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The heirs named in wills

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ALBRET, ELISABETH VOLAND                NY-11-A-177
ALBRET, HENRICK                         NY-11-A-177
ARRING, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-31
ARRING, JOHANNIS                        NY-11-A-31
AYERS, MARY                             NY-11-A-102
AYERS, NATHANIEL                        NY-11-A-102
AYERS, THOMAS                           NY-11-A-102
BATZ, CHRISTIAN                         NY-11-A-118
BATZ, ELSIE                             NY-11-A-118
BATZ, FREDERICK (BRO)                   NY-11-A-118
BATZ, FRIDERICK                         NY-11-A-118
BATZ, HENRY                             NY-11-A-118
BATZ, JOHN                              NY-11-A-118
BATZ, OTHER CHILDREN                    NY-11-A-118
BENHAM, CORNLEIUS                       NY-11-A-27
BEST, BENJAMIN                          NY-11-A-33
BEST, CATHARINE                         NY-11-A-33
BEST, ELIZABETH                         NY-11-A-33
BEST, HANNAH                            NY-11-A-33
BEST, HARMIN                            NY-11-A-33
BEST, JACOB                             NY-11-A-33
BEST, JEREMIAH                          NY-11-A-33
BEST, JOHANNES                          NY-11-A-33
BEST, JOHANNES (MRS)                    NY-11-A-33
BEST, WILHELMUS                         NY-11-A-33
BOGERT, PETER DE SR. (STEPSON)          NY-11-A-116
BONESTEEL, CATHARIENA                   NY-11-A-159
BONESTEEL, DAVID                        NY-11-A-159
BONESTEEL, ELIZABETH                    NY-11-A-159
BONESTEEL, JACOB                        NY-11-A-159
BOOMHOWER, CATHARINE                    NY-11-A-112
BRONCK, LEONARD                         NY-11-A-22
BUNKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-193
BUNKER, JOANNA                          NY-11-A-195
BUNKER, JOHN                            NY-11-A-193
BUNKER, JOSEPH                          NY-11-A-195
BUNKER, SALLY                           NY-11-A-193
BURHANS, ISAAC                          NY-11-A-177
BURHANS, SUSANNA                        NY-11-A-177
BUSH, ASAHEL JR.                        NY-11-A-175
BUSH, EDWARD                            NY-11-A-175
CANDE, HANNAH                           NY-11-A-6
CARY, ELIZABETH                         NY-11-A-130
CHAPMAN, JAMES                          NY-11-A-81
CHAPMAN, MARY PARDEE                    NY-11-A-81
CHESOM, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-31
CHESOM, JURRY                           NY-11-A-31
CLEAVELAND, BENJAMIN                    NY-11-A-17
CLEAVELAND, MARGARET                    NY-11-A-17
CLEAVELAND, SARAH                       NY-11-A-17
CLUM, ADAM                              NY-11-A-132
CLUM, CATHARINE DONTZBACH               NY-11-A-132
COLE, ELIZABETH                         NY-11-A-37
COLE, JAMES                             NY-11-A-37
COLVER, ANDREAS                         NY-11-A-48
COLVER, EVA LINCK                       NY-11-A-48
CONYNE, CASPARUS                        NY-11-A-97
CORNWALL, POLLY                         NY-11-A-6
COYNE, JANATIE                          NY-11-A-97
DEBOGERT, PETER SR. (STEPSON)           NY-11-A-116
DELAMATTER, DIRK                        NY-11-A-124
DEMBORT, ANNA                           NY-11-A-177
DEMBORT, JOHN                           NY-11-A-177
DOLLE, CATRINA                          NY-11-A-177
DOLLE, JOHAN FRIEDRICK                  NY-11-A-177
DONTZBACH, ELIZABETH                    NY-11-A-132
DONTZBACH, HENRY                        NY-11-A-132
DONTZBACH, HENRY                        NY-11-A-132
DONTZBACH, MARIA                        NY-11-A-132
DONTZBACH, PHILIP                       NY-11-A-132
DONTZBACH,JOHAN JOOST                   NY-11-A-132
DUANE, JAMES ESQ.                       NY-11-A-143
DUANE, MARY LIVINGSTON                  NY-11-A-143
ELLIOTT, MICHAEL                        NY-11-A-27
ESTER, CLOE STEEVENS                    NY-11-A-128
FITCH, ELIAS                            NY-11-A-12
FOSTER, AGNESS                          NY-11-A-17
GARDENIER, ARIE                         NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, CATHARINE                    NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, DAVID                        NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, ELIZABETH                    NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, EYCHE                        NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, EYCHE                        NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, EYCHE (NIECE)                NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, HANNAH                       NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, MARTHA                       NY-11-A-136
GARDENIER, PETER                        NY-11-A-136
GARDINER, VALENTINE ESQ.                NY-11-A-143
GILBERT, ALLEN                          NY-11-A-6
GILBERT, BUTLER                         NY-11-A-6
GILBERT, MARY                           NY-11-A-6
GILBERT, NATHANIEL JR                   NY-11-A-6
GILBERT, THOMA                          NY-11-A-6
GOES, ABIGAIL                           NY-11-A-81
GOES, ANNATIE                           NY-11-A-76
GOES, BARENT                            NY-11-A-76
GOES, CHRISTINA                         NY-11-A-76
GOES, CHRISTINA                         NY-11-A-76
GOES, DIRCK                             NY-11-A-76
GOES, DIRCK I. (BROTHER IN LAW)         NY-11-A-94
GOES, HANNAH                            NY-11-A-81
GOES, MARY                              NY-11-A-76
GOES, PETER                             NY-11-A-76
GRAVES, NATHANIEL                       NY-11-A-84
GRAVES, ROSEANY                         NY-11-A-84
HACKLEY, ANNA                           NY-11-A-52
HACKLEY, ANNA (DAU)                     NY-11-A-52
HACKLEY, ARATHUSE                       NY-11-A-52
HACKLEY, ELAH                           NY-11-A-52
HACKLEY, EZEKIEL                        NY-11-A-12
HACKLEY, SIMEON                         NY-11-A-52
HAVENS, BENJAMIN                        NY-11-A-130
HAVENS, THOMAS                          NY-11-A-130
HAVENS,ABRAHAM                          NY-11-A-130
HAVOR, ELSHEA                           NY-11-A-73
HAVOR, MARGARET                         NY-11-A-73
HAVOR, PATRIS                           NY-11-A-73
HAVOR, PETER                            NY-11-A-73
HEISER, ANNA                            NY-11-A-1
HEISER, CATHARINA                       NY-11-A-1
HEISER, CATHRINA                        NY-11-A-69
HEISER, CHRISTINA                       NY-11-A-69
HEISER, CHRISTINA                       NY-11-A-1
HEISER, CHRISTINA (DAU)                 NY-11-A-1
HEISER, GERGE PETER                     NY-11-A-1
HEISER, GERTRAUD                        NY-11-A-1
HEISER, JACOB                           NY-11-A-69
HEISER, JOHANNES                        NY-11-A-69
HEISER, LENA                            NY-11-A-1
HEISER, PETER                           NY-11-A-1
HEISER, PETRUS                          NY-11-A-69
HEISER, PHILLIP                         NY-11-A-69
HEISER, SIMEON                          NY-11-A-69
HERDERICH, HENDRICK                     NY-11-A-138
HERDERICH, MARY                         NY-11-A-138
HERDERICH, MARY (GRANDDAU0              NY-11-A-138
HILL, PHEBE                             NY-11-A-130
HOLTZAPPLE, GERRED                      NY-11-A-48
HOLTZAPPLE, MARDINUS                    NY-11-A-48
HOLTZAPPLE, SUSANNA LINCK               NY-11-A-48
HONSIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-11-A-1
HOPKIN, DAVID                           NY-11-A-17
HOPKIN, GEORGE                          NY-11-A-17
HUFFMAN, JACOB                          NY-11-A-112
HUFFMAN, SARAH                          NY-11-A-112
HUFFMAN, SARAH (GRANDDAU)               NY-11-A-112
HUNTER, ANDREW                          NY-11-A-17
KASETER, ANTIE                          NY-11-A-177
KASETER, JOHN                           NY-11-A-177
LAMPOST, MARY                           NY-11-A-130
LANDT, CATHARINE                        NY-11-A-181
LANDT, ELIZABETH                        NY-11-A-181
LANDT, ELIZABETH                        NY-11-A-181
LANDT, FALTER                           NY-11-A-181
LANDT, FREDERICK                        NY-11-A-181
LANDT, JEREMIAH                         NY-11-A-181
LANDT, LOWWRANCE                        NY-11-A-181
LAWRENCE, ABIGAIL                       NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, AMOS                          NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, ELIHU                         NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, HANNAH                        NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, JUDAH MORRIS                  NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, MARGARET                      NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, MARY                          NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, MARY (GRANDDAU)               NY-11-A-107
LAWRENCE, SUSANNAH                      NY-11-A-107
LEUCK, JOHANNES                         NY-11-A-103
LINCK, WILLIAM                          NY-11-A-48
LIVIGNSTON, ROBERT C.                   NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSOTN, JOHN                        NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, GURTRUYD                    NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, JAMES WILLIAM               NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET                    NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, MONCRIEF                    NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, PETER R.                    NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, PETER WILLIAM               NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT THONG                NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, WALTER                      NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, WALTER TRYON                NY-11-A-143
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM SMITH               NY-11-A-143
LUYCK, BARENT                           NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, CATHARINE                        NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, EVA                              NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, HANNAH                           NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, HENDRICK                         NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, JOSEPH                           NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, MARGARET                         NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, MARGARET (DAU)                   NY-11-A-103
LUYCK, PETRUS                           NY-11-A-103
MARTIN, MARGARET                        NY-11-A-17
MICHEL, ANTHONY                         NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, CHARLES                         NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, HENRY                           NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, JACOB                           NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, JOHANNES                        NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, MARGARETHA                      NY-11-A-55
MICHEL, MARIA                           NY-11-A-55
MILLER, CATHERINA                       NY-11-A-9
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-9
MILLER, HANTHISE                        NY-11-A-9
MILLER, HELENA                          NY-11-A-9
MILLER, HENDRICK                        NY-11-A-9
MILLER, JACOB                           NY-11-A-9
MILLER, JONAS                           NY-11-A-9
MILLER, MARGARET                        NY-11-A-112
MILLER, MARGARITH                       NY-11-A-9
MILLER, MARIA                           NY-11-A-9
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-11-A-112
MULLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-87
MULLER, GERTRUDY                        NY-11-A-87
MULLER, HENDERICKYE                     NY-11-A-87
MULLER, HILLETYE (DAU)                  NY-11-A-87
MULLER, HILLITYE (WIFE)                 NY-11-A-87
MULLER, JACOB                           NY-11-A-87
MULLER, JEREMIAH                        NY-11-A-87
MULLER, LEYNTYE                         NY-11-A-87
MULLER, MARY                            NY-11-A-87
MULLER, STEPHEN                         NY-11-A-87
NEWBERRY, ABIGAIL                       NY-11-A-20
NEWBERRY, BENJAMIN                      NY-11-A-20
NEWBERRY, JOSIAH                        NY-11-A-20
NEWBERRY, SARAH                         NY-11-A-20
NEWBERRY, SARAH                         NY-11-A-20
OGDEN, ISAAC                            NY-11-A-140
OGDEN, PHILIP L.                        NY-11-A-140
OGDEN, SARAH                            NY-11-A-140
ORR, MARY                               NY-11-A-17
OSTERHOUT, EVA                          NY-11-A-124
OSTERHOUT, GERTRUYD                     NY-11-A-124
OSTERHOUT, JOHN                         NY-11-A-124
OSTERHOUT, TEUNES                       NY-11-A-124
OSTRANDER, HENRY                        NY-11-A-200
OSTRANDER, MARY PHILIP                  NY-11-A-200
PABODY, AARON                           NY-11-A-12
PABODY, ANNA                            NY-11-A-12
PABODY, EZRA                            NY-11-A-12
PABODY, GLINDA                          NY-11-A-12
PABODY, LOIS                            NY-11-A-12
PABODY, LUCY                            NY-11-A-12
PABODY, NATHANIEL                       NY-11-A-12
PABODY, REBECCA                         NY-11-A-12
PABODY, REBECCA                         NY-11-A-12
PABODY, ROSSEL                          NY-11-A-12
PABODY, VILATE                          NY-11-A-12
PARDEE, ABIGAIL                         NY-11-A-81
PARDEE, ISAAC                           NY-11-A-81
PARDEE, JESSE                           NY-11-A-81
PARDEE, JOHN                            NY-11-A-81
PARDEE, SILAS                           NY-11-A-81
PATTERSON, JOHN                         NY-11-A-143
PETTITT, SAMUEL                         NY-11-A-175
PHILIPS, DAVID                          NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, GEORGE                         NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, HENRY                          NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, PETER                          NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, PETER                          NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, WILLHELM                       NY-11-A-200
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        NY-11-A-200
PITCHER, WILLIAM SR.                    NY-11-A-132
PLUM, DOROTHY                           NY-11-A-6
RIES, CHRISTIAN                         NY-11-A-184
RIES, FREDERICK                         NY-11-A-184
RIES, GEDION                            NY-11-A-184
RIES, JONAS                             NY-11-A-184
RIES, JOSUA                             NY-11-A-184
RIES, MAGDALENA                         NY-11-A-184
RIES, MARGARITHA                        NY-11-A-184
RIES, PHILIPPUS                         NY-11-A-184
RIES, PIETER                            NY-11-A-184
RIES, SUSANNA                           NY-11-A-184
ROSE, INFANT (BOY/GIRL)                 NY-11-A-84
SAALBACH, CATHERINE                     NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, CHRISTINA                     NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, ELIZABETH                     NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, JACOB                         NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, JOHN                          NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, MARY                          NY-11-A-37
SAALBACH, PHILIP                        NY-11-A-37
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM                   NY-11-A-27
SCHNIDER, ANNA LINCK                    NY-11-A-48
SCHNIDER, CATHARINA                     NY-11-A-48
SCHNIDER, CHRISTOPHEL                   NY-11-A-48
SCHOUT, CONRADT                         NY-11-A-112
SCHOUT, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-112
SEAGE, MICHAEL                          NY-11-A-159
SHARP, CHRISTIAN                        NY-11-A-124
SHOLDES, ANNEMERIA                      NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, ANNMERIA (DAU)                 NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, BARND                          NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, CATHERINE                      NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, DAVID                          NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, DEIDERICK                      NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, GERTGIN                        NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, HENRY                          NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, JOHANNIS                       NY-11-A-41
SHOLDES, TOROTHEA                       NY-11-A-41
SLINGERLAND, ANGLIETIE                  NY-11-A-1
SLINGERLAND, MARY                       NY-11-A-1
SMITH, CHARITY                          NY-11-A-116
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-11-A-116
SMITH, MARY                             NY-11-A-116
SMITH, YOCKAMICHA                       NY-11-A-116
STAATS, ABRAHAM                         NY-11-A-65
STAATS, ABRAHAM                         NY-11-A-59
STAATS, ALIDA                           NY-11-A-59
STAATS, ALSHIE                          NY-11-A-65
STAATS, AVA                             NY-11-A-65
STAATS, CATRINA                         NY-11-A-59
STAATS, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-59
STAATS, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-65
STAATS, ELSIE                           NY-11-A-65
STAATS, ELSYE                           NY-11-A-59
STAATS, JACOB                           NY-11-A-59
STAATS, JOHANNA                         NY-11-A-59
STAATS, MARIA                           NY-11-A-59
STAATS, MARY                            NY-11-A-65
STEEVENS, AMANDA                        NY-11-A-128
STEEVENS, BELA                          NY-11-A-128
STEEVENS, ELIZABETH                     NY-11-A-128
STEEVENS, HENRY                         NY-11-A-128
STEEVENS, LODEWICK PUTNAM               NY-11-A-128
STEEVENS, STEPHEN                       NY-11-A-128
STEVES, DAVID                           NY-11-A-159
TENBROCEK, CHRISTIENJE                  NY-11-A-167
TENBROCEK, JACOB                        NY-11-A-167
TENBROCEK, JANE                         NY-11-A-167
TENBROCEK, JANNETIE                     NY-11-A-167
TENBROCEK, WIFE                         NY-11-A-167
TENBRONCK, LEONARD                      NY-11-A-22
TENPACK, LENA VANHOESEN                 NY-11-A-44
THOMPSON, EASTER                        NY-11-A-17
THOMSON, SAMUEL                         NY-11-A-17
TRAVER, MARGRIDA                        NY-11-A-177
TRAVER VELLER                           NY-11-A-177
ULIA, BARENT                            NY-11-A-112
ULIA, MARIA                             NY-11-A-112
VANALEN, ABRAHAM                        NY-11-A-94
VANALEN, JOHANIS                        NY-11-A-94
VANALEN, JOHN C.                        NY-11-A-164
VANALEN, MARY                           NY-11-A-94
VANALEN, MARY (DAU)                     NY-11-A-94
VANALSTYNE, EVA                         NY-11-A-97
VANALSTYNE, JANNATIE                    NY-11-A-97
VANALSTYNE, MARIA COYNE                 NY-11-A-97
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN                      NY-11-A-164
VANALSTYNE, THOMAS                      NY-11-A-97
VANBUREN, ALIDA CONYNE                  NY-11-A-97
VANBUREN, FRANCIS                       NY-11-A-22
VANBUREN, HARMER                        NY-11-A-22
VANBUREN, HELENA                        NY-11-A-27
VANBUREN, JOHN                          NY-11-A-27
VANBUREN, JORUSOR GEORGE                NY-11-A-27
VANBUREN, MARIA                         NY-11-A-97
VANBUREN, MARY                          NY-11-A-22
VANBUREN, PETER                         NY-11-A-22
VANBUREN, PETER                         NY-11-A-27
VANBUREN, POLLY                         NY-11-A-27
VANEPS, ELIZABETH                       NY-11-A-136
VANEPS, EVERT                           NY-11-A-136
VANHOESEN, ABRAHAM                      NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, ALBARTUS                     NY-11-A-188
VANHOESEN, GEERTRUID                    NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, HENDRICUS                    NY-11-A-188
VANHOESEN, JACOB                        NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, JACOB                        NY-11-A-121
VANHOESEN, JAN                          NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, JAN OR JOHN                  NY-11-A-121
VANHOESEN, JANNETYE                     NY-11-A-121
VANHOESEN, JOHANNIS                     NY-11-A-44
VANHOESEN, JOHN H.                      NY-11-A-138
VANHOESEN, JUSTUS                       NY-11-A-188
VANHOESEN, JUSTUS                       NY-11-A-138
VANHOESEN, MARA                         NY-11-A-188
VANHOESEN, PETRUS                       NY-11-A-44
VANNESS, DAVID                          NY-11-A-134
VANNESS, JOHN                           NY-11-A-134
VANNESS, PETRUS                         NY-11-A-134
VANNESS, WILLIAM                        NY-11-A-134
VANWIE, ANNATIE                         NY-11-A-136
VANWIE, HENDRICK                        NY-11-A-136
VOLAND, GEORG ADAM                      NY-11-A-177
VOLAND, HENRICK                         NY-11-A-177
VOLAND, PHILIP                          NY-11-A-177
VOLAND, WILHELMUS                       NY-11-A-177
VOLAND, ZACHARIAS                       NY-11-A-177
WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     NY-11-A-195
WADSWORTH, CONSTANT                     NY-11-A-195
WADSWORTH, EBENEZER                     NY-11-A-195
WADSWORTH, JERUSHE                      NY-11-A-195
WADSWORTH, SARAH                        NY-11-A-195
WASHBOND, ABEL                          NY-11-A-175
WASHBOND, EDWARD                        NY-11-A-175
WASHBOND, HOPE                          NY-11-A-175
WILLIAM, A SON NOT NAMED                NY-11-A-110
WILLIAM, MARGRIT                        NY-11-A-110
WOOD, DAVID                             NY-11-A-81
WOOD, ENOS                              NY-11-A-81
WOOD, SARAH                             NY-11-A-81
WOOD, SILA                              NY-11-A-81
WOODS, SARAH                            NY-11-A-81
WYNKOOP, ABRAHAM                        NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, CORNELUS                       NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, GERRATIE                       NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, MARTIN                         NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, MARY                           NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, MARY VANALSTYNE                NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, PETER JR.                      NY-11-A-164
WYNKOOP, SARAH                          NY-11-A-164
WYSE, BARBARA                           NY-11-A-112
WYSE, JOHANNES                          NY-11-A-112
YAGER, HENRY                            NY-11-A-132
YAGER, MARIA DONTZBACH                  NY-11-A-132
YATES, JANNETIE                         NY-11-A-134
ZWATTIG, JOHN JACOB                     NY-11-A-177

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