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KAESER, GEORGE D.                      MD-4-31-443
KAHRER, GEORGE                         MD-4-32-348
KAISER, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-4-48-512
KAISER, HENRY                          MD-4-37-372
KAISER, LOUIS                          MD-4-47-222
KALBFUS, DANIEL                        MD-4-27-75
KALBFUS, LEWIS                         MD-4-34-453
KALBFUS, MARGARET                      MD-4-37-366
KALKMAN, HOLBEN VON                    MD-4-38-332
KALKMAN, VON HOLBEN                    MD-4-38-332
KALTENBACH, WILHELM                    MD-4-27-169
KALTENBACH, WILLIAM                    MD-4-28-304
KALVELAGE, JOHN H. B.                  MD-4-32-301
KANDERER, JOHN                         MD-4-55-164
KANE, ANNA C.                          MD-4-49-476
KANE, CATHARINE                        MD-4-58-247
KANE, GODLOVE K.                       MD-4-35-489
KANE, JAMES                            MD-4-49-81
KANE, MARY E.                          MD-4-42-576
KANE, NANCY                            MD-4-41-136
KANN, JULIUS                           MD-4-40-498
KANZLER, CHRISTIANE                    MD-4-29-151
KAPPES, ELIZABETH M.                   MD-4-56-512
KAPPES, FREDERICK                      MD-4-34-509
KAPPES, JOHN PHILLIP                   MD-4-52-302
KAPPES, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-38-553
KAPPLER, MICHAEL                       MD-4-42-277
KARCHER, FRANK                         MD-4-58-72
KARTHAUS, PETER A. JR.                 MD-4-29-331
KASTE, FREDERICK                       MD-4-40-171
KASTNER, ANNA                          MD-4-60-286
KATTENBACH, LOUISA E.                  MD-4-26-63
KATTING, RACHEL                        MD-4-30-292
KATZ, SAMUEL                           MD-4-45-522
KATZENMAIER, BARTOLAMEUS               MD-4-50-24
KAUFFMAN, DANIEL                       MD-4-29-233
KAUFFMAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-43-426
KAUFFMAN, HIRAM                        MD-4-48-31
KAUFFMAN, SARAH                        MD-4-32-250
KAUFFMANN, LOUIS                       MD-4-31-200
KAUFHOLZ, CLARA                        MD-4-58-103
KAUFMAN, CASPER                        MD-4-47-261
KAUFMAN, GOTTFRIED F.                  MD-4-57-424
KAUFMAN, MOSES                         MD-4-56-223
KAUFMANN, JOSEPH                       MD-4-54-395
KAUL, GOTTFRIED                        MD-4-44-565
KAVANAGH, PATRICK                      MD-4-36-298
KAYLOR, GEORGE                         MD-4-27-109
KEANE, HUGH                            MD-4-44-67
KEARL, MARY A.                         MD-4-42-381
KEARNEY, ELIZA                         MD-4-61-503
KEAVIN, SAMUEL D.                      MD-4-26-318
KEAVINS, SARAH F.                      MD-4-57-321
KECK, GEORGE                           MD-4-39-533
KEECH, HENRY H.                        MD-4-52-504
KEEFER, JANE M.                        MD-4-40-35
KEEFER, JUSTUS                         MD-4-39-244
KEENAN, JAMES                          MD-4-53-134
KEENAN, PATRICK                        MD-4-61-501
KEENE, BENJAMIN R.                     MD-4-31-222
KEENE, MARY S.                         MD-4-25-41
KEENE, SAMUEL OF B.                    MD-4-29-160
KEENER, CHARLES H.                     MD-4-39-99
KEENER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-29-416
KEENER, DAVID                          MD-4-59-448
KEENER, JOHN                           MD-4-26-117
KEENER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-54-469
KEENER, MARY                           MD-4-29-436
KEENER, MARY (CON'T)                   MD-4-29-445
KEENER, MARY C.                        MD-4-38-449
KEENER, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-46-353
KEERL, GEORGE H.                       MD-4-25-146
KEERL, THOMAS M.                       MD-4-61-157
KEGEL, JOHN D.                         MD-4-38-452
KEGLE, GEORGE                          MD-4-29-181
KEHOE, ELIZABETH ANN                   MD-4-49-59
KEIDEL, CONRAD                         MD-4-46-474
KEIGHLER, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-53-510
KEIKE, HENRY H.                        MD-4-36-34
KEIL, ANNIE M.                         MD-4-60-257
KEILEY, RICHARD W.                     MD-4-34-466
KEILHOLTZ, CATHARINE                   MD-4-41-50
KEILHOLTZ, JACOB                       MD-4-51-71
KEILHOLTZ, JACOB                       MD-4-54-44
KEILHOLTZ, OTIS                        MD-4-51-540
KEILHOLTZ, WILLIAM                     MD-4-51-379
KEILY, JULIA                           MD-4-60-207
KEISER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-37-90
KEISER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-29-118
KEITH, CHARLOTTE                       MD-4-39-413
KEITZ, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-56-365
KELEHER, MARGARET                      MD-4-33-413
KELLER, ANDREW J.                      MD-4-57-170
KELLER, CATHERINE                      MD-4-31-432
KELLERMAN, EVA B.                      MD-4-41-283
KELLEY, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-41-312
KELLY, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-4-53-313
KELLY, EDWARD                          MD-4-37-109
KELLY, ELLEN                           MD-4-43-161
KELLY, JAMES                           MD-4-53-139
KELLY, JAMES                           MD-4-45-461
KELLY, JOHN W.                         MD-4-25-15
KELLY, JULIA A.                        MD-4-37-548
KELLY, MARY ANN                        MD-4-59-457
KELLY, MORDECAI                        MD-4-28-94
KELLY, PATRICK                         MD-4-25-159
KELLY, TIMOTHY                         MD-4-34-129
KELSO, JOHN R.                         MD-4-47-102
KELSO, JOHN THOMAS                     MD-4-58-356
KELSO, THOMAS                          MD-4-44-488
KEMP, ADALINE                          MD-4-60-464
KEMP, EDWARD D.                        MD-4-34-356
KEMP, JOSEPH F.                        MD-4-33-416
KEMP, MARGARET                         MD-4-38-387
KEMP, MORRIS J.                        MD-4-39-531
KEMP, WILLIAM M.                       MD-4-56-414
KEMPE, FRANZ HEINRICH                  MD-4-54-64
KEMPER, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-47-58
KEMPER, HENRY (OR HEINRICH)            MD-4-56-238
KEMPER, JOHN G.                        MD-4-25-254
KENDALL, HENRY M.                      MD-4-35-60
KENIG, FREDERICK                       MD-4-25-401
KENNARD, ALEXANDER A. (CON'T)          MD-4-28-330
KENNARD, ALEXANDER A.                  MD-4-28-263
KENNARD, AMELIA                        MD-4-52-161
KENNARD, CATHARINE                     MD-4-27-442
KENNARD, MARY E.                       MD-4-53-281
KENNEDY, ANNIE T.                      MD-4-38-428
KENNEDY, ANNIE T. (CON'T)              MD-4-38-560
KENNEDY, ELIZA                         MD-4-39-481
KENNEDY, EVELINE                       MD-4-29-379
KENNEDY, JOHN P.                       MD-4-36-355
KENNEDY, MARCIA                        MD-4-32-476
KENNEDY, MARY E.                       MD-4-33-105
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                       MD-4-25-394
KENNEMANN, UNIGUNDA                    MD-4-51-461
KENNEY, MICHAEL                        MD-4-43-577, 597
KENNIER, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-25-433
KENNY, JEEMIAH                         MD-4-51-129
KENNY, MARGARET E.                     MD-4-42-553
KENRICK, FRANCIS P.                    MD-4-31-208
KENSETT, ELIZABETH A.                  MD-4-43-78
KENSETT, THOMAS                        MD-4-43-581
KENT, JOSEPHINE                        MD-4-60-491
KENT, JOSEPHINE F.                     MD-4-61-3
KENT, PHILLIP HOWARD                   MD-4-52-323
KEOPHART, PETER                        MD-4-41-360
KEPHART, SARAH                         MD-4-53-52
KERANZ, JOHN C.                        MD-4-36-412
KERCKHOFF, GEORGE                      MD-4-58-293
KERIVAN, ZEBEDEE                       MD-4-40-176
KERN, FREDERICK                        MD-4-30-153
KERNAN, BERNARD                        MD-4-31-44
KERNAN, JOHN                           MD-4-40-293
KERNAN, MICHAEL                        MD-4-38-236
KERNAN, OWEN                           MD-4-51-404
KERNAN, PATRICK L.                     MD-4-34-185
KERNER, JOHN F.                        MD-4-56-70
KERR, ELIZA G.                         MD-4-37-28
KERR, GEORGE                           MD-4-29-137
KERR, JAMES                            MD-4-51-445
KERR, JAMES                            MD-4-52-112
KERR, OWEN                             MD-4-26-379
KESELING, FRANZ                        MD-4-49-255
KESSLER, AMOR                          MD-4-39-140
KESSLER, GEORGE                        MD-4-51-109
KESSLER, JACOB                         MD-4-44-416
KETCHUM, FREDERIC M.                   MD-4-36-462
KETTLER, FREDERICK A.                  MD-4-31-62
KETTLER, JOHN                          MD-4-51-441
KEUCHEN, ANNA M.                       MD-4-32-86
KEUMMER, SARAH A.                      MD-4-38-497
KEY, MARY                              MD-4-28-485
KEY, MARY (CON'T)                      MD-4-28-518
KEYS, HANSON H.                        MD-4-54-412
KEYS, MARY                             MD-4-39-166
KEYS, PRISCILLA                        MD-4-32-281
KEYS, REBECCA                          MD-4-52-491
KEYSER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-35-115
KEYSER, INDIANA                        MD-4-26-289
KEYSER, MARY                           MD-4-53-301
KEYSER, SAMUEL S.                      MD-4-37-176
KEYWORTH, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-36-318
KIDD, JAMES R.                         MD-4-28-285
KIDDER, CAMILLUS                       MD-4-52-95
KIDDER, JEROME G.                      MD-4-51-96
KIENZLE, JACOB                         MD-4-42-321
KIERNAN, MARGARET                      MD-4-41-415
KIERSTED, JANE                         MD-4-57-47
KIGGINS, JAMES                         MD-4-33-383
KILMAN, MARY                           MD-4-46-350
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM D.                 MD-4-46-155
KILTY, AUGUSTUS H.                     MD-4-45-605
KILTY, CATHARINE                       MD-4-27-251
KIMBALL, CAMILLA H. A.                 MD-4-34-399
KIMBERLY, HARRY                        MD-4-36-200
KIMBERLY, JEREMIAH M.                  MD-4-40-92
KIMMA, CHARLES                         MD-4-57-325
KIMMEL, ELIZABETH G.                   MD-4-61-361
KIMMERLE, LENHARD                      MD-4-51-426
KINCADE, MARGARET                      MD-4-41-24
KINCADE, WILLIAM J.                    MD-4-35-139
KINDERWATTER, CHARLES                  MD-4-44-151
KINES, JOHANNA                         MD-4-40-49
KING, A. L.                            MD-4-56-215
KING, AMOS                             MD-4-33-280
KING, ANN                              MD-4-29-172
KING, BRIDGET                          MD-4-31-431
KING, ELIAS E.                         MD-4-42-427
KING, ELIZABETH M.                     MD-4-32-388
KING, FIRMAGE                          MD-4-47-493
KING, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-35-336
KING, HILLEY                           MD-4-55-155
KING, JAMES                            MD-4-34-180
KING, JOHN                             MD-4-38-515
KING, JOHN OF THOMAS                   MD-4-42-184
KING, JOSEPH JR.                       MD-4-33-72
KING, JOSHUA T.                        MD-4-35-227
KING, LOUISA L. N. J.                  MD-4-27-113
KING, MICHAL                           MD-4-36-99
KING, SARAH P.                         MD-4-52-251
KING, TACY E.                          MD-4-38-450
KING, WILLARD W.                       MD-4-43-452
KING, WILLIAM                          MD-4-43-27
KING, WILLIAM J. C.                    MD-4-51-368
KINGHORN, ELIZABETH T.                 MD-4-60-95
KINNAIRD, ALEXANDER                    MD-4-51-533
KINSLEY, WENCIL                        MD-4-56-228
KINSTLER, JOHN                         MD-4-45-298
KIPLINGER, JOHN                        MD-4-28-161
KIPP, GEORGE                           MD-4-44-523
KIPP, JOHN                             MD-4-30-383
KIPP, JOHN W.                          MD-4-30-384
KIRBY, ALLEN                           MD-4-44-419
KIRBY, CAROLINE                        MD-4-49-96
KIRBY, EDWARD                          MD-4-50-496
KIRBY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-41-427
KIRBY, JOHN                            MD-4-30-98
KIRBY, MARTHA A.                       MD-4-48-296
KIRBY, MARY W.                         MD-4-37-202
KIRBY, SAMUEL                          MD-4-49-492
KIRCHHOFF, CHARLES                     MD-4-39-114
KIRK, ANNE T.                          MD-4-53-379
KIRK, JANE                             MD-4-38-401
KIRK, JOHN A.                          MD-4-35-269
KIRK, SAMUEL                           MD-4-38-343
KIRK, WILLIAM                          MD-4-45-428
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES                     MD-4-31-111
KIRKPATRICK, JANE                      MD-4-38-401
KIRKWOOD, PHILIP                       MD-4-32-245
KIRKWOOD, PHILIP                       MD-4-52-369
KIRWAN, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-31-210
KIRWAN, JOHN R.                        MD-4-42-466
KISSNER, VEIT                          MD-4-41-470
KIST, JACOB F.                         MD-4-33-483
KITTERING, PETER                       MD-4-47-428
KITTS, JOHN                            MD-4-36-433
KITZINGER, FREDERICK                   MD-4-49-242
KITZINGER, JOSEPH                      MD-4-33-182
KLAPROTH, FREDERICK                    MD-4-41-68
KLARMANN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-30-92
KLAUSING, HERMAN H.                    MD-4-46-200
KLEE, GEORGE                           MD-4-44-171
KLEES, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-30-53
KLEES, HENRY                           MD-4-46-79
KLEHM, HEINRICH                        MD-4-26-488
KLEIBRING, CHARLES F.                  MD-4-42-391
KLEIN, ESTHER                          MD-4-50-87
KLEIN, HENRY                           MD-4-30-34
KLEIN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-57-329
KLEINHENN, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-53-262
KLEINLE, MICHAEL                       MD-4-35-145
KLEPPER, CHRISTANNA W.                 MD-4-41-66
KLESSNER, WILLIAM                      MD-4-25-282
KLEYE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-59-284
KLINE, JOHN                            MD-4-25-436
KLINGWORTH, FREDERICK                  MD-4-58-178
KLOTZ, ROSINA F.                       MD-4-46-203
KLUMPER, BERNARDINA                    MD-4-39-554
KLUMPER, FERDINAND W.                  MD-4-38-436
KLUNK, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-4-38-34
KNABE, WILHELM L.                      MD-4-31-520
KNABE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-61-426
KNAPP, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-33-145
KNAPP, JOHN E.                         MD-4-43-575
KNAPP, WILLIAM                         MD-4-29-97
KNAUF, JOHN M. G.                      MD-4-27-103
KNAUPP, AUGUST F.                      MD-4-43-455
KNAUS, FERDINAND                       MD-4-55-158
KNAUSS, HENRY                          MD-4-43-464
KNECHT, JOHN H.                        MD-4-26-414
KNELL, GEORGE                          MD-4-53-173
KNELL, GEORGE ADAM                     MD-4-60-115
KNELL, HENRY                           MD-4-38-557
KNEPPER, HENRY                         MD-4-58-538
KNICKMAN, JOHANN                       MD-4-33-476
KNIGHT, EDWARD A.                      MD-4-56-203
KNIGHT, JOHN                           MD-4-32-256
KNIGHT, JOHN                           MD-4-32-256
KNIGHT, MARY                           MD-4-46-416
KNIGHT, NATHANIEL                      MD-4-26-75
KNIGHT, SMAUEL T.                      MD-4-47-228
KNIPPENBERG, J. HEINRICH               MD-4-42-108
KNISS, BARBARA                         MD-4-34-360
KNISS, CHARLES                         MD-4-40-386
KNISS, PETER                           MD-4-51-492
KNISS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-47-10
KNOCH, JOHN                            MD-4-38-465
KNOEBEL, HENRY                         MD-4-37-35
KNORLIN, ANDREW                        MD-4-27-71
KNOTT, ELEANORA                        MD-4-35-321
KNOTTS, GEORGE P                       MD-4-25-285
KNOWLES, MARY E.                       MD-4-41-287
KOBURN, DANIEL                         MD-4-27-394
KOCH, ADAM                             MD-4-30-403
KOCH, AUGUSTA                          MD-4-42-122
KOCH, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-55-235
KOCH, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-27-317
KOCH, HELENA                           MD-4-44-436
KOCH, LEONARD                          MD-4-59-434
KOCH, WILHELM                          MD-4-29-10
KOCHLING, HEINRICH M.                  MD-4-40-74
KOEHLER, CHRISTINE                     MD-4-33-408
KOEHLER, GEORGE L.                     MD-4-30-306
KOEHLER, MARIA                         MD-4-50-77
KOEHNLEIN, MOHN M.                     MD-4-56-89
KOENEKE, AUGUST                        MD-4-53-224
KOENIG, CHARLES                        MD-4-41-438
KOENIG, JOHN                           MD-4-41-21
KOENIG, JOHNA.                         MD-4-33-84
KOEPKE, HENRY                          MD-4-55-212
KOERNER, CHARLES                       MD-4-52-508
KOERNER, KUNIGUNDA                     MD-4-45-409
KOERNSCHILD, EMILIE                    MD-4-49-5
KOFFENBERGER, HENRY                    MD-4-37-498
KOHLBUS, JOHANNA                       MD-4-38-103
KOHLER, HEINRICH                       MD-4-41-12
KOHLER, JACOB                          MD-4-30-348
KOHLER, JOHANN                         MD-4-53-387
KOHLER, PHILIP W.                      MD-4-53-213
KOHLER, WILHELM                        MD-4-40-281
KOHLES, JOHN                           MD-4-38-398
KOHLHEPP, GEORGE                       MD-4-39-199
KOHLHEPP, JOHN                         MD-4-35-326
KOHLHEPP, MARY E.                      MD-4-46-332
KOHLMAN, CHARLES                       MD-4-46-589
KOLBE, ANNA C.                         MD-4-41-111
KOLING, JOHN                           MD-4-38-419
KOMBIHLER, FREDERIKA                   MD-4-49-387
KONE, SARAH M.                         MD-4-26-160
KONIG, JOHN H.                         MD-4-54-491
KONIG, MARIA                           MD-4-34-455
KONSTANUN, AARON                       MD-4-41-69
KONZE, LEWIS                           MD-4-43-330
KOOKE, JOHN HERMAN G.                  MD-4-38-383
KOONES, FREDERICK A.                   MD-4-29-63
KOONTZ, JOHN                           MD-4-38-454
KOPP, FERDINAND                        MD-4-54-420
KOPPELMAN, JOHN G.                     MD-4-28-450
KOPPELMAN, JOHN G.                     MD-4-55-365
KORDER, JOHN L.                        MD-4-49-535
KORNAUER, SIMON                        MD-4-36-275
KORTE, FREDERICK                       MD-4-45-2321
KORTE, MARGARET A.                     MD-4-58-472
KOSTER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-44-586
KRAEMER, KARL L.                       MD-4-26-440
KRAFFT, CHARLES L.                     MD-4-33-382
KRAFT, CATHARINA                       MD-4-55-216
KRAFT, CHARLES                         MD-4-32-53
KRAFT, FREDERICK                       MD-4-59-320
KRAFT, HENRY                           MD-4-29-443
KRAFT, JACOB                           MD-4-36-277
KRAFT, JOHN                            MD-4-33-53
KRAFT, JOHN C.                         MD-4-55-227
KRAGER, MARGARET                       MD-4-32-15
KRAHNERT, FERDINAND                    MD-4-58-413
KRAMER, ANDREW                         MD-4-47-474
KRAMER, CASPER                         MD-4-45-452
KRAMER, CONSTANTINA                    MD-4-57-91
KRAMME, FREDERICK                      MD-4-35-549
KRANK, WILLIAM                         MD-4-54-175
KRANVER, JACOB                         MD-4-40-41, 601
KRAPF, MARGARETHA                      MD-4-48-451
KRATZ, AUGUST                          MD-4-35-189
KRATZ, JOHN                            MD-4-46-259
KRATZ, JOHN                            MD-4-43-526
KRAUS, ANDREAS                         MD-4-27-197
KRAUS, GEORGE                          MD-4-56-412
KRAUSE, CHARLES F.                     MD-4-61-125
KRAUSE, JOHN                           MD-4-48-350
KRAUSE, JOHN                           MD-4-32-157
KRAUSE, JOHN (CON'T)                   MD-4-32-476
KRAUSE, MARTIN W.                      MD-4-35-410
KRAUSS, JOHN G.                        MD-4-29-201
KRAUSS, MARY A.                        MD-4-42-468
KRAUSSE, MARGARET                      MD-4-60-300
KRAUSZ, ADAM                           MD-4-61-475
KRAUT, ABRAHAM                         MD-4-41-73
KRAUTER, SABINA                        MD-4-48-318
KREATER, CORNAD F.                     MD-4-29-412
KREBS, CATHARINE                       MD-4-38-407
KREBS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-36-496
KRECKHAN, EDWARD                       MD-4-39-349
KREFER, CHARLES LEWIS                  MD-4-50-423
KREGEL, OTTO                           MD-4-34-465
KREISEL, GOTTFRIED                     MD-4-45-390
KREMEYER, AUGUST                       MD-4-56-110
KREMILBERG, JOHN D.                    MD-4-49-482
KREMS, JOHN S.                         MD-4-55-296
KREUTER, JACOB                         MD-4-34-110
KREUZER, CHRISTOPH                     MD-4-44-451
KREUZER, JOSEPH                        MD-4-40-107
KRIESMAN, WILHELM                      MD-4-30-127
KRIETE, GEORGE F.                      MD-4-51-251
KRILL, ANDREAS                         MD-4-50-138
KRILL, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-45-284
KRITSCH, CARL E.                       MD-4-57-340
KRITSCH, MARTHA E.                     MD-4-59-136
KRODER, JOHN H.                        MD-4-34-301
KROEDEL, ELVIRA F.                     MD-4-50-255
KROESEN, MARGARET M.                   MD-4-47-1
KROLL, SYLVESTER                       MD-4-31-74
KROM, SARAH                            MD-4-49-457
KRONE, MARIA                           MD-4-36-306
KROPF, JOHN F.                         MD-4-35-532
KUCHLING, JOHN G.                      MD-4-60-141
KUGEL, SUSANNA B.                      MD-4-40-9
KUGLER, SAMUEL W.                      MD-4-61-522
KUHL, EMIL WILHELM                     MD-4-38-393
KUHN, ANN E.                           MD-4-53-140
KUHN, JOSEPH                           MD-4-29-309
KUHN, LOUISA E.                        MD-4-52-10
KUHN, SYLVESTER J.                     MD-4-48-422
KUHN, VALENTINE                        MD-4-46-201
KULLMAN, GEORGE                        MD-4-47-50
KUNTZLER, CHRISTIAN                    MD-4-29-25
KURTZ, BENJAMIN                        MD-4-33-112
KURTZ, EDWARD                          MD-4-54-68
KURTZ, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-58-155
KURTZ, JOHN D.                         MD-4-27-138
KURTZ, JOHN J.                         MD-4-46-451
KURTZ, MARIA                           MD-4-31-180
KURTZ, MARY                            MD-4-26-226
KURTZ, T. NEWTON                       MD-4-47-203
KURTZ, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-34-528
KURTZBERGER, JOHN G.                   MD-4-46-496
KUSEL, MOSES B.                        MD-4-41-370
KYLE, ADAM B.                          MD-4-35-273
KYLE, GEORGE H.                        MD-4-41-271
KYLE, JOHN                             MD-4-27-186
KYLE, THOMAS                           MD-4-33-448
LACEY, JOHN                            MD-4-43-573
LACH, JOHN                             MD-4-30-368
LACHER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-44-205
LACHER, MATHIAS                        MD-4-59-149
LACY, JAMES                            MD-4-57-274
LAELKES, SEBASTIAN                     MD-4-35-21
LAFALONIERE, ANNA C.                   MD-4-30-221
LAFETRA, PHEBE E.                      MD-4-26-530
LAFONT, MARY J.                        MD-4-25-307
LAIB, CATHARINE                        MD-4-41-59
LAIL, JOHN                             MD-4-35-514
LAINHART, MARY                         MD-4-25-229
LAINHART, MARY (CON'T)                 MD-4-25-254
LAKE, HERMANN B.                       MD-4-44-253
LAKE, MARY ANN                         MD-4-59-54
LALLY, JAMES                           MD-4-31-43
LALLY, MALACHI                         MD-4-61-213
LAMDIN, EDWARD S.                      MD-4-45-517
LAMM, LEON                             MD-4-31-153
LAMON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-59-102
LAMPHER, SARAH E.                      MD-4-49-233
LANCASTER, CHARLES C.                  MD-4-52-30
LANCASTER, ELIJAH                      MD-4-37-386
LANCASTER, FRANCIS P.                  MD-4-44-50
LANDON, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-51-315
LANDRY, ELIZA M. C.                    MD-4-36-87
LANDSBERG, SOLOMON                     MD-4-30-448
LANDSBERG, WILLIAM S.                  MD-4-56-76
LANDSTREET, ANN V.                     MD-4-51-340
LANDSTREET, MARIA A.                   MD-4-57-371
LANDSTREET, SAMUEL                     MD-4-42-495
LANE, RACHEL                           MD-4-28-339
LANE, RACHEL E.                        MD-4-26-174
LANE, THOMAS A.                        MD-4-25-244
LANE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-27-285
LANFAIR, HORACE S.                     MD-4-61-350
LANG, JACOB                            MD-4-49-485
LANG, JOHAN                            MD-4-37-85
LANG, JOHN                             MD-4-38-456
LANG, JOHN C.                          MD-4-47-316
LANG, KATHARINA                        MD-4-61-499
LANG, WILLIAM                          MD-4-43-278
LANGCOPE, WILLIAM                      MD-4-30-66
LANGE, J. F. AUGUST                    MD-4-60-46
LANGE, JOSEPH                          MD-4-38-429
LANGE, MARY                            MD-4-60-311
LANGE, SOPHIA                          MD-4-42-57
LANGEMAN, HENRY                        MD-4-30-27
LANGGOOD, MOSES                        MD-4-55-233
LANGMAN, JOHN                          MD-4-47-15
LANGMANN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-52-408
LANGROCK, FREDERICK                    MD-4-37-111
LANGTON, ANNIE                         MD-4-53-12
LANGVILL, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-51-419
LANKFORD, PATTY A.                     MD-4-25-452
LANSDALE, MARY E.                      MD-4-46-333
LAPORTE, HENRY SR.                     MD-4-53-365
LAPOURAILLE, ALFRED P.                 MD-4-31-434
LAREINTRIE DE ROY, JOHN L.             MD-4-29-64
LARKIN, JACOB                          MD-4-27-367
LARKIN, MICHAEL                        MD-4-40-427
LARKIN, TIMOTHY                        MD-4-35-501
LARMER, MARTHA                         MD-4-25-258
LARMOUR, MARY H. A.                    MD-4-30-256
LARNED, ELIZABETH R.                   MD-4-39-204
LARNED, ELIZABETH R.                   MD-4-27-150
LARNED, ELIZABETH R. (CON'T)           MD-4-27-330
LAROQUE, EMILE                         MD-4-37-131
LAROQUE, EUGENIE                       MD-4-35-255
LAROQUE, JOHN M.                       MD-4-31-462
LARPENTEUR, LOUIS A.                   MD-4-25-203
LARRABEE, EPHRAIM                      MD-4-51-349
LARRABEE, WILLIAM F.                   MD-4-41-412
LARUS, JOHN R.                         MD-4-40-203
LASSMANN, JOHN                         MD-4-44-502
LASSNER, CHRISTINA                     MD-4-60-378
LATIMER, JAMES B.                      MD-4-35-486
LATIMER, SOPHIA                        MD-4-26-67
LATIMER, SOPHIA (CON'T)                MD-4-26-177
LATIMER, WILLIAM K.                    MD-4-39-148
LATIMER, WILLIAM W.                    MD-4-43-191
LATROBE, BENJAMIN H.                   MD-4-44-577
LATSCH, GERLACH                        MD-4-27-189
LAUER, HENRY                           MD-4-32-21
LAUER, LEON                            MD-4-41-213
LAUGHLIN,ROBERT B.                     MD-4-44-206
LAUPP, FREDERICK                       MD-4-35-533
LAURASON, LOUISA S.                    MD-4-46-211
LAURASON, WILLIAM W.                   MD-4-36-19
LAUTERBACH, CATHARINE                  MD-4-44-258
LAUTERBACH, FREDERICK                  MD-4-40-93
LAUTESCHLAGER, ADAM                    MD-4-38-302
LAVERY, MARY E.                        MD-4-41-129
LAW, SALLY H.                          MD-4-59-226
LAW, SARAH F.                          MD-4-32-465
LAWN, CATHARINE                        MD-4-36-246
LAWRENCE, MARGARET                     MD-4-31-31
LAWSON, HENRY S.                       MD-4-53-106
LAWSON, JANE                           MD-4-48-427
LAWTON, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-60-293
LAYTON, WILLIAM                        MD-4-40-450
LAZARUS, EDGAR M.                      MD-4-54-173
LAZEAR, WILLIAM L.                     MD-4-44-539
LEAGUE, ANN                            MD-4-28-266
LEAKEN, CATHARINE                      MD-4-56-206
LEAKIN, SUSAN D.                       MD-4-56-494
LEARY, AUGUSTUS M.                     MD-4-32-231
LEARY, DANIEL                          MD-4-34-443
LEARY, PATRICK                         MD-4-50-210
LEAVERTON, MARY ANN                    MD-4-60-445
LEBON, CHARLES SR.                     MD-4-26-195
LEBRUN, ALICE J.                       MD-4-44-345
LEBRUN,C ATHEHA                        MD-4-44-311
LECHE, DAVID                           MD-4-25-342
LECHE, SOLOMON                         MD-4-39-536
LECHE, SOLOMON                         MD-4-27-263
LECHNER, PETER                         MD-4-53-470
LEDLEY, ISAAC                          MD-4-61-389
LEDLEY, JACOB                          MD-4-37-244
LEE, CHARLES                           MD-4-49-459
LEE, CHARLES S.                        MD-4-28-305
LEE, ELIZA S.                          MD-4-54-144
LEE, GEORGE W.                         MD-4-52-528
LEE, HARRIET                           MD-4-51-200
LEE, HARRIET C.                        MD-4-48-66
LEE, JOSIAH                            MD-4-25-78
LEE, LEVIN                             MD-4-28-386
LEE, SARAH A.                          MD-4-56-240
LEECH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-56-118
LEEDS, LOUISA C.                       MD-4-40-408
LEFLER, CATHERINA                      MD-4-54-171
LEFLER, JOHN                           MD-4-32-364
LEGG, JOHN H.                          MD-4-61-385
LEGGITT, ANNA M.                       MD-4-57-536
LEGRAND, JOHN C.                       MD-4-30-230
LEHMAN, CATHERINE                      MD-4-25-108
LEHMAN, THOMAS                         MD-4-28-221
LEHMANN, JOHANNA R.                    MD-4-31-194
LEHMANN, JOHN C.                       MD-4-31-26
LEHMANN, ROSINA                        MD-4-44-382
LEHMAYER, SIMON                        MD-4-61-268
LEHN, VALENTINE                        MD-4-37-352
LEHR, CONRAD                           MD-4-53-94
LEHR, ROBERT                           MD-4-57-391
LEHRS, CLAUS                           MD-4-46-41
LEIBOLD,JACOB                          MD-4-40-105
LEIFELD, JOHNB.                        MD-4-44-314
LEIGH, MARIA                           MD-4-25-16
LEIMKUHLER, ALBERT H.                  MD-4-40-267
LEIN, JOHANNES                         MD-4-32-518
LEINSZ, FREDERICK                      MD-4-50-253
LEISCHER, ANDREW                       MD-4-53-46
LEISER, CHRISTINE                      MD-4-43-19
LELOUP, MARY D. S. A.                  MD-4-26-495
LEMBACH, JACOB                         MD-4-51-366
LEMCKE, MARY J.                        MD-4-56-387
LEMMON, DAVID D.                       MD-4-52-250
LEMMON, JOSHUAINE                      MD-4-33-438
LEMMON, MARY D. G.                     MD-4-35-131
LEMMON, RICHARD                        MD-4-38-274
LEMMON, RICHARD                        MD-4-31-75
LEMMON, ROBERT                         MD-4-30-179
LEMMON, SARAH                          MD-4-33-440
LEMMON, THOMAS J.                      MD-4-43-457
LEMMON, WILLIAM P.                     MD-4-31-442
LENDRUM, THOMAS W.                     MD-4-25-187
LENHARD, BALTHAUSER                    MD-4-49-378
LENHARDT, PETER                        MD-4-31-118
LENHART, JOHN                          MD-4-34-147
LENTNER, FREDERICK                     MD-4-42-126
LENTZ, CONRAD                          MD-4-50-228
LENZ, HENRY                            MD-4-42-442
LENZBERG, HELENA                       MD-4-40-282
LEONARD, JOHN                          MD-4-57-247
LEONARD, JOHN                          MD-4-51-1
LEONARD, JOHN J.                       MD-4-50-510
LEONARD, THOMAS                        MD-4-37-236
LEONARD,AMASA                          MD-4-25-29
LEONHARDT, ANN K. U.                   MD-4-41-468
LEONHARDT, WILLIAM                     MD-4-30-88
LEREW, AMELIA F.                       MD-4-55-183
LEREW, HATTIE                          MD-4-47-125
LERP, AMELIA                           MD-4-50-213
LESLIE, ROBET                          MD-4-38-71
LESSNER, JOHNB.                        MD-4-45-283
LESTER, JOHN                           MD-4-33-251
LESTER, SHIPLEY                        MD-4-29-204
LESTER, SHIPLEY                        MD-4-39-297
LETHERMAN, ANNE R.                     MD-4-37-469
LETMATE, CHARLES A.                    MD-4-27-97
LEUERING, CLINTON                      MD-4-35-447
LEUPOLD, CHARLES                       MD-4-25-332
LEUTHAUSER, BARBARA ANNA               MD-4-54-107
LEUTHAUSER, HENRY                      MD-4-32-232
LEUTHOLD, CATHARINE                    MD-4-25-191
LEVERING, ANN E.                       MD-4-41-27
LEVERING, EUGENE                       MD-4-36-238
LEVERING, HANNAH                       MD-4-26-179
LEVERING, JANE R.                      MD-4-42-408
LEVERING, LYDIA H.                     MD-4-40-521
LEVERING, MARTHA B.                    MD-4-44-570
LEVERING, PETER R.                     MD-4-36-117
LEVERING, SAMUEL S.                    MD-4-36-175
LEVERING, THOMAS W.                    MD-4-59-220
LEWIS, ABNER K.                        MD-4-25-374
LEWIS, ANN W.                          MD-4-44-463
LEWIS, CASSANDRA                       MD-4-51-191
LEWIS, EDWIN A.                        MD-4-39-128
LEWIS, ELI                             MD-4-48-106
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-33-487
LEWIS, JAMES                           MD-4-39-565
LEWIS, JOHN                            MD-4-33-256
LEWIS, JOHN                            MD-4-40-33
LEWIS, JOHN T.                         MD-4-37-412
LEWIS, MARY E.                         MD-4-53-230
LEWIS, SARAH D.                        MD-4-43-317
LEWIS, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-56-196
LEWYT, SOLOMON H.                      MD-4-42-445
LEY, JOSEPH M.                         MD-4-35-56
LEYPOLD, ELIZA C.                      MD-4-43-272
LHERENAULTS, E.                        MD-4-53-191
LICHTENBERGER, MICHAEL                 MD-4-27-432
LIEBEN, FANNY                          MD-4-41-161
LIEBMAN, ROSE                          MD-4-41-345
LIECKFELD, HENRY                       MD-4-32-426
LIESEGANG, CATHARINE                   MD-4-45-439
LIGHTNER, HENRY                        MD-4-51-75
LIGHTNER, JOHN M.                      MD-4-48-159
LILIENTHAL, FREDERICK                  MD-4-39-493
LIMUS, CHARLES                         MD-4-29-473
LINAWEAVER, JOHN N.                    MD-4-57-40
LINDEMAN, JOHN                         MD-4-42-95
LINDEMANN, JOHN                        MD-4-29-364
LINDENBERGER, ELIZA                    MD-4-30-235
LINDLEY, ELIZABETH D.                  MD-4-52-488
LINDLEY, HANNAH M.                     MD-4-55-477
LINDLEY, SARAH E.                      MD-4-40-47
LINDLOCK, CHRISTIAN                    MD-4-38-447
LINDNER, LOUIS                         MD-4-30-324
LINDON, CLARENCE M.                    MD-4-30-24
LINHARD, THOMAS                        MD-4-34-54
LINHARD, THOMAS (CON'T)                MD-4-34-386
LINN, BERNARD                          MD-4-49-66
LINSENMEYER, ANNA M.                   MD-4-48-84
LINSENMEYER, JOHANN                    MD-4-43-477
LINTHICUM, EDWARD M.                   565-32
LINTHICUM, FRANKLIN A.                 MD-4-54-521
LINTHICUM, WILLIAM A.                  MD-4-42-199
LINVILLE, ADELINE                      MD-4-28-356
LINVILLE, AUGUSTUS C.                  MD-4-39-399
LINZ, JOHANN                           MD-4-30-12
LIPP, JAMES                            MD-4-41-278
LIPP, VALENTINE                        MD-4-51-362
LIPSCHUETZ, LEOPOLD                    MD-4-32-22
LIPSCOMB, MARIA                        MD-4-55-116
LIST, ANNIE ELIZABETH                  MD-4-50-454
LIST, JACOB SR.                        MD-4-61-218
LIST, JOHN JACOB                       MD-4-38-484
LITSCHKE, GERTRUT                      MD-4-36-81
LITTIG, KEZIA                          MD-4-27-37
LITTIG, LOUISA E.                      MD-4-49-103
LITTIG, PHILIP JR.                     MD-4-32-337
LITTIG, SARAH E.                       MD-4-44-97
LITTLE, FRANCIS M.                     MD-4-32-494
LITTLE, JANE                           MD-4-34-42
LITTLE, JOHN                           MD-4-28-461
LITZ, FRANZ JOSEPH                     MD-4-50-51
LITZ, HENRY P.                         MD-4-43-537
LIVINGSTON, ANN S.                     MD-4-25-183
LIVINGSTON, JOHN L.                    MD-4-61-151
LIZNEY, JOHN H.                        MD-4-42-217
LLOYD, BENJAMIN MCD.                   MD-4-43-334
LLOYD, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-41-352
LLOYD, ELIZABETH B.                    MD-4-26-292
LLOYD, JOHN J.                         MD-4-46-586
LLOYD, WILLIAM E.                      MD-4-45-563
LOANE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-38-350
LOANE, JOHN                            MD-4-50-133
LOANE, JOHN                            MD-4-25-383
LOANE, JOSEPH G.                       MD-4-53-171
LOBE, ISAAC                            MD-4-44-192
LOBER, GEORGE                          MD-4-38-466
LOCHER, GEORGE H.                      MD-4-56-200
LOCKE, PRISCILLA                       MD-4-31-147
LOCKINGTON, LUCINDA                    MD-4-43-108
LOCKS, JOHN W.                         MD-4-52-400
LOEBENSTEIN, JONAS M.                  MD-4-34-411
LOFING, CASPAR                         MD-4-32-169
LOGAN, J. DICKINSON                    MD-4-48-215
LOGAN, JAMES                           MD-4-51-226
LOGAN, JAMES H.                        MD-4-39-5
LOGAN, SARAH M.                        MD-4-37-480
LOGUE, MARTHA                          MD-4-29-472
LOHMANN, GERTRUDE                      MD-4-43-521
LOHMANN, JOHANN A.                     MD-4-56-24
LOHMULLER, FREDERICK W.                MD-4-29-227
LOHR, MARY                             MD-4-43-433
LOHRFINCK, SOPHIA                      MD-4-57-311
LOHRMANN, SIBILLA                      MD-4-56-184
LOMAX, ELIZABETH V.                    MD-4-34-188
LONEY, CHARLES                         MD-4-61-294
LONEY, MARY A.                         MD-4-57-127
LONEY, MARY A.                         MD-4-36-161
LONG, ANNIE M.                         MD-4-46-205
LONG, CONRAD                           MD-4-32-487
LONG, DAVID                            MD-4-60-222
LONG, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-31-129
LONG, ELLIS B.                         MD-4-43-59
LONG, GEORGE                           MD-4-28-410
LONG, JOSEPH                           MD-4-26-305
LONG, LEWIS J.                         MD-4-35-589
LONG, MARTHA JANE                      MD-4-60-86
LONG, MARY M.                          MD-4-49-471
LONG, OTTO                             MD-4-51-207
LONG, REUBEN                           MD-4-28-235
LONG, RICHARD D.                       MD-4-42-456
LONG, STEPHEN B.                       MD-4-38-431
LOOMIS, JOSEPHINE C.                   MD-4-26-94
LOOS, DOROTHEA                         MD-4-51-166
LOOS, HEINRICH                         MD-4-55-149
LOOS, JOHN G.                          MD-4-54-21
LOOSE, HENRY                           MD-4-54-523
LOPEZ, JOSEPH                          MD-4-44-555
LORENZ, BERNHARD A.                    MD-4-52-64
LORENZ, HENRY                          MD-4-37-52
LORITZ, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-47-530
LORITZ, JOHN                           MD-4-40-121
LORKIN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-27-245
LORMAN, ALEXANDER                      MD-4-38-56
LORMAN, MARGARET                       MD-4-33-327
LOSSEL, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-60-510
LOTZ, CASPAR                           MD-4-56-251
LOTZ, CHRISTINA                        MD-4-43-306
LOTZ, JACOB                            MD-4-49-126
LOUDERMAN, HENRY R.                    MD-4-45-64
LOUDERMAN, JOHN                        MD-4-25-51
LOUIS, LOUIS C.                        MD-4-51-401
LOVE, JOSEPH                           MD-4-32-71
LOVEJOY, REBECCA A.                    MD-4-57-110
LOVERIKNG, JOSEPH                      MD-4-39-19
LOW, CORNELIUS                         MD-4-26-488
LOW, ELIZABETH                         MD-4-27-425
LOWE, SUSANNA                          MD-4-30-336
LOWE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-29-438
LOWEKAMP, CHARLES B.                   MD-4-52-394
LOWEKAMP, JOHN H.                      MD-4-51-232
LOWENTHALL, LEVI                       MD-4-45-29
LOWREY, AGNES                          MD-4-37-242
LUBBEHUSEN, MARIA                      MD-4-44-10
LUBKE, LUDEWIG                         MD-4-35-217
LUCAS, ELIZA M.                        MD-4-31-187
LUCAS, FEIDLING JR.                    MD-4-26-114
LUCAS, MARGARET                        MD-4-57-532
LUCAS, ROBERT                          MD-4-38-227
LUCAS, THOMAS G.                       MD-4-49-209
LUCAS, WILLIAM S.                      MD-4-27-5
LUCKAN, FREDERICK W.                   MD-4-42-114
LUDDEN, ADELINE                        MD-4-30-260
LUDEKING, MARGARET                     MD-4-35-14
LUDLAM, HENRY                          MD-4-34-515
LUDLAM, HENRY (CON'T)                  MD-4-34-542
LUDWIG, CONRAD                         MD-4-35-277
LUESSIG, JOHN G.                       MD-4-33-380
LURMAN, FRANCES L.                     MD-4-54-84
LURMAN, GUSTAV W.                      MD-4-33-317
LURZ, GEORGE                           MD-4-55-13
LUSBY, AMELIA                          MD-4-47-61
LUSBY, ANNA M.                         MD-4-25-272
LUSBY, ANNE                            MD-4-31-191
LUSBY, JOHN H.                         MD-4-26-185
LUSBY, MARY                            MD-4-37-404
LUSBY, MARY C.                         MD-4-31-236
LUX, FREDERICK                         MD-4-52-24
LYDDANE, MARY EMILY                    MD-4-60-343
LYETH, EMELINE                         MD-4-33-70
LYFORD, WILLIAM G.                     MD-4-25-120
LYNCH, ANN                             MD-4-39-411
LYNCH, HENRY                           MD-4-30-433
LYNCH, RUTH C.                         MD-4-36-500
LYNCH, THOMAS                          MD-4-33-333
LYON, CATHARINE                        MD-4-52-531
LYON, EDWARD D.                        MD-4-32-366
LYON, EMILY K.                         MD-4-36-250
LYON, JAMES                            MD-4-34-370
LYON, LUTHER M.                        MD-4-40-214
LYON, MARY C.                          MD-4-25-162
LYONS, MARGARET                        MD-4-43-93
LYONS, PATRICK                         MD-4-38-31
MAAS, CHARLES P.                       MD-4-61-4
MACALESTER, CHARLES                    MD-4-45-237
MACARTNEY, CATHERINE COOKE             MD-4-48-543
MACARTNEY, FRANCIS                     MD-4-40-70
MACCUBBIN, AGNES J.                    MD-4-44-168
MACDONALD, MATILDA                     MD-4-41-465
MACE, KATE E.                          MD-4-43-264
MACFARLAND, MARY E.                    MD-4-42-84
MACHE, CHARLES                         MD-4-50-220
MACHEN, LEWIS H.                       MD-4-31-213
MACKALL, JAMES                         MD-4-55-310
MACKAY, SARAH A.                       MD-4-29-491
MACKENZIE, JAMES S.                    MD-4-56-108
MACKENZIE, JOHNP.                      MD-4-31-396
MACKENZIE, RUHAMAH                     MD-4-33-445
MACKENZIE, SARAH                       MD-4-26-168
MACKENZIE, THOMAS                      MD-4-33-294
MACKENZIE, THOMAS G.                   MD-4-39-218
MACKEY, ALEXANDER L.                   MD-4-28-102
MACKEY, MARGARET                       MD-4-30-488
MACKIN, MARY                           MD-4-53-151
MACLELLAN, RUFUS C.                    MD-4-53-344
MACPHERSON, JAMES                      MD-4-25-186
MACPHERSON, JANE                       MD-4-42-471
MACPHERSON, MARY E.                    MD-4-39-438, 440
MACPHERSON, RUTH ANNA                  MD-4-48-397
MACPHERSON, SAMUEL                     MD-4-40-8
MACQUAY, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-28-323
MACTAVISH, ALEXANDER S.                MD-4-31-152
MACTAVISH, CHARLES C.                  MD-4-34-388
MACTAVISH, EMILY                       MD-4-34-27
MACTAVISH, JOHN                        MD-4-25-126
MACTIER, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-59-33
MACTIER, JANE J.                       MD-4-30-423
MACTIER, SMAUEL                        MD-4-38-247
MADANY, MARY                           MD-4-34-334
MADDEN, CATHARINE                      MD-4-38-433
MADDEN, FRENCH                         MD-4-40-57
MADDOX, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-36-526
MADDUX, THOMAS                         MD-4-38-129
MAECH, ANNA M.                         MD-4-40-242
MAFFIT, WILLIAM R.                     MD-4-25-202
MAGEE, JAMES D.                        MD-4-55-78
MAGEE, JOANNA H.                       MD-4-46-112
MAGEE, JOHN                            MD-4-34-503
MAGERS, JEMIMA C.                      MD-4-48-169
MAGERS, PETER A.                       MD-4-31-501
MAGILL, PATRICK                        MD-4-41-531
MAGILL, ROSE                           MD-4-56-331
MAGRUDER, HENRIETTA H.                 MD-4-53-254
MAGRUDER, LAURA                        MD-4-30-374
MAGRUDER, MARIA                        MD-4-25-70
MAGUIRE, JAMES                         MD-4-35-519
MAGUIRE, JAMES L.                      MD-4-29-353
MAGUIRE, JOHN A.                       MD-4-33-172
MAGUIRE, PATRICK                       MD-4-27-122
MAHER, ANNIE                           MD-4-53-13
MAHER, ELLEN M.                        MD-4-28-139
MAHON, ANN                             MD-4-32-203
MAHONEY, THERESA                       MD-4-37-318
MAHR, JOHN                             MD-4-39-539
MAHRER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-47-267
MAINES, DANIEL                         MD-4-59-479
MAINES, ROSANNA                        MD-4-41-83
MAINLEY, THOMAS                        MD-4-33-119
MAINZ, HENRY                           MD-4-43-247
MAKASY, EDWARD                         MD-4-55-53
MAKEPEACE, BENJAMIN M.                 MD-4-59-63
MAKEPEACE, SUSAN M.                    MD-4-57-459
MALBON, JAMES                          MD-4-28-182
MALDEIS, FREDERICK W.                  MD-4-61-165
MALLEN, CATHARINE                      MD-4-47-551
MALLEN, JAMES                          MD-4-33-391
MALLEN, JAMES (CON'T)                  MD-4-33-538
MALLEN, PATRICK                        MD-4-31-45
MALLEN, SUSANNA                        MD-4-33-110
MALLEN, THOMAS F.                      MD-4-29-334
MALLON, BRIDGET                        MD-4-34-214
MALLON, FRANCIS                        MD-4-34-127
MALLOY, ANNE C.                        MD-4-47-97
MALLOY, LAWRENCE S.                    MD-4-54-520
MALONE, ALICE                          MD-4-59-66
MALONE, BRIDGET                        MD-4-49-2
MALONE, MARGARET M.                    MD-4-25-390
MALONE, RICHARD                        MD-4-39-474
MALONEY, JOHANNAH                      MD-4-45-507
MALONEY, NATHAN                        MD-4-34-446
MALOWNEY, WILLIAM                      MD-4-57-410
MANAHAN, ELIZA J.                      MD-4-49-14
MANAHAN, THOMAS J.                     MD-4-44-308
MANDERSON, JAMES                       MD-4-57-279
MANDRICH, HENRY                        MD-4-40-86
MANDRICH, SOPHIA F.                    MD-4-51-326
MANGER, JOHN                           MD-4-57-412
MANICA, PHILIP                         MD-4-31-397
MANKEN, HENRY                          MD-4-37-489
MANKIN, ISAIAH                         MD-4-37-140
MANN, CHARLES FRICK                    MD-4-51-498
MANN, JOHN                             MD-4-37-38
MANN, JOHN G.                          MD-4-58-240
MANN, WILLIAM                          MD-4-29-291
MANN, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-60-212
MANN, WILLIAM JR.                      MD-4-27-32
MANNAKEE, PHILIP                       MD-4-31-397
MANNAR, ISABELLA                       MD-4-37-83
MANNING, ANDREW                        MD-4-53-60
MANSBACH, ABRAHAM                      MD-4-58-534
MANSDORFFER, JOHN G.                   MD-4-37-178
MANSER, ANDREAS                        MD-4-61-135
MANSFIELD, JANE                        MD-4-54-295
MANTZ, DAVID A.                        MD-4-33-531
MANUS, SUSAN                           MD-4-41-53
MANZ, PHILIP                           MD-4-52-287
MAPS, MICHAEL                          MD-4-32-158
MARBURG, LOUIS H.                      MD-4-46-141
MARBURG, WILLIAM A.                    MD-4-39-346
MARBURY, WILLIAM                       MD-4-46-294
MARDEN, JESSE                          MD-4-43-527
MAREAN, SILAS                          MD-4-40-506, 592
MARFIELD, CATHARINE                    MD-4-30-442
MARFIELD, PENELOPE                     MD-4-39-482
MARHENCKE, HENRY H.                    MD-4-33-379
MARIAN, THOMAS                         MD-4-34-525
MARIS, ELLEN A.                        MD-4-43-47
MARIS, GEORGE                          MD-4-29-100
MARIS, MARY                            MD-4-29-292
MARK, NICHOLAS                         MD-4-36-215
MARKLAND, WILLIAM T.                   MD-4-53-30
MARLEY, JAMES                          MD-4-36-11
MARLEY, JANE E.                        MD-4-40-241
MARR, GEORGE                           MD-4-35-530
MARR, JOHN                             MD-4-57-343
MARR, JOHN T.                          MD-4-44-165
MARRIOTT, JANE MCK.                    MD-4-34-433
MARRIOTT, JOHN H.                      MD-4-37-3
MARRIOTT, JOSHUA                       MD-4-37-82
MARRIOTT, MARY C.                      MD-4-27-180
MARRIOTT, TELFAIR                      MD-4-49-382
MARSDEN, JOHN H.                       MD-4-53-419
MARSH, SARAH L. A.                     MD-4-26-301
MARSH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-43-564
MARSHALL, ISABELLA                     MD-4-38-109
MARSHALL, JOHN                         MD-4-29-303
MARSHALL, JOHN                         MD-4-35-13
MARSHALL, JOHN H.                      MD-4-49-365
MARSHALL, JONATHAN T.                  MD-4-36-218
MARSHALL, JOSEPH M.                    MD-4-54-293
MARSHALL, MARGARET                     MD-4-25-10
MARSHALL, REUBEN                       MD-4-52-74
MARSHALL, SARAH A.                     MD-4-60-82
MARSTON, SUSAN A.                      MD-4-61-181
MARTIACQ, SUSAN L.                     MD-4-42-162
MARTIN, ANN E.                         MD-4-35-241
MARTIN, CLARA                          MD-4-46-96
MARTIN, CULBERTSON                     MD-4-51-258
MARTIN, DAVID                          MD-4-45-127
MARTIN, ELIZA                          MD-4-34-285
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-26-335
MARTIN, ELIZABETH S.                   MD-4-39-171
MARTIN, GEORGE                         MD-4-30-474
MARTIN, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-30-63
MARTIN, JACOB                          MD-4-56-357
MARTIN, JOHN                           MD-4-50-420
MARTIN, JOHN                           MD-4-30-294
MARTIN, JOHN S.                        MD-4-60-382
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         MD-4-32-91
MARTIN, LEWIS                          MD-4-57-487
MARTIN, LORENA D.                      MD-4-35-495
MARTIN, MARY                           MD-4-37-170
MARTIN, MARY                           MD-4-38-259
MARTIN, MARY A.                        MD-4-31-389
MARTIN, SARAH R.                       MD-4-43-193
MARTIN, SIMON                          MD-4-26-317
MARTIN, SOPHIA M.                      MD-4-30-322
MARTIN, SUSAN                          MD-4-30-328
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-35-164
MARTINEZ, ANTONIO                      MD-4-41-402
MARX, MARY EVA                         MD-4-57-86
MARX, PETER                            MD-4-45-63
MASK, CATHARINE                        MD-4-29-504
MASON, CATHARINE                       MD-4-46-130
MASON, CLARENCE W.                     MD-4-49-190
MASON, GEORGE V.                       MD-4-27-146
MASON, JACOB                           MD-4-42-421
MASON, JAMES D.                        MD-4-58-334
MASON, JOHN                            MD-4-36-316
MASON, LYDIA S.                        MD-4-60-121
MASON, MARTHA F.                       MD-4-39-279
MASON, MIRANDA L.                      MD-4-41-500
MASON, RICHARD                         MD-4-28-378
MASON, RICHARD C.                      MD-4-39-154
MASON, RICHARD C.                      MD-4-60-280
MASON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-27-248
MASON, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-35-48
MASSEY, GEORGE R.                      MD-4-28-167
MASSEY, SARAH H.                       MD-4-38-503
MASSICOT, CATHRAINE E.                 MD-4-46-236
MATCHETT, ANNE                         MD-4-42-13
MATEER, MARY J.                        MD-4-57-369
MATHERS, ELIZA                         MD-4-59-79
MATHEWS, HANNAH V. S.                  MD-4-60-133
MATHEWS, HENRY                         MD-4-58-364
MATHEWS, SAMUEL                        MD-4-32-463
MATHIAS, JOHN                          MD-4-28-129
MATHIOT, AUGUSTUS                      MD-4-38-408
MATHIOT, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-29-399
MATHIOT, MARY A.                       MD-4-59-237
MATHIOT, ROBERT C.                     MD-4-40-534
MATLACK, PRUDENCE G.                   MD-4-30-370
MATTEI, WILLIAM                        MD-4-27-90
MATTHAEI, CARL                         MD-4-51-196
MATTHEO, PETER                         MD-4-49-228
MATTHEUS, JOHANNES                     MD-4-26-325
MATTHEWS, ANN J.                       MD-4-43-342
MATTHEWS, ANNA                         MD-4-50-115
MATTHEWS, ELIZA                        MD-4-34-157
MATTHEWS, ELIZABETH M.                 MD-4-51-123
MATTHEWS, ELLEN A.                     MD-4-36-122
MATTHEWS, JANE                         MD-4-35-433
MATTHEWS, JOSHUA                       MD-4-38-486
MATTHEWS, JOSHUA                       MD-4-61-357
MATTHEWS, MARY A.                      MD-4-46-329
MATTHEWS, PATRICK                      MD-4-36-415
MATTHEWS, PATRICK (CON'T)              MD-4-36-562
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                       MD-4-34-49
MATTHEWS, THOMAS R.                    MD-4-39-450
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM                      MD-4-26-86
MATTINGLY, AMELIA H.                   MD-4-27-398
MATTINGLY, JANE B.                     MD-4-27-199
MATTISON, JOHN J.                      MD-4-42-77
MAUPIN, ADDISON                        MD-4-38-234
MAUPIN, AMANDA A.                      MD-4-30-190
MAURER, PAUL                           MD-4-25-335
MAURER, WILHELMINA                     MD-4-57-236
MAURY, PHOEBE A.                       MD-4-43-443
MAVIN, ANN B.                          MD-4-39-1
MAXFIELD, SUSAN                        MD-4-26-95
MAXWELL, CHARLES E.                    MD-4-43-229
MAXWELL, HETTY I.                      MD-4-28-153
MAXWELL, JOHN                          MD-4-42-399
MAXWELL, JOHN W.                       MD-4-30-395
MAXWELL, PHILLIS                       MD-4-44-181
MAXWELL, WILLIAM G.                    MD-4-42-424
MAY, GEORGE                            MD-4-29-101
MAY, MARGARET                          MD-4-61-384
MAY, WILLIAM                           MD-4-58-129
MAYDWELL, WILLIAM B.                   MD-4-42-343
MAYER, BRANTZ                          MD-4-45-197
MAYER, CHARLES F.                      MD-4-31-379
MAYER, CHARLES F. JR.                  MD-4-61-234
MAYER, ELIAS                           MD-4-45-118
MAYER, ELIZA C.                        MD-4-56-263
MAYER, LEWIS                           MD-4-56-144
MAYERSON, EVA                          MD-4-56-116
MAYGER, RICHARD                        MD-4-46-380
MAYGER, RICHARD R.                     MD-4-36-122
MAYHEW, ABBY E.                        MD-4-33-224
MAYHEW, WILLIAM E.                     MD-4-29-218
MAYNARD, JAMES A.                      MD-4-56-60
MCAFEE, SOPHIA                         MD-4-59-218
MCALISTER, RICHARD V.                  MD-4-48-419
MCALLESE, PHOEBA                       MD-4-35-202
MCALLESTER, RICHARD                    MD-4-27-205
MCALLISTER, ARCHIBALD                  MD-4-31-173
MCALLISTER, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-35-124
MCBEAN, NANCY                          MD-4-39-107
MCBRIETY, WILLIAM                      MD-4-26-372
MCCABE, PATRICK                        MD-4-28-198
MCCABE, SOLOMON                        MD-4-53-427
MCCAFFERTY, ANN                        MD-4-56-167
MCCAFFERTY, ARTHUR                     MD-4-43-472
MCCAFFERTY, ELIZA                      MD-4-38-502
MCCAFFERTY, SARAH                      MD-4-57-332
MCCAHAN, GEORGE                        MD-4-27-204
MCCALL, MICHAEL                        MD-4-36-115
MCCALL, OWEN                           MD-4-25-215
MCCALL, PATRICK                        MD-4-28-367
MCCALL, WILLIAM                        MD-4-39-31
MCCAMBRIDGE, DANIEL                    MD-4-26-398
MCCANDLES, GEORGE                      MD-4-30-178
MCCANN, JULIA                          MD-4-37-426
MCCANN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-41-17
MCCAREN, OWEN                          MD-4-43-541
MCCARRIAR, MARY A.                     MD-4-44-415
MCCARTER, MARGARET                     MD-4-35-370
MCCARTNEY, MARY                        MD-4-36-141
MCCARTNEY, PATRICK                     MD-4-36-130
MCCAUGHEN, SOPHIA W.                   MD-4-34-148
MCCAULEY, MARTHA                       MD-4-55-378
MCCAULIFFE, JOHN                       MD-4-52-325
MCCAULLEY, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-35-106
MCCAY, MARY A.                         MD-4-37-475
MCCLELLAN, ANDREW                      MD-4-31-58
MCCLELLAN, JANE                        MD-4-28-283
MCCLELLAN, JANE (CON'T)                MD-4-28-372
MCCLELLAN, MARY                        MD-4-41-245
MCCLINTOCK, MATTHEW                    MD-4-55-246
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH I.                  MD-4-61-99
MCCOBB, WILLIAM                        MD-4-31-220
MCCOLGAN, BERNARD                      MD-4-30-331
MCCOLGAN, MICHAEL                      MD-4-44-125
MCCOLLAM, HUGH                         MD-4-27-142
MCCOLLAM, SARAH                        MD-4-30-217
MCCOLLIN, PATRICK                      MD-4-27-16
MCCOLLON, MILES                        MD-4-53-239
MCCOLM, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-4-32-310
MCCOLM, MATTHEW                        MD-4-25-154
MCCOMAS, ELLEN                         MD-4-29-131
MCCOMAS, ISABELLA                      MD-4-28-151
MCCOMAS, ROBERT                        MD-4-34-186
MCCONKEY, JOHN W.                      MD-4-60-319
MCCONKEY, WILLIAM                      MD-4-38-191
MCCONKY, JAMES                         MD-4-36-331
MCCONKY, MARGARETTA                    MD-4-40-65
MCCONN, RICHARD                        MD-4-36-397
MCCONNELL, DUNCAN                      MD-4-48-443
MCCONNELL, JOHN                        MD-4-31-332
MCCONNELL, SUSAN                       MD-4-46-30
MCCORMACK, WILLIAM                     MD-4-51-126
MCCORMICK, ALICE                       MD-4-27-327
MCCORMICK, DENNIS                      MD-4-27-21
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH A.                MD-4-33-493
MCCORMICK, ESTHER H.                   MD-4-56-502
MCCORMICK, JAMES L.                    MD-4-41-503
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        MD-4-47-91
MCCORMICK, JOHN P.                     MD-4-30-308
MCCORMICK, TABITHA                     MD-4-30-191
MCCOSKER, BRIDGET                      MD-4-35-389
MCCOSKER, PETER                        MD-4-30-87
MCCOULL, GEORGE C.                     MD-4-37-30
MCCOURT, ARTHUR                        MD-4-27-403
MCCOURT, JOHN                          MD-4-39-382
MCCOY, DANIEL                          MD-4-38-434
MCCOY, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-36-366
MCCOY, JOHNN.                          MD-4-56-191
MCCOY, LEONARD                         MD-4-54-1
MCCOY, MARY F.                         MD-4-53-20
MCCOY, PAMELIA                         MD-4-50-176
MCCOY, SARAH                           MD-4-40-262
MCCOY, SARAH JANE                      MD-4-59-429
MCCREARY, JAMES A.                     MD-4-59-336
MCCUE, JOHN                            MD-4-34-219
MCCUE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-39-422
MCCULLOCH, DUNCAN H.                   MD-4-38-488
MCCULLOH, JAMES H.                     MD-4-35-584
MCCULLOH, JOHN K.                      MD-4-51-517
MCCULLOUGH, ANN                        MD-4-43-435
MCCULLOUGH, ELIZABETH                  MD-4-26-417
MCCURDY, MARY J.                       MD-4-33-227
MCCURLEY, JAMES                        MD-4-47-379
MCCURLEY, JAMES OF JAMES               MD-4-51-206
MCCUSKER, BRIDGET                      MD-4-59-243
MCDANIEL, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-54-318
MCDERMOTT, ELLEN                       MD-4-52-94
MCDERMOTT, MARGARET G.                 MD-4-45-131
MCDERMOTT, TIMOTHY                     MD-4-33-158
MCDONALD, CHARLES                      MD-4-27-10
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-26-523
MCDONALD, EUGENIA D.                   MD-4-54-141
MCDONALD, GRACE                        MD-4-32-524
MCDONALD, JOHN                         MD-4-25-391
MCDONALD, MICHAEL                      MD-4-33-116
MCDONALD, SAMUEL                       MD-4-26-452
MCDONNELL, ELLEN V.                    MD-4-61-479
MCDONNELL, JAMES                       MD-4-60-295
MCDONNELL, JAMES                       MD-4-60-385
MCDOUGALL, JAMES SR.                   MD-4-59-261
MCDOWELL, ROBERT                       MD-4-32-93
MCDOWELL, SARAH M.                     MD-4-42-113
MCELDERRRY, HUGH                       MD-4-27-202
MCELDERRY, ANN W.                      MD-4-27-375
MCELDERRY, MARGARET P.                 MD-4-46-319
MCELROY, JAMES                         MD-4-33-196
MCELWEE, SAMUEL R.                     MD-4-41-482
MCENROE, JANE                          MD-4-58-218
MCEVERS, JULIET E.                     MD-4-41-567
MCFADDEN, PATRICK                      MD-4-27-211
MCFADON, JANE                          MD-4-27-104
MCFARLAND, JOHN                        MD-4-46-121
MCFAUL, CATHARINE A.                   MD-4-59-10
MCFAUL, JOHN                           MD-4-43-456
MCFEE, JOHN                            MD-4-28-115
MCGAHAN, JOHN                          MD-4-40-538
MCGARRIGILL, JOHN                      MD-4-32-336
MCGARRY, CORNELIUS                     MD-4-47-208
MCGAW, JULIANA M.                      MD-4-46-543
MCGEE, JOHN                            MD-4-46-569
MCGEE, JOHN O.                         MD-4-35-206
MCGEUGEN, THOMAS                       MD-4-25-38
MCGILL, EDWARD                         MD-4-55-536
MCGILL, MARY JANE                      MD-4-55-63
MCGILL, SAMUEL F.                      MD-4-43-125
MCGILTON, MARY J.                      MD-4-45-214
MCGINITY, FELIX                        MD-4-30-290
MCGINN, JOHN                           MD-4-47-385
MCGLANNAN, THOMAS                      MD-4-57-129
MCGLENAN, DENNIS                       MD-4-47-17
MCGLENAN, ELIZA                        MD-4-49-479
MCGLNE, GEORGE                         MD-4-55-225
MCGLONE, GEORGE                        MD-4-44-409
MCGRATH, EDWARD                        MD-4-26-53
MCGRATH, JOHN                          MD-4-25-317
MCGRAW, LILLIE ALICE                   MD-4-59-453
MCGRAW, MARY                           MD-4-48-16
MCGRAY, CATHARINE                      MD-4-40-499
MCGRW, JAMES                           MD-4-50-204
MCGUFFIN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-25-182
MCGUINNISS, MARY A.                    MD-4-35-481
MCGUIRE, JOHN                          MD-4-26-210
MCHENRY, MILCAH                        MD-4-28-5
MCHENRY, OLIVIA D.                     MD-4-29-68
MCHUGH, WILLIAM                        MD-4-39-422
MCILHENNY, MARY J.                     MD-4-46-526
MCILHINEY, JOHN                        MD-4-30-232
MCILVAIN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-32-177
MCINTIRE, JAMES                        MD-4-45-319
MCKANNA, PATRICK                       MD-4-45-512
MCKANNAR, JAMES JOSEPH                 MD-4-61-336
MCKAY, JAMES                           MD-4-46-135
MCKEE, BERNARD                         MD-4-27-17
MCKEE, JULIA ANN                       MD-4-37-204
MCKEE, PATRICK                         MD-4-59-185
MCKEEVER, ELLEN                        MD-4-26-293
MCKEEVER, ISAAC                        MD-4-27-81
MCKELDIN, SARAH J.                     MD-4-34-7
MCKELLAR, JOHN                         MD-4-29-207
MCKEN, DENNIS J.                       MD-4-53-537
MCKENLY, ELIZABETH J.                  MD-4-54-311
MCKENNA, BERNARD                       MD-4-56-347
MCKENNA, BRIDGET                       MD-4-28-120
MCKENNA, BRIDGET                       MD-4-41-144
MCKENNA, FRANCIS                       MD-4-34-254
MCKENNA, JOHN                          MD-4-55-319
MCKENNA, THOMAS                        MD-4-26-212
MCKENNEY, JAMES A.                     MD-4-47-217
MCKENZIE, ELIAS B.                     MD-4-61-216
MCKERLIE, ISABELLA                     MD-4-26-496
MCKERVEN, ARCHBIBALD                   MD-4-50-375
MCKEW, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-34-387
MCKEWEN, JOHN                          MD-4-29-487
MCKEWEN, WILLIAM                       MD-4-28-439
MCKIM, ANN                             MD-4-41-158
MCKIM, CATHARINE S.                    MD-4-29-339
MCKIM, ELLEN                           MD-4-42-401
MCKIM, JOHNH.                          MD-4-59-394
MCKIM, MARGARET D.                     MD-4-59-170
MCKIM, SUSAN                           MD-4-42-292
MCKIM, WILLIAM                         MD-4-45-526
MCKINLEY, HENRY                        MD-4-33-368
MCKNIGHT, SAMUEL I.                    MD-4-28-48
MCLANE, SALLY JONES                    MD-4-57-303
MCLAUGHLIN, ANDREW                     MD-4-31-37
MCLAUGHLIN, ANN                        MD-4-28-25
MCLAUGHLIN, AUGUSTUS                   MD-4-52-383
MCLAUGHLIN, HENRIETTA                  MD-4-60-167
MCLAUGHLIN, IRVIN                      MD-4-32-385
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN G.                    MD-4-44-109
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET                   MD-4-53-35
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY                       MD-4-53-69
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                    MD-4-39-475
MCLAUGHLIN, SARAH                      MD-4-34-314
MCLEAN, ARTHUR J.                      MD-4-40-245
MCLEAN, CHARLES                        MD-4-51-485
MCLEAN, ELIAS                          MD-4-25-324
MCLEAN, KATE D.                        MD-4-44-240
MCLEAN, MARGARET A.                    MD-4-55-125
MCLEAN, MARY                           MD-4-44-199
MCLEAN, REBECCA J.                     MD-4-58-97
MCLEOD, ALICE E.                       MD-4-50-257
MCMACKIN, MARGARET                     MD-4-26-36
MCMAHON, BERNARD                       MD-4-44-300
MCMAHON, JOEL                          MD-4-59-143
MCMAHON, JOHN L. V.                    MD-4-37-334
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                       MD-4-43-115
MCMAHON, OWEN                          MD-4-52-235
MCMAHON, SYLVESTER                     MD-4-40-141
MCMAINES, WILLIAM                      MD-4-44-45
MCMANUS, ELLEN M.                      MD-4-33-109
MCMANUS, FANNY                         MD-4-49-84
MCMANUS, FREDERICK A.                  MD-4-54-221
MCMECHEN, ELLEN B.                     MD-4-28-242
MCMILLAN, GEORGE G.                    MD-4-25-328
MCMILLAN, JAMES                        MD-4-59-146
MCMULLAN, LUCY                         MD-4-60-404
MCMULLAN, MARGHARET                    MD-4-51-53
MCMULLIN, MARY A. E.                   MD-4-56-496
MCMURPHY, SILAS D.                     MD-4-44-232
MCNABB, SARAH B.                       MD-4-45-369
MCNAIR, RACHEL                         MD-4-27-295
MCNALLY, ANN                           MD-4-29-82
MCNALLY, MICHAEL R.                    MD-4-27-210
MCNEAL, JAMES                          MD-4-27-435
MCNEAL, JAMES JR.                      MD-4-58-298
MCNEAL, LLOYD                          MD-4-32-440
MCNEAL, SARAH                          MD-4-35-386
MCNEELY, JOHN                          MD-4-28-390
MCNEILL, BONADENA C.                   MD-4-45-438
MCNELLLY, SARAH                        MD-4-28-377
MCNEW, ELIZA B.                        MD-4-29-489
MCNICHOL, BRIDGET                      MD-4-38-153
MCNORTON, MICHAEL                      MD-4-34-223
MCOMAS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-47-254
MCPHAIL, ELIZABETH A.                  MD-4-31-437
MCPHAIL, MARY                          MD-4-29-362
MCPHERSON, JOHN                        MD-4-28-373
MCPHERSON, SAMUEL T.                   MD-4-47-286
MCSHERRY, JAMES SR.                    MD-4-29-266
MCSHERRY, PATRICK                      MD-4-56-179
MCSOURLEY, JOHN                        MD-4-35-440
MCSWEENY, EDARD P.                     MD-4-30-430
MCTAGUE, MARY                          MD-4-38-291
MCVOY, FRANCIS                         MD-4-36-297
MCWILLIAMS, JENNIE                     MD-4-55-470
MCWILLIAMS, ROBERT                     MD-4-30-90
MEADS, MARY J.                         MD-4-45-412
MEAKIN, SAMUEL                         MD-4-43-127
MEARS, JOHN B.                         MD-4-26-28
MECHAN, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-40-555
MECKERT, JOHN                          MD-4-26-433
MEDINGER, CHRISTOPH A.                 MD-4-26-1
MEDTART, JACOB C.                      MD-4-38-212
MEEKINS, SARAH V.                      MD-4-44-519
MEETEER, MARY A.                       MD-4-44-93
MEETER, JOHN                           MD-4-35-435
MEETH, NIKLAUS                         MD-4-54-503
MEHLING, JOHN                          MD-4-54-465
MEHM, HENRY                            MD-4-35-191
MEIER, CHRISTIANNE                     MD-4-50-181
MEISEL, DOROTHEA                       MD-4-44-234
MEISEL, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-60-94
MEISER, LOUIA W.                       MD-4-41-328
MEISSNER, JOHN                         MD-4-33-496
MEISTER, BLASIUS                       MD-4-51-324
MEISTER, MAGNUS                        MD-4-60-394
MELVIN, MARY A.                        MD-4-43-43
MENGE, JOHANE R.                       MD-4-39-176
MENKE, FREDERICH                       MD-4-42-58
MENSLAGE, JOHN F.                      MD-4-46-57
MENZIES, JAMES                         MD-4-31-358
MENZIES, MARGARET L.                   MD-4-37-427
MEOXSEL, JOSEPH H.                     MD-4-55-106
MEREDITH, HANNAH                       MD-4-45-48
MEREDITH, JONATHAN                     MD-4-38-89
MEREDITH, MARGARET                     MD-4-33-30
MEREDITH, MARIA M.                     MD-4-43-563
MEREDITH, THOMAS                       MD-4-26-32
MERK, AUGUST                           MD-4-33-460
MERKER, ANDREW                         MD-4-42-437
MERLUZZI, NICHOLAS A.                  MD-4-50-397
MERRIKEN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-49-406
MERRITT, CHARLES                       MD-4-42-118
MERRITT, ELIZA                         MD-4-35-53
MERRITT, ELIZA C.                      MD-4-61-220
MERRITT, GEORGE A.                     MD-4-44-445
MERRITT, JAMES P.                      MD-4-26-159
MERRITT, SUSANNAH A.                   MD-4-33-85
MERRITT, WILLIAM K.                    MD-4-45-40
MERRYMAN, CHARLES                      MD-4-33-57
MERRYMAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-29-252
MERRYMAN, ELIZABETH (CON'T)            MD-4-29-435
MERRYMAN, ELIZABETH R.                 MD-4-53-6
MERRYMAN, GEORGE                       MD-4-55-75
MERRYMAN, MARY E.                      MD-4-40-515
MERRYMAN, OLIVER P.                    MD-4-56-91
MERSMANN, ANNA                         MD-4-49-391
MERTZ, ANNA                            MD-4-43-137
MERZ, PHILIP                           MD-4-55-460
MESSERSMITH, JACOB                     MD-4-42-345
MESSERSMITH, JOHNK.                    MD-4-38-123
MESSING, GEORGE A. F.                  MD-4-26-187
MESSING, SUSANNAH                      MD-4-33-488
MESSMERINGER, JOHN B.                  MD-4-52-398
METTE, GEORGE                          MD-4-46-262
METTE, JOSEPH                          MD-4-25-6T2
METTEE, MARTIN                         MD-4-26-311
METZ, JOHN ADAM                        MD-4-37-533
METZGER, DANIEL                        MD-4-28-179
METZGER, DANIEL (CON'T)                MD-4-28-512
METZGER, FREDERICK E.                  MD-4-43-508
METZGER, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-43-555
METZGER, MARY                          MD-4-28-131
METZMANN, GEORGE                       MD-4-43-69
METZUNG, JOSEPH                        MD-4-57-534
MEYD, CONRAD                           MD-4-40-278
MEYD, FRANCIS                          MD-4-53-299
MEYENBERG, WOLFF M.                    MD-4-35-19
MEYER, BURCHARD                        MD-4-30-80
MEYER, CAROLINE                        MD-4-57-415
MEYER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-49-522
MEYER, FRANCIS                         MD-4-26-192
MEYER, JOHANN H.                       MD-4-32-323
MEYER, JOHN G.                         MD-4-46-42
MEYER, JOHN H.                         MD-4-31-456
MEYER, JOHN W.                         MD-4-29-262
MEYER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-42-349
MEYER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-40-471
MEYER, JOSPEH H.                       MD-4-29-229
MEYER, JULIA A.                        MD-4-60-145
MEYER, KUNIGUNDA                       MD-4-54-304
MEYER, LAZARUS                         MD-4-54-422
MEYER, LORENZ                          MD-4-53-108
MEYER, MEYER D.                        MD-4-43-468
MEYER, PHILIP                          MD-4-47-546
MEYER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-43-315
MEYERS, CATHARINE C.                   MD-4-60-353
MEYERS, JOHN                           MD-4-49-367
MEYRAHN, CHRISTOPH D.                  MD-4-36-70
MICHAEL, ELIZABETH M.                  MD-4-49-312
MICHAEL, JOSEPHINE                     MD-4-50-222
MICHAEL, MARGARET                      MD-4-27-135
MICHAEL, WENDEL                        MD-4-25-491
MICHAEL, WILLIAM M.                    MD-4-54-548
MICHAELS, MARGARET                     MD-4-53-93
MICHEL, BARBARA                        MD-4-41-339
MICHEL, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-37-473
MICHEL, HENRY                          MD-4-49-362
MICHEL, JACOB                          MD-4-38-198
MICHEL, NICHOLAUS                      MD-4-43-244
MICHEL, WILLIAM                        MD-4-33-421
MICKLE, ROEBRT                         MD-4-56-102
MICKLE, STEPHANIE                      MD-4-57-3
MIDDELKAUFF, MARGARETTA V.             MD-4-56-468
MIDDENDORF, HERMAN D.                  MD-4-57-253
MIDDLEDORF, LOUIS M.                   MD-4-53-533
MIDDLETON, ANNIE R.                    MD-4-61-315
MIDDLETON, RICHARD                     MD-4-35-504
MILAN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-52-413
MILBURN, CLARA                         MD-4-46-46
MILBURN, JAMES A.                      MD-4-49-277
MILES, BENJAMIN B.                     MD-4-44-256
MILES, MARY                            MD-4-39-174
MILES, MARY A.                         MD-4-28-489
MILHM, CASPAR                          MD-4-46-102
MILLARD, CATHARINE C.                  MD-4-31-272
MILLARD, JOSEPH B.                     MD-4-38-532
MILLER, ALFRED D.                      MD-4-52-179
MILLER, ALFRED J.                      MD-4-40-321
MILLER, ANN                            MD-4-49-211
MILLER, ANN                            MD-4-57-80
MILLER, CATHARINE                      MD-4-32-459
MILLER, CHARLES                        MD-4-29-94
MILLER, CHARLES W.                     MD-4-54-332
MILLER, CLINTON H.                     MD-4-43-513
MILLER, DANIEL                         MD-4-36-320
MILLER, DANIEL                         MD-4-32-368
MILLER, GEORGE H.                      MD-4-56-529
MILLER, GEORGE T.                      MD-4-60-345
MILLER, HENRY                          MD-4-55-177
MILLER, HENRY                          MD-4-59-118
MILLER, HENRY C.                       MD-4-46-482
MILLER, JACOB                          MD-4-26-97
MILLER, JACOB W.                       MD-4-44-466
MILLER, JAMES                          MD-4-40-519
MILLER, JAMES                          MD-4-54-535
MILLER, JOHN                           MD-4-52-547
MILLER, JOHN                           MD-4-37-25
MILLER, MICHAEL                        MD-4-43-165
MILLER, NICHOLAS                       MD-4-27-29
MILLER, OLIVER M.                      MD-4-53-24
MILLER, REBECCA                        MD-4-38-374
MILLER, THOMAS F.                      MD-4-30-205
MILLER, VITTUS                         MD-4-26-70
MILLER, VITTUS (CON'T)                 MD-4-26-260
MILLER, WILLIAM C.                     MD-4-30-20
MILLER, WILLIAM D.                     MD-4-59-234
MILLHOLLAND, ROBERT D.                 MD-4-28-493
MILLIGAN, GEORGE B.                    MD-4-61-471
MILLS, ANN                             MD-4-34-302
MILLS, MALACHI                         MD-4-56-515
MILLS, RICHARD                         MD-4-29-434
MILLS, S. SANDS                        MD-4-44-150
MILLS, WILLIAM D.                      MD-4-54-6
MILLS, WILLIAM P.                      MD-4-25-486
MILROY, JOHN                           MD-4-56-174
MILTENBERGER, DOROTHEA B.              MD-4-60-91
MILTENBURGER, ANTHONY                  MD-4-35-562
MINCE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-25-488
MINCHER, JOHN                          MD-4-45-316
MINGO, SALLY                           MD-4-27-505
MINIFIE, WILLIAM                       MD-4-47-26
MINIS, PHILIP                          MD-4-26-553
MINOR, MARY S.                         MD-4-42-191
MIRSCHBERGER, JOSEPH                   MD-4-39-38
MISSBACH, ALOIS                        MD-4-39-486
MISTER, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-32-505
MISTER, GEORGE                         MD-4-37-394
MITCHELL, ANN G.                       MD-4-43-181
MITCHELL, ANN REBECCA                  MD-4-48-320
MITCHELL, ARTHUR                       MD-4-26-90
MITCHELL, CATHARINE                    MD-4-26-421
MITCHELL, CHARLES I.                   MD-4-37-272
MITCHELL, ELISHA                       MD-4-38-530
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH A.                 MD-4-56-491
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH J.                 MD-4-60-111
MITCHELL, JOHN                         MD-4-28-113
MITCHELL, JULIA A.                     MD-4-35-225
MITCHELL, MARGARET                     MD-4-42-169
MITCHELL, MARIA                        MD-4-40-361
MITCHELL, RICHARD                      MD-4-29-147
MITCHELL, SARAH A.                     MD-4-48-55
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      MD-4-32-38
MITCHELL, WILLIAM M.                   MD-4-38-37
MITTAN, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-40-466
MOALE, ANN G.                          MD-4-32-346
MOALE, ELEANOR OWING                   MD-4-48-574
MOALE, ELIZABETH S.                    MD-4-58-131
MOALE, RICHARD H.                      MD-4-35-249
MOALE, SAMUEL                          MD-4-27-306
MOALE, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-46-514
MOAN, MICHAEL                          MD-4-35-179
MOELLER, DAVID                         MD-4-27-112
MOELLINGER, JACOB                      MD-4-30-399
MOESZNER, CHRISTOPF                    MD-4-61-398
MOFFETT, JOHN F.                       MD-4-51-190
MOFFETT, SARAH JANE HOWARD             MD-4-45-567
MOHLER, ANN M.                         MD-4-42-249
MOHLER, CORA E. (CON'T)                MD-4-28-518
MOHLER, CORA E.                        MD-4-28-411
MOIR, JAMES                            MD-4-32-268
MOLIERE, THEODORE                      MD-4-37-331
MOLL, HENRY                            MD-4-43-482
MOLLOY, BRIDGET                        MD-4-53-472
MOMBERGER, GEORGE                      MD-4-37-316
MONAHAN, ANN                           MD-4-61-370
MONAT, JAMES                           MD-4-26-419
MONKUR, JOHN S. C.                     MD-4-33-509
MONROE, GEORGIANA                      MD-4-36-15
MONROE, JOHN L.                        MD-4-26-337
MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS                    MD-4-35-61
MONTAG, KARL                           MD-4-45-46
MONTAGUE, ELIZA C.                     MD-4-44-90
MONTEITH, REBECCA                      MD-4-28-265
MONTELL, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-28-29
MONTELL, JAMES E.                      MD-4-49-421
MONTGOMERY, ARAH                       MD-4-39-60
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      MD-4-44-354
MONTGOMERY, MARTIN                     MD-4-29-23
MONTGOMERY, MARTIN (CON'T)             MD-4-29-379
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD                    MD-4-27-41
MOOK, JACOB                            MD-4-41-280
MOON, EDWARD B.                        MD-4-42-210
MOONEY, PATRICK                        MD-4-57-142
MOORE, CYRUS                           MD-4-28-432
MOORE, GUSTAVUS J.                     MD-4-57-203
MOORE, HARRISON C.                     MD-4-52-248
MOORE, HORATIO                         MD-4-53-273
MOORE, HUMPHREY                        MD-4-57-100
MOORE, JAMES A.                        MD-4-41-241
MOORE, JOHN R.                         MD-4-31-488
MOORE, MARGARETT                       MD-4-30-254
MOORE, MARGARETT                       MD-4-30-245
MOORE, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-310
MOORE, PRISCILLA                       MD-4-31-48
MOORE, SARAH E.                        MD-4-25-484
MOORE, SOPHIA R.                       MD-4-39-426
MOORE, THOMAS                          MD-4-51-293
MOORE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-189
MOOREHEAD, CATHARINE B.                MD-4-61-448
MOOREHEAD, SAMUEL                      MD-4-32-445
MORAN, CATHARINE                       MD-4-44-340
MORDECAI, MOSES C.                     MD-4-61-192
MOREE, ABRAHAM                         MD-4-52-57
MOREE, CHARLES H.                      MD-4-53-545
MOREHEAD, WILLIAM                      MD-4-46-478
MORENROTH, FREDERICK                   MD-4-38-289
MORFIT, HENRY M.                       MD-4-33-81
MORGAN, MARY                           MD-4-31-227
MORGAN, NICHOLAS B. J.                 MD-4-38-241
MORGAN, SARAH E.                       MD-4-53-193
MORGAN, THOMAS JR.                     MD-4-31-231
MORISON, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-38-492
MORISON, GEORGE F.                     MD-4-36-504
MORITZ, FREDERICKA                     MD-4-37-333
MORITZ, J. D.                          MD-4-56-427
MORITZL, CHARLES                       MD-4-48-573
MORMAN, JOHN R.                        MD-4-26-213
MORMANN, HERMAN H.                     MD-4-46-189
MORRELL, CATHARINE C.                  MD-4-52-357
MORRIS, BRIDGET                        MD-4-56-95
MORRIS, CATHERINE                      MD-4-51-254
MORRIS, CHARLES D.                     MD-4-55-367
MORRIS, CHARLES T.                     MD-4-40-525
MORRIS, HANNAH ANN                     MD-4-41-288
MORRIS, HENRY                          MD-4-26-523
MORRIS, JAMES                          MD-4-46-318
MORRIS, JAMES R.                       MD-4-46-348
MORRIS, JANE                           MD-4-27-149
MORRIS, JESSE                          MD-4-26-412
MORRIS, JOHN B.                        MD-4-41-114
MORRIS, JOHN W.                        MD-4-53-534
MORRIS, MARY                           MD-4-61-112
MORRIS, PETER                          MD-4-42-173
MORRIS, THOMAS                         MD-4-59-404
MORRISON, JOSEPH M.                    MD-4-25-71
MORRISON, MARY                         MD-4-36-58
MORRISON, MARY                         MD-4-61-112
MORROW, GEORGE                         MD-4-32-194
MORROW, HARRIETT                       MD-4-43-516
MORROW, JOHN                           MD-4-40-334
MORROW, WILLIAM                        MD-4-27-298
MORROW, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-54-47
MORSE, WILLIAM L.                      MD-4-55-46
MORSELL, ELIZABETH S.                  MD-4-41-19
MORTIMER, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-26-314
MORTIMER, HENRY H.                     MD-4-25-216
MORTIMER, JOHN                         MD-4-30-59
MORTIMER, THOMAS                       MD-4-59-36
MORTON, HENRY E.                       MD-4-54-52
MORTON, JULIA A.                       MD-4-44-443
MORTON, MARGARET E.                    MD-4-49-397
MORTON, ROBERT                         MD-4-32-313
MORVILLE, WILLIAM                      MD-4-56-344
MOSER, SARAH W.                        MD-4-50-440
MOSER, WILLIAM W.                      MD-4-47-30
MOSES, BERNHARD                        MD-4-60-504
MOSHER, ELIZA M.                       MD-4-47-571
MOSHER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-33-265
MOUAT, MARY                            MD-4-53-42
MOULE, CAROLINE H.                     MD-4-27-201
MOULE, JULIET A.                       MD-4-27-162
MOULTON, JOHN D.                       MD-4-53-166
MOUNT, MATTHEW                         MD-4-30-410
MOWBRAY, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-40-227
MOWBRAY, MARY A.                       MD-4-57-195
MOXLEY, PERRY                          MD-4-50-43
MOXLEY, WILLIAM T.                     MD-4-42-361
MOYLAN, JOHN                           MD-4-37-381
MUCARTNEY, CATHARINE                   MD-4-46-304
MUELLER, JOHN W.                       MD-4-28-96
MUELLER, THEODORE                      MD-4-55-248
MUHLHAUSER, JACOB                      MD-4-29-495
MUHLY, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-59-94
MUHLY, EBERHARD                        MD-4-54-441
MUILLER, ROBERT                        MD-4-45-205
MUIRHEAD, ANDREW                       MD-4-52-396
MULLEN, ANN                            MD-4-56-14
MULLEN, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-37-32
MULLEN, PETER                          MD-4-37-45
MULLER, ALBERT                         MD-4-55-269
MULLER, AUGUSTUS                       MD-4-26-464
MULLER, BARBARA                        MD-4-56-298
MULLER, CASPER                         MD-4-58-76
MULLER, CHARLES                        MD-4-55-32
MULLER, CHARLES F.                     MD-4-43-571
MULLER, HEINRICH C.                    MD-4-58-32
MULLER, JOHAN                          MD-4-59-206
MULLER, JOHAN                          MD-4-44-540
MULLER, JOHANN H.                      MD-4-31-268
MULLER, JOHN                           MD-4-41-266
MULLER, JOHN C.                        MD-4-45-180
MULLER, JOHN GEORGE                    MD-4-58-223
MULLER, JOHN M.                        MD-4-31-131
MULLER, KATHRINA                       MD-4-59-58
MULLER, LUDWIG                         MD-4-43-295
MULLER, MARY                           MD-4-48-161
MULLER, MICHAEL                        MD-4-60-298
MULLER, PETER                          MD-4-44-241
MULLER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-30-58
MULLER, WILLIAM (CON'T)                MD-4-30-58
MULLIGAN, THOMAS                       MD-4-39-386
MULLIKIN, CHARLES E.                   MD-4-44-197
MULLIKIN, MARY B.                      MD-4-46-85
MULLIN, JAMES                          MD-4-55-76
MULLIN, THOMAS JR.                     MD-4-42-377
MULLINGER, WILLIAM                     MD-4-56-193
MUMMA, ANNA M.                         MD-4-45-159
MUMMA, JACOB J.                        MD-4-33-319
MUNDEL, CATHARINE                      MD-4-48-80
MUNDER, CATHARINE                      MD-4-58-141
MUNDER, CHARLES F.                     MD-4-34-427
MUNDER, LEWIS F.                       MD-4-37-149
MUNROE, FINLEY                         MD-4-29-215
MUNROE, ISAAC                          MD-4-29-142
MUNROE, ISAAC (CON'T)                  MD-4-29-307
MUNROE, NATHANIEL                      MD-4-30-46
MURDOCH, RICHARD                       MD-4-46-29
MURDOCH, WILLIAM F.                    MD-4-41-163
MURDOCK, CATHARINE                     MD-4-30-279
MURGAIONDO, JULIA A. DE                MD-4-53-295
MURPHY, ALICE                          MD-4-46-107
MURPHY, ANASTASIA                      MD-4-52-351
MURPHY, DANIEL                         MD-4-25-359
MURPHY, HENRY                          MD-4-34-358
MURPHY, JAMES                          MD-4-53-364
MURPHY, JAMES S.                       MD-4-45-458
MURPHY, JANE                           MD-4-36-334
MURPHY, JANE (CON'T)                   MD-4-36-572
MURPHY, JESSE D.                       MD-4-43-72
MURPHY, JOHN                           MD-4-32-508
MURPHY, JOHN                           MD-4-46-339
MURPHY, JOHN F.                        MD-4-37-547
MURPHY, MARTHA W.                      MD-4-48-12
MURPHY, MARY                           MD-4-44-19
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MD-4-35-43
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MD-4-27-184
MURPHY, THOMAS                         MD-4-29-256
MURRAY, ANN                            MD-4-50-105
MURRAY, ANN                            MD-4-28-496
MURRAY, ARTHUR                         MD-4-25-119
MURRAY, CAROLINE                       MD-4-46-256
MURRAY, HARRIET                        MD-4-34-263
MURRAY, JAMES                          MD-4-44-156
MURRAY, JOHN                           MD-4-34-52
MURRAY, JOHN                           MD-4-30-428
MURRAY, JOHN P.                        MD-4-61-137
MURRAY, LEVIN                          MD-4-36-129
MURRAY, MARTHA J.                      MD-4-53-527
MURRAY, MARY J.                        MD-4-34-56
MURRAY, MICHAEL                        MD-4-55-231
MURRAY, PETER                          MD-4-40-223
MURRAY, SAMUEL                         MD-4-34-380
MURRAY, SAMUEL (CON'T)                 MD-4-34-488
MURRAY, THOMAS                         MD-4-42-282
MURRAY, THOMAS                         MD-4-28-277
MURRILL, JAMES H.                      MD-4-37-70
MUSCHETT, WALTER                       MD-4-28-71
MUSGRAVE, CATHARINE                    MD-4-27-88
MUSSELMAN, FANNY                       MD-4-40-363
MUSSELMAN, JONN                        MD-4-41-215
MUSSMANN, JOHN H.                      MD-4-39-134
MUSSMANN, JOHN S.                      MD-4-32-379
MUTH, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-27-433
MUTH, PHILIP JR.                       MD-4-26-46
MUTSCHLER, GODLEIB F.                  MD-4-39-332
MYER, ANNA L.                          MD-4-43-235
MYER, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-47-359
MYER, JAMES                            MD-4-52-98
MYERS, ALEANDER                        MD-4-41-404
MYERS, ANN                             MD-4-26-466
MYERS, BENJAMIN C.                     MD-4-53-340
MYERS, CHARLES                         MD-4-30-361
MYERS, CHARLES H.                      MD-4-31-399
MYERS, DANIEL                          MD-4-32-435
MYERS, DEDERICK H.                     MD-4-30-387
MYERS, GEORGE SR.                      MD-4-39-79
MYERS, JACOB                           MD-4-48-390
MYERS, JAMES                           MD-4-26-158
MYERS, MARIA                           MD-4-28-224
MYERS, MARTHA                          MD-4-52-38
MYERS, MARY                            MD-4-34-462
MYERS, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-499
MYERS, MARY A.                         MD-4-47-401
MYERS, MARY R.                         MD-4-41-546
MYERS, SARAH A.                        MD-4-44-467
MYERS, WILLIAM                         MD-4-26-216
MYES, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-38-319
MYLANDER, HENRY                        MD-4-51-198

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