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SACHSE, AUGUST                         MD-4-31-214
SACHSE, EDWARD                         MD-4-39-243
SACHTLEBEN, HERRMAN                    MD-4-55-37
SADTLER, GEORGE T.                     MD-4-60-62
SADTLER, PHILIP B.                     MD-4-29-184
SAFFRAN, JACOB                         MD-4-45-184
SAFFRAN, MARY                          MD-4-57-475
SALABES, MEYER                         MD-4-60-362
SALMON, PHILP A.                       MD-4-36-12
SALTZMAN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-50-22
SALZIG, NICHOLAUS                      MD-4-43-358
SALZMAN, MARY                          MD-4-54-245
SAMMET, FREDRICK                       MD-4-49-186
SAMUELS, SAMUEL                        MD-4-57-376
SAND, JOHN A.                          MD-4-47-120
SANDAAL, THEODORE                      MD-4-41-505
SANDELBACK, HENRY                      MD-4-27-235
SANDER, ALBRECHT                       MD-4-61-476
SANDER, PETER                          MD-4-41-72
SANDERS, ANN R.                        MD-4-59-71
SANDERS, ELIZA                         MD-4-40-135
SANDERS, JOHN D.                       MD-4-53-334
SANDERS, JOHN J. W.                    MD-4-26-566
SANDERS, MOSES                         MD-4-30-490
SANDERS, WILLIAM A.                    MD-4-61-70
SANDERSON, ANN W.                      MD-4-38-522
SANDFORD, EVELINA A.                   MD-4-55-376
SANDFUCH, WILHELM                      MD-4-43-86
SANDS, JANE H.                         MD-4-25-133
SANDS, JOSHUA R.                       MD-4-52-48
SANDS, RICHARD                         MD-4-40-147
SANFTLEBEN, GUSTAVUS                   MD-4-37-347
SANGSTON, BENJAMIN W.                  MD-4-34-522
SANK, CORBIN                           MD-4-40-229
SANKS, JESSE                           MD-4-29-335
SANKS, JOHN                            MD-4-38-6
SANTRY, JOHN                           MD-4-48-321
SARGEANT, SAMUEL R.                    MD-4-32-186
SARGENT, JAMES                         MD-4-27-446
SASSMANNSHAUSON, JOHN                  MD-4-31-254
SATTERFIELD, ANN M.                    MD-4-51-391
SAUER, CONRAD                          MD-4-56-425
SAUERLAND, HEINRICH                    MD-4-50-306
SAUERLAND, WILLIAM A.                  MD-4-57-489
SAUERWEIN, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-53-353
SAUERWEIN, PETER                       MD-4-28-286
SAUK, RACHEL                           MD-4-33-215
SAUNER, JOHN H.                        MD-4-59-241
SAVAGE, EMILIE                         MD-4-52-314
SAVAGE, JOHN                           MD-4-25-139
SAVAGE, LAURETTA A.                    MD-4-45-468
SAVILLE, JOHN                          MD-4-58-378
SAVORY, MARY ANN                       MD-4-58-287
SAWYER, NEWTON M.                      MD-4-57-414
SCARF, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-26-415
SCHAAB, JOHN                           MD-4-59-343
SCHAD, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-48-225
SCHAEFER, AUGUSTIN                     MD-4-45-209
SCHAEFER, CHRISTIAN                    MD-4-40-172
SCHAEFER, GEORGE                       MD-4-40-104
SCHAEFER, PAUL F. C.                   MD-4-39-548
SCHAEFFER, DAVID                       MD-4-61-114
SCHAEFFER, EDWARD K.                   MD-4-56-120
SCHAEFFER, JUSTUS                      MD-4-40-535
SCHAEFFER, LOUISA C.                   MD-4-40-244
SCHAFER, CHRISTIANI.                   MD-4-40-102
SCHAFER, FREDERICK                     MD-4-38-367
SCHAFER, MICHAEL                       MD-4-43-149
SCHAFFELD, WILLIAM                     MD-4-44-326
SCHAFFER, JOHN                         MD-4-35-100
SCHAGEMANN, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-39-86
SCHAIBBE, CHARLES F.                   MD-4-36-413
SCHARF, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-61-60
SCHARF, MARY E.                        MD-4-61-123
SCHARF, THOMAS G.                      MD-4-56-342
SCHARFF, MARGARET A.                   MD-4-53-8
SCHARFF, MARGARET H.                   MD-4-44-517
SCHAROUN, HENRY                        MD-4-59-4
SCHAUB, JOHN                           MD-4-43-116
SCHAUB, LOUIS                          MD-4-60-372
SCHAUER, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-56-307
SCHAUER, JACOB F.                      MD-4-53-258
SCHAUR, CHARLES                        MD-4-60-223
SCHEELER, WILLIAM                      MD-4-35-576
SCHEIDLER, CHRISTOPH A.                MD-4-45-234
SCHEIMER, CHARLES                      MD-4-34-421
SCHELDT, CONRAD                        MD-4-28-238
SCHELL, ROSINA                         MD-4-38-278
SCHEMM, JOHN                           MD-4-56-478
SCHENE, BERNHARD                       MD-4-48-49
SCHENENTHAL, SAMUEL                    MD-4-29-85
SCHENTHAL, MINA                        MD-4-33-141
SCHEPPACH, JOHN GEORGE                 MD-4-38-363
SCHERER, JOHN                          MD-4-40-137
SCHERMER, JOHN V.                      MD-4-49-32
SCHERZER, LOUIS AUGUST                 MD-4-52-132
SCHICK, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-43-367
SCHIERBAUM, FREDERICK A.               MD-4-40-544
SCHILD, HENRY                          MD-4-53-296
SCHILLENBURG, DOMINICK                 MD-4-59-248
SCHILLING, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-26-144
SCHILLING, MICHAEL                     MD-4-44-532
SCHILLING, PETER                       MD-4-26-142
SCHLEIER, MINNA                        MD-4-48-282
SCHLEIGH, JOHN G.                      MD-4-42-375
SCHLEIN, ELIZA                         MD-4-56-442
SCHLETZKY, ANDREW                      MD-4-40-40
SCHLEY, ERNEST T.                      MD-4-47-532
SCHLEY, JOHANNES                       MD-4-43-481
SCHLEY, JOHN G.                        MD-4-42-375
SCHLEY, S. RINGGOLD                    MD-4-37-285
SCHLEY, WILLIAM C.                     MD-4-61-237
SCHLICKER, JOHN                        MD-4-52-333
SCHLITT, JOSEPH                        MD-4-29-14
SCHLITZKY, ANNA M.                     MD-4-47-318
SCHLOSS, LAZARUS                       MD-4-54-130
SCHLOSS, NATHAN                        MD-4-55-446
SCHLOTT, CONRAD                        MD-4-34-501
SCHMELZ, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-39-61
SCHMENNER, DANIEL                      MD-4-49-25
SCHMENNER, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-53-80
SCHMIDT, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-44-77
SCHMIDT, ALFRED WILLIAM F.             MD-4-54-443
SCHMIDT, AUGUST                        MD-4-46-326
SCHMIDT, BARBARA                       MD-4-39-325
SCHMIDT, CHRISTOPH                     MD-4-56-160
SCHMIDT, CHRISTOPHER                   MD-4-41-277
SCHMIDT, CONRAD                        MD-4-41-208
SCHMIDT, ELIZA F.                      MD-4-50-63
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK                     MD-4-41-179
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK                     MD-4-29-84
SCHMIDT, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-36-392
SCHMIDT, GOTTLIEBE                     MD-4-54-385
SCHMIDT, HENRY                         MD-4-41-303
SCHMIDT, HENRY                         MD-4-36-486
SCHMIDT, JACOB                         MD-4-31-9
SCHMIDT, JACOB                         MD-4-61-405
SCHMIDT, JACOB F.                      MD-4-26-203
SCHMIDT, JOHANNA KUNIGUND              MD-4-49-245
SCHMIDT, JOHN                          MD-4-38-498
SCHMIDT, JOHN ADAM                     MD-4-49-449
SCHMIDT, JOHN N.                       MD-4-46-110
SCHMIDT, KONRAD                        MD-4-40-13
SCHMIDT, KUIGUNDA                      MD-4-53-316
SCHMIDT, LOUIS                         MD-4-39-508
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                       MD-4-36-352
SCHMIDT, PHILIPP                       MD-4-37-367
SCHMIDT, SIMON                         MD-4-32-332
SCHMIDT, URSULA                        MD-4-50-394
SCHMIEG, FRANZ                         56-265
SCHMINKE, PAUL F.                      MD-4-54-4
SCHMINKE, WILLIAM                      MD-4-42-82
SCHMITD, JOHAN                         MD-4-38-324
SCHMITT, ANDREAS                       MD-4-27-354
SCHMITT, CONRAD                        MD-4-58-1
SCHMITT, CONSTANTINE                   MD-4-30-497
SCHMITT, GEORGE                        MD-4-33-254
SCHMITT, GEORGE                        MD-4-37-274
SCHMITT, JOHN A.                       MD-4-51-459
SCHMITT, MATHIAS                       MD-4-26-165
SCHMITT, NICHOLAS                      MD-4-30-50
SCHMITT, VALENTINE                     MD-4-47-332
SCHMITZ, THEODORE                      MD-4-34-484
SCHMITZ, THEODORE (CON'T)              MD-4-34-539
SCHMUCK, ELLEN A.                      MD-4-37-360
SCHMUCKER, SMAUEL S.                   MD-4-40-217
SCHNABEL, MARGARETHE                   MD-4-52-460
SCHNAUBER, ELIZABETH L.                MD-4-39-366
SCHNEFFNER, JOHN                       MD-4-46-119
SCHNEIDER, ADAM                        MD-4-58-518
SCHNEIDER, ADAM                        MD-4-50-5
SCHNEIDER, ANN B.                      MD-4-45-32
SCHNEIDER, ANNIE E.                    MD-4-47-515
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES                     MD-4-37-320
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTIAN                   MD-4-58-78
SCHNEIDER, HELEN                       MD-4-29-497
SCHNEIDER, HENRY H.                    MD-4-53-189
SCHNEIDER, JOHN PETER                  MD-4-50-371
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET                    MD-4-51-474
SCHNEIDER, MATTHIAS                    MD-4-33-324
SCHNEIDER, PETER                       MD-4-44-309
SCHNEIDER, ROSA R. F.                  MD-4-61-290
SCHNERR, JACOB                         MD-4-42-414
SCHNIBBE, DEITRICH                     MD-4-50-320
SCHOENHARDT, HENRY                     MD-4-60-251
SCHOFIELD, BENJAMIN                    MD-4-36-311
SCHOFIELD, CATHERINE                   MD-4-48-40
SCHOLL, SYLVESTER                      MD-4-32-10
SCHOLZ, ERNST                          MD-4-32-147
SCHOLZ, JOHN C. F.                     MD-4-39-577
SCHOMANN, JOHN C.                      MD-4-44-177
SCHOMBORG, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-35-122
SCHOMBS, JOHN                          MD-4-33-355
SCHOMM, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-33-361
SCHONE, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-4-55-175
SCHONEY, FERDERNAN                     MD-4-31-503
SCHONHOFER, JOHANN                     MD-4-33-235
SCHONING, CHARLES                      MD-4-54-105
SCHOOLFIELD, HENRY O.                  MD-4-46-578
SCHOOLHERR, SMAUEL                     MD-4-49-105
SCHORK, FRANCIS                        MD-4-33-528
SCHORR, CATHARINE                      MD-4-37-455
SCHORR, LOUISA                         MD-4-56-362
SCHOTT, CATHARINA                      MD-4-44-127
SCHOTT, CATHARINE                      MD-4-52-387
SCHOTT, FRANCIS                        MD-4-52-135
SCHOTT, HELFRICH                       MD-4-50-332
SCHOTT, JOHN C.                        MD-4-41-454
SCHOYRER, JOHN                         MD-4-28-278
SCHRAMM, ANNA C.                       MD-4-53-259
SCHREIBER, JACOB                       MD-4-26-487
SCHREIBER, JOHANN                      MD-4-35-472
SCHREIBER, WILLIAM                     MD-4-37-536
SCHREIER, JOSEPH                       MD-4-53-235
SCHREINER, CHRISTIAN O.                MD-4-46-280
SCHREINER, CHRISTOPH                   MD-4-29-374
SCHREINER, CONRAD                      MD-4-44-8
SCHREINER, FREDERICK                   MD-4-40-18
SCHROCHHART, HENRY                     MD-4-49-107
SCHROEDER, ANDREW F.                   MD-4-50-69
SCHROEDER, CARL                        MD-4-49-439
SCHROEDER, CHRISTIAN L.                MD-4-41-443
SCHROEDER, JACOB W.                    MD-4-47-76
SCHROEDER, MARY                        MD-4-54-212
SCHRUFER, JOHN                         MD-4-52-415
SCHRVINGER, JOHN                       MD-4-38-340
SCHUBERT, BERNHARD J.                  MD-4-38-135
SCHUCHARDT, HEINRICH                   MD-4-52-100
SCHUCHHARDT, CONRAD                    MD-4-59-316
SCHUCHTS, MARY                         MD-4-29-77
SCHUCKLE, CHARLES W.                   MD-4-27-91
SCHUDEI, MATHIAS                       MD-4-40-110
SCHUDEI, WILHELMINA J.                 MD-4-40-26
SCHULTHEIS, JOHN                       MD-4-59-355
SCHULTZ, HENRY                         MD-4-55-330
SCHULTZ, HERMAN                        MD-4-61-248
SCHULTZ, JOHN                          MD-4-43-484
SCHULZ, BARBARA                        MD-4-37-81
SCHULZ, LOUIS                          MD-4-50-365
SCHULZ, URSULA                         MD-4-54-242
SCHULZE, CHRISTIAN F.                  MD-4-53-306
SCHULZE, ERNST H.                      MD-4-61-359
SCHUM, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-60-461
SCHUMACHER, CARSON H                   MD-4-43-171
SCHUMACKER, ALBERT                     MD-4-37-313
SCHUMM, ANTON                          MD-4-50-468
SCHUNCK, JOHN                          MD-4-36-119
SCHUNKE, JOHN                          MD-4-46-409
SCHUPP, HENRY                          MD-4-32-491
SCHUPP, JOHN                           MD-4-60-155
SCHUSTER, BERNARDINA                   MD-4-51-29
SCHUTT, MARY                           MD-4-38-282
SCHUTZ, CHRISTINE                      MD-4-55-172
SCHUTZ, JOHN                           MD-4-35-353
SCHWAAB, JOHANNA B.                    MD-4-58-490
SCHWAB, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-61-75
SCHWABACKER, SOPHIA                    MD-4-43-454
SCHWARTZ, JULIUS                       MD-4-59-163
SCHWARTZE, SOPHIA F.                   MD-4-57-293
SCHWARZ, WILLIAM                       MD-4-53-124
SCHWARZER, MATTHIAS                    MD-4-34-53
SCHWEARER, CHRISTINA                   MD-4-48-380
SCHWEARER, GEORGE P.                   MD-4-31-206
SCHWEH, ELIZABETH (QUIDES)             MD-4-50-530
SCHWEHR, FREDERICKA                    MD-4-36-56
SCHWEIGER, CAROLINE                    MD-4-61-149
SCHWEIKERT, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-45-300
SCHWEIKERT, GEORGE                     MD-4-44-235
SCHWEINSHAUT, PETER                    MD-4-54-250
SCHWEMER, JOHN                         MD-4-46-541
SCHWINDNER, JOHN F.                    MD-4-32-75
SCHWING, DAVID                         MD-4-30-257
SCHWINN, HENRY                         MD-4-46-277
SCHWINN, KATE                          MD-4-45-433
SCOTT, ABRAHAM                         MD-4-25-378
SCOTT, ELEANOR G.                      MD-4-33-257
SCOTT, ELIZA G.                        MD-4-42-362
SCOTT, ELIZABETH G.                    MD-4-25-318
SCOTT, JAMES                           MD-4-26-434
SCOTT, JAMES                           MD-4-43-267
SCOTT, JAMES W.                        MD-4-35-175
SCOTT, JOHN                            MD-4-58-482
SCOTT, MARY A.                         MD-4-33-101
SCOTT, MARY E.                         MD-4-38-4
SCOTT, PATRICK                         MD-4-27-212
SCOTT, SARAH                           MD-4-53-506
SCOTT, THOMAS                          MD-4-38-62
SCOTT, TOWNSEND                        MD-4-45-558
SCOTTI, MARY                           MD-4-28-487
SCOTTI, VIRGINIA                       MD-4-60-347
SCRIBNER, SAMUEL                       MD-4-39-280
SCRIBNER, SARAH                        MD-4-25-44
SCRIVEN, FRANKLIN P.                   MD-4-53-516
SCRIVEN, THOMAS J.                     MD-4-38-181
SCULLY, DANIEL                         MD-4-41-239
SCULLY, TIMOTHY B.                     MD-4-25-256
SEAGER, CHARLES                        MD-4-32-69
SEARS, EDWARD                          MD-4-40-238
SEARS, GEORGE THOMAS                   MD-4-40-224
SEAVER, MARTHA C.                      MD-4-61-423
SEBILLE, RENE                          MD-4-40-63
SECCOMBE, THOMAS                       MD-4-44-573
SECKERMAN, MICHAEL                     MD-4-25-67
SEDERBERG, WILLIAM T.                  MD-4-25-372
SEDGWICK, SUSAN A. L.                  MD-4-50-238
SEEBOLD, HELEN R. C.                   MD-4-53-4
SEEGER, CHARLOTTE                      MD-4-41-385
SEEGER, JACOB                          MD-4-51-103
SEELBACH, WILLIAM                      MD-4-44-164
SEELINGER, ADAM                        MD-4-35-498
SEEMIULLER, AUGUSTUS                   MD-4-42-92
SEEMULLER, ANNE M.                     MD-4-39-191
SEETZ, JOHN A.                         MD-4-41-51
SEHRT, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-40-169
SEIBERT, ADAM                          MD-4-32-271
SEIBERT, CONSTANTINE                   MD-4-31-219
SEIBERT, CONSTANTINE (CON'T)           MD-4-31-523
SEIBERT, ELIABETH                      MD-4-61-245
SEIBOLD, CONRAD                        MD-4-32-492
SEIDENSTRICKER, FREDERICK              MD-4-35-499
SEIDENZAHL, HENRY                      MD-4-43-449
SEIDEWITZ, CHARLES                     MD-4-51-500
SEIDEWITZ, FREDERICK W.                MD-4-45-435
SEIFENSIEDER, GERSHON                  MD-4-28-282
SEIFERT, HENRY                         MD-4-40-78
SEIFERT, MARTIN                        MD-4-37-483
SEIP, CATHARINE                        MD-4-33-273
SEIPP, CHRISTINE                       MD-4-39-556
SEIPP, CONRAD                          MD-4-43-246
SEITZ, CHARLES                         MD-4-36-465
SEITZ, GEORGE                          MD-4-57-233
SEITZ, JOHN CHRIS                      MD-4-52-429
SEITZ, MARGARETHA                      MD-4-31-323
SELDNER, LEWIS                         MD-4-48-333
SELLERS, JACOB                         MD-4-56-279
SELLER,S MATTHEW B.                    MD-4-46-441
SELLMAN, JAME SC. JR.                  MD-4-39-102
SELLMANN, CORNAD                       MD-4-56-498
SELLY, ANN                             MD-4-27-388
SELTZER, ANN E.                        MD-4-31-405
SELTZER, LEWIS                         MD-4-28-354
SELWAY, ROBERT                         MD-4-35-516
SEMMES, ELEANORA N.                    MD-4-41-155
SEMONE, CONRAD H.                      MD-4-34-493
SENDELBACH, JOHN                       MD-4-56-11
SENFT, LOUIS                           MD-4-47-554
SENFT, VALENTINE                       MD-4-61-23
SENNAR, ELIZABETH M.                   MD-4-59-161
SENSENEY, JANE                         MD-4-50-329
SERGANT, FRANCES                       MD-4-28-452
SEVERS, AUGUSTUS F.                    MD-4-41-361
SEVERSON, MELVILLE                     MD-4-48-93
SEWALL, ANN M.                         MD-4-54-354
SEWALL, THOMAS                         MD-4-36-372
SEWARD, JAMES                          MD-4-53-321
SEWELL, JAMES                          MD-4-33-491
SEWELL, MARIA                          MD-4-39-113
SEWELL, THOMAS                         MD-4-27-451
SEWELL, WILLIAM                        MD-4-25-131
SEYBOLD, MARGARETTA                    MD-4-39-238
SEYLER, FREDERICK                      MD-4-27-428
SEYMOUR, CHARLES                       MD-4-53-389
SHADRICK, JOHN T.                      MD-4-44-35
SHADRICK, MARY E.                      MD-4-49-469
SHAFER, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-32-302
SHAFFER, CATHERINE A. L.               MD-4-54-213
SHAFFER, F. LITTIG                     MD-4-37-430
SHAKESPEAR, JANE                       MD-4-48-454
SHAMBURG, MARGARET                     MD-4-52-303
SHAMBURG, MORRIS                       MD-4-52-264
SHAMBURG, WILLIAM                      MD-4-35-344
SHANNESSY, JAMES                       MD-4-52-80
SHANNON, BRIDGET                       MD-4-43-451
SHANNON, NATHANIEL                     MD-4-36-184
SHARAR, MARTHA ANN                     MD-4-53-242
SHARAR, WILLIAM G.                     MD-4-37-463
SHARE, PHILIP T.                       MD-4-51-489
SHARETTS, CATHARINE                    MD-4-43-186
SHARETTS, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-43-195
SHARP, ALMIRA E.                       MD-4-52-209
SHARP, THOMAS                          MD-4-27-43
SHARPER, LLOYD                         MD-4-43-492
SHAUMAN, GEORGE                        MD-4-32-37
SHAVER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-40-401
SHAW, ANN M.                           MD-4-28-212
SHAW, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-28-304
SHAW, HUGH                             MD-4-32-432
SHAW, MATTHEW                          MD-4-54-511
SHAW, WILLIAM                          MD-4-28-389
SHAW, WILLIAM C.                       MD-4-40-480
SHAW, WILLIAM S.                       MD-4-27-469
SHEE, CHALKLEY COLLINS                 MD-4-48-264
SHEEHAN, JOHN F.                       MD-4-35-437
SHEELER, ANTHONY                       MD-4-42-120
SHEELER, AUGUST H.                     MD-4-48-311
SHEFFER, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-26-323
SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM R.                  MD-4-36-213
SHEHAN, DENNIS                         MD-4-40-528
SHEID, SUSAN                           MD-4-58-196
SHEILD, SUSAN M.                       MD-4-46-561
SHEMINAM, ANN                          MD-4-39-42
SHEMINAM, PETER                        MD-4-31-496
SHEPARD, CATHARINE G.                  MD-4-39-209
SHEPHED, REZIN D.                      MD-4-33-297
SHEPPARD, HANNAH B.                    MD-4-38-477
SHEPPARD, JOHN F.                      MD-4-46-11
SHEPPARD, MOSES                        MD-4-27-266
SHERINGTON, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-29-81
SHERLOCK, COLUMBIA                     MD-4-55-42
SHERMER, DAVID A.                      56-63
SHERWOOD, GEORGE W.                    MD-4-29-397
SHERWOOD, PHILIP                       MD-4-25-27
SHERWOOD, RICHARD                      MD-4-39-212
SHERWOOD, RICHARD P.                   MD-4-33-473
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM S.                   MD-4-33-289
SHILLE, MARY                           MD-4-51-21
SHIPLEY, ANN E.                        MD-4-31-401
SHIPLEY, GEORGE                        MD-4-37-476
SHIPLEY, WASHINGTON                    MD-4-56-303
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM                       MD-4-30-321
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM B.                    MD-4-46-462
SHIRLEY, NANCY                         MD-4-34-313
SHOCKRU, BRIDGET                       MD-4-56-82
SHOEMAKER, JONATHAN                    MD-4-34-293
SHOLL, AGNES D.                        MD-4-44-21
SHORT, ANN                             MD-4-37-263
SHORT, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-48-583
SHORT, HICKS                           MD-4-46-94
SHORT, MAREB                           MD-4-52-34
SHORTER, MARY JANE                     MD-4-48-182
SHORTT, MARY                           MD-4-25-64
SHOTT, PHILIP                          MD-4-54-489
SHOTT, RCHEL                           MD-4-55-184
SHOTTS, LEWIS                          MD-4-41-584
SHREEVE, GEORGETTA                     MD-4-58-243
SHROTE, JOHN H.                        MD-4-39-333
SHRUIER, ANN E.                        MD-4-33-314
SHRYOCK, HENRY S.                      MD-4-50-401
SHULTER, LOUISA                        MD-4-28-491
SHURLDS, MARGARET A.                   MD-4-31-515
SHUSTER, MARTIN                        MD-4-35-480
SHUTER, JAMES                          MD-4-28-359
SHUTT, JOHN                            MD-4-55-229
SHUTT, MARGARET                        MD-4-26-310
SHUTZ, MARGARETHA                      MD-4-51-82
SHWARZ, WENCESLAUS                     MD-4-41-174
SHWARZENBERG, EDWARD                   MD-4-33-490
SIBOUR, CATHARINE                      MD-4-55-438
SIEBER, JOHN                           MD-4-42-369
SIEBERT, ERNST                         MD-4-43-56
SIEBERT, JOHN C.                       MD-4-43-148
SIEGAL, JOSEPH                         MD-4-56-400
SIEGEL, SAMUEL                         MD-4-52-537
SIEGERT, MARGARETHA                    MD-4-59-401
SIEGMANN, JOHN G.                      MD-4-37-86
SIEMERS, GEORGE                        MD-4-53-187
SIEMERS, HERMAN                        MD-4-36-411
SIGRIST, ANTON                         MD-4-45-108
SILK, THOMAS RUSSELL                   MD-4-37-10
SIMKINS, MARIA N.                      MD-4-39-53
SIMMONS, AZARIAH H.                    MD-4-27-51
SIMMONS, MARY                          MD-4-30-379
SIMMONS, MARY                          MD-4-43-201
SIMMONS, SUSAN J.                      MD-4-25-453
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                       MD-4-29-501
SIMMONT, FREDERICK                     58-484
SIMMS, MARY E.                         MD-4-50-145
SIMMS, WILLIAM C.                      MD-4-47-513
SIMON, ADOLPH                          MD-4-32-530
SIMON, ANNA M.                         MD-4-44-153
SIMON, CAROLINE                        MD-4-48-376
SIMON, CHARLES                         MD-4-38-175
SIMON, ELIAS                           MD-4-37-391
SIMON, JOSEPH                          MD-4-41-15
SIMON, JOSEPH L.                       MD-4-29-424
SIMON, PHILIP                          MD-4-42-257
SIMON, SOPHIA                          MD-4-56-77
SIMONSON, JOHN                         MD-4-31-55
SIMPSON, JOSIAH                        MD-4-40-122
SIMPSON, MARY                          MD-4-58-173
SIMPSON, MARY A.                       MD-4-27-405
SIMPSON, SARAH T.                      MD-4-50-92
SIMPSON, WINFIELD M.                   MD-4-56-123
SIMUND, ANDREW                         MD-4-30-134
SIMUND, SARAH D.                       MD-4-40-446
SIMVER, GEORGE                         MD-4-38-204
SINDALL, DAVID                         MD-4-55-262
SINDALL, SARAH                         MD-4-26-336
SINGLETON, MARY B.                     MD-4-56-374
SINGWALD, TRAUGOTT HENRY               MD-4-52-473
SINSZ, NICHOLAS                        MD-4-32-306
SIPES, MICHE                           MD-4-53-267
SIPPEL, FREDERICK H.                   MD-4-55-48
SIPPEL, HENRY                          MD-4-45-257
SIPPLE, MARY C. R.                     MD-4-33-185
SISOSN, JOSEPH                         MD-4-54-196
SITTER, MORRIS                         MD-4-33-363
SKINNER, AUGUSTUS P.                   MD-4-48-466
SKINNER, CAROLINE H.                   MD-4-49-115
SKINNER, CATHERINE A.                  MD-4-49-112
SKINNER, ELIZABETH G.                  MD-4-31-192
SKINNER, JAMES                         MD-4-27-136
SKINNER, PHILEMON                      MD-4-38-416
SKIPPER, ISABELLA                      MD-4-28-391
SLACK, CHARLES                         MD-4-40-114
SLACK, WILLIAM B.                      MD-4-31-17
SLADE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-31-477
SLATER, CHARLES W.                     MD-4-59-122
SLATER, GEORGE                         MD-4-32-423
SLATER, JAMES                          MD-4-29-354
SLATER, MARGARET                       MD-4-40-540
SLATER, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-46-7
SLATTERY, MICHAEL                      MD-4-33-436
SLAUGHTER, ANN                         MD-4-57-430
SLCK, SAMUEL B.                        MD-4-47-358
SLEATOR, ANNA E.                       MD-4-60-1
SLEIN, ELIZA                           MD-4-56-442
SLICER, ANDREW                         MD-4-32-439
SLICER, HENRY                          MD-4-40-163
SLICER, LEWIS E.                       MD-4-41-3
SLINGLUFF, CHARLES D.                  MD-4-37-508
SLINGLUFF, ELIZA U.                    MD-4-54-473
SLINGLUFF, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-25-32
SLIWA, ADALBERT                        MD-4-43-331
SLOAN, GEORGE F.                       MD-4-33-216
SLOAN, HARRIETT                        MD-4-30-51
SLOAN, JAMES SR.                       MD-4-54-116
SLOAN, JOHN                            MD-4-37-7
SLOAN, MARY                            MD-4-41-513
SLORP, DOROTHY                         MD-4-31-512
SMALL, ALICE E. H.                     MD-4-58-369
SMALL, CATHERINE S.                    MD-4-33-453
SMALL, EDWARD C.                       MD-4-42-405
SMALL, ELIZABETH S.                    MD-4-50-261
SMALL, JOHN                            MD-4-45-1
SMALL, SAMUEL                          MD-4-55-301
SMALL, SIMON ROSS                      MD-4-55-494
SMALL, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-45-488
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-41-294
SMITH, ALFRED A.                       MD-4-36-41
SMITH, ALICE M.                        MD-4-37-460
SMITH, ALLEN A.                        MD-4-25-310
SMITH, AMANDA M.                       MD-4-55-276
SMITH, ANDREW                          MD-4-45-220
SMITH, ANN W.                          MD-4-31-278
SMITH, BRIDGET                         MD-4-41-151
SMITH, CAROLINE                        MD-4-59-524
SMITH, CATHARINE                       MD-4-25-273
SMITH, CATHARINE                       MD-4-31-417
SMITH, CATHARINE M.                    MD-4-36-443
SMITH, CHARLE SF.                      MD-4-52-177
SMITH, CHARLES                         MD-4-29-11
SMITH, CHARLES                         MD-4-25-382
SMITH, DENNIS A.                       MD-4-28-495
SMITH, ELIAS J.                        MD-4-25-454
SMITH, ELIZA A.                        MD-4-37-276
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-25-113
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-34-393
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-30-276
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-4-50-336
SMITH, ELLEN                           MD-4-38-253
SMITH, EMILYJ.                         MD-4-59-296
SMITH, FRANCIS H.                      MD-4-38-157
SMITH, FRIEDRIKE                       MD-4-56-333
SMITH, GEORGE                          MD-4-40-174
SMITH, GEORGE                          MD-4-27-14
SMITH, GEORGE                          MD-4-54-357
SMITH, GEORGE                          MD-4-43-176
SMITH, GEORGIANA M.                    MD-4-53-63
SMITH, HANNAH                          MD-4-53-493
SMITH, HARRIET                         MD-4-43-407
SMITH, HENRY                           MD-4-42-192
SMITH, HENRY C.                        MD-4-55-352
SMITH, HENRY M.                        MD-4-59-153
SMITH, ISABELLA E.                     MD-4-27-503
SMITH, J. HOPKINSON                    MD-4-33-186
SMITH, JACOB                           MD-4-26-157
SMITH, JACOB                           MD-4-30-281
SMITH, JAMES D.                        MD-4-56-299
SMITH, JAMES H.                        MD-4-36-474
SMITH, JAMES MARSDEN                   MD-4-38-469
SMITH, JAMES P.                        MD-4-25-193
SMITH, JANE H.                         MD-4-42-440
SMITH, JOHN                            MD-4-39-492
SMITH, JOHN                            MD-4-34-191
SMITH, JOHN C. A.                      MD-4-59-377
SMITH, JOHN GEORGE                     MD-4-38-535
SMITH, JOHN P.                         MD-4-36-60
SMITH, JOHN PETER                      MD-4-53-509
SMITH, JOHN Q.                         MD-4-39-222
SMITH, JOHN T.                         MD-4-32-369
SMITH, LEONIDAS L.                     MD-4-33-56
SMITH, LOUISA                          MD-4-37-292
SMITH, LUCINDA                         MD-4-30-349
SMITH, MARGARET                        MD-4-56-20
SMITH, MARGARET                        MD-4-34-112
SMITH, MARGARET (CON'T)                MD-4-34-543
SMITH, MARIA                           MD-4-41-357
SMITH, MARTHA A.                       MD-4-45-540, 607
SMITH, MARY A.                         56-69
SMITH, MARY A.                         MD-4-27-424
SMITH, MATHIAS                         MD-4-33-184
SMITH, MATTHEW                         MD-4-32-453
SMITH, MATTHEW                         MD-4-26-287
SMITH, MOSES C.                        MD-4-37-361
SMITH, NATHAN R.                       MD-4-43-544
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        MD-4-32-97
SMITH, PETER                           MD-4-53-83
SMITH, PHEBE                           MD-4-58-215
SMITH, REBECCA C.                      MD-4-29-355
SMITH, SALLIE M.                       MD-4-49-183
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MD-4-46-391
SMITH, SAMUEL L.                       MD-4-59-537
SMITH, SAMUEL L.                       MD-4-59-537
SMITH, SAMUEL P.                       MD-4-33-274
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                       MD-4-45-569
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                       MD-4-42-411
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                       MD-4-59-111
SMITH, SARAH                           MD-4-48-38
SMITH, SIMON                           MD-4-55-237
SMITH, THOMAS                          MD-4-34-536
SMITH, THOMAS B.                       MD-4-38-523
SMITH, THOMAS M.                       MD-4-44-14
SMITH, THOMAS T.                       MD-4-46-465
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-39-108
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-36-532
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                      MD-4-46-161
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                      MD-4-41-496
SMITH, YEAMANS                         MD-4-53-87
SMITH-BOWEN, J.                        MD-4-30-452
SMYSER, EDWARD G.                      MD-4-58-436
SNAVELY, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-36-312
SNEAD, SARAH A.                        MD-4-35-190
SNETHEN, MARGARET D.                   MD-4-43-218
SNITKER, LOUIS H.                      MD-4-45-427
SNOOK, ANN M.                          MD-4-45-228
SNOW, CYNTHIA                          MD-4-38-210
SNOWDEN, ELIZA                         MD-4-45-19
SNOWDEN, MARGARET                      MD-4-28-331
SNOWDEN, RICHARD H.                    MD-4-44-194
SNOWDEN, SARAH                         MD-4-40-252
SNYDER, ANDREW                         MD-4-37-322
SNYDER, ANDREW                         MD-4-61-128
SNYDER, DANIEL                         MD-4-44-68
SNYDER, DANIEL                         MD-4-39-132
SNYDER, HENRY                          MD-4-45-386
SNYDER, JACOB C.                       MD-4-36-236
SNYDER, JOSEPH R.                      MD-4-40-34
SNYDER, WILLIAM C.                     MD-4-48-515
SOEDER, BARBARA                        MD-4-59-513
SOHL, ADAM H.                          MD-4-44-212
SOLLERS, SUSANNA                       MD-4-30-123
SOLOMON, EDNA                          MD-4-44-333
SOLOMON, EDWARD I.                     MD-4-28-38
SOLOMON, LETITIA E.                    MD-4-30-310
SOLOMON, STEPHEN V.                    MD-4-29-197
SOLOMON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-25-384
SOMERS, CHARLES S.                     MD-4-42-385
SOMERVILLE, REBECCA                    MD-4-31-126
SOMMER, CLARA                          MD-4-52-371
SOMMER, HEINRICH                       MD-4-46-492
SOMMER, JOHN                           MD-4-36-187
SOMMER, JOHN                           MD-4-39-368
SOMMERS, JOHN B.                       MD-4-37-537
SONDHEIMER, BENEDICT                   MD-4-34-250
SONNEBORN, MINA                        MD-4-57-58
SONNENBURG, CHARLES R.                 MD-4-50-74
SPAIGHT, KITTY                         MD-4-34-271
SPALDING, BASIL R.                     MD-4-30-506
SPALDING, CHARITY ANN                  MD-4-54-23
SPALDING, MARTIN JOHN                  MD-4-38-179
SPAMER, ABBIE O.                       MD-4-56-470
SPANGLER, JAMES D.                     MD-4-45-12
SPANN, CHARLES F.                      MD-4-56-546
SPANN, JOHN S.                         MD-4-60-138
SPARROW, ANNE                          MD-4-31-261
SPEAR, JOHN W.                         MD-4-36-521
SPEAR, LEONORA                         MD-4-38-182
SPEAR, MARY B.                         MD-4-44-566
SPEAR, THERESA                         MD-4-37-497
SPEARER, ANN                           MD-4-47-543
SPEDDEN, DANIEL B. (CON'T)             MD-4-27-506
SPEDDEN, DANIEL B.                     MD-4-27-478
SPEDDEN, EDWARD                        MD-4-37-368
SPEDDEN, EMILY C.                      MD-4-43-61
SPEDDEN, THOMAS                        MD-4-33-344
SPEDDEN, THOMAS (CON'T)                MD-4-33-536
SPEELER, JOHN                          MD-4-45-128
SPEIDEL, JACOB F.                      MD-4-32-18
SPEIKER, HENRY H.                      MD-4-30-106
SPENCE, CHARLES S.                     MD-4-58-169
SPENCE, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-44-69
SPENCER, CHARLOTTE                     MD-4-46-475
SPENCER, EDWARD                        MD-4-51-467
SPENCER, J. GORDON                     MD-4-39-130
SPENCER, JOHN                          MD-4-58-18
SPENCER, MARGARET R.                   MD-4-30-65
SPENCER, RUPERT P.                     MD-4-51-65
SPENCER, SAMUEL C.                     MD-4-28-369
SPERNESLAGE, JOHANN H.                 MD-4-35-121
SPERRY, WILLIAM M.                     MD-4-29-186
SPICER, MARY A.                        MD-4-47-523
SPICER, THOMAS JR.                     MD-4-54-102
SPIEDEL, MARTHA                        MD-4-37-137
SPIEGEL, MARIA CLARA                   MD-4-47-518
SPIELMEYER, HENRY                      MD-4-58-516
SPIES, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-57-547
SPIES, JOHN G.                         MD-4-50-200
SPIES, MARGARET                        MD-4-35-464
SPIES, WILLIAM T.                      MD-4-52-431
SPILCKER, ADELHEID N.                  MD-4-47-525
SPILKER, CHARLES                       MD-4-34-395
SPILLER, I. CALVERT                    MD-4-51-218
SPILLER, ROBERT M.                     MD-4-44-226
SPILLMAN, MICHAEL                      MD-4-30-409
SPILMAN, JOHN H.                       MD-4-46-567
SPIRES, ANN                            MD-4-26-285
SPOERL, CHRISTOPH                      MD-4-41-466
SPRECKELSEN, GEORGE A. VON             MD-4-25-283
SPRIGG, DANIEL                         MD-4-37-98
SPRIGG, JOSEPH A.                      56-134
SPRIGG, MARGARET                       MD-4-32-66
SPRIGG, VIOLETTA                       MD-4-32-342
SPRIGG, WILLIAM                        MD-4-55-374
SPROSTON, JANE G.                      MD-4-32-507
SPROWL, JOHN                           MD-4-25-379
STABLER, LYDIA C.                      MD-4-51-330
STABLEY, CHRISTIANA                    MD-4-43-485
STADELMEIER, BARBARA                   MD-4-58-54
STAEDTLER, ANNIE E.                    MD-4-60-483
STAFFORD, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-31-157
STAHL, HARRIET                         MD-4-30-325
STAINS, LYDIA A.                       MD-4-28-475
STALFORT, FREDERICK                    MD-4-36-345
STALFORT, FREDERICK H.                 MD-4-50-526
STALL, JOSEPH                          MD-4-27-445
STANCHFIELD, JOHN K.                   MD-4-52-349
STANDLING, PETER M.                    MD-4-46-185
STANDLY, MARY                          MD-4-33-507
STANDRE, CHRISTIAN D. A. A.            MD-4-26-498
STANG, DAVID                           MD-4-51-203
STANG, HEINRICH                        MD-4-48-219
STANGE, AUGUST                         MD-4-29-393
STANIFORD, JANE                        MD-4-29-310
STANLEY, AMANDA M.                     MD-4-48-42
STANLY, TABINS                         MD-4-53-197
STANPITZ, WILLIAM                      MD-4-38-229
STANSBURY, BENJAMIN D. M.              MD-4-28-425
STANSBURY, CHARITY                     MD-4-34-344
STANSBURY, CLARINDA                    MD-4-42-226
STANSBURY, ELIJAH                      MD-4-52-182
STANSBURY, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-26-218
STANSBURY, ELTON M.                    MD-4-61-186
STANSBURY, FERDINAND                   MD-4-41-223
STANSBURY, JESSE                       MD-4-38-331
STANSBURY, JOHN                        MD-4-32-200
STANSBURY, JOHN S.                     MD-4-39-579
STANSBURY, MARGARET E.                 MD-4-34-161
STANSBURY, REBECCA P.                  MD-4-34-294
STANSBURY, SAMUEL                      MD-4-29-347
STANSBURY, SARAH                       MD-4-29-124
STANSBURY, WILLIAM                     MD-4-61-286
STANSBURY, WILLIAM G.                  MD-4-27-9
STANSBURY, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-33-203
STANTON, ELLEN                         MD-4-56-435
STANTON, SAMUEL                        MD-4-38-388
STAPLETON, JOSPEH K.                   MD-4-25-311
STARCK, SIMON                          MD-4-35-361
STARK, CATHERINE                       MD-4-39-338
STARKE, POWHATAN B.                    MD-4-36-505
STARKER, JOHN A.                       MD-4-37-180
STARR, BENJAMIN F.                     MD-4-49-165
STARR, EDWIN P.                        MD-4-28-141
STARR, HANNAH R.                       MD-4-42-308
STARR, JOSEPH                          MD-4-38-16
STARR, WESLEY                          MD-4-33-236
START, CLARA V.                        MD-4-57-138
STARTZMAN, ISAAC                       MD-4-27-415
STARTZMAN, MARY ANN                    MD-4-40-148
STAUF, ERNST                           MD-4-47-65
STAUF, FREDERICK                       MD-4-56-396
STAUF, HENRY                           MD-4-35-591
STAUM, JOHN                            MD-4-55-98
STAYLOR, HENRY                         MD-4-31-12
STAYLOR, HENRY M.                      MD-4-46-300
STAYLOR, JOHN F.                       MD-4-55-55
STEAD, ERHARD                          MD-4-25-400
STEBENGER, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-51-398
STEELE, ANNIE J.                       MD-4-58-257
STEELE, CATHARINE A.                   MD-4-32-345
STEELE, DAVID                          MD-4-25-106
STEER, FRANCIS                         MD-4-59-515
STEER, GRACE                           MD-4-27-359
STEHL, HENRY                           MD-4-46-27
STEHL, JOHN                            MD-4-50-17
STEIGERWALD, MEYER                     MD-4-41-522
STEIN, GEORGE                          MD-4-37-51
STEIN, HENRY                           MD-4-34-181
STEIN, HENRY                           MD-4-42-213
STEIN, MARY A.                         MD-4-40-165
STEIN, MATHIAS                         MD-4-26-282
STEIN, PETER                           MD-4-28-441
STEINBECK, ANNA F. S.                  MD-4-37-142
STEINBERG, JACOB                       MD-4-38-84
STEINDLE, JOSEPH                       MD-4-43-21
STEINER, JOHN A.                       MD-4-43-179
STEINER, MOSES                         MD-4-37-4
STEINHAUSER, HENRY                     MD-4-53-342
STEINHOFER, CHRISTIAN                  MD-4-27-171
STEINHOFER, WILHELMINA                 MD-4-28-463
STEINMEYER, ERNEST E.                  MD-4-39-17
STEKER, GEORGE                         MD-4-49-544
STELLING, HENRY                        MD-4-35-384
STEMBLER, WILLY A.                     MD-4-35-115
STENGEL, MICHAEL                       MD-4-38-98
STENGLE, CHARLES                       MD-4-54-264
STENSON, CATHARINE R.                  MD-4-34-328
STENSON, FENWICK, J.                   MD-4-34-355
STEPEHNSON, ALFRED W.                  MD-4-50-122
STEPHEN, CHARLES H.                    MD-4-52-254
STEPHENS, UPTON H.                     MD-4-46-176
STEPHENSON, CATHARINE B.               MD-4-44-511
STERETT, JOSEPH                        MD-4-41-128
STERETT, SAMUEL                        MD-4-45-552
STERETT, SOPHIA                        MD-4-28-200
STERETT, SOPHIA (CON'T)                MD-4-28-258
STERLING, SAMUEL R.                    MD-4-54-508
STERN, BERNHARD                        MD-4-39-529
STERN, LEVI                            MD-4-50-460
STERQUET, JOHN J.                      MD-4-39-461
STETZENBACH, CATHARINE                 MD-4-40-492
STEUART, ANNE R.                       MD-4-33-474
STEUART, GEORGE H.                     MD-4-34-259
STEUART, MARGARET C.                   MD-4-57-213
STEUART, MARIA L.                      MD-4-50-533
STEUART, ROBERT ST. J.                 MD-4-25-11
STEUART, THOMAS E.                     MD-4-32-304
STEVENS, ENOCH                         MD-4-48-115
STEVENS, GEORGE G.                     MD-4-48-139
STEVENS, JOSEPH                        MD-4-32-309
STEVENS, LOUISA                        MD-4-33-157
STEVENS, SAMUEL S.                     MD-4-41-96
STEVENS, SARAH E.                      MD-4-46-558
STEVENS, WILLIAM                       MD-4-33-387
STEVENSON, EVAN                        MD-4-29-1
STEVENSON, HANNAH C.                   MD-4-53-159
STEVENSON, JOHN M. SR.                 MD-4-36-226
STEVENSON, RACHEL                      MD-4-26-247
STEVENSON, SOLOMON                     MD-4-40-275
STEVENSON, URIAH                       MD-4-25-117
STEVENSON, WESLEY                      MD-4-36-110
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     MD-4-26-424
STEWART, ALEXANDER T.                  MD-4-50-428
STEWART, ALICE                         MD-4-25-220
STEWART, AMANDA J.                     MD-4-40-476
STEWART, ANN MARIA                     MD-4-39-391
STEWART, CATHARINE                     MD-4-26-383
STEWART, COLUMBUS J.                   MD-4-57-396
STEWART, DAVID                         MD-4-28-74
STEWART, ELIZA                         MD-4-36-83
STEWART, ELIZA                         MD-4-35-340
STEWART, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-58-249
STEWART, HELENA                        MD-4-29-302
STEWART, JAMES L.                      MD-4-47-355
STEWART, JANET                         MD-4-48-349
STEWART, JOHN                          MD-4-59-543
STEWART, JOSEPH B.                     MD-4-44-221
STEWART, JOSEPH I.                     MD-4-47-35
STEWART, JOSEPH W.                     MD-4-34-335
STEWART, LEMUEL                        MD-4-45-70
STEWART, MARY                          MD-4-43-447
STEWART, MARY A.                       MD-4-35-395
STEWART, OCTAVIA R.                    MD-4-39-321
STEWART, PRISCILLE P.                  MD-4-53-178
STEWART, RACHEL                        MD-4-28-305
STEWART, THOMAS                        MD-4-27-172
STEWART, THOMAS G.                     MD-4-61-512
STEWART, WILLIAM                       MD-4-44-510
STGREET, THOMAS                        MD-4-30-61
STHEILE, PHILIPP                       MD-4-45-223
STIEBLER, CHARLES                      MD-4-48-5T41
STIELLBERG, EHLER                      MD-4-28-327
STILES, EMORY FORMAN                   MD-4-61-62
STILES, WILLIAM L.                     MD-4-45-194
STILTZ, GEORGE R.                      MD-4-58-198
STIMPSON, JAMES                        MD-4-25-40
STIMPSON, JAMES H.                     MD-4-34-234
STIMPSON, SOPHIA E.                    MD-4-44-321
STINCHCOMB, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-40-488
STINCHCOMB, JOHN A.                    MD-4-40-328
STINE, FREDERICK                       MD-4-38-426
STINES, SAMUEL                         MD-4-47-503
STINNECKE, HENRY A.                    MD-4-27-6
STINNECKE, MARIA M.                    MD-4-35-164
STINNER, JOHN                          MD-4-45-376
STIRLING, ARCHIBALD                    MD-4-59-370
STITZ, ADAM                            MD-4-46-163
STOCH, JOHN                            MD-4-46-312
STOCKET, JAMES P.                      MD-4-46-263
STOCKETT, LEWIS                        MD-4-46-114
STOCKHAUS, FRANZ H.                    MD-4-30-4
STOCKMAN, FREDERICK W.                 MD-4-55-234
STOCKSDALE, ELIAS M.                   MD-4-33-55
STOCKSDALE, THMAS E.                   MD-4-43-198
STOCKTON, JOHN                         MD-4-25-90
STODDARD, JANE                         MD-4-56-384
STODDARD, MARY A. H.                   MD-4-35-527
STODDARD, NATHANIEL                    MD-4-27-421
STODDERT, JOHN T.                      MD-4-36-308
STOFFREGEN, CATHARINE                  MD-4-45-544
STOFFREGEN, CHARLES                    MD-4-43-224
STOKES, WILLIAM B.                     MD-4-33-409
STOLPP, JOHN L.                        MD-4-33-371
STONE, JAMES H.                        MD-4-31-232
STONE, MARTHA W.                       MD-4-38-257
STONE, MARY A.                         MD-4-59-288
STONEBRAKER, HENRY                     MD-4-43-339
STONEBRAKER, SAMUEL                    MD-4-39-49
STORCH, JOHN                           MD-4-44-509
STORK, CHARLES                         MD-4-29-32
STORRE, GEORE                          MD-4-53-490
STOSS, HARTMAN                         MD-4-40-323
STOTZ, WILLIAM                         MD-4-46-282
STOUFFER, JACOB                        MD-4-54-38
STOVELD, MARY                          MD-4-60-513
STRAHAN, EBENEZER                      MD-4-32-425
STRAKE, JOHN C.                        MD-4-26-12
STRAN, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-42-568
STRASSNER, CONRAD                      MD-4-42-279
STRAUB, CATHARINE M.                   MD-4-34-118
STRAUB, PETER J.                       MD-4-29-330
STRAUS, HENRY                          MD-4-48-470
STRAUS, ISAAC                          MD-4-27-476
STRAUS, JOSEPH                         MD-4-50-119
STRAUS, REBECCA                        MD-4-45-50
STRAUS, WILLIAM S.                     MD-4-59-541
STREBEL, LENHARD                       MD-4-27-270
STRECKER, JOHN G.                      MD-4-27-236, 360
STREET, JULIETTA C.                    MD-4-54-380
STREET, MARIA S.                       MD-4-53-329
STREETER, SEBASTIAN F.                 MD-4-32-85
STREETT, DAVID                         MD-4-58-492
STREETT, MARIA E.                      MD-4-47-40
STREETT, MARY                          MD-4-31-350
STRICKER, CATHERINE                    MD-4-29-376
STRIEWIG, HENRY                        MD-4-52-163
STROBEL, JOHN P.                       MD-4-28-454
STROEHLEIN, ANNA                       MD-4-60-232
STROEHLER, LUDWIG                      MD-4-56-322
STROHBECKER, ELIABETH                  MD-4-61-441
STROHBECKER, MATHIAS                   MD-4-49-99
STROHMINGER, CASPAR                    MD-4-44-282
STROMBERGER, HENRY                     MD-4-41-494
STRONG, SOPHIA E.                      MD-4-42-373
STROTT, GEORGE H.                      MD-4-59-518
STRUCK, ANNA                           MD-4-50-1886
STRUCK, ELIZA                          MD-4-33-117
STRUTH, HENRY                          MD-4-29-413
STRUVEN, DIEDRICH                      MD-4-60-433
STUART, JAMES A.                       MD-4-58-349
STUART, SARAH B.                       MD-4-45-469
STUBENRAUCH, KARL                      MD-4-44-393
STUCKERT, PHILIP                       MD-4-57-192
STUECK, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-4-42-110
STULKER, VERONICA                      MD-4-38-370
STUMP, MARY                            MD-4-36-289
STUMP, MARY J.                         MD-4-57-1
STUMP, SAMUEL JR.                      MD-4-31-234
STUMP, VALENTINE                       MD-4-26-366
STUMPF, CASPAR                         MD-4-37-207
STUMPF, CATHARINE                      MD-4-41-509
STUMPF, FREDERICK                      MD-4-43-313
STUMPF, GEORGE M.                      MD-4-45-311
STURLA, GIOVANNI                       MD-4-52-176
STURM, NICHOLAS                        MD-4-54-180
STVICTOR, EMILY                        MD-4-37-218
STWEWART, KITTY                        MD-4-41-560
SUCHSBRADEL, GEORGE                    MD-4-25-210
SUCHSBRADL, GEORGE                     MD-4-38-506
SUDBROK, HENRY                         MD-4-50-18
SUDING, HENRY A.                       MD-4-41-359
SULLIVAN, ANN                          MD-4-40-136
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                       MD-4-49-351
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                       MD-4-37-572
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MD-4-53-56
SULLIVAN, RUDOLPHUS                    MD-4-55-15
SULLIVAN, RUTH                         MD-4-34-201
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-31-5
SULTHAUS, JOHN H.                      MD-4-41-94
SUMMERS, GEORGE D.                     MD-4-37-585
SUMMERS, THOMAS B.                     MD-4-36-499
SUMWALT, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-59-158
SUMWALT, JOHN T.                       MD-4-35-15
SUNSTROM, MARK T.                      MD-4-42-91
SUNSTROM, ROBERT C.                    MD-4-25-397
SUPPLEE, FRANKLIN                      MD-4-56-508
SUTER, HENRY                           MD-4-50-338
SUTER, JAMES S.                        MD-4-41-498
SUTTON, EMMA E.                        MD-4-55-436
SUTTON, MARY                           MD-4-43-11
SUTTON, NELSON                         MD-4-28-191
SWAMSTEDT, HENRITTA                    MD-4-35-44
SWAN, CATHARINE D.                     MD-4-52-115
SWAN, JAMES                            MD-4-29-39
SWANN, ELIZABETH G.                    MD-4-46-228
SWANN, HORCE D.                        MD-4-34-306
SWANN, MICHAEL                         MD-4-50-452
SWANN, THOMAS                          MD-4-52-455
SWART, MARY                            MD-4-30-508
SWEENY, ALFRED                         MD-4-58-171
SWEENY, JOHN                           MD-4-44-342
SWINDELL, GEORGE E.                    MD-4-54-498
SWINNEY, JOSEPH                        MD-4-37-327
SWITZER, GEORGE                        MD-4-48-337
SWITZER, JACOB                         MD-4-54-367
SWORD, JOHN W.                         MD-4-36-185
SWORD, WILLIAM                         MD-4-26-394
SYKES, HARRIET                         MD-4-44-349
SYMINGTON, ELIZABETH M.                MD-4-45-21
SYMINGTON, JAMES                       MD-4-52-188
SYMINGTON, JOHN                        MD-4-31-508
SYTHE, EDWARD                          MD-4-43-157
SZEMELENYI, ERNEST                     MD-4-59-436

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