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HACKETT, BRIDGET             HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-363
HAGADORN, EMILY              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-K-343
HAGEMAN, DENNIS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-177
HAGGART, ANDREW              ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-340
HAGGART, ANDREW J.           SALEM                         NY-58-8A-365
HAKES, HARRY WILLIAM         HARTFORD                      NY-58-5A-464
HALE, MARY                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-610
HALE, ROBERT                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-546
HALE, SAMUEL                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-119
HALE, WILLIAM                SALEM                         NY-58-7A-174
HALL, AMARILLA               HARTFORD                      NY-58-4A-651
HALL, CELIA M.               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-84
HALL, DAVID                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-314
HALL, DAVID                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-431
HALL, DAVID                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-7A-431
HALL, ELISHA                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-5-122
HALL, ERASTUS B.             TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-58-R-248
HALL, GEORGE M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-484
HALL, HENRY C.               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-144
HALL, HENRY H.               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-X-35
HALL, HIRAM A.               HUDSON FALL                   NY-58-7A-512
HALL, IRA                    GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3-460
HALL, JAMES D.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-385
HALL, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-345
HALL, JOHN                   ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-276
HALL, JOHN G.                ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-199
HALL, JOHN H.                HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-195
HALL, JOHN R.                HEBRON                        NY-58-U-395
HALL, JOSEPH                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-374
HALL, LYMAN                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-D-420
HALL, MAHALA U.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-329
HALL, MARGARET               ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-383
HALL, MARTHA                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-E-346
HALL, MATTHEW                ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-64
HALL, NANCIE E.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-629
HALL, NATHANIEL              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-168
HALL, NATHANIEL E.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-R-61
HALL, NINA B.                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5A-415
HALL, PATIENCE               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-152
HALL, ROBERT G.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-6
HALL, SAMUEL                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-217
HALL, SAMUEL                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-6A-22
HALL, SARAH                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-352
HALL, SARAH                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-456
HALL, SARAH J.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-123
HALL, SARAH M.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-378
HALL, SENECA                 SANDY HILL                    NY-58-V-623
HALL, SILAS                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-164
HALL, SILAS                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-U-18
HALL, THOMAS                 SALEM                         NY-58-B2-350
HALL, WILLIAM                HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-4
HALL, WILLIAM                HARTFORD                      NY-58-P-275
HALLADAY, ROGER              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-D-324
HAMDEN, MARY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-452
HAMILL, ISABELLA             GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-281
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER          JACKSON                       NY-58-5A-326
HAMILTON, EZRA               HAMPTON                       NY-58-2-280
HAMILTON, GEORGE             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-115
HAMILTON, JOHN               HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-239
HAMILTON, MARIA S.           ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-381
HAMMOND, DANIEL F.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-124
HAMMOND, GEORGE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-B1-367
HAMMOND, MARY                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-58-N-654
HAMMOND, NANCY               GREENWICH                     NY-58-C-175
HAMMOND, ORLANDO M.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-419
HANCOCK, JAMES D.            GRANBY, OSWEGO, NY            NY-58-T-538
HANCOCK, MARGARET            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-216
HAND, ISREAL                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-D-62
HANIGAN, JEREMIAH            EASTON                        NY-58-Q-93
HANKS, DERASTUS              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7-214
HANKS, FANNY M.              TWINSBURGH, SUMMIT, OH        NY-58-U-266
HANKS, ISAAC                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-216
HANNA, MARY L.               HEBRON                        NY-58-X-140
HANNA, NANCIE A.             SALEM                         NY-58-7A-300
HANNA, WILLIAM S.            HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-571
HANNAN, JAMES                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-340
HANSON, DAVID                SALEM                         NY-58-D-334
HANSON, MARIA                SALEM                         NY-58-R-402
HARDEN, JOHN                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-99
HARDEN, JOHN W.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-P-77
HARDEN, SAMUEL H.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-511
HARDIN, SAMUEL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-J-84
HARDING, CHARLES W.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-488
HAREN, ALICE                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-517
HARFORD, ISABELLA            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Y-442
HARKNESS, DANIEL             SALEM                         NY-58-G-494
HARKNESS, JOHN B.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6-247
HARKNESS, SARAH ANN          GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-154
HARKNESS, WILLIAM            SALEM                         NY-58-#1-283
HARLOW, ISAAC                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-G-91
HARLOW, RANSOM               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-F-508
HARMON, MICHAEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-W-188
HARPER, ROBERT               FORT ANN                      NY-58-3-366
HARRELL, MARY                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-83
HARRINGTON, ADDIA M.         EASTON                        NY-58-P-318
HARRINGTON, ARTEMAS C.       WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-9A-253
HARRINGTON, BETSEY           EASTON                        NY-58-2A-234
HARRINGTON, EZRA             EASTON                        NY-58-V-575
HARRINGTON, HANNAH ANN       NTL                           NY-58-V-225
HARRINGTON, HARRIET E.       FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-245
HARRINGTON, HARVEY           EASTON                        NY-58-U-337
HARRINGTON, HENRY            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-144
HARRINGTON, HORACE           EASTON                        NY-58-R-152
HARRINGTON, JANE             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-32
HARRINGTON, JOHN             EASTON                        NY-58-5-118
HARRINGTON, JOSEPH T.        KINGSBURY                     NY-58-8A-165
HARRINGTON, MICHAEL          EASTON                        NY-58-K-196
HARRINGTON, SIMON            EASTON                        NY-58-U-111
HARRINGTON, SOLOMON          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-371
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM          EASTON                        NY-58-U-161
HARRIS, ABIGAIL              HARTFORD                      NY-58-I-90
HARRIS, BETSEY R.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-580
HARRIS, CHARLES              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-497
HARRIS, ELIJAH               SALEM                         NY-58-$-433
HARRIS, ELIZA                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-Q-463
HARRIS, GEORGE               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-259
HARRIS, GILBERT              BOLTON                        NY-58-2-200
HARRIS, ISRAEL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-B1-176
HARRIS, ISRAEL               HARTFORD                      NY-58-B2-250
HARRIS, JAMES G.             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7-39
HARRIS, JOHN F.              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-126
HARRIS, JOHN F.              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-1A-600
HARRIS, JOSEPH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-A1-124
HARRIS, JOSEPH               HARTFORD                      NY-58-A2-58
HARRIS, JOSHUA               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-503
HARRIS, JOSHUA               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-118
HARRIS, LENT F.              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-263
HARRIS, LOVINA               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-770
HARRIS, MOSES                FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-535
HARRIS, ORA                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-590
HARRIS, ORPAH M.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5A-365
HARRIS, SAMUEL               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-5-9
HARRIS, ZADOCK               HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-325
HARROUN, JOHN                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-4-198
HARROUN, OLIVER              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7-112
HARSHA, DAVID                ARGYLE                        NY-58-G-386
HARSHA, DAVID                , GAGE, NE                    NY-58-W-216
HARSHA, JAMES C.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-554
HARSHA, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-355
HARSHA, JOHN R.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-421
HARSHA, MARY A.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-643
HARSHA, MARY M.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-X-511
HARSHA, ROSAN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-244
HART, MICHAEL                WEST GRANVILLE                NY-58-5A-639
HART, PHILIP                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-150
HARTNETT, ELLEN              GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-343
HARTSHORN, JEDEDIAH          GREENWICH                     NY-58-G-380
HARTSHORN, WILLIAM           GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-600
HARVEY, HENRY                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-E-226
HARVEY, JAMES                SALEM                         NY-58-C-293
HARVEY, LEONARD              HAMPTON                       NY-58-J-510
HARVEY, MARGARET A.          KINGSBURY                     NY-58-U-582
HARVEY, MARY                 SALEM                         NY-58-H-118
HARVEY, SAMUEL T.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-275
HARWELL, CORNELIUS           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-44
HARWOOD, NELSON A.           SALEM                         NY-58-5A-539
HARWOOD, WILLIAM P.          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-1A-471
HASKELL, DEODATUS D.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-341
HASKIN, ENSIGN J.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-X-627
HASKIN, LEONARD W.           JACKSONVILLE                  NY-58-Y-504
HASKINS, SAMUEL              FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-213
HASKINS, SARAH J.            SALEM                         NY-58-5A-341
HASTINGS, ANNA               JAKCSON                       NY-58-C-201
HASTINGS, CHARLES            FORT ANN                      NY-58-P-243
HASTINGS, HELEN M.           CRESCENT, SARATOGA, NY        NY-58-T-416
HASTINGS, JAMES              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-408
HASWELL, MARCIA A.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-495
HATCH, BELINDA               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-$-562
HATCH, BENJAMIN H.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-M-212
HATCH, ELISHA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-537
HATCH, FRANK                 NORTH HEBRON                  NY-58-6A-396
HATCH, FREELOVE M.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-W-282
HATCH, HENRY                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4-50
HATCH, IRA                   JACKSON                       NY-58-W-164
HATCH, JEREMIAH              HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-23
HATCH, LEROY T.              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-193
HATCH, MARY                  JACKSON                       NY-58-X-88
HATCH, PHINEAS               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-B1-228
HATCH, SYLVANUS              HARTFORD                      NY-58-L-88
HATCH, WAIT                  HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-418
HATHAWAY, MARY               EASTON                        NY-58-7-73
HAUGHTON, ELIJAH             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-39
HAVENS, RACHEL               GREENWICH                     NY-58-B2-325
HAVILAND, JAMES D.           EASTON                        NY-58-O-508
HAWKES, MARGARET O.          HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-136
HAWKINS, POLLY W.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-102
HAWKINS, WILLIAM W.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-151
HAWLEY, AMANDA J.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-516
HAWLEY, CHARLES T.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-115
HAWLEY, JAMES                HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-48
HAWLEY, JOSEPH               SALEM                         NY-58-H-38
HAWLEY, JULIA C.             TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-58-7A-488
HAWLEY, L. JANE              SALEM                         NY-58-4A-180
HAWLEY, MARGARET             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-W-103
HAXTON, RUTH                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-637
HAXTON, WILLIAM E.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-373
HAXTUN, KING A.              NTL                           NY-58-N-414
HAY, ABBIE M.                GREENWICH                     NY-58-1A-69
HAY, JAMES                   GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-28
HAY, JAMES T.                HEBRON                        NY-58-P-352
HAY, JENNIE D.               GREENWICH                     NY-58-8A-375
HAY, JOHN                    CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-325
HAY, JOHN                    GREENWICH                     NY-58-B1-240
HAY, LOIS E.                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-469
HAYES, ANNA                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-168
HAYES, ELIZABETH             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-259
HAYES, HANNAH                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-353
HAYES, JAMES                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-330
HAYES, MICHAEL               MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-6A-25
HAYES, PATRICK               JACKSON                       NY-58-T-550
HAYES, THOMAS                EASTON                        NY-58-5A-548
HAYES, THOMAS                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-510
HAYNES, HIRAM B.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-238
HAYNES, JOSEPH               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-112
HAYWARD, SIMEON              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-1
HEALD, SIMON                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-527
HEATH, ANN S.                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-152
HEATH, BARTLETT              SALEM                         NY-58-G-420
HEATH, DANIEL                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-100
HEATH, JOSEPH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-128
HEATH, JOSEPH                HARTFORD                      NY-58-#1-337
HEATH, JOSEPH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-A2-15
HEATH, MORGAN                GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-290
HEERNDEN, JOSHUA             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5-100
HEFNER, FREDERICK            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-8A-621
HEGEMAN, EDGAR R.            EASTON                        NY-58-4A-411
HEGEMAN, WILLIAM             EASTON                        NY-58-G-142
HEMSTREET, ALONZO            GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-324
HENDEE, EDWARD               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-1A-586
HENDERSON, JAMES             HARTFORD                      NY-58-A1-261
HENDERSON, JOHN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-B2-18
HENRY, DAVID                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7-32
HENRY, EALONER               GREENWICH                     NY-58-A1-190
HENRY, GEORGE E.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-319
HENRY, JAMES                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-O-477
HENRY, JOSEPH                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6-175
HENRY, MARY                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-104
HENRY, WILLIAM               GREENWICH                     NY-58-6-15
HERBERT, HANNAH              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-$-584
HERBERT, JULIAN F.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-48
HERBERT, ROBERT V.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Q-100
HERLIHY, TIMOTHY             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3A-368
HERRINGTON, ALICE B.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-530
HERRINGTON, DAVID            EASTONR                       NY-58-R-487
HERRINGTON, EZEKIEL          EASTON                        NY-58-6A-491
HERRINGTON, HENRY            WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-5-228
HERRINGTON, JOB              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-98
HERRINGTON, JOHN             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-I-85
HERRINGTON, JOHN             EASTON                        NY-58-R-298
HERRINGTON, MARY C.          EASTON                        NY-58-V-423
HERRON, JAMES                SALEM                         NY-58-O-525
HERRON, MARY E.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-89
HEWITT, JAMES                HEBRON                        NY-58-J-571
HEWITT, PHILINDA             HEBRON                        NY-58-V-127
HEWITT, STERRY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-357
HEWLEY, THOMAS               SALEM                         NY-58-Y-536
HICKEY, JOHN                 SALEM                         NY-58-6A-256
HICKS, IDA J.                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-282
HICKS, SARAH O.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-643
HIGH, NATHAN                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2-180
HIGLEY, ALBERT E.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-K-52
HILL, ABNER                  SALEM                         NY-58-N-284
HILL, ADELAIDE J.            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-24
HILL, ALEXANDER              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-135
HILL, ALFRED G.              JACKSON                       NY-58-9A-57
HILL, FREDERICK E.           SALEM                         NY-58-Y-379
HILL, GEORGE M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-476
HILL, GILSON                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-622
HILL, HENRY D. W. C.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-465
HILL, JAMES                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6-166
HILL, JAMES                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-59
HILL, JAMES                  JACKSON                       NY-58-U-73
HILL, JAMES                  JACKSON                       NY-58-4A-196
HILL, MARGARET               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-79
HILL, MARGARET               CAMBRIDGET                    NY-58-5A-460
HILL, MARY                   CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-313
HILL, PETER                  JACKSON                       NY-58-M-331
HILL, SAMUEL B.              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-U-38
HILL, SARAH                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-498
HILL, SARAH                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-10
HILL, THANKFUL W.            SALEM                         NY-58-$-449
HILL, THOMAS                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-C-182
HILL, THOMAS W.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-M-338
HILL, WHITESIDE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-539
HILL, WILLIAM                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-27
HILL, WILLIAM                ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-88
HILLEBERT, ELIZA W.          FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-697
HILLIBERT, JOHN              FORT ANN                      NY-58-F-375
HILLMAN, ELISABETH           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-437
HILLMAN, GEORGE W.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-483
HILLMAN, JAMES HARVEY        EASTON                        NY-58-X-447
HILLMAN, JESSIE              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-2A-607
HILLMAN, MATTHEW             JACKSON                       NY-58-L-205
HILLMAN, SAMPSON             JAKCSON                       NY-58-A1-423
HILLMAN, SARAH A.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-V-552
HILLMON, JANE A.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-676
HILLS, DAVID W.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-L-281
HILLS, JOHN M.               HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-74
HILLS, NATHAN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-21
HILLS, REUBEN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-4-107
HILLS, ROXY                  HARTFORD                      NY-58-$-529
HILLS, SAMUEL                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-I-350
HILLS, SILAS                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-U-207
HINDS, CALVIN H.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-2A-274
HINMAN, LEWIS                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2-167
HISCOX, SIMEON               ARGYLE                        NY-58-A1-229
HITCHCOCK, ABNER P.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4-137
HITCHCOCK, ADOLPHUS F.       KINGSBURY                     NY-58-V-130
HITCHCOCK, ANNA NORTHUP      KINGSBURY                     NY-58-B2-348
HITCHCOCK, ASAHEL            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-A1-41
HITCHCOCK, ASAHEL            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-E-352
HITCHCOCK, DEXTER            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-J-380
HITCHCOCK, ELIZABETH         HARTFORD                      NY-58-4-123
HITCHCOCK, J. LOUISA         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-6A-506
HITCHCOCK, LUCINDA           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-650
HITCHCOCK, PHILANDER C.      FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-V-132
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM B.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-6A-58
HOAG, AMOS                   CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-259
HOAG, ASA                    CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-D-228
HOAG, ELIJAH                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-63
HOAG, ELISABETH              EASTON                        NY-58-N-598
HOAG, ELISHA                 EASTON                        NY-58-G-243
HOAG, IRA                    EASTON                        NY-58-N-279
HOAG, ISAAC                  EASTON                        NY-58-I-185
HOAG, JONATHAN               EASTON                        NY-58-4-26
HOAG, LYDIA M.               EASTON                        NY-58-6A-185
HOAG, MERRITT                EASTON                        NY-58-3A-357
HOAG, STEPHEN                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-P-489
HOAG, SYLINA                 EASTON                        NY-58-P-367
HODGE, HARRIET M.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-9A-42
HODGES, ABLE                 SALEM                         NY-58-G-240
HODGMAN, FREDERICK D.        FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-306
HODGMAN, LEBBEUS             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-U-199
HOFERT, JOHN JOSEPH          SALEM                         NY-58-2A-592
HOGEL, CATHARINE             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2-272
HOLBROK, DANIEL              JACKSON                       NY-58-3-474
HOLBROOK, MARGARET L.        SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-424
HOLBROOK, NEWELL W.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-252
HOLBROOK, PETER              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-O-324
HOLBROOK, SARAH M.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-55
HOLCOMB, CHAMPLIN S.         DRESDEN                       NY-58-2A-224
HOLDEN, WILLIAM              JACKSON                       NY-58-$-477
HOLDEN, WILLIAM H.           SALEM                         NY-58-8A-299
HOLEBROOK, ABEL              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-131
HOLLENBECK, MARY L.          EGREMONT, , MA                NY-58-N-792
HOLLISTER, CLARRISSA         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-406
HOLLISTER, HANNAH C.         WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-242
HOLLISTER, HENRY J.          GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-109
HOLLISTER, HIEL              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-H-64
HOLLISTER, JEHIEL            NORTH GRANVILLE               NY-58-1A-330
HOLLISTER, MARY G.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-333
HOLLY, SILVANUS              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4-339
HOLMAN, WILLIAM              FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-554
HOLMES, CORNELIUS            GREENWICH                     NY-58-J-530
HOLMES, GEORGE E.            HEBRON                        NY-58-R-545
HOLMES, JOHN L.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-692
HOLMES, JULIA A.             GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-359
HOLMES, LUCY S.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-Q-465
HOLT, MARY C.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-W-156
HONEYWOOD, JOHN              NTL                           NY-58-#1-196
HOOK, EMMA O.                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-377
HOOKER, SAMUEL               HAMPTON                       NY-58-B2-107
HOOVER, THOMAS               JACKSON                       NY-58-X-4
HOPKINS, AARON               SALEM                         NY-58-L-80
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN            ARGYLE                        NY-58-B1-279
HOPKINS, BOYD                HEBRON                        NY-58-2-229
HOPKINS, CHARLES M.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-621
HOPKINS, DAVID               HEBRON                        NY-58-3-169
HOPKINS, DAVID               SALEM                         NY-58-$-170
HOPKINS, DAVID P.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-I-438
HOPKINS, ELIZA J.            SALEM                         NY-58-W-159
HOPKINS, GEORGE              SALEM                         NY-58-B2-15
HOPKINS, GEORGE              SALEM                         NY-58-N-408
HOPKINS, HENRY               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-V-105
HOPKINS, KATHERINE           FORT ANN                      NY-58-B2-329
HOPKINS, MARTIN              FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-F-336
HOPKINS, MARYETT             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-227
HOPKINS, MATTHEW W.          ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-213
HOPKINS, THEODORE            DRESDEN                       NY-58-L-303
HOPKINS, THOMAS              ARGYLE                        NY-58-2-191
HOPKINS, WARNER              SALEM                         NY-58-R-548
HOPSON, ALMON C.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-184
HOPSON, SARAH A.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-627
HORTON, CORDELIA A.          WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-434
HORTON, MARILLA A.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-X-32
HORTON, THOMAS               FORT ANN                      NY-58-G-295
HOTCHKISS, ANN MARIA         HAMPTON                       NY-58-U-521
HOTCHKISS, HIRAM             HAMPTON                       NY-58-L-422
HOTCHKISS, RUFUS             HAMPTON                       NY-58-C-63
HOTCHKISS, SIMEON            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-B2-334
HOUGHTON, NANCY B.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-387
HOULTON, PHILIP              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-3A-510
HOUSE, SAMUEL A.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-572
HOVER, CHARLES               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-1A-623
HOWARD, ABIEL W.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-N-302
HOWARD, IRENA A.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-33
HOWARD, NOAH                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-3-375
HOWDEN, ARCHIBALD G.         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-600
HOWDEN, MARY JANE            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-V-336
HOWE, ANNIS A.               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-478
HOWE, HELLEN M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-418
HOWE, LYMAN                  SANDY HILL                    NY-58-O-181
HOWE, SUSAN A.               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-7A-561
HOWK, ANDREW                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-D-43
HOWK, ISAAC J.               FORT ANN                      NY-58-D-331
HOWK, JAY                    FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-309
HOWLAND, AMASA               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-4A-81
HOWLAND, ENOS                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-206
HOWLAND, J. EDWARD           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-271
HOWLAND, LANSING M.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-584
HOWS, LUTHER J.              WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-309
HOXIE, WILLIAM               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-W-89
HOXSIE, ABRAHAM              EASTON                        NY-58-4-6
HOY, AGNES                   SALEM                         NY-58-#1-298
HOY, JAMES                   JACKSON                       NY-58-B1-68
HOY, RICHARD SR              SALEM                         NY-58-#1-222
HUBBARD, MARTIN D.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-542
HUBBARD, MARY                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-W-422
HUBBARD, MARY N.             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-338
HUBBELL, SILAS S.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-4A-74
HUCKINGS, HORATIO N.         FORT MILLER                   NY-58-W-370
HUDSON, THANKFUL             HAMPTON                       NY-58-$-163
HUGGANS, MARY J.             SUSHAN                        NY-58-2A-328
HUGGANS, SAMUEL M.           HEBRON                        NY-58-J-432
HUGGINS, ISAAC               HARTFORD                      NY-58-Q-142
HUGGINS, JAMES               ARGYLE                        NY-58-L-50
HUGGINS, JOHN                ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-404
HUGGINS, MARY JANE BROWNELL  GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-320
HUGGINS, PERRY J.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-298
HUGGINS, RICHARD             ARGYLE                        NY-58-Y-584
HUGGINS, SAMUEL E.           GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-310
HUGHES, ANN E.               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-W-194
HUGHES, BRIDGET              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-L-324
HUGHES, CHARLES              SANDY HILL                    NY-58-U-188
HUGHES, HUGH W.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-V-536
HUGHES, JOHN M.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-Y-101
HUGHES, JOHN R.              MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-5A-369
HUGHES, JOHN T.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-175
HUGHEY, JOHN                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-P-525
HUGHEY, MARY JANE            ARGYLE                        NY-58-2A-341
HULETT, AMOS                 HAMPTON                       NY-58-L-337
HULETT, HARVEY               DRESDEN                       NY-58-L-256
HULETT, JOHN G.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-O-83
HULETT, MASON                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-524
HULETT, NEHEMIAH             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-406
HULETT, OLIVER               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Q-484
HULIHAN, JOHN                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-V-56
HULL, HANNAH K.              HUBBARD, HARDIN, IA           NY-58-3A-183
HULL, MARY M.                FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-157
HUNT, CELIA M.               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-8A-92
HUNT, CHAUNCY S.             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6A-336
HUNT, EDWARD                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-388
HUNT, EMMA                   CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-192
HUNT, GEORGE D.              NORTHUMBERLAND                NY-58-3A-192
HUNT, HERTHA LEONA           ARGYLE                        NY-58-3A-416
HUNT, ILSE MARIA             JACKSON                       NY-58-H-189
HUNT, JAMES                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-H-13
HUNT, JOHN L.                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-18
HUNT, JOHN P.                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-M-224
HUNT, SAMUEL                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-#1-253
HUNT, WILLIAM                ARGYLE                        NY-58-D-434
HUNTER, JANE                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-523
HUNTINGTON, DANIEL           DRESDEN                       NY-58-P-322
HUNTINGTON, PHEBE            DEESTON                       NY-58-P-108
HUNTLEY, FRANCES E.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-285
HUNTOON, JOHN B.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-191
HURD, CHARLES                HEBRON                        NY-58-A2-42
HURD, CHARLES                HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-234
HURD, DAVID                  HEBRON                        NY-58-5-257
HURD, JOHN P.                HEBRON                        NY-58-W-333
HURD, MERRIT                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-Q-96
HURD, NATHAN                 GLENS FALLS, WARREN, NY       NY-58-X-291
HURD, WARREN                 HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-173
HURLEY, JOHN JR.             SALEM                         NY-58-J-135
HURLEY, MARY JANE            JACKSON                       NY-58-P-517
HURTBUIS, WILLIAM            FORT ANN                      NY-58-4A-577
HUTCHAN, CHARLES             HEBRON                        NY-58-2-358
HUTCHEN, WILLIAM             GREENWICH                     NY-58-R-206
HUTCHENS, DAVID              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-529
HUTCHINS, LYDIA E.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-6A-565
HUTCHINSON, CAROLINE         FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-X-481
HUTTON, ANDREW               GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-325
HUTTON, DAVID                GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-473
HUTTON, EMELINE              GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-425
HUTTON, EVA MARIA            GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-181
HUTTON, JOHN                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-5-19
HUTTON, MARGARET             GREENWICH                     NY-58-G-132
HUTTON, PETER                PUTNAM                        NY-58-D-95
HUTTON, ROBERT R.            PUTNAM                        NY-58-Y-532
HUTTON, WILLIAM              PUTNAM                        NY-58-3-454
HUTTON, WILLIAM              PUTNAM                        NY-58-V-313
HYATT, AARON M.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-462
HYATT, ELIZA                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-3A-163
HYATT, HANNAH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-7A-45
HYDE, JAMES T.               SALEM                         NY-58-N-95
HYLAND, JOHN                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-N-235
HYLAND, MARGARET A.          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-263
INFIELD, CLIFTON L.          HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-229
INGALLS, ABIGAIL             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-133
INGALLS, CHESTER             HARTFORD                      NY-58-3A-205
INGALLS, DAVID O.            GREENWICH                     NY-58-U-524
INGALLS, EBENEZER            WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-495
INGALLS, GEORGE S.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-6A-451
INGALLS, HENRY               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-262
INGALLS, JAMES H.            HEBRON                        NY-58-4A-399
INGALLS, JOHN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-O-386
INGALLS, OLIVE               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-99
INGALLS, SIMEON              HARTFORD                      NY-58-J-34
INGALLS, TRUMAN              HEBRON                        NY-58-L-119
INGALSBE, AARON              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-N-594
INGALSBE, DAVID              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-184
INGALSBE, GRENVILLE H.       SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-468
INGALSBE, JAMES              HARTFORD                      NY-58-R-9
INGALSBE, LAURA B.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-453
INGALSBE, LAURA C.           HARTFORD                      NY-58-8A-340
INGALSBE, LYMAN L.           KINGSBURY                     NY-58-Q-180
INGALSBE, MILO               SOUTH HARTFORD                NY-58-Y-166
INGALSBE, ROYAL              HARTFORD                      NY-58-X-230
INGALSBEE, ZACHEUS           HARTFORD                      NY-58-J-548
INGERSOLL, EBENEZER JR.      HEBRON                        NY-58-6-93
INGERSOLL, NATHANIEL         HEBRON                        NY-58-K-39
INGERSOLL, STEPHEN MARTINDALE  HEBRON                      NY-58-5A-247
INGLEE, ELIZA JANE           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-366
INGRAHAM, ELIZABETH D. M.    CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-121
INGRAHAM, FREDERICK          CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-459
INMAN, BYRON E.              FAIRHAVEN, RUTLAND, VT        NY-58-2A-292
INMAN, EZEKIEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-49
INMAN, EZEKIEL               ARGYLE                        NY-58-5A-38
INMAN, NANCY                 ARGYLE                        NY-58-U-85
IRISH, DOROTHY               FORT ANN                      NY-58-R-433
IRISH, SIDNEY B.             FORT ANN                      NY-58-8A-371
IRVIN, DAVID J.              HEBRON                        NY-58-L-127
IRVIN, JOHN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-210
IRVIN, MARGARET              ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-219
IRVIN, ROBERT                SALEM                         NY-58-B1-210
IRVIN, WELLS S.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-H-221
IRVINE, JAMES                JACKSON                       NY-58-4-272
IRWIN, JANE M. R.            HEBRON                        NY-58-3A-112
IRWIN, MARY                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-$-487
IRWIN, MARY                  WHITEHALL                     NY-58-9A-371
IRWIN, SAMUEL B.             HEBRON                        NY-58-6A-233
IRWIN, SARAH MARY            GREENWICH                     NY-58-4A-516
IVES, LEVI                   GRANVILLE                     NY-58-B2-317
IVES, WILLIAM H.             HEBRON                        NY-58-B1-435
JACKSON, ALONZO W.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-6A-6
JACKSON, ELEN                EASTON                        NY-58-T-350
JACKSON, HARVEY              QUEENSBURY, WARREN, NY        NY-58-2A-288
JACKSON, JAMES               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-F-431
JACKSON, JOHN                FORT ANN                      NY-58-K-126
JACKSON, JOSEPH COVINGTON    KINGSBURY                     NY-58-$-340
JACKSON, MARY                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-656
JACKWAY, JONATHAN            HARTFORD                      NY-58-6-25
JACOBS, JULIAETTE            HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-633
JAKEWAY, GEORGE              FORT ANN                      NY-58-6-251
JAKEWAY, GEORGE H.           FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-100
JAKEWAY, SAMUEL              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-D-89
JAKWAY, ELISHA               HARTFORD                      NY-58-G-169
JAKWAY, JOHN                 HARTFORD                      NY-58-$-83
JAKWAY, JONATHAN             HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-415
JAKWAY, PELTIAH              FORT ANN                      NY-58-3A-355
JAKWAY, SPINK                FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-418
JAKWAY, THOMAS H.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-9A-71
JAMES, ARCHER                SALEM                         NY-58-G-332
JAMES, BARTLETT              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-N-223
JAMES, JAMES                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4-362
JAMES, JAMES W.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-458
JAMES, JOANNA C.             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-416
JAMES, JOHN                  WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-5A-523
JAMES, JOSEPH                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-E-384
JAMES, SARAH J.              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-355
JAMESON, WILLIAM             HEBRON                        NY-58-9A-226
JARRARD, JOHN                FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-9A-509
JASMIN, ALMIRA               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-457
JENKINS, ANNA B.             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-2A-271
JENKINS, EMILY J.            CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-253
JENKINS, GEORGE              NTL                           NY-58-3-372
JENKINS, JEDEDIAH            QUEENSBURY                    NY-58-3-249
JENKINS, JEDEDIAH S.         KINGSBURY                     NY-58-M-253
JENKINS, ZERNIAH             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-M-317
JILLSON, CALVIN              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-C-284
JILLSON, GEORGE C.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-4A-327
JILLSON, JOSEPH              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-N-231
JILLSON, LAURA AMELIA        WHITEALL                      NY-58-8A-388
JILLSON, MARY L.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-8A-239
JILLSON, NATHAN              HARTFORD                      NY-58-3-25
JILSON, ABRAM                ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-249
JOHNOSN, SARAH M.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-8A-260
JOHNSON, ALBERT              FORT ANN                      NY-58-2A-453
JOHNSON, AMANDA M.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-1A-545
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE A.        JACKSON                       NY-58-V-386
JOHNSON, CHAUNCEY P.         GREENWICH                     NY-58-T-418
JOHNSON, ELEANOR             WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-N-463
JOHNSON, HARRIET             SHUSHAN                       NY-58-2A-362
JOHNSON, HARRY               WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-2A-182
JOHNSON, HENRY L.            SALEM                         NY-58-4A-3
JOHNSON, JANE E.             CAMRBIDGE                     NY-58-X-337
JOHNSON, MARSHALL L.         CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-$-312
JOHNSON, MILES               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-R-294
JOHNSON, MILO D.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-71
JOHNSON, MORLEY              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-9A-132
JOHNSON, MOSES               SALEM                         NY-58-7A-117
JOHNSON, NANCY               SHUSHAN                       NY-58-Y-60
JOHNSON, SARAH               GREENWICH                     NY-58-W-406
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             FAIRFIELD                     NY-58-3-70
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             EASTON                        NY-58-G-182
JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM            HEBRON                        NY-58-Q-83
JOHNSTON, EDWARD             HARTFORD                      NY-58-F-393
JOHNSTON, EDWARD G.          SALEM                         NY-58-4A-583
JOHNSTON, ELIZA J.           SALEM                         NY-58-6A-18
JOHNSTON, HUGH               HEBRON                        NY-58-A1-394
JOHNSTON, JAMES              GREENWICH                     NY-58-5A-391
JOHNSTON, JAMES J.           HEBRON                        NY-58-K-95
JOHNSTON, JOHN               ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-191
JOHNSTON, LEWIS              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-G-233
JOHNSTON, MARGARET A.        SALEM                         NY-58-5A-547
JOHNSTON, MARY E.            SALEM                         NY-58-6A-497
JOHNSTON, SARAH A.           HEBRON                        NY-58-X-365
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM            HARTFORD                      NY-58-V-203
JONES, ABIJAH                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-3-164
JONES, ANN W.                MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-T-434
JONES, CORNELIUS             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-2-29
JONES, ELEAZER               MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-N-220
JONES, ELLEN H.              HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-260
JONES, GEORGE LEONARD        GREENWICH                     NY-58-P-181
JONES, GRIFFITH              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-168
JONES, HENRY                 WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-X-249
JONES, JACOB                 JACKSON                       NY-58-E-340
JONES, JOHN T.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-7A-38
JONES, KEZIAH                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-348
JONES, MARY                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-3A-285
JONES, MILES B.              HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-261
JONES, NATHAN W.             HARTFORD                      NY-58-U-448
JONES, PAMELA                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-W-126
JONES, RICHARD A.            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-400
JONES, SARAH                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-$-404
JONES, THOMAS D.             MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-$-455
JONES, THOMAS G.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-5A-482
JONES, WILLIAM E.            MIDDLE GRANVILLE              NY-58-2A-430
JOSLIN, BENJAMIN             HEBRON                        NY-58-B2-302
JOSLIN, EMILY WHITESIDE      CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-69
JOSLIN, THOMAS               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-46
JOUBERT, FANNIE L.           GLENS FALLS, WARREN, NY       NY-58-7A-37
JOY, MICHAEL F.              FORT ANN                      NY-58-9A-239
JOYCE, MARIA                 HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-8A-344
JUCKETT, DANIEL S.           WHITEHALL                     NY-58-5A-285
JUDSON, ERASTUS              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-T-402
JUDSON, MARY PROUL           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-M-98
KALAHER, MATHEW              KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-222
KANE, ELLEN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-4A-594
KARNAGHAN, THOMAS            GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-364
KASSON, MARY                 SYRACUSE, ONONDAGA, NY        NY-58-P-459
KEE, JOSEPH                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-324
KEECH, JUSTIN                FORT ANN                      NY-58-W-528
KEEFER, JOHN                 SHUSHAN                       NY-58-5A-115
KEEFFE, JOHN                 FORT ANN                      NY-58-1A-427
KEENAN, MARY CLEESTIA        SANDY HILL                    NY-58-2A-387
KEIGAN, PATRICK              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-8A-293
KEITH, HENRY                 JACKSON                       NY-58-6-117
KELLOGG, CHARLES             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-A1-44
KELLOGG, DANIEL E.           WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-U-47
KELLOGG, LEWIS               WHITEHALL                     NY-58-$-303
KELLOGG, SILAS D.            HAMPTON                       NY-58-6-67
KELLY, DAVID                 HEBRON                        NY-58-C-338
KELLY, FRANCIS               SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-402
KELLY, HENRY                 SALEM                         NY-58-8A-178
KELLY, JOHN                  CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-597
KELLY, JOHN                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-X-377
KELLY, JOHN                  QUEENSBURY, WARREN, NY        NY-58-2A-536
KELLY, JOHN                  GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-396
KELLY, JOSEPH                SALEM                         NY-58-8A-551
KELLY, MARY                  HUDSON FALLS                  NY-58-9A-575
KELLY, MICHAEL               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-7A-297
KELLY, PATRICK               FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-X-533
KELLY, THOMAS                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-G-190
KELSY, BENEDICT              EASTON                        NY-58-5-85
KENNEDY, ALEXANDER           ARGYLE                        NY-58-4-1
KENNEDY, ANNA MARY           COILA                         NY-58-M-250
KENNEDY, BRIDGET             SALEM                         NY-58-9A-454
KENNEDY, EDWARD              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-2A-428
KENNEDY, JAMES               GREENWICH                     NY-58-2A-451
KENNEDY, JOHN                GRANVILLE                     NY-58-1A-66
KENNEDY, MARY                GREENWICH                     NY-58-6A-410
KENNEDY, WILLIAM             FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-F-272
KENTCH, JOHN                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3-414
KENYION, OLIVER S.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-84
KENYON, CHARLES H.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-340
KENYON, CHRISTOPHER          EASTON                        NY-58-M-349
KENYON, CLARENCE D.          WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-5A-516
KENYON, CLARK                GREENWICH                     NY-58-L-416
KENYON, DAVID A.             EASTON                        NY-58-3A-607
KENYON, FRED W.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-9A-44
KENYON, HENRY                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-U-7
KENYON, JOEL M.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-538
KENYON, JOHN C.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-K-140
KENYON, PHEBE E. V.          SALEM                         NY-58-5A-62
KENYON, RICHARD M. J.        WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-7A-445
KENYON, SYLVANUS H.          SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-88
KERINS, TIMTOHY J.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-20
KERR, MICHAEL                JACKSON                       NY-58-8A-208
KERR, ROBERT                 JACKSON                       NY-58-N-218
KETCHAM, MARTHA              HEBRON                        NY-58-I-268
KETCHAM, WILLIAM ANDREW      ARGYLE                        NY-58-8A-54
KETCHUM, HENRY W.            FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-O-348
KETCHUM, JOSEPH              HEBRON                        NY-58-H-187
KETCHUM, JULIA               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-Y-278
KETCHUM, PETER               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-M-143
KIBLING, ELIZA               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-X-83
KIDDER, MARY A.              HARTFORD                      NY-58-1A-375
KIDDER, SAMUEL D.            HARTFORD                      NY-58-8A-97
KILBURN, LYDIA M.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-45
KILBURN, MALONA F. GOODELL   HARTFORD                      NY-58-N-682
KILBURN, RUFUS A.            FORT ANN                      NY-58-Q-245
KILLIAN, JAMES F.            SANDY HILL                    NY-58-7A-195
KILLIAN, PATRICK             SANDY HILL                    NY-58-X-163
KILLIAN, THOMAS              FORT EDAWRD                   NY-58-R-124
KILLMER, GEORGE              ARGYLE                        NY-58-#1-313
KILLMER, SIMON A.            ARGYLE                        NY-58-3-86
KILMER, ABRAHAM              ARGYLE                        NY-58-K-188
KILMER, ABRAHAM              ARGYLE                        NY-58-M-388
KILMER, ABRAM H.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-7A-489
KILMER, LYDIA                ARGYLE                        NY-58-N-159
KILMER, MARY E.              ARGYLE                        NY-58-9A-369
KILMER, SIMON                ARGYLE                        NY-58-R-474
KIMBERLY, ABRAHAM            SALEM                         NY-58-2-243
KIMBERLY, ELSIE              PUTNAM                        NY-58-9A-598
KINCAID, JOHN                HARTFORD                      NY-58-2-128
KINCAID, JOHN H.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-M-229
KINCAID, MARCELLA R.         GRANVILLE                     NY-58-2A-613
KING, AMANDA                 KINGSBURY                     NY-58-T-396
KING, AUGUSTA A.             CAMDEN                        NY-58-9A-195
KING, BENJAMIN               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-9A-358
KING, ESTHER AMELIA          FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-3A-559
KING, FENNER                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-G-424
KING, HEZEKIAH               CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-5-182
KING, HUGH                   SANDY HILL                    NY-58-9A-380
KING, IRA                    WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-I-15
KING, JAMES                  NTL                           NY-58-M-61
KING, JESSE                  KINGSBURY                     NY-58-P-145
KING, JESSIE M.              CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-3A-38
KING, JOHN                   SALEM                         NY-58-7A-9
KING, JOSEPH E.              FORT EEDWARD                  NY-58-8A-583
KING, MARY                   EASTON                        NY-58-7A-257
KING, MARY C.                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-8A-504
KING, MARY E.                SANDY HILL                    NY-58-6A-60
KING, MINERVA                CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-P-429
KING, NANCY                  ARGYLE                        NY-58-C-417
KING, NATHANIEL              PUTNAM                        NY-58-7A-423
KING, RUSSELL                WHITE CREEK                   NY-58-G-184
KING, SOLOMON                KINGSBURY                     NY-58-F-434
KING, WILLIAM ESQ.           CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-B1-237
KING, WILLIAM H.             ARGYLE                        NY-58-H-83
KINGSLEY, GEORGE             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-Y-1
KINGSLEY, GEORGE             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-X-648
KINGSLEY, LUTHER             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-T-42
KINGSLEY, SARAH M.           SANDY HILL                    NY-58-3A-544
KINNE, AARON                 FORT EDWARD                   NY-58-8A-571
KINNE, DENISON               WESTFIELD                     NY-58-#1-294
KINNE, JENNETTE              GRANVILLE                     NY-58-4A-241
KINNE, JUDITH R.             GRANVILLE                     NY-58-6A-318
KINNER, ELLEN M.             WELLS, RUTLAND, VT            NY-58-3A-198
KINNER, JOHN A.              WHITEHALL                     NY-58-P-174
KINNEY, JOHN                 GRANVILLE                     NY-58-D-259
KINSLER, RHENY               KINGSBURY                     NY-58-J-54
KINYON, CARD                 GREENWICH                     NY-58-D-196
KINYON, NATHANIEL            EASTON                        NY-58-A1-254
KINYON, PHINEAS              EASTON                        NY-58-A1-74
KINYON, REMINGTON            GRANVILLE                     NY-58-F-384
KINYON, ZEBULON              HEBRON                        NY-58-M-234
KIPP, MARY B.                FORT ANN                      NY-58-3A-271
KIRBY, HENRY                 CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-A1-54
KIRTLAND, EDWIN S.           GRANVILLE                     NY-58-Q-282
KITCHAM, WILLIAM             CAMBRIDGE                     NY-58-F-244
KITCHAN, JOSHUA              HEBRON                        NY-58-2-233
KITTLE, SARAH                GREENWICH                     NY-58-E-215
KNAPP, ALANSON               GREENWICH                     NY-58-$-282
KNAPP, ALEXANDER             KINGSBURY                     NY-58-L-386
KNAPP, GEORGE T. H.          GREENWICH                     NY-58-X-328
KNAPP, JOHN C.               GRANVILLE                     NY-58-8A-36
KNAPP, SARAH T.              GREENWICH                     NY-58-V-394
KNEELAND, CYNTHIA            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-C-231
KNEELAND, ICHABOD            KINGSBURY                     NY-58-4-206
KNIGHT, HELEN V.             WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-381
KNIGHT, JABEZ                WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-386
KNIGHT, JOHN                 WHITEHALL                     NY-58-7A-242
KNIGHT, LYDIA A.             GLENS FALLS, WARREN, NY       NY-58-W-349

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