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NASH, EDITH J.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-227
NASH, EDWIN B.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-V-156
NASH, HARVEY B.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-T-566
NASSIVERS, DELIA             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-516
NAYLOR, JACOB A.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-53
NEEDHAM, ARTHUR G.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-7A-485
NEIL, PETER O.               EASTON                        NY-58-Q-305
NELSON, DANIEL               HEBRON                        NY-58-P-218
NELSON, DANIEL B.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-295
NELSON, ELIZA MARY           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-31
NELSON, GRACE                HEBRON                        NY-58-M-364
NELSON, HOLDEN F.            HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-469
NELSON, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-C-257
NELSON, JOHN J.              HEBRON                        NY-58-I-8
NELSON, JOHN S.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-4-93
NELSON, LORENZO              HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-441
NELSON, LUTHER               HARTFORD                      NY-58-K-378
NELSON, MCD.                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-184
NELSON, NEHEMIAH             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-113
NELSON, SAMUEL               HEBRON                        NY-58-I-284
NELSON, SERAPH S.            JACKSON                       NY-58-2A-582
NELSON, WISHARD F.           SALEM                         NY-58-9A-593
NEWBURY, EMMA E.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-169
NEWBURY, HENRY C.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-55
NEWCOMB, JOHN E.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-I-169
NEWELL, RICHARD              MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-P-90
NEWTON, ASAHEL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-O-224
NEWTON, EPHRAIM H.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-464
NEWTON, GEORGE W.            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-637
NEWTON, JOHN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-L-221
NEWTON, SUSAN B.             WEST FORT ANN                 NY-58-T-69
NICHOLS, ALFRED F.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-290
NICHOLS, ANNA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-$-101
NICHOLS, CARRIE A.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-633
NICHOLS, CHARLES D.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-402
NICHOLS, HOSEA               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-202
NICHOLS, JOHN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-176
NICHOLS, MARY C.             DRESDEN                       NY-58-$-371
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-N-560
NICHOLSON, EDWARD            FORT ANN                      NY-58-6A-223
NICHOLSON, IRA A.            SALEM                         NY-58-5A-259
NICHOLSON, ROLLIN E.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-419
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL            GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-565
NICKERSON, ABBY              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-45
NICKERSON, SETH              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-251
NICKERSON, WILFRED J.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-X-112
NILES, SUSAN                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-248
NILES, WILLIAM               THURMAN                       NY-58-3-82
NIMO, ZADOCK                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-38
NIMS, WILLIAM                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-223
NIVES, BECKER V.             EASTON                        NY-58-W-479
NOBLE, AVALINE E.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-439
NOBLE, HENRY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-92
NOBLE, LYDIA                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-A1-71
NOBLE, MARY W.               MIDDLEBURGH, SCHOHARIE, NY    NY-58-P-452
NOON, PATRICK                GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-91
NOONAN, MARY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-312
NORMANDIN, PETER             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-40
NORRIS, WILLIAM RUST         FORT ANN                      NY-58-7A-328
NORTHRUP, HENRY B.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-O-519
NORTHRUP, JAMES M.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-10
NORTHUP, CARR                HARTFORD                      NY-58-P-456
NORTHUP, CLARK               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-222
NORTHUP, EDGAR W.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-228
NORTHUP, EMILY C.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-375
NORTHUP, GARDNER             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-93
NORTHUP, GEORGE              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-U-15
NORTHUP, H. DAVIS            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-494
NORTHUP, HENRY J.            EASTON                        NY-58-3A-569
NORTHUP, JOHN H.             HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-8
NORTHUP, JOHN H.             HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-108
NORTHUP, LYDIA A. M.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-54
NORTHUP, LYMAN H.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-365
NORTHUP, MANUEL              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B2-29
NORTHUP, MARGARETTA          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-K-385
NORTHUP, RUTH H.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-P-121
NORTHUP, SUSAN M.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-615
NORTHUP, WILLIAM             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-420
NORTON, ALEXANDER            EASTON                        NY-58-J-71
NORTON, ALVAH R.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-215
NORTON, ANNA                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-P-204
NORTON, BETSEY A.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-R-275
NORTON, BRIDGET              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-397
NORTON, CATHARINE            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-K-330
NORTON, CATHERINE            HARTFORD                      NY-58-O-496
NORTON, CHARLOTTE T.         HAMPTON                       NY-58-X-567
NORTON, DAVID                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-22
NORTON, ELIZA J.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-668
NORTON, ELIZA M.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-104
NORTON, ELIZABETH            HARTFORD                      NY-58-U-294
NORTON, ELIZABETH BUCK       HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-421
NORTON, FRANKLIN             GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-33
NORTON, HIRAM E.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-383
NORTON, JOHANNA              SALEM                         NY-58-8A-308
NORTON, LYDIA ELIZABETH      GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-200
NORTON, MARIA M.             SALEM                         NY-58-X-359
NORTON, MERRITT P.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-68
NORTON, NELSON               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-429
NORTON, POLLY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-315
NORTON, SLOCUM B.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Y-246
NORTON, THOMAS               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-1A-96
NORTON, WARREN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-108
NORTON, WILLIAM S.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-97
NOXON, ANNA W.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-X-143
NOYES, WILLIAM               GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-205
NULTY, MICHAEL               EASTON                        NY-58-1A-172
NYE, GEORGE                  GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-133
NYE, MARY                    CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-414
NYE, MARY S.                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-568
OATLEY, ALBERT G.            SALEM                         NY-58-O-96
OATMAN, BENJAMIN D.          HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-407
OATMAN, GILE W.              HEBRON                        NY-58-M-324
OATMAN, PHEBE B.             HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-277
OBERN, HARRIET A.            EASTON                        NY-58-Y-396
OCONNOR, JOHN                WHTIEHALL                     NY-58-1A-72
OCONNOR, LAWRENCE            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-110
OCONNOR, THOMAS              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-208
ODONNELL, ELLEN              BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-58-4A-137
ODONNELL, JAMES              JACKSON                       NY-58-L-396
ODONNELL, JAMES              SALEM                         NY-58-X-524
ODONNELL, MICHAEL            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-348
ODONNELL, PATRICK            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-272
ODONNELL, PATRICK            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-233
ODONOVAN, TIMOTHY            EASTON                        NY-58-T-560
OGLESVIE, JAMES              NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-F-124
OKEEFE, EDWARD               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-I-334
OKEEFE, JOHN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-303
OLIER, HARRIET A.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-1A-309
OLIN, EPHRAIM C.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-J-252
OLIN, GIDEON C.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-H-198
ONEIL, ELLEN                 SALEM                         NY-58-2A-25
ONEIL, JOHN J.               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-491
ONEIL, MICHAEL               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-382
ONEIL, PETER                 EASTON                        NY-58-Q-305
ORAGAN, MARGARET             SALEM                         NY-58-V-440
ORCUTT, CALEB                JACKSON                       NY-58-L-153
ORCUTT, CHARLES A.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-153
ORCUTT, EBER H.              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-548
ORCUTT, MARY ANN             HARTFORD                      NY-58-5A-455
ORCUTT, RUFUS                SALEM                         NY-58-N-541
ORMS, JOHNATHAN              HAMPTON                       NY-58-U-133
ORR, WILLIAM                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-C-25
OSBORN, POLLY F.             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-356
OSBORNE, JOSEPH              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-2-83
OSGOOD, AARON                GREENVILLE                    NY-58-E-386
OSGOOD, JEREMIAH             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-R-318
OSGOOD, MARIA                ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-319
OSTRANDER, LAWRENCE          HAMPTON                       NY-58-V-361
OSTRANDER, MARY L.           HAMPTON                       NY-58-U-103
OSULLIVAN, JOHN              FORT ANN                      NY-58-1A-636
OTIS, JARED                  FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-500
OTIS, JOEL                   FORT ANN                      NY-58-C-330
OTIS, SARDIS                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-71
OTTMAN, ADA U.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-489
OTTMAN, GILBERT G.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-114
OVIATT, HARRIET              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-492
OVIATT, ISAAC                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-125
OVIATT, LYDIA ANNA           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-53
OVIATT, MARGARET H.          SHUSHAN                       NY-58-2A-237
OVIATT, THOMAS               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-R-264
OVIATT, THOMAS D.            JACKSON                       NY-58-U-291
OWEN, ANN                    GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-107
OWEN, ELEANOR                EASTON                        NY-58-N-630
OWEN, HENRY R.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-391
OWEN, PHEBE H. S.            GREENVILLE                    NY-58-N-632
OWENS, ELLEN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-9
OWENS, THOMAS                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4A-218
PACKARD, EUGENE CHAUNCEY     CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-46
PALMER, ABIATHER             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-27
PALMER, HIRAM                NORTH HEBRON                  NY-58-4A-632
PALMER, JONATHAN H.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-88
PALMER, MARTHA E.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-231
PANGMAN, NELSON              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-H-27
PANNELL, ROBERT              NEW PERTH                     NY-58-#1-10
PARDO, CHARLES               FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-385
PARDO, LYDIA                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-388
PARIS, URIAS G.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-277
PARISH, JOHN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-258
PARISH, JOHN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-C-255
PARISH, JOHN JR.             JACKSON                       NY-58-H-169
PARISH, WILLIAM              FORT ANN                      NY-58-G-315
PARK, CHLOE J.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-W-302
PARK, TIMOTHY                HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-641
PARKE, HORATIO N.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-385
PARKER, CAROLINE M.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-123
PARKER, ELLA M.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-643
PARKER, GEORGE               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5A-44
PARKER, GEORGE C.            MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-3A-440
PARKER, JAMES                GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-365
PARKER, JANE G.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-460
PARKER, JOHN C.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-G-195
PARKER, NATHANIEL            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-219
PARKER, NATHANIEL            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-262
PARKER, SOLOMON              DRESDEN                       NY-58-5A-534
PARKER, WILLIAM H.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-E-123
PARKS, DANIEL                BATTENVILLE                   NY-58-1A-110
PARKS, HENRY                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-M-193
PARKS, ISAAC                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-L-316
PARKS, NATHAN F.             JACKSON                       NY-58-I-40
PARRISH, ELIZA JANE          FORT ANN                      NY-58-4A-526
PARRISH, HENRY H.            JACKSON                       NY-58-4A-556
PARRISH, HIRAM               JACKSON                       NY-58-G-371
PARRISH, JENNIE C.           JACKSON                       NY-58-6A-597
PARRISH, JOSIAH              HEBRON                        NY-58-V-539
PARRY, ELLEN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-424
PARRY, JOSEPH                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-347
PARSONS, HIRAM               SALEM                         NY-58-3A-35
PARTRIDGE, PARMELIA          SALEM                         NY-58-1A-45
PATERSON, ROBERT             PUTNAM                        NY-58-$-307
PATERSON, ROBERT H.          PUTNAM                        NY-58-5A-434
PATTEN, JANE E.              NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-4A-638
PATTERSON, JOHN              HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-430
PATTERSON, JOSEPH            ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-391
PATTERSON, MARGARET          HEBRON                        NY-58-X-613
PATTERSON, SUSAN O.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-559
PATTISON, EMMA               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-214
PATTON, MARY                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-P-233
PAUL, GEORGE W.              EASTON                        NY-58-P-150
PAUL, MARTHA                 SALEM                         NY-58-P-56
PAUL, ROBERT                 JACKSON                       NY-58-W-367
PAYN, NOAH                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-170
PAYNE, DANIEL TAYLOR         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-368
PAYNE, PETER                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-A2-11
PAYNE, PETER                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-A1-138
PAYNE, ROBERT                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-102
PAYNE, SARAH                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-245
PEARCE, JOHN                 FOWLIS, ALBANY, NY            NY-58-2-338
PEARCE, THOMAS               HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-398
PEARSALL, ELELN S.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-567
PEARSALL, S. JOSEPHINE       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-207
PEARSON, JOANNA              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-270
PEASE, EMELINE               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-510
PEASE, SALLY                 DRESDEN                       NY-58-U-203
PECK, JOSIAH                 HAMPTON                       NY-58-4A-152
PECK, MARIA R.               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-469
PECK, SETH                   HAMPTON                       NY-58-H-99
PECKHAM, ALANSON             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B2-155
PECKHAM, ELIZABETH G.        EASTON                        NY-58-2A-300
PECKHAM, EMILY T.            EASTON                        NY-58-4A-19
PECKHAM, JOSEPH              EASTON                        NY-58-R-478
PECKHAM, MANSON              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-138
PEETS, FREEMAN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-420
PEETS, HIRAM W.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-W-351
PEETS, JAMES W.              SOUTH GRANVILE                NY-58-3A-582
PEETS, NORA                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-363
PEETS, REBECCA ANN           HARTFORD                      NY-58-W-115
PEETS, RUTH M.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-281
PEIRSON, ELI                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-B2-51
PELTON, JOHN                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-27
PENDLETON, FANNIE W.         MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-5A-3
PERKINS, GEORGE H.           SALEM                         NY-58-1A-451
PERKINS, MOSES               HAMPTON                       NY-58-2-311
PERRIN, EPHRAIM              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-345
PERRY, CORNELIA A.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-542
PERRY, HUGH                  SALEM                         NY-58-Q-235
PERRY, JAMES E.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-466
PERRY, JOHN                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-L-97
PERRY, JOHN                  SALEM                         NY-58-V-179
PERRY, JULIA                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-200
PERRY, MARY M.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-312
PERRY, WILLIAM               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-153
PERYR, FREDERICK J.          EASTON                        NY-58-8A-274
PETERS, BRIDGET              SALEM                         NY-58-6A-542
PETERS, DAVID                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-80
PETTEYS, EPHRAIM             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-387
PETTEYS, HARVEY E.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-88
PETTIT, MICAJAH              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7-17
PETTYS, JACOB                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-480
PEW, JOSEPH                  SALEM                         NY-58-B1-51
PHELPS, ALPHONZO             HAMPTON                       NY-58-P-435
PHELPS, ELIHU R.             EASTON                        NY-58-$-294
PHELPS, JOHN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-152
PHELPS, LEWIS H.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-141
PHELPS, SAMUEL               FORT ANN                      NY-58-J-349
PHETTEPLACE, FLORA C.        SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-136
PHETTEPLACE, MARY A.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-235
PHETTIPLACE, JOHN            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-201
PHILLIPS, BURDEN             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-156
PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER S.     GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-178
PHILLIPS, FRANCES C.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-415
PHILLIPS, JOHN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-299
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-309
PHIPPENNY, JOSEPH            PUTNAM                        NY-58-2-354
PIERCE, BENJAMIN             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-B1-5
PIERCE, ELIAKIM              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A2-29
PIERCE, ELIAKUM              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A1-153
PIERCE, WILLIAM              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-T-498
PIERSON, ELI                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-B1-97
PIERSON, FRANCIS C.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-136
PIESTER, EMILY               ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-342
PIESTER, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-494
PIKE, AMELIA F.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-191
PIKE, CYRUS T.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-353
PIKE, JACOB                  SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-230
PIKE, MARY A.                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-T-597
PIKE, SENECA                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-104
PIKE, SILAS P.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-192
PIKE, THOMAS                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-454
PINKERTON, ROBERT            SALEM                         NY-58-1A-24
PINNEY, ANNIE E.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-248
PITCHER, NATHANIEL           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B2-146
PITCHER, NATHANIEL           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-20
PITCHER, NATHANIEL           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B1-341
PITNEY, BINGHAM H.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-120
PIXLEY, SARAH J.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-W-200
PLACE, CASPER                GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-246
PLACE, GODFREY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-247
PLACE, SOLOMON               GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-68
PLATT, SAMUEL                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5-155
POCKLINGTON, JOHN            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-373
POLLEY, JONATHAN             FORT ANN                      NY-58-B1-467
POLLOCK, CHARITY S.          HEBRON                        NY-58-1A-504
POLLOCK, GAYLORD             ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-569
POLLOCK, JAME                ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-434
POLLOCK, JAMES               HEBRON                        NY-58-W-229
POOLE, THOMAS                SALEM                         NY-58-4-133
POOR, ELLEN M.               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-58-J-184
POOR, MARGARET A.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-339
PORTER, AURELIA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-L-292
PORTER, BARNEY P.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3-75
PORTER, CHARLES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-468
PORTER, ESTHER               SALEM                         NY-58-M-177
PORTER, ESTHER               SALEM                         NY-58-M-141
PORTER, GEORGE E.            SALEM                         NY-58-R-25
PORTER, JOHN J.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-380
PORTER, MARY ANN             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Y-510
PORTER, RALPH                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-180
POTTER, ABEL W.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-540
POTTER, ABNER                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-307
POTTER, ADA J.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-192
POTTER, AMOS C.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-392
POTTER, CALISTA C.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Y-352
POTTER, CAROLINE M.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-492
POTTER, CATHERINE E.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-100
POTTER, DAVID                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B1-346
POTTER, EDWARD B.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-C-500
POTTER, EPHRAIM              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-119
POTTER, FREEBORN H.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-O-168
POTTER, GIDEON S.            JACKSON                       NY-58-D-439
POTTER, JAMES                FORT ANN                      NY-58-M-153
POTTER, JOHN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-104
POTTER, JOHN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-153
POTTER, JOHN                 EASTON                        NY-58-L-122
POTTER, JONATHAN R.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-U-588
POTTER, JOSEPH               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-146
POTTER, LAURA L.             MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-W-320
POTTER, LEWIS                EASTON                        NY-58-Y-365
POTTER, LUCY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-204
POTTER, MARY                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-1
POTTER, NATHANIEL            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-360
POTTER, ORRA                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-203
POTTER, PAIN                 EASTON                        NY-58-A1-415
POTTER, REBECCA              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-P-447
POTTER, SAMUEL A.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-283
POTTER, SARAH E.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-113
POTTER, SEYMOUR L.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-47
POTTER, SHADRACH             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-372
POTTER, TOWNSEND J.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-70
POTTER, WAYLAND A.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-61
POTTER, WILLIAM              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-E-138
POTTER, WILLIAM              GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-297
POTTER, WILLIAM              GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-282
POTVIN, MITCHELL             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-478
POTVIN, WILLIAM              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-K-349
POUQUETTE, PROSPER           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-592
POWELL, ALEXANDER            HEBRON                        NY-58-3A-595
POWELL, GERRIT               HEBRON                        NY-58-5-96
POWELL, LOUISA               HARTFORD                      NY-58-5A-410
POWELL, THOMAS               HEBRON                        NY-58-C-105
POWELL, WILLIAM              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-U-306
POWERS, JAMES                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-T-13
POWERS, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-291
POWERS, JOHN                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4-233
POWERS, JOSEPH S.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-587
POWERS, SIBEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-324
PRAHM, FREDERICK             WHTIE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-5
PRATT, ABRAHAM               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-327
PRATT, ALBERT V.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-421
PRATT, AMASA                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-190
PRATT, AMY ANN               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-271
PRATT, AVIS                  EASTON                        NY-58-T-116
PRATT, CYNTHIA               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-412
PRATT, DANIEL H.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Y-550
PRATT, DANIEL T.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-O-62
PRATT, DEMORRIS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-293
PRATT, EDNA                  HOOSICK                       NY-58-3A-207
PRATT, EDWIN                 EASTON                        NY-58-O-311
PRATT, ELI                   CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-H-195
PRATT, HANNAH ANN            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-8A-604
PRATT, HIRAM                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-320
PRATT, HIRAM S.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-113
PRATT, IDA J. G.             EASTON                        NY-58-7A-321
PRATT, IRA J.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-53
PRATT, IRA P.                SALEM                         NY-58-O-129
PRATT, JACOB                 EASTON                        NY-58-L-58
PRATT, JAMES E.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-310
PRATT, JESSE                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-324
PRATT, JESSE                 WHTIE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-418
PRATT, JOHN L.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-20
PRATT, JOHN L. JR.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-235
PRATT, MARY A.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-445
PRATT, MARY A.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-378
PRATT, MARY E.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-454
PRATT, NATHAN                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-E-327
PRATT, NELSON                GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-122
PRATT, NELSON J.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-528
PRATT, PHEBE                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-146
PRATT, PHILIP                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-189
PRATT, RUSSELL W.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-H-179
PRATT, SAMUEL                HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-349
PRATT, SIMON                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-74
PRATT, WAIT S.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-E-323
PRECUTT, JOHN R.             JACKSON                       NY-58-K-185
PRENTISS, JOHN M.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-462
PRENTISS, MARY ANN           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-214
PRENTISS, MASON              GREENWICH                     NY-58-Q-547
PRESTON, ELISABETH           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A2-1
PRICE, DANIEL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-3-1
PRIEST, HENRY                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-175
PRINCE, DAVID                EASTON                        NY-58-#1-219
PRINDLE, LAZARUS G.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-690
PRITCHARD, ROBERT B.         MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-9A-488
PROUDFIT, ELIZABETH          SALEM                         NY-58-G-64
PROUDFIT, JAMES              SALEM                         NY-58-#1-339
PROUDFIT, MARY               SALEM                         NY-58-5-237
PROUTY, ABIJAH               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-321
PROUTY, RICHARD              SALEM                         NY-58-2-163
PRUYN, FRANCIS S.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-108
PRUYN, WILLIAM A.            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-L-348
PRUYNE, HENRY V. N.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-I-4
PULMAN, JONATHAN             EASTON                        NY-58-B1-392
PURCELL, ELLEN               SALEM                         NY-58-9A-213
PURCELL, MICHAEL             HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-588
PUTNAM, ASA                  EASTON                        NY-58-6-137
PUTNAM, ELISABETH            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-397
PUTNAM, JOHN P.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-L-54
PUTNEY, ELUM                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-176
QUA, ANDREW                  HEBRON                        NY-58-N-706
QUA, DAVID VAN TYLE          SALEM                         NY-58-2A-326
QUA, ELANOR                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-336
QUA, EMMA F.                 HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-188
QUA, GEORGE W.               HEBRON                        NY-58-O-353
QUA, HUGH J.                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-84
QUA, JOHN                    HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-543
QUA, JOHN C.                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-290
QUA, ROBERT                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-201
QUACKENBUSH, GEORGE W.       SALEM                         NY-58-N-108
QUACKENBUSH, JACOB S.        CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-648
QUAW, DAVID                  HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-446
QUINN, PETER                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-331
RACE, GEORGE W.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-336
RACE, MARY R.                FORT ANN                      NY-58-8A-395
RAHAR, MARY                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-138
RAINEY, MARY                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-181
RAMSEY, HUGH                 COSSAYUNA                     NY-58-6A-373
RANDALL, CALEB               JACKSON                       NY-58-A1-290
RANDALL, CALEB               JACKSON                       NY-58-A1-360
RANDALL, CAROLINE M.         SALEM                         NY-58-7A-204
RANDALS, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-37
RANDLES, ANDREW              HEBRON                        NY-58-#1-17
RANDLES, ANDREW              ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-454
RANDLES, DAVID G.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-518
RANDLES, HUGH                HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-42
RANDLES, JAMES F.            HEBRON                        NY-58-5A-592
RANDLES, JAMES J.            HEBRON                        NY-58-X-591
RANDLES, JANE A.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-209
RANDLES, JOHN                HEBRON                        NY-58-C-344
RANDLES, LINDA E.            PAWLET, RUTLAND, VT           NY-58-7A-476
RANDLES, SARAH               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-358
RANEY, WILLIAM T.            SALEM                         NY-58-P-236
RANSOM, CARRIE V.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-197
RATELLE, NELSON              EASTON                        NY-58-X-372
RATHBONE, ABIGAIL            FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-548
RATHBUN, DEBORAH             EASTON                        NY-58-7A-90
RATHBUN, KENYON              EASTON                        NY-58-H-47
RATHBUN, LYMAN               EASTON                        NY-58-6A-45
RATHBUN, NANCY               EASTON                        NY-58-M-174
RATHBUN, SAMUEL E.           FORT ANN                      NY-58-5A-511
RATHBUN, STEPHEN V. R.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-29
RAY, ELI                     FAIRHAVEN, RUTLAND, VT        NY-58-2A-249
RAY, JOHN P.                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-296
RAY, SAMUEL                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-U-542
RAYDER, ABNER M.             POULTNEY, RUTLAND, VT         NY-58-V-370
RAYMO, JOSEPH                BUSHNELL, MONTCALM, MI        NY-58-8A-576
RAYMOND, ZEB                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-199
RAYSDER, ZIBA B.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Q-349
REA, ADDISON W.              HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-528
REA, ALEXANDER               SALEM                         NY-58-1A-442
REA, ELIZABETH L.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-5
REA, JOHN                    HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-358
REA, JOHN                    SALEM                         NY-58-W-109
REA, SAMUEL                  NTL                           NY-58-3-223
READ, DANIEL                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-300
READ, HULDAH                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-W-614
READ, WILLIAM                EASTON                        NY-58-K-399
REAPE, MICHAEL               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-267
REARDON, ABBY                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-5A-299
REARDON, JOSEPH              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-484
REARDON, WILLIAM             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-539
REDER, FRANKLIN              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4-369
REDFERN, MATTHEW             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-294
REED, AUGUSTUS               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-K-6
REED, JOHN                   WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-56
REED, MARGARET H.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-1A-192
REED, RACHAEL                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-307
REEDE, WILLIAM               GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-234
REID, ALEXANDER              ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-335
REID, ALEXANDER              GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-485
REID, ALEXANDER              ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-12
REID, DANIEL                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-162
REID, DAVID W.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-421
REID, HARVEY L.              NORTH GREENWICH               NY-58-P-266
REID, JAMES                  HEBRON                        NY-58-F-50
REID, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-177
REID, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-264
REID, JOHN O.                ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-367
REID, JOHN W.                ARGYLE                        NY-58-$-37
REID, JOSEPH                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-39
REID, JOSEPH W.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-4A-239
REID, MARGARET               ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-280
REID, MARION                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-162
REID, MARY                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-99
REID, PATRICK                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-L-32
REID, PETER                  GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-249
REID, ROBERT                 HEBRON                        NY-58-T-463
REID, THOMAS                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-443
REID, WILLIAM JOHN           ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-213
REILLY, THOMAS               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-5A-649
RELIHAN, CORNELIUS           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-5A-644
REMINGTON, GEORGE            EASTON                        NY-58-$-279
REMINGTON, MORGAN            GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-152
REMINGTON, NOAH L.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-294
REMMINGTON, DAIVD            GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-262
REMMINGTON, ELIZABETH        GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-379
REMMINGTON, GARDNER          EASTON                        NY-58-J-48
RENEIS, CHARLOTTE            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-183
REYNOLDS, EDWARD             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-226
REYNOLDS, EMILY              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-342
REYNOLDS, FREDERICK A.       GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-109
REYNOLDS, HARRAH             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-O-179
REYNOLDS, HARRIET P.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-80
REYNOLDS, HART               GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-565
REYNOLDS, HARVEY             ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-616
REYNOLDS, J. HERBERT         GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-57
REYNOLDS, JOHN               GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-452
REYNOLDS, JOHN H.            HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-481
REYNOLDS, MARY               EASTON                        NY-58-B2-298
REYNOLDS, MARY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-497
REYNOLDS, MARY H.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-635
REYNOLDS, MARY L.            EASTON                        NY-58-8A-580
REYNOLDS, MELVINA            GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-450
REYNOLDS, NATHANIEL          HEBRON                        NY-58-O-269
REYNOLDS, RUTH               GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-440
REYNOLDS, SAFFORD            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-96
REYNOLDS, SALLY A.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-M-182
REYNOLDS, SALMON A.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-L-72
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-C-393
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-N-68
REYNOLDS, SUSAN              GREENWICH                     NY-58-O-332
REYNOLDS, THOMAS             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-31
REYNOLDS, ULDRICK            GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-186
RHODES, CALVIN               NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-V-270
RHODES, HORACE M.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-126
RHODES, JULIZA B.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-49
RHODES, NATHAN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-K-396
RHODES, WILLIAM              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-80
RICE, BENJAMIN               HAMPTON                       NY-58-C-297
RICE, CLARK                  JACKSON                       NY-58-B1-166
RICE, CLARK                  JACKSON                       NY-58-B2-204
RICE, CLARK S.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-329
RICE, DANIEL                 SALEM                         NY-58-B1-281
RICE, DANIEL                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-159
RICE, GEORGE H.              FORT MILLER                   NY-58-9A-439
RICE, HENRY                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-M-206
RICE, HERBERT C.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-109
RICE, HIRAM A.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-L-214
RICE, JAMES                  FORT ANN                      NY-58-P-486
RICE, JANE                   KINGSBURY                     NY-58-7-22
RICE, JANE                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-26
RICE, JEROME B.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-333
RICE, JOHN C.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-60
RICE, KATHERINE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-433
RICE, MARY                   FORT ANN                      NY-58-K-199
RICE, NATHAN E.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-578
RICE, ORRIN K.               EASTON                        NY-58-6A-40
RICE, PHEBE                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-294
RICE, R. NILES               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-49
RICE, ROSWELL                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-E-41
RICE, ROSWELL                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-58-Q-539
RICE, SALINA                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-T-554
RICE, SARAH E.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-579
RICE, THOMAS                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-H-127
RICH, ABRAM A.               SALEM                         NY-58-X-391
RICH, ALMON                  FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-88
RICH, CLARISSA H.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-90
RICH, ELIZA M.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-735
RICH, JOHN W.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-W-534
RICH, MARY ELIZABETH         SALEM                         NY-58-9A-456
RICH, MINERVA                SALEM                         NY-58-W-178
RICH, SARAH                  EASTON                        NY-58-W-323
RICHARDS, ALBERT             GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-115
RICHARDS, ANDREW D.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-330
RICHARDS, ANN P.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-T-290
RICHARDS, EBER               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-394
RICHARDS, FRANK              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-96
RICHARDS, GEORGE             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-275
RICHARDS, JULIA              HAMPTON                       NY-58-R-99
RICHARDS, JULIA ANN          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-Q-400
RICHARDS, MARQUIS D.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-530
RICHARDS, RALPH              HAMPTON                       NY-58-R-563
RICHARDS, SARAH JANE         GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-437
RICHARDS, THOMAS S.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-155
RICHARDSON, JAMES            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-E-234
RICHARDSON, JESSE            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-255
RICHARDSON, MARY A.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-393
RIDER, DAVID                 SALEM                         NY-58-Q-478
RIDER, HENRY M.              BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-58-6A-544
RIDER, JAMES M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-95
RIDER, LOUISA M.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B1-216
RIFENBERG, DANIEL W.         SANDY HILL                    NY-58-N-427
RIFENBURY, JOHN J.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-O-160
RILEY, PHILIP                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-228
RILEY, ROBERT C.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-238
RIVETT, DORA                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-323
ROBBINS, JULIETT             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-156
ROBBINS, STEPHEN             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-86
ROBBINS, WILLIAM R.          NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-1A-229
ROBBLE, THOMAS               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A2-84
ROBBLEE, THOMAS              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-186
ROBERSON, HARRIET            GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-242
ROBERSON, JEREMIAH           GREENWICH                     NY-58-N-747
ROBERSON, LYDIA A.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-217
ROBERSON, SOPHIA A.          EASTON                        NY-58-9A-400
ROBERTS, ANN M.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-543
ROBERTS, DAVID               MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-2A-643
ROBERTS, DAVID               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-224
ROBERTS, ELLEN               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-590
ROBERTS, ELMIRA J.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-381
ROBERTS, EVAN                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-548
ROBERTS, EVAN J.             MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-Y-514
ROBERTS, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-517
ROBERTS, JOHN H.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-338
ROBERTS, MARGARET C.         MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-2A-186
ROBERTS, MARY                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-126
ROBERTS, ROBERT R.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-38
ROBERTS, WILLIAM S.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-200
ROBERTSON, ABNER C.          SALEM                         NY-58-R-351
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-J-323
ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD         ARGYLE                        NY-58-E-131
ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-285
ROBERTSON, CHRISTY ANN       ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-253
ROBERTSON, DAVID             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-R-239
ROBERTSON, ELISABETH         GREENWICH                     NY-58-H-52
ROBERTSON, GEORGE            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-24
ROBERTSON, GEORGE W.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-E-270
ROBERTSON, GILBERT           ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-9
ROBERTSON, JAMES             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B1-7
ROBERTSON, JAMES             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-B2-59
ROBERTSON, JAMES I.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-Q-289
ROBERTSON, JAMES W.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-I-363
ROBERTSON, JANE S.           EAST GREENWICH                NY-58-$-331
ROBERTSON, JEDEDIAH          EASTON                        NY-58-A1-37
ROBERTSON, JOHN              ARGYLE                        NY-58-F-249
ROBERTSON, JOHN              JACKSON                       NY-58-A1-194
ROBERTSON, JOHN              JACKSON                       NY-58-A1-311
ROBERTSON, JOHN              JACKSON                       NY-58-N-297
ROBERTSON, KATE J.           JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-106
ROBERTSON, MARY              COILA                         NY-58-3A-220
ROBERTSON, ROBERT            ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-49
ROBERTSON, SALLY ANN         NORTH ARGYLE                  NY-58-4A-451
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM           ARGYLE                        NY-58-6-59
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM           SALEM                         NY-58-L-376
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM           ARGYLE                        NY-58-1A-476
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM D.        ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-208
ROBERTSON, ZENAS             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-558
ROBESON, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-321
ROBETOR, JOSEPH              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-100
ROBILLARD, PHILMON           HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-488
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER R.       ARGYLE                        NY-58-W-446
ROBINSON, CAROLINE           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-148
ROBINSON, CHARLES            SALEM                         NY-58-M-273
ROBINSON, DELIA H.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-78
ROBINSON, ELIHU              EASTON                        NY-58-#1-262
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH W.       BALD MOUNTAIN                 NY-58-8A-436
ROBINSON, FRANCIS            GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-179
ROBINSON, FREDERICK          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY           NY-58-W-396
ROBINSON, GEORGE H.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-138
ROBINSON, GEORGE M.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-J-250
ROBINSON, JAMES              HEBRON                        NY-58-N-85
ROBINSON, JAMES C.           HEBRON                        NY-58-I-466
ROBINSON, JOHN               EASTON                        NY-58-E-302
ROBINSON, JOHN A.            HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-32
ROBINSON, JOHN J.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-2A-446
ROBINSON, JOSEPH             EASTON                        NY-58-N-165
ROBINSON, JULIA              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-8A-279
ROBINSON, LANSING C.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-541
ROBINSON, LOUISA S.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-486
ROBINSON, MARY               HARTFORD                      NY-58-7-42
ROBINSON, NELSON             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-$-501
ROBINSON, ORVILLE C.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-510
ROBINSON, RUSSELL W.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-593
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-458
ROBLEE, MAHALON              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-263
ROBLEE, THOMAS               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-O-199
ROCK, CHARLES                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2A-74
ROCK, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-138
ROCKWELL, LUCIA J.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-5
RODD, ROBERT                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3-382
ROGERS, AMBROSE N.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-561
ROGERS, AMY M.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-P-336
ROGERS, ASA E.               HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-506
ROGERS, BERIAH               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-E-295
ROGERS, CATHARINE            HEBRON                        NY-58-H-223
ROGERS, CHARLES              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-N-331
ROGERS, CHARLES              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-89
ROGERS, CHARLES S.           HEBRON                        NY-58-3A-447
ROGERS, CHARLOTTE ANN        HEBRON                        NY-58-8A-646
ROGERS, DAVID                HEBRON                        NY-58-P-483
ROGERS, DELIVERANCE          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-E-55
ROGERS, EBENEZER             GREENWICH                     NY-58-I-182
ROGERS, ELIZABETH            GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-287
ROGERS, ELIZABETH            GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-437
ROGERS, ELLA M.              HEBRON                        NY-58-V-81
ROGERS, GARDNER              HEBRON                        NY-58-N-110
ROGERS, GEORGE               MIDDLE FALLS                  NY-58-9A-536
ROGERS, HANNAH D.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-T-118
ROGERS, HARPER P.            FORT MILLER                   NY-58-3A-474
ROGERS, JAMES                GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-195
ROGERS, JAMES                GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-77
ROGERS, JAMES                ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-313
ROGERS, JAMES                SALEM                         NY-58-#1-19
ROGERS, JOHN                 ARGUILE                       NY-58-#1-164
ROGERS, JOHN S.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-276
ROGERS, JOSHUA               HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-440
ROGERS, RANDOLPH             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-6A-475
ROGERS, SALLY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-229
ROGERS, SARAH A.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-643
ROGERS, SUSAN A.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-T-106
ROGERS, THOMAS               GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-60
ROGERS, WILLIAM              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-513
ROGES, DAVID                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-340
ROGES, DELIVERANCE           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-409
ROLLE, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-213
ROOD, CHARLOTTE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-365
ROOD, NATHANIEL              GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-147
ROOD, SETH                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-187
ROOKER, PHILIP               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-P-475
ROOT, CAROLINE E.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-81
ROOT, HENRY                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-571
ROOT, LEONARD                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-E-262
ROOT, SOLOMON                HEBRON                        NY-58-3-17
ROOT, WARREN H.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-$-201
ROOT, WILLIAM                HEBRON                        NY-58-A2-68
ROOT, WILLIAM                HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-134
ROSS, ANNIE M.               ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-459
ROSS, ELIZA J.               ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-102
ROSS, THEODORE S.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-599
ROTCH, JAMES                 HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-448
ROURKE, WILLIAM              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Y-139
ROUSE, CALVIN C.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-446
ROUSE, JOHN C.               ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-122
ROUSE, JOSEPH                ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-142
ROUSE, WILLIAM H.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-122
ROWAN, ARCHIBALD M.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-252
ROWAN, JOHN                  SALEM                         NY-58-3-333
ROWAN, MARY                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-V-181
ROWAN, STEPHEN               SALEM                         NY-58-4-11
ROWE, JOHN P. W.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-2A-76
ROWE, WILLIAM H.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-2A-256
ROWELL, LEMUEL               FORT ANN                      NY-58-V-86
ROWLEY, ELLEN JANE           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-157
ROYELLE, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-575
ROZELL, MYRON                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-1
ROZELL, PETER                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-R-256
RUGG, ALMIRA S.              CHESTER, WINDSOR, VT          NY-58-T-121
RUGGLE, DENISON              HAMPTON                       NY-58-B1-385
RUGGLES, AMASA               HARTFORD                      NY-58-5-33
RUGGLES, JONATHAN F.         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-R-258
RUGGLES, RUEL                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Y-162
RUNDELL, CALVIN              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-70
RUNDELL, JARED               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7-68
RUNDELL, JARVIS P.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-206
RUSH, S. ELNORA              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-3A-513
RUSSELL, ABRAHAM             EASTON                        NY-58-B1-212
RUSSELL, BARNABAS            EASTON                        NY-58-3-56
RUSSELL, BETSEY E.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-256
RUSSELL, CHARLES L.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-318
RUSSELL, CHRISTOPHER         WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-533
RUSSELL, DANIEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-295
RUSSELL, DANIEL              HEBRON                        NY-58-E-244
RUSSELL, DOLLY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-M-232
RUSSELL, EGBERT              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-27
RUSSELL, HENRY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-A1-78
RUSSELL, HENRY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-397
RUSSELL, JAMES               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-E-425
RUSSELL, JAMES               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-493
RUSSELL, JANE                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-M-226
RUSSELL, JOHN                JACKSON                       NY-58-M-68
RUSSELL, LYDIA T.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-500
RUSSELL, MARY                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-225
RUSSELL, PETER               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-533
RUSSELL, PHILIP H.           HEBRON                        NY-58-7A-550
RUSSELL, RILLA R.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-96
RUSSELL, THOMAS              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-W-149
RUSSELL, TIMOTHY             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-59
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-276
RUST, FRANCES N.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4A-636
RUTHERFORD, AARON            HEBRON                        NY-58-C-397
RYAN, BRIDGET                SALEM                         NY-58-1A-206
RYAN, DANIEL                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-80
RYAN, EDWARD                 HAMPTON                       NY-58-Q-56
RYAN, JOHN T.                SALEM                         NY-58-T-35
RYAN, LEWIS                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-199
RYAN, MARY                   HAMPTON                       NY-58-V-233
RYAN, MARY                   FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-411
RYAN, MICHAEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-J-505
RYAN, THOMAS                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-484
RYAN, WILLIAM                JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-211

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