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EAGLESTON, ANDREW            HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-79
EARL, DANIEL                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-A1-494
EARL, HANNAH                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-C-303
EARL, NATHANIEL              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2-329
EARLE, JOHN D.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-118
EARLES, CALEB M.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2A-290
EARLES, ELIZABETH C.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-488
EARLES, MARCELLUS T.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-93
EARLL, DANIEL                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-B1-54
EASTMAN, BENJAMIN            FORT ANN                      NY-58-J-63
EASTON, JOSHUA               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-78
EASTON, MARGARET             PUTMAN                        NY-58-A1-7
EDDY, ANDREW                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-7-48
EDDY, ANN                    CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-113
EDDY, CATHERINE S.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-148
EDDY, CHARLES                EASTON                        NY-58-6-19
EDDY, DANIEL                 EASTON                        NY-58-N-613
EDDY, EBENEZER               EASTON                        NY-58-C-198
EDDY, HENRY                  EASTON                        NY-58-4-100
EDDY, ISABEL                 EASTON                        NY-58-H-71
EDDY, JAMES M.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-224
EDDY, JULIA A.               EASTON                        NY-58-Q-199
EDDY, RICHARD L.             EASTON                        NY-58-O-292
EDDY, SUSANNA                HEBRON                        NY-58-F-511
EDDY, WALDEN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-193
EDDY, WILLIAM S.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-U-255
EDDY, ZEPHANIAH              EASTON                        NY-58-T-421
EDGAR, JOHN                  SALEM                         NY-58-W-364
EDGAR, WALTER                ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-266
EDIE, BERRY R.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-582
EDIE, EPHRAIM                SALEM                         NY-58-B1-264
EDIE, HANNAH                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-533
EDIE, JAMES                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-183
EDIE, NANCY B.               SALEM                         NY-58-6A-454
EDIE, WILLIAM                SALEM                         NY-58-1A-246
EDMONDS, DANFORD             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-261
EDWARDS, CAROLINE E.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-41
EDWARDS, DANIEL S.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-121
EDWARDS, ELIZA               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-180
EDWARDS, GARAPHELIA          GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-340
EDWARDS, THOMAS              POULTNEY, RUTLAND, VT         NY-58-5A-398
EGGLESTON, JOHN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-2-270
EGGLESTON, JULIA A.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-462
ELDRED, JAMES                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-378
ELDREDGE, CARRIE W.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-329
ELDREDGE, ELIZABETH M.       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-376
ELDREDGE, ICHABOD            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-272
ELDREDGE, NANCY Y.           JACKSON                       NY-58-X-619
ELDREDGE, WILLIAM            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-416
ELDRIDGE, AHIRA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-P-519
ELDRIDGE, ELLIS              NTL                           NY-58-N-723
ELDRIDGE, HARVEY R.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-200
ELDRIDGE, JEREMIAH           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-347
ELDRIDGE, JOSHUA             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-414
ELDRIDGE, LYDIA J.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-8A-15
ELDRIDGE, MARY               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-$-221
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-61
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS B.          HARTFORD                      NY-58-T-528
ELLIOT, ARDELIA              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-1A-40
ELLIOT, DANIEL               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-K-101
ELLIOTT, CAROLINE F.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-271
ELLIOTT, POLLY               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-225
ELLIOTT, WALLACE             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-W-419
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-40
ELLIS, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-496
ELLIS, MARY                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Y-416
ELLIS, THOMAS                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-79
ELLIS, WILLIAM               ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-52
ELLIS, WILLIAM B.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-26
ELLSWORTH, ARTHUR            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-R-96
ELLSWORTH, JAMES             FORT ANN                      NY-58-U-369
ELLSWORTH, JANE              EASTON                        NY-58-L-283
ELLSWORTH, OLIE W.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-128
ELMS, BETSEY ANN             FORT ANN                      NY-58-Y-373
ELY, DEWITT C.               POULTNEY, RUTLAND, VT         NY-58-1A-562
ELY, ISRAEL                  HEBRON                        NY-58-6-220
ELY, LAURA                   HEBRON                        NY-58-R-190
ELY, MIRA                    HARTFORD                      NY-58-T-383
EMERSON, FRED D.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-348
EMERSON, JOSEPH              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-552
EMERSON, MARTHA              GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-201
EMERSON, MARY JANE           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-511
EMERSON, WILLIAM H.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-127
EMPEY, FRANCIS N.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-659
ENGLISH, CORNELIA M.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-102
ENGLISH, ELIZABETH M.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-90
ENGLISH, WILLIAM L.          EASTON                        NY-58-K-252
ENGLISH, WILLIAM L. C.       CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-213
ENSIGN, JAMES O.             EASTON                        NY-58-1A-608
ENSIGN, NANCY G.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-737
ENSIGN, SARAH C.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-312
ESTEE, STEPHEN               SALEM                         NY-58-A1-300
ESTEE, STEPHEN               SALEM                         NY-58-A1-349
ESTEY, SARAH HAWLEY          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-395
EVANS, AMANDA L.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-175
EVANS, EVAN J.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-29
EVANS, SARAH ANN             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-Y-577
EVANS, WILLIAM R.            EASTON                        NY-58-5A-83
EVENS, JAMES                 NTL                           NY-58-M-51
EVERTS, CHARLES              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3-198
EVERTS, PALMER S.            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-Y-433
EVERTS, SAMUEL               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7-71
EVERTS, SAMUEL               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7-66
EVERTSEN, ALBERT             SALEM                         NY-58-Y-240
EYCLESHYMER, LOVINA          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-341
FACTO, ALMIRA J.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-U-99
FACTO, JOHN                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-376
FAHEY, THOMAS                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-V-611
FAIRCHILD, JESSE             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-138
FAIRLEY, HUGH                SALEM                         NY-58-J-139
FAIRLEY, JAMES T.            SALEM                         NY-58-Y-325
FAIRLEY, JOHN                SALEM                         NY-58-V-327
FAIRLEY, JOHN 2ND            SALEM                         NY-58-D-244
FAIRLEY, LIZZIE              SALEM                         NY-58-9A-307
FAIRLEY, MARY J.             SALEM                         NY-58-X-195
FAIRLEY, MARY S.             SALEM                         NY-58-V-231
FAIRLEY, SARAH               SALEM                         NY-58-$-464
FALKENBURG, HENRY W.         NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-3A-175
FALKENBURG, JOHN             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-I-244
FALKENBURG, MATTHEW          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-K-415
FALKENBURY, AZEL             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-280
FALKENBURY, LEVI W.          NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-X-597
FALVEY, JOHN P.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-599
FANCHER, HARRIET             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-Y-632
FANCHER, IRA                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-O-446
FARLEY, BETSEY E.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-60
FARLEY, GEORGE J.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-550
FARNSWORTH, SARAH ANN        FORT ANN                      NY-58-B2-264
FARNWORTH, FRANKLIN W.       FORT ANN                      NY-58-C-400
FARRAR, DAVID                PAWLET, RUTLAND, VT           NY-58-4A-204
FARRELL, MARY                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6A-144
FARRELL, MARY A.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-621
FARRINGTON, ALVAH M.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-370
FARRINGTON, MARIA S.         FORT ANN                      NY-58-U-146
FARWELL, BENJAMIN F.         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-T-225
FARWELL, SHERROD             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-T-344
FAXON, ELIZA A. BEVERLY      FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-225
FAXON, JULIA ADELAIDE        HARTFORD                      NY-58-$-558
FELCH, WILLIAM B.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-R-559
FENTON, BUEL                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-112
FENTON, CHARLES S.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-266
FENTON, CHARLES S.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-9A-67
FENTON, ERASTUS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-186
FENTON, FRED H.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-575
FENTON, GEORGE               ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-130
FENTON, HARRIET              GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-282
FENTON, JACOB                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-506
FENTON, JAMES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-486
FENTON, JAMES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-98
FENTON, JANE                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-82
FENWICK, MARGARET            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-52
FERERSON, SAMUEL             SALEM                         NY-58-Y-21
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER F.       ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-226
FERGUSON, ALMIRA             GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-618
FERGUSON, CATHERINE          JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-138
FERGUSON, ELIZA              ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-282
FERGUSON, JAMES C.           JACKSON                       NY-58-W-263
FERGUSON, JANE MCK.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-313
FERGUSON, JOHN               ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-219
FERGUSON, JOHN F.            SALEM                         NY-58-4A-645
FERGUSON, MARGARET S.        SALEM                         NY-58-5A-237
FERGUSON, MARY               ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-184
FERGUSON, SAMUEL             JACKSON                       NY-58-B2-84
FERGUSON, SAMUEL             JACKSON                       NY-58-B1-148
FERGUSON, SAMUEL S.          SALEM                         NY-58-4A-460
FERRIS, BENJAMIN             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-N-499
FERRIS, CELESTIA             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-334
FERRIS, CHARLES              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-99
FERRIS, SAMUEL C.            , MONROE, GA                  NY-58-4A-503
FERRIS, SARAH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-45
FIELD, SARAH E.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-1
FIELDING, JOHN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-G-339
FIELDS, CHARLES              GREENWICH                     NY-58-Y-180
FILER, HENRY P.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-507
FILER, ZEPHENIAH             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-218
FINCH, ELECTA A.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-124
FINCH, HENRY M.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-450
FINCH, MARIA N.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-7A-504
FINCH, SAMUEL L.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-9A-461
FINCH, SARAH JANE            FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-597
FINN, MARY E.                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-3
FINNEGAN, CHARLES            GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-28
FISH, CLARA P.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-6A-92
FISH, FRANKLIN               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-66
FISH, GEORGE H.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-613
FISH, SERVED                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-263
FISH, SUSAN                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-164
FISH, WARREN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-562
FISHER, CARLOTTA             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-439
FISHER, DONALD               HEBRON                        NY-58-#1-198
FISHER, JOSEPH               GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-60
FISHER, PHILENDA             GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-20
FISHER, WILLIAM              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-60
FISK, AMERETTE B.            SALEM                         NY-58-Q-197
FISK, ELIJAH D.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-413
FITCH, ABBY B.               SALEM                         NY-58-3A-589
FITCH, ASA                   SALEM                         NY-58-C-233
FITCH, ASA (DR.)             SALEM                         NY-58-P-496
FITCH, CAROLINE P.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-296
FITZGERALD, THOMAS E.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-94
FITZPATRICK, MARY            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-254
FITZPATRICK, TERRA           HEBRON                        NY-58-W-214
FLACK, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-140
FLACK, JAMES W.              HEBRON                        NY-58-N-124
FLAGLER, JOSEPH              GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-189
FLAGLER, SIMON               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-146
FLAGLER, TITUS               GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-129
FLANERY, NICHOLAS            DRESDEN                       NY-58-V-214
FLANIGAN, BRIDGET            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-477
FLANIGAN, MARY               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-619
FLANNAGAN, MARY              GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-553
FLANNERY, MICHAEL            DRESDEN                       NY-58-9A-594
FLECK, JAMES                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-427
FLEMING, JAMES               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-218
FLEMING, JOHN                SALEM                         NY-58-K-176
FLEMING, JOHN FLETCHER       SALEM                         NY-58-9A-48
FLEMING, MICHAEL             SALEM                         NY-58-V-124
FLEMING, PATRICK             SALEM                         NY-58-7A-628
FLEMMING, JAMES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-217
FLETCHER, CATHRINE D.        GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-471
FLOWER, HORACE S.            SALEM                         NY-58-P-480
FLYNN, JAMES                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-515
FLYNN, JOHN J.               CAMRBIDGE                     NY-58-U-241
FOLEY, JAMES                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-49
FOLGER, SARAH R.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-352
FOLLETT, ELIZA A.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-516
FOOD, JOHN                   NTL                           NY-58-3-363
FOOT, ABDONIJAH              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7-9
FORBES, HARRY                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-E-373
FORCE, OLIVER                SARATOGA, ALBANY, NY          NY-58-#1-85
FORD, CHARLES                JACKSON                       NY-58-6-89
FORD, JAMES                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-787
FORENTS, ADELINE LAMPRON     WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-582
FORGUSON, JAMES              SALEM                         NY-58-P-124
FORSTER, JOSEPH E.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-7
FORSYTH, ANDREW              ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-650
FORT, ABRAHAM                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-173
FORT, ABRAHAM J.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-358
FORT, ANGELICA               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-D-253
FORT, EUNICEY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-529
FORT, GEORGE                 EASTON                        NY-58-L-70
FORT, GERRIT                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-227
FORT, JACOB                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-30
FORT, JACOB A.               HOESICK, RENSSELAER, NY       NY-58-B1-389
FORT, JAMES                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-286
FORT, LEWIS                  NTL                           NY-58-2-111
FORT, PRUDENCE               HOOSICK, RENSSELAER, NY       NY-58-Y-150
FORT, SARAH                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B2-81
FORT, SARAH B.               EASTON                        NY-58-9A-555
FORTE, EMILY S.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-481
FOSDICK, HARVEY              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-K-182
FOSTER, ADELINE J.           HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-55
FOSTER, AGNES L.             SALEM                         NY-58-L-232
FOSTER, ALLEN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-4-96
FOSTER, ALLEN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-547
FOSTER, AMOS                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-F-306
FOSTER, CAROLINE H.          SHUSHAN                       NY-58-6A-69
FOSTER, DAVID                ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-580
FOSTER, HANNAH               HEBRON                        NY-58-C-346
FOSTER, JAMES                NTL                           NY-58-M-342
FOSTER, JENETTE              HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-475
FOSTER, JONAS                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-400
FOSTER, JONATHAN             ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-269
FOSTER, M. JAMES             HEBRON                        NY-58-L-1
FOSTER, MARGARET             SOUTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-1A-474
FOSTER, MARY A.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-350
FOSTER, REBECCA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-174
FOSTER, RICHARD              HEBRON                        NY-58-3-307
FOSTER, ROANA                ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-34
FOSTER, ROBERT L.            SALEM                         NY-58-R-172
FOSTER, SIDNEY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-588
FOSTER, WILLIAM              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6-63
FOSTER, WILLIAM              ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-137
FOWLER, ABBIE D.             SOUTH HARTFORD                NY-58-6A-523
FOWLER, ABEL                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A1-491
FOWLER, ABRAM V. T.          AURORA, KANE, IL              NY-58-I-201
FOWLER, AMON                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-264
FOWLER, ARNON J. A.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-247
FOWLER, BETSEY               SALEM                         NY-58-N-83
FOWLER, CHARLOTTE M.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-186
FOWLER, DAVID                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-651
FOWLER, DELIA                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-176
FOWLER, FAYETTE F.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4A-141
FOWLER, GEORGE               SALEM                         NY-58-F-287
FOWLER, JAMES P.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-35
FOWLER, JONATHAN B.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-$-185
FOWLER, MERCY S.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-168
FOWLER, WALTER               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-303
FOX, JOSEPH                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-526
FOX, MARY E.                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-182
FOX, THOMAS                  PITTSFIELD, WASHTENAW, MI     NY-58-P-540
FOYLE, JOHN                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-331
FRAKE, CHARLES A.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-9A-208
FRANCIS, WILLIAM F.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-26
FRANEY, MARY E.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-158
FRANK, HULDAH                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-289
FRASER, BARBARA              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-574
FRASER, DAVID                SALEM                         NY-58-W-272
FRASER, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-Y-124
FRASER, JOHN                 SALEM                         NY-58-4A-109
FRASER, MARTHA M.            SALEM                         NY-58-1A-480
FRATTS, JOSEPH H.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-J-336
FRAZIER, MARGARET            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-580
FRAZIER, WILLIAM             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-W-236
FREEMAN, ADOLPHUS            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-$-273
FREEMAN, CHARLOTTE B.        SALEM                         NY-58-O-483
FREEMAN, CYNTHIA A.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-X-7
FREEMAN, ELIZA               SALEM                         NY-58-4A-13
FREEMAN, HARVEY              SALEM                         NY-58-N-246
FREEMAN, PHEBE               JACKSON                       NY-58-T-135
FRENCH, CALISTA              JAMESTOWN                     NY-58-W-293
FRENCH, DAVID                SALEM                         NY-58-B2-227
FRENCH, DAVID                SALEM                         NY-58-B1-180
FRENCH, JOHN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-403
FRENCH, SOLOMON              SALEM                         NY-58-H-3
FRISBIE, ALONZO D.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-143
FULLER, ABNER                EASTON                        NY-58-6-107
FULLER, EZRA                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-51
FULLER, HULDAH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-1A-7
FULLER, JAMES                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-180
FULLER, JOSHUA               HEBRON                        NY-58-3-417
FULLER, MARGARET             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-632
FULLER, SAMUEL               EASTON                        NY-58-B1-409
FULLER, SIDNEY               HAMPTON                       NY-58-7A-93
FULLERTON, CHARLES T.        ARGYLE                        NY-58-Q-504
FYFE, JOHN                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-321
GADDES, HUGH                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-265
GAGE, WILLIAM                GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-279
GAGE, WILLIAM                GREENWICH                     NY-58-B1-235
GAGNON, JULES                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-75
GAINEY, JOHN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-132
GALBRAITH, HUGH              HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-206
GALBREATH, WALTER            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-646
GALE, JOHN                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-54
GALE, SARAH D.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-361
GALLAGHER, THOMAS            HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-425
GALLOP, JOSEPH               HEBRON                        NY-58-2-176
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7-205
GALLUP, WRIGHT N.            HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-535
GALLY, ROBERT                HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-51
GALUSHA, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-416
GAMBLE, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-72
GANNON, SABRINA              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-337
GARAND, WILLIAM F.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-9A-116
GARBER, WILLIAM O.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-529
GARDNER, FONES               NTL                           NY-58-3-239
GARDNER, ISHMAEL N.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-C-420
GARDNER, JOSHUA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A2-25
GARDNER, JOSHUA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A1-121
GARDNER, NICHOLAS G.         NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-1A-28
GARDON, ANGELE               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-U-150
GARETTE, CLARA P.            G4REENWICH                    NY-58-1A-138
GARITZ, GEORGE               SALEM                         NY-58-F-103
GARRIGAN, PATRICK            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-443
GARRISON, H. JANE            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-464
GARRISON, JOHN H.            EASTON                        NY-58-6A-212
GARRITY, JOHN                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-412
GARRITY, PATRICK             HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-614
GARRITY, THOMAS              HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-1
GARROW, JONAS                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3A-276
GATES, ANNA                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-R-14
GATES, DAVID                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-A1-278
GATES, FRANKLIN              GLENS FALLS, WARREN, NY       NY-58-7A-59
GATES, HARVEY                HARTFORD                      NY-58-$-374
GATES, JIRAH                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-B2-194
GATES, JIRAH                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-B1-157
GATES, LEVI                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-98
GATES, LEVI                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-70
GATES, PHILANDER             EASTON                        NY-58-5A-111
GAVETTE, EMILY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-171
GAVETTE, HORACE L.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-494
GAVETTE, JOSEPH H.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-354
GAVITT, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-160
GAY, EDWARD                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-1A-326
GAY, WILLIAM S.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-291
GAYLORD, HENRY               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-G-192
GAYLORD, HENRY T.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-209
GAYLORD, LYDIA E.            HEBRON                        NY-58-K-152
GAYNOR, PATRICK H.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-376
GEORGE, CORNELIUS            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-272
GEORGE, WASHINGTON A.        WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-381
GETTEN, ALBERT C.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-562
GETTEN, JULIA A.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-368
GETTINGS, ELLA C.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-204
GETTINGS, JOHN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-50
GETTINGS, MARY A.            ANDOVER, ESSEX, MA            NY-58-2A-398
GETTY, CHARLES A.            HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-595
GETTY, EBENEZER              HEBRON                        NY-58-P-102
GETTY, EBENEZER J.           HEBRON                        NY-58-W-392
GETTY, ELIZA L.              HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-251
GETTY, EMMA A.               HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-586
GETTY, ISAAC                 SALEM                         NY-58-G-162
GETTY, JAMES                 HEBRON                        NY-58-J-568
GETTY, JANE                  SALEM                         NY-58-#1-40
GETTY, JANE                  SALEM                         NY-58-H-109
GETTY, JANE W.               HEBRON                        NY-58-N-713
GETTY, JOHN                  HEBRON                        NY-58-N-528
GETTY, MARTHA                HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-1
GETTY, SALLY                 HEBRON                        NY-58-K-382
GETTY, SARAH E.              HEBRON                        NY-58-T-569
GIBBON, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-1A-232
GIBBONS, PATRICK             GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-522
GIBBONS, SALLY A.            JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-206
GIBBS, AMY                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-U-509
GIBBS, LEONARD               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5-224
GIBSON, ANN JANE             ARGYLE                        NY-58-T-338
GIBSON, JAMES                HARTFORD                      NY-58-Y-362
GIBSON, JAMES                SALEM                         NY-58-2A-41
GIBSON, JAMES B.             SALEM                         NY-58-7-59
GIBSON, SAMUEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-402
GIBSON, SUSAN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-403
GIBSON, WILLIAM              HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-495
GIBSON, WILLIAM H.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-249
GIFFARD, BETSEY              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-128
GIFFOD, CALEB                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-293
GIFFORD, ABIEL               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-269
GIFFORD, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-505
GIFFORD, ALLEN               EASTON                        NY-58-W-97
GIFFORD, ANNA                EASTON                        NY-58-T-47
GIFFORD, CALEB               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-369
GIFFORD, DARIUS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-617
GIFFORD, ELIHU               EASTON                        NY-58-W-325
GIFFORD, ELIHU               EASTON                        NY-58-D-36
GIFFORD, ELIZABETH H.        EASTON                        NY-58-3A-578
GIFFORD, GIDEON              ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-170
GIFFORD, GIDEON              CAMBRDIGE                     NY-58-5-40
GIFFORD, JAMES O.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-351
GIFFORD, JANE A.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-517
GIFFORD, JEDIAH              EASTON                        NY-58-C-123
GIFFORD, JEREMIAH            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-493
GIFFORD, JOHN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-399
GIFFORD, JOSEPH              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-91
GIFFORD, NATHAN              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Q-386
GIFFORD, ROYAL C.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-587
GIFFORD, SENECA W.           EASTON                        NY-58-2A-510
GIFFORD, SOPHIA              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-191
GIFFORD, SUSAN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-429
GIFFORD, THOMAS C.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-606
GIFFORD, WILLIAM H.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-62
GILBERT, CHARLES W.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-J-81
GILBERT, DELIA M. WILCOX     CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-446
GILBERT, ELIZA J.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-544
GILBERT, ELMER H.            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-W-531
GILBERT, H. CORNELIA         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-423
GILBERT, HIRAM B.            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-462
GILBERT, IRENE H.            SALEM                         NY-58-U-259
GILBERT, MOSES               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5-29
GILBERT, PLATT S.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-483
GILBERT, SAMUEL              SALEM                         NY-58-O-236
GILCHRIEST, CHARLES HENRY    HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-306
GILCHRIST, ARCHIBALD         ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-193
GILCHRIST, JAMES H.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-343
GILCHRIST, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-449
GILCHRIST, JOHN              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-78
GILCHRIST, LEWIS A.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-47
GILCHRIST, MARGARET W.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-152
GILCHRIST, MARY ANN          HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-92
GILCHRIST, MARY JANE         HEBRON                        NY-58-T-297
GILCHRIST, ROBERT            HARTFORD                      NY-58-J-1
GILCHRIST, SARAH A.          SALEM                         NY-58-Y-109
GILCHRIST, SARAH A.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-76
GILCHRIST, SUSAN A.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-559
GILCHRIST, THOMAS            HEBRON                        NY-58-E-9
GILCHRIST, THOMAS            HEBRON                        NY-58-Q-323
GILCHRIST, WALTER C.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-465
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM           ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-510
GILCREAST, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-298
GILLASPY, HUGH               HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-352
GILLESPIE, THOMAS            SALEM                         NY-58-N-326
GILLETT, MINOR               FORT ANN                      NY-58-4A-319
GILLETT, ROWENA E.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-6A-313
GILLETTE, AMOS U.            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-8A-235
GILLIGAN, JOHN S.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-150
GILLIGAN, KATHARINE          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-364
GILLIS, BENJAMIN             ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-134
GILLMORE, ELIZABETH          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-I-87
GILMAN, ALMIRA               SALEM                         NY-58-N-181
GILMAN, ELVIRA A.            SALEM                         NY-58-N-416
GILMORE, MARTIN             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-43
GILSON, MARY MARIAH          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-510
GLADDEN, RUTH M.             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-53
GLASIER, JAMES               HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-456
GLAZIER, ARCHIBALD           HEBRON                        NY-58-N-467
GLAZIER, ASAHEL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-312
GLAZIER, DANIEL D.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-214
GLAZIER, JAMES H.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-80
GLEASON, HEPZIBAH P.         SALEM                         NY-58-3A-537
GLEASON, MARY A.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-209
GLINES, CAROLINE M.          HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-67
GLINES, THOMAS J.            HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-258
GODFREY, JOHN S.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-$-397
GOMAN, ABBIE J.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-6A-360
GOODALE, BRADSHAW            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-536
GOODALE, ELIZA JANE          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-279
GOODALE, GEORGE              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-227
GOODALE, MARGARET C.         ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-277
GOODELL, ASA                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-D-232
GOODELL, ISABEL C.           EASTON                        NY-58-$-461
GOODELL, JOHN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-4-23
GOODELL, LEONARD J.          HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-685
GOODELL, WILLIAM P.          HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-211
GOODMAN, DARWIN E.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-592
GOODMAN, ELBRIDGE            FORT ANN                      NY-58-L-305
GOODMAN, JAMES E.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-154
GOODMAN, ORIGIN W.           (WILL NOT RECORDED)           NY-58-I-400
GOODRICH, ALVIN              SALEM                         NY-58-F-36
GOODRICH, ASA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-D-188
GOODRICH, MARY               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-126
GOODWILLE, MARGARET          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-27
GORDON, ANDREW B.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-125
GORDON, DAVID                EASTON                        NY-58-M-378
GORDON, ELIZABETH            EASTON                        NY-58-N-795
GORDON, HENRY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-633
GORDON, MARGARET             PUTNAM                        NY-58-E-5
GORDON, SARAH                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-126
GORDON, SARAH                ARGYLE                        NY-58-Q-454
GORHAM, GEORGE M.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-383
GORHAM, JOSIAH               EASTON                        NY-58-2-33
GORMAN, MICHAEL              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-222
GOSS, JOHN W.                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-124
GOUGH, EDWARD                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-443
GOUGH, MARY                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-31
GOULD, EBENEZER              HAMPTON                       NY-58-O-139
GOULD, WILLIAM               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-13
GOURLAY, THOMAS              HEBRON                        NY-58-C-223
GOURLAY, THOMAS              HARTFORD                      NY-58-C-299
GOURLAY, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-N-508
GOURLY, JOHN                 PUTNAM                        NY-58-D-262
GOW, ARCHIBALD               ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-95
GRACE, EVELINE M.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-55
GRACE, SEYMOUR M.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-474
GRADY, JOHN H.               SALEM                         NY-58-9A-412
GRAHAM, AGNES                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-120
GRAHAM, CORDELIA             FORT ANN                      NY-58-T-204
GRAHAM, DAVID                HARTFORD                      NY-58-7-124
GRAHAM, GEORGE SR.           SALEM                         NY-58-7A-12
GRAHAM, JOHN                 SALEM                         NY-58-2-15
GRAHAM, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-577
GRAHAM, JOHN                 PUTNAM                        NY-58-N-130
GRAHAM, JOHN                 PUTNAM                        NY-58-5A-127
GRAHAM, JOSEPH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-U-519
GRAHAM, MARY                 HEBRON                        NY-58-N-456
GRAHAM, ROBERT               HARTFORD                      NY-58-5-76
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-409
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-4
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-290
GRAHAM, THOMAS               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-322
GRAHAM, THOMPSON T.          PUTNAM                        NY-58-N-127
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              PUTNAM                        NY-58-F-264
GRANT, AMELIA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-468
GRANT, EDWIN B.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-456
GRANT, FRANK                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-322
GRANT, JENNIE                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-9A-338
GRANT, PETER                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-380
GRANT, ROSWELL               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-W-196
GRANT, WILLIAM               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-182
GRAVES, H. NEWCOMB           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-W-336
GRAVES, REUBEN               GRANVILE                      NY-58-F-41
GRAY, ANNA B.                GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-641
GRAY, CYRUS                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-T-518
GRAY, DAVID                  SALEM                         NY-58-N-201
GRAY, DAVID S.               SALEM                         NY-58-7A-591
GRAY, EVELINE                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-408
GRAY, HENRY                  GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-404
GRAY, HENRY A.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-O-174
GRAY, J. WARREN              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-6
GRAY, JOHN                   SALEM                         NY-58-B2-139
GRAY, JOHN                   SALEM                         NY-58-B1-254
GRAY, JUDITH                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-358
GRAY, LYMAN                  SALEM                         NY-58-C-386
GRAY, MARY                   SALEM                         NY-58-X-268
GRAY, MATHEW                 SALEM                         NY-58-B1-337
GRAY, MATTHEW                SALEM                         NY-58-B2-137
GRAY, MIRANDA WILLARD        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-210
GRAY, NATHANIEL              SALEM                         NY-58-E-223
GRAY, RUTH                   SALEM                         NY-58-T-448
GRAY, SALLY A.               SALEM                         NY-58-J-311
GRAY, STEPHEN D.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-28
GRAY, WILLIAM F.             SALEM                         NY-58-B1-357
GREEN, ALLEN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-314
GREEN, ANNA W.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-648
GREEN, BENJAMIN              HANCOCK, BERKSHIRE, MA        NY-58-4-111
GREEN, CALEB                 HEBRON                        NY-58-4-389
GREEN, CATHERINE             GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-287
GREEN, CHARITY               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-405
GREEN, CORNELIA              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-202
GREEN, ELEANOR               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-214
GREEN, HELEN J.              SALEM                         NY-58-7A-16
GREEN, HENRY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-476
GREEN, JABEZ                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-415
GREEN, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-33
GREEN, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-K-355
GREEN, JAMES T.              JACKSON                       NY-58-P-255
GREEN, JOHN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A2-39
GREEN, JOHN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-144
GREEN, JOHN S.               JACKSON                       NY-58-$-34
GREEN, JONATHAN              JACKSON                       NY-58-L-266
GREEN, LEROY                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-472
GREEN, MORRIS                JACKSON                       NY-58-R-282
GREEN, MORRIS                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-426
GREEN, MORRIS S.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-8
GREEN, POLLY                 SANDY HILL                    NY-58-K-413
GREEN, RUSSELL               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-247
GREEN, RUTH H.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-730
GREEN, RUTH H.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-525
GREEN, SAMUEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-218
GREEN, SENECA A.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-10
GREEN, SOLOMEN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-498
GREEN, SWITZER               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-75
GREEN, THOMAS                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-23
GREEN, THOMAS                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-33
GREEN, THOMAS S.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-239
GREEN, WILLIAM               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-110
GREEN, WILLIAM               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-459
GREENE, SUSAN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-621
GREENWAY, PHILIP             EASTON                        NY-58-#1-345
GRIFFEN, ALICA W.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-131
GRIFFEN, DANIEL              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-514
GRIFFIN, AARON               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-58-T-314
GRIFFIN, BARTHOLOMEW         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-312
GRIFFIN, JOHN H.             EASTON                        NY-58-D-158
GRIFFIN, MARIA B.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-92
GRIFFIN, MARY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-522
GRIFFIN, NELSON O.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-528
GRIFFIN, SHIMAEL             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-X-581
GRIFFIN, THOMAS              HARTFORD                      NY-58-C-102
GRIFFITH, ELLEN              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-92
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL R.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-N-63
GRIMES, JAMES                EASTON                        NY-58-7A-322
GRISWOLD, ELIZA G.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-518
GRISWOLD, MARY R.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-569
GRISWOLD, SAMUEL K.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-509
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM F.         LYME, NEW LONDON, CT          NY-58-E-417
GROESBECK, CATHARINE         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-294
GROESBECK, DAVID             FORT ANN                      NY-58-B1-477
GROESBECK, WALTER            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4A-107
GROUT, STEPHEN               FORT ANN                      NY-58-C-134
GROVER, CHARLOTTE ANN        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-484
GUIBORD, RICHARD             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-420
GUIDEN, CATHERINE            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-254
GUILD, JOSEPH H.             RUPERT, BENNINGTON, VT        NY-58-Y-251
GUILFORD, SAMUEL G.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-351
GUNN, GEORGE                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-35
GUTHRIE, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-486
GUTHRIE, SAMUEL              ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-473
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-N-742
GUY, AMBROSE                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-I-369
GUY, GEORGE S.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-244
GUY, JULIA A.                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-241
GUYETTE, JOSEPH              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-608

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