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TAFT, EZEKIEL P.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-7-53
TAFT, HANNAH S.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-21-135
TAGGART, MARGARET M.         LAWRENCE                      NY-45-27-763
TAGGART, REBECCA             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-21-271
TAGGART, SAMUEL H.           LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-301
TAGGART, THOMAS L.           DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-33-505
TAGGERT, JAMES               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-61
TAI, ROBERT                  BUTTE, SILVER BOW, MN         NY-45-28-662
TAIT, JANE O.                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-637
TAIT, JOHN                   LISBON                        NY-45-16-501
TAIT, MARY ANN               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-349
TAITT, EDWARD D.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-237
TALCOTT, LUCRETIA A.         MASSENA                       NY-45-37-11
TALLMAN, FRANK J.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-251
TALLMAN, ROYAL               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-169
TAMBLIN, MARIA               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-581
TAMBLIN, WILLIAM             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-24-249
TAMBLING, JUDSON             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-713
TAPLIN, CLINTON              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-22-441
TAPLIN, EMILY                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-36-335
TAPLIN, JOHN                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-18-717
TAPPAN, CHARLES O.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-28-54
TAPPAN, LAURA JARVIS         POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-189
TATE, ROBERT                 LISBON                        NY-45-4-425
TATE, SARAH E.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-331
TATE, THOMAS B.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-295
TAYLOR, AARON                COLTON                        NY-45-36-423
TAYLOR, CALEB                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-17-261
TAYLOR, CANDACE              CANTON                        NY-45-38-295
TAYLOR, CHARLES              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-22-753
TAYLOR, CHARLES G.           CANTON                        NY-45-47-97
TAYLOR, DAVID                POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-629
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            HERMON                        NY-45-26-175
TAYLOR, GEORGE               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-5-499
TAYLOR, GEORGE               RUSSELL                       NY-45-31-105
TAYLOR, HENRY F.             BRASHER                       NY-45-46-241
TAYLOR, JAMES                CANTON                        NY-45-27-779
TAYLOR, JAMES                NORFOLK                       NY-45-30-483
TAYLOR, JAMES G.             BRASHER                       NY-45-34-605
TAYLOR, JOHN                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-31-21
TAYLOR, JOHN                 CANTON                        NY-45-26-83
TAYLOR, JOHN                 MADRID                        NY-45-2-387
TAYLOR, JOHN                 RUSSELL                       NY-45-21-471
TAYLOR, LUCY                 HERMON                        NY-45-48-157
TAYLOR, LUTHER A.            CANTON                        NY-45-39-159
TAYLOR, MARY                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-11-105
TAYLOR, MARY                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-767
TAYLOR, MARY JANE            NORFOLK                       NY-45-46-489
TAYLOR, MINA                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-39-87
TAYLOR, PETER                HAMMOND                       NY-45-9-713
TAYLOR, PETER R.             HAMMOND                       NY-45-41-157
TAYLOR, REUEL                MASSENA                       NY-45-3-272
TAYLOR, ROBERT               MADRID                        NY-45-44-329
TAYLOR, STEPHEN              BRASHER                       NY-45-21-223
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              MADRID                        NY-45-1-410
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              ROSSIE                        NY-45-46-69
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-145
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-137
TEALL, ELIAS                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-39-335
TEAS, MARY ANN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-253
TEBO, CATHARINE              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-22-609
TEMPLE, ANSON                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-769
TEMPLE, ASA                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-405
TEMPLE, ASA W.               ANTWERP, JEFFERSON, NY        NY-45-25-767
TENNEY, CLARK                ROSSIE                        NY-45-31-129
TENNEY, JULIA ANN            ROSSIE                        NY-45-22-229
THATCHER, CARLOS M.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-24-317
THATCHER, HARVEY             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-8-29
THAYER, EMILY                PARISHVILE                    NY-45-39-11
THAYER, HORCE                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-313
THAYER, LAVONIA              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-525
THAYER, THOMAS M.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-785
THAYER, WILLARD              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-65
THAYER, WILLIAM              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-437
THIRSTON, JOHN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-20-7
THOMAS, ADDA                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-18-289
THOMAS, BETSEY               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-15-97
THOMAS, ELIZABETH            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-753
THOMAS, HARRIS J.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-8-645
THOMAS, ISAAC W.             BRASHER                       NY-45-26-351
THOMAS, JEDEDIAH             DEKALB                        NY-45-8-363
THOMAS, JOHN NICHOLAS        MACOMB                        NY-45-46-581
THOMAS, LEWIS                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-15-101
THOMAS, LOVINA               POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-215
THOMAS, MARTHA               LAWRENEC                      NY-45-27-619
THOMAS, MARY                 MACOMB                        NY-45-36-663
THOMAS, MATILDA              RUSSELL                       NY-45-24-321
THOMAS, RICHARD              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-37-3
THOMAS, ROBERT V.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-357
THOMPSON, ABRAM D.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-227
THOMPSON, ALBERT             CANTON                        NY-45-35-465
THOMPSON, ALTHA H.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-38-605
THOMPSON, CYNTHIA            PITCAIRN                      NY-45-33-185
THOMPSON, DANIEL             DEKALB                        NY-45-13-132
THOMPSON, ELBRIDGE           POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-373
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH          OSWGATCHIE                    NY-45-25-515
THOMPSON, GEORGE             LISBON                        NY-45-8-45
THOMPSON, HALL               LISBON                        NY-45-40-577
THOMPSON, HENRY              DEKALB                        NY-45-32-465
THOMPSON, JAMES              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-59
THOMPSON, JANE W.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-337
THOMPSON JOHN                LISBON                        NY-45-15-765
THOMPSON, JOHN F.            LISBON                        NY-45-40-225
THOMPSON, JOHN S.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-36-251
THOMPSON, MARGARET           MADRID                        NY-45-4-556
THOMPSON, MARIA              POTSDSAM                      NY-45-47-225
THOMPSON, MARY E.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-15-265
THOMPSON, MAURICE D.         CANTON                        NY-45-37-119
THOMPSON, MOSES              CANTON                        NY-45-14-117
THOMPSON, POLLY              POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-33
THOMPSON, ROBERT             PITCAIRN                      NY-45-15-257
THOMPSON, ROYAL D.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-9-277
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-25-183
THOMPSON, SARAH              DEKALB                        NY-45-21-199
THOMPSON, THOMAS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-773
THOMPSON, THOMAS H.          LISBON                        NY-45-41-493
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            MADRID                        NY-45-3-261
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-8-401
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-16-185
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-17-145
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-33-589
THOMPSON, WILLIAM R.         DEKALB                        NY-45-22-165
THOMPSON, WILSON             LISBON                        NY-45-47-693
THOMPSON, WILSON             LISBON                        NY-45-44-633
THOMSON, AHRRIET E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-501
THOMSON, JAMES               LISBON                        NY-45-3-173
THOMSON, WILLIAM             MADRID                        NY-45-3-122
THORNHILL, JOHN              DEKALB                        NY-45-19-273
THORNHILL, THOMAS            HERMON                        NY-45-26-115
THORNHILL, WILLIAM           DEKALB                        NY-45-11-621
THORNHILL, WILLIAM           DEKALB                        NY-45-26-195
THORNTON, BURDEN             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-13-1
THORNTON, CALEB              MACOMB                        NY-45-34-613
THORNTON, CYRUS K.           MACOMB                        NY-45-31-461
THORNTON, EDWARD             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-613
THORP, DANIEL                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-1-386
THRAVES, JOHN                MACOMB                        NY-45-18-193
THURBER, KELSY T.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-5-37
THURSTIN, RUBA               POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-481
THURSTON, SALLY              POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-153
THURSTON, SARAH T.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-349
TICHENOR, JOHN               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-9-157
TIERNAN, MICHAEL             NORFOLK                       NY-45-31-157
TIERNEY, JOHN SR.            CANTON                        NY-45-31-125
TILDEN, CALVIN B.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-169
TILDEN, HENRY O.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-13-547
TILDEN, HORACE S.            MASSENA                       NY-45-18-529
TILDEN, SILENCIA             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-12-145
TILDEN, THERON               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-12-33
TILLOTSON, EVELINE S.        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-516
TILLOTSON, FREDERICK L.      OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-481
TILTON, NANCY                HAMMOND                       NY-45-12-585
TINNEY, ENOS S.              ROSSIE                        NY-45-9-145
TINNEY, SALLY                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-665
TINNEY, SAMUEL               ROSSIE                        NY-45-14-393
TINNEY, SARAH B.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-9-89
TOBEY, JENNETTE              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-585
TOBEY, RICHARD P.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-677
TODD, BETSEY E.              MADRID                        NY-45-12-393
TODD, GEORGE O.              LISBON                        NY-45-34-81
TODD, THOMAS                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-44-625
TOMLINSON, EDWARD            MADRID                        NY-45-1-351
TOMLINSON, WILLIAM           LISBON                        NY-45-4-331
TOMPKINS, GEORGE             EDWARDS                       NY-45-31-517
TOOMEY, CORNELIUS            COLTON                        NY-45-10-553
TOOMEY, ELLEN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-46-485
TOOMEY, ELLEN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-20-192
TOOMEY, HANNAH               CANTON                        NY-45-36-211
TOOMEY, JAMES                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-46-481
TOWN, CLARK                  RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-651
TOWN, ISAAC                  NORFOLK                       NY-45-11-697
TOWN, SALEM                  RUSSELL                       NY-45-43-201
TOWNE, CLEORA H.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-15-441
TOWNSEND, AMASA              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-6-489
TOWNSEND, C. HENRY           LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-5
TOWNSHEND, MARY J.           DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-18-9
TOWNSLEY, ELIAS P.           DEKALB                        NY-45-23-681
TOWNSLEY, FRANCIS M.         DEKALB                        NY-45-34-277
TOWNSLEY, LOUISA E.          CANTON                        NY-45-43-369
TOWNSLEY, MARGARET           DEKALB                        NY-45-6-573
TRACEY, LIDA                 CANTON                        NY-45-32-385
TRACY, AMANDA                CANTON                        NY-45-13-219
TRACY, DANIEL                MASSENA                       NY-45-25-567
TRACY, ELISHA                CANTON                        NY-45-18-357
TRACY, FESTUS                CANTON                        NY-45-6-19
TRACY, JAMES D.              CANTON                        NY-45-31-77
TRACY, PAULINE               CANTON                        NY-45-5-1
TRACY, SAMUEL                MASSENA                       NY-45-12-373
TRAIN, JAMES                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-81
TRAINOR, BYRON               DEKALB                        NY-45-22-445
TRALL, ESTHER B.             ROSSIE                        NY-45-44-481
TRASK, PENINAH J.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-30-223
TRAVERS, HENRIETTA B.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-427
TREMAIN, F. ADELLA           MADRID                        NY-45-32-5
TREVELT, JOSEPH H.           BRASHER                       NY-45-32-241
TREVISE, RICHARD             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-21-423
TRICKEY, HIRAM               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-205
TRUAX, JAMES                 MACOMB                        NY-45-19-129
TRUELL, TERESA               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-34-473
TRUSSELL, AARON              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-23-397
TRUSSELL, JAMES              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-2-209
TRUSSELL, JEROME             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-32-365
TRUSSELL, SARAH              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-46-233
TRYON, BENJAMIN              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-21-151
TUCK, JANE                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-463
TUCKER, DEARBORN E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-603
TUCKER, JOSEPH               MASSENA                       NY-45-8-275
TUPPER, ADELINE              MADRID                        NY-45-8-77
TUPPER, AUGUSTUS N.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-453
TUPPER, BENJAMIN             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-14-677
TUPPER, CLARA M.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-659
TUPPER, DANIEL M.            DEKALB                        NY-45-44-621
TUPPER, DELBERT S.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-46-273
TUPPER, EZBON F.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-30-3
TUPPER, MARY ANN             POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-735
TUPPER, PITT K.              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-45-593
TURNBALL, EUPHEMIA           ROSSIE                        NY-45-48-703
TURNBULL, DEAN S.            RYEGATE, CALDEONIA, VT        NY-45-28-109
TURNBULL, JOHN               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-17-497
TURNBULL, JOHN D.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-73
TURNBULL, WILLIAM            ROSSIE                        NY-45-12-61
TURNER, ABRAM R.             CANTON                        NY-45-16-413
TURNER, ELISHA R.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-14-401
TURNER, ELISHA R.            MACOMB                        NY-45-42-561
TURNER, EVALINE              HERMON                        NY-45-14-213
TURNER, HARRIET L.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-63
TURNER, ISABELLA             POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-46
TURNER, JAMES A.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-671
TURNER, JANE                 LISBON                        NY-45-2-375
TURNER, JANET M.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-607
TURNER, LOUISA H.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-47-481
TURNER, MARY JANE            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-25
TURNER, TOM R.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-229
TURNER, WILLIAM              MACOMB                        NY-45-41-433
TURNESS, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-7-197
TUTHILL, HULL                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-10-29
TUTTLE, ADELINE              CANTON                        NY-45-18-185
TUTTLE, LUCY                 CANTON                        NY-45-4-20
TUTTLE, RANSOM               CANTON                        NY-45-8-389
TUTTLE, SALLY                CANTON                        NY-45-16-561
TWOMBLY, LAFAYETTE           CANTON                        NY-45-42-469
TYLER, ANNETTE               HAMMOND                       NY-45-49-569
TYLER, JOEL                  HAMMOND                       NY-45-36-327
TYNDALL, CATHERINE           MADRID                        NY-45-34-269
TYNER, RICHARD               BRASHER                       NY-45-16-497
TYNER, ROBERT                CANTON                        NY-45-46-573
TYO, CATHERINE A.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-493
TYO, PETER                   MASSENA                       NY-45-29-327
TYRRELL, DOROTHY E.          PIERREPONT                    NY-45-39-163
UNDERHILL, ABRAM             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-12-421
USHER, BLOOMFIELD            POTSDAM                       NY-45-28-12
VAIL, CYRENUS                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-153
VAIL, EDWARD                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-561
VAIL, MARY C.                CANTON                        NY-45-24-265
VALINA, PATSEY               CANTON                        NY-45-19-277
VALLANCE, WILLIAM            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-21-491
VALLEY, ALEXANDER A.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-401
VALLEY, ELEANORE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-553
VALLEY, MAB                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-573
VALUE, JULIA                 MASSENA                       NY-45-34-505
VANATTER, BERNARD            HERMON                        NY-45-26-327
VANBUREN, BETSY              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-109
VANBUREN, MARIA C.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-24-557
VANBUREN, PETER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-10-266
VANBUREN, SUSAN A.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-573
VANBUREN, THOMAS H.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-11-101
VANBUREN, WILLIAM            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-723
VANCE, JOHN A.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-477
VANDUZEE, STEPHEN B.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-243
VANDWYEE, TRUMAN W.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-241
VANHORNE, AUGUSTUS VALLETE   POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-250
VANKENNEN, AMANDA            NORFOLK                       NY-45-49-229
VANKENNEN, ROSINA            NORFOLK                       NY-45-43-205
VANNAMEE, BETSEY             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-42-405
VANNAMEE, GILBERT L.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-649
VANNAMEE, IDA JANE           FOWLER                        NY-45-41-137
VANNAMEE, MARGARET D.        GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-359
VANSCHAICH, FRANK            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-43-53
VANSCHAICK, JOHN             HAMMOND                       NY-45-18-149
VANSCHAICK, SYBRANT          MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-488
VANSCHAICK, WILLIAM          MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-48-197
VANVALKENBURG, EMMA          RUSSELL                       NY-45-45-1
VANVALKENBURG, LUCINDA D.    CANTON                        NY-45-37-443
VANVALKENBURG, WALTER        CANTON                        NY-45-39-499
VANVRANKEN, JSOIAH           POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-321
VANWATERS, CORNELIUS         CANTON                        NY-45-21-167
VANWATERS, JOHN              CANTON                        NY-45-18-117
VANWATERS, LOVINA            CANTON                        NY-45-13-477
VANWATERS, ORIN              CANTON                        NY-45-17-413
VANZANT, MATHIAS             NORFOLK                       NY-45-28-437
VARNEY, CHARLES              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-3-127
VARY, RAPHAEL                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-631
VEBBER, WILLIAM              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-46-441
VEBER, SELINA                DEKALB                        NY-45-22-705
VEBER, WILLIAM ALFERD        MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-46-621
VEEDER, MARY                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-11-525
VEITCH, DAVID P.             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-37-623
VEITCH, THOMAS W.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-19-401
VERNAL, JOHN                 NORFOLK                       NY-45-14-185
VILAS, ALDEN                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-105
VILAS, CHARLOTTE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-489
VILAS, CHARLOTTE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-413
VILAS, PETER                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-537
VINCENT, ANDREW J.           HERMON                        NY-45-6-369
VOLANS, GEORGE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-343
VOLANS, JOSEPH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-171
VOLANS, MARY                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-189
VOLANS, SAMUEL B.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-48-341
VOLANS, WILLIAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-221
VOLENS, ELIZABETH            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-8-589
VOLLANS, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-463
VOUDREN, ADELINE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-341
VROMAN, JOHN                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-31-1
WADDELL, GEORGE              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-42-533
WADDELL, HENRY               MADRID                        NY-45-4-318
WADHAMS, EDGAR P.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-307
WADLEIGH, SADIE E.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-36-243
WADLEIGH, WILLARD C.         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-40-417
WADSWORTH, JAMES ABNER       GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-423
WAGNER, HARRIET P.           LISBON                        NY-45-40-485
WAGNER, MARY C.              LISBON                        NY-45-18-445
WAGNER, WILLIAM H.           LISBON                        NY-45-29-91
WAGSTAFF, HENRY              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-45-189
WAGSTAFF, MARY F.            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-42-33
WAGSTAFF, VIRGIL G.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-589
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN N.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-379
WAINWRIGHT, MARY             CANTON                        NY-45-41-181
WAIT, ALLEN                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-169
WAIT, AMANDA                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-33-33
WAIT, DOWNER                 BRASHER                       NY-45-19-369
WAIT, JAMES                  COLTON                        NY-45-46-533
WAIT, MARVIN R.              CANTON                        NY-45-32-613
WAIT, SAMUEL C.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-14-549
WAIT, SILAS                  COLTON                        NY-45-17-101
WAITE, LEO M.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-593
WAKEFIELD, GUSTAVUS A.       PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-20-85
WALCOTT, FRED A.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-43-549
WALDO, PHEBE D.              FOWLER                        NY-45-25-595
WALDRON, SILAS               NORFOLK                       NY-45-19-757
WALES, HENRY F.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-125
WALKER, ADAM                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-14-65
WALKER, ALBERT               CANTON                        NY-45-41-625
WALKER, CHARLES A.           DEKALB                        NY-45-49-209
WALKER, CHRISTOPHER          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-157
WALKER, DAVID L.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-43-365
WALKER, DAVID S.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-13-337
WALKER, ELIZA                LISBON                        NY-45-36-399
WALKER, ELLEN                MADRID                        NY-45-45-109
WALKER, EMILY                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-263
WALKER, GEORGE               MADRID                        NY-45-12-801
WALKER, IRA                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-21
WALKER, ISABELL              LISBON                        NY-45-49-281
WALKER, JAMES                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-15-537
WALKER, JAMES                MADRID                        NY-45-47-337
WALKER, JOHN WESLEY          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-323
WALKER, JULIA                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-32-193
WALKER, LOA                  NORFOLK                       NY-45-9-441
WALKER, LUCINDA              CANTON                        NY-45-26-23
WALKER, LUCY ELIZABETH       DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-39-111
WALKER, MARTHA B.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-425
WALKER, MARY A.              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-27-667
WALKER, SAMUEL M.            CANTON                        NY-45-11-521
WALKER, SETH                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-65
WALKER, THOMAS               DEKALB                        NY-45-21-427
WALKER, THOMAS M.            MADRID                        NY-45-38-279
WALKER, THOMAS R.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-19-221
WALKER, WILLIAM              DEKALB                        NY-45-42-693
WALL, EDWARD                 DEKALB                        NY-45-15-773
WALL, PRUDENCE A.            DEKALB                        NY-45-18-469
WALL, SARAH A.               CANTON                        NY-45-33-21
WALLACE, ANSON               LISBON                        NY-45-22-477
WALLACE, CHARLES G.          MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-48-205
WALLACE, CHARLOTTE           LISBON                        NY-45-38-499
WALLACE, DOROTHY L.          LISBON                        NY-45-40-33
WALLACE, GEORGE              CANTON                        NY-45-31-289
WALLACE, HUGH                DEKALB                        NY-45-18-753
WALLACE, HUGH                CANTON                        NY-45-22-305
WALLACE, IRA                 LISBON                        NY-45-17-653
WALLACE, JAMES               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-13-438
WALLACE, JOHN                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-21-711
WALLACE, LYDIA               LISBON                        NY-45-18-677
WALLACE, MARGARET            POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-743
WALLACE, NATHAN              LISBON                        NY-45-23-113
WALLACE, ORSON               CANTON                        NY-45-34-185
WALLACE, RUTH                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-18-121
WALLACE, SAMUEL              LISBON                        NY-45-47-137
WALLACE, WILLIAM H.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-429
WALLACE, WILLMARTH           LISBON                        NY-45-23-97
WALLER, WALTER               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-7-297
WALLING, JOSHUA              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-2-103
WALLING, MARYETTE            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-385
WALLING, MERIBA              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-127
WALLING, WILLIAM             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-137
WALLING, WILLIAM H.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-269
WALRATH, ADOLPH              HAMMOND                       NY-45-14-369
WALRATH, BARBARY             LISBON                        NY-45-19-517
WALRATH, CHRISTOPHER L.      DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-22-557
WALRATH, NELLIE R.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-33-329
WALRATH, PHILIP              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-34-469
WALRATH, SOLOMON             CANTON                        NY-45-10-347
WALSH, CATHARINE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-69
WALSH, EDMUND C.             MADRID                        NY-45-39-147
WALSH, JOHN R.               COLTON                        NY-45-35-613
WARD, JOHN                   DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-26-743
WARD, JOHN D.                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-501
WARD, LEONARD                EDWARDS                       NY-45-18-629
WARD, MARGARET               LISBON                        NY-45-17-661
WARD, MARY                   BRASHER                       NY-45-23-301
WARD, NANCY                  ROSSIE                        NY-45-40-273
WARD, NANCY A.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-37
WARD, PATRICK                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-769
WARD, THOMAS                 BRASHER                       NY-45-14-93
WARD, WILLIAM                MACOMB                        NY-45-8-61
WARD, WILLIAM                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-521
WARD, WILLIAM H.             LISBON                        NY-45-46-1
WARDELL, SAMUEL              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-563
WARDELL, WILLIAM             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-27-743
WARE, ASA                    GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-109
WARE, HARRIET C.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-257
WARE, JABEZ                  FOWLER                        NY-45-15-665
WARNER, A. LARNED            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-42-369
WARNER, ALFRED H.            CANTON                        NY-45-11-425
WARNER, ALMIRA               HOPKINTON                     NY-45-21-647
WARNER, BERNITHIA            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-337
WARNER, CAROLINE E.          ALLEGAN, ALLEGAN, MI          NY-45-9-221
WARNER, HENRY W.             CANTON                        NY-45-16-181
WARNER, JOEL C.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-29-95
WARNER, WILLIAM              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-3-214
WARREN, ACASTUS              RUSSELL                       NY-45-15-405
WARREN, DIANTHA O.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-689
WARREN, JOEL                 DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-15-797
WARREN, ROENA                DEPUYSTER                     NY-45-19-513
WASHBURN, ALONZO             CANTON                        NY-45-48-589
WASHBURN, GILBERT            DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-45-509
WASHBURN, JOHN               MACOMB                        NY-45-42-301
WASHBURN, NEHEMIAH           MACOMB                        NY-45-21-531
WASHBURN, ORISSA             POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-181
WASHBURN, SIMON              MACOMB                        NY-45-19-617
WASHBURN, SYLVESTER          MACOMB                        NY-45-5-427
WASHBURN, WILLIAM BUEL       POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-13
WATERBURY, LEVI E.           MASSENA                       NY-45-26-219
WATERBURY, SHADERICK         MASSENA                       NY-45-1-277
WATERMAN, CHESTER            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-527
WATERMAN, MARGARET           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-21-575
WATERS, MARY                 MADRID                        NY-45-8-593
WATSON, ALEXANDER            CANTON                        NY-45-35-25
WATSON, JOHN                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-12-725
WATSON, JOHN                 MADRID                        NY-45-29-575
WATSON, JOHN                 LISBON                        NY-45-31-121
WATSON, JOSEPH               FINE                          NY-45-30-307
WATSON, JOSEPH               MADRID                        NY-45-41-453
WATSON, JOSHUA               LISBON                        NY-45-3-387
WATSON, MARGARET             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-29-713
WATSON, NANCY L.             MADRID                        NY-45-18-417
WATSON, ROXANA               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-19-457
WATSON, SAMUEL               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-16-805
WATSON, WILLIAM C.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-41-333
WATSON, WILLIAM O.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-9-481
WAUFEL, SYLVIA               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-655
WAUGH, LETITIA C.            BRASHER                       NY-45-39-407
WAY, ALMARETTA E.            CANTON                        NY-45-47-405
WEARS, WILLIAM               MASSENA                       NY-45-12-425
WEATHERSTON, ROBERT          MADRID                        NY-45-8-625
WEATHERSTON, WILLIAM         LISBON                        NY-45-4-598
WEAVER, GEORGE SUMNER        CANTON                        NY-45-40-397
WEAVER, SARAH J.             CANTON                        NY-45-36-159
WEBB, HENRY                  EDWARDS                       NY-45-12-157
WEBB, JAMES                  EDWARDS                       NY-45-42-141
WEBB, JONATHAN               EDWARDS                       NY-45-10-273
WEBB, JONATHAN JR.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-9-421
WEBB, MARY ANN               EDWARDS                       NY-45-31-177
WEBB, MARY P.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-439
WEBB, ROBERT                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-20-12
WEBB, WILLIS                 NORFOLK                       NY-45-9-361
WEBSTER, LOUISA S.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-57
WEBSTER, SAMUEL              HAMMOND                       NY-45-8-243
WEBSTER, WILLARD W.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-97
WEED, HORATIO                RUSSELL                       NY-45-16-105
WEED, WILLIAM W.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-13
WEIGHT, MARGARET             CANTON                        NY-45-42-637
WEIR, MARGARET               LISBON                        NY-45-23-245
WELCH, CLARA                 CANTON                        NY-45-27-331
WELCH, HARRIET M.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-209
WELCH, HELEN M.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-351
WELCH, MARY                  HAMMOND                       NY-45-40-425
WELCH, MICHAEL               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-6-193
WELCH, OSMON                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-95
WELCH, RICHARD               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-15-717
WELCH, ROBERT                HAMMOND                       NY-45-24-269
WELCH, THOMAS                LISBON                        NY-45-17-137
WELK, LUCINDA                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-18-773
WELLER, CHARLES B.           HOPKINTON                     NY-45-17-233
WELLER, JOHN C.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-209
WELLER, SUSAN                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-24-457
WELLER, WILLIAM              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-29-87
WELLS, ABNER                 CANTON                        NY-45-4-537
WELLS, ABRAHAM               RUSSELL                       NY-45-5-79
WELLS, BENJAMIN              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-367
WELLS, CATHERINE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-465
WELLS, DAVID                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-7-27
WELLS, EMMA J.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-25
WELLS, HULDAH G.             MADRID                        NY-45-28-135
WELLS, JAMES J.              MASSENA                       NY-45-13-513
WELLS, LAUREL                DEKALB                        NY-45-25-415
WELLS, LORINDA A.            CANTON                        NY-45-37-651
WELLS, MINERVA               CANTON                        NY-45-47-365
WELLS, MOSES                 LISBON                        NY-45-15-445
WELLS, OSCAR                 CANTON                        NY-45-46-225
WELLS, OTIS H.               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-45-333
WELLS, PATRICK H.            MADRID                        NY-45-25-43
WELLS, REUBEN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-18-69
WELLS, SAMUEL                POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-71
WELLS, SIMEON                PITCAIRN                      NY-45-33-133
WELLS, SUSAN S.              BRASHER                       NY-45-12-297
WELLS, ZERVIAH               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-581
WELLWOOD, JAMES              POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-257
WELSER, JULIA                MC KEESPORT, ALLEGHENY, PA    NY-45-20-128
WESCOTT, STUKELY             CANTON                        NY-45-19-153
WESLEY, STEBBINS             CANTON                        NY-45-6-333
WEST, HARVEY C.              MADRID                        NY-45-41-675
WEST, REBECCA                POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-283
WESTAWAY, JOHN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-643
WESTAWAY, MARTHA             MADRID                        NY-45-31-541
WESTAWAY, RICHARD            MADRID                        NY-45-35-157
WESTAWAY, SIMON W.           MADRID                        NY-45-8-381
WESTBROOK, CHARLES R.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-557
WESTBROOK, HARRIET E.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-687
WESTCOTT, JOHN               CANTON                        NY-45-12-81
WESTCOTT, POWELL S.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-287
WESTON, HARRIET J.           RUSSELL                       NY-45-49-643
WESTON, ORVIN G.             RUSSELL                       NY-45-32-653
WESTON, THOMAS               CANTON                        NY-45-25-727
WETHERSON, ANN               HEUVELTON                     NY-45-43-117
WETHERSON, JAMES             LISBON                        NY-45-11-585
WETMORE, HENRY A.            NORFOLK                       NY-45-24-397
WETMORE, JULIA R.            ROSSIE                        NY-45-17-185
WEYMOUTH, MARY               DEKALB                        NY-45-7-291
WHALAN, CHARLES              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-5-85
WHALEN, JOHN B.              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-29-311
WHALEN, JULIA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-23-197
WHALEN, WILLIAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-501
WHEATER, BENJAMIN            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-3-407
WHEATER, BENJAMIN D.         CANTON                        NY-45-27-207
WHEATER, BENJAMIN SR.        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-544
WHEATER, DANIEL              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-6-375
WHEATER, JOSEPH              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-33-109
WHEATER, MARGARET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-8-13
WHEATER, MARGARET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-491
WHEATER, PAUL                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-124
WHEELER, BETSEY E.           NORFOLK                       NY-45-17-625
WHEELER, CALISTA C.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-497
WHEELER, DORATHY C.          DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-21-279
WHEELER, FLAMIA              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-47-121
WHEELER, JOSEPH              LISBON                        NY-45-4-574
WHEELER, LAURA G.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-411
WHEELER, SAMPSON             MASSENA                       NY-45-11-465
WHEELER, SARAH A.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-39-295
WHEELER, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-137
WHEELOCK, ELLEN L.           CANTON                        NY-45-40-549
WHEELOCK, HARMINA            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-47-561
WHEELOCK, JOHN               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-27-63
WHEELOCK, LOIS               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-77
WHEELOCK, SUSAN A.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-20-784
WHELAN, PATRICK              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-169
WHELOCK, WILLIAM B.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-369
WHIPPLE, ALLEN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-22-353
WHIPPLE, HARRIET E.          CANTON                        NY-45-22-361
WHIPPLE, MATTHEW A.          CANTON                        NY-45-14-541
WHITAKER, SIMOND A.          PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-21-723
WHITCOMB, GEORGE S.          NORFOLK                       NY-45-32-309
WHITE, ADALINE               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-42-89
WHITE, ALANSON               MADRID                        NY-45-18-713
WHITE, ALBERT                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-707
WHITE, ALEXANDER             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-19-637
WHITE, CAROLINE M.           DEKALB                        NY-45-26-107
WHITE, CARRIE                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-45-153
WHITE, CHARLES L.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-257
WHITE, CLARISSA M.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-163
WHITE, DAVID                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-13-236
WHITE, EMALINE               CLARE                         NY-45-38-227
WHITE, GEORGE                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-11-277
WHITE, GEORGE                CANTON                        NY-45-40-659
WHITE, HORACE                DEKALB                        NY-45-13-276
WHITE, JANE                  MADRID                        NY-45-3-437
WHITE, JOHN                  ROME, ONEIDA, NY              NY-45-1-338
WHITE, JOHN                  COLTON                        NY-45-30-15
WHITE, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-36-99
WHITE, JOHN A. S.            NORTHFIELD, WASHINGTON, VT    NY-45-13-449
WHITE, LAURA A.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-651
WHITE, LUCY                  DEKALB                        NY-45-17-757
WHITE, LUMAN                 CANTON                        NY-45-17-341
WHITE, MARY                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-489
WHITE, ORSON                 DEKALB                        NY-45-7-164
WHITE, PATRICK               ROSSIE                        NY-45-32-1
WHITE, PETER                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-389
WHITE, THOMAS                BRASHER                       NY-45-9-513
WHITE, THOMAS                MADRID                        NY-45-2-158
WHITE, THOMAS                BRASHER                       NY-45-38-307
WHITE, WALTER                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-12-349
WHITEHEAD, JOHN              HERMON                        NY-45-9-25
WHITESIDE, BENJAMIN          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-9-437
WHITFIELD, WILLIAM           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-25-39
WHITING, ALBERT              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-36-451
WHITING, JOHN                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-9-409
WHITMARSH, ANNIE H.          COLTON                        NY-45-15-93
WHITNEY, ALMEDA N.           CANTON                        NY-45-48-397
WHITNEY, AMOS                CANTON                        NY-45-11-45
WHITNEY, BARNEY              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-44-497
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN            MADRID                        NY-45-15-357
WHITNEY, BETSEY              MADRID                        NY-45-12-369
WHITNEY, DANIEL              MADRID                        NY-45-3-497
WHITNEY, EPHRAIM             MASSENA                       NY-45-13-598
WHITNEY, HIRAM               LISBON                        NY-45-18-685
WHITNEY, JONAH               MADRID                        NY-45-1-263
WHITNEY, LEWIS H.            CANTON                        NY-45-33-413
WHITNEY, LOUISA              GEORGIA, FRANKLIN, VT         NY-45-29-11
WHITNEY, LUCY M.             MADRID                        NY-45-47-261
WHITNEY, LUTHER              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-133
WHITNEY, MARY ANN            MASSENA                       NY-45-16-789
WHITNEY, MELISSA D.          MADRID                        NY-45-19-313
WHITNEY, MILTON A.           MADRID                        NY-45-38-585
WHITNEY, MINA G.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-209
WHITNEY, ORRIS               POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-717
WHITNEY, SAMUEL              HAMMOND                       NY-45-8-601
WHITNEY, WILBUR B.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-429
WHITTELSEY, ANN M.           ROXBURY, LITCHFIELD, CT       NY-45-28-235
WHTNEY, DANIEL               MADRID                        NY-45-13-161
WICKWIRE, CYNTHIA            NORFOLK                       NY-45-23-525
WIDRICK, GEORGE J.           DEPYSTER                      NY-45-30-195
WIER, JAMES                  EDWARDS                       NY-45-11-561
WIGGINS, ABRAM H.            CANTON                        NY-45-48-217
WIGHT, ABNER                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-449
WIGHT, ALLEN                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-61
WIGHT, JOHN                  FOWLER                        NY-45-8-223
WIGHT, MARY JANE             EDWARDS                       NY-45-17-645
WILBER, CHARLES D.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-34-197
WILBER, GEORGE               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-14-169
WILBER, HENRY C.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-409
WILBER, JOHN A.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-609
WILBUR, MARY E.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-523
WILCOX, CHARLES B.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-621
WILCOX, DANIEL B.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-321
WILCOX, ELLEN                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-44-593
WILCOX, GILBERT              ROSSIE                        NY-45-30-155
WILCOX, HARRIET L.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-65
WILCOX, ITHIEL               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-33-153
WILCOX, LYMAN S.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-34-141
WILCOX, MARY F.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-401
WILCOX, NELSON B.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-1-82
WILCOX, WILLIAM F.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-40-9
WILDER, ELON L.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-645
WILDER, MARIA C.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-39-471
WILKINS, HARRIET D.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-24-197
WILKINS, MARY J.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-45-217
WILKINSON, GEORGE            POTSDAM                       NY-45-2-107
WILKINSON, HELEN             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-39-127
WILKINSON, JOHN              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-5-443
WILKINSON, MARY H.           BRASHER                       NY-45-22-65
WILLARD, CHARLES S.          LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-21-447
WILLARD, HENRY               COLTON                        NY-45-15-245
WILLARD, LISTON              RUSSELL                       NY-45-43-9
WILLIAMS, AMORETTE E.        PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-45-533
WILLIAMS, BETSEY             DEKALB                        NY-45-35-237
WILLIAMS, CORNELIA           CANTON                        NY-45-47-525
WILLIAMS, E. DARWIN          POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-124
WILLIAMS, EDGAR S.           CANTON                        NY-45-33-605
WILLIAMS, ELIZA              HERMON                        NY-45-45-365
WILLIAMS, JACOB              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-2-25
WILLIAMS, JACOB              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-17-557
WILLIAMS, JANE E.            CANTON                        NY-45-35-229
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-37-67
WILLIAMS, LOUISE S.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-18-341
WILLIAMS, LUCY               NORFOLK                       NY-45-49-333
WILLIAMS, MARY E.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-61
WILLIAMS, NOAH C.            HERMON                        NY-45-4-332
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL             DEKALB                        NY-45-15-401
WILLIS, AMARILLA C.          PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-23-493
WILLIS, BETSEY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-403
WILLIS, CHARLES B.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-41-5
WILLIS, ELLA O.              ELIZABETH, UNION, NJ          NY-45-28-636
WILLIS, JABEZ                POTSDAM                       NY-45-2-66
WILLIS, JOHN F.              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-4-607
WILLIS, OLIVER               ROYALTON, WINDSOR, VT         NY-45-1-316
WILLIS, SAMUEL               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-15-509
WILLIS, SARAH                CANTON                        NY-45-5-343
WILLMARTH, IRA C.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-393
WILLSON, BENJAMIN F.         LISBON                        NY-45-13-330
WILLSON, ELISHA R.           CANTON                        NY-45-36-279
WILLSON, EZEKIEL             CANTON                        NY-45-16-533
WILLSON, IDA ROBINSON        CANTON                        NY-45-31-261
WILLSON, JOHN F.             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-14-485
WILLSON, RACHEL              CANTON                        NY-45-34-413
WILLSON, RAYMOND S.          CANTON                        NY-45-23-281
WILLSON, WALDO W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-419
WILLSON, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-1-327
WILLSON, WILLIAM             POTSDAM                       NY-45-38-63
WILMARTH, MARY A.            MADRID                        NY-45-23-177
WILSEY, WILLIAM H.           LAWRENCE                      NY-45-38-439
WILSON, ABRAHAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-681
WILSON, AGNES                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-48-533
WILSON, ANN                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-21-275
WILSON, CHARLES              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-6-187
WILSON, CHARLES              DEKALB                        NY-45-23-621
WILSON, CORNELIA L.          LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-21-487
WILSON, CORNELIUS L.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-515
WILSON, DAVID                HAMMOND                       NY-45-13-223
WILSON, DAVID D.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-38-163
WILSON, EMERY                DEKALB                        NY-45-49-125
WILSON, EMILY A.             MASSENA                       NY-45-36-623
WILSON, FRANCES A.           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-42-1
WILSON, HANNAH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-240
WILSON, HARRY M.             MACOMB                        NY-45-32-509
WILSON, HARVEY               CANTON                        NY-45-21-399
WILSON, HERCULES W.          MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-24-217
WILSON, JACOB                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-34-345
WILSON, JAMES                EDWARDS                       NY-45-14-149
WILSON, JAMES                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-177
WILSON, JESSE B.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-41-253
WILSON, JESSE B.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-41-409
WILSON, JOHN A.              MACOMB                        NY-45-19-493
WILSON, JOHN D.              HAMMOND                       NY-45-21-587
WILSON, JOHN W.              CANTON                        NY-45-19-585
WILSON, LOREN                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-17-121
WILSON, LUCY                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-37-647
WILSON, LYDIA                DEKALB                        NY-45-42-473
WILSON, MARGARET             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-349
WILSON, NANCY N.             BRASHER                       NY-45-21-203
WILSON, OREN                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-231
WILSON, PAULINA              CANTON                        NY-45-21-639
WILSON, PHINEAS S.           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-23-141
WILSON, ROBERT               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-9
WILSON, ROBERT               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-25-411
WILSON, ROLLIN H.            MACOMB                        NY-45-49-237
WILSON, THOMAS               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-13-221
WILSON, THOMAS               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-37-243
WILSON, WALTER               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-12-589
WILSON, WILLIAM              MACOMB                        NY-45-12-501
WILSON, WILLIAM              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-31-185
WILSON, WILLIAM J.           MASSENA                       NY-45-45-37
WILSON, WILMER D.            DEKALB                        NY-45-47-489
WILTERS, ORVIS               POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-533
WING, ALVA S.                NORFOLK                       NY-45-12-377
WING, BELA                   LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-12-197
WING, BETSEY                 COLDWATER, BRANCH, MI         NY-45-7-281
WING, JOSEPH                 NEW BEDFORD, BRISTOL, MA      NY-45-28-166
WINSLOW, LYDIA A.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-53
WINSLOW, NATHANIEL F.        NORFOLK                       NY-45-8-331
WINSLOW, WILLIAM             RUSSELL                       NY-45-43-5
WIRES, CALVIN F.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-251
WISER, J. C.                 DEKALB                        NY-45-27-703
WISHART, MARGARET            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-42-137
WITHERBY, SILAS C.           CANTON                        NY-45-9-477
WITHERHEAD, BENJAMIN         OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-646
WITHERHEAD, JANE             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-44-641
WITHERHEAD, ROBERT           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-42-121
WITHERS, ALICE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-32-593
WITTERS, HENRY C.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-235
WITTES, SIDNEY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-401
WOOD, ALEXANDER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-223
WOOD, AMELIA                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-757
WOOD, ANN H.                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-24-405
WOOD, CALVIN P.              CANTON                        NY-45-44-45
WOOD, CHARLES                COLTON                        NY-45-13-483
WOOD, CHARLES                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-563
WOOD, ELIJAH                 BRASHER                       NY-45-21-643
WOOD, ELIZABETH A.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-29
WOOD, ENOS                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-315
WOOD, HENRY                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-185
WOOD, HENRY G.               DEKALB                        NY-45-17-337
WOOD, HUGH                   WADDINGTON                    NY-45-8-263
WOOD, JAMES S.               EDWARDS                       NY-45-24-589
WOOD, JANE E.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-371
WOOD, JANE HOBKIRK           POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-599
WOOD, JOHN                   GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-7-262
WOOD, MARY D.                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-217
WOOD, MARY E.                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-357
WOOD, PLUMA H.               HERMON                        NY-45-23-341
WOOD, ROBERT                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-397
WOOD, SAMUEL                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-41
WOOD, SARDINA S.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-579
WOOD, WILLIAM                LISBON                        NY-45-28-29
WOOD, WILLIAM                LISBON                        NY-45-19-97
WOODARD, AZRO A.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-36-407
WOODARD, LEWIS               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-6-513
WOODARD, SUSAN B.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-219
WOODBRIDGE, EMERY G.         CANTON                        NY-45-23-589
WOODCOCK, CHARLES F.         CANTON                        NY-45-48-17
WOODCOCK, DANIEL             CANTON                        NY-45-27-227
WOODCOCK, DANIEL B.          FOWLER                        NY-45-33-453
WOODCOCK, JASON              EDWARDS                       NY-45-45-17
WOODCOCK, JOHN B.            CANTON                        NY-45-41-425
WOODCOCK, LIZZIE             CANTON                        NY-45-47-85
WOODCOCK, MARGARET           EDWARDS                       NY-45-46-285
WOODCOCK, MARY L.            OMRO, OSHKOSH, WI             NY-45-20-766
WOODCOCK, MARY L.            PORTLAND, MULTNOMAH, OR       NY-45-28-782
WOODCOCK, SOPHIA             FOWLER                        NY-45-45-125
WOODROW, SAMUEL              HERMON                        NY-45-32-301
WOODS, DAVID                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-31
WOODS, ERASTUS               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-365
WOODS, PHINEAS               DEKALB                        NY-45-9-289
WOODS, SALINA                POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-109
WOODS, THOMAS                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-497
WOODSIDE, ABRAHAM            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-201
WOODSIDE, MATTHEW            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-47-565
WOODSIDE, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-42-605
WOODWARD, LORENZO            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-347
WOODWARD, MOSES              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-16-349
WOODWORTH, ALBERT L.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-289
WOODWORTH, CHARLES ASHLEY    MACOMB                        NY-45-34-313
WOODWORTH, DIANA             POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-243
WOODWORTH, EUDOCIA           MACOMB                        NY-45-42-197
WOODWORTH, HORACE L.         MACOMB                        NY-45-49-691
WOODWORTH, WILLIAM H.        PIERREPONT                    NY-45-11-453
WOOLEVER, FLORENCE V.        EDWARDS                       NY-45-25-695
WOOLEVER, HARVEY             EDWARDS                       NY-45-25-543
WOOLEY, AMASA W.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-49
WOOLEY, DELIA                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-12-161
WOOLEY, JOEL M.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-345
WOOLLEY, EMMA M.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-71
WOOLSON, ELIJAH              MASSENA                       NY-45-1-298
WOOSTER, ABRAM H.            HAMMOND                       NY-45-23-673
WOOSTER, CHARLES A.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-36-11
WOOSTER, ELLA M.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-261
WORDEN, ALBERT               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-40-377
WORDEN, GABRIEL              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-25-631
WORDEN, RANSOM               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-669
WORTHEN, RUSSELL B.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-6-67
WRIGHT, ABNER                FOWLER                        NY-45-34-57
WRIGHT, ABNER                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-4-496
WRIGHT, ASHAEL               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-16-205
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN S.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-331
WRIGHT, BUEL T.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-49-45
WRIGHT, CATHERINE            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-181
WRIGHT, CLARISSA             CATNON                        NY-45-11-401
WRIGHT, DANIEL L.            WEYBRIDGE, ADDISON, VT        NY-45-20-312
WRIGHT, DAVID                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-725
WRIGHT, E. LEVERETT          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-169
WRIGHT, ERASTUS              POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-673
WRIGHT, GEORGE               MADRID                        NY-45-15-225
WRIGHT, GEORGE L.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-9
WRIGHT, GEORGE S.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-37-319
WRIGHT, HARRISON             CANTON                        NY-45-17-793
WRIGHT, HORTENCIA R.         BRASHER                       NY-45-43-137
WRIGHT, IRA B.               BRASHER                       NY-45-24-361
WRIGHT, JAMES L.             CANTON                        NY-45-38-43
WRIGHT, JUDSON W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-457
WRIGHT, LAURA                BUENA VISTA, CHAFFEE, CO      NY-45-28-74
WRIGHT, MARY A.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-29
WRIGHT, MICHAEL H.           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-49-377
WRIGHT, PERCY S.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-575
WRIGHT, PLINY                CANTON                        NY-45-24-349
WRIGHT, RELIEF               POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-109
WRIGHT, ROSA L.              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-48-619
WRIGHT, RUTH                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-675
WRIGHT, SAMUEL N.            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-12-673
WRIGHT, SARAH A.             CANTON                        NY-45-12-361
WRIGHT, SARAH D.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-263
WRIGHT, SOLON B.             HAMMOND                       NY-45-40-665
WRIGHT, SYLVESTER C.         OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-387
WRIGHT, THOMAS               LISBON                        NY-45-12-629
WRIGHT, TIMOTHY B.           SEE: WRIGHT, BUEL T.          NY-45-49-45
WRIGHT, WARREN H.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-117
WRIGHT, WILLIAM G.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-577
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-9-209
YERDEN, ABRAHAM G.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-24-493
YERDEN, BRIDGET              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-37-215
YERDEN, DAVID G.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-19-777
YERDEN, JAMES                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-30-271
YERDEN, JEREMIAH             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-32-581
YERDEN, LORA JANE            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-31-117
YERDEN, MARY E.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-22-277
YERDON, HENRY G.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-496
YOUMELL, SARAH               POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-625
YOUNG, ALEXANDER             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-239
YOUNG, BETSEY                HAMMOND                       NY-45-20-202
YOUNG, CELINA E.             FINE                          NY-45-43-509
YOUNG, HIRAM                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-769
YOUNG, ISABELLA              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-44-245
YOUNG, JESSE                 LISBON                        NY-45-31-613
YOUNG, JESSE L.              MADRID                        NY-45-48-637
YOUNG, JOHN                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-23-65
YOUNG, JOHN                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-142
YOUNG, MARIA                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-22-637
YOUNG, NORMAN I.             HAMMOND                       NY-45-48-249
YOUNG, OLIVE F.              HAMMOND                       NY-45-27-155
YOUNG, OLIVER                HAMMOND                       NY-45-41-573
YOUNG, ROBERT                MASSENA                       NY-45-6-351
YOUNG, SAMUEL                HAMMOND                       NY-45-21-128
YOUNG, THOMAS F.             MADRID                        NY-45-30-559
YOUNG, WILLIAM               MADRID                        NY-45-11-437
YOUNG, WILLIAM S.            MACOMB                        NY-45-45-585
YOUNG, WILLIAM W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-555
ZAHRNELT, CHARLES A.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-89
ZELLAR, CHARLOTTE            HAMMOND                       NY-45-19-161
ZELLER, DNAIEL               DEKALB                        NY-45-44-361
ZOLLER, ABRAM F.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-323
ZOLLER, ANN                  MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-18-749
ZOLLER, HENRY F.             HAMMOND                       NY-45-27-643
ZOLLER, JAMES                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-36-595
ZOLLER, JEREMIAH J.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-9-205

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