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VINCENDIERE, VICTOIRE                   MD-11-13-289
VINS, DANIEL SR.                        MD-11-1-269
VIRTZ, GEORGE W.                        MD-11-19-239
VOLGER, SUSAN                           MD-11-12-181
VORE, MORDICA                           MD-11-11-284
WACHTER, CATHARINE                      MD-11-19-432
WACHTER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-14-323
WAGERS, BARBARY                         MD-11-13-199
WAGERS, JAMES                           MD-11-9-421
WAGGAMAN, WILLIAM                       MD-11-20-315
WAGGEMAN, MARTIN                        MD-11-3-313
WAGNER, DSAVID                          MD-11-15-315
WAGNER, FRANCIS G.                      MD-11-14-51
WAGNER, JOHN                            MD-11-10-13
WAGNER, JOHN                            MD-11-5-391
WAGNER, MARGARET                        MD-11-15-244
WAGNER, MARY                            MD-11-8-277
WAGNER, MARY                            MD-11-9-583
WAGNER, SALLY                           MD-11-10-377
WAGNER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-14-11
WAGONNER, ADAM                          MD-11-2-166
WAHAUGHA, HENRY                         MD-11-3-377
WALDECK, JOHN                           MD-11-11-189A
WALKER, AREY                            MD-11-12-2
WALKER, CYRUS                           MD-11-11-420
WALKER, EDWARD                          MD-11-10-485
WALKER, JOHN                            MD-11-11-625
WALKER, JOSEPH R.                       MD-11-14-386
WALKER, MARY                            MD-11-9-356
WALKER, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-388
WALLING, JOHN                           MD-11-11-96
WALSH, JAMES                            MD-11-11-199
WALTER, DANIEL                          MD-11-1-314
WALTER, JACOB                           MD-11-12-152
WALTER, JOHN S.                         MD-11-18-346
WALTER, JOSEPH                          MD-11-13-36
WALTER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-9-139
WALTERS, PETER                          MD-11-4-434
WALTERS, THOMAS                         MD-11-6-245
WALTMAN, JACOB SR.                      MD-11-9-294
WALTZ, MARTIN                           MD-11-9-80
WAMPLER, BARBARA                        MD-11-4-392
WAMPLER, LUDWIG                         MD-11-9-483
WAMPLER, PETER                          MD-11-3-444
WARD, SARAH A.                          MD-11-19-123
WARE, CHRISTIANNA                       MD-11-13-208
WARFIELD, ABSALOM                       MD-11-1-302
WARFIELD, ABSALOM                       MD-11-5-239
WARFIELD, ALEXANDER                     MD-11-11-28
WARFIELD, ALEXANDER                     MD-11-6-338
WARFIELD, ALEXANDER                     MD-11-14-423
WARFIELD, BRICE                         MD-11-8-79
WARFIELD, CATHARINE                     MD-11-12-301
WARFIELD, DELILAH S.                    MD-11-7-78
WARFIELD, DENNIS                        MD-11-10-491
WARFIELD, HENRY                         MD-11-6-329
WARFIELD, MARY                          MD-11-12-36
WARFIELD, THOMAS                        MD-11-14-95
WARFIELD,E LIZABETH                     MD-11-14-4
WARNER, EMANUEL                         MD-11-19-146
WARNER, GEORGE                          MD-11-11-170
WARNER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-549
WARNER, PHILIP                          MD-11-13-370
WARREN, JAMES                           MD-11-10-424
WARRENFELTZ, ELIZABETH                  MD-11-20-501
WARRENFELTZ, EZRA                       MD-11-20-83
WARSTLER, HENRY                         MD-11-7-254
WARTHEN, JOHN FRANCIS                   MD-11-11-300
WASHINGTON, NED (COLORED)               MD-11-11-599
WASKEY, AUGUSTIN                        MD-11-10-452
WATERS, EZRA                            MD-11-20-221
WATERS, JOAB SR.                        MD-11-10-429
WATERS, JOHN OF JOHN                    MD-11-2-193
WATERS, LUCRETIA                        MD-11-8-131
WATERS, WILLIAM (DR.)                   MD-11-15-227
WATKINS, MARY ELIZABETH                 MD-11-14-279
WATKINS, WILLIAM S.                     MD-11-13-273
WATSON, CATHARINE                       MD-11-14-41
WATSON, LUCY                            MD-11-1-466
WATSON, PHINAS                          MD-11-11-413
WATTRES, SILAS                          MD-11-14-210
WATTS, RICHARD                          MD-11-1-478
WATTSON, DAVID                          MD-11-1-326
WAUNFELTZ, PHILIP                       MD-11-14-347
WAY, DAVID                              MD-11-7-206
WAYHAGN, HEINRICH                       MD-11-3-377
WEAGLY, JAMES R.                        MD-11-15-297
WEALAND, BARNEY                         MD-11-10-370
WEAST, MARY                             MD-11-20-460
WEAVER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-13-219
WEAVER, CHRISTIAN SR.                   MD-11-6-389
WEAVER, GEORGE                          MD-11-4-512
WEAVER, GEORGE                          MD-11-11-437
WEAVER, HARMAN                          MD-11-15-82
WEAVER, JACOB                           MD-11-10-103
WEBB, WILLIAM                           MD-11-7-121
WEBER, CATHARINE                        MD-11-19-277
WEBER, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-6-389
WEBSTER, GEOGE                          MD-11-13-282
WEBSTER, GEORGE F.                      MD-11-19-499
WEBSTER, HENRY                          MD-11-20-219
WEBSTER, JOHN T.                        MD-11-14-37
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-11-675
WEDAGIN, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-11-12-242
WEDDLE, JOHN D.                         MD-11-14-265
WEDDLE, PETER                           MD-11-4-455
WEDDLE, SAMUEL                          MD-11-14-378
WEIMERT, MATHEAS                        MD-11-3-212
WEIRE, JOHN                             MD-11-5-380
WEIRICK, MARY A.                        MD-11-20-90
WELFLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-11-3-321
WELLEN, AMOS L.                         MD-11-15-319
WELLER, ELIAS                           MD-11-15-301
WELLER, GEORGE                          MD-11-8-327
WELLER, ISAAC                           MD-11-19-12
WELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-3-534
WELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-6-26
WELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-8-173
WELLER, JACOB SR.                       MD-11-10-281
WELLER, JOHANNES                        MD-11-3-434
WELLER, JOHN                            MD-11-4-523
WELLER, PHILIP                          MD-11-2-161
WELLERON, ANNA ELISABETH                MD-11-4-372
WELLESBEYS, MARY ANNE                   MD-11-15-9
WELLS, BEAL                             MD-11-8-231
WELLS, JOSEPH                           MD-11-5-367
WELSH, RACHEL W.                        MD-11-11-218
WELTY, REBECCA A.                       MD-11-20-392
WENZ, E .LEWIS                          MD-11-18-453
WERENFELS, JACOB                        MD-11-5-307
WERNER, CHRISTOFELL                     MD-11-3-314
WERTENBAKER, JACOB                      MD-11-7-266
WERTENBAKER, JACOB                      MD-11-5-130
WERTENBAKER, WILLIAM                    MD-11-11-743
WERTS, JACOB                            MD-11-1-316
WESINGER, LODOWICK                      MD-11-2-125
WEST, BENJAMIN SR.                      MD-11-11-560
WEST, FRANCES                           MD-11-1-329
WEST, JOHN SR.                          MD-11-1-263
WEST, JOSEPH                            MD-11-4-201
WEST, JOSEPH                            MD-11-11-610
WEST, LEVIN                             MD-11-15-290
WEST, SARAH                             MD-11-5-258
WEST, SERENA                            MD-11-14-226
WEST, THOMAS HILLEARY                   MD-11-4-589
WEST, WILLIAM                           MD-11-1-42
WETSEL, JOHN                            MD-11-15-93
WETZEL, JACOB                           MD-11-12-92
WEVELL, JOSEPH SR.                      MD-11-9-375
WHEAT, WILLIAM                          MD-11-1-287
WHILHIDE, SUSAN                         MD-11-13-122
WHIP, CATHARINE                         MD-11-11-341
WHIPP, SARAH M.                         MD-11-20-314
WHISNER, MICHAEL                        MD-11-20-497
WHITCRAFT, EDWARD                       MD-11-4-279
WHITCRAFT, MERCY                        MD-11-6-365
WHITE, ALEXANDER                        MD-11-1-577
WHITE, ANN                              MD-11-6-253
WHITE, JOHN                             MD-11-5-310
WHITE, JOHN                             MD-11-10-515
WHITE, JOHN                             MD-11-1-123
WHITE, JOHN W.                          MD-11-19-261
WHITE, SARAH                            MD-11-6-447
WHITE, WILLIAM                          MD-11-20-76
WHITENECK, JOHN                         MD-11-1-501
WHITHEAD, MARY                          MD-11-1-583
WHITMORE, ABRAHAM                       MD-11-6-353
WHITMORE, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-1-344
WHITMORE, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-8-148
WHITMORE, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-15-187
WHITMORE, LAURA VIRGINIA                MD-11-19-73
WHITMORE, RANDOLPH A.                   MD-11-18-282
WHITMORE, REBECCA                       MD-11-20-10
WHITTLE, JOHN                           MD-11-9-140
WICKHAM, NATHANIEL                      MD-11-2-98
WICKHAM, SAMUEL                         MD-11-2-41
WICKHAM, SAMUEL                         MD-11-1-437
WIDDLE, JAMES                           MD-11-19-531
WIDRICK, JOHN                           MD-11-13-83
WIERMAN, SUSAN                          MD-11-18-396
WIEST, JACOB                            MD-11-12-262
WIEST, JACOB                            MD-11-8-2
WIGLE, SEBASTIAN                        MD-11-3-79
WILCOXEN, WILLIAM                       MD-11-15-142
WILDS, JOHN                             MD-11-1-261
WILDS, JOHN                             MD-11-1-519
WILE, GEORGE                            MD-11-4-487
WILE, GEORGE PETER                      MD-11-10-367
WILHIDE, SAMUEL                         MD-11-12-73
WILLARD, DEVALT                         MD-11-5-417
WILLARD, ELIAS                          MD-11-8-256
WILLER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-14-295
WILLETT, EDWARD                         MD-11-1-418
WILLHIDE, CONRAD                        MD-11-10-465
WILLHIDE, JOSEPH                        MD-11-19-526
WILLIAMS, CHRISTINA                     MD-11-13-205
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         MD-11-8-388
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MD-11-1-93
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MD-11-1-211
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MD-11-9-553
WILLIAMS, OTHO HOLLAND                  MD-11-4-38
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       MD-11-9-125
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         MD-11-19-462
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       MD-11-1-130
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM OF THOMAS             MD-11-1-330
WILLIAR, CHARLES                        MD-11-13-369
WILLIAR, JACOB                          MD-11-15-320
WILLIARD, ABRAHAM                       MD-11-14-380
WILLIARD, GEORGE                        MD-11-13-49
WILLIS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-14-107
WILLIS, HENRY                           MD-11-5-350
WILLIS, WILLIAM L.                      MD-11-14-335
WILLIXON, JOHN                          MD-11-1-54
WILLMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-13-20
WILLS, MICHAEL                          MD-11-9-315
WILLS, ROBERT                           MD-11-1-397
WILLSON, MARY                           MD-11-6-121
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-524
WILSON, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-1-46
WILSON, EDWARD F.                       MD-11-14-155
WILSON, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-14-162
WILSON, P. LIGHT                        MD-11-19-349
WILSON, REBECCA                         MD-11-1-512
WILSON, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-205
WILSON, WILLIAM G.                      MD-11-20-260
WILTNER, LODEWICK                       MD-11-2-218
WILTZ, BERNARD                          MD-11-14-132
WILTZHEIMER, ANN MARGARET               MD-11-14-9
WILYAR, PETER                           MD-11-3-539
WINDOM, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-290
WINDSON, JANE                           MD-11-13-203
WINDSOR, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-15-222
WINDSOR, ZADOK H.                       MD-11-19-91
WINE, GEORGE                            MD-11-4-162
WINEBRENNER, PHILIP                     MD-11-11-649
WINEMILLER, JOHN                        MD-11-3-96
WINFIELD, THOMAS                        MD-11-12-181
WINHOLTS, FREDERICK                     MD-11-2-62
WINNULL, WILLIAM                        MD-11-8-52
WINPEAGLER, GEORGE                      MD-11-3-388
WINTER, GEORGE                          MD-11-13-57
WINTER, JACOB                           MD-11-12-212
WINTERS, ERHART                         MD-11-8-293
WINTERS, GEORGE                         MD-11-1-33
WINTERS, JOHN                           MD-11-9-556
WINTERS, MAGDALEN                       MD-11-11-236
WINTZ, GEORGE                           MD-11-3-309
WIPP, MARTIN                            MD-11-2-209
WIRTS, JACOB                            MD-11-19-249
WISE, FREDERICK                         MD-11-11-396
WISE, JACOB                             MD-11-11-440
WISE, JOSEPH                            MD-11-6-378
WISE, MARY ANN                          MD-11-9-551
WISE, PETER                             MD-11-14-7
WISE, VALENTINE                         MD-11-11-443
WISEHAIR, JOHN GEORGE                   MD-11-3-64
WISEMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-11-637
WISMAN, JACOB                           MD-11-4-119
WISSINGER, CATHERINE                    MD-11-3-486
WISSINGER, LEONARD                      MD-11-14-77
WITHEROW, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-12-41
WITHEROW, JOHN                          MD-11-20-477
WITHEROW, MARGARET                      MD-11-12-201
WITHEROW, SARAH                         MD-11-11-228
WITHROW, JOHN                           MD-11-4-8
WITMON, BARBARA                         MD-11-6-374
WOOLARD, DAWALT                         MD-11-2-215
WOLF, ADAM                              MD-11-3-167
WOLF, CHRISTOPHER                       MD-11-4-128
WOLF, HENRY                             MD-11-10-448
WOLF, JACOB                             MD-11-9-160
WOLF, PETER                             MD-11-8-113
WOLFE, HENRY                            MD-11-4-427
WOLFE, JOHN                             MD-11-14-49
WOLFE, MARTIN SR.                       MD-11-10-155
WOLFE, MARY                             MD-11-18-345
WOLFE, MARY                             MD-11-9-629
WOLFE, PAUL                             MD-11-1-543
WOLFE, PETER                            MD-11-3-173
WOLFENDEN, JOHN                         MD-11-5-278
WOLFINBERGER, GEORGE                    MD-11-10-161
WOLGAMOT, JOSEPH                        MD-11-1-528
WOLGAMOTE, JOHN                         MD-11-1-498
WOLHIDER, MARIA BARBARA                 MD-11-1-508
WOOD, AARON                             MD-11-8-407
WOOD, BASIL                             MD-11-7-218
WOOD, CATHARINE                         MD-11-3-504
WOOD, ELLEN                             MD-11-19-133
WOOD, JONATHAN                          MD-11-12-167
WOOD, JOSEPH                            MD-11-8-72
WOOD, JOSEPH                            MD-11-2-272
WOOD, JOSEPH                            MD-11-13-43
WOOD, SARAH                             MD-11-6-259
WOOD, THOMAS                            MD-11-6-511
WOODRING, JOHN                          MD-11-2-176
WOODWARD, JOHN J.                       MD-11-18-328
WOOLF, JOHN                             MD-11-8-150
WOOLF, MARGARET                         MD-11-2-144
WOOTTEN, ELIZABETH C.                   MD-11-14-198
WOOTTON, SINGLETON                      MD-11-13-22
WORBLE, PHILIP                          MD-11-9-95
WORMAN, ANDREW                          MD-11-11-639
WORMAN, HENRY                           MD-11-5-237
WORMAN, JOHN                            MD-11-9-540
WORMAN, MARY ANN                        MD-11-11-164
WORMAN, MOSES                           MD-11-15-106
WORNER, VALENTINE                       MD-11-19-75
WORTEN, RAPHAEL                         MD-11-13-258
WORTHINGTON, CATHARINE                  MD-11-18-503
WORTHINGTON, CHARLES OF J.              MD-11-14-135
WORTHINGTON, JAMES OF JOHN              MD-11-13-324
WORTHINGTON, JOHN H.                    MD-11-14-308
WRENCH, ROBERT                          MD-11-4-82
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-9-522
WRIGHT, GRACE                           MD-11-6-248
WRIGHT, ISAAC                           MD-11-4-333
WRIGHT, JESSE                           MD-11-8-357
WRIGHT, JOHN                            MD-11-2-298
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          MD-11-1-469
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          MD-11-8-23
WRIGHT, JOSHUA                          MD-11-12-276
WRIGHT, MARGARET                        MD-11-19-450
WRIGHT, MARY                            MD-11-10-68
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          MD-11-9-281
WRIGHT, SOPHIA                          MD-11-13-118
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         MD-11-14-245
WYE, JOHN                               MD-11-1-525
YAGER, CHARLES                          MD-11-11-153
YANETZ, SUSAN                           MD-11-12-364
YANTIS, DAVID T.                        MD-11-13-130
YANTIS, GEORGE                          MD-11-9-463
YANTIS, JACOB                           MD-11-5-105
YANTZ, GEORGE                           MD-11-3-318
YASTE, ANN AMELIA                       MD-11-14-390
YEAGERNS, HENRY                         MD-11-3-436
YEAST, GEORGE                           MD-11-6-231
YEISER, GOTLEIBE                        MD-11-10-587
YERK, JOHN                              MD-11-13-74
YINGER, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-19-20
YINGLING, ABRAHAM                       MD-11-9-235
YINGLING, JACOB SR.                     MD-11-10-193
YINGLING, JOHN                          MD-11-2-97
YINGLING, JOHN                          MD-11-11-161
YINGLING, JOHN                          MD-11-1-510
YINGLING, MARGARET                      MD-11-10-25
YONGUE, LEONARD                         MD-11-8-289
YONITZ, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-9-563
YONSON, PETER                           MD-11-9-429
YOSE, GEORGE SR.                        MD-11-8-149
YOUKER, JOHN                            MD-11-6-540
YOUNG, ANDREW SR.                       MD-11-8-459
YOUNG, ANNA MARGARET                    MD-11-13-78
YOUNG, CONRAD                           MD-11-9-377
YOUNG, CONRAD                           MD-11-6-424
YOUNG, HENRY                            MD-11-3-394
YOUNG, HENRY                            MD-11-15-156
YOUNG, JACOB                            MD-11-5-96
YOUNG, JOHN                             MD-11-4-484
YOUNG, JOHN                             MD-11-1-568
YOUNG, JOHN OF P.                       MD-11-15-327
YOUNG, LEWIS                            MD-11-19-304
YOUNG, LOUISA                           MD-11-20-341
YOUNG, PETER                            MD-11-7-6
YOUNG, PETER                            MD-11-4-497
YOUNG, PHILIP                           MD-11-11-54
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           MD-11-2-205
YOUNG, SUSANNA                          MD-11-14-58
YOUNG, THOMAS                           MD-11-6-254
YOUTSEY, MICHAEL                        MD-11-9-105
YOUTZIE, CHRISTINA                      MD-11-10-306
YOW, JACOB                              MD-11-10-199
ZACHARIAS, DANIEL                       MD-11-1-379
ZACHARIAS, GEORGE                       MD-11-12-137
ZACHARIAS, GEORGE                       MD-11-9-481
ZACHARIAS, MATHIAS                      MD-11-1-474
ZACHARIAS, MATHIAS P.                   MD-11-19-287
ZEALLOR, HENRY                          MD-11-9-218
ZECKER, JOHN                            MD-11-20-156
ZEIGLER, HENRY L.                       MD-11-18-300
ZEILOR, HENRY                           MD-11-9-218
ZENTMYER, JACOB                         MD-11-13-351
ZERECK, ANTHONY                         MD-11-2-284
ZIELLER, GEORGE                         MD-11-9-588
ZIGLER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-13-183
ZIMMER, MATTHIAS                        MD-11-3-230
ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL J.                    MD-11-18-351
ZIMMERMAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-11-9-234
ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE                       MD-11-9-286
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                        MD-11-19-89
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         MD-11-6-459
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         MD-11-15-94
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN A. J.                   MD-11-19-113
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN OF JOHN                 MD-11-15-292
ZIMMERMAN, JONATHAN T.                  MD-11-14-82
ZIMMERMAN, MARY E.                      MD-11-20-380
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL                      MD-11-12-194
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL                      MD-11-8-445
ZIMMERMAN, NICHOLAS                     MD-11-9-475
ZIMMERMAN, SOLOMON                      MD-11-12-142
ZINCE, ADAM                             MD-11-6-80
ZOLMAN, ADAM                            MD-11-6-255
ZUMBRUM, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-8-421
ZUMBRUN, JOHN                           MD-11-8-304

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