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LABERON, PIERRE                         MD-11-4-27
LABO, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-3-261
LAKEN, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-4-267
LAKIN, JOHN                             MD-11-4-469
LAMAN, ADAM                             MD-11-9-217
LAMAR, CAROLINE                         MD-11-18-375
LAMAR, ROBERT S.                        MD-11-20-142
LAMB, EDWARD                            MD-11-3-148
LAMBERT, JACOB                          MD-11-1-532
LAMBERT, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-11-16-2
LAMBERT, MARY                           MD-11-12-31
LAMBERT, PALSER                         MD-11-3-119
LAMBKEY, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM              MD-11-4-376
LAMBRECHT, MAGDALENE                    MD-11-10-24
LAMBRECHT, MICHAEL                      MD-11-13-364
LAMBRIGHT, GEORGE                       MD-11-15-41
LAMBRIGHT, HENRY                        MD-11-5-170
LAMBRIGHT, JOHN                         MD-11-20-526
LAMOTTE, DANIEL M. (REV.)               MD-11-20-63
LANCE, GEORGE                           MD-11-4-373
LANDERS, HELLEN                         MD-11-14-510
LANDERS, JOHN                           MD-11-13-188
LANDERS, SOPHIA                         MD-11-18-436
LANDIS, ISAAC                           MD-11-11-706
LANDIS, JESSE                           MD-11-14-133
LANE, JOHN                              MD-11-4-471
LANE, JOHN                              MD-11-13-13
LANE, JOSEPH ESKRIDGE                   MD-11-13-300
LANE, SARAH                             MD-11-19-543
LANE, SARAH                             MD-11-12-356
LANNY, MATHEW                           MD-11-1-447
LANTZ, JOHN                             MD-11-19-194
LARE, DANIEL                            MD-11-4-16
LARE, WILLIAM                           MD-11-19-27
LARKIN, JOHN                            MD-11-10-22
LARKINS, THOMAS                         MD-11-10-407
LARNED, AUGUSTUS                        MD-11-8-127
LASHORN, CONRAD                         MD-11-8-88
LASHORN, PAUL                           MD-11-4-490
LATE, MICHAEL                           MD-11-8-109
LAUFER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-3-497
LAURANCE, GEORG                         MD-11-1-343
LAURENCE, JOHN                          MD-11-2-243
LAWRENCE, MARTHA                        MD-11-4-191
LAWS, CHRISTIANA C.                     MD-11-18-336
LAWSON, EPHRAIM                         MD-11-19-136
LAWSON, GABRIEL L.                      MD-11-19-190
LAWSON, JOHN H.                         MD-11-13-16
LAYMAN, HENRY                           MD-11-14-108
LAYMAN, JACOB                           MD-11-14-257
LAYMAN, PHILIPS JACOB                   MD-11-2-256
LAZARUS, HENRY                          MD-11-2-112
LEABER, SHARLOTH                        MD-11-8-126
LEACH, EDWARD                           MD-11-6-326
LEAKINGS, THOMAS                        MD-11-6-187
LEAKINS, SARAH                          MD-11-6-435
LEAMON, JOHN                            MD-11-3-415
LEAPLY, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-12-189
LEASE, AMELIA                           MD-11-18-274
LEASE, HENRY                            MD-11-12-254
LEASE, JACOB                            MD-11-9-464
LEASE, JACOB                            MD-11-12-228
LEASE, JOHN                             MD-11-15-124
LEASE, MICHAEL                          MD-11-15-210
LEASE, NICHOLAS                         MD-11-10-141
LEASER, ZACHARIAH                       MD-11-9-438
LEATHER, JOHN                           MD-11-4-569
LEATHER, JOHN                           MD-11-10-275
LEATHERMAN, DANIEL                      MD-11-4-205
LEATHERMAN, DANIEL                      MD-11-14-398
LEATHERMAN, ELIAS                       MD-11-18-430
LEATHERMAN, JACOB OF P.                 MD-11-16-8
LEATHERMAN, JOSEPH                      MD-11-11-278
LEATHERWOOD, SAMUEL                     MD-11-8-482
LEE, JAMES                              MD-11-1-194
LEE, THOMAS SIM                         MD-11-8-299
LEE, WILLIAM                            MD-11-12-105
LEECH, JAMES                            MD-11-5-71
LEESER, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-5-414
LEESER, YOUST                           MD-11-3-99
LEISTER, JOHN                           MD-11-10-253
LEISTER, NICHOLAS                       MD-11-5-99
LEMAR, WILLIAM BISHOP                   MD-11-6-384
LEMMON, SARAH                           MD-11-7-146
LEMON, GEORGE                           MD-11-4-331
LEMON, MARY                             MD-11-6-185
LENHART, WILLIAM                        MD-11-11-450
LEOPOLD, JULIA ANN                      MD-11-19-473
LETT, DANIEL                            MD-11-5-397
LETTIN, CALEB                           MD-11-1-187
LEUBER, FRANCIS                         MD-11-13-179
LEVY, DAVID SR.                         MD-11-5-6
LEVY, JACOB                             MD-11-6-56
LEWIS, JACOB                            MD-11-18-302
LEWIS, WILLIAM COL.                     MD-11-13-358
LICHLIDER, PETER                        MD-11-9-567
LIDIE, SARAH                            MD-11-19-522
LIFFORD, JOHN E.                        MD-11-18-311
LIGHDERT, HENRY SR.                     MD-11-9-196
LIGHT, PETER                            MD-11-1-327
LIGHTNER, DANIEL J.                     MD-11-19-263
LIGHTNER, FREDERICK                     MD-11-19-45
LILLY, CATHARINE J.                     MD-11-19-204
LILLY, MARY                             MD-11-4-166
LILLY, RICHARD                          MD-11-3-446
LILLY, SAMUEL                           MD-11-8-406
LILLY, SAMUEL                           MD-11-6-272
LIND, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-9-108
LINDSAY, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-15-80
LINDSAY, JOHN                           MD-11-10-463
LINEBAUGH, JOHN                         MD-11-8-226
LINEBAUGH, JOSEPH                       MD-11-11-434
LINEBOUGH, FREDERICK                    MD-11-3-92
LINGENFELDER, JOHN                      MD-11-2-58
LINGENFELDER, JOHN                      MD-11-1-541
LINGENFELTER, CATHERINE                 MD-11-8-392
LINGENFELTER, DANIEL                    MD-11-5-305
LINK, ADAM SR.                          MD-11-5-120
LINK, DANIEL                            MD-11-14-217
LINK, THOMAS                            MD-11-13-40
LINN, ABRAHAM                           MD-11-9-610
LINN, DANIEL                            MD-11-1-129
LINN, HENRY                             MD-11-8-222
LINN, ISAAC                             MD-11-13-70
LINN, JOHN                              MD-11-18-500
LINTON, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-8-417
LINTON, ELLEN                           MD-11-18-309
LINTON, RACHEL                          MD-11-10-117
LINTON, SAMUEL SR.                      MD-11-4-473
LITTEL, JACOB                           MD-11-8-295
LITTLE, DOROTHY                         MD-11-9-212
LITTLE, HENRY                           MD-11-9-34
LITTLE, JACOB                           MD-11-13-343
LITTLE, PETER                           MD-11-1-454
LITTLE, SARAH                           MD-11-15-179
LITTLEJOHN, GEORGE                      MD-11-9-328
LOATS, JOHN                             MD-11-18-378
LOCK, MARY                              MD-11-15-125
LOCKE, JOHN FREDERICK                   MD-11-18-523
LOCKMAN, JACOB                          MD-11-1-235
LOGAN, MATTHEW                          MD-11-1-504
LOGAN, ROBERT                           MD-11-11-101
LOGSDON, PRUDENCE                       MD-11-6-474
LOGSDON, ROBERT                         MD-11-9-116
LOHR, JOHN                              MD-11-16-5
LOKHORST, LUCAS                         MD-11-4-221
LONG, CHRISTOPHER                       MD-11-6-215
LONG, DANIEL                            MD-11-8-22
LONG, JACOB                             MD-11-5-332
LONG, JOHN                              MD-11-12-8
LONG, JOHN                              MD-11-13-168
LONG, JOHN ADAM                         MD-11-3-273
LONGMAN, GEORGE                         MD-11-19-259
LONGWELL, JANE                          MD-11-10-77
LOOKENPEALE, PETER                      MD-11-4-514
LOPER, LUCY                             MD-11-8-258
LORENTZ, ADAM                           MD-11-13-23
LORENTZ, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-14-202
LORENTZ, JACOB                          MD-11-14-500
LORENTZ, JACOB SR.                      MD-11-11-81
LOUDER, MARGARET                        MD-11-9-255
LOVELACE, JOHN BAPTIST                  MD-11-1-245
LOVERS, ARNOLD                          MD-11-2-132
LOW, ANDREW                             MD-11-4-200
LOW, JACOB                              MD-11-4-138
LOW, WILLIAM                            MD-11-9-31
LOWE, CHRISTINA                         MD-11-10-53
LOWE, JOHN M.                           MD-11-13-98
LOWE, MARY                              MD-11-9-74
LOWE, PHILIP                            MD-11-16-3
LOWEKAMP, JOSEPHINE                     MD-11-20-353
LOWEKAMP, MARY                          MD-11-20-245
LOWER, SOLOMON                          MD-11-12-227
LOY, FREDERICK SR.                      MD-11-10-222
LUCAS, JANE                             MD-11-11-609
LUCAS, JOHN                             MD-11-12-221
LUCK, PETER                             MD-11-3-11
LUCKET, HARRY                           MD-11-20-59
LUCKET, MOUNTJOY B.                     MD-11-14-185
LUCKETT, CLARISSA H.                    MD-11-15-147
LUCKETT, JOHN                           MD-11-3-501
LUCKETT, LAURA                          MD-11-14-219
LUCKETT, SAMUEL                         MD-11-9-246
LUCKETT, WILLIAM                        MD-11-8-361
LUCKOTT, THOMAS HASCEY                  MD-11-4-129
LUDIG, DANIEL                           MD-11-10-3
LUDWICK, GEORGE                         MD-11-14-124
LUDWICK, MARY                           MD-11-11-193
LUDY, DAVID                             MD-11-12-33
LUDY, NICHOLAS                          MD-11-15-325
LUFT, JULIANA                           MD-11-8-122
LUGENBEEL, JOHN                         MD-11-8-478
LUKINBILL, PETER                        MD-11-13-149
LUKINLAND, DAVID                        MD-11-10-625
LUNG, ANN                               MD-11-11-670
LUNG, JACOB                             MD-11-9-411
LURTTER, MELCHER                        MD-11-1-450
LURTTERT, HENRY                         MD-11-1-451
LUTZ, GEORGE                            MD-11-3-476
LUTZ, JOHN                              MD-11-19-234
LUTZ, MICHAEL                           MD-11-18-547
LYLES, CATHERINE                        MD-11-5-317
LYNCH, ELIZA HAMILTON                   MD-11-15-62
LYNCH, EWARD A.                         MD-11-11-742
LYNCH, JOHN                             MD-11-4-210
LYNCH, MARTHA D.                        MD-11-20-206
LYNCH, MARY                             MD-11-6-464
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          MD-11-14-231
LYNN, ADAM                              MD-11-3-308
LYNN, EVE                               MD-11-15-51
MACGILL, JOHN                           MD-11-3-207
MACKALL, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-1-288
MACKELFRESH, JANE                       MD-11-11-298
MACKELFRESH, JOHN                       MD-11-5-248
MACKELFRESH, MARGARET                   MD-11-5-13
MACKELFRESH, PHILIP                     MD-11-10-469
MACKELFRESH, SARAH                      MD-11-6-538
MACKELFROSH, JOSEPH                     MD-11-4-463
MACKINLEY, JOHN                         MD-11-1-292
MAGDALENE, STOTTLEMIRE                  MD-11-6-363
MAGINLY, JAMES                          MD-11-1-342
MAGINNES, MARY                          MD-11-10-174
MAGNUS, CONRAD                          MD-11-9-6
MAGRUDER, ALEXANDER                     MD-11-1-11
MAGRUDER, GEORGE FRASER                 MD-11-4-431
MAGRUDER, MARIA V.                      MD-11-9-177
MAGRUDER, NATHAN                        MD-11-11-154
MAGRUDER, SAMUEL                        MD-11-5-23
MAHONEY, LEWIS                          MD-11-8-64
MAIN, FREDERICK                         MD-11-13-73
MAIN, MARY                              MD-11-11-212
MAJORS, JAMES                           MD-11-4-99
MAJORS, LEIAS                           MD-11-8-338
MAJORS, PETER SR.                       MD-11-3-340
MALAMBRE, JACOB                         MD-11-13-49
MALIVE, FRANCIS                         MD-11-9-47
MALOR, THEODORES                        MD-11-1-1
MALOT, CATHERINE                        MD-11-1-390
MANAHAN, DENNIS                         MD-11-18-472
MANAHAN, JONAS                          MD-11-15-95
MANE, ADAM                              MD-11-9-24
MANGIN, CONRAD                          MD-11-9-6
MANNSTADT, CHARLES F.                   MD-11-11-765
MANTZ, CASPAR                           MD-11-3-374
MANTZ, CASPER                           MD-11-11-407
MANTZ, CATHARINE                        MD-11-13-222
MANTZ, CHRISTENA                        MD-11-5-116
MANTZ, CYRUS                            MD-11-10-428
MANTZ, EDWARD                           MD-11-15-225
MANTZ, FRANCIS                          MD-11-9-156
MANTZ, JOHN                             MD-11-11-365
MANTZ, PETER                            MD-11-10-431
MANTZ, PETER                            MD-11-1-134
MARING, FREDERICK                       MD-11-10-364
MARING, JOHN WOLFGANG                   MD-11-6-213
MARITT, SARAH                           MD-11-13-147
MARK, PETER                             MD-11-7-118
MARKELL, ADAM SR.                       MD-11-3-447
MARKELL, CHRISTENA                      MD-11-6-94
MARKELL, CONRADE                        MD-11-2-268
MARKELL, FRANCIS                        MD-11-19-434
MARKELL, JOHN                           MD-11-14-498
MARKELL, LOUIS                          MD-11-20-506
MARKER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-316
MARKER, JOHN                            MD-11-1-549
MARKER, PETER                           MD-11-19-81
MARKEY, DAVID J.                        MD-11-20-102
MARKLAND, MARGRET                       MD-11-1-7
MARKLE, NICHOLAS                        MD-11-6-175
MARKNARD, MICHAEL                       MD-11-10-289
MARLBOROUGH, LUKE                       MD-11-6-508
MARLOW, EDWARD                          MD-11-10-374
MARLOW, HANSON                          MD-11-18-489
MARLOW, MARY                            MD-11-18-407
MARLOW, THOMAS J.                       MD-11-14-93
MARMAN, THOMAS                          MD-11-11-98
MAROILLY, ZULMA                         MD-11-20-3
MARQUART, GEORGE                        MD-11-19-520
MARRIOTT, ADELIA                        MD-11-14-221
MARSH, JOEL                             MD-11-8-387
MARSH, MASON R.                         MD-11-15-62
MARSHALL, CHLOE                         MD-11-5-275
MARSHALL, JAMES                         MD-11-4-577
MARSHALL, RICHARD H.                    MD-11-20-26
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       MD-11-2-65
MARSHAND, DAVID                         MD-11-1-169
MART, MATHIAS                           MD-11-4-500
MARTIN, ABIAH                           MD-11-19-340
MARTIN, ABIAH                           MD-11-15-1
MARTIN, DAVID                           MD-11-10-392
MARTIN, DAVID                           MD-11-10-114
MARTIN, DAVID (REV.)                    MD-11-10-376
MARTIN, GEORGE                          MD-11-5-385
MARTIN, JACOB                           MD-11-4-344
MARTIN, JACOB                           MD-11-8-526
MARTIN, JOHN                            MD-11-6-282
MARTIN, PETER                           MD-11-8-540
MARTZ, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-16
MARTZ, WILLIAM H.                       MD-11-20-175
MASER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-19-138
MASON, BETSEY C.                        MD-11-19-440
MASON, THOMPSON                         MD-11-3-399
MASON, THOMSON F.                       MD-11-19-438
MASTER, LEGH                            MD-11-4-117
MATHEWS, DANIEL                         MD-11-4-43
MATHEWS, JACOB                          MD-11-2-249
MATHEWS, JOHN                           MD-11-4-425
MATHEWS, PHILLIP                        MD-11-9-259
MATHIAS, CATHERINE                      MD-11-8-216
MATHIAS, JOHN                           MD-11-8-111
MATHIAS, MARGARET                       MD-11-3-292
MATTERN, PHILIP                         MD-11-14-176
MATTHEWS, DANIEL                        MD-11-1-43
MATTHEWS, JOHN                          MD-11-1-345
MATTHEWS, LEWIS                         MD-11-19-554
MATTHEWS, LEWIS                         MD-11-15-2
MATTHEWS, SAMUEL                        MD-11-1-366
MATTHIAS, HENRY                         MD-11-6-316
MATTHIAS, JACOB OF HENRY                MD-11-10-65
MATTHIAS, JOSEPH                        MD-11-10-126
MATTHIAS, JOSEPH SR.                    MD-11-6-173
MATTHIAS, PETER                         MD-11-9-526
MATTINGLY, AMELIA H.                    MD-11-14-215
MAUGHT, MARY ANN                        MD-11-13-123
MAUGINS, DAVID                          MD-11-13-91
MAUS, ANNE MARY                         MD-11-10-342
MAUS, GEORGE                            MD-11-9-392
MAUTZ, CHARLES                          MD-11-18-415
MAUTZER, MICHEL                         MD-11-9-301
MAXELL, JANE MARIA                      MD-11-20-172
MAXELL, SAMUEL                          MD-11-19-318
MAXWELL, ALEXANDER                      MD-11-19-474
MAXWELL, MARY ANN                       MD-11-12-7
MAXWELL, THOMAS                         MD-11-9-450
MAY, MARY                               MD-11-4-499
MAYBERRY, ELLAN                         MD-11-20-68
MAYBERRY, MARY ANN                      MD-11-14-73
MAYERS, JOSEPH                          MD-11-5-221
MAYGENIGLE, HENRIETTA                   MD-11-15-261
MAYHEW, JOSEPH                          MD-11-1-191
MAYNAD, EVELINE                         MD-11-18-304
MAYNARD, BASIL                          MD-11-19-489
MAYNARD, BRICE                          MD-11-6-128
MAYNARD, ELEANOR                        MD-11-13-270
MAYNARD, ELIZA W. R.                    MD-11-20-263
MAYNARD, HENRY                          MD-11-11-285
MAYNARD, HENRY                          MD-11-4-246
MAYNARD, THOMAS                         MD-11-10-149
MAYNARD, THOMAS                         MD-11-5-216
MAYNARD, THOMAS T. SR.                  MD-11-4-4
MAYNE, JOHN                             MD-11-5-310
MCANEAR, ALEXANDER                      MD-11-8-191
MCANULTY, CORNELIUS                     MD-11-11-596
MCBRIDE, ANTHONY                        MD-11-20-473
MCBRIDE, DANIEL                         MD-11-4-439
MCBRIDE, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-18-477
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           MD-11-9-497
MCBRIDE, MARGARET                       MD-11-4-541
MCCAFFRY, MICHAEL                       MD-11-15-203
MCCAHAN, HANNAH                         MD-11-18-330
MCCANNON, ELEANOR G.                    MD-11-14-387
MCCARTNEY, JOHN T.                      MD-11-14-229
MCCARTNEY, MICHAEL                      MD-11-13-209
MCCHEAVER, ISABELLA                     MD-11-1-217
MCCLAIN, WILLIAM                        MD-11-3-526
MCCLEERY, ANDREW                        MD-11-13-246
MCCLEERY, HENRY                         MD-11-8-320
MCCLEERY, ZERNIAH KNOX                  MD-11-18-517
MCCLUER, MARY T.                        MD-11-12-294
MCCLURY, WILLIAM                        MD-11-12-350
MCCORKLE, ROBERT                        MD-11-6-404
MCCORMICK, DANIEL                       MD-11-6-105
MCCULLY, JOHN JAMES                     MD-11-9-374
MCDANAL, CATRAIN                        MD-11-8-106
MCDANIEL, JAMES SR.                     MD-11-2-228
MCDANIEL, JAMES SR.                     MD-11-1-537
MCDANIEL, SAMUEL                        MD-11-7-92
MCDANIEL, SAMUEL                        MD-11-8-248
MCDIVIT, JAMES                          MD-11-14-366
MCDIVITT, JANE                          MD-11-15-19
MCDONALD, DUNCAN                        MD-11-10-334
MCDONALD, JOHN                          MD-11-12-258
MCDONALD, MARGARET                      MD-11-4-263
MCDUEL, MAGDALENA                       MD-11-19-47
MCELFRESH, HENRY                        MD-11-12-180
MCELFRESH, JOHN                         MD-11-13-178
MCELFRESH, JOHN                         MD-11-4-317
MCELFRESH, RACHAEL G.                   MD-11-15-20
MCELFRESH, RACHEL                       MD-11-6-18
MCFEALY, WILLIAM                        MD-11-2-207
MCFEE, WILLIAM                          MD-11-3-61
MCGAHN, ABIGAIL                         MD-11-13-80
MCGEE, REBECCA                          MD-11-13-39
MCGERRY, CATHERINE                      MD-11-9-248
MCGERRY, JOHN                           MD-11-5-60
MCGILL, ARABELLA                        MD-11-20-325
MCGILL, ARABELLA WEST                   MD-11-19-240
MCGILL, MARY DAVIS                      MD-11-19-280
MCGILL, PATRICK                         MD-11-15-184
MCGILL, PATRICK SR.                     MD-11-12-305
MCGILL, THOMAS J.                       MD-11-20-72
MCGLUE, ELIZA                           MD-11-11-253
MCGORGAN, JOHN                          MD-11-8-12
MCGUIRE, ANDREW                         MD-11-3-70
MCHAFFIE, JAMES                         MD-11-8-133
MCHARGE, JOHN                           MD-11-2-278
MCHENRY, MARY                           MD-11-15-164
MCKALEB, DAVID                          MD-11-4-491
MCKALEB, JOSEPH                         MD-11-5-356
MCKEE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-20-256
MCKEEN, ALEXANDER                       MD-11-1-241
MCKEEN, ALEXANDER                       MD-11-2-181
MCKEEN, WILLIAM                         MD-11-3-389
MCKIERNAN, PETER                        MD-11-11-213
MCKISSICK, JAMES                        MD-11-8-174
MCKISSICK, MARGARET                     MD-11-8-135
MCLAIN, JOSHUA                          MD-11-18-280
MCLANAHAN, SUSANNA                      MD-11-12-323
MCLANE, JAMES                           MD-11-1-408
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           MD-11-2-134
MCMULLEN, PATRICK                       MD-11-4-407
MCNAIR, LAVINA                          MD-11-11-720
MCPERRIN, SAMUEL                        MD-11-3-369
MCPHERSON, CATHERINE D.                 MD-11-18-536
MCPHERSON, HORATIO                      MD-11-19-69
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         MD-11-10-97
MCPHERSON, MARY B.                      MD-11-13-53
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                        MD-11-6-288
MEALEY, MICHAEL                         MD-11-11-23
MEASELL, FREDERICK                      MD-11-5-103
MEDLEY, ELENOR                          MD-11-2-47
MEDLEY, ELENOR                          MD-11-1-527
MEDTART, JACOB                          MD-11-8-468
MELIUS, CONRAD                          MD-11-14-172
MENCHEY, MARY                           MD-11-14-445
MENGLHINI, BENEDICT OVERTON             MD-11-10-238
MERCHELL, JOHN                          MD-11-10-45
MEREDITH, JOHN K.                       MD-11-20-525
MERRY, RICHARD                          MD-11-1-400
MESONER, PETER                          MD-11-3-519
MESSLER, JOHN                           MD-11-8-30
MESSLER, MARGRET                        MD-11-9-499
MESSLER, ULRICK                         MD-11-4-498
METCALFE, RACHEL                        MD-11-9-487
METZ, JOHN                              MD-11-19-429
METZ, PHOEBE                            MD-11-19-76
METZGAR, JACOB                          MD-11-13-269
METZGAR, JACOB SR.                      MD-11-11-272
METZGER, GEORGE                         MD-11-19-231
METZGER, JOHN                           MD-11-5-227
METZGER, SARAH                          MD-11-19-350
MEYER, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-11-6-518
MEYER, GEORGE                           MD-11-19-15
MEYER, JOHN                             MD-11-9-261
MEYERHEFFER, PETER                      MD-11-10-225
MICHAEL, ANDREW                         MD-11-13-160
MICHAEL, ANDREW                         MD-11-4-366
MICHAEL, BARBARA                        MD-11-6-529
MICHAEL, CATHARINE                      MD-11-14-341
MICHAEL, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-11-12-162
MICHAEL, EZRA                           MD-11-20-207
MICHAEL, HENRY SR.                      MD-11-11-716
MICHAEL, JACOB                          MD-11-2-305
MICHAEL, LEWIS                          MD-11-5-123
MICHAEL, MARGARET                       MD-11-14-313
MICHAEL, PETER                          MD-11-5-376
MICHAEL, WILLIAM                        MD-11-10-19
MICHAEL, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-458
MICHAEL, WILLIAM SR.                    MD-11-9-491
MICKLEY, ELI                            MD-11-13-136
MIDDAGH, JOHN                           MD-11-2-84
MIKESELL, GEORGE                        MD-11-20-251
MIKESELL, PETER                         MD-11-10-151
MILES, WILLIAM                          MD-11-14-460
MILLAR, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-1-55
MILLARD, SAMUEL                         MD-11-18-299
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-6-134
MILLER, ANN MARIA ELIZABETH             MD-11-19-458
MILLER, ANNA                            MD-11-6-372
MILLER, ANTHONY                         MD-11-10-630
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-3-540
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-11-3-411
MILLER, CONRAD                          MD-11-13-206
MILLER, CONRAD (SKINDRESSER)            MD-11-13-313
MILLER, DANIEL                          MD-11-9-85
MILLER, DAVID                           MD-11-3-29
MILLER, DAVID                           MD-11-20-158
MILLER, GEORGE                          MD-11-15-29
MILLER, GODLOB                          MD-11-6-60
MILLER, HENRY                           MD-11-1-452
MILLER, HENRY                           MD-11-3-474
MILLER, JOHN                            MD-11-14-457
MILLER, JOHN                            MD-11-9-127
MILLER, JOHN                            MD-11-1-488
MILLER, JOHN                            MD-11-13-182
MILLER, JOHN                            MD-11-10-158
MILLER, JOHN F.                         MD-11-15-171
MILLER, JOHN S.                         MD-11-13-68
MILLER, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-11-600
MILLER, JOSEPH                          MD-11-8-236
MILLER, MARTIN                          MD-11-3-532
MILLER, MARY                            MD-11-13-292
MILLER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-6-305
MILLER, PETER                           MD-11-10-32
MILLER, PHILIP                          MD-11-10-90
MILLER, PHILLIP                         MD-11-3-495
MILLER, SAMUEL OF J.                    MD-11-18-501
MILLER, SUSAN S.                        MD-11-11-756
MILLER, SUSANNA                         MD-11-11-192
MILLHOF, PHILIP JACOB SR.               MD-11-6-22
MILLS, JOHN                             MD-11-4-357
MILLS, NATHANIEL B.                     MD-11-12-100
MINDSER, KARY                           MD-11-19-257
MINES, ANN MARGARET                     MD-11-20-231
MINFEIGLE, MARY JANE                    MD-11-20-212
MINOR, SARAH A. E.                      MD-11-19-524
MIRRA, ADAM                             MD-11-1-33
MITCHELL, JOHN                          MD-11-1-36
MITCHELL, LEONARD                       MD-11-4-291
MITCHELL, MARY ANN                      MD-11-11-621
MITCHELL, MONICA                        MD-11-6-555
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        MD-11-8-416
MITTEN, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-6-367
MIXSELL, JACOB                          MD-11-8-138
MOATS, GEORGE                           MD-11-3-484
MOBBERLY, CHLOE                         MD-11-5-80
MOBBERLY, DRUSILLA                      MD-11-14-353
MOBBERLY, ELDRED W.                     MD-11-20-402
MOBBERLY, JOHN                          MD-11-3-352
MOBERLY, ELIZABETH                      MD-11-13-71
MOBLEY, JOSEPH D.                       MD-11-20-169
MOCK, VALENTINE                         MD-11-3-458
MOLER, HENRY                            MD-11-4-164
MOLESWORTH, JOSEPH                      MD-11-19-338
MOLING, EDWARD T.                       MD-11-13-201
MONCRIEF, ROEBRT                        MD-11-14-251
MONG, GODFRED                           MD-11-1-37
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        MD-11-18-332
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        MD-11-12-156
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-14-294
MOORE, DANIEL M.                        MD-11-8-366
MOORE, JOHN                             MD-11-3-108
MORDOCK, WILLIAM                        MD-11-8-335
MORE, TOBIAS                            MD-11-10-240
MORELAND, ELIZA G.                      MD-11-13-226
MORGAN, JAMES G.                        MD-11-5-433
MORINGSTAR, ANGLE                       MD-11-3-306
MORINGSTAR, PHILIP SR.                  MD-11-10-562
MORNINGSTAR, ADAM                       MD-11-3-114
MORRISON, DAVID                         MD-11-12-184
MORRISON, JAMES                         MD-11-9-578
MORRISON, JANE                          MD-11-13-261
MORRISON, JANE                          MD-11-10-325
MORRISON, MARY                          MD-11-5-408
MORRISON, SAMUEL                        MD-11-13-260
MORRISSON, JAMES SR.                    MD-11-3-423
MORSELL, MARY                           MD-11-10-352
MORSELL, WILLIAM                        MD-11-6-416
MORT, MATHIAS                           MD-11-8-74
MOSER, ANN                              MD-11-8-54
MOSER, ELIAS                            MD-11-15-218
MOSER, ELIAS                            MD-11-14-205
MOSER, SARAH                            MD-11-20-329
MOSNER, PETER                           MD-11-3-519
MOTTER, GEORGE                          MD-11-8-488
MOTTER, HENRY                           MD-11-10-175
MOTTER, LEWIS                           MD-11-11-238
MOTTER, MARY M.                         MD-11-14-288
MOTTER, VALENTINE                       MD-11-5-315
MOUNDSHOUR, JOHN                        MD-11-13-227
MOYER, JACOB                            MD-11-6-487
MOYER, JOHN                             MD-11-9-627
MOYER, SEBASTIAN                        MD-11-6-268
MOYERS, JOHN SR.                        MD-11-3-247
MOYERS, JOSEPH                          MD-11-6-409
MOYNIHAN, CORNELIUS                     MD-11-11-99
MUDD, MATILDA                           MD-11-9-148
MULLEDY, THOMAS F.                      MD-11-18-325
MULLEN, JAMES                           MD-11-18-288
MULLENDORE, CATHARINE                   MD-11-13-45
MULLENDORE, DAVID                       MD-11-12-165
MULLENDORE, JACOB                       MD-11-1-407
MULLER, MARY                            MD-11-13-79
MULLIGAN, ANN E.                        MD-11-11-721
MULLINUX, THOMAS SR.                    MD-11-6-111
MUMFORD, JAMES                          MD-11-4-115
MUMFORD, MARY                           MD-11-5-245
MUNDAY, HENRY                           MD-11-1-5
MUNRO, HUGH                             MD-11-4-135
MUNROE, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-12-21
MURDOCH, ELEANOR                        MD-11-10-6
MURDOCH, WILLIAM                        MD-11-9-398
MURDOCK, ANN                            MD-11-12-353
MURDOCK, BENJAMIN                       MD-11-10-574
MURDOCK, MARY                           MD-11-8-363
MURPHY, HENRY                           MD-11-12-291
MURPHY, REBEKAH                         MD-11-8-176
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         MD-11-5-214
MURRAY, BASIL                           MD-11-9-326
MURRAY, JOSEPH                          MD-11-3-259
MURRY, JAMES                            MD-11-5-202
MURRY, JOSHUA                           MD-11-9-546
MUSSETTER, ALEXANDER                    MD-11-11-318
MUSSETTER, ANN                          MD-11-12-31
MUSSETTER, BARBARA                      MD-11-11-700
MUSSETTER, CATHARINE                    MD-11-8-195
MUSSETTER, CHRISTOPHER                  MD-11-13-138
MUSSETTER, MICHAEL                      MD-11-8-344
MYER, CASPER                            MD-11-1-462
MYER, HENRY                             MD-11-2-137
MYER, JACOB                             MD-11-3-43
MYER, JOHN JEREMIAH                     MD-11-2-13
MYERLEY, DAVID                          MD-11-5-253
MYERS, ABRAHAM                          MD-11-11-156
MYERS, DANIEL                           MD-11-10-39
MYERS, DAVID                            MD-11-13-113
MYERS, DAVID                            MD-11-8-373
MYERS, GEORGE                           MD-11-9-272
MYERS, GEORGE                           MD-11-13-78
MYERS, ISRAEL                           MD-11-11-680
MYERS, JOHN                             MD-11-10-301
MYERS, JOHN                             MD-11-2-301
MYERS, JOHN                             MD-11-8-376
MYERS, MARGARET                         MD-11-16-13
MYERS, MARGARETT                        MD-11-9-456
MYERS, MARY                             MD-11-14-177
MYERS, YOST                             MD-11-3-251
MYES, PETER                             MD-11-6-481
NAIL, CHRISTIAN                         MD-11-7-62
NAILL, DAVID W.                         MD-11-18-469
NALOR, PATRICK                          MD-11-14-105
NASH, HANNAH                            MD-11-2-248
NAZARENES, MATILDA                      MD-11-19-187
NEAD, GEORGE                            MD-11-2-226
NEALE, MARY FRANCES                     MD-11-13-257
NEALE, ROBERT                           MD-11-10-583
NEALE, SOPHIA                           MD-11-18-361
NEEDHAM, SARAH                          MD-11-1-432
NEFF, ADAM SR.                          MD-11-8-206
NEFF, BARBARRA                          MD-11-12-338
NEFF, DANIEL                            MD-11-6-560
NEFF, ELIZABETH                         MD-11-11-740
NEFF, JACOB                             MD-11-1-6
NEIDHARDT, J. WILLIAM                   MD-11-20-139
NEIDIG, ABRAHAM                         MD-11-13-249
NEILL, THOMAS                           MD-11-5-409
NELLSON, ARTHUR                         MD-11-3-419
NELSON, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-13-26
NELSON, BURGESS                         MD-11-1-251
NELSON, ELISHA                          MD-11-11-41
NELSON, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-11-14-494
NELSON, GEORGE                          MD-11-6-324
NELSON, HENRY                           MD-11-9-371
NELSON, JOHN                            MD-11-1-40
NELSON, JOSEPHINE M.                    MD-11-19-283
NELSON, LUCY                            MD-11-4-121
NELSON, REBECCA M.                      MD-11-15-201
NELSON, SOPHIA                          MD-11-11-241
NEWMAN, CHARLES FREDERICK               MD-11-3-275
NICHOL, GEORGE                          MD-11-6-86
NICHOLS, MARGARET                       MD-11-6-419
NICKLAUS, JOHN                          MD-11-1-452
NICKUM, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-13-275
NICKUM, JACOB                           MD-11-9-528
NICKUM, JOHN                            MD-11-6-300
NICKUM, JOHN                            MD-11-11-710
NICODEMUS, ASBURY                       MD-11-19-161
NICODEMUS, HENRY                        MD-11-4-466
NICODEMUS, HENRY                        MD-11-11-174
NICODEMUS, SUSANNAH                     MD-11-20-490
NICOL, JOHN                             MD-11-1-452
NIXDORFF, BARBARA                       MD-11-10-559
NOGGLE, GEORGE                          MD-11-20-328
NOLAND, MARY                            MD-11-4-348
NOLAND, MARY ELEANOR                    MD-11-8-286
NOLAND, THOMAS                          MD-11-6-189
NOONAN, JOHN                            MD-11-14-470
NOOTS, GEORGE                           MD-11-1-588
NORRIS, AMOS                            MD-11-11-554
NORRIS, BENJAMIN                        MD-11-10-217
NORRIS, ELIZABETH ANN                   MD-11-13-263
NORRIS, JOEL                            MD-11-14-154
NORRIS, JOHN                            MD-11-6-169
NORRIS, JOHN                            MD-11-11-64
NORRIS, LOTT                            MD-11-14-164
NORRIS, LYDIA                           MD-11-14-415
NORRIS, MARY                            MD-11-14-123
NORRIS, SAMUEL                          MD-11-6-405
NORRIS, SARAH N.                        MD-11-20-503
NORRIS, THOMAS                          MD-11-1-514
NORRIS, WILLIAM                         MD-11-1-13
NORRISS, WILLIAM                        MD-11-1-57
NORTHECRAFT, EDWARD                     MD-11-1-266
NORTON, ELISABETH                       MD-11-4-401
NORWOOD, JEREMIAH                       MD-11-9-285
NORWOOD, RICHARD                        MD-11-2-321
NULL, MARY                              MD-11-8-171
NULL, MICHAEL                           MD-11-8-316
NULL, VALENTINE                         MD-11-7-169
NULL, WENDLE                            MD-11-3-465
NUNNEMAKER, PHILIP                      MD-11-13-35
NUSBAUM, ABRAHAM                        MD-11-20-222
NUSBAUM, DAVID                          MD-11-6-270
NUSBAUM, JACOB                          MD-11-9-609
NUSBAUM, JOHN                           MD-11-9-419
NUSBAUM, JOHN                           MD-11-9-558
NUSBAUM, JOHN                           MD-11-13-274
NUSS, FREDERICK                         MD-11-11-702
NUSZ, PETER                             MD-11-20-385
NYHOOF, JOHN DANIEL                     MD-11-6-163
NYSWONGER, CHRISTIAN SR.                MD-11-4-558
OBLEMAN, HENRY                          MD-11-8-294
OBRIEN, JOHN                            MD-11-18-483
OBRIEN, MARY                            MD-11-19-33
OBRION, EPHRAIM J.                      MD-11-20-194
OCKER, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-8-536
OFFUTT, EDWARD                          MD-11-1-25
OFFUTT, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-1-456
OFFUTT, MARY T.                         MD-11-19-446
OFFUTT, SAMUEL                          MD-11-1-164
OGLE, ALEXANDER                         MD-11-3-25
OGLE, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-9-30
OGLE, BENJAMIN SR.                      MD-11-2-126
OGLE, ELI                               MD-11-8-348
OGLE, JANE ELIZABETH                    MD-11-20-453
OGLE, JOSEPH                            MD-11-1-90
OGLE, MARTHA                            MD-11-5-162
OGLE, REBECCA                           MD-11-8-533
OGLE, THOMAS                            MD-11-3-361
OGLE, THOMAS                            MD-11-13-83
OHARA, HENRY SR.                        MD-11-7-71
OHLER, GEORGE ADAM                      MD-11-11-692
OHLER, THOMAS                           MD-11-12-10
OLLER, CATHARINE                        MD-11-11-75
ONAIL, WILLIAM                          MD-11-1-135
ONEAL, ANN                              MD-11-11-738
ONEAL, SINGLETON H.                     MD-11-14-186
ONEALL, LOUISA A.                       MD-11-19-503
ONEALL, LOUISA A.                       MD-11-19-422
OPPETT, CHARLES                         MD-11-14-8
ORBISON, THOMAS                         MD-11-2-116
ORBISON, WILLIAM                        MD-11-2-34
ORDERMAN, HERMAN D.                     MD-11-20-22
ORELMAN, HIRAM W.                       MD-11-20-70
ORENDORFF, CONROD                       MD-11-4-101
ORME, ARCHIBALD B.                      MD-11-10-307
ORME, ETTY                              MD-11-11-402
ORME, JOHN                              MD-11-1-419
ORNDORPH, PETER                         MD-11-3-214
ORR, ANN                                MD-11-1-436
ORR, JOHN                               MD-11-5-81
ORR, JOSEPH                             MD-11-5-224
ORTNER, PETER                           MD-11-10-122
OSTERDAY, CHRSTIAN                      MD-11-5-171
OTT, GEORGE                             MD-11-10-108
OTT, GEORGE                             MD-11-12-303
OTT, GEORGE                             MD-11-10-591
OTT, JACOB                              MD-11-9-98
OTT, JOHN                               MD-11-14-15
OTT, JOHN                               MD-11-14-280
OTT, JOHN                               MD-11-3-299
OTT, MARY                               MD-11-12-110
OTT, MICHAEL                            MD-11-9-538
OTT, MICHAEL                            MD-11-3-480
OTT, SUSAN                              MD-11-11-772
OTTNER, MARY                            MD-11-14-351
OVELMAN, GEORGE                         MD-11-11-636
OVELMAN, GEORGE                         MD-11-14-434
OVELMAN, PRUDENCE                       MD-11-13-101
OWANS, HUGH                             MD-11-14-34
OWEN, EDWARD                            MD-11-1-483
OWEN, LAWRENCE                          MD-11-1-167
OWEN, THOMAS                            MD-11-2-115
OWENS, SPICER                           MD-11-1-273
OWINGS, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-11-11-602
OWINGS, CORDELIA                        MD-11-13-100
OWINGS, EDWARD                          MD-11-7-20
OWINGS, NIMROD                          MD-11-13-19
OWINGS, RICHARD                         MD-11-3-223
OWINGS, ROBERT                          MD-11-1-230
OWLER, GEORGE                           MD-11-1-311

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