248
MCGILL, WILLIAM              CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-466
MCGONEGAL, THOMAS            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-465
MCGUGAN, JAMES               HUDSON                        NY-11-S-209
MCINTYRE, JOHN MCD.          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-568
MCKARNON, FELIX              CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-740
MCKAY, CATHARINE             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-747
MCKINSTRY, ANSEL             HUDSON                        NY-11-N-223
MCKINSTRY, AUGUSTUS          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-56
MCKINSTRY, CAROLINE H.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-329
MCKINSTRY, HENRY             GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-200
MCKINSTRY, HOLLIS            GREENPORT                     NY-11-L2-489
MCKINSTRY, JANE P.           HUDSON                        NY-11-O-638
MCKINSTRY, MARY ANN          HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-152
MCKINSTRY, ROBERT            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-328
MCKOWN, ELIZA ANN            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-752
MCMANUS, CHARLES             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-475
MCNANEY, ANN                 GHENT                         NY-11-T-590
MCNEILL, NEAL                GREENPORT                     NY-11-U-756
MEAD, ISAAC                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-S-67
MEAD, WILLIAM                HUDSON                        NY-11-M-340
MEALEY, PATRICK              GHENT                         NY-11-W-724
MEALY, MARK                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-586
MEIGHLY, JOHANNIS            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-413
MELINS, HENRY A.             GREENPORT                     NY-11-I-631
MELIOUS, ANTHONY             GHENT                         NY-11-E-62
MELIOUS, MARTHA              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-536
MELIUS, DAVID H.             GHENT                         NY-11-V-80
MELIUS, ELIZA                GHENT                         NY-11-V-490
MELIUS, HENRY                CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-632
MELIUS, JACOB                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-D-9
MELIUS, JOHN A.              GHENT                         NY-11-L2-63
MELIUS, JONAS                TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L1-38
MELIUS, LUTHER               GHENT                         NY-11-W-786
MELIUS, MARY                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-500
MELIUS, PETER                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-595
MELLEN, SARAH C.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-627
MEMBERT, GERTRUDE A.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-357
MEMBERT, JAMES J.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-563
MENICK, SEBASTIAN            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-470
MERCER, GEORGE C.            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-276
MERCER, JANE                 CANAAN                        NY-11-R-411
MERCER, LORENZO E.           CANAAN                        NY-11-K-220
MERCER, MARGARET             CANAAN                        NY-11-J-44
MERCER, WILLIAM              CANAAN                        NY-11-R-407
MERICK, CHRISTINA            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-488
MERICK, HENDRICK             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-302
MERICK, MARTIN               GHENT                         NY-11-N-445
MERICK, NATHANIEL B.         HUDSON                        NY-11-P-526
MERRICK, BARNIBAS            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-87
MERRIFIELD, WALTER W.        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-462
MERRILL, HORACE ****         GHENT                         NY-11-L1-543
MERRILLS, EZEKIEL            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-573
MERRIMAN, JOHN               CANAAN                        NY-11-I-425
MERWIN, CORNELIUS            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-491
MERWIN, PETER V. D.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-527
MERWIN, SAMUEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-147
MESICK, CORNELIA             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-31
MESICK, ELIZABETH            CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-513
MESICK, FREDERICK            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-M-260
MESICK, FREDERICK N.         CLAVERICK                     NY-11-U-511
MESICK, HENDRICK             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-151
MESICK, HENRY P.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-340
MESICK, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-90
MESICK, JOHN I.              GHENT                         NY-11-T-330
MESICK, KATHERINE H.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-226
MESICK, MARGARET C.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-198
MESICK, MARY                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-7
MESICK, PETER                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-291
MESICK, PETER                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-723
MESICK, PETER F.             GHENT                         NY-11-Q-128
MESICK, PETER H.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-164
MESICK, PETER WILLIAM        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-607
MESICK, THOMAS               GHENT                         NY-11-O-395
MESICK, THOMAS F.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-223
METCALF, THOMAS              HUDSON                        NY-11-N-593
METZGER, LOUIS               HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-710
MICHAEL, ANDREW              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-213
MICHAEL, HENRY               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-184
MICHAEL, JACOB               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-490
MICHAEL, WILLIAM H.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-272
MICHEL, ANTHONY              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-56
MICKLE, DANIEL J.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-431
MICKLE, JANE A.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-V-493
MICKLE, JOHN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-399
MICKLE, MALINDA M.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-12
MICKLE, PHILIP               CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-371
MICKLE, SIMSON A.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-167
MICKLE, WILLIAM              CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-608
MILES, FREDERICK P.          SALISBURY                     NY-11-W-61
MILHAM, JACOB                CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-97
MILK, JOHN                   CANAAN                        NY-11-M-656
MILLARD, BENJAMIN R.         HUDSON                        NY-11-P-518
MILLER, ABRAHAM D.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-225
MILLER, ABRAHAM F.           HUDSON                        NY-11-N-488
MILLER, ALEXANDER            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-675
MILLER, ALLEN                GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-149
MILLER, ALLEN S.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-201
MILLER, ALMIRA A.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-575
MILLER, ANDREW               CLERMONT                      NY-11-H-399
MILLER, ANN ELIZA            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-U-781
MILLER, BENJAMIN             COPAKE                        NY-11-F-533
MILLER, BENJAMIN B.          ANCRAM                        NY-11-N-738
MILLER, CATHARINE            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-268
MILLER, CATHERINE A.         VALATIA                       NY-11-W-622
MILLER, CHARITY C.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-527
MILLER, CHARLES C.           ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-395
MILLER, CHARLES J.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-291
MILLER, CHESTER              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-740
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-166
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER A.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-168
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER S.       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-278
MILLER, CORNELIA L.          HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-495
MILLER, CORNELIUS            * (ADM)                       NY-11-E-46
MILLER, CORNELIUS            HUDSON                        NY-11-E-39
MILLER, CORNELIUS D.         GHENT                         NY-11-N-341
MILLER, CORNELIUS H.         HUDSON                        NY-11-O-307
MILLER, CORNELIUS I.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-700
MILLER, CORNELIUS J.         GHENT                         NY-11-D-516
MILLER, CORNELIUS S.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-326
MILLER, DEDRICK              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-O-677
MILLER, DORATHY A.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-186
MILLER, ELIZABETH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-55
MILLER, ELIZABETH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-11
MILLER, ELIZABETH            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-648
MILLER, ELIZABETH A.         TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-T-666
MILLER, ELIZABETH S.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-344
MILLER, EVE                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-135
MILLER, FITE                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-D-433
MILLER, FRANKLIN R.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-603
MILLER, FREDERICK A.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-35
MILLER, FREDERICK S.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-682
MILLER, FREDERICK W.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-177
MILLER, GABRIEL              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-16
MILLER, GEORGE E.            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-388
MILLER, GEORGE L.            GHENT                         NY-11-S-558
MILLER, GERTRUDE             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-671
MILLER, HENRY C.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-405
MILLER, HENRY H.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-G-144
MILLER, HENRY J.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L2-543
MILLER, HENRY L.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-151
MILLER, JACOB                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-M-772
MILLER, JACOB                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-669
MILLER, JACOB H.             GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-557
MILLER, JACOB I.             GHENT                         NY-11-R-118
MILLER, JACOB J.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-K-620
MILLER, JACOB M.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-339
MILLER, JACOB P.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-638
MILLER, JACOB P.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-116
MILLER, JACOB S.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-393
MILLER, JACOB S. A.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-485
MILLER, JAMES                GALLATIN                      NY-11-G-360
MILLER, JAMES                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-278
MILLER, JAMES                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-578
MILLER, JAMES                GALLATIN                      NY-11-G-328
MILLER, JANE                 GHENT                         NY-11-Q-469
MILLER, JANE                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-444
MILLER, JANE                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-312
MILLER, JANE M.              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-264
MILLER, JEREMIAH C.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-78
MILLER, JOANNA               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-127
MILLER, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-649
MILLER, JOHN                 COPAKE                        NY-11-P-153
MILLER, JOHN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-C-141
MILLER, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-165
MILLER, JOHN A.              ANCRAM                        NY-11-K-633
MILLER, JOHN B.              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-N-251
MILLER, JOHN C.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-50
MILLER, JOHN H.              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-X-603
MILLER, JOHN J.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-330
MILLER, JONAS                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-263
MILLER, JONAS H.             GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-786
MILLER, JOSEPH               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-11
MILLER, KATE                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-U-569
MILLER, MAHALA A.            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-13
MILLER, MARGARET             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-671
MILLER, MARGARET             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-409
MILLER, MARIA                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-340
MILLER, MARTIN M.            VALATIE                       NY-11-X-243
MILLER, MARY                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-52
MILLER, MARY                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-E-104
MILLER, MARY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-83
MILLER, MARY                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-K-159
MILLER, MARY O.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-344
MILLER, MATHIAS              GALLATIN                      NY-11-E-97
MILLER, MICHAEL              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-778
MILLER, MICHAEL S.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-90
MILLER, MINERVA S.           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-309
MILLER, NICHOLAS             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L2-378
MILLER, NICHOLAS             GALLATIN                      NY-11-L1-293
MILLER, PETER A.             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-269
MILLER, PETER H.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-K-336
MILLER, PETER I.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-658
MILLER, PETER S.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-613
MILLER, PETER W.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-384
MILLER, RACHAEL              PART OF WILL LOST             NY-11-N-58
MILLER, SAMUEL               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-9
MILLER, SAMUEL M.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-178
MILLER, SAMUEL S.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-195
MILLER, SARAH H.             HUDSON                        NY-11-P-25
MILLER, SIBIL                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-202
MILLER, STEPHEN              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-239
MILLER, STEPHEN B.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-205
MILLER, SUSAN                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-327
MILLER, THEODORE             HUDSON                        NY-11-V-252
MILLER, THOMAS               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-259
MILLER, WALTER               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-673
MILLER, WILLIAM              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-175
MILLER, WILLIAM              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-374
MILLER, WILLIAM C.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-78
MILLER, WILLIAM H.           ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-614
MILLER, WILLIAM HENRY        GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-592
MILLER, WILLIAM J.           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-678
MILLER,CHRISTINA             COPAKE                        NY-11-L2-224
MILLER,HENRY L.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L2-255
MILLIONS, WILLIAM            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-165
MILLS, ISAAC                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-79
MILLS, JOHN                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-73
MILNER, HENRY                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-625
MILNER, ROSANNA              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-200
MIMNO, JOSEPH                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-89
MINER, MARY M.               HUDSON                        NY-11-O-30
MINK, HARRIET                HUDSON                        NY-11-M-247
MINK, HENRY P.               GALLATIN                      NY-11-I-403
MINK, PETER H.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-458
MINKLER, ALMIRA J.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-164
MINKLER, ANNA ELIZA          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-660
MINKLER, GERTRUDE L.         PHILMONT                      NY-11-X-165
MINKLER, HARMONIOUS          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-H-52
MINKLER, JACOB               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-501
MINNISEE, EGBERT             CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-546
MINOR, STEPHEN B.            HUDSON                        NY-11-N-671
MINTEN, JOHN A.              COPAKE                        NY-11-W-353
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER C.       HUDSON                        NY-11-N-483
MITCHELL, CHARLOTTE E.       HUDSON                        NY-11-P-143
MITCHELL, CORNELIA H.        HUDSON                        NY-11-T-11
MITCHELL, JANE M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-524
MITCHELL, WILLIAM J.         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-271
MIX, SETH                    CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-58
MLLER, ANDRIES C.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-183
MOFFAT, SAMUEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-X-137
MOFFAT, THOMAS WRIGHT        HUDSON                        NY-11-X-444
MOFFATT, GITTY               CLERMONT                      NY-11-L2-506
MOFFET, HENRY                CLERMONT                      NY-11-K-493
MOFFITT, MARY                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-625
MOLLOY, MARY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-U-516
MONDEN, MARY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-V-523
MONELL, GEORGE               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-182
MONTAGUE, SARAH M.           CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-235
MOOKLAR, ANNA                HUDSON                        NY-11-H-114
MOONEY, HANNAH A.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-422
MOONEY, PATRICK              CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-111
MOONEY, RHODA                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-471
MOOR, REUBEN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-331
MOORE, BASTIAN               CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-371
MOORE, BETSEY                ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-673
MOORE, CATHARINE P.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-388
MOORE, CHARITY               HUDSON                        NY-11-P-508
MOORE, DAVID                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-392
MOORE, ELIZABETH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-644
MOORE, GEORGE                COPAKE                        NY-11-M-189
MOORE, JACOB                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-230
MOORE, JACOB H.              CLERMONT                      NY-11-R-114
MOORE, JAMES L.              HUDSON                        NY-11-V-744
MOORE, JOHN                  STOCKPORT                     NY-11-H-367
MOORE, LEWIS                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-417
MOORE, LUCIUS                HUDSON                        NY-11-X-529
MOORE, MARIA                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-97
MOORE, PHEBE ANN             HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-242
MOORE, PHILIP H.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-403
MOORE, PLATO B.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-349
MOORES, HEPSABETH            HUDSON                        NY-11-G-523
MOORES, ROBERT H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-224
MOREHOUSE, ALANSON           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-529
MOREHOUSE, DAVID             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-624
MOREHOUSE, DAVID             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-319
MOREHOUSE, JOSEPH            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-35
MOREHOUSE, JOSEPH D.         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-205
MOREHOUSE, NICHOLS           CANAAN                        NY-11-P-4
MORES, REUBEN                HUDSON                        NY-11-G-409
MOREY, AUSTIN                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-57
MOREY, HANNAH E.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-V-291
MOREY, HAZZARD               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-569
MOREY, JERUSHA               HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-684
MOREY, JOSHUA                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-356
MOREY, JULIA A.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-738
MOREY, ROBERT                CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-315
MOREY, STEPHEN               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-436
MOREY, SUSANNA               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-632
MORGAN, NANCY H.             HUDSON                        NY-11-N-700
MORHOUSE, DAVID              CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-55
MORITZ, JOHN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-X-392
MORONEY, MORRIS              GHENT                         NY-11-U-131
MORRELL, JENNIE V. A.        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-463
MORRIS, CATHARINE            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-667
MORRIS, DANIEL               CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-138
MORRIS, HENRIETTA            GHENT                         NY-11-U-74
MORRIS, RACHEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-V-15
MORRIS, THOMAS               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-379
MORRIS, WILLIAM              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-P-256
MORRISON, CASPAR V.          HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-163
MORRISON, CHARLES H.         HUDSON                        NY-11-X-542
MORRISON, CLARA B.           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-181
MORRISON, JAMES J.           GHENT                         NY-11-F-294
MORRISON, JANE E.            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-352
MORRISON, JOHN               GREENPORT                     NY-11-M-761
MORRISON, MARY P.            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-573
MORRISON, SARAH C.           HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-550
MORRISSEY, MICHAEL           CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-790
MORSE, JOSIAH                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-162
MOSELEY, HOPE S.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-147
MOSELY, JOSEPH               HUDSON                        NY-11-T-322
MOSHER, BARNABAS             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-473
MOSHER, BARNABAS W.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-70
MOSHER, JOSEPH W.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-332
MOSIER, REBECCA F.           HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-693
MOSIER, REBECCA F.           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-327
MOSMAN, ROSINA               TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-R-746
MOSTON, ANN S.               CANAAN                        NY-11-S-665
MOTT, ABEL                   CANAAN                        NY-11-C-36
MOTT, THOMAS                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-52
MOUL, JACOB                  GHENT                         NY-11-J-14
MOUL, JACOB I.               GHENT                         NY-11-O-461
MOUL, RICHARD A.             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-403
MOUL, WILLIAM                GHENT                         NY-11-R-501
MOWER, MARTIN                GHENT                         NY-11-W-572
MUGLER, PHILIP               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-506
MULDOWNEY, MARY              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-493
MULLER, CORNELIUS C.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-30
MULLER, JACOB                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-87
MULLER, JEREMIAH C.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-125
MULLEY, ALFRED               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-67
MULLEY, JOSEPH               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-329
MULLIGAN, WILLIAM P.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-768
MURDOCK, CLARISSA            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-285
MURDOCK, EMILY               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-281
MURDOCK, JONAHAN             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-221
MURDOCK, LUCRETIA            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-273
MURDOCK, MARY                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-277
MURGITTROYD, WILLIAM H.      CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-296
MURPHEY, MARY                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-454
MURPHY, JOSEPH P.            CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-746
MURPHY, MORRISS              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-210
MURPHY, STEPHEN              CANAAN                        NY-11-E-92
MURRAY, MARY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-X-691
MURRAY, WILLIAM              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-695
MURRY, MALACHI               CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-276
MUTERS, NELLIE ANN MARIA     HDUSON                        NY-11-U-424
MYER, JUDEA                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-373
MYER, MOSES                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-483
MYER, ROBERT B.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-728
MYER, SAMUEL                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-L1-776
MYERS, ABRAHAM               TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-O-621
MYERS, CHARLES               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-120
MYERS, SAMUEL L.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-W-686
MYNARD, JOSHUA               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-682
MYRICK, ELIZABETH G.         HUDSON                        NY-11-U-518

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