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CADWELL, SARAH               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-173
CADY, AUSTIN E.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-609
CADY, DILLON                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-596
CADY, EBENEZER               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L2-445
CADY, ELEAZER                CANAAN                        NY-11-D-474
CADY, ELIJAH JR.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-344
CADY, EZRA                   CANAAN                        NY-11-G-504
CADY, EZRA                   CANAAN                        NY-11-G-531
CADY, GILBERT E.             CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-70
CADY, HARRISON               CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-268
CADY, LUCY JANE              CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-451
CADY, MARY JANE              CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-601
CADY, OLIVER                 CANAAN                        NY-11-D-133
CADY, ROSWELL                CANAAN                        NY-11-K-309
CADY, SARAH M.               GHENT                         NY-11-U-278
CALDWELL, CATHERINE          HUDSON                        NY-11-G-198
CALKIN, JOHN                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-84
CALKINS, AMOS                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-328
CALLAHAN, MICHAEL            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-65
CAMP, DAVID                  CANAAN                        NY-11-D-481
CAMPBELL, DAVID B.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-W-116
CAMPBELL, EFFARINA           CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-62
CAMPBELL, JOHN               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-657
CAMPBELL, LUCY A.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-770
CANFIELD, JOHN W.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-429
CANFIELD, LUCY               CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-441
CANNON, JAMES                HUDSON                        NY-11-T-91
CANNON, NICHOLAS             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L2-451
CAREY, AMOS                  CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-218
CARLE, JAMES                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-T-340
CARNER, JACOB                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-317
CARNEY, MICHAEL              PHILMONT                      NY-11-X-205
CARPENTER, AMOS              HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-16
CARPENTER, AUCELIA M.        NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-674
CARPENTER, BISHOP W.         NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-676
CARPENTER, CHARLES           HUDSON                        NY-11-S-572
CARPENTER, CYNTHIA B.        NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L2-109
CARPENTER, ELSIE             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-19
CARPENTER, EMILY C.          CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-200
CARPENTER, HENRY H.          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-748
CARPENTER, JACOB             HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-504
CARPENTER, JOEL ****         NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-143
CARPENTER, MIRANDA O.        CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-622
CARPENTER, ORRIN ***         KINDERHOOK (CON'T)            NY-11-L1-621
CARPENTER, ORRIN ***         KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-603
CARPENTER, SARAH J.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-508
CARPENTER, WILLIAM           GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-183
CARR, THOMAS                 PITTSFIELD, BERKSHIRE, MA     NY-11-V-236
CARRIE, MARY C.              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-304
CARRIGAN, THOMAS             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-U-273
CARRITY, JOHN                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-X-261
CARTER, JACOB                HUDSON                        NY-11-E-145
CASE, NATHAN                 STANFORD, DUTCHESS, NY        NY-11-B-127
CASE, WILLIAM A.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-271
CASEY, JAMES                 HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-718
CASTLE, DAVID B.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L2-80
CASTLE, HARRIET              CANAAN                        NY-11-R-179
CASTLE, WILLIAM SR.          CANAAN                        NY-11-A-231
CATON, DIANA                 HUDSON                        NY-11-M-701
CATON, SAMUEL                HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-424
CHACE, MARCIA A.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-474
CHACE, MELISSA A.            GHENT                         NY-11-W-246
CHACE, SALLY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-I-523
CHACE, WEALTHY J.            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-T-217
CHADWICK, ANNA E.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-552
CHADWICK, JAMES M.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-673
CHADWICK, JOSEPH             CHATHAM                       NY-11-I-314
CHAMBERLAIN, JONATHAN        HILLSDALE                     NY-11-E-87
CHAMBERLAIN, LYDIA (ALLEN)   HUDSON                        NY-11-O-333
CHAMBERLAIN, NATHAN          HUDSON                        NY-11-P-118
CHAMPION, EDWARD             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L2-322
CHAMPION, EVI                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-K-207
CHAMPION, JOEL               CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-523
CHAMPION, LYNDE              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-197
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE K.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-213
CHAPIN, ANDREW A.            CANAAN                        NY-11-U-763
CHAPIN, DAVID                RICHMOND, BERKSHIRE, MA       NY-11-E-176
CHAPMAN, JONATHAN            CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-62
CHARLOT, SOPHRONIA           HUDSON                        NY-11-U-165
CHARLOT, WILLIAM             *                             NY-11-C-292
CHASE, BENJAMIN              CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-152
CHASE, JOHN                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-D-534
CHAYFIELD, HANNAH            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-114
CHEM, PHILIP                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-35
CHESBROUGH, HARRIET P.       COPAKE                        NY-11-P-210
CHICHESTER, ALMIRA           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-541
CHILDS, SHATTUCK             AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-19
CHIPP, WILLIAM M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-182
CHITTENDEN, CAROLINE         STOCKPORT                     NY-11-P-430
CHITTENDON, MOSES            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-B-159
CHRYSLER, JAMES P.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-166
CHRYSLER, JEMIMA             HUDSON                        NY-11-N-27
CHRYSLER, JOHN J.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-F-425
CHRYSLER, JOHN J.            TAGHKANIC (CON'T)             NY-11-F-463
CHRYSTLER, PETER P.          GHENT                         NY-11-G-386
CHUBB, GIDEON                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-128
CHURCH, FREDERIC EDWIN       GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-709
CHURCHILL, DANIEL            CANAAN                        NY-11-N-426
CHURCHILL, NATHANIEL         CANAAN                        NY-11-D-174
CHURCHILL, SILAS C.          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-334
CHURCHILL, STEPHEN           CANAAN                        NY-11-K-161
CLANCY, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-R-26
CLAPP, EDDY                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-G-454
CLAPP, GILBERT               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-375
CLAPP, WILLIAM H.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-64
CLAPPER, CATHARINE           CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-382
CLAPPER, FREDERICK           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-17
CLAPPER, STEPHEN W.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-612
CLARK, ABBY                  HUDSON                        NY-11-X-42
CLARK, ABEL                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-N-253
CLARK, ALBERT H.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-381
CLARK, AMELIA E.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-430
CLARK, AUSTIN J.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-5
CLARK, BENJAMIN              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-I-143
CLARK, BETHIAH               HUDSON                        NY-11-K-27
CLARK, DORCAS J.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-315
CLARK, EZEKIEL               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-537
CLARK, HARRY R.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-491
CLARK, HENRY W.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-356
CLARK, ISAAC                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-17
CLARK, JARED P.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-Q-520
CLARK, KATE                  HUDSON                        NY-11-X-382
CLARK, MARY                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-623
CLARK, NICHOLAS F.           GRANGER                       NY-11-D-152
CLARK, OLIVE                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-675
CLARK, PHEBE                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-565
CLARK, POLLY                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-299
CLARK, SAMUEL H.             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-494
CLARK, WILLIAM               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-F-456
CLARK, WILLIAM H.            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-429
CLARK, WILLIAM HENRY         NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-F-374
CLARK, WILLIAM J.            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-299
CLARK, WILLIAM P.            AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-260
CLARKSON, ANNA MARIA         CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-231
CLARKSON, EMILY VALLETE      CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-25
CLARKSON, FREDERI            CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-213
CLARKSON, LEVINUS            CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-104
CLARKSON, MARY               CLERMONT                      NY-11-W-394
CLARKSON, MARY MATILDAS      CLERMONT                      NY-11-L2-580
CLAW, ABRAHAM                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-435
CLAW, CHRISTOPHER            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-207
CLAW, HENDRICK               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-127
CLAW, HENRY G.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-499
CLAW, LAMBERT                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-377
CLEM, EDWARD                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-690
CLEMENT, HUGH                GHENT                         NY-11-T-30
CLERK, JOHN                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-501
CLEVELAND, SARAH E.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-598
CLINE, MICHAEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-298
CLINE, SOPHRONIA A.          CANAAN                        NY-11-T-352
CLOW, CORNELIA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-394
CLOW, EDY                    KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-L1-413
CLOW, EPHRAIM                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-534
CLOW, HENRY                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-323
CLOW, JACOB                  STUYVESANT                    NY-11-E-118
CLOW, JAMES J.               STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-411
CLOW, LUCY L.                STUYVESANT                    NY-11-T-541
CLOW, WILLIAM                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-345
CLUM, FANNIE E.              CLERMONT                      NY-11-W-548
CLUM, GERTRUDE               CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-427
CLUM, JACOB H.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-326
CLUM, PHILIP                 GHENT                         NY-11-N-330
CLUM, PHILIP H.              CLERMONG                      NY-11-H-96
CLUM, PHILIP H.              STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-221
CLUM, PHILIP P.              GERMAN TOWN                   NY-11-B-8
CLUM, WILLIAM                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-G-518
CLUM, WILLIAM                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-484
CLUM, WILLIAM                ANCRAM                        NY-11-R-487
CLUM, WILLIAM W.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-483
COBURN, CATHARINE S.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-92
COCHRAN, JOHN                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-E-23
COCKBURN, JOHN               GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-520
COCKBURN, PHEBE              HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-144
CODY, MARTIN                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-60
COE, ICHABOD                 HUDSON                        NY-11-G-398
COFFIN, AARON                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-B-148
COFFIN, ABIGAIL              CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-213
COFFIN, ALEXANDER            HUDSON                        NY-11-H-333
COFFIN, CAROLINE             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-30
COFFIN, CATHERINE M.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-644
COFFIN, DEBORAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-259
COFFIN, ISAIAH               HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-28
COFFIN, JEMIMA               HUDSON                        NY-11-C-277
COFFIN, JOB B.               HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-321
COFFIN, JOHN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-288
COFFIN, LEVI A.              HUDSON                        NY-11-J-35
COFFIN, MATHEW P.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-42
COFFIN, PETER G.             HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-306
COFFIN, PRINCE               GHENT                         NY-11-F-3
COFFIN, SILAS N.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-772
COFFIN, STEPHEN              HUDSON                        NY-11-D-358
COFFIN, STEPHEN A.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-698
COFFIN, WILLIAM B.           HUDSON                        NY-11-E-12
COGSWELL, MARY               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-74
COLE, ADAM                   GHENT                         NY-11-I-44
COLE, CATHERINE              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-59
COLE, DARIUS                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-753
COLE, GITTY                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-91
COLE, JOHN H.                GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-751
COLE, JOHN H.                HUDSON                        NY-11-W-681
COLE, JOHN S.                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-707
COLE, MARGARET               GREENORT                      NY-11-U-124
COLE, SAMUEL                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-223
COLEMAN, ANNA H.             GHENT                         NY-11-S-231
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH W.        HUDSON                        NY-11-X-101
COLEMAN, HANNAH              HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-42
COLEMAN, PHEBE               HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-1
COLEMAN, RUTH G. C.          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-462
COLEMAN, SAMUEL              GHENT                         NY-11-E-123
COLEMAN, WILLIAM H.          HUDSON                        NY-11-J-287
COLEPAUGH, ANDREW            GALLATIN                      NY-11-F-494
COLES, SARAH D.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-697
COLLARD, ANNA M. S.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-639
COLLIER, LYDIA BAIN          KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-357
COLLIER, MARY                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-156
COLLIN, HENRY A.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-L1-54
COLLIN, JOHN                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-310
COLLIN, JOHN                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-G-106
COLLIN, JOHN F.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-186
COLLIN, JOHN F. JR.          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-603
COLLIN, MARY                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-160
COLLIN, RUTH H.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-78
COLLIN, SOLOMON B.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-274
COLLINS, JOHN                CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-490
COLLINS, JOHN C.             NORTH CHATHAM                 NY-11-P-765
COLLINS, LYDIA R.            HUDSON                        NY-11-M-400
COLLINS, NATHAN              GHENT                         NY-11-E-67
COLLINS, SARAH               CHAHAM                        NY-11-R-481
COLLINS, WILLIAM             GHENT                         NY-11-G-17
COLLINS, WILLIAM C.          GHENT                         NY-11-G-84
COLLINS, WILLIAM H.          COPAKE                        NY-11-X-441
COLVER, JOHNATHAN            CANAAN                        NY-11-C-228
COLVILLE, CHARLES            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-350
COMMER, ABRAHAM              COPAKE                        NY-11-G-356
CONANT, BENJAMIN             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-N-730
CONANT, HARRIET              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-405
CONCKLIN, JOHN               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-P-23
CONKLIN, ELIZA               COPAKE                        NY-11-T-793
CONKLIN, ELLEN               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-578
CONKLIN, J. WESLEY           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-489
CONKLIN, JACOB               COPAKE                        NY-11-T-207
CONKLIN, JAMES               COPAKE                        NY-11-M-646
CONKLIN, ROBERT              CLERMONT                      NY-11-H-122
CONLEY, ALONZO B.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-T-40
CONNER, ELIZABETH            HUDSON                        NY-11-P-701
CONNOR, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-R-671
CONNOR, THOMAS               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-A-444
CONWAY, PATRICK              GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-80
CONYNE, JANE                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-95
CONYNE, LAWRENCE             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-97
COOK, ABIJAH P.              HUDSON                        NY-11-R-615
COOK, ALONZO                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-W-630
COOK, CATHARINE L.           CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-632
COOK, FRANCES E.             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-746
COOK, GEORGE W.              HUDSON                        NY-11-K-311
COOK, GEORGINA W.            HUDSON                        NY-11-U-503
COOK, JANE E.                COPAKE                        NY-11-V-65
COOK, LOTT                   COPAKE                        NY-11-N-352
COOK, NATHANIEL              COPAKE                        NY-11-L2-271
COOK, RUTH BIRDSALL          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-273
COOK, SAMUEL                 COPAKE                        NY-11-W-403
COOKE, CAROLINE S.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-358
COOKINGHAM, CHRISTINA        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-402
COOKINGHAM, JOHN H.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-654
COOKSON, ESTHER              HUDSON                        NY-11-P-543
COON, ANGELINE               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-X-717
COON, CHRISTOPHER C.         GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-W-500
COON, EUNICE                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-W-773
COON, GILBERT                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-413
COON, HENRY H.               CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-217
COON, JOHN                   CLERMONT                      NY-11-E-136
COON, LUCY A.                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-73
COON, MARTHA                 CLERMONT                      NY-11-S-139
COON, MARY H.                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-4
COON, SAMUEL                 CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-135
COON, SIMON                  CLERMONT                      NY-11-A-255
COON, THEODORE               ANCRAM                        NY-11-X-50
COON, WILLIAM H.             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-443
COONEY, BRIDGET              HUDSON                        NY-11-X-292
COONS, ADAM A.               GALLATIN                      NY-11-L1-343
COONS, JAMES                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-730
COONS, JENNETTE              GALLATIN                      NY-11-W-271
COONS, JOHN                  GALLATIN                      NY-11-L1-347
COONS, PAULINE               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-574
COONS, PETER                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-319
COONS, SALLIE A.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-29
COONS, SAMUEL                ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-515
COONS, ZADA M.               ANCRAM                        NY-11-Q-122
COOPER, CHRISTIAN            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-69
COOPER, ELIZABETH            GREENPORT                     NY-11-N-467
COOPER, JACOB                HUDSON                        NY-11-T-557
COOPER, JOHN                 CLERMONT                      NY-11-C-355
COOPER, JOHN J.              COPAKE                        NY-11-N-371
COOPER, PETER J.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-C-383
CORNWELL, ABRAM D.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-63
CORNWELL, HARRY              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-O-209
CORNWELL, JOSEPH             CANAAN                        NY-11-D-306
COSGROVE, ICHAEL             STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-445
COTTAM, ELIZABETH            CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-47
COTTON, FREDERICK            CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-91
COTTON, HARRIETTE J.         HUDSON                        NY-11-U-742
COUPLAND, SARAH              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-J-516
COURTS, ANNA B.              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-318
COUSE, EDWARD                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-220
COVENTRY, DAVID              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-148
COVENTRY, GEORGE             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-K-605
COVENTRY, WILLIAM            HUDSON                        NY-11-D-541
COWLES, ASA                  NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-H-71
COWLES, DAVID S.             HUDSON                        NY-11-M-553
COWLES, MOSES                CANAAN                        NY-11-G-400
COYLS, ANNA                  COPAKE                        NY-11-Q-685
CRABB, CATHARINE             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-R-70
CRABB, RICHARD               STOCKPORT                     NY-11-Q-67
CRAIG, JANE                  HUDSON                        NY-11-W-733
CRAIG, ROBERT                HUDSON                        NY-11-X-377
CRANDALL, TIMOTHY            HUDSON                        NY-11-M-155
CRANDEL, SAMUEL              GHENT                         NY-11-E-40
CRANDELL, ABIGAIL            CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-495
CRANDELL, JAMES              GHENT                         NY-11-K-181
CRANDELL, JOSEPH H.          CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-653
CRANDELL, LOVINA             GHENT                         NY-11-P-376
CRANDELL, MARY E.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-S-88
CRANE, ELIZABETH CLARK       CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-752
CRANE, GEORGE H.             GHENT                         NY-11-Q-21
CRAPSER, CAROLINE LOUISA     HUDSON                        NY-11-M-177
CRAPSER, DAVID               GHENT                         NY-11-W-592
CRAPSER, OPHELIA             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-66
CRAPSER, WILLIAM H.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-259
CRAVER, JEREMIAH             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-522
CRAWFORD, GEORGE             HUDSON                        NY-11-I-388
CRAWFORD, JAMES              HUDSON                        NY-11-W-511
CRAWFORD, JANE               HUDSON                        NY-11-W-256
CRAWFORD, JOHN               HUDSON                        NY-11-M-560
CRAWFORD, JOHN               HUDSON                        NY-11-M-563
CRAWFORD, JOHN               HUDSON                        NY-11-T-68
CREGG, ANN H.                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-X-461
CREGO, DAVID                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-473
CREGO, HANNAH                CHATHAM                       NY-11-M-496
CREGO, PERCY                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-226
CREGO, RICHARD               CANAAN                        NY-11-D-271
CRESSY, AMANDA W.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-630
CRISOLAN, PETER J.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-414
CRIST, JANE O. N.            HUDSON                        NY-11-L1-184
CROCKER, ABBY P.             HUDSON                        NY-11-K-377
CROCKER, SARAH               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-76
CROCKER, STEPHEN             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-365
CROFTS, ALEXANDER L.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-X-485
CROFTS, HELENA LIVINGSTON    LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-W-589
CROMETY, JAMES               CANNAN                        NY-11-D-168
CROSBY, THOMAS               CANAAN                        NY-11-F-32
CROSS, ABIGAIL               CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-16
CROSS, PHOENIX B.            CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-338
CROUS, CHRISTINA             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-339
CUDDY, FENTON                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-738
CUMMINGS, ABEL D.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-426
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-516
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS           CANAAN                        NY-11-W-318
CUNNINGHAM, TIMOTHY          CANAAN                        NY-11-O-347
CURAN, MICHAEL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-685
CURRAN, MARY L.              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-406
CURRIE, JOHN R.              HUDSON                        NY-11-R-558
CURTIS, ALFRED               GHENT                         NY-11-R-433
CURTIS, CLYMENS E.           CANAAN                        NY-11-U-167
CURTIS, DANIEL S.            CANAAN                        NY-11-P-167
CURTIS, DANIEL W.            CANAAN                        NY-11-X-141
CURTIS, DUDATUS              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-353
CURTIS, FRANCES W.           CANAAN                        NY-11-M-277
CURTIS, JOEL                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-272
CURTIS, REBECCA              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-96
CURTIS, ROSANNA              CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-130
CURTIS, SAMUEL A.            CANAAN                        NY-11-U-627
CURTISS, LUPTON W.           CANAAN                        NY-11-V-125
CUSHING, STEPHEN             NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-F-434
DADEY, JOHN                  HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-444
DAKIN, ANSON                 HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-111
DAKIN, CAROLINE E.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-664
DAKIN, DAVID WALDO           GHENT                         NY-11-O-346
DAKIN, JOSHUA                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-110
DAKIN, LEVI                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-W-665
DAKIN, PAUL                  HUDSON                        NY-11-F-165
DAKINS, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-315
DALEY, DANIEL                CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-580
DALEY, WILLIAM C.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-517
DANIELS, OBADIAH             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-401
DARROW, JAMES                CANAAN                        NY-11-T-678
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM           AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-444
DAVIS, ALLEN                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-J-378
DAVIS, ALLEN B.              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-625
DAVIS, ANNA                  VALATIE                       NY-11-V-677
DAVIS, ANNA                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L2-497
DAVIS, CASSANDER F.          KINDRHOOK                     NY-11-T-343
DAVIS, CHARLOTTE             HUDSON                        NY-11-O-112
DAVIS, DANIEL B.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-70
DAVIS, HANNAH                CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-723
DAVIS, JACOB                 HUDSON                        NY-11-E-35
DAVIS, JOHN                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-421
DAVIS, JOHN B.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-62
DAVIS, JOSEPH                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-21
DAVIS, LEMUEL                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-153
DAVIS, LORIN M.              CHATHAM                       NY-11-T-431
DAVIS, SALLY                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-149
DAVIS, SARAH                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-O-587
DAVIS, SARAH                 STUYVESANT                    NY-11-X-647
DAVIS, STEPHEN               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-H-138
DAVIS, SYLVESTER             HUDSON                        NY-11-U-356
DAVIS, WILLIAM G.            CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-641
DAWSON, GEORGE F. P.         HUDSON                        NY-11-R-604
DAWSON, MARY                 HUDSON                        NY-11-S-228
DAYTON, HEZEKIAH             HUDSON                        NY-11-E-70
DAYTON, ISAAC                HUDSON                        NY-11-E-124
DAYTON, SARAH                HUDSON                        NY-11-S-773
DEAN, ABIGAIL                CANAAN                        NY-11-I-78
DEAN, ISAAC                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-95
DEAN, JOHN                   AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-449
DEAN, JOSIAH                 CANAAN                        NY-11-E-52
DEAN, LUCY                   AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-T-703
DEAN, LUCY A.                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-R-520
DEAN, SALLY                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L2-453
DEAN SAMUEL                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-451
DEAN, SAMUEL D.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-P-339
DEAN, SARAH                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-281
DEAN, WILLIAM                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-579
DEAN, WILLIAM A.             HUDSON                        NY-11-K-265
DEANE, ADDISON               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-551
DECKER, ALLEN S.             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-X-411
DECKER, ANDREW J.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-D-452
DECKER, ANN MARIA            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-62
DECKER, CATHARINE            GHENT                         NY-11-T-733
DECKER, CATHARINE            GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-725
DECKER, ELIZABETH            HUDSON                        NY-11-S-159
DECKER, GEORGE J.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-P-96
DECKER, HARRIET              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-596
DECKER, HENRY                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L2-283
DECKER, JACOB N.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-K-407
DECKER, JEREMIAH P.          GALLATIN                      NY-11-M-295
DECKER, JOHN N.              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-M-507
DECKER, JOHN S.              COPAKE                        NY-11-P-371
DECKER, JOSHUA               CLERMONT                      NY-11-R-136
DECKER, JOUS                 HUDSON                        NY-11-I-283
DECKER, LEVI                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-156
DECKER, MARGARET             GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-728
DECKER, MARIA                GREENPORT                     NY-11-P-731
DECKER, MILO                 COPAKE                        NY-11-V-691
DECKER, NICHOLAS             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-J-49
DECKER, PETE RN.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-407
DECKER, PETER J.             COPAKE                        NY-11-O-662
DECKER, RACHEL               GREENPORT                     NY-11-J-280
DECKER, RENSSELAER           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-89
DECKER, RICHARD              HUDSON                        NY-11-O-302
DEDERICK, DAVID              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-313
DEDERICK, HENRY C.           GHENT                         NY-11-X-558
DEDERICK, JOHN               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-223
DEDERICK, PHILIP             GHENT                         NY-11-E-111
DEDERICK, SARAH J.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-196
DEDRICK, CATHERINE           CLERMONT                      NY-11-K-68
DEGROFF, JAMES B.            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-V-377
DEGROFF, PAULINA             CANAAN                        NY-11-W-129
DEGROOT, SAMUEL              CANAAN                        NY-11-M-214
DELAMATER, CATHERINE B.      HUDSON                        NY-11-I-413
DELAMATER, CLAUDEUS T.       HUDSON                        NY-11-D-368
DELAMATER, DIRCK             HUDSON                        NY-11-D-86
DELAMATER, HENRY             HUDSON                        NY-11-W-667
DELAMATER, JACOBUS           CLAVARACK                     NY-11-A-258
DELAMATTER, ABRAHAM          GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-B-180
DELAMATTER, GLONDE           GREENPORT                     NY-11-I-644
DELAMATTER, JOHN             GREENPORT                     NY-11-L1-160
DELANEY, MARGARET            HUDSON                        NY-11-X-706
DEMAREST, EDWARD L.          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-Q-607
DEMAREST, HENRY O.           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-12
DEMING, CHARLOTTE            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-J-132
DEMING, ELSE                 GHENT                         NY-11-H-199
DEMING, MARY E.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-T-125
DENEGAR, HANNAH              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-345
DENEGAR, PHILIP              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-9
DENEGAR, PHILIP H.           CLERMONT                      NY-11-T-180
DENEGER, JOHN E.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-S-709
DENNESTON, WILLIAM           *                             NY-11-B-135
DENNIGER, ANDREW             HUDSON                        NY-11-E-121
DENNIS, ELIZABETH A.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-124
DENNIS, HENRY                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-O-47
DENNIS, JOHN W.              GALLATIN                      NY-11-L1-533
DEPEYSTER, CLERMONT L.       CLERMONT                      NY-11-T-294
DERRICK, CATHARINE E.        KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-394
DETRICK, WILHELMUS           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-D-169
DEUELL, BENJAMIN F.          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-1
DEWITT, CATHARINE M.         GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-442
DEWITT, CHARLES              GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-426
DEWITT, WILLIAM H.           GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-S-201
DEXTER, JOHN B.              HUDSON                        NY-11-E-28
DEYO, GARRET                 HUDSON                        NY-11-S-205
DEYO, MARY L.                HUDSON                        NY-11-V-557
DEYOE, JAMES                 GHENT                         NY-11-E-51
DEYOE, PETER                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-115
DEYOE, RICHARD               GHENT                         NY-11-F-157
DEYOE, SIMEON                KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-529
DIBBLE, JOSEPH               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-88
DIBBLEE, ELIZA M.            CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-218
DIBBLEE, RICHARD H.          CLERMONT                      NY-11-N-54
DICK, NICHOLAS               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-A-390
DICK, NICHOLAS               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-O-564
DICK, PETER                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-Q-504
DICK, WILLIAM                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-K-468
DICKERMAN, POLLY             GHENT                         NY-11-L2-95
DICKERMAN, RODOLPHUS A.      GHENT                         NY-11-R-230
DICKINS, DELIA               ANCRAM                        NY-11-R-336
DICKINSON, BENJAMIN          HUDSON                        NY-11-E-63
DICKINSON, EBENEZER          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-N-287
DICKINSON, GEORGE            CANAAN                        NY-11-C-369
DICKINSON, GEORGE            CANAAN                        NY-11-D-18
DIEDERICK, CHRISTIAN         CLERMONT                      NY-11-E-122
DIETRICK, PHILIP W.          GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-E-64
DIKEMAN, PETER               GALLATINE                     NY-11-K-189
DIMMICK, ELIPHALET           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-R-460
DIMMICK, THEOPHILIUS         HILLSDALE                     NY-11-W-742
DINEHART, CHRISTOPHER        AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-N-125
DINEHART, WILLIAM            COPAKE                        NY-11-H-258
DINGMAN, CAROLINE            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-W-689
DINGMAN, GARRIT              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-D-388
DINGMAN, JACOB R.            STUYVESANT                    NY-11-S-758
DINGMAN, LAWRENCE            STOCKPORT                     NY-11-Q-273
DISBROW, DAVIS               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-562
DISBROW, GEORGE G.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-625
DISBROW, WILLIS              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-129
DISHER, CONRAD               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-P-179
DITMOUS, JOHN                HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-61
DOAN, EZRA                   GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-559
DODGE, ELIJAH                HUDSON                        NY-11-C-336
DONELLY, JAMES               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-W-544
DONERLY, SERENA              CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-788
DONNELLY, CATHARINE E.       CLERMONT                      NY-11-N-498
DONNELLY, WILLIAM            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-W-749
DONTZ, JOOST HENDRICK        EAST CAMP                     NY-11-A-132
DOOLAN, JOHN                 HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-154
DOOLEY, JAMES                CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-700
DORMANDY, JOHN C.            HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-144
DORR, JOSEPH P.              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-Q-55
DORR, PALMER C.              CANAAN                        NY-11-O-691
DOSENHEIM, NATHAN            HUDSON                        NY-11-T-714
DOTY, BENJAMIN               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-425
DOTY, BETSEY A.              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-L1-71
DOTY, SAMUEL                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-174
DOWING, DANIEL               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-F-81
DOWLING, MARGARET            HUDSON                        NY-11-R-556
DOWNING, ALLEN B.            HILLSDALE                     NY-11-S-750
DOWNING, ELIAS               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-373
DOWNING, GEORGE W.           HILLSDALE                     NY-11-P-762
DOWNING, ISAAC               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-457
DOWNING, SILAS               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-I-361
DROUNE, HENRY W.             HUDSON                        NY-11-P-165
DROWN, MARY S.               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-T-636
DROWNE, CHARLES              CANAAN                        NY-11-S-704
DROWNE, GIDEON S.            CANAAN                        NY-11-W-539
DROWNE, MARY                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-131
DROWNE, MARY M.              CANAAN                        NY-11-P-258
DROWNE, MATILDA              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-160
DROWNE, MATILDSA             CANAAN                        NY-11-Q-728
DROWNE, REUBEN O.            CANAAN                        NY-11-U-682
DROWNE, WILLIAM L.           CANAAN                        NY-11-P-633
DRUM, ALVIRA                 COPAKE                        NY-11-V-232
DRUM, ANTHONY                GALLATIN                      NY-11-H-246
DRUM, ELIZABETH              GHENT                         NY-11-O-737
DRUM, JOHANNIS               GRANGER                       NY-11-C-183
DRUM, JOHN J.                COPAKE                        NY-11-O-104
DUBOIS, COURT                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-315
DUBOIS, EVELINA              GREENPORT                     NY-11-W-268
DUBOIS, HENRY                GREENPORT                     NY-11-N-516
DUBOIS, HENRY A.             GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-96
DUBOIS, JAMES T.             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-X-359
DUBOIS, JOHN V.              GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-222
DUBOIS, STEPHEN A.           HUDSON                        NY-11-O-241
DUBOIS, WILLIAM C.           LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-N-233
DUFFY, MICHAEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-S-14
DUFNEY, HENRY                ANCRAM                        NY-11-P-301
DUMPAUGH, ALEXANDER          GHENT                         NY-11-O-148
DUNBERGER, JACOB             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-281
DUNCAN, DANIEL               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-D-161
DUNCE, JACOB                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-I-31
DUNCE, JOHN L.               GALLATIN                      NY-11-G-511
DUNCEN, JEREMIAH             TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-S-611
DUNSBAUGH, HERY J.           KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-V-107
DUNSBAUGH, MARIAH            GHENT                         NY-11-Q-139
DUNSPAUGH, PHILP ***         GHENT                         NY-11-H-268
DUNTZ, GEORGE                GALLATIN                      NY-11-G-375
DUNTZ, JOHN HENRY            GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-507
DUST, HAN NICOL              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-B-208
DUTCHER, CLINTON             CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-53
DYKES, HENRY                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-81
EAGLER, ELIZA                CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-663
EATON, IRA                   STUYVESANT                    NY-11-R-123
ECKES, GEORGE                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-241
EDWARDS, BETSEY              CANAAN                        NY-11-N-647
EDWARDS, JANE                HUDSON                        NY-11-U-351
EDWARDS, URIAH               CANAAN                        NY-11-K-590
EDY, THOMAS                  KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-C-334
EGLESTON, JOSIAH H.          NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-M-332
EISLE, JACOB                 CANAAN                        NY-11-P-662
ELDREDGE, AMOS               HUDSON                        NY-11-W-766
ELIFFE, JANE                 HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-573
ELIFFE, PATRICK              HUDSON                        NY-11-U-247
ELKENBURGH, WILLIAM          LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-O-420
ELLSWORTH, DYER S.           CANAAN                        NY-11-G-412
ELLSWORTH, HANNAH            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-599
ELLSWORTH, HENRY W.          CANAAN                        NY-11-S-725
ELMENDORF, FANNIE E.         CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-513
ELMER, EDWARD P. L.          HUDSON                        NY-11-S-553
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM DYER       CANAAN                        NY-11-D-20
ELTING, ABRAHAM V. V.        HUDSON                        NY-11-N-708
ELTING, CATHARINE L.         HUDSON                        NY-11-M-727
ELTING, GEORGE               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-I-429
ELTING, HENRY                LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-251
ELTING, JAMES                HUDSON                        NY-11-E-38
ELTING, MARY                 GREENPORT                     NY-11-X-27
ELTING, PETER S.             HUDSON                        NY-11-L2-73
ELTON, WILLIAM M.            HUDSON                        NY-11-O-550
EMERICK, ADAM                GREENPORT                     NY-11-J-31
EMERICK, HENRY G.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-L1-664
EMERICK, JAMES W.            LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-V-460
EMERICK, MATTHIAS            GHENT                         NY-11-O-102
EMERICK, WILLIAM H.          LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-P-333
EMPIE, MARCUS W.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-554
ERMOND, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-11-C-315
ERTS, PETER                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-322
ESMON, ELIZABETH             HILLSDALE                     NY-11-M-713
ESSELSTINE, GABRIEL          CLAVERACK                     NY-11-C-18
ESSELSTYN, CHARLES           HUDSON                        NY-11-O-74
ESSELSTYN, CYNTHIA           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-476
ESSELSTYN, MARTIN            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-254
ESSELSTYNE, CORNELIUS        CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-164
ESSELSTYNE, JACOB            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-424
ESSTLESTYNE, JACOB           CLAVERACK                     NY-11-A-307
EULER, MICHAEL               HILLSDALE                     NY-11-T-157
EVANS, CORNELIUS H.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-270
EVANS, JAMES                 NEW LEBAON                    NY-11-L2-596
EVANS, OLIVER                CHATHAM                       NY-11-C-404
EVANS, OLIVER                *                             NY-11-D-118
EVANS, ROBERT W.             HUDSON                        NY-11-O-19
EVANS, SILAS                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-F-21
EVEREST, FREDERICK W.        NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-S-615
EVEREST, LUCY HALL           EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ        NY-11-V-329
EVERS, HENRY                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-532
EVERTS, CHARLES              CLAVERACK                     NY-11-K-296
EVERTS, HENRY                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-N-199
EVERTS, HENRY                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-532
EVERTS, SAAH                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-O-689
FAIRCHILD, JAMES             PATTERSON, PUTNAM, NY         NY-11-D-374
FAIRFIELD, GEORGE B.         HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-565
FAIRFIELD, JOSIAH W.         HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-11
FALLS, DANIEL J.             KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-693
FALLS, SARAH J.              GHENT                         NY-11-R-146
FARRAND, HELEN PEAKE         GREENPORT                     NY-11-U-353
FARRAND, JOSEPH S.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-Q-702
FARRAR, ANNA C.              KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-S-563
FARRELL, PEYTON N.           GREENPORT                     NY-11-O-414
FARRELL, THOMAS              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-V-738
FELLER, DAVID I.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-S-332
FELLER, HENRY H.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-M-17
FELLER, MARGARET             CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-171
FELLER, PETER P.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-H-87
FELLER, PHILIP               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-C-403
FELLER, SARAH E.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-286
FELLONS, SUSAN M.            NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-W-223
FELLOWS, CAROLINE            MARTINDALE                    NY-11-V-345
FELLOWS, MARIA               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-X-745
FELLOWS, NATHANIEL           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-X-612
FELTS, ANDRIS                ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-237
FELTS, EVELINE               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-P-226
FELTS, JOHN I.               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-Q-545
FELTS, MICHAEL               HUDSON                        NY-11-U-338
FENTON, JOSEPH S.            FLINT, GENESEE, MI            NY-11-L1-298
FERGUSON, ANNIE              SPENCERTOWN                   NY-11-T-675
FERGUSON, HOWLAND            CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-549
FERGUSON, SARAH              AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-O-283
FERGUSON, SENECA             HUDSON                        NY-11-O-655
FERRESS, REED                HUDSON                        NY-11-A-238
FERY, CATHARINE              CLERMONT                      NY-11-O-281
FICK, WILLIAM                COPAKE                        NY-11-W-578
FIELD, MERRIMAN M.           NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-U-183
FIELD, SARAH R.              CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-694
FIELDS, SAMUEL               COPAKE                        NY-11-G-299
FILKINS, CATHARINE           CHATHAM                       NY-11-P-553
FINCH, ELLEN S.              CANAAN                        NY-11-V-703
FINCH, ELNATHAN              CANAAN                        NY-11-N-768
FINCH, GEORGE S.             CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-186
FINCH, GEORGE W.             ANCRAM                        NY-11-R-103
FINCH, MARIA                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-658
FINCH, MARY M.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-X-448
FINCH, NEHEMIAH              CHATHAM                       NY-11-E-141
FINCH, SOLOMON               CHATHAM                       NY-11-B-2
FINCH, STEPHEN               CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-341
FINCH, THOMAS                CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-113
FINCH, WESLEY                CHATHAM                       NY-11-Q-482
FINGAR, HORACE               CLERMONT                      NY-11-W-566
FINGAR, THOMAS               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-R-426
FINGER, CONROADT             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-F-264
FINGER, ELIAS                GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-L2-160
FINGER, FREDERICK            GALLATIN                      NY-11-I-408
FINGER, JOHN                 GALLATIN                      NY-11-Q-397
FINGER, MARGARET             GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-235
FINGER, PETER                GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-719
FINGER, WILLIAM H.           GALLATIN                      NY-11-U-257
FINKLE, BENJAMIN             GALLATIN                      NY-11-S-107
FINKLE, CATHARINE            ANCRAM                        NY-11-Q-198
FINKLE, GEORGE               TAGKHANIC                     NY-11-W-13
FINKLE, JANE                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-S-288
FINKLE, JOHN G.              ANCRAM                        NY-11-U-42
FINKLE, JOSEPH G.            TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-N-527
FIPPLE, WINTHROP             STOCKPORT                     NY-11-V-384
FISHER, EVE                  GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-T-511
FISHER, FREDERICK            HUDSON                        NY-11-Q-86
FITCH, CYPRIAN               CANAAN                        NY-11-D-39
FLACK, ALONZO                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-R-699
FLINT, COLLINS               CANAAN                        NY-11-L1-470
FLINT, DAVID                 NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-E-31
FLINT, JOHN                  CANAAN                        NY-11-S-290
FLINT, WILLIAM               CANAAN                        NY-11-L2-570
FLYNN, ELLEN J.              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-U-91
FOLAND, GEORGE               GHENT                         NY-11-F-110
FOLAND, GEORGE F.            GREENPORT                     NY-11-T-424
FOLAND, JACOB                GREENPORT                     NY-11-R-441
FOLAND, MARIA                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-S-797
FOLAND, MARIAH               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-Q-537
FOLAND, SUSAN G.             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-496
FOLAND, ZACHARIAH            CLEMRONT                      NY-11-H-162
FOLAND, ZACHARIAH P.         LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-N-284
FOLEY, JOHN                  CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-377
FOLGER, FREDERICK F.         HUDSON                        NY-11-W-446
FONDA, ABRAHAM L.            CLAVERACK                     NY-11-F-358
FONDA, JANE                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-E-157
FONDA, JOHN M.               LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-L1-261
FONDA, POLLY                 LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-T-205
FONK, ROBERT                 GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-V-587
FOOT, ACHSA E.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-R-78
FOOT, GAD C.                 AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-K-444
FOOT, GEORGE                 CHATHAM                       NY-11-F-206
FORBES, SAMUEL               CANAAN                        NY-11-F-146
FORD, DAVID                  CANAAN                        NY-11-O-122
FORD, EDWIN J.               AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-U-483
FORD, JESSE                  AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-G-45
FORD, MARY A.                AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-U-593
FORD, RUTH                   AUSTERLITZ                    NY-11-E-144
FORD, SARAH A.               CHATHAM                       NY-11-U-309
FORD, WARREN                 CANAAN                        NY-11-M-263
FORSHEE, ANDREW              STUYVESANT                    NY-11-V-55
FORSHEN, JOHN                HUDSON                        NY-11-N-491
FORSHEW, FRANK               HUDSON                        NY-11-V-247
FORSHEW, MARY J.             HUDSON                        NY-11-X-33
FOSKET, SARAH                GREENPORT                     NY-11-K-624
FOSMIRE, HENRY               CHATHAM                       NY-11-D-430
FOSTER, ISAAC                HILLSDALE                     NY-11-M-197
FOSTER, MATTHIAS             CHATHAM                       NY-11-V-643
FOSTER, PHEBE                CHATHAM                       NY-11-K-348
FOSTER, SEYMOUR              HILLSDALE                     NY-11-O-359
FOWLER, GEORGE               CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-376
FOWLER, HENRY                GHENT                         NY-11-Q-687
FOWLER, ISRAEL               NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-K-586
FOWLER, JOB                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-S-409
FOWLER, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-238
FOWLER, JOHN                 CLAVERACK                     NY-11-W-185
FOWLER, JOHN S.              GHENT                         NY-11-W-387
FOWLER, SAMUEL               GHENT                         NY-11-L1-375
FOX, SARAH                   KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-K-416
FOY, ELLEN                   HUDSON                        NY-11-W-93
FRADENBURGH, JOHN            GHENT                         NY-11-I-590
FRADENBURGH, MARIA           STOCKPORT                     NY-11-T-240
FRALEIGH, HELEN              CLERMONT                      NY-11-Q-102
FRANKENSTEIN, ALBERT         STUYVESTANT                   NY-11-S-712
FRANKLIN, THOMAS             LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-R-447
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM E. M.      NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-J-217
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM M.         CHATHAM                       NY-11-H-19
FRARY, ROBERT G.             HUDSON                        NY-11-M-500
FREDENDALL, HARRIET F.       CHATHAM                       NY-11-W-292
FREDERICKS, CHARLES          HILLSDALE                     NY-11-C-353
FREDERICKS, ELIZA            KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-R-728
FREEBORN, GEORGE             HUDSON                        NY-11-M-649
FREEL, HONORA                HUSON                         NY-11-R-691
FRIES, WILLIAM               TAGHKANIC                     NY-11-K-612
FRIN, JACOB                  CLAVERACK                     NY-11-N-663
FRINK, GEORGE W.             CLERMONT                      NY-11-U-389
FRISBEE, POLLY               CANAAN                        NY-11-P-194
FRISBEE, VIRA                CANAAN                        NY-11-M-776
FRISBIE, EDWARD              CANAAN                        NY-11-A-439
FRISS, JOHN                  HUDSON                        NY-11-X-253
FRITTS, ADAM                 ANCRAM                        NY-11-J-502
FRITTS, ADAM A.              ANCRAM                        NY-11-M-745
FRITTS, CRAWFORD E.          HUDSON                        NY-11-X-795
FRITTS, PETER E.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-U-533
FRITTS, SARAH M.             CLAVERACK                     NY-11-T-728
FRITTS, WILLIAM              LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-536
FRITZ, WILLIAM               GERMANTOWN                    NY-11-D-49
FRYMAN, ALLEN                CLAVERACK                     NY-11-V-368
FULLER, ASHAEL               KINDERHOOK                    NY-11-M-736
FULLER, ERASTUS              CANAAN                        NY-11-P-97
FULLER, HARRIET              NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-688
FULLER, LOUIS                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-L1-443
FULLER, ORRIN                NEW LEBANON                   NY-11-P-405
FULTON, JOHN S.              GALATIN                       NY-11-P-203
FUNK, PETER                  LIVINGSTON                    NY-11-S-130

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