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LACCA, IRA                   WHITEHALL                     NY-58-J-79
LACKEY, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-X-211
LACKEY, SARAH A.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-105
LADD, MARY E.                SALEM                         NY-58-9A-197
LAGOSH, JOSEPH               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-289
LAGOSH, MARGARET             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-482
LAING, ELIZABETH A.          HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-354
LAING, THOMAS                HEBRON                        NY-58-6-130
LAING, THOMAS                HEBRON                        NY-58-R-156
LAJOIE, MARIE                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-512
LAKE, GARRET S.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-293
LAKE, JAMES                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-I-170
LAKE, LYDIA                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-R-162
LAKE, LYDIA M.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-5A-526
LAKE, THOMAS H.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4A-537
LAKIN, MARGARET              SALEM                         NY-58-M-379
LAMB, AGNES L.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-484
LAMB, ELIZABETH              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-209
LAMB, EMMA                   WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-273
LAMB, FRANCIS M.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-3A-610
LAMB, IZORA B.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-5A-176
LAMB, JOHN                   SANDY HILL                    NY-58-A1-86
LAMB, JULIA A.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-6A-608
LAMB, MARGARET               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-210
LAMB, THOMAS                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-450
LAMBERT, HARRIET N.          SALEM                         NY-58-Y-38
LAMBERT, HELEN E.            SALEM                         NY-58-4A-340
LAMBERT, JOHN                SALEM                         NY-58-7A-597
LAMPHEAR, JOHN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-317
LAMPMAN, GEORGE B.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-184
LAMPMON, JANE ELIZABETH      GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-13
LANDER, DAVID D.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-269
LANDY, WILLIAM               ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-363
LANE, ISABELL                SALEM                         NY-58-G-397
LANE, NATHAN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-A1-425
LANE, NATHAN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B1-3
LANE, WALTER M.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-514
LANGDON, SAMUEL              GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-121
LANGWORTHY, CAROLINE E.      GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-349
LANGWORTHY, IRA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-324
LANGWORTHY, JAMES I.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-553
LANGWORTHY, JASON            UNION VLLAGE                  NY-58-D-380
LANGWORTHY, ROBERT           GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-108
LANKEY, HARRIET BOMBARD      SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-202
LANNEHAN, JOHN               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Y-543
LANSING, BARENT BLEECKER     GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-758
LANSING, SARAH A.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-502
LANT, CASPARUS               ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-66
LANT, CHRISTINE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-139
LANT, WILLIAM                ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-411
LAPAN, NELSON                HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-315
LAPHAM, STEPHEN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-#1-301
LARAWAY, ELIZA ANN           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-X-121
LAREAU, OCTAVE               HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-496
LARKHAM, JOHN C.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-358
LARKHAM, LUCINA              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-471
LARKIN, MARY                 HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-545
LARKIN, WILLIAM H.           EAST GREENWICH                NY-58-8A-146
LARMON, ALEXANDER            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-E-99
LARMON, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-381
LARRAWAY, EDGAR W.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-81
LASHER, ESTHER               NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-X-172
LASHER, GEORGE               ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-379
LASHER, JOSEPH               ARGYLE                        NY-58-Q-254
LASHER, PETER                ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-35
LASHWAY, FRANK               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-19
LATOUR, JULIUS               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-570
LATTIMER, ALEXANDER          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-136
LAUDER, JOHN B.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-355
LAVERY, JOHN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-T-157
LAW, AMANDA                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-110
LAW, ANDREW                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-K-303
LAW, CLARY                   WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-230
LAW, ELIZABETH               SALEM                         NY-58-K-109
LAW, GRACE                   SALEM                         NY-58-W-606
LAW, JOHN R.                 JACKSON                       NY-58-F-239
LAW, JOHN T.                 SALEM                         NY-58-Q-238
LAW, ROBERT                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-246
LAW, WILLIAM                 SALEM                         NY-58-U-531
LAWLER, CATHARINE            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-X-149
LAWRENCE, CYNTHIA            FORT ANN                      NY-58-5-132
LAWRENCE, FRANCES M.         HAMPTON                       NY-58-9A-399
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN           WESTFIELD                     NY-58-#1-184
LAWSON, PETER                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-334
LAWSON, SARAH                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-625
LAYDEN, BRIDGET              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-24
LAYDEN, PATRICK E.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-567
LEARMOUTH, HUGH              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-9
LEBAREE, SUSAN F.            WALPOLE, CHESHIRE, NH         NY-58-V-168
LEBARRON, CHARLES HENRY      JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-255
LEBARRON, JOHN               JACKSON                       NY-58-K-74
LEBROCK, ELIZABETH           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-273
LEE, ASA                     EASTON                        NY-58-T-295
LEE, DAVID                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-56
LEE, JONATHAN                WESTFIELD                     NY-58-#1-217
LEE, MARY                    SANDY HILL                    NY-58-Q-359
LEE, PHEBE K.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-242
LEE, S. HOUSTEN              HOOSAC, RENSSELAER, NY        NY-58-V-640
LEE, SAMUEL                  GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-592
LEIGH, ELLEN A.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-Q-302
LEIGH, ISABELLA              SALEM                         NY-58-9A-60
LEIGH, RACHEL                ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-494
LENDRUM, ARCHIBALD           GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-308
LENNON, JOHN JR.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-V-333
LENNON, MARGARET             SEE: MUNGER, MARGARET A.      NY-58-2A-595
LEONARD, ELIZA               HAMPTON                       NY-58-4A-551
LEONARD, ELLEN J.            HAMPTON                       NY-58-9A-435
LESLIE, HARRISON             EASTON                        NY-58-X-469
LESTER, ALLEN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-188
LESTER, DAVID                ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-352
LESTER, HANNAH               ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-243
LESTER, MARY L.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-160
LEWIS, AMY                   SALEM                         NY-58-T-215
LEWIS, FANNIE C.             WELLS, RUTLAND, VT            NY-58-8A-241
LEWIS, HENRY                 SANDY HILL                    NY-58-N-350
LEWIS, ISABELLE              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-239
LEWIS, LEROY F.              BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-58-7A-114
LEWIS, MURRAY                DRESDEN                       NY-58-Q-341
LEWIS, REBECCA S.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-88
LEWIS, SPENCER G.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-168
LEWTHWAITE, GEORGE W.        GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-538
LHOMMEDIUE, JOHN B.          NTL                           NY-58-7A-538
LIDDLE                       SEE: DIDDLE
LIDDLE, CATHARINE            SALEM                         NY-58-Y-131
LIDDLE, EMELINE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-460
LIDDLE, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-112
LIDDLE, MARK                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-428
LIDDLE, MARVIN W.            NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-3A-68
LIDDLE, SARAH                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-78
LIDDLE, WILLIAM J.           NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-V-608
LIDGERWOOD, JAMES            PUTNAM                        NY-58-Q-517
LIDGERWOOD, JOHN A.          PUTNAM                        NY-58-U-177
LIDGERWOOD, MARY E.          PUTNAM                        NY-58-8A-132
LIDGERWOOD, THOMAS           PUTNAM                        NY-58-X-127
LIENDOLL, JOHN               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-L-361
LILLIE, DAVID                PUTNAM                        NY-58-5A-216
LILLIE, JANE                 PUTNAM                        NY-58-7A-157
LILLIE, MARY A.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2A-184
LILLIE, ROBERT S.            PUTNAM                        NY-58-7A-513
LILLIE, THOMAS               PUTNAM                        NY-58-8A-336
LILLY, POLLY                 EASTON                        NY-58-M-299
LINCOLN, GEORGE W.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-248
LINCOLN, HARVEY              HEBRON                        NY-58-D-461
LINCOLN, JOHN                HEBRON                        NY-58-M-374
LINCOLN, MARIA C.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-648
LINDSAY, GEORGE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-164
LINDSLEY, LAURA B.           SALEM                         NY-58-8A-118
LINEHAN, DENNIS M.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-550
LINENDOLL, ANTOINETTE        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-17
LINNENDOLL, HANNAH           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-U-253
LION, HARRIET M.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-P-84
LISTER, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-69
LITTLE, HELENA DEWEY         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-122
LITTLE, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-58-2-157
LIVINGSTON, ALEXANDER        JACKSON                       NY-58-5-201
LIVINGSTON, ALEXANDER        GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-317
LIVINGSTON, ELIZA            JACKSON                       NY-58-R-235
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             ARGYLE                        NY-58-Y-644
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             NTL                           NY-58-#1-13
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPH           HEBRON                        NY-58-D-428
LIVINGSTON, MARY             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-W-409
LIVINGSTON, PATIENCE         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-98
LIVINGSTON, THOMAS           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-85
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM          ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-52
LLOYD, DANIEL G.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-74
LOCKE, ALBERT                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-285
LOCKE, CELINA                DENVER, ARAPAHOE, CO          NY-58-3A-23
LOCKRON, WILLIAM A.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-M-17
LOCKROW, BENJAMIN F.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-260
LOCKWOOD, JEREMIAH           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-F-292
LONG, BERRY                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-354
LONG, CHARITY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-173
LONG, CHESTER                SALEM                         NY-58-O-244
LONG, EDWARD                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-99
LONG, FRANKLIN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-146
LONG, JAMES                  SALEM                         NY-58-#1-8
LONG, KATE                   GEENWICH                      NY-58-N-506
LONG, NATHAN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-F-129
LONG, ROBERT                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-128
LOOMIS, AARON                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-99
LOOMIS, ANN                  OCEAN GROVE, MONMOUTH, NJ     NY-58-2A-365
LOOMIS, BENJAMIN M.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-O-149
LOOMIS, HENRY                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-132
LOOMIS, JEDUTHAN             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-318
LOOMIS, LEONARD M.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-216
LOOMIS, MARY S.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-310
LOOMIS, POLLY A.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-130
LOOMIS, ZACHARIAH            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-C-268
LOTRACE, ANNA E.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-180
LOUDON, AGNES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-555
LOUDON, ELIZABETH            ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-91
LOUDON, JOSEPH               ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-114
LOUGHLIN, JOSEPH             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-393
LOURIE, JAMES J.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-557
LOURIE, THOMAS B.            JAKCSON                       NY-58-2A-79
LOVEJOY, HIRAM H.            JACKSON                       NY-58-U-573
LOVELAND, AARON              HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-445
LOVELAND, MARGARET           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-104
LOWELL, JAMES                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-163
LOWELL, VESTA D.             NORTH BEND                    NY-58-X-323
LOWENGRUND, AUGUST           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-392
LUCAS, FRANCIS               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-208
LUNDY, THOMAS                HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-225
LUTHER, ALMON                EASTON                        NY-58-M-201
LUTHER, SARAH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-C-95
LYALL, ALEXANDER             GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-18
LYLE, HENRY                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-388
LYLE, HUGH                   SALEM                         NY-58-R-447
LYLE, MARY                   HEBRON                        NY-58-O-194
LYON, CHARLES                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-467
LYON, DANIEL                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-532
LYON, MATILDA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-242
LYON, SIMEON                 SALEM                         NY-58-$-127
LYON, SUSAN A.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-75
LYON, WILLIAM H.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-340
LYONS, JOHN                  EASTON                        NY-58-9A-596
LYONS, MARY                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-141
LYONS, SAMUEL B.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-7A-566
LYTLE, ANDREW                SALEM                         NY-58-#1-108
LYTLE, DAVID L.              HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-437
LYTLE, ELIZABETH             HEBRON                        NY-58-5-112
LYTLE, ISAAC                 HEBRON                        NY-58-5-107
LYTLE, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-442
LYTLE, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-34
LYTLE, JANE G.               SALEM                         NY-58-$-425
LYTLE, JOHN                  SALEM                         NY-58-#1-66
LYTLE, JOSEPH                HEBRON                        NY-58-7-230
LYTLE, MARY                  HEBRON                        NY-58-4-326
LYTLE, WILLIAM               HEBRON                        NY-58-2-182
LYTLE, WILLIAM J.            SALEM                         NY-58-D-288
MABBETT, HANNAH              EASTON                        NY-58-L-332
MACK, ELIJAH                 SALEM                         NY-58-A1-147
MACK, ELIJAH                 SALEM                         NY-58-A2-36
MACK, THOMAS D.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-383
MACKLIN, JAMES               ARGYLE                        NY-58-$-504
MACOMBER, JOSHUA             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-142
MADDEN, KATE                 SALEM                         NY-58-5A-235
MAHAFFY, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-234
MAHON, JOSEPH                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-180
MAHON, MICHAEL P.            HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-402
MAHON, PATRICK               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-T-193
MAHON, PATRICK               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-43
MAHONEY, JOHN                FORT ANN                      NY-58-R-551
MAIN, JOSEPH                 EASTON                        NY-58-K-394
MAINS, ELIZABETH             GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-329
MAINS, PETER                 EASTON                        NY-58-C-473
MAIR, GEORGE                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-87
MAIRS, GEORGE                ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-324
MAIRS, HENRIETTA M.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-283
MAIRS, MARY W.               ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-42
MALAMPY, DANIEL              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-520
MALAMPY, MARY                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-385
MALAN, ANN                   WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-276
MALIN, MARY                  NTL                           NY-58-7A-377
MALONEY, MARY                SALEM                         NY-58-8A-508
MANA, JOHN                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-O-434
MANDELL, MARIAN H.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-33
MANN, CHARLES R.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-R-566
MANN, LUTHER                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-337
MANNIS, WILLIAM T.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-608
MANSFIELD, ERLONZO L.        FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-252
MANSFIELD, IRA               FAIRHAVEN, RUTLAND, VT        NY-58-F-490
MANVILLE, ASENATH            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-347
MANVILLE, BENNETT            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-223
MANVILLE, CARRIE             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-363
MANVILLE, IDA E.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-389
MANVILLE, JAMES H.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-5
MANVILLE, MARCUS M.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-345
MANVILLE, MURRAY             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-W-117
MARIHEW, JAMES               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-567
MARSHALL, AURILLIA M.        HARTFORD                      NY-58-Y-32
MARSHALL, CLARK              HARTFORD                      NY-58-T-143
MARSHALL, CLARK              HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-168
MARSHALL, FREDERICK W.       EASTON                        NY-58-N-323
MARSHALL, GEORGE L.          SALEM                         NY-58-5A-113
MARSHALL, HANNAH J.          SALEM                         NY-58-9A-447
MARSHALL, JANE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-440
MARSHALL, SARAH ANN          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-X-166
MARTIN, AARON                SALEM                         NY-58-C-111
MARTIN, ASA                  SALEM                         NY-58-E-420
MARTIN, DANIEL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-E-316
MARTIN, DAVID HENRY          HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-116
MARTIN, DAVID K.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-6A-362
MARTIN, DOCIA ANN            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-107
MARTIN, ELISHA A.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-300
MARTIN, GEORGE               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-27
MARTIN, JAMES H.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-112
MARTIN, JOHN                 EASTON                        NY-58-E-185
MARTIN, JOSEPH D.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-L-309
MARTIN, LAURA A.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2A-196
MARTIN, LEVI P.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-145
MARTIN, MALINA               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-219
MARTIN, MARY                 SALEM                         NY-58-W-331
MARTIN, ROBERT               ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-163
MARTIN, SARAH                SALEM                         NY-58-J-438
MARTIN, SUSAN                HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-61
MARTIN, THOMAS               ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-85
MARTINDALE, CHARLES SR.      DRESDEN                       NY-58-6A-355
MARTINDALE, HENRY C.         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-26
MASON, ABEL R.               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-148
MASON, ANDREW                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B1-330
MASON, AVIS                  FORT ANN                      NY-58-3-264
MASON, CHARLES L.            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-9A-269
MASON, COOMER                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-388
MASON, CYRUS                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-H-148
MASON, DANIEL                HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-50
MASON, DAVID                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-65
MASON, EBENEZER              FORT ANN                      NY-58-K-244
MASON, ELLEN S.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-8
MASON, FANNY                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-87
MASON, FREDERIC M.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-107
MASON, JAMES O.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-532
MASON, LINDAMIRA             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-H-76
MASON, ORVIN T.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-645
MASON, RELEAF M. S.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-278
MASON, SAMSON                FORT ANN                      NY-58-3-9
MASON, SARAH                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-E-27
MASON, SARAH A.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-392
MASON, TRUMAN                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-88
MASTERS, JOHN T.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-98
MASTERS, MARY E.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-390
MATHES, OBADIAH              HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-56
MATHEWS, HENRY               SALEM                         NY-58-C-368
MATHEWS, SIDNEY              ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-259
MATHEWS, WILLIAM             SALEM                         NY-58-3-442
MATTHEWS, JOHN               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4A-128
MATTHEWS, MARY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-53
MATTISON, DANIEL             GREENWICH                     NY-58-2-349
MATTISON, ELMER J.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-391
MATTISON, JONATHAN           WHTIE CREEK                   NY-58-K-339
MATTISON, JOSEPH             HEBRON                        NY-58-3-236
MATTISON, MATILDA A.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-$-59
MATTISON, PELEG              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-33
MAULLIN, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-330
MAURER, MARY A.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-248
MAWHINNEY, LUCY M.           HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-432
MAXWELL, ANN                 JACKSON                       NY-58-V-83
MAXWELL, CORNELIA            KENOSHA, KENOSHA, WI          NY-58-2A-317
MAXWELL, DANIEL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-537
MAXWELL, GEORGE              JACKSON                       NY-58-R-556
MAXWELL, GEORGE I.           JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-619
MAXWELL, GEORGE J.           JACKSON                       NY-58-D-309
MAXWELL, HELEN M.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-385
MAXWELL, JAMES               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-282
MAXWELL, JANE                JACKSON                       NY-58-J-76
MAXWELL, JENNETTE A.         JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-563
MAXWELL, JOHN J.             SALEM                         NY-58-X-105
MAXWELL, JULIA               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-321
MAXWELL, MARTIN D.           JACKSON                       NY-58-7A-67
MAXWELL, MARY M.             HEBRON                        NY-58-P-66
MAXWELL, ROBERT              PUTNAM                        NY-58-H-8
MAXWELL, THOMAS B.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-64
MAXWELL, THOMAS B.           PUTNAM                        NY-58-3A-325
MAXWELL, WALTER J.           JACKSON                       NY-58-L-130
MAXWELL, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-$-44
MAY, EARL                    WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-298
MAYHEW, SARAH                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-294
MAYHEW, WADSWORTH            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-29
MAYNARD, ABIGAIL L.          EASTON                        NY-58-X-208
MAYNARD, AMBY H.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-371
MAYNARD, BURROUGHS           HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-407
MAYNARD, ELISHA              HARTFORD                      NY-58-#1-135
MAYNARD, GARDNER             HARTFORD                      NY-58-#1-307
MAYNARD, HENRY C.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6A-9
MAYNARD, LEVI G.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-7A-638
MAYNARD, POLLY               HARTFORD                      NY-58-Q-520
MAYNARD, REUBEN              HAMPTON                       NY-58-A1-34
MAYNARD, WILLIAM B.          SALEM                         NY-58-X-456
MCAFFEE, WILLIAM             JACKSON                       NY-58-M-179
MCALLISTER, JOHN             SALEM                         NY-58-3-422
MCALLISTER, SAMUEL           SALEM                         NY-58-7A-63
MCALLISTER, WILLIAM          SALEM                         NY-58-M-321
MCARTHUR, ELISABETH A.       SALEM                         NY-58-Y-281
MCARTHUR, ELSIE W.           PUTNAM                        NY-58-8A-190
MCARTHUR, JENNET             JACKSON                       NY-58-R-538
MCARTHUR, JOHN R.            JACKSON                       NY-58-3A-435
MCARTHUR, MARY L.            SALEM                         NY-58-5A-18
MCARTHUR, ROBERT             PUTNAM                        NY-58-I-50
MCAULEY, SARAH               JACKSON                       NY-58-6A-600
MCAULEY, SARAH E.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-542
MCAULEY, WILLIAM             ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-198
MCAUTHER, WILLIAM            PUTNAM                        NY-58-$-209
MCCABE, HANNAH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-61
MCCABE, PATRICK              GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-489
MCCABE, WILLIAM              HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-475
MCCALL, EMMA S.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-137
MCCALL, GEORGE               SOUTH HARTFORD                NY-58-2A-516
MCCANDLES, SAMUEL            ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-183
MCCANN, ELLEN                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-320
MCCANN, SAMUEL               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Y-494
MCCARTER, JOHN K.            HEBRON                        NY-58-V-637
MCCARTER, SAMUEL             SALEM                         NY-58-A1-376
MCCARTHY, DENNIS J.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-U-366
MCCARTNEY, JOHN              SALEM                         NY-58-#1-89
MCCARTY, DANIEL              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-154
MCCARTY, MARY                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-126
MCCARTY, PATRICK             HARTFORD                      NY-58-T-582
MCCASLIN, ALONZO             ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-455
MCCASLIN, CATHARINE          ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-75
MCCLALLAN, ROBERT            HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-118
MCCLALLEN, REUBEN R.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-585
MCCLARTY, ROBERT             SALEM                         NY-58-5A-636
MCCLARY, THOMAS              SALEM                         NY-58-3-324
MCCLAUGHEY, ROSAMOND         GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-158
MCCLAUGHRY, EZRA             GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-131
MCCLAUGHRY, SOPHIA W.        GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-264
MCCLAY, JAMES                JACKSON                       NY-58-$-197
MCCLAY, JANE                 SHUSHEN                       NY-58-V-557
MCCLEARY, DANIEL             SALEM                         NY-58-#1-155
MCCLEE, HUGH                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-267
MCCLELAND, JOHN              GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-223
MCCLELLAN, ALEXANDER         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-58-3-226
MCCLELLAN, ANDREW            HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-604
MCCLELLAN, CHESTER L.        JACKSON                       NY-58-G-107
MCCLELLAN, CHRISTIAN         SALEM                         NY-58-O-152
MCCLELLAN, ELIZABETH         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-584
MCCLELLAN, FRANKLIN          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-488
MCCLELLAN, HARRIET ANN       HEBRON                        NY-58-Y-94
MCCLELLAN, JAMES             HEBRON                        NY-58-C-19
MCCLELLAN, JAMES             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-426
MCCLELLAN, JANE              HEBRON                        NY-58-$-377
MCCLELLAN, JANE              HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-518
MCCLELLAN, JOHN              HEBRON                        NY-58-J-276
MCCLELLAN, JOHN S.           HEBRON                        NY-58-Y-90
MCCLELLAN, JOHN T.           HEBRON                        NY-58-3A-121
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM           JACKSON                       NY-58-2A-52
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM           HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-499
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM           NTL                           NY-58-N-79
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM           HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-300
MCCLELLEN, MARGARET A.       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-41
MCCLLALAN, ROBERT            HEBRON                        NY-58-A2-22
MCCLUNG, JOHN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-56
MCCOLL, DUNCAN               HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-122
MCCOLLER, THOMAS             HEBRON                        NY-58-L-374
MCCOLLESTER, HAMILTON        SALEM                         NY-58-7-201
MCCOLLUM, WILLIAM            ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-163
MCCONNELL, DANIEL            ARGYLE                        NY-58-5-177
MCCONNELL, JAMES             HEBRON                        NY-58-K-98
MCCONNELL, JOHN              HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-400
MCCOOL, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-192
MCCOON, JAMES                HAMPTON                       NY-58-M-288
MCCORMIC, JOHN W.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-462
MCCORMICK, CYNTHIA M.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-338
MCCORMICK, JAMES             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-153
MCCOTTER, SMITH              HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-96
MCCOY, JANE                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-265
MCCOY, JOHN                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-306
MCCOY, JOHN                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-303
MCCOY, JOSEPH                ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-192
MCCOY, JOSEPH A.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-299
MCCOY, MARSHALL              HARTFORD                      NY-58-W-167
MCCOY, MARTHA                SALEM                         NY-58-4A-494
MCCOY, MARY JANE             HARTFORD                      NY-58-U-195
MCCOY, PHOEBE                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Y-459
MCCOY, ROBERT                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-285
MCCOY, ROBERT                HEBRON                        NY-58-Y-154
MCCRAKEN, JOSEPH             SALEM                         NY-58-6-103
MCCULLOUGH, MARY             SALEM                         NY-58-G-110
MCCUNE, SAMUEL               EASTON                        NY-58-O-499
MCCURDY, DANIEL              SALEM                         NY-58-J-40
MCDONAL, ALEXANDER           COILA                         NY-58-$-271
MCDONAL, ELLIS               JACKSON                       NY-58-N-725
MCDONAL, SARAH               JACKSON                       NY-58-F-390
MCDONALD, ANGUS              ARGYLE                        NY-58-4-358
MCDONALD, J. ESTELLA         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-407
MCDONALD, JAMES S.           SALEM                         NY-58-1A-237
MCDONALD, JOHN               HEBRON                        NY-58-2-211
MCDONALD, MARY               SALEM                         NY-58-3A-318
MCDONALD, PATRICK            SALEM                         NY-58-3A-314
MCDOUGAL, AGNES              ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-79
MCDOUGAL, JAMES A.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-165
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER         HARTFORD                      NY-58-7A-390
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER J.      ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-208
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER R.      ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-312
MCDOUGALL, ANDREW            GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-301
MCDOUGALL, DANIEL S.         ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-311
MCDOUGALL, JAMES             ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-118
MCDOUGALL, JANE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-469
MCDOUGALL, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-121
MCDOUGALL, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-184
MCDOUGALL, MARIA             GREENWICH                     NY-58-H-18
MCDOUGALL, NATHANIEL         GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-156
MCDOUGALL, SARAH             GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-593
MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM           GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-199
MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM           GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-595
MCDOWAL, JAMES               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-58
MCEACHRON, ALEXANDER         HEBRON                        NY-58-P-386
MCEACHRON, ARCHIBALD         ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-635
MCEACHRON, CORNELIUS         ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-427
MCEACHRON, DANIEL N.         ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-47
MCEACHRON, FRANCIS A.        HEBRON                        NY-58-1A-18
MCEACHRON, HENRY F.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-16
MCEACHRON, JANE A.           SALEM                         NY-58-N-388
MCEACHRON, JANE A.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-436
MCEACHRON, JANE R.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-425
MCEACHRON, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-406
MCEACHRON, JOHN N.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-636
MCEACHRON, NEAL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-468
MCEACHRON, PETER             ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-119
MCEACHRON, PETER H.          NTL                           NY-58-L-308
MCEACHRON, PETER J.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-278
MCEACHRON, PHILIP            ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-186
MCEACHRON, ROBERT C.         ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-335
MCEACHRON, WILLIAM           ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-286
MCEACHRON, WILLIAM HENRY     ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-58
MCEACHRON, WILLIAM J.        HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-34
MCELWAIN, JOHN               ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-100
MCENERY, MICHAEL             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-343
MCEVOY, JOHN                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-177
MCFADDEN, JAMES              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-F-415
MCFADDEN, ROBERT S.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-F-222
MCFADDEN, SAMUEL             ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-472
MCFADDEN, THOMAS             ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-230
MCFARLAND, CAROLINE A.       WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-261
MCFARLAND, COLLIN            SALEM                         NY-58-L-101
MCFARLAND, DANIEL            JACKSON                       NY-58-L-262
MCFARLAND, DAVID M.          SALEM                         NY-58-G-484
MCFARLAND, GEORGE            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B2-310
MCFARLAND, HENRY             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-R-337
MCFARLAND, JAMES             NTL                           NY-58-3-387
MCFARLAND, JAMES             SALEM                         NY-58-4-227
MCFARLAND, JOHN              SALEM                         NY-58-U-422
MCFARLAND, JOSEPH            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-M-395
MCFARLAND, JOSEPH            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-167
MCFARLAND, LYDIA ANN         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-1A-589
MCFARLAND, MARGARET          GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-273
MCFARLAND, MURRAY            AURORA, KANE, IL              NY-58-T-37
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           JACKSON                       NY-58-Q-268
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           SALEM                         NY-58-8A-607
MCFARLANE, JOHN              EASTON                        NY-58-J-284
MCFARRAN, ASENATH            NTL                           NY-58-O-183
MCFARREN, THOMAS             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-22
MCFARREN, WARNER W.          HAMPTON                       NY-58-6A-557
MCGEE, LUTHER                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-165
MCGEE, MARY                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3-292
MCGEE, THOMAS                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-153
MCGEOCH, AGNES               GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-468
MCGEOCH, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-90
MCGEOCH, GEORGE E.           JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-165
MCGEOCH, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-61
MCGEOCH, JOHN                JACKSON                       NY-58-5A-257
MCGEOCH, MARY                HEBRON                        NY-58-H-85
MCGEOCH, MARY L.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-573
MCGEOCH, WILLIAM T.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-444
MCGIBBONY, JOHN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-A2-73
MCGIBBONY, JOHN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-A1-163
MCGILL, PATRICK              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-78
MCGILL, SALLY ANN            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-349
MCGILL, THOMAS               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-296
MCGILL, WILLIAM              HEBRON                        NY-58-I-469
MCGILLVRA, DONALD            ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-64
MCGINNIS, ELIZA              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-88
MCGOWAN, DANIEL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-567
MCGRATH, AGNES               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-471
MCGRATH, MICHAEL             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-166
MCGREGOR, JOHN               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-413
MCGROCK, ALEXANDER JR.       ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-81
MCGROCK, GEORGE              JACKSON                       NY-58-R-251
MCGROCK, ROBERT              ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-361
MCGROCK, WILLIAM             JACKSON                       NY-58-C-459
MCGROCK, WILLIAM             JACKSON                       NY-58-M-157
MCGUIRE, PATRICK             JACKSON                       NY-58-2A-280
MCGUIRE, PATRICK             JACKSON                       NY-58-4A-225
MCINERNEY, JAMES             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-2A-128
MCINERY, MICHAEL             BUSKIRKS BRIDGE               NY-58-U-410
MCINROY, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-409
MCINTYRE, CAROLINE           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-499
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH I.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-252
MCINTYRE, FREEMAN            ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-250
MCINTYRE, JAMES              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-323
MCINTYRE, JAMES C.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-623
MCINTYRE, JOHN               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-91
MCINTYRE, MARY               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-P-193
MCINTYRE, PATRICK            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-O-381
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM            HEBRON                        NY-58-O-335
MCINVERNEY, ELIZA            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-430
MCKALLER, DOUGALL            ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-115
MCKALLER, DOUGALL            ARGYLE                        NY-58-A2-62
MCKALLOR, ARCHIBALD          ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-224
MCKALLOR, ELIZABETH          ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-16
MCKANE, MARGARET             HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-344
MCKEACHIE, GEORGE            ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-768
MCKEACHIE, ROBERT            ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-435
MCKELLIP, JOHN               JACKSON                       NY-58-6-148
MCKENZIE, MARTHA J.          SALEM                         NY-58-N-365
MCKENZIE, MARY               GREEN ISLAND, ALBANY, NY      NY-58-$-353
MCKERCERHER, JOHN            ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-66
MCKERCHER, DONALD            ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-427
MCKERNON, JOHN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-67
MCKIBBON, THOMAS             ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-364
MCKIE, ALMY                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-148
MCKIE, ANN                   WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-100
MCKIE, ANNIE                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-439
MCKIE, EDWIN J.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-607
MCKIE, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-296
MCKIE, LETITIA               JACKSON                       NY-58-X-101
MCKIE, MARY                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-423
MCKIE, NIEL W.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-K-164
MCKIE, WILLIAM               SALEM                         NY-58-J-130
MCKILLIP, JAMES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-72
MCKINNEY, ALEXANDER          SALEM                         NY-58-7A-26
MCKINNEY, ELIZA A.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-3A-444
MCKINNEY, JOHN               SALEM                         NY-58-1A-396
MCKITTRICK, MICHAEL          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-470
MCKNIGHT, GEORGE             HEBRON                        NY-58-2-202
MCKNIGHT, JAMES              HEBRON                        NY-58-D-467
MCKNIGHT, JOHN               ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-230
MCLAUGHLIN, ALEXANDER        PUTNAM                        NY-58-D-367
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            PUTNAM                        NY-58-V-593
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-310
MCLAURIE, MARIA S.           SALEM                         NY-58-4A-511
MCLEAN, ABIGAIL              GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-66
MCLEAN, ANDREW               GREENWICH                     NY-58-2-327
MCLEAN, ANDREW W.            JACKSON                       NY-58-7A-340
MCLEAN, BETSY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-99
MCLEAN, DANIEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-22
MCLEAN, FITCH                BATTENVILLE                   NY-58-3A-527
MCLEAN, FRANCIS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-198
MCLEAN, HARRIET              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-181
MCLEAN, HENRY R.             JACKSON                       NY-58-H-43
MCLEAN, JAMES                JACKSON                       NY-58-C-307
MCLEAN, JOHN                 SALEM                         NY-58-H-97
MCLEAN, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-405
MCLEAN, JOHN                 JACKSON                       NY-58-B2-285
MCLEAN, LEWIS                JACKSON                       NY-58-E-212
MCLEAN, LEWIS T.             JACKSON                       NY-58-U-401
MCLEAN, MARIA C.             TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-58-1A-392
MCLEAN, MARY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-208
MCLNEA, DAVID                SALEM                         NY-58-#1-77
MCLOGHLIN, THOMAS            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-458
MCMAHON, CATHARINE           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-513
MCMAHON, JOHN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-36
MCMAHON, MARGARET            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-67
MCMAHON, NICHOLAS            GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-634
MCMAHON, THOMAS              WEST CAMBRIDGE                NY-58-W-284
MCMASTER, MARY S.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-247
MCMILLAN, LUCY               SALEM                         NY-58-N-385
MCMILLAN, MORRISON           JACKSON                       NY-58-V-520
MCMILLAN, SARAH E.           JACKSON                       NY-58-6A-379
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM            JACKSON                       NY-58-$-238
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM C.         JACKSON                       NY-58-1A-255
MCMILLEN, ANDREW             SALEM                         NY-58-2-333
MCMILLEN, GEORGE             ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-327
MCMILLEN, JOHN               ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-408
MCMILLIN, ANDREW             HEBRON                        NY-58-G-462
MCMORRIS, THOMAS             JACKSON                       NY-58-X-586
MCMULLEN, ALEXANDER          ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-61
MCMULLEN, JOHN               EASTON                        NY-58-R-413
MCMURPHY, HANNAH A.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-446
MCMURRAY, ELMIRA             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-$-343
MCMURRAY, FRANCIS            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7-108
MCMURRAY, GLORIANNA S.       SALEM                         NY-58-4A-343
MCMURRAY, JOHN H.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4A-612
MCMURRAY, ROBERT             SALEM                         NY-58-3-261
MCNAB, ANDREW                GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-217
MCNAB, JAMES                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-616
MCNAB, JENNET                GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-473
MCNAB, LORINDA               GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-78
MCNAMARA, HIRAM              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-247
MCNAMARA, THOMAS             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-476
MCNAUGHTON, DUNCAN           ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-415
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN             SALEM                         NY-58-L-425
MCNAUGHTON, MALCOM           ARGYLE                        NY-58-6-203
MCNAUGHTON, ROBERT           ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-173
MCNEAL, SARAH                ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-214
MCNEELEY, ALEXANDER          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-430
MCNEELY, CATHERINE           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-155
MCNEIL, ARCHIBALD            ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-141
MCNEIL, CATHARINE            ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-101
MCNEIL, DANIEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-114
MCNEIL, JANE                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-468
MCNEIL, JOHN R.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-306
MCNEIL, MARGARET             SALEM                         NY-58-2A-149
MCNEIL, NEAL                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-84
MCNEIL, WILLIAM              EAST GREENWICH                NY-58-H-216
MCNEIL, WILLIAM              ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-395
MCNISH, ANDREW               SALEM                         NY-58-C-82
MCNISH, THOMAS               NORTH WHITE CREEK             NY-58-U-346
MCNITT, BENJAMIN F.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-249
MCNITT, CASSANDRA COOK       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-196
MCNITT, DANIEL               SALEM                         NY-58-A1-96
MCNITT, ELIZA                SALEM                         NY-58-T-231
MCOMBER, DAVID               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-323
MCQUARIE, DANIEL             ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-243
MCQUEENEY, THOMAS            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-601
MCSHANE, DANIEL              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-173
MCVICKER, ARCHIBALD          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-45
MCWHORTER, MATHEW            SALEM                         NY-58-2-57
MCWHORTER, MATTHEW           SALEM                         NY-58-3-46
MCWHORTER, MATTHEW           HEBRON                        NY-58-D-293
MCWITHEY, CHESTER            HAMPTON                       NY-58-3A-7
MCWITHEY, ISAAC              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-566
MEAD, ENOS                   KINGSBURY                     NY-58-R-417
MEAD, EUGENE                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4A-167
MEAD, HANNAH                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-302
MEAD, HIRAM                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4-129
MEAD, ISRAEL                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-117
MEAD, PATIENCE               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B2-12
MEAD, STEPHEN                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-223
MEAD, STEPHEN H.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-471
MEAD, TITUS                  CHESTER                       NY-58-3-6
MEADER, ROBERT               EASTON                        NY-58-3-347
MEAGHER, GEORGE A.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-R-71
MEEKER, KATE D.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-174
MEERS, ANNE                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-386
MEIKLEJOHN, ANDREW G.        PUTNAM                        NY-58-6A-134
MELICK, RUTH ANN             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-143
MELLON, BRIDGET              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-U-504
MELLON, CHARLES              DRESDEN                       NY-58-5A-584
MERCHANT, ELIAKIM            GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-342
MERITHEWS, IRA               HARTFORD                      NY-58-E-363
MERRELL, PHOEBE              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-9
MERRIAM, JOHN                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-D-423
MERRIAM, LYDIA M.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-272
MERRIAM, MARTHA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-375
MERRIAM, MARY S.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-233
MERRIAM, SIMEON B.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-R-285
MERRILL, JOHN                SALEM                         NY-58-E-299
MEUNELL, STEPHEN             HARTFORD                      NY-58-G-292
MGAN, MASON                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-81
MICKLEJOHN, WILLIAM          PUTNAM                        NY-58-G-167
MIDDLETON, BETSEY            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-62
MIDDLETON, MARY VORCE        HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-158
MIDDLETON, ROBERT            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-435
MIDDLEWORTH, HENRY V.        SANDY                         NY-58-U-330
MIDEN, JOHN                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-U-197
MILER, LEONARD               EASTON                        NY-58-A1-421
MILLARD, ABIATHAR            HAMPTON                       NY-58-6-42
MILLARD, CATHARINE A.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-135
MILLARD, CLARISSA            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-H-232
MILLARD, POLLY               HAMPTON                       NY-58-I-375
MILLARD, POULINUS            HAMPTON                       NY-58-Q-508
MILLEMAN, ALMARINE M.        ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-444
MILLER, ALMIRAN H.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-483
MILLER, ANNA M.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-630
MILLER, DAVID                GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-60
MILLER, FRANCIS A.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-1A-618
MILLER, GEORGE               ARGYLE                        NY-58-B2-134
MILLER, GEORGE               ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-124
MILLER, GEORGE               EASTON                        NY-58-7A-160
MILLER, HELEN JANE           HARTFORD                      NY-58-6A-129
MILLER, HILL                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-Q-375
MILLER, JACOB                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-134
MILLER, JAMES                JACKSON                       NY-58-C-309
MILLER, JAMES                GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-387
MILLER, JANE A.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-460
MILLER, JOHN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-L-83
MILLER, JOHN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B1-196
MILLER, JOHN                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-C-491
MILLER, JOHN H.              HAMPTON                       NY-58-Y-54
MILLER, JOHN H.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-508
MILLER, JOSEPH               GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-315
MILLER, JOSEPH               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-123
MILLER, JOSEPH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-D-191
MILLER, LEVI E.              HAMPTON                       NY-58-4A-71
MILLER, MALINDA T.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-37
MILLER, MARILLA              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-260
MILLER, MARION M.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-604
MILLER, MARY MCKIE           GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-566
MILLER, NICHOLAS             ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-170
MILLER, NICHOLAS             BATTENVILLE                   NY-58-2A-205
MILLER, PERRY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-274
MILLER, RACHEL               JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-238
MILLER, REBECCA              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-124
MILLER, SARAH M.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-Y-482
MILLER, SETH O.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-6A-357
MILLER, SIDNEY B.            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-O-294
MILLER, SOLOMAN P.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-728
MILLER, WILLIAM              HAMPTON                       NY-58-E-159
MILLER, WILLIAM A.           HAMPTON                       NY-58-3A-188
MILLER, ZORAZTA              FORT ANN                      NY-58-P-278
MILLIMAN, ISAAC L.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-65
MILLIMAN, JAMES G.           MIDDLE FALLS                  NY-58-$-564
MILLIMAN, TEMPER             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-393
MILLIMAN, THOMAS             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-318
MILLS, DON ALPHONSO          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-22
MILLS, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-4-144
MILLS, NICOLAS               NTL                           NY-58-3-161
MILLS, STEPHEN               EASTON                        NY-58-J-496
MILLS, WILLIAM H.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-354
MINTON, ANDREW               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Y-587
MINTON, MICHAEL              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-L-124
MITCHELL, SAMUEL             SALEM                         NY-58-5A-529
MIX, POLLY                   FORT ANN                      NY-58-R-384
MOCK, JOHN L.                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-429
MOFFITT, JAMES               HEBRON                        NY-58-3A-266
MOFFITT, JOTHAM              HEBRON                        NY-58-F-159
MOFFITT, POLLY               HEBRON                        NY-58-M-105
MONAHAN, JAMES               FORT ANN                      NY-58-O-351
MONCRIEF, BETSEY             SALEM                         NY-58-Y-182
MONCRIEF, HEPZIBETH          SALEM                         NY-58-P-117
MONCRIEF, HEPZIBETH          SALEM                         NY-58-P-69
MONCRIEF, WILLIAM            SALEM                         NY-58-#1-82
MONCRIEF, WILLIAM            SALEM                         NY-58-4-161
MONEHIN, JOHN                FORT ANN                      NY-58-T-286
MONEYPENNY, JOHN             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-385
MONROE, ERASTUS              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-289
MONROE, GEORGE H.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-462
MONROE, ISAAC                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-609
MONROE, MARY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-243
MONTGOMERY, FRANCES M.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-604
MONTGOMERY, HUGH             HEBRON                        NY-58-K-124
MONTGOMERY, LUCRETA          GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-555
MONTGOMERY, LYMAN W.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-192
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT           GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-489
MONYIHAN, ARTHUR             GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-612
MOODIE, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-268
MOON, ALEXANDER              NTL                           NY-58-L-217
MOONEY, JANET                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-354
MOONEY, MARY JANE            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-557
MOONEY, THOMAS               EASTON                        NY-58-4A-546
MOOR, HUGH                   SALEM                         NY-58-A2-4
MOOR, ROBERT                 PUTNAM                        NY-58-I-441
MOOR, WILLIAM                HEBRON                        NY-58-N-179
MOOR, WILLIAM                JACKSON                       NY-58-6A-616
MOORE, ABBIE A.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-97
MOORE, ABEL W.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-325
MOORE, ALLEN R.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-C-441
MOORE, ANDREW                NTL                           NY-58-P-395
MOORE, ANDREW                SALEM                         NY-58-U-155
MOORE, MARGARET              HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-381
MOORE, MARK STONE            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-175
MOORE, MARTHA                HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-465
MOORE, MARY                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-445
MOORE, MARY                  HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-653
MOORE, SARAH R.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-486
MOORE, WILLIAM A.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-E-103
MOORES, ALEXANDER C.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-88
MOORES, WILLIAM C.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-201
MORAN, BRIDGET               SARATOGA, SARATOGA, NY        NY-58-L-29
MORE, JOSEPH N.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-51
MOREHOUSE, ISAAC             HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-375
MOREHOUSE, JOHN L.           NORTH HEBRON                  NY-58-8A-258
MOREY, JOHN                  SALEM                         NY-58-6-159
MOREY, MATTHEW               SALEM                         NY-58-T-147
MOREY, MATTHEW CHARLES       SALEM                         NY-58-T-257
MORIARTY, JOHN               EASTON                        NY-58-R-58
MORISON, JOHN JR.            SALEM                         NY-58-#1-38
MORLEY, CATHERINE            GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-192
MORRIS, CHARLES W.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-557
MORRIS, CHLOE                HAMPTON                       NY-58-G-441
MORRIS, EDWARD               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-356
MORRIS, JAMES S.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-518
MORRIS, MARGARET M.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-1A-259
MORRIS, MARY J.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-290
MORRIS, PHILISS V. A.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-484
MORRIS, WILLIAM              HAMPTON                       NY-58-B2-129
MORRIS, WILLIAM              HAMPTON                       NY-58-B1-122
MORRISH, JOSEPH              ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-492
MORRISON, DANIEL BROWN       HARTFORD                      NY-58-7A-542
MORRISON, JOHN               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-322
MORRISON, JOHN               SALEM                         NY-58-#1-70
MORRISON, LOUISE             NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-8A-271
MORRISON, ROBERT             ARGYLE                        NY-58-B2-65
MORRISON, SAMUEL             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-780
MORRISON, THOMAS             SARATOGA, SARATOGA, NY        NY-58-1A-648
MORRISSEY, MARGARETT HAYES   JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-444
MORROW, MARY                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-266
MORSE, MARY                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-412
MORSE, SANFORD               GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-277
MORTON, SARAH M.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-224
MOSHER, ABRAM                GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-229
MOSHER, AMY                  EASTON                        NY-58-C-74
MOSHER, CLARA E.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-446
MOSHER, DYER P.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-523
MOSHER, EPHRAIM D.           HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-525
MOSHER, ISAAC                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-204
MOSHER, MARY A.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-378
MOSHER, MARY L.              EASTON                        NY-58-J-225
MOSHER, RICHARD              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-76
MOSIER, WILLIAM H.           SALEM                         NY-58-9A-25
MOSS, EDWARD                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-A1-201
MOSS, SARAH C.               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-641
MOTT, BENJAMIN               HARTFORD                      NY-58-4-354
MOTT, JOSEPH M.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-M-117
MOTT, ORVILLE H.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-288
MOULTON, JAMES               FORT ANN                      NY-58-7-236
MOUNTAIN, HELENA             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-355
MOWERY, MARY E.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-311
MOWRY, ANGELINA G.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-F-185
MOWRY, CATHARINE B.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-638
MOWRY, ELIZABETH A.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-360
MOWRY, HENRY L.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-298
MOWRY, LEROY 2ND             GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-141
MOWRY, LYDIA                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-239
MOWRY, WILLIAM               GREENWICH                     NY-58-C-354
MOWRY, WILLIAM L.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-69
MOWRY, WILLIAM P.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-330
MULHALL, JAMES               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-K-410
MULLANEY, MICHAEL C.         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-W-459
MULLEN, SAMUEL               GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-619
MULLEN, THOMAS               EASTON                        NY-58-6A-76
MULLIGAN, EDWARD             EASTON                        NY-58-V-117
MULLIGAN, MARY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-172
MULLIN, JOHN                 SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-352
MUNDY, ELIZABETH             SALEM                         NY-58-A1-142
MUNDY, ELIZABETH             SALEM                         NY-58-A2-65
MUNGER, MARGARET A.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-595
MUNROE, SARAH                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-106
MUNSON, IRA                  HEBRON                        NY-58-J-149
MUNSON, JOEL                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-344
MUNSON, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-2-208
MUNSON, NATHANIEL            HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-242
MUNSON, NATHANIEL T.         HEBRON                        NY-58-M-42
MUNSON, WILLIAM O.           HEBRON                        NY-58-W-269
MURCH, RICHARD               JACKSON                       NY-58-B1-231
MURCH, WILLIAM               JACKSON                       NY-58-A1-23
MURDOCH, JAMES               JACKSON                       NY-58-4-290
MURDOCK, JULIA A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-58-6A-351
MURPHY, JOHN                 SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-305
MURPHY, MARY                 JACKSON                       NY-58-X-197
MURPHY, MARY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-611
MURPHY, MICHAEL H.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-138
MURPHY, MICHAEL W.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-440
MURPHY, THOMAS               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-W-186
MURPHY, WILLIAM              JACKSON                       NY-58-R-513
MURRAY, AURELIA F.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-624
MURRAY, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-58-#1-149
MURRAY, MARGARET             ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-422
MURRAY, MARY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-496
MURRAY, PETER                HAMPTON                       NY-58-W-170
MURRAY, THOMAS               ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-328
MURRELL, HIRAM               FORT ANN                      NY-58-L-85
MURRELL, SARAH EARL          FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-216
MURRELL, WILLIAM             HARTFORD                      NY-58-7-233
MURRY, NEIL                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-118
MUSHAT, WILLIAM              JACKSON                       NY-58-7-188
MYGATT, EZRA                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4-202
MYGATT, HANNAH S.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-C-274
MYLOTT, ROBERT               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-367

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