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SAHM, PETER                             MD-11-15-193
SAIN, PHILIP SR.                        MD-11-4-340
SALMON, EDWARD                          MD-11-6-35
SALTZGIVER, JOHN H.                     MD-11-14-277
SALVA, ELIZABETH ADELINE                MD-11-11-397
SAMPSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-19-101
SAMSELL, DEVALT                         MD-11-5-62
SAMWALT, RUNYON H.                      MD-11-19-22
SANDERS, NELLY (COLORED)                MD-11-13-241
SANDERS, TIMOTHY                        MD-11-14-200
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-304
SANDERSON, WILLIAM R.                   MD-11-14-291
SANDERSON, WILLIAM RAYMOND              MD-11-20-445
SAPPINGTON, FRANCES                     MD-11-7-229
SAPPINGTON, FRANCIS B.                  MD-11-11-330
SAPPINGTON, THOMAS                      MD-11-14-222
SAPPINGTON, WILLIAM C.                  MD-11-13-349
SAUM, BARBARA                           MD-11-12-361
SAUM, MARY                              MD-11-13-186
SAUM, PETER                             MD-11-8-340
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          MD-11-11-201
SAWYER, MATHIAS                         MD-11-4-64
SAYLER, DANIEL                          MD-11-13-116
SAYLOR, DANIEL P.                       MD-11-20-121
SAYLOR, HENRY                           MD-11-20-243
SAYLOR, JOHN                            MD-11-10-50
SAYLOR, SUSANNAH                        MD-11-14-465
SCHABACKER, MARY BARBARA                MD-11-10-369
SCHAEFFER, FREDERICK D.                 MD-11-11-137
SCHAFF, MICHAEL                         MD-11-12-65
SCHAFFER, CATHARINE                     MD-11-13-51
SCHAFFER, PETER                         MD-11-19-356
SCHANKMYER, JOHN                        MD-11-3-530
SCHARR, ANDREAS                         MD-11-9-537
SCHATZ, MICHAEL                         MD-11-4-198
SCHELL, CATHARINE A.                    MD-11-18-496
SCHELL, ELIAS                           MD-11-14-119
SCHELL, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-14-70
SCHELL, ENOS                            MD-11-11-308
SCHELL, JACOB                           MD-11-14-68
SCHELL, JOSEPH                          MD-11-15-45
SCHELLHAUSE, PETER                      MD-11-9-324
SCHILDKNECHT, JACOB                     MD-11-19-269
SCHILDKNECHT, WILLIAM                   MD-11-20-114
SCHINDLER, DAVID                        MD-11-14-117
SCHISSLER, ANN MARGARET                 MD-11-12-344
SCHLEIGH, MARY A.                       MD-11-20-54
SCHLETZER, GEORGE                       MD-11-6-358
SCHLEY, BENJAMIN HENRY                  MD-11-19-183
SCHLEY, EDWARD                          MD-11-14-196
SCHLEY, FRANK                           MD-11-20-276
SCHLEY, GEORGE JACOB                    MD-11-6-203
SCHLEY, HARRIET H.                      MD-11-20-226
SCHLEY, JOHN                            MD-11-11-103
SCHLOSSER, ELIZABETH                    MD-11-14-496
SCHLOSSER, GEORGE                       MD-11-14-462
SCHLOSSER, PETER                        MD-11-13-94
SCHMIDT, JOHANNES                       MD-11-4-530
SCHMIDT, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-11-10-636
SCHMIDT, NANNIE F.                      MD-11-19-343
SCHMITT, JOHN                           MD-11-11-760
SCHNERTZELL, GEORGE                     MD-11-6-139
SCHNOUTHER, M ICHAEL                    MD-11-1-506
SCHOLL, CHRISTIANA                      MD-11-15-194
SCHOLL, DENNIS                          MD-11-19-550
SCHOLL, HENRY                           MD-11-10-487
SCHOLL, JOHN                            MD-11-12-313
SCHOLL, LOUIS V.                        MD-11-19-188
SCHONER, SARAH                          MD-11-12-279
SCHREINER, JOHN                         MD-11-15-140
SCHREINER, PHILIP                       MD-11-9-536
SCHRODEL, JOHN                          MD-11-20-319
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK                    MD-11-20-133
SCHROYER, MAY ANN                       MD-11-19-393
SCHULTZ, CONRAD                         MD-11-19-39
SCHULTZ, DAVID                          MD-11-9-193
SCHUTZ, HENRY CHRISTOPHER               MD-11-4-105
SCHWARTZ, VALENTINE                     MD-11-4-447
SCHWARTZ, VALENTINE JR.                 MD-11-5-186
SCHWEIGERD, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-11-704
SCHWEIGERT, ADAM                        MD-11-10-322
SCMELTZER, SARAH A.                     MD-11-19-310
SCOTT, DAVID                            MD-11-5-378
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-20-112
SCOTT, THOMAS W.                        MD-11-7-232
SCRAGGS, CHARLES                        MD-11-1-17
SCROGY, JAMES                           MD-11-2-247
SEACRIST, GEORGE                        MD-11-8-383
SEAMAN, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-15-97
SEFTON, ANDREW                          MD-11-20-514
SEIGMUND, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-10-477
SEISER, PHILIP                          MD-11-2-270
SEISS, JOHN                             MD-11-15-177
SELF, ANN                               MD-11-1-558
SELF, RICHARD                           MD-11-1-486
SELL, HENRY                             MD-11-4-184
SELL, PETER                             MD-11-20-293
SELLMAN, GASSAWAY                       MD-11-9-153
SELLMAN, RUTH                           MD-11-15-166
SELMAN, BEAL                            MD-11-8-231
SELSAM, DAVID                           MD-11-20-291
SELTY, SAMUEL                           MD-11-1-117
SEMSENG, ABRAHAM                        MD-11-6-225
SENN, DAVID                             MD-11-2-241
SENN, FREDERICK                         MD-11-1-591
SENN, HENRY                             MD-11-1-371
SENSENEY, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-11-149
SENSENEY, ISAAC                         MD-11-5-78
SENSSNEY, JACOB SR.                     MD-11-10-63
SERGESSON, ELIZABETH                    MD-11-11-334
SEVERS, FREDERICK                       MD-11-6-126
SEWIGART, ADAM JR.                      MD-11-9-123
SHAAFF, GEORGE                          MD-11-6-501
SHAFER, ADAM                            MD-11-3-549
SHAFER, BARBARA                         MD-11-14-485
SHAFER, CONRAD                          MD-11-8-104
SHAFER, DAVALT                          MD-11-1-569
SHAFER, GEORGE                          MD-11-14-267
SHAFER, GEORGE                          MD-11-20-1
SHAFER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-187
SHAFER, JOHN HANSON                     MD-11-15-277
SHAFER, MATILDA                         MD-11-19-106
SHAFER, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-10-17
SHAFER, ROBERT OF JOHN                  MD-11-15-285
SHAFER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-14-173
SHAFF, MARGARET                         MD-11-15-231
SHAFFER, GEORGE SR.                     MD-11-8-457
SHAFFER, MAGDALENA                      MD-11-9-466
SHAFFER, PETER                          MD-11-3-449
SHAINHOLTZ, FREDERICK                   MD-11-9-289
SHANCK, PHILIP                          MD-11-4-57
SHAND, JOHN                             MD-11-20-355
SHANEBARGER, MICHAEL                    MD-11-6-403
SHANER, PETER                           MD-11-3-363
SHANK, DANIEL                           MD-11-8-90
SHANK, EZRA                             MD-11-15-105
SHANK, SUSAN                            MD-11-20-349
SHANK, WILLIAM                          MD-11-18-454
SHARER, MARY                            MD-11-15-263
SHARRER, ANDREW                         MD-11-9-537
SHAVER, HENRY                           MD-11-3-342
SHAVER, PETER                           MD-11-1-158
SHAW, EDWARD                            MD-11-1-443
SHAW, GEORGE                            MD-11-9-489
SHAW, SARAH                             MD-11-3-77
SHAWEN, DANIEL                          MD-11-12-37
SHAWEN, SARAH                           MD-11-12-264
SHEA, OWEN                              MD-11-13-8
SHEARER, LUDWICK                        MD-11-13-129
SHEELKNECHT, WILLIAM                    MD-11-5-268
SHEETENHELM, JACOB                      MD-11-11-126
SHEETS, GEORGE                          MD-11-13-194
SHEETS, JACOB                           MD-11-5-320
SHEFFER, PHILIP                         MD-11-11-651
SHEFFEY, ADAM                           MD-11-3-477
SHELBRINK, HENRY                        MD-11-13-230
SHELDS, JEFFERSON                       MD-11-13-158
SHELL, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-8-395
SHELL, JACOB                            MD-11-2-266
SHELLEY, BALTUS                         MD-11-19-410
SHELLHOUSE, JULIAN                      MD-11-12-99
SHELLHOUSE, PETER                       MD-11-9-324
SHELLMAN, JOHN                          MD-11-7-242
SHELMERDINE, STEPHEN                    MD-11-6-14
SHELTON, MARK                           MD-11-1-546
SHEPHERD, JOHN                          MD-11-1-228
SHEPHERD, SOLOMON                       MD-11-11-113
SHERM, HENRY                            MD-11-3-338
SHERMAN, JACOB                          MD-11-9-135
SHERTZ, SAMUEL                          MD-11-3-34
SHERWOOD, ABRAHAM                       MD-11-10-46
SHIELDS, EBENEZER                       MD-11-11-264
SHIELDS, JANE                           MD-11-5-242
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-4-180
SHIER, JOHN                             MD-11-3-473
SHILES, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-1-340
SHILHNECHT, BARBARA                     MD-11-8-75
SHILLING, WILLIAM                       MD-11-3-344
SHINGLE, LAWRENCE                       MD-11-11-205
SHIPLEY, ANN G.                         MD-11-15-238
SHIPLEY, ISAAC                          MD-11-13-125
SHIPLEY, RACHEL                         MD-11-11-664
SHIPLEY, THOMAS C.                      MD-11-13-93
SHIPLEY, URY                            MD-11-5-143
SHIPLY, FREDERICK                       MD-11-9-489
SHIPTON, PRUDENCE E.                    MD-11-18-285
SHITTENHELM, FREDERICK                  MD-11-5-362
SHNEBELY, LEONHARD                      MD-11-1-277
SNOWNBERGER, JACOB                      MD-11-2-8
SHOEMAKER, CHRISTIANN                   MD-11-14-350
SHOEMAKER, CRISTIAN                     MD-11-11-400
SHOEMAKER, DANIEL                       MD-11-13-181
SHOEMAKER, DANIEL                       MD-11-13-272
SHOEMAKER, ELIZABTH                     MD-11-13-233
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       MD-11-14-193
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                        MD-11-4-122
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         MD-11-9-592
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         MD-11-13-177
SHOEMAKER, MARY                         MD-11-14-516
SHOEMAKER, PETER                        MD-11-2-214
SHOEMAKER, SUSANNAH                     MD-11-14-142
SHOEY, DANIEL                           MD-11-5-58
SHOLL, STEPHEN                          MD-11-8-242
SHOLMERDINE, JOHN                       MD-11-8-390
SHORB, CHARLES A.                       MD-11-15-268
SHORB, JACOB                            MD-11-11-68
SHORFIG, CASPER                         MD-11-2-323
SHORTER, EMMA MAY                       MD-11-20-261
SHOT, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-1-349
SHOTS, MARGARET                         MD-11-6-476
SHOUP, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-3-365
SHOUP, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-13-267
SHOUP, HENRY                            MD-11-4-174
SHOUP, MARTIN                           MD-11-3-15
SHOUP, SOPHIA                           MD-11-4-489
SHOVER, BARBARA                         MD-11-11-411
SHOVER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-11-612
SHOVER, MAGDALENA                       MD-11-9-479
SHOVER, PETER                           MD-11-6-429
SHOVER, SIMON                           MD-11-1-488
SHOVER, SIMON                           MD-11-4-289
SHOVER, SOPHIA                          MD-11-9-19
SHOW, CONROD                            MD-11-3-461
SHOWDINE, UPTON                         MD-11-4-359
SHREINER, PETER                         MD-11-8-425
SHRINER, CORNLEIUS                      MD-11-13-360
SHRINER, HENRY                          MD-11-11-62
SHRINER, PHILIP                         MD-11-9-536
SHRIVER, ABRAHAM (JUDGE)                MD-11-12-332
SHRIVER, CONRAD                         MD-11-5-209
SHRIVER, DAVID                          MD-11-15-39
SHRIVER, DAVID                          MD-11-9-458
SHRIVER, LEWIS P.                       MD-11-20-56
SHRIVNER, ABRAHAM H.                    MD-11-15-208
SHROYER, DAVID                          MD-11-4-529
SHROYOCK, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-9-59
SHRYOCK, VALENTINE                      MD-11-11-762
SHULTZ, JOHN                            MD-11-9-100
SHUNK, FANNY                            MD-11-15-135
SHURIER, EVE BARBARA                    MD-11-9-189
SHUTS, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-20-395
SHUTT, JOHN                             MD-11-13-143
SHUTT, PETER                            MD-11-19-132
SIAS, JOHN                              MD-11-12-273
SIDEMAN, MARGARET                       MD-11-6-62
SIDWELL, REUBEN                         MD-11-20-408
SIEFS, PAUL                             MD-11-10-581
SIESS, GODFREY                          MD-11-12-46
SIESS, MARIA                            MD-11-13-333
SIESS, SAMUEL                           MD-11-14-209
SIEVER, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-10-535
SIGFRIED, CATHRINE                      MD-11-3-14
SILVER, GEORGE SR.                      MD-11-3-184
SIMMONS, BELINDA                        MD-11-6-331
SIMMONS, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-3-180
SIMMONS, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-11-19-327
SIMMONS, JAMES                          MD-11-10-82
SIMMONS, JAMES H.                       MD-11-20-258
SIMMONS, JAMES S.                       MD-11-19-169
SIMMONS, JESSE                          MD-11-18-289
SIMMONS, JOHN H.                        MD-11-11-740
SIMMONS, SAMUEL                         MD-11-10-548
SIMMONS, SAMUEL                         MD-11-2-156
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-202
SIMPSON, ARRE                           MD-11-7-140
SIMPSON, CATY                           MD-11-11-344
SIMPSON, CHARLES                        MD-11-9-303
SIMPSON, DELILAH                        MD-11-13-158
SIMPSON, JOANNA                         MD-11-14-397
SIMPSON, NANCY                          MD-11-14-146
SIMPSON, REZIN                          MD-11-12-259
SIMPSON, RICHARD                        MD-11-4-292
SIMPSON, THOMASIN                       MD-11-6-401
SIMPSON, WARFIELD                       MD-11-14-315
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-10-1
SINGER, JOHN                            MD-11-14-406
SINGER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-8-182
SINGLEDACHER, JACOB                     MD-11-1-285
SINK, GEORGE                            MD-11-9-543
SINK, JOHN                              MD-11-8-179
SINK, JOSEPH                            MD-11-8-541
SINKSTACK, PHILIP                       MD-11-5-84
SINN, JACOB                             MD-11-5-436
SINN, PHILIP                            MD-11-3-227
SIX, ELIZABETH                          MD-11-8-298
SIX, LEONARD                            MD-11-11-312
SLATER, JERRY                           MD-11-13-164
SLAYMAKER, WILLIAM                      MD-11-6-385
SLICK, JOHN                             MD-11-4-311
SLIDER, SIMON                           MD-11-4-452
SLIFER, JACOB                           MD-11-14-151
SLIFER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-71
SLIFER, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-11-206
SLIFER, PETER                           MD-11-9-238
SLIFER, PETER                           MD-11-20-125
SLIFER, SAMUEL SR.                      MD-11-13-37
SLIFER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-13-308
SLORP, PETER                            MD-11-1-363
SLOTHOUR, STEPHEN                       MD-11-13-127
SLUSS, ANDREW                           MD-11-7-129
SLUSS, MICHAEL                          MD-11-14-441
SLUSSER, HENRY                          MD-11-5-140
SLYK, JACOB                             MD-11-20-436
SMAY, JOHN                              MD-11-7-158
SMELTZER, HENRY                         MD-11-13-96
SMELTZER, HOWARD M.                     MD-11-19-435
SMELTZER, MARY                          MD-11-11-200
SMELTZER, MICHAEL                       MD-11-10-299
SMIKE, SIMON                            MD-11-3-438
SMITH, ADAM                             MD-11-9-292
SMITH, ALEXIUS E. **NTL                 MD-11-19-364
SMITH, ANDREW                           MD-11-5-369
SMITH, ANDREW                           MD-11-1-381
SMITH, ANNA MARY                        MD-11-5-199
SMITH, BARBARA M.                       MD-11-19-517
SMITH, CASPER                           MD-11-2-187
SMITH, CATHARINE                        MD-11-13-363
SMITH, CATHARINE                        MD-11-19-273
SMITH, CATHERINE                        MD-11-9-256
SMITH, CHARLES                          MD-11-6-546
SMITH, CHARLES (DR.)                    MD-11-20-480
SMITH, CHRISTENA                        MD-11-4-294
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-1-293
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-9-423
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-9-290
SMITH, DANIEL                           MD-11-11-363
SMITH, DAVID                            MD-11-12-66
SMITH, DAVID L.                         MD-11-20-523
SMITH, ELI                              MD-11-18-474
SMITH, ELIZA                            MD-11-9-420
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-8-374
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-9-468
SMITH, EZRA                             MD-11-11-699
SMITH, EZRA OF J.                       MD-11-19-223
SMITH, FRANCIS J.                       MD-11-5-114
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-8-345
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-3-489
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-236
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-10-400
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-8-123
SMITH, GEORGE                           MD-11-20-361
SMITH, GEORGE (OF GEORGE)               MD-11-9-180
SMITH, HENRY                            MD-11-4-67
SMITH, HENRY                            MD-11-4-542
SMITH, HENRY                            MD-11-20-487
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-11-8-98
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-11-3-547
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-11-1-363
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-11-10-440
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-11-8-322
SMITH, JACOB B.                         MD-11-19-110
SMITH, JOHN                             MD-11-9-201
SMITH, JOHN                             MD-11-6-542
SMITH, JOHN                             MD-11-15-5
SMITH, JOHN                             MD-11-4-530
SMITH, JOHN CHRISTIAN                   MD-11-1-472
SMITH, JOHN H. M.                       MD-11-13-47
SMITH, JOHN H.                          MD-11-6-151
SMITH, JOHN I.                          MD-11-14-414
SMITH, JOHN OF JACOB                    MD-11-13-254
SMITH, JOSEPH                           MD-11-9-594
SMITH, LEONARD                          MD-11-10-388
SMITH, LEONARD                          MD-11-3-523
SMITH, MARTHA                           MD-11-11-260
SMITH, MARY                             MD-11-3-3
SMITH, MARY                             MD-11-20-278
SMITH, MARY A.                          MD-11-13-4
SMITH, MARY A. E.                       MD-11-19-323
SMITH, MARY ANN                         MD-11-12-263
SMITH, MATTHIAS                         MD-11-8-100
SMITH, MICHAEL                          MD-11-3-237
SMITH, MICHAEL                          MD-11-7-80
SMITH, MICHAEL                          MD-11-19-282
SMITH, MICHAEL                          MD-11-2-203
SMITH, MIDDLETON                        MD-11-11-141
SMITH, PETER                            MD-11-8-480
SMITH, PETER                            MD-11-12-249
SMITH, PHILIP P.                        MD-11-19-209
SMITH, PHILIP SR.                       MD-11-6-535
SMITH, PHILIP SR.                       MD-11-3-351
SMITH, RACHEL                           MD-11-11-670
SMITH, REBECCA                          MD-11-18-440
SMITH, REBECCA                          MD-11-13-318
SMITH, RICHARD                          MD-11-5-383
SMITH, SAMUEL                           MD-11-10-121
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                        MD-11-14-426
SMITH, SARAH                            MD-11-8-144
SMITH, SARAH                            MD-11-11-339
SMITH, SARAH                            MD-11-11-297
SMITH, SUSANNA                          MD-11-9-333
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         MD-11-20-394
SMITH, THOMAS                           MD-11-3-164
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-7-3
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-10-36
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-15-189
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-4-600
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-11-686
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       MD-11-15-310
SMITHE, GEORG                           MD-11-11-268
SMOUSE, HENRY                           MD-11-4-436
SNIVELY, GEORGE                         MD-11-9-490
SNOKE, JOHN                             MD-11-3-234
SNOOK, JOHN M.                          MD-11-19-256
SNOOK, MARY                             MD-11-12-15
SNOOK, TERESA ANN                       MD-11-19-444
SNOOK, WILLIAM                          MD-11-20-433
SNOOKE, HENRY                           MD-11-2-146
SNOOKE, PETER                           MD-11-5-337
SNOPE, BARNHART SR.                     MD-11-15-46
SNOUFFER, CHRISTOPHER                   MD-11-4-145
SNOUFFER, JOHN                          MD-11-6-82
SNOUTHER, MAGDALENA                     MD-11-1-546
SNOWDIGLE, JACOB                        MD-11-4-379
SNUKE, JOHN                             MD-11-6-472
SNYDER, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-15-207
SNYDER, HENRY                           MD-11-10-380
SNYDER, JOSHUA                          MD-11-14-479
SNYDER, MARGARET A. E.                  MD-11-19-358
SOLLERS, DENNIS                         MD-11-10-197
SONDBRINK, JOHN HENRY                   MD-11-13-60
SONSONOY, JOHN                          MD-11-4-408
SOUDER, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-8-184
SOUDER, JACOB                           MD-11-8-379
SOWER, ADAM                             MD-11-5-388
SOWER, JOHN                             MD-11-3-143
SOWER, PETER                            MD-11-12-331
SOWER, WILLIAM                          MD-11-9-350
SOWERMAN, HENRY                         MD-11-12-320
SOWERS, BALSOR                          MD-11-6-264
SOWERS, JOHN                            MD-11-9-527
SPAIN, RICHARD                          MD-11-14-2
SPANSELLER, ANDREW                      MD-11-4-283
SPEAK, JOHN T. SR.                      MD-11-20-476
SPEASS, WOLFGANG                        MD-11-3-392
SPECHTEN, BARBARA                       MD-11-18-393
SPENCER, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-14-71
SPOHN, JACOB                            MD-11-14-141
SPOON, MICHAEL                          MD-11-2-158
SPURRIER, THOMAS                        MD-11-9-447
STAFLI, JACOB                           MD-11-6-513
STALEY, AGNES                           MD-11-18-342
STALEY, ANN                             MD-11-9-395
STALEY, CHRISTIANA                      MD-11-11-96
STALEY, CORNELIUS                       MD-11-19-403
STALEY, CORNELIUS A.                    MD-11-19-407
STALEY, ELISABETH                       MD-11-4-55
STALEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-10-572
STALEY, EZRA                            MD-11-19-92
STALEY, FREDERICK                       MD-11-14-356
STALEY, HENRY                           MD-11-10-76
STALEY, HENRY                           MD-11-5-240
STALEY, JACOB                           MD-11-6-513
STALEY, JACOB (OF MELCHOR)              MD-11-6-551
STALEY, JOSEPH                          MD-11-10-20
STALEY, JOSHUA                          MD-11-15-307
STALEY, JOSHUA OF M.                    MD-11-14-364
STALEY, MARGARETHA                      MD-11-1-157
STALLINGS, ELIZABETH L.                 MD-11-15-239
STALLINGS, RICHARD                      MD-11-1-368
STALLIONS, CASSANDRA                    MD-11-4-248
STAMP, SOLOMON                          MD-11-18-340
STANESIFER, DAVID                       MD-11-9-353
STANSBURY, ABRAHAM                      MD-11-14-121
STANSBURY, DANIEL                       MD-11-9-433
STANSBURY, JACOB                        MD-11-9-508
STANSBURY, NICHOLAS                     MD-11-20-334
STANTON, CHLOE                          MD-11-20-461
STARR, JESSE                            MD-11-6-407
STARR, JOHN                             MD-11-5-204
STARR, MAURICE T.                       MD-11-19-486
STARR, MAURICE T.                       MD-11-20-24
STARR, TABITHA                          MD-11-6-496
STARR, WINFIELD SCOTT                   MD-11-19-491
STARRY, GEORGE SR.                      MD-11-8-465
STATOS, FREDERICK                       MD-11-5-137
STAUFFER, JOSEPH                        MD-11-14-336
STEEL, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-2-275
STEENS, JOSEPH A.                       MD-11-19-182
STEIN, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-13-362
STEIN, PHILIP                           MD-11-14-216
STEINER, ANN MARIA                      MD-11-11-731
STEINER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-15-154
STEINER, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-11-247
STEINER, HANNAH                         MD-11-8-199
STEINER, HENRY                          MD-11-9-382
STEINER, HENRY SR.                      MD-11-10-239
STEINER, JACOB                          MD-11-10-395
STEINER, JACOB SR.                      MD-11-5-325
STEINNELL, HENRY                        MD-11-14-469
STEINSIFER, DANIEL                      MD-11-6-437
STEM, MATHIAS                           MD-11-5-297
STEM, PETER                             MD-11-13-279
STEMBELL, FREDERICK                     MD-11-11-558
STEMMEL, JOHN B.                        MD-11-19-394
STEPHENS, JAMES                         MD-11-8-80
STEPHENS, SUSANNA                       MD-11-8-565
STERN, JOHN                             MD-11-8-49
STERN, MARY                             MD-11-19-472
STERN, PHILIP                           MD-11-20-279
STEVENS, HORATIO                        MD-11-13-16
STEVENSON, EDWARD                       MD-11-3-537
STEVENSON, HENRY                        MD-11-6-421
STEVENSON, JAMES                        MD-11-8-94
STEVENSON, JOHN                         MD-11-4-386
STEVENSON, JOSHUA                       MD-11-7-256
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                       MD-11-11-664
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      MD-11-1-441
STEWART, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-18-431
STEYLEY, JACOB                          MD-11-1-150
STICKLE, VALENTINE                      MD-11-2-307
STIEN, LEWIS                            MD-11-11-697
STIFER, EZRA                            MD-11-20-28
STILLEY, MARY                           MD-11-3-137
STILLY, PETER                           MD-11-4-604
STILLY, PETER                           MD-11-1-244
STIMMEL, JACOB                          MD-11-11-269
STIMMELL, CATHARINE                     MD-11-12-267
STIMMELL, JACOB                         MD-11-5-301
STINE, ELIAS                            MD-11-19-149
STINGER, CHARLES                        MD-11-11-60
STITCHER, PETE                          MD-11-11-316
STITELY, JACOB                          MD-11-13-187
STITLEY, JACOB                          MD-11-4-609
STOCKMAN, DANIEL                        MD-11-20-178
STOCKMAN, GEORGE                        MD-11-12-70
STOCKMAN, GEORGE                        MD-11-8-28
STOCKMAN, HENRY                         MD-11-18-290
STOCKMAN, JOHN                          MD-11-19-82
STOCKMAN, JOHN SR.                      MD-11-11-757
STOCKMAN, PHILIP                        MD-11-3-176
STOCKMAN, PHILIP                        MD-11-11-659
STOCKSLEGER, AMOS                       MD-11-15-202
STOFFEL, HENRY                          MD-11-4-479
STOLL, FRIEDERICH                       MD-11-7-51
STOLLEMYER, DAVID                       MD-11-8-439
STONE, ANN MARIA                        MD-11-9-552
STONE, CATHARINE E.                     MD-11-14-411
STONE, JOHN                             MD-11-6-347
STONE, JOSEPH D.                        MD-11-20-137
STONEBRAKER, SEBASTIAN                  MD-11-5-50
STONER, ANN                             MD-11-4-364
STONER, AUTRIAN                         MD-11-10-260
STONER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-5-1
STONER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-11-692
STONER, DAVID                           MD-11-8-230
STONER, DAVID SR.                       MD-11-12-1
STONER, GEORGE                          MD-11-4-516
STONER, ISAAC                           MD-11-4-586
STONER, JACOB                           MD-11-18-494
STONER, JACOB                           MD-11-5-25
STONER, JOHN                            MD-11-1-496
STONER, JOHN                            MD-11-11-290
STONER, JOHN                            MD-11-4-239
STONER, JOHN                            MD-11-12-104
STONER, MAGDALENA                       MD-11-14-282
STONER, RACHEL                          MD-11-11-737
STONER, REBECCA                         MD-11-14-276
STONER, SUSAN                           MD-11-14-230
STONER, SUSAN                           MD-11-12-304
STONER, SUSANNA                         MD-11-11-746
STONESYPHER, JOHN                       MD-11-4-352
STOOKLE, VALENTINE                      MD-11-4-157
STORM, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-6-314
STORM, JACOB THE ELDER                  MD-11-1-105
STORM, JOHN                             MD-11-5-89
STORM, JOHN                             MD-11-1-184
STORM, LEONARD                          MD-11-8-270
STORM, PETER                            MD-11-8-471
STORM, WENDLE                           MD-11-4-137
STOTTLEMEYER, JOHN                      MD-11-18-327
STOTTLEMYER, DAVID SR.                  MD-11-3-371
STOTTLEMYER, JOHN P.                    MD-11-18-400
STOTTLEMYER, POINTON                    MD-11-20-239
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-6-544
STOUP, DANIEL                           MD-11-20-330
STRAFER, DAVID                          MD-11-19-222
STRAFER, YOAKAM                         MD-11-5-34
STRAFFER, ESTHER                        MD-11-13-112
STRICKSTROCK, ADAM                      MD-11-8-221
STRIDER, ISAAC                          MD-11-13-89
STRINE, WILLIAM SR.                     MD-11-11-713
STROWS, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-5-86
STRYT, GODFREY                          MD-11-2-264
STUDY, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-6-355
STULL, ADAM                             MD-11-1-434
STULL, ADAM                             MD-11-12-22
STULL, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-3-336
STULL, DANIEL                           MD-11-1-28
STULL, JOHN                             MD-11-13-190
STULL, JOHN                             MD-11-3-287
STULL, LOVIS                            MD-11-14-203
STULLER, ULLRICK                        MD-11-6-485
STUP, JOHN J.                           MD-11-19-151
STURM, MAGDALENA                        MD-11-5-246
STURM, MICHAEL                          MD-11-3-82
STUTT, LEWIS                            MD-11-19-168
SULAVAN, DAVID                          MD-11-6-528
SULIVAN, CORNELIUS                      MD-11-7-202
SULLIVAN, CATHERINE                     MD-11-9-276
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          MD-11-10-611
SUMAN, AARON                            MD-11-9-633
SUMAN, MARGARET                         MD-11-14-512
SUMMERS, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-11-13-6
SUMMERS, JOHN                           MD-11-2-191
SUMMERS, JOHN                           MD-11-14-507
SUMMERS, JOHN                           MD-11-6-125
SUMMERS, JOHN OF C.                     MD-11-12-358
SUMMERS, MARY M.                        MD-11-19-481
SUMMERS, SAMUEL                         MD-11-11-734
SUSS, GEORGE                            MD-11-3-200
SUTTNER, GEORGE                         MD-11-1-180
SWADNER, JOHN                           MD-11-3-360
SWAGLER, GEORGE                         MD-11-1-383
SWAMLEY, MAHLON                         MD-11-12-122
SWANY, EDWARD                           MD-11-2-141
SWEARENGEN, MARGRET                     MD-11-9-416
SWEARINGEN, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-15-176
SWEARINGEN, JOSEPH VAN                  MD-11-11-292
SWEARINGEN, MARGARET                    MD-11-20-196
SWEARINGEN, RUTH D.                     MD-11-20-307
SWEARINGEN, TABITHA                     MD-11-13-30
SWEARINGEN, VAN                         MD-11-12-173
SWEARINGEN, VAN JR.                     MD-11-3-66
SWEITZER, RUDOLPH                       MD-11-10-41
SWENEY, MARTIN                          MD-11-19-336
SWIGERT, DANIEL                         MD-11-6-392
SWITZER, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-15-90
SWITZER, MATHIAS                        MD-11-8-10
SWOPE, CATHERINE                        MD-11-8-377
SYDER, JACOB                            MD-11-1-198
SYK, GEORGE                             MD-11-1-249
TABLER, LEWIS                           MD-11-12-265
TABLER, LOUISA                          MD-11-18-306
TABLER, MARGARET                        MD-11-9-335
TABLER, MELCHOR                         MD-11-5-39
TABLER, PETER                           MD-11-13-185
TABLER, PHILPENA                        MD-11-9-521
TABLER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-5-196
TABLER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-20-496
TALBOT, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-1-284
TALBOTT, ANNA D.                        MD-11-20-164
TALBOTT, JOHN                           MD-11-6-48
TALBOTT, MARY                           MD-11-3-387
TALMER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-16-17
TANEY, JOSEPH                           MD-11-12-61
TANEY, SARAH                            MD-11-14-249
TANNEHILL, NINIAN SR.                   MD-11-1-295
TANNEHILL, VERLINDA                     MD-11-8-152
TANNER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-1-592
TANOY, ADAM                             MD-11-3-244
TANZEY, ARTHUR                          MD-11-13-264
TARR, PHILLIP                           MD-11-8-447
TASKER, WILLIAM (COLORED)               MD-11-15-67
TAUBLE, JOHN                            MD-11-9-147
TAWNEY, MICHAEL                         MD-11-3-95
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-11-379
TAYLOR, FRANCIS D.                      MD-11-14-499
TAYLOR, SARAH ANN                       MD-11-19-158
TAYLOR, SUSAN A. C.                     MD-11-14-248
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          MD-11-4-177
TEMPLIN, SAMUEL                         MD-11-7-185
TENOR, JOHN                             MD-11-11-715
TERNER, JACOB                           MD-11-6-24
THOMAS, ARCHIBALD                       MD-11-9-364
THOMAS, BARBARA                         MD-11-14-227
THOMAS, BARBARA                         MD-11-14-48
THOMAS, CATHARINE                       MD-11-11-747
THOMAS, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-4-234
THOMAS, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-2-19
THOMAS, COL. JOHN                       MD-11-13-32
THOMAS, EDWARD                          MD-11-8-250
THOMAS, ELIZA                           MD-11-13-355
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-10-475
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-9-541
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-2-154
THOMAS, GABRIEL                         MD-11-3-505
THOMAS, GABRIEL                         MD-11-4-35
THOMAS, GEORGE                          MD-11-14-75
THOMAS, GEORGE OF H.                    MD-11-19-417
THOMAS, GEORGE OF HENRY                 MD-11-19-411
THOMAS, HENRY                           MD-11-19-175
THOMAS, HENRY                           MD-11-20-53
THOMAS, JACOB                           MD-11-8-347
THOMAS, JACOB                           MD-11-9-309
THOMAS, JOHN                            MD-11-5-93
THOMAS, JOHN                            MD-11-4-441
THOMAS, JOHN                            MD-11-1-16
THOMAS, JOHN HANSON                     MD-11-7-25
THOMAS, LEVIN                           MD-11-13-259
THOMAS, LEVIN                           MD-11-11-724
THOMAS, LEWIS M.                        MD-11-19-235
THOMAS, MARGARET                        MD-11-13-372
THOMAS, MARGARET                        MD-11-11-245
THOMAS, MARY                            MD-11-11-367
THOMAS, MARY                            MD-11-11-257
THOMAS, MICHAEL                         MD-11-12-297
THOMAS, PETER                           MD-11-12-199
THOMAS, PHILIP                          MD-11-7-27
THOMAS, PHILIP                          MD-11-13-197
THOMAS, PHILLIP                         MD-11-19-541
THOMAS, PHOEBE J.                       MD-11-18-316
THOMAS, RICHARD W.                      MD-11-9-460
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          MD-11-10-604
THOMAS, SAMUEL H.                       MD-11-14-255
THOMAS, SAMUEL S.                       MD-11-10-310
THOMAS, SUSANNAH                        MD-11-8-329
THOMAS, VALENTINE                       MD-11-4-80
THOMPSON, CELIA                         MD-11-12-173
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        MD-11-1-171
THOMPSON, RAPHAEL                       MD-11-5-2
THOMSON, JOHN                           MD-11-9-446
THOMSON, JOHN                           MD-11-1-2
THOMSON, JOHN P.                        MD-11-14-20
THOMSON, MARY L.                        MD-11-14-238
THRASHER, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-11-258
THRASHER, THOMAS                        MD-11-5-31
TICE, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-15-324
TICE, GEORGE                            MD-11-10-309
TIERS, EDWARD WILLIAM                   MD-11-19-409
TILLARD, SARAH                          MD-11-11-18
TINNEY, JOHN                            MD-11-1-92
TITLOW, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-9-625
TITLOW, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-11-337
TOBERRY, JOSHUA                         MD-11-5-303
TODD, ALEXANDER SR.                     MD-11-6-1
TODD, RACHEL                            MD-11-6-4
TODD, REBECCA                           MD-11-15-329
TODD, WILLIAM                           MD-11-14-174
TOFFLER, PETER                          MD-11-4-607
TOFLER, GEORGE                          MD-11-3-397
TOLBOTT, JOHN                           MD-11-15-216
TOM, HENRY                              MD-11-1-426
TOMLINSON, HUGH                         MD-11-1-258
TOMLISON, GROVE                         MD-11-1-48
TOMS, BARBARY E.                        MD-11-19-335
TOMS, CATHERINE                         MD-11-1-375
TOMS, DANIEL                            MD-11-8-364
TOMS, JACOB SR.                         MD-11-13-338
TOMS, MARY                              MD-11-14-26
TOMS, SAMUEL                            MD-11-13-214
TOOGOOD, MARTHA                         MD-11-19-464
TOOP, MAGDALENA                         MD-11-9-341
TORRANCE, JAMES                         MD-11-11-371
TORRENCE, MARY ANN                      MD-11-12-354
TOUGHMAN, PETER                         MD-11-1-515
TOUP, JOHN NICHOLAS                     MD-11-3-322
TOXEL, JOHN SR.                         MD-11-10-129
TRACEY, LORANDO SR.                     MD-11-1-442
TRACEY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-44
TRAGO, EVELINE                          MD-11-18-479
TRAGO, WILLIAM                          MD-11-18-292
TRAIL, CHARLES                          MD-11-1-190
TRAIL, LYDIA C.                         MD-11-19-530
TRAPNELL, JOSEPH                        MD-11-20-413
TRAVERSE, BAYLE                         MD-11-13-322
TRAVERSE, CATHARINE                     MD-11-14-150
TRAXEL, FREDERICK                       MD-11-4-141
TREISH, MARTIN                          MD-11-1-170
TRISLER, GEORGE                         MD-11-12-121
TRISLER, MARGARET                       MD-11-10-517
TROUT, CATHARINE                        MD-11-19-270
TROUT, MICHEL                           MD-11-2-189
TROXALL, ADAM                           MD-11-8-353
TROXEL, CATHERINE                       MD-11-12-85
TROXEL, DAVID                           MD-11-20-246
TROXEL, SAMUEL                          MD-11-13-110
TROXELL, ELIAS                          MD-11-9-270
TROXELL, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-13-84
TROXELL, GEORGE OF FREDERICK            MD-11-10-366
TROXELL, JOHN                           MD-11-14-252
TROXELL, MARGARET                       MD-11-14-253
TROXELL, MARY                           MD-11-12-30
TRUMP, ANNA MARY                        MD-11-8-137
TRUNDLE, DAVID                          MD-11-13-46
TRUSCOTT, GEORGE                        MD-11-20-127
TUCKER, RACHEL                          MD-11-11-120
TUCKER, WILLIAM J.                      MD-11-19-529
TUINDLE, JOHN                           MD-11-1-399
TURNBULL, GEORGE                        MD-11-2-68
TURNBULL, REBECCA                       MD-11-9-225
TURNER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-77
TYLER, ANN MARIA                        MD-11-19-87
TYLER, CATHARINE M.                     MD-11-19-547
TYLER, GEORGE                           MD-11-18-377
TYLER, GEORGE M.                        MD-11-19-85
TYLER, GUY L.                           MD-11-19-195
TYLER, WILLIAM BRADLEY (DR.)            MD-11-15-311
ULRY, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-8-452
ULRY, JACOB                             MD-11-2-4
UMBERGER, MICHAEL                       MD-11-14-101
UMELD, FREDERICK                        MD-11-1-102
UMSTEAD, NICHOLAS                       MD-11-9-185
UMSTED, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-4-160
UNCKLES, UNCKLE                         MD-11-1-464
UNKEFER, FREDERICK                      MD-11-8-15
UPPERMAN, JOSEPH                        MD-11-14-106
URNER, GEORGE                           MD-11-10-168
URNER, HANNAH                           MD-11-12-119
UTZ, CATHERINE                          MD-11-10-134
UTZ, SAMUEL                             MD-11-18-278
VALENTINE, ESTHER                       MD-11-11-406
VALENTINE, FREDERICK                    MD-11-11-628
VALENTINE, GEORGE                       MD-11-3-23
VALENTINE, JAMES E.                     MD-11-19-139
VALENTINE, JOHN                         MD-11-12-38
VANDIVER, JOHN                          MD-11-1-145
VANDRUS, HARDMAN                        MD-11-2-106
VARDEN, JOSIAH                          MD-11-15-269
VEATCH, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-6-262
VEATCH, JOHN                            MD-11-1-294
VERNON, JOHN A. D.                      MD-11-14-83

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