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HACKETT, ALVIN               MASSENA                       NY-45-44-545
HACKETT, IRA                 MASSENA                       NY-45-24-665
HACKETT, J. EDWARD           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-49-401
HACKETT, JULIA               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-233
HACKETT, SYLVINIA            MASSENA                       NY-45-27-171
HACKLEY, HENRY               LISBON                        NY-45-4-428
HACKSTAFF, RICHARD B.        LAWRENCE                      NY-45-23-513
HADD, MARTHA                 MADRID                        NY-45-42-77
HADLEY, ANDREW               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-14-681
HAGEBOOM, SARAH E.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-42-361
HAGGART, DANIEL              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-440
HAGGART, GILBERT             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-3-412
HAGGART, PETER               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-4-294
HAGGART, ROBERT              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-45-665
HAGGART, SARAH               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-17-537
HAGGARTY, JOHN               MADRID                        NY-45-12-749
HAGGARTY, PATRICK            POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-329
HAGGETT, HELEN R.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-38-327
HAIG, ANDREW                 MADRID                        NY-45-49-525
HAIG, JOHN                   LISBON                        NY-45-27-39
HAIG, JOHN                   MADRID                        NY-45-12-245
HAIG, NANCY                  LISBON                        NY-45-27-43
HAILE, FERDINAND             DEKALB                        NY-45-42-553
HAILE, JAMES                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-273
HAILE, LOUIS J.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-785
HAKINS, ALBERT B.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-32-9
HAKINS, ELLEN E.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-44-169
HALE, ELIAS                  CANTON                        NY-45-49-589
HALE, IRA                    STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-16-133
HALE, JOHNATHAN              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-5-55
HALE, JONATHAN A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-513
HALE, OSCAR H.               NORFOLK                       NY-45-41-521
HALE, SAVAHETTE R.           HERMON                        NY-45-49-253
HALEY, ANNE                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-21-235
HALEY, JAMES                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-413
HALEY, LEDYARD               CANTON                        NY-45-11-21
HALL, ABEL A.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-105
HALL, AGNES E.               MDRID                         NY-45-45-517
HALL, ALONZO H.              MADRID                        NY-45-18-741
HALL, AMOS                   RUSSELL                       NY-45-15-649
HALL, ANSON                  MADRID                        NY-45-9-229
HALL, BARBARY                PITCAIRN                      NY-45-7-251
HALL, BARNABAS               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-433
HALL, BENJAMIN               DEKALB                        NY-45-9-185
HALL, BENJAMIN               PITCAIRN                      NY-45-6-363
HALL, CAROLINE M.            BRASHER                       NY-45-46-353
HALL, CATHERINE H.           NORFOLK                       NY-45-7-192
HALL, CHARLES D.             HERMON                        NY-45-43-425
HALL, EDWARD                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-589
HALL, ELLEN                  BRASHER                       NY-45-47-293
HALL, ELLEN C.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-277
HALL, EMMA SLOAN             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-93
HALL, ERASTUS                NORFOLK                       NY-45-10-175
HALL, GEORGE F.              BRASHER                       NY-45-29-399
HALL, GEORGE W.              FOWLER                        NY-45-31-585
HALL, GILES J.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-247
HALL, HEZEKIAH B.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-155
HALL, JAMES                  BRASHER                       NY-45-13-473
HALL, JOHN                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-51
HALL, JOHN                   BRASHER                       NY-45-41-687
HALL, JOHN A.                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-44-197
HALL, JOHN D.                MADRID                        NY-45-24-569
HALL, JOSEPH                 MASSENA                       NY-45-37-167
HALL, MARY ANN               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-36-191
HALL, MARY M.                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-433
HALL, MINORD                 DEKALB                        NY-45-19-789
HALL, NANCY                  EDWARDS                       NY-45-21-407
HALL, ORPHA M.               MADRID                        NY-45-33-633
HALL, RALPH                  MACOMB                        NY-45-21-699
HALL, RANSLOW M.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-423
HALL, ROBERT                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-11-709
HALL, SARAH L.               BRASHER                       NY-45-29-435
HALL, WALTER W.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-377
HALL, WILLIAM                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-263
HALL, WILLIAM                ROSSIE                        NY-45-43-209
HALL, WILLIAM H.             MADRID                        NY-45-46-245
HALLEGAS, CHARLES A.         DEKALB                        NY-45-48-565
HALLEM, MARY                 CANTON                        NY-45-27-467
HALLEN, JAMES W.             CANTON                        NY-45-24-633
HALLIGAN, JAMES              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-353
HALPIN, JOHN                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-39-459
HAMBLIN, FREDERICK W.        PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-29-79
HAMBLIN, HIRAM               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-12-309
HAMBLIN, JOHN I.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-189
HAMBLIN, NAOMI               NORFOLK                       NY-45-6-291
HAMELIN, JOSEPH A.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-27-459
HAMILL, ARTHUR               MASSENA                       NY-45-33-433
HAMILL, ROSETTE              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-20-456
HAMILTON, ARTEMAS            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-32-49
HAMILTON, BENJAMIN F.        POTSDAM                       NY-45-7-387
HAMILTON, CATHERINE          NORFOLK                       NY-45-42-653
HAMILTON, ELLA E.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-209
HAMILTON, IRVINE W.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-48-13
HAMILTON, ISAAC              RUSSELL                       NY-45-9-249
HAMILTON, JOHN E.            MASSENA                       NY-45-45-285
HAMILTON, SIDNEY E.          RUSSELL                       NY-45-43-149
HAMILTON, THOMAS             NORFOLK                       NY-45-36-487
HAMILTON, WELLINGTON E.      STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-46-109
HAMILTON, WILLIAM B.         RUSSELL                       NY-45-35-417
HAMILTON, WILLIAM E.         MASSENA                       NY-45-34-105
HAMLIN, AUGUSTA G.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-295
HAMLIN, CAROLINE             HERMON                        NY-45-35-169
HAMLIN, GEORGE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-173
HAMLIN, MARIA E.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-15-177
HAMLIN, MARY E.              HERMON                        NY-45-49-541
HAMLIN, SABRINA              POTSDAM                       NY-45-10-365
HAMLIN, STPEHEN S.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-489
HAMMILL, FELIX               BRASHER                       NY-45-14-469
HAMMILL, JOHN                BRASHER                       NY-45-16-697
HAMMILL, MARY JANE           LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-25-451
HAMMOND, FANNIE J.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-101
HAMMOND, NELSON              CANTON                        NY-45-16-745
HAMMOND, RHODA               POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-160
HAMPTON, ELLEN               MASSENA                       NY-45-43-441
HANCOCK, CHARLES             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-17-621
HAND, JOHN                   CANTON                        NY-45-33-477
HANDLEY, BRIDGET             POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-675
HANDLOW, PETER               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-30-63
HANLON, PATRICK A.           LISBON                        NY-45-45-485
HANNA, ADAMS                 LISBON                        NY-45-8-251
HANNA, ALEXANDER             LISBON                        NY-45-41-647
HANNA, DAVID                 LISBON                        NY-45-1-254
HANNA, ELIZABETH             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-439
HANNA, ISABELLA F.           LISBON                        NY-45-27-547
HANNA, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-15-801
HANNA, JANE                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-769
HANNA, MARGARET              LISBON                        NY-45-16-609
HANNA, MARY A.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-41
HANNA, SAMUEL                LISBON                        NY-45-25-107
HANNAN, BRIDGET              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-103
HANNAN, JOHN                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-655
HANNUM, LUCY B.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-23
HANSCOM, ADDIE               MASSENA                       NY-45-35-413
HANTON, JOHN                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-349
HARD, BETSEY                 MACOMB                        NY-45-16-69
HARDER, MICHAEL              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-280
HARDER, PETER                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-2-91
HARDIE, JAMES                CANTON                        NY-45-32-521
HARDY, ELLEN                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-647
HARDY, HARRY H.              DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-22-225
HARDY, HETTY                 DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-45-289
HARE, MARY                   PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-46-297
HARGRAVE, JAMES              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-32-73
HARGRAVE, MARGARET           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-19-657
HARGRAVE, MARGARET           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-41-389
HARGRAVE, RUTHER             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-16-625
HARGRAVE, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-37-387
HARIGAN, ELLEN               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-267
HARISON, FRANCES LUDLOW      OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-627
HARISON, RICHARD             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-375
HARISON, RICHARD F.          CANTON                        NY-45-17-165
HARISON, THOMAS L.           CANTON                        NY-45-33-513
HARLAND, HENRY               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-177
HARLAND, SOPHIA A.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-593
HARMAN, RICHARD              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-559
HARMER, HARRIET              MACOMB                        NY-45-30-163
HARMER, WILLIAM              RUSSELL                       NY-45-21-155
HARMON, CALVIN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-6-345
HARMON, CHARLES L.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-45-565
HARMON, CHARLES LUTHER       EDWARDS                       NY-45-47-665
HARMON, GAIUS N.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-269
HARPER, DAVID                CANTON                        NY-45-27-675
HARPER, DUANE                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-32-253
HARPER, GEORGE               LISBON                        NY-45-3-350
HARPER, GEORGE               LISBON                        NY-45-21-627
HARPER, GEORGE               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-41-629
HARPER, JAMES                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-421
HARPER, JAMES J.             LISBON                        NY-45-36-527
HARPER, JOHN                 LISBON                        NY-45-17-521
HARPER, MILO C.              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-47
HARPER, PATRICK              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-30-211
HARPER, ROBERT               LISBON                        NY-45-5-235
HARPER, ROBERT               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-18-81
HARPER, THOMAS               LISBON                        NY-45-40-617
HARRIGAN, JOSEPH             DEKALB                        NY-45-15-397
HARRIGAN, PATRICK            CANTON                        NY-45-33-409
HARRIMAN, ABNER              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-15-733
HARRINGTON, CLARISSA         BRASHER                       NY-45-15-181
HARRINGTON, GEORGE L.        CANTON                        NY-45-47-21
HARRINGTON, HENRY            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-601
HARRINGTON, HORACE H.        CANTON                        NY-45-45-329
HARRINGTON, JOHN             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-345
HARRINGTON, JOHN             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-425
HARRIS, CASSANDANA P.        RUSSELL                       NY-45-42-401
HARRIS, CHARLES              FINE                          NY-45-39-267
HARRIS, DANIEL               MADRID                        NY-45-19-465
HARRIS, DANIEL               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-26-491
HARRIS, HENRY J.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-549
HARRIS, JANE W.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-39-695
HARRIS, TARPENA              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-521
HARRISON, ANNA M.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-101
HARRISON, HENRY L.           CANTON                        NY-45-21-355
HARRISON, JOHN C.            CANTON                        NY-45-16-333
HARRISON, SUSANNAH           MASSENA                       NY-45-30-655
HART, BERA                   PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-21-255
HART, GEORGE E.              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-9-49
HART, JULIUS H.              CANTON                        NY-45-25-95
HART, WALDO W.               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-34-457
HART, WILLIAM W.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-49-697
HARTFORD, DENNIS M.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-273
HARTLEY, WILLIAM M.          FOWLER                        NY-45-27-523
HARTLY, JENNETTE S.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-619
HARVEY, JOHN                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-21-121
HARVEY, LORINDA              MACOMB                        NY-45-44-141
HARVEY, NORMAN               COLTON                        NY-45-22-701
HARVEY, WILLIAM              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-645
HARVIE, MARY CORNELIA        HOPKINTON                     NY-45-29-83
HARWICK, JACOB               DEKALB                        NY-45-26-403
HASBRONCK, PHILIP A.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-10-333
HASBROUCK, CATHERINE B.      OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-25-743
HASBROUCK, ELIZABETH B.      OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-71
HASBROUCK, ELLEN M.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-10-559
HASBROUCK, EMELINE E.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-663
HASBROUCK, HARRIET LOUISE S. OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-481
HASBROUCK, JANE              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-565
HASBROUCK, LOUIS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-777
HASELTON, JEANETTE M.        HOPKINTON                     NY-45-44-165
HASFORD, LOUISA              RUSSELL                       NY-45-20-182
HASKELL, ABEL                MASSENA                       NY-45-41-605
HASKELL, BETSEY              OGDENSBURGH                   NY-45-13-257
HASKELL, CLARISSA            MADRID                        NY-45-5-355
HASKELL, MARY MAYME          CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-45-45-689
HASKELL, SOPHRONIA R.        HERMON                        NY-45-48-679
HASKINS, LUKE                DEKALB                        NY-45-26-103
HASKINS, LYDIA               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-711
HASKINS, NATHANIEL S.        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-14-377
HASTINGS, ALBERT S.          DEKALB                        NY-45-37-275
HASTINGS, FRANK              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-33-517
HASTINGS, GEORGE SAMUEL      OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-39-211
HASTINGS, GRATON M.          COLTON                        NY-45-10-530
HASTINGS, IRA                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-1-357
HASTINGS, JOSEPH             DEKALB                        NY-45-11-221
HASTINGS, KING               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-2-423
HASTINGS, OTIS               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-1-333
HASTINGS, STUART J.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-48-281
HATCH, CHRISTOPHER           POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-281
HATCH, JAMES                 COLTON                        NY-45-31-69
HATCH, TIMOTHY B.            HERMON                        NY-45-12-449
HATFIELD, ABRAHAM            MASSENA                       NY-45-14-593
HATHAWAY, GEORGE N.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-199
HATHAWAY, LAURA A.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-255
HATHORNE, MABEL D.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-97
HATHWAY, BENJAMIN O.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-457
HATLEY, CHARLES E.           LISBON                        NY-45-49-337
HAVEN, NEWELL                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-665
HAVENS, ALONZO               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-667
HAVENS, HORACE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-625
HAVENS, JOSEPH               EDWARDS                       NY-45-25-395
HAVENS, ROWLAND P.           CANTON                        NY-45-18-681
HAVENS, SAMUEL W.            MACOMB                        NY-45-39-543
HAVENS, SARAH                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-36-267
HAWKINS, CHARLES E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-389
HAWKINS, MARY                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-357
HAWKINS, PRUDENCE            POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-547
HAWKINS, WILLIAM             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-29-39
HAWKINS, WILLIAM M.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-465
HAWLEY, DANIEL S.            MADRID                        NY-45-24-597
HAWLEY, JESSIE B.            DEKALB                        NY-45-20-113
HAWLEY, OLIVE P.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-485
HAWLEY, TILNEP               POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-705
HAY, PETER                   OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-1
HAY, PETER JR.               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-3-10
HAYDEN, CORNELIA             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-97
HAYDEN, HENRIETTA            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-9
HAYDEN, JOHN                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-14-429
HAYES, ALEXANDER             DEKALB                        NY-45-26-303
HAYES, BRIDGET               CANTON                        NY-45-40-237
HAYES, ELLEN A.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-44-461
HAYES, JAMES 2ND             DEKALB                        NY-45-36-155
HAYES, MARGARET              DEKALB                        NY-45-39-563
HAYES, MARY                  DEKALB                        NY-45-37-447
HAYES, MICHAEL               LISBON                        NY-45-47-13
HAYES, ROBERT                DEKALB                        NY-45-48-21
HAYES, WILLIAM               DEKALB                        NY-45-21-295
HAYS, DANIEL                 COLTON                        NY-45-11-185
HAYS, JAMES W.               DEKALB                        NY-45-44-53
HAYS, PATRICK                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-12-45
HAYS, SOPHRONIA B.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-557
HAYWOOD, GEORGE              MASSENA                       NY-45-26-199
HAYWOOD, RYLAND F.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-347
HAZELTON, FIDELIA            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-325
HAZELTON, MARY C.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-581
HAZELTON, SARAH              FOWLER                        NY-45-17-89
HAZELTON, SARAH              FINE                          NY-45-39-51
HAZELTON, THOMAS J.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-693
HAZELTON, WILLIAM            FINE                          NY-45-29-179
HAZEN, ANN                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-663
HAZEN, JEDEDIAH              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-46-541
HAZEN, MARY ANN              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-34-1
HEADON, WILLIAM R.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-281
HEALEY, VERSAL               POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-539
HEALY, ELLIOTT B.            CANTON                        NY-45-17-357
HEALY, NETTIE S.             CANTON                        NY-45-38-23
HEALY, ROSALOO               HERMON                        NY-45-17-529
HEALY, SARAH E.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-24-141
HEATH, FREDERIC M.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-55
HEATLEY, JAMES               MADRID                        NY-45-3-265
HEATON, ELHAMAN W.           CANTON                        NY-45-9-85
HEATON, HENRY                NORFOLK                       NY-45-3-321
HEATON, IRA W.               CANTON                        NY-45-27-351
HEATON, J. C.                VICTORIA, VICTORIA, TX        NY-45-20-635
HEATON, LORENZO D.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-63
HEDDING, ALVIRA              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-529
HEDDING, HARLEY              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-14-353
HEFFERNAN, MICHAEL           CANTON                        NY-45-27-375
HEFFLEY, SARAH               CANTON                        NY-45-45-33
HELF, MATHIAS JR.            SEE: HELF, MATTHEW            NY-45-47-233
HELF, MATTHEW                CANTON                        NY-45-47-233
HELM, SANDS                  NORFOLK                       NY-45-10-572
HELMER, ABIEL E.             ROSSIE                        NY-45-22-333
HELMER, SARAH A.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-369
HEMENWAY, HARRIET            DEKALB                        NY-45-36-575
HEMENWAY, JOHN               CANTON                        NY-45-22-117
HEMENWAY, LEVI               DEKALB                        NY-45-6-327
HEMENWAY, MARINE             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-40-125
HENAGIN, GEORGE W.           LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-14-5
HENDERSON, ANDREW            HAMMOND                       NY-45-19-793
HENDERSON, CORDELIA M.       POTSDAM                       NY-45-34-549
HENDERSON, EDWARD            POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-41
HENDERSON, JAMES             CANTON                        NY-45-18-693
HENDERSON, JAMES             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-24-621
HENDERSON, JOHN              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-3-236
HENDERSON, NELLIE D.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-34-633
HENION, DANIEL               LISBON                        NY-45-5-97
HENRY, JAMES C.              LISBON                        NY-45-30-619
HEPBURN, ARTHUR T.           MADRID                        NY-45-34-145
HEPBURN, IDA LOUISE          COLTON                        NY-45-47-545
HERELEY, WILLIAM             BRASHER                       NY-45-27-483
HERING, LEWIS                LISBON                        NY-45-17-445
HERRICK, MARY A.             CARTHAGE, JASPER, MO          NY-45-29-687
HERRICK, MARY E.             CANTON                        NY-45-25-51
HERRICK, WILLIAM A.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-125
HERRIMAN, DULCENA            BRASHER                       NY-45-32-305
HERRIMAN, JOSEPH J.          CANTON                        NY-45-15-425
HERRIMAN, JOSHUA             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-7-247
HERRIMAN, LYMAN              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-9-393
HERRING, LEONARD             CANTON                        NY-45-4-594
HERSEY, JULIA B.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-47-309
HESSELGRAVE, ELIZABETH       POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-445
HESSELGRAVE, THOMAS          MADRID                        NY-45-6-585
HESSELGRAVE, WILLIAM         POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-361
HESTER, MICHAEL              COLTON                        NY-45-21-603
HEWITT, HENRY A.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-37-355
HEYDON, JOHN                 DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-4-540
HEYDORN, ADAM                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-697
HEYDORN, JOHN                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-3-488
HEYDORN, PETER               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-3-78
HICKEY, JOANNA               POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-337
HICKEY, JOHN T.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-569
HICKEY, THOMAS SR.           MASSENA                       NY-45-15-481
HICKOCK, HIRAM B.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-37-575
HICKS, JACOB                 PIERREPONT                    NY-45-2-119
HICKS, NORMAN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-39-579
HIER, JUSTUS                 CANTON                        NY-45-4-24
HIGGINS, RUFUS B.            RUSSELL                       NY-45-3-283
HIGLEY, FRANK J.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-287
HIGLEY, HATTIE E.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-405
HILL, ALEXANDER D.           KEEWATIN, ONTARIO             NY-45-34-617
HILL, ANN E.                 CANTON                        NY-45-18-229
HILL, CHARLES                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-3-290
HILL, DAVID                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-501
HILL, ELECTA                 FOWLER                        NY-45-30-115
HILL, EMILY                  ROSSIE                        NY-45-26-543
HILL, JAMES                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-11-541
HILL, JANE                   MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-42-449
HILL, JOHN                   MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-16-813
HILL, JOHN                   LISBON                        NY-45-13-468
HILL, JOHN R.                DEKALB                        NY-45-47-413
HILL, LESTER K.              RUSSELL                       NY-45-12-181
HILL, MARY                   MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-541
HILL, MOSES                  CANTON                        NY-45-19-709
HILL, ROBERT                 LISBON                        NY-45-13-521
HILL, THOMAS                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-4-486
HILL, WILLIAM                RUSSELL                       NY-45-11-657
HILL, WILLIAM                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-615
HILL, WILLIAM S.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-45-13
HILLIARD, HUDSON F.          HOPKINTON                     NY-45-48-105
HILLS, DANIEL                HERMON                        NY-45-23-653
HILLS, FRANCIS               FOWLER                        NY-45-30-103
HILLS, HELEN M.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-32-221
HILLS, JESSE                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-291
HILTON, GEORGE               EDWARDS                       NY-45-11-153
HILTS, CHARLES A.            FOWLER                        NY-45-40-149
HILTS, GEORGE G.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-317
HILTS, MARY S.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-183
HILTS, WILLIAM J.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-323
HILYARD, STEPHEN             BRASHER                       NY-45-24-17
HINMAN, EUGENE H.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-45-609
HINSDALE, HARRIET ANN        CANTON                        NY-45-30-447
HINSDALE, HIRAM              CANTON                        NY-45-18-733
HINSDALE, MATILDA D.         CANTON                        NY-45-19-577
HISCOCK, JOEL                FINE                          NY-45-15-705
HITCHCOCK, HANNAH            MADRID                        NY-45-4-445
HITCHCOCK, RUBEN L.          MASSENA                       NY-45-42-573
HITCHCOCK, WILLARD M.        POTSDAM                       NY-45-6-441
HITCHMAN, ANN                MACOMB                        NY-45-35-493
HITCHMAN, NELSON             MACOMB                        NY-45-19-337
HIX, AARON                   STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-17-801
HOADLEY, HENRY B.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-321
HOAG, DANIEL                 HOQUIAM, CHEHALIS, WA         NY-45-25-679
HOAG, JAMES W.               HAMMOND                       NY-45-24-341
HOARD, CHARLES D.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-393
HOARD, LOUIS deVILLERS       OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-26-111
HOARD, MARGARETTE A.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-699
HOARD, NANCY M.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-653
HOBBS, BENJAMIN              LISBON                        NY-45-12-445
HOBBS, DENNIS                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-89
HOBBS, MARY                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-665
HOBBS, ROBERT                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-377
HOBKIRK, ADAM J.             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-49-289
HOBKIRK, ELMYRA              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-545
HOBKIRK, JOSEPH              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-18-613
HOCKENS, ANDREW              DEKALB                        NY-45-42-633
HOCKENS, JANE M.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-753
HOCKENS, JOHN                DEKALB                        NY-45-25-455
HODGE, ISAAC B.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-499
HODGE, JOHN D.               LISBON                        NY-45-37-223
HODGE, KATIE                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-41-553
HODGES, NELLIE M.            MASSENA                       NY-45-19-229
HODGKIN, JAY F.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-301
HODGKINS, KEZIAH D.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-39-637
HODSKIN, FANNIE M.           TENAFLY, BERGEN, NJ           NY-45-28-739
HODSKIN, NATHANIEL           CANTON                        NY-45-14-537
HODSKINS, IRA                MASSENA                       NY-45-21-343
HOFFMAN, MAYER               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-311
HOGAN, GUY                   STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-7-269
HOGAN, JOHN JR.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-10-22
HOIT, LUCIAN S.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-21-25
HOIT, SAMUEL                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-3-485
HOLBROOK, FRANCIS M.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-35
HOLBROOK, WILLIAM C.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-351
HOLCOMB, EDWARD G.           BRASHER                       NY-45-43-77
HOLLAND, ELLA                CANTON                        NY-45-22-621
HOLLAND, HARLOW S.           DEKALB                        NY-45-45-209
HOLLAND, JAMES               MASSENA                       NY-45-35-425
HOLLAND, MARGARET            MASSENA                       NY-45-38-235
HOLLANS, ELLEN               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-385
HOLLIDAY, DAVID              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-353
HOLLIDAY, JAMES              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-27-107
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-365
HOLMES, ABNER                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-3-380
HOLMES, ADELAIDE E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-707
HOLMES, AMELIA A.            FOWLER                        NY-45-43-593
HOLMES, CHARLES R.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-305
HOLMES, CURTIS H.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-6-459
HOLMES, ELIJAH               FOWLER                        NY-45-11-617
HOLMES, ELISHA M.            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-22-289
HOLMES, FRANCIS M.           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-32-21
HOLMES, HENRY H. JR.         LAWRENCE                      NY-45-44-89
HOLMES, JONATHAN             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-34-341
HOLMES, MARY                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-30-191
HOLT, HAMILTON               WORCESTER, WORCESTER, MA      NY-45-28-155
HOLT, HELEN F.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-387
HOLT, LEANDER A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-83
HOLT, NATHANIEL              DEKALB                        NY-45-5-523
HONEYCOMB, FIDELIA           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-387
HONEYCOMB, LUCINDA           MACOMB                        NY-45-37-471
HONRIHAN, CATHERINE          CANTON                        NY-45-25-263
HONSINGER, BENJAMIN G.       PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-21-479
HOOKER, HENRY                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-13-499
HOOKER, SARAH                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-65
HOOKIRK, MARGARET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-125
HOOLEY, WILLIAM              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-11-189
HOOLEY, WILLIAM              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-16-269
HOPKINS, ELIZABETH R.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-8-179
HOPKINS, ROSWELL             HOPKINTON                     NY-45-22-281
HOPKINS, WILLIAM H.          FINE                          NY-45-8-109
HOPSON, BEMAN M.             MASSENA                       NY-45-32-665
HOPSON, GEORGE H.            MASSENA                       NY-45-34-525
HOR, MATILDA                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-695
HORAN, JOHN                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-663
HORSFIELD, ROBERT J.         LISBON                        NY-45-15-233
HORSFORD, JUDSON E.          MADRID                        NY-45-23-61
HORTON, JOHN                 MADRID                        NY-45-7-87
HORTON, JOHN A.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-171
HORTON, RANSOM J.            MASSENA                       NY-45-29-135
HORTON, WEALTHY ANN          LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-35-693
HORTON, WILLIAM J.           COLTON                        NY-45-46-589
HOSFORD, ELIZA C.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-19-73
HOSFORD, GEORGE L..          RUSSELL                       NY-45-16-125
HOSFORD, GROVE               POTSDAM                       NY-45-2-397
HOSKINS, JAMES G.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-7-135
HOSLEY, BENJAMIN             BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA           NY-45-13-17
HOSLEY, GEORGE R.            CANTON                        NY-45-32-477
HOSLEY, JAMES                CANTON                        NY-45-14-433
HOSMER, EDWIN F.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-42-521
HOSMER, MERRILL              POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-121
HOSMER, MERRILL C.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-265
HOSMER, NORMAN J.            PITCAIRN                      NY-45-48-577
HOUGH, BELA                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-697
HOUGHTON, JOHN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-470
HOUGHTON, POLLY S.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-213
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM            MACOMB                        NY-45-4-359
HOURIHAN, JAMES              BRASHER                       NY-45-42-57
HOURIHAN, JOHN R.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-38-435
HOUSE, ALEXANDER C.          HERMON                        NY-45-41-277
HOUSE, ISAAC                 MACOMB                        NY-45-15-5
HOUSE, JAMES C.              MACOMB                        NY-45-25-175
HOUSE, MARTHA M.             HERMON                        NY-45-42-549
HOUSINGER, ALTON             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-36-299
HOUSTON, HENRY               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-57
HOUSTON, LENA B.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-305
HOUSTON, WILLIAM             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-729
HOWARD, ADAM                 MASSENA                       NY-45-3-151
HOWARD, BARRETT              DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-6-621
HOWARD, D. FRANKLIN          MASSENA                       NY-45-40-133
HOWARD, DUSTIN B.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-177
HOWARD, EFFIE C.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-281
HOWARD, ELISHA               MASSENA                       NY-45-15-701
HOWARD, FRANK P.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-32-377
HOWARD, GROVENOR T.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-40
HOWARD, JONAS M.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-15-325
HOWARD, LEWIS                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-34-121
HOWARD, NANCY C.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-23-41
HOWARD, NELSON H.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-357
HOWARD, WILLIAM              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-11-157
HOWE, ALLEN                  MADRID                        NY-45-35-585
HOWE, ALMIRA                 MADRID                        NY-45-12-341
HOWE, ARVILLE                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-18-33
HOWE, FREDERICK              POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-649
HOWE, GILBERT M.             MADRID                        NY-45-26-767
HOWE, HELEN M.               CANTON                        NY-45-31-225
HOWE, IRA O.                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-33-437
HOWE, MARY C.                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-33-481
HOWE, REUBEN W.              LISBON                        NY-45-17-581
HOWENS, CALVIN L.            DEKALB                        NY-45-34-481
HOWLAND, MARY A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-539
HOWLAND, SETH JR.            RUSSELL                       NY-45-37-351
HOWLAND, THANKFUL            COLTON                        NY-45-26-447
HSKELL, ABEL F.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-4-57
HUBBARD, CORDELIA M.         LAWRENCE                      NY-45-37-191
HUBBARD, EMERSON             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-12-461
HUBBARD, IRA M.              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-24-185
HUBBARD, LUCY MARIA          BRASHER                       NY-45-22-593
HUBBELL, JAMES M.            OGDEN, WEBER, UTAH            NY-45-29-223
HUBERT, MARY                 MASSENA                       NY-45-26-783
HUBERT, TRIFLEY              MASSENA                       NY-45-43-81
HUDSON, HENRY                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-4-128
HUDSON, SAMUEL B.            MASSENA                       NY-45-4-393
HUDSON, WILLIAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-7-132
HUGHES, EDWARD               RUSSELL                       NY-45-45-165
HUGHES, JAMES                MADRID                        NY-45-17-297
HUGHES, MARY JANE            RUSSELL                       NY-45-45-85
HUGHES, MATTHEW              POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-619
HUGHES, MICHAEL              LISBON                        NY-45-16-741
HUGHES, PATRICK              MADRID                        NY-45-9-469
HUGHES, RACHAEL              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-30-695
HUGHS, AGNES                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-26-43
HUGHS, MATTHEW               MADRID                        NY-45-4-189
HULBURD, CALVIN T.           BRASHER                       NY-45-30-687
HULBURD, CORNELIA L.         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-49-481
HULBURD, HENRY M.            BRASHER                       NY-45-29-159
HULBURD, LUCIUS              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-29-59
HULBURD, LUTHER              BRASHER                       NY-45-12-773
HULBURD, WESLEY              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-40-241
HULETT, EDWIN H.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-505
HULL, ALONZO                 FOWLER                        NY-45-31-297
HULL, ALVIRA M.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-63
HULL, BENNETT V.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-757
HULL, CHARLES                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-5-13
HULL, FANNIE M.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-621
HULL, HANNAH                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-421
HULL, OLIVER                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-559
HULL, ORVILLE N.             CEDAR RAPIDS, LINN, IA        NY-45-28-95
HULL, ORVILLE N.             CEDAR RAPIDS, LINN, IA        NY-45-28-601
HULL, ROYAL                  FOWLER                        NY-45-27-131
HULL, SAMUEL                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-493
HUMPHREY, ANN JANE           DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-49-269
HUMPHREY, JOHN               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-15-409
HUMPHREY, LEONARD R.         MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-11-109
HUMPHREY, MARY ANN           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-35-305
HUMPHREY, RICHARD L.         OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-45-621
HUMPHREY, SARAH C.           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-27-555
HUMPHREY, THOMAS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-219
HUNKING, JACOB S.            HERMON                        NY-45-15-77
HUNKINS, ISABEL ANN          RUSSELL                       NY-45-27-471
HUNKINS, JOHN                RUSSELL                       NY-45-35-457
HUNKINS, MARY                HERMON                        NY-45-15-147
HUNT, CALVIN                 DEKALB                        NY-45-3-144
HUNT, MARY                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-19-717
HUNT, MARY                   OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-643
HUNTER, ELIZA                ROSSIE                        NY-45-37-635
HUNTER, JAMES                ROSSIE                        NY-45-20-589
HUNTER, JOHN                 LISBON                        NY-45-4-41
HUNTER, JOHN                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-23-225
HUNTER, SAMUEL               DEKALB                        NY-45-35-473
HUNTER, WILLIAM              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-35-605
HUNTINGTON, MATILDA          CANTON                        NY-45-20-66
HUNTLEY, AMOS P.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-469
HUNTLY, MOSES                POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-673
HURD, EMILY J.               DEKALB                        NY-45-29-571
HURLBURT, CLAUDIUS           DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-4-375
HURLBUT, AMOS                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-17-333
HURLBUT, ANDREW J.           DEKALB                        NY-45-36-503
HURLBUT, HINMAN B.           CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-45-28-768
HURLBUT, THOMAS              DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-18-441
HURLBUTT, WILLIAM            FOWLER                        NY-45-5-229
HURLEY, ANNIE                POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-681
HURLEY, DANIEL               CANTON                        NY-45-30-623
HURLEY, ELLEN                BRASHER                       NY-45-14-321
HURLEY, ELLEN                BRASHER                       NY-45-37-567
HURLEY, JERRY                MACOMB                        NY-45-40-317
HURLEY, MARGARET             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-351
HURLEY, PATRICK F.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-44-565
HURST, GEORGE                LISBON                        NY-45-25-507
HURST, MARY ANN              LISBON                        NY-45-48-691
HUSE, WILLIAM D.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-609
HUTCHINS, ALBERT U.          CANTON                        NY-45-42-189
HUTCHINS, HIRAM              CANTON                        NY-45-37-303
HUTCHINS, JENETTE M.         NORFOLK                       NY-45-41-657
HUTCHINS, OLIVER             FINE                          NY-45-7-3
HUTCHINS, SAMUEL B.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-267
HUTCHINS, STEPHEN            MASSENA                       NY-45-9-425
HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN         RUSSELL                       NY-45-21-511
HUTCHINSON, JAMES            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-47-281
HUTCHINSON, JOANNA           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-43-57
HUTCHINSON, JOHN             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-743
HUTCHINSON, LYDIA            HAMMOND                       NY-45-8-171
HUTCHINSON, NANCY            MACOMB                        NY-45-47-253
HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL           RUSSELL                       NY-45-17-241
HUTTON, ELLEN                MACOMB                        NY-45-16-537
HUTTON, FANNIE B.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-27-687
HYDE, ABEL                   MACOMB                        NY-45-9-657
HYDE, ELIZABETH H.           LISBON                        NY-45-26-67
HYDE, FRED J.                MASSENA                       NY-45-39-203
HYDE, JOSEPH G.              MASSENA                       NY-45-17-81
HYDE, JUDSON L.              MASSENA                       NY-45-28-483
HYDE, LUMAN H.               LISBON                        NY-45-27-507
HYDE, LUTHER                 FINE                          NY-45-15-677
HYDES, WILLIAM               LISBON                        NY-45-33-325
HYDORN, DAVID H.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-27-499
HYDORN, HENRY H.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-11-289
HYDORN, PHILO                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-48-61
HYLAND, PHILA                RUSSELL                       NY-45-17-605
HYNES, LYDIA A.              QUINCY, ADAMS, IL             NY-45-19-169
IDE, RUSSELL B.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-37-659
IDLER, ANNE                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-165
IDLER, CHARLES G.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-141
IDLER, GUSTOPP W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-497
IMERSON, MARY L.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-37-127
IMRIE, THELMA L.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-667
INGALLS, ELLEN L.            CANTON                        NY-45-46-657
INGALLS, TERESSA L.          RUSSELL                       NY-45-44-353
INGERSON, ENIAS              RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-375
INGERSON, HANNAH             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-227
INGHAM, JOHN E.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-17-209
INGHAM, NANCY                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-13-120
INGHAM, NORMAN W.            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-2-433
INGRAM, ELIZABETH            MACOMB                        NY-45-29-551
INGRAM, JAMES J.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-245
INGRAM, LUCY ANN             DEKALB                        NY-45-29-451
INGRAM, VILAS                MACOMB                        NY-45-46-41
INMAN, JANE                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-13-356
IRISH, HANNAH A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-589
IRISH, JAMES                 COLTON                        NY-45-19-301
IRISH, NOEL C.               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-12-541
IRVEN, NELLIE H.             FINE                          NY-45-49-473
IVES, ADELAIDE JANE          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-125
IVES, HARRIET EVERETT        POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-485
IVES, JAMES                  OGDESNBURG                    NY-45-45-205
IVES, LOUISA B.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-773
JACKSON, ALEXANDER B.        OGDENSBURG (CON'T)            NY-45-11-73
JACKSON, ALEXANDER B.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-11-61
JACKSON, ANDREW E.           LISBON                        NY-45-41-109
JACKSON, DAVID L.            CANTON                        NY-45-44-213
JACKSON, ELIJAH              COLTON                        NY-45-8-355
JACKSON, ELIZABETH           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-707
JACKSON, ELMORE E.           CANTON                        NY-45-12-65
JACKSON, EPHRAIM H.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-349
JACKSON, JOHN B.             MADRID                        NY-45-21-219
JACKSON, KATHERINE           CANTON                        NY-45-35-657
JACKSON, ROLLIN C.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-8-5
JACKSON, RUFUS K.            CANTON                        NY-45-23-573
JACKSON, SARAH E.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-48-437
JACKSON, SILAS S.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-237
JACKSON, SILAS W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-101
JACOBS, ANN                  MASSENA                       NY-45-21-755
JACOBS, EPHRAIM              ROSSIE                        NY-45-17-633
JACQUIS, JAMES P.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-11-25
JACQUIS, UZ                  PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-14-781
JAMES, AMAZIAH B.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-621
JAMES, EDWARD C.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-313
JAMES, EMILY                 COLTON                        NY-45-26-483
JAMES, ETTA                  COLTON                        NY-45-26-379
JAMES, LUCIA R.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-113
JAMIESON, ALEXANDER          MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-17-713
JAQUITH, ABEL                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-21-85
JAQUITH, MARGARET A.         MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-46-197
JARVAIS, FRANK               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-349
JEFFERS, ADELL               DEKALB                        NY-45-42-17
JEFFERS, HARVEY W.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-397
JEFFERSON, WILLARD           POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-333
JEFFORDS, HANNAH             HAMMOND                       NY-45-16-781
JELLY, AMELIA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-695
JEMISON, WILLIAM             LISBON                        NY-45-15-201
JENKINS, BETSEY M.           BRASHER                       NY-45-22-221
JENKINS, CALVIN              FOWLER                        NY-45-13-505
JENKINS, CAROLINE B.         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-34-45
JENKINS, ELEANOR M.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-49-485
JENKINS, ELIAS JR.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-317
JENKINS, JOTHAM              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-34-653
JENKINS, OLIVE               FOWLER                        NY-45-13-509
JENKINS, SARAH L.            DEKALB                        NY-45-42-629
JENNE, THOMAS L.             FOWLER                        NY-45-34-109
JENNER, ISAAC                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-46-173
JENNER, JOHN                 PIERREPONT                    NY-45-49-577
JENNINGS, JOHN               BRASHER                       NY-45-27-631
JENNINGS, MARGARET           BRASHER                       NY-45-33-161
JEPSON, ANSEL                ROSSIE                        NY-45-30-331
JEPSON, BETSEY               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-465
JEPSON, GEORGE               HAMMOND                       NY-45-38-179
JEROME, ELIZABETH            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-293
JEROME, LEWIS                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-1-426
JERSEY, JOSEPH               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-535
JEWETT, JACOB C.             CANTON                        NY-45-31-357
JEWETT, MARTHA E.            CANTON                        NY-45-42-161
JILLSON, OTIS C.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-453
JOHNSON, ABNER H.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-471
JOHNSON, ALBERT              DEKALB                        NY-45-32-101
JOHNSON, ANSEL               DEKALB                        NY-45-9-9
JOHNSON, CHARLES             LISBON                        NY-45-20-675
JOHNSON, CHARLES B.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-539
JOHNSON, CHARLES V.          HERMON                        NY-45-41-117
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE E.        UNION CITY, ERIE, PA          NY-45-28-657
JOHNSON, DEXTER A.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-61
JOHNSON, ELIZA A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-17
JOHNSON, ELIZA M.            DEKALB                        NY-45-47-169
JOHNSON, ETHAN               NORFOLK                       NY-45-16-589
JOHNSON, FLORENCE M.         LAWRENCE                      NY-45-37-599
JOHNSON, FRANK H.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-161
JOHNSON, GEORGE              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-579
JOHNSON, HANNAH              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-525
JOHNSON, HATTIE              RUSSELL                       NY-45-30-587
JOHNSON, ISAAC               DEKALB                        NY-45-6-181
JOHNSON, JACOB               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-9-37
JOHNSON, JAMES               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-13-244
JOHNSON, JAMES H.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-73
JOHNSON, JEROME J.           CANTON                        NY-45-25-27
JOHNSON, JOHN                CANTON                        NY-45-36-91
JOHNSON, JOHN M.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-31-33
JOHNSON, JOSEPH T.           CANTON                        NY-45-15-553
JOHNSON, MARY J.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-497
JOHNSON, NAOMI               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-442
JOHNSON, OBADIAH             OSWEGATCHEI                   NY-45-14-229
JOHNSON, ROBERT              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-37-563
JOHNSON, SARAH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-57
JOHNSON, STANLEY             HERMON                        NY-45-38-27
JOHNSON, STEPHEN             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-20-153
JOHNSON, THANKFUL            POTSDAM                       NY-45-11-33
JOHNSON, TIMOTHY             POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-545
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             LISBON                        NY-45-34-25
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             CANTON                        NY-45-4-602
JOHNSON, WILLIAM R.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-449
JOHNSON, WILLIAM W.          EDWARDS                       NY-45-18-781
JOHNSTON, ANN JANE           CANTON                        NY-45-39-35
JOHNSTON, EMMA E.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-29-27
JOHNSTON, GILBERT            BRASHER                       NY-45-8-613
JOHNSTON, JANE M.            BRASHER                       NY-45-14-205
JOHNSTON, JOHN               CANTON                        NY-45-39-31
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH             HAMMOND                       NY-45-43-349
JOHNSTON, MARY               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-129
JOHNSTON, RICHARD            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-8-1
JONES, ARTEMUS               LISBON                        NY-45-17-289
JONES, BENJAMIN              DEKALB                        NY-45-26-39
JONES, BENJAMIN L.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-11-649
JONES, BETSEY A.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-325
JONES, CLARINDA J.           NORFOLK                       NY-45-25-683
JONES, DAVID                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-25-139
JONES, EDWIN                 CANTON                        NY-45-22-265
JONES, ELIAS                 PITCAIRN                      NY-45-19-321
JONES, ELVIRA M.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-44-417
JONES, EVAN                  DEKALB                        NY-45-26-751
JONES, GEORGE W.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-69
JONES, GEORGE W.             LISBON                        NY-45-31-609
JONES, JACOB                 MADRID                        NY-45-7-283
JONES, JOHN SIDNEY           WADDINGTON                    NY-45-48-229
JONES, JOSHUA J.             DEKALB                        NY-45-34-209
JONES, JUDE                  MADRID                        NY-45-4-678
JONES, JULIUS G.             MADRID                        NY-45-4-198
JONES, LAURA E.              MADRID                        NY-45-33-525
JONES, LEVI O.               FINE                          NY-45-30-467
JONES, LYDIA                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-33-361
JONES, MARY A.               ROSSIE                        NY-45-26-251
JONES, MARY A. J.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-587
JONES, RACHAEL               NORFOLK                       NY-45-27-599
JONES, REUBEN                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-24-193
JONES, RISPAH                MADRID                        NY-45-18-437
JONES, SARAH ELIZABETH       WADDINGTON                    NY-45-46-185
JONES, THOMAS                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-85
JONES, TIMOTHY               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-201
JONES, WALLACE E.            MADRID                        NY-45-35-285
JONES, WILLIAM               MASSENA                       NY-45-3-73
JORDON, EDWARD               LISBON                        NY-45-25-555
JOURDEN, WILLIAM             EDWARDS                       NY-45-7-116
JOY, FRANCIS                 MASSENA                       NY-45-3-243
JOY, LUCY A.                 MADRID                        NY-45-35-549
JOY, MEORA                   MASSENA                       NY-45-11-461
JOYCE, ROBERT                MADRID                        NY-45-15-601
JUDD, GIDEON                 MASSENA                       NY-45-2-347
JUDD, HENRY R.               CANTON                        NY-45-22-9
JUDD, JANE R.                CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-45-28-706
JUDD, ORSON W.               CANTON                        NY-45-30-283
JUDSON, DANIEL               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-457
JUDSON, DAVID C.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-13-74
JUDSON, ELIZABETH            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-3-339
JUDSON, GEORGE J.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-385
JUDSON, HARRIET A.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-745
JUDSON, JOHN D.              MORRISOTWN                    NY-45-44-181
JUDSON, MALCOLM C.           NORFOLK                       NY-45-46-509
JUDSON, MARGARET M.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-444
JUDSON, PHILENA              NORFOLK                       NY-45-10-131
JUDSON, PHINEAS              NORFOLK                       NY-45-1-390
JUDSON, SARAH A.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-221
JUDSON, SUSAN M.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-21-159
JUDSON, WINSLOW              ST JOSEPH, BUCHANAN, MO       NY-45-28-144
JULESON, CHRISTIANA          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-691
JULY, LOUISA                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-609

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