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SABINA, ANTOINE              HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-116
SABOURIN, HARRIET T.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-228
SAFFORD, AGNES M.            SALEM                         NY-58-2A-147
SAFFORD, ANNA W.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-135
SAFFORD, BETSEY A.           SALEM                         NY-58-V-222
SAFFORD, DAVID               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-394
SAFFORD, EZRA                EASTON                        NY-58-7A-169
SAFFORD, JANE P.             PAWLET, RUTLAND, VT           NY-58-2A-110
SAFFORD, JOHN                EASTON                        NY-58-4A-22
SAFFORD, NATHAN F.           SALEM                         NY-58-P-533
SAFFORD, SAMUEL              SALEM                         NY-58-3-127
SAFFORD, THOMAS              SALEM                         NY-58-L-24
SAFFORD, WILLIAM C.          SALEM                         NY-58-O-515
SALISBURY, JANE              JACKSON                       NY-58-1A-468
SAMPSON, EZEKIEL             JACKSON                       NY-58-B2-282
SAMPSON, EZEKIEL             JACKSON                       NY-58-B1-162
SAMPSON, WILLIS G.           SALEM                         NY-58-7A-466
SAMSON, EZEKIEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-39
SANFORD, ZACHARIAH           QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-#1-331
SARGENT, HENRY G.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-B2-21
SARGENT, ISAAC               FORT ANN                      NY-58-4-333
SARLE, BENJAMIN              EASTON                        NY-58-G-88
SATTERLEE, MARYJANE          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-422
SAUNDERS, DAVID              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-C-408
SAVAGE, ABRAHAM              SALEM                         NY-58-A1-67
SAVAGE, JAMES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-339
SAVAGE, JAMES H.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-Q-439
SAVAGE, JANE M.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-455
SAVAGE, JANE S.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-59
SAVAGE, LEMUEL S.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-576
SAVAGE, WILLIAM              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-365
SAWERT, JOHN HENRY           EASTON                        NY-58-U-82
SAWYER, ALLEN C.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-162
SAWYER, MARTIN               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-4
SAWYER, ROSELTHA             NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-8A-521
SAYLES, OZIEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-359
SCHERMERHORN, MARY A.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-293
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-619
SCHMIDT, ANNA                HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-94
SCHULER, CATHERINE           GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-462
SCHULT, WILLIAM              ARGYLE                        NY-58-4-267
SCHUYLER, PHAROUGH           EASTON                        NY-58-K-372
SCHYLER, JAMES               EASTON                        NY-58-C-238
SCOTT, AMOS                  HEBRON                        NY-58-6-120
SCOTT, CHARLES               SALEM                         NY-58-5A-278
SCOTT, ELEANOR               SALEM                         NY-58-T-368
SCOTT, ISABEL                SALEM                         NY-58-P-179
SCOTT, ISABELLA K.           SALEM                         NY-58-F-358
SCOTT, JOHN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-147
SCOTT, JOHN                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-268
SCOTT, LAURETTA A.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-560
SCOTT, LOVELLA L.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-159
SCOTT, MARY SHILAND          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-128
SCOTT, ROBERT B.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-6A-626
SCOTT, SUSAN D.              SALEM                         NY-58-T-461
SCOTT, WILLIAM               SALEM                         NY-58-D-24
SCOTT, WILLIAM J.            SALEM                         NY-58-7A-630
SCOTT, WILLIAM M.            SALEM                         NY-58-T-458
SCRIPTER, FRANCES            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5A-623
SCRIPTER, JOSEPH A.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3A-224
SCRIVER, EBENEZER            ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-112
SEARLE, GEORGE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-75
SEARLES, OLIVER              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-632
SEARLES, RACHEL A.           EASTON                        NY-58-W-383
SEARLS, GIDEON               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-A1-159
SEARLS, GIDEON               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-A2-50
SEBRING, ABRAHAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-255
SEBRING, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-568
SELDEN, ALONZO               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-510
SELDEN, AZARIA               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-355
SELDEN, CHLOE                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-251
SELFRIDGE, CORNELIA          ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-184
SELFRIDGE, OLIVER            ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-423
SELL, RICHARD JR.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-C-496
SELLECK, AARON               GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-171
SELLICK, MARY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-310
SENECAL, ALBERT              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-266
SENNETT, JOHN                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-530
SESSON, GEORGE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-156
SEVERN, WILLIAM J.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-211
SHALER, JAMES K.             JACKSON                       NY-58-X-331
SHALER, SERAPH H.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-291
SHALER, TIMOTHY              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-361
SHANGRAW, JEREMIAH           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-320
SHANKLAND, CORNELIA          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-75
SHANKLAND, JOSEPH            ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-72
SHANNON, ANNA                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-292
SHANNON, ESTHER              ARGYLE                        NY-58-$-365
SHANNON, GEORGE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-28
SHANNON, JAMES               ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-437
SHANNON, MARGARET A.         ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-64
SHANNON, RICHARD             ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-64
SHANNON, ROBERT              ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-366
SHANNON, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-144
SHARP, CORNELIUS             SALEM                         NY-58-X-315
SHARPE, JANE M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-161
SHAUGHNESSEY, WILLIAM        HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-133
SHAW, AGNES M.               HEBRON                        NY-58-1A-626
SHAW, DUNCAN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-136
SHAW, ELLA H.                SLAEM                         NY-58-9A-577
SHAW, GIDEON                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-209
SHAW, JANE                   SALEM                         NY-58-6A-1
SHAW, JESSE                  HEBRON                        NY-58-C-439
SHAW, JOHN                   SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-306
SHAW, JOHN                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-564
SHAW, JOHN                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-33
SHAW, JOHN                   SALEM                         NY-58-3A-305
SHAW, JOHN B.                STEPHENTOWN, RENSSELAER, NY   NY-58-L-155
SHAW, MARY A.                SALEM                         NY-58-X-48
SHAW, ROBERT                 SALEM                         NY-58-W-541
SHAW, RUFUS R.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-161
SHAY, WILLIAM                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-A1-404
SHEARMAN, ISAAC              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-81
SHEARMAN, RUTH               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-321
SHEARMAN, WAIT               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-37
SHED, JARED                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-235
SHED, LANSING                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-219
SHEDD, OLIVER                SALEM                         NY-58-T-82
SHEDD, THOMAS J.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-555
SHEEHAN, MAURICE             HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-303
SHEFFIELD, SARAH J.          EASTON                        NY-58-1A-464
SHELDON, CHARLOTTE B.        SALEM                         NY-58-9A-103
SHELDON, EMILY W.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-8A-524
SHELDON, FRANK               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-7A-440
SHELDON, ORSON W.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-9A-277
SHELDON, ORVILLE             FORT ANN                      NY-58-W-253
SHEPARDSON, ELIZA            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-8A-113
SHEPHERD, FRANKLIN           GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-81
SHEPHERD, JAMES              DRESDEN                       NY-58-V-402
SHERMAN, ABRAHAM             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-J-202
SHERMAN, ALBERT M.           SALEM                         NY-58-6A-306
SHERMAN, ALEXANDER M.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-330
SHERMAN, AMANDER B.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-126
SHERMAN, AMOS P.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4-350
SHERMAN, CALEB               GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-269
SHERMAN, CHARLES C.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-371
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE G.        SALEM                         NY-58-8A-539
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE L.        SALEM                         NY-58-W-516
SHERMAN, FORTUNATUS          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-349
SHERMAN, HARRIET             NORTH GREENWICH               NY-58-2A-483
SHERMAN, HARRIET V.          EASTON                        NY-58-U-569
SHERMAN, HENRY               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-75
SHERMAN, HUMPHREY            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-164
SHERMAN, ISAAC               SALEM                         NY-58-L-272
SHERMAN, JOHN S.             SALEM                         NY-58-9A-442
SHERMAN, LUCY A.             SALEM                         NY-58-8A-237
SHERMAN, LYDIA               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-$-173
SHERMAN, LYMAN B.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-22
SHERMAN, MARY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-10
SHERMAN, MINOR               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-K-142
SHERMAN, MORRIS              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-E-220
SHERMAN, NANCY               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B2-291
SHERMAN, PHEBE A.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-405
SHERMAN, SARAH D.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-M-32
SHERMAN, SARAH M.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-318
SHERMAN, SHUBEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-266
SHERMAN, SHUBELL             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-268
SHERMAN, SQUIRE K.           SALEM                         NY-58-U-182
SHERRILL, ANGELINA P.        KINGSBURY                     NY-58-6A-353
SHERRILL, CELESTIA F.        HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-360
SHERRILL, ELEANORA NASH      KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-460
SHERRILL, ELLEN A.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-345
SHERRILL, FANNY GALE         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-7A-105
SHERWOOD, REBECCA            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-104
SHIELDS, AGNES ANN           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-325
SHIELDS, AGNES L.            SALEM                         NY-58-T-79
SHIELDS, FRANK               SALEM                         NY-58-9A-522
SHIELDS, HUGH                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-62
SHIELDS, JAMES               HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-407
SHIELDS, JANE                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-527
SHIELDS, OWEN                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-145
SHIELDS, WILLIAM             JACKSON                       NY-58-L-382
SHIELDS, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-2A-632
SHIELDS, WILLIAM H.          SALEM                         NY-58-L-368
SHIELDS, WILLIAM J.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-144
SHIELL, ELIZABETH            GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-380
SHIELL, ROBERT               PUTNAM                        NY-58-B2-56
SHILAND, DAVID               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-483
SHILAND, ELIZA               JACKSON                       NY-58-U-28
SHILAND, JAMES               JACKSON                       NY-58-K-104
SHILAND, JOHN                JACKSON                       NY-58-7A-97
SHILAND, MARY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-508
SHINE, ALEXANDER             HARTFORD                      NY-58-5A-388
SHINE, MARY                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-409
SHINE, PETER                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-410
SHINE, WILLIAM JAMES         HARTFORD                      NY-58-2A-415
SHIPMAN, HIRAM               FORT ANN                      NY-58-4A-641
SHIRTLIFF, HARRIET           GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-393
SHOCKERY, WILLIAM            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-47
SHOPLEIGH, RHODA J.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-384
SHOVAH, DELAPHINE            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-276
SHOVAH, MATILDA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-140
SHUMWAY, DUTY                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-73
SHURTLEFF, ELDERKIN          GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-244
SILL, ABIGAIL P.             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-113
SILL, EDWARD                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-449
SILL, JOHN C.                ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-87
SILL, JOSEPH                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-361
SILL, LYDIA                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-348
SILL, RICHARD                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-#1-5
SILL, RICHARD                HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-472
SILL, SUSAN                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-8A-64
SILL, ZACHARIAH              HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-475
SILL, ZACHARIAH              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-89
SILL, ZACHARIAH              HARTFORD                      NY-58-P-306
SILVEY, JEREMIAH             EASTON                        NY-58-T-30
SILVEY, THOMAS               GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-229
SIMMONS, JOHN                FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-616
SIMMONS, PETER               MOREAU, SARATOGA, NY          NY-58-Q-53
SIMONDS, OATMAN S.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-283
SIMONS, HENRY L.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-497
SIMPSON, ANDERSON            JACKSON                       NY-58-J-193
SIMPSON, CHARLOTTE L.        WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-565
SIMPSON, EMICY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-157
SIMPSON, JOHN D.             SHUSHAN                       NY-58-7A-554
SIMPSON, NELSON R.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-K-17
SINNOTT, WILLIAM             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-300
SIPPERLY, CATHERINE          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-325
SISSON, CONSTANT             EASTON                        NY-58-N-562
SISSON, CORNELIA B.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-338
SISSON, DANIEL               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-209
SISSON, HIRAM                EAGLE BRIDGE                  NY-58-8A-102
SISSON, JULIETTE             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-8A-278
SISSON, LEONARD              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-120
SISSON, LUCINDA C.           EASTON                        NY-58-R-458
SKEELS, WILLIAM              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-I-129
SKELLE, ALMIRA C.            HAMPTON                       NY-58-Y-596
SKELLIE, ANDREW              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-473
SKELLIE, BENJAMIN            ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-30
SKELLIE, BENJAMIN            GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-385
SKELLIE, DANIEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-507
SKELLIE, G. MARIA            JACKSON                       NY-58-N-672
SKELLIE, HENRY               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-K-79
SKELLIE, INEZ R.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-183
SKELLIE, JOHN                JACKSON                       NY-58-O-65
SKELLIE, MARY K.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-584
SKELLIE, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-432
SKELLIE, WILLIAM A.          JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-367
SKIFF, ALLEN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-494
SKIFF, JAMES M.              EASTON                        NY-58-M-296
SKIFF, SARAH S.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-343
SKINNER, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-154
SKINNER, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-461
SKINNER, CALVIN              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B2-92
SKINNER, CALVIN              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-304
SKINNER, CORTLAND            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-50
SKINNER, CORTLAND A.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-360
SKINNER, ELI                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-K-333
SKINNER, HARRIET A.          FORT ANN                      NY-58-8A-420
SKINNER, JOHN H.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-M-303
SKINNER, MARY                FORT ANN                      NY-58-R-133
SKINNER, NANCY               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-169
SKINNER, NATHAN              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-248
SKINNER, SYLVESTER           FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-443
SKINNER, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-444
SLADE, ISRAEL                EASTON                        NY-58-O-142
SLADE, OBADIAH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-451
SLADE, WILLIAM               NEW ORLEANS, ORLEANS, LA      NY-58-G-452
SLATTERY, JOHN               SALEM                         NY-58-U-468
SLEIGHT, ALEXANDER           DRESDEN                       NY-58-N-721
SLEIGHT, DAVID               DRESDEN                       NY-58-4A-454
SLEIGHT, SARAH               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-G-211
SLOAN, JAMES                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-7-149
SLOCUM, ALEXANDER            EASTON                        NY-58-M-367
SLOCUM, ALEXANDER            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-258
SLOCUM, BETSEY ANN           GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-143
SLOCUM, CHARLES M.           EASTON                        NY-58-N-57
SLOCUM, ELIJAH               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-E-253
SLOCUM, HELEN M.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-202
SLOCUM, LEWIS                EATON                         NY-58-U-437
SLOCUM, NATHAN               EASTON                        NY-58-B1-313
SLOCUM, SARAH                HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-284
SMALL, EDWARD                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-123
SMALL, ELANOR L.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-472
SMALL, ELIZABETH             JACKSON                       NY-58-K-345
SMALL, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7-77
SMALLEY, CHAUNCEY B.         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-I-250
SMALLEY, JEROME H.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-240
SMALLEY, LUCY D.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-189
SMALLEY, WILLIAM J.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-E-69
SMART, ANNA MARIA            FLORENCE, ITALY               NY-58-9A-162
SMART, ELIZABETH             SALEM                         NY-58-$-178
SMART, ELIZABETH S.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-162
SMART, HUGH                  SALEM                         NY-58-2A-639
SMART, JAMES                 SALEM                         NY-58-N-168
SMART, JAMES S.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-531
SMITH, ABIGAL                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-G-251
SMITH, ABIJAH E.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-F-424
SMITH, ALBERT                PUTNAM                        NY-58-Y-599
SMITH, AMOS                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B1-276
SMITH, ANN                   FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-L-371
SMITH, ANN E.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-528
SMITH, BRIDGET               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-323
SMITH, CALEB                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-294
SMITH, CHARLES               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-93
SMITH, CHARLOTTE MARIA       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-403
SMITH, CLARA A.              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-6A-582
SMITH, CLARK                 MOREAU, SARATOGA, NY          NY-58-8A-414
SMITH, CRETE                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-O-539
SMITH, DENNIS M.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-647
SMITH, EBENEZER              HEBRON                        NY-58-G-512
SMITH, EDWARD                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-14
SMITH, ELI                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-310
SMITH, ELI                   HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-479
SMITH, ELI                   HEBRON                        NY-58-N-345
SMITH, ELIZA P.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-326
SMITH, ELIZABETH             SOUTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-9A-99
SMITH, ELIZUR                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-E-409
SMITH, ESTHER                HARTFORD                      NY-58-W-53
SMITH, EUGENE R.             SALEM                         NY-58-8A-269
SMITH, EZEKIEL               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-D-291
SMITH, GAMLIEL               EASTON                        NY-58-W-618
SMITH, GEORGE U.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-8A-187
SMITH, HANNAH L.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-O-227
SMITH, HENRY                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-542
SMITH, HENRY P.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-309
SMITH, HEZEKIAH              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-225
SMITH, HEZEKIAH              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B2-1
SMITH, HORACE                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-180
SMITH, ISAAC                 CAMBRIDGEA                    NY-58-A1-63
SMITH, JAMES H.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-346
SMITH, JENNIE M.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-465
SMITH, JOSEPH                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-I-114
SMITH, LOA                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-E-96
SMITH, LUCETTA               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-178
SMITH, LUCY                  SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-221
SMITH, LYSANDER              HEBRON                        NY-58-V-372
SMITH, MAHOLAN               HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-361
SMITH, MARIA                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-K-376
SMITH, MARY A.               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-41
SMITH, MARY JANE             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-598
SMITH, NANCY                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-I-132
SMITH, NELSON                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-421
SMITH, PHILIP                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-179
SMITH, PRUDENCE              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-$-419
SMITH, RACHEL S.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-185
SMITH, SARAH                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-376
SMITH, SARAH B.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-540
SMITH, SETH                  SANDY HILL                    NY-58-P-407
SMITH, SETH C.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-337
SMITH, SILAS                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-2-300
SMITH, SIMEON                WEST HAVEN, RUTLAND, VT       NY-58-2-288
SMITH, SOLOMON               HARTFORD                      NY-58-K-374
SMITH, THOMAS                EASTON                        NY-58-3-12
SMITH, THOMAS                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-318
SMITH, THOMAS J.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-295
SMITH, TIMOTHY D.            RUPERT, RUTLAND, VT           NY-58-8A-549
SMITH, WHEDON                HEBRON                        NY-58-N-524
SMITH, WILLIAM               SALEM                         NY-58-#1-31
SMITH, WILLIAM               ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-36
SMITH, WILLIAM W.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-522
SMYTH, OWEN                  SALEM                         NY-58-4A-586
SNELL, ESTHER                EASTON                        NY-58-Q-497
SNELL, JOHN S.               EASTON                        NY-58-O-317
SNELL, PETER                 EASTON                        NY-58-L-210
SNODY, LEDRISKA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-116
SNODY, LUNA                  DRESDEN                       NY-58-5A-589
SNODY, WILLIAM               DRESDEN                       NY-58-P-529
SNOW, CURTIS H.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-209
SNYDER, GEORGE C.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-389
SNYDER, WILSON A.            TOY, RENSSELAER, NY           NY-58-W-241
SOARNS, TIMOTHY              ARGYLE                        NY-58-5-54
SOUTHARD, WILLIAM H.         SALEM                         NY-58-X-218
SOUTHWORTH, ELIAS            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-7-185
SPAFORD, HARRIET A.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-468
SPARKS, HENRY                HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-389
SPAULDING, ALVINA            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-Y-334
SPAULDING, ROMANZO           SALEM                         NY-58-9A-251
SPEAR, ALEXANDER             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-645
SPEAR, JOHN                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-437
SPEAR, JOSEPH S.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-345
SPENCER, ALEXANDER           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-B1-259
SPENCER, JESSE               GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-129
SPENCER, WILLIAM H.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-277
SPICER, JACOB                FORT ANN                      NY-58-J-429
SPICER, JEREMIAH             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6-181
SPINK, AMOS M.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-57
SPINK, ISAAC                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-247
SPINK, ROBERT                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2-161
SPOONER, ALEXANDER K.        WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-485
SPOONER, JAMES H.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-17
SPOOR, ANN M.                HEBRON                        NY-58-M-264
SPOOR, ANN M.                HEBRON                        NY-58-M-217
SPOOR, NICHOLAS              HAMPTON                       NY-58-3-431
SPOOR, SYLVESTER E.          HEBRON                        NY-58-P-531
SPRAGUE, EDWARD P.           AUBURN, CAYUGA, NY            NY-58-4A-59
SPRAGUE, SARAH D.            SALEM                         NY-58-7A-396
SPRAGUE, WATSON N.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-427
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM             GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-49
SPRANGE, GIBSON W.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-20
SPRATS, WILLIAM              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2-307
SPRING, ARTEMAS              HARTFORD                      NY-58-G-1
SPRING, ELIZABETH M.         HARTFORD                      NY-58-O-249
SPRING, PHINEAS              HARTFORD                      NY-58-D-92
SPRING, ROSWELL              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-286
SPRING, SHELDON C.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-J-398
SPRINGER, AMY                EASTON                        NY-58-R-222
SPRINGER, MARIAM             EASTON                        NY-58-5A-338
SPRINGER, SARAH C.           ALBANY                        NY-58-6A-71
SPROTT, MARY E.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-304
SPURR, OTIS                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B2-111
STADLER, MARTIN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-631
STAFFORD, IRENE              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-383
STAKRS, ALONZO               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-402
STALKER, MARY                ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-297
STANDISH, SAMUEL             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-C-70
STANLEY, DARIUS              SALEM                         NY-58-5A-452
STANLEY, JOHN W.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-325
STANNARD, MARY A.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-302
STANOW, JOSEPH               SALEM                         NY-58-6-39
STANSBY, MARY E.             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-531
STAPLES, ANN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-156
STAPLES, DAVID               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-14
STAPLES, ELERY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-I-292
STAPLES, ELLEN L.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-256
STAPLES, JOHN R.             MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-6A-316
STAPLES, JONATHAN            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-184
STAPLES, STEPHEN             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-154
STARBUCK, BENJAMIN           EASTON                        NY-58-3-14
STARBUCK, JAMES A.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-314
STARKES, SILVESTER           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-366
STARKS, EBENEZER             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-P-450
STARR, MARGARETTE            HAMPTON                       NY-58-9A-327
STATIA, HENRY                HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-61
STEAD, HENRY                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-F-552
STEARNS, AMOS                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-328
STEARNS, PHEBE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-E-337
STEDDY, KATHERINE            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2A-605
STEDMAN, CHARLES             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-246
STEEL, DAVID T.              SALEM                         NY-58-I-117
STEEL, JANE                  SALEM                         NY-58-A1-252
STEEL, JONATHAN              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5-148
STEELE, JOHN                 SALEM                         NY-58-B1-300
STEELE, JOSHUA               SALEM                         NY-58-C-259
STEELE, JOSHUA               SALEM                         NY-58-N-76
STEELE, MARY                 SALEM                         NY-58-B2-357
STEELE, ROBERT W.            DRESDEN                       NY-58-T-201
STEELE, WILLIAM              SALEM                         NY-58-R-455
STEENSON, ROBERT A.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-51
STEERE, BARBARA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-164
STEPHENS, JOHN               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-264
STEVENS, AGRIPPA             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-252
STEVENS, CAROLINE E.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-230
STEVENS, DARIUS W.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-237
STEVENS, ELIZABETH A.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-198
STEVENS, ELSIE SOPHIA        SUSHAN                        NY-58-2A-492
STEVENS, FRANKLIN            SALEM                         NY-58-1A-125
STEVENS, HARRIS H.           HEBRON                        NY-58-K-267
STEVENS, HENRY A.            SALEM                         NY-58-E-329
STEVENS, HENRY C.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-2
STEVENS, JEHIAL              FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-63
STEVENS, JOEL                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-R-195
STEVENS, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-453
STEVENS, LEWIS               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-133
STEVENS, MATHEW JR           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-169
STEVENS, MATTHEW H.          SALEM                         NY-58-F-353
STEVENS, MILTON B. 2ND       SHUSHAN                       NY-58-U-416
STEVENS, ORVILLE             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5A-536
STEVENS, PAULINA             FORT ANN                      NY-58-4A-121
STEVENS, PERLIE              HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-472
STEVENS, SIMON               JACKSON                       NY-58-C-276
STEVENS, THOMAS              FORT ANN                      NY-58-5-44
STEVENS, THOMAS              JACKSON                       NY-58-C-378
STEVENS, WILLIAM             FORT ANN                      NY-58-I-195
STEVENS, WILLIAM H.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-532
STEVENSON, ANDREW            SALEM                         NY-58-B1-327
STEVENSON, ANNA T.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-601
STEVENSON, DANIEL            ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-268
STEVENSON, DAVID             SALEM                         NY-58-3-259
STEVENSON, JAMES             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-108
STEVENSON, JAMES             ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-632
STEVENSON, JAMES B.          SALEM                         NY-58-U-322
STEVENSON, JANE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-376
STEVENSON, JANE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-490
STEVENSON, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-372
STEVENSON, JOSEPH            SALEM                         NY-58-C-147
STEVENSON, MARGARET          SALEM                         NY-58-#1-249
STEVENSON, MARY W.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-139
STEVENSON, ROBERT M.         SALEM                         NY-58-2A-556
STEVENSON, SAMUEL            SALEM                         NY-58-C-513
STEVENSON, SUSANNAH M.       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-80
STEVENSON, THOMAS            SALEM                         NY-58-F-421
STEVENSON, THOMAS            SALEM                         NY-58-3A-380
STEVENSON, WILLIAM           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-333
STEVENSON, WILLIAM           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-134
STEVENSON, WILLIAM D.        NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-9A-189
STEVENSON, WILLIAM J.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-649
STEWARD, PHILEMON            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-H-115
STEWART, ADAM                ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-427
STEWART, ADDISON             FORT ANN                      NY-58-I-70
STEWART, ALBERT              ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-165
STEWART, ALEXANDER           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-M-257
STEWART, ALEXANDER           HEBRON                        NY-58-5-129
STEWART, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-B2-230
STEWART, ALEXANDER JR.       ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-426
STEWART, ALLAN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-297
STEWART, CHARLES M.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-456
STEWART, CLEMENTINE          GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-311
STEWART, DAVID               GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-426
STEWART, DAVID               SALEM                         NY-58-V-597
STEWART, ELIZABETH           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-K-14
STEWART, GEORGE D.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-220
STEWART, GEORGE F.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-53
STEWART, GEORGE J.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-187
STEWART, HANNAH              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-220
STEWART, HARRIET M.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-290
STEWART, HENRY               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B2-87
STEWART, HENRY               FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-243
STEWART, JAMES               ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-451
STEWART, JANE E.             SALEM                         NY-58-9A-523
STEWART, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-G-146
STEWART, JOHN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-116
STEWART, JOHN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B2-43
STEWART, JOHN M.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-305
STEWART, JOSEPH J. ESQ.      WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7-210
STEWART, MARGARET            SALEM                         NY-58-N-477
STEWART, NANCY               ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-173
STEWART, ROBERT              SALEM                         NY-58-H-228
STEWART, SALLIE EDIE         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-299
STEWART, SAMUEL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-241
STEWART, SAMUEL              SALEM                         NY-58-K-1
STEWART, SARAH A.            JACKSON                       NY-58-$-30
STEWART, SARAH A.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-6A-387
STEWART, SOLOMON N.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-330
STEWART, THOMAS R.           SALEM                         NY-58-V-572
STEWART, WALTER              GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-132
STEWART, WILLIAM             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-118
STEWART, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-530
STEWART, WILLIAM H.          SALEM                         NY-58-K-358
STEWART, WILLIAM H.          SALEM                         NY-58-J-177
STEWART, WILLIAM R.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-587
STILES, RANSOM               ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-144
STILLWELL, JEREMIAH          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7-51
STILWELL, MARGARET           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B2-277
STILWELL, MARGARET           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-151
STOCKINS, TIMOTHY            WESTFIELD                     NY-58-#1-27
STOCKWELL, ABRAHAM           DRESDEN                       NY-58-9A-382
STOCKWELL, ABRAHAM           HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-148
STOCKWELL, ABRAHAM           DRESDEN                       NY-58-Y-322
STODDARD, ANSON              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-$-532
STODDARD, HENRY H.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-2A-305
STODDARD, ISAAC              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-472
STODDARD, JOHN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-C-139
STODDARD, JOSEPH M.          HAMPTON                       NY-58-G-327
STODDARD, SARAH M.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-328
STONE, CHARLES               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-M-25
STONE, CHARLES               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-245
STONE, ELIZABETH             SALEM                         NY-58-9A-289
STONE, HORACE P.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-F-219
STONE, JUDITH                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-259
STONE, REUBEN                JACKSON                       NY-58-G-347
STONE, SARAH B.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-121
STORY, NANCY                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-21
STOTT, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-154
STOTT, JOHN                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-F-64
STOUGHTON, CAROLINE W.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-498
STOUGHTON, HALSEY W.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-372
STOUGHTON, S. ADELAIDE       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-41
STOVER, GEORGE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-280
STOVER, JERUSHA              GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-244
STOWE, JOAB                  HAMPTON                       NY-58-O-87
STOWELL, PHILA ANN           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-465
STRAIGHT, ELISHA             HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-460
STRAIGHT, JOHN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-52
STRAIGHT, JOHN               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-525
STRONG, HARVEY               PORTER                        NY-58-8A-96
STROUD, DOLLY                NORTH ADAMS, BERKSHIRE, MA    NY-58-4A-66
STROUD, IRA                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-41
STROW, ABIGAIL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-H-177
STROW, WILLIAM               HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-371
STUART, JOHN                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-#1-59
STURTEVANT, CONSIDER         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-38
STURTEVANT, EMELINE          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4A-232
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS          SALEM                         NY-58-1A-300
SULLIVAN, DENNIS             FORT ANN                      NY-58-9A-515
SULLIVAN, DENNIS J.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-472
SULLIVAN, EUGENE             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-522
SULLIVAN, JOHN               FORT ANN                      NY-58-7A-103
SULLIVAN, JOHN               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-551
SULLIVAN, JOHN               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-486
SULLIVAN, JOHN H.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-579
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-224
SULLIVAN, SARAH              SALEM                         NY-58-Y-121
SULLIVAN, SUSIE L.           SALEM                         NY-58-X-503
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            EASTON                        NY-58-V-138
SUNDERLIN, ADIAL             HARTFORD                      NY-58-4-380
SUNDERLIN, JOHN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-215
SUNDERLIN, PELEG             HARTFORD                      NY-58-#1-159
SUTFIN, SIDNEY               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-$-550
SUTHERLAND, ROBERT F.        FORT ANN                      NY-58-W-173
SUTLIFF, EMMONS H.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-86
SWAIN, HIRAM                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-14
SWAIN, JOHN                  EASTON                        NY-58-2-95
SWEENEY, CATHARINE           SALEM                         NY-58-R-535
SWEET, ALMON D.              SALEM                         NY-58-2A-335
SWEET, AMANDA                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-1A-175
SWEET, BETSY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-478
SWEET, BURDICK G.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-O-426
SWEET, BURTON E.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-2A-449
SWEET, CHARLES A.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-P-152
SWEET, GEORGE M.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-513
SWEET, JEREMIAH              SALEM                         NY-58-K-23
SWEET, JONATHAN              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-2-145
SWEET, LAURA A.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-6A-82
SWEET, LORAN S.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-41
SWEET, POLLY                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-424
SWEET, SARAH                 SALEM                         NY-58-X-206
SWEET, WILLIAM               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-464
SWIFT, BARNABAS              FORT ANN                      NY-58-7-145
SWIFT, GEORGE W.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-552
SWIFT, HIRAM                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-603
SWIFT, JAMES                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-5-105
SWIFT, JULIUS                FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-380
SWIFT, MELIVINA              FORT ANN                      NY-58-Y-479
SWIFT, WILLIAM H.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-9A-206
SWIFT, WILLIS                FORT ANN                      NY-58-T-365
SYBRANDT, CHARLES G.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-533
SYBRANDT, HARVEY B.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-6A-554
SYLVESTER, ELMERE W.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-220
SYMONDS, MINNIE MEEKER ALMY  BUSKIRKS                      NY-58-9A-387
TABER, CHARLES E.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-189
TABER, HELEN M.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-193
TABER, HENRY                 EASTON                        NY-58-J-10
TABER, JOSEPH                EASTON                        NY-58-K-380
TABER, STEPHEN               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-58
TABER, WILLIAM H.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-584
TABOR, CORDELIA B.           EASTON                        NY-58-R-35
TACEY, HENRY                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-5-6
TAFFT, CHARLES H.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-197
TAFFT, HENRY C.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-635
TAFT, ANNA C.                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-397
TAFT, CHARLOTTE              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-533
TANNER, ADOLPHUS H.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-R-149
TANNER, ALICE                HEBRON                        NY-58-E-65
TANNER, CHARLOTTE J.         NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-1A-510
TANNER, EUGENE H.            MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-8A-448
TANNER, FRANKLIN             HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-626
TANNER, JARED C.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-222
TANNER, JOHN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-443
TANNER, JOHN R.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-553
TANNER, JOSEPH               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6-85
TANNER, JOSHUA               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7-166
TANNER, MARY HALL            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-9A-333
TASEY, GEORGE                GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-91
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN H.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-438
TAYLOR, CYRUS                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-195
TAYLOR, GEORGE H.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-81
TAYLOR, JAMES                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-$-206
TAYLOR, JAMES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-564
TAYLOR, JAMES B.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-305
TAYLOR, JANE                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-6-155
TAYLOR, JOHN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-60
TAYLOR, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-115
TAYLOR, JOHN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-245
TAYLOR, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-331
TAYLOR, JOHN A.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-534
TAYLOR, JOHN J.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-Y-11
TAYLOR, LANSING G.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-364
TAYLOR, MARY ANN             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-T-321
TAYLOR, MARY W.              SALEM                         NY-58-7A-574
TAYLOR, SIMEON               GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-271
TAYLOR, SUSAN A. R.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-260
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-272
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              BERLIN, RENSSELAER, NY        NY-58-1A-507
TEFFT, AMOS                  GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-241
TEFFT, ASA                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-566
TEFFT, BENJAMIN              GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-212
TEFFT, BETSEY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-28
TEFFT, CAROLINE              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-V-279
TEFFT, DYANTHA A.            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3A-96
TEFFT, EDWIN N.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-531
TEFFT, FANNY HELEN           MIDDLE FALLS                  NY-58-6A-549
TEFFT, GARDNER               GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-535
TEFFT, HANNAH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-393
TEFFT, HIRAM B.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-375
TEFFT, HORACE D.             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-58-5A-631
TEFFT, JAMES S.              EASTON                        NY-58-F-230
TEFFT, JANE A.               CAMBRIDE                      NY-58-5A-67
TEFFT, JOHN                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-100
TEFFT, LAURA                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-389
TEFFT, LEWIS S.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-503
TEFFT, MARTHA W.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-180
TEFFT, MARY JANE             GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-557
TEFFT, NATHAN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-343
TEFFT, NATHAN B.             MIDDLE FALLS                  NY-58-7A-18
TEFFT, SIMEON                EASTON                        NY-58-N-422
TEFFT, THOMAS C.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-449
TEFFT, WILLARD               GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-393
TEFFT, WILLIAM               GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-349
TELFORD, GEORGE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-187
TELFORD, GEORGE              JACKSON                       NY-58-2A-360
TELFORD, JOHN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-53
TELFORD, MARION              JACKSON                       NY-58-Y-189
TELFORD, ROBERT              JACKSON                       NY-58-K-328
TEMPLE, ABEL S.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-1A-189
TEMPLE, CORNELIA M.          HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-302
TEMPLE, CORNELIA M.          HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-401
TEMPLE, TRUMAN               HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-69
TENNEY, ALMERA J.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-217
TERRY, GRACE M.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-1A-367
TERRY, MOSES C.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-605
TERRY, SHUBAEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-145
THATCHER, MARY P.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-146
THAYER, ELIZABETH F.         EASTON                        NY-58-N-487
THOMAS, CARADOG              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-455
THOMAS, DANIEL               EASTON                        NY-58-B1-439
THOMAS, DANIEL               EASTON                        NY-58-2-142
THOMAS, DAVID                HEBRON                        NY-58-I-12
THOMAS, DEWITT C.            EASTON                        NY-58-1A-499
THOMAS, HENRY S.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-V-293
THOMAS, HORTON               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-263
THOMAS, HUGH G.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-348
THOMAS, LYDIA                EASTON                        NY-58-7A-617
THOMAS, MARGARET             HEBRON                        NY-58-T-305
THOMAS, MARY E.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-446
THOMAS, MARY SOPHIA          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-P-201
THOMAS, MATILDA              HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-7A-462
THOMAS, NANCY D.             STILLWATER, SARATOGA, NY      NY-58-8A-16
THOMAS, PELEG                HEBRON                        NY-58-F-188
THOMAS, PELEG                EASTON                        NY-58-F-199
THOMAS, RUTH                 EASTON                        NY-58-W-389
THOMAS, SAMUEL               NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-5A-441
THOMAS, SYLVANUS             HARTFORD                      NY-58-B2-192
THOMAS, SYLVANUS             HARTFORD                      NY-58-B1-451
THOMAS, WILLIAM              HEBRON                        NY-58-3-232
THOMPSON, A. C.              PUTNAM                        NY-58-J-240
THOMPSON, ACHSAH J.          SALEM                         NY-58-V-219
THOMPSON, ANDREW             EASTON                        NY-58-W-627
THOMPSON, AZOR               JACKSON                       NY-58-D-315
THOMPSON, CEPHAS             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-11
THOMPSON, DAVID              SALEM                         NY-58-7-93
THOMPSON, DEBORAH            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-268
THOMPSON, EBENEZER           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-250
THOMPSON, FRANCIS E.         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-G-259
THOMPSON, GEORGE W.          PUTNAM                        NY-58-3A-125
THOMPSON, GRIZZY             SALEM                         NY-58-D-171
THOMPSON, HUGH               SALEM                         NY-58-I-257
THOMPSON, HUGH               SARATOGA, SARATOGA, NY        NY-58-3A-140
THOMPSON, ISAAC              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-F-347
THOMPSON, ISAAC G.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-273
THOMPSON, J. FRANKLIN        FORT ANN                      NY-58-8A-291
THOMPSON, JAMES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-445
THOMPSON, JOHN               SALEM                         NY-58-N-479
THOMPSON, LEONARD            FORT ANN                      NY-58-P-536
THOMPSON, LEROY              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-581
THOMPSON, LOIS H.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-U-496
THOMPSON, MELLISENT          CHESTER                       NY-58-3-41
THOMPSON, PERRIAM            FORT ANN                      NY-58-F-521
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             JACKSON                       NY-58-C-76
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             EASTON                        NY-58-6A-267
THOMPSON, SARAH J.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-414
THOMPSON, SUSAN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-123
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            SALEM                         NY-58-3-194
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            SALEM                         NY-58-H-151
THOMSON, ASA                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-407
THOMSON, JEFFERSON           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-341
THOMSON, LEMON               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-58-2A-8
THOMSON, NATHAN              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3-369
THORN, HENRY                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-J-68
THORN, LEONARD C.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-O-567
THORN, MARTHA                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-275
THORNE, HARRY                EASTON                        NY-58-U-276
THORNTON, CATHERINE          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-70
THORNTON, JOHN J.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-435
THORNTON, WILLIAM            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-506
THORPE, JOHN                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-148
THURBER, SARAH               SALEM                         NY-58-5A-162
THURMAN, JOHN JR.            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-58-2-266
TIERNEY, WILLIAM             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6A-231
TIFFANY, BENJAMIN            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-278
TIGHE, MICHAEL J.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-124
TILFORD, GEORGE W.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-641
TILFORD, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-283
TILFORD, WILLIAM W.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-230
TILTON, EBENEZER             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6-124
TILTON, ELIJAH               EASTON                        NY-58-4-311
TILTON, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-447
TILTON, MABEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-400
TILTON, MARY LU ELLE         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-85
TIMMERMAN, HENRY             ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-240
TINGUE, CHARLES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-378
TINKEY, ALEXANDER            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-418
TINKEY, HENRY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-C-22
TINKEY, JANE E.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-163
TINKEY, NANCY J.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-639
TINKHAM, DANIEL              WHTIE CREEK                   NY-58-K-307
TINKHAM, JOHN D.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-382
TINKY, HENRY                 NEW ARGYLE TWP                NY-58-#1-29
TISDALE, ANNA M.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-478
TOBEY, FRANCES M.            EASTON                        NY-58-O-371
TOBEY, PHILANDER             EASTON                        NY-58-H-172
TODD, DAVID C.               ARGYLE                        NY-58-Y-268
TODD, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-276
TODD, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-$-391
TODD, JOHN JR.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-232
TODD, MARGARET R.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-212
TOLEMAN, JAMES WILLIAM       SALEM                         NY-58-1A-311
TOLES, ELIZA                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-8A-134
TOLMAN, AMANDA               SOUTH HARTFORD                NY-58-7A-585
TOLMAN, LUCY R.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-367
TOLMAN, WILLIAM              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-102
TOMB, EMMA JANE              SALEM                         NY-58-O-57
TOMB, JAMES                  SALEM                         NY-58-3-102
TOMB, JOSEPH                 SALEM                         NY-58-#1-127
TOMPKINS, MARTIN H.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-62
TOOLEY, EBER                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-265
TORRENCE, ANNIE              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-W-278
TORRENCE, SAMUEL             ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-57
TOWN, FRED E.                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-76
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN           HEBRON                        NY-58-2-256
TOWNSEND, MARVIN C.          HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-191
TOWNSEND, MARY               SALEM                         NY-58-4-119
TOWNSEND, MARY ANN           SOUTH HARTFORD                NY-58-Y-143
TOWNSEND, PHEBE ELLA         SALEM                         NY-58-8A-84
TOWNSON, CALVIN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-407
TOWNSON, CALVIN J.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-46
TOZER, EDWARD                FORT ANN                      NY-58-P-93
TOZER, THOMAS                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3-327
TRACKEY, OCTAVIUS            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-178
TRACY, ANNIE                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-X-312
TRACY, STEPHEN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5-115
TRAVIS, WILLIAM              EASTON                        NY-58-$-72
TRIPP, JOANNA                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-178
TRIPP, MARY                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-M-123
TRIPP, PARDON                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-311
TRIPP, SUSAN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-94
TRIPP, WILLIAM               QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-#1-315
TROMBLEY, MARGARET           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-T-469
TRUESDELL, SIMON             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Q-472
TUBBS, DEBORAH P.            EASTON                        NY-58-C-282
TUCKER, ABRAHAM              QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-#1-176
TUCKER, ALANSON              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-355
TUCKER, EUGENE               GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-316
TUCKER, GARDNER T.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-127
TUCKER, HOXSIE               GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-231
TUCKER, JOSHUA               GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-327
TUCKER, LUCINDA              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-583
TUCKER, LYMAN H.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-342
TUCKER, NATHAN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-B1-199
TUCKER, SAMUEL               GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-421
TUCKER, SIMEON               GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-3
TUCKER, SIMON B.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-549
TULL, ANN                    GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-545
TULL, JESSIE S.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-270
TULL, JOHN W.                GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-127
TUPPER, ELIZABETH R.         NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-Y-287
TURNER, ELIZABETH M. SWART   FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-449
TURNER, PHEBE                GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-70
TWISS, RUSSELL P.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-532

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