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PACK, GEORGE                            MD-11-1-61
PAIN, PETER                             MD-11-2-64
PAMPEL, HENRY                           MD-11-20-512
PANCOAST, JOSEPH W.                     MD-11-11-114
PANCOAST, SAMUEL                        MD-11-8-398
PANE, MARGARET                          MD-11-13-234
PANNIBAKER, WILLIAM                     MD-11-1-581
PARSONS, MARY                           MD-11-6-275
PATTERSON, CATHARINE                    MD-11-13-155
PATTERSON, ELEANOR                      MD-11-13-228
PATTERSON, HUGH                         MD-11-12-97
PATTERSON, JEAN                         MD-11-5-270
PATTERSON, JOHN                         MD-11-2-319
PATTERSON, JOHN                         MD-11-5-234
PATTERSON, MARY E.                      MD-11-20-352
PATTERSON, NATHANIEL                    MD-11-3-372
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      MD-11-2-10
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      MD-11-2-31
PATTERSON, WILLIAM W.                   MD-11-12-281
PATTINGALL, ELIZA                       MD-11-20-485
PATTON, JOHN                            MD-11-3-163
PAXTON, JENNY                           MD-11-9-241
PAXTON, THOMAS                          MD-11-4-18
PAXTON, WILLIAM                         MD-11-13-268
PAYN, THOMAS                            MD-11-1-258
PEARCE, FRANCES TRASK                   MD-11-20-6
PEARCE, JAMES                           MD-11-9-424
PEARCE, JOSHUA                          MD-11-12-56
PEARCE, SARAH                           MD-11-14-178
PEARCE, THOMAS O.                       MD-11-20-463
PEARL, DA NIEL                          MD-11-1-520
PEARL, ROBERT                           MD-11-1-257
PEASSE, JAMES                           MD-11-19-298
PECK, HARRIET                           MD-11-20-267
PECK, MARTIN                            MD-11-3-478
PEDDICORD, JOHN A.                      MD-11-19-198
PEDDICORD, NATHANIEL                    MD-11-19-447
PEIFER, HENRY                           MD-11-4-226
PELLEY, JAMES                           MD-11-1-218
PENN, LEWIS                             MD-11-20-357
PENN, MARY                              MD-11-12-306
PENNAL, RICHARD                         MD-11-1-393
PENNEBAKER, WILLIAM                     MD-11-2-17
PENNYBAKER, SAMUEL                      MD-11-9-82
PERRILL, THOMAS                         MD-11-14-513
PERRY, ANN                              MD-11-1-186
PERRY, B ENJAMIN                        MD-11-1-405
PERRY, BENJAMIN JOSEPH                  MD-11-1-367
PERRY, IGNATIUS                         MD-11-1-142
PERRY, JAMES                            MD-11-1-391
PERRY, RECCAH                           MD-11-1-421
PERRY, SARAH                            MD-11-4-150
PERRY, WILLIAM                          MD-11-19-534
PETERS, GEORGE                          MD-11-10-205
PETERS, THOMAS                          MD-11-19-122
PETTERSON, JOHN                         MD-11-1-490
PETTINGALL, SARAH                       MD-11-13-82
PFOINTS, MICHAEL                        MD-11-9-311
PFOUTZ, JOHN                            MD-11-14-88
PFOUTZ, JOHN                            MD-11-20-174
PHEBUS, PETER                           MD-11-11-370
PHELUS, ELIZABETH E.                    MD-11-19-548
PHILIPS, JANE                           MD-11-12-50
PHILIPS, JOHN                           MD-11-1-372
PHILIPS, JOHN                           MD-11-5-228
PHILIPS, ROOSE                          MD-11-4-301
PHILIPS, SABRETTE                       MD-11-9-175
PHILLIPS, NOAH                          MD-11-15-266
PHILLPOT, BARBARA                       MD-11-9-587
PHILPOTT, BARTON SR.                    MD-11-5-177
PICK, JOHN LODERWICK                    MD-11-1-236
PICKENS, JOHN F.                        MD-11-14-87
PICKING, ESTHER                         MD-11-12-235
PICKING, JOHN                           MD-11-12-115
PICKING, THOMAS                         MD-11-20-160
PIDGEON, JOHN                           MD-11-11-255
PIERPOINT, DAVID OF LARKIN              MD-11-1-48
PIERPOINT, JOHN                         MD-11-1-70
PIMMEL, CONRAD (DR)                     MD-11-4-462
PINKNEY, JUDY                           MD-11-9-462
PITTENGER, DANIEL                       MD-11-4-112
PITTINGER, BENJAMIN                     MD-11-7-163
PITTINGER, JEREMIAH                     MD-11-13-102
PITTS, CHARLES                          MD-11-7-1
PITTS, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-10-115
PITTS, JOHN                             MD-11-8-441
PITTS, SUSANNAH JR.                     MD-11-7-15
PLAIN, DAVID                            MD-11-4-495
PLAIN, WILLIAM                          MD-11-3-293
PLAINE, JONATHAN                        MD-11-11-65
PLAINE, STEPHEN                         MD-11-14-508
PLUMER, DRUSILLA                        MD-11-1-291
PLUMER, ZEPHNIAH                        MD-11-1-275
PLUMMER, EVAN                           MD-11-8-107
PLUMMER, HULDAH MARIA                   MD-11-15-298
PLUMMER, ISRAEL T.                      MD-11-13-18
PLUMMER, JESSE                          MD-11-15-7
PLUMMER, MARY W.                        MD-11-19-521
PLUMMER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-2-12
PLUMMER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-3-433
PLUMMER, SARAH                          MD-11-10-513
PLUMMER, SARAH                          MD-11-3-279
PLUMMER, THOMAS                         MD-11-3-121
PLUMMER, THOMAS M.                      MD-11-15-133
PLUMMER, THOMAS SR.                     MD-11-1-481
PLUMMER, URSULA                         MD-11-7-249
PLUMMER, WILLIAM                        MD-11-14-140
PLUMMER, YATE                           MD-11-11-254
PLUMMER, ZEPHENIAH                      MD-11-12-192
POFFENBERGER, DAVID F.                  MD-11-20-11
POFFENBERGER, JACOB                     MD-11-20-230
POLK, WILLIAM WINDER (CAPT)             MD-11-14-113
POLKE, CHARLES                          MD-11-1-71
POOL, SAMUEL                            MD-11-18-510
POOL, WILLIAM                           MD-11-19-145
POOLE, DENNIS                           MD-11-10-330
POOLE, HENRIETTA                        MD-11-11-714
POOLE, HENRY                            MD-11-9-8
POOLE, HENRY SR.                        MD-11-6-563
POOLE, JOSEPH                           MD-11-13-54
POOLE, RACHEL R.                        MD-11-20-305
POOLE, SAMUEL                           MD-11-15-23
POOLE, SARAH                            MD-11-11-331
POOLE, THOMAS E. D.                     MD-11-13-309
POOLE, WILLIAM H.                       MD-11-11-347
POOLEY, MATTHIAS                        MD-11-1-398
POPE, WILLIAM                           MD-11-3-487
PORTER, JOHN W.                         MD-11-14-85
POTT, BENEDICT                          MD-11-5-48
POTTS, ELEANOR                          MD-11-11-701
POTTS, ELEANOR M.                       MD-11-19-264
POTTS, ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN              MD-11-8-427
POTTS, RICHARD                          MD-11-5-429
POTTS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-8-157
POTTS, WILLIAM                          MD-11-8-45
POUDER, ANDREW                          MD-11-10-109
POULSON, ANDREW                         MD-11-5-273
POULTNEY, ANTHONY                       MD-11-5-136
POULTNEY, JAMES                         MD-11-6-399
POULTNEY, MARY                          MD-11-10-224
POULTNEY, SAMUEL                        MD-11-6-463
POULTNEY, SUSANNA                       MD-11-6-291
POULTNEY, THOMAS                        MD-11-6-97
POWDER, LEONARD                         MD-11-4-186
POWEL, NATHAN                           MD-11-3-81
POWELL, WILLIAM                         MD-11-9-178
POWES, LETHIE                           MD-11-14-300
POWLIS, JACOB                           MD-11-1-369
PRATHER, SAMUEL                         MD-11-3-145
PRICE, AMON                             MD-11-9-168
PRICE, ELLEN                            MD-11-9-482
PRICE, JOB                              MD-11-15-259
PRICE, SAMUEL W.                        MD-11-19-431
PRICE, THOMAS                           MD-11-7-109
PRICE, THOMAS                           MD-11-4-54
PRISKE, DAVID                           MD-11-3-335
PRITCHETT, WILLIAM                      MD-11-1-265
PROADBECK, HENRY                        MD-11-4-503
PROTSMAN, LODOWICK                      MD-11-2-49
PROTZMAN, DANIEL                        MD-11-4-526
PROTZMAN, JACOB                         MD-11-9-128
PROUGHIN, BARBARA                       MD-11-8-120
PRUITT, SAMUEL                          MD-11-1-149
PRUTZMAN, JOHN                          MD-11-6-171
PUMPHERY, MARY                          MD-11-12-217
PUMPHREY, VACHEL                        MD-11-10-142
PURDAM, JOSIAH M.                       MD-11-20-224
PURDY, ANN                              MD-11-8-40
PUTMAN, PHILIP                          MD-11-3-459
PYFER, PHILIP                           MD-11-8-297
PYFER, PHILIP HENRY                     MD-11-19-104
PYFER, RACHEL                           MD-11-14-262
QUAY, CHARLES                           MD-11-5-230
QUIN, JOHN                              MD-11-11-768
QUINN, PATRICK                          MD-11-10-29
QUYNN, CASPER                           MD-11-12-289
RADCLIFF, JOSEPH                        MD-11-7-175
RAGAN, MARGARET                         MD-11-12-76
RAGAN, PATRICK                          MD-11-18-394
RAILING, HENRY                          MD-11-20-118
RAITT, JOHN                             MD-11-4-574
RAITT, JOHN                             MD-11-10-438
RAMIAH, MARY                            MD-11-12-83
RAMSBERG, ADAM                          MD-11-4-23
RAMSBERG, JOHN                          MD-11-5-182
RAMSBERGH, CHRISTIAN                    MD-11-3-493
RAMSBURG, ANN ELIZABETH                 MD-11-11-189
RAMSBURG, CASPER                        MD-11-10-10
RAMSBURG, CATHARINE A. R.               MD-11-19-233
RAMSBURG, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-13-375
RAMSBURG, JOHN                          MD-11-12-135
RAMSBURG, REBECCA                       MD-11-15-256
RAMSBURG, STEPHEN                       MD-11-10-292
RAMSBURG, STEPHEN                       MD-11-13-231
RAMSBURG, SUSAN                         MD-11-14-328
RAMSBURG, WILLIAM H.                    MD-11-18-526
RAMSBURGH, FREDERICK                    MD-11-11-186
RAMSEY, DANIEL                          MD-11-9-442
RAMSEY, JOSEPH                          MD-11-9-182
RAMSPERGER, HENRY                       MD-11-5-280
RANDALL, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-11-10-501
RANDALL, NICHOLAS                       MD-11-8-306
RANENBARGER, SARAH                      MD-11-13-61
RANICK, MICHAEL                         MD-11-11-373
RANSBERGH, GEORGE                       MD-11-3-544
RAPE, VALENTINE                         MD-11-3-181
RAWLINS, JOHN                           MD-11-1-95
RAY, ELIZA                              MD-11-20-106
RAY, WILLIAM SR.                        MD-11-1-140
RAYMOR, MICHAEL                         MD-11-4-429
REACOP, FREDERICK                       MD-11-4-61
REAL, JOSHUA                            MD-11-2-211
REAM, BALSER                            MD-11-4-581
REAT, JOHN                              MD-11-4-617
RECK, ADAM                              MD-11-10-86
RECKAR, JONATHAN                        MD-11-14-319
RECKER, JOHN                            MD-11-20-364
REDMOND, GEORGE                         MD-11-10-597
REED, JAMES                             MD-11-6-280
REED, JOHN                              MD-11-6-550
REEDY, FREDERICK                        MD-11-14-79
REEL, FREDERICK                         MD-11-3-117
REEL, MICHAEL                           MD-11-12-226
REES, ADAM                              MD-11-6-156
REESE, ANDREW                           MD-11-9-1
REESE, CATHARINE                        MD-11-20-30
REESE, JOHN                             MD-11-15-182
REEVER, ULRICK                          MD-11-8-48
REICH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-11-11-139
REICH, JULIANNA                         MD-11-19-228
REID, EVE U.                            MD-11-12-326
REID, GEORGE SR.                        MD-11-1-433
REID, JOHN                              MD-11-6-201
REID, THOMAS S.                         MD-11-13-314
REID, UPTON S.                          MD-11-8-569
REIFSNIDER, JOHN                        MD-11-18-353
REIGART, PHILIP                         MD-11-14-225
REIGEL, HENRY                           MD-11-9-414
REILEY, ELEANOR                         MD-11-20-110
REINBERGER, JOHN                        MD-11-2-121
REINHART, SALOME                        MD-11-11-380
REINSBURG, SAMUEL                       MD-11-19-7
REISNER, TOBIAS                         MD-11-4-583
REITMEYER, CONRAD                       MD-11-11-694
REITT, MARGARET                         MD-11-14-290
REKER, JOHN                             MD-11-4-618
REMBY, PETER                            MD-11-13-202
REMMER, JAMES                           MD-11-1-550
REMSBURG, HENRY                         MD-11-19-111
RENN, BARNARD                           MD-11-2-293
RENN, GEORGE                            MD-11-8-189
RENN, ISAAC                             MD-11-11-630
RENNER, ADAM                            MD-11-10-623
RENNER, CHRISTINA                       MD-11-14-425
RENNER, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-8-70
RENNER, ISAAC                           MD-11-18-539
RENNER, WILLIAM                         MD-11-3-496
RENTCH, PETER                           MD-11-1-411
RETTER, JOHN                            MD-11-1-403
RETTGERING, SOPHIA                      MD-11-15-55
REY, JAMES                              MD-11-18-376
REYNOLDS, ALICE                         MD-11-9-250
REYNOLDS, HUGH                          MD-11-5-46
RHODE, GEORGE                           MD-11-13-65
RHODES, CATHARINE                       MD-11-13-241
RHODES, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-20-98
RHODES, HENRY                           MD-11-6-31
RHODES, JOHN                            MD-11-10-52
RHODES, MARGARET                        MD-11-10-609
RICE, BENJAMIN                          MD-11-8-367
RICE, DAVID S.                          MD-11-14-235
RICE, ELI D.                            MD-11-19-17
RICE, GEORGE B.                         MD-11-14-439
RICE, JACOB                             MD-11-14-243
RICE, JAMES                             MD-11-10-81
RICE, PERRY                             MD-11-20-180
RICE, PERRY SR.                         MD-11-11-597
RICE, THOMAS                            MD-11-9-518
RICE, WILLIAM                           MD-11-3-296
RICE, WILLIAM                           MD-11-4-369
RICHADSON, AVIS                         MD-11-14-358
RICHARDS, DANIEL                        MD-11-3-256
RICHARDS, GEORGE                        MD-11-19-425
RICHARDS, JACOB SR.                     MD-11-4-622
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        MD-11-4-590
RICHARDS, MARY                          MD-11-11-595
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      MD-11-1-252
RICHARDSON, JR.                         MD-11-1-175
RICHARDSON, MIRIAM                      MD-11-1-282
RICHARDSON, RICHARD                     MD-11-1-162
RICHARDSON, RICHARD                     MD-11-4-504
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                      MD-11-1-208
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      MD-11-2-309
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     MD-11-1-325
RIDDLE, GEORGE                          MD-11-14-167
RIDENOUR, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-13-281
RIDEOUT, PETER                          MD-11-12-290
RIDER, DAVID                            MD-11-19-297
RIDER, FREDERICK                        MD-11-18-520
RIDER, MICHAEL                          MD-11-18-498
RIDGE, REBECCA                          MD-11-9-434
RIDGELEY, HEZEKIAH                      MD-11-10-28
RIDGELY, JACOB                          MD-11-7-47
RIDGELY, SALLY                          MD-11-11-355
RIDGELY, WESTALL SR.                    MD-11-1-428
RIDGLEY, ISAAC                          MD-11-4-152
RIDGLEY, RICHARD                        MD-11-4-385
RIDLY, BENIAMIN SR                      MD-11-1-32
RIEHL, ELIZABETH                        MD-11-9-436
RIEHL, FREDERICK                        MD-11-9-632
RIEHL, FRIEDERICH                       MD-11-9-632
RIFE, JACOB                             MD-11-7-198
RIFE, JACOB                             MD-11-9-451
RIGGS, ISAAC                            MD-11-15-129
RIGGS, JAMES                            MD-11-1-354
RIGGS, JAMES                            MD-11-14-130
RINDOLLAR, GEORGE                       MD-11-3-364
RINE, JOHN SR.                          MD-11-13-42
RINEDOLLAR, HENRY                       MD-11-10-153
RINEHARD, GEORGE                        MD-11-4-422
RINEHART, DAVID                         MD-11-6-426
RINEHART, VALENTINE                     MD-11-3-437
RINEKER, MARGARET                       MD-11-9-470
RINEKER, PAUL                           MD-11-4-296
RINGER, DANIEL                          MD-11-11-631
RINGER, JOHN                            MD-11-8-162
RINGOL, JOHN                            MD-11-18-404
RIPELEY, JOHN                           MD-11-1-225
RIPPUN, JOHN F.NTL                      MD-11-19-201
RISER, DANIEL SR.                       MD-11-8-118
RITCHE, WILLIAM N.                      MD-11-10-234
RITCHIE, ADAM                           MD-11-13-109
RITCHIE, ALBERT                         MD-11-14-284
RITCHIE, JOHN                           MD-11-9-511
ROAD, BARBARA                           MD-11-3-427
ROAT, JACOB                             MD-11-10-621
ROBERTS, ELIZA A.                       MD-11-20-363
ROBERTS, NELLY                          MD-11-13-21
ROBERTS, RICHARD SR.                    MD-11-4-777
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         MD-11-5-43
ROBERTS, WILLIAM SR.                    MD-11-4-281
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER SR.                MD-11-8-525
ROBISON, ALEXANDER                      MD-11-12-268
ROBITZSCH, JOHN                         MD-11-11-250
ROCKWELL, ELIHU HALL                    MD-11-19-495
RODDY, DANIEL                           MD-11-18-359
RODENPIELLER, PHILIP                    MD-11-3-482
RODERICK, JOHN                          MD-11-12-145
RODERUCK, GEORGE W.                     MD-11-20-66
RODGERS, RACHEL                         MD-11-9-394
RODINGER, JOHN                          MD-11-4-36
RODRICK, JOSEPH                         MD-11-19-285
ROELKEY, HENRY F. W.                    MD-11-13-255
ROELKY, CHRISTIAN                       MD-11-15-109
ROESSLER, JOHN CHARLES                  MD-11-11-194
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       MD-11-10-157
ROGERS, JOHN                            MD-11-6-530
ROHAR, RUDOLPH                          MD-11-5-107
ROHR, CAHTARINE                         MD-11-13-41
ROHR, CATHARINE R.                      MD-11-14-286
ROHR, JACOB SR.                         MD-11-8-268
ROHR, SUSAN                             MD-11-19-290
ROOP, JOSEPH                            MD-11-10-72
ROOP, SAMUEL                            MD-11-19-527
ROOT, AGNES                             MD-11-14-183
ROOT, DANIEL SR.                        MD-11-5-373
ROOT, REBECCA                           MD-11-19-135
ROOT, RICHARD                           MD-11-11-754
ROSE, MARY                              MD-11-14-325
ROSENSTEEL, MARIA                       MD-11-12-343
ROSS, ADAM                              MD-11-14-168
ROSS, ANN MARIA                         MD-11-18-476
ROSS, CAROLINE                          MD-11-18-515
ROSS, ELEANOR                           MD-11-10-94
ROSS, GEORGE (COLORED)                  MD-11-13-189
ROSS, PHILIP                            MD-11-6-489
ROSS, WILLIAM                           MD-11-13-218
ROSS, WILLIAM J.                        MD-11-19-405
ROSS, WORTHINGTON                       MD-11-14-3
ROTH, CONRAD                            MD-11-2-279
ROUSER, HENRY                           MD-11-3-545
ROUSER, HENRY                           MD-11-20-447
ROUTZAHN, ADAM SR.                      MD-11-10-278
ROUTZAHN, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-11-377
ROUTZAHN, ELI                           MD-11-19-71
ROUTZAHN, ELIZABETH                     MD-11-14-413
ROUTZAHN, LUDWICK                       MD-11-14-156
ROUTZAHN, LYDIA                         MD-11-19-247
ROUTZAHN, MAY A.                        MD-11-20-254
ROUTZAHN, SOLOMON                       MD-11-12-197
ROUTZONG, ADAM                          MD-11-9-544
ROUTZONG, BENJAMIN                      MD-11-9-387
ROUTZONG, PHILIP                        MD-11-14-223
ROUZER, DANIEL                          MD-11-13-85
ROUZER, MARGARET                        MD-11-9-523
ROW, ARTHUR                             MD-11-5-218
ROW, FREDERICK                          MD-11-16-11
ROW, JOHN                               MD-11-7-53
ROW, MICHAEL                            MD-11-10-251
ROWE, CATHARINE A.                      MD-11-19-40
ROWE, CHRISTIANA                        MD-11-11-685
ROWE, FREDERICK A.                      MD-11-15-247
ROWE, GEORGE                            MD-11-12-71
ROWE, HANNAH                            MD-11-13-211
ROWE, JOSEPH                            MD-11-15-136
ROWE, MICHAEL                           MD-11-8-27
ROWE, WILLIAM T.                        MD-11-14-298
ROYER, CATHARINE (MARGRETA)             MD-11-14-64
RUDISELL, TOBIAS                        MD-11-7-212
RUDY, JOSHUA                            MD-11-20-165
RUM, JOHN H.                            MD-11-20-48
RUMMELL, MARY MAGDALENA                 MD-11-9-409
RUNNER, CHARITY                         MD-11-9-439
RUNNER, MICHAEL                         MD-11-5-69
RUNSBERG, GEORGE                        MD-11-8-409
RUSHER, JACOB                           MD-11-4-612
RUSSELL, ABEL                           MD-11-12-256
RUSSELL, FRANCES J.                     MD-11-14-258
RUSSELL, JAMES                          MD-11-19-35
RUSSELL, JOHN SR.                       MD-11-7-102
RUSSELL, JOSIAH                         MD-11-2-178
RUSSELL, MARY                           MD-11-2-185
RUSSELL, THOMAS                         MD-11-6-229
RUTHEFORD, BENJAMIN                     MD-11-11-335
RUTTER, EDMUND                          MD-11-1-87
RUTTER, JOHN                            MD-11-1-346
RUZER, HENRY                            MD-11-3-546
RYAN, ISOBEL                            MD-11-1-117
RYAN, JOHN                              MD-11-11-208
RYAN, MATTHEW                           MD-11-8-33
RYDER, GEORGE                           MD-11-4-563

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