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TABELING, ANNA                         MD-4-44-360
TALBOT, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-28-400
TALBOTT, LUCY A.                       MD-4-44-279
TALIAFERRO, CHARLES B.                 MD-4-29-10
TALL, LEVIN J.                         MD-4-37-546
TALL, MARY ANN                         MD-4-60-278
TALLERMAN, GUSTA                       MD-4-53-352
TALT, PATRICK                          MD-4-25-450
TAMS, CHARLOTTE M.                     MD-4-27-384
TANEY, ROGER B.                        MD-4-32-126
TANNEBAUM, SAMUEL                      MD-4-58-520
TANTZ, AUGUST                          MD-4-45-531
TANZEY, MARY O.                        MD-4-40-19
TARLTON, CATHARINE                     MD-4-27-316
TARLTON, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-26-501
TARRING, HENRY                         MD-4-25-432
TARTAR, HENRY H.                       MD-4-35-130
TATE, MARGARET A. E.                   MD-4-44-366
TATE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-55-39
TATHAM, ELIZA                          MD-4-26-37
TAW, SUSAN E.                          MD-4-61-342
TAYLOR, ALLEN                          MD-4-29-129
TAYLOR, ANNE                           MD-4-61-18
TAYLOR, CATHERINE                      MD-4-34-332
TAYLOR, CORNELIA A.                    MD-4-56-162
TAYLOR, EDWARD                         MD-4-36-61
TAYLOR, ELISABETH F.                   MD-4-59-411
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-27-159
TAYLOR, FRANCES T. D.                  MD-4-36-254
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         MD-4-37-190
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-40-298
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-41-185
TAYLOR, HENRY S.                       MD-4-57-77
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          MD-4-28-423
TAYLOR, ISAAC                          MD-4-25-306
TAYLOR, JAMES                          MD-4-26-80
TAYLOR, JOHN                           MD-4-25-316
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         MD-4-32-26
TAYLOR, LEVI                           MD-4-26-582
TAYLOR, MARY                           MD-4-28-124
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        MD-4-41-126
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        MD-4-38-158
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        MD-4-46-352
TAYLOR, RACHEL C.                      MD-4-54-400
TAYLOR, REBECCA C.                     MD-4-40-485
TAYLOR, RICHARDE                       MD-4-25-385
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         MD-4-41-138
TAYLOR, ROBERT A.                      MD-4-31-286
TAYLOR, SARAH P.                       MD-4-60-54
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        MD-4-27-98
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-34-13
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-44-217
TAYLOR, WILLIAM PINKNEY                MD-4-51-297
TAYMAN, MARY J.                        MD-4-59-400
TEACKLE, EMMA J.                       MD-4-30-215
TEACKLE, THOMAS U.                     MD-4-31-262
TEEMYER, JOHN H.                       MD-4-39-378
TEEPE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-33-332
TEGELER, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-43-348
TEMPERLEY, THOMAS                      MD-4-38-414
TENNANT, THOMAS                        MD-4-28-500
TENNISON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-26-268
TESSIER, CATHARINE                     MD-4-39-2
TEVES, CAROLINE                        MD-4-56-510
TEWES, CAROLINE                        MD-4-56-510
TEWES, JOSEPH                          MD-4-42-97
THABNKAUSER, BABETTE                   MD-4-46-7
THALER, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-4-58-251
THARP, ELEANOR A.                      MD-4-53-115
THEBAN, HENRY                          MD-4-55-408
THEILE, JOHN G.                        MD-4-40-96
THEILE, MARGRETHA                      MD-4-46-249
THEYE, ANNA .                          MD-4-47-390
THEYE, HERMAN H.                       MD-4-29-459
THIELE, FREDERICK                      MD-4-43-543
THIEMEYER, HERMAN F.                   MD-4-49-50
THILLMANN, CARL J.                     MD-4-36-33
THIM, KONRAD                           MD-4-59-459
THOM, HENRY                            MD-4-36-507
THOMAN, JOHN H.                        MD-4-52-385
THOMAS, ANNIE C.                       MD-4-55-538
THOMAS, DAVID                          MD-4-26-340
THOMAS, DAVID E.                       MD-4-32-161
THOMAS, EDWIN                          MD-4-45-105
THOMAS, ELEANOR H.                     MD-4-61-530
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-29-108
THOMAS, G. HANSON                      MD-4-61-418
THOMAS, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-26-127
THOMAS, HAZEL SR.                      MD-4-61-393
THOMAS, HELENA                         MD-4-38-376
THOMAS, HENRIETTA M.                   MD-4-40-91
THOMAS, HENRY                          MD-4-60-399
THOMAS, HENRY E.                       MD-4-27-484
THOMAS, J. HANSON                      MD-4-48-250
THOMAS, JANE J.                        MD-4-31-510
THOMAS, JOHN                           MD-4-27-499
THOMAS, JOHN C.                        MD-4-30-417
THOMAS, JOHN L. SR.                    MD-4-46-520
THOMAS, JOSEPH B.                      MD-4-46-100
THOMAS, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-41-28
THOMAS, MARIA                          MD-4-56-355
THOMAS, MARY                           MD-4-25-249
THOMAS, MARY L.                        MD-4-35-363
THOMAS, MARY W.                        MD-4-60-472
THOMAS, NANCY H.                       MD-4-50-27
THOMAS, NORBOURN                       MD-4-46-213
THOMAS, PHILLIP E.                     MD-4-30-141
THOMAS, RICHARD                        MD-4-39-444
THOMAS, RICHARD H.                     MD-4-29-152
THOMAS, WARNER                         MD-4-34-414
THOME, JOHN                            MD-4-59-61
THOMPSON, ANN MARIA                    MD-4-61-296
THOMPSON, ARTHUR D.                    MD-4-35-219
THOMPSON, CHARLES                      MD-4-53-49
THOMPSON, CHARLES E.                   MD-4-49-221
THOMPSON, CHRISSIE W.                  MD-4-39-576
THOMPSON, DANIEL B.                    MD-4-41-425
THOMPSON, DAVID                        MD-4-44-435
THOMPSON, DAVID                        MD-4-26-273
THOMPSON, DIANA                        MD-4-38-209
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-41-56
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH A.                 MD-4-41-525
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH B.                 MD-4-61-463
THOMPSON, HARMAN K.                    MD-4-33-331
THOMPSON, HENRY A.                     MD-4-46-261
THOMPSON, JANE J.                      MD-4-47-457
THOMPSON, JOHN                         MD-4-44-38
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                       MD-4-35-275
THOMPSON, MARY                         MD-4-34-268
THOMPSON, MARY J.                      MD-4-45-368
THOMPSON, THOMAS N.                    MD-4-45-554
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-39-464
THOMPSON, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-50-379
THORNBERG, CATHARINE                   MD-4-36-350
THORNBURGH, MARGARET                   MD-4-26-29
THORNTON, FRANCIS A.                   MD-4-30-301
THORNTON, JANE                         MD-4-37-408
THORNTON, MARY E.                      MD-4-35-193
THORNTON, SALLY A.                     MD-4-49-120
THRAGER, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-56-317
THRUSH, CATHARINE A.                   MD-4-56-176
THURN, ANDREAS                         MD-4-45-547
TIBBALS, ISAAC J.                      MD-4-27-342
TIBBS, HENRY                           MD-4-48-36
TIDY, JOHN B. JR.                      MD-4-53-397
TIERNAN, CHARLES                       MD-4-55-314
TIERNAN, CHARLOTTE                     MD-4-46-336
TIERNAN, CHARLOTTE                     MD-4-46-336
TIERNAN, GAY R.                        MD-4-35-215
TIERNEY, JAMES                         MD-4-45-464
TIFFANY, ELISE                         MD-4-29-116
TIFFANY, GEORGE P.                     MD-4-56-379
TILGHMAN, ANNA                         MD-4-29-398
TILGHMAN, FRANCES A.                   MD-4-29-31
TILGHMAN, FRANCIS                      MD-4-47-63
TILGHMAN, WILLIAM C.                   MD-4-39-167
TIMMONS, JAMES                         MD-4-25-289
TIMMONS, MARY                          MD-4-51-307
TINGES, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-58-366
TINGES, MARY H                         MD-4-30-64
TINGES, SUSAN                          MD-4-39-285
TIPETT, CHARLES B.                     MD-4-34-66
TIPPELT, MARGARET S.                   MD-4-61-489
TIRALLA, HENRY M.                      MD-4-57-43
TISCHMEYER, FREDERICK                  MD-4-26-77
TITCOMB, BENAIAH                       MD-4-49-178
TOBIAS, JOHN                           MD-4-44-189
TOBIN, THOMAS W.                       MD-4-30-316
TODD, MARCELLA                         MD-4-43-164
TODD, WILLIAM                          MD-4-27-132
TOFT, JOHN                             MD-4-34-305
TOLDRIDGE, BARNETT                     MD-4-26-224
TOLSON, VIRGINIA C.                    MD-4-31-381
TONER, CATHERINE                       MD-4-50-188
TONER, MICHAEL                         MD-4-30-406
TONN, EDWARD                           MD-4-32-289
TOOGOOD, MARY                          MD-4-33-527
TOOLE, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-176
TOPPING, EVERT M.                      MD-4-32-434
TORBORG, JOHANN H.                     MD-4-32-282
TORNEY, OTTO                           MD-4-32-456
TORPLEY, THOMAS                        MD-4-33-166
TORRANCE, LOUISA                       MD-4-44-371
TORRANCE, MARY                         MD-4-32-251
TORRANCE, MARY S.                      MD-4-42-429
TORRE, PETER D.                        MD-4-32-237
TORREY, CATHARINE B.                   MD-4-53-494
TOTTLE, ELIZABETH P.                   MD-4-60-150
TOTTLE, ROBERT                         MD-4-39-64
TOWELL, AMELIA                         MD-4-35-350
TOWER, GEORGE                          MD-4-38-423
TOWNER, DARIUS F.                      MD-4-54-234
TOWNER, JOHN F.                        MD-4-45-119
TOWNSEND, AUGUSTA A.                   MD-4-55-96
TOWNSEND, EDWARD J.                    MD-4-60-185
TOWNSEND, MARY ANN                     MD-4-45-581
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                       MD-4-51-18
TOWNSEND, SARAH E.                     MD-4-44-369
TOWNSEND, SARAH FREEMAN                MD-4-47-540
TOWNSEND, THOMAS J.                    MD-4-34-244
TOWNSHEND, FIDELIA                     MD-4-32-113
TOWSON, CHARLES                        MD-4-48-394
TOY, JOHN D.                           MD-4-41-204
TRABER, GOTTLIEB                       MD-4-60-160
TRABER, META S.                        MD-4-33-455
TRACEY, THOMAS C.                      MD-4-31-90
TRACY, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-26-145
TRACY, PHILIP J.                       MD-4-25-263
TRAEG, MICHAEL                         MD-4-43-462
TRAGESSER, JOHN GEORGE                 MD-4-52-41
TRAVERS, DEVEREAUX B.                  MD-4-34-419
TRAVERS, JOHN H.                       MD-4-29-127
TRAVERS, SALLIE E. J.                  MD-4-59-197
TRAVERSE, JOHN                         MD-4-28-471
TREADWAY, SUSAN B.                     MD-4-52-328
TREAKLE, MARY J.                       MD-4-60-481
TREANOR, ARTHUR                        MD-4-45-453
TREBING, ANNA                          MD-4-38-61
TREFF, GOTTHARDT                       MD-4-52-77
TREIDE, JOHN H. G.                     MD-4-45-599
TRESE, JOHN HENRY                      MD-4-61-72
TREUBLIEB, MARY K.                     MD-4-53-309
TREULEIB, ADAM                         MD-4-47-343
TREUSCHLER, SERAPHIM                   MD-4-51-472
TRIEBERT, HENRY                        MD-4-28-43
TRIER, PETER                           MD-4-44-207
TRIMBLE, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-25-368
TRIMBLE, ELIZABETH S.                  MD-4-31-15
TRIMBLE, ISAAC R.                      MD-4-59-273
TRIMBLE, NANCY                         MD-4-27-250
TRIPPE, ANN                            MD-4-27-169
TRIPPE, JOSEPH E.                      MD-4-50-499
TRIPPE, MARY WEBB                      MD-4-37-42
TRISLER, SUSAN                         MD-4-46-188
TROCKENBRODT, PETER                    MD-4-52-52
TROEBEL, CHARLES                       MD-4-44-479
TROTH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-75
TROTT, CATHARINE J.                    MD-4-34-533
TROTT, ELIZA                           MD-4-27-311
TROTTON, THOMAS                        MD-4-34-92
TROUP, HENRIETTA                       MD-4-55-267
TROUP, MARY H.                         MD-4-58-44
TROUT, PHILIP                          MD-4-33-111
TROWBRIDGE, REUBEN                     MD-4-42-274
TRUEMAN, MARY                          MD-4-32-108
TRUETT, ANN MARIA                      MD-4-51-503
TRUMAN, HENRY                          MD-4-48-447
TRUMAN, JOSIAH C.                      MD-4-38-540
TRUMAN, RACHEL                         MD-4-50-164
TRUNK, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-50-215
TRUSLER, PETER                         MD-4-47-466
TRUST, EDWIN H.                        MD-4-53-45
TRUST, JACOB                           MD-4-49-153
TRUSTY, AARON                          MD-4-30-209
TRUSTY, LAVENIE                        MD-4-40-21
TRUSTY, PERRY                          MD-4-25-2
TRUSTY, PERRY (CON'T)                  MD-4-25-285
TRUSTY, SAMUEL                         MD-4-35-488
TUBBS, MARIA                           MD-4-26-71
TUBMAN, CHARLOTTE                      MD-4-40-75
TUCKER, ELIZABETH MARY                 MD-4-53-225
TUCKER, HENRY R.                       MD-4-37-102
TUCKER, MARGARET                       MD-4-26-254
TUCKER, MARGARET JR.                   MD-4-47-290
TUCKER, MEDAD K.                       MD-4-52-406
TULL, SALLIE A.                        MD-4-59-452
TULLAYE, ALEXANDER B. J. LA DE         MD-4-26-220
TULLEY, LUCRETIA                       MD-4-52-539
TUNIS, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-50-48
TUNIS, ANNA E.                         MD-4-34-247
TURNBULL, EVELINA                      MD-4-54-50
TURNBULL, FANNY                        MD-4-48-23
TURNBULL, JOHN                         MD-4-40-579
TURNER, CATHARINE B.                   MD-4-53-76
TURNER, CHARLES C.                     MD-4-29-511
TURNER, EDWARD J.                      MD-4-42-62
TURNER, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-26-6
TURNER, JAMES                          MD-4-38-197
TURNER, JANE R.                        MD-4-47-501
TURNER, JANE S.                        MD-4-28-31
TURNER, JANE W.                        MD-4-58-393
TURNER, LEWIS                          MD-4-60-77
TURNER, LOUISA M.                      MD-4-40-473
TURNER, MARGARET                       MD-4-39-231
TURNER, MARGARET                       MD-4-32-472
TURNER, MARY                           MD-4-26-5T9
TURNER, MARY                           MD-4-37-119
TURNER, MARY D.                        MD-4-37-315
TURNER, MATILDA                        MD-4-37-399
TURNER, OLIVIA C.                      MD-4-45-575
TURNER, REBECCA                        MD-4-43-250
TURNER, SAMUEL                         MD-4-28-49
TURNER, SAMUEL E.                      MD-4-41-457
TURNER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-37-310
TUTTLE, LUCIUS V.                      MD-4-48-288
TUXWORTH, DAVID H.                     MD-4-38-402
TYARR, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-36-466
TYLER, ANNE                            MD-4-42-128
TYLER, CHARLES                         MD-4-48-440
TYLER, MARY ANN                        MD-4-39-403
TYRRELL, ANNIE E.                      MD-4-53-75
TYSON, GEORGE                          MD-4-47-557
TYSON, ISAAC                           MD-4-31-406
TYSON, ISAAC JR.                       MD-4-30-158
TYSON, MARGARET                        MD-4-25-250
TYSON, MARTHA E.                       MD-4-39-135
TYSON, MARY J.                         MD-4-54-28
TYSON, MARY S.                         MD-4-58-113
TYSON, NATHAN                          MD-4-34-12
TYSON, PHILIP T.                       MD-4-44-195
TYSON, REBECCA W.                      MD-4-55-508
TYSON, RICHARD W.                      MD-4-39-302
TYSON, SARAH R.                        MD-4-52-110
UBERT, MARGARET C.                     MD-4-56-489
UBERT, N. H. WILLIAM                   MD-4-59-347
UEMAN, HEINRICK                        MD-4-40-532
UHLER, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-35-262
UHLHORN, JOHAN H. E.                   MD-4-26-286
UHRIG, EMERICH J.                      MD-4-41-583
UHTHOFF, FREDERICK C. A.               MD-4-37-379
ULBIG, ADAM                            MD-4-53-200
ULLMAN, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-42-159
ULLMAN, CLARE                          MD-4-46-253
ULLRICH, BARBARA                       MD-4-42-453
ULLRICH, WILLIAM                       MD-4-56-42
ULMAN, BENJAMIN F.                     MD-4-54-247
ULRICH, ADAM                           MD-4-45-384
ULRICH, ERNST W.                       MD-4-39-46
ULSCH, THOMAS                          MD-4-39-449
ULTON, ROBERT                          MD-4-46-426
UMBAUGH, ELIZABETH E.                  MD-4-30-22
UMLAUFF, JOACHIM H.                    MD-4-37-254
UNDERHILL, JOHN C.                     MD-4-27-448
UNDERWAGNER, EVA                       MD-4-46-139
UNDERWOOD, LUCY ANN                    MD-4-47-45
UNGER, BERNARD H.                      MD-4-59-77
UNKELBACH, ANDREW                      MD-4-39-418
UPSHUR, COLUMBIA W.                    MD-4-56-58
UPSHUR, ELIZABETH B. A.                MD-4-40-132
UPSHUR, EMILY L.                       MD-4-44-305
UPSHUR, WILLIAM                        MD-4-51-421
USHER, RACHEL                          MD-4-28-203
USHER, SARAH                           MD-4-31-179
UTTERMOHLE, HELENA                     MD-4-29-497
VAHLBERG, THEODORE                     MD-4-25-440
VAILE, JENNIE B.                       MD-4-57-187
VANBIBBER, LUCRETIA                    MD-4-34-189
VANCORD, MAHALY                        MD-4-47-303
VANFOSSEN, ABNER                       MD-4-57-522
VANMETER, JOHN                         MD-4-27-215
VANSANT, JOSHUA                        MD-4-52-495
VANWITSEN, EMANUEL S.                  MD-4-32-504
VANWYCK, JOHN C.                       MD-4-28-27
VANWYCK, JOHN C. (CON'T)               MD-4-28-104
VANWYCK, WILLAM H.                     MD-4-29-367
VANZELST, ANN                          MD-4-42-231
VARDY, JOHN R.                         MD-4-43-478
VARDY, JOSEPH                          MD-4-43-215
VARNEY, MITCHELL J.                    MD-4-32-153
VAUGHEN, JOHN                          MD-4-52-89
VEASEL, ZACHEUS                        MD-4-55-128
VEAZEY, GEORGE R.                      MD-4-27-188
VEAZEY, SUSANNAH                       MD-4-52-266
VERGY, FREDERICK DE                    MD-4-29-160
VERLAGER, HENRY                        MD-4-34-333
VERNETSON, HARRIET                     MD-4-34-341
VERNON, HENRY                          MD-4-56-450
VETTER, MARTIN                         MD-4-43-471
VEY, HENRY P.                          MD-4-45-329
VICKERS, BENJAMIN A.                   MD-4-49-334
VICKERS, JESSE                         MD-4-29-71
VICKERS, JOEL                          MD-4-29-448
VICKERS, JOEL (CON'T)                  MD-4-29-499
VICTORY, JOSEPH                        MD-4-47-328
VIEWEG, HENRY F.                       MD-4-41-181
VINCENT, ISAAC                         MD-4-38-457
VINCENT, WILLIAM H.                    MD-4-30-204
VINE, MITCHELL                         MD-4-38-265
VING, FRANCOIS C.                      MD-4-38-263
VINKLER, AMELIA J.                     MD-4-44-455
VINSON, SAMUEL J.                      MD-4-31-267
VINTON, HESTER A.                      MD-4-44-5
VINTON, R. SPENCER                     MD-4-36-338
VINZANT, JOHN                          MD-4-27-259
VODE, CHRISTINA M.                     MD-4-30-385
VOGEL, ELISE                           MD-4-50-117
VOGELEIN, FRANCIS A.                   MD-4-31-326
VOGELHUBER, LEONHARD                   MD-4-48-418
VOGELSON, CHARLES                      MD-4-39-183
VOGLER, JOHN GEORG                     MD-4-52-207
VOGT, THERESA                          MD-4-42-278
VOGTS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-47-485
VOIGT, AUGUST                          MD-4-38-41
VOLK, FRANCIS                          MD-4-60-108
VOLKE, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-58-463
VOLKER, GEORGE                         MD-4-33-179
VOLKER, JACOB                          MD-4-49-78
VOLKER, MICHAEL                        MD-4-50-123
VOLKMAR, HENRY                         MD-4-48-244
VOLL, MARY M.                          MD-4-51-294
VOLLAND, SOPHIA                        MD-4-32-236
VOLLANDT, CHRISTIAN                    MD-4-31-331
VOLLANDT, JOHN M.                      MD-4-33-144
VOLLERDT, CHARLES E.                   MD-4-54-167
VOLLS, JOHN                            MD-4-51-252
VOLZ, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-52-322
VOLZ, PETER                            MD-4-45-603
VOMKAHL, JOHN F.                       MD-4-31-163
VONDERVOSTEN, JOHN                     MD-4-34-487
VONDREHLE, JOHN H.                     MD-4-41-13
VONKALKMAN, HOLBEN                     MD-4-38-332
VONMITZEL, ALEXANDER                   MD-4-58-382
VONSPRECKELSEN, GEORGE A.              MD-4-25-283
VONSPRECKELSER, JANE                   MD-4-55-72
VORDERMARK, FREDERICK G. W.            MD-4-27-39
VORNDRA, JOHANN M.                     MD-4-29-369
VORNDRAN, ANNA M.                      MD-4-46-14
VOSS, CARL F.                          MD-4-57-95
VOSS, WILLIAM E.                       MD-4-26-295
VOYCE, THOMAS                          MD-4-40-562
VULTE, SEBASTIAN                       MD-4-28-324
WACHSMANN, JOHN G.                     MD-4-36-463
WADEL, BARBARA                         MD-4-53-478
WAESCHE, ELIZABETH W.                  MD-4-47-331
WAGGAMAN, FLOYD                        MD-4-26-69
WAGGNER, GEORGE E.                     MD-4-60-246
WAGGONER, RACHEL ANN                   MD-4-59-546
WAGNER, BASIL                          MD-4-28-381
WAGNER, CATHARINE                      MD-4-37-228
WAGNER, CATHARINE                      MD-4-59-286
WAGNER, DENNIS D.                      MD-4-27-318
WAGNER, HENRY                          MD-4-57-140
WAGNER, HENRY                          MD-4-32-305
WAGNER, JOHANN M.                      MD-4-30-385
WAGNER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-27-320
WAGNER, JOSEPH (CON'T)                 MD-4-27-396
WAGNER, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-53-392
WAGNER, MARIETTA                       MD-4-42-147
WAGNER, PHILIP                         MD-4-28-37
WAGNER, PHILLIP                        MD-4-32-73
WAGNER, REINHART                       MD-4-61-492
WAHL, JACOB                            MD-4-50-385
WAHL, JOHN M.                          MD-4-60-546
WAICKER, BARBARA                       MD-4-31-66
WAIDNER, JACOB P.                      MD-4-38-471
WAIDNER, LOUIS A.                      MD-4-39-35
WAILES, CHARLES A.                     MD-4-42-382
WAILES, MARY N.                        MD-4-55-383
WAIT, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-29-88
WAITE, RICHARD C.                      MD-4-29-12
WAITE, WILLIAM W.                      MD-4-25-437
WAKELY, JAMES P.                       MD-4-52-364
WALBACH, JOHN B.                       MD-4-27-387
WALDECK, MARIA L.                      MD-4-51-396
WALDELE, VALENTINE                     MD-4-26-260
WALDIN, FREDERICK                      MD-4-30-111
WALES, CHARLES H.                      MD-4-35-358
WALKEMEYER, HENRY F.                   MD-4-61-103
WALKER, AUGUST                         MD-4-54-103
WALKER, CATHERINE H.                   MD-4-33-45
WALKER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-26-215
WALKER, EZEKIEL                        MD-4-40-319
WALKER, HANNAH A.                      MD-4-26-261
WALKER, HENRY                          MD-4-40-392
WALKER, HENRY                          MD-4-38-108
WALKER, HERMAN F. H.                   MD-4-48-232
WALKER, JOHN W.                        MD-4-31-377
WALKER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-30-38
WALKER, JOSEPH R.                      MD-4-45-303
WALKER, MARTHA                         MD-4-58-476
WALKER, RICHARD                        MD-4-32-360
WALKER, ROBERT                         MD-4-26-401
WALKER, ROSANAE E.                     MD-4-53-252
WALL, ALICE H.                         MD-4-30-145
WALL, JOHN                             MD-4-53-146
WALL, JOHN                             MD-4-61-529
WALLACE, ALICE G.                      MD-4-45-87
WALLACE, CHARLES H.                    MD-4-37-55
WALLACE, DAVID                         MD-4-31-518
WALLACE, WILLIAM K.                    MD-4-56-133
WALLAR, MARY C.                        MD-4-55-160
WALLER, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-25-228
WALLER, ABRAHAM (CON'T)                MD-4-25-381
WALLEWEIN, GEORGE                      MD-4-36-451
WALLIS, ELIZABETH C.                   MD-4-26-208
WALLS, JAMES WILLIAM                   MD-4-48-33
WALSH, FERDINAND                       MD-4-46-491
WALSH, MARY                            MD-4-27-94
WALSH, MICHAEL W.                      MD-4-38-504
WALSH, THOMAS                          MD-4-35-281
WALSH,C ATHARINE                       MD-4-38-65
WALTENMEYER, JOHN                      MD-4-38-222
WALTER, CHARLES                        MD-4-58-307
WALTER, CHARLES                        MD-4-30-355
WALTER, GOTTLIEB                       MD-4-48-402
WALTER, HENRY                          MD-4-28-116
WALTER, JOHN                           MD-4-38-305
WALTER, MARY ANN                       MD-4-38-480
WALTER, RAPHAEL                        MD-4-57-451
WALTERHOEFER, CHRISTIAN                MD-4-39-290
WALTERS, SOPHIA                        MD-4-34-377
WALTON, MARY E.                        MD-4-39-520
WAMBACH, EMANUEL                       MD-4-35-407
WAMBACH, WILLIAM                       MD-4-57-358
WANTZ, HENRY                           MD-4-32-111
WARD, CATHERINE M.                     MD-4-32-322
WARD, EMILY J.                         MD-4-30-197
WARD, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-56-40
WARD, HARRIET                          MD-4-56-314
WARD, HENRY V.                         MD-4-39-509
WARD, JOHN                             MD-4-28-402
WARD, JOHN                             MD-4-44-24
WARD, JOHN                             MD-4-61-494
WARD, MARTIN                           MD-4-50-528
WARD, REBECCA                          MD-4-60-18
WARD, THOMAS                           MD-4-34-226
WARD, ULYSSES                          MD-4-34-488
WARD, WILLIAM                          MD-4-49-258
WARD, WILLIAM                          MD-4-34-153
WARDEN, HUGH                           MD-4-41-377
WARDER, MARY KING                      MD-4-60-69
WARFIELD, CATHARINE D.                 MD-4-38-551
WARFIELD, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-46-166
WARFIELD, JESSE L.                     MD-4-57-305
WARFIELD, LANCELOT                     MD-4-49-495
WARFORD, ELISHA                        MD-4-40-584
WARMBOLD, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-39-117
WARNER, COONRAD                        MD-4-37-493
WARNER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-58-95
WARNER, GEORGE                         MD-4-60-365
WARNER, GEORGE JR.                     MD-4-43-352
WARNER, LEWIS M.                       MD-4-28-338
WARNER, MARY A.                        MD-4-26-4
WARNER, MARY ELIZABETH                 MD-4-47-537
WARNER, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-53-10
WARNKEN, LUHR                          MD-4-32-447
WARREN, LEANDER                        MD-4-48-186
WASHINGTON, JAMES H.                   MD-4-35-18
WATCHMAN, JOHN                         MD-4-33-3
WATERMAN, ABRAHAM S.                   MD-4-37-117
WATERMAN, GEORGE SR.                   MD-4-38-375
WATERMAN, JEDEDIAH                     MD-4-41-487
WATERS, CHARLES E.                     MD-4-45-537
WATERS, ELEANOR                        MD-4-27-222
WATERS, ELEANOR                        MD-4-26-353
WATERS, FRANCIS                        MD-4-34-429
WATERS, FREEBORN, G.                   MD-4-28-214
WATERS, JAMES B.                       MD-4-49-538
WATERS, JOB                            MD-4-39-454
WATERS, MARY C.                        MD-4-46-170
WATERS, NATHANIEL R.                   MD-4-56-86
WATERS, REBECCA                        MD-4-29-512
WATERS, ROBERT I. C.                   MD-4-47-23
WATERS, SAMUEL                         MD-4-28-147
WATERS, THERESA                        MD-4-58-120
WATERS, WILLIAM S.                     MD-4-39-436
WATERS, ZEBULON                        MD-4-35-170
WATKINS, MARGARET A.                   MD-4-34-353
WATKINS, NICHOLAS J.                   MD-4-28-258
WATKINS, WILLIAM W.                    MD-4-32-511
WATSON, CHARLES C.                     MD-4-31-424
WATSON, EVELINE                        MD-4-41-421
WATSON, HARRIET S.                     MD-4-27-124
WATSON, HENRY                          MD-4-37-211
WATSON, JOHN                           MD-4-47-93
WATSON, JOSEPH                         MD-4-41-580
WATT, SUSANNA                          MD-4-26-481
WATTENSCHEIDT, CHARLES                 MD-4-56-55
WATTERS, MARY E.                       MD-4-60-535
WATTJEN, HENRY                         MD-4-32-468
WATTS, CATHARINE                       MD-4-51-381
WATTS, SARAH E.                        MD-4-34-95
WAUGH, BEVERLY                         MD-4-28-104
WAUGH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-28-412
WAY, ANDREW J. H.                      MD-4-59-352
WAY, ELON J.                           MD-4-56-257
WEAGLY, GEORGE F.                      MD-4-32-308
WEATHERWAX, E. VIRGINIA                MD-4-58-107
WEAVER, DEDERICK C.                    MD-4-53-78
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-40-551
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-46-32
WEAVER, JACOB                          MD-4-41-330
WEAVER, JOHN H.                        MD-4-43-441
WEAVER, JOHN W.                        MD-4-32-23
WEAVER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-25-88
WEAVER, MARY                           MD-4-33-79
WEBB, ABNER                            MD-4-51-3
WEBB, ALBERT L.                        MD-4-50-299
WEBB, CATHERINE E.                     MD-4-44-255
WEBB, GEORGE                           MD-4-37-167
WEBB, HARRISON H.                      MD-4-45-81
WEBB, HENRY W.                         MD-4-49-20
WEBB, MARGARET L.                      MD-4-39-125
WEBB, NATHAN                           MD-4-33-28
WEBB, NATHANIEL H.                     MD-4-32-36
WEBB, REBECCA                          MD-4-46-573
WEBER, ADAM                            MD-4-34-222
WEBER, ANN R.                          MD-4-56-130
WEBER, ANTON                           MD-4-51-428
WEBER, AUGUST                          MD-4-32-459
WEBER, CARL                            MD-4-54-287
WEBER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-43-486
WEBER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-47-79
WEBER, FREDERICA                       MD-4-55-113
WEBER, FREDERICK                       MD-4-35-550
WEBER, GEORGE                          MD-4-35-259
WEBER, HEINRICH                        MD-4-35-54
WEBER, HENRY                           MD-4-41-6
WEBER, JOHN                            MD-4-35-593
WEBER, JOHN                            MD-4-39-546
WEBER, JOHN                            MD-4-47-156
WEBER, JUSTUS                          MD-4-35-483
WEBER, JUSTUS H.                       MD-4-41-86
WEBER, LOUIS M.                        MD-4-40-161
WEBER, MATILDA                         MD-4-38-172
WEBER, THEODORE C.                     MD-4-44-388
WEBSTER, EDWARD                        MD-4-29-348
WEBSTER, HENRY                         MD-4-41-446
WEBSTER, ISAAC                         MD-4-45-399
WEBSTER, JOHN L.                       MD-4-31-71
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                        MD-4-33-365
WEBSTER, MARTHA C.                     MD-4-59-256
WEBSTER, RICHARD                       MD-4-33-221
WEBSTER, SARAH E.                      MD-4-47-36
WEBSTER, SOPHIA H.                     MD-4-30-283
WECKEMANN, MAGDALENA                   MD-4-36-165
WECKESSER, JOHN                        MD-4-34-212
WEDERHAKE, CHARLES                     MD-4-56-438
WEDERSTANDT, JOHN P. C.                MD-4-32-58
WEEKS, JOHN L.                         MD-4-60-387
WEEKS, ROBERT D.                       MD-4-27-133
WEEKS, SAMUEL F.                       MD-4-50-259
WEEMS, FRANCIS M.                      MD-4-33-34
WEEMS, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-32-462
WEEMS, GUSTAVUS                        MD-4-31-39
WEEMS, MASON L.                        MD-4-40-547
WEEMS, THEODORE                        MD-4-37-404
WEGLEIN, HENRIETTA                     MD-4-45-596
WEGNER, AMELIA F.                      MD-4-56-392
WEGNER, AUGUST                         MD-4-36-134
WEHAGE, HERMAN H.                      MD-4-33-291
WEHN, CATHARINE                        MD-4-43-579
WEHN, HENRY (OR HEINRICH)              MD-4-58-420
WEHN, PHILIPP                          MD-4-49-489
WEHNER, JOHN                           MD-4-37-450
WEHR, MICHAEL                          MD-4-41-354
WEHRHANE, HENRY                        MD-4-57-83
WEHRHEIM, JOHN                         MD-4-37-191
WEHRLY, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-31-455
WEICHERT, FREDERICK                    MD-4-51-466
WEICKER, AUGUSTA M.                    MD-4-34-383
WEICKER, GEORGE                        MD-4-30-510
WEIGAND, AUGUST                        MD-4-34-283
WEIGAND, CHARLES                       MD-4-38-100
WEIGAND, HEINRICH                      MD-4-36-135
WEIL, CATHARINE                        MD-4-41-440
WEIL, HERMAN                           MD-4-50-172
WEIL, JACOB                            MD-4-48-19
WEIL, WOLF                             MD-4-34-146
WEILER, MARY L.                        MD-4-34-346
WEILLER, CHARLES                       MD-4-47-172
WEILLER, CHARLES                       MD-4-48-415
WEINBERGER, NATHAN                     MD-4-35-485
WEINGARTEN, JULIE                      MD-4-53-459
WEINMILLER, ANNIE                      MD-4-49-89
WEIPPERT, CHARLES H.                   MD-4-49-48
WEIPPERT, FREDERICK                    MD-4-40-514
WEIPPERT, MARTIN                       MD-4-61-527
WEIR, JOHN                             MD-4-46-371
WEIS, ANN R.                           MD-4-42-74
WEIS, LEWIS                            MD-4-29-178
WEISE, MARIA E.                        MD-4-48-548
WEISKITTEL, ANTON                      MD-4-52-534
WEISLER, BARUCH                        MD-4-33-192
WEISMUELLER, LOUIS                     MD-4-54-254
WEISS, CARL A.                         MD-4-27-423
WEISS, JOHN                            MD-4-47-296
WEITZLER, PHILIP                       MD-4-36-182
WELBY, CHARLES C.                      MD-4-34-382
WELCH, BENJAMIN F.                     MD-4-37-12
WELCH, JOHN B.                         MD-4-57-420
WELCH, MICHALE                         MD-4-44-353
WELCH, S. ISABELLA                     MD-4-38-399
WELCH, SARAH                           MD-4-42-286
WELD, ARTHUR T.                        MD-4-51-393
WELLCOME, MARY                         MD-4-54-291
WELLER, JOHN HERMAN                    MD-4-53-126
WELLER, MELCHIOR                       MD-4-38-476
WELLESLEY, MARY A.                     MD-4-26-227
WELLS, ELIZABETH ANN                   MD-4-59-251
WELLS, GEORGE                          MD-4-39-341
WELLS, RICHARD SR.                     MD-4-25-361
WELLSLEY, MARY ANNE                    MD-4-50-280
WELSH, ANTHONY                         MD-4-39-215
WELSH, BARBARA J.                      MD-4-60-307
WELSH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-31-60
WELSH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-27-241
WELSH, JACOB B.                        MD-4-28-20
WELSH, WILLIAM O.                      MD-4-29-327
WENGERT, LEONHARDT                     MD-4-43-568
WENSEL, HENRY                          MD-4-33-435
WENTZEL, EVA                           MD-4-40-16
WENZEL, MARTIN                         MD-4-33-228
WENZEL, PAULINA                        MD-4-47-74
WERDEBAUGH, HENRY J.                   MD-4-50-315
WERNER, JOHN                           MD-4-25-206
WERNER, JOHN                           MD-4-55-389
WERNIG, GERTRUDE                       MD-4-31-336
WERNIG, JOHANNES                       MD-4-29-141
WERSBER, ABRAHAM                       MD-4-38-309
WERTZ, JOHN E.                         MD-4-31-91
WESSELS, JOHN                          MD-4-37-296
WESSLING, HERMAN HENRY                 MD-4-48-538
WEST, ANNA C.                          MD-4-53-542
WEST, HARRIET                          MD-4-46-407
WEST, MARIA L.                         MD-4-30-416
WEST, THOMAS W.                        MD-4-47-14
WESTCOTT, JAMES                        MD-4-41-451
WESTHEIM, MAX                          MD-4-32-496
WESTHEIMER, EMELIE                     MD-4-47-479
WESTWOOD, EMILY J.                     MD-4-36-171
WESTWOOD, SOPHIA E.                    MD-4-29-196
WETHERALD, SAMUEL B.                   MD-4-26-276
WETHERALL, WILLIAM G.                  MD-4-60-74
WETHERED, ANNIE M.                     MD-4-45-332
WETHERED, LEWIN                        MD-4-31-101
WETHERED, MARY M.                      MD-4-52-12
WETHERED, SAMUEL                       MD-4-44-486
WETZEL, JOHN                           MD-4-59-381
WETZEL, JOHN L.                        MD-4-42-432
WETZELBERGER, NICHOLAS                 MD-4-57-67
WEYL, CHARLES G.                       MD-4-26-485
WEYRAUGH, GOERGE M.                    MD-4-44-263
WEYRAUGH, MARGARET                     MD-4-37-113
WHALEY, CHARLES A.                     MD-4-27-121
WHEAT, AMELIA                          MD-4-38-425
WHEAT, AMELIA (CON'T)                  MD-4-38-561
WHEAT, NATHANIEL                       MD-4-32-96
WHEEDEN, MADISON                       MD-4-41-347
WHEELER, ALFRED                        MD-4-32-431
WHEELER, BARUCH                        MD-4-27-502
WHEELER, ELLEN J.                      MD-4-41-233
WHEELER, IRA B.                        MD-4-28-35
WHEELER, JAMES                         MD-4-29-372
WHEELER, KITURAH                       MD-4-41-256
WHEELER, MARY J.                       MD-4-36-23
WHEELER, ROBERT                        MD-4-26-145
WHEELWRIGHT, JEREMIAH                  MD-4-41-461
WHELAN, CORNELIA                       MD-4-55-423
WHELAN, ELIZA                          MD-4-34-17
WHELAN, THOMAS                         MD-4-29-36
WHELAN, WILLAM                         MD-4-30-85
WHERRETT, JAMES M.                     MD-4-44-42
WHISTLER, JULIA W.                     MD-4-42-253
WHITAKER, SAMUEL                       MD-4-37-324
WHITAKER, THOMAS                       MD-4-29-318
WHITALL, JOHN M.                       MD-4-46-222
WHITE, AIMEE                           MD-4-32-72
WHITE, ANDREW D.                       MD-4-39-459
WHITE, CHARLES B.                      MD-4-27-490
WHITE, CHARLES J.                      MD-4-53-82
WHITE, DAVID                           MD-4-38-358
WHITE, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-4-30-419
WHITE, HENRY                           MD-4-51-116
WHITE, ISAAC                           MD-4-37-384
WHITE, JOHN                            MD-4-30-319
WHITE, JOHN M.                         MD-4-27-224
WHITE, JOHN M. (CON'T)                 MD-4-27-297
WHITE, JOHN OF HENRY C.                MD-4-25-301
WHITE, JOSEPH                          MD-4-26-166
WHITE, MARY                            MD-4-42-450
WHITE, MILCAH S.                       MD-4-26-239
WHITE, MILES                           MD-4-42-315
WHITE, NANCY                           MD-4-53-119
WHITE, RICHARD                         MD-4-25-243
WHITE, THOMAS P.                       MD-4-28-309
WHITE, WILIAM F.                       MD-4-42-251
WHITE, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-32-89
WHITEFORD, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-38-146
WHITEFORD, ELIZABETH (CON'T)           MD-4-38-178
WHITEHILL, LUIS                        MD-4-56-62
WHITEHURST, JESSE H.                   MD-4-42-1
WHITELOCK, ELIZA                       MD-4-34-98
WHITEMARSH, JOHN                       MD-4-30-255
WHITLING, ANTHONY                      MD-4-29-461
WHITMANN, ADOLPH                       MD-4-46-251
WHITNEY, DANIEL                        MD-4-25-58
WHITNEY, DANIEL (CON'T)                MD-4-25-496
WHITRIDGE, HORATIO                     MD-4-40-113
WHITRIDGE, JOHN                        MD-4-44-574
WHITSON, DAVID                         MD-4-43-409
WHITSON, ISABELLA                      MD-4-58-315
WHITTEMORE, EMMA M.                    MD-4-28-66
WHITTEMORE, JOHN                       MD-4-26-313
WHITTEMORE, MARY                       MD-4-44-293
WHITTEN, GEORGE                        MD-4-26-446
WHITTINGHAM, WILLIAM R.                MD-4-45-586
WHYTE, LOUISA H.                       MD-4-55-363
WICH, FRIEDERICKA                      MD-4-55-403
WICH, GEORGE                           MD-4-50-517
WICK, GEORGE                           MD-4-61-102
WICK, HENRY                            MD-4-28-207
WICKERSHAM, JOHN                       MD-4-57-515
WICKLEIN, CHARLES                      MD-4-34-385
WICKLEIN, GEORGE WILLIAM               MD-4-60-369
WIEDERSAHN, CHRISTOPH                  MD-4-46-165
WIEGANT, JOHN                          MD-4-50-498
WIEGEL, CATHARINE                      MD-4-53-156
WIEGEL, HENRY                          MD-4-32-334
WIEGHORST, HENRY                       MD-4-53-522
WIEGMAN, JOHN                          MD-4-49-430
WIELAGE, JOHN G.                       MD-4-31-182
WIENER, ADOLPH                         MD-4-38-202
WIERMAN, WILLIAM                       MD-4-27-481
WIESENFELD, MOSES                      MD-4-37-169
WIETER, JOHN C.                        MD-4-54-495
WIGART, GEORGE                         MD-4-29-120
WIGER, JOHN R.                         MD-4-26-441
WIGGINTON, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-37-306
WIGHT, JOHN H.                         MD-4-35-425
WIGHT, LEVI                            MD-4-28-350
WIGHT, WILLIAM J.                      MD-4-34-58
WILCOX, JULIA A.                       MD-4-58-423
WILCOX, WILLIAM L.                     MD-4-47-413
WILDERMAN, JOHN                        MD-4-25-16
WILDERMAN, MARY                        MD-4-32-6
WILDERMUTH, ADAM                       MD-4-30-247
WILDEY, THOMAS                         MD-4-40-199
WILEY, JAMES                           MD-4-40-389
WILEY, JOHN F.                         MD-4-44- 170
WILEY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-39-313
WILHELM, LYDIA                         MD-4-42-85
WILHELM, SAMUEL                        MD-4-39-178
WILHELM, WILLIAM                       MD-4-39-414
WILHELM, WINFIELD SCOTT                MD-4-52-85
WILKENS, SARAH L.                      MD-4-41-130
WILKERSON, FRANCES                     MD-4-28-139
WILKINS, ACHSAH                        MD-4-26-304
WILKINS, BARTUS                        MD-4-53-101
WILKINS, CHARLES W.                    MD-4-60-271
WILKINS, MARY C.                       MD-4-59-364
WILKINS, RICHARD C.                    MD-4-60-264
WILKINS, URIAH                         MD-4-60-273
WILKINSON, ANN B.                      MD-4-38-555
WILKINSON, JAMES                       MD-4-37-267
WILKINSON, SAMUEL                      MD-4-35-1
WILKINSON, SARAH                       MD-4-51-172
WILKINSON, SUSAN                       MD-4-39-380
WILKS, JAMES K.                        MD-4-47-258
WILL, JACOB                            MD-4-53-215
WILLCOCKS, JOHN G.                     MD-4-26-154
WILLETT, JOHN                          MD-4-29-404
WILLEY, REBECCA                        MD-4-52-450
WILLIAMS, ALICE                        MD-4-30-435
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN H.                  MD-4-33-91
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                    MD-4-25-276
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                    MD-4-33-26
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        MD-4-38-310
WILLIAMS, ELIAZABETH                   MD-4-28-428
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-25-274
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH P.                 MD-4-35-475
WILLIAMS, ESTHER                       MD-4-31-408
WILLIAMS, EZEKIEL                      MD-4-48-113
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                       MD-4-60-254
WILLIAMS, HANNAH C.                    MD-4-28-183
WILLIAMS, HENRIETTA                    MD-4-33-96
WILLIAMS, HENRY H.                     MD-4-39-586
WILLIAMS, HENRY S.                     MD-4-41-358
WILLIAMS, ISABELLA                     MD-4-44-242
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        MD-4-25-36
WILLIAMS, JANE A.                      MD-4-36-139
WILLIAMS, JOHN A.                      MD-4-41-142
WILLIAMS, JOHN W.                      MD-4-60-322
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH B.                    MD-4-25-437
WILLIAMS, JOSHUA B.                    MD-4-50-493
WILLIAMS, LEWIS J.                     MD-4-60-14
WILLIAMS, LOU D.                       MD-4-45-133
WILLIAMS, MARIA                        MD-4-31-282
WILLIAMS, MARTHA E.                    MD-4-44-379
WILLIAMS, MARY                         MD-4-39-151
WILLIAMS, MARY                         MD-4-31-221
WILLIAMS, MARY                         MD-4-34-205
WILLIAMS, MARY C.                      MD-4-61-206
WILLIAMS, MARY M.                      MD-4-43-155
WILLIAMS, MAURICE                      MD-4-28-469
WILLIAMS, MILIE V.                     MD-4-36-497
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                    MD-4-32-90
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL F.                 MD-4-53-218
WILLIAMS, PHILIP                       MD-4-40-511
WILLIAMS, PHOEBE S.                    MD-4-42-124
WILLIAMS, PRISCILLA                    MD-4-27-85
WILLIAMS, RICHARD D.                   MD-4-50-112
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        MD-4-34-232
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        MD-4-33-486
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        MD-4-28-10
WILLIAMS, SUSAN F.                     MD-4-26-294
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      MD-4-35-223
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      MD-4-34-534
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-46-534
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM P.                   MD-4-25-54
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM PINKNEY              MD-4-59-120
WILLIAMS, YORK                         MD-4-34-231
WILLIAMS,A MELIA                       MD-4-34-409
WILLIAMSON, ANNE S.                    MD-4-33-19
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES A.                 MD-4-45-61
WILLIAMSON, DAVID B.                   MD-4-57-154
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE W.                  MD-4-43-368
WILLIAMSON, HARRIET R.                 MD-4-56-145
WILLIAMSON, JAMES A.                   MD-4-55-428
WILLIAMSON, JULIANA                    MD-4-25-278
WILLIAMSON, MARIA                      MD-4-32-519
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS W.                  MD-4-58-485
WILLIAR, ANNA B.                       MD-4-40-6
WILLICH, HENRY                         MD-4-39-402
WILLICK, JAMES A.                      MD-4-29-369
WILLIG, GEORGE                         MD-4-41-82
WILLINGER, MICHAEL                     MD-4-47-368
WILLINGER, THOMAS S.                   MD-4-56-301
WILLIS, HENRY N.                       MD-4-32-347
WILLIS, SALISBURY                      MD-4-36-20
WILLIS, WILLIAM L.                     MD-4-28-210
WILLNER, CONRAD                        MD-4-38-299
WILLSON, FRANCIS W.                    MD-4-37-484
WILLSON, SHERRY                        MD-4-26-138
WILMER, DELIA JARVIS                   MD-4-45-583
WILMER, JOSEPH B. P.                   MD-4-45-75
WILSON, ANN C.                         MD-4-37-409
WILSON, ANN MARIA                      MD-4-50-235
WILSON, ANNA MARIA                     MD-4-55-258
WILSON, ARCHIBALD                      MD-4-54-358
WILSON, DAVID                          MD-4-33-349
WILSON, DAVID                          MD-4-61-281
WILSON, EDWIN C.                       MD-4-41-206
WILSON, ELEANOR                        MD-4-48-21
WILSON, ELIZA                          MD-4-46-206
WILSON, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-4-28-91
WILSON, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-36-146
WILSON, JAMES                          MD-4-31-215
WILSON, JAMES H.                       MD-4-25-323
WILSON, JOHN W.                        MD-4-27-47
WILSON, JULIA A.                       MD-4-34-475
WILSON, JULIET C.                      MD-4-43-1
WILSON, LEROY M.                       MD-4-49-1
WILSON, LUTHER                         MD-4-43-97
WILSON, MARGARET R.                    MD-4-31-34
WILSON, MARY                           MD-4-35-290
WILSON, MARY A.                        MD-4-34-341
WILSON, MELVILLE                       MD-4-26-354
WILSON, NANCY                          MD-4-31-92
WILSON, RICHARD                        MD-4-27-284
WILSON, ROBERT                         MD-4-40-377
WILSON, ROBERT Y.                      MD-4-40-346
WILSON, SAMUEL                         MD-4-27-27
WILSON, SARAH S.                       MD-4-41-434
WILSON, TABITHA                        MD-4-43-515
WILSON, THOMAS                         MD-4-26-404
WILSON, THOMAS                         MD-4-45-489
WILSON, WALTER S.                      MD-4-53-307
WILSON, WEALTHY A.                     MD-4-28-79
WILSON, WILLIAM                        MD-4-30-56
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-28-18
WILSON, WILLIAM JR.                    MD-4-44-528
WILSON, WILLIAM M.                     MD-4-31-108
WILTBERGER, CHARLES H.                 MD-4-42-480
WILTES, JAMES JR.                      MD-4-28-154
WIMMEL, GEORGE S. (CON'T)              MD-4-27-508
WIMMEL, GEORGE S.                      MD-4-27-314
WIMMELL, SARAH                         MD-4-28-416
WIMMER, CATHARINE T.                   MD-4-44-238
WIMMER, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-4-55-186
WINANS, ELIZABETH K.                   MD-4-61-460
WINANS, ROSS                           MD-4-43-428
WINANS, THOMAS                         MD-4-44-421
WINCHELL, EDWARD G.                    MD-4-39-416
WINCHESTER, ALEXANDER                  MD-4-30-27
WINCHESTER, ANDREW P.                  MD-4-42-66
WINCHESTER, GRACE                      MD-4-55-29
WINCHESTER, JAMES                      MD-4-39-305
WINCHESTER, JOHN M.                    MD-4-44-92
WINCHESTER, MARIA                      MD-4-26-31
WINCHESTER, SARAH ANN                  MD-4-51-237
WINCHESTER, SUSAN                      MD-4-35-156
WINDER, MARY                           MD-4-49-295
WINDFELDER, JOHANN                     MD-4-33-354
WINDFELDER, JOHN                       MD-4-42-72
WINDUS, WILLIAM                        MD-4-48-58
WINGATE, THOMAS T.                     MD-4-33-304
WINKLER, MARIA A.                      MD-4-44-331
WINKLER, VALENTINE                     MD-4-61-400
WINN, ELIZABETH A.                     MD-4-44-395
WINN, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-37-246
WINN, PRUDENCE G.                      MD-4-54-388
WINNEY, EMMA M.                        MD-4-44-581
WINTER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-56-461
WINTER, ELIZABETH B. (CON'T)           MD-4-30-471
WINTER, ELIZABETH B.                   MD-4-30-431
WINTER, FREDERICK                      MD-4-33-139
WINTER, GABRIEL                        MD-4-33-367
WINTER, GOTLOB F.                      MD-4-56-212
WINTER, HENRY                          MD-4-45-232
WINTER, HENRY                          MD-4-47-335
WINTER, LOUISA                         MD-4-42-572
WINTER, MARY                           MD-4-28-159
WINTER, PETER                          MD-4-40-494
WINTER, WILLIAM F.                     MD-4-47-25
WINTERLING, GEORGE                     MD-4-38-165
WINTERLING, JOHN                       MD-4-33-18
WIRGMAN, EMILY                         MD-4-47-113
WIRGMAN, REBECCA M.                    MD-4-30-444
WIRTH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-45-229
WIRTH, JOSEPH                          MD-4-59-17
WISE, CATHARINE                        MD-4-29-270
WISEMAN, CHARLES                       MD-4-29-373
WISEMAN, JACOB                         MD-4-34-199
WISSERT, JOSEPH                        MD-4-52-348
WISSMANN, JOHN                         MD-4-41-476
WITHERS, EUDOCIA                       MD-4-43-270
WITHERS, JOHN                          MD-4-30-472
WITHERS, JOHN                          MD-4-33-462
WITLE, SOPHIA                          MD-4-60-426
WITTE, CHARLES                         MD-4-49-389
WITTINGTON, FRANCIS N.                 MD-4-37-126
WITTLER, CHRISTIAN F.                  MD-4-51-538
WITTMER, PHILIP                        MD-4-59-421
WITZ, CHARLES                          MD-4-25-166
WODE, ANN MARIA                        MD-4-61-406
WODE, FERDINAND                        MD-4-30-447
WOELPER, EMILY                         MD-4-34-224
WOFEL, KUNIGUNDA                       MD-4-46-1
WOHLWEND, MARGARET                     MD-4-52-501
WOLF, ANTHONY C.                       MD-4-44-357
WOLF, ANTON                            MD-4-57-401
WOLF, CATHARINE                        MD-4-28-189
WOLF, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-41-157
WOLF, GEORGE                           MD-4-33-466
WOLF, HEINRICH                         MD-4-54-209
WOLF, JACOB                            MD-4-27-417
WOLF, JANE                             MD-4-42-359
WOLF, JOHN                             MD-4-47-234
WOLF, JOHN                             MD-4-44-344
WOLF, JOHN G.                          MD-4-34-179
WOLF, JOSEPH                           MD-4-31-428
WOLF, MARCUS                           MD-4-41-562
WOLF, RACHEL                           MD-4-60-126
WOLF, SUSANNAH                         MD-4-60-170
WOLF, THOMAS                           MD-4-30-210
WOLF, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-33-342
WOLFE, LEWIS W.                        MD-4-42-558
WOLFEL, JOHANN                         MD-4-33-131
WOLFF, ADOLPHUS                        MD-4-26-542
WOLFF, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-46-330
WOLFF, BERNARD C.                      MD-4-37-121
WOLFF, HELEN                           MD-4-31-125
WOLFINTON, GEORGE                      MD-4-25-339
WOLFRAM, BENEDICT                      MD-4-44-3
WOLFRAM, HANNAH                        MD-4-54-45
WOLFRAMM, URSULA                       MD-4-37-382
WOLLE, ALEXANDER, SR.                  MD-4-57-199
WOLLENWEBER, CHARLES                   MD-4-56-13
WOLLMAN, GALLUS                        MD-4-60-260
WOMBLE, CAROLINE G. A.                 MD-4-52-36
WOMBLE, JOHN                           MD-4-28-194
WOOD, ALGERNON R.                      MD-4-35-373
WOOD, HENRY B.                         MD-4-37-461
WOOD, MARY A.                          MD-4-44-142
WOOD, OLIVER                           MD-4-57-271
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MD-4-31-105
WOOD, STEPHEN                          MD-4-50-416
WOODALL, WILLIAM E.                    MD-4-53-117
WOODBURN, CHARLES H.                   MD-4-33-480
WOODCOCK, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-45-227
WOODDY, WILLIAM E.                     MD-4-44-319
WOODEN, MARTHA                         MD-4-46-434
WOODEN, MARY ANN                       MD-4-38-40
WOODEN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-29-126
WOODLAND, MARTHA JANE                  MD-4-51-74
WOODMAN, JOHN                          MD-4-40-372
WOODS, ANN B.                          MD-4-54-541
WOODS, G. DAVIDGE                      MD-4-30-443
WOODS, GEORGE                          MD-4-52-296
WOODS, MARY                            MD-4-37-193
WOODS, PATIANCE                        MD-4-55-386
WOODS, PATRICK J.                      MD-4-29-193
WOODS-DAVIDGE, G.                      MD-4-30-443
WOODSIDE, RACHEL P.                    MD-4-55-272
WOODSIDE, WILLIAM S.                   MD-4-29-14
WOODVILLE, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-48-239
WOODVILLE, WILLIAM                     MD-4-31-409
WOODVILLE, WILLIAM                     MD-4-31-260
WOODWARD, CHARLES W.                   MD-4-45-441
WOODWARD, JOHN                         MD-4-32-166
WOODWARD, SUSANNA                      MD-4-32-362
WOODWORTH, WILLIAM R.                  MD-4-41-23
WOOLFORD, BENJAMIN                     MD-4-61-210
WOOTTON, MARY J.                       MD-4-45-556
WORCH, HENRY                           MD-4-55-44
WORKMAN, JAMES                         MD-4-25-59
WORKMAN, JOHN                          MD-4-25-47
WORNITZ, ABRAHAM                       MD-4-40-314
WORRELL, JOHN                          MD-4-36-348
WORTHINGOTN, GRACE I.                  MD-4-31-136
WORTHINGOTN, WILSON                    MD-4-25-209
WORTHINGTON, ELIZABETH W.              MD-4-47-429
WORTHINGTON, HENRIETTA                 MD-4-37-251
WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM F.                MD-4-33-514
WORTHMAN, CHARLES F. A.                MD-4-46-258
WRANEK, WENSEL                         MD-4-39-421
WRIGHT, ANNA S.                        MD-4-46-128
WRIGHT, EDWARD                         MD-4-25-68
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH J.                   MD-4-33-195
WRIGHT, JOEL                           MD-4-49-238
WRIGHT, LOUISA                         MD-4-28-302
WRIGHT, MARY F.                        MD-4-28-99
WRIGHT, ROBERT A.                      MD-4-43-196
WRIGHT, SUSAN                          MD-4-32-326
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         MD-4-28-77
WRIGHT, THOMAS H.                      MD-4-26-509
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-35-468
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-37-166
WRIGHT, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-28-342
WRIGHT, WILLIAM C. D. H.               MD-4-31-491
WROTH, LOUISA                          MD-4-46-369
WROTH, PEREGRINE                       MD-4-45-583
WURFLEIN, GEORGE                       MD-4-56-226
WURTZBERGER, ANSCHEL                   MD-4-34-100
WURZBACHER, JOHN                       MD-4-47-33
WWOOLEN, JOHN W.                       MD-4-41-56
WYATT, ELIZA K.                        MD-4-35-432
WYETH, ELIZABETH J.                    MD-4-33-93
WYETH, NATHANIEL I.                    MD-4-28-403
WYETH, NATHANIEL J.                    MD-4-29-103
WYMAN, MARY A.                         MD-4-52-291
WYMAN, SAMUEL G.                       MD-4-51-153
WYNN, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-4-51-409
WYSHAM, JOHN                           MD-4-38-440
WYSHAM, THOMAS                         MD-4-38-442
WYSONG, JAMES                          MD-4-38-420
WYSONG, SUSAN                          MD-4-26-280
YAGER, JOHN P.                         MD-4-44-515
YAGER, MARTIN                          MD-4-61-280
YAKEL, JOHN                            MD-4-49-340
YARDLEY, HOWARD                        MD-4-44-148
YEARLEY, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-26-13
YEARLEY, JOHN F.                       MD-4-35-186
YEARLEY, SAMUEL J.                     MD-4-50-334
YEARLEY, THOMAS C.                     MD-4-59-84
YEATES, BRIDGET                        MD-4-25-G53
YEATES, GEORGE                         MD-4-33-357
YEATES, JOHN L.                        MD-4-41-532
YOCKEL, AUGUSTUS W.                    MD-4-51-534
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-26-450
YOUNG, ELIZA                           MD-4-32-239
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-35-388
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-30-193
YOUNG, GEORGE                          MD-4-36-93
YOUNG, HENRY N.                        MD-4-31-478
YOUNG, HENRY N. (CON'T)                MD-4-31-524
YOUNG, JAMES                           MD-4-38-160
YOUNG, JENKINS                         MD-4-33-2
YOUNG, JOHN                            MD-4-39-16
YOUNG, JOHN                            MD-4-61-453
YOUNG, MARGARET                        MD-4-26-270
YOUNG, MARIA                           MD-4-45-266
YOUNG, MARY E.                         MD-4-26-483
YOUNG, REBECCA                         MD-4-30-327
YOUNG, REBECCA                         MD-4-35-412
YOUNG, ROBERT                          MD-4-43-414
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         MD-4-28-2
YUNDT, MARY                            MD-4-28-498
ZAISER, CATHARINE                      MD-4-49-462
ZANE, MARY S. M.                       MD-4-34-278
ZANG, JACOB                            MD-4-44-412
ZANTZINGER, FRANK                      MD-4-45-286
ZAPP, FRANCIS                          MD-4-44-247
ZEIGLER, FREDERICK M.                  MD-4-40-530
ZEILER, JOHN                           MD-4-43-349
ZEITLER, MAGDALENA                     MD-4-43-489
ZELENKOVA, ANNA                        MD-4-45-151
ZELL, WILLIAM                          MD-4-49-76
ZELLER, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-44-433
ZELLER, MARIA                          MD-4-53-461
ZELLER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-45-437
ZENKER, ANTON                          MD-4-51-27
ZERWECK, DANIEL GEORGE                 MD-4-39-68
ZEUN, GEORGE                           MD-4-45-55
ZIEGLER, ALBERT                        MD-4-50-37
ZIEGLER, CAROLINE                      MD-4-35-119
ZIEGLER, JOHN L.                       MD-4-25-19
ZIMMERER, HENRY                        MD-4-41-240
ZIMMERMAN, DIEDRICH                    MD-4-42-161
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN W.                     MD-4-38-95
ZIMMERMAN, LOUISA                      MD-4-56-327
ZIMMERMAN, WOLFGANG                    MD-4-60-313
ZIMMISCH, CHARLES                      MD-4-45-210
ZINK, GEORGE FREDERICK                 MD-4-38-32
ZIPP, PHILIP C.                        MD-4-58-386
ZITZER, JOHN I.                        MD-4-52-87
ZOALLARS, JACOB                        MD-4-26-430
ZOLLES, GEORGE                         MD-4-52-342
ZOLLICKOFFER, HENRY F.                 MD-4-54-539
ZOLLICKOFFER, HENRY M.                 MD-4-27-379
ZOLLIKOFER, WILLIAM H.                 MD-4-49-310
ZWANZGER, JOHN A.                      MD-4-34-412
ZWISELEE, PIUS                         MD-4-26-173
ZWISLE, CHRISTIANNA C.                 MD-4-35-393

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