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FABER, FREDERICK                       MD-4-37-96
FAGAN, ROBERT                          MD-4-40-71
FAHEY, ANN                             MD-4-44-544
FAHEY, JEMIMA                          MD-4-28-397
FAHNESTOCK, LEVI                       MD-4-26-200
FAHS, AMELIA                           MD-4-35-391
FAIR, ALICE                            MD-4-45-411
FAIRCHILD, RACHEL C.                   MD-4-48-61
FAIRVRE, JOSEPH                        MD-4-28-149
FAITHFUL, JOSEPH                       MD-4-42-555
FAITHFUL, MARGARET                     MD-4-34-44
FAITZ, ANNA M.                         MD-4-30-304
FAITZ, JOHN P.                         MD-4-26-40
FAITZ, JOHN P. (CON'T)                 MD-4-26-156
FALCONER, CAROLINE E.                  MD-4-34-188
FALCONER, ELIZA                        MD-4-27-373
FALES, JAMES G.                        MD-4-31-114
FALKUM, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-28-365
FALLS, MARIA                           MD-4-45-186
FARAHAR, JULIA                         MD-4-56-235
FARBER, JOHN M.                        MD-4-35-467
FARLOW, JOHN T.                        MD-4-46-279
FARMER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-28-205
FARMER, JAMES F.                       MD-4-60-522
FARMER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-30-287
FARNAN, MICHAEL                        MD-4-31-256
FARNANDIS, WALTER                      MD-4-27-20
FARNBACHER, GEORGE                     MD-4-30-148
FARQUHAR, GEORE A.                     MD-4-42-237
FARQUHARSON, CHARLES                   MD-4-29-275
FARRELL, ELLEN                         MD-4-28-156
FAULKNER, CLEMENTINE                   MD-4-31-518
FAULKNER, ELLEN                        MD-4-31-86
FAUNTLEROY, ARAMINTA                   MD-4-42-33
FAUSTMANN, HEINRICH                    MD-4-36-120
FAVIER, PETER                          MD-4-25-208
FAVRE, FREDERICK H.                    MD-4-60-203
FAWCETT, EMMAR                         MD-4-61-346
FAY, GEORGE W.                         MD-4-38-266
FAYE, JAMES R.                         MD-4-54-407
FEAST, SAMUEL JR.                      MD-4-37-390
FECHTIG, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-50-457
FEEHELY, MARY                          MD-4-37-80
FEENEY, MARY TERESA                    MD-4-58-353
FEENEY, PATRICK                        MD-4-33-424
FEER, CAROLINA V.                      MD-4-51-306
FEFEL, JOSEPH                          MD-4-44-186
FEGER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-52-66
FEGER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-30-229
FEHRMAN, LUDWIG A.                     MD-4-42-425
FEINOUR, EDWARD                        MD-4-52-68
FELBINGER, ADAM                        MD-4-29-439
FELBINGER, ANNA K.                     MD-4-33-374
FELL, MARY                             MD-4-44-348
FELL, STEPHEN                          MD-4-29-471
FELL, STEPHEN (CON'T)                  MD-4-29-522
FENDRICH, CHARLES                      MD-4-47-99
FENNEMAN, DEDRICK                      MD-4-31-439
FENTON, AARON                          MD-4-46-306
FENWICK, HELEN C. S.                   MD-4-36-457
FERGUSON, CAROLINE                     MD-4-54-121
FERGUSON, CELESTIA A.                  MD-4-51-416
FERGUSON, DAVID B.                     MD-4-31-363
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-40-569
FERGUSON, JOHN                         MD-4-30-218
FERGUSON, JOHN H.                      MD-4-26-249
FERGUSON, JUDITH R.                    MD-4-48-128
FERGUSON, LAVINIA W.                   MD-4-44-287
FERGUSON, ROBERT                       MD-4-46-469
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-34-102
FERNHEIMER, SAMUEL                     MD-4-51-395
FERNSER, FRIEDERICH                    MD-4-57-315
FERNSNER, LEWIS                        MD-4-38-128
FERRELL, JOSHUA                        MD-4-32-193
FERRELL, MARY                          MD-4-36-417
FERRY, DENNIS                          MD-4-25-398
FERRY, JOHN                            MD-4-57-117
FERSCH, MICHAEL                        MD-4-34-492
FESSMAN, ELIZABETH PFOTZER             MD-4-43-552
FETTING, HOHN                          MD-4-29-480
FICKE, JOHN H.                         MD-4-39-487
FICKEY, FREDERICK                      MD-4-43-494
FICKEY, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-46-208
FICKLIN, BENJAMIN F.                   MD-4-38-255
FIELD, PENELOPE J.                     MD-4-37-13
FIELDS, ABIATHAR                       MD-4-51-511
FIELDS, SARAH                          MD-4-60-443
FIKENSCHER, JOHN                       MD-4-43-346
FILES, JOSEPH                          MD-4-46-22
FINCK, JOHN                            MD-4-26-248
FINERAN, MARY                          MD-4-59-302
FINK, PETER                            MD-4-28-188
FINLAY, CATHARINE                      MD-4-26-403
FINLEY, HENRIETTA                      MD-4-54-327
FINNALL, JAMES E.                      MD-4-47-339
FINNERMAN, DORCAS H.                   MD-4-43-308
FIQUIET, DOMINIC                       MD-4-33-177
FIRTH, RACHEL                          MD-4-44-328
FISCHER, CHARLES                       MD-4-57-519
FISCHER, EMIL                          MD-4-45-331
FISCHER, FRANZ M.                      MD-4-56-398
FISCHER, FREDERICK                     MD-4-56-513
FISCHER, GOTTFRIED                     MD-4-38-67
FISCHER, MARGARET A.                   MD-4-43-305
FISCHER, PETER                         MD-4-37-205
FISH, ANN                              MD-4-30-367
FISHBECK, JOHN                         MD-4-30-108
FISHER, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-37-294
FISHER, ANNABELLA                      MD-4-46-584
FISHER, BERNHARD                       MD-4-51-86
FISHER, CAROLINE                       MD-4-40-526
FISHER, DANIEL                         MD-4-39-425
FISHER, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-4-31-447
FISHER, FREDERICK                      MD-4-54-271
FISHER, MARY                           MD-4-44-104
FISHER, ROBERT A.                      MD-4-47-281
FISHER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-33-532
FISK, MARY E.                          MD-4-49-274
FISSLER, ROSINA                        MD-4-57-445
FITE, CONRAD R.                        MD-4-45-510
FITE, CORNELIUS G.                     MD-4-27-116
FITSCHEN, JOHN                         MD-4-58-270
FITTON, ALICE                          MD-4-61-334
FITZBEGER, MARTIN                      MD-4-41-54
FITZGERALD, HENRY                      MD-4-45-207
FITZGERALD, MARIA K.                   MD-4-28-297
FITZGERALD, RICHARD B.                 MD-4-35-209
FITZGERALD, SUSANNA L.                 MD-4-37-424
FITZPATRICK, C. S.                     MD-4-36-402
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                      MD-4-43-412
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK                   MD-4-33-479
FLACK, JOHN O. S.                      MD-4-34-513
FLADUNG, MARTIN                        MD-4-31-181
FLAHERTY, JAMES                        MD-4-28-88
FLAHERTY, JAMES (CON'T)                MD-4-28-198
FLAHERTY, JULIA A.                     MD-4-39-103
FLAHERTY, THOMAS                       MD-4-39-350
FLANNIGAIN, ANDREW                     MD-4-36-300
FLEISCHMANN, JOHN                      MD-4-33-348
FLEISCHMANN, MARGARET                  MD-4-26-280
FLEISHMAN, SIMON                       MD-4-30-13
FLEMING, BRIDGET                       MD-4-33-407
FLEMING, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-25-393
FLEMING, GEORGE M.                     MD-4-29-174
FLEMING, MICHAEL                       MD-4-31-458
FLEMMING, CATHARINE                    MD-4-38-207
FLEMMING, PATRICK                      MD-4-34-349
FLEMMINGS, MARGARETTE                  MD-4-50-373
FLETCHER, HELEN S.                     MD-4-46-376
FLEURY, JOSEPH                         MD-4-39-193
FLEURY, REBECCA                        MD-4-53-179
FLINN, JAMES                           MD-4-41-351
FLINT, EDWARD                          MD-4-32-130
FLINT, RICHARD                         MD-4-37-17
FLINT, ROBERT                          MD-4-37-343
FLINT, SARAH A.                        MD-4-58-273
FLOR, FREDERICK                        MD-4-59-467
FLOSS, SARA                            MD-4-34-77
FLUX, CARL E. F.                       MD-4-28-306
FLYNN, CATHARINE                       MD-4-31-444
FLYNN, MARY                            MD-4-41-350
FLYNN, MARY                            MD-4-48-461
FLYNN, MAURICE                         MD-4-34-152
FOARD, A. J.                           MD-4-34-403
FOBLE, HENRY                           MD-4-51-481
FOGEL, CARRIE                          MD-4-56-548
FOGLE, CHRISTINA                       MD-4-35-303
FOLEY, JOHN                            MD-4-34-315
FOLEY, MICHAEL                         MD-4-37-544
FOLGER, EDWARD F.                      MD-4-41-435
FOLLAGER, HENRY                        MD-4-34-333
FONDER, RICHARD                        MD-4-52-352
FONERDEN, JESSIE                       MD-4-46-287
FONERDEN, JOHN                         MD-4-35-349
FOOS, HENRY                            MD-4-32-452
FORBES, CHARLES P.                     MD-4-27-439
FORD, CHARLES T.                       MD-4-37-503
FORD, FRANCES                          MD-4-29-96
FOREMAN, CATHARINE                     MD-4-34-206
FOREMAN, JOSHUA D.                     MD-4-28-171
FOREMAN, VALENTINE                     MD-4-26-125
FORMAN, ANN E.                         MD-4-41-472
FORMAN, FRANCIS                        MD-4-28-62
FORMAN, SOPHIA                         MD-4-27-209
FORNOFF, MARY                          MD-4-53-263
FORNOFF, PHILIPP                       MD-4-54-525
FORREST, JONATHAN L.                   MD-4-46-439
FORSCHEL, JOSEPH                       MD-4-38-307
FORSYTH, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-38-1
FORSYTH, HETTY                         MD-4-41-44
FORSYTH, RAYMOND G.                    MD-4-29-338
FORSYTHE, FRANKLIN J.                  MD-4-48-235
FORT, WILLIAM                          MD-4-26-140
FORTLING, JOHN H.                      MD-4-29-367
FORTMAN, ARNOLD                        MD-4-29-477
FORTUNE, JOHN A.                       MD-4-41-133
FOSBENNER, WILLIAM G.                  MD-4-35-441
FOSS, ANN JANE                         MD-4-53-233
FOSSETT, JOHN                          MD-4-36-335
FOSTER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-34-230
FOSTER, JAMES K.                       MD-4-41-230
FOSTER, JOHN D.                        MD-4-52-458
FOSTER, WILLIAM J.                     MD-4-54-417
FOUNTAIN, MARY A.                      MD-4-35-399
FOWITZ, GUSTAV                         MD-4-58-221
FOWLER, FRANCIS                        MD-4-38-441
FOWLER, ISAAC                          MD-4-41-589
FOWLER, KEZIAH                         MD-4-60-196
FOWLER, MARY A.                        MD-4-35-41
FOWLER, PAMELA                         MD-4-35-52
FOWLER, SAMUEL B.                      MD-4-29-509
FOWLER, SARAH                          MD-4-30-124
FOWLER, SUSAN                          MD-4-34-396
FOX, EUNICE C.                         MD-4-40-559
FOX, HARRIET                           MD-4-39-142
FOX, REBECCA                           MD-4-33-8
FOY, BRIDGET A.                        MD-4-50-136
FOY, FREDERICK                         MD-4-37-299
FOY, MARGARET                          MD-4-31-361
FOY, PETER                             MD-4-25-94
FRAILEY, G. CLINTON                    MD-4-26-395
FRAILEY, LEONARD                       MD-4-32-40
FRALY, MANIS                           MD-4-48-493
FRAME, JAMES                           MD-4-43-259
FRANCE, JACOB                          MD-4-60-485
FRANCE, JOHN                           MD-4-31-324
FRANCE, MARIA                          MD-4-53-174
FRANCE, PETER H.                       MD-4-53-484
FRANCIS, ROBERT                        MD-4-39-351
FRANCK, GEORGE C.                      MD-4-44-563
FRANCK, PETER                          MD-4-29-465
FRANK, AARON                           MD-4-47-398
FRANK, AUSTIN                          MD-4-26-449
FRANK, ERNESTG                         MD-4-52-334
FRANK, FANNY                           MD-4-60-542
FRANK, GOTTLIEB                        MD-4-60-470
FRANK, HENRY                           MD-4-48-386
FRANK, IGNATIUS                        MD-4-52-263
FRANK, JOHANN                          MD-4-38-110
FRANK, JOHN G.                         MD-4-34-511
FRANK, JULIANNA                        MD-4-59-195
FRANK, KAUFMANN                        MD-4-50-127
FRANK, MARIANNA                        MD-4-58-398
FRANK, NATHAN                          MD-4-52-340
FRANK, NISAN                           MD-4-60-315
FRANK, SAMUEL                          MD-4-54-169
FRANK, SIMON                           MD-4-35-416
FRANK, WILLIAM B.                      MD-4-29-21
FRANKEL, BERNARD                       MD-4-50-130
FRANKEL, PHILIP                        MD-4-55-398
FRANKLIN, THOMAS A.                    MD-4-38-543
FRANKS, EVY P.                         MD-4-28-223
FRANTZ, JOHANN                         MD-4-37-308
FRANZ, ANDREAS                         MD-4-32-444
FRANZ, KARL                            MD-4-44-364
FRANZ, PETER                           MD-4-27-345
FRANZ, WILLIAM                         MD-4-30-275
FRASIER, DAVID                         MD-4-41-365
FRAY, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-61-147
FRAZER, JOHN                           MD-4-29-207
FRAZER, JOHN                           MD-4-29-207
FRAZIER, ANNA M.                       MD-4-58-5
FRAZIER, JAMES                         MD-4-33-345
FRAZIER, JAMES M.                      MD-4-37-172
FRAZIER, SARAH JANE                    MD-4-60-239
FRECH, FREDERICK                       MD-4-52-421
FREDENBURG, MARY M.                    MD-4-60-390
FREDERICKS, CHRISTIAN H.               MD-4-39-235
FREDERICKS, JOHANNA                    MD-4-54-471
FREELAND, ROBERT                       MD-4-55-336
FREEMAN, FREDERICK L.                  MD-4-60-136
FREEMAN, SAMUEL B.                     MD-4-55-527
FREITAG, AUGUST H. C.                  MD-4-26-578
FRENCH, JOHN C.                        MD-4-29-173
FRENCH, SAMUEL                         MD-4-29-228
FRENCH, THOMAS                         MD-4-32-13
FRESE, JOHN H.                         MD-4-61-72
FREUDING, JOSEPH                       MD-4-54-330
FREY, CHARLES                          MD-4-44-505
FREY, GOTTLIEB                         MD-4-43-491
FREY, JAMES H.                         MD-4-52-185
FREY, JOHN B.                          MD-4-44-157
FREY, MARGARET                         MD-4-56-260
FREY, SAMUEL                           MD-4-25-340
FREY, SAMUEL W.                        MD-4-48-409
FREY, SUSAN                            MD-4-31-29
FRICK, GEORGE                          MD-4-36-480
FRICK, GEORGE P.                       MD-4-54-320
FRICK, WILLIAM                         MD-4-26-491
FRICKE, WILLIAM                        MD-4-33-432
FRIDAY, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-60-153
FRIEBERTSHAUVER, ADAM                  MD-4-42-355, 589
FRIED, HENRY                           MD-4-34-132
FRIED, MICHAEL                         MD-4-38-360
FRIED, TERESIA                         MD-4-55-51
FRIEDRICH, CHRISTOPH                   MD-4-28-1
FRIETSCH, EVA K.                       MD-4-46-196
FRISBIE, AMELIA                        MD-4-42-272
FRISBIE, CATHARINE                     MD-4-58-153
FRISBY, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-26-47
FRISCH, JOHN W.                        MD-4-36-322
FRISLER, SUSAN                         MD-4-46-188
FRITSCHNER, CHARLES                    MD-4-52-506
FRITZ, CHARLES A.                      MD-4-26-373
FRIZZELL, JAMES B.                     MD-4-26-283
FROBISH, LOUISA                        MD-4-57-114
FROEHLICH, ANNA M.                     MD-4-47-325
FROEHLICH, HENRY                       MD-4-47-224
FROHLICH, JOHAN G.                     MD-4-46-291
FROST, HENRY                           MD-4-46-463
FRUSH, WILLIAM W.                      MD-4-49-291
FUCHS, BARBARA E.                      MD-4-49-184
FULD, ISAAC                            MD-4-40-325
FULD, LAZARUS                          MD-4-49-56
FULDA, B. S.                           MD-4-56-527
FULLER, CHARLOTTE B.                   MD-4-59-91
FULLER, MARY                           MD-4-37-41
FULLER, RICHARD                        MD-4-43-143
FULLER, SARAH A.                       MD-4-52-359
FULLERTON, COSMELIA                    MD-4-57-107
FULTON, ROBERT                         MD-4-31-99
FULTON, SUSAN                          MD-4-36-245
FUNK, FRANK                            MD-4-59-423
FUNK, JACOB K.                         MD-4-53-463
FURZE, EVELINE M.                      MD-4-46-364
FUSS, JOHN                             MD-4-32-88
GABLE, HENRY                           MD-4-36-64
GABLE, JOHN                            MD-4-27-35
GABLE, LOUISA M.                       MD-4-53-377
GADD, LUTHER C.                        MD-4-40-344
GAERTLING, MICHAEL                     MD-4-31-35
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL                       MD-4-32-267
GAGEL, ANDREW                          MD-4-45-123
GAINES, REBECCA                        MD-4-52-500
GALE, HENRIETTA M.                     MD-4-48-129
GALE, JOSIAH                           MD-4-51-291
GALE, JOSIAS                           MD-4-37-239
GALE, MARIA                            MD-4-56-336
GALE, MARY H.                          MD-4-37-283
GALLAGHER, FRANCIS P.                  MD-4-30-3
GALLAGHER, JOHN G.                     MD-4-27-254
GALLAGHER, LESLIE                      MD-4-29-445
GALLAHER, STEPHEN R. G.                MD-4-30-421
GALLAUDET, SUSAN                       MD-4-55-34
GALLAWAY, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-50-278
GALLAWAY, MARY                         MD-4-35-8
GALLIGAN, BARTHOLOMEW                  MD-4-27-422
GALLIGHER, ELIZA T.                    MD-4-47-431
GALLION, PETER                         MD-4-39-181
GALLOWAY, MARTHA A.                    MD-4-47-174
GALLUP, SARAH P.                       MD-4-52-298
GALT, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-25-265
GAMBER, JOHN                           MD-4-34-101
GAMBREL, JOHN A.                       MD-4-44-561
GAMBRILL, CHARLES A.                   MD-4-35-196
GAMBRILL, HORATIO N.                   MD-4-46-507
GAMBRILL, REBECCA                      MD-4-35-583
GAMBRILL, THOMAS                       MD-4-46-286
GAMPERT, PAUL                          MD-4-42-182
GANT, RICHARD                          MD-4-36-205
GARDINER, FRANCIS                      MD-4-29-371
GARDINER, SOPHIA A.                    MD-4-40-295
GARDING, CHARLES E.                    MD-4-37-418
GARDNER, ANN                           MD-4-32-247
GARDNER, CHARLES E.                    MD-4-29-217
GARDNER, EPHRAIM                       MD-4-35-383
GARDNER, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-27-61
GARDNER, HEZEKIAH B.                   MD-4-25-50
GARDNER, JOHN M.                       MD-4-32-514
GARDNER, MARIA                         MD-4-37-1
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       MD-4-27-441
GAREISZ, CATHARINE (STAUFF)            MD-4-50-184
GARNER, THOMAS                         MD-4-36-231
GARNER, THOMAS JR.                     MD-4-36-228
GARNER, WILLIAM T.                     MD-4-51-145
GARRAND, EDWARD                        MD-4-25-294
GARRETT, HENRY S.                      MD-4-34-292
GARRETT, ROBERT                        MD-4-27-271
GARRTT, MARGARET E.                    MD-4-40-126
GARTHER, GEORGE R.                     MD-4-42-17
GARTNER, HEINRICH                      MD-4-38-296
GARTNER, PETER                         MD-4-45-155
GARVEY, JAMES                          MD-4-39-308
GARVEY, JAMES                          MD-4-34-192
GARVEY, JOHN                           MD-4-45-418
GARVEY, OWEN J.                        MD-4-47-220
GASKINS, JAMES S.                      MD-4-45-275
GASSAWAY, REBECCA C. E.                MD-4-30-376
GAUER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-30-350
GAULT, MATTHEW                         MD-4-44-1
GAWTHROP, WILLIAM                      MD-4-27-26
GAYLE, BENJAMIN R.                     MD-4-40-343
GAZAN, JACOB                           MD-4-53-153
GEARY, CHARLES A.                      MD-4-36-405
GEBERLEIN, GEORGE                      MD-4-42-130
GEBHARD, JOHANN                        MD-4-43-417
GECHTER, JOHN                          MD-4-52-425
GEES, GEORGE                           MD-4-27-195
GEGAN, JOSEPH                          MD-4-57-473
GEHLE, MARY                            MD-4-36-510
GEHRMANN, AUGUSTUS                     MD-4-35-73
GEHRMANN, JULIUS                       MD-4-56-285
GEIS, JOHN                             MD-4-57-485
GEIS, SYLVESTER                        MD-4-46-535
GEISENDERFFER, JOHN                    MD-4-25-326
GEISS, HENRY                           MD-4-31-41
GEISSENDAFFER, HANNAH                  MD-4-36-442
GELBACH, GEORGE                        MD-4-46-156
GELBACH, JULIA A.                      MD-4-43-260
GELSTON, EDWARD H.                     MD-4-44-587
GELSTON, HUGH                          MD-4-39-407
GELSTON, HUGH (CON'T)                  MD-4-39-591
GELSTON, REBECCA G.                    MD-4-46-70
GELSTON, VICTOR L. D.                  MD-4-50-444
GEMPP, JOHN                            MD-4-61-273
GEMPP, WILLIAM                         MD-4-30-195
GEORGE, ALFRED                         MD-4-34-171
GEORGE, CHARLES W.                     MD-4-40-460
GEORGE, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-4-59-469
GEORGE, JAMES B.                       MD-4-46-447
GEORGE, JAMES B. SR.                   MD-4-35-177
GEORGES, JOHN                          MD-4-57-338
GERBER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-56-329
GERHARD, LEONARD                       MD-4-45-444
GERHARDT, WILLIAM                      MD-4-40-268
GERLACH, CATHARINE                     MD-4-53-435
GERLACH, CONRAD                        MD-4-29-496
GERLACH, DOROTHEA                      MD-4-44-31
GERLICHER, JOHN G.                     MD-4-41-367
GERMAN, ALICE ANN                      MD-4-57-301
GERMAN, BENJAMIN                       MD-4-40-591
GERMAN, CATHARINE                      MD-4-38-35
GERMAN, WILLIAM P.                     MD-4-27-207
GERMERSHAUSEN, FRANZ J.                MD-4-31-271
GERMUTH, ANDREW                        MD-4-30-347
GERNETH, BARTHELOMIUS                  MD-4-41-7
GERNHARDT, CHRISTOPH                   MD-4-34-311
GEROK, THEODORE                        MD-4-28-323
GERSTING, FRANCES                      MD-4-48-498
GETTERT, JACOB                         MD-4-36-452
GETTIER, CHARLES A.                    MD-4-49-270
GETTIER, MARGARET                      MD-4-46-9
GETTY, JAMES                           MD-4-29-287
GETZ, CHRISTIAN                        MD-4-41-455
GEYER, MARY                            MD-4-48-357
GIBBES, EMILY                          MD-4-37-151
GIBBES, GEORGE M.                      MD-4-43-400
GIBBES, ROBERT M.                      MD-4-31-479
GIBBONS, ANNE E.                       MD-4-56-373
GIBBONS, ELIZA                         MD-4-50-84
GIBBONS, FRANCIS A.                    MD-4-43-92
GIBBONS, JOHN L.                       MD-4-37-561
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                       MD-4-36-324
GIBNEY, GEORGE J.                      MD-4-33-306
GIBNEY, JAMES                          MD-4-49-435
GIBSON, ANNA CATHARINE                 MD-4-57-10
GIBSON, CAROLINE W.                    MD-4-27-289
GIBSON, ELIZA C.                       MD-4-41-154
GIBSON, JAMES                          MD-4-30-369
GIBSON, JOSEPH                         MD-4-36-467
GIBSON, LIZZIE A.                      MD-4-35-208
GIBSON, MARGARET A.                    MD-4-37-220
GIBSON, MARY                           MD-4-45-404
GIBSON, MARY                           MD-4-32-205
GIBSON, MARY A.                        MD-4-34-299
GIBSON, REZIN S.                       MD-4-53-531
GIBSON, WILLIAM                        MD-4-36-2
GIDELMAN, MAURICE B.                   MD-4-30-291
GIEFEL, FRANCIS X.                     MD-4-56-352
GIESREHN, FREDERICK                    MD-4-34-246
GIGER, ELIZA                           MD-4-26-290
GILBERT, HENRY C.                      MD-4-42-389
GILES, ANN                             MD-4-26-161
GILES, DONALDSON                       MD-4-51-228
GILES, HENRY H.                        MD-4-51-436
GILES, URIAH                           MD-4-37-343
GILES, WILLIAM F.                      MD-4-45-253
GILL, BEVERLY T.                       MD-4-43-50
GILL, EDWARD                           MD-4-55-536
GILL, GEORGE M.                        MD-4-58-529
GILL, JABEZ M.                         MD-4-26-330
GILL, JOHN                             MD-4-27-58
GILL, OLIVIA M.                        MD-4-51-526
GILL, WILLIAM L.                       MD-4-46-109
GILLESPIE, STEPHEN                     MD-4-34-367
GILLINGHAM, MARY C.                    MD-4-30-394
GILLMEYER, ANNA                        MD-4-61-31
GILMAN, CATHARINE B.                   MD-4-52-417
GILMAN, CHARLES                        MD-4-30-117
GILMAN, JUDSON                         MD-4-52-6
GILMOR, HOFFMAN                        MD-4-55-253
GILMOR, LOUISA A.                      MD-4-30-499
GILMOR, ROBERT                         MD-4-41-195
GILMOR, SARAH L. R.                    MD-4-33-205
GILMOR, THEODORA                       MD-4-61-515
GILMORE, HARRIETT                      MD-4-42-563
GILMORE, JAMES                         MD-4-29-73
GILMORE, MARIAN                        MD-4-25-217
GILMORE, ROBERT                        MD-4-56-244
GILMOUR, ANDREW M. (CON'T)             MD-4-31-223
GILMOUR, ANDREW M.                     MD-4-31-88
GILMOUR, ANDREW M. (CON'T)             MD-4-31-253
GILMOUR, WILLIAM W.                    MD-4-29-91
GINTER, JOHN                           MD-4-48-142
GIONINI, JOSEPH                        MD-4-27-296
GIONINI, JOSEPH (CON'T)                MD-4-27-507
GIPSON, CHARLES                        MD-4-41-506
GIPSON, CHARLES                        MD-4-41-506
GIST, JOSEPH                           MD-4-37-107
GITTINGS, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-52-541
GITTINGS, HARRIET                      MD-4-37-184
GITTINGS, LAMBERT                      MD-4-58-427
GITTINGS, MARGARET S.                  MD-4-31-452
GLAAB, MARY EVA                        MD-4-57-502
GLADSON, REBECCA                       MD-4-36-101
GLAESER, JOHN                          MD-4-38-170
GLAESER, WILLIAM                       MD-4-49-268
GLANDING, SARAH                        MD-4-34-321
GLASGOW, JAMES                         MD-4-58-351
GLASSCOCK, MARY A.                     MD-4-35-322
GLEASON, BRIDGET                       MD-4-31-217
GLEICHMANN, JOHN (OR JOHANN)           MD-4-58-395
GLENDY, WILLIAM M.                     MD-4-39-363
GLENN, JOHN                            MD-4-25-376
GLENN, SARAH                           MD-4-26-204
GLOSS, BARBARA                         MD-4-47-3
GLOSS, JOHN                            MD-4-31-185
GLOVER, TOWNSEND                       MD-4-52-2
GNADE, LUDWIG                          MD-4-26-66
GOBRIGHT, MATILDA                      MD-4-39-432
GOBRIGHT, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-42-156
GODEY, THOMAS                          MD-4-45-225
GODFREY, EDWARD                        MD-4-34-288
GODFREY, SARAH                         MD-4-35-187
GOERING, FREDERICK                     MD-4-26-89
GOETZ, CASPAR                          MD-4-35-33
GOLDHAMMER, PETER                      MD-4-42-435
GOLDHEIM, LAZARUS                      MD-4-44-281
GOLDHEIM, SARAH                        MD-4-53-547
GOLDMAN, LEMAN                         MD-4-43-41
GOLDSBOROUGH, SCIPIO                   MD-4-44-408
GOLDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM T.               MD-4-42-220
GOLDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM T.               MD-4-53-265
GOLDSMITH, ELIZA                       MD-4-45-113
GOLDSMITH, GEORGE W.                   MD-4-33-478
GOLDSMITH, JOHN                        MD-4-26-67
GOLDSMITH, JOHN T.                     MD-4-33-156
GOLDSMITH, JONAS                       MD-4-56-84
GOLDSMITH, REUBEN                      MD-4-44-498
GOLDSMITH, SAMUEL H.                   MD-4-45-436
GOLDSMITH, SARAH                       MD-4-35-203
GOLDTHWAIT, SARAH A.                   MD-4-52-47
GOLIBART, ESTHER J.                    MD-4-42-222
GOLIBART, JOSEPH R.                    MD-4-38-411
GOMBERT, MARY ANN                      MD-4-49-192
GOMBERT, NICOLAI                       MD-4-31-140
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO G.                 MD-4-45-189
GOODACRE, DANIEL                       MD-4-35-264
GOODE, JOHN B.                         MD-4-32-12
GOODHAND, JOHN                         MD-4-33-530
GOODHAND, MARIA R.                     MD-4-45-85
GOODING, REBECCA V.                    MD-4-50-141
GOODMAN, ANN M                         MD-4-51-478
GOODMAN, LOUIS                         MD-4-58-62
GOODSPEED, ROXY R.                     MD-4-46-311
GOODWIN, CHARLES                       MD-4-40-424
GOODWIN, ELIZABETH A.                  MD-4-25-443
GOODWIN, JANET GORDON                  MD-4-53-390
GOODWIN, WILLIAM H.                    MD-4-34-444
GORDON, ANNA C.                        MD-4-34-278
GORDON, DOUGLASS H.                    MD-4-51-271
GORDSHELL, GEORGE W.                   MD-4-51-443
GORR, CHARLES                          MD-4-27-86
GORSUCH, JEHU                          MD-4-46-343
GORSUCH, NELSON R.                     MD-4-56-127
GORSUCH, WILLIAM G.                    MD-4-58-408
GORTER, GOSSE O.                       MD-4-45-187, 236
GOSNELL, MARY                          MD-4-56-517
GOSS, WINFIELD S.                      MD-4-38-141
GOSTENHOFFER, OSEPH L.                 MD-4-52-428
GOTT, JOHN                             MD-4-36-45
GOTTHARDT, AUGUST                      MD-4-53-283
GOTTLIEB, AMALIA                       MD-4-44-453
GOUDY, JONATHAN                        MD-4-27-361
GOUGH, ANN E.                          MD-4-48-342
GOULD, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-28-478
GOULD, ALEXANDER JR.                   MD-4-46-418
GOULD, BENJAMIN F.                     MD-4-51-194
GOULD, CAROLINE                        MD-4-57-296
GOULD, EDMUND G.                       MD-4-40-270
GOULD, JAMES                           MD-4-61-141
GOULD, MARY ANN                        MD-4-40-30
GOULDSMITH, SARAH C.                   MD-4-42-306
GOULIART, JOHN                         MD-4-32-120
GOURLEY, GEORGE                        MD-4-29-246
GRACE, JACOB A.                        MD-4-34-159
GRACE, SARAH                           MD-4-39-314
GRACE, TERESA ANN                      MD-4-52-402
GRADWOHL, SYBILLA                      MD-4-48-175
GRADY, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-79
GRAEF, JOHN CONRAD                     MD-4-37-210
GRAF, JOHN                             MD-4-58-467
GRAFF, ARAMINTA                        MD-4-44-365
GRAFF, JOSEPH P.                       MD-4-25-195
GRAFFLIN, JACOB                        MD-4-29-79
GRAFTON, D. F. MCH.                    MD-4-34-124
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         MD-4-28-385
GRAHAM, CAMPBELL                       MD-4-33-461
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH JANE                 MD-4-57-167
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH S.                   MD-4-52-441
GRAHAM, JOHN                           MD-4-28-292
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         MD-4-28-357
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        MD-4-27-1
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        MD-4-32-198
GRAHAM, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-53-513
GRAIF, JOHN                            MD-4-26-341
GRAINER, CHRISTIANA                    MD-4-61-457
GRANGE, WILLIAM                        MD-4-39-195
GRANGER, HENRY                         MD-4-35-152
GRANT, BARTHOLOMEW                     MD-4-27-401
GRANT, HENRIETTA                       MD-4-42-396
GRANT, MARGARET                        MD-4-34-177
GRANT, MOSES                           MD-4-31-467
GRANT, XENOPHON                        MD-4-38-323
GRASS, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-34-441
GRASTY, THOMAS                         MD-4-56-197
GRAULINGS, FREDERICK                   MD-4-41-547
GRAVES, ANN J.                         MD-4-44-251
GRAY, ADAMS                            MD-4-33-198
GRAY, ALEXANDER P.                     MD-4-33-351
GRAY, DAVID W.                         MD-4-52-471
GRAY, EDWARD                           MD-4-27-62
GRAY, GEORGE                           MD-4-27-370
GRAY, HELLEN                           MD-4-39-515
GRAY, HORATIO N.                       MD-4-49-218
GRAY, LEWIS                            MD-4-26-54
GREASON, ELIZA M.                      MD-4-43-394
GREEN, AMON                            MD-4-35-271
GREEN, ANDREW O.                       MD-4-45-501
GREEN, ARMSTEAD                        MD-4-28-232
GREEN, CORA C.                         MD-4-43-63
GREEN, DAVID N.                        MD-4-57-466
GREEN, ELIZABETH C.                    MD-4-53-422
GREEN, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-31-120
GREEN, JACOB                           MD-4-39-63
GREEN, JOHN JR.                        MD-4-26-27
GREEN, JOHN N.                         MD-4-33-272
GREEN, LUCY A.                         MD-4-34-473
GREEN, RICHARD                         MD-4-28-65
GREEN, SARAH ANN                       MD-4-39-225
GREEN, THOMAS                          MD-4-28-360
GREEN, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-48-488
GREEN, WILLIAM F.                      MD-4-44-595
GREENBAUM, ABRAHAM E.                  MD-4-61-305
GREENBAUM, CAROLINE                    MD-4-58-262
GREENBAUM, EMANUEL                     MD-4-39-284
GREENBAUM, ISAAC                       MD-4-42-39
GREENBAUM, MEYER                       MD-4-37-143
GREENBAUM, NATHAN                      MD-4-49-356
GREENE, WILLIAM                        MD-4-53-96
GREENFIELD, HARRIET M.                 MD-4-38-166
GREENSFELDER, BERNARD                  MD-4-34-449
GREENSFELDER, BERNARD (CON'T)          MD-4-34-540
GREENSTEIN, CAROLINE                   MD-4-43-351
GREENSTEIN, SIMON                      MD-4-37-284
GREENWALD, MICHAEL                     MD-4-52-376
GREENWAY, EDWARD M.                    MD-4-46-501
GREENWAY, GEORGE W.                    MD-4-48-459
GREENWAY, MARY H.                      MD-4-30-185
GREESFELDER, HANNAH B.                 MD-4-59-493
GREGG, ANDREW                          MD-4-26-504
GREGG, ROBERT .                        MD-4-35-117
GREGORY, AMOS                          MD-4-30-68
GREGORY, ANN R.                        MD-4-32-470
GREGORY, JOSEPH                        MD-4-27-396
GREGORY, WILLIAM                       MD-4-33-47
GREIST, RACHEL R.                      MD-4-53-245
GRESREHN, FREDERICK                    MD-4-34-246
GRESS, JOHN G.                         MD-4-44-95
GREVES, WILLIAM                        MD-4-61-34
GRIDLEY, ANN                           MD-4-57-56
GRIDLEY, MARY A.                       MD-4-31-164
GRIESMER, TOBIAS                       MD-4-27-19
GRIFFIN, LEVI                          MD-4-27-290
GRIFFIN, MARY                          MD-4-26-503
GRIFFIN, MARY A.                       MD-4-45-388
GRIFFIN, THOMAS W.                     MD-4-55-452
GRIFFITH, ALLEN                        MD-4-41-452
GRIFFITH, BARBARA                      MD-4-35-243
GRIFFITH, CATHARINE                    MD-4-59-108
GRIFFITH, CHARLES                      MD-4-58-49
GRIFFITH, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-45-302
GRIFFITH, GEORGE T.                    MD-4-50-348
GRIFFITH, JOHN                         MD-4-30-181
GRIFFITH, JOHN A.                      MD-4-46-398
GRIFFITH, MARY A.                      MD-4-42-502
GRIFFITH, PHILEMON                     MD-4-39-471
GRIFFITH, SELINA                       MD-4-39-276
GRIFFITH, TERESA                       MD-4-45-130
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      MD-4-36-201
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-46-68
GRIGGS, GEORGE                         MD-4-40-84
GRIGGS, JAMES                          MD-4-26-572
GRIGGS, MARY                           MD-4-31-411
GRIGGS, MARY ANN                       MD-4-37-563
GRIMES, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-41-38
GRIMES, SAMUEL                         MD-4-32-173
GRIMES, SUSAN                          MD-4-25-431
GRIMMEL, JACOB                         MD-4-57-176
GRIMSHAW, LOUISA                       MD-4-34-431
GRINDALL, ELIZA                        MD-4-51-385
GRINEBAUM, WOLF                        MD-4-38-512
GRINSFELDER, JOSEPH                    MD-4-58-68
GRISSOM, ANN                           MD-4-29-364
GROENINGER, JOSEPH                     MD-4-37-139
GROFF, JACOB                           MD-4-51-124
GRONAU, EDWARD                         MD-4-61-439
GRONER, JOHANN G.                      MD-4-59-500
GRONEWALD, JOHANNES                    MD-4-27-465
GROOM, ELIZA                           MD-4-41-304
GROOM, NATHANIEL                       MD-4-55-17
GROPPE, FRANK                          MD-4-61-428
GROSS, JACOB                           MD-4-58-511
GROSSMAN, GEORGE                       MD-4-37-133
GROTE, JOHN                            MD-4-35-308
GROTE, JOHN H.                         MD-4-30-55
GROTHAUS, CHRISTINA                    MD-4-57-182
GROVE, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-32-16
GROVE, MARGARETTA                      MD-4-58-415
GROVE, SALLY                           MD-4-28-462
GROVERMAN, AMELIA H.                   MD-4-31-123
GROVERMAN, HENRY                       MD-4-37-397
GRUBB, WILLIAM                         MD-4-26-128
GRUBB, CHRISTIANA                      MD-4-44-159
GRUBE, LOUIS                           MD-4-44-391
GRUBER, ANNA M.                        MD-4-27-40
GRUBER, HESTER                         MD-4-55-291
GRUBER, JACOB                          MD-4-49-321
GRUBER, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-36-172
GRUNBAUM, HANNAH                       MD-4-45-47
GRUNEBAUM, MARKS                       MD-4-43-416
GRUPP, PETER                           MD-4-61-250
GRUPY, FRANCIS H.                      MD-4-37-510
GRUPY, SARAH B.                        MD-4-45-369
GRUSS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-48-125
GRUVER, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-36-511
GUCKERT, JOHN                          MD-4-59-425
GUERAND, JOSEPHINE                     MD-4-57-447
GUEST, GEORGE                          MD-4-45-420
GUEST, JANE                            MD-4-28-69, 84
GUEST, JOB                             MD-4-28-86
GUEST, SAMUEL                          MD-4-45-429
GUGGENHEIMER, FREDERICK                MD-4-45-447
GUILDENER, ELIZA                       MD-4-43-311
GUILDENER, HANNAH                      MD-4-43-309
GUILLE, JOSEPH N. F.                   MD-4-25-21
GUITEAU, SHERDAN                       MD-4-38-460
GULDER, ARCHIBALD                      MD-4-28-274
GULRICH, CONRAD                        MD-4-51-256
GUNBRUN, WILHELM                       MD-4-41-251
GUNDEL, JOHN F.                        MD-4-38-273
GUNNELL, JOSEPHINE E.                  MD-4-34-329
GUNTER, HENRY                          MD-4-25-130
GUNTERMAN, FRANZ                       MD-4-39-123
GUNTHER, JOHN L.                       MD-4-58-203
GUTGESELL, GEORGE                      MD-4-25-322
GUTHROW, ANN E.                        MD-4-40-520
GUTHROW, JULIA                         MD-4-25-120
GUTLINE, NICHOLAS                      MD-4-35-547
GUTMEIER, BARBARA                      MD-4-43-240
GUY, WILLIAM                           MD-4-30-253
GUYTON, ELIZA                          MD-4-59-428
GWINN, MARTHA                          MD-4-27-161
GWYNN, WALTER                          MD-4-49-133

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