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ABBES, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-41-413
ABBETT, SAMUEL R.                      MD-4-35-502
ABBOTT, EDWIN A.                       MD-4-42-208
ABBOTT, JESSIE E.                      MD-4-27-468
ABEL, CATHARINE F.                     MD-4-47-158
ABEL, DOROTHEA                         MD-4-48-64
ABER, ANN JANE                         MD-4-38-490
ABEY, JOSEPH                           MD-4-31-425
ABRAMS, ADELINE                        MD-4-59-6
ABRAMS, MORDECAI                       MD-4-60-214
ABT, JOHN W.                           MD-4-33-223
ABUCKS, ELIZA F.                       MD-4-49-132
ACHEY, FREDERICK                       MD-4-56-389
ACHZIGER, FREDERICK                    MD-4-45-91
ACKER, NICHOLAS                        MD-4-47-166
ACKERMANN, CHRISTIAN H.                MD-4-40-234
ACKERMANN, HENRY                       MD-4-57-93
ACOMB, WILLIAM                         MD-4-34-141
ADAM, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-36-302
ADAM, FRANCES                          MD-4-31-198
ADAMS, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-55-400
ADAMS, GEORGE F.                       MD-4-43-497
ADAMS, GEORGE F.                       MD-4-49-171
ADAMS, JOHN T.                         MD-4-31-461
ADAMS, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-161
ADAMS, SOPHIA H.                       MD-4-46-383
ADDISON, AUGUSTUS E.                   MD-4-48-6
ADDISON, CAROLINE                      MD-4-39-111
ADDISON, EDWARD                        MD-4-44-405
ADDISON, GEORGE C.                     MD-4-31-248
ADDISON, JOHN                          MD-4-44-267
ADDISON, SALLY D.                      MD-4-57-206
ADDISON, THEODORE D.                   MD-4-46-298
ADDISON, WILLIAM MEADE                 MD-4-37-364
ADKISSON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-35-517
ADLER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-39-110
ADLER, JOSEPHINE                       MD-4-58-434
ADLER, JULIUS                          MD-4-40-212
ADLER, REBECCA                         MD-4-52-123
ADLEY, HILLIARY                        MD-4-51-159
ADREON, JANE K. A.                     MD-4-53-382
ADREON, MARY E.                        MD-4-41-490
ADREON, MARY E.                        MD-4-38-283
ADREON, WILLIAM                        MD-4-47-469
ADRIAANS, JOHN H.                      MD-4-48-153
AHEARN, JOHN                           MD-4-36-453
AHL, BERNARD D.                        MD-4-33-373
AHLBOON, JULIUS                        MD-4-48-571
AHLERS, CATHERINA                      MD-4-58-508
AHMEYER, DIETRICH                      MD-4-39-291
AHREND, HERMAN                         MD-4-48-238
AHRLING, HERMAN H.                     MD-4-44-459
AICHELER, JOHN G.                      MD-4-44-270
AIKEN, SARAH                           MD-4-32-442
AIKEN, WILLIAM A. E.                   MD-4-60-163
AINEY, ELIZA                           MD-4-34-491
AIREY, FANNIE B.                       MD-4-52-205
AIREY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-30-30
AITKEN, REBECCA                        MD-4-45-456
ALBERGER, JOHN                         MD-4-61-468
ALBERS, EVE B.                         MD-4-27-450
ALBERS, HENRY                          MD-4-50-304
ALBERT, ADAM                           MD-4-31-33
ALBERT, CHARLES                        MD-4-50-104
ALBERT, ELIZA M.                       MD-4-31-449
ALBERT, JACOB                          MD-4-26-101
ALBERT, JOHAN                          MD-4-38-321
ALBERT, JOHANN                         MD-4-43-16
ALBERT, JOHN ERWIN                     MD-4-50-342
ALBERT, JOSEPH S.                      MD-4-43-540
ALBERT, MARIA B.                       MD-4-51-355
ALBINSON, MARY A.                      MD-4-34-241
ALBRECHT, FREDERICK W.                 MD-4-36-30
ALBRECHT, PHILIPPINA                   MD-4-41-442
ALBRECHT, WILLIAM                      MD-4-48-352
ALCOCK, WILLIAM J.                     MD-4-28-488
ALDEN, MARY                            MD-4-31-189
ALDEN, MARY A.                         MD-4-43-301
ALDEN, SIMEON                          MD-4-28-6
ALDRED, SARAH A.                       MD-4-57-276
ALDRIDGE, ANDREW                       MD-4-40-185
ALDRIDGE, JOHN H.                      MD-4-61-455
ALDRIGE, BABETTE                       MD-4-41-298
ALEANDER, THOMAS S.                    MD-4-39-540
ALER, JOHN                             MD-4-60-304
ALER, REUBEN J.                        MD-4-34-330
ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER E.                MD-4-56-484
ALEXANDER, ASHTON                      MD-4-26-375
ALEXANDER, JOHN H.                     MD-4-34-63
ALEXANDER, MEYER                       MD-4-36-63
ALEXANDER, SARAH R.                    MD-4-27-139
ALEXANDER, THOMAS S.                   MD-4-43-500
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     MD-4-43-23
ALLARD, JOSEPH                         MD-4-28-449
ALLARD, THOMAS B.                      MD-4-43-363
ALLEERT, JACOB                         MD-4-34-106
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-42-263
ALLEN, E. H.                           MD-4-55-339
ALLEN, EDWARD E.                       MD-4-38-314
ALLEN, EDWARD E.                       MD-4-50-191
ALLEN, ELIZA M.                        MD-4-27-217
ALLEN, ELIZA M. (CON'T)                MD-4-27-283
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-46-49
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-42-94
ALLEN, GEORGE                          MD-4-34-164
ALLEN, IDA M.                          MD-4-42-134
ALLEN, JAMES                           MD-4-27-45
ALLEN, JOHN                            MD-4-39-430
ALLEN, JOHN                            MD-4-37-440
ALLEN, JOHN L.                         MD-4-32-469
ALLEN, LIZZIE B.                       MD-4-38-311
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          MD-4-33-17
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-44-547
ALLERS, DIEDRICH H.                    MD-4-45-290
ALLERS, MARGARET C.                    MD-4-26-360
ALLISON, ANN                           MD-4-54-308
ALMAINE, MARY R. D.                    MD-4-52-32
ALMANG, PHILIPP                        MD-4-27-296
ALMITT, JULIET A.                      MD-4-45-371
ALNUTT, MARY J.                        MD-4-52-149
ALRICKS, FRANCIS W.                    MD-4-37-452
ALRICKS, JANE                          MD-4-46-372
ALTMAN, EMANUEL                        MD-4-51-424
ALTMAN, NEHEMIAH                       MD-4-44-313
ALTON, CATHARINE                       MD-4-60-80
ALTVATER, ANN                          MD-4-26-539
ALVATER, JOHN                          MD-4-35-220
ALWEILDER, ANGELINA                    MD-4-52-378
AMBERG, JOHN                           MD-4-32-234
AMELUNG, LISETTE F.                    MD-4-53-73
AMES, EDWARD R.                        MD-4-45-321
AMES, LAURA A.                         MD-4-47-42
AMOS, CECELIA E.                       MD-4-36-270
AMOSS, GEORGE R.                       MD-4-34-317
ANDERS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-61-323
ANDERSON, AGNES                        MD-4-54-430
ANDERSON, ANNA                         MD-4-37-273
ANDERSON, ANNA                         MD-4-54-194
ANDERSON, CATHARINE                    MD-4-33-506
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH C.                 MD-4-36-343
ANDERSON, JOHN D.                      MD-4-26-72
ANDERSON, LEAH J.                      MD-4-41-387
ANDERSON, RICHARD                      MD-4-32-172
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-57-33
ANDERSON, WILLIAM E.                   MD-4-34-507
ANDRE, CHRISTOPH                       MD-4-44-389
ANDREAS, GOTTLIEB F.                   MD-4-50-54
ANDREE, JOHANN C. H.                   MD-4-32-285
ANDREWS, ABIGAIL                       MD-4-40-403
ANDREWS, CORNELIA                      MD-4-44-53
ANDREWS, ELIZA H                       MD-4-44-428
ANDREWS, GEORGE                        MD-4-39-517
ANDREWS, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-44-49
ANDREWS, JAMES                         MD-4-53-122
ANDREWS, JANE W.                       MD-4-60-437
ANDREWS, TIMOTHY P.                    MD-4-34-390
ANGELL, JAMES B.                       MD-4-30-151
ANGERMANN, WILLIAM                     MD-4-54-119
ANGERMEYER, JOHN                       MD-4-44-431
ANSPACH, SUSAN M.                      MD-4-45-94
APPEL, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-43-420
APPLEGARTH, SARAH                      MD-4-36-163
APPOLD, GEORGE                         MD-4-25-232
APY, GEORGE W.                         MD-4-36-124
ARCHER, MARY                           MD-4-50-490
ARD, ELLEN B.                          MD-4-46-387
ARMIGER, BENJAMIN                      MD-4-34-9
ARMIGER, CHARLES W.                    MD-4-30-432
ARMIGER, MARY E.                       MD-4-61-171
ARMISTEAD, AGNES C.                    MD-4-46-104
ARMISTEAD, ANDERSON H.                 MD-4-42-200
ARMISTEAD, LOUISA                      MD-4-30-166
ARMISTEAD, SARAH J.                    MD-4-43-188
ARMOR, JOHN                            MD-4-29-232
ARMOR, WILLIAM                         MD-4-30-78
ARMSTRONG, ACHSAH                      MD-4-43-104
ARMSTRONG, C. H.                       MD-4-54-19
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       MD-4-44-128
ARMSTRONG, JAMES S.                    MD-4-34-182
ARMSTRONG, JOHN A.                     MD-4-52-462
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        MD-4-55-244
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        MD-4-33-161
ARMSTRONG, MARY B.                     MD-4-57-52
ARMSTRONG, PAMELA E.                   MD-4-47-504
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD DORSEY              MD-4-47-279
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G.                   MD-4-30-211
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      MD-4-51-494
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      MD-4-35-85
ARNOLD, SARAH J.                       MD-4-32-438
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                        MD-4-47-283
AROLDT, JOHN                           MD-4-34-426
ARTHUR, DAVID                          MD-4-39-164
ARTHUR, HUGH                           MD-4-35-369
ASKEY, ROBERT                          MD-4-40-144
ASPELMEIER, FREDERICK C.               MD-4-59-446
ASPRIL, ELIZA L.                       MD-4-29-261
ATCHISON, ISABELLA                     MD-4-46-412
ATKINSON, ANN P.                       MD-4-36-489
ATKINSON, GEORGIANA H.                 MD-4-38-245
ATKINSON, ISRAEL S.                    MD-4-40-429
ATKINSON, JAMES                        MD-4-53-181
ATKINSON, JOSHUA H.                    MD-4-43-98
ATKINSON, JOSHUA J.                    MD-4-35-315
ATKINSON, MARY E.                      MD-4-43-8
ATKINSON, MARY V.                      MD-4-25-46
ATKINSON, THOMAS C.                    MD-4-31-155
ATKINSON, WILLIAM C.                   MD-4-52-232
ATWILL, ROBERT                         MD-4-25-298
AUDOIN, MARY S. J.                     MD-4-38-533
AUDOUN, LEWIS                          MD-4-32-426
AUGUSTA, HARRIET                       MD-4-44-316
AUL, MICHAEL                           MD-4-54-325
AULABAUGH, JOHN H.                     MD-4-43-167
AULD, AMANDA                           MD-4-49-385
AULL, MARY M.                          MD-4-49-12
AULT, SAMUEL JR.                       MD-4-25-355
AUSTIN, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-33-286
AUSTRIAN, BABETTA                      MD-4-60-499
AUTH, NICHOLAS                         MD-4-52-452
AUZMANN, JOSEPH                        MD-4-50-67
AX, CHRISTIAN                          MD-4-57-397
AYDELOTT, WILLIAM S. B.                MD-4-61-537
AYERS, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-37-216
AYRES, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-26-263
AYRS, ABRAHAM                          MD-4-30-82
BAADER, AGATHA                         MD-4-45-107
BABB, JOHND. SR.                       MD-4-35-253
BACH, HENRICH, J.                      MD-4-32-24
BACHARACH, ABRAHAM                     MD-4-60-397
BACH,JOSEPH                            MD-4-32-74
BACHMAN, JOSEPH                        MD-4-39-246
BACIGALUPI, MARY D.                    MD-4-47-164
BACKER, J. THOMAS                      MD-4-53-517
BACKUS, JOHN C.                        MD-4-52-514
BACON, JANE Y. K.                      MD-4-49-452
BADEN, FRANCES E.                      MD-4-42-336
BADEN, JAMES C.                        MD-4-35-58
BADER, HENRY                           MD-4-40-264
BADGER, ELISHA                         MD-4-37-252
BADGER, GERARD                         MD-4-33-290
BAER, MARY H.                          MD-4-44-536
BAER, MATILDA C.                       MD-4-40-482
BAER, MICHAEL S.                       MD-4-26-178
BAER, SUSANNA                          MD-4-33-170
BAERENSTECHER, HENRY                   MD-4-36-197
BAERENZ, THEODORE                      MD-4-41-217
BAETJER, HENRY                         MD-4-36-148
BAIER, ANDREAS                         MD-4-43-71
BAIERLEIN, SIMON                       MD-4-37-454
BAILEY, GEORGE                         MD-4-31-246
BAILEY, JOSEPHINE                      MD-4-52-174
BAILEY, JOSEPHINE C.                   MD-4-54-527
BAILEY, LUCY S.                        MD-4-44-175
BAILEY, SAMUEL                         MD-4-43-39
BAILEY, SOLOMON TIDD                   MD-4-45-533
BAILY, EDWIN                           MD-4-40-502
BAILY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-35-67
BAILY, GEORGE                          MD-4-26-442
BAIN, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-54-427
BAIN, HOPE                             MD-4-43-285
BAIN, JAMES                            MD-4-26-529
BAINBRIDGE, EDMUND T.                  MD-4-45-278
BAKER, CATHERINE                       MD-4-32-150
BAKER, CONRAD                          MD-4-49-169
BAKER, EDWARD                          MD-4-28-494
BAKER, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-4-27-137
BAKER, JACOB                           MD-4-44-358
BAKER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-36-435
BAKER, MARY E.                         MD-4-61-396
BAKER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-34-40
BAKER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-34-80
BALBIRNIE, THOMAS                      MD-4-34-227
BALCH, ELIZA                           MD-4-37-564
BALD, WILLIAM                          MD-4-33-468
BALDAUF, MICHAEL                       MD-4-37-349
BALDERSTON, HUGH                       MD-4-29-284
BALDERSTON, JACOB                      MD-4-48-273
BALDERSTON, MARGARET                   MD-4-58-165
BALDIWN, JAMES T.                      MD-4-40-69
BALDWIN, JOHN                          MD-4-37-50
BALDWIN, JOHN H.                       MD-4-43-440
BALDWIN, MARY A.                       MD-4-37-212
BALDWIN, MARY E.                       MD-4-57-39
BALDWIN, MARY P.                       MD-4-41-527
BALDWIN, ROBERT T.                     MD-4-56-446
BALL, ELIZA                            MD-4-49-467
BALL, JACOB                            MD-4-26-486
BALL, WALTER                           MD-4-31-241
BALL, WILLIAM                          MD-4-60-244
BALLAUF, AUGUSTUS                      MD-4-55-357
BALLOCH, JAMES                         MD-4-43-101
BALLOCH, MARY                          MD-4-59-279
BALTZELL, CHARLES R.                   MD-4-54-15
BALTZELL, EMANUEL                      MD-4-30-429
BALZAR, GEORGE                         MD-4-58-51
BAMBACH, JOSEPH                        MD-4-56-232
BAMBERGER, ABRAHAM                     MD-4-57-333
BAMBERGER, JOSEPH C.                   MD-4-55-7
BAMBERGER, REBECCA                     MD-4-28-310
BAMBURGER, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-53-169
BANCROFT, JOHN S.                      MD-4-55-284
BANDEL, EVELINA                        MD-4-49-226
BANDEL, SAMUEL L.                      MD-4-61-535
BANGERT, PHILIP                        MD-4-58-260
BANGHARD, NICHOLAS                     MD-4-35-478
BANKARD, ELIZABETH J.                  MD-4-41-8
BANKARD, MARGARET                      MD-4-46-2
BANKHEAD, JAMES                        MD-4-27-213
BANKHEAD, JAMES (CON'T)                MD-4-27-303
BANKS, CHARITY G.                      MD-4-56-310
BANKS, DANIEL B.                       MD-4-41-189
BANKS, MARGARET S.                     MD-4-37-265
BANNING, CATHARINE F.                  MD-4-54-235
BANNING, MARGARET M.                   MD-4-37-407
BANNON, PATRICK                        MD-4-53-67
BANSEMER, GUSTAVUS A.                  MD-4-53-243
BANTZ, CECILIA                         MD-4-48-89
BARBER, ISABELLA                       MD-4-60-11
BARBER, MARY M.                        MD-4-34-414
BARCLAY, GRACE A.                      MD-4-31-346
BARCLAY, JOSEPH H.                     MD-4-58-455
BARGAR, DEETER                         MD-4-45-140
BARGAR, MARGARET D.                    MD-4-52-339
BARICKMAN, JACOB                       MD-4-49-408
BARKER, BENJAMIN                       MD-4-51-417
BARKER, ENOCH M.                       MD-4-59-406
BARKLAGE, GERHART H.                   MD-4-29-387
BARKMAN, MARY A.                       MD-4-35-343
BARNES, DAVID                          MD-4-29-214
BARNETT, ANNA ELIZA                    MD-4-61-28
BARNETT, MARY                          MD-4-26-367
BARNETT, MARY A. D.                    MD-4-37-403
BARNEY, CAROLINE L.                    MD-4-41-46
BARNEY, ELIZABETH R.                   MD-4-51-411
BARNEY, JAMS H.                        MD-4-50-418
BARNEY, JOSHUA                         MD-4-34-121
BARNEY, ROBERT D.                      MD-4-60-440
BARNISTON, CATHERINE                   MD-4-26-469
BARNITZ, JACOB                         MD-4-34-165
BARNITZ, MICHAEL                       MD-4-38-230
BARNUM, ANN K.                         MD-4-33-470
BARNUM, DAVID                          MD-4-39-369
BARNUM, EPHRAIM K.                     MD-4-25-163
BARNUM, ZENUS                          MD-4-49-279
BARR, LETITIA                          MD-4-37-532
BARRANGER, LEWIS L. SR.                MD-4-41-335
BARRET, JAMES J.                       MD-4-49-353
BARRETT, CATHARINE M.                  MD-4-60-467
BARRETT, GREGORY                       MD-4-42-107
BARRETT, WILLIAM T.                    MD-4-30-234
BARRINGTON, EDWARD P.                  MD-4-50-488
BARRITZ, AUGUSTUS M.                   MD-4-48-210
BARROLL, JAMES W.                      MD-4-58-116
BARROLL, MARY A.                       MD-4-34-381
BARROLL, REBECCA J.                    MD-4-36-17
BARROLL, ROSA                          MD-4-57-495
BARRON, LUCRETIA C.                    MD-4-59-19
BARRON, MARY J.                        MD-4-56-318
BARRON, THOMAS                         MD-4-55-419
BARROW, THOMAS                         MD-4-42-319
BARROWS, ELIJAH P.                     MD-4-26-275
BARROWS, ELIJAH P.                     MD-4-60-514
BARRY, ELLEN                           MD-4-29-421
BARRY, GARRETT                         MD-4-33-50
BARRY, JOHN J. (CON'T)                 MD-4-38-539
BARRY, JOHN J.                         MD-4-38-8
BARRY, MARGARET A.                     MD-4-39-223
BARRY, SAMUEL M.                       MD-4-36-353
BARRY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-45-509
BARTH, MALINDA                         MD-4-53-271
BARTHOLDT, JOHN F.                     MD-4-30-84
BARTHOLOMEUS, LEONARD                  MD-4-43-182
BARTHOLOW, THOMAS                      MD-4-32-146
BARTLETT, ALEY                         MD-4-57-151
BARTLETT, GEORGE                       MD-4-40-249
BARTLETT, VASHTI                       MD-4-50-153
BARTLETT, WILLIAM E.                   MD-4-32-482
BARTLETT, WILLIAM S.                   MD-4-44-494
BARTOL, JAMES L.                       MD-4-58-92
BARTON, ANN E.                         MD-4-46-19
BARTON, ELLA G.                        MD-4-44-569
BARTON, PATIENCE                       MD-4-28-200
BARTON, WILLIAM I.                     MD-4-36-251
BARZEN, JOHN                           MD-4-61-533
BASH, HENRY M.                         MD-4-55-132
BASSETT, G. W.                         MD-4-48-564
BATCHELLER, BREED                      MD-4-27-187
BATCHELOR, SAMUEL K.                   MD-4-60-540
BATEMAN, EDWARD                        MD-4-27-331
BATEMAN, JOHN                          MD-4-42-190
BATES, MAGGIE W.                       MD-4-60-242
BATES, OSCAR D.                        MD-4-51-502
BATHSCCHATIS, ALBERT                   MD-4-60-165
BATHURST, ANN                          MD-4-30-489
BATHURST, JOHN G.                      MD-4-44-183
BATTEE, JULIA A.                       MD-4-35-320
BATTEE, SOPHIA G.                      MD-4-26-20
BAU, HENRIETTA                         MD-4-61-21
BAU, JOHN HENRY                        MD-4-39-153
BAUER, ELISABETHA                      MD-4-29-62
BAUER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-60-339
BAUER, GEORGE                          MD-4-34-463
BAUER, JOHN                            MD-4-29-109
BAUER, JOHN                            MD-4-42-227
BAUER, JOHN                            MD-4-25-226
BAUER, KASPAR                          MD-4-52-379
BAUER, MARGARETTA                      MD-4-35-51
BAUER, MARY JANE                       MD-4-49-530
BAUER, MATHIAS                         MD-4-42-45
BAUER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-52-509
BAUGHER, JULIA J.                      MD-4-60-102
BAUGHMAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-43-460
BAUGHMAN, GEORGE                       MD-4-36-436
BAUM, HENRY                            MD-4-27-261
BAUM, ISAAC                            MD-4-61-130
BAUM, JOHN                             MD-4-57-513
BAUMANN, GEORGE                        MD-4-47-483
BAUMEISTER, ANNA M.                    MD-4-46-565
BAUMGARTEN, JOHN I.                    MD-4-36-158
BAUMGARTEN, SELIG                      MD-4-51-285
BAUSGER, GEORGE                        MD-4-47-88
BAUSMAN, ANNA                          MD-4-52-233
BAUSMAN, JOHN P.                       MD-4-35-328
BAXLEY, H. WILLIS                      MD-4-42-309
BAXLEY, JAMES                          MD-4-30-37
BAXLEY, MARY M.                        MD-4-29-481
BAXLEY, MARY V.                        MD-4-43-216
BAXLEY, REBECCA J.                     MD-4-41-269
BAXTER, BARBARA                        MD-4-52-381
BAXTER, SARAH                          MD-4-26-123
BAXTER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-48-135
BAY, JANE                              MD-4-42-534
BAYARD, LOUISA LEE                     MD-4-55-497
BAYARD, RICHARD B.                     MD-4-45-84
BAYER, JOHN BAPTIST                    MD-4-47-548
BAYLEY, JAMES R.                       MD-4-44-85
BAYLIS, ABRAHAM B.                     MD-4-53-415
BAYLY, HAMBLETON J.                    MD-4-37-516
BAYNARD, ELIZA                         MD-4-51-181
BAYNES, JOHN                           MD-4-43-488
BAYR, PETER                            MD-4-51-180
BEACH, WALDREN                         MD-4-29-91
BEACHAM, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-43-293
BEACHAM, JAMES W. OF JOHN              MD-4-47-94
BEACHAM, JOHNS.                        MD-4-40-88
BEACHAM, SUMMERS J.                    MD-4-50-245
BEAIRD, CATHARINE                      MD-4-39-39
BEALL, AMANDA                          MD-4-34-510
BEALL, RICHARD B.                      MD-4-26-197
BEALMEAR, CATHARINE B.                 MD-4-33-339
BEALMEAR, JACOB F.                     MD-4-40-474
BEAM, ISAAC R.                         MD-4-45-5
BEAM, SARAH G.                         MD-4-45-14
BEAM, SUSAN E.                         MD-4-61-342
BEAMER, HENRY                          MD-4-34-286
BEAMER, PRISCILLA                      MD-4-39-334
BEAN, CATHARINE A. T.                  MD-4-54-298
BEAN, JOSEPH H.                        MD-4-32-329
BEAN, ROBERT M.                        MD-4-49-307
BEANS, JONATHAN                        MD-4-39-150
BEAR, JOHN                             MD-4-44-335
BEAR, JOHN                             MD-4-26-19
BEARD, ELIZA A.                        MD-4-45-327
BEARD, JOHN                            MD-4-46-395
BEARD, JOHN SR.                        MD-4-27-363
BEASON, CHARLES JR.                    MD-4-61-299
BEASTEN, GEORGE J.                     MD-4-26-211
BEATTY, CATHARINE                      MD-4-47-68
BEATTY, CORNELIUS E.                   MD-4-27-193
BEATTY, GEORGE                         MD-4-35-16
BEATTY, JAMES L.                       MD-4-40-316
BEATTY, MARGARET R.                    MD-4-52-293
BEBIE, HANS H.                         MD-4-60-210
BECHLER,ANDREW                         MD-4-29-16
BECK, ADAM                             MD-4-40-376
BECK, BARBARA                          MD-4-57-323
BECK, ERNEST                           MD-4-33-99
BECK, GEORGE                           MD-4-48-157
BECK, JOSEPH ANTON                     MD-4-48-279
BECK, MARGARETHA                       MD-4-37-79
BECK, WILHELMINA                       MD-4-57-360
BECKENBAUGH, ANN S.                    MD-4-48-284
BECKENBAUGH, THMAS L.                  MD-4-47-311
BECKER, CHARLES                        MD-4-56-431
BECKER, HENRY                          MD-4-48-10
BECKER, JOHN D.                        MD-4-35-492
BECKER, JOHN G.                        MD-4-36-371
BECKER, NICKOLAS                       MD-4-52-43
BECKER, SEVERIN                        MD-4-37-535
BEDEL, ADAM                            MD-4-31-212
BEDFORD, HENRIETTA ANN                 MD-4-37-569
BEDGAR, CHRISTINA                      MD-4-61-545
BEEHLER, CHARLES                       MD-4-40-235
BEELER, HENRY S.                       MD-4-50-514
BEERE, PATRICK                         MD-4-48-137
BEHREN, FREDERICK                      MD-4-46-209
BEHREND, ELISE B.                      MD-4-54-74
BEHRENDS, CUSEL                        MD-4-36-470
BEHRENS, FREDERICK                     MD-4-28-376
BEHRINGER, JOHN                        MD-4-55-308
BEIL, JOHN                             MD-4-39-216
BEIL, MARGARET                         MD-4-44-162
BEIL, NIKOLAUS                         MD-4-34-193
BEITZ, HERMAN                          MD-4-38-366
BELDEN, JAMES                          MD-4-43-325
BELISARIO, HENRY M.                    MD-4-26-378
BELL, ALEXANDER                        MD-4-47-67
BELL, ANTHONY SR.                      MD-4-54-363
BELL, ELIZA J.                         MD-4-58-159
BELL, JAMES                            MD-4-42-298
BELL, MARGARET                         MD-4-57-249
BELL, MARY A.                          MD-4-33-359
BELL, PATRICK                          MD-4-28-457
BELL, REBECCA C.                       MD-4-26-399
BELL, SUSAN                            MD-4-38-285
BELL, TOMAZIN Y.                       MD-4-37-260
BELL, WILLIAM                          MD-4-25-108
BELT, ANN H.                           MD-4-26-269
BELT, FIDELIA R.                       MD-4-33-369
BEMIS, SAMUEL A.                       MD-4-60-216
BENGEL, MARY                           MD-4-42-143
BENHARDT, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-54-139
BENJAMIN, JACOB                        MD-4-42-10
BENJAMIN, LEVI                         MD-4-29-349
BENNER, MARY E.                        MD-4-61-164
BENNETT, BARBARA                       MD-4-54-181
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-60-430
BENNETT, FANNY S.                      MD-4-27-194
BENNETT, FRANCIS W.                    MD-4-46-147
BENNETT, JOHN                          MD-4-55-89
BENNETT, LUNSFORD E.                   MD-4-37-196
BENNETT, MARGARET S.                   MD-4-38-527
BENNETT, RICHARD                       MD-4-26-173
BENSER, HENRY                          MD-4-39-468
BENSON, MARY                           MD-4-32-54
BENTEEN, FREDERICK D.                  MD-4-31-393
BENTHALL, ISABELL F.                   MD-4-40-226
BENTHALL, ROBERT                       MD-4-46-137
BENTLEY, SUSAN                         MD-4-40-266
BENTON, AARON                          MD-4-53-324
BENTZ, CAROLINE I.                     MD-4-41-405
BENTZ, M. EUGENIA                      MD-4-35-522
BENZINGER, FREDERICK F.                MD-4-57-256
BEQUER, MARIA LA DE MERCED             MD-4-34-143
BERBERICH, JOSEPH                      MD-4-39-328
BERELY, EVELINA H.                     MD-4-58-318
BERG, ANNA E.                          MD-4-46-499
BERG, JOHN                             MD-4-39-241
BERG, O. H.                            MD-4-57-451
BERGER, AUGUST                         MD-4-52-439
BERGER, MARIA                          MD-4-58-58
BERGER, MARTIN                         MD-4-32-280
BERGER, PHILIP                         MD-4-50-504
BERGES, JOSEPHINE                      MD-4-27-288
BERGHEIMER, CATHARINE                  MD-4-46-113
BERGMAN, JOHN C.                       MD-4-58-118
BERGMAN, SAMUEL                        MD-4-43-538
BERIGTOLD, CHRISTOPH                   MD-4-44-140
BERNEBURG, JOHN N.                     MD-4-61-232
BERNEI, CAROLINE                       MD-4-56-305
BERNEI, SELIGMAN                       MD-4-56-112
BERNHART, HENRY                        MD-4-52-288
BERRY, AMELIA O.                       MD-4-44-298
BERRY, CHARLES A.                      MD-4-33-401
BERRY, ELIZA T.                        MD-4-32-46
BERRY, ELIZABETH B.                    MD-4-50-264
BERRY, JANE                            MD-4-34-498
BERRY, JOHN W.                         MD-4-27-156
BERRY, LOUISA Y.                       MD-4-45-82
BERRY, MARGARET S.                     MD-4-39-251
BERRY, ROBERT D.                       MD-4-36-378
BERRY, THOMAS W.                       MD-4-35-540
BERRY, WILLIAM B.                      MD-4-44-7
BERSCH, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-56-10
BERT, CHRISTIAN                        MD-4-26-156
BERTHY, CATHARINE                      MD-4-60-84
BERTRAND, JULIEN                       MD-4-27-174
BERZ, JACOB W.                         MD-4-44-201
BETTON, HARRIET                        MD-4-39-506
BETTON, JANE                           MD-4-27-323
BETTS, ANN E.                          MD-4-30-354
BETTS, EDWARD SR.                      MD-4-28-412
BETTS, ELIZABETH W.                    MD-4-56-408
BETTS, ROBERT                          MD-4-47-130
BETZ, CATHARINE                        MD-4-52-502
BETZ, JOHN L.                          MD-4-46-540
BETZENHAUSER, CHRISTINA                MD-4-53-474
BETZENHAUSER, JOSEPH                   MD-4-51-476
BEVAN, SAMUEL                          MD-4-45-347
BEVAN, THOMAS H.                       MD-4-31-166
BEVANS, JAMES H.                       MD-4-29-128
BEVERIDGE, AGNES                       MD-4-57-384
BEWIG, FREDERICK                       MD-4-39-278
BEWLEY, ELIZABETH D.                   MD-4-54-545
BEYER, FREDERICK A.                    MD-4-51-157
BEZECK, JOHN L.                        MD-4-42-324
BIAS, ROBERT                           MD-4-56-6
BIBB, BENTLEY S.                       MD-4-60-158
BIBBY, JAMES M.                        MD-4-29-226
BICHY, JOHN                            MD-4-54-225
BIDDLE, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-39-98
BIDDLE, PEREGRINE                      MD-4-28-133
BIEBELHISER, CONRAD G.                 MD-4-38-468
BIEDE, ADOLPH H.                       MD-4-44-338
BIEN, CONRAD                           MD-4-37-146
BIEN, JOHN                             MD-4-41-556
BIER, JANE AUGUSTA                     MD-4-60-505
BIERBOWER, LEMUEL                      MD-4-42-548
BIERITZ, ERNST                         MD-4-54-302
BIERS, AMANDA                          MD-4-33-472
BIGGS, MARY ELLEN                      MD-4-60-358
BIGHAM, JOHN                           MD-4-28-107
BILLMYER, HENRY                        MD-4-26-240
BILLUPS, LOUISA                        MD-4-41-480
BILSON, WILLIAM SR.                    MD-4-39-448
BINDER, FREDERICK                      MD-4-58-303
BINDER, LOUIS                          MD-4-42-181
BINDEWALD, MARIA M.                    MD-4-26-563
BINET, LOUIS F. A.                     MD-4-61-473
BININGER, ABRAHAM                      MD-4-32-132
BINNIE, ROBERT                         MD-4-41-308
BINNIX, MARTHA                         MD-4-44-269
BINYON, THOMAS                         MD-4-37-262
BIRCKHEAD, HUGH                        MD-4-25-237
BIRCKHEAD, JANE E.                     MD-4-61-260
BIRCKHEAD, SUSAN                       MD-4-31-83
BIRD, AMELIA J.                        MD-4-56-440
BIRD, EMPSON C.                        MD-4-61-252
BIRD, JENNIE C.                        MD-4-55-256
BIRELY, VALENTINE                      MD-4-31-375
BIRK, JULIUS                           MD-4-35-38
BIRKENWALD, SOLOMON                    MD-4-61-403
BIRKETT, MARY                          MD-4-43-405
BIRNEY, EDWARD H.                      MD-4-50-170
BISCHOFF, GEORGE                       MD-4-39-574
BISCOE, SAMUEL C.                      MD-4-28-161
BISHOP, DAVID E.                       MD-4-43-422
BISHOP, JAMES                          MD-4-42-494
BISHOP, JAMES H.                       MD-4-35-59
BISHOP, LYDIA JANE                     MD-4-39-104
BISHOP, RICHARD R.                     MD-4-26-300
BISHOP, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-45-415
BITLER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-51-458
BITTER, DIETRICH                       MD-4-47-119
BITTINGER, JOHN D.                     MD-4-44-545
BITTORF, CATHARINE                     MD-4-47-152
BITTORF, GEORGE C.                     MD-4-37-37
BLACK, ARTHUR                          MD-4-38-81
BLACK, ELIZABETH W.                    MD-4-56-169
BLACK, HARMAN F.                       MD-4-36-116
BLACK, ISABELLA L.                     MD-4-40-145
BLACK, JOHN SR.                        MD-4-38-268
BLACK, MARY                            MD-4-25-305
BLACK, MARY E.                         MD-4-52-423
BLACKISTONE, JOHN H.                   MD-4-53-27
BLACKNER, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-53-15
BLACKSTONE, TERESA                     MD-4-59-358
BLAGDEN, ANN C.                        MD-4-28-45
BLAHA, JOHN                            MD-4-59-152
BLAKE, BRIDGET                         MD-4-60-25
BLAKE, CATO                            MD-4-36-207
BLAKE, GEORGE                          MD-4-43-411
BLAKE, HENRY                           MD-4-53-61
BLAKE, JOEL N.                         MD-4-42-561
BLAKE, SAMUEL V.                       MD-4-37-247
BLAKE, SARAH E.                        MD-4-54-290
BLANCHARD, HARRIET                     MD-4-43-303
BLAND, DELILAH                         MD-4-26-541
BLAND, SARAH                           MD-4-26-124
BLANDFORD, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-49-174
BLANK, JOHN                            MD-4-37-128
BLASHKE, SOPHIA                        MD-4-29-346
BLATTAN, ANTON                         MD-4-27-497
BLATTER, JOHN N.                       MD-4-34-452
BLATTER, JOHN N. (CON'T)               MD-4-34-542
BLIMLINE, JOSEPH                       MD-4-44-88
BLISS, HORACE                          MD-4-45-33
BLOCK, JOHN                            MD-4-46-126
BLOCK, MARY E.                         MD-4-60-172
BLOODGOOD, JAMES J.                    MD-4-38-38
BLOOMER, JOHN W.                       MD-4-34-428
BLOTKAMP, WILLIAM                      MD-4-58-135
BLUM, CATHARINE                        MD-4-44-525
BLUM, CATHARINE E.                     MD-4-44-118
BLUM, GOTLIEB                          MD-4-40-24
BLUM, ISAAC                            MD-4-45-196, 298
BLUM, SALOMON                          MD-4-44-579
BLUM, VALENTINE                        MD-4-30-5
BLUM, WILLIAM                          MD-4-59-511
BLUMENBERG, JULIUS J.                  MD-4-43-288
BLUMENBERG, LEOPOLD                    MD-4-43-24
BLUMENTOTHER, JOHANN                   MD-4-49-124
BLUNT, IDA                             MD-4-54-203
BOBART, CHARLES C.                     MD-4-35-588
BOCK, JULIUS                           MD-4-48-56
BOCKMILLER, WILLIAM                    MD-4-45-9
BODEN, JANE                            MD-4-37-329
BODEN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-28-8
BODENSICK, WILLIAM T.                  MD-4-45-523
BODWELL, ABBIE                         MD-4-47-4
BOECKNER, JOHN                         MD-4-50-102
BOECKNER, MARY                         MD-4-51-405
BOEHL, HENRY                           MD-4-35-40
BOEHM, AUGUSTUS W.                     MD-4-30-511
BOEHM, CHARLES G.                      MD-4-29-332
BOEHM, GERHARDINE                      MD-4-53-351
BOEHM, JOHANN                          MD-4-38-205
BOEHM, MARY                            MD-4-53-86
BOEHM, SUSANNA S.                      MD-4-32-513
BOEHME, CHARLES L.                     MD-4-34-324
BOETTINGER, MARY                       MD-4-53-476
BOETTNER, CHARLES                      MD-4-41-175
BOGER, HENRY                           MD-4-42-497
BOGGS, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-25-364
BOGGS, ANN                             MD-4-32-284
BOGGS, AUGUSTUS A.                     MD-4-42-326
BOGGS, HARRIET M.                      MD-4-42-241
BOGGS, JOHN                            MD-4-26-45
BOGGS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-42-52
BOGLE, REBECCA                         MD-4-54-79
BOGLE, ROBERT                          MD-4-32-290
BOGUE, HENRY                           MD-4-34-452
BOGUE, JOHN                            MD-4-28-300
BOGUE, MARY A.                         MD-4-34-481
BOHNE, HEINRICH                        MD-4-39-319
BOHOMER, FREDERICK J.                  MD-4-54-232
BOHRER, JOHANN CHRISTIAN               MD-4-60-100
BOHRING, LOUIS                         MD-4-58-176
BOLAND, ODES                           MD-4-61-227
BOLDT, MARY                            MD-4-38-127
BOLENIUS, ADOLPHUS W.                  MD-4-55-396
BOLENIUS, GEORGE H.                    MD-4-39-570
BOLENIUS, GEORGE H. (CON'T)            MD-4-39-590
BOLENNIUS, EMMA M.                     MD-4-43-123
BOLLEININGER, JOHANN                   MD-4-50-110
BOLLMAN, ANN M. S.                     MD-4-57-219
BOLLMAN, WENDEL                        MD-4-52-410
BOLTON, HENRIETTA                      MD-4-31-50
BOLTON, HUGH                           MD-4-40-158
BOLTON, MARIA L.                       MD-4-43-184
BOLTON, MARIA L.                       MD-4-60-493
BOLTON, ROBERT                         MD-4-41-87
BOLTON, TYMER                          MD-4-33-485
BOLZ, JOHN                             MD-4-58-9
BOMBERGER, MARY A.                     MD-4-47-230
BONAPARTE, JEROME N.                   MD-4-36-259
BONAPARTE, SUSAN MAY                   MD-4-48-324
BOND, ALEXANDER J.                     MD-4-59-137
BOND, EDWARD S.                        MD-4-28-17
BOND, ELIZA                            MD-4-26-406
BOND, EMORY                            MD-4-30-420
BOND, JAMES                            MD-4-33-512
BOND, JOHN W.                          MD-4-46-550
BOND, SARAH A.                         MD-4-59-345
BOND, TERESA                           MD-4-42-403
BOND, WILLIAM                          MD-4-29-457
BOND, WILLIAM                          MD-4-45-373
BOND, WILLIAM                          MD-4-45-164
BOND, WILLIAM S.                       MD-4-42-379
BONHEIM, DAVID                         MD-4-55-180
BONINGER, GUSTAV F.                    MD-4-37-174
BONINGER, RUDOLPH C.                   MD-4-43-45
BOOL, MARIA M.                         MD-4-26-118
BOONE, ELIZA M.                        MD-4-48-463
BOONE, JAMES H.                        MD-4-35-397
BOONE, JOHN D. H.                      MD-4-40-381
BOONE, MARY A.                         MD-4-33-143
BOOTH, EDWARD                          MD-4-38-251
BOOTH, MARIE A. C.                     MD-4-28-119
BOOZ, ANN MARIA                        MD-4-51-542
BOOZ, BENJAMIN                         MD-4-35-104
BOOZ, JOHN J.                          MD-4-60-431
BOOZ, THOMS                            MD-4-55-390
BOOZER, GEORGE S.                      MD-4-31-145
BOPP, LORENZ                           MD-4-34-364
BORCHERDING, JOHN G.                   MD-4-43-553
BORDLEY, HIRAM J.                      MD-4-35-173
BORGER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-53-212
BORGERDING, HENRY                      MD-4-40-455
BORGMAN, MARY                          MD-4-43-65
BORLAND, JULIA A.                      MD-4-42-229
BORN, GEORGE M.                        MD-4-32-52
BOSE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-42-150
BOSLEY, REBECCA                        MD-4-26-8
BOSS, BURGHART                         MD-4-46-270
BOSS, HARRIET                          MD-4-28-334
BOSS, HENRY                            MD-4-43-172
BOSS, SOPHIA                           MD-4-32-175
BOSSHAMMER, HEINRICH                   MD-4-37-415
BOSSLE, JOSEPH C.                      MD-4-52-464
BOSTON, CHARLES                        MD-4-36-94
BOSTON, DANIEL                         MD-4-32-461
BOSTON, JOHN                           MD-4-40-68
BOSTON, JOHN D. T.                     MD-4-44-236
BOSTON, JOHN E. H.                     MD-4-61-376
BOSTON, RUTHELIA N.                    MD-4-44-106
BOTELER, SARAH                         MD-4-33-211
BOTELERE, ANN F.                       MD-4-26-98
BOTHMANN, ERNST F. C.                  MD-4-52-28
BOTTERILL, ISABELLA                    MD-4-49-22
BOTTERILL, JOHN                        MD-4-28-41
BOTTINGER, ANDREAS                     MD-4-56-151
BOUDET, MARGARET                       MD-4-26-320
BOUIS, ANNA                            MD-4-55-19
BOULDEN, DAVID P.                      MD-4-28-117
BOULDEN, MARGARET                      MD-4-28-396
BOULDIN, ALFRED                        MD-4-53-452
BOULDIN, GEORGE R. W. (CON'T)          MD-4-25-495
BOULDIN, GEORGE R. W.                  MD-4-25-443
BOURGUET, FRANCIS                      MD-4-52-257
BOURKE, RHETILLAH                      MD-4-28-134
BOURNER, JOHN G. C. N.                 MD-4-57-28
BOURY, LOUIS JOSEPH                    MD-4-53-366
BOURY, MARY ANN                        MD-4-59-166
BOWEN, CATHARINE                       MD-4-51-402
BOWEN, J. SMITH                        MD-4-30-452
BOWERS, EDWARD                         MD-4-36-327
BOWERS, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-30-377
BOWIE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-33-430
BOWIE, HELEN M.                        MD-4-38-184
BOWIE, REBECCA MARIA                   MD-4-50-270
BOWIE, REUBEN S.                       MD-4-36-29
BOWIE, SOLOMON                         MD-4-40-379
BOWIE, WILLIAM D.                      MD-4-53-129
BOWLES, PAUL C.                        MD-4-26-176
BOWLEY, KITTY                          MD-4-52-346
BOWLEY, SIMON                          MD-4-40-349
BOWLY, DANIEL                          MD-4-59-431
BOWLY, FRANCES R.                      MD-4-30-341
BOWNE, SAMUEL                          MD-4-45-183
BOWNE, SARAH C.                        MD-4-56-37
BOWSER, JOSEPH P.                      MD-4-36-430
BOWSER, MILCAH                         MD-4-43-359
BOYCE, THOMAS                          MD-4-34-502
BOYD, CATHARINE A.                     MD-4-28-355
BOYD, CLARISSA H.                      MD-4-37-291
BOYD, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-43-200
BOYD, FRANCIS B. C.                    MD-4-41-393
BOYD, FREDERICK                        MD-4-43-337
BOYD, HARRIET                          MD-4-50-231
BOYD, JAMES                            MD-4-37-355
BOYD, JOHN                             MD-4-37-388
BOYD, JOHN J.                          MD-4-42-500
BOYD, JOSEPH H. (CON'T)                MD-4-35-595
BOYD, JOSEPH H.                        MD-4-35-381
BOYD, MARY                             MD-4-26-217
BOYD, MARY                             MD-4-26-129
BOYD, MARY J.                          MD-4-33-508
BOYD, MARY J.                          MD-4-32-45
BOYD, SAMUEL                           MD-4-28-352
BOYD, WILLIAM A.                       MD-4-42-29
BOYER, RACHEL C.                       MD-4-52-124
BOYER, SARAH                           MD-4-27-434
BOYLE, JOHN I.                         MD-4-32-450
BOYLE, JOHN S.                         MD-4-30-278
BOYLE, LLEWELLYN                       MD-4-47-300
BOYLE, WILLIAM K.                      MD-4-52-180
BRACKBILL, JOHN                        MD-4-51-247
BRADICUM, EMMA                         MD-4-59-216
BRADLEY, EDWIN B.                      MD-4-51-143
BRADSHAW, ANN M.                       MD-4-26-147
BRADY, ANNE                            MD-4-27-202
BRADY, CONRAD                          MD-4-37-377
BRADY, ISABELLA                        MD-4-40-27
BRADY, PATRICK                         MD-4-28-46
BRADY, THOMAS                          MD-4-37-147
BRAG, REGINA                           MD-4-48-228
BRANAN, BERNARD                        MD-4-30-129
BRAND, FRANCIS                         MD-4-33-196
BRANDEL, FERDINAND                     MD-4-58-199
BRANDEL, MICHAEL                       MD-4-45-222
BRANDER, ADAM                          MD-4-47-109
BRANDER, MARGARETHA                    MD-4-38-463
BRANDT, HENRY                          MD-4-37-287
BRANNAN, SARAH                         MD-4-37-231
BRANNAN, SARAH (CON'T)                 MD-4-37-241
BRANNT, JOHN                           MD-4-56-139
BRANSON, MARY                          MD-4-30-455
BRANT, GEORGE                          MD-4-31-338
BRASHEARS, ZACCHEUS D.                 MD-4-43-54
BRASS, JOSEPH                          MD-4-43-153
BRAUN, ANNA M.                         MD-4-41-2
BRAUN, BARBARA                         MD-4-33-307
BRAUN, JOHN                            MD-4-38-63
BRAUN, JOHN B.                         MD-4-61-169
BRAUN, MARY E.                         MD-4-60-226
BRAUNIG, ANNA M.                       MD-4-40-120
BRAUNIG, GEORGE                        MD-4-37-302
BRAUNS, CHRISTIAN J.                   MD-4-36-22
BRAUTIGAM, JOHANN A.                   MD-4-56-242
BRAZIER, SARAH                         MD-4-33-104
BRDS, JAMES                            MD-4-59-231
BREATON, SAMUEL R.                     MD-4-35-365
BREHM, JOHN                            MD-4-50-301
BREHM, JOHN A.                         MD-4-55-83
BREITENBACH, CHARLES                   MD-4-61-382
BREITSCHWEDT, CONRAD                   MD-4-54-394
BRENAN, SUSAN                          MD-4-25-387
BRENDEL, CHRISTIANA                    MD-4-44-180
BRENNAN, ANNE                          MD-4-52-26
BRENNER, BARBARA                       MD-4-42-331
BRESAW, EMILY                          MD-4-27-269
BRETTHAUER, PETER                      MD-4-34-494
BRETTHOLL, WILLIAM                     MD-4-55-393
BREWER, ADELINE                        MD-4-41-364
BREWER, LUCY H.                        MD-4-30-100
BREWER, MARY E. M.                     MD-4-59-361
BREYER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-26-480
BRIAN, JOHN G.                         MD-4-34-49
BRIAN, JOSEPH                          MD-4-39-523
BRICE, ANNA M. M.                      MD-4-28-362
BRICE, ANNA M.                         MD-4-40-59
BRICE, HESTER                          MD-4-42-75
BRICE, ISABELLA                        MD-4-41-491
BRICE, MARGARET E.                     MD-4-55-510
BRICE, MARY                            MD-4-53-195
BRICE, MARY A.                         MD-4-50-447
BRICKMAN, ARTHUR O.                    MD-4-55-289
BRIDGES, CATHARINE A.                  MD-4-26-277
BRIGHT, JESSE D.                       MD-4-41-397
BRIGHT, MARY E.                        MD-4-43-437
BRIGHT, SARAH                          MD-4-51-509
BRINCKMANN, HENRY                      MD-4-25-253
BRINCKMEYER, CHARLES F.                MD-4-43-329
BRINGE, ALBERT                         MD-4-46-531
BRINK, HENRY D. A.                     MD-4-36-552
BRINKMAN, MARY A.                      MD-4-51-335
BRISCOE, JOHN H.                       MD-4-26-500
BRISON, SAMUEL                         MD-4-25-480
BRITT, GAYNOR                          MD-4-34-207
BRITTAIN, AMELIA J. B.                 MD-4-53-440
BRITTON, FRANCIS                       MD-4-42-103
BRITTON, MARTHA                        MD-4-58-505
BROADERS, FREERICK R. W.               MD-4-26-163
BROADMEAD, SARAH                       MD-4-35-187
BROADRIB, WILLIAM                      MD-4-37-289
BROCKMANN, PHILIP                      MD-4-45-174
BRODERICK, JOHN T.                     MD-4-50-3
BRODERICK, WILLIAM                     MD-4-31-505
BROERS, PIETER A.                      MD-4-59-140
BROGDEN, AUSTEN                        MD-4-28-98
BROKMIER, ADAM                         MD-4-31-154
BROME, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-46-445
BRONSON, VIRGINIA                      MD-4-57-198
BROOK, JOHN                            MD-4-33-234
BROOKE, ROBERTA T.                     MD-4-48-290
BROOKER, ELEANOR J.                    MD-4-46-20
BROOKES, MARY                          MD-4-38-294
BROOKS, JOHN                           MD-4-37-201
BROOKS, JOHN                           MD-4-33-405
BROOKS, MARY O.                        MD-4-41-105
BROOKS, SARAH                          MD-4-34-196
BROOM, JOHN                            MD-4-26-152
BROSECKE, JOHN L. C.                   MD-4-32-473
BROSIUS, JACOB                         MD-4-43-335
BROTZMAN, ANTON                        MD-4-38-106
BROTZMANN, JOHN                        MD-4-37-325
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-56-125
BROWN, ALEXANDER E.                    MD-4-55-22
BROWN, ANN                             MD-4-58-527
BROWN, ANN B.                          MD-4-31-225
BROWN, ANN M.                          MD-4-42-135, 171
BROWN, BAPTIST L.                      MD-4-43-159
BROWN, CATHARINE B.                    MD-4-49-505
BROWN, CATHARINE W.                    MD-4-46-542
BROWN, CHARLES                         MD-4-25-179
BROWN, DAVID U.                        MD-4-25-427
BROWN, ELIZA A.                        MD-4-42-171
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-34-130
BROWN, ELIZABETH ANN                   MD-4-52-289
BROWN, EVELINA                         MD-4-56-15
BROWN, FRANCES M.                      MD-4-53-331
BROWN, FRANCS ANN                      MD-4-50-359
BROWN, GARRETT                         MD-4-36-281
BROWN, GEORGE                          MD-4-29-41
BROWN, GEORGE                          MD-4-34-67
BROWN, GEORGE D.                       MD-4-42-415
BROWN, HENRY G.                        MD-4-30-225
BROWN, HIRAM D.                        MD-4-49-345
BROWN, ISABELLA                        MD-4-54-369
BROWN, JACOB                           MD-4-41-341
BROWN, JAEMS H.                        MD-4-56-25
BROWN, JAMES M.                        MD-4-31-230
BROWN, JANE C.                         MD-4-53-275
BROWN, JANE M.                         MD-4-48-339
BROWN, JOHN                            MD-4-55-425
BROWN, JOHN                            MD-4-45-383
BROWN, JOHN A.                         MD-4-59-21
BROWN, JOHN N.                         MD-4-47-268
BROWN, JOSEPH                          MD-4-42-187
BROWN, JULIA ANN                       MD-4-55-462
BROWN, LEWIS                           MD-4-45-96
BROWN, LYDIA                           MD-4-32-277
BROWN, MARIA                           MD-4-33-471
BROWN, MARTIN S.                       MD-4-45- 417
BROWN, MICHAEL                         MD-4-44-554
BROWN, MORITZ                          MD-4-41-537
BROWN, PHILIP                          MD-4-47-212
BROWN, RACHEL P.                       MD-4-52-107
BROWN, ROBER                           MD-4-49-206
BROWN, ROBERT                          MD-4-61-338
BROWN, SALOMON                         MD-4-60-363
BROWN, SAMUEL C.                       MD-4-44-121
BROWN, SARAH                           MD-4-39-339
BROWN, SARAH ANN                       MD-4-40-398
BROWN, SUSANNAH                        MD-4-32-191
BROWN, THOMAS R.                       MD-4-38-3
BROWN, THOMAS R.                       MD-4-45-135
BROWN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-167
BROWN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-37-47
BROWN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-59-56
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-47-449
BROWNE, CHARLES C.                     MD-4-43-262
BROWNE, ELISHA N.                      MD-4-29-245
BROWNE, ELIZA                          MD-4-43-355
BROWNE, JAMES H.                       MD-4-38-120
BROWNE, JANE                           MD-4-48-78
BROWNE, LUCY                           MD-4-60-452
BROWNE, MARTHA T.                      MD-4-32-170
BROWNE, MARY E.                        MD-4-34-272
BROWNE, NICHOLAS V.                    MD-4-37-350
BROWNE, WILLIAM                        MD-4-25-207
BROWNE, WILLIAM (CON'T)                MD-4-25-256
BROWNING, MARY                         MD-4-34-467
BROWNING, SAMUEL                       MD-4-32-115
BROWNING, WILLIAM S.                   MD-4-42-267
BROWNING, WILLIAM W.                   MD-4-59-105
BROWNLEY, JOSEPH                       MD-4-30-202
BROWNLEY, JUDITH                       MD-4-30-222
BRUCE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-56-1
BRUCHY, JOSEPH                         MD-4-34-156
BRUCKNER, ANNA M.                      MD-4-38-298
BRUDER, FRANCISCA                      MD-4-44-137
BRUDER, MICHAEL                        MD-4-43-121
BRUEN, SARAH A.                        MD-4-31-68
BRUEN, THOMAS                          MD-4-28-255
BRUNDEL, GEORGE                        MD-4-27-400
BRUNDENBURGER, ANTON                   MD-4-29-203
BRUNDICK, RUDOLPH                      MD-4-50-1
BRUNDIGE, HANNAH G.                    MD-4-36-224
BRUNDIGE, JAMES                        MD-4-31-2
BRUNE, FREDERICK W.                    MD-4-29-428
BRUNE, JOHN C.                         MD-4-32-321
BRUNE, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-58-474
BRUNING, HERMANN H.                    MD-4-25-389
BRUNNER, ANDREW                        MD-4-44-160
BRUNNER, JACOB                         MD-4-39-288
BRUNTSCH, ANTON B.                     MD-4-41-282
BRUSCUP, GEORGE H.                     MD-4-50-167
BRUSCUP, SARAH A.                      MD-4-48-434
BRYAN, FRANCES H.                      MD-4-40-341
BRYAN, WILLIAM O.                      MD-4-56-265
BRYNAN, MARY                           MD-4-26-343
BUCHANAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-30-104
BUCHANAN, ESTHER S.                    MD-4-33-230
BUCHANAN, JAMES                        MD-4-35-11
BUCHANAN, JAMES E.                     MD-4-39-327
BUCHANAN, JAMES M.                     MD-4-43-88
BUCHANAN, LETITIA E.                   MD-4-51-429
BUCHANAN, PRISCILLA                    MD-4-25-291
BUCHANAN, ROBERT C.                    MD-4-45-54
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL S.                    MD-4-38-293
BUCHARLE, CARL                         MD-4-28-254
BUCHEL, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-36-144
BUCHHEIMER, GEORGE                     MD-4-52-545
BUCHMEIER, DOROTHEA                    MD-4-59-496
BUCK, CHARLES C.                       MD-4-27-55
BUCK, CHARLES C. (CON'T)               MD-4-27-59
BUCK, EDWARD D.                        MD-4-61-443
BUCK, JOHN                             MD-4-28-189
BUCK, MARGARET                         MD-4-42-386
BUCK, RICHARD B.                       MD-4-59-368
BUCK, WILLIAM T.                       MD-4-40-486
BUCKHEIMER, CATHARINE                  MD-4-58-305
BUCKINGHAM, CORDELIA                   MD-4-39-220
BUCKINGHAM, HENRY T. F.                MD-4-47-59
BUCKINGHAM, SARAH G. E.                MD-4-30-365
BUCKLER, JOHN                          MD-4-33-180
BUCKLEY, JEREMIAH                      MD-4-28-257
BUCKMAN, CHARLES                       MD-4-50-243
BUCKMILLER, ROBERT S.                  MD-4-52-344
BUDDE, FREDERICK W.                    MD-4-41-310
BUDDEMEYER, JOHAN W. H.                MD-4-44-155
BUESCHER, JOHN W.                      MD-4-25-18
BUETTNER, FREDERICK                    MD-4-44-537
BUHMANN, WILHELM                       MD-4-50-149
BULGER, ANN                            MD-4-28-279
BULL, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-40-576
BULL, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-39-89
BULL, JACOB                            MD-4-26-323
BULLEN, HARRIET                        MD-4-49-487
BULLEN, SARAH E.                       MD-4-38-131
BULLEN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-31-244
BULLERDICK, JOHN                       MD-4-45-178
BULLOCK, JOHN                          MD-4-29-33
BULMAN, JOHN W.                        MD-4-53-91
BUNCH, MARGARET                        MD-4-59-339
BUNGENER, GEORGE W.                    MD-4-30-31
BUNN, CATHARINE                        MD-4-48-371
BUNNELL, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-49-497
BUNZENTHAL, FRANK                      MD-4-45-325
BURCH, MARCELLUS                       MD-4-58-86
BURGER, CHRISTIAN P.                   MD-4-37-506
BURGER, GUSTAVE                        MD-4-46-183
BURGER, JOHN H.                        MD-4-44-23
BURGER, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-52-465
BURGER, NICHOLAS                       MD-4-35-462
BURGER, WILHELMINA                     MD-4-54-433
BURGESS, CALEB W.                      MD-4-36-222
BURGESS, HENRIETTA                     MD-4-25-334
BURGHARDT, WILLIAM                     MD-4-33-458
BURGUNDER, BENJAMIN                    MD-4-57-21
BURKAMP, FRANCIS                       MD-4-59-444
BURKARD, MARGARTHA                     MD-4-52-134
BURKE, EZEKIEL                         MD-4-27-328
BURKE, JOHN H.                         MD-4-47-13
BURKE, MARGARET                        MD-4-25-91
BURKMEIER, BALTASZER                   MD-4-47-145
BURLEY, OSBORN                         MD-4-35-45
BURN, JAMES                            MD-4-30-359
BURNHAM, ENOCH                         MD-4-42-465
BURNHAM, MARY A.                       MD-4-61-391
BURNS, BRIDGET                         MD-4-51-451
BURNS, EDWARD                          MD-4-30-330
BURNS, ELIZABETH E.                    MD-4-42-242
BURNS, FRANCIS                         MD-4-46-59
BURNS, WILLIAM F.                      MD-4-61-241
BURNUM, JOHN R.                        MD-4-36-113
BURROUGH, JACOB                        MD-4-47-196
BUSCH, BERNARD                         MD-4-54-192
BUSCH, LENA                            MD-4-51-266
BUSCHMAN, CLEMENS A.                   MD-4-36-137
BUSCHMAN, ELIZABETH J.                 MD-4-46-301
BUSCHMANN, FREDERICK                   MD-4-45-450
BUSCHMANN, HENRY                       MD-4-50-485
BUSEY, EZRA F.                         MD-4-46-315
BUSEY, SALLIE C.                       MD-4-45-53
BUSKY, CONRAD                          MD-4-27-223
BUSSE, JOHN V.                         MD-4-43-239
BUSSMANN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-31-57
BUTHNER, MARY                          MD-4-52-260
BUTLER, BRIDGET                        MD-4-49-293
BUTLER, CATHARINE C.                   MD-4-56-308
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-29-30
BUTLER, HENRY                          MD-4-38-547
BUTLER, JOHN H.                        MD-4-53-291
BUTLER, LYDIA D.                       MD-4-56-275
BUTLER, MARION                         MD-4-42-570
BUTLER, MARTIN                         MD-4-29-188
BUTLER, MARY                           MD-4-52-355
BUTLER, SAMUEL                         MD-4-26-247
BUTLER, THOMAS                         MD-4-37-181
BUTLER, THOMAS                         MD-4-56-237
BUTTNER, MARI                          MD-4-38-385
BUXBAUM, HANNAH                        MD-4-42-499
BYERLY, JOHN SR.                       MD-4-43-254
BYLES, SARAH                           MD-4-46-374
BYRD, ALFRED H.                        MD-4-32-421
BYRD, FRANCIS O.                       MD-4-29-263
BYRD, THOMAS T.                        MD-4-33-260
BYRNE, ANDREW                          MD-4-31-359
BYRNE, EDWARD H.                       MD-4-26-42
BYRNE, ISABELLA R.                     MD-4-45-249
BYRNE, JOSEPH                          MD-4-61-230
BYRNE, OWEN                            MD-4-37-356
BYRNE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-36-195
BYRNE, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-41-219
BYRNES, BERNARD                        MD-4-52-366
BYRNES, JAMES B. A.                    MD-4-60-380

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