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HAACKE, MARTIN                          MD-11-15-245
HAAS, JOHN                              MD-11-2-118
HACKMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-5-17
HACKNEY, JACOB                          MD-11-6-554
HAFF, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-6-467
HAFF, ABRAHAM SR.                       MD-11-6-293
HAFFERT, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-3-289
HAFFNER, FREDERICK                      MD-11-3-528
HAFFNER, JACOB                          MD-11-9-561
HAFFNER, MICHAEL                        MD-11-8-102
HAFFNER, SUSANA                         MD-11-9-571
HAGAN, DENNIS                           MD-11-8-1
HAGAN, JAMES SR.                        MD-11-1-583
HAGAN, JOHN                             MD-11-19-344
HAGAN, MICHAEL P.                       MD-11-19-359
HAGEMAN, ADRIAN                         MD-11-1-482
HAGER, JOHN                             MD-11-2-317
HAHN, CATHARINE ANN                     MD-11-13-321
HAHN, ELIAS                             MD-11-12-252
HAHN, JOHN                              MD-11-19-353
HAHN, LUDWICK                           MD-11-6-380
HAINES, DANIEL                          MD-11-1-361
HAINES, DANIEL                          MD-11-14-375
HAINES, DANIEL                          MD-11-7-260
HAINES, JACOB                           MD-11-8-370
HAINES, JOHN                            MD-11-9-577
HAINES, JOHN                            MD-11-14-458
HAINES, MARY                            MD-11-20-33
HAINES, MICHAEL                         MD-11-8-155
HAINES, MORDECA                         MD-11-10-564
HAINES, NATHAN                          MD-11-4-506
HAINES, REUBEN                          MD-11-10-437
HAINES, SARAH                           MD-11-9-151
HAINES, STEPHEN                         MD-11-18-370
HAINES, WILLIAM                         MD-11-10-195
HAINS, JOSEPH                           MD-11-9-164
HALL, ANNE MARIA                        MD-11-10-5
HALL, BARRUCH                           MD-11-10-169
HALL, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-1-420
HALL, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-13-183
HALL, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-6-8
HALL, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-5-265
HALL, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-11-211
HALL, MARTHA                            MD-11-4-611
HALL, MARY                              MD-11-14-1
HALL, MARY                              MD-11-11-13
HALL, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-8-422
HALLER, DAVID H.                        MD-11-20-409
HALLER, PETER SR.                       MD-11-4-502
HALLER, THOMAS                          MD-11-19-237
HALSEY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-478
HAMBLETON, JOHN                         MD-11-10-420
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH E.                  MD-11-19-207
HAMILTON, FRANCIS A.                    MD-11-10-139
HAMILTON, JOHN                          MD-11-19-148
HAMMER, ANDRAY                          MD-11-3-285
HAMMER, FRANCIS                         MD-11-4-551
HAMMER, JOHN HENRY                      MD-11-20-145
HAMMOND, ANN                            MD-11-13-320
HAMMOND, CHARLES S.                     MD-11-12-341
HAMMOND, DENNIS                         MD-11-11-233
HAMMOND, DENTON                         MD-11-13-88
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-14-40
HAMMOND, JOHN                           MD-11-6-221
HAMMOND, JOHN W.                        MD-11-14-170
HAMMOND, MARGARET                       MD-11-14-307
HAMMOND, MARY C.                        MD-11-20-228
HAMMOND, MARY E. A.                     MD-11-20-269
HAMMOND, NATHAN                         MD-11-6-238
HAMMOND, NATHAN SR.                     MD-11-10-146
HAMMOND, ORMND                          MD-11-10-216
HAMMOND, PHILIP                         MD-11-4-534
HAMMOND, PRISCILLA                      MD-11-15-248
HAMMOND, PRISCILLA B.                   MD-11-11-77
HAMRICK, JOHN LYCURGUS                  MD-11-19-64
HAND, WILLIAM                           MD-11-9-361
HANDLEY, ELIZA E.                       MD-11-20-404
HANE, JACOB                             MD-11-4-84
HANE, JOHN                              MD-11-14-99
HANE, MARGARET                          MD-11-15-232
HANKEY, FREDERICK                       MD-11-19-452
HANN, JOHN                              MD-11-12-336
HANNA, HUGH                             MD-11-6-357
HANNA, SARAH                            MD-11-13-280
HANNA, WILLIAM                          MD-11-15-288
HANSON, JOHN                            MD-11-3-75
HARB, JACOB                             MD-11-10-417
HARBAUGH, ANN                           MD-11-13-61
HARBAUGH, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-14-36
HARBAUGH, CHRISTIAN SR.                 MD-11-11-158
HARBAUGH, DAVID                         MD-11-19-52
HARBAUGH, ELIAS OF JACOB                MD-11-13-350
HARBAUGH, ELIAS OF JOHN                 MD-11-19-102
HARBAUGH, ELIZABETH ANN                 MD-11-13-180
HARBAUGH, GEORGE                        MD-11-13-330
HARBAUGH, HAMILTON                      MD-11-19-95
HARBAUGH, HENRY                         MD-11-12-59
HARBAUGH, JACOB                         MD-11-13-166
HARBAUGH, JACOB                         MD-11-8-167
HARBAUGH, JACOB OF G.                    MD-11-11-712
HARBAUGH, JACOB OF J.                   MD-11-11-725
HARBAUGH, JOHN OF JACOB                 MD-11-10-576
HARBAUGH, YOST                          MD-11-20-467
HARDING, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-12-346
HARDING, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-1-348
HARDING, JOHN                           MD-11-1-74
HARDING, SARAH                          MD-11-14-54
HARDMAN, CATHERINE                      MD-11-1-410
HARDT, PETER SR.                        MD-11-8-434
HARDY, JOHN                             MD-11-20-317
HARDY, SAMUEL                           MD-11-1-457
HARGARADER, JOHN                        MD-11-1-479
HARGATE, PETER                          MD-11-13-221
HARGATE, PETER                          MD-11-3-383
HARGES, THOMAS SR.                      MD-11-1-59
HARGET, MARY                            MD-11-10-287
HARGETT, JOHN                           MD-11-14-455
HARLAN, JOHN                            MD-11-3-255
HARLEY, MOSES                           MD-11-11-722
HARMAN, CHRISTIAN SR.                   MD-11-11-745
HARMAN, MARCUS                          MD-11-4-196
HARMAN, MARGARET                        MD-11-14-115
HARMAN, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-9-22
HARNER, DAVID                           MD-11-20-104
HARP, GEORGE                            MD-11-12-27
HARP, GEORGE                            MD-11-12-253
HARP, HANNAH                             MD-11-18-451
HARP, JACOB                             MD-11-10-417
HARPER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-15-111
HARPER, JOSIAH                          MD-11-1-318
HARPER, MARIA                           MD-11-20-20
HARPER, THOMAS                          MD-11-12-307
HARR, ISAIAH                            MD-11-8-214
HARRIS, ANN                             MD-11-11-739
HARRIS, HENRY R.                        MD-11-18-323
HARRIS, JOHN                            MD-11-10-336
HARRIS, NATHAN                          MD-11-8-355
HARRIS, RAYCHALL                        MD-11-1-108
HARRIS, THOMAS                          MD-11-9-119
HARRISON, ZEPHANIAH                     MD-11-8-283
HARRY, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-14-369
HARRY, ISAAC R.                         MD-11-11-57
HARRY, PAMIER R.                        MD-11-14-191
HARSHMAN, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-13-265
HARSNEPE, ALICE                         MD-11-10-570
HART, DAVID                             MD-11-18-532
HART, ELIAS                             MD-11-13-195
HART, VALENTINE                         MD-11-3-142
HART, WILLIAM                           MD-11-9-529
HARTHAUER, WILLIAM                      MD-11-18-307
HARTLEY, GEORGE                         MD-11-1-584
HARTMAN, ABRAHAM                        MD-11-10-44
HARTMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-11-155
HARTS, FRANCIS                          MD-11-10-85
HARTSOCK, JOHN A.                       MD-11-15-161
HARTSOOK, HENRY                         MD-11-6-311
HARTSOOK, JOHN                          MD-11-11-368
HARTZ, ANN CATHERINE                    MD-11-10-498
HARTZ, JOSEPH                           MD-11-10-540
HASHMAN, CATHARINE                      MD-11-15-212
HASPELHORN, RACHEL                      MD-11-14-236
HATHERLY, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-9-265
HATTNER, JOHN MICHAEL                   MD-11-1-307
HAUBERT, ELISABETH                      MD-11-6-397
HAUBERT, MARY EVE                       MD-11-6-391
HAUCK, CATHARINE                        MD-11-18-449
HAUCK, MARGARET                         MD-11-6-33
HAUCK, PETER                            MD-11-4-237
HAUER, ANN C.                           MD-11-20-108
HAUER, ANN CATHERINE                    MD-11-10-602
HAUER, CATHARINE                        MD-11-14-296
HAUER, ELIZABETH M.                     MD-11-11-317
HAUGH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-11-767
HAUN, LOUDWICK                          MD-11-1-240
HAUN, MATHIAS                           MD-11-10-202
HAUN, PETER                             MD-11-9-493
HAUNE, MARY ANNE                        MD-11-3-270
HAUPTMAN, GEORGE                        MD-11-10-119
HAUPTMAN, PHILIP                        MD-11-15-322
HAUSER, SUSANNAH                        MD-11-9-545
HAUSHEN, GEORGE B.                      MD-11-18-448
HAUVER, GEORGE SR.                      MD-11-10-304
HAUVER, GEORGE SR.                      MD-11-11-399
HAUVER, SUSANNA                         MD-11-14-149
HAWK, PAUL                              MD-11-8-342
HAWK, PETER                             MD-11-5-443
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-3-130
HAWMAN, PHILIP J.                       MD-11-19-48
HAWN, MICHAEL SR.                       MD-11-3-221
HAYES, JOHN                             MD-11-6-159
HAYMAN, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-1-298
HAYMOND, JOHN                           MD-11-1-40
HAYS, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-11-232
HAYS, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-13-81
HAYS, JONATHAN                          MD-11-3-471
HAYS, MARY                              MD-11-4-576
HAYS, THOMAS                            MD-11-11-753
HAYS, WILSON                            MD-11-14-137
HEAD, JOHN                              MD-11-1-534
HEARSE, COONROD                         MD-11-2-23
HEARSE, COONROD                         MD-11-1-511
HECK, BALSER                            MD-11-3-353
HECKMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-11-603
HEDGES, ANDREW                          MD-11-6-266
HEDGES, CHARLES                         MD-11-4-109
HEDGES, DORCAS                          MD-11-11-766
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          MD-11-9-62
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          MD-11-1-85
HEDGES, PETER                           MD-11-3-425
HEDGES, RUTH                            MD-11-6-107
HEDGES, SAMUEL                          MD-11-6-273
HEDGES, SHADRACK                        MD-11-12-170
HEDGES, WILLIAM                         MD-11-2-233
HEFFNER, JACOB FREDERICK                MD-11-6-160
HEFFNER, MARGARET                       MD-11-12-247
HEFFNER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-19-14
HEFNER, JACOB                           MD-11-5-77
HEICHLER, HENRY                         MD-11-11-398
HEIM, DAVID                             MD-11-11-417
HEIMES, ABIGAIL                         MD-11-11-14
HEIMS, ANDREW SR.                       MD-11-8-260
HEINRICH, FRIEDERICH                    MD-11-9-275
HEMING, EDWARD L.                       MD-11-18-541
HEMP, HENRY                             MD-11-10-567
HENDERSON, JAMES                        MD-11-5-195
HENDRIX, ALEXANDER                      MD-11-14-145
HENDRY, ELEANOR                         MD-11-19-396
HENESY, JAMES                           MD-11-10-204
HENKLE, ANNA BARBARA                    MD-11-14-218
HENLEY, NORA                            MD-11-19-496
HENNANGE, ELLEN                         MD-11-14-312
HENNICKHAUSE, JOHN DETRICK              MD-11-4-146
HENOP, FREDERICK LUDWICK                MD-11-3-131
HENRY, ADAM                             MD-11-1-377
HENRY, FREDERICK                        MD-11-9-275
HENSON, PHILIP                          MD-11-11-72
HERBOGH, LUDWICK                        MD-11-6-46
HERBST, MICHAEL                         MD-11-11-333
HERD, EZRA                              MD-11-18-485
HERGESHEIMER, GEORGE P.                 MD-11-20-457
HERING, HENRY                           MD-11-10-59
HERMAN, JOHN WENDLE                     MD-11-3-317
HERRING, CAROLINE                       MD-11-20-321
HERRING, CASPER                         MD-11-10-230
HERRING, GEORGE                         MD-11-11-248
HERRING, HENRY                          MD-11-14-161
HERRING, JACOB                          MD-11-10-266
HERRING, JOSEPH                         MD-11-10-274
HERSCHEL, PETER                         MD-11-11-452
HERSH, HARMAN                           MD-11-8-204
HERSHIDES, JOSEPH T.                    MD-11-20-391
HERSHMAN, CISTIAN                       MD-11-8-19
HERSON, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-11-152
HERSPERGER, BERNARD                     MD-11-4-242
HESON, BALSER                           MD-11-1-499
HESSER, CHARLES                         MD-11-11-613
HESSER, GEORGE                          MD-11-20-284
HESSON, JACOB A.                        MD-11-15-236
HESSON, VENDEL                          MD-11-9-386
HETHELY, JAUGHA                         MD-11-11-749
HETT, JOHN                              MD-11-20-203
HEUGH, ANN                              MD-11-12-285
HEWITT, ANN                             MD-11-15-24
HIBBERD, JOSEPH                         MD-11-8-331
HICKMAN, HENRY                          MD-11-1-195
HICKMAN, JOSHUA                         MD-11-1-112
HICKMAN, SARAH                          MD-11-1-131
HICKMAN, STEPHEN                        MD-11-1-559
HICKMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-274
HICKSON, MARY                           MD-11-12-280
HIFFLEHOWER, BALSER                     MD-11-1-526
HIGGS, SUSANNA A.                       MD-11-14-129
HIGHTSHOE, JACOB                        MD-11-5-20
HILDEBRAND, EZRA                        MD-11-15-255
HILDEBRAND, JACOB                       MD-11-11-11
HILDEBRAND, JOHN                        MD-11-1-241
HILDEBRAND, JOHN                        MD-11-15-204
HILDERBRAND, JOSEPH                     MD-11-11-660
HILL, CHRISTOPHER                       MD-11-10-408
HILL, DAVID                             MD-11-19-322
HILL, HENRY                             MD-11-15-282
HILL, JOHN                              MD-11-12-171
HILL, JOSEPH                            MD-11-4-274
HILL, LYDIA                             MD-11-11-78
HILL, MARY                              MD-11-9-470
HILL, WILLIAM                           MD-11-19-272
HILLARY, JOHN                           MD-11-9-190
HILLEARY, CORNELIA                      MD-11-11-338
HILLEARY, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-13-76
HILLEARY, WILLIAM                       MD-11-10-552
HILLMAN, NANCY                          MD-11-13-152
HILTNER, JACOB                          MD-11-19-157
HILTON, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-14-240
HIME, LAWRENCE                          MD-11-4-167
HIMMEL, JACOB                           MD-11-12-66
HINDS, BARBARA                          MD-11-9-500
HINEA, WILLIAM                          MD-11-14-57
HINER, MARY                             MD-11-5-435
HINES, PHILIP                           MD-11-11-431
HINEY, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-12-174
HINKS, SAMUEL                           MD-11-20-450
HISKEY, JAMES D.                        MD-11-20-505
HITESHEW, NICHOLAS                      MD-11-6-66
HIVLING, ABRAHAM SR.                    MD-11-11-749
HOBBS, CHARLES                          MD-11-9-369
HOBBS, JOHN                             MD-11-18-437
HOBBS, JOHN  SR.                        MD-11-1-312
HOBBS, KITTY                            MD-11-10-249
HOBBS, MALACHIAS                        MD-11-10-244
HOBBS, WILLIAM OF SAMUEL                MD-11-10-69
HOCKENSMITH, CONROD                     MD-11-4-51
HOCKENSMITH, GEORGE                     MD-11-4-314
HOCKENSMITH, JACOB                      MD-11-8-196
HOCKENSMITH, JOHN                       MD-11-14-46
HOCKENSMITH, MARY                       MD-11-19-142
HOCKER, PHILIP                          MD-11-1-521
HOCKERSMITH, CHRISTIANNA                MD-11-6-43
HODGKISS, MICHAEL                       MD-11-2-75
HOFF, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-14-17
HOFF, JACOB                             MD-11-1-513
HOFF, JACOB                             MD-11-9-430
HOFF, PETER                             MD-11-11-405
HOFFMAN, ADAM                           MD-11-9-213
HOFFMAN, CHARLOTTE                      MD-11-20-318
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-9-448
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-14-102
HOFFMAN, ELLEANOR                       MD-11-13-124
HOFFMAN, FRANCIS                        MD-11-8-263
HOFFMAN, GEORGE SR.                     MD-11-4-535
HOFFMAN, HANS PETER                     MD-11-1-15
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-10-219
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           MD-11-11-624
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                        MD-11-14-502
HOFSELBOCK, JOHN                        MD-11-11-421
HOGGINS, RICHARD                        MD-11-12-139
HOHWAIRTER, MICHAEL                     MD-11-3-246
HOKE, GEORGE                            MD-11-20-201
HOKE, JACOB                             MD-11-20-389
HOLBRUNNER, JOHN                        MD-11-11-59
HOLL, DAVID                             MD-11-13-126
HOLLAND, JAMES                          MD-11-1-86
HOLLAND, JOSIAS                         MD-11-1-264
HOLLAND, RACHEL                         MD-11-13-80
HOLLAND, RICHARD                        MD-11-3-290
HOLLAND, RUTH                           MD-11-4-381
HOLLAND, SAMUEL                         MD-11-20-171
HOLLAR, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-11-8-115
HOLLENBERGER, WILLIAM                   MD-11-12-342
HOLSAPPLE, FREDERICK                    MD-11-3-197
HOLTZ, AGNES                            MD-11-20-88
HOLTZ, BENEDICK                         MD-11-3-442
HOLTZ, FREDERICK                        MD-11-3-491
HOLTZ, JACOB                            MD-11-9-126
HOLTZ, JACOB SR.                        MD-11-4-621
HOLTZ, MICHAEL                          MD-11-13-193
HOLTZ, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-13-27
HOLTZ, SUSANNAH                         MD-11-4-228
HOLTZMAN, CHRISTIAN                     MD-11-15-330
HOLTZMAN, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-15-262
HOME, DAVID                             MD-11-3-202
HOMRICK, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-13-11
HONEY, HENRY                            MD-11-9-322
HONIN, TOBIAS                           MD-11-1-470
HOOD, JOHN                              MD-11-13-70
HOOK, JAMES                             MD-11-4-537
HOOK, JOHN                              MD-11-1-170
HOOPPER, JOHN                           MD-11-13-195
HOOVER, HENRY                           MD-11-6-85
HOOVER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-89
HOOVER, JOHN                            MD-11-13-294
HOOVER, JOHN                            MD-11-15-87
HOOVER, JOHN                            MD-11-10-413
HOOVER, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-3-102
HOPKINS, SARAH                          MD-11-13-192
HOPWOOD, JAMES                          MD-11-19-459
HOPWOOD, JAMES W.                       MD-11-20-351
HORCH, ELIAS                            MD-11-10-496
HORINE, TOBIAS                          MD-11-19-65
HORN, CATHERINE                         MD-11-6-321
HORN, PHILIP                            MD-11-5-36
HORNAKER, PETER                         MD-11-14-103
HORNICKER, SUSANNA                      MD-11-14-44
HORSE, JOHN                             MD-11-2-222
HORSEY, ELIZA D.                        MD-11-15-196
HOSKINSON, VIOLETTA                     MD-11-13-167
HOSPELHORN, HENRY                       MD-11-14-212
HOSPELHORN, JAMES                       MD-11-20-312
HOSPELHOUR, HENRY SR.                   MD-11-13-198
HOSSLER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-15-153
HOUCK, DANIEL J.                        MD-11-20-74
HOUCK, HENRY                            MD-11-13-133
HOUCK, HENRY                            MD-11-20-465
HOUCK, JOHN                             MD-11-8-310
HOUCK, MICHAEL                          MD-11-13-347
HOUCK, PETER                            MD-11-11-166
HOUCK, PETER JR.                        MD-11-19-99
HOUK, JACOB                             MD-11-8-169
HOUN, JOHN                              MD-11-1-75
HOUPT, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-10-458
HOUSE, BENJAMIN                         MD-11-14-377
HOUSE, CALEB TOUCHSTONE                 MD-11-9-195
HOUSE, CHRISTIANA                       MD-11-19-171
HOUSE, GEORGE SR.                       MD-11-9-242
HOUSE, WILLIAM                          MD-11-8-571
HOUSE, WILLIAM                          MD-11-9-48
HOUSELY, LUCINDA                        MD-11-13-3
HOUX, FREDERICK                         MD-11-4-511
HOWARD, ALEXANDER                       MD-11-14-321
HOWARD, CORNELIUS                       MD-11-3-378
HOWARD, CORNELIUS                       MD-11-11-429
HOWARD, DENNIS D.                       MD-11-13-119
HOWARD, DORCAS                          MD-11-9-467
HOWARD, EDWARD (COLORED)                MD-11-11-366
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-11-644
HOWARD, HENRIETT                        MD-11-11-674
HOWARD, ISAAC                           MD-11-19-141
HOWARD, JACOB                           MD-11-1-582
HOWARD, JAMES                           MD-11-1-548
HOWARD, JOHN                            MD-11-11-668
HOWARD, JULIET                          MD-11-11-231
HOWARD, JULIST                          MD-11-10-58
HOWARD, MARGARET                        MD-11-12-24
HOWARD, MARTHA                          MD-11-7-239
HOWARD, MARY                            MD-11-11-688
HOWARD, THOMAS H.                       MD-11-13-204
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         MD-11-3-209
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-444
HOWARD, WILLIAM G.                      MD-11-13-323
HOWEL, STEPHEN                          MD-11-4-416
HOY, JOHN                               MD-11-11-706
HOY, NICHOLAS                           MD-11-4-182
HOY, NICHOLAS                           MD-11-12-13
HOY, RACHEL                             MD-11-14-266
HOYLE, JOHN                             MD-11-1-278
HUBBERT, PETER                          MD-11-5-403
HUBER, JOHANNES                         MD-11-9-89
HUFFMAN, JACOB                          MD-11-1-233
HUFMAN, JOHN                            MD-11-1-315
HUGHES, DANIEL                          MD-11-13-293
HUGHES, JAMES                           MD-11-11-353
HUGHES, JAMES A.                        MD-11-20-502
HUGHES, JESSE                           MD-11-6-322
HUGHES, JOHN                            MD-11-10-298
HUGHES, SOPHIA                          MD-11-13-221
HUGHES, THOMAS                          MD-11-8-68
HUL, ANDREAS                            MD-11-3-382
HULL, ANDREW                            MD-11-3-382
HULL, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-14-505
HULL, DANIEL                            MD-11-8-531
HULL, ELIZA                             MD-11-19-456
HULL, JACOB                             MD-11-8-519
HULL, JACOB                             MD-11-13-252
HULL, JOHN                              MD-11-10-15
HULL, MARGARET A.                       MD-11-15-229
HULLER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-19-341
HUMBERT, ADAM                           MD-11-8-443
HUMBERT, BARBERY                        MD-11-3-350
HUMBERT, GEORGE                         MD-11-10-185
HUMBERT, WILLIAM                        MD-11-3-155
HUMER, JACOB                            MD-11-2-21
HUMM, EDWARD                            MD-11-18-456
HUMMER, ANDEW                           MD-11-10-394
HUMMER, JOHN                            MD-11-2-198
HUMMER, JOHN                            MD-11-14-14
HUMMER, SUSANNAH                        MD-11-12-188
HUTTON, CATHERINE                       MD-11-13-112
HUTTON, GEORGE                          MD-11-10-493
HUTZEL, PETER                           MD-11-8-326
HYATT, ELI H.                           MD-11-19-120
HYATT, ELY                              MD-11-7-65
HYATT, EZRA                             MD-11-12-140
HYATT, LLOYD H.                         MD-11-20-382
HYATT, MARY ANN                         MD-11-8-472
HYATT, MESHECK                          MD-11-5-323
HYATT, SUSANNA                          MD-11-6-217
HYDE, JONATHAN                          MD-11-4-519
HYDER, ISAAC                            MD-11-20-384
HYMES, JOHN                             MD-11-13-165
HYNES, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-3-454
HYTER, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-8-548
IFORD, JEREMIAH                         MD-11-4-212
IJAMS, JOHN                             MD-11-9-143
IJAMS, PLUMER                           MD-11-4-34
IJAMS, REBECCA                          MD-11-6-261
IJAMS, RICHARD                          MD-11-4-414
ILER, CONRAD                            MD-11-13-53
ILER, CONRAD SR.                        MD-11-8-7
ILGNER, ANNA MARIA                      MD-11-8-267
ILGNER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-2-72
INGELS, JOHN                            MD-11-9-509
INGMAN, JOSHUA                          MD-11-13-176
INGMAN, JOSHUA                          MD-11-8-97
IRONS, JOHN                             MD-11-6-596
ISEMINGER, FREDERICK                    MD-11-1-535
ISONBARG, GABRIEL                       MD-11-4-437
JACK, JAMES                             MD-11-1-63
JACKSON, BOLTON                         MD-11-12-127
JACKSON, JOHN                           MD-11-1-161
JACOB, JOHN CONROD                      MD-11-3-443
JACOBS, ADAM                            MD-11-19-436
JACOBS, ADAM                            MD-11-12-287
JACOBS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-3-360
JACOBS, JOHN                            MD-11-13-345
JACOBS, MARY ANN E.                     MD-11-11-16
JAMES, DANIEL                           MD-11-11-332
JAMES, DANIEL                           MD-11-3-498
JAMES, LUCY                             MD-11-9-546
JAMES, REBECCA                          MD-11-19-515
JAMES, SIR PRATLY                       MD-11-13-52
JAMESON, KITTY                          MD-11-13-353
JAMESON, ROBERT                         MD-11-8-249
JAMESON, TERESA                         MD-11-11-246
JAMISON, BENEDICT                       MD-11-5-15
JAMISON, MARY                           MD-11-10-616
JAMISON, OSWALD                         MD-11-10-190
JARBOE, ALEXANDER                       MD-11-10-147
JARBOE, CATHERINE                       MD-11-10-600
JARBOE, RAPHAEL                         MD-11-9-39
JARBOE, TERESA ADELINE                  MD-11-11-82
JENINGS, CATHERINE                      MD-11-1-237
JENINGS, RICHARD                        MD-11-4-103
JENKINS, DANIEL JR.                     MD-11-1-124
JENKINS, HELENA                         MD-11-10-524
JENKINS, JOSIAH                         MD-11-1-160
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-9-102
JESSRANG, BARTHOLOMEW                   MD-11-1-201
JEWEL, GEORGE                           MD-11-1-328
JOAN, JOACHIM                           MD-11-1-401
JOB, WILLIAM                            MD-11-18-491
JOHNS, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-15-332
JOHNSON, BAKER                          MD-11-6-192
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-10-454
JOHNSON, CASSANDRA                      MD-11-13-72
JOHNSON, CHARLES M.                     MD-11-10-445
JOHNSON, DORCUS                         MD-11-13-114
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         MD-11-1-179
JOHNSON, ELEANOR                        MD-11-13-77
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH (HART)               MD-11-11-71
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH L.                   MD-11-14-492
JOHNSON, EMILY                          MD-11-19-454
JOHNSON, HENRIETTA                      MD-11-13-17
JOHNSON, JAMES                          MD-11-6-74
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MD-11-4-404
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MD-11-6-581
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         MD-11-5-211
JOHNSON, JOSEPH A.                      MD-11-11-56
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                         MD-11-4-616
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                         MD-11-13-356
JOHNSON, JULIA                          MD-11-15-314
JOHNSON, POLLY                          MD-11-11-361
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        MD-11-13-103
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        MD-11-10-1
JOHNSON, ROGER                          MD-11-10-212
JOHNSON, SARAH (COLORED)                MD-11-15-36
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-4-74
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-2-92
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-8-312
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-2-28
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-14-449
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MD-11-20-297
JOHNSON, THOMAS H.                      MD-11-20-294
JOHNSON, THOMAS SR.                     MD-11-1-293
JOHNSON, THOMAS W.                      MD-11-12-243
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-6-233
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-9-130
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-15-226
JOHNSON, WILLIAM COST.                  MD-11-14-493
JOHNSON, WILLIAM F.                     MD-11-20-191
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     MD-11-12-146
JOHNSON, WILLIAM T.                     MD-11-11-276
JOHNSON, WILLIAM T.                     MD-11-10-201
JOLLAGH, FREDERICK                      MD-11-1-378
JONES, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-13-303
JONES, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-14-299
JONES, HEZEKIAH                         MD-11-8-63
JONES, JOHN                             MD-11-8-521
JONES, JOHN                             MD-11-1-147
JONES, JOHN                             MD-11-1-19
JONES, JOHN OF JOHN                     MD-11-10-511
JONES, JOSEPH                           MD-11-11-439
JONES, JOSHUA                           MD-11-11-214
JONES, MORRIS                           MD-11-6-557
JONES, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-1-589
JONES, PETER                            MD-11-20-489
JONES, THOMAS                           MD-11-10-172
JONES, WILLIAM                          MD-11-1-272
JONES, WILLIAM                          MD-11-6-180
JORDAN, JULIA                           MD-11-19-242
JUDA, JACOB                             MD-11-4-544
JUDA, PHILLIP                           MD-11-4-566
JUDY, SARAH JANE REBECCA                MD-11-13-8
JULIEN, JACOB                           MD-11-1-72
JUSTICE, JOHN                           MD-11-1-586
JUSTICE, JOHN                           MD-11-3-283
KAES, BARBARA                           MD-11-9-257
KAHN, SOLOMON                           MD-11-9-624
KANE, FRANCIS                           MD-11-5-446
KARN, MICHAEL                           MD-11-3-12
KARNES, GEORGE                          MD-11-13-169
KEAFANVER, GEORGE                       MD-11-15-167
KEAFAUVER, JOHN                         MD-11-13-244
KEAVER, JACOB SR.                       MD-11-6-440
KEEFE, BRIDGET                          MD-11-19-78
KEEFER, ANN MARGARET                    MD-11-14-33
KEEFER, ELEANOR                         MD-11-14-443
KEEFER, HENRY                           MD-11-10-48
KEEFER, LUDWICK                         MD-11-6-53
KEEFER, MARGARET                        MD-11-6-265
KEEFER, SARAH                           MD-11-10-483
KEEFFER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-11-3-512
KEEFOBER, PHILIP                        MD-11-2-109
KEEM, JOSEPH                            MD-11-2-224
KEENCE, PHILIP                          MD-11-2-83
KEEPHEART, GODFREY                      MD-11-1-392
KEES, ADAM                              MD-11-8-237
KEES, RACHLE                            MD-11-10-104
KEEVER, ANDREW                          MD-11-5-360
KEIL, ADAM                              MD-11-3-157
KELLER, ADAM                            MD-11-19-80
KELLER, ADAM                            MD-11-6-65
KELLER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-18-481
KELLER, CATHARINE                       MD-11-9-417
KELLER, DEWITT C.                       MD-11-19-307
KELLER, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-10-618
KELLER, FREDERICK                       MD-11-10-354
KELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-9-336
KELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-13-65
KELLER, JACOB                           MD-11-11-633
KELLER, JACOB SR.                       MD-11-5-56
KELLER, JOHN PHILLIP                    MD-11-6-333
KELLER, PHILIP                          MD-11-6-68
KELLER, RUDOLF                          MD-11-2-60
KELLER, RUDOLPH                         MD-11-1-341
KELLER, SUSANNA                         MD-11-11-188
KELLY, DENNIS                           MD-11-4-33
KELLY, JAMES                            MD-11-20-499
KELLY, JOHN N.                          MD-11-13-276
KELLY, JOSEPH                           MD-11-18-505
KELP, PHILIP                            MD-11-2-2
KEMP, CHRISITAN                         MD-11-3-330
KEMP, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-11-427
KEMP, CONRAD                            MD-11-6-303
KEMP, DOROTHY                           MD-11-10-312
KEMP, EDWARD                            MD-11-20-509
KEMP, FREDERICK                         MD-11-5-53
KEMP, FREDERICK (OF GILBERT             MD-11-6-562
KEMP, GILBERT                           MD-11-3-516
KEMP, HARRIET                           MD-11-11-758
KEMP, HENRY                             MD-11-10-526
KEMP, JACOB                             MD-11-3-204
KEMP, JOHN                              MD-11-1-222
KEMP, LEWIS (COL.)                      MD-11-13-376
KEMP, LUDWICK                           MD-11-5-117
KEMP, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-2-108
KEMP, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-1-566
KEMP, PETER                             MD-11-10-132
KEMP, PETER SR.                         MD-11-5-398
KEMP, REBECCA C.                        MD-11-14-274
KEMP, THOMAS W.                         MD-11-15-99
KEMPF, GILBERT                          MD-11-3-516
KENEGA, JOHN                            MD-11-6-578
KENNEDY, ANN                            MD-11-19-361
KENNEDY, JOHN                           MD-11-1-69
KEPHART, DAVID                          MD-11-3-440
KEPHART, DAVID                          MD-11-11-224
KEPHART, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-6-509
KEPHART, GEORGE                         MD-11-9-570
KEPLER, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-13-33
KERR, AGNES                             MD-11-4-451
KERR, HUGH                              MD-11-3-39
KERR, THOMAS                            MD-11-4-190
KESLER, JACOB                           MD-11-8-71
KESSLER, ANDREW SR.                     MD-11-14-467
KESSLER, GEORGE BERNHARD                MD-11-9-468
KESSLER, ISRAEL                         MD-11-19-427
KESSLER, JACOB                          MD-11-4-285
KESSLER, MATHEW                         MD-11-6-307
KETROW, GEORGE                          MD-11-11-359
KETTLER, GEORGE                         MD-11-14-383
KETZENDANNER, BALTIS                    MD-11-4-86
KEY, SARAH                              MD-11-10-612
KEYSER, SAMUEL                          MD-11-19-42
KIBLER, GEORG MICHAL                    MD-11-3-376
KIBLER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-3-376
KIDWELL, HEZEKIAH                       MD-11-20-288
KIGER, EVE MARIA (ACKER)                MD-11-13-31
KILE, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-3-158
KIMBOL, JOHN                            MD-11-1-357
KIMBOL, JOHN                            MD-11-2-26
KIMBOLL, CATHERINE                      MD-11-10-270
KINDLEY, GEORGE T. SR.                  MD-11-20-300
KINDLEY, SEBASTIAN                      MD-11-20-397
KING, FREDERICK                         MD-11-13-271
KING, ISABELLA D.                       MD-11-19-84
KING, JESSE                             MD-11-13-117
KING, LUDWIG                            MD-11-16-7
KING, MAGDALENE                         MD-11-5-263
KING, SARAH                             MD-11-10-245
KING, SARAH A. C.                       MD-11-13-170
KINKERLEY, FREDERICK                    MD-11-2-175
KINLEY, GEORGE FREDERICK                MD-11-9-288
KINZER, ANN                             MD-11-18-545
KINZER, JOHN                            MD-11-12-205
KINZER, SARAH                           MD-11-10-442
KINZEY, HENRY                           MD-11-10-11
KIRSHNER, MARTIN                        MD-11-1-351
KISSELRING, GEORGE                      MD-11-8-562
KITCHINTANNER, GABRIEL                  MD-11-2-36
KITCHNER, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-19-293
KITSMILLER, ELIZABETH                   MD-11-6-209
KITTAMAN, GEORGE                        MD-11-4-94
KITZMILLER, LEONARD                     MD-11-8-337
KLAY, GEORGE                            MD-11-14-481
KLAY, JOHN                              MD-11-12-51
KLEIN, ANNA ROSINA                      MD-11-19-291
KLEIN, CATHERINE                        MD-11-9-224
KLEIN, DANIEL                           MD-11-9-13
KLEIN, ELIZABETH C.                     MD-11-20-299
KLEIN, JACOB                            MD-11-3-177
KLEIN, SAMUEL                           MD-11-9-122
KLINE, ANN                              MD-11-10-494
KLINE, CATHERINE                        MD-11-8-261
KLINE, DANIEL                           MD-11-9-13
KLINE, JACOB                            MD-11-14-317
KLINE, JOHN                             MD-11-19-203
KLINEHART, FRANCIS                      MD-11-9-564
KLING, SAMUEL THOMAS                    MD-11-18-343
KLISE, FREDERICK                        MD-11-9-474
KLISE, SOLOMON                          MD-11-14-12
KNEWEL, PHILIP                          MD-11-1-476
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                         MD-11-3-368
KNODE, JACOB C.                         MD-11-16-1
KNOTT, JOHN S.                          MD-11-18-308
KNOUF, ANDREW                           MD-11-6-133
KNOUFF, ADAM                            MD-11-3-520
KNOUFF, ELEONAR                         MD-11-7-193
KNOX, DAVID W.                          MD-11-20-290
KNOX, JOHN                              MD-11-6-210
KNOX, MARGARET                          MD-11-11-611
KNOX, MARY                              MD-11-15-191
KNOXE, MARGARET                         MD-11-13-90
KOCH, JOHN                              MD-11-8-288
KOCHLER, JACOB                          MD-11-3-186
KOHLENBURG, WILLIMINER                  MD-11-11-348
KOHLENBURGH, JUSTUS                     MD-11-9-492
KOHLHASS, HENRY                         MD-11-11-347
KOHLMAN, GEORGE                         MD-11-11-273
KOLB, ANN MARGARET                      MD-11-15-131
KOLB, CATHARINE                         MD-11-18-319
KOLB, DANIEL                            MD-11-19-329
KOLB, DAVID                             MD-11-15-174
KOLB, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-18-406
KOLB, ISAAC                             MD-11-12-113
KOLLMEYER, JOHANN FREDRICK              MD-11-8-285
KOOGLE, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-10-56
KOOGLE, DANIEL                          MD-11-18-425
KOONS, GEORGE                           MD-11-8-60
KOONS, HENRY                            MD-11-9-412
KOONS, JACOB                            MD-11-15-70
KOONS, PAUL                             MD-11-6-572
KOONS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-19-533
KOONTZ, DEVALT                          MD-11-3-502
KOONTZ, FRONICA                         MD-11-5-126
KOONTZ, HENRY                           MD-11-4-394
KOONTZ, HENRY                           MD-11-10-295
KOONTZ, HENRY SR.                       MD-11-9-63
KOONTZ, MARGARET                        MD-11-19-401
KORNTZ, ANN ELIZABETH                   MD-11-19-165
KORNTZ, GODFREY                         MD-11-19-44
KOST, GEORGE                            MD-11-8-46
KRAMMER, ADAM                           MD-11-10-35
KREEGAR, CASPAR                         MD-11-1-254
KRIEGER, LAURENCE                       MD-11-3-139
KRISE, ABRAHAM SR.                      MD-11-14-304
KRISE, DANIEL                           MD-11-14-259
KRISE, ELIAS                            MD-11-18-281
KRISE, HENRY                            MD-11-12-271
KRISE, HENRY                            MD-11-6-78
KRISE, JOHN                             MD-11-6-335
KRISE, MARGARET                         MD-11-9-593
KRISE, MARIA                            MD-11-8-538
KRISE, PETER                            MD-11-10-316
KROUS, VALENTINE                        MD-11-9-599
KROUSE, GEORGE                          MD-11-1-81
KRUG, DANIEL                            MD-11-14-431
KRUM, WILLIAM                           MD-11-3-358
KUHN, CHADWICK H.                       MD-11-11-711
KUHN, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-10-123
KUHN, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-12-101
KUHN, HENRY                             MD-11-10-550
KUHN, JOHN H.                           MD-11-12-288
KUHN, ZEBULON                           MD-11-11-622
KUNCE, JOHN                             MD-11-8-188
KUNKEL, JOHN                            MD-11-15-85
KYSER, MELCHER                          MD-11-4-276

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