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GAGE, HIRAM                  HUDSON                        NY-11-O-474
GAGE, JAMES A.               HUDSON                        NY-11-S-421
GAGE, SARAH A.               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-650
GALE, CLARISSA               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-592
GALE, DANIEL B.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-666
GALE, ELIJAH B.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-241
GALE, JANE                   NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-168
GALE, NEHEMIAH               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-86
GALLAGHER, JAMES             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-475
GANGLOFF, MARY               PHILMONT                      NY-11-W-640
GANTLEY, MARTHA A.           HUDSON                        NY-11-S-144
GANTLEY, THOMAS H.           HUDSON                        NY-11-X-44
GARDENIER, AARON             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-183
GARDENIER, DAVID W.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-57
GARDENIER, SAMUEL H.         NTL                           NY-11-E-156
GARDENIER, WILLIAM           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-136
GARDINIER, MARY E.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-12
GARDNER, CATHARINE           CLERMONT                      NY-11-T-460
GARDNER, ELISHA              HUDSON                        NY-11-E-58
GARDNER, ELIZABETH           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L2-296
GARDNER, FREDERICK D.        GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-315
GARDNER, GILLIS              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-587
GARDNER, HARMON              CLERMONT                      NY-11-L1-539
GARDNER, JACOB               HUDSON                        NY-11-D-523
GARDNER, JAMES D.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-G-178
GARDNER, JAMES J.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-I-513
GARDNER, JOSHUA              CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-251
GARDNER, MAREITJIE           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-407
GARDNER, MARIA               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-87
GARDNER, MARTHA A.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-689
GARDNER, MARY                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-759
GARDNER, MILTON H.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-784
GARDNER, NOAH                HUDSON                        NY-11-D-197
GARDNER, PHEBE B.            HUDSON (TAPED)                NY-11-D-553
GARDNER, SYLVANUS            CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-232
GARDNER, WILLIAM             CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-114
GAREGHTY, PATRICK            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-709
GARNER, AARON C.             GHENT                         NY-11-U-82
GARNER, AARON H.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-525
GARNER, CHRISTOPHER          GHENT                         NY-11-L1-281
GARNER, GODFREY              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-453
GARNER, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-238
GARNER, MARTIN               GHENT                         NY-11-E-133
GARNER, MARTIN C.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-174
GARNER, MICHEAL              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-300
GARRETT, HANNAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-M-352
GARRITY, BARTHOLOMEW         GHENT                         NY-11-W-179
GARVEY, MARY                 CANAAN                        NY-11-V-430
GATES, DANIEL                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-30
GATT, STORY                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-I-381
GAUL, JACOB                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-289
GAUL, JOHN                   HUDSON                        NY-11-I-211
GAUL, JOHN JR.               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-175
GAY, HENRY                   NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-42
GAY, HENRY D.                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-V-535
GAY, WILLIAM                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-647
GEARING, JACOB H.            CANAAN                        NY-11-R-681
GEARY, EBENEZER              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-470
GEBHARD, CHARLES W.          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-508
GEBHARD, JOHN G.             HUDSON                        NY-11-O-406
GEBHARD, JOHN G.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-163
GEIGER, LEONARD              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-337
GEORGE, CHARLES R.           HUDSON                        NY-11-V-69
GEROLDSEK, MINA              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-682
GEROWE, ELIZA JANE           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-226
GETTY, CORNELIUS T.          GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-579
GIBBINS, THOMAS              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-473
GIBSON, GEORGE W.            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-64
GIBSON, HIRAM G.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-135
GIFFORD, ABBY P.             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-757
GIFFORD, ABIATHAR W.         HUDSON                        NY-11-R-400
GIFFORD, ALMIRA S.           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-741
GIFFORD, ANNA V. A.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-397
GIFFORD, DANIEL D.           GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-268
GIFFORD, DAVID H.            CANAAN                        NY-11-K-22
GIFFORD, ELIHU               HUDSON                        NY-11-T-111
GIFFORD, ENOS                CANAAN                        NY-11-M-768
GIFFORD, JAMES               HUDSON                        NY-11-X-799
GIFFORD, JOHN                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-189
GIFFORD, JOHN P. S.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-119
GIFFORD, JOSHUA              CANAAN                        NY-11-J-463
GIFFORD, LESTER              CANAAN                        NY-11-W-535
GIFFORD, MARIA               HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-127
GIFFORD, OBADIAH             HUDSON                        B -1
GIFFORD, PHILANDER S.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-677
GIFFORD, RACHEL              CANAAN                        NY-11-I-529
GILBERT, ELISHA              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-55
GILBERT, GEORGE              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-410
GILBERT, MARTIN              GHENT                         NY-11-O-195
GILBERT, NATHANIEL           KINGS DISTRICT                NY-11-A-6
GILBERT, RODNEY A.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-788
GILBERT, URIAH               HUDSON                        NY-11-J-113
GILBERT, WILHELMINA          CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-402
GILDERSLEEVE, ALFRED         CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-23
GILDERSLEEVE, CHARLES E.     KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-684
GILDERSLEEVE, JEANNETT       AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-W-5
GILE, STEPHEN                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-357
GILLET, ANNIE R.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-566
GILLET, ASA                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-U-655
GILLET, ELIAS D.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-V-60
GILLETT, AARON               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-543
GILLETT, JEREMIAH            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-406
GILLETT, LEONARD             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-409
GILLETT, MARY JANE           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-687
GILLETT, NOADIAH             CANAAN                        NY-11-H-8
GILLETT, SARAH A.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-334
GILSON, ANNA H.              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-289
GLEASON, EPHRAIM             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-154
GLOVER, GEORGE               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-521
GOBEL, HANNAH                GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-385
GOBULLE, CHARLES             GHENT                         NY-11-N-558
GOES, JOHN D.                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-A-77
GOES, JOHN JR.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-223
GOES, LAWRENCE M.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-I-48
GOES, LUCAS                  KINDRHOOK                     NY-11-C-1
GOES, LUYCAS                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-B-38
GOFF, MARTIN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-S-561
GOLD, THOMAS                 PITTSFIELD, BERKSHIRE, MA     NY-11-H-126
GOLDEN, NATHANIEL            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-J-344
GOLDER, ABRAM                CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-669
GOODEMORT, JACOB             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-258
GOODFELLOW, AMOS             CANAAN                        NY-11-K-84
GOODFELLOW, SAMUEL           CANAAN                        NY-11-D-495
GOODNOUGH, ELIJAH            CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-262
GOODRICH, HOLLY              CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-358
GOODRICH, RACHEL             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-14
GOODWIN, CHRISTINA           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-470
GOODWIN, HANNAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-M-100
GOODWIN, JOSEPH              HUDSON                        NY-11-E-47
GOODWIN, LEWIS H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-570
GOODWIN, ROSE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-71
GOODWIN, SUSANNAH            HUDSON                        NY-11-M-11
GORDON, WILLIAM              HUDSON                        NY-11-E-16
GORSLINE, MARIA              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-6
GORSLINE, SAMUEL R.          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-M-575
GORY, WILLIAM                HUDSON                        NY-11-V-621
GOSMAN, ROBERT               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-I-201
GOTT, JOHN                   AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-H-208A
GOTTSCHALK, ANNA MARIA       HUDSON                        NY-11-T-256
GOULD, JOHN S.               HUDSON                        NY-11-P-93
GOYNES, JANE                 STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-6
GRACE, ELIZA                 HUDSON                        NY-11-U-245
GRAHAM, CHRISTOPHER          GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-663
GRAHAM, WILLIAM B.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-717
GRANGER, ELIZABETH           HUDSON                        NY-11-P-404
GRANT, ELEAZER               CANAAN                        NY-11-C-118
GRANT, ELEAZER               CANAAN                        NY-11-C-316
GRAVEL, LUCY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-552
GRAVEL, MARCELLUS            CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-334
GRAVES, ALMIRA M.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-250
GRAVES, HELLEN E.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-461
GRAVES, LEVI                 CANAAN                        NY-11-F-243
GRAVES, STEPHEN              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-4
GRAY, ANN ELIZA              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-264
GRAY, GILBERT E.             GALLATIN                      NY-11-O-385
GRAY, JOHN (REV.)            GHENT                         NY-11-N-239
GRAY, RENSSELAER             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-414
GRAY, THOMAS S.              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-600
GREEN, JACOB                 GHENT                         NY-11-T-73
GREENE, DAVID                CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-407
GREENE, MARY                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-289
GREENE, NANCY                CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-389
GREENE, NATHANIEL            HUDSON                        NY-11-C-103
GREGG, CHRISTINE L.          HUDSON                        NY-11-T-232
GRESSER, JOHANNA             SEE: GOBEL, HANNAH            NY-11-X-385
GREY, COOLEY                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-114
GREY, JOHN                   GALLATIN                      NY-11-K-404
GRIDLEY, CHAUNCY             HUDSON                        NY-11-M-40
GRIDLEY, NOAH                HUDSON                        NY-11-F-67
GRIDLEY, OBED                HUDSON                        NY-11-E-149
GRIFFA, LOUIS                CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-696
GRIFFIN, SUSAN               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-3
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-464
GRIMES, WILLIAM              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-622
GRINNELL, ANN E.             CANAAN                        NY-11-P-609
GRISWOLD, EUNICE             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-M-280
GRISWOLD, HARRIETT           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-627
GRISWOLD, URSULA             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-M-245
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM G.         HUDSON                        NY-11-P-471
GROAT, CYRUS                 GHENT                         NY-11-W-656
GROAT, FRANCES               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-392
GROAT, HENDRICK              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-100
GROAT, HENRY                 GHENT                         NY-11-G-28
GROAT, HENRY                 GHENT                         NY-11-J-248
GROAT, JEREMIAH              CLAVEACK                      NY-11-O-546
GROAT, JOHN A.               GHENT                         NY-11-W-108
GROAT, JOHN D.               COPAKE                        NY-11-Q-304
GROAT, ROBERT F.             HUDSON                        NY-11-U-551
GROAT, SALLY                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-651
GROAT, SARAH M.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-518
GROAT, WILLIAM N.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-171
GROSS, JOHN                  HUDSON                        NY-11-V-67
GROVES, JOHN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-193
GUERTIN, CASIMER N.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-430
GUION, COVINGTON             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-283
GUION, ELIZABETH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-293
GUNN, GABRIEL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-403
GUTHRIE, ROSE                HUDSON                        NY-11-X-176
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-36
HACKLEY, EZEKIEL             LEBANON                       NY-11-A-52
HADLEY, ANNE M.              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-617
HAGDORN, CHRISTOPHEL         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-B-219
HAIGHT, AMOS                 CANAAN                        NY-11-B-174
HAIGHT, WILLIAM              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-719
HAIN, PETER A.               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-52
HALIN, ANN                   KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-789
HALL, ABIJAH                 CANAAN                        NY-11-F-432
HALL, JERUSHA                CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-122
HALL, JOHN                   GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-647
HALL, PARMELIA               CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-730
HALL, RALPH                  CANAAN                        NY-11-T-726
HALL, THOMAS                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-192
HALLENBACK, JEROMES          HUDSON                        NY-11-A-322
HALLENBECK, ELIZABETH        GREENPORT                     NY-11-U-314
HALLENBECK, EMELINE          GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-91
HALLENBECK, EMILY G.         HUDSON                        NY-11-V-87
HALLENBECK, FRANCES E.       LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-730
HALLENBECK, GERTRUDE         GREENPORT                     NY-11-V-1
HALLENBECK, HENDRICK         HUDSON                        NY-11-F-271
HALLENBECK, JACOB J.         HUDSON                        NY-11-D-286
HALLENBECK, JAMES            GREENPORT                     NY-11-K-279
HALLENBECK, JANE             HUDSON                        NY-11-U-438
HALLENBECK, JANE             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-327
HALLENBECK, JEROME H.        GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-17
HALLENBECK, JOHN A.          LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-E-125
HALLENBECK, JOHN C.          HUDSON                        NY-11-W-509
HALLENBECK, JOHN W.          CANAAN                        NY-11-M-468
HALLENBECK, KAHARINE L.      LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-315
HALLENBECK, MARGARET L.      GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-617
HALLENBECK, MARY             HUDSON                        NY-11-P-410
HALLENBECK, MARY J.          HUDSON                        NY-11-W-696
HALLENBECK, MATTHIAS         HUDSON                        NY-11-B-153
HALLENBECK, MERCY            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-157
HALLENBECK, MICHAEL R.       HUDSON (CON'T)                NY-11-F-350
HALLENBECK, MICHAEL R.       HUDSON                        NY-11-F-313
HALLENBECK, MICHAEL W.       HUDSON                        NY-11-F-153
HALLENBECK, NELSON           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-275
HALLENBECK, NICHOLAS         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-42
HALLENBECK, ROBERT           HUDSON                        NY-11-C-111
HALLENBECK, SAMUEL           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-252
HALLENBECK, SARAH            GREENPORT                     NY-11-N-552
HALLENBECK, THOMAS           HUDSON                        NY-11-R-576
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM          HUDSON                        NY-11-K-326
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM          HUDSON                        NY-11-C-415
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM          TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-E-77
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM J.       HUDSON                        NY-11-C-390
HALLOWS, MARY ANN            VALATIE                       NY-11-U-163
HALSEY, CHRISTINA            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-652
HALSEY, WILLIAM O.           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-58
HALSTEAD, BENJAMIN           ANCRAM                        NY-11-D-313
HALSTEAD, JOSEPH             ANCRAM                        NY-11-L2-563
HALSTED, ABIGAIL             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-689
HALSTED, JOSIAH              ANCRAM                        NY-11-G-382
HAM, ANDREW                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-495
HAM, CHARLES C.              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-765
HAM, COONRADT J.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-626
HAM, FREDERICK F.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-604
HAM, FREDERICK P.            CLERMONT                      NY-11-K-389
HAM, HALAN PAGE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-619
HAM, HENRY A.                GREENPORT                     NY-11-S-300
HAM, JACOB P.                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-61
HAM, JACOB T.                HUDSON                        NY-11-O-100
HAM, JAMES                   GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-513
HAM, MARY E.                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-214
HAM, PETER H.                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-734
HAM, PETER P.                GALLATIN                      NY-11-T-694
HAM, PETER SR.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-268
HAM, PETER T.                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-554
HAM, PETER W.                TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-G-493
HAM, PHILI T.                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-151
HAM, REUBEN                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-545
HAM, RUSSEL                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-462
HAM, SARAH                   GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-U-427
HAM, SUSAN A. B.             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-674
HAM, SYLVIA A.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-219
HAM, WANDLE                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-B-84
HAM, WENDELL                 TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-G-37
HAM, WENDELL T.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-N-660
HAMILL, WILLIAM              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-R-740
HAMILTON, HOSEA              (CON'T)                       NY-11-A-404
HAMILTON, HOSEA              *                             NY-11-A-366
HAMILTON, JOHN               CANAAN                        NY-11-I-519
HAMILTON, JOSEPH             HUDSON                        NY-11-C-70
HAMLIN, NANCY                HUDSON                        NY-11-N-176
HAMLIN, SABRINA              AUSERLITZ                     NY-11-M-566
HAMM, HORACE C.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-262
HAMMOND, SALLY               HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-242
HAND, JONATHAN               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-417
HAND, SAMUEL                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-512
HAND, SAMUEL                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-F-172
HAND, SYLVANUS               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-541
HANER, MARTIN L.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-730
HANEY, JOSEPH                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-572
HANFORD, CHARLES A.          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-R-402
HANOR, GEORGE                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-227
HANOR, HANNAH                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-M-722
HAPEMAN, BETSEY              RED HOOK, DUTCHESS, NY        NY-11-R-516
HARDER, ABRAHAM              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-103
HARDER, AUGUSTUS B.          GHENT                         NY-11-X-307
HARDER, CHARLES N.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-241
HARDER, DENNIS               CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-60
HARDER, EVE                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L1-391
HARDER, FRANCIS J.           STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-732
HARDER, GERTRUDE             GHENT                         NY-11-K-71
HARDER, HANNAH               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-737
HARDER, JANE S.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-701
HARDER, JOHN JR.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-J-57
HARDER, JOHN N.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-81
HARDER, JOHN P.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-M-35
HARDER, MARTIN               GHENT                         NY-11-J-221
HARDER, MARY E.              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-780
HARDER, MICHAEL              GHENT                         NY-11-E-105
HARDER, MICHAEL J.           STOCKPORT                     NY-11-M-386
HARDER, PAULINA              GHENT                         NY-11-J-338
HARDER, PETER                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-59
HARDER, PETER I.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-35
HARDER, PETER W.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-85
HARDER, PHILIP               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-53
HARDER, PHILIP P.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-363
HARDER, ROBERT               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L2-456
HARDER, WILHELMUS            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-98
HARDICK, ELIZA C.            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-463
HARDICK, MATTHEW             GHENT                         NY-11-R-509
HARDICK, PETER F.            HUDSON                        NY-11-D-338
HARDICK, WILLIAM F.          HUDSON                        NY-11-G-217
HARDICK, WILLIAM F.          HUDSON                        NY-11-K-573
HARMON, ALBERT               CANAAN                        NY-11-S-652
HARMON, CORODON              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-H-42
HARMON, JOHN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-52
HARRINGTON, ALANSON          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-45
HARRIS, ALBERT               CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-191
HARRIS, BENJAMIN             CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-732
HARRIS, CHLOE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-100
HARRIS, WILLIAM              CAZENOVIA, MADISON, NY        NY-11-P-594
HARRIS, WILLIAM F.           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-549
HARRISON, ABRAHAM            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-136
HARRISON, HENRY              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-609
HARRISON, NOAH               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-668
HARROP, ROBERT S.            VALATIE                       NY-11-X-747
HART, ANNA MARIA             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-141
HART, LOT                    GHENT                         NY-11-E-150
HARVEY, ASA                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L1-410
HARVEY, MARY C.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-351
HASBROUCK, FRANK             GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-464
HASBROUCK, LAURA S.          GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-712
HASKIN, STEPHEN              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-64
HATCH, ELISHA                CANAAN                        NY-11-J-257
HATCH, GEORGE O.             CANAAN                        NY-11-S-373
HATCH, HENRY B.              CANAAN                        NY-11-P-331
HATCH, JOHN                  NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-421
HATCH, JOHN HENRY            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-45
HATCH, LEVI                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-204
HATCH, LODEMA                CANAAN                        NY-11-O-8
HATCH, OLIVE                 CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-416
HATCH, WILLIAM L.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-184
HATFIELD, JOSEPH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-116
HATFIELD, PHEBE N.           GHENT                         NY-11-P-615
HATFIELD, ROBERT             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-15
HATHAWAY, JOHN               HUDSON                        NY-11-D-444
HATHAWAY, SARAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-H-411
HAUN, GEORGE                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-73
HAUSER, HENRY                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-600
HAVENS, ROBERT               NTL                           NY-11-A-130
HAVILAND, ELIZABETH A.       CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-712
HAVILAND, MARTIN             HUDSON                        NY-11-T-201
HAVILAND, PHILIP W.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-390
HAVOR, HENDRICK              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-73
HAWES, SIMON P.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-651
HAWKES, CAROLINE MORTON      HUDSON                        NY-11-T-251
HAWLEY, THOMAS               CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-501
HAWS, PETER                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-I-437
HAWVER, EPHRAIM              COPAKE                        NY-11-S-245
HAWVER, MARGARET             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-Q-501
HAWVER, MARIA                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-131
HAYES, CATHARINE             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-170
HAYES, JAMES                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-274
HAYNADT, ADDAM               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-E-79
HAYS, WILLIAM L.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-244
HAYSE, CATHERINE L.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-554
HAZELTON, MARY               HUDSON                        NY-11-X-231
HEAD, ELIZABETH E.           GHENT                         NY-11-X-500
HEAD, JOHN I.                GHENT                         NY-11-L2-479
HEAD, JONATHAN J.            GHENT                         NY-11-W-751
HEAD, JONATHAN JR.           GHENT                         NY-11-H-83
HEAD, JONATHAN P.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-632
HEAD, LYDIA M.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-499
HEALY, THOMAS                GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-550
HEAP, JOHN                   STOCKPORT                     NY-11-X-766
HEATH, ABIJAH                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-215
HEATH, ANNIE L.              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-222
HEATH, SYLVANUS E.           HUDSON                        NY-11-W-583
HEDGES, STEPHEN              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-363
HEERMAN, ANDREW P.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-A-450
HEERMANCE, CATHARINE E.      KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-338
HEERMANCE, MARIA             GHENT                         NY-11-P-600
HEGAR, URIEL                 CAMP                          NY-11-A-69
HEISER, GEORGE PETER         EAST CAMP                     NY-11-A-3
HELM, HENRY                  STOCKPORT                     NY-11-L2-601
HELMS, PETER                 STOCKPORT                     NY-11-K-331
HELMS, PETER                 HUDSON                        NY-11-O-619
HEMINWAY, HARRIET E.         CANAAN                        NY-11-U-86
HEMINWAY, JOSEPH R.          CANAAN                        NY-11-V-250
HENDERSON, GEORGE            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-375
HENRY, MARGARET              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-528
HER, MICHAEL                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-B-129
HERDER, CATLINA              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-139A
HERDER, FREDRICK T.          COPAKE                        NY-11-S-550
HERDER, JACOB                HUDSON                        NY-11-B-26
HERDER, MICHAEL              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-302
HERDER, SARAH A.             COPAKE                        NY-11-X-321
HERMANCE, DERICK             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-738
HERMANCE, LYDIA MARIAH       CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-401
HERMANCE, MARY J.            HUDSON                        NY-11-V-652
HERRICK, AMOS                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-109
HERRICK, BURTON              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-189
HERRICK, CALVIN              CANAAN                        NY-11-M-130
HERRICK, CALVIN L.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-237
HERRICK, DANIEL W.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-47
HERRICK, HENRY               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-771
HERRICK, JANE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-707
HERRICK, NATHAN              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-768
HERRICK, OSCAR J.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-424
HERRMANN, WILHELMUS          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-273
HERVEY, DEBORAH              CANAAN                        NY-11-O-687
HERVEY, JOHN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-O-468
HESS, ALBERT                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-755
HESS, MARGARET C.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-52
HESS, MICHAEL                CLVERACK                      NY-11-H-304
HEUIR, UNGEL                 SEE: HEGAR, URIEL             NY-11-A-69
HEYDORN, CHRISTOPHER         HUDSON                        NY-11-C-190
HICKEY, DANIEL               CANAAN                        NY-11-S-397
HICKEY, ELLEN                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-472
HICKEY, JAMES                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-366
HICKS, ELIAS P.              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-433
HICKS, MARY                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-69
HICKS, ROBERT                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-K-386
HIESROTE, HENDRICK           ANCRAM                        NY-11-E-130
HIGGINS, ABNER               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-W-16
HIGGINS, ANNA B.             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-W-728
HIGGINS, JOHN                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-330
HIGGINS, JOHN W.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-420
HIGGINS, JOHN W.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-236
HIGGINS, SAMUEL              AUSERLITZ (CON'T)             NY-11-F-550
HIGGINS, SAMUEL              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-541
HILDRETH, HALSEY             HUDSON                        NY-11-M-140
HILDRETH, MARY               HUDSON                        NY-11-R-397
HILDRETH, WEALTHY F.         HUDSON                        NY-11-U-748
HILL, F. ALDEN               HAMPTON, ROCKINGHAM, NH       NY-11-U-379
HILL, HENRY                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-47
HILL, HENRY                  STOCKPORT                     NY-11-P-657
HILL, LEMUEL                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-125
HILL, NOADIAH M.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-238
HILLS, ELIJAH                CANAAN                        NY-11-C-366
HILLS, GRANVILLE             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-587
HILLS, LORINDA               ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-77
HIMROD, CATHARINE NEILSON    GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-533
HINE, GEORG W.               CANAAN                        NY-11-X-467
HINE, NEWTON                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-68
HINSDALE, CHARLS A.          GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-662
HINSDALE, HENRY              TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-I-263
HINSDALE, ROBERT H.          GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-480
HINSDALE, WILLIAM W.         GALLATIN                      NY-11-V-770
HISCOX, RICHARD              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-772
HISERODT, HENRY J.           ANCRUM                        NY-11-O-173
HISERODT, JOHN               ANCRAM                        NY-11-D-549
HOAG, ASA                    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-660
HOAG, BETSEY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-123
HOBBS, HUBBARD H.            US. NAVY                      NY-11-G-480
HOBBY, CATHERINE E.          LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-738
HOBBY, CHARLES H.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-71
HOCH, JOHN W.                CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-173
HODGE, EDWARD J.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-623
HOES, ALIDA                  HUDSON                        NY-11-M-267
HOES, ELIZABETH              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-257
HOES, JOHN                   STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-325
HOES, LAWRENCE J.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-277
HOES, LUCAS                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-485
HOES, PETER J.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-601
HOES, PETER S.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-689
HOES, PIERRE V. B.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-760
HOES, THEODORE               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-W-533
HOFFMAN, ALIDA               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-11-A-140
HOFFMAN, DANIEL              CLAVEACK                      NY-11-E-11
HOFFMAN, ELIPHUS             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-647
HOFFMAN, JULIA               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-521
HOFFMAN, MARVIN              HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-589
HOFFMAN, NANCY               GHENT                         NY-11-X-197
HOFFMAN, PETER               CLAVEACK                      NY-11-T-9
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-402
HOFSTETTER, NICHOLAS         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-703
HOGAN, DANIEL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-193
HOGAN, PATRICK               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-639
HOGAN, WILLIAM               CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-386
HOGEBOOM, BARTHOLOMEW        GHENT                         NY-11-E-96
HOGEBOOM, BARTLEY            CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-38
HOGEBOOM, BETSEY             GHENT                         NY-11-E-116
HOGEBOOM, CAROLINE           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-239
HOGEBOOM, DEBORAH            CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-314
HOGEBOOM, HENRY              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-543
HOGEBOOM, JACOB              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-V-34
HOGEBOOM, JOHANNIS           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-164
HOGEBOOM, JOHN C.            GHENT                         NY-11-I-98
HOGEBOOM, JOSEPH P.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-466
HOGEBOOM, SEPHEN J.          GHENT                         NY-11-G-194
HOGEBOOM, STEPHEN            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-176
HOGEBOOM, TOBIAS L.          GHENT                         NY-11-K-313
HOLCOMBE, GEORGE P.          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-332
HOLDRIDGE, ARNOLD            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-316
HOLDRIDGE, ESTHER E.         CANAAN                        NY-11-S-577
HOLDRIDGE, ROSWELL           CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-596
HOLENBAKE, LENAH             HUDSON                        NY-11-E-48
HOLLAND, JANE                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-13
HOLLAND, LANA                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L2-575
HOLLAND, MARGARET            KINDERHOK                     NY-11-M-241
HOLLENBECK, CHARLES R.       HUDSON                        NY-11-N-358
HOLLENBECK, CORNELIUS        GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-308
HOLLENBECK, DERICK           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-13
HOLLENBECK, DERRICK W.       HUDSON                        NY-11-G-213
HOLLENBECK, GEORGE           GREENPORT                     NY-11-L2-24
HOLLENBECK, GEORGE C.        HUDSON                        NY-11-G-148
HOLLENBECK, JOHN R.          HUDSON                        NY-11-F-437
HOLLENBECK, MATHIAS          HUDSON                        NY-11-F-388
HOLLENBECK, MATTHIAS         GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-146
HOLLENBECK, MICHAEL J.       GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-49
HOLLENBECK, PETER J.         HUDSON                        NY-11-G-259
HOLLENBECK, ROBERT R.        GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-322
HOLLENBECK, SARAH            GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-79
HOLLENBECK, WILLIAM          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-39
HOLMES, ALBERT R.            HUDSON                        NY-11-N-105
HOLMES, CHLOE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-547
HOLMES, EDWIN                HUDSON                        NY-11-O-744
HOLMES, ELIZABETH            COPAKE                        NY-11-Q-335
HOLMES, FRANCES V.           HUDSON                        NY-11-P-138
HOLMES, LEMUEL               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-721
HOLMES, LUCY J.              HUDSON                        NY-11-S-718
HOLMES, PALMER               GHENT                         NY-11-F-93
HOLMES, SARAH M.             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-507
HOLSAPPLE, ANNIE             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-386
HOLSAPPLE, CATHARINE         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-436
HOLSAPPLE, CATHARINE L.      COPAKE                        NY-11-S-460
HOLSAPPLE, HENRY             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-398
HOLSAPPLE, JOHN              GHENT                         NY-11-I-509
HOLSAPPLE, JOHN I.           GHENT                         NY-11-O-67
HOLSAPPLE, WILLIAM           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-427
HOLSAPPLE, WILLIAM I.        COPAKE                        NY-11-U-259
HOLSAPPLE, WILLIAM T.        HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-386
HOLSOPPLE, GEORGE            CLERMONT                      NY-11-C-153
HOOD, HENRY                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-741
HOOVER, ALEXANDER W.         GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-243
HOPKIN, AGNESS               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-A-17
HOREN, MICHAEL               CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-783
HORNFAGER, CHRISTOPHER       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-I-495
HORNFAGER, CORNELIA          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-734
HORTON, JACOB                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-Q-216
HORTON, JACOB                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-253
HORTON, JACOB                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-790
HORTON, MANDEVILLE           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-712
HORTON, MARGARET             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-34
HORTON, THOMAS               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-127
HOSFORD, ELIZABETH           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-411
HOSFORD, MARIA V. A.         STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-776
HOTALING, MARY               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-9
HOUGHTALING, GARRET J.       STUYVESANT                    NY-11-Q-401
HOUGHTALING, THOMAS          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-786
HOUSE, BENJAMIN              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-H-404
HOUSE, ELIZABETH             HUDSON                        NY-11-R-546
HOUSE, HENRY                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-U-603
HOVER, AMANDA                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-510
HOVER, JEREMIAH              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-M-756
HOVER, JOHN                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L2-132
HOVER, JOHN                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-245
HOWARD, EBENEZER             CANAAN                        NY-11-C-293
HOWARD, ELIZABTH ***         GHENT                         NY-11-K-538
HOWARD, JOSEPH               GHENT                         NY-11-H-242
HOWARD, PHEBE                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-93
HOWE, GARRIT M.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-L1-181
HOWES, CAROLINE              CANAAN                        NY-11-O-574
HOWES, ORRIN V.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-U-659
HOYERADT, ANNA MARIA         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-176
HOYSDRADT, JOHN              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-109
HOYSRADT, ALBERT             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-168
HOYSRADT, AMY                ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-168
HOYSRADT, CAROLINE L.        HUDSON                        NY-11-X-722
HOYSRADT, DIANA              GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-83
HOYSRADT, FRANK              ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-446
HOYSRADT, HENRY A.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-629
HOYSRADT, JACOB W.           HUDSON                        NY-11-T-505
HOYSRADT, LODINAH            GALLATIN                      NY-11-N-246
HOYSRADT, MARGARET           ANCRAM                        NY-11-T-718
HOYSRADT, MARIA S.           ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-617
HOYSRADT, MARY               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-258
HOYSRADT, MARY S.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-141
HOYT, PHILIP H.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-616
HOYT, VESTA ANN              CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-286
HUBBARD, EDWIN               CANAAN                        NY-11-P-570
HUBBARD, EMMA                CANAAN                        NY-11-U-744
HUBBARD, MARGARET            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-208
HUBBEL, LEVI                 HUDSON                        NY-11-M-192
HUDSON, CHAUNCY B.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-385
HUDSON, ELIJAH               CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-20
HUDSON, HOSEA                CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-419
HUDSON, LYDIA                CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-69
HUESTED, ABIGAIL J.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-104
HUESTED, BARTON              CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-398
HUESTED, SAMUEL              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-J-139
HUESTED, SIMOEN R.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-680
HUFFMAN, JEREMIAH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-275
HUGHES, THOMAS               HUDSON                        NY-11-R-283
HULBERT, SAMUEL D.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-566
HULING, JANE K.              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-8
HULL, CHARLES W.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-423
HULL, ELIZABETH              HUDSON                        NY-11-T-689
HULL, HENRY                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-1
HULL, LUCENA A.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-365
HULL, MARY ANN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-607
HULME, GEORGE                HUDSON                        NY-11-W-236
HULME, JOB                   HUDSON                        NY-11-S-497
HUMPHREY, DAVID              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-60
HUMPHREY, GEORGE             CHATHAM                       NY-11-G-358
HUMPHREY, LORENZO            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-73
HUMPHRY, JOHN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-207
HUNSINGER, CHRISTIAN         HUDSON                        NY-11-X-248
HUNT, ANSON                  CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-89
HUNT, ELIZA                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-U-622
HUNT, ENOS                   CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-158
HUNT, GERTRUDE               CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-197
HUNT, HANNAH                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-506
HUNT, HANNAH E.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-313
HUNT, JOHN                   HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-41
HUNT, LUTHER                 CANAAN                        NY-11-E-72
HUNT, MAHITABLE              CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-359
HUNT, PALMER                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-433
HUNT, SAMUEL                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-347
HUNT, WILLIAM                CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-547
HUNT, WILLIAM                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-167
HUNT, ZEBULON                HUDSON                        NY-11-U-447
HUNTER, ANDREW               CANAAN                        NY-11-E-117
HURD, CATHARINE              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-221
HUSTON, ROXANA               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-N-416
HUTCHINGS, JACOB             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-609
HUTCHINS, JACOB              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-158
HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN         CANAAN                        NY-11-D-33
HUTMAN, JOHN M.              HUDSON                        NY-11-I-398
HUTTON, ELIZABETH L.         STUYVESANT                    NY-11-R-129
HUTTON, THOMAS L.            *, KANAWHA, VA                NY-11-L1-312
HUTTON,C HRISTOPHER          STUYVESANT                    NY-11-J-28
HUYCK, BURGER J.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-25
HUYCK, ELIZABETH             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-340
HUYCK, JOHANNIS              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-222
HYATT, ANN C.                HUDSON                        NY-11-V-742
HYATT, DELIA M.              HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-755
HYATT, MARGARET M.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-429
HYDE, JAMES                  STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-75
HYDE, WILLIAM                STOCKPORT                     NY-11-U-770
IDE, EBENEZER                CANAAN                        NY-11-E-65
ILAM, JACOB                  TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-D-400
ILER, HENRY                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-313
INGALLS, MARY                GALLATIN                      NY-11-J-1
INGALLS, WILSON (REV.)       KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-225
INGERSALL, JOHN C.           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-277
INGERSOLL, SAMUEL C.         AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-49
INGHAM, LOVINA               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-263
INGLES, JOHN H.              GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-340
INGLES, LEVI                 CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-415
INYON, MARGARET              HUDSON                        NY-11-D-311
IRISH, AMOS                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-486
IRISH, CHARLES               HUDSON                        NY-11-D-417
IRISH, EUNICE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-477
IRISH, HARRIET M.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-254
IRISH, JEDEDIAH              CHATHAM                       NY-11-H-656
IRISH, STEVES                CHATHAM                       NY-11-L2-77
IRISH, WILLIAM               CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-639
ISBISTER, GEORGE             GHENT                         NY-11-T-796
ISHERWOOD, WILLIAM           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-641
JACKSON, HENRY               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-O-264
JACKSON, SARAH               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-520
JACKSON, SUSAN               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-S-775
JACOBI, BASTIAN              * (GERMAN)                    NY-11-D-3
JACOBIA, BETSEY              GHENT                         NY-11-X-71
JACOBIA, JANE                GHENT                         NY-11-M-150
JACOBIA, JOHN                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-184
JACOBIA, JOHN H.             GHENT                         NY-11-X-68
JACOBIA, JOHN JR.            GHENT                         NY-11-G-118
JACOBIA, JOHN JR.            GHENT                         NY-11-G-264
JACOBIA, WILLIAM             GHENT                         NY-11-O-71
JAMES, HENRY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-U-489
JANES, ELISHA                CANAAN                        NY-11-C-401
JANES, HELEN M.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-691
JANES, ROGER                 CANAAN                        NY-11-I-266
JANSON, DIRCK                CLERMONT                      NY-11-C-26
JARVIS, ANN B.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-596
JENINGS, PHILIP ALMON        LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-124
JENISON, LEARNED             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-425
JENKES, ELIZABETH            CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-187
JENKINS, ALEXANDER           HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-360
JENKINS, BENJAMIN            HUDSON                        NY-11-N-455
JENKINS, CHARLES             HUDSON                        NY-11-C-235
JENKINS, CHARLES G.          HUDSON                        NY-11-C-285
JENKINS, EDWARD              CANAAN                        NY-11-M-618
JENKINS, LEMUEL W.           HUDSON                        NY-11-D-424
JENKINS, MARSHAL             HUDSON                        NY-11-C-350
JENKINS, MARY                HUDSON                        NY-11-C-313
JENKINS, NATHANC .           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-64
JENKINS, SARAH H.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-653
JENKINS, THOMAS              HUDSON                        NY-11-C-248
JESSUP, NATHAN               HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-422
JEWELL, EMMA A.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-421
JINKES, WILLIAM              CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-259
JOHNSON, CATHARINE           CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-767
JOHNSON, CATHARINE G.        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-641
JOHNSON, ELISABETH           HUDSON                        NY-11-H-79
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH E.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-541
JOHNSON, EVALINA             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-161
JOHNSON, ISAAC               CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-133
JOHNSON, JASON M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-268
JOHNSON, JOHN D.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-572
JOHNSON, JOHN W.             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-T-648
JOHNSON, MARY L.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-U-270
JOHNSON, PETER               GALLATIN                      NY-11-M-283
JOHNSON, PETER               CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-3
JOHNSON, QUINCY              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-684
JOHNSON, RICHARD             CANAAN                        NY-11-E-179
JOHNSON, RICHARD             CANAAN                        NY-11-E-181
JOHNSON, SARAH J.            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-644
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-K-122
JOHNSON, WILLIAM L.          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-U-113
JONES, ALMIRA M.             CLAVEACK                      NY-11-U-223
JONES, ANNANIAS              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-H-373
JONES, CATHERINE W.          CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-178
JONES, CORNELIUS             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-H-221
JONES, CORNELIUS D.          CANAAN                        NY-11-K-638
JONES, DANIEL                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-F-71
JONES, DANIEL JR.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-55
JONES, DAVID ADKIN           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-529
JONES, DEBORAH J.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-423
JONES, ERASTUS B.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-290
JONES, GEORGE H.             HUDSON                        NY-11-V-457
JONES, JEREMIAH              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-236
JONES, JOHN                  HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-361
JONES, JOHN W.               GHENT                         NY-11-N-504
JONES, LOVINAL               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-3
JONES, MOSES                 CANAAN                        NY-11-C-144
JONES, PERMELIA              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-514
JONES, SALMON                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-649
JONES, SAMUEL                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-438
JONES, SAMUEL                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-G-471
JONES, WILLIAM J.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-436
JORDAN, ABRAM I.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-476
JORDAN, CATHERINE            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-M-585
JORDAN, HENRY                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-1
JORDAN, PETER M.             HUDSON                        NY-11-S-154
JORDAN, WILLIAM              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-K-630
JORDAN, WILLIAM              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-G-187
JORDON, ABRAM                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-772
JOY, LEVI                    HUDSON                        NY-11-K-412
JUDDREY, GEORGE              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-321
JUDSON, JOHN E.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-33
JUDSON, MIRANDA              COPAKE                        NY-11-M-134
JUDSON, RALPH                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-274

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