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CRAFTS, MARIA                NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT      NY-45-28-298
CRAIG, ELIAS                 CANTON                        NY-45-33-349
CRAIG, GIFFORD               LISBON                        NY-45-27-319
CRAIG, HARRIET S.            LISBON                        NY-45-35-173
CRAIG, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-24-377
CRAIG, JAMES F.              LISBON                        NY-45-32-517
CRAIG, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-4-162
CRAIG, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-29-559
CRAIG, JOHN A.               CANTON                        NY-45-27-183
CRAIG, MARY                  LISBON                        NY-45-18-285
CRAIG, MARY E.               LISBON                        NY-45-40-337
CRAIG, MARY ELEANOR          LISBON                        NY-45-41-177
CRAIG, THEODORE F.           CANTON                        NY-45-29-447
CRAIG, THOMAS                CANTON                        NY-45-19-705
CRAIG, THOMAS M.             DEKALB                        NY-45-19-805
CRAIG, WILLIAM               LISBON                        NY-45-15-281
CRAMER, CATHERINE            CANTON                        NY-45-19-49
CRAMER, LUCINDA              RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-347
CRAMER, MALINDA P.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-779
CRAMPTON, ANDREW A.          PIERREPONT                    NY-45-9-329
CRANDALL, CHARLES            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-24-601
CRANDALL, CORNELIA M.        PIERREPONT                    NY-45-44-57
CRANDALL, FRANCIS            HERMON                        NY-45-8-137
CRANDALL, GEORGE             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-21-339
CRANDALL, GEORGE L.          PIERREPONT                    NY-45-40-365
CRANDALL, JOHN               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-16-309
CRANDALL, MARIA P.           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-31-469
CRANDALL, MARY E.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-297
CRANDALL, MARY E.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-221
CRANDALL, SAMUEL W.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-33-421
CRANE, AMOS L.               CANTON                        NY-45-42-61
CRANE, EDGAR L.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-46-569
CRANE, ELIZA                 LISBON                        NY-45-22-173
CRANE, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-43-189
CRANE, LOUIS                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-6-85
CRANE, OLVERSON W.           CANTON                        NY-45-42-657
CRANE, SALOME G.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-25-99
CRANE, WALTER O.             MADRID                        NY-45-49-97
CRANSTON, ANDREW             MADRID                        NY-45-37-259
CRANSTON, JOHN R.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-49-389
CRANSTON, NANCY A.           MADRID                        NY-45-40-77
CRAPSER, SARAH P.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-24-25
CRARY, ALSON L.              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-48-233
CRARY, ANNA B.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-679
CRARY, DELIA                 MASSENA                       NY-45-34-21
CRARY, EDWARD                POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-326
CRARY, JENETT A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-117
CRARY, JOHN L.               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-33-341
CRARY, NATHAN                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-6-217
CRARY, NATHAN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-219
CRARY, RUBY                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-329
CRARY, STEPHEN A.            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-17-73
CRARY, THOMAS E.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-22-481
CRARY, TRUMAN H.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-15-121
CRAVATE, MAR YF.             RUSSELL                       NY-45-28-136
CRAWFORD, DAVID              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-25
CRAWFORD, JOHN G.            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-40-361
CRAWFORD, LOT                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-17-113
CRAWFORD, LUCINDA            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-275
CRAWFORD, ROBERT             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-8-405
CRAWFORD, SUSAN              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-309
CREED, IRA                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-9
CREED, JOHN                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-299
CREIGHTON, BARNEY            NORFOLK                       NY-45-48-409
CREIGHTON, EDWARD            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-47-345
CREIGHTON, MARY              MADRID                        NY-45-24-541
CREIGHTON, MATTHEW           LISBON                        NY-45-15-237
CRICHTON, DAVID              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-4-564
CRICHTON, GEORGE             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-637
CRICHTON, JANET              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-737
CRICHTON, JANET L.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-453
CRICHTON, JOSEPHINE M.       OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-14-17
CRINKLAW, BETSY              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-33-561
CRINNELL, JOSIAH H.          MASSENA                       NY-45-18-557
CROMIE, MARY                 LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-23-433
CROOKS, HARRY F.             MASSENA                       NY-45-38-567
CROP, ABEL                   FOWLER                        NY-45-19-609
CROSBIE, HENRY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-529
CROSS, ALVA B.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-69
CROSS, ANTHONY               ROSSIE                        NY-45-45-409
CROSS, BENJAMIN              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-31-137
CROSSMAN, ABNER              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-8-629
CROSSMAN, CATHERINE          POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-333
CROSSMAN, MARCUS             CANTON                        NY-45-43-541
CROUCH, CLARA ENWTON         RUSSELL                       NY-45-49-69
CROWE, ROBERT                DEKALB                        NY-45-43-605
CROWE, SAMUEL                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-44-485
CROWLEY, DANIEL              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-29-19
CROWLEY, DANIEL JOHN         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-47-237
CROWLEY, DENNIS              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-38-391
CROWLEY, ISAAC N.            MASSENA                       NY-45-22-377
CROWLEY, JOHN                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-22-341
CROWLEY, JOHN                BRASHER                       NY-45-29-555
CROWLEY, JOHN                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-36-411
CROWLEY, MAGGIE              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-33-177
CROWLEY, MARTHA L.           ROSSIE                        NY-45-29-663
CROWLEY, MARY                BRASHER                       NY-45-46-257
CROWLEY, PATRICK             BRASHER                       NY-45-46-617
CROWLEY, ROYAL N.            MASSENA                       NY-45-31-233
CRUIKSHANK, ALEXANDER        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-181
CRUIKSHANK, BARTON           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-43-313
CRUIKSHANK, JOHN             LISBON                        NY-45-12-189
CRUIKSHANK, SAMUEL           CANTON                        NY-45-19-553
CUBLEY, MARTHA S.            MASSENA                       NY-45-26-179
CUBLEY, WILLIAM H.           MASSENA                       NY-45-31-49
CUDWORTH, LIBBIE             POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-313
CUDWORTH, OTIS J.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-8-525
CUMMINGS, ELECTA             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-605
CUMMINGS, LUCINA             DEKALB                        NY-45-11-361
CUMMINGS, MARY A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-133
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES            CANTON                        NY-45-47-321
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES A.         CANTON                        NY-45-29-207
CUNNINGHAM, JOHANNAH         LISBON                        NY-45-47-445
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-300
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN H.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-31
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL          LISBON                        NY-45-21-543
CUNNINGHAM, NANCY            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-557
CURBEAN, MARY ANNE           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-651
CURBEAU, ELIZABETH           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-425
CURBEAU, PETER               LISBON                        NY-45-9-241
CURRIER, AMMI                POTSDAM                       NY-45-2-427
CURRIER, JANE                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-43-705
CURRIER, MATILDA             POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-361
CURRIER, SALMON              POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-225
CURRY, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-37-495
CURTIS, ANDREW J.            DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-5-199
CURTIS, ANN                  STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-33-385
CURTIS, ASAHEL C.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-15-341
CURTIS, DARIUS N.            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-35-117
CURTIS, EBER H.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-445
CURTIS, EMELINE C.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-795
CURTIS, GATES                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-28-519
CURTIS, HENRY                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-483
CURTIS, JONATHAN             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-6-109
CURTIS, LOMIRA M.            BRASHER                       NY-45-43-625
CURTIS, NEWTON MARTIN        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-317
CURTIS, PHEBE                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-14-605
CURTIS, SAMUEL               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-4-504
CURTIS, SARAH                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-35-121
CUSHING, EDWARD              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-35-401
CUSHMAN, CARLYLE J.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-247
CUSHMAN, MYRON               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-653
CUSHMAN, SUSAN               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-455
CUSHMAN, TALCOTT H.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-217
CUTHBERT, CATHRINE           HAMMOND                       NY-45-16-477
CUTHBERT, MARGARET           HAMMOND                       NY-45-38-543
CUTHBERT, WILLIAM            HAMMOND                       NY-45-31-429
CUTLER, ASAHEL               MASSENA                       NY-45-5-43
CUTLER, OSCAR W.             MADRID                        NY-45-18-173
CUTTING, CHARLES H.          PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-39-479
DAILEY, ADOLPHUS F.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-441
DAILEY, BENJAMIN             POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-25
DAILEY, BENJAMIN C.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-269
DAILEY, HENRY                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-29
DAILEY, JAMES                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-153
DAILEY, JOHN                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-5-421
DAILEY, SURL                 MADRID                        NY-45-22-197
DAILEY, THOMAS               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-429
DAILY, WILLIAM               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-19-21
DAIN, MARY                   HERMON                        NY-45-35-637
DAIN, THOMAS                 HERMON                        NY-45-35-633
DAINS, SMITH                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-15
DAKE, SHADRACH               MACOMB                        NY-45-44-585
DALRYMPLE, DAVID             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-12-677
DALTON, THOMAS               MADRID                        NY-45-4-662
DALTON, WALTER               CANTON                        NY-45-34-149
DALY (DAILY), DENNIS         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-32-113
DALY, CORNELIUS              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-473
DALY, DENNIS                 LISBON                        NY-45-13-282
DALY, JOHN                   CANTON                        NY-45-9-553
DALY, WILLIAM P.             MASSENA                       NY-45-46-373
DANA, FANNIE                 MASSENA                       NY-45-41-49
DANA, IRA M.                 RUSSELL                       NY-45-38-547
DANA, LUCIUS A.              MASSENA                       NY-45-41-317
DANA, RUTH                   RUSSELL                       NY-45-39-451
DANDY, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-24-161
DANDY, JOHN R.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-165
DANFORD, CAROLINE            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-40-465
DANIELS, LEWIS W.            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-17-677
DANIELS, ORVILLE             HAMMOND                       NY-45-25-123
DANIELS, WILLIAM H.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-631
DARAWAY, MICHAEL             DEKALB                        NY-45-42-201
DARDIS, JAMES D.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-153
DARDIS, THOMAS               CANTON                        NY-45-6-531
DARDIS, THOMAS               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-409
DARLING, WILLIAM             POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-41
DARM, JOHN I.                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-1-134
DARROW, ALSON                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-35-101
DART, DANIEL                 FINE                          NY-45-48-585
DART, HARRIET S.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-595
DART, LYMAN                  MACOMB                        NY-45-46-53
DART, SIMEON                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-219
DART, STEPHEN                HERMON                        NY-45-8-375
DART, WILLIAM A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-603
DAVENPORT, AUSTIN            DEKALB                        NY-45-29-415
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM            FOWLER                        NY-45-7-285
DAVIES, HELEN                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-137
DAVIES, JOHN                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-709
DAVIES, THOMAS A.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-28-323
DAVIES, THOMAS B.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-25
DAVIES, THOMAS JOHN          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-3-54
DAVIS, ABRAM                 MACOMB                        NY-45-14-493
DAVIS, ABSALOM               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-24-309
DAVIS, ADAM                  MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-25-447
DAVIS, ARTHUR                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-213
DAVIS, BRIDGET               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-553
DAVIS, FRANK W.              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-27-395
DAVIS, HANNAH                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-29-259
DAVIS, HANNAH D.             FOWLER                        NY-45-14-157
DAVIS, HENRIETTA H.          BRASHER                       NY-45-39-191
DAVIS, HOLLIE                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-675
DAVIS, JACOB R.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-113
DAVIS, JEREMIAH              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-609
DAVIS, JESSE                 CANTON                        NY-45-9-293
DAVIS, JOHN                  CANTON                        NY-45-11-733
DAVIS, JOSEPH                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-43-341
DAVIS, PHILO A.              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-39-91
DAVIS, ROXANA                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-40-477
DAVIS, SAMUEL W.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-39-651
DAVIS, SIDNEY                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-549
DAVISON, ELIEL               CANTON                        NY-45-1-25
DAWLEY, GEORGE               MISHICOTT, MANITOWOC, WI      NY-45-20-240
DAWLEY, WILLIAM              LISBON                        NY-45-25-503
DAWSON, CHARLES H.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-48-317
DAWSON, ELIZA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-169
DAWSON, HENRY                MADRID                        NY-45-14-129
DAWSON, THOMAS               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-457
DAY, ALFRED                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-183
DAY, CATHERINE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-89
DAY, CHESTER                 COLTON                        NY-45-38-115
DAY, CYRUS                   MASSENA                       NY-45-34-405
DAY, DAVID                   DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-20-430
DAY, DWIGHT                  CANTON                        NY-45-12-681
DAY, ELIT                    SEE: DAY, ELIT                NY-45-49-421
DAY, IRA                     LISBON                        NY-45-15-545
DAY, J. ELIT                 LISBON                        NY-45-49-421
DAY, JOANNA                  LISBON                        NY-45-30-11
DAY, JOHN                    HERMON                        NY-45-18-765
DAY, LINUS R.                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-18-369
DAY, LUCINDA                 DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-25-187
DAY, LYMAN                   LAWRENCE                      NY-45-19-409
DAY, MARY                    OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-40-173
DAY, NOBLE                   HOPKINTON                     NY-45-9-97
DAY, RODNEY                  DEKALB                        NY-45-45-173
DAY, RUSSELL                 LAWRENCE                      NY-45-29-339
DAY, SIMEON P.               HERMON                        NY-45-37-23
DAY, WARREN                  LAWRENCE                      NY-45-15-29
DAY, WEBSTER D.              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-23-453
DAYTON, CATHEIRNE J.         MADRID                        NY-45-40-209
DAYTON, CATHERINE            POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-511
DAYTON, ELI W.               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-42-273
DAYTON, JOHNSON W.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-217
DEAN, AMOS H.                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-41-341
DEAN, ANTHONY                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-40-13
DEAN, JANE                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-425
DEAN, JANE L.                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-253
DEAN, JOHN STANLEY           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-417
DEAN, LORENZO D.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-42-517
DEAN, ORISON                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-185
DEANE, HENRY C.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-357
DEANS, ISABELLA E.           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-43-641
DECKER, GEORGE M.            HAMMOND                       NY-45-49-469
DEFORE, MALINDA              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-23-125
DeLACK, LOUIS                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-339
DeLACK, MICHAEL              POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-379
DELACK, HANNAH               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-215
DELANCE, DELEVAN             CANTON                        NY-45-31-589
DELANCE, ELIZA N.            CANTON                        NY-45-42-617
DELAND, DAVID                PITCAIRN                      NY-45-14-421
DELANEY, BRIDGET             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-43-125
DELANEY, JOHN                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-377
DELANEY, JULIA               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-42-433
DELANEY, THOMAS              MASSENA                       NY-45-35-245
DELANO, JANE H.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-32-313
DELANY, JOHN                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-85
DELANY, JOSEPH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-371
DELANY, MARTIN               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-2-414
DELEAL, SOPHIA               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-15-709
DELLENBACK, JONAS            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-2-331
DELOIS, LOUIS                MASSENA                       NY-45-4-28
DELONG, EBENEZER             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-16-569
DELONG, FRANCIS              HAMMOND                       NY-45-33-345
DELONG, HATTIE M.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-46-517
DELONG, ISAAC                HAMMOND                       NY-45-17-717
DELONG, JOHN W.              HAMMOND                       NY-45-45-545
DELOSH, DAVID                MASSENA                       NY-45-38-343
DEMANGEE, CLEMENT            PITCAIRN                      NY-45-42-117
DEMICK, ANN                  HAMMOND                       NY-45-15-129
DEMICK, TRUMAN               HAMMOND                       NY-45-21-571
DEMING, HENRY T.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-673
DEMING, OREN S.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-146
DEMMON, CHARLES E.           HERMON                        NY-45-48-245
DEMOTT, ISAAC                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-23-321
DEMPSEY, MARY                CANTON                        NY-45-24-357
DENEEN, DANIEL               LISBON                        NY-45-4-455
DENISON, ELISHA M.           MASSENA                       NY-45-27-571
DENISON, EMMA A.             MASSENA                       NY-45-35-541
DENISON, MINET               CANTON                        NY-45-10-278
DENNER, HENRY                HAMMOND                       NY-45-42-557
DENNEY, JULIUS               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-121
DENNING, JAMES               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-22-737
DENNIS, GEORGE               MADRID                        NY-45-37-287
DENNY, JOSEPH                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-597
DENNY, JOSEPH                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-177
DENNY, MARCLEINE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-267
DERBY, ANN D.                RUSSELL                       NY-45-26-531
DERBY, CALESTIA A.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-241
DERBY, CORDELIA C.           CANTON                        NY-45-16-257
DERBY, HIRY                  RUSSELL                       NY-45-19-77
DERBY, MARTHA                MASSENA                       NY-45-18-41
DEROCHIE, EDWARD             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-293
DEROSIA, CHARLES             MASSENA                       NY-45-43-325
DEROSIE, CHARLES             MASSENA                       NY-45-17-381
DERRY, JOHN                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-301
DESMOND, ELLEN               BRASHER                       NY-45-35-685
DESMOND, JOHANNA             BRASHER                       NY-45-8-425
DESMOND, JOHN                BRASHER                       NY-45-27-595
DETRO, JOHN C.               EDWARDS                       NY-45-29-607
DEUEL, ELEAZER               CANTON                        NY-45-42-577
DEUEL, FRANK                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-44-437
DEVILLERS, LEWIS             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-1-420
DEVINNE, MARY M.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-245
DEVLIN, JOHN                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-45-277
DEVOY, WILLIAM               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-461
DEWEY, ADA I.                MASSENA                       NY-45-45-105
DEWEY, ALBERT                POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-381
DEWEY, ELEZER                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-73
DEWEY, ELIAS                 CANTON                        NY-45-22-297
DEWEY, ELIZA                 CANTON                        NY-45-34-213
DEWEY, FRANCIS               DEKALB                        NY-45-26-259
DEWEY, HARRY J.              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-40-17
DEWEY, JAMES A.              MASSENA                       NY-45-31-361
DEWEY, JANE M.               CANTON                        NY-45-24-505
DEWEY, LOOMIS                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-357
DEWEY, LYMAN                 HERMON                        NY-45-31-165
DEWEY, MARTHA                MASSENA                       NY-45-29-739
DEWEY, PERMELIA P.           LAWRENCE                      NY-45-45-377
DEWIS, MARGERY               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-457
DEZELL, JAMES                LISBON                        NY-45-21-679
DEZELL, MARGARET             POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-131
DEZELL, SAMUEL               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-83
DEZELL, WILLIAM              LISBON                        NY-45-32-141
DICK, ALEXANDER M.           MASSENA                       NY-45-42-229
DICKINSON, DANIEL            CANTON                        NY-45-43-581
DICKINSON, GEORGE            LISBON                        NY-45-38-443
DICKINSON, THOMAS            CLINTON                       NY-45-14-201
DICKINSON, THOMAS            LISBON                        NY-45-37-487
DICKINSON, WILLIAM           LISBON                        NY-45-9-77
DICKSON, ABIGAIL L.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-317
DICKSON, JOHN                ROSSIE                        NY-45-17-513
DIES, ALEXANDER              CANTON                        NY-45-23-21
DIGNAN, WILLIAM              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-48-369
DIKE, ALONZO                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-41-193
DIKE, CHANDLER E.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-16-593
DIKE, DIANTHA B.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-26-551
DIKE, PARTHENA               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-47-369
DIKE, WARREN                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-305
DILCOX, GEORGE H.            LISBON                        NY-45-48-269
DILLINGHAM, GEORGE A.        LISBON                        NY-45-19-653
DILLINGHAM, MARY PROCTOR     OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-265
DILLINGHAM, SIMEON           LISBON                        NY-45-19-685
DIMICK, EBENEZER N.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-4-451
DIMICK, JOHN F.              BRASHER                       NY-45-11-665
DIMICK, JOHN P.              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-7-130
DIMICK, LEWIS W.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-17-9
DINGS, SAMUEL                LISBON                        NY-45-21-13
DISHAW, DAVID                POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-493
DISHAW, FRANCIS              MASSENA                       NY-45-23-13
DISHAW, JOHN                 NORFOLK                       NY-45-23-325
DISHAW, JOSEPH               CANTON                        NY-45-41-405
DISHAW, LEVI                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-493
DIVINEY, JOHN                DEKALB                        NY-45-18-13
DIXON, ADAM                  DEKALB                        NY-45-43-401
DIXON, DAVID R.              MASSENA                       NY-45-37-187
DIXON, ELIZA                 LISBON                        NY-45-43-61
DIXON, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-11-121
DIXON, JAMES                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-621
DIXON, JAMES M.              LISBON                        NY-45-23-629
DIXON, MARY L.               MADRID                        NY-45-27-299
DIXON, REBECCA               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-77
DIXON, THOMAS                LISBON                        NY-45-14-137
DIXON, WILLIAM               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-639
DIXON, WILLIAM C.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-163
DOANE, ASENATH               DEKALB                        NY-45-14-557
DOANE, CHAUNCEY              DEKALB                        NY-45-6-267
DOANE, CHAUNCEY              DEKALB                        NY-45-23-145
DODDS, ANDREW                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-255
DODDS, ANNE ODDY             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-29-499
DODDS, JOHN                  FOWLER                        NY-45-7-243
DODDS, MICHAEL G.            RUSSELL                       NY-45-26-631
DODDS, ROBERT                HAMMOND                       NY-45-12-813
DODDS, WILLIAM G.            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-11-381
DODGE, EDWIN                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-525
DODGE, EDWIN G.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-20-294
DODGE, ELI                   MASSENA                       NY-45-20-775
DODGE, ELIZABETH             MASSENA                       NY-45-34-501
DODGE, JAMES B.              MASSENA                       NY-45-41-161
DODGE, JANE N.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-149
DODGE, JEREMIAH              MASSENA                       NY-45-12-437
DODGE, JERUSHA L.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-429
DODGE, LEVI R.               MASSENA                       NY-45-23-349
DODGE, LOIS P.               MASSENA                       NY-45-31-197
DODGE, MARIA                 FOWLER                        NY-45-18-669
DODGE, WILLIAM               MASSENA                       NY-45-22-369
DODGE, WILLIAM H.            HERMON                        NY-45-22-629
DODGE, WILLIAM R.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-33-81
DODS, ALEXANDER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-215
DODS, ALEXANDER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-499
DODS, ELMINA L.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-527
DOLLAR, ROBERT H.            LISBON                        NY-45-31-653
DOLLAR, WILLIAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-693
DOLLISON, ESTHER             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-2-458
DOMING, FANNIE E.            MASSENA                       NY-45-47-173
DOMINY, LEVI S.              MASSENA                       NY-45-35-293
DONA, REMI                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-369
DONAGHUE, ASA F.             MASSENA                       NY-45-39-287
DONAHOE, BRIDGET             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-5-7
DONAHUE, CHARLES             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-97
DONAHUE, DANIEL              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-14-497
DONAHUE, DANIEL              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-503
DONAHUE, JOSEPH              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-365
DONAHUE, MICHAEL E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-177
DONALD, JAMES E.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-49-513
DONALD, JOHN                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-23-93
DONALDSON, ELLEN             LISBON                        NY-45-48-643
DONIHEE, JAMES A.            CANTON                        NY-45-47-129
DONNELLY, ELIZABETH          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-495
DONNELLY, JOHN               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-48-9
DONNELLY, JOHN               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-261
DONNELLY, MARY J.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-663
DONNELLY, NANCY              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-14-505
DONNELLY, PATRICK            ROSSIE                        NY-45-34-381
DONOVAN, DENNIS              BRASHER                       NY-45-32-565
DONOVAN, JOHN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-46-597
DONOVAN, MARGARET            CANTON                        NY-45-27-411
DONOVAN, PATRICK             POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-245
DOOLITTLE, ANSEL             CANTON                        NY-45-1-40
DOOLITTLE, ANSIL             RUSSELL                       NY-45-20-668
DOOLITTLE, EMELINE           CANTON                        NY-45-48-33
DOOLITTLE, FANNY M.          RUSSELL                       NY-45-22-1
DORAN, JANE                  MADRID                        NY-45-27-727
DORAN, LEONARD               MADRID                        NY-45-11-193
DORAN, SAMUEL                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-14-13
DORAN, WILLIAM               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-261
DOREN, JEREMIAH              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-277
DOREN, RACHEL                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-12-325
DORGAN, THOMAS               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-39-531
DORGAN, WILLIAM              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-293
DORITY, JOHN                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-19-245
DORMAN, JOSEPH               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-21-57
DOROTHY, BETSY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-745
DOROTHY, JOHN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-233
DOROTHY, JOSEPH H.           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-14-473
DOROTHY, WILLARD G.          PIERREPONT                    NY-45-47-393
DOTY, BENONI F.              RENSSELAER FALLS              NY-45-14-501
DOTY, MARIA                  LISBON                        NY-45-7-31
DOUD, HORACE                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-19-289
DOUD, MARTIN                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-21-751
DOUD, MARY                   LISBON                        NY-45-42-265
DOUD, PATRICK                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-213
DOUD, PATRICK                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-587
DOUD, ROYAL W.               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-203
DOUD, THOMAS                 LISBON                        NY-45-23-133
DOUGHERITY, ELIZABETH        ROSSIE                        NY-45-19-265
DOUGHERTY, JOHN              HAMMOND                       NY-45-30-543
DOUGLAS, EDWARD N.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-649
DOUGLAS, HENRY A.            MASSENA                       NY-45-30-591
DOUGLAS, MARTHA J.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-29-395
DOUGLASS, DEWITT C.          MADRID                        NY-45-35-113
DOUGLASS, GOERGE M.          MADRID                        NY-45-25-763
DOUGLASS, JAMES              POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-78
DOUGLASS, JAMES              MADRID                        NY-45-35-29
DOUGLASS, JONATHAN           POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-211
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH             HERMON                        NY-45-12-249
DOUGLASS, MARK               LISBON                        NY-45-3-184
DOUGLASS, NATHAN H.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-12-105
DOUGLASS, PATTY              MADRID                        NY-45-15-285
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM            NORFOLK                       NY-45-36-467
DOVE, CHARLES                POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-685
DOW, ALICE                   STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-30-27
DOW, BELL M.                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-655
DOW, ORRIN A.                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-31-605
DOWNER, WILLIAM              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-22-585
DOWNEY, JOSEPH               FOWLER                        NY-45-22-581
DOWNING, HENRY H.            DEKALB                        NY-45-39-311
DOWNING, LUCIA A.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-11-693
DOYLE, BRIDGET               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-529
DOYLE, CATHERINE             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-161
DOYLE, EDWARD                ROSSIE                        NY-45-43-493
DOYLE, FRANCES A.            MADRID                        NY-45-44-369
DOYLE, JAMES S.              LISBON                        NY-45-29-591
DOYLE, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-14-285
DOYLE, KATE                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-505
DOYLE, LAWRENCE              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-39-71
DOYLE, MARGARET              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-10-513
DOYLE, MARY E.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-509
DOYLE, MICHAEL               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-101
DOYLE, MICHAEL               CANTON                        NY-45-13-305
DOYLE, TIMOTHY               COLTON                        NY-45-35-221
DRAFFIN, DAVID               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-21-527
DRAKE, CALEB                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-287
DRAKE, CAROLINE              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-57
DRAKE, DAVID B.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-141
DRAKE, FRANK W.              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-25
DRAKE, WILLIAM F.            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-39-135
DRAPER, GEORGE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-453
DRAPER, ISRAEL C.            COLTON                        NY-45-15-249
DRAPER, MARANDA M.           COLTON                        NY-45-18-421
DREW, MICHAEL                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-7-276
DRISCOLL, MICHAEL            POTSDAM                       NY-45-22-37
DRISCOLL, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-30-35
DRUMMOND, WILLIAM            HAMMOND                       NY-45-34-397
DRURY, ALBERT F.             CANTON                        NY-45-39-547
DRURY, CHARLES H.            CANTON                        NY-45-48-353
DRURY, DANIEL                ROSSIE                        NY-45-32-165
DRURY, MARIA D.              ROSSIE                        NY-45-47-601
DRURY, SOPHRONIA P.          CANTON                        NY-45-39-715
DUBOIS, CHARLES              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-367
DUBOIS, JOSEPH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-42-413
DUBOIS, JOSEPH E.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-233
DUDLEY, ROBERT               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-345
DUDY, DAVID                  BRASHER                       NY-45-38-231
DUDY, OBADIAH                MACOMB                        NY-45-16-549
DUFFIE, EDWARD               LISBON                        NY-45-16-449
DUFFY, ANNA C.               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-31-393
DUFFY, JAMES                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-11-117
DUFFY, JOHN                  PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-487
DUFFY, MARGARET              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-259
DUFFY, MARY                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-46-457
DUFFY, MICHAEL               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-26-3
DUFFY, MICHAEL               LISBON                        NY-45-12-625
DUGGAN, MICHAEL              ROSSIE                        NY-45-33-529
DUGGON, RICHARD              ROSSIE                        NY-45-21-97
DUKETT, JOSEPH               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-40-289
DULACK, MICHAEL              EDWARDS                       NY-45-44-13
DULLEA, CATHERINE            BRASHER                       NY-45-34-393
DULLEA, JAMES                BRASHER                       NY-45-39-275
DULLEA, JOHN                 LAWRENCE                      NY-45-23-617
DUMMOND, JOHN                HAMMOND                       NY-45-14-37
DUMONCHEL, ALPHONSE EDWARD   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-49
DUNBAR, CHARLES M.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-31
DUNBAR, NATHAN S.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-9-133
DUNBAR, SARAH JANE           POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-173
DUNCKLEY, WILLIAM            POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-81
DUNDON, MARGARET             NORFOLK                       NY-45-40-217
DUNKELBERG, CHARLES C.       GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-409
DUNKELBURG, EMILY MAY        CANTON                        NY-45-37-79
DUNKINS, JOHN                ROSSIE                        NY-45-4-525
DUNN, CLARA J.               CANTON                        NY-45-16-641
DUNN, HARRY P.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-427
DUNN, JOHN                   WADDINGTON                    NY-45-15-85
DUNN, JOSEPH                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-25-739
DUNN, JULIA E.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-15-385
DUNN, MARIA N.               CANTON                        NY-45-36-203
DUNN, ROBERT                 RUSSELL                       NY-45-42-37
DUNPHY, ISABELL              DEKALB                        NY-45-33-69
DUNPHY, ISABELL              DEKALB                        NY-45-40-21
DUNTON, VOLNEY               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-24-329
DUPAROUX, LIZZIE E.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-265
DUPEE, FRANK                 LAWRENCE                      NY-45-27-267
DUPEL, ISRAEL                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-31-433
DUPERO, CHARLES              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-14-357
DUPONT, DAVID                ROSSIE                        NY-45-22-89
DUPONT, JOHN A.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-517
DURAN, ADELAIDE              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-607
DURFEY, LOVISA A.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-39-585
DURFY, JOSEPH B.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-35-469
DURHAM, ALEXANDER D.         FINE                          NY-45-35-625
DURRELL, ELIZABETH           POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-509
DUSTIN, DELOS                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-8-437
DUSTIN, DOLPHUS D.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-24-337
DUSTIN, MARY                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-16-93
DUTTON, BENJAMIN             MASSENA                       NY-45-4-361
DUTTON, BENJAMIN             MASSENA                       NY-45-6-145
DUTTON, REUBEN               MASSENA                       NY-45-14-1
DWYER, MATTHEW               POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-415
DYGERT, KELLER               HAMMOND                       NY-45-36-547
DYKE, HENRY M.               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-40-597
DZELL, ROBERT                LISBON                        NY-45-6-555
EAGEN, ANDREW                LISBON                        NY-45-22-109
EAGER, EMORY                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-13-156
EAKIN, PATRICK               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-29-67
EAKINS, PETER                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-17-385
EARL, BARBARA                MASSENA                       NY-45-12-169
EARL, ELIPHALET S.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-12-581
EARL, GARDNER                MASSENA                       NY-45-17-85
EARL, HENRY                  EDWARDS                       NY-45-34-489
EARL, WILLIAM                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-167
EARLS, SARAH                 CANTON                        NY-45-13-446
EASTMAN, ASA M.              CANTON                        NY-45-21-735
EASTMAN, CHARLES C.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-24-693
EASTMAN, GEORGE L.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-347
EASTMAN, JAMES O.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-19-285
EASTMAN, LEE                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-585
EASTMAN, ORVIN               CANTON                        NY-45-47-513
EASTMAN, ROSWELL H.          HOPKINTON                     NY-45-3-397
EASTMAN, SAMUEL              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-4-172
EASTMAN, SAMUEL              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-11-161
EASTMAN, SUSAN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-413
EASTON, JAMES D.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-379
EASTON, WILLIAM H.           MADRID                        NY-45-43-653
EATON, GEORGE                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-17
EATON, JOHN                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-1-45
ECKMANN, BERNHARD L.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-257
EDGAR, JOHN W.               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-42-609
EDGAR, WILLIAM               NEWPORT, NEWPORT, RI          NY-45-28-352
EDGELL, BENJAMIN             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-129
EDGERTON, RANSOM G.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-479
EDMUNDS, ALFRED A.           BRASHER                       NY-45-24-77
EDSALL, JOSEPH B.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-42-687
EDSELL, JOSEPH               MADRID                        NY-45-2-418
EEGAN, JOHN                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-1-329
EELS, CHARLES DWIGHT         PIERREPONT                    NY-45-48-573
EGAN, KATE                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-27-747
EGERT, AMOS S.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-20-305
EGERT, CHARLES P.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-8-81
EGERT, ELECTA S.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-683
EGERT, JACOB                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-809
EGERT, LOIS A.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-575
EGERT, WILLIAM A.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-619
EGGLESON, SAMUEL             RUSSELL                       NY-45-17-237
EGGLESTON, JOEL              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-557
EGGLESTON, LEONARD           POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-267
EHLE, JOHN                   MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-4-319
EHLE, REUBEN                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-25-311
EKEY, JOHN                   OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-12-765
ELDERKIN, FANNY              POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-463
ELDERKIN, NOBLE S.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-657
ELDERKIN, NOBLE S.           CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-45-28-439
ELDRIDGE, GEORGE W.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-6-61
ELDRIDGE, JULIA L.           BRASHER                       NY-45-41-189
ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM            BRASHER                       NY-45-30-131
ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM A.         CANTON                        NY-45-14-329
ELLINWOOD, HENRY             REDWOOD, JEFFERSON, NY        NY-45-11-241
ELLIOT, CADY                 FOWLER                        NY-45-5-487
ELLIOTT, ADAM                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-25-707
ELLIOTT, ANN RUTHERFORD      OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-385
ELLIOTT, HENRIETTA           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-405
ELLIOTT, MICHAEL             POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-205
ELLIOTT, WALTER A.           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-30-363
ELLIOTT, WALTER E.           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-38-171
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-33-683
ELLIS, ARCHIE K.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-45-617
ELLIS, BETSEY                POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-485
ELLIS, CARLTON               POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-521
ELLIS, FRED W.               COLTON                        NY-45-19-697
ELLIS, FREEMAN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-336
ELLIS, GIDEON                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-25-147
ELLIS, ISAAC                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-1-439
ELLIS, JAMES S.              COLTON                        NY-45-11-305
ELLIS, SABRINA               POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-201
ELLIS, SYLVANUS              POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-293
ELLIS, ZIBA                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-501
ELLISON, JANE                POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-229
ELLISON, LEONARD             POTSDAM                       NY-45-13-152
ELLISON, WILLIAM             CANTON                        NY-45-17-41
ELLITHORPE, WILLIAM          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-16-801
ELLS, ORVIS                  RUSSELL                       NY-45-44-337
ELLSWORTH, MARY MINOR        CANTON                        NY-45-49-649
ELLSWORTH, RICHARD B.        CANTON                        NY-45-28-34
ELLWOOD, ELIAS J.            CANTON                        NY-45-47-453
ELLWOOD, GEORGE P.           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-43-153
ELLWOOD, MARIA               COLUMBIA, BOONE, MO           NY-45-28-733
ELLWOOD, OLIVE B.            CANTON                        NY-45-29-51
ELMORE, CLOTILDA             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-329
EMERSON, HENRY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-273
EMERSON, JULIA               CANTON                        NY-45-25-431
EMERSON, SALLY               POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-537
EMERSON, SAMUEL              POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-397
EMERY, FRANCIS               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-23-149
EMMET, CORNELIA LE ROY       BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA           NY-45-28-342
ENDERSBEE, JOSEPH A.         CANTON                        NY-45-49-309
ENOS, GRISWOLD               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-8-259
ENRIGHT, MARY                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-343
ENSLOW, CLARISSA             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-21-451
ERWIN, GEORGE Z.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-547
ERWIN, JOHN                  MADRID                        NY-45-21-89
ERWIN, LUCIA L.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-193
ERWIN, MARY                  CANTON                        NY-45-37-687
ERWIN, NACIN                 LISBON                        NY-45-12-473
ERWIN, SAMUEL E.             CANTON                        NY-45-45-41
ERWIN, SARAH                 CANTON                        NY-45-35-165
ESTES, ABIGAIL L.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-22-665
ETHRIDGE, BENJAMIN           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-273
ETHRIDGE, MARY               DEKALB                        NY-45-17-781
EUSTIS, MARGARET             HAMMOND                       NY-45-31-377
EUSTIS, TOBIAS               HAMMOND                       NY-45-23-9
EVANS, DELIA                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-49-673
EVANS, GEORGE                HERMON                        NY-45-45-149
EVANS, IRA                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-173
EVARTS, MATILDA              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-529
EVEREST, SARAH               CANTON                        NY-45-28-112
EVERETT, CYRUS G.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-193
EVERETT, FRANK E.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-659
EVERETT, GEORGE              POTSDAM                       NY-45-39-359
EVERETT, LUTHER              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-20-621
EWINGS, ORA                  PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-22-317
EWMERSON, SUSAN              MADRID                        NY-45-21-17
EXOFRD, MARY                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-27-731
EYSAMAN, JACOB               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-673
EYSAMAN, JAMES               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-37-299

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