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NAAS, JUSTUS                           MD-4-44-12
NACHBAR, MICHAEL                       MD-4-59-383
NACHMAN, ELIZA                         MD-4-52-71
NAGEL, CATHARINE                       MD-4-59-349
NAGEL, CATHARINE                       MD-4-56-136
NAGEL, PETER                           MD-4-30-150
NAGENGAST, GEORGE                      MD-4-50-512
NAGENGAST, JOHN                        MD-4-45-281
NALLE, ALBERT G.                       MD-4-58-265
NALLY, MARY                            MD-4-49-118
NAMUTH, EDWARD F.                      MD-4-38-481
NANTS, ANN                             MD-4-27-355
NAPE, JOHN                             MD-4-33-381
NASH, BRIDGET                          MD-4-46-385
NASH, NATHANIEL C.                     MD-4-48-521
NAU, JOHN                              MD-4-58-28
NAUMANN, CASPER                        MD-4-55-440
NEAD, ANNA B. S.                       MD-4-40-285
NEAL, JOSEPH                           MD-4-56-463
NEAL, MARY E.                          MD-4-37-370
NEAMYRE, JOHN H.                       MD-4-37-26
NEEB, JOHN                             MD-4-35-279
NEEDLES, EDWARD                        MD-4-39-40
NEEDLES, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-36-425
NEEDLES, JOHN                          MD-4-44-557
NEIBELEIN, JOHN M.                     MD-4-32-515
NEIER, ANN MARGARET                    MD-4-51-177
NEIER, HELENE                          MD-4-60-489
NEILL, JAMES                           MD-4-59-535
NEILL, REBECCA T.                      MD-4-35-545
NEILSON, ALBERT B.                     MD-4-45-375
NEILSON, ALBERTINA A.                  MD-4-28-163
NEILSON, ANNE                          MD-4-29-29
NEILSON, GEORGE                        MD-4-43-106
NEIMEYER, HERMAN                       MD-4-32-474
NELLIGAN, ALICIA                       MD-4-39-548
NELSON, DAVID B.                       MD-4-41-382
NELSON, JOHANNA                        MD-4-31-378
NELSON, JOHN                           MD-4-29-154
NELSON, JOHN (CON'T)                   MD-4-29-520
NELSON, JOHN A.                        MD-4-26-413
NELSON, JULIA ANN                      MD-4-38-193
NELSON, JULIA M.                       MD-4-36-190
NELSON, MARTHA                         MD-4-54-92
NELSON, PETER                          MD-4-29-157
NENGEL, BARBARA                        MD-4-42-246
NEUBAUER, JOHN C.                      MD-4-43-147
NEUBERGER, LEOBA                       MD-4-51-219
NEUBERT, JOHN G.                       MD-4-41-373
NEUMAN, JOHN                           MD-4-48-183
NEUMAN, WILHELM A. F.                  MD-4-50-311
NEWBERTH, MICHAEL                      MD-4-59-74
NEWMAN, BARBARA                        MD-4-53-407
NEWMAN, HENRY                          MD-4-36-399
NEWMAN, OLIVIA A.                      MD-4-37-89
NEWNAM,ELIZABETH                       MD-4-60-199
NICHOLAS, JANE H.                      MD-4-32-378
NICHOLAS, MARY R.                      MD-4-59-69
NICHOLAS, WILSON N.                    MD-4-37-582
NICHOLAS,ROBERT C.                     MD-4-40-142
NICHOLL, HEMSLY                        MD-4-44-392
NICHOLS, HENNA                         MD-4-35-461
NICHOLS, VIRGINIA P.                   MD-4-53-523
NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-60-518
NICHOLSON, GUSTAVUS                    MD-4-54-59
NICHOLSON, HENRY                       MD-4-40-391
NICHOLSON, JACOB                       MD-4-56-367
NICHOLSON, JACOB C. (CON'T)            MD-4-35-597
NICHOLSON, JACOB C.                    MD-4-35-141
NICHOLSON, JAMES M.                    MD-4-42-129
NICHOLSON, JOHN                        MD-4-51-224
NICHOLSON, MARY A.                     MD-4-31-433
NICHOLSON, MARY JOHNS                  MD-4-52-225
NICHTER, JOSEPH                        MD-4-61-543
NICKAM, JOHN                           MD-4-26-416
NICKEL, CHRISTIAN G.                   MD-4-61-320
NICKEL, EMANUEL                        MD-4-47-451
NICKEL, GEORGE                         MD-4-41-520
NICKERSON, JANE L                      MD-4-54-532
NICKERSON, MARY B.                     MD-4-57-462
NICKERSON, MARY L. B.                  MD-4-45-125
NICKINS, ROBERT                        MD-4-28-388
NICKLAS, CONRAD                        MD-4-52-128
NICOL, GENNET                          MD-4-27-324
NICOLAI, CHARLES D.                    MD-4-25-35
NICOLAI, SARAH E.                      MD-4-28-267
NICOLAI, SUSANA                        MD-4-39-100
NICOLL, WILLIAM                        MD-4-52-60
NICOLS, MARGARET                       MD-4-30-17
NIED, GEORGE                           MD-4-36-68
NIEDERMEYER, ZACHARIAS                 MD-4-57-89
NIELSON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-30-397
NIGL, ANDREAS                          MD-4-61-316
NIMMO, ISABELLA                        MD-4-57-231
NOACK, OSWALD                          MD-4-56-100
NOBLE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-39-109
NOBLE, JAMES                           MD-4-33-138
NOCODEMUS, JOSIAH C.                   MD-4-44-294
NOEL, HENRY R.                         MD-4-46-523
NOEL, SAMUEL H.                        MD-4-46-381
NOESZLER, JOHAN                        MD-4-44-265
NOETH, JOSEPHINE                       MD-4-48-171
NOHE, GEORGE                           MD-4-61-271
NOHLE, FRANZ                           MD-4-40-247
NOLAN, HOWARD                          MD-4-61-311
NOLL, HENRY                            MD-4-37-373
NONAKA, KUMA                           MD-4-54-257
NOONAN, EDWARD                         MD-4-26-87
NOONE, THOMAS F.                       MD-4-49-305
NORBECK, LEWIS                         MD-4-27-499
NORDHOFF, FREDERICK W.                 MD-4-54-306
NORMAN, GEORGE T.                      MD-4-35-268
NORMAN, SARAH ANN                      MD-4-57-222
NORRIS, AQUILLA I.                     MD-4-48-86
NORRIS, BENJAMIN B.                    MD-4-33-465
NORRIS, BENJAMIN F.                    MD-4-34-410
NORRIS, C. SIDNEY                      MD-4-31-371
NORRIS, CHARLES S.                     MD-4-41-220
NORRIS, CHLOE                          MD-4-55-450
NORRIS, CLARISSA                       MD-4-27-326
NORRIS, EDMUND E.                      MD-4-54-54
NORRIS, EDWARD T.                      MD-4-61-67
NORRIS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-55-458
NORRIS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-25-177
NORRIS, FLORIDA                        MD-4-54-188
NORRIS, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-53-412
NORRIS, ISAAC H.                       MD-4-38-116
NORRIS, J. SAURIN                      MD-4-50-449
NORRIS, JOHN D.                        MD-4-36-522
NORRIS, LOUISA A.                      MD-4-33-147
NORRIS, MARY                           MD-4-34-497
NORRIS, RICHARD                        MD-4-28-383
NORRIS, RICHARD JR.                    MD-4-45-503
NORRIS, SARAH F.                       MD-4-42-37
NORRIS, SARAH H.                       MD-4-30-500
NORRIS, THOMAS A.                      MD-4-34-280
NORTON, MINTY M.                       MD-4-58-479
NORWOOD, EDWARD                        MD-4-25-180
NORWOOD, FREDERICK D.                  MD-4-40-500
NOTHHAS, JOHANN                        MD-4-33-365
NUGENT, JOHN                           MD-4-47-371
NUGENT, JOHN                           MD-4-36-155
NUGENT, MARGARET                       MD-4-59-503
NUSSEAR, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-25-1
NYCE, BENJAMIN B. (CON'T)              MD-4-34-204
NYCE, BENJAMIN B.                      MD-4-34-168
NYCE, HUGHJ.                           MD-4-36-107
NYCE, JULIA ANN                        MD-4-61-263
OBER, MILLARD F.                       MD-4-43-531
OBER, SAMUEL                           MD-4-37-442
OBER, STEPHEN J.                       MD-4-26-223
OBERHEIM, LORENZ                       MD-4-54-282
OBRECHT, JACOB F.                      MD-4-53-426
OBRYAN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-56-265
OBRYON, MARGARET                       MD-4-52-299
OCHS, PETER                            MD-4-28-497
OCKE, REGINA M.                        MD-4-54-506
OCONNELL, HANNAH                       MD-4-44-47
OCONNER, CHARLOTTE E.                  MD-4-49-501
OCONNOR, EDWARD                        MD-4-56-433
OCONNOR, HUGH                          MD-4-61-238
OCONNOR, MARGARET                      MD-4-38-334
ODENWALD, PHILIPP                      MD-4-38-226
ODONNELL, COLUMBUS                     MD-4-39-254
ODONNELL, DOMINICK H.                  MD-4-40-490
ODONNELL, JAMES                        MD-4-50-152
ODONNELL, JOHN                         MD-4-44-495
ODONNELL, LUIZINHA DE SODRE            MD-4-32-502
ODONNELL, MARY A.                      MD-4-26-575
ODONNELL, OLIVER C.                    MD-4-44-72
ODONNELL, SARAH C.                     MD-4-26-380
ODONOVAN, MARIA L.                     MD-4-47-412
ODONOVAN, MICHAEL                      MD-4-48-111
ODONOVAN, PHOEBE                       MD-4-47-298
ODOWD, THOMAS                          MD-4-45-68
OEHM, CHARLES N.                       MD-4-46-436
OELMANN, HERMANN                       MD-4-32-65
OETTINGER, MOSES                       MD-4-54-418
OFARRELL, SALLY M.                     MD-4-27-178
OFARRELL, WILLIAM                      MD-4-27-158
OGDEN, MARIA                           MD-4-47-491
OGIER, JOHN                            MD-4-46-365
OGIER, MARY                            MD-4-25-62
OGIER, NICHOLAS                        MD-4-45-216
OGLE, ROBERT                           MD-4-31-514
OGRADY, PATRICK                        MD-4-59-505
OHEAR, MICHAEL                         MD-4-53-199
OHLENDORF, CHRISTIAN                   MD-4-53-373
OHLENDORF, WILLIAM                     MD-4-43-228
OHLGART, GEORGE P.                     MD-4-46-179
OHM, JACOB                             MD-4-60-502
OHNESORGE, GEORGE L.                   MD-4-27-203
OHRENSCHALL, JOHN C.                   MD-4-37-77
OHRMANN, HENRY                         MD-4-51-364
OKEEFE, ELIZA                          MD-4-30-351
OLAUGHLIN, MARY ANN                    MD-4-51-212
OLDFIELD, GRANVILLE S.                 MD-4-29-293
OLDFIELD, MARY G.                      MD-4-39-116
OLEARY, EDWARD                         MD-4-29-271
OLEARY, MARGARET                       MD-4-38-495
OLIVE, JOHN                            MD-4-31-286
OLIVE, THOMAS                          MD-4-46-134
OLIVER, ADOLPHUS                       MD-4-51-83
OLIVER, CHARLES                        MD-4-28-392
OLIVER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-40-537
OLIVER, JAMES H.                       MD-4-45-74
OLIVER, JOHN                           MD-4-39-453
OLIVER, JOHN S.                        MD-4-54-512
OLIVER, MARY C.                        MD-4-39-362
OLIVER, OWEN                           MD-4-25-95
ONEALL, JAMES                          MD-4-32-19
ONEILL, ANN                            MD-4-36-204
ONEILL, CATHARINE                      MD-4-27-15
ONEILL, JAMES                          MD-4-57-308
ONEILL, JAMES                          MD-4-37-416
ONEILL, JOHN                           MD-4-36-287
ONIEL, BERNARD                         MD-4-45-539
ONION, JULIETT                         MD-4-26-41
ONION, THOMAS B.                       MD-4-42-508
OPENHEIMER, BETTIE                     MD-4-57-65
OPPELT, EDMUND J.                      MD-4-53-333
OREILEY, MARTHA J.                     MD-4-25-128
OREM, JOHN                             MD-4-28-64
OREM, JOHN E.                          MD-4-50-361
OROURKE, MARY                          MD-4-31-258
ORR, MARY                              MD-4-27-33
ORTWEIN, JUSTUS H.                     MD-4-26-369
OSIER, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-60-27
OSING, HERMAN G.                       MD-4-27-404
OSING, HERMAN H.                       MD-4-56-349
OSTENDORF, ANTON                       MD-4-35-335
OSTENDORF, BERNARD                     MD-4-39-317
OSTENDORF, CLEMENS                     MD-4-40-566
OSTENDORF, GERHARD H.                  MD-4-46-592
OSTENDORP, GERHARD W.                  MD-4-49-265
OSTERHAUS, JOSEPH                      MD-4-43-132
OSTERMAN, AUGUST                       MD-4-41-170
OTEY, FLORENCE B.                      MD-4-36-410
OTT, FRANCIS                           MD-4-39-572
OTT, JOHN                              MD-4-38-94
OTT, MARY                              MD-4-47-387
OTTENBERG, JOSEPH                      MD-4-58-309
OTTERBEIN, JOHN C.                     MD-4-46-192
OTTERSON, JANE S.                      MD-4-30-440
OTTO, FREDERICK                        MD-4-57-97
OUDESLUYS, CHARLES L.                  MD-4-55-332
OULD, MADGE D.                         MD-4-60-495
OULD, PAULINE                          MD-4-42-486
OVEY, GEORGE O.                        MD-4-52-268
OWEN, GRIFFITH                         MD-4-37-95
OWEN, RICHARD H.                       MD-4-28-296
OWENS, GEORGE                          MD-4-31-322
OWENS, JAMES C.                        MD-4-27-60
OWINGS, CAELIUS H. W.                  MD-4-41-578
OWINGS, CAROLINE                       MD-4-37-553
OWINGS, CHARCILA D. C.                 MD-4-28-419
OWINGS, JAMES                          MD-4-28-465
OWINGS, LAURA E.                       MD-4-40-497
OWINGS, MARY                           MD-4-34-490
OWINGS, MATILDA D.                     MD-4-31-81
OWINGS, PAMELA A.                      MD-4-56-106
OWINGS, THOMAS                         MD-4-33-499
PACKARD, LAURA                         MD-4-43-299
PAGE, ANNE                             MD-4-42-337
PAGE, ARTHUR                           MD-4-47-276
PAGE, CHARLOTTE H. A.                  MD-4-26-570
PAGENSTEDT, JOSEPH                     MD-4-27-215
PAGENSTEDT, JOSEPH (CON'T)             MD-4-27-248
PAHL, ANNIE E. M.                      MD-4-41-314, 600
PAINE, ALLEN                           MD-4-38-238
PAINE, CLARA                           MD-4-40-205
PAINTER, EDWARD                        MD-4-42-47
PAINTER, WILLIAM                       MD-4-26-237
PALMER, HARRIET                        MD-4-32-391
PANCOAST, JOSEPH T.                    MD-4-49-151
PANWELL, ANNA P.                       MD-4-40-14
PAPER, JOHN WILLIAM C.                 MD-4-45-206
PARKER, ANN M.                         MD-4-30-126
PARKER, ANNIE M.                       MD-4-42-206
PARKER, CLEMENT B. J.                  MD-4-27-262
PARKER, I. SUMNER                      MD-4-51-221
PARKER, JAMES                          MD-4-36-140
PARKER, JONATHAN JR.                   MD-4-41-171
PARKER, JONATHAN SR.                   MD-4-29-288
PARKES, FRANCIS                        MD-4-33-362
PARKHILL, JOHN H.                      MD-4-35-318
PARKHURST, JARED                       MD-4-51-132
PARKHURST, SIMON                       MD-4-41-586
PARKINSON, JAMES R.                    MD-4-33-310
PARKINSON, MARIA                       MD-4-28-76
PARKS, ADELINE                         MD-4-37-502
PARKS, LLOYD B.                        MD-4-40-232
PARKS, MARY A.                         MD-4-44-449
PARR, MARGARET                         MD-4-31-13
PARRISH, EDWARD S.                     MD-4-37-145
PARROTT, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-32-151
PARROTT, JOHN D.                       MD-4-34-220
PARROTT, ROBERT P.                     MD-4-48-146
PARROTT, WILLIAM A.                    MD-4-44-559
PARRY, CATHARINE J.                    MD-4-38-511
PARRY, ELIZABETH E.                    MD-4-44-264
PARSONS, MARGARET C.                   MD-4-35-429
PARTLOW, WILLIAM                       MD-4-27-255
PARTRIDGE, JAMES R.                    MD-4-52-525
PASANO, MARY A.                        MD-4-46-390
PASCAL, CATHARINE                      MD-4-44-203
PASCAL, JAMES P. J.                    MD-4-32-489
PASQUAY, JACOB                         MD-4-31-95
PASSANO, ANTOINETTA                    MD-4-43-76
PASSANO, JOSEPH                        MD-4-32-419
PASSANO, LOUIS                         MD-4-36-198
PASSANO, ROSINA                        MD-4-41-493
PASTERFIELD, MARGARET J.               MD-4-34-197
PASTERFIELD, MARTHA ANN                MD-4-51-87
PATTEROSN, SARAH E.                    MD-4-35-525
PATTERSON, EDWARD                      MD-4-32-516
PATTERSON, HANNAH                      MD-4-36-423
PATTERSON, HENRY                       MD-4-28-165, 285
PATTERSON, JOHN                        MD-4-47-535
PATTERSON, JOHN                        MD-4-27-303
PATTERSON, JOSEPH W.                   MD-4-33-417
PATTERSON, MARTHA G.                   MD-4-47-162
PATTERSON, MARY                        MD-4-28-346
PATTERSON, MARY L.                     MD-4-53-202
PATTERSON, PRUDENCE A.                 MD-4-51-37
PATTERSON, SIDNEY                      MD-4-45-212
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     MD-4-51-384
PATTESON, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-45-260
PATTISON, SARAH                        MD-4-35-312
PATTON, WILLIAM                        MD-4-41-538
PAUL, JOHN HENRY                       MD-4-39-66
PAUL, KONRAD L.                        MD-4-31-498
PAUSCH, GEORGE                         MD-4-53-431
PAWLEY, JAMES JR.                      MD-4-38-214
PEACHEY, SUSAN                         MD-4-26-137
PEACOCK, JOHN                          MD-4-54-424
PEARCE, CHARLES R.                     MD-4-30-135
PEARCE, MARY LOUISA                    MD-4-61-485
PEARL, PETER                           MD-4-47-117
PECK, HARRIET                          MD-4-36-253
PECK, HENRY                            MD-4-32-278
PECK, SARAH                            MD-4-37-33
PECK, STEPHEN                          MD-4-33-176
PEDDICORD, ELIZA                       MD-4-51-72
PEIRCE, JANE                           MD-4-41-300
PEIRCE, LETITIA                        MD-4-32-101
PEIRSOL, MARY                          MD-4-33-120
PEITZ, HERMAN                          MD-4-38-366
PENDERGAST, CHARLES                    MD-4-34-253
PENDERGAST, WILLIAM                    MD-4-34-229
PENDEXTER, HANNAH N.                   MD-4-59-311
PENDLETON, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-41-211
PENDLETON, HELENM.                     MD-4-41-61
PENDLETON, MATILDA C.                  MD-4-55-327
PENDLETON, SOPHIA C.                   MD-4-44-442
PENISTON, JOSEPH V.                    MD-4-28-448
PENN, JACOB                            MD-4-51-111
PENNIMAN, HARRIOT                      MD-4-39-498
PENNINGTON, JOSIAS                     MD-4-40-256
PENNINGTON, SOPHIA C.                  MD-4-41-593
PENTLAND, ROBERT F.                    MD-4-44-457
PENTZ, DANIEL                          MD-4-37-300
PENTZ, JOHN J.                         MD-4-25-356
PENTZ, JOSEPH A. P.                    MD-4-45-595
PEREGOY, JOSEPH M.                     MD-4-29-468
PEREGOY, SARAH                         MD-4-32-299
PERINE, ACHSAH                         MD-4-57-418
PERINE, MAULDEN                        MD-4-32-393
PERKINS, ALVERDA A.                    MD-4-43-232
PERKINS, ELLEN E.                      MD-4-53-71
PERKINS, GEORGE WASHINGTON             MD-4-49-379
PERKINS, HECTOR                        MD-4-28-440
PERKINS, JAMES H.                      MD-4-45-565
PERKINS, NANCY                         MD-4-46-454
PERKINS, THATCHER                      MD-4-52-126
PERRIGO, DANIEL                        MD-4-34-339
PERRIGO, JOSEPH                        MD-4-25-227
PERRY, ALBERT                          MD-4-30-112
PERRY, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-4-55-24
PERRY, EMILY                           MD-4-61-106
PERRY, HERMON H.                       MD-4-25-276
PERRY, LEVI                            MD-4-43-395
PERRY, LOUISA                          MD-4-45-442
PERRY, SARAH                           MD-4-42-61
PERRY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-26-79
PERRY, WILLIAM C.                      MD-4-46-457
PERRYMAN, ISABELLA A.                  MD-4-42-419
PESCUD, EDWARD                         MD-4-31-506
PESSAGNO, JOHN                         MD-4-46-466
PETER, CATHARINE                       MD-4-42-560
PETER, DANIEL                          MD-4-27-393
PETER, JOHN I.                         MD-4-46-15
PETERKIN, ANN                          MD-4-43-268
PETERKIN, EMMA R.                      MD-4-45-152
PETERS, CASPER                         MD-4-41-232
PETERS, CHRISTINA                      MD-4-37-238
PETERS, DANIEL                         MD-4-38-78
PETERS, ELIZA                          MD-4-40-179
PETERS, EMMA                           MD-4-43-134
PETERS, GEORGE                         MD-4-33-9
PETERS, JOSEPH                         MD-4-27-247
PETERS, MARY E.                        MD-4-61-155
PETERS, ROSINA                         MD-4-31-168
PETERS, SALLY                          MD-4-36-459
PETERS, WILLIAM                        MD-4-31-345
PETERS, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-31-343
PETERSON, FRANCIS                      MD-4-32-387
PETERSON, GEORGE N.                    MD-4-34-94
PETTIT, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-26-256
PETTIT, ISAAC                          MD-4-30-33
PEYTON, CAROLINE G.                    MD-4-40-82
PFAFF, ADOLPH                          MD-4-42-463
PFAFF, JOHN P.                         MD-4-32-325
PFALL, LISETTE                         MD-4-25-366
PFARR, JOHN                            MD-4-38-525
PFEFFEMAN, HENRY                       MD-4-56-141
PFEFFERKORN, THERESIA                  MD-4-40-23
PFEIFER, JOHANN G.                     MD-4-35-180
PFEIFER, NICHOLAS                      MD-4-33-168
PFEIFER, PHILIPPINA C.                 MD-4-41-47
PFEIFFER, CASPER                       MD-4-42-557
PFEIFFER, CATHARINE                    MD-4-46-132
PFIFFERLING, CAROLINE                  MD-4-46-396
PFISTER, ADAM                          MD-4-44-39
PFISTER, FERDINAND                     MD-4-45-578
PFISTER, JOHANN                        MD-4-48-347
PFISTER, MARGARET                      MD-4-34-7
PFORTNER, EVA                          MD-4-60-192
PHELAN, NICHOLAS                       MD-4-53-485
PHELAN, SARAH M.                       MD-4-54-164
PHELPS, ALMIRA H. L.                   MD-4-53-183
PHELPS, RACHEL                         MD-4-34-496
PHILBIN, FRANCIS                       MD-4-56-466
PHILIPP, HERMANN O.                    MD-4-35-374
PHILIPP, LOUIS                         MD-4-37-223
PHILIPPIA, PETER                       MD-4-44-548
PHILIPS, TERRY                         MD-4-34-425
PHILLIPP, JOHN G.                      MD-4-51-204
PHILLIPS, ANN                          MD-4-25-225
PHILLIPS, BRIDGET                      MD-4-45-276
PHILLIPS, HARRIET                      MD-4-38-328
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         MD-4-33-264
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         MD-4-45-255
PHILLIPS, MORO                         MD-4-56-267
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                       MD-4-37-542
PHILLIPS, TERRY                        MD-4-33-136
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J.                   MD-4-33-376
PICCIOLI, GIOSUE                       MD-4-32-501
PICKER, JANE O.                        MD-4-52-336
PICKETT, JEROME                        MD-4-33-497
PICKETT, JOHN H.                       MD-4-57-381
PIERSON, LAURA V. J.                   MD-4-56-372
PIERSON, THOMAS                        MD-4-58-496
PIET, JOHN                             MD-4-41-333
PIETSCH, OTTO                          MD-4-40-210
PIGION, MARY                           MD-4-25-350
PIKE, HENRY                            MD-4-27-83
PIKE, IGNATIUS                         MD-4-33-212
PINDELL, LEWIS                         MD-4-39-355
PINDELL, MARGARET                      MD-4-37-505
PINKNEY, HARRIET A.                    MD-4-45-391
PINKNEY, HENRIETTA M.                  MD-4-54-133
PINKNEY, ROBET F.                      MD-4-44-400
PINKNEY, SOPHIA                        MD-4-58-237
PINSCHMIDT, CONRAD                     MD-4-51-175
PIPES, SUSAN                           MD-4-61-276
PIQUETT, JOHN T.                       MD-4-44-376
PITCHER, THOMAS C.                     MD-4-38-389
PITT, CHARLES F.                       MD-4-57-456
PITT, JOHN C.                          MD-4-42-507
PITTMAN, CATHARINE A.                  MD-4-41-249
PITTMAN, EDWARD                        MD-4-49-272
PITTS, ARAMINTA                        MD-4-54-284
PITTS, CHARLES H.                      MD-4-58-548
PITTS, JOHN W.                         MD-4-35-535
PITZ, FREDERICK                        MD-4-58-401
PLACIDE, HENRY S.                      MD-4-35-107
PLACIDE, SUSAN S. E.                   MD-4-53-443
PLACK, LOUIS                           MD-4-49-128
PLAENKER, HEINRICH                     MD-4-39-503
PLATT, ELIZA W.                        MD-4-37-250
PLATTE, ADELHEID                       MD-4-43-26
PLEMPEL, VALENTINE                     MD-4-53-304
PLITT, CHARLES JR.                     MD-4-39-187
PLITT, CHARLES JUSTIN                  MD-4-39-81
PLITT, GEORGE                          MD-4-53-335
PLITT, MARY F.                         MD-4-53-355
PLUMER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-42-116
PLUMHOFF, HENRY F.                     MD-4-38-82
PLUMMER, FAYETTE                       MD-4-46-553
PLUMMER, JAMES FOY                     MD-4-58-371
PLUMMER, JOANNA                        MD-4-51-359
PLUMMER, MARY ANN                      MD-4-37-130
PLUMMER, SAMUEL                        MD-4-34-460
PNK, NICHOLAS                          MD-4-34-237
POE, ELIZABETH R.                      MD-4-47-232
POE, GEORGE JR.                        MD-4-35-160
POE, JOSEPHINE E.                      MD-4-61-277
POE, NEILSON                           MD-4-52-231
POHL, HENRY                            MD-4-44-464
POHLMANN, GEORGE                       MD-4-45-343
POHNER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-37-135
POLACK, MAGNUS                         MD-4-42-8
POLAND, MARY E.                        MD-4-47-77
POLK, ANNA L.                          MD-4-55-490
POLK, GILLIS W.                        MD-4-33-163
POLK, JAMES                            MD-4-35-137
POLLACK, ABRAHAM                       MD-4-44-384
POLLARD, SARAH                         MD-4-45-147
POLLARD, SETH                          MD-4-34-483
POLLITT, ELIZABETH R.                  MD-4-27-176, 247
POLLITT, JOHN E.                       MD-4-40-387
POMPLITZ, AUGUST                       MD-4-40-64
PONCIA, ANTONIO                        MD-4-29-446
PONCIA, FERDINANDO                     MD-4-28-308
POOL, JOSEPH H.                        MD-4-35-419
POOLE, WILLIAM J.                      MD-4-55-442
POOR, DEBORAH H.                       MD-4-38-479
POOR, JANE E.                          MD-4-44-36
POOR, JOHN F.                          MD-4-28-173
POPP, WILHELMINA                       MD-4-52-102
POPPLEIN, NICHOLAS                     MD-4-54-408
PORSINGER, J. HNRY                     MD-4-43-91
PORTER, AHUGH                          MD-4-44-585
PORTER, AMELIA S.                      MD-4-46-123
PORTER, COLIN C.                       MD-4-41-459
PORTER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-34-126
PORTER, EMMA V.                        MD-4-53-520
PORTER, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-32-249
PORTER, JANE E.                        MD-4-39-500
PORTER, MARY R.                        MD-4-44-272
PORTER, SOPHIA E.                      MD-4-51-439
PORTER, WILLIAM F.                     MD-4-33-525
PORTNER, ADAM                          MD-4-28-372
POSEY, ALEXANDER                       MD-4-40-523
POSEY, MARGARET                        MD-4-50-208
POSEY,A DRIAN                          MD-4-26-153
POSNER, ELIAS                          MD-4-53-544
POSNINSKY, ISRAEL                      MD-4-54-184
POST, MARY S.                          MD-4-49-423
POST, WILLIAM M.                       MD-4-37-198
POTTENGER, SARAH W.                    MD-4-31-119
POTTER, ALICE KEY                      MD-4-60-374
POTTER, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-47-197
POTTER, SARAH T.                       MD-4-35-94
POUDER, ELIZA JANE                     MD-4-39-490
POULTNEY, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-26-342
POULTNEY, ELIZABETH (CON'T)            MD-4-26-586
POULTNEY, ELLIN MOALE                  MD-4-47-176
POULTNEY, JANE                         MD-4-30-149
POULTNEY, PHILIP                       MD-4-35-445
POULTNEY, THOMAS                       MD-4-58-3
POWELL, J. C.                          MD-4-35-30
POWELL, LOUISA                         MD-4-53-481
POWER, JAMES                           MD-4-28-409
POWER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-146
POWERS, HELEN                          MD-4-33-168
POWERS, THOMAS H.                      MD-4-48-189
PRAEGER, LOUIS                         MD-4-56-99
PRAGER, CHRISTINA                      MD-4-53-98
PRAGER, FREDERICK                      MD-4-42-256
PRALLE, DIEDERICK                      MD-4-35-551
PRATT, SUSANNA                         MD-4-25-251
PRATT, THOMAS G.                       MD-4-35-538
PRATT, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-41-107
PRECHTEL, GEORGE F.                    MD-4-26-298
PREECE, EDWARD                         MD-4-51-140
PREIS, HIRSCH                          MD-4-28-443
PREISZ, MICHAEL                        MD-4-45-274
PRELL, ANDREAS                         MD-4-40-168
PRELL, MARIA M.                        MD-4-49-188
PRESBURRY, GEORGE G.                   MD-4-51-372
PRESSTMAN, ANNE                        MD-4-27-494
PRESSTMAN, ANNIE                       MD-4-59-476
PRESSTMAN, BENJAMIN C.                 MD-4-51-422
PRESSTMAN, FRANCES R.                  MD-4-35-231
PRESTON, CHRISTIAN                     MD-4-26-397
PRESTON, HORATIO W.                    MD-4-45-38
PRESTON, JACOB A.                      MD-4-35-23
PRESTON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-31-281
PRESUN, CHARLES H.                     MD-4-26-433
PREUSS, MICHAEL                        MD-4-29-17
PRICE, ANN                             MD-4-25-479
PRICE, CHRISTIANA                      MD-4-46-83
PRICE, CORDELIA W.                     MD-4-55-430
PRICE, DAVID                           MD-4-27-391
PRICE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-25-55
PRICE, MARION                          MD-4-39-242
PRICE, REBECCA                         MD-4-56-152
PRICE, ROMEO                           MD-4-34-120
PRICE, SOPHIA                          MD-4-54-334
PRICE, STEPHEN                         MD-4-34-468
PRICE, SUSAN                           MD-4-29-250
PRICE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-35-157
PRICE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-55-516
PRINCE, ANN H.                         MD-4-43-392
PRINCE, HENRIETTA E. F.                MD-4-40-237
PRINGLE, ADELAIDE                      MD-4-43-205
PRINTY, JOHN                           MD-4-44-134
PRINZ, HARTMAN                         MD-4-50-35
PRINZ, JOHN                            MD-4-26-169
PRIOR, JOSEPH B. SR.                   MD-4-29-249
PRITCHETT, WILLIAM                     MD-4-30-194
PROCTER, ANNA                          MD-4-29-478
PROCTER, REBECCA                       MD-4-31-239
PROCTER, ROBERT J. B.                  MD-4-39-294
PROCTOR, SAMUEL                        MD-4-58-542
PRSINGER, GEORGE                       MD-4-28-426
PRUETT, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-47-160
PSCHERER, JOSEPH                       MD-4-45-168
PUE, ELIZA R.                          MD-4-54-376
PUE, MARY D.                           MD-4-47-191
PUE, REBECCA R.                        MD-4-25-314
PUE, RICHARD R.                        MD-4-61-180
PUGH, ANN P.                           MD-4-33-12
PUMPHREY, ANN                          MD-4-42-294
PUMPHREY, MARGARET                     MD-4-33-127
PUNDERSON, ELLSWORTH M.                MD-4-28-237
PURDEN, SUSAN                          MD-4-54-428
PURDIN, MARY                           MD-4-38-306
PURDY, MARY                            MD-4-40-111
PURNELL, ANGELINE                      MD-4-37-579
PURNELL, MARIA                         MD-4-49-503
PURNELL, MARTHA E.                     MD-4-48-276
PURVIANCE, FANNY                       MD-4-27-239
PURVIANCE, GEORGE D.                   MD-4-39-185
PURVIANCE, HUGH Y.                     MD-4-50-322
PURVIANCE, MARGARET S.                 MD-4-45-308
PURVIANCE, ROBERT                      MD-4-28-137
PURVIANCE, ROBERT JR.                  MD-4-33-388
PUSEY, JOSHUA                          MD-4-59-506
PUSEY, NATHAN                          MD-4-32-381
QUAIL, GEORGE K.                       MD-4-31-489
QUAIL, JAMES R.                        MD-4-27-147
QUAY, JAMES                            MD-4-25-76
QUAY, MARY A.                          MD-4-35-6
QUEEN, STEPHEN                         MD-4-29-158
QUELL, WILLIAM F.                      MD-4-38-232
QUILLIN, OWEN                          MD-4-44-190
QUINAN, EVELINE L.                     MD-4-51-162
QUINAN, THOMAS H.                      MD-4-40-549
QUINN, BRIDGET                         MD-4-51-453
QUINN, JAMES                           MD-4-46-275
QUINN, JOHN                            MD-4-36-383
QUINN, MARY A.                         MD-4-36-102
QUINN, PATRICK M.                      MD-4-55-381
QUINNEY, DANIEL                        MD-4-46-449
RAAFE, CATHARINE                       MD-4-26-24
RABORG, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-4-30-227
RABORG, CHRISTOPHER H.                 MD-4-35-377
RADECKE, DIETRICH H.                   MD-4-55-523
RAIBER, MARIE LOUISE                   MD-4-50-274
RAMBIE, ISABELLA P.                    MD-4-44-534
RAMSAY, AGNES                          MD-4-30-97
RAMSAY, AGNES (CON'T)                  MD-4-30-520
RAMSAY, AMANDA                         MD-4-59-309
RAMSAY, ISAAC                          MD-4-25-30
RAMSAY, JAMES G.                       MD-4-40-246
RAMSAY, JOSEPH A.                      MD-4-57-352
RAMSAY, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-56-480
RAMSEY, ADA M.                         MD-4-59-532
RAMSEY, ELIZA                          MD-4-35-438
RANDALL, DUDLEY A.                     MD-4-47-365
RANDALL, ENOCH                         MD-4-30-130
RANDALL, GEORGE B.                     MD-4-34-437
RANDOLPH, ELIZA                        MD-4-34-505
RANDOLPH, JAMES T.                     MD-4-40-208
RANDOLPH, JOHN                         MD-4-45-57
RANDOLPH, JOHN W.                      MD-4-40-196
RANDOLPH, LOUISA W.                    MD-4-44-44
RANKIN, ANNE B.                        MD-4-39-202
RANKIN, ARRIANNA                       MD-4-44-552
RANKIN, CHARLES W.                     MD-4-56-487
RANKIN, SAMUEL                         MD-4-28-73
RANNUS, MARY                           MD-4-27-382
RAPHUN, EMMA B.                        MD-4-60-284
RAPIN, GERHHARD                        MD-4-36-449
RAPP, CONRAD                           MD-4-53-2
RAPP, HENRY                            MD-4-56-325
RASEN, ROBERT W.                       MD-4-44-285
RASIN, MARY R.                         MD-4-29-442
RATCLIFFE, ELIZA                       MD-4-26-385
RATCLIFFE, MARY S.                     MD-4-36-503
RATHBONE, CATHARINE E.                 MD-4-46-266
RATHELL, MARY                          MD-4-36-294
RATWITZ, FREDERICK                     MD-4-28-415
RAU, JOHN C.                           MD-4-32-1
RAU, JOHN P. (CON'T)                   MD-4-29-520
RAU, JOHN P.                           MD-4-29-308
RAU, PHILIP B.                         MD-4-29-93
RAUSCH, JOHN                           MD-4-31-351
RAUSCH, JOHN G.                        MD-4-31-376
RAUSHENBACH, ELIZABETH                 MD-4-40-1
RAVEMRE, MARY V.                       MD-4-49-348
RAW, ELIZABETH                         MD-4-33-67
RAWLINS, ELLEN                         MD-4-35-129
RAY, JOSEPH M.                         MD-4-40-567
RAY, MARY                              MD-4-35-309
RAYMO, MARY                            MD-4-60-400
RAYMO, MODIST                          MD-4-38-13
RAYNER, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-53-113
REA, ANNE E.                           MD-4-34-408
READ, SOPHIA C.                        MD-4-47-70
READY, SAMUEL                          MD-4-37-518
REAL, ANNA                             MD-4-40-231
REANEY, ADALINE                        MD-4-46-184
REANEY, WILLIAM                        MD-4-29-182
REBEN, HENRY P                         MD-4-45-154
RECKER, JOSEPH                         MD-4-32-4
RECKER, MARY                           MD-4-32-252
REDDEHASE, CHARLES                     MD-4-50-71
REDDING, ELIZA A.                      MD-4-41-389
REDDISH, JOHN H.                       MD-4-39-552
REDDISH, RACHEL                        MD-4-61-65
REDMOND, ANN                           MD-4-27-341
REED, ELLEN                            MD-4-57-438
REED, GEORGE V. A.                     MD-4-27-467
REED, MARY A.                          MD-4-30-140
REED, MATIDLA                          MD-4-56-253
REED, PRISCILLA V.                     MD-4-49-375
REED, RICHARD                          MD-4-56-312
REED, ROBERT W.                        MD-4-28-509
REED, SAMUEL D.                        MD-4-60-36
REED, WILLIAM HARVEY                   MD-4-39-455
REEDER, CHARLES                        MD-4-26-392
REEDY, JAMES                           MD-4-47-72
REEGER, JOHN C.                        MD-4-57-449
REERY, WILLIAM R.                      MD-4-41-375
REESE, EDWIN                           MD-4-58-546
REESE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-39-145
REESE, JOHN                            MD-4-30-307
REESE, JOHN                            MD-4-29-325
REESE, JOHN E.                         MD-4-46-120
REESE, JULIAN ELIZABETH                MD-4-47-452
REESE, MARY A. E.                      MD-4-61-243
REESE, SOPHIA                          MD-4-30-461
REESE, WILLIAM                         MD-4-37-18
REESE, WILLIAM (CON'T)                 MD-4-37-289
REESE, WILLIAM (CON'T)                 MD-4-37-194
REESE, WILLIAM R.                      MD-4-42-132
REEVES, JOSEPH C. H.                   MD-4-41-558
REEVES, JOSEPH F. JR.                  MD-4-45-265
REEVES, JOSIAH W.                      MD-4-50-441
REGESTER, SAMUEL                       MD-4-32-314
REHBAUM, MINA                          MD-4-57-345
REHINE, RACHEL                         MD-4-31-201
REHMERT, CHARLES                       MD-4-48-555
REHRMANN, JOHANN                       MD-4-38-69
REIBSAME, JOHN PAULUS                  MD-4-53-404
REID, ARCHIBALD                        MD-4-30-436
REID, RUTH                             MD-4-29-415
REID, WILLIAM                          MD-4-50-114
REIFSCHNEIDER, JACOB                   MD-4-31-500
REIFSNIDER, WILLIAM E.                 MD-4-38-446
REIGART, SARAH C.                      MD-4-61-318
REILEY, POLYDORE E.                    MD-4-50-168
REILLY, EDWARD                         MD-4-51-216
REILLY, GEORGE                         MD-4-38-438
REILLY, JOSEPH                         MD-4-54-454
REILY, JOHN                            MD-4-25-145
REIMNITZ, CARL                         MD-4-44-440
REINHARD, JOHN M.                      MD-4-31-438
REINHARD, MATHIAS F.                   MD-4-58-226
REINHARDT, CHARLES C.                  MD-4-31-445
REINHARDT, EMMA V.                     MD-4-36-301
REINHARDT, EWALT M. A.                 MD-4-34-158
REINHART, EMANUEL                      MD-4-58-150
REINICKER, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-26-525
REINLE, RAYMOND                        MD-4-60-355
REIP, HENRY                            MD-4-28-435
REIS, CATHARINE                        MD-4-55-405
REIS, VERONIKA                         MD-4-52-363
REISS, ANNA                            MD-4-47-150
REITZ, CATHARINA                       MD-4-50-366
REITZ, LEWIS                           MD-4-28-470
REITZ, WILLIAM H. L.                   MD-4-54-95
REMINGTON, AVARILLA                    MD-4-57-347
RENCHENBERGER, JOHN                    MD-4-40-127
RENNER, GEORGE L.                      MD-4-58-234
RENNING, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-26-296
RENSHAW, HARRIET                       MD-4-36-384
REPPERT, HANNAH                        MD-4-33-21
RESHNECK, CHARLES                      MD-4-51-400
RESIDE, CAROLINA                       MD-4-27-184
RETH, HENRY                            MD-4-41-423
RETH, MAGDALENA                        MD-4-55-223
REUSZ, JOHAN                           MD-4-61-258
REUTER, HENRY                          MD-4-34-284
REUTER, JOHN                           MD-4-41-417
REUTER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-44-460
REUTHER, CONRAD                        MD-4-39-37
REVEER, MARY A.                        MD-4-31-257
REYNOLDS, HARRIET A.                   MD-4-28-177
REYNOLDS, HENRY R.                     MD-4-35-162
REYNOLDS, JAMES H.                     MD-4-29-159
REYNOLDS, NATHANIEL                    MD-4-36-437
REYNOLDS, ORPHA F.                     MD-4-46-159
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      MD-4-39-330
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      MD-4-29-362
RHEIM, JOSIAH                          MD-4-40-312
RHOADES, FREDERICK C.                  MD-4-25-444
RHOADS, WILLARD                        MD-4-31-239
RHODES, JOHN R.                        MD-4-27-252
RIACH, LOUISA                          MD-4-52-253
RIAL, JAMES                            MD-4-60-113
RICARDS, JOHN R.                       MD-4-37-73
RICE, BARBARA                          MD-4-53-503
RICE, JACOB                            MD-4-43-2
RICE, JOHN T.                          MD-4-57-368
RICE, JUDAH SR.                        MD-4-36-387
RICE, STEPHEN                          MD-4-42-167
RICH, ARTHUR SR.                       MD-4-25-247
RICH, MARY W.                          MD-4-35-553
RICHARD, JACOB                         MD-4-59-45
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH R.                 MD-4-49-372
RICHARDS, JOHN A.                      MD-4-31-175
RICHARDS, OWEN                         MD-4-27-313
RICHARDS, ROSE                         MD-4-46-254
RICHARDS, THOMAS T. S.                 MD-4-36-25
RICHARDSON, EDWARD J.                  MD-4-35-28
RICHERSON, ZACHARIAH                   MD-4-60-318
RICHMOND, HENRY                        MD-4-46-362
RICHSTEIN, JOHN                        MD-4-28-201
RICHTER, ANDREW                        MD-4-39-568
RICHTER, HENRY                         MD-4-41-65
RICKERT, HENRY                         MD-4-41-445
RICKETTS, GEORTGE B.                   MD-4-48-424
RICKETTS, MARY A.                      MD-4-27-196
RICKETTS, VILET                        MD-4-28-431
RIDER, MOSES                           MD-4-55-370
RIDER, WASHINGTON                      MD-4-33-214
RIDER, WILLIAM G.                      MD-4-56-178
RIDGAWAY, JOHN E.                      MD-4-30-103
RIDGAWAY, ROBERT O.                    MD-4-30-35
RIDGELY, ANDREW S.                     MD-4-43-519
RIDGELY, ANN C.                        MD-4-41-515
RIDGELY, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-33-322
RIDGELY, JAMES                         MD-4-28-401
RIDGELY, JAMES L.                      MD-4-48-500
RIDGELY, MATILDA L.                    MD-4-41-517
RIDGELY, SAMUEL C.                     MD-4-29-22
RIDGELY, SARAH T.                      MD-4-34-202
RIDGELY, WILLIAM G.                    MD-4-42-247
RIECHERT, WILLIAM G.                   MD-4-27-445
RIEDEL, LEONHARD                       MD-4-35-330
RIEGER, MAGDALENA                      MD-4-41-108
RIEGERS, MARY J.                       MD-4-48-92
RIEGLER, BARBARA                       MD-4-36-519
RIELY, ADDISON B.                      MD-4-25-173
RIEMAN, HENRY                          MD-4-32-352
RIEPE, LOTHAR                          MD-4-58-80
RIESS, NICKOLAUS                       MD-4-39-91
RIESZ, JOHANN                          MD-4-36-126
RIESZ, MARGARETHA                      MD-4-44-504
RIGGER, LAWRENCE                       MD-4-57-335
RIGGIN, ELIZABETH W. A.                MD-4-35-413
RIGGIN, JAMES H.                       MD-4-33-281
RIGGS, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-32-104
RIGGS, JOHN                            MD-4-32-39
RIGGS, LAURASON                        MD-4-53-317
RIGGS, REBECCA                         MD-4-36-188
RILEY, EDWARD                          MD-4-28-460
RILEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-42-105
RILEY, MARY                            MD-4-31-170
RILLEY, MICHAEL                        MD-4-26-74
RINEHART, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-40-582
RINGGOLD, CADWALADER                   MD-4-34-155
RINGGOLD, ELIZA                        MD-4-30-456
RINGGOLD, ELIZA FRANCES                MD-4-38-304
RINGGOLD, ELIZABETH A.                 MD-4-40-558
RINGGOLD, JANE                         MD-4-35-443
RINGGOLD, MARTHA R.                    MD-4-26-420
RINGGOLD, MARY                         MD-4-25-11
RINGGOLD, MARY                         MD-4-36-75
RINGGOLD, MARY G. D.                   MD-4-37-386
RINGGOLD, RACHEL A.                    MD-4-27-284
RINGROSE, JOHN W.                      MD-4-39-121
RINKENBERGER, PASSINA                  MD-4-34-276
RIORDAN, PATRICK H.                    MD-4-54-224
RISLER, ROSALI                         MD-4-47-182
RITCHFIELD, FRISBY J.                  MD-4-50-396
RITCHIE, ELSPIE                        MD-4-35-42
RITCHIE, JANE                          MD-4-44-480
RITNER, SUSAN G.                       MD-4-27-282
RITTENHOUSE, ALBERT F.                 MD-4-61-459
RITTENHOUSE, TABITHA F.                MD-4-54-269
RITTER, GEORGE                         MD-4-48-382
RITTER, JOHN B.                        MD-4-40-564
RITZIUS, JOHN                          MD-4-34-291
RIXSE, GEORGE A.                       MD-4-61-547
ROACH, MARY A.                         MD-4-41-228
ROBB, CORNELIA                         MD-4-58-206
ROBB, JOHN A.                          MD-4-34-47
ROBBINS, HORACE W.                     MD-4-44-513
ROBERT, MARY B.                        MD-4-55-485
ROBERT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-54-154
ROBERTS, CISAR A.                      MD-4-34-319
ROBERTS, EDWARD                        MD-4-46-413
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-44-216
ROBERTS, GEORGE C. M.                  MD-4-36-37, 565
ROBERTS, HENRY                         MD-4-37-345
ROBERTS, HENRY T.                      MD-4-38-249
ROBERTS, JOHN T.                       MD-4-37-423
ROBERTS, LEONARD F.                    MD-4-59-98
ROBERTS, SARAH A.                      MD-4-53-512
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-25-44
ROBINS, MARGARET ANN                   MD-4-48-177
ROBINS, MARY E.                        MD-4-52-543
ROBINSON, ABBY S.                      MD-4-51-304
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER                    MD-4-50-266
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER C.                 MD-4-37-490
ROBINSON, ALPHEUS                      MD-4-30-198
ROBINSON, ANNE P.                      MD-4-57-492
ROBINSON, DORSEY N.                    MD-4-50-21
ROBINSON, ELLEN                        MD-4-58-105
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.                    MD-4-44-484
ROBINSON, HENRY                        MD-4-61-47
ROBINSON, JAMES W.                     MD-4-49-342
ROBINSON, JOHN                         MD-4-43-42
ROBINSON, JOHN A.                      MD-4-60-329
ROBINSON, LEWIS H. SR.                 MD-4-43-219
ROBINSON, LYDIA E.                     MD-4-39-469
ROBINSON, MARY C.                      MD-4-53-327
ROBINSON, NELSON                       MD-4-32-208
ROBINSON, NELSON (CON'T)               MD-4-32-223
ROBINSON, RHODA                        MD-4-42-3
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                       MD-4-34-1
ROBINSON, SARAH                        MD-4-40-29
ROBINSON, SARAH P.                     MD-4-40-333
ROBINSON, STEPHEN                      MD-4-34-407
ROBINSON, THOMAS                       MD-4-29-411
ROBY, HORATIO N.                       MD-4-34-397
ROBY, JOSEPH                           MD-4-29-285
ROCHE, JOHN A.                         MD-4-26-278
ROCHE, MARGARET                        MD-4-33-398
ROCHE, THOMAS H.                       MD-4-34-508
ROCHFORD, JOHNI.                       MD-4-42-470
ROCKELEIN, ANDREW                      MD-4-45-601
ROCKENSBURGER, DANIEL                  MD-4-29-189
RODE, MARY F. L.                       MD-4-49-525
RODENMAYER, GEORGE                     MD-4-44-496
RODENMAYER, LEAH                       MD-4-57-510
RODER, JOHN                            MD-4-42-281
RODER, JOHN ADAM                       MD-4-53-394
RODGERS, AGNES                         MD-4-41-35
RODGERS, AMY C.                        MD-4-60-41
RODGERS, JOHN                          MD-4-31-497
RODGERS, JOHN                          MD-4-30-176
RODGERS, REBECCA W.                    MD-4-54-256
RODGERS, WILLIAM                       MD-4-26-576
RODIGER, AUGUSTUS                      MD-4-30-190
ROEDEL, JOHANN W. G.                   MD-4-44-418
ROEDER, KONRAD                         MD-4-27-406
ROEHLE, LUDWIG C.                      MD-4-45-221
ROESE, JOHN                            MD-4-46-314
ROESNICK, ERNEST                       MD-4-53-34
ROETH, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-44-318
ROETH, MARY A.                         MD-4-53-457
ROGERS, ANNA                           MD-4-42-121
ROGERS, CHARLES HOWARD                 MD-4-36-549
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-34-368
ROGERS, EMILY H.                       MD-4-41-149
ROGERS, GEORGE                         MD-4-30-514
ROGERS, ISAAC                          MD-4-33-63
ROGERS, JOHN H.                        MD-4-34-379
ROGERS, JOHN W.                        MD-4-60-532
ROGERS, JOSEP                          MD-4-43-279
ROGERS, MARGARET                       MD-4-38-372
ROGERS, MARY A.                        MD-4-27-287
ROGERS, MARY CHASE                     MD-4-57-178
ROGERS, PATRICK                        MD-4-49-515
ROGERS, PHILIP                         MD-4-61-283
ROGERS, WILLIAM                        MD-4-30-439
ROGES, ELIZABETH S.                    MD-4-52-497
ROGES, LLOYD N.                        MD-4-29-432
ROGES, MARY H. G.                      MD-4-41-478
ROHBERT, FREDERICK                     MD-4-44-102
ROHLEDER, FRANCIS X.                   MD-4-53-228
ROHLEDER, PETER                        MD-4-26-350
ROHLFING, CATHARINE                    MD-4-37-261
ROHMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-60-21
ROHNER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-4-53-147
ROHR, THEODORE                         MD-4-26-386
ROHRBACH, FREDERICK                    MD-4-25-86
ROKES, EMERSON                         MD-4-58-20
ROLFE, ARTHUR N. F.                    MD-4-43-248
ROLFES, BERNARD A.                     MD-4-44-138
ROLLINS, WILLIAM                       MD-4-42-489
ROLOSON, HUGH                          MD-4-48-191
ROMOSER, JOHN M.                       MD-4-33-107
ROMOSER, JOHN P.                       MD-4-59-208
ROOKER, REBECCA                        MD-4-30-516
ROONEY, JAMES                          MD-4-59-472
ROONEY, WILLIAM                        MD-4-55-240
ROOT, ELIZABETH V.                     MD-4-40-348
ROOT, JOHN                             MD-4-49-546
ROSE, CAROLINE                         MD-4-44-178
ROSE, HENRIETTA F.                     MD-4-33-11
ROSE, ISAAC                            MD-4-47-127
ROSE, JOHN                             MD-4-40-200
ROSE, LIEBMAN                          MD-4-41-345
ROSE, PETER                            MD-4-50-291
ROSENBAUM, JETTE                       MD-4-47-20
ROSENBAUM, JOHANNA                     MD-4-54-467
ROSENBERGER, JOHANN                    MD-4-43-283
ROSENBURG, LEWIS                       MD-4-49-454
ROSENBURG, SARAH                       MD-4-45-246
ROSENBURGER, MOSES                     MD-4-34-485
ROSENFELD, SIMON                       MD-4-52-347
ROSENHAIN, GOETZ                       MD-4-36-509
ROSENHEIM, AMELIA                      MD-4-49-34
ROSENSTEEL, GEORGE T. SR.              MD-4-49-284
ROSENSTOCK, GERSON                     MD-4-46-545
ROSENTHAL, LOEVI                       MD-4-46-F153
ROSENTHAL, MARCUS                      MD-4-56-156
ROSS, ADAM                             MD-4-25-358
ROSS, BENJAMIN C.                      MD-4-26-364
ROSS, GEORGE                           MD-4-34-69
ROSS, JAMES S.                         MD-4-30-459
ROSS, JOHN B.                          MD-4-37-471
ROSS, SARAH                            MD-4-34-351
ROSS, VIRGINIA                         MD-4-41-595
ROSS, WILLIAM J. C.                    MD-4-56-30
ROST, EMILY                            MD-4-55-414
ROST, GEORGE                           MD-4-37-540
ROST, JOHN PETER                       MD-4-47-225
ROST, MARY E.                          MD-4-34-445
ROTH, HENRY                            MD-4-34-282
ROTH, HENRY (CON'T)                    MD-4-34-488
ROTH, PETER                            MD-4-26-116
ROTHANGE, PHILIP                       MD-4-41-275
ROTHBERT, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-43-18
ROTHBERT, FREDRICK                     MD-4-44-315
ROTHE, MARIE                           MD-4-36-14
ROTHERT, JOHN H.                       MD-4-29-324
ROTHHAUPT, CHARLES G.                  MD-4-54-361
ROUS, JOHN G.                          MD-4-34-307
ROUSE, MARY ANN                        MD-4-61-56
ROUSH, HENRY                           MD-4-29-122
ROUST, PETER N.                        MD-4-39-11
ROWE, RUTH                             MD-4-29-469
ROWE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-38-545
ROWLAND, ANN E.                        MD-4-39-119
ROWLAND, JAMES W.                      MD-4-47-52
ROWLAND, SAMUEL                        MD-4-32-220
ROYSTON, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-36-105
ROYSTON, JOSHUA                        MD-4-52-198
RUBEN, JACOB                           MD-4-59-419
RUBERT, JOACHIM                        MD-4-35-182
RUCKLE, THOMAS                         MD-4-25-438
RUCKLE, THOMAS (CON'T)                 MD-4-25-492
RUDDACH, DAVID J.                      MD-4-26-243
RUDDACH, SARAH A.                      MD-4-48-43
RUDOLPH, BARBARA                       MD-4-37-297
RUDOLPH, CHRISTIAN                     MD-4-32-176
RUDOLPH, FRANCIS                       MD-4-53-465
RUDOLPH, JACOB                         MD-4-57-327
RUEGG, LOUISA C.                       MD-4-36-72
RUFFIN, SAMUEL                         MD-4-54-340
RUICE, LOUIS M.                        MD-4-35-575
RUMNEY, HENRIETTA                      MD-4-56-288
RUMOHR, FREDERICK A.                   MD-4-58-7
RUND, SARAH                            MD-4-39-342
RUNDLE, MARY E.                        MD-4-52-194
RUNDT, LOUIS                           MD-4-41-147
RUNGE, ERNEST                          MD-4-35-311
RUPP, CHARLES                          MD-4-54-16
RUPPEL, HENRY                          MD-4-31-7
RUPPEL, JOHN                           MD-4-33-343
RUPPERT, JOHN                          MD-4-46-24
RUPPERT, WILLIAM                       MD-4-25-135
RUSH, VALENTINE                        MD-4-33-23
RUSK, MARGARET                         MD-4-53-286
RUSK, WILLIAM                          MD-4-40-151
RUSKELL, JOHN                          MD-4-25-212
RUSSEL, JOHN                           MD-4-55-93
RUSSELL, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-32-316
RUSSELL, ESTHER                        MD-4-46-247
RUSSELL, FREDERICK                     MD-4-32-272, 528
RUSSELL, GEORGE                        MD-4-45-487
RUSSELL, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-35-222
RUSSELL, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-38-224
RUSSELL, MARGARET                      MD-4-55-298
RUSSELL, MARY C.                       MD-4-56-64
RUSSELL, THOMASON                      MD-4-37-444
RUST, GEORGE                           MD-4-27-486
RUST, JOHN                             MD-4-52-487
RUST, PAUL                             MD-4-50-39
RUTH, ANN                              MD-4-39-9
RUTH, CATHARINE                        MD-4-43-6
RUTHRAUFF, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-45-305
RUTTER, EVELINA                        MD-4-33-384
RUTTER, HARRIET                        MD-4-28-283
RUTTER, MARGARETE                      MD-4-26-329
RUTTER, REBECCA J.                     MD-4-41-450
RUTTER, THOMAS B.                      MD-4-34-269
RUTTER, THOMAS G.                      MD-4-28-50
RUTTER, VIRGINIA T.                    MD-4-52-105
RYAN, JAMES J.                         MD-4-25-168
RYAN, JAMES J.                         MD-4-38-453
RYAN, JOHN                             MD-4-35-49
RYAN, JOHN                             MD-4-60-88
RYAN, MICHAEL                          MD-4-39-405
RYAN, SUSAN F.                         MD-4-44-244
RYAN, TIMOTHY                          MD-4-59-125

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