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DADISMAN, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-10-410
DAGEN, GEORGE                           MD-11-6-148
DAGEN, JACOB                            MD-11-6-179
DANNER, JACOB                           MD-11-11-632
DANNER, JOSEPH                          MD-11-11-594
DANNER, PETER                           MD-11-1-323
DARCUS, HENRY                           MD-11-8-35
DARKUS, MARGARET                        MD-11-9-222
DARNALL, HENRY                          MD-11-6-411
DARNALL, JOHN                           MD-11-4-154
DARNALL, JOHN                           MD-11-1-309
DARNALL, RACHEL                         MD-11-6-591
DARNALL, THOMAS                         MD-11-4-232
DARR, JOHN                              MD-11-9-359
DARR, MICHAEL                           MD-11-4-388
DARTZBAUCH, GEORGE                      MD-11-14-169
DAUM, RACHAEL A.                        MD-11-14-428
DAVIS, CATHARINE                        MD-11-13-58
DAVIS, CORNELIUS                        MD-11-1-365
DAVIS, ELI                              MD-11-20-418
DAVIS, GARAH                            MD-11-1-210
DAVIS, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-11-414
DAVIS, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-9-613
DAVIS, JOHN                             MD-11-1-30
DAVIS, MEREDITH                         MD-11-1-231
DAVIS, RACHEL                           MD-11-1-463
DAVIS, RICHARD                          MD-11-4-76
DAVIS, THOMAS SR.                       MD-11-1-84
DAWSON, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-5-191
DAWSON, PATRICK                         MD-11-10-412
DAWSON, PHILIP                          MD-11-11-759
DAY, POLLY                              MD-11-14-211
DEALUS, JACOB                           MD-11-10-539
DEAN, HEZEKIAH                          MD-11-19-166
DEAN, JACOB                             MD-11-15-279
DEAVER, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-11-682
DEBRULER, MARY                          MD-11-14-206
DEBUTTS, ROBERT                         MD-11-1-79
DECK, JOSEPH                            MD-11-15-308
DEER, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-19-470
DEETER, ANNA MARY                       MD-11-1-281
DEGRANGE, JOHN                          MD-11-18-373
DEHAULMY, ANNE                          MD-11-9-586
DEHEAULME, ELISABETH                    MD-11-10-47
DELADER, DAVID                          MD-11-1-280
DELANTER, DAVID                         MD-11-8-313
DELANTER, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-15-145
DELANTER, JACOB                         MD-11-10-187
DELAPLAINE, EPHRAIM                     MD-11-19-362
DELAPLANE, JACOB                        MD-11-20-358
DELAPLANE, JOSEPH                       MD-11-8-187
DELAPLANE, WILLIAM                      MD-11-12-40
DELAPLANE, WILLIAM                      MD-11-11-256
DELASHMUTT, B. JAMES                    MD-11-19-19
DELASHMUTT, ELIAS L.                    MD-11-19-478
DELASHMUTT, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-3-195
DELASHMUTT, KLIAS                       MD-11-2-37
DELASHMUTT, LINDSEY                     MD-11-3-398
DELASHMUTT, TRAMMEL                     MD-11-6-130
DELAUGHTER, HENRY                       MD-11-12-152
DELL, JOHN NICHOLAS                     MD-11-6-574
DEMMIT, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-9-506
DENNEY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-413
DENNING, JAMES                          MD-11-9-569
DERN, FREDERICK                         MD-11-4-412
DERN, SOPHIA                            MD-11-10-285
DERN, WILLIAM                           MD-11-5-259
DERR, AMELIA                            MD-11-3-429
DERR, GEORGE                            MD-11-2-299
DERR, JACOB                             MD-11-12-329
DERR, JOHN                              MD-11-11-304
DERR, JOHN                              MD-11-19-306
DERR, SEBASTIAN                         MD-11-4-554
DERR, SOLOMON                           MD-11-14-405
DERTZBAUGH, GEORGE WILLIAM              MD-11-18-295
DETOR, JACOB                            MD-11-5-208
DETRICK, PHILIP                         MD-11-13-115
DEVAL, SAMUEL                           MD-11-1-79
DEVENDAL, JOHN                          MD-11-6-297
DEVERBAUGH, JOHN                        MD-11-6-503
DEVILBISS, ANN E.                       MD-11-20-470
DEVILBISS, CASPER SR.                   MD-11-11-116
DEVILBISS, DAVID                        MD-11-14-120
DEVILBISS, DAVID                        MD-11-14-450
DEVILBISS, GEORGE (OF JOHN)             MD-11-6-586
DEVILBISS, GEORGE (OF CASPER)           MD-11-6-413
DEVILBISS, GEORGE SR.                   MD-11-3-159
DEVILBISS, JOHN                         MD-11-5-66
DEVILBISS, JOHN HENRY                   MD-11-6-475
DEVILBISS, JOHN OF CASPER               MD-11-9-571
DEVILBISS, JOSHUA                       MD-11-20-309
DEVILBISS, MARANDA O.                   MD-11-15-318
DEVILBISS, MARTHA                       MD-11-11-698
DEVILBISS, SARAH                        MD-11-14-55
DEVILBISS, SUSANNAH                     MD-11-9-183
DEVILBISS, THOMAS                       MD-11-18-293
DEVILBISS, THOMAS N.                    MD-11-14-144
DEVILBOSS, ADAM                         MD-11-4-2
DICAS, JOHN                             MD-11-10-290
DICKENSHEETS, WILLIAM                   MD-11-6-457
DICKERSON, JOSEPH                       MD-11-1-64
DICKSON, ANN                            MD-11-5-442
DICKSON, GEORGE                         MD-11-6-58
DICUS, SARAH                            MD-11-11-48
DIEHL, ALBRECHT                         MD-11-19-494
DIEHL, JOHN                             MD-11-9-580
DIEHL, MARTIN                           MD-11-12-17
DIEHL, PHILIP                           MD-11-3-373
DIELL, ANDREW                           MD-11-10-427
DIFFENDALL, PETER                       MD-11-13-12
DIGGS, ESTHER                           MD-11-8-140
DIGGS, ROBERT                           MD-11-14-126
DILL, GEORGE T.                         MD-11-20-520
DILL, JOHN                              MD-11-11-640
DILL, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-3-188
DILL, PHILLIPINA                        MD-11-13-212
DILLER, JACOB                           MD-11-20-388
DILLER, MARTIN                          MD-11-15-133
DIMMICK, MICHAEL                        MD-11-18-387
DINTERMAN, GEORGE                       MD-11-19-419
DINTERMAN, MARY A.                      MD-11-19-295
DINTERMAN, SUSAN ANN MARIA              MD-11-20-214
DIXON, DOROTHY                          MD-11-15-59
DIXON, JOHN H.                          MD-11-13-340
DIXON, RUTH                             MD-11-18-363
DIXON, SARAH                            MD-11-2-254
DODS, SHELKRIG                          MD-11-9-367
DOFLER, GEORGE                          MD-11-12-75
DOFLER, JACOB                           MD-11-15-96
DOLL, CONRAD                            MD-11-6-523
DOLL, GEORGE                            MD-11-12-149
DOLL, JOHN                              MD-11-8-516
DOLL, JOSEPH                            MD-11-8-287
DOLL, MARY                              MD-11-13-132
DOLL, MARY                              MD-11-13-171
DOLLARHIDE, JAMES                       MD-11-12-112
DOLLENBOGH, SAMUEL S.                   MD-11-2-25
DOMER, DAVID DANIEL                     MD-11-12-191
DONALDSON, STEPHEN                      MD-11-6-548
DONNER, GEORGE                          MD-11-8-201
DONWOLF, ANN                            MD-11-3-258
DORAN, PATRICK                          MD-11-1-109
DORR, LEWIS EDWARD                      MD-11-20-154
DORSEY, ARAMINTA                        MD-11-9-329
DORSEY, BASIL                           MD-11-4-306
DORSEY, CLAGETT W.                      MD-11-19-479
DORSEY, CORDELIA H.                     MD-11-18-408
DORSEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-6-532
DORSEY, ELY OF ELY                      MD-11-8-489
DORSEY, GEORGE                          MD-11-19-542
DORSEY, HAGAR                           MD-11-13-366
DORSEY, HENRIETTA                       MD-11-12-340
DORSEY, JOHN                            MD-11-19-539
DORSEY, JOHN                            MD-11-18-537
DORSEY, JOHN (OF JOHN)                  MD-11-7-99
DORSEY, JOHN CROCKET                    MD-11-3-187
DORSEY, JOSHUA                          MD-11-8-211
DORSEY, MARGARET A.                     MD-11-20-474
DORSEY, MARY OF JOHN                    MD-11-9-472
DORSEY, NICHOLAS OF L.                  MD-11-13-297
DORSEY, RICHARD                         MD-11-14-270
DORSEY, RUTH                            MD-11-5-125
DORSEY, SAMUEL T.                       MD-11-11-177
DORSEY, TABITHA                         MD-11-7-222
DORTZENBOUGH, GEORGE                    MD-11-2-180
DOUB, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-13-235
DOUB, CATHARINE                         MD-11-13-253
DOUB, DAVID                             MD-11-13-167
DOUB, ELIZABETH A.                      MD-11-18-463
DOUB, GEORGE                            MD-11-12-203
DOUB, GEORGE                            MD-11-4-264
DOUB, JACOB                             MD-11-11-164
DOUB, JACOB                             MD-11-1-397
DOUB, JACOB                             MD-11-9-282
DOUB, JACOB SR.                         MD-11-11-325
DOUB, JOHN                              MD-11-10-32
DOUB, JOSHUA                            MD-11-13-64
DOUB, VALENTINE                         MD-11-12-67
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-16-15
DOUSTON, JACOB                          MD-11-12-245
DOWDEN, JOHN                            MD-11-1-425
DOWDEN, MICHAEL                         MD-11-1-125
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-10-8
DOWNING, ROBERT                         MD-11-1-49
DRACH, ADAM                             MD-11-11-51
DRACHT, MARGARET A.                     MD-11-14-491
DRILL, JACOB SR.                        MD-11-6-343
DROWN, WILLIAM                          MD-11-3-138
DRURY, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-5-95
DUCHERS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-226
DUCKETT, JACOB                          MD-11-1-221
DUDDERAR, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-14-6
DUDDERAR, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-14-487
DUDDERAR, CONRAD                        MD-11-10-227
DUDDERAR, DANIEL                        MD-11-14-421
DUDDERAR, DAVID                         MD-11-14-392
DUDDERAR, JACOB                         MD-11-5-231
DUDDERAR, JOHN                          MD-11-13-24
DUDDEROW, WILLIAM                       MD-11-14-114
DUDDESAR, CONRAD                        MD-11-11-178
DUDDWAR, MARGARET                       MD-11-15-275
DUDEROE, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-9-209
DUDREAR, RANDOLPH                       MD-11-19-154
DUDROW, FANNY                           MD-11-9-61
DUFFEN, ELIJAH                          MD-11-18-549
DUFFY, JAMES                            MD-11-11-85
DUGAN, JOHN                             MD-11-9-204
DUGAN, JOHN                             MD-11-10-160
DUHAMEL, CHARLES                        MD-11-9-507
DUHL, FREDERICK                         MD-11-8-82
DUKE, GREEN H.                          MD-11-14-112
DUKEHART, MARGARET                      MD-11-20-456
DUMM, WILLIAM T.                        MD-11-20-248
DUNAWAY, LOUIS                          MD-11-9-299
DUNKHORST, HENRY                        MD-11-15-289
DUNNAVIN, CATHARINE                     MD-11-19-3
DURAND, JACOB                           MD-11-6-182
DURBIN, ANN                             MD-11-1-380
DURBIN, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-6-382
DURBIN, SAMUEL                          MD-11-1-78
DURBIN, THOMAS                          MD-11-6-90
DURBIN, WILLIAM                         MD-11-8-393
DURBOROW, JAMES R.                      MD-11-14-365
DURST, JOHN                             MD-11-11-435
DUSTIN, JONATHAN WEBSTER                MD-11-8-461
DUTROW, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-9-283
DUTROW, MARY                            MD-11-13-10
DUTTERO, GEORGE BALTIS                  MD-11-5-365
DUTTEROW, GEORGE                        MD-11-6-109
DUVALL, DANIEL                          MD-11-12-157
DUVALL, JEMIMA A.                       MD-11-20-415
DUVALL, JOHN H.                         MD-11-20-86
DUVALL, PRISCILLA ANN                   MD-11-11-202
DUVALL, WILLIAM                         MD-11-9-495
DYELL, WILLIAM                          MD-11-1-303
DYSON, THOMAS                           MD-11-1-561
EADER, CASPER                           MD-11-2-286
EADER, GEORGE                           MD-11-14-148
EADER, THOMAS                           MD-11-12-317
EADES, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-9-11
EADES, SOLOMON                          MD-11-9-267
EARHART, GEORGE                         MD-11-6-249
EARLY, JOHN                             MD-11-7-148
EASTERDAY, CHRISTIAN SR.                MD-11-11-73
EASTERDAY, CONRAD                       MD-11-11-695
EASTERDAY, DANIEL J.                    MD-11-18-284
EASTERDAY, ELIZABETH                    MD-11-18-320
EASTERDAY, MARY                         MD-11-18-432
EASTERDAY, SARAH A. N.                  MD-11-14-402
EASTERLINE, JOHN                        MD-11-8-241
EATON, SARAH ANN                        MD-11-19-200
EAVES, PETER                            MD-11-11-762
EBBERT, GEORGE                          MD-11-12-96
EBBERT, HENRY                           MD-11-8-517
EBBERT, JACOB                           MD-11-13-196
EBBERT, JOHN                            MD-11-13-131
EBBERT, SUSANNA                         MD-11-14-419
EBERT, MATTHEW                          MD-11-3-302
EBERT, SAMUEL B.                        MD-11-19-62
EBERT, VALENTINE                        MD-11-8-17
EBEY, JOHN                              MD-11-9-384
EBLY, EBERHARD                          MD-11-1-319
ECART, JOHN                             MD-11-8-180
ECKENRODE, GEORGE                       MD-11-19-252
ECKER, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-78
ECKER, JACOB SR.                        MD-11-12-300
ECKER, JOHN                             MD-11-11-181
ECKER, JOHN SR.                         MD-11-8-523
ECKER, SAMUEL                           MD-11-20-80
ECKMAN, EVA ELIZABETH                   MD-11-2-81
ECTERNACH, MATTHIAS                     MD-11-3-150
EDMONSTON, ROBERT                       MD-11-6-598
EDWARDS, FRANCIS                        MD-11-1-234
EDWARDS, RICHARD H.                     MD-11-13-5
EDWARDS, SUSANNA                        MD-11-13-345
EGAN, MICHAEL D.                        MD-11-10-75
EGAN, THOMAS                            MD-11-7-74
EGG, JACOB SR.                          MD-11-4-216
EGMAN, JACOB                            MD-11-2-42
EHALT, MATTHIAS                         MD-11-1-547
EICHELBERGER, AMANDA                    MD-11-20-147
EICHELBERGER, ELIZABETH                 MD-11-14-241
EICHELBERGER, FREDERICK                 MD-11-11-209
EICHELBERGER, FREDERICK                 MD-11-11-319
EICHELBERGER, GEORGE M.                 MD-11-13-285
EICHELBERGER, SAMUEL JR.                MD-11-15-274
EIGANBROD, JOH JOST                     MD-11-3-89
EIGENBRODE, CHRISTIAN                   MD-11-10-489
EIGENBRODE, DANIEL                      MD-11-14-401
EIGHENBROD, MARY                        MD-11-6-45
ELDER, ALOYSIUS                         MD-11-9-562
ELDER, ANNASTASIA                       MD-11-19-117
ELDER, ARNOLD                           MD-11-6-278
ELDER, BENNEDICK                        MD-11-4-508
ELDER, CAROLINE                         MD-11-19-250
ELDER, CHARLES SR.                      MD-11-5-33
ELDER, CLEMENTINA JACOBA                MD-11-5-328
ELDER, GUY                              MD-11-5-153
ELDER, JOHN F.                          MD-11-18-445
ELDER, JOSEPH                           MD-11-11-709
ELDER, JOSEPH                           MD-11-8-86
ELDER, RICHARD                          MD-11-6-499
ELDER, RICHARD                          MD-11-3-346
ELDER, RICHARD                          MD-11-4-552
ELDER, THOMAS                           MD-11-13-237
ELDER, WILLIAM                          MD-11-5-64
ELDER, WILLIAM                          MD-11-1-573
ELDERDICE, HUGH                         MD-11-15-190
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           MD-11-8-50
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           MD-11-9-121
ELLIS, MORRIS                           MD-11-3-380
ELTINGE, CORNELIS                       MD-11-1-65
ELTINGE, ISAAC                          MD-11-1-96
ELTINGE, REBECCA                        MD-11-1-87
ELY, DANIEL                             MD-11-9-354
ELY, DAVID                              MD-11-5-440
ELY, ISAAC H.                           MD-11-20-205
EMMITT, SUSANNA                         MD-11-12-319
ENGEL, JOHN SR.                         MD-11-11-314
ENGEL, PETER                            MD-11-3-457
ENGEL, PETER                            MD-11-10-472
ENGELBRACHT, PHILLIP M.                 MD-11-18-277
ENGELBRECHT, CONRAD                     MD-11-8-224
ENGELBRECHT, FREDERICK                  MD-11-12-5
ENGELBRECHT, JOHN                       MD-11-12-216
ENGELBRECHT, WILLIAM                    MD-11-13-12
ENGELBRIGHT, ANN MARIA                  MD-11-20-187
ENGLAND, JOHN                           MD-11-4-350
ENGLAND, MARGREAD                       MD-11-9-520
ENGLAND, SAMUEL                         MD-11-1-530
ENGLE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-12-242
ENGLE, DAVID                            MD-11-4-517
ENGLE, JESSE                            MD-11-10-573
ENGLE, MARY ANN                         MD-11-20-336
ENGLE, WILLIAM HENRY                    MD-11-19-115
ENGLEMAN, JOHN                          MD-11-11-128
ENGLER, JACOB                           MD-11-6-19
ENGLER, JACOB SR.                       MD-11-3-522
ENGLER, JOHN                            MD-11-10-605
ENGLER, PHILIP                          MD-11-8-89
ENGLEYOUNG, JOHN                        MD-11-2-201
ENGLISH, JONATHAN D.                    MD-11-20-167
ENNIS, JOHN                             MD-11-15-240
ENNIS, JOSEPH                           MD-11-20-184
ENSEY, DINES                            MD-11-1-320
ENY, HENRY                              MD-11-1-189
EONTZEY, PETER                          MD-11-4-193
EPLAR, RACHEL                           MD-11-1-374
EPPERLY, JACOB                          MD-11-6-177
EPPERLY, JOHN                           MD-11-9-318
EPPLY, FRANCIS                          MD-11-11-690
ERB, PETER ESQ.                         MD-11-11-146
ERB, PETER JR.                          MD-11-1-484
ERB, PETER SR.                          MD-11-11-123
ERBACH, BALAR                           MD-11-1-401
ERNST, HANNAH                           MD-11-13-150
ERNST, JACOB                            MD-11-9-145
ERNST, PETER                            MD-11-8-559
ERTER, HENRY                            MD-11-5-299
ETZLER, DANIEL                          MD-11-8-240
ETZLER, JOHN                            MD-11-8-252
ETZLER, JOSEPH                          MD-11-8-244
ETZLER, MAGDALENA                       MD-11-11-418
ETZLER, MARY                            MD-11-11-751
ETZLER, MARY C.                         MD-11-13-139
EURY, WILLIAM                           MD-11-14-127
EVANS, EZEKIEL                          MD-11-9-631
EVANS, JAMES                            MD-11-5-424
EVANS, JOHN                             MD-11-2-130
EVANS, OWEN                             MD-11-14-31
EVANS, SARAH                            MD-11-10-74
EVEARLEY, MICHEAL                       MD-11-3-417
EVERHART, LAWRENCE                      MD-11-11-445
EVERHART, MARTIN                        MD-11-3-422
EVERHART, MARY                          MD-11-12-274
EVERHART, PETER                         MD-11-5-158
EVILBISS, BARBARA                       MD-11-14-237
EVILHEAR, JOSEPH                        MD-11-14-81
EVITT, GEORGE W.                        MD-11-10-635
EVITT, MARY                             MD-11-14-194
EVITT, WOODWARD                         MD-11-10-164
EYFFER, JEREMIAH                        MD-11-4-212
EYLER, BARBARA                          MD-11-11-673
EYLER, DAVID                            MD-11-15-299
EYLER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-14-417
EYLER, FREDERICK SR.                    MD-11-8-449
EYLER, JOHN                             MD-11-10-78
EYLER, JONAS                            MD-11-9-370
EYLER, RACHEL                           MD-11-13-38
EYLONIER, JOHN                          MD-11-1-260
EYSTER, ELLEN C.                        MD-11-19-152
FAGIN, GEORGE                           MD-11-14-39
FALCONER, EDEN                          MD-11-12-346
FALCONER, GILBERT                       MD-11-2-142
FARGSON, SAMUEL                         MD-11-3-514
FARQUHAR, ALLEN                         MD-11-9-574
FARQUHAR, ALLEN                         MD-11-4-249
FARQUHAR, CALEB                         MD-11-6-137
FARQUHAR, JOHN                          MD-11-15-81
FARQUHAR, WILLIAM                       MD-11-4-571
FARQUHAR, WILLIAM                       MD-11-3-45
FARRIS, JOHN                            MD-11-10-261
FARSHT, JACOB                           MD-11-12-250
FARTHING, JAMES                         MD-11-4-549
FAUBEL, CONRAD                          MD-11-20-132
FAUBEL, DAVID                           MD-11-20-198
FAUBLE, ANN SOPHIA                      MD-11-14-322
FAUBLE, CATHARINE                       MD-11-14-339
FAUBLE, JACOB                           MD-11-9-422
FAUSHOUR, ADAM SR.                      MD-11-6-29
FAVORITE, MARY                          MD-11-15-101
FAVOURITE, HENRY                        MD-11-12-154
FEAGA, CHRISTIANA                       MD-11-13-1
FEAGA, PHILIP                           MD-11-10-93
FEASER, ESTER                           MD-11-18-334
FEASTER, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-15-217
FEASTER, HENRY SR.                      MD-11-11-24
FEASTER, MARY ANN                       MD-11-11-748
FEESER, JACOB                           MD-11-10-529
FEESER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-20
FEETS, HENRY                            MD-11-11-21
FELKER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-12-288
FELLING, CATHERINE                      MD-11-9-33
FELMING, ALICE                          MD-11-11-45
FENWICK, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-5-256
FENWICK, HELENA                         MD-11-8-77
FERGUSON, JOHN                          MD-11-9-559
FERGUSON, ROBERT                        MD-11-1-465
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       MD-11-6-40
FESSLER, JACOB                          MD-11-8-400
FETTERLING, JOHN                        MD-11-11-657
FEY, HENRY                              MD-11-19-316
FICKEL, MICHAEL                         MD-11-1-385
FICKEL, RACHEL                          MD-11-10-112
FICKLE, MARGARET                        MD-11-4-49
FICKLE, MICHAEL                         MD-11-3-87
FIGGIN, JAMES L.                        MD-11-20-16
FILLER, BALSER                          MD-11-1-492
FILLER, SOLOMON A.                      MD-11-20-38
FINCK, PHILIP                           MD-11-4-593
FINFROCK, CATHARINE                     MD-11-9-465
FINFROCK, HENRY                         MD-11-9-244
FINK, ADAM                              MD-11-4-125
FINK, EMANUEL                           MD-11-19-162
FINK, GEORGE T.                         MD-11-19-61
FINK, LEAH                              MD-11-14-188
FINNEY, CHARLOTTE                       MD-11-15-302
FIRESTONE, JOSHUA                       MD-11-19-498
FIRESTONE, MARY                         MD-11-10-415
FIROR, BENJAMIN                         MD-11-18-434
FISCHER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-13-327
FISH, ANN CACELIA (SISTER)              MD-11-9-117
FISHBAUGH, HARMAN                       MD-11-14-138
FISHER, ADAM                            MD-11-3-253
FISHER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-11-47
FISHER, NATHANIEL                       MD-11-20-18
FISHER, THOMAS                          MD-11-12-129
FITZGERALD, EMILY CATHARINE             MD-11-20-337
FLACK, BARBARA                          MD-11-9-457
FLANEGAN, HUGH                          MD-11-8-535
FLECK, GEORGE                           MD-11-3-211
FLEGLE, VALENTINE                       MD-11-4-454
FLEMING, ARTHUR                         MD-11-6-593
FLEMING, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-8-438
FLEMING, HARRIET                        MD-11-11-345
FLEMING, JOHN                           MD-11-9-497
FLEMING, JOHN                           MD-11-9-93
FLEMING, JOSEPH DANIEL                  MD-11-13-245
FLEMING, ROBERT                         MD-11-13-334
FLEMING, THOMAS                         MD-11-6-251
FLEMING, THOMAS H.                      MD-11-10-111
FLEMMING, SAMUEL                        MD-11-3-267
FLETCHER, JOHN W.                       MD-11-20-282
FLICKINGER, ANDREW                      MD-11-9-454
FLICKINGER, BARBARA                     MD-11-7-84
FLICKINGER, JACOB                       MD-11-5-296
FLIKINGER, ANDREAS                      MD-11-9-454
FLOHR, LEONARD                          MD-11-11-442
FLOOK, JACOB                            MD-11-11-446
FLOOK, JOHN H.                          MD-11-18-297
FLOOK, MATHIAS                          MD-11-12-78
FLORY, PETER                            MD-11-13-200
FLOWER, BARBARA                         MD-11-9-319
FLUEBAUGH, JACOB                        MD-11-3-281
FLYNN, MARY                             MD-11-14-371
FOGLE, ANDREW                           MD-11-3-218
FOGLE, HENRY                            MD-11-8-349
FOGLE, MARGRET                          MD-11-2-213
FOGLE, MATHIAS                          MD-11-13-133
FOGLER, HENRY SR.                       MD-11-11-438
FOGLER, JACOB                           MD-11-8-220
FOLKERTH, CHRISTOPHER                   MD-11-7-209
FOLLER, HENRY                           MD-11-18-508
FOLTZ, CONRAD                           MD-11-3-112
FOLTZ, WILLIAM                          MD-11-8-177
FONT, CHARLOTTE                         MD-11-15-333
FOOLWYDER, JACOB                        MD-11-3-452
FORCE, JACOB                            MD-11-4-25
FOREMAN, JACOB                          MD-11-4-573
FOREMAN, VALENTINE                      MD-11-13-315
FORNEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-19-197
FORNEY, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-5-134
FORNNWALT, JACOB                        MD-11-9-339
FORREST, JACOB                          MD-11-8-484
FORTNEY, CATHARINE                      MD-11-3-527
FORTNEY, DAVID                          MD-11-13-124
FOSTER, SARAH                           MD-11-13-277
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-29
FOUGHT, BALTISH                         MD-11-1-10
FOURNEY, DAVID                          MD-11-1-394
FOURNIER, DAVID                         MD-11-1-394
FOUT, BALIER                            MD-11-4-229
FOUT, BALTZER                           MD-11-11-356
FOUT, CHARLES                           MD-11-20-454
FOUT, DANIEL                            MD-11-6-152
FOUT, GEOGE                             MD-11-13-171
FOUT, GRAFTON                           MD-11-19-5
FOUT, HENRY                             MD-11-5-249
FOUT, JACOB                             MD-11-5-271
FOUT, JACOB                             MD-11-1-553
FOUT, MARGARET                          MD-11-10-259
FOUT, MARY M.                           MD-11-14-30
FOUT, OTHO                              MD-11-11-43
FOUT, PETER                             MD-11-1-572
FOUT, PETER                             MD-11-2-114
FOUT, WILLIAM                           MD-11-8-333
FOWLER, CLEMENT                         MD-11-4-140
FOX, FREDERICK                          MD-11-20-442
FOX, GEORGE                             MD-11-11-730
FOX, GEORGE                             MD-11-5-44
FOX, HENRY                              MD-11-12-322
FOX, HENRY                              MD-11-10-460
FOX, JOHN                               MD-11-11-683
FOX, MARY MAGDELENE                     MD-11-15-65
FOY, FRANCIS                            MD-11-1-103
FRANCIS, MARY                           MD-11-10-414
FRASIER, ANN                            MD-11-12-360
FRAZIER, HENRY                          MD-11-10-594
FRAZIER, THOMAS SR.                     MD-11-8-504
FREAM, THOMAS                           MD-11-3-319
FREDERICK, JACOB                        MD-11-4-420
FREDERICK, NELSON                       MD-11-18-322
FREECE, DAVID                           MD-11-3-370
FREICH, PHILIP                          MD-11-5-206
FREIT, SARAH                            MD-11-9-66
FREIZE, GEORGE                          MD-11-12-277
FRES, DAVID                             MD-11-3-370
FRESHOUR, ADAM                          MD-11-19-185
FRESHOUR, GEORGE                        MD-11-11-266
FRESHOUR, HENRY A.                      MD-11-19-129
FRESHOUR, MARGARET                      MD-11-12-89
FREY, EPHRAIM                           MD-11-18-428
FREY, ISAAC                             MD-11-2-294
FRIDAY, SALOME                          MD-11-20-300
FRIDAY, SALOME                          MD-11-20-295
FRIEND, CHARLES                         MD-11-1-3
FRIEND, GABRIEL                         MD-11-1-139
FRINGER, JACOB                          MD-11-10-613
FRITCHIE, JOHN CASPER                   MD-11-13-44
FRITSCHIE, BARBARA                      MD-11-15-230
FROCK, DANIEL                           MD-11-8-274
FRY, ENOCH                              MD-11-6-122
FRY, JONATHAN                           MD-11-6-478
FULTON, BARBARA                         MD-11-11-374
FULTON, JOHN                            MD-11-20-64
FULTON, ROBERT                          MD-11-11-195
FUNDENBURG, DAVID                       MD-11-10-546
FUNDENBURG, HENRY                       MD-11-11-143
FUNDENBURGH, WALTER                     MD-11-6-454
FUNDERBERG, WALTER                      MD-11-2-90
FUNDERBURG, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-8-161
FUNSTON, SARAH                          MD-11-12-102
FURMWALT, LAURENCE                      MD-11-5-293
FURRY, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-13-121
FURRY, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-1-212
FUSS, JOHN                              MD-11-11-131
FUSS, PHILIP                            MD-11-1-253
FYST, MICHAEL                           MD-11-3-538
GAITHER, HENRY C.                       MD-11-19-502
GAITHER, MARTHA                         MD-11-13-36
GAITHER, STUART                         MD-11-10-627
GAITHER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-5-28
GALLA, PETER                            MD-11-4-568
GALLAHER, ANNA S.                       MD-11-19-220
GALLOWAY, GRANDISON                     MD-11-19-245
GALT, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-12-12
GALT, MATHEW                            MD-11-9-603
GAMBLE, DAVID                           MD-11-20-135
GAMBRILL, CHARLES A.                    MD-11-20-233
GANT, WILLIAM                           MD-11-20-96
GANTT, WILLIAM                          MD-11-3-227
GANTZANK, GEORGE                        MD-11-5-272
GARBER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-6-5
GARBER, JOHN                            MD-11-12-315
GARBER, SOLOMON OF JOHN                 MD-11-15-42
GARN, ELIAS                             MD-11-20-406
GARNAND, GEORGE                         MD-11-9-325
GARNAND, WILLIAM                        MD-11-9-428
GARNAUD, JOHN                           MD-11-9-4
GARNETT, DANIEL                         MD-11-15-25
GARNHART, CATHARINE                     MD-11-14-474
GARNONG, DANIEL                         MD-11-15-25
GARRET, JOHN                            MD-11-4-207
GARRET, JOHN                            MD-11-1-571
GARRETT, ALLEN                          MD-11-3-72
GARRETT, NATHAN                         MD-11-1-431
GARROTT, ERASMUS                        MD-11-10-486
GARROTT, MATILDA                        MD-11-19-51
GARROTT, MIDDLETON                      MD-11-1-552
GARRY, MICHAEL                          MD-11-11-184
GARTRELL, STEPHEN                       MD-11-1-270
GASTRELL, JOHN                          MD-11-1-160
GATREL, RICHARD                         MD-11-3-169
GATT, JAMES                             MD-11-1-468
GATTEN, RICHARD                         MD-11-1-310
GATZ, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-12-127
GAUGH, JOHN                             MD-11-13-311
GAUNT, FIELDER                          MD-11-5-348
GAVER, DANIEL                           MD-11-4-354
GAVER, JOSEPH                           MD-11-19-551
GAVER, SOPHIA                           MD-11-13-120
GEASY, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-15-102
GEBHART, JOHN                           MD-11-10-403
GEDULDRICK, SUSANNA                     MD-11-13-63
GEDULTIG, HENRY                         MD-11-11-646
GEIGER, EVE MARIA (ACKER)               MD-11-13-31
GEIGER, LEONARD                         MD-11-10-505
GEISERT, CATHARINE                      MD-11-5-264
GELDWICKS, FREDERICK                    MD-11-13-137
GELSENDONER, ADAM                       MD-11-3-1
GELWICK, ROBERT H.                      MD-11-20-13
GEPHART, FREDERICK A.                   MD-11-10-145
GERITH, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-9-357
GERNAND, ELIAS                          MD-11-9-519
GERNAND, JOHN ADAM                      MD-11-9-437
GERNAUD, JOSEPH                         MD-11-8-470
GETSINDANNER, CHRISTIAN                 MD-11-1-276
GETTYS, ALEXANDER                       MD-11-4-493
GETZANDANNER, GEORGE                    MD-11-9-546
GETZDANNER, SOLOMON                     MD-11-11-657
GETZENDANNER, ABRAHAM                   MD-11-14-310
GETZENDANNER, CATHERINE                 MD-11-13-148
GETZENDANNER, CHRISTIAN                 MD-11-11-381
GETZENDANNER, ELIZABETH                 MD-11-9-53
GETZENDANNER, ELIZABETH                 MD-11-9-586
GETZENDANNER, ELIZABETH                 MD-11-19-467
GETZENDANNER, HANNAH                    MD-11-11-185
GETZENDANNER, HENRY                     MD-11-9-41
GETZENDANNER, JACOB                     MD-11-11-249
GETZENDANNER, JACOB                     MD-11-10-481
GETZENDANNER, JOHN                      MD-11-11-604
GETZENDANNER, JOHN D.                   MD-11-18-364
GETZENDANNER, JONATHAN                  MD-11-14-432
GETZENDANNER, MARY A.                   MD-11-20-35
GETZENDEMNER, GEORGE                    MD-11-4-457
GEYER, SAMUEL                           MD-11-14-110
GHISELIN, ANN                           MD-11-5-236
GIBBS, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-3-62
GIBSON, THOMAS                          MD-11-6-132
GILBERT, ELI                            MD-11-15-139
GILBERT, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-8-132
GILBERT, EPHRAIM W.                     MD-11-19-118
GILBERT, HENRY                          MD-11-3-133
GILBERT, HENRY                          MD-11-15-159
GILBERT, JACOB                          MD-11-3-354
GILBERT, JOHN                           MD-11-1-192
GILBERT, JOHN                           MD-11-10-474
GILDS, NICHOLAS E.                      MD-11-18-366
GILLELAN, WILLIAM                       MD-11-19-23
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         MD-11-1-324
GILLILAND, WILLIAM                      MD-11-1-116
GILLMEYER, CATHERINE                    MD-11-9-206
GILMEYER, FRANCIS                       MD-11-7-225
GIPSON, GIDEON                          MD-11-3-206
GIST, JOHN                              MD-11-4-402
GITTINGER, ANN R. C.                    MD-11-20-270
GITTINGER, GEORGE                       MD-11-20-272
GITTINGS, ERASMUS                       MD-11-5-390
GITTINGS, HENRY C.                      MD-11-13-305
GITTINGS, JEREMIAH                      MD-11-4-287
GITTINGS, LLOYD                         MD-11-12-87
GITTINGS, THOMAS                        MD-11-1-20
GLACKEN, DENNIS                         MD-11-10-449
GLADHILL, DANIEL                        MD-11-20-468
GLADHILL, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-19-1
GLADHILL, JAMES                         MD-11-15-205
GLADHILL, JAMES L.                      MD-11-13-262
GLEAN, THOMAS                           MD-11-1-200
GLESSNER, WILLIAM                       MD-11-20-240
GLISINGER, SARAH                        MD-11-11-49
GLISON, JOHN                            MD-11-13-103
GOETHEL, JACOB                          MD-11-11-70
GOINGS, MARGARET                        MD-11-11-275
GOLDSBOROUGH, AMELIA                    MD-11-20-444
GOLDSBOROUGH, CHARLES H.                MD-11-15-213
GOLDSBOROUGH, NICHOLAS W.               MD-11-11-441
GOLDSBOROUGH, SARAH                     MD-11-13-352
GOMBER, CHARLES A.                      MD-11-13-9
GOMBER, ISAAC E.                        MD-11-13-316
GOMBER, MARGARET                        MD-11-12-344
GONED, MARY                             MD-11-14-489
GONKER, BABARA                          MD-11-9-573
GONTZ, MICHAEL                          MD-11-9-311
GOOD, ADAM                              MD-11-6-469
GOOD, GEORGE                            MD-11-3-386
GOOD, JACOB                             MD-11-2-312
GOODMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-5-334
GORDEN, JOSEPH                          MD-11-7-133
GORDEN, MARY                            MD-11-10-556
GOSLIN, EZEKIEL                         MD-11-1-243
GOSNELL, LEVIN                          MD-11-18-467
GOUDY, JAMES                            MD-11-1-203
GOUGH, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-2-238
GOUKER, PETER                           MD-11-10-361
GRABE, JULIUS J. H. J.                  MD-11-19-160
GRABIL, JOHN                            MD-11-12-19
GRABILL, MOSES                          MD-11-9-149
GRABILL, PETER                          MD-11-6-327
GRABLE, NICHOLIS                        MD-11-1-495
GRAFF, ANNA                             MD-11-20-342
GRAFF, SEBASTIAN                        MD-11-11-3
GRAHAM, CAROLINE                        MD-11-10-314
GRAHAM, JAMES                           MD-11-15-68
GRAHAM, JOHN                            MD-11-10-450
GRANADAMS, FRANCIS                      MD-11-5-192
GRANDADAMS, REGINA                      MD-11-8-92
GRASHON, JOHN                           MD-11-13-1
GRAUL, MICHAEL                          MD-11-5-316
GRAVE, VALENTINE                        MD-11-1-146
GRAVES, WILLIAM                         MD-11-2-303
GRAW, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-1-168
GRAY, MATTHIAS                          MD-11-1-540
GRAYBELL, PETER                         MD-11-5-318
GREASON, WILLIAM SR.                    MD-11-10-326
GREEN, SAMUEL                           MD-11-7-179
GREEN, STEPHEN                          MD-11-14-333
GREENWOOD, CATHRINE                     MD-11-4-88
GREENWOOD, JOSEPH                       MD-11-9-597
GREENWOOD, PHILIP                       MD-11-2-172
GRIDER, BARBARA                         MD-11-3-262
GRIFFETH, DAVID                         MD-11-3-271
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                         MD-11-8-435
GRIFFITH, CHARLES A.                    MD-11-15-328
GRIFFITH, DERIAS                        MD-11-9-477
GRIFFITH, ORLANDO                       MD-11-1-507
GRIFFITH, PHILEMON                      MD-11-11-309
GRIFFITH, RACHAEL W.                    MD-11-15-35
GRIFFITH, RICHARD                       MD-11-5-144
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       MD-11-1-111
GRIMES, FREDERICK                       MD-11-10-624
GRIMES, JOHN M.                         MD-11-9-40
GRIMES, JOSHUA                          MD-11-5-287
GRIMES, MARTIN                          MD-11-4-397
GRIMES, MARY                            MD-11-13-250
GRIMWELL, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-5-176
GRINDER, JOHN                           MD-11-11-705
GRINDER, MAGDALINE                      MD-11-20-365
GRINDER, MICHAEL                        MD-11-11-412
GRINWEL, PHILIPP                        MD-11-6-10
GRINWELL, PRISCILLA                     MD-11-4-545
GROBP, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-10-456
GROBP, JOHN                             MD-11-10-66
GROFF, JACOB                            MD-11-3-349
GROFF, JOHN SR.                         MD-11-4-169
GROFF, MARY ELIZABETH                   MD-11-5-445
GROSCH, MARY                            MD-11-11-645
GROSH, JOHN CONRAD                      MD-11-3-541
GROSHON, ABRAHAM                        MD-11-9-297
GROSHON, ELIAS                          MD-11-11-650
GROSS, CHARLES                          MD-11-10-256
GROSS, HENRY                            MD-11-12-168
GROSSNICKLE, CATHERINE                  MD-11-10-419
GROSSNICKLE, JOHN                       MD-11-2-261
GROSSNICKLE, JOHN                       MD-11-15-249
GROSSNICKLE, PETER                      MD-11-15-304
GROSSNICKLE, PETER                      MD-11-14-453
GROVE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-14-208
GROVE, JACOB                            MD-11-10-619
GROVE, MARY                             MD-11-20-149
GROVE, PETER                            MD-11-10-519
GROVE, REBECCA                          MD-11-19-32
GROVE, SARAH                            MD-11-20-403
GROVE, THOMAS                           MD-11-3-421
GROVE, WILLIAM A.                       MD-11-20-40
GUE, GEORGE                             MD-11-1-414
GUMP, JOHN                              MD-11-8-42
GUMP, MARY                              MD-11-8-318
GUMP, MARY                              MD-11-10-502
GUYTON, WILLIAM                         MD-11-13-128
GYER, MARY                              MD-11-12-95

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